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East Coast

The East Coast of the United States, also known as the Eastern Seaboard, refers to the easternmost coastal states in the United States, which touch the Atlantic Ocean and stretch up to Canada.

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"Despite all of the crap y'all hearing I will be coming to the East Coast to do my show."
TONIGHT! 1st leg of the East Coast tour kicks off in South Kingston, RI Our boys starts…
I made that public/searchable now that the East Coast tour is over.
Huge thank you to The Mayhemingways for adding us to there East Coast tour again we always a great time with you... htt…
Happy Birthday!!! I miss u sooo much!! I hope u tour on the East Coast soon because i'd love to hug u again!❤️
ICYMI: National fiddle champ Scott Woods tours the East Coast! Here's why they call him the "Flippin' Fiddler"!…
Please donate to my 200+ mile East Coast ride in Oct for YSC Tour de Pink
Coming up, meet national fiddle champ Scott Woods on his East Coast tour!🎻
George Ezra announces 2018 tour dates to make up for having to miss Splendour. East Coast cities this March.
The 50 tour hits the East Coast tonight! Check out our review and GO:
My good friends Milo in the Doldrums head out with Kid Brother on their East Coast tour in a few days! Dates/Locations…
Natural News author to tour the East Coast, teaching people a breakthrough stop smoking method that saves lives and
Response: "We don't look at East Coast bias. We look at West Coast advantages."
See the East Coast islands with an Thai island hopping hols
hey Man,.. leave that East Coast, just go west to Oregon, and walk on the Wild side..
couple make it across Canada in Electric Car from West Coast to East Coast. Cape Breton Post.
AND the East Coast truly thanks you Jackson !!
East Coast hyperloop? Elon Musk claims 'verbal' approval; city officials know nothing about it - Los Angeles Times
"Elon Musk wants to bring really fast transit system to East Coast."
70.5% of the country is forecast to hit or exceed 90 degrees from the West Coast to the East Coast.
I truly believe that East Coast sound would've been so much better if Bobby & Rowdy didn't get locked up
my story on 4 Summer Hotspots on East Coast for
Little trip down from Montreal on the East Coast (Portland/Old Orchard/Ogunquit/Burlington) via /r/Homebrewing
I just remembered San Cisco cancelled their East Coast shows and they included Chicago in that :(
Few more East Coast gigs comin down the line too. Dundee and the Kingdom.
Maybe b/c my East Coast experience includes lots of Italian neighborhoods, I don't view specialized ham names as BA-only domain.
Next New York City Sessions confirmed as heads to the East Coast of America soon. Dates & details
Watch the 2015 Noble Awards tonight on Reelz Channel 8pm West Coast and 11pm East Coast! Happy Turkey Day!
Me in mid sales pitch to one of the top financial advisors and his team on the US East Coast (Morristown, NJ) yeste…
Its 1:47 on the East Coast, who the *** does Gordon Hayward think he is?
One of the greatest verses to come out of the East Coast by Shook Ones - 🙏🔊
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
West Coast back to East Coast teaching these schools, please register or spread the word.
Opening 28 July, Melbourne will be the first Pan Pacific hotel on the East Coast! Follow us for updates…
Congrats to our Capital Prep who took on teams from around NE and East Coast showing what CT is really about!
NBA All-Stars might leave the East Coast for the West Coast. . But Cook Out never will. .
Walgreens scraps deal to buy Rite Aid to instead purchase nearly 1/2 of the East Coast drugstore chain's stores: https…
Can you recommend anyone for this Sr. Director Business Development - East Coast -
You're talking about leftists Hollywood elite West Coast liberals East Coast liberals that's the ones you're talking about, FOOL!!
I predict no he's filming Pentagon Papers on the East Coast.
I did (not new train) on the midland mainline hst, reinterpreted as Sam says for East Coast
Guessing those were East Coast writers who never bother watching any game that ends after 10pm Eastern.
"I agree!", says hockey editor with East Coast deadlines to worry about.
Nothing like having a Vegas team in the "East Coast" hockey league. The logo isn't bad...but the col…
The new director will replace Mark Harmon, who left several months ago to take a position on the East Coast.
Someone needs to make a collar flip parody where Strange is going full East Coast prep with like four popped polos under his cape.
