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Eartha Kitt

Eartha Mae Kitt (January 17, 1927 – December 25, 2008) was an American singer, actress, and cabaret star.

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Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Betty White and Michelle Obama all born January 17th?!
58 years ago tonight.Eartha Kitt, Erroll Garner and Hildegarde on 'The Voice of Firestone' with your host John Charles Daly live on ABC.
Eartha Kitt's spirit is vibrating in the same frequency as my own
"My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinions." Eartha Kitt
How wonderful would have it been to have Eartha Kitt play a villain in Star Wars. Sith Inquisitor or Night Sister.…
I can't stop watching Eartha Kitt's video. She's so real! "Compromise?! Why should I compromise?!"
'member when we were sad lamar miller left and all we had at RB were Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake? "LOL stupid" - Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt on love and compromise still resonates with me till this day.
What we REMEMBER. What we TREASURE. What we LOVE. Eartha Kitt January 17, 1927 - December 25, 2008
Eartha Kitt left us on Christmas Day 2008. I always think of her on Christmas.
Rest In Peace to my beautiful fairy godmother Eartha Kitt❤🌹✨
Eartha Kitt and Cicely Tyson say hi (it's a tie for me).
oh yes you are lit. You have all the elements. I lack fire lol. If I didn't Aaliyah and Eartha Kitt would be my chart twins
I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~ Eartha Kitt
Santa Baby!. 1953. Eartha Kitt. Doesn't get any better than this :)
We lost 2 South Carolina legends on Christmas Day, James Brown 06 and Eartha Kitt 08. Brown was born in Barnwell, SC and Ki…
Lana Del Rey blessing us by posting this video on Instagram of her singing Eartha Kitt's 'Santa Baby'. 😍
U'll 💗 it. Eddie Murphy, David Alan Grier, Eartha Kitt, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence are in it to name a few.
thank you .. you too . I love Eartha Kitt !
Hi Jane! Wishing you & your family a great Christmas! I think you're a fan of Eartha Kitt like me - hav…
I knew Eartha Kitt was iconic but she just set the mood for the rest of my life
TIL that the original singer of "Santa Baby", Eartha Kitt, also played Catwoman in the 1960's Batman television series with Adam West and B…
Eartha Kitt & Sammy Davis, Jr. in Anna Lucasta. Both put their own money into it and wrote southern theaters who refus…
.Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar as the quintessential Cat Woman?
Which actress played the Catwoman the best Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, Michelle…
|| That's okay!! Julie was first, Lee Meriwether next, and lastly Eartha Kitt!
Cab Calloway and Eartha Kitt in the drama film 'Saint Louis Blues' 1958.
I devoured this with a ravenous appetite last night. The cameos made by Eartha Kitt + Sandra Bernhard have completely recharged my crystals.
"Michelle Pfeiffer? Ha! The only true Catwoman is Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt."
I'd love to see an Eartha Kitt biopic. Thandie Newton would do the role justice.
Watching this Unsung Hollywood on Eartha Kitt. She had such s hard life.
All purpose parts banner
I need to watch on Eartha Kitt and Sheryl Lee Ralph now... love this show!"
Unsung Hollywood on Eartha Kitt is giving me so much life! I've always loved and admired her natural elegance.
i just watched Unsung Hollywood about Eartha Kitt. I think they should do a biopic on her and you would be perfect for that!!!
Do you know the story of Eartha Kitt? last nights
I was watching Unsung Hollywood last night & is the modern day Eartha Kitt, I see it 😼😻
I got an education last night watching Eartha Kitt's Unsung Hollywood.
Watching this Unsung Hollywood on Eartha Kitt. Her beauty, intelligence and courage is legendary!
Watching "Unsung: Hollywood-Eartha Kitt" and this woman was phenomenal ❤️ Always admired her but this took it to another level
the replay of Eartha Kitt's Unsung Hollywood. Such an amazing woman, actress, AND role model.
you should play Eartha Kitt in a movie, just watched Unsung Hollywood about her, your voice registers are similar.
