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East Chicago

East Chicago is a city in Lake County, Indiana. The population was 29,698 at the 2010 census. It is the home of Marktown, Clayton Mark's planned worker community.

Lake County Mexican Independence Day

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Watch for 49ers' RB coach Bobby Turner of East Chicago on sideline at Bears game. He's the short dude with sun glasses.
Truth: I used to find you annoying. Maybe it's cuz I'm from Chicago and you're and east coast dude.…
white Toyota Highlander just struck a motorcycle in the parade at Chicago and Western.…
Thrilled to join on his East Coast tour! We will be singing some gorgeous duets together and I'll al…
They don't utilize Chicago as often as they do the east and west coast cities. That episode of Stran…
The certainty is pretty high that a prolonged chill will invade the East starting this week. For example, the EPS t…
Top five all in city! ... St. Charles prep hoops fans, live it up! STC East & STC North in Hoops Report’s Top 25. And f…
Join me and squad in LA TONIGHT for a Film Screening. CHICAGO join me for the final event of 2017…
East Chicago Public Library offers Food for Fines program this month
Breakfast club just moved to a half a block east to 3348 Bryn Mawr, good eats 😀👍
Meanwhile, just a little east of Chicago, over Lake Michigan, into Pontiac, the old Silverdome just won't go down.
I'm just going there food. FYI Chicago's is by East park
25-year-old man shot in East Garfield Park.
A beautiful city nonetheless I love Chicago but nobody needs to come in making an *** out of the pla…
do you know where you’re transferring to — Not sure, maybe Chicago or Houtsan or some east coa...
I don’t know if you guys have East of Chicago down in Norwood, but if you do. They have the best taco pizza
imagine if he didnt LEAVE cleveland in 2010, dwade & bosh teaming up in miami,dwight and the magic, r…
Agreed. Need to move at least one if not both Michigans to the West, and move the Chicago teams to t…
Crown Point drops hard-fought non-conference contest on the road to Pike, 65-60. The loss puts the Dogs’ record at…
I got to see this in person... have you? Catch her before she jets out of Chicago to the east coast!
Students received good insight of what it means to be a law student by meeting a 2013 GRADUATE of Morton East and now a stud…
Let's not go back to his Chicago days at *** clubs in Boys Town or elite East Bank Club.
Hammond woman dies following car crash in East Chicago
Indiana will spend up to $15M over 5 years to provide lead testing, prevention and removal in East Chicago, South Bend and…
Majestic Star CEO Peter Liguori warned that the ban would send patrons to casinos in adjacent East Chicago or Hammo…
Betsy Palmer was born 91 years ago today in East Chicago, IN. Actress, Knots Landing, Friday the 13th.
WATCH LIVE: Police give update on post office bombing in East Chicago that left 1 injured
Because Pizza Hut *** ! 😂 Gino’s East D-Town Chicago is the best, Lou Malnatti’s in the suburbs!
Go for it *** Biggest markets will be Chicago, Baltimore, East LA, Philadelphia and Black Harlem.
Boy oh boy. Individuals losing their minds. Choices. We make choices everyday. Some good, some evil.
His guy can’t even spell Gino’s east correctly and is still trying to say it’s he best Chicago pizza??? Bye
Region Unabomber had previously run for office on platform of "professionalism and ethics.".
This way to ironically enough, just an hour later I had to direct some tourists east to Mic……
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Man critically wounded in East Garfield Park shooting
Dave east finna be in Chicago so I have to shoot my shot.
Dave East live in Chicago Wednesday October 18th 👊👊 . Tickets at
Have you seen this one, too? Local former GOP candidate tried to mail pipe bombs.
Senate panel scraps mandate for East Chicago soil testing | Government and Politics |
Munster man arrested in E. Chicago PO pipe bomb explosion - another Caucasian Terrorist 🤔 what wall shall we build?
What is coming to East Lincoln Park. Contact me for more details
"I live in the South East of which is contaminated by corporations, my son has been in the ER multiple tim…
East Chicago Our Community Scientists Day in response to EPA cuts to budgets, folks Fend for Ourselves
"UPDATE: Engineer from Munster arrested in East Chicago US post office bombing"
CHICAGO! We have your chance to meet in our WGCI Lounge! Enter here:
Police make arrest in East Chicago post office pipe bomb explosion
. Whoot! Cubs playing out east, but it’s still an exciting night in Chicago.
school children take lead testing into their own hands with help of NAACP. via
Amazing night Building with our Dads and Dudes! Thank you PTA!! Thanks to East of Chicago Pizza and Home Depot for…
"Krieg, who ran twice for political office as a Republican, has been an outspoken critic of the Lake County...
Reassuring that the alleged post office bomber worked at the single most flammable place in the Midwest.
And YOU disrespected residents of East Chicago, Ind. for not doing a *** thing about lead poisoning
Chicago Film Festival opening night (@ AMC River East 21 - for Marshall in Chicago, IL)
Man charged with bombing East Chicago post office
Munster man charged in East Chicago post office explosion.