In a seafood showdown, does the East Coast or West Coast reign supreme? Which one of the below culinary creations is your…
Oh, hey guys, it's 5pm on Friday on the East Coast. Brace yourselves.
Buckle up! Let's take a ride! It's time for Menendez: Blood Brothers on the East Coast!. Think…
Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association-East Coast honor King Kamehameha I at the lei draping ceremony in Emancipati……
Where should we take the Constructor Conference in 2018? East Coast, Midwest or West Coast?
Some lines are very good (East Coast line, London-Manchester). Others very poor. Lack of central pla…
East Coast tour is way cooler than West Coast
A Weekend Escape to Stuart, an Authentic Treasure on the East Coast | Authentic Florida
We are excited to announce that Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown has joined the 2017 USA East Coast team.
Been craving for East Coast chicken wings for like a week. No one wanna layan my craving
This week in RL: North American exports fade in Chinese softwood lumber market; East Coast not buying Fir plywood this spring; much more.
Express wings got the best wings on the East Coast
They should be wrestlers names. The Rock laying the smackdown on the East Coast would be a better headline than Bret.
"A little bit of West Coast IT can make a world of difference in a big East Coast company" -Mike Brady, AIG
Sept. 8th, just got a press release about Mount Eerie's East Coast dates and the D.C. date is at St. Stephens.
Have you ever walked the ocean floor? This amazing spot on Canada's East Coast is home to the worlds highest tides! h…
Your Friday is on the air NOW, East Coast and Central. We hope you’ll join us
Forgot about all these east coast tolls 😡
The Memorial Day Sales Event is taking place now at East Coast Appliance. Right now, get this Whirlpool Top Load...
You like blueberries on your morning cereal? Thank an Ontario bee.
is in October and the cost is already $600 and rising each day. PLEASE east coast or at least m…
GONE will be out worldwide at 00:00 on the East Coast... We can't wait to listen to it, can you?🇪🇸🌹.
9:21pm, I'm in South Africa. 6 hours ahead of the East Coast.
I want to live on the east coast again
Thanks to for being one of our Sponsors at this years East Coast Conference
Aye, but he's a racing driver from the east coast 😂 Also his name's spelt Aiden. I didn't think this…
Officially heading back to the east coast in June 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Took 5 shots, flamed tha whole east coast and got 2 diamond albums not to mention he was tight wit…
I can't wait Going to attend some of the shows on the East Coast. 😊💖
Well, roll over and go back to sleep because it 4:45 on the East Coast.
moving out to the east coast the land of no sun made me vitamin D(eficient)
Christmas Eve... it's an East Coast Italian gig. total blast
should be really proud of his East Coast Trains teams. The quality of service shown by Mike Ross was first class! Thank you.
Having fund at Bound Beverge. The East Coast Team is amazing! 👍🏼
Things will get better eventually. Don't let it get you down.
The north east coast isn't too shabby, I'll have you know. Possibly…
Revised: DWB had to cancel but East Coast Rednecks will take the stage at 10!
I am *jazzed* to start crossing things off my my east coast bucket list this weekend
My Darksky weather app that's been money on the East Coast is powerless against Colorado weather.
Really?? That IS weird. I wonder where they picked it up! I've lived east coast or midwest since col…
It's true here on the East Coast (I know for some of you winter is loading.) I wait all year for this moment...I...
Considering Japan orientation, it's actually pretty close to being at the complete other side of the planet if your east coast.
Who's watching on the east coast right now?
I feel bad for he a east coast brotha in that souther heat 😂🔥
People on and from the east coast love to talk about WaWa. Guys, it's a convenient store. You can buy milk and snapple lots of places.
Who's trynna come with to East Coast Bash tomorrow? (Drifting events lol)
I was about to travel the whole east coast this summer 😪
ITS MAY 26th ON THE EAST COAST. That means Bear Your Mind is officially out now! We are so excited to share the album wit…
Love but east coast bound? Check out our friends East! Wonderful people welcoming all gamers!
'Seeing is Believing: Women Direct' Makes East Coast Premiere on June 19 (We'll be there!) https…
Similar concept had a very brief life in mid tier East Coast malls a few years ago
Me on the train listening to East Coast &
Any plans to do a live show on the east coast ??
The G7 leaders take in the spectacular view of the Med from a hotel terrace in Taormina, on Sicily's east coast. (Photo
Can't stand that east coast patter.