Bronski Beat & Eartha Kitt : Cha Cha Heels. I forgot the genius of this .. I need a remake 💃
GetTV is the best. Saw a ep. of Merv with Eartha Kitt, Phil Spector, and Richard Pryer. It was everything.
Can I just be half as great as the great artists : Lena Horne, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Hazel Scott, Eartha Kitt, Josephine Baker
Didn't Eartha Kitt have a threesome with Paul Newman & James Dean?
Eartha Kitt had a threesome with James Dean and Paul Newman and she is my hero lmao
You wanna cast Zoe Saldana as someone then cast her *** as Eartha Kitt! Let's get into THAT
Just know if it happens, Patrick Warburton (Kronk) will probably be the only returning VA. Eartha Kitt passed away, and
I want Harry Belafonte biopic to include the moment he told Eartha Kitt he only liked white women b/c BW…
Santa Baby... - Ohhh I just love Eartha Kitt...Gr (thats her growl)!
just like Eartha Kitt and Paul Newman and James Dean. YUP! DASSIT!!
You'll also hear an amazing cover of "The Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Eartha Kitt, TV's Catwoman! It boggles the mind...
I got it. I finally got it. Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Eartha Kitt, Mahalia Jackson. I's a...
Eartha Kitt & Celia Cruz are my spirit grandmothers fr fr.🌹🌹
Audrey Hepburn? Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt? Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor...that's all we got:)
I just wanna change Siri to Eartha Kitt's Catwoman voice... Is that too much to ask?
hopefully the next in depth series of documentaries will be on Eartha Kitt.
I spent my first Kwanza with my great aunt the first Cat Woman Eartha Kitt
1949, Eartha Kitt ( 1960s Cat Woman ) photographed in front of Istanbul University…
I love how Google autocomplete just automatically fills in "Newman James Dean" after "Eartha Kitt Paul." Humanity did something right!
Like, Eartha Kitt and James Dean decided he was *just fine* for a ménage à trois. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE REBUTTAL TO THIS.
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Swae Lee really does look like Eartha Kitt.
the 80's hour. Now playing: Eartha Kitt: Where Is My Man on
Let's take care of the necessities first: give people jobs, and find a way ...
"Why should I waste my energy on hating when I can just spend it on loving." -Eartha Kitt. I'm glad to be telling her story for Unsung!
New blog post: Eartha Kitt takes over the role of Catwoman in a 1967 episode of Batman.
Revealed at last! The origin story of Eartha Kitt Catwoman!
Take deep breaths and think about either Lee Meriwether or Eartha Kitt.
You kind of favor Eartha Kitt, and you have a beautiful voice
I just used Shazam to discover Let's Misbehave by Eartha Kitt.
"The price we pay for being ourselves is worth it." - Eartha Kitt
I find this Eartha Kitt song... subtly off.:
Rae Sremmurd's 'By Chance' is on BET Jams and all I can think of is how Dustin said this light skinned one looks like Eartha Kitt.
I'm really into Eartha Kitt. Watching her old interviews..
"I fall in love with myself and I want someone to share it with me. I want someone to share me with me.". -Eartha Kitt ❤️
That Eartha Kitt interview was so funny. She really had that Izma laugh breh.
Everyone is terrible but me. And Eartha Kitt.
Josephine baker and Eartha kitt will always continue to inspire me
Eartha Kitt better speak them gems .
Don't disrespect Yzma and the great Eartha Kitt like this
I added a video to a playlist Spikey Wikey - Pony parody of Eartha Kitt
A cigarette & Eartha Kitt as a 30 minute escape from work
. maybe Janet Jackson and Madonna . Or Grace Jones and Eartha Kitt. I mean, really
Just give me gifs of every facial expression Eartha Kitt, James Baldwin and Little Richard ever did and I'll never text words again.
Singer, actress Eartha Kitt photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1952. More on Kitt:
Women you'll see a lot of in The Feminine Grotesque column: Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Eartha Kitt, Elizabeth Taylor.