Munster man arrested in last month's pipe bomb explosion at East Chicago post office
Man charged with bombing East Chicago post office
Check out our listing in Chicago-South Shore, IL listed by Mousa Zughayer.
UPDATE: Engineer from Munster arrested in East Chicago U.S. post office bombing
Now in its 53rd year, brings two weeks of fun-filled screenings to Chicago's AMC River East 21 Cinema: https:/…
Explosion at East Chicago post office under investigation .
Mike Pence declined to declare the Superfund site a state emergency; his successor declaring a disaster emergency in East Chicago
Pipe bombs found inside East Chicago, IN post office -
I'm saying some Trump *** White supremacist got geeked up about DACA and set off a bomb at the East Chicago post office
The racial makeup of [East Chicago, IN]was 42.9% African American, 35.5% White, . Hispanic or Latino of any race were 50.9%
A package at the East Chicago, IN post office exploded. I think East Chicago is majority Latino.
Pipe bombs found at East Chicago, Indiana post office following possible explosion that injured employee
The post office explosion was in East Chicago in Indiana, not in the city of Chicago. So maybe it has something to…
I'm from East Chicago and I hope everyone is ok 🖤
Bomb techs, and surround East Chicago, IN Post Office after a bomb goes off inside. One injured.https:/…
I get that it's confusing, but it's right there i…
1 injured by explosion in East Chicago post office, officials say
It's East Chicago, IN. Not the east side of Chicago
NEWS: A postal worker was injured after a pipe bomb exploded at a post office in East Chicago.
🚨At least 1 injured after explosion at post office in East Chicago 🚨   10% Off
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Make sure your hash tag is accurate: not East
Who planted a pipe bomb in East Chicago?
Developing: East Chicago, Ind. police respond to a report of an explosion at the post office
East Chicago official updates reporters on blast at post office as bomb technicians prepare to sweep building
Pipe bomb explosion reported at Indiana post office via the
UPDATE: Explosion inside U.S. post office building in East Chicago that injured 1; explosive device found on...
At least 1 person has been injured in an east Chicago post office blast via
UPDATE: Fire chief: Pipe bombs found at the scene of an apparent explosion in East Chicago; postal worker injured:
Pipe bomb explosion reported at Ind. post office
The 63rd annual Mexican Independence Day Parade in East Chicago kicks off Sept. 10 at noon. The parade starts at...
East Chicago will celebrate Mexican Independence Day w/ a parade & festival on Sept 10. The parade kicks off at...
East Chicago celebrates Mexican Independence Day with a parade and festival on Sept 10. Head to Block Stadium at...
Them specially in your cities in Indiana like East Chicago and Gary, Please please investigate the pol…
'It's a disaster': East Chicago still reeling from lead crisis, and EPA can't say if water is safe via
East Chicago Man Sentenced for Gang-Related Shooting: Julio Ivan Cartagena Jr. of East Chicago, Indiana, was sent...
UPDATE: 15-year-old boy shot to death in East Chicago identified as Robert Thompson.
• East chicago : 2-6 nation member from new york acquitted in murder (riding around town lookin 2…
The other end is in Chicago off of Lake Shore Drive, but nobody ever takes it East! THAT would be something, eh? Cheers.
4-year-old boy dies from gunshot wound in East Chicago, Indiana
I am looking for a buyer on 140 East 122nd Street
East Chicago is a perfect storm... we need to organize!
East Chicago is in Indiana. Has nothing to do with Chicago, IL.
I mean, Chicago is a dope city. Don't let the east coast fool you, lol.
This is tragic and unacceptable. Sadly, I need to use this opportunity to clarify East Chicago is in Indiana, not Chicago I…
Heading east for the weekend to show some support to our racers / customers at TORC. ✌🏻 — traveling to Chicago...
Free tickets for my speech, "The Media, the Middle East & the Myth of Sectarianism", at the Uni of Chicago tomorrow . https…
Grandmother of 4-year-old Garrion Glover says boy apparently found gun in home, fatally shot himself.
They also permitted him to destabilize the…
of to host a FREE STEM Expo + Youth Football Camp for youth in East Chicago, IN on Saturday, Jul…
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"Advocates hope Pruitt’s conversation with East Chicago residents might inspire him to act."
Protesters rally against EPA chief Scott Pruitt: "Injustice is here in East Chicago."
EPA warns of lead in water in East Chicago...
After extremist Vice President denied declaration of disaster 2 East Chicago, IN, new IN governor does htt…
… Indiana's new governor declares disaster emergency for East Chicago neighborhood with lead contamination.
guest performance of Lil Uzi Vert at the Lake Central vs. East Chicago basketball game
At this north central tourney .this kid from East Chicago hoopin
City of East Chicago, Indiana Code of Ordinances Title XI, Chapter 123: Rental Housing and Ordinance No. 16-0013...
