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Earth Fare

Earth Fare founded in 1975, is an Asheville, North Carolina-based natural foods grocer. This is the only grocery store in Knoxville that bans High-fructose corn syrup.

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Am I my weird for wanting cool groceries from Earth fare for My Christmas gift?
Heading to earth fare to stock up on coconut milk for my daughter.
Customer: "I'd like to return this cheese, I didn't like it.". Me: "Ma'am, this is Kroger brand. You're in Earth Fare."
There's no reason not to label GMOs when the market wants it. It's why Earth Fare and Whole Foods exist. Folks want to know about their food
If I were smart, Iโ€™d have ordered this tea on amazon. Knowing my luck, earth fare wonโ€™t even have it.
say hi to my brother at earth fare. He's the store manager ๐Ÿ˜ณ his name is chase
I donโ€™t even have the energy to go to earth fare :/
Pretty women have the most tragic lives on Earth and it's so delicious it tastes like curry
Just being in Earth Fare makes me feel healthier
A Lighter Side of Thanksgiving | Earth Fare | Greensboro Events at Come check us out!
So many hot moms shop at Earth Fare! ๐Ÿ˜
Riverside wine&cheese with delights from Earth Fare and Fresh Market 4-6 tonight!
I disagree. There isn't a cheese pizza on Earth that wouldn't fare better with some jalapeรฑos or sausage on it.
Maggieโ€™s debuts in Greensboro, NC Earth fare!
!Realization that Integrate scientific Fact is 2 delicate 2 sustain war-fare there4 !
If you have your receipt we will refund payment, if not we'll give you an Earth Fare gift card.
Website Builder 728x90
5$ sushi Wednesday at earth fare is life
Tiredness is getting out to your car and realizing you're not holding a "to go" cup but rather one of Earth Fare's plastic red glasses
My dad - "if I got locked in Earth Fare, I might starve to death."
She is not any common earth Water or wood or air, but Merlin's Ilse of Gramarye Where you and I will fare
The soon to open Earth Fare has job openings for the Peachtree Corners location.
People who work at Earth Fare are so nice ;w;
Do not try to be pretty. You werenโ€™t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky.
When it comes to hippie food I guess I'll stick with Fresh Market and Earth Fare.
Kroger, I think. I know they're at Earth Fare.
EARTH FARE CAKE DECORATING CHALLENGE! Between now and tomorrow (Thursday at 3pm), we will be accepting entrants...
Heilala Vanilla is now at Earth Fare Stores via BabyElan {daily} - Ready to get your cocktail on ...
Earth Fare in Hoover has an olive bar that shuts down all others. I spend too much but eat them all. They are in the rear.
Like today he bought me groceries from earth fare because of my milk allergy. And a week ago he bought me an iPhone 6...๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
My mom be having so much fun in Earth Fare๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€
Earth Fare is like a playground to me
I saw Gruden at Earth Fare buying, wait for it.ORANGES! BIG ORANGES!!!
Earth Fare has the best pizza I've ever had.
Awesome! See y'all, earth fare really does go the extra mile!
I saw you were closing the earth fare Dayton account, and got scared that the store was going too! LOL
Earth Fare coupons valid today only, save on cheese, chips, cookies & more
I just find the Bob Dylan comparison so useless. Who on earth thinks it matters how Bob Dylan would fare on AI?
I'm sort of eating the entire carton of Earth Fare's Cranberry Pecan Rotisserie Chicken Salad.
Busses in Scarborough come every 3-7 mins. Every 30-40 mins in Markham. How on earth is our Buss fare $1 higher
Caught up on Doc Who. Flatline was top-notch Earth-based fare. Forest was pure Frank Cottrell Boyce, which is only ever a good thing.
Ordering a veggie sandwich at earth fare and being warned it has no meat. Isn't this the place I can do that with no judgement?
Getting out of Earth Fare with only spending $50, I consider that a win.