Called "the most exciting woman in the world" by Orson Wells, actress & chanteuse Eartha Kitt is…
Bey is this generation's Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, Aretha, Jane Kennedy and Janet all in ONE
Ok, I’m watching THE Merv Griffin Show from 1965 with Richard Pryor, Eartha Kitt, Phil Spector, and Lainie Kazan. You?
Did you catch Merv Griffin last night: Phil Spector, Richard Pryor, Wally Cox and Eartha Kitt? 1965 at its weirdest.
Now.. watching old rerun of The Merv Griffin Show. Classic guest: Eartha Kitt. your mom still shines.
Eartha Kitt & Phil Spector are on this ep of The Merv Griffin Show.
Watching Richard Pryor and Eartha Kitt on the Merv Griffin Show. I'm an old man in a time machine.
Eartha Kitt would be celebrating her birthday today. 'Good old Eartha.'. Jim Royle
Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Eartha Kitt... running out of musical hero's :(
because I like you, please have some Eartha Kitt "C'est Si Bon" via youtube
Just laughed for about an hour at Jim in saying...'I'm going for an Eartha Kitt!' 😂🙈💩
Eartha Kitt but really they were all good
Listen to The Best of Eartha Kitt by Mohamed Ashry 8 on
“Just because you are different does not mean that you have to be rejected.”. Eartha Kitt
christmas Eartha Kitt This Year's Santa Baby Download the smart phone app now.
Eartha Kitt and James Dean in NYC, photographed by Dennis Stock in 1955.
from my birth year Eartha Kitt was the best Catwoman!
Eartha Kitt is on this episode of Living Single. Awww
Eartha Kitt on love and compromise. She's obviously high on something...ridiculous! Get your Cat Woman 'kitt' on!
The episode of Living Single with Eartha Kitt is on. Legend.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Pictures of Eartha Kitt and her daughter make me so happy
Eartha Kitt’s daughter, Kitt Shapiro, on growing up multiracial with an internationally famous multiracial mother a…
Eartha Kitt performing at the Churchill Club on Bond Street in 1951. Photo by (Edward) Russell Westwood
Eartha Kitt as Catwoman on the set of the Batman TV show, 1967
Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe chatting at the Waldorf Astoria, c. 1957.
📷 midniwithmaddy: Yaya Dacosta poses as Eartha Kitt, Pam Grier, Nina Simone and Naomi Campbell for her...
Come back Audre Lorde, come back Thomas Sankara, come back Eartha Kitt, come back Marcus Garvey, come back Harriet Tubman...
Tomorrow afternoon's Batman 1966 segment's special guest villains the late Cesar Romero as The Joker and the late Eartha Kitt
Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt. Give Love on Christmas Day - J5. White Christmas - idk but they was black
César Romero and Eartha Kitt on the set of Batman 1966
📷 salonicle: James Dean and Eartha Kitt learning ballet in 1955, photographed by Dennis Stock.
"When I walk into a church, I only see paintings of white angels. Why?" -Eartha Kitt
Its just dumb that these people think its okay to compare Nicki Minaj to women like Eartha Kitt or Josephine Baker to shame her.
I just saw a picture of older Eartha Kitt and wasn't sure if it Tisha Campbell. 😕
I never saw it because David Spade irks me but it's also Eartha Kitt so I am very torn 😔😔
I don't actually have any records. Would love to have Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt and Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters
came across this story of Eartha Kitt & her anti-Vietnam war statements today -->
Well, she's the second Wuya, on Xiaolin Showdown, Wuya was voiced by Susan Silo, who sounds like Eartha Kitt
This rumour that Eartha Kitt had a threesome with James Dean and Paul Newman is the BEST RUMOUR EVER (ht
on a scale of Lolo Jones to Eartha Kitt, I'd say you're a strong Carmen Elektra
me: *coughs*. 5 of my moms friends, Michelle Obama, Eartha Kitt, and Clair Huxtable: that's an asthma cough! Do you have your inhaler?
