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Earth Summit

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Rio Summit, Rio Conference, Earth Summit was a major United Nations conference held in Rio De Janeiro from 3 June to 14 June 1992.

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“Love a man even in his sin for that love is a likeness of the divine love and is the summit of love on earth.”. ― Fyodor Do…
Space View will join the 9th Summit of Earth Observation Business from 14 to 15 September in Paris as an exhibitor,…
We live not, in reality, on the summit of a solid earth but at the bottom of an ocean of air. Thales
Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder - for the healing of Earth. Online summit soon! With Riane Eisler,
Meanwhile, on Earth-21, President John F. Kennedy Jr. Jr. meets with Don Draper for a summit on cigarettes, nice suits, and ignoring ***
Still fighting post-eclipse blues. But cool things appear when the Earth blocks the Sun, too. At Daniels Summit, Ut…
Good news from Animals Australia, who sponsored a summit last week to address the Bali dog meat trade. Government... http…
Working together to deliver real climate action. Two weeks to summit: …
Gorgeous day at the most beautiful place on earth, for the bipartisan, bi-state Tahoe Summit.…
Be excited because you get to celebrate the Word and the Eucharist, which are key to the Catholic…
From the Summit: Daniel Sherrard on and the value of education in sustainable agriculture
Climate change was a scare tactic conceived at the 92 Earth Summit in Rio. You can read all about in the Agenda 21 document
Mount Everest Summit Shadow - The Highest Point ASL in the World. [2048x1362]
The summit of Stob Coire Sgriodain with my DJI spark
Regenerative Earth Summit: join visionary food industry leaders to focus on healthy soils and carbon drawdown:…
The Dynamic effects of Time, Health and of Well-being on the Pollution after the earth summit of Johunburg: FAKHRI,…
"London is the greatest higher education city on earth." Great preview podcast via
Check out this book - 'Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of...' by United Nations
I'm checking it out now. I have read how the UN was a filthy bunch, but not how it was tied into agenda 21. Earth Summit in Rio?
Crucial to all sustainability minded, as Rio 1992 Earth Summit held in Brazil started the entire dialogue (along...
Earth Hour 60+ on the shores of the Dead Sea at the 28th Arab Summit
Bless our Sue I've put her through the agony of earth hour since I was about 12 or summit but I'm so excited
Hi! Thank you for your commitment and interest in participating in this year's Earth Hour! Have a good Earth Hour! :) Cheers!
USA Earth Summit. "The Earth needs us to develop heart strengths to solve our deep problems" Vbezone
Summit invites people to go beyond the ordinary for Earth Hour 2017
Drupal people of Earth: Nonprofit Summit details! keynote! Baltimore 4/24 reg limited.
To mark Earth Hour we supported students to attend Earth Hour summit. Watch their video diaries:…
The rungs on a ladder used to take one to a summit are the very same ones that bring one back to earth.
Follow Friday not complete without this week's writer! The Earth-Mars summit was uncomfortably but amazingly real
Lights out Summit County 3/25 'There's never been a more critical moment' via
I enjoyed my recent interview on Sacred Planet's Heartbeat of Mother Earth Global Online Summit. You can listen... htt…
Meet Gerry! A speaker at and President of Good Earth! Check out on your way to the Sum…
These guys: convenient to forget that every single person on earth has needed maternity care. via
I'm going to at Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO - ...
Inscerate DBA is a celebration of a retreating Earth Summit Workable Award winner, with best update on the media.
Please help support Hora del Planeta, add a now!
Registration continues for Summit Sign up to hear panels and see vehicle display.
Severn Suzuki 12 years old when she spoke at the UN Earth Summit 1992, What changed since?
2017 Google Earth Engine User Summit is June 12-14 HQ. Pls share the news w your colleagues + apply today! https…
.is proud to be a partner in the 2017 Global Summit & Awards ceremony!
"There is not a person on this earth who has not experienced hurt." |
Pt. 2: Peru's near-equatorial Huascarán summit is one of the points on the Earth's surface farthest from the Earth's center.
The summit of 22,205 foot/6,768 meter high Huascarán in Peruvian Andes is the place on Earth with the smallest gra…
THE FIRST GLOBAL EARTH OPTIMISM SUMMIT. It's not all doom and gloom!.
New event: Earth Day Festival at The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey-->
Honored that Afroz will share success at Earth Optimism Summit April 21-23 in Washington DC
Currently in USA at Earth Summit thinking how we can develop global sustainability, currently so needed to help…
The world governments need to hold a global summit and identify world best scientists and visionaries to fix Earth ASAP.
“Water is life, and clean water means health”. On this World Water Day, Food Summit urges you all to save water to s…
Join us for a 3-day deep dive into our platform for planetary-scale analysis this June in CA
Google Earth nailed the view from the summit at Mt. Katahdin in Maine.
"If we have the sector will grow enormously.“ - Catherine Constantinides, Co-Founder at
Hehe Summit for who when the belly of the Earth holds better
What's Working in Conservation? Be part of the conservation at the Summit April 21-23…
Carl deputised for Tom on Earth Summit, Jim deputised for Jamie on Bindaree. Hope Noel can do it deputising for…
Join in Washington, USA on April 21-23 by
How on earth could you skip the NATO summit? What is wrong w/ you? You need to represent 🇺🇸 not 🇷🇺
Why on earth has Tusk opted for a Brexit summit of EU27 in middle of French Presidential elections, with a President who isn't even running?
