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Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

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Glad to share the Eagle Scout award with Tom Price. . Unrelated, the first point of the Scout Law is "trustworthy."
Boy Scouts sued after teen dies on quest to become Eagle Scout:
Congratulations to Donovan on his Eagle Scout project!
Boy Scout in collects tons of water for Eagle project to aid Hydration Donation Campaign.
I love the Chandler is a student at Mesa Mountain View High School. Thanks Chandler for your great...
Former Schrade Falcon and Eagle Scout came back to beautify our campus!!
Amazing Eagle Scout project. New benches for our Commons Entrance. Thanks Brandon Piehler.
As an Eagle Scout. Gun owner. Took the CHL. I support legislation to limit gun access to domestic abusers
Please sir stop it why are you harassing me I've already reported me please leave kids alone I can't believe a eagle scout
I feel, as an eagle scout, I am prepared for this.
your profile pic says eagle scout idk I'm a little girl and your calling me dumb and making fun of me why
The idea was, this kid, who was a legit Eagle Scout, would show up in uniform and be really excited but confused about what YL camp is 3/
Thank you so much David for doing your Eagle Scout Award for the SAHS - 7 benches, 3 trash cans, 2 picnic tables.
Apply for these Eagle Scout scholarships before the deadline
7 years Jimmy is a Life Scout, one promotion from earning his Eagle Scout rank!
Something I try to do daily. When I was an Eagle Scout, we always left a campground cleaner than…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
What is the special responsibility of an Eagle Scout? Eagle Scouts are expected to set an example for other (cont)
An Eagle Scout project of 'historic' proportion in Ogden
Any amount of money donated is appreciated. Please take the time to read this! Thanks!.
Local News: Family mourns Eagle Scout mysteriously found dead near his abandoned car
An online petition drive now has 11,000 signatures to name it after the firefighter, Marine and Eagle Scout.
We now have a Life Scout. . For those unfamiliar with scouting, this the last rank before Eagle.…
Please consider helping the cause! Ernesto Castro Lopez continues to make South High School a special place.
Check out this cool hiking boot shaped Pathfinder patch
AHEAD on Parents of a teen on the verge of becoming an Eagle Scout filed a wrongful death lawsuit…
Don't forget Malone's 911 Memorial Park on the corner of Webster St. and Main. Adjacent to the YMCA…
1) People often compliment my hair. My secret is washing it in a blend of bald eagle blood & Boy Scout tears. Not cruelty-free, but worth it
Comey may look like an Eagle Scout but his corruption and betrayal of Potus says different.
Congratulations to Class of 2017 grad Ethan Meyn who received his Eagle Scout Award earlier this summer! So proud of you, E…
My dad was an Eagle Scout I'll just ask him
Please send letter of congrats to my son, Brendon for his Eagle Scout. Email me rtherofffor info.
Boy Scout collects tons of water for Eagle project
Gov. S: My son got Eagle Scout & a letter of congrats from you is the only one he asked for. It's so special-text & I'll send address.
Vianney is proud of Eagle Scout Andrew Chapman for his induction & achievement Since 1912 more than 2 million have earne…
Happy to be invited to share with Andrew Chapman his Eagle Scout award ceremony! Congrats Andrew!
An Eagle Scout project is celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony at a local hospital on Monday.
Eagle Scout creates walkway for living memorial of 9/11 attacks .
In case y'all didn't know, I'm an Eagle Scout. Hated Scouting, but we did have extensive wilderness survival traini…
One County High School Senior is putting together an extra special Eagle Scout project. Hear his story tonight on
Help Support a South Student Earn His Eagle Scout Rank and Help Stop Hunger - Ernesto is an APUSH alumnus!
Cooper Garman, Logan Stuke, and sharing with about their Eagle Scout Projects!
her: Can you not?. me: I'm an Eagle Scout, *** yeah I can knot! Square knot, clove hitch, sheepshank.. her: No I mean... me: ..granny knot..
I think this is where the Girl Scout Gold Award is a bit more prestigious than an Eagle Scout. you can use crowd funding for Eagles.
The BOCC recognized Malcolm Elijah Shepard of Boy Scout Troop 276 for receiving his Eagle Scout designation.