Over $5 million is coming to Gary, East Chicago and Hammond for redevelopment efforts
Children in East Chicago have blood-lead levels as high as 6x the CDC hazard level
Popovich was born in East Chicago, Indiana on January 28, 1949, to a Serb father and Croat mother.
More lead pollution found in a public housing project in East Chicago, IN. joins to discuss
(four suburbs of Chicago appear to: East Chicago, Chicago Heights, Harvey, and Gary Indiana)
Attorneys to East Chicago residents: Know your legal rights re lead contamination, HUD vouchers
We'll speak out about dog flu at Lake Shore East Park in Chicago tomorrow at 8 am. Bring your dog for a photo!
Salute 2 my city East Chicago Indiana and Salute Everyone that Showed me Luv and Support In My Hometown Ec I Luv Ya'll West Cal My Hood 💯💯💯💯
Storms near Chicago will move east overnight and fade. Storms not expected here until Monday.
Michael Gibson graduated from East and now teaches Music at Curie Metro in Chicago, please help support his...
Chicago deep dish at Gino's East was actually unbelievable. Highly recommend. 🍕🍕
can the city of Chicago's "East Side" say that? In its gun restricted streets how many died, how many shot? compare please?
FINALLY on the road to Chicago. My last week of living in the greatest city east of the west coast.
welp i am currently 45 minutes east of chicago. What is happening
Severe thunderstorm right now over Lakeview East, Chicago. Happy to be indoors... 😳
East Adam and Jackson Blvd plus some higher altitude views of Chicago taken from the Wheel out on Navy Pier...
The Chicago Cubs are still in first place in the East, leading the Mets by 4 1/2 games; Baltimore leading AL east by 11…
East side of Chicago. What side you from?
How a stockpile of America's nuclear weapons got tangled up in a Middle East crisis: A little ...
In Chicago it's Gino East. Had it last weekend.
Can you recommend anyone for this SME Sales Representative - East - IL
Hi. YOU should check out Lou Malanatis, Giordanos or Ginos East. KEEP CALM and PIZZAH ON! ^km
East Chicago boating collision kills two. What we know about the victims
See our latest IL and click to apply: SME Sales Representative - East -
People warn me about the south side of Chicago like I didn't live on the east side of. Buffalo
Thinking about buying Rebecca's Paradise Baby Natural nourishing Face and Body Lo via
We bring back Gino's East pizza every time we go to visit my mom in Chicago.
This Sunday Golf Outing to support equipment for the East Chicago High School Football Team! We need your support!
Driving to East Chicago, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 1:45 AM using - Drive Social.
A real taste of north-east US... all organised by your 'travel butler' via
2 killed in boat crash on Lake Michigan near East Chicago - Chicago Sun-Times
2 killed in boat crash on Lake Michigan:
A special guest made an appearance in East Chicago.
Funny how Judge Curiel is from East Chicago, Indiana, so his "heritage" is technically the American Midwest.
That horrible, noxious odor? Someone's dumping petrochemicals down the drain in East Chicago.
Man injured in East Garfield Park shooting -
Man injured in East Garfield Park shooting: A 30-year-old man was injured in an East…
Man shot in East Garfield Park: A 33-year-old man was shot in the right leg early Sunday in…
are we talking about the harbor or east Chicago
I am looking at you East St. Louis Chicago ,East NewYork.
West Finals: Chicago over San Jose in 6. East Finals: Lightning over Penguins in 7.
Cops: Suspect breaks into 9 cars at East Chicago train station
USA: Chicago schools to spend $7.3 million on English language curriculum | via
Crazy.a black kid from the East side of Chicago and to be chilling at Newport Beach on a boat…
Great news for Brexit. He'll bring the same skills he used to pacify Middle East and bring Olympics to Chicago.
That awkward moment when you're trying to explain that EAST CHICAGO and MICHIGAN CITY are both in Indiana. 🤔🤔🤔
connects (or bypasses) densest places north of SF and east of Chicago. 20k riders.
in the east I think they will run away with it . I'm hoping Chicago loses tonight so the playoffs become wide open
Can't make it to PAX East? Play Kill Strain on PS4 with this code: FJC3-F2NA-JFMD (US only, get it while it lasts!) https:…
Irish battled great opponents at Br. Rice Invt. in Chicago. Friday beat St Ignaius in 2, lost to Lincoln Way East in 2
Softball: second game girls defeated East Chicago 30-1 their record is now 6-0! GO HAWKS!
Everybody knows that the West side of Chicago is dirty af. So I'm confused on why ppl trynna say the east and south si…
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We're Read about our latest opening here: Dialysis Patient Care Technician - East Chicago, IN -
Long before LSD reconfiguration for Museum Campus, long before Roosevelt was connected to east side of train tracks.
It's a great day to come get some Chicago Pizza 👏🏽 so come through to Ginos East 😋🍽 🍕
Can you recommend anyone for this 31 EAST ROOSEVELT, IL
Reddit: 03-16-16 Looking east over Chicago at sunset /r/weather
"Nets Fall to Bulls, Who Pass Pistons for Eighth Place in East" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
They put this confederate flag waving southern girl in the house with a black girl from East St. Louis and a black boy w/ a Chicago Mom.