My weekly trips to Earth Fare is the only thing I look forward to on Mondays
It *** leaving my earth fare fam, but it's time to take my knowledge and fully apply it ๐Ÿ˜Œ
AND THE WINNER IS.of the Flash Giveaway. Stacy Scott Congrats on your prize a $100 gift card to Earth Fare Jacksonville!!!
Only 30 more minutes left to "Like" our page for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Earth Fare...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
no, it's Whole Foods/Earth Fare. Never have the same level of *** elsewhere
From Earth Fare to Hilton Homewood Suites, development brisk on Westnedge corridor
Asheville Turkey Trot presented by Earth Fare, coming this Thanksgiving.register here:...
As soon as I get to knox. Im going to planet smoothie, chik-fil-a, then earth fare. In that order.
These vegan chocolate chip cookies my mom bought from Earth Fare make me think I could go vegan... SIKE.
's parents came into Earth Fare and were so super nice to me so yeah go them for being kind people
EARTH FARE'S $5 SANDWICH MONDAY. What a nice deal from our friends and Holiday Health Hop sponsor. If you are looking for a nice place on the west side to have lunch we suggest a healthy lunch Earth Fare.
More and more it seems that the local Asheville food culture in Western North Carolina is an epicenter for innovative culinary products. The most recent emergence is a delightful treat called Macalat. Dana Troy is founder and president of The Macalat Company. She lives with her husband, David Troy, in Marshall (just north of Asheville) where she and David are bringing to market an innovative recipe that Davidโ€™s father, John (The Wizard) Troy, conjured. The new product is naturally very low in sugar, sodium and carbohydrates and is high in fiber. Macalat is formulated from indigenous organic superfoods of Peru. Both John and David have had a long fascination and appreciation for plant medicines that inspired the Macalat formula. John is the originator of many flavor profiles in the marketplace today and was the originator of Honey Mustard dressing that is now global in scope. John also developed and produced the many organic dressings, sauces and condiments under the Whole Foods 365 Organic label that ar ...
I wonder how much the fare is to go Mars Earth kinda boring
Every time I walk into Earth Fare, I keep a tally of every man wearing flannel. Sometimes I lose count.
Thinking about leaving earth fare freaks me out. It's been my only job and the only thing I know. Leaving will be a huge change in my life ๐Ÿ˜
"There's this health market place out by my apartment complex. It's called "Earth Fare". We should go together--
I guess I am almost home in Columbia - I found Target & Earth Fare.
If you need some groceries, try out the Farmer's Market or Earth Fare, both located on Opelika Road. They have excellent organic produce!
Some great sales going on at Earth Fare Charleston, we LOVE our Presenting Sponsor!!
I'm over there often but usually after Earth Fare and you guys are closed. Will try to get in there soon!
Just making a special request for Aztec chocolate in pints at Earth Fare,
.flavors now available at Earth Fare include 3 vegan flavors, old standby salted caramel, & three more.
More delicious local food news: Hop Ice Cream announces you can now get pints at Earth Fare.
I don't always spend 3x more on my groceries, but when I do, I like it to be at Earth Fare. (@ Earth Fare)
Shout out to my amazing hubs for buying me a healthy lunch (when I could eat pizza for free) & taking me to Earth Fare for organic snacks
Everyone the truck is at earth fare/ academy sports on Kernan & Atlantic for another hour!
Information security meets this afternoon 1-4PM at Earth Fare (1856 Hendersonville Rd).
If I could just marry Earth Fare, my life would be perf. ๐Ÿ‘
Earth fare: a place where you spend $50 and walk out with carrots, kale, and spinach.
My LRT!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š I just be staring at Fare'al, smiling & he be so lost ๐Ÿ˜‚ like what on earth am I looking at ๐Ÿ˜‚
The democrat party is fare more dangerous to the health and well being of the human race than all of the guns on earth
Thank you to our Silver Pitcher Sponsors: ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Earth Fare Tallahassee, Florida First Capital...
People drink like it's a Lastday on earth, They use even a Bus Fare.
So excited about all the great food Earth Fare will be supplying at our run! We know our runners will be as...