Congrats to Dawson who had his Court of Honor recently and is officially an Eagle Scout! Wonderful.
As a former scout leader and father of an Eagle Scout, I'm deeply ashamed of the part in this embarrassment. https:…
As an Eagle Scout who attended a National Jamboree, I'm proud to see the reaffirm their status as an apolit…
Yes, I'm an Eagle Scout and I'm currently an Assistant Scoutmaster for my son's troop. Were you a Scout?
Opinion: There's no mistaking President Trump for a Boy Scout, says Jonathan Hillis, an Eagle Scout
I'm happy to have become an Eagle Scout while Barack Obama was president. A Scout himself, he understood what we really meant by "loyalty."
I'm married to an Eagle Scout but if I ever had a son he would join Girl Scouts before Boy Scouts. I'm disgusted.
This was disgusting. I'm an Eagle Scout and you shame me, as a Scout and American. You are the worst of our society. RESIGN
I've seen Boy Scouts do these kinds of things for their Eagle Scout projects all the time, saves the public huge…
Visit Andrew, a recent Eagle Scout recipient and our newest member and his super cool business Happy Hounds &...
- my son is receiving his Eagle Scout this year would love for President Trump to pin on the honors. Kindest regards. Happy 4th 🚀
Congratulations to Joseph Cantwell for earning his Eagle Scout award. His grandmother Mary says: Joe's Eagle...
This Troop 159 Eagle Scout is living the Scout Oath and Law by helping others around the globe:
16-year old Daniel Rose has made it his Eagle Scout project to preserve the night sky near Bark Camp Lake.…
Building Little Free Libraries, including ones for community gardens, has become a popular Eagle Scout project.
Troop 4 would like to congratulate Justin Nottingham for completing a successful Board of Review tonight. Welcome our newest Eagle Scout.
Joseph Palmer of Lee Center, NY: the Leatherstocking Council's newest Eagle Scout. Just passed his board review.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Boy Scout, Tommy Young presented his idea for his Eagle Scout project to the Decatur County Board of...
Girls in venturing earn the summit award = Eagle Scout. She needs to do her homework and learn about the program for girls
Congratulations to Miguel Iglesias with Troop 729 on attaining his Eagle Scout award. For his project, Miguel...
... his Eagle Scout project and award came up at every single graduate school and medical school interview all over the country.
The stage is set, thanks to Boy Scout Evan Smith almost an Eagle Scout! Just waiting for…
Fewer resumes from dudes in their 50s listing Eagle Scout as an accomplishment? I'm in. .
student Benjamin M. is recognized by the School Board for earning his Eagle Scout award.
Congrats to Scott Moore Jr, our 2017 Eagle Scout of the Year. Recipient of $10k
I'm also not naive that the Eagle Scout award is very watered down to what it once was.
Proud sister moment because my little brother just got his Eagle Scout award and will be graduating Firefighting sc…
Batters eye complete. Thanks Ian McArthur and family for helping and getting his Eagle Scout.
No. It was a popular threat to get boys to get their Eagle Scout award. No Eagle=No License. Ask…
The practical reality is that besides working towards Eagle Scout award, no one was really following th…
This new LDS/BSA announcement is going to put a lot of pressure on parents to get the Eagle Scout award done for their kids turn 14.
Congratulations to Michael Knapp '18 on becoming an Eagle Scout!
Jack Godwin Earns Eagle Scout Award - Jack Godwin is an Eagle Scout as of Sunday, May 21!
Congratulations to Harris Vaughan, who was awarded the Eagle Scout award on Saturday.
Proud to award the rank of Eagle Scout to 6 fine young men today
Congratulations to John Saylor with Troop 247 on his Eagle Scout award. John made improvements to St. Pius church…
Congratulations on earning your Eagle Scout award tomorrow. Sorry I can't be there to see the ceremony. Well done!
Receiving the Eagle Scout of The Year Award from the Florida State Department VFW
I'm going on a run and helping a friend earn his Eagle Scout award at 6am tomorrow
Proud to say that I've earned the rank of Eagle Scout!
Congratulations to Adam Hanau for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout at his ceremony in Hickman on Sunday, April 30.