Whichever team wins the East had better hope Chicago takes out LA in the playoffs.
over priced over rated if u want good pizza, try Gino's east in the woodlands. Real Chicago pizza
Cool, got my napkin art book today @ South East Side of Chicago
Learn to be smart. Rejoice with success. Get smoothness. East Chicago Indiana. Life is grand with wom Mobile Deals. Free Training.
beat 118-102 at Jimmy Butler 22 pts. Doug McDermott 25 pts. Chicago is the 8th seed in East all by themselves.
Bulls top Nets, 118-102. Doug McDermott scored 25 points. Chicago improves to 34-33, holds 8th spot in East by a half-game.
Didn't know you had Chicago history. Lived on Fullerton just East of Halsted right after college. Lived in many hoods in Chi.
Des Moines East is a decent area. It's not close to being Detroit or Chicago.
This film is in Chicago and I knew that solely based on them showing a shot of somewhere from Watch Dogs. My memory to remember that.
South Side - South Shore Looking east on 79th St. Just west of Exchange.
Went to Chicago...brought some good beers just in case - Drinking a Big Sprang @ Lakeshore East Park -
When the sign to Chicago says 222, but you know you have to go to east Lansing 😳
Media mention. Multiple locations. Smart, fun plans make Easter home brunc... via
No easy way to get to Portland east of Chicago
My character for the game is from where? East London? Chicago? Brooklyn?
Hey Baubax, Update# 18 offered timelines for east coast and west coast. Any info for Chicago? Backer 9,187
finished my whirlwind East Chicago trip getting pizza, iced tea, & a Times of Northwest Indiana at Luke gas station. on the free train back!
not the west side, they have 2. It's the south and east side of chicago
I highly recommend choosing Family Dental Care for your dental health. They a... via
first time at Indy Cafe, across from East Chicago South Shore station, usually closed when I visit area. got a bourbon caramel macchiato
on the tollway headed to Chicago, the speed limit is 65 but it looks like most drivers are going 95+. On 94 east.
The unraveling of the Chicago Bulls. column on
Love the clouds and very blue sky today @ 73 East Lake Luxury Rental Residences
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bulls resembling anything but an East power: WASHINGTON — The Chicago Bulls don't back into the playoffs. They...
Bulls News Bulls resembling anything but an East power (Yahoo Sports): Chicago is in danger of m... Bulls Tickets
St. Catherine in East Chicago recognized for diabetes care:
New Mexico recruit Damien Jefferson leads East Chicago back to regional
In case you missed it, Damien Jefferson is tearing up East Chicago. Saying he’s one of the best scorers ever at EC.
Saturday night, East Chicago and those pesky Red Devils met again, this time for the sectional title.
captured the scene at Friday night's sectional in East Chicago:
Ferguson announces finalists for Police Chief. 1) Mark Becket (chief of East Chicago, Indiana Dept and former FBI agent)
The Hispanic U.S. judge Trump says is biased over wall was born in East Chicago & targeted for hit by Mexican cartel
Giddie up! Tuesday's theme against Lowell at East Chicago will be a cowboy/farmer theme.. Game is at 7🏇🐄🌵
Todays results - Wrestling advances 6 wrestlers to semi-state at East Chicago and 2 champions - Cummings and Hughes
My hometown will be represented in the Superbowl, is East Chicago, Indiana's very own Kawann Short!
Mr. O'Brien introduced me to Gino's East Chicago pizza tonight. I'm in love. Can't wait to go to the restaurant. 😁
East Chicago man pleads guilty to gang racketeering charge
East Chicago's mayor says he's proud of what he's done heading into Tuesday's election
West Side leads 14-6 over East Chicago in the third quarter. South Newton leads 14-0 over South Central to end...
East Chicago man charged with murder in shooting death: - EAST CHICAGO | A McDonald's became the scene of a shooti…
Only one of the reasons I favor East Chicago so much. How could you not appreciate that view?
Indians romp 54-14 over East Chicago to open new stadium |
At the beginning of the second quarter, Indians are leading 21-6 against East Chicago.
"I have no doubt it will come to a strike," said an ArcelorMittal steel worker in East Chicago, Indiana
Man wounded in shotgun shooting Thursday night in East Chicago, police say:
Joe's dad was a large engine mechanic at a steel mill in East Chicago, IN. There was no mincing of words.
By God's amazing grace I have made it from Orlando to East Chicago. Driving alone with Him through scary storms & accidents I am safe.
the only teams I would put them behind is ATL, Clev, and Chicago. So suddenly the East has 7 pretty good teams now.
The Pacers with Monta Ellis..? Woh. No more calling the East weak.
only see 3 real contenders in the east that being Miami if Wade resigns, Chicago and Cleveland.. everyone else is competitive but not enough
The East is Building some decent teams into good teams
Good defensive club, too. Don't see that as often in the East (or at all outside of Chicago, really).