Dreaming to grow your internationally? Join the European Association Summit!
In 2009, Al Gore said the polar ice caps could be completely ice free at Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.
The summit of Mt. McKinley perhaps,the highest point on earth,and closest to eternity.
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Who needs "hope" now? The GW problem was solved at Paris summit. We pay tax, the Earth cooperates by staying cool.
A pic of United Nations Conference on Environment and. Development (UNCED) also known as The Earth Summit held in...
is my second be loved country on earth. . when is the AU Summit date?
"What on earth is Bruce Hepburn talking about? Surely it is about insurance companies advising…" — robin wood
Agenda 21 is an agreement around 180 countries made at the UN Earth summit conference in Rio in 1992. The UN has about 8..
I can't invest any more time and like: am I every other person on this earth?
GEPP (Global Environment & Peace Parliament) ,I started in 2002 after reading Earth it is need 2hav peace4all
. Sibusiso Vilane is the 1st black African to summit earth's highest mountain, Everest.
Sign up is open for the 1st Danish Future Earth Summit "SDG Challenges for the Nordic Countries"
Dr Jane Olwoch Sansa Earth Observation MD -the importance of data for adaptation strategies
to Earth Day & amazing Solutions Summit with amazing people! ://
She was appointed by the White House to the Earth Summit delegation in Rio. Her passion is water. guest.
We are almost there; DESTINY SUMMIT. It starts May 11th. Plan to join us for a heaven on earth experience.
Who am I that the Lord of all the earth would care to know my name? Feeling important at the summit percent 󾌧❤
Why the Content Mastery Summit is the greatest educational value on earth - Content Mastery Summit via
Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio by U... via
Center of the Earth: ... the summit of the billows, the long lines of algae have been taken for living things, and thus have been ...
Our CEO is kicking off the Earth Force Summit in
Leaving the happiest place on Earth with our Summit Champion 🏔🏆💍 and a ton of magical memories 💖✨
Cause: I'm sort of good at cheerleading . Effect: Competing at The Summit and enjoying the happiest place on earth✨💖✨
Summit on environment assessment makeover points to early, repeated ...
Tks HPS Ss for a good day at the Earth Summit.
I liked a video from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor: Lord of the Hunt - THE SUMMIT OF
Don't miss the 5th annual Food Revolution Summit. Join for free from anywhere on earth. The speakers will be...
VIDEO: Maurice Strong $100,000,000 Net Worth : talks about 'eradication of world poverty' .
Samina Baig, she set foot on the highest point on Planet Earth, the summit of Mt. Everest.
Congratulations to one of my favorite people on earth for winning Summit💙💍 I'm so happy I got to watch you slay
Great perspective. But why on Earth did the summit take place if nothing had to be decided?
Jealous of everyone who gets to be at the summit, I'd do anything to be back at the happiest place on earth. Good luck…
Scorched earth politics: TX lawmaker convenes summit on death pulses from outer space reports
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I'm a mentor for the UNITED NATION'S International Youth Earth Summit. Follow our climate change mitigation projects
Also, river to Shepard to Swede Hollow to Flat Earth, and back via Summit could be a new regular ride
Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane speaking on sustainability and eliminating homelessness at SEC's Campus Earth Summit at http…
I wish I was at the summit just so I could be back at the happiest place on earth ://
As he is, so are we here on this earth. Join us this Sunday and the Tuesday after it as we summit ourselves in prayer http…
Morocco chose the path for Sustainable Development as one of the 1st countries to ratify accords of the Earth Summit in Rio
This picture is real. It was taken at the Earth Summit in Rio, a few years ago. The Indigenous Peoples were NOT...
Today on GJ 667 C c: The first World Ocean Day is celebrated, coinciding with the Earth Summit held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (1992/6/8)
Had the pleasure to meet this world leader at the UN Earth Summit in Rio 3 years ago. Mary Robinson is relentless!
I remember offering to pay his fare to the Earth Summit:.
Maurice Strong's opening statement at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro "Current lifestyles and consumption...
Obama flies into Las Vegas on one of the biggest polluting air craft on earth. Delays other jets from landing,...
George stole the God's Tail seed and launched the pod. They all made it to Earth near the summit of Itoi.
Earth just had its hottest month of ANY month ever recorded warming
“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”. Colossians 3:2 ESV
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Drinking an Rare Earth 5.5% in garbuttsbar. A Rye Malt Amber beauty hopped up with Summit…
Physiological & Psychological Aspects of Sending Humans to Mars by Prof. Paris at
Can we survive the trip to Mars and back? Join me in Houston, TX for the SES Summit. Use promo code Paris for 25%...
Abu Dhabi - Carrie Freeman keynoter at offers innovation challenge at Eye on Earth Summit
CL and her father professor Lee Ki Jin has become goodwill ambassadors of 2015 World Science Summit .
CL at the 2015 Science Summit ambassador ceremony. It was held on 21st August in Korea.
CL & her father, Prof. Lee Ki Jin have become the ambassadors for 2015 World Science Summit. http:…
Canadian Space Summit 2015 will focus on : Bringing Space Down to Earth
All these glorious photos from the G7 summit are really capturing the down-to-earth relationships of world leaders.
