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East Germany

The German Democratic Republic (GDR; German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR), known as East Germany (German: Ostdeutschland), was a socialist state established by the USSR in 1949 in the Soviet zone of occupied Germany, including East Berlin of the Allied-occupied capital city.

Communist East Germany German Democratic Republic West Germany Berlin Wall East Berlin Angela Merkel West Berlin Soviet Union Cold War Val Kilmer Top Secret

growing up in East Germany I'm sure she thinks his grand idea of building a wall is absurd also
Angela Merkel was once a Bolshevik in East Germany. Bolshevik red army did mass rapes of Germans in 1945. Repeat of history?
1981 – Soviet Union makes huge cuts to oil deliveries to East Germany and rest of Eastern Bloc .
Poem of the week: Black Beans by Sarah Kirsch
shall be remembered in history as the East that destroyed EU, & the World for a lover a…
feel for you girl! Luckily though Germany is a safe 'deployment', unlike some that in the Middle East 😪 He'll be back!!!
Angela Merkel>product of Soviet Communist Bloc East Germany Germany is now totally reliant on Putin's oil 4 energy.
Germany's Rising Censorship & Authoritarianism - ex East German leadership has its consequences...
jokes about surveillance with a woman who grew up in Communist East Germany. Truly a ***
I have just been informed that East Germany was not in fact nazbol, I am devastated
.What precisely are you suggesting? That the US will allow East Germany to be taken back if we don't get paid more money?
Angela grew up in Communist East Germany. She eats weak men like this for brunsch.
Translation "When i was a child I always dreamed of living in a country like East Germany"
both are set in a similar time and place. Goodbye lenin is East Germany after the fall
It's Friday where I am. Time for a Friday Folly! Angela Merkel when she was young in East Germany
in 1988 the XV Olympic Winter Games opened in Calgary. Top 3 medalists were the Soviet Union, East Germany, and S…
1972 – Italy and East Germany won luge doubles competition at the Sapporo Winter Olympics. Only tie in Olympic luge history.
As a person from East Germany who knows what it means to live behind a wall, I shout out: Brave Americans…
please play as fascist East Germany and reclaim the Reich in the Cold War mod
I was the very first athlete in East Germany allowed to go profes...
Katarina Witt of East Germany during the ISU World Figure Skating Championships on 14 March 1987 in Cincinnati,...
Katarina Witt of East Germany enroute to winning a gold medal in...
1981 side that narrowly lost to East Germany's Carl Zeiss Jena in the CWC Quarter finals ht…
Going to 1960s MID CENTURY Bar Cart on wheels. Made in East Germany
For added lulz, it was built by East Germany, AKA, the German Democratic Republic.
If you want to know what it really looks like when you rig elections: on voting in East Germany
Let this jog your memory: East Germany called itself the German Democratic Republic.
German Democratic Republic (GDR), postage stamp 643 from East Germany in 1957 Error
Berlin Wall Constructed by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany), starting on 13 August 1961,...
Fusion by absorption of States. ·Definition and Examples. Absorption of East Germany (GDR-German Democratic Republic) by West Germany ...
It's like the bleeding Starzi back in the days of East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. gets more rotten by the week
30 years German Democratic Republic - 1949-1979, 84 from East Germany in 1979
The German professor that I have at the moment lived in East Germany and owns Mein Kampf she kind of scares me tbh
East Germany's first TV set, Rembrandt. It lacked in old masters technique but delivered on the unplanned West Germ…
a quick look at her background sees she comes from the old Communist East Germany. She's just the German Corbyn.
This 1 too: Stasi, secret police agency East Germany. The Stasi was 1 of the most hated + feared institutions of th…
It stands to reason since Merkel was raised in Communist East Germany.
Looks more like Communist era East Germany more than anything.
in Communist East Germany the exam questions were regularly leaked - no internet or copy machines there - to ensure top grades
In Communist East Germany, if your parents had university you could not. For fairness and “equality”
religion countries have gone communist. Exceptions- East Germany, not occupied by the West, and S. Africa, Boers.