.and have a new partnership that supports (and sticks it to Trump)
Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, and Indiana going to be good teams for the east next year.
Battling with Chicago for 2nd best in the division. Top-5 in the East.
It's a very quiet day at 70 East Lake. (@ 70 E Lake St in Chicago, IL)
Illinois has the strictest gun control in the country.Tell that to East St. Louis, Harvey, Chicago
it makes them a dark horse contender in the East. Chicago, Cleveland, Miami..
Vista Medical Center East is hiring! - 4 West (days) in apply now!
Cleveland Chicago and maybe even the hawks have a better in the east alone
has awarded $2.3 million+ in since 1998! See what else they have done at http:…
Bucks , Heat , Cavs , Chicago , Washington , Hawks , and maybe the Cs will improve and the east will be entertaining again.
If you're a Bulls fan than Greg Monroe signing w/ the Bucks is bad news for Chicago. Everybody in the east needs to look out for the Bucks!
Today is my last day in Chicago for a while, I'm hosting east room tonight if u wanna see thy boi off
Up - says Bulls did what they needed to do yesterday, but they shouldn't be done.
lmfao honestly Chicago and Cleveland are the only real contenders on the east man.
are a East team to watch out for in '15-16. Will be worth taking the 1 hr train from Chicago to watch them.
Ya'll believe Chicago is the team in the East over Miami?? I think Miami is a clear and the Pacers are a clear or
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After Cleveland and Chicago, the east is wide open for the taking
Leaving this rain in East TN to some sunshine in Chicago!
Gino's East Buys Trump's 5 Rabbit Beer, Donates to Chicago Latino Center > thx to for the FB share
Good excuse to fly up to Chicago to get some Gino's! Gino's East buys beer pulled from Trump Tower
Chicago East Coast Subs locations offer BLT for limited time
chicago and LA many teams can't say they have been to have 5 east championships and 3 cups in 20 yrs.
Take that Trump: Gino's East buys "- your hair" beer, donates proceeds to Latino Cultural Center | Chicago
Chicago brewer renames beer for and buys the remaining kegs: http:…
"We play west chicago first this year..." - Oswego East
Trailer Mechanic (East Chicago, IN): At TRADEBE, we work internationally to offer quality, inno...
Violence in & is gang violence & nothing new. Go check out Latino gangs in California $ mafia on east coast
originally on the ss of Chicago we moved 10 miles east into indiana
Marktown was an idyllic Swiss-style village an industrialist built to lure workers to East Chicago. It's vanishing.
I'm on South Shore train going back to East Chicago.
In what city was the Fresh Prince born and raised in?. A. East Chicago . B. West Philadelphia . C. North Dallas. D. South Central LA
A 2004 Lincoln Navigator was just scanned near East Chicago, IN 46312
October 9, 1984. MJ in the blk/red Air Ship at Washington High, East Chicago. The 3rd preseason game
East Chicago, IN is hiring COOK III - Noodle Bar in East Chicago, IN
Attucks doing all they can to stay in it but East Chicago keeps slamming the door. 62-52 Cardinals 4:23 left in the 4th
Attucks getting run over by East Chicago at the moment. Cardinals on an 9-1 run beating Attucks up and down the floor
**GREAT NEW PRICE!!** 2 story home in East Chicago! 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Main level features open floorplan, powder room and large eat in kitchen. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and a good sized bath. Full basement and covered front porch, too! Convenient location just off Chicago Avenue with easy…
I thought some of you would like to know a few facts about the irok Foundation. 1) Our irok families must have a cancer or blood disease patient at Riley, Riley North or Peyton Manning clinics. 2) We only help each family of each child one time. 3) All our families come to us by request of a nurse or social worker at one of the clinics. This is important to us as we use them to verify diagnosis and need. 4) We try to fill each request within 24 hours. We are able to do this because of the verification of the hospital staff and the constant on-call availability of our nine board members. 5) The average cost of an irok family is $1000, although there is no set limit. We have helped one family for no cost to us because of generous donations in our community, and we have spent up to $2800 for a bathroom remodel to help a young boy paralyzed by his chemo. 6) We have helped children from East Chicago to Evansville. We have helped families from Galveston and Bunker Hill, but never one from Kokomo. Most of our fu ...
NOW innovative Greenhouse Fellowship program in East Chicago targets talented students to help city.
Job opportunity: Project Manager II. Are you a fit? in East Chicago, IN
I'm East Chicago, but I'm Harrisonburg enough to know that ppl will b happy when we stop clogging up their news feeds w/this game! Y'all gone have to wait, tho!
LIKE if you LOVE FREE PIZZA! This week's winner is Melissa Briones of East Chicago.
Hyron Edwards of East Chicago will sign with Coach Martin and the California Golden Bears during July signing period!!.