Very down to earth person. Ca suresh prabhu spoke and addressed CA summit.
Interested in the earth's future & role in it. Abbott's smoke and mirrors before Paris climate
pics with "Mirza Ali Baig" that have Summit-ed All the Seven Highest Mountains of the Planet Earth.
Abbott's smoke and mirrors before Paris climate summit How on earth does this vile mob get away with their lies!
2015 is the time to protect diversity of life on Earth. Info on Summit:
Earth Day: leading scientists say 75% of known fossil fuels must stay in ground: ... of the Paris summit, the ...
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Learn how to host a youth climate summit during an informational webinar TOMORROW at 11:30am ET!
We're celebrating Earth Day tomorrow with Bioneers at this free, all-day online Summit featuring more than 30 of...
Wednesday is Earth Day & is hosting the 5th Annual One Earth One Chance Summit with 150 students from visiting schools.
Tune in tomorrow for the 2015 Earth Day Summit to kick off the Spring of Sustainability!
We're headed to the Dept of in Washington DC to present on How to Plan a Youth Climate Summit on 4/22.
Free online Earth Day Summit: 'Civilization at Stake: Systemic Roots, Systemic Solutions' to awaken humanity for...
Definitely excited for the Earth Day Energy Summit tomorrow with all the folks!
The 3rd Annual Hamilton Environmental Summit is coming to on Earth Day, April 22! Details:
Can you believe that tomorrow is the Earth Day Energy Summit! cc:
Oh...On my Birthday I shall be going to the Houston Sneaker Summit. Because July 26th just happens to be the greatest day on earth.
if I'm freaking out about summit now... how on earth am I gonna go to school next week?¿
Interviewing students from my alma mater Common Ground High School at the Greater New Haven Earth Day Summit!
Hamilton's Environmental Summit on April 22, 2015 (Earth Day) at the Royal Botanical Gardens will feature a panel...
Bridging the information gap faced by policy makers in designing Sustainable Development plans - Eye on Earth Summit
4 of Ms. Chidley's "Planet Pals" group will be learning more about helping the environment at the boardwide Earth Summit tomorrow.
All purpose parts banner
61:2 From the most remote place on earth I call out to you in my despair. Lead me up to an inaccessible rocky summit!
Artist removes 1 inch off the peak of England’s highest mountain - Brits want their inch back.
Visit the Earth Day Summit FB event page to learn more about the exciting kick-off for the Spring of Sustainability!
Family Fun Earth Day Activities: Celebrate this year's Earth Day, April 22, at the Greener Life Market on 227 ...
We hope and believe this summit shall contribute lot to offer sasrai/earth friendly living.
Aquaponics USA/World Newsletter "April is the Month for the FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT and EARTH DAY""
Watch a special version of 'Message from the Mother' on The Earth Day Summit on April 22 with The Shift Network.
I can't wait to meet the Earth Summit.. 👀
2 practices & 11 days until I take the summit floor with my 7 sisters in the happiest place on earth🗻💙
Summit Environmental Commission thanks all Earth Day clean up participants via
UN Agenda 21 and Pres GHW Bush then Pres Clinton Sold America Out to the UN Agenda's Earth Summit in 1992
Register for the oceans summit! April 25th @ Georgetown Find out more on our calendar
Check out Climate Education Week and engage students this Earth Day.
On Wed I will be presenting talks on salamanders as part of the One Earth One Chance Summit. Footage from last year:
Night Market, Pens Watch Parties, EverPower Earth Day, Community Development Summit, and so much more right here:
Earth Summit, ridden by jockey Carl Llewellyn trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies
Earth Summit won the race , trained by Nigel Twiston-Davies ,and the Jockey was Carl Llewellyn.
Earth Summit, ridden by Llewelyn I think and was Nigel Twiston-Davies
Cullis-Suzuki and she delivered this powerful speech at the UN Earth Summit in 1992.
SOLD - banner hanging from the side of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janeiro during the Earth Summit via
ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT by Antonio C. Antonio November 22, 2012 Environmental Management refers to the deliberate human action to influence a certain number of conditions of the environment usually to favor particular human needs. As all resources are finite, they need to be managed, protected and carefully nurtured to ensure that they continue to provide long-term and sustainable support to man. To be more effective, there should be a partnership between government and private sector. This partnership could be compared to a bird in flight… both left and right wings working together for a specific purpose. Anything less will simply not work at all. Environmental management is universal… meaning, a global concern and not only a particular country. All countries in the world must have an environmental management agenda (like the Philippine Agenda 21[PA 21])… On the global level, all countries could adopt the principles and objectives of the Earth Summit; On the country level, like in the Philippi ...
The 12 year old girl that silenced the world for 6 minutes! Below is the full text of Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s speech before the UN Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil in 1992. Too bad the world listened, applauded, and shed an emotional tear, but did not do anything substantial, as the likes of all the leaders of every country decided it would be too restrictive on their accustomed way of life, and would cost their industrial cronies too much and so with our country - Philippines whose leaders are so concentrated not on preserving / protecting the environment... but on selling our territories plus resources, moreso with graft and corruption. * Hello, I'm Severn Suzuki speaking for E.C.O. - The Environmental Children's Organization. We are a group of twelve and thirteen-year-olds from Canada trying to make a difference: Vanessa Suttie, Morgan Geisler, Michelle Quigg and me. We raised all the money ourselves to come six thousand miles to tell you adults you must change your ways. Coming up here today, I have no hi ...
"Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized nations collapse". Maurice Strong Chairman 1992 Earth Summit.
Dear Editor: While most people reading the news release in the March 29, issue of your paper "Plans announced for 8th Annual Greenovate Awards" probably didn't give it much notice, it was little more than the the promotion of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 came out of the United Nation's 1992 Earth Summit. It can be summed up by Daniel Sitarz: "Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced- a major shift of the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources." Canadian oilman and billionaire, Maurice Strong, the Grandfather of Agenda 21, regards the United States middle class as the biggest threat to the world. This is the reason why Agenda 21 it is being aggressively promoted in our country. The International Council of Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI), founded at the UN, was set up to implement Agenda 21 at the local level. The City of Bosto ...
I added a video to a playlist Alex Coe Rio + 20 Earth Summit
On November 18, 1992, a document titled "World Scientists' Warning to Humanity" was released, five months after the Earth Summit in Rio, the largest gathering of heads of state in history. It was signed by over 1600 senior scientists from 71 countries, including more than half of all living Nobel Prize winners. "Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. Human activities inflict harsh and often irreversible damage on the environment and on critical resources. If not checked, many of our current practices put at serious risk the future that we wish for human society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner that we know. Fundamental changes are urgent if we are to avoid the collision our present course will bring about."
Guest Lecture-don't miss! WHEN : Feb 19, 2014 1:00 pm WHERE: Wang Center Lecture Hall 1 WHO: Dr. Michael Dorsey is an internationally recognized expert on global governance and sustainability. He presently works as the Interim-Program Director for the Energy and Environment Program at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, based in Washington, DC. HOSTED BY THE SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES PROGRAM FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Join us as we welcome this celebrated Environmental Justice speaker to Stony Brook University. From 2007 to 2008, Dr. Dorsey was a member of Senator Barack Obama’s energy and environment Presidential campaign team. In July 2010 the US Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) Administrator appointed Dr. Dorsey to the EPA’s National Advisory Committee. He was reappointed in 2012. In 1992, under President George Bush, Dr. Dorsey served as a member of the U.S. State Department Delegation to the United Nations “Earth Summit.” From 1994-96, he was a task force member of Pres ...
Thinking for one's self Suicide is not a species issue Luckily the dialectical reality allows for movement: there is no need for a right opinion to be static, in fact the opposite. Life is change and opinions must change too. So it is now time for me to recognise again, officialy, that actually the human species is not committing suicide. On the other hand Obama, Merkel and the OECD countries generally, sure are. We, the Group of 77 and China countries, as well Russia and the other ex-communist countries that are aptly styled 'countries in transition', are not implicated in the suicide that the OECD countries are presently committing. We were bamboozled into speaking of 'the suicide of the human race'. But no more. Since we were told to put a break on development after the Earth Summit at Rio in the name of the environment all of us did as best we could and played ball. But since then we have been delivered a series of military and poison blows from Yugoslavia to Syria to Fukushima, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Eg ...
Severn Suzuki speaking at UN Earth Summit 1992( the world has a voice where the church is silent- dad
At the 2012 Rio Earth Summit world leaders committed to “a significant reduction in marine litter by 2025”
Coca Cola gave free PR & marketing advice for Rio Earth Summit -"thus were our key messages promulgated throughout the world"
Zee Media represented India at the Earth Summit held in 2012 in Rio, Brazil.
Agenda 21 earth summit brasil. End to national sovereignty . State planning of all land resourses. State defines...
EARTH SUMMIT r organised 2 discuss how 2 reduce pollution.but dey end up creating pollution
certainly! thank you, also connections to our plans for the Earth Summit perhaps.
Did Gorbachev really say that? Dear oh dear, we signed up to his ideology at 1992 Rio Earth Summit
for school kids provoke discussion around key themes raised by the landmark +20 Earth Summit
Embedding Sustainable Development and the outcomes of the UN Rio+20 Earth Summit - Environmental Audit Committee
Oh no, federal government may not be stepping up to the plate at Earth Summit. via
Q. Amongst the following countries, which is the first to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol? 1 Canada 2 Cuba 3 Mexico 4 Australia Ans: 1 Q. A new organisation or body formed by Latin American and Caribbean states called CELAC has 1 33 members 2 25 members 3 28 members 4 31 members Ans: 1 Q. The concept of carbon credit originated from which one of the following? 1 Kyoto Protocol 2 Earth Summit, Rio de Janerio 3 Montreal Protocol 4 G-8 Summit, Heiligendamm Ans: 1 Q. Consider the following statements - 1. In India the minimum denomination coin acceptable for transaction is 50 paise. 2. Coins below 50 paise is not a legal tender for payment. Which of the statements given above is/are correct? 1 1 only 2 2 only 3 Both 1 and 2 4 Neither 1 nor 2 Ans: 3 Q. At present the BRAHMOS missiles are assembled at 1 Hyderabad 2 Chandipur 3 Sriharikota 4 Bangalore Ans: 1 Q. Queen Elizabeth has recently conferred Knighthood on 1 L.N.Mittal 2 Salman Rushdie 3 Chetan Bhagat 4 None of the above Ans: 2 Q. Who is the Minister for Env ...