Congratulations to Devin Davis, the first Eagle Scout in some time in Shenandoah!! Yesterday, I…
So proud of our boy Wyatt. Yesterday he officially was made an Eagle Scout. : )
Eagle Scout who met the Reagans at the White House, no less.
For his Eagle Scout project, senior Ethan Peck renovated the playground at Immanuel Baptist Church. Thank you!
A local Scout made some improvements at the First Broad River Trail last year for his Eagle Scout project.
Congratulations to Arrow of Light recipients from Pack 247 and Erik Roese and James Martin for making Eagle Scout.…
Thanks for having Mr. Joshua Walker, a fellow Eagle Scout, speak at the Blue & Gold. Prou…
Trip to Miami was great ! Enjoyed seeing my nephew receive his Eagle Scout award and the touching gifts he did for his Grandparents.
Spirit that soars: Cerebral palsy no obstacle for Eagle Scout
before you guys vote, know that I am an Eagle Scout my favorite movie is Talledega nights and I love America
Working on an Eagle Scout project for Cyclone Parker Blanchard
recycled: Eagle Tip - A Cool Eagle Scout Video - A Cool Eagle Scout VideoWe live in a video age, but many court...
| Canton teen refurbishes a dozen fire hydrants for Eagle Scout project: Kell…
When I say I'm an Eagle Scout. What she thinks. Vs. Reality
Who else had that friend in high school you had to drive around because they couldn't get their license til they got their Eagle Scout?
Proud of my son and his Eagle Scout project. Even more proud he chose to give back to the American Legion and suppo…
Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony honors more than 300 local scouts Our own spoke…
Did I mention my son was an Eagle Scout, 82nd Airborne, and now a police officer $ daughter is a store manager.
Cole Clark of Clinton Christian Academy recently attained the rank of Eagle Scout after 10 years in the Boy Scouts
Eagle Tip - That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - Scout Resources
Learn more about the project that is a life-changing gift for a child with special needs:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
as of February 11th 2017, I am an Eagle Scout of mattapoisett troop 53
Villanova's Josh Hart is living proof that you can be a Scout *and* a successful athlete.
Thank you Greg piper for clearing the downed tree on the switch back Eagle Scout Trail at Crooked Springs. Job well done.
this is stupid...I am an eagle scout...people care more about special interests than a group as a whole.
Congrats Justin Tuman on your Eagle Scout Rank! Proud to be part of honor program.
"He's an Eagle Scout, he knows a lot of knots"
Feels good to have my Eagle Scout project done. Just a few more things to finish up for Eagle. Thanks to everyone w…
Good kids doing good things. Blaine Gustafson (in red) doing his Eagle Scout project in Liberty Lake. Bench along…
This Scout went above and beyond to help grieving mothers for his Eagle Project. .
Congrats to and JB for making Eagle Scout - way to go fellas!
2181 NC Boy Scouts earned rank of Eagle Scout last year. Thanks to all that furthered bird conservation for their Eagle Sc…
With colleagues this afternoon in Norton for a double Boy Scout Eagle Court Ceremony. Congratulations to both young men, Austin Carroll and
Congratulations to James who will be awarded Eagle Scout designation tomorrow!
"In just three short weeks, he has made Nixon, look like an Eagle Scout. There is a long and ugly fall in Trump’s f…
Being an Eagle Scout is a high honor but when you tell someone they laugh
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Just got a huge part of my Eagle Scout project today. I can't say anything else other than thank you to everyone supporting me with this!
Thus young man is having his Eagle Scout ceremony on February 19th at 12:30 in the fellowship hall of Holy Cross...
Hey James I just wanted to tell you I thought it was awesome that you earned your Eagle Scout. I wondered you were in the OA.
Bryan On Scouting - Atlanta Falcons tight end D.J. Tialavea is an Eagle Scout
No problem setting the pace and driving forward for this Eagle Scout. He just happens to play basketball for the...
New Coté Show podcast: Biz Dev, Defining an application, the atheist eagle scout, with
From this weekend's gig at my nephew's eagle scout retreat. love too provide tunes for these hard-wroking, dedicate…
Major throwback to 2011 when became an Eagle scout! Little did we know that 6 years later, this photo w…
We are seeing the downside of being an Eagle Scout. Comey, Sessions & who else? Their zealous natures set them up for being used.