US debt is 20 trillion - way more than Germany. And the US did not integrate Communist East Germany
The best example of an informant network in the communist world, of course, was in East Germany and now it's in America.
Television producer at TVO in Toronto. I was born in Poland. Have lived in East Germany in the mid-60's and in Sweden in the early 70's.
Note how people climed the wall to get the *** OUT of Communist East Germany.
Site adopts Communist East Germany style enforcement inviting community members to rat on each other. Axe to grind…
Poland, Hungary, East Germany, etc. The point is that capitalist values and "freedom" attitudes of the west made them open to it.
This rabble headed by by keeping things secret remind me of what life was like in former East Germany https…
Bingo. Trying to reform it would have been like Poland or East Germany "reforming" the Soviet Union. No. Dice.
East Germany falsely claimed to have taken part in the invasion until 1989. Here a map of planned attack route. (3)
1959 - Walter Ulbricht announces that East Germany will “catch up to and overtake,” W. Germany by 1961 (1)
Fantastic by on East Germany doping regime & the continuing Boyle/Stecher saga https:/…
Things didn't turn out too well for East Germany after their record medals haul.
Did Erich Honecker adopt similar standards of excellence after East Germany's record medal haul in 1988?
Self-hating white left *** filth describes historic success as making us "The Poor Man's East Germany".
East Germany’s forgotten tell of and changing sex.
W Germany even subsidized the East. The guy knows nothing about economics or history.
'DDR unterm Regenbogen': TV documentary on *** and *** life in East Germany (Video) via
it didn't take years after fall of Berlin Wall to get west east Germany going but it takes May 2 yrs to get our seas back Id do it 2 morrow
If wars were not fought in the gullible East, where would the West - USA, Russia, Britain, France, Germany - shove their stockpiles?
East Germany - One of the biggest medal winners pre 1990.
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It should, it is something you would have expected in East Germany...
massive extrajudicial killings of in Nigeria’s South
East Germany’s forgotten Olympic doping victims tell of illness and changing sex
and team sports. And through the proxy of east Germany many others too
Dream Team VI equal Olympic record: . Nigeria have equalled a record set by Hungary, East Germany and Serbia i...
the east and from the air, we shall use to strike at military targets in Germany without intermission.
East Germany’s Olympic doping victims tell of illness, infertility and changing sex.
Me and time traveled to East Germany 🎢
Me and marssyfrommars time traveled to East Germany 🎢
Karl May's German "Westerns" - did they inspire the Nazi idea of colonial settlement in Germany's "Wild East"?
Dr. Emad brings wealth of 39 years of experience from Middle East and Germany to Emirates Hospital. His expertise...
Back in the days when Germany was divided, a huge wall separated East and West Berlin. One day, some people in...
Soros: "I want UNLIMITED MIGRATION from the Middle East to Germany! Get the diebold machines ready!"
Churchill didn't trust Russia, he warned, that they should attack from Italy not East. East Germany?
Merkel HATES Germany and has ever since being raised a Marxist in East Germany. She hates German women.
Brecht on Brexit: In the wake of the 1953 workers’ uprising in East Germany, the playwright Bertolt Brecht dr...
New Masters Picture Gallery - Womacka, postage stamp 1851 from East Germany in 1968
East Germany whistleblower on the human cost of state-sponsored cheating |
Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805 - Schiller house in Weimar - DD, old stamp 1850 from East Germany in 1973
This is Corbyn's new kind if politics is it - take Britain back to the "Stasi" days of old East Germany
Last communist premier of East Germany, Hans Modrow is back!. Russian propaganda in Berlin-Mitte.
Ludwig Renn - 1889-1979, postage stamp 349 from East Germany in 1989
Look at what happened on 03 Oct 1990 Th Berlin Wall fell East Germany & West Germany became one Germany - Bow EU is Germany not UK
Senior Communist Party members in East Germany used to do this when faced with criticism
reminds me of East Germany and its paranoia with west
is nothing like North Korea or the former East Germany, but reading antagonism about LRH is verboten.