Cullis-Suzuki was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1] Her mother is writer Tara Elizabeth Cullis. Her father, geneticist and environmental activist David Suzuki, is a third-generation Japanese Canadian.[2] While attending Lord Tennyson Elementary School in French Immersion, at age 9, she founded the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO), a group of children dedicated to learning and teaching other youngsters about environmental issues.[3] In 1992, at age 12, Cullis-Suzuki raised money with members of ECO to attend the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. Along with group members Michelle Quigg, Vanessa Suttie, and Morgan Geisler, Cullis-Suzuki presented environmental issues from a youth perspective at the summit, where she was applauded for a speech to the delegates.[4][5] The video has since become a viral hit, popularly known as "The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes".[6] In 1993, she was honoured in the United Nations Environment Programme's Global 500 Roll of Honour.[7] In 1993 ...
"[P]roponents of the Sustainable Development policy are alarmed and working feverishly to counter our claims that such controls over local development and energy policy have their roots in international policy. In particular, our claims that these planning policies come from the United Nation’s Agenda 21, that was introduced to the world at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. Their most often used description of Agenda 21 is an “innocuous, 20 year old document that has no enforcement power.” Continuously we hear that local planning programs, especially from such groups like the American Planning Association (APA) have no connection to Agenda 21 or the UN. It’s all local – or as the APA says in its document, Glossary for the Public, “There is no hidden agenda.” In its “Agenda 21: Myths and Facts” document found on the APA website, the group goes to extreme measures to distance itself and its policies from Agenda 21, specifically saying “The American Planning Association has no affiliation ...
Ok, dont cherry-pick :) everything I posted below in the past 1-2 hrs about who is hated and disregarded the most, being = GOD. is related to this post also, this is the Summary: However Adam's born-again people are one-on-One faith tanks. Amen! Me and God know it ALL! Well, He does; and I'm identified in Him. His commission was "multiply and fill the earth". The policy of these Canaanites with their "think-tanks" is directly opposed to the policy of God entrusted to Adam as recorded by Moses. The nations of the world are actively carrying-out these policies of eugenics or de-population, but not under such crude and obvious terms. Cunning like their father, they call it Biodiversity, Land Care, Sustainable Development, Greenpeace, World Heritage, World Commission on Environment and Development, World Wildlife Fund, Commission on Global Governance, Carbon Tax, Protection of the Ozone Layer, Global Commons, Earth Council, Greenhouse Effect, Earth Summit, Transparency International, Global Climate Change, Pr ...
Sustainable Development in the 21st century - development of 1992 Earth summit which begs to be discussed:
Signed a horse farmers in the well was dry from the horse began to water Balzil and lasted for several hours was farms and then think of a way to recover Horse takes not think so long convinced himself that the horse had become an old man And that the cost to extract equivalent to the cost of buying a new horse. Club farm neighbors to help in bridging the well image, two birds with one stone One horse was buried and bridge for free with the help of his neighbors well. .. Everyone started using shovels and pickaxes to collect soil preparation For delivering the well horse realized what the situation may become him! The neighbors began to fill the well suddenly silent voice of the horse whinny surprised Everyone approached the edge of the well to explore why Scott horse And found that the horse whenever descended upon earth shook back Cuomo him Dirt and then stand it, and so whenever it threw dirt jerk back And Oatlah with time people keep their jobs and the horse to climb Finally, the horse jumped out well ...
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Last time I can recall us winning at Sunderland 'twas the old Roker Park days, a Mark Walters ping. Earth Summit won the Scottish National
All these vain Gods .. It is man-made. Because the devil manipulation with human . Until makes with the Lord of the heavens and the earth his partner with he . God did not generate - not born - no longer with he one. This picture affront to the Jesus to be among those, because Christ is the prophet of God .. how to be her Image with The rest of gods of man-made . how making the human god. and then human worshiped This statue . The Buddha and Krishna are human beings like us. But philosophers. And they are not prophets or Gods. How worshiped human your brother's rights. This summit ignorance and backwardness. Because God is one God is not a partner. Is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and them
Hate-peddlers John Githongo, Maina Kiai and Makau Mutua are organising a misguided anti-Kenyatta demo in LondonMay 6, 2013|Posted in: Global, PoliticsHate-peddlers Maina Kiai, John Githongo and Makau Mutua are now getting into the most sensitive nerves of Kenyans with their evil-fuelled activism aga...
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- Don't have money to pay nurses of teachers but we have money to protect the richest nations on the earth...
If you could bottle the energy from the GKIC super summit you could power the earth for 10 years
I have two families here on earth: my earthly family and my spiritual family which are you. I hope that one day my earthly family come to join us. But today I address to you, my spiritual family. Brothers and sisters, God knows all the things from which I give thanks to Him, but I want to share this with you. You know very well, that I have been really sad all this past year. My tears weren’t hidden from your sight, but only few of you really know the reason for them: God has placed me under His discipline and He has done so because I have sin. He put me on trial and I failed. I didn’t follow Abraham example. I didn’t fear the Lord, I was proud, rebellious and “tempted” Him. If I haven’t been consumed and if I’m here, writing this is for His grace and mercy. I failed (and have fail many times), but Christ obeyed till dead and again today, I say  to God before you: Thank you for our Lord JesusChrist. After a tortuous path to the true gospel, after getting out from a world of misery and conf ...