"I would never have been an Eagle Scout, or want to be responsible, without seeing you do it first."
Earning the rank of Eagle is a huge honor. Congratulations to the four boys from Boy Scout Troop 4, chartered by...
I support this stance as a former cub master, asst. scout master, and father of an Eagle Scout
*** I was an Eagle Scout, then I went on to be an operator with Force Recon Marines,the Boy Scouts sure have c…
Jerray Chang of Boy Scouts of America Troop 376 was promoted to Eagle Scout at a Jan. 14.
Tillerson, Eagle Scout & former leader on Board of Boy Scouts of America : You're Up!!! Any Comment?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Boy Scouts are here working on the bus conversion for an Eagle Scout project. The first st…
I am a volunteer for the Boy Scouts. I am the advancement chair for a Troop. My brother is an Eagle Scout and that's how I got
I married an Eagle Scout.and am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America having been a Leader for 8 years.…
If states could be Boy Scouts, I am pretty sure Michigan would be an Eagle Scout.
Fire Chief David Miller says department "is devastated", says Randy Cannon was an Eagle Scout.
Four BSM seniors remark on their time spent working towards their Eagle Scout status:
Growing up in Boy Scouts, becoming an Eagle Scout, and earning my own way
Eagle Scout project adds Bluff City site to via
We've saved you a bite of these 30 sweet Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Eagle Scout cake designs.
Just got this blue bracelet that means I'm an Eagle Scout, and yes ladies, it glows in the dark🙌🏼…
That old computer could make a world of difference from someone, thanks to this Hopkins student's Eagle Scout...
Olympic National Park Wilderness may soon bear the name of an Eagle Scout...A bill honoring former Washington...
Eagle Scout project for our PreK program by 2016 St. Michael School graduate Josh Hoffman. A job well done.
I have never forgotten my days as an Eagle Scout. I didn't know it ...
Oh, but he was an Eagle Scout. So was Charles Whitman, Arthur Gary Bishop, Mark Hofmann, John Edward Robinson, etc.
Chris Collins just said all he needs to know about tillerson is that he was an Eagle Scout. See Charles…
How come an Eagle Scout can put it on his resume for the rest of his life but nobody cares about the Girl Scouts Gold Award??
It used to be that people boasted about their kids winning spelling bees or getting their Eagle Scout award. SMH
So proud of my boy jakob for earning his Eagle Scout award!
Congrats to Coach Curtin's Son Troye on his Eagle Scout project and award.
Congratulations to Troop 64 Eagle Scout, Kris Zeek, on being awarded the Silver Beaver Award for his service to...
Give Cory a round of 👏👏👏 for receiving his Eagle Scout award after making 116 blankets for babies lost during infan…
Alabama set to execute former Eagle Scout for 1994 murder
.student Connor Jantz earns rank of Eagle Scout, highest advancement rank in scouting.
One of my old troopmates has Down Syndrome, and he just got his Eagle Scout award. :)
How is it that everyone knows what an Eagle Scout is, but no one knows what the gold award is??
Local man earns Eagle Scout award: Boy Scout Troop 152 of Clinton, announces Eagle Court of Honor for Grant…
Thanks to an Eagle Scout, the Youth Camp has a new ADA Approved ramp for the cabin!
The only picture I have from my Eagle Scout court of honor is me putting a piece of gum in my mouth
Congratulations to Mason Humphry & Domenic Cemini of Troop 313 on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout! Pleasure to at…
Hamilton Collection
Read this poem aloud at a future Eagle Scout court of honor
Wow, have we got a Saturday surprize for you at our Bolthouse Donor Center. Jeff Grimes is going for Eagle Scout...
We have exciting news! Eagle Scout hopeful Jeff Grimes is hosting an all day blood drive on Saturday, November...
Eagle Scout project gives disabled kids a hand using a 3D printer to build the pieces of prosthetic hands
Eagle Scout & Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government graduate "...pushing social goals such as better housing,...
RENO — Life was fairly normal for Austyn Crites until Saturday night. The 33-year-old, Eagle Scout and...