WBOK 1230AM about to go on air... For my Eartha Kitt one woman show run at Dillard University in New Orleans! Tune in
Julie Newmar & Eartha Kitt would love the 49ers cheerleader outfits
I mean have you seen Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt or Yvonne Craig? my God man, my god!
They said Tisha Campbell look like Eartha Kitt ihrugksv
would an Eartha Kitt comparison help reel in young fans? Adele and Amy are big off of Black music, but they're still big.
I wish Eartha Kitt could have been alive to see a biopic of Eartha Kitt, probably starring Naomie Harris.
Photoset: missmonroes: Eartha Kitt with Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in 1957.
Actress/singer Eartha Kitt (Catwoman) credited Albert Einstein with saving her life when she was deeply depressed.
I live for the group of black actor and actresses who lived and studied in Harlem Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Eartha Kitt, Harry Belafonte.
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Eartha Kitt disrupted a White House dinner, got heavily surveilled and had no regrets. ✊🏾.
I would love to see an Eartha Kitt biopic, Tupac, Nina Simone and lowkey Kimberly Jones
Eartha Kitt's successors are not afraid. Nor Frank Gorshin's, Cesar Romero's.or Burgess Meredith's.
Some of my all-time fave singers: Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Fats Waller & Eartha Kitt (whom I wanted to marry aged 9!) This is racism?
listening to: i want to be evil by eartha kitt — listening to Eartha Kitt
So proud of this album!!! Eartha Kitt to Little Mix. How does that work???!!!
Not into Eartha Kitt's music but read how I fell for her . Latest historic (& one off chanteuse) post at
I thank God every day for granting us Eartha Kitt for as long as He did.
this lipstick was Eartha Kitt's favorite, So my is…
No Eartha Kitt. You can not use my toilet.
The most attractive thing about Eartha Kitt was her confidence 💜
No Dorothy Dandridge, Eartha Kitt, Dihann Carroll, Pearl Bailey, Lena Horne. Or are you going to blame stock photo memes?
--->> THE BEST OF 80's MUSIC. Eartha Kitt. Where is my man.
Eartha Kitt's C'est Si Bon is much sexier than Louie's. Its not even close.
Do you remember Whatever Lola Wants - Eartha Kitt? WSKIDRadio does...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Eartha Kitt on love and compromise via . words to live by
omg yes. Like Classic Catwoman with the strawberry blond hair. Eartha Kitt so classic.
Catwoman turned into Eartha Kitt the second I turned away from her at dinner
Just played: My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Rene Marie - I Wanna Be Evil (with love to Eartha Kitt)(Motema)
This week, celebrates songstresses like Eartha Kitt and on 9 pm on 90.1!
Photoset: ivy-and-twine: If you’re not obsessed with Eartha Kitt you’re doing it wrong.  Orson Welles...
Photo: wehadfacesthen: Eartha Kitt in a 1954 photo by Philippe Halsmann
VIDEO:Eartha Kitt on Love and Compromise-From “All by Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story” >>
I'm listening to C'est Si Bon by Eartha Kitt on
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People always tell me I resemble Eartha Kitt.
He has an unhealthy obsession with Eartha Kitt's take on Catwoman
Innocence is one of the most exciting things in the world.". Eartha Kitt
friend on Fb: Waiting 4 quiz that decides if u are Eartha Kitt, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Josephine Baker
Redux!. Eartha Kitt and Josphine Baker. 1950s. [via the soapboxist tumblr]
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don't get me wrong, I like the songs in Mulan... but Eartha Kitt and Patrick Warburton? WAY better than Miguel Ferrer
Hey when you're going about your day today please remember that one time Eartha Kitt, James Dean, and Paul Newman had a threesome.
just found out Eartha Kitt, Paul Newman, and James Dean had a threesome. my life will never be the same
Look at that supporting cast: Tony Randall, Eartha Kitt, Christopher McDonald. Clarence Clemons! The public is a fickle beast, man.