The whole West Coast and east coast thing back in the 90s is a prime example
Get your countertop display today!! . Keeping the folks at East Coast Martial Arts…
Never been to CO. I'm heading down the east coast in June. I hear hotels are cheap. Lol. I'm actually l…
Shoutout to for hooking up people like myself on the east coast with access to the Friday the 13th game
Fixing server issues?? The game still isn't in the MS Store to purchase in the east coast.
New England, though it looks as though the map only represents the East Coast and West Coast of the U.S.…
My first paycheck is gonna be a bigger tease than the girls gone wild commercials due to the fact that I owe half the east coast money
Too dangerous to go fishing due to ice, Coast Guard warns.
Which is very smart... because if you build it (here) they may not come,…
how the entire southwest, east and West Coast are all *** and georgia and alabama are ebony, A M E R I C A
As the media has contracted to East coast + from the world, Gianforte's assault on a reporter didn't deter voters
East coast looks so busy with Tstorms. upcoming hours Tstorms will happen over district. https…
GONE will be out worldwide at midnight on the East Coast... who's gonna stay up with us? WE GOTTA GO HARD GUYS!
Couple of summers ago, six ppl on the east coast died from heat. Body temps were 106 at the ER
Experience the East Coast on June 1st in support of . Food, entertainment and prizes! Tix…
Listeners share horrific stories about cheating death! -
God hasn't been letting me flirt with the east coast for no reason. 🙌🏾
I wish you could FedEx dinner to the East coast! Thank you for the menti…
Copper Coast looking east towards Boatstrand this eve
That may be hard. I'll have to wait for an east coast evet
The power of stupidity reigns in suprise they bow down to an East Coast billionaire and his lies...
Check out some pro tips from East Coast entrepreneurs in new
I had this guest that looked like a mix of Larry David, Bernie Sanders, and Bernard Madoff. He had the East Coast accent too!
It's 11 on my end rn. I live on the East Coast. If you're in the Pacific Time Zone I assum…
Read how names Philly the 'robotics hub of the East Coast'
Beautiful Palm Coast in Flagler County sits on the East Coast of Florida just north of Daytona Beach and south of...
I think the success of East Coast in government hands makes a very solid case.
"There will be no other East Coast shows surrounding this last stand, and this is it," said Michael Gira
And then they gave the East Coast main line to Branson, whose businesses pay no tax in the UK ...
Peterborough: 22 extra services to run on the East Coast main line every Saturday from this weekend say Virgin Trai…
What's more, East Coast main line is terrific, I use it a lot & the VTEC website is the best too. There was a huge improvement.
THE MANJA WEDDING PACKAGE. For the uninitiated, the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia offers much scope for...
East Coast main line in state hands returned a profit, was most popular with publ…
Today in History—14 May 1942: US Navy's first full convoy on East Coast: from Hampton Roads to Key West.
The best girls are here on the East Coast, Craig. We also have the best Sweet Tea and BBQ. Shout Out fro…
The largest on the East Coast opened today at the in
All depends on quality of management. East Coast mainline doing well in Govt hands. National asset…
East Coast main line ran at its best with profit when the incumbent franchisee gave it back Osborne gave to Vi…
Peter Shue warned Suge that Andre Harrell does not represent East Coast *** and if he tried that with him or Chaz or Er…
NOW: Tune in to on the East Coast for exclusive one-on-one with President Trump.
This is the full launch of Mickey Z's epic tome, RAV 2ND COLLECTION! As well as the East Coast debut of Rebecca Sug…
It was an East Coast swing from New York to Cincinnati, as it just so happens.
There is nothing about this article that doesn't scream 'East Coast' h/t
Atl Business Chronicle: Largest container ship to visit East Coast comes to Savannah Thursday
Fat Wreck Chords - Rumors. Night Birds just announced some July shows on the East Coast, including three with Western Addiction!. May 09, 2…
We are in Queensland which is the East Coast. Where the Barrier Reef is but we are south of there!
Portland of the East Coast (Maine!) has some pretty great literary places to visit:
NASA sees the system that generated severe weather over the mid-section of the U.S. as it moved toward East Coast.
nice tribute. Did you see Richard Greene on your East Coast trip? I sang w/them in VA last month.