(May 5, 2013) Scientists say Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano is undergoing a continuous low-level eruption. The activity began with an explosion early Saturday morning, followed by two other explosions hours later. The Alaska Volcano Observatory and U.S. Geological Survey say satellites and cameras suggest low-level emissions of gas, steam and a small amount of ash. Satellites detected highly elevated surface temperatures at the summit. The Federal Aviation Administration said there are no flight restrictions as a result. The volcano in the Aleutian Islands is 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. Its most recent significant eruption began in February 2001 and featured three explosive events that sent ash clouds as high 39,000 feet above sea level. It also produced a rubbly lava flow and hot avalanche that reached the sea. (Joel 2:30-31) “And I will show wonders in the Heavens and in the Earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke (VOLCANO ERUPTIONS) . The Sun shall be turned into darkness, And the Moon into bl ...
You and I see it, and not everyone does: EVERY day is Earth Day. For the very simple reason that there IS nothing nicer than a picnic in the country and a swim in the lake . . .
The best travel stories from book authors on the move: May 2013. Perceptive Travel features from Carolyn B. Heller, Lea Aschkenas, and Tim Leffel, plus world music reviews from Graham Reid and travel book reviews from William Caverlee.
what on earth are all these govt officials doing in Canada.Nigeria is too small for a summit uhn??? What a waste
How can understanding human behavior advance the long-term prosperity and sustainability of living systems on Earth?
It's What I see from my eyes in this Beautiful Amazing World !!
Comic Relief climber nears summit of Mount Everest: Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth at almost 8...
The IMF works to foster global growth and economic stability. It provides policy advice and financing to members in economic difficulties and also works with developing nations to help them achieve macroeconomic stability and reduce poverty.
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Chimborazo's summit is the point on Earth that is farthest away from the center.
Hustlers Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) - more info on the Hustlers Army Summit???
Twenty years after her famous speech at the Rio Earth Summit, we spoke with Severn Cullis-Suzuki about the state of the climate change debate
Video: Watch the entire episode of 'Summit to Save Earth 2'.
I'm far too shy to tell you that I love you. You're a star far from my plain earth. I gaze and see no woman who's above you: To me you are the cynosure of worth. Yet with all your beauty you're a person Like me in need of sympathy and love. Your thoughts of me would not, I dare hope, worsen If I in some way tried your heart to move. There's pleasure, surely, drawn from the reflection That someone, somewhere, worships your sweet face, Thinks you are the summit of perfection, Wants nothing more of life than your embrace. The danger is you'll think it couldn't be; So I suggest you see yourself through me.(desconheço o autor..)
Here is the amazing song Secret Earth off of Scale the Summit's new album The Collective in high quality. All rights go to Scale the Summit and their record ...
Peace on Earth, goodwill to men, -this was His first message. In the same manner when He went to the summit of...
Our mission is pretty simple: To give people the tools and incentives they need to find and support independent, locally-owned businesses. With a Keep It Local OK Card, cardholders enjoy incentives for keepin' it local and get the satisfaction of supporting a favorite business or discovering a new f...
Satellite image of the Summit fire burning in southern California.
We changed our logo to merge the logos of the Eye on Earth Summit and Eye on Earth network. How do you like it?
Taken at The Earth Summit 'Rio +20' in June 2012. The New World is taking the photo. The Old World is wearing Riot Uniforms. Whole NEW WORLD coming soon.
Headed to the happiest place on earth tomorrow!!:
-incorrect, scientist are caught changing data & Gore (spokesmen) states we s/b under water this year
It's been scientifically proven that *** on earth does exist. A little suburb I like to call Lees Summit,Missouri.
The Mid West Music Fest is proud to announce that our 5th anniversary will be next year and held in all of your favorite locales in downtown Winona. Who knows what we will have for you in 2014!!!Mark your calendar for April 24-26th next year and come on down to lovely Winona and hang with all your f...
Watch this powerful new documentary that takes the name of the Damocracy movement formed following the Rio+20 Earth Summit to counter the permanent destruction of cultural and natural heritage being caused by large-scale dams.
View from space: Southern California Summit fire via
Heavy snow on May 2 in Lee's Summit, MO. What on EARTH?! (Thank you, David, my sweet hubby, for so...
Shield volcanoes are large volcanic forms with broad summit areas and low-sloping sides (shield shape) because the extruded products are mainly low viscosity basaltic lava flows. A good example of a shield volcano is the Island of Hawaii (the "Big Island"). The Big Island is formed of five coalesced volcanoes of successively younger ages, the older ones apparently extinct. Mauna Loa, one of the main volcanoes, has a higher elevation than any mountain on Earth -- 9090 meters (30,000 feet) from the floor of the ocean to its highest peak. Shield volcanoes have summit calderas formed by piston-like subsidence. Subsidence occurs when large volumes of lava are emptied from underground conduits; withdrawal of support leads to collapse. Many smaller pit craters also occur along fissure zones on the flanks of the volcanoes. These form by collapse due to withdrawal of magma along conduits.
Venture capitalists said British enterprises, like BBC, must acquire tech firms.Boris Johnson engaged with heavyweight tech venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from the U.S via his first Google Hangout at London’s InnoTech Summit last week, asking them “why on earth Europe has yet to produce an In...