Leave to an Eagle Scout to drive the point home.
Sometimes your students know when you need a loaf of pumpkin bread. Thank you to my favorite Eagle Scout!!❤️️
Big shout out to Jack Szabo for achieving Eagle Scout along with our players Isaac Rex and Ammon Stark! We are
An inspirational story of an ever winding, twisting a steep Trail that now lays behind this Eagle Scout...
This is what Eagle Scout Projects do they make it better. Erosion control @ HTHS campus. Nice job Jacob!
Pretty cool that at my Eagle Scout dinner, Andrew Russel is my sponsor
I'm one of the 4% of all Boy Scouts that have earned the Eagle Scout Award. This makes me…
TODD STARNES: Hungry Eagle Scout accused of stealing after wanting just one more chicken nugget…
Don't equate Girl Scout Gold Awards and Eagle Scout status! Gold award is way harder! Recognize that!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wonderful! Our grandson, Alex Taylor received his Eagle Scout award Sept. 30th. Quite an accomplishment, right? : )
freddie gonzalez was an Eagle Scout. he knows how to rig a culebra venom bomb
I asked Piazza careers to add a Girl Scout Gold Award badge, as they had one for Eagle Scout, and they listened! Pr…
Blast from the past. 15-year old me, getting my Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts. Couldn't have…
Hope to see everyone at St. Mikes Hall today around lunch today for CJs spaghetti dinner/ Eagle Scout project!
Our precious grandson David Ford received his Eagle Scout award today at Bouquet Canyon Church in Santa Clarita,...
Durham County Boy Scouts presenting the Terry Sanford Citizen of the Year award to Jack Clayton - business & community leader, Eagle Scout.
Bikes donated to University Village children as part of Eagle Scout project: A group of children and parents ...
Eagle Scout collecting dry goods for overseas troops. Donation box in lobby of Schaumburg Municipal Center through…
Congratulations to sophomore Kaleb Brooks for earning Eagle Scout rank!
Eagle Scout creates community and changes the way people view Dyslexia! .
Congratulations to our own Longs Peak Council, Eagle Scout, Patrick G. from Longmont, earning ALL 141 Merit Badges. https…
Scout Petition Comments: "I'm signing as an Eagle should be equal opportunity regardless of gender.
2 Million boys have become Eagle Scouts over the last 100 years. About 15,000/year. 4 out of every 100 Boy Scouts make Eagle Scout.
Congrats to John Francis Coleman in attaining the rank of Eagle Scout! So well deserved!
All purpose parts banner
my daughter was in Girl Scouts & my oldest son is an Eagle Scout as well 🇺🇸
As a fellow Eagle Scout, this powerful piece on the Boy Scouts by EIC spoke right to me.
I was a Boy Scout leader for 20 years. Me & some of my former scouts walk in memory of Robbie, Eagle Scout & friend
On the same topic there is a hat and bandana for Boy Scouts and it issued me an Eagle Scout medal 24k gold
People make fun of Boy Scouts?? You must not be able to comprehend the dedication and skill it takes to become an Eagle Scout.
After four years of work, tonight I became an Eagle Scout! Big thank you to all the adults and Scouts in my troop.
The true reward of becoming an Eagle Scout isn’t the fanfare at the finish but the experiences along the way.
it's called boys scouts *** join it I'm fixing to be an Eagle Scout
Aaron Dorer at earned rank of Eagle Scout w/Troop 934 at He's been elected to the Order of the Arrow.
Troop 85 scouts and leaders removed old posts and wire and hauled the material away as part of an Eagle Scout proje…
Band continued at Syracuse University where he was an Eagle Scout of Band Geekdom w/ Sam ***
Congrats to Robert and Stephen Allen '16 on earning rank of Eagle Scout today.
Eagle Scout candidate in Avon Lake takes on historical project of the Lake Shore Electric Railroad
We'd like to congratulate Nick Miller on becoming an Eagle Scout with the completion of this beautiful bench...
my son is huge Sea hawks fan he Is earning Eagle Scout do you do congratulations letters?
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James Gardner's Eagle Scout project: amphitheater named for Ryan Wood at
Gerald Ford was the first president to have been an Eagle Scout. He was also the first president that no one cared was an Eagle Scout.