East Coast bias - hard to stay up late for West Semis at 11pm. Got my shirt w my PJs tho! YEAH DAY DAY!
Folks liking Tamrindo and Pineapple Jarritos has to be East Coast bias lmao
Agree it has been too political PLUS too much Yankees, Red Sox, and East Coast bias.
Hundreds of livestock in Kajiado County will be vaccinated against foot and mouth disease and East Coast fever.
By sea voyage obviously. If William Adams could do it from England, so can I from the East Coast. I'…
.Just to be clear these 42 deaths are ONLY along the US East Coast from Maine to Georgia
East Coast bias, you can put up the same numbers here and get no respect
Oh me too. Just being snark about East Coast bias
I'm guessing you've been reading some East Coast bias stuff. Burns should win. Better at both ends
Good thing works on a morning show in Hawai'i otherwise waking up on East Coast time would be brutal.
This is where the East Coast bias story picks up legs
I can give 5 reasons:. 1. They're not the Rox. 2. Bryce Harper. 3. East Coast bias. 4. Overhyped. 5. They beat us last series.
I used to live on the East Coast so my would be to go back to New York just for the food! Nothing like NY pizza!
Planning to take a random bus trip on the East Coast! Any suggestions? Preferably not-so-far from New York 😁
I need your help today is my wife BDAY and I've been up all night here on the east coast trying to find her yzy
Coming back to the east coast tomorrow... might've had too much fun here
Captain reached and began exploring the east coast of on April 29, 1770, and claim…
C,they don't say teachers are special,we need to hire(east coast DA,people that sacrifice an identity. they r like…
nah bruh. Ask NY *** and east coast *** too. They loved that dude. Then 50 came and ended it. Hence the beef
Traveling the East coast of Korea next week, can't wait to explore!
East coast and Alaska: Trump eyes more offshore drilling by repealing protections for Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.
If you have an any route permitted ticket you will be able to travel with Virgin Trains…
Would anyone on the east coast want to come to a LAN party? I'm thinking about throwing one for small streamers!
stories from you guys💞🌵 Favourite Beaches in Tassie East Coast
The most attractive thing to me is effort. Someone who really wants to talk to me, wants to see me, wants to make me apart of their day.
01. reviewed status of RVNL projects of East Coast Railway..
It's my birthday on the east coast now and you guys are showing so much love.. Thank you all! ❤️
S. Africa is ruled from its (English) East Coast, Natal & Eastern Cape, whence they loot the Cape & ex-Boer Republics.
East coast readies for fresh climate fight as Trump eyes more offshore drilling
Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognize it.
I literally have the the best group of friends/family on the east and West Coast. I am so lucky
It travelled 20miles towards east coast NK, broke up over
We spent with Paul Boyle, Head of ERTMS at Virgin Trains East Coast.
When do you plan to start taking orders for the East Coast? Specifically, NJ. Looking forward to it!
NOAA trying to figure out why there's been big spike in humpback whale deaths on East coast. . Some got hit by ships.
East coast, time to focus ! It's a big night in in just under 25 minutes !!!
An unusually large number of humpback whales died last year on the US east coast, and NOAA wants to find out why
Me and are doing some seriously disturbing stuff tonight on East coast, hunker down! https…
Humpback whales dying at alarming rate off East Coast
Possibilities exist for East coast snow storm threats over next 2 weeks, but still nothing definitive at this point
I know you're probably in the middle of your set but have a great rest of your night :). Im on East Coast time so im z...
Investor Day-.Shalash local fisherman on the East Coast
pouring rain in East coast Arklow at the moment ☔️
Gillian Anderson calls on prime minister to end East Coast TY❥
Laem Sai Seafood restaurant on the east coast of Phuket, it is very popular with locals... via
Things We Can't Wait to Eat When the Chain Comes to the East Coast.
Keri's Wellness Wednesday: 10 unimaginable uses for bicarb! -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Don't chase love, when it's ready it will find you.
Woah, just checked the weather radar. This storm stretches from New Mexico to the east coast.
Neat 3D visualisation of extreme sea level scenario – doesn't look good for the east coast… |
I'm listening to it on Spotify. It is 12:08am 28/4 here on the east coast Australia. I love the song. Gr…
Fan-Club presales for all east coast shows are available now!
here we are again (@ East Coast Mall in Kuantan, Pahang)
"A disturbing number of humpback whales are dying off the east coast"
East Coast! is on NBC now. I just love this show.