You can take the girl out of East Germany, but you can't take the East Germany out of the girl - Mark Steyn
Her Resume includes being a STASI Agent in East Germany before Reagan took down the Wall
a cool alt-reality is one where the Berlin Wall still fell but West Germany became more like East Germany instead of the other way around
VEB Carl Zeiss Jena - GEOMAT - DDR, postage stamp 3330 from East Germany in 1971
Ancient Near East Berlin - Spearman, Persian, by 500 BCE - DDR, stamp 2478 from East Germany in 1972
750 years Berlin - Palais Ephraim, postage stamp 112 from East Germany in 1987
VII pioneer meetings - Dresden 1982, postage stamp 1842 from East Germany in 1982
IFA-vehicles in the GDR - LD 3000 Pick-up, postage stamp 517 from East Germany in 1982
1990 – First democratic elections in East Germany; Willy Brandt speaks to crowd of thousands in Erfurt.
Merkel, East Germany, as OK with being stalked on by the CIA as OK with Stasi stalking on East Germans. Angela, we look like stupid?
She was a Communist in East Germany, why'd the Germans think she'd changed...crazy!
GDR (German Democratic Republic official name of East Germany during Cold War. FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) was West.
The House on the River. GDR East Germany movie by Roland..
. Was that when he was motorcycling around East Germany with Dianne Abbott?
Even 15 years ago, I told my wife that the East is full of opportunity. There are entire abandoned ghost towns in East Germany.
He was right - 1952 forecast Russia would give East Germany to the Germans and be forced to relinquish European countries.
German Democratic Republic (GDR), old stamp 655 from East Germany in 1957
The German Chancellor Merkel shows that she was a Communist official in East Germany
German Democratic Republic (GDR), old stamp 672 from East Germany in 1954
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Badge - German Democratic Republic (GDR), stamp 678 from East Germany in 1956
I always get confused because DDR is the German abbreviation for old East Germany (German Democratic Republic), lol.
German Democratic Republic (GDR), postage stamp 651 from East Germany in 1955
German Democratic Republic (GDR), postage stamp 658 from East Germany in 1955
German Democratic Republic (GDR), postage stamp 3557 from East Germany in 1957
I heard East Germany losing Melty Blood was the real cause of the fall of the iron curtain.
750 years Berlin - Alt Marzahn - new buildings, postage stamp 114 from East Germany in 1987
Great! Wonder if get extra interest now that is popular. Rosa Luxemburg streets all over East Germany
Indira Gandhi - 1917-1984, 362 from East Germany in 1986
Old Prussian style parade & drill still done by Chilean Army. Only other to do it was East Germany.
Escape to the West-border guard escapes from East Germany through a gap in the Berlin Wall by Peter Leibing (13 Aug
I just watched a movie called Top Secret with Val Kilmer and it was basically you in East Germany singing
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the East Coast from Germany. :)
East Germany was a communist dictatorship. Availability of the Internet makes your ignorance inexcusable.
...I have, on design in the Communist East Germany (ok, it's niche I know).
Germany stupidly volunteers to take on all the Middle East refugees rather than protect their homeland and now all of Europe is screwed.
Germans are hypocrites! I bet most of these east Germans work for the pro Islam govt. Germany is …
in my head Germany is super west Europe and Poland is very east, can't wrap my head around it 😂
I think we're focusing on labels too much. He has to call himself something. East Germany during the Cold War...yikes.
Nice try. I've been to East Germany and was in the Cold War. I know what DS is and what it's not.
filling Germany hospitals with syphlis, aides,TB,& middle East diseases unknown in Europ…
The wall separating East and West Germany has nothing on Victor Wanyama - Özil.
15,000 in Germany protest Turkey's military crackdown on Kurdish rebels.
European capitals on heightened alert for terror attacks ahead of New Year: "Germany is still in the crosshair...
Anniversary time for football clubs from the old East Germany by Uli Hesse. East German football always interesting. https:/…
Other than former USSR, East Germany, and current day Argentina, where else would this be normal?.