If I get hired at Earth Fare, that's going to be extremely dangerous. Green juices & sushi. Aw man.
me too! Shopping at earth fare foods love it!
The house by Earth Fare. The one you loved, but acted like you hated. They totally remodeled the inside.
Earth fare is getting annoying with all of these seafood texts & emails ๐Ÿ˜‘
Asheville Turkey Trot presented by Earth Fare is happening NEXT month, register here:...
Earth Fare coupons for salads, produce & meat
Tomorrow I'm pouring arnica balm, lip balms and shipping out orders to Earth Fare West Asheville and to retail...
I am grateful to live on a street with mountain views and the scent of Earth Fare.
This one time I went to Earth Fare in my casual Mikasa cosplay and this guy at the cash register (who was...
OMG they're playing mama Mia songs in earth fare
Bless. Had to DODGE aisles at Earth Fare to avoid my 11th grade English teacher who told me I wasn't interrupting E.E. Cummings correctly...
Awe. The girl at Earth Fare looked SO happy that I was asking for a job application LOL. I gotchu guuurl.
Fairway names Carlow new CMO. Like new CEO Jack Murphy, Carlow is an Earth Fare veteran. via
You all know that I love Earth Fare. Well, I love it even more now. They are dropping prices on all sorts of...
I know he's a total badass on earth I just like to think of how they'd fare in open space
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Earth Fare has the best chocolate cupcakes ever. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Idk why I love going to earth fare so much lol
I HATE people who's line of thinking is "oh it's raining so I must go to the grocery store!!!" Aka earth fare. ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ก
Grand Opening/Benefit: Come join us This Saturdayin front of Earth Fare Huntersville!! and bring a friend
Ummm, the Earth Fare in Charleston is now selling Zevia in glass bottles. Life suddenly makes sense.
A huge shout out to Kali Schaefer with Earth Fare...she's been an incredible partner to EACM & we wish her well...
"Are you interested in signing up for our hazelnut layaway program today?" -Earth Fare
Forever saving the lives of little critters that make there way into the Earth Fare produce backroom.
What a nazi Twiggy is! How on earth can a jobseeker pay for a bus fare to go to an appointment? Local buses DON'T take cards!
Do you shop Aldi, Bi-Lo, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Earth Fare, Food Lion, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Harvey's, HEB, Kmart, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Safeway, Target, Walmart, Winn Dixie, or the drug stores? (Whew!) If so, here are ALL the coupon matchups you need for your store so you can save big!
A full load about to go out this morning! Look for peaches from Farm in Holly Hill, SC. Earth Fare...
Earth Fare has my belly stuffed..,. My breakfast salad and kale smoothie was worth the extra bucks ๐Ÿ˜˜time to lift!
Earth Fare has a sale on whole chickens until the 22nd, 99ยข per pound, limit 3.
Earth Fare's vision is to be the most trusted organic and natural food market in the country - a place where healthy decisions are easy, people have confidence in the food they buy, and everyone feels welcome.
I am thankful for all of the little stories we collect along the way when we take the time to make eye contact and chat with people. Yesterday I was off for a doc's appt. in Asheville and along the way yesterday met some awesome folks just along the way here and there. Case in point- older man was the cashier for my line at Earth Fare and he asked, "What has been the most intriguing or inspiring thing about your day so far?" I LIKE that - not just "How are you?" when most folks do not want to know the answer - but HIS question begged for an answer - but something POSITIVE. Good idea. Nice guy.
New blog post: Great deal on whole chickens this week at Earth Fare!
Earth Fare has an excellent deal on antibiotic free whole chickens: only 99 cents per lb! That's a great price for whole chickens these days. Click here for all the details:
If anyone is at City Hall to discuss transit low-income single fare, I'm at Good Earth Cafe until 9
On a rainy day like this you might as well clean your make it more fun, pick up some Sail Away Dish Liquid (SLS Free), Tres Bien Laundry Detergent also (SLS Free) or Bali Dreaming Probiotic/Enzymatic Cleaner Concentrate. Katuah Market, French Broad Food Co-op, Food Matters Market in Brevard, Go FRS Asheville, West Village Market & Deli soon to be in Earth Fare, and Whole Foods.