Vintage photo of Jayne Kennedy, Freda Payne and Eartha Kitt (Cover of Jet Magazine) in the 1970s. #
Just remembered that James Dean, Eartha Kitt, and Paul Newman had a threesome.
thanks for the mention, undercover catwoman. (I need to add you to the Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Julie Newmar secret list.)
"A man? A man has always wanted to lay me down but he never wanted to pick me up." - Eartha Kitt
Wow - what a classic! We sure miss our Eartha Kitt. Join us for the legendary Sergio Mendes and his band this...
Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Adrienne Barbeau and others...then Halle Berry at the bottom of the list.
!!! Would love your thoughts. Have to admit Eartha Kitt was my fav subject but so, so much love for Robeson.
"you look just like Eartha Kitt". "Eartha ain't bald". "you don't know Eartha like I know Eartha". djdjsmskrjdn
When are we going to see a biopic on Eartha Kitt? would slay that role.
Lobby photo of the incomparable Eartha Kitt who performed here at my Chicago hotel back in the day.
"Fall in love for the right reasons..." Eartha Kitt
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oh Alan we have laughed in Malvern tonight-thanks for brilliant show -hope you don't encounter Eartha Kitt in your boarding house😜
French music - Eartha Kitt - Under the Bridges of Paris. My dad had that record.
“Orson spent most of his money on women. That's why he didn't have the money to make films” (Eartha Kitt)
Oh. Eartha Kitt is an Aquarius. My life makes sense now.
Eartha Kitt was so incredibly talented.
Flashback Friday, Lash Lovers!. This week, it just has to Eartha Kitt & her iconic pur. To achieve her...
What's our current total on how many movies Eartha Kitt has played the creepy/ crazy old lady?
On 94.3 radio you are listening to Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man
Random fact , Eartha Kitt is one of my favorite people in the world !
Listenin to the old classic Christmas songs starting with Eartha Kitt Santa Baby luv this 🎄🎄🎄 ♫ Eartha Kitt
Black History present Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt of Boomerang wit Eddie Murphy' . Now that's history!!!
Anyone can be a punk. Eartha Kitt, Tony Bennett, any Motown artist you can think of, Rick James- they're all punk as ***
James Dean in a bar with singer Eartha Kitt. NYC, 1955 © Dennis Stock
James Dean and Eartha Kitt, photographed by Dennis Stock in NYC, 1955.
“Photo: Cab Calloway, Eartha Kitt, and Cary Grant on the Paramount Studio lot, 1958.
UNBELIEVABLE,. I was at Dr Kings Funeral. I'm on white pole (rear). Eartha Kitt, S Davis Jr. S Portier Nancy Wilson h…
Very happy birthday weekend to our girls Betty White and Eartha Kitt. And to celebrate we are offering…
"In early Hollywood, black stars like Eartha Kitt & Sammy Davis, Jr., had to put their own funds into their films." .
If You Were Born Today, January 17: You have a lucky streak, or at least a strong sense that you have a guardian angel in life. You have a penchant for investigation and research and love a good mystery. You thoroughly enjoy giving gifts and/or introducing people to new ideas or things. You can be stubborn and determined, and your managerial sense is strong. Ambitious and goal-oriented, you are headed for success. Famous people born today: Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Benjamin Franklin, Kid Rock, Andy Kaufman, James Earl Jones, Michelle Obama, Betty White, Al Capone. Source:-Cafeastrology
Orson Welles and Eartha Kitt in Paris, 1950. reminds me of fabulous
Happy New Year Ebony mark your calendar Eartha Kitt's b-day is Jan 17th her bill is SC H.4403.
Happy New Year to all! It may be a bit early but Eartha Kitt's birthday is January 17th pls mark it on your calendar.
Straz Center for the Performing Arts presents Rene Marie: I Wanna Be Evil (with Love to Eartha Kitt).
The three Catwomen of the 1960s TV show-Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, and Lee Meriwether.