Thanks to Mayor Copeland and East Chicago Common Council all the summer applicants who submitted their application and met the criteria will be hired. Therefore, the lottery process has been removed. Mayor Copeland, Common Council and the Department of Redevelopment are proud to support the 2014 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). The program will bring employment opportunities for young adults ages 18 – 22 who reside in East Chicago, Indiana. The City of East Chicago Department of Human Resources (DHR) would like to thank everyone who applied for the 2014 SYEP. Please refrain from calling the DHR. DHR will be sending you further information regarding your position and orientation via-email on Monday, June 2, 2014 before 4:00 p.m. Make sure all applicants check your email.
Demolition begins today on buildings in the historic English-style village Clayton Mark built in East Chicago.
ICYMI, read our City Spotlight on East Chicago, Indiana, where we featured Central High School (East Chicago, Indiana), talked to Steve Segura of Ectv Indiana, and took a look at the "Marktown" neighborhood, East Chicago Public Library, East Chicago Police Department, Big Franks Sausage and plenty more!
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Good morning, Chicago!! Heavy rain at times this morning, but we’ll end Friday on a glorious note! Sunny and breezy this afternoon with a high in the low to mid 70s. C’mon, Hawks! The Blackhawks are in St. Paul to take on the Minnesota Wild in game 4 of their second round playoff series. Hawks lead 2-1. White Sox host the D-Backs tonight; Cubs are in Atlanta. The Bears pick Virginia Tech cornerback Kyle Fuller in the first round of the NFL draft. Bears will have picks 51 and 82 tonight. Demolition is scheduled to begin Monday on 10 homes in the historic Marktown neighborhood in East Chicago, Indiana. The BP Oil refinery wants to use the area for parking. Marktown was built as a planned worker community – much like Pullman on Chicago’s South side. WBEZ’s Michael Puente reports. Hear the story at 7:35 a.m. CST. Later, on The Morning Shift, film directors Haskell Wexler and Andy Davis part of a 3 day event celebrating the life of Studs Terkel. The two worked together (and with Studs) on the iconic ...
East Chicago man charged in weekend shooting death
P R E S S R E L E A S E May 5, 2014 Immediate Release Mark J. Becker, Chief of Police, today made the following announcement. Christopher G. Gordon, a 21 year old resident of East Chicago resident, has been arrested and charged with the murder of Stephen Davis, which took place on May 3, 2014 in the 3900 block of Elm Street, East Chicago, Indiana. Davis had been shot several times outside his residence, according to a probable cause affidavit filed on today’s date by East Chicago Police Detective Maurice Phillips, the lead investigator assigned to this matter. On the day of the shooting, East Chicago Police Officers responded to the event and as they did, a black male, later identified as Gordon, was observed running from the area. An off duty officer, assigned to the Region STOP Team, was in the area as well and was able to catch and detain Gordon pending further investigation. Becker credited the outstanding work of both the patrol officers and the detectives who worked as a team and were able to res ...
This is from our visit with Deacon Lou Ness yesterday. The walk is called, "Hear our cry". Her story of her call to this ministry of walking to DC is amazing. I am so very happy that she chose Holy Nativity to seek shelter as her story is so inspiring - especially as we enter Holy Week and Maundy Thursday, the night that Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. The website where she is blogging is I am continually blessed by the vocational deacons in my life! Today, she is walking to to Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in East Chicago, Indiana.
Good afternoon teens and 100+Voice Children's choir parents: On Sunday, April 13th, at 4:00 p.m., we are invited to sing at First Baptist Church in East Chicago, for the Twin City Ministerial Alliance City Wide revival. Please listen to the following songs: teens-Don't Cry by Kirk Franklin, and Happy remix by Tasha Cobb and Pharrell Williams, kids songs-Break Every chain by Tasha Cobb and This Little Light of Mine by New Direction. Blessings
Thank God for My two sisters Tikeya Wright and Michelle Miller for joining me for dinner at Andrians in East Chicago. I love yall so much. Plus that large margarita on the rocks helped. Okay Stacy Alston it's your turn.
Sink hole opening up on Chicago Ave in East Chicago incase anyone was wondering why its blocked off ..just heard on radio.