Food you can feel good about (and a $50 gift card you can feel great about) from the new
Earth Fare Offers Local Goodness and Better Shopping (a review) and {A GIVEAWAY} via
have you tried out Fresh Thyme or Earth Fare yet?
I know the Earth Fare in Noblesville has a juice bar so I'm REALLY hoping ours does too so you might check there!
Just ate my first vegan chocolate chip cookie. Let me just say delicious! ! I recommend the grocery store Earth Fare in Greenwood!!
Holy Moly (with bacon) plus 5 free kids meals. Gotta love Family Night. @ Earth Fare Carmel
The big 29oz coconut oil is on sale for 14.99 at earth fare rr. You're welcome.
Earth Fare is actually the best place ever...
congrats! U R the winner of the dog lovers prize pack! Please pick up prize at earth fare cust svc desk within 1 week & enjoy!
Earth Fare Deals: Sale Week of July 16 via Savings Lifestyle - Here are the complete sale list ...
So glad my mom told me to get some Earth Fare macaroons instead of a chick milkshake. I don't need all those extra calories in my life
Earth Fare is way better than fresh thyme.
Me and my business partner. โ€” at Earth Fare Knoxville Turkey Creek
Earth Fare opens in Greenwood: A very popular organic and natural food supermarket is now on the south side!...
Earth Fare did some cooking demos on an Indy morning show this week! Check out the video for kid friendly recipes!
One of our biggest fans, Brenda, rocked the Hissho T-shirt yesterday for at Earth Fare Rock Hill!...
We'd like to thank the group that came out to Greensboro Earth Fare to learn the Best Kept Secret in Health Care...
Frangipani will be at the brand new Earth Fare Greenwood store today from 12-3pm. Come join us for the fun!
Interesting review of the new Earth Fare in Greenwood from local resident.
did you go to Earth Fare after work?
Nothing screams "you're a thot" more than a girl walking into earth fare with stilettos and soffee shorts.
Earth Fare just opened right by my work!
Do you think everything in this place is organic? (@ Earth Fare)
Yes! I did a happy dance in Earth Fare today when I found cappellos cookies and pasta. I've beenโ€ฆ
Yes one of those crazy people checking out the new Earth Fare! :-) (@ Earth Fare)
Client Emmes welcomes new tenant Earth Fare opening today at the Shoppes at County Line!
We opened in today! Look at this awesome tv segment with yummy recipes from Laurie!
Experienced my first macaron today. โœจ @ Earth Fare Cleveland
This broccoli salad from earth fare. I'm addicted
Health food grocery opens new location in today.
This lady at Earth Fare talking on the phone about how she cries every week bc of her 'darn cat' having sensitive skin..
Just got 6 humanely raised, antibiotic-free chickens at earth fare for
It's here. grand opening in Greenwood, and they've got some party favors. Starts in 30 minutes ... go!: httpโ€ฆ
has me ADDICTED to earth fare. Everything I bought is ah-mazing. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Quite enjoyed Earth to Echo. Entertaining and good family fare with some really fun scenes and a hint or two of Spielberg.
Grocery store, they have it at like Earth Fare or Whole Foods too.
If you eat meat, you should be eating Earth Fare meat: free of any antibiotics & growth hormones! Check out our sale:
Earth Fare: Kids eat free today only
FREE feeding frenzy for your kids tonight at Earth Fare!.
Salt of the Earth: Salt is one of manโ€™s oldest, most-used and most important ingredients. But do you have any ...
Have to wonder how an all octopus team would fare at the - having a brain in every arm/leg wouldn't hurt.
came to get lunch at earth fare and ran into my dad ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think we like this place too much
Kids eat tonight at Earth Fare! Spend $5 and up to six kids eat with you for free
Kids eat free at tonight from 4pm to 8pm. Buy one adult meal of $5+ & get up to 6 kids meals
Families love Kid's Night at Earth FARE! Up to 6 kids eat FREE with 1 paying adult
$5 Sushi Day at Earth Fare. even though I can't chew ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Broccoli cheddar soup from earth fare ๐Ÿ˜
Great News! Miro Spanish Grille is coming to TORINGDON MARKET . (Next to Earth Fare - Former Brig's Restaurant)...