Comments from Japanese participants of the 22nd Japan America Grassroots Summit in North Texas (Aug. 28 - Sep. 4, 2012) are now compiled with English translations. →Click here to download the comments. [PDF 4.3MB]
A real-time view of the global discussion on sustainability around the Rio+20 Earth Summit.
CBD ini ditandatangani 5 Juni 1992, di United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the Rio "Earth Summit"),
US signed 21 in 1992 at Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. Few know of it, yet its being implemented in America. ~ Dr. Lorraine May
Thanks to Kevin Bennetts for this: The Truro-Falmouth branch of Mebyon Kernow is confused by recent comments from Prince Charles at the Rio 20 Earth Summit in Mexico. In a video address to the Summit, the Duke of Cornwall warned the world about the dangers of destroying the environment saying: “We need to be much more informed about the actual state of the planet … wiping out so much of the world's vital biodiversity and removing our chances of storing carbon naturally …” Alan January, Chair of MK Truro-Falmouth Branch couldn't believe the comments. “The hypocricy of Prince Charles is unbelievable. He is the man responsible for the development to the East of Truro which will put acres of green farmland under a mass of concrete, drastically reduce the biodiversity of the area, and expand the urban sprawl of Truro even further.” Conan Jenkin, a Truro City Councillor is appalled by the duplicity of Charles' comments. “People of all shades of political opinion rallied together to fight the East ...
Leona needs your help to make sure that the conditions of suffering farm animals are addressed at the UN 2012 Earth Summit in Rio. Click Here to sign the petition and help animals have a better future! Read more
My new favorite quote, uttered by Canadian environmentalist Severn Cullis-Suzuki as a 12 year old addressing the Earth Summit in Rio, "If you don't know how to fix it, please stop breaking it." Out of the mouthes of babes...
interessante president in Uruguay momenteel, nog niet helemaal de weg kwijt.. verder quote: 'Here are a number of interesting quotes, but I'd recommend reading the rest of the article as well: "... Uruguayan President Jose Mujica laments that so many societies consider economic growth a priority, calling it "a problem for our civilisation" because of the demands on the planet's resources. In a speech to UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro last June, he insisted that "the challenge ahead of us… is not an ecological crisis, but rather a political one". Pointing to a "model of development and consumption, which is shaped after that of affluent societies", societies ruled by the dictates of the capitalist market, Mujica said it was "time to start fighting for a different culture". Arguing that the assault on the environment was a symptom of a larger disease, he asserted that "the cause is the model of civilisation that we have created. And the thing we have to re-examine is our way of life". Continue reading ...
My Participation in Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012 & subsequent meeting w/ & MP's in UK conceived idea of GlobeNG
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
DEAR FRIENDS, Have you ever wondered what's going on with the 25mph speed limits on major roadways, new bicycle lanes and trails, "smart" electric meters,"universal" healtcare, bans on "Fracking" and the like? Then I U-R-G-E EVERYONE to research "AGENDA 21"!!! What the *** is AGENDA 21 you may ask. Oh, it's only a blueprint for DEPOPULATION & TOTAL CONTROL sponsored by billionaire, radical left winger George Soros! This was proposed and adopted at the UN Earth Summit in 1992! YES! They, meaning SEVERAL nations, have been quietly implementing this for over 20 YEARS! And the most incidious part is this is being done, to start, at the community level! Check and see if your community is a member of ICLEI (International Council for LOCAL Enviromental Initiatives). But please don't take my word for it. Go to UN.ORG and see for yourself. Or better yet, there's a great search engine I've found called "DuckDuckGo" that never tracks your searches and prohibits any of those miserable pop-up ads. They offer numero .. ...
"Communio et Progressio" Just to remember the Pope, the Papal environmental legacy …..and what His Holiness Benedict XVI cherished from"communio et progressio"on the means of social communication to His most recent encyclical, Caritas in Veritate. Benedict XVI discusses the duty to protect the environment. He argues that ―Nature is at our disposal not as “a heap of scattered refuse”, the central tenet of Catholic social teaching, Care for Creation. In my opinion….I re-echo for you to spread; The world is running out of time to summon the political will necessary to solve the climate crisis. 2015 looms large as a critical year when we must act swiftly and strongly if we are to have any chance of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees C, let alone get back to the 350 parts per million of atmospheric CO2 that scientists say is necessary. The Rio+20 Earth Summit in June of 2012 was meant to be the starting point for a three year push to 2015, but the summit ended in a whimper rather than a bang. ...
Brave Politician Ann Bressington posts: In 1992 Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit and member of the Club Of Rome said: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles and small electrical appliances, home and workplace air conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable”. Put those statements together and it must become clear that Agenda 21 is about controlling every aspect of our lives – how we eat, how we move around, food production, the amount of food we eat and where we live.
Agenda 21 was the main outcome of the United Nation's Earth Summit held in Rio De Janeiro in 1992
FACTS: 1992 -UN Agenda21 Earth Summit hosted by Maurice Strong was held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. At this summit...
Support Chief Raoni : Note who has come dressed for a riot! This is not a fake photo. It was taken during the Earth Summit at Rio +20 in June of 2012. It depicts The Mindsets of the Insane Ones who *dare* to call themselves 'Leaders', who see Indigenous Peoples and ALL who CARE deeply for Mother Earth as a threat to their World Dominance. Time to turn this all around.