This makes me proud to be an Eagle Scout
Who needs a tripod when you have an Eagle Scout? @ Susquehanna River
Perot has had one wife (not three), was an Eagle Scout, and graduated from the Naval Academy. I'd take him over Trump.
She makes Warren Harding look like an Eagle Scout!
Proud to officially call myself and Eagle Scout. Less than 7% of scouts make it. Glad to say I finally did.
Im an Eagle Scout, only 5% of all scouts attain the rank. 35 mill current active scouts, only 2 mill have ever made eagle
not sure about that one. I guess it's just the Eagle Scout in me that notices the Boy Scouts of America building
John Jay's Armando Babot became an Eagle Scout today. Less than 4% of scouts ever accomplish this!
I was going to tattoo it onto my torso, where my patch used to be. I only got Life Scout, one away from Eagle.
Read "The Legend of Eagle Mountain" at an Eagle Scout ceremony. An honor to stand between these 2 young men.
Congrats again George on becoming an Eagle Scout.You inspire me everyday and I'm so blessed to have you in my life❤️
Congratulations to my baby cousin! I can't believe you're an Eagle Scout and a High School…
Honoring "William" Keith Powell at his Eagle Scout ceremony. Speech alumni showed up!
Eagle Scout Candidate Ben Grasso is a man on a mission. Ben's proposed Eagle project is to build a training area...
My parents raised an Eagle Scout. I can do all the work but my wife says no. So here's a…
my son (eagle scout & drug free) said he saw this meeting too but said they were actually wearing KD2PDX gear
Sherwood, the American Legion and an Eagle Scout create a retired flag drop box where old flags can be disposed of. ht…
This old white dude running for senator put in his statement that he's an Eagle Scout. Okay?? Cool??? How tf is that gonna help our state?
.an all-around great kid and role model. Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout tonight!
Congratulations to on becoming an Eagle Scout.
There are Eagle Scout quality knots in my neck and shoulders rn
About to watch be honored as Eagle Scout. Proud of him
Life Scout Zach just passed his Eagle BOR! Congrats and we'll done!
*** homie everyone comes at the Eagle Scout rank
ICMYI: Scout passes 'benchmark' on path to Eagle
I didn't realize they gave whining *** the Eagle Scout rank.
Thank you Brad Pirkel for the Leopold benches for our garden. What an awesome Eagle Scout project!
I'm raising money for my Eagle Scout Service Project. Click here to donate: via
Eagle Scout project underway by Michael Boreman and crew. Adding some beauty to the stadium flagpoles!! ht…
*inturrupts Mike talking about his extensive Boy/Eagle Scout awards to inform him he just walked through poison ivy*
Unbelievably proud to say I became an Eagle Scout last night
in Flag etiquette, it is the only proper way to destroy a soiled flag, learned that as an Eagle Scout
Here at the Eagle Scout Banquet about to take some killer photos with a bald eagle!
If you have nothing to do from 10-2 tomorrow, come to Andrew Warner's eagle scout car/dog wash fundraiser at chase bank on Morris and 1171!
My mentor through scouting who I basically couldn't have gotten Eagle Scout without, sadly passed away today of brain cancer. RIP Jim Eager
I am a Traditional Conservative Republican, an Engineer and an Eagle Scout. Anthony Sizer Candidate for AZ State House
Congrats to Grant Coleman from on your Eagle Scout Award from the
A really special thank you to Mattox Boyce who sponsored a supply drive for PAALS as his Eagle Scout project.
Path to Eagle Scout v5.2 now New service hour tracker and set day of requirement sign off.
Eagle Scout Fundraiser for Orion's Wildwood Amphitheater!!. . My name is Andrew and I am a Life Scout from...
Meet Jay Voshell, he has chosen Somer's Garden as the recipient of his Eagle Scout project. He…
hey dude! Can you please wish good luck, kids trying to become an Eagle Scout today!
Thank you and for recognizing my Eagle Scout Award. Your impact will inspire us forever.
I added a video to a playlist Eagle Scout Scholarship Recipients 2016
Eagle Scout project will support outdoor learning for years to come
The spirit of Memorial Day lives on within Eagle Scout project.