*** NWI Crime Watch Like & Share*** ***Fatal Fire in East Chicago*** A fire on 3905 Deal Street claimed the life of one man Friday afternoon. Howard Readus Jr. 59, suffered multiple burn wounds and died as a result of the fire. According to East Chicago Assistant Fire Chief Roberto Martinez the fire started in the bottom level apartment. The cause of the fire is still under investigation but appears accidental. As many as six people including adults and children, were on the second floor of the house at the time of the fire. They were all transported to St. Catherine's Hospital with know reported serious injuries. Latina Culver-Readus, Howard's wife, said he was a caring father and a faithful man. Culver had five children, four sons and one daughter. Pictures by John J. Watkins, The Times
So, there's no Oil Rig jobs for kids out of high school. So I plan to get a factory job or move to East Chicago for a Steel mill job
NORTHWESTERN INDIANA REGIONAL PLANNING COMMISSION ELECTS 2014 OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD On January 30, 2014, the members of the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) elected Brian Snedecor, Mayor of Hobart, to serve as its chairman for 2014. Also elected were Blair Milo, Mayor, City of LaPorte as Vice-Chair; Jim Ton, Chesterton Town Council as Treasurer; and Roosevelt Allen, Jr., Lake County Commissioner, as Secretary. Executive Board members chosen were Anthony Copeland, Mayor of East Chicago and Tom Schmitt, Schererville Town Council, representing Lake County; Dave Decker, La Porte County Commissioner, and Richard Murphy, Michigan City City Councilman, representing La Porte County; and Nancy Adams, Porter County Commissioner, and Don Ensign, Hebron Town Council, representing Porter County. State Representative Ed Soliday is the appointment to the Commission from the Governor. Incoming Brian Snedecor thanked Dave Uran for a great job of leading the Commission during the past year. ...
The winter snowfall here's been one for the books to date-with the 24" of lake snow Tuesday which buried Griffith, IN, the 20" East Chicago, the 16" in Hammond and the 7.2" at Midway and 5.9" at O'Hare only the latest in seemingly interminable series of accumulating snow events to sweep the area. We're on track to rack up QUITE a final seasonal tally as this pattern continues out into the forseeable future. The 2013-14 season's 44.8" of snow makes this the snowiest to date in Chicago since the 1977-78 season and ranks 3rd snowiest of any season here over 129 years of official records. THANKS to SO MANY of your for the incredible array of lake-snow photos you've sent along in the past 48 hours! Please check them out by scrolling down and clicking on the offerings so many of you have been so good to share with us at the top of this page. The ice photos which have come in have been something to see as well--and the offerings I'm posting here are but only a handful of the latest. From left to right: An a ...
THIS WEEKS BOOK -Maria's Journey by Ramon Arredondo & Trisha (Hull) Arredondo Born into the Mexican Revolution, Maria Perez entered an arranged marriage at age fourteen to Miguel Arredondo. The couple and their tiny daughter immigrated to the Untied States in the 1920's, living in a boxcar while Miguel worked for a Texas railroad and eventually settling in East Chicago, Indiana, where Miguel worked for Inland Steel. Their story includes much of early-twentieth-century America: the rise of unions, the plunge into the Great Depression, the patriotism of World War II, and the starkness of McCarthyism. It is flavored by delivery men hawking fruit and ice, street sports, and Saturday matinees that began with newsreels. Immigration status colors every scene, adding to their story deportation and citizenship, generational problems unique to new immigrants, and a miraculous message of hope. QUOTED DIRECTLY FROM THE BACK OF BOOK
TRAFFIC ALERT- Cline Ave (SR 912) is closed in East Chicago btwn 80/94 & Columbus due to outbreak of potholes caused by recent winter storm.
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer closes today at Broadway Playhouse. Parking available at 220 East Chicago!
East Chicago's Hyron Edwards vs. North Central's Eron Gordon is an intriguing aspect of the game; both have multiple high-Division I offers
Aaaand... the 2013 Toy Drive is officially over. All the toys have been distributed. Here's what was accomplished with all of your time, donations, and help: We donated to 5 shelters in Lake County, IN: Sojourner Truth House Haven House Crisis Center The Ark The Rainbow We did a huge distribution at St. Mary's Church in East Chicago, IN where 100's of toys were distributed to families in need. We also helped a family that contacted us have a Christmas full of gifts. Thank you so much to all the amazing people, organizations, and businesses that helped us! Kempo Jujutsu Martial Arts Academy, Edward Jones, Krooswyk Trucking, Family Eye Care, McInnis Auto, Dairy Queen, Grindhouse Cafe, Cavalier Inn, Healthy Horizons, Hobart Karate, Beggars Pizza Lansing, Central District Organizing Project, Century 21 McCarthy Realty, The Steeple Gallery, Ltd., Pine Tree Martial Arts Center, Robert Plantz and Assoc., Spill The Beans, Jelly Pancake House, Alice's Garden Toy Boutique
To really old people today, pain and weakness is synonymous ( the same). Not true! This old women always asks me about my pain level when the weather changes. To be clear the pain that i feel comes from pushing my limits and does not depend upon the weather. It is a good pain. Yet i get it bc my thumb was broken when i was an infant and i feel that pain every season as well as noticing a lack of dexterity. Tonight i remembered as i walked... Ditching school in 6th grade and making the first of many walks to East Chicago. My spindly legs carried me the 12 miles to Chocago Ave. from Wilbur Wright Middle School. Me and Jim Darnell walked together, fr 7:30 until 12:30, and Joe Pondusa dropped us off at 165th St. To walk back. It was the first of many for me... Walk or run- keep moving and go further tomorrow in less time than you did today no matter your age.