Masur hailed from East Germany. When anti-communist demos arose, he and other notables dissuaded the army from firing on demos in Leipzig.
I spent 88-89 living in then Communist East Germany. Kurt Masur's death brings home the extent to which an entire world has been swept away.
Marine Hydrographic Service of the GDR - pier light Sassnitz 1904, stamp 3540 from East Germany in 1975
.Bendamustine (which we now use 4 lymphoma, leukaemia and myeloma) was developed by Communist East Germany
Merkel’s politically correct and inclusive stupidity is no doubt the result of having grown up under the communist tyranny in East Germany.
obviously my cover is blown and I must return to East Germany / West Georgia.
Never trust a product of Communist East Germany.
The Weasel Merkel speaks. Merkel, a serious case of communist entryism from the former East Germany. Same,...
It's a game called Bürokratopoly & it was created by dissidents in Communist East Germany years ago as a satire about power & corruption :3c
Alfred Wegener - 1880-1930, stamp 334 from East Germany in 1980
Angela Merkel a triple anomaly: a woman (divorced, remarried, no children), a scientist (quantum chemistry) an Ossi (of East Germany) so.
exactly and that is the argument I used when I was working in the communist former East Germany
In the Cold War Germany split into West Germany and East Germany. West Germany was Capitalist and East Germany was Communist.
What do the mob, East Germany, and the PLO have in common? According to the Paul Crouch
Tom Hanks must smuggle cumin into East Germany.
DEN : GERMANY: Berlin has opened a shelter at the former headquarters of Communist East Germany's feared Stasi…
is that how it was in Russia, east Germany, Vietnam, China, Venezuela?
I'm remembering that time Marx Liker said East Germany was totalitarian and feeling sad
Women's power site: Study Shows Eastern Germany: the most godless place on Earth
Walter Ulbricht, old stamp 258 from East Germany in 1963
The entire population of East Germany and the whole Warsaw Pact were basically prisoners in their own countries.
ELI5: As Germany's once split East & West are now united, why could not US states North & South Dakota, North & Sou…
For 3 months I'm following a Syrian family as they make a new life in East Germany - this is Nour, Seba & Mohamed
Stasi sanctuary? East Germany's former secret service HQ to house up to 900 refugees
Soviets build wall to separate East and West. West Germany noncommunist. It worked
'Limit the number of migrants allowed to enter Germany,' Jewish leader tells Merkel: Merkel faced pressure fro...
just ask the prior residents of East Germany
I really need to find out more about similar situations. Like German in West+East Germany & Korean in North+South Korea.
I wonder if this ever happened to Jezz & Diane during their holiday in East Germany?:
Representative Agrarian For the sake of " We the People ". Physiocrats as in France, Germany, China, Middle East. !
The distance between Deggingen, Germany and Xeyr Abad, East Azerbaijan, Iran is 3196km
Putin is an ex KGB mem,ber, he was in the east germany as a secret agent during the Cold War. He would die for his people interest
You do know the realignment of East Germany happened 30 years ago, right?
Wrong. The gun crime in Germany is high, and with the realignment of East Germany, it is skyrocketing. You do know this, right
Germany (East), Victims of the Nazi at Buchenwald, CTO orig gum hinged 1960-1961
not only does your toe want to bomb anything east of Germany, it also wants to annexe Canada, allow all Mexicans across (...)
Russia - Iraq (Ping 180ms), Russia - Germany (Ping 50ms). Why do we have links with the Middle East ?
Cool memory mapping exercise - drawing the former border between East and West Germany:
I think half the people that tell me they're German, don't know that there was West and East Germany until 1990
West German girls chat w their grandparents in East Germany, separated from them by an early version of Berlin Wall ht…
change Soviet Russia and nazi Germany's to and the Middle East caliphate.
Husband grew up in East Germany, which loved listening in on its citizens. Are Social-justice-types nostalgic for the Stasi?
Do East and West Germans still speak a different language? | OUPblog
Helene Weigel - 1900-1971, 336 from East Germany in 1980
Another runner-up isIndonesia with vessels from Germany (East & West), the Netherlands, UK, Russia, South Korea, & the US.