--I just scrolled through one of those ridiculous "pop-up" lists on FB... this one was the "46 Celebs You Didn't Know We're Black." It left me with these three thoughts: 1) there were easily 30 people included on the list that would also qualify for the list of "Celebs You Had NO IDEA Were Actual Celebs" list, 2) surely the composers of the list didn't think anyone born after the year 1960 would confuse Eartha Kitt, Jasmine Guy, or Lisa Bonnet as white, and 3) now I want to see the "Celebs You Didn't Know Were White" list!... Yeah right!
Photo: vintagegal: Eartha Kitt and Cesar Romero on the set of Batman, 1967
Played Run DMC, Jackson 5, Andy Williams, Eartha Kitt and Donny Hathaway this morning on the show. Christmas bumpers were on POINT.
classic performances from Johnny Mathis, Eartha Kitt, the Everly Brothers and more tonight at
Video: can’t wait until the first Advent Sunday … Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
I think Taylor Swift is a good looking woman, but she sings "Santa Baby" with ZERO sex appeal. None what so ever. I'll take Eartha Kitt's version any day.
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A technical gitch replaces new Star Wars film teaser clip with video for Eartha Kitt's "Cha Cha Heels" on YouTube:
Never knew Eartha Kitt passed away back in 2008… Saw her live in New York in 2007 (she was 80 at the time) and she was plain incredible
The kids and I are cutting a rug to this right now. Morning all "Where Is My Man" by Eartha Kitt on
Yzma will always be my favorite disney villain. Because Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt legit slays as Catwoman but she wasn't even the best one. She was hardcore sex kitten but Julie Newmar always gives me life.
you should do the biopic of Eartha Kitt you have the look & dimples and definitely the talent.
Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt is my all time favorite Christmas song
I'm listening to Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt (Holiday) on
(BTW, the previously mentioned movie is "The Emperor's New Groove". Lighthearted, fun fare...and Eartha Kitt!)
why ANYONE ELSE besides Eartha Kitt is allowed to sing Santa Baby is beyond me
reached the point in the holiday season where I'm listening to eartha kitt's version of Santa Baby on repeat 🎅👄
How have I never seen boomerang before? Eartha Kitt is immense in it!
yeah not a great film but... Geoffrey Holder, Grace Jones, Eartha Kitt, Chris Rock etc great cast
I was more a Eartha Kitt type of guy myself.
As a female you need to channel your inner Eartha Kitt sometimes darling
Evening All. I've combined my favourite Christmas song, Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, with my favourite drink, to...
I guess I'm an iconoclast. I prefer Marilyn Monroe's "Santa Baby" to Eartha Kitt's. They're both great, of course. (Tree trimming music.)
MoRuf's video for togetherness/compromise ♬is so beautiful ♡. And Sza with her afro puff is the video girl and it samples Eartha Kitt ♡
but the eartha kitt version of Santa Baby is amazing too
When actress Eartha Kitt, who later played Catwoman, had a tea date with Einstein & discussed Earth's origin:
DJ Shane Stiel has favorited a track on Soundcloud! Check it out! Eartha Kitt - Where Is My Man (Offer Nissim Remix)
omfg this is… Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby… struggles not to sing along in front of sister…
Fair enough, but the version I'm listening to is being sung by the greatest cat burglar of the 1960's, Ms. Eartha Kitt :-)
Discovering the joy of Eartha Kitt's disco period. Rr!
"Santa Baby, I want a yacht and really...that's not a lot." Eartha Kitt was not playing.
Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt started playing and i almost choked on my mulled wine, i love this song so, so much. ; ;
I could spend the rest of my life only listening to Etta James, Frank Sinatra, and Eartha Kitt.
Ask Jada Pinkett Smith if she's intentionally channeling Eartha Kitt every time Fish speaks. It's the only explanation.
Heads up: I just heard myself in a recording. Ugh!!! I'm changing my voice. I don't like it at all as it is. I picked up this whack accent 20 years ago when I lived in the Valley in California. If you see me and I sound like Eartha Kitt imitating Tina Turner, imitating Miriam Makeba; don't trip. It's just the new me.