Going bowling with the Earth Fare team tonight! Woo!
Every time I try to go to Earth Fare and eat something really clean and healthy there's hidden almonds. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
Nice work from one of favorite Grocery Chains, Earth Fare!
New Earth Fare logo. I miss the tomato.
OMG wait today is $5 sushi at Earth Fare lasfeifkvansd my day just got 1000 times better
Oranges make us smile! Thanks, Earth Fare. โ€” at Lancaster County Council of the Arts
Earth is committed to improving peoples lives through food!. Meet Our Meats | Earth Fare
Up-to-Minute Meat and Seafood Manager at Earth Fare (Knoxville, TN) Find this Job&More
If you eat meat, eat Earth Fare's meat.
Earth Fare has them and they're really good!
Earth Fare sells quinoa noodles, like spaghetti and elbow ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I have a whole lot of new things to start cooking.
ok, I'll stop by and pick up what you have ;) where is Earth Fare?
Earth Fare in Fort Wayne has great coupons. Also: free = food from Stacy/Jason's garden.
I wish there was an Earth Fare here ๐Ÿ˜ž
Anyone have an Earth Fare grocery store near them? Jax is getting one and I have to say I'm a little excited.
Two Story is probably your best bet. On lumpkin in 5pts just across from earth fare
Earth Fare is my happy place. It's $5 barbecue chicken dinner with corn and kale was on point tonight ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‹
at Earth Fare in Montrose that health food spot
Jen.Do you have an Earth Fare there? I kinda like it!
Students exception taken of system and all earth closet advantage agreeableness frugality self-instruction fare...
The Fresh Market would be a great place to check! Otherwise, Dorothy Lane Market or Earth Fare also carry the bottled flavors.
I saw her once while I was still at Earth Fare, but I wasn't sure it was her, so I didn't say hi.
Walked into Earth Fare today and first thing I see is moldy strawberries ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–eww
Since I pack in bags from Earth Fare, I can be ready pretty quick.
The Earth Fare hot bar is my new favorite lunch stop.
Eating at earth fare and looking dumb
Organic Costa Rican coffee beans on sale now at Savoir Fare, ACโ€™s gourmet food store! Pura Vida!
Vinings News: Garrison's now closed, Earth Fare Grocery and Taco Mac opening in Parkway Pointe.
... even after going to the "booking site" - no fare rules... just the price. How on earth do people book online?
Exciting changes to Parkway Pointe! Earth Fare grocery is adding 3 new stores to the Atlanta area including...
Earth Fare in Fairlawn is my new favorite place
I'm a server at miyos and I'm still working at earth fare like 1 or 2 days a week
Select whole sandwiches and wraps are only $5 every Monday at Earth Fare!
So out of 6 Whole Foodses in Houston, at least 4 seem to be clustered in one place, the central vicinity. Weird. Who thought the north side wouldn't be interested in a health food store? And when will Earth Fare start opening stores here? Just sayin.
I'm having an anxiety attack in 'Earth Fare' right now because I want one of each.
ITF Huntersville was honored to host the Huntersville Connection June meeting today! It was a pleasure hosting such a dynamic networking organization. Many thanks to Earth Fare Huntersville for providing healthy refreshments and kudos to Mayor Jill Swain for creating an organization that provides a beautiful platform for local businesses to connect and build meaningful relationships.
Going to Earth Fare...let me put on my Chocos,taffeta capris,sandalwood body oil,and pastel t-shirt with Afro-ethnic civil rights graphics.