Anton Ackermann - 1905-1973, old stamp 282 from East Germany in 1984
40th Anniversary of liberation from fascism - 1945-1985, 94 from East Germany in 1985
Do you know that they use the most sophisticated training methods from the Soviet Union, East & Germany
Arthur Scheunert - 1879-1957, 333 from East Germany in 1979
Wonder what was response to Jan.28 2015 claim "annexation of East Ge…
having been to East Germany and Prague during the Cold War we are no where near communist totalitarianism
Rainer Ehrt: Born in East Germany in 1960; 1983 – 88 Study/diploma in graphic art…
Swans of the Kremlin: Ballet and Power in Soviet Russia (Pitt Russian East Euro
:India is the safest right now . US, UK, Germany, France , Middle East are ISIS threatened . Bad timing Aamir .
This is where comparisons to East Germany circa 1980 start seeming suitable. The social-justice Stasi never sleeps.
When my grandma fled East Germany after WWII, she was called a refugee. So why are the people streaming into Europe today called "migrants"?
26 yrs ago, The Berlin Wall came down. East Germany opened its guarded borders and chunks of the wall were later sold in the US for $20!
in 1989 the came down, causing a massive traffic jam as everyone wanted to move to East Germany
. Dad Koch was friends with Joe Stalin and help modernize the oil industry in Russia and East Germany after WW2
He kept backing up. ''I am East Germany. I'm alive as I was when I was Prussia.''
We demand: Germany with the borders of 1254! Naples remains ours! Jena, East Germany (1990)
Sorry for all these questions. Is it a colony(aka British India) or satellite(East Germany)
Historic post office - Post Office Weimar, 603 from East Germany in 1987
Baroque gardens in the GDR - Weimar Belverdere - Orangerie. , 223 from East Germany in 1980
Update your maps at Navteq
Leonhard Euler - 1707-1783, postage stamp 355 from East Germany in 1983
70 million brits ruled by a cheap communist OAP from east Germany , who would have ever thought that
Germany reinstates border controls over refugee surge
I am not sure she survives this decision. East Germany may regret the reunification.
Lobivia haageana, postage stamp 234 from East Germany in 1974
East Germany never had these problems But we had the stasi
1945 - Germany was invaded by the Allies from the West and the Russians from the East. Neither threatened the state like the Muslim migrants
begins 3days visit to Monday . republic . East???
East germany is more like Poland when it comes to tolerance of intolerant religions.
Fascist "resistance east west" likes it. Nazis in celebrate stage win.
- Spark that will ignite WW4 will happen in a radicalized dominated Europe (France, Germany) NOT in the Middle East.
We must do something to rescue Germany otherwise this country will be a colony of the Middle East.
from North&East Africa are planning a besieging and protests, in case that Germany doesn't let them pass their borders. . Weird.
Poor old Effie must think that East Germany was a democracy. "DDR"; does what it says on the tin.
East Germany - Memorial for Concentration Camp Victims - - MNH - 1986
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
typical, her mouth got in front of the brains , again, Dr Angela Merkel, go back to your stupid East Germany,
Middle East News:Germany's Merkel sees need to cooperate with Russia on Syria http:/…
Apparently East Germany is half empty and Germany needs children. Brilliant!.
People are dying to get to a Germany they were promised by Merkel. And the doors are now slammed shut.
A view many share in these days: "is neglecting her own people. She is obsessed by refugees"
Germany showing the way on Syrian refugees. Could they also be doing so on the need to finally confront Assad?.
'There have to be limits': mixed feelings from Germans over refugees
Middle East News (Reuters) - As Germany announced it was re-imposing border controls in a bid to slow an influx of…
as long as the EU/'West' - esp. Germany against US - destabilizes Middle East there will be no 'solution'
dominoes falling fast. soon there will be no schengen south and east of Germany
How exactly did West Germany unite with East Germany that brought down the Berlin Wall? US Corporation may find inspiration
"There are migrants in uniform who have to protect the chancellor, herself from East Germany, from an eastern German mob." (ibid.)