The American League East and The National League East tend to be a bit more special especially=East Coast. But ask somebody on the West Coast
So nice to see so many East Coast musicians celebrated
Just announced! My ONLY East Coast performance this year is at the 2017 Atlantic City BeachFest on 7/12! Get Tix 5/5
Cape Cod-style homes may have originated on the East Coast, but they’re making a comeback on the opposite coast .
On second thought, I really hope it was C-P-3 & not M-V-P. It is late on East Coast. But still, my point stands. That chant is overused.
Sir train left rengali under East Coast sambalpur Train no. 12872 already late by 2hours almost
Don't quit your day job: making ends meet for East Coast music stars
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Thomas Aquinas College will soon have an East Coast branch in Northfield with pending campus purchase.
Did Lyme disease leak from Camp Hero and infect the East Coast? Guess we'll never know.
From . calls on prime minister to end East Coast
East Coast does not have to hate for anybody else of a different skin color l…
It is good to be back home in the Pacific Northwest I love the East Coast not real keen on the humidity. Loving this cooler weather.
Looking forward to the East Coast and the International Photo Conference - Congrès International de la Photo...
This voting system *** unless you are on the East Coast. Shown is done in LA so why shut us out only…
East Coast, West Coast, Irvine. Temple of Light of Oc. LA. come see me come be with spirit.
being real... . West Coasters need to be seen by the East. Travel east!. 1. East Coast nat'l camps . 2. Play shoe. 3.
"While putting all East Coast hot sauce stigmas to rest, he has found the community to be more than inclusive.
One of the premier beauty salons in Singapore (East Coast area) has immediate vacancies for:. - top flight Salon...
St. John Bosco QB Re-al Mitchell discusses Rutgers, upcoming decision and more after East Coast swing
Is RISE worth the risk? girls in Chicago from the West Coast, East Coast, Pacific Northwest, Canada and Australia seem to think so!
This is 13 minutes from my El Paso house... *** it im in the East Coast tho. 😩
Why Grand Junction, Colo? 9 hours from London to East Coast, 3 hrs to Denver, 2 hrs to G.J. Direct to G.J. s/b about 15 hrs.
are you on the East Coast? Would love for you to be at our jazz vespers on 4/22.
Back to Milwaukee. Was in Denver since Sunday. Then off to East Coast in morning.
The King of the East Coast is making his mark out West, too. Who’s gonna stop
High-end home brokers see signs that East Coast slowdown could move to Los Angeles
When all of the East Coast has seen the new before you... Tune in NOW on West Coast.
The Guillermo del Toro exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute Of Arts looks so cool. Wish it'll come to the East Coast so that I can see it.
The lovely people at East Coast throw alcohol at me as they abandon us at Edinburgh, before the perilous last leg to Stirling.
Cheers to your 20th! Sending big love from the East Coast! # Rock The Chapel
”Nova Scotia, on the East Coast, and the smallest winemaking region of Canada, is next in line for growth.”
Waking up at 5:45am to workout on the East Coast - which is like 2:45am for an SF girl = hitting a wall way too early 🙄
Went up the West Coast to Glasgow on Thurs, down the East Coast today, both excellent staff and…
Visiting the East Coast for the Tour De Yorkshire? Stay close to Filey we have vacancies 2 bed 2 bath apart…
WAR on the East Coast would be a good nickname for Bryce Harper
It's Opening Day on the East Coast and all I want is the WBC back.
Saffire is incredible. wineglass bay is truly Tasmanian. East Coast - Maria Island is a delight and lots of vineyards too
you should know that on the US East Coast, laundry detergent is a black market currency for drugs.
Dozens of dogs saved from South Korean meat farm, transported to East Coast.
has spent much of her time surfing the Gulf Stream and hanging out around Sable Island and the East Coast.
.Why don't law enforcement officers practice good officer Safety in the South & East Coast?…
Throwbacks v Breakfast Club v Batiri v East Coast *** I'm excited to see Touchdown actually get his…
Jr Midfielder Julia Cordover is ready to show the West Coast how the East Coast plays Lacrosse. MSD v Naples 6p…
Stuck in an ice storm in Omaha. Getting ready for an East Coast swing.