DARE to stand up for their Rights and for Mother Earth! The Earth Summit in Brazil - Rio+20 - June 2012 stop the Belo Monte Dam, save the amazon rainforest
"I'm only a child, yet I know if all the money spent on war was spent on ending poverty and finding environmental answers, what a wonderful place this Earth would be..." Severn Cullis-Suzuki, age 12, Earth Summit, Rio De Janeiro, Jun 1992
The global front group of the Agenda 21 program which was formalized during the UN’s 1992 Earth Summit is proud to welcome Monsanto as its newest “member”...
12 yr old Severn Suzuki speaks out at the '92 UN Earth Summit in Rio
Images from Ta'Kaiya Blaney 's trip to Rio+20 Earth Summit.
By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 1st January 2013 It was the year of living dangerously. In 2012 governments turned their backs on the living planet, demonstrating that no chronic problem, however grave, will take priority over an immediate concern, however trivial. I believe there has been no worse year for the natural world in the past half century. Three weeks before the minimum occurred, the melting of the Arctic’s sea ice broke the previous record(1). Iconic remnants of the global megafauna – such as rhinos and bluefin tuna – were shoved violently towards extinction(2). Novel tree diseases raged across continents(3). Bird and insect numbers continued to plummet, coral reefs retreated, marine life dwindled. And those charged with protecting us and the world in which we live pretended that none of it was happening. Their indifference was distilled into a great collective shrug at the Earth Summit in June. The first summit, 20 years before, was supposed to have heralded a new age of en ...
Just returning from the UN last week for the last intersessional of the UNCSD to discuss and prepare the outcome of Rio+20 Earth Summit. Women's Earth and Climate Caucus was very honored to be advocating with Women's Major Group ( WMG) colleagues. Amazing Women! With Sascha Gabizon of Women in Europe for a Common Future, Bridget Burns of WEDO, Nozipho Wright of ENERGIA, Rosa Lizarde of the Feminist Task Force and others. Read further to see one of the powerful interventions the WMG delivered to the UN delegates during intersessionals. Thank you Ms Thompson, Mr Lalonde, for this opportunity of interaction. I am Doris Mpoumou (with the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region), and I speak on behalf of the women’s major group. We, the Women’s Major Group, are deeply concerned, about the pace and state of the negotiations of the past week. Let me reword this: we are scandalized! You have asked us to prioritize 3 points, and we want to focus on: 1. Gender equality and Women’ ...
Day 23: On June 23,2012, the long awaited Rio+20 Earth Summit came to an end. Critics called it a "complete failure."
A project of CFACTSupport Climate Depot Climate Depot Featured at UN Earth Summit: 'Failure here is good for the world's poor people. We need to redefine Sustainable Development as oil, gas, coal' Morano: 'Failure is the only option for this conference if you care about the environment & poor people. Carbon based energy has been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in history of our planet' Friday, June 22, 2012By Marc Morano – Climate Depot Rio De Janeiro – Climate Depot's Executive Editor Marc Morano addressed the UN's Rio +20 Earth Summit on June 20 and 21. Following a video presentation by Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), Morano addressed a packed room at a CFACT press conference at the UN complex in Rio, followed by a hostile Q&A session. (Selected video highlights available here.) Update: Watch Morano's full opening statement to UN Earth Summit here. Selected Highlights of Morano's statement to UN: “What a difference 20 years makes. This is a mockery of where we were 20 years. I challenge U . ...
BCN Note- This is a tremendous article where Mrs Paugh describes very well our immediate future after the June 2012 Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. Preparatory meetings are going on now and the fin...
Believe it or not, today is International Mountain Day! Yes, Mountain Day! :D The International Mountain Day strives to achieve a stronger engagement of actors/institutions and the civil society in sustainable mountain development. It is also a concrete opportunity to mobilize resources to improve the livelihoods of mountain communities. Special attention will be given to the involvement of youth in global Sustainable Development, as they will be the future actors. Additionally, the process will focus on the linkages between rural and urban development with an eye to the implementation of a green economy in line with the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Commitment and the will to advance this cause were strengthened during the International Year of Mountains in 2002, and mountains have gained an increasingly high profile on agendas at all levels. The Year also led to the adoption of resolution 57/245, in which the General Assembly designated 11 December as International Mountain Day, and encouraged the international ...
After the failure of Rio+20 Earth Summit, four climate activists lock on to the gates of Buckingham Palace to send...
QUESTION 2: When and where was the first Earth Summit held? Time:10 minutes
Brief on Pakistan Environmental Protection Act, 1997 Pakistan’s Environmental Policy is based on participatory approach to achieving objectives of Sustainable Development through legally, administratively and technically sound institutions. The Federal Environment Ministry was established in Pakistan in 1975 as follow up a Stockholm declaration of 1972. The Ministry was responsible for promulgation of the environmental Protection Ordinance of Pakistan in 1983. It was the first comprehensive legislation prepared in the country. The main objective of Ordinance 1983 was to establish institutions i-e to establish Federal and Provincial Environmental Protection Agencies and Pakistan Environmental Protection Council (PEPC). In 1992 Pakistan attended the Earth Summit in state of Brazil (Rio-De Janeiro) and thereafter became party to various international conventions and protocols. This political commitment augmented the environmental process in the country. Same year, Pakistan prepared National Conservation St ...
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