2/ East Germany had 16 mil citizens, and ~1.5% of them worked for their intelligence agency, the Minister for State Security ("Stasi")
Union Berlin enjoy a reputation as being an anti-establishment club since the days of East Germany, and enjoy fierce fan loyalty.
Two countries in the Top 10 for winter Olympic medals no longer exist (Soviet Union and East Germany)
Russia is doing something quite similar. I'm surprised they haven't taken back East Germany yet.
Jamaican sprint legend Merlene Ottey should get gold for times. she ran 2nd against East Germany's state-sponsored drug cheats.
German Democratic Republic (GDR), old stamp 659 from East Germany in 1954
German Democratic Republic (GDR), old stamp 3558 from East Germany in 1957
20 Years of German Democratic Republic - Dresden, old stamp 68 from East Germany in 1969
12 August 1961: Barbed wire and breeze-block barricades seal off West from East Berlin, making escape from East Germany impossible.
The staunch anti-communist Strauss key in arranging 400 Million DM loan to East Germany in 1983 (2)
DDR Museum An excellent museum about former Communist East Germany based in Berlin.
Communist 3 important lessons from the former East Germany - lessons in what NOT to do, that is!
Dreamt again I was in a communist state, this time East Germany. My pervading memories are dancing with little ampelmannchen.
Berlin zoo - rhinoceros, 10 from East Germany in 1975
"Greece is a bit like East Germany in 1990...and some of the delegates from East Berlin dreamed of a new...
So only reason not to wire up Central Park with microphones everywhere ala East Germany is that it's not practical?
Just like the former East Germany. Time for a Berlin Wall II?
My mama, who voted PMB, telling me today how embarrassed she was by West Germany. Merkel is from Prussia, she said. That was East Germany. ☺
More about the film project at Bautzen, the former Stasi prison in East Germany. Professor Paul Cooke, of German...
Film rights to the debut novel of German writer Melanie Raabe (born in what was previously known as East Germany...
New show that's about to air. Based on a spy in East Germany. It's in German though.
Sat in Slovenia with 3 Germans who were born in East Germany, all in England shirts, who have 35 caps and have watched Hudde…
East Germany, that supposedly lived under Soviet occupation, is more pro-Russian than the ZioNazi occupied West.
World Championships Indoor Cycling - GDR - DDR, old stamp 458 from East Germany in 1969
The Germans are the same and spent years paying off East Germany's debts
Who would have thought that Angela Merkel from 'East Germany' would knowingly & willingly subject her own people to mas…
The Berlin Wall was something of a propaganda disaster for the Soviet Union and East Germany, showed control for commonst
Headlong rush by former outspoken supporters of the USSR, Cuba and East Germany to declare how "merciful" they are
Communism turns into Facism. It's inevitable. Look at the former USSR and East Germany. You are to young to know
Alfred Wegener - 1880-1930, postage stamp 334 from East Germany in 1980
1948 – Military forces, under direction of the Soviet-controlled government in East Germany, set-up a land blockade of West Berlin.
114: Top Secret! Val Kilmer kicks some *** in East Germany. Could have done without the songs, but still a good Zucker film.
Also, the Ambassadors of Yugoslavia, East Germany, North Vietnam, Rhodesia and Austro-Hungary haven't RSVP'd
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Angela Merkel says East Germany good model for Grin & bear it.
Monuments of Water - Water Tower Berlin Altglienicke 1906, 590 from East Germany in 1986
Circus Arts in the GDR, 67 from East Germany in 1985
Think of what the people in East Berlin & East Germany went through to escape to the West.
I was curious about the disparity between professional football club from East Germany and West German...