At sea-Tac going to Salt Lake, home soon, long week, East Coast -West Coast swing
I Pigeon Island squatting area is a community of more than 50 families on the East Coast of Demerara.
West Coast just blows more because majority of players live East Coast
Yep. Works the same for the East Coast media elite and West Coast Hollywood elite. Everyone should expand your ***
Nowhere on the East Coast of Canada is a real city. Coming from someone who has spent half their life in HRM and half in Toronto, TRUST.
YAY - the East Coast of the United States isn't hogging Saturday Night Live as it airs LIVE! 💖😜😄😍 Who watches SNL…
The Trump admin is the biggest batch of liars ever to invest the East Coast of the United States.
Restoration of Cape Cod’s. Herring River hopes to be a. model for other restorative . East Coast projects.…
This is not the right way forward, and would be devastating for our region, our state and the East Coast. Our...
"Mine - it's all mine!..." Beach euphoria on Maria Island, East Coast (Pic:
This might be a great fit for you: Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning Sr Manager - East Coast -... -
he would have won the East Coast vs West Coast beef if he wasn't so busy givin Michael Jordan buckets
Hawkins & Henderson toured throughout New England, the East Coast, the Midwest and later the South.…
NY declares state of emergency as East Coast schools close ahead of Winter Storm Stella:
While the East Coast hunkers down for a blizzard, Southern California hit 100ºF today for the first time in 2017, a month a…
Wow. I hope the East Coast gets the greater amount (than Chicago) of snow this week.
Blizzards and heavy snow: What the East Coast should expect from this week's storm.
Ugh why why why. I hate the West Coast it's not very kind to the East coast
There's such a big language barrier from the West Coast to the east it's so crazy
But why does the east coast not use xfinity? Bomb diggity.
I'm concerned about the rising number of young Black women missing on the East Coast. I've seen at least 7 alerts today
East Coast 1 HOUR until a new Tag a friend you would sit next to in Miss Thatcher's clas…
East coast!!! My episode of is on in 30 minutes on
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
In addition to the snow St. John's on the east coast received hurricane winds up to 150 kilometres per hour causing sub…
Magnitude 4.1 occurred near the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
This is no joke. I'm in the Midwest right now and there is zero visibility. 15 to 18 inches of snow…
I'll be on the east coast for spring break aha. Give you extra time to practice tho
Blizzard coming to East Coast. Good time to catch up on the clinical advance of the year
I miss the fat egg rolls you get on the east coast 😕
Global Warming is about to hit the East Coast . 20 inches of SUN If you live on the East Coast Stay Safe
gorgeous! It's Ccccold here on the East coast!
Helpful advice ... folks on East Coast won't be worrying about 90°F heat any time soon.
The east coast is bracing for a major winter storm set to hit Monday night through Tuesday night. for the…
we are still on time. Maybe because we aren't going to anywhere else on the east coast
she's not in LA she still on the east coast you could tell from all the light in her snap when she posted it…
Northeast blizzard could dump up to 18 inches of snow on New York City:
Wow and wow! So many twists and turns in the game. Just inspired a whole generation of east coast curlers the way the…
Love catching up & seeing how much we've grown💕 So good seeing you guys before your next adventure in the east coas…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
East coast mainline passengers told to delay travel after service disruption - The Guardian
Hate to leave a day early due to anticipated bad East coast weather. Have talked with many doing the same. Bummer.
Still don't understand why they haven't brought in-n-out to the east coast yet 🍔. Mcdonalds, wendys, burger king, everything so tired... 😔
Tour with & continues this week + a bunch of headline east coast dates. Come hang!
hel to the mf West Coast east south north pole head *** NO
lilbet had to leave. I would check out some ship logs. Are you on the east coast anywhere near where ancestor
This comment on a thread from someone who lives on the Canadian east coast. "...Plastic bottles and containers...
oh look thats not the biggest publication in MA and the east coast! Good god you brilliant
East coast readers, teachers & librarians — you know about the NYC Teen Author Festival, right? Co…
hope y'all can hit an east coast tour soon. Gotta hit Albany again ✊🏻
JaDine will be arriving here in East Coast by storm. . Snow storm literally. .
Take a seat, darling East Coast. The show is about to start.
Seriously at 2 in Los Angeles during first commercial break on the East Coast?!! Nice!
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