GOD GOES VISITING President Lyndon Johnson had just finished speaking in East Chicago, Indiana, and was walking to his car when a lady called from her porch inviting him in for a cup of coffee. Much to her surprise, he accepted and spent several minutes with her in her home. She was overwhelmed that the president would visit her, and she vowed never to wash the cup from which he sipped her coffee. Today, we read about God surprising a man with an unexpected visit. Overwhelmed must have been the feeling of Abraham when God paid a personal call in his home. Abraham was so thrilled and excited that he exhausted every effort to treat his heavenly visitors royally. He did everything he could to make the heavenly visitors feel welcomed to his humble tent. It was a meeting that would forever change Abraham's life. Today, because God gave His Son, we have the glorious privilege of entertaining Him always in our hearts. We can have daily communion and fellowship with Him and can feel his presence at all times. And ...
Ex-Ind. library head sentenced: A federal judge has sentenced the former director of East Chicago's Public...
Whiting, East Chicago, Purdue University, and Northwest Indiana refer to BP's Tar Sands as economic development.
East Chicago, IN – Congressman Visclosky announced that the East Chicago Fire Department (ECFD) received a grant under the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program. Since 2001, the AFG program has provided approximately $5.25 billion in grants to first-responder organizations throughout the country. The grants assist police, fire, and emergency medical services seeking to obtain much-needed emergency response equipment, training, and firefighting or emergency vehicles. In Fiscal Year 2012 alone, the AFG program will award approximately $337.5 million directly to fire departments and non-affiliated EMS organizations to enhance their response capabilities and more effectively protect the health and safety of the public. The grant awarded to ECFD will be used to replace a number of the Department’s radios. East Chicago Fire Chief Emiliano Perez noted that the funds came at a critical time for ECFD. “This award was a godsend,” Chief Perez said. “Like so many ...
This Just in! The City of East Chicago and The Department of Redevelopment invite you the the Grand Re-Opening of the Bessie Owens Center located at 4001 Alexander Ave. East Chicago, Indiana 46312. Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 12 Noon - 1pm
First Baptist Church says farewell to Deacon John Dunlap Jr. We celebrate his life, legacy and contribution to the East Chicago community. A long time member & Deacon of First Baptist Church. FBC will never forget his witnessing efforts, commitment, and dedication for his Lord and Savior. Funeral Services will be held Monday, July 8, 2013, 11:00AM at First Baptist Church 4911 McCook Ave., East Chicago, IN with Rev. Douglas Sloss officiating. Visitation will be held Monday, July 8, 2013 at FBC from 9-11AM prior to the funeral service.
Totally found myself amused by this: THE REGION: Also known as “Da Region,” It is the section of the Chicago Metropolitan Area that overflows past the Indiana boarder. From a cultural stand point, the region is where the “ethnic” slums of South Side Chicago meets “white corn-fed hillbilly” Indiana, creating very diverse and unique place that is by far better than any other location in Indiana. According to The Chicago Tribune, Lake County is a included in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, but the TRUE region is located only in the Northwest area of Lake County IN; consisting of Whiting, East Chicago, Hammond, Munster, Highland, Griffith, Gary, and the North sides of Dyer, Shererville, and Marrillville. The South sides of Dyer, Shererville, and Marrillville along with St. John, Crown Point, Hobart, and Lake Station (aka Snake Nation) are only considered Semi-Region (People from there can still consider themselves “regionites,” but must bow down to anyone from the TRUE region). People from Port ...
John Herbert Dillinger (June 22, 1903 – July 22, 1934) was an American bank robber in the Depression-era United States. His gang robbed two dozen banks and four police stations. Dillinger escaped from jail twice. Dillinger was also charged with, but never convicted of, the murder of an East Chicago, Indiana, police officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet proof vest during a shoot-out, prompting him to return fire. It was Dillinger's only homicide charge. In 1933–34, seen in retrospect as the heyday of the Depression-era outlaw, Dillinger was the most notorious of all, standing out even among more violent criminals such as Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Bonnie and Clyde. (Decades later, the first major book about '30s gangsters was titled The Dillinger Days.) Media reports in his time were spiced with exaggerated accounts of Dillinger's bravado and daring and his colorful personality. The government demanded federal action, and J. Edgar Hoover developed a more sophisticated Federal Bureau of ...
Please be sure to visit the East Chicago Public Library's current exhibit titled "We Love Lupe," which features various works of art in painting, posters, sculpture, photography and much more. The items are on loan from local churches and from the private collections of Mr. Armando Gomez and Mr. and Mrs. Artie Ortiz. Local florist Lalys located on Main Street in East Chicago has kindly agreed to donate arrangements of roses for the display. The intention of this display dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe is to show how the image of the Virgin is used by those that believe in her and us her image in a number of ways in their everyday life. Many of the photographs in the display were taken over a five to six year period and are the culmination of a project to expose the Virgin to those that may not have been familiar or know of her existence. The display is also a way to examine the social implications and the admiration that is exhibited by those that love and admire her. The exhibit will be on display ...
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