I dont say a lot on here but im going to say this:.. It's insane that an attack in France by people being monitored and well known to the French police is somehow being used by the UK Government to "justify" massive state surveillance in the UK Quite clearly more surveillance won't stop these attacks (because IT DID NOT), but it will undermine the very freedoms and liberties that the extremist want to destroy Terrorism in the UK has, since 2000, resulted in an average 5 deaths per year - the same as bee and wasp stings. 140,000 die each year from cancer. In the last week the government has committed extra money to MI5/GCHQ but cut the availability of cancer drugs. The Snoopers' Charter is not about terrorism. It's about turning the UK into a surveillance state, like the old East Germany, but more so. FUK U CAMERON FUK U MILLABAND (Nice on Nick blocked it in 2012 and will try to block it again!).But you did lie about the tuition fee's when you got elected, and caused the London riots.
FC Seoul winger Yun Il-lok is reportedly torn between moving to Germany and Middle East.
or okay germany...sweden because it's very peaceful there. The middle east is not peaceful.
Files from East Germany's notorious secret police are now available online
Otto Winzek 1902-1975, stamp 2406 from East Germany in 1982
Your room being guarded by the Stasi in a brothel in East Germany on honeymoon?
MMM movement 30 years, 175 from East Germany in 1967
"I'm not fearmongering. I'm just casually slipping in a reference to East Germany to somehow say that not everyone is as radical as you are."
Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery and the passage of time:
Muslims are exterminated people in the Middle East Germans did same in Europe France has the same %muslims as Germany did Nazis
Germany arrests suspected militant after return from Syria
anyone who hopped over the Berlin Wall to go from East Germany to West Germany when it first went up
Here are our top 10 experiences in Berlin: A visit to the East Side Gallery is a must…
I figured you were smuggled out of Brum to Salford. Like in East Germany. Ooh, hope there was derring-do involved!
Belfast born artist Elizabeth Shaw and her life in East Germany via
East German Stasi files open to public online for first time
At its core, is an East German uprising against contemporary Germany writes
That's nothing in Former East Germany they put these disgusting towers right in the middle of Urban homes. See the pattern.
Do you want to know what the difference between Stasi controlled East Germany and South Dakota Is? East Germany had industry and art.
Some memories and thoughts about places I went to. 1. Big Island, Hawaii. Swam among the turtles with Disney Imagineer Topper Helmers. Watched lava come down and burn stuff up. Go, Pele! 2. Bang Kok. Rented a massive suite, with private office, bedroom, two televisions, for 60 dollars a night. Massages at the poolside for 20 dollars an hour. Beautiful city to visit. Bought the army a coke (250 cokes) when they surrounded my hotel when the revolution started. (Shout out to buddy Kimberly Winstead Wright, ex pat from San Diego County and a dear friend now.) 3. Munich. Drank too much with house Emmermann scion Sven Emmerman, almost died in a snow storm. Good times. Plus, almost accidentally married an Elf in the basement of Hof Brau Haus and I am not even *** My German is better now. 4. East Germany during the old years when it was a prison state. Made me a bit nervous. 5. American Samoa. After almost being eaten by sharks, there is not much else to do except watch the sole television channel whi ...
Puppies and kittens are raised in breeding factories in East Germany where the mother dogs and cats are...
as u are German who were better East Germany or West Germany
XIV Olympic Winter Games 1988 - DDR, postage stamp 2351 from East Germany in 1988
Nebraska woman who escaped from East Germany keeps homeland\'s ... - Greenfield Daily Reporter
I have. East Germany is still not 100 percent caught up to where it would have been minus Comm. And they had huge WGer bailout
On this day in 1972, East Germany & West Germany signed the Basic Treaty to end their two-decade dispute.
.I visited East Germany before & after the wall came down. After, there were people living on the street for the first time.
announced on Friday that the United States would restore full diplomatic relations with s Hometown East Germany
My work station in everyday they bring me tasty surprises!! ...
PLEASE SIGN! What the Middle East always asked for: Move Ultimate peaceful solution. .
Bedroom of a teenager in East Germany that was under surveillance, a declassified photo taken by the Stasi, 1980s http:/…
north-east of Germany, but I also think that the snow won't stay bc before it rained heavily and it's not even that cold now
Angry at book with his schoolboy anti-USA lefty rewriting of history re East Germany, see photo 1/3
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