Life update! So, we OFFICIALLY own our home in Indiana... which means we now have two mortgages (boo!) Our remainder of our car loan from the accident is being processed by our GAP insurance and should be taken care of Friday or Monday (YES!). I found a christian preschool/daycare in the country we are checking out this week (I think we are going to LOVE IT). I am in LOVE with Earth Fare Noblesville and ALL this town has to offer!!! We LOVE our new casa too and our new car (it is the same as the other one EXACTLY except colors - red for IU (hoo, hoo, hooosiers!!! Umm so LIFE is really looking up right now, which I totally knew it would because I have been praying hourly (not lying) and God has his hands all over our new adventure!!! I am officially working for myself with Young Living and may be embarking in a new adventure as well. I have been using Young Living Essential Enzymes, Slique capsules, digest and cleanse, with some ICP and OF COURSE NINGXIA RED and I am feeling AMAZING!!! My two sweet ...
why on earth are you eating at mcgrossalds in a foreign country! Experience the local fare!
It's too nice of a day today to crank up the stove! Why not let Earth Fare do the cooking tonight?
We're so excited to have Earth Fare Carmel partnering with us to donate 150 box lunches for Thursday's Children's Bureau, Inc Golf Fore Kids outing. Thank you!
This class is tomorrow night, already! See you at Earth Fare @ 7!
Purchase an Earth Fare Reusable Water Bottles! Only $7.00 with a portion of the proceeds going to AVL Earth Week. .
Text "EAT" to 71700 to receive Earth Fare's great coupons!
Thank you to everyone who came out for our "On the Trail to Health" event on Saturday! A special thank you to all the organizations and volunteers that worked so hard to make the event a success, especially Earth Fare for donating bottled water and food. We hope to see you all out "on the trail to health!"
Hey all you hot Solon women, my friend Alice just opened up an awesome store - UpScaleIT Designer Consignment store. Located in the OfficeMax/ Earth Fare plaza. Come see the store, It is awesome! Dan - Oh and stop by Tuesday Morning next door and buy something fun!!
- the Strolling Players of Middle Earth bring off 2 eps that would be mid-season fare for any other series and it's big woop.
Spent the morning working poolside & the afternoon working on the patio at Earth Fare in South Park.โ€ฆ
Come back to Earth Fare. I'm holding your space machine hostage.
If we can't score against Iran,how on earth are we going to fare against Bosnia and Argentina?
Congrats for being our winner of free Earth Fare goodies! You have 7 days to redeem you winnings. Yay!!!
When I have my own place my fridge will be filled with earth fare cheese ๐Ÿ˜ป
Sometimes I wonder if I only shop at Earth Fare for the employees. ๐Ÿ’•
Update your maps at Navteq
if my mom doesn't come out of earth fare in 5 minutes I think I might die
My job making me a cake from earth fare ๐Ÿ˜‹
Be unluxurious is the only solution for today's troublefull life.Share earth's wealth fare and equal.Go for earth'nature.
they are! Check your local Whole Foods, Earth Fare, or Fresh Market. Cheers!
I got a deal with the Earth Fare App! DIY Pizzas. Expires:6/14/2014. Download app at
Heaven 1 - Earth 0. Saying "fare the well" to our matriarch. She tattooed my soul w/ an af...
Results are now posted for the 2014 Friends of Earth Fare 5K at Carrier Park. An incredible 33 runners posted sub...
Two sub 15 min finishers at Friends of Earth Fare 5k today. Winner Griff Graves also won a 5k last night->
Griff Graves and Michele Ziegler win the Friends of Earth Fare 5k->
Juice bar after a good walk with my guy (@ Earth Fare)
$3 homemade pizza thanks to sale today :) @ Earth Fare Cleveland
We're planning some special surprises for July with the help of Earth Fare! We can't wait to share it with you!
Earth Fare is excited to support this first year event!! Sign up now!
We went to Earth Fare for the first time last night while visiting Charleston for our Chiropracticโ€ฆ
First read through with the full cast! Thank you Three Forks Baptist for having us! And thank you Earth Fare for...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just walked by Earth Fare and there are 2 employees out on a smoke break
what do you usually buy at earth fare? โ€” I buy almost everything from there. I buy organic coffee, gl...