Is it just me or is Jada Pinkett Smith channeling Eartha Kitt?
Geoffery Holder, Eartha Kitt and John Witherspoon were so funny in Boomerang and Eddie Murphy was the perfect straight man for them
"Saturday Night Live" host Sarah Silverman impersonated her late, good friend Joan Rivers in a sketch about the comedian roasting other celebrities in heaven. Steve Jobs, Richard Pryor, Lucille Ball, Freddy Mercury, and Benjamin Franklin were her main targets. Eartha Kitt introduced Rivers: "We've just received word that one of the greats has joined us here on the celestial stage. Ladies and gentleman of heaven, please welcome Miss Joan Rivers!" [ 352 more words. ]
Im curious... To the people sharing the Eartha Kitt video about "not compromising", how are your relationships working? My perspective, compromise brings balance, balance is the key to making anything work efficiently & up until this weekend, I realized the things that aren't working in my life dont work mainly because I was unwilling to compromise. So maybe, im incorrectly being uncompromising? Is that even a real sentence?
I actually liked if only for Jada Pinkett Smith's wig-adjusting Eartha Kitt realness.
“"Compromise" prod. - live on dat eartha kitt clip at the end, i see u
I want to grow up to be Eartha Kitt.
Watching episodes of Living Single (I'm cool) and Eartha Kitt just popped up 😼
Watching Eartha Kitt in Friday Foster. .. I want a cape.
That was a horrible Eartha Kitt impression.
The song was made for me | Champagne Taste by Eartha Kitt: via
Worst Eartha Kitt impression ever but great show so far, especially a Whites and Ebola
Sasheer Moore's Eartha Kitt was great. Was it me or did it also remind you of Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element? 2 impressions in 1.
I bet flawless Eartha Kitt impression wasn't as appreciated as it should have been. She's really good.
Sasheer I love you but that Eartha Kitt voice is not...Eartha Kitt’s voice
Eartha Kitt as Catwoman from the tv series in the 60's from tonight at the done on…
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Compromise? What is compromise? A man comes into my life and I must compromise? You must think about that one again. - Eartha Kitt
Sometimes I feel out of place in time and space. This song fits, then. The Divine Eartha Kitt.
next time! you'd like waking up with Eartha Kitt'n meowing! or not ;-)
Listening to Pandora and Eartha Kitt comes on. Suddenly I have visions of her as Catwoman and I feel kinda creepy.
Eartha Kitt is truly my inspiration
Every time a boring person describes Beyonce as flawless, Eartha Kitt spits on us from heaven.
Eartha Kitt is so empowering and crazy i love it!
Love this pic of Eartha Kitt riding a bike in NYC, by Photographer Gordon Parks for LIFE Magazine, 1952
it's an eartha Kitt day! I'll be here till 6. hop on over & you get 10% off everything. mention you saw this &...
Love this woman even more! Eartha Kitt on love and compromise: via
I wish Pinkett would decide on an accent. Sometimes it's New Yorker, sometimes it's British, and sometimes it's Eartha Kitt.
3. This *outstanding* photograph of Ms Eartha Kitt looking like old money and an unknowable fragrance.
Eartha Kitt’s Response to Compromising For a Man is Priceless
it seems like is channeling Eartha Kitt quite deliciously
Rene Marie pays tribute to Eartha Kitt at Creative Alliance
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i know, dude. But this is not new: Eartha Kitt as catwoman? Michael Duncan Clarke as kingpin?
Eartha Kitt - After expressing her negative views on the war in Vietnam at a White House luncheon, s
It's all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you ... - Eartha Kitt
Alli look like Eartha Kitt wit dem eyes lmao
Eartha kitt, and ion know them other ladies
Halle Berry as cat women was just as same as Eartha Kitt a black women flirting with a white man
Alternative universe: He doesn't crash and Eartha Kitt and him are buddies 4 lyfe
Eartha Kitt said this, you should really cite your source lawl
Eartha kitt and friends "RT Black history quiz: who is these ladies?!
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