Congrats to Eagle Scout Patrick Riggs for creating the First Responders Memorial at Center Point Park!
Eagle Scout candidate Jonathan Meares is working to raise money for 5 AEDs for state parks!
*** my Eagle Scout court of honor is tomorrow. The time has flown by. Anybody and everybody is welcome to come by.
Congrats, John, for earning the rank of Eagle Scout and completing your project at St. Philip's
Highlights from Boy Scout Golden Eagle Dinner on April 12th at the Amway Center. This year’s event honored Lars...
Today I will be planting a vegetable garden @ a retirement home with my favorite Eagle Scout!
Thanks to American Legion Post 66 and a local Eagle Scout project, we have a beautiful new box for old and...
As both an Eagle Scout and annoying optimist, nothing makes me happier than getting to be a part of
Finally completed my eagle scout project! Thanks for all the wonderful people who helped me.
Eagle Scout asks: 'What does it mean to be American?' via
I'm really excited to see my co eagle scout on sunday. Gosh. Memories. 😁😢😍
Concern for Safety...earns this Eagle Scout the prestigious Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout...
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Praising God!! Luke passed his Eagle Scout Board of review tonight. Woo-hoo! We are so incredibly proud of our...
I love it when I go to untie a shoe and inadvertently tie a Double Reverse Hitch knot and have to hire an Eagle Scout…
Chavez is the Eagle Scout of all things 420
A HUGE thank you to Eagle Scout candidate and former Bobcat, Luke Anderson, for building a greenhouse at Monte Vista
Learn about to road to becoming an Eagle Scout:
If anyone feels like it, I'm doing my Eagle Scout project at Coe Ridge Cemetery next to Buckeye Lanes, so stop by and help if you can
You could help. Mike Rowe is an Eagle Scout. Check out the Scout Oath and Law. Follow them. …
Colin Dickens earned an Eagle Scout award, the first from Alfred Street Baptist's Troop 133.
I am officially an Eagle Scout!! I'm super excited that I now a part of the 3-4% of Eagle Scouts!
Congrats to Jake Moore for earning his Eagle Scout status today. Nice job Jake!
Facts: Student Speaker Sean Welch holds the rank of Eagle Scout through Boy Scouts of America.
Just found out that nation has approved my Eagle Scout application, I am officially part of the 5% of scouts ever to become an Eagle Scout
I have just finished my journey in the Boy Scouts and have earned the rank of Eagle Scout, very proud.
Richard Nixon was an Eagle Scout compared to Hussein Obama. Barry should be impeached, imprisoned, and put on trial for his crimes.
Congrats to Evan W. who successfully completed his Eagle Board tonight! He will be the 113th Eagle Scout from Troop 1523. Way to go Evan!
Update your maps at Navteq
After Eagle Scout board of review. Yes, the trail to Eagle Scout includes fellow previous Eagle…
Trey P. presents Eagle Scout project to the Board of Education. idea
Tonight is a huge night! has he Eagle Scout board of review! I'm so proud of his hard work to make it happen!
Charles started out as a very good boy (Mormon, Eagle Scout), then he landed in Hollywood. Things got very strange.
Today i am the proudest father and Scoutmaster. Not only my son passed his Board for Eagle Scout, but two other...
For the first time in 43 years I was in an Eagle Scout board of review. This time I was on the other side of the...
A Vigil Honor Member and Eagle Scout from Cornhusker Council making a difference.
Passed my Eagle Board of Review tonight an am now officially an Eagle Scout. Girls love a man in uniform right?👔
Please support Randy's Eagle Scout project by attending Ham/Bean Supper at St. Thomas on 5/14 Email or stop by 4 tix
Reaching out to Boy Scouts in Mid-Iowa with a tool to help them gain their Eagle Scout rank. MT
Congrats to Luke Kenyon, Michael Salmento, and Adam Mikulski of Troop 44 upon earning the rank of Eagle Scout.
Our newest team. Member Addison Lash. Addison is an Eagle Scout and part of the Sea Scouts and just had an...
community clean up tomorrow and going to an Eagle Scout ceremony on Sunday
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