Acupressure Chair Massage until 6. Come see me and check in. (@ Earth Fare)
I went to earth-fare today and I definitely did not fit in. Not my kinda store anywho
Debating whether to go back to earth fare just cause I think it's an interesting place ๐Ÿ˜‹
*** Earth Fare for being so close to me.. Tired of this organic crap my mom buys bc of it's "convenience".
The doula tea for June will be this coming Monday at Earth Fare! If you're interested in learning more about the...
Detox day 7; earth fare salad bar and steamed green beans
Thank you Justine for telling me about this place! Debbie Wilkinson Ward โ€” at Earth Fare Montgomery
I operate on a 3 strikes you're out policy. You're out Earth Fare. Never again. Give me Fresh Market any day.
If your takes Earth Fare coupons pick up Ribeye for $3.99/lb. this weekend! -->
I found smoked jalapeรฑo Gouda too at Earth Fare those rich people eat some good *** cheese ***
Started my day off with the news of a new gorgeous lil healthy baby girl welcomed to some DEAR friends, a nice radio interview & gab session with another bestie, Nacho mama with citrus tofu from Mamacita's, hug in the Earth Fare parking lot from a beautiful friend I haven't seen in years, nice 2 mile jog around Brevard College & ended up with a cooling afternoon thunderstorm. C U Next Tuesday!
Earth Fare will be hosting a job fair on June 10th & June 11th from 8:00am - 5:00pm for the new store opening in Greenwood. We are hiring both full and part time openings in all areas such as Meat/Seafood, Specialty, Prepared Foods, and more! The job fair will be located at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, Indianapolis South - 5120 Victory Dr. Indianapolis. Those who are passionate about people and healthy foods encouraged to apply!
"For of all people that the earth affords / The Londoners fare richest at their boards."
Little Giant Ladders
A 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class was just scanned near Earth Fare Plaza, Greenville
Don't forget to stop by the gift card table each Sunday or the office Monday through Thursday to pick up gift cards. We have Food City, Three Rivers, Earth Fare, Fresh Market, Target, Starbucks, Home Depot, Panera, and more! The church receives a percentage of each sale.
we produce 10,000 copies of our issues, we have distributed them widely and are told and Earth Fare is out! Subscribe now!
I went to Earth Fare again yesterday. They also offer a case discount! I bought a case (12) of coconut water for just under $24 and the cashier gave me more than $2 off!
Obsessed with Earth Fare...I could spend all day in there
What on earth happened re dating? People need ideas? That's pretty standard fare there. 'Go for coffee' - Lol
so they have Publix, Harris Teeter, Bi Low and Whole Foods, and Earth Fare. Basically have to go to 3 stores to get all food
I love Earth Fare Columbia for supporting local community causes!
Such a nice-busy-fast weekend in Columbus with uncle Myles. Played frisbee golf (twice!), park of roses, movie (Malificent), splash pad, Alum creek (I raced kids up and down 120 steps), sky zone trampolines, and lots of good food; Jason's Deli, Quaker Steak, Mellow Mushroom and Coldstone. Not much time for shopping but I snuck in a trip to Earth Fare for Organic red wine. Hey...mama deserves it!!
Inconstant fare forth physiognomy as for brazil attracts clansman overlying the earth: dXjRswe
Finally checked out Earth Fare. I found SOOO many GF foods Cole hasn't had in months (or years). Long story...
Some food geometry with samosas from Earth Fare.
I see him all the time by Earth-Fare. He also loudly sings, and talks in gibberish to himself. He's a real straight shooter...
We still have 8 spots left for the June 17 Store Tour! You can join here: If we fill up, we'll create another event!
Congratulations Dawn Hackathorn Uhlott you are the WINNER of the Earth Fare Charlotte Ballantyne Healthy Runners...
Savvy Shopping workshop tonight at 6:15 Pm with Earth Fare Montgomery
Some lady is eating Bojangles at Earth Fare. I am eating steamed cabbage, smelling fried chicken. You're an *** lady.
Have you mentioned it to your team yet? An Earth Fare in Danville, Va would do wonders to make my life better! And many other ppl
So many milfs shop at earth fare. I think I need a job there
Electric car material moves markets - InvestorIntel and members fare well in the market last week
It was so awesome getting to get coupons and the Green Bag from Earth Fare!! Thanks so much!
Want more great ways to save at Earth Fare? Just text "EAT" to 71700 for text coupons!
The girl at Earth Fare didn't charge me for my bag ๐Ÿ˜ƒ but they were out of mint leaves :/
Looking for cooler place to play next weekend? Head to for the Friends of Earth Fare 5k.
wshonk enjoying the amazing fare at @ Salt Of The Earth
Just made an appointment at Jenny Craig. Gettin back to business. Now off to earth fare for some psoriasis heals! :D
I just fell in love with Earth Fare.
Earth fare has a granola bar named "two moms in the raw"
dude, I hear you. I go to Earth Fare, its hit or miss over there, but better than *** Publix.
My dad ate all the chips I got from Earth fare and replaced them with these nasty tortilla chips from Aldi. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
I got a Greek salad from earth fare & I am about to eat it even tho it "feels good" to be hungry
When I said two slices to the guy at earth fare, I didn't know that meant 3/4 of a whole pizza
I could spend my life savings on earth fare treats and not regret it for a moment.
You are the Earth Fare winner! Stop in, within the week to grab your snackies?
Weather cleared so I was off to Earth Fare. Where the power went out. I shopped via iPhone flashlight. Craziness.
is looking forward to the PaddleBender tomorrow at Lake Murray! Refuel w/ fresh fruit & healthy snacks at the Earth Fare Tent!
Ok thank you, I did but Food Lion says they don't carry them, maybe I can go to Earth Fare sometime.
What did the quinoa say to the jicama? (@ Earth Fare)
See our coop and the plan we used over at Earth Fare today!
See our coop and plan we due cover at Earth Fare today!
Thanks! I love Earth Fare AND love to win things!
to win these summer snacks from Earth Fare! Winner announced 6/8 *local pick-up only*
Can't make it all the way across town today to get your Fish Taco Friday fix? Come see us at in the Earth Fare center!
there's one almost near Sequoyah hills, by earth fare on Kingston.
My fresh cut is so fresh i get a discount at Earth Fare
Get your iPhone insurance today!
There was an article in the Kalamazoo Gazette about a new grocery store coming to Kalamazoo called Earth Fare.
TONIGHT at 6:00 in the College of Education Room 124! Nutriti-thon is going to be happening with free food, free reusable water bottles, and some awesome prizes, including Earth Fare gift baskets. You seriously don't want to miss out!
Earth vs the Spider in glorious B&W was last weekend's fare and this week is a real classic in colour from 1963.
Boom! No arguing with the science:) ((why I laugh so hard when people say I smell like earth fare! Why you should come to a dลTERRA class and learn more;-))
2 pounds of Organic Oranges just $3 at Earth Fare + check out all the Earth Fare deals going on now (I was excited to see pineapple for just $2.49!)
1. Dear Earth and Humans. Thank you for your support today. I cheated without paying a skytrain fare. I got a room at Vogue. All is well
Certain plants are at your fingertips everyday so you will not need to spend ya lil money at The Healthy Home Market, Whole Foods, Earth Fare etc. Check out Aura Agape andKenya Templeton for wild foraging advice.
Mark your Calendars: Next Thursday 5/8 We are doing a talk on the Natural Solutions to ADD/ADHD with BrainCore Therapy @ Earth Fare from 6-6:45
Earth Day may be over, but you can still go green by fare splitting an & be entered to win a bike
I am so grossed out right now!!! I was making my favorite broccoli salad (Earth Fare knock off) when I inspected...
Earth fare's "rainbow drops" (fake m&m's that are infinitely better than real m&m's) are heaven.
Headed to the Rush with Penny Coin to workout. Stopped off at Earth Fare for Sushi...
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