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Dylann Roof

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Except Tim mcveigh, Ted kaczynski and Alexander Bissonet were all called terrorists, and so was Dylann Roof.
Dylann Roof is mentioned so... There's that.
just asked me if the person standing next to this seal is Dylann Roof ***
Dylann Roof to plead guilty to murder charges -
Here's an idea regarding Dylann Roof. Save the money and the jail space and take him out behind a building a put a bullet in…
Its BEEN that bolsters the Dylann Roof "types" of the U.S.. They twist it! Roof's a MURDERER, li…
BREAKING: Friend of Dylann Roof gets 27 months in prison for failing to report church shooting plot, then lying about it to FBI.
Solicitor: Dylann Roof will plead guilty, avoid state trial in Emanuel AME church shooting
Joey Meek, friend of Dylann Roof who knew of Roof's plans, sentenced to 2 years, 3 months in federal prison
Dylann roof deserves. othing more than two in the head behind the shed.
Dylann Roof will plead guilty to murder charges in Charleston church shooting
Why is Dylann Roof trending? I don't wanna hear about that filth unless he's been set on fire 😒
Dylann Roof pleads guilty to avoid another death sentence
Independent: Charleston shooter Dylann Roof to plead guilty
BREAKING: Dylan Roof will plead guilty to murder to avoid his second death sentence.
Well Dylann Roof got to eat more Burger King than I have in the last year. I ain't even salty. Take that L, Dylann.
Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death. Will his last meal include a Whopper from Burger King?
When Dylann Roof killed 9 innocent black people, we did not question his God'
Prosecutor says the plea deal with Roof effectively makes life in prison his backup sentence for the church massacre https:…
Dylann Roof, man convicted of church massacre, to plead guilty to state charges
Everything you know about Dylann Roof is wrong.
We going to pretend that we don't notice markeith loyd face all beat up tho? Did that happen on their way to Burger Kin…
▶Whatever Dylann Roof wants, he gets - He was taken into custody alive, bought Burger King for a sna...
Charleston church shooter to plead guilty to murder charges by via Home -
Charleston shooter Dylann Roof to plead guilty
Convicted church shooter Dylann Roof is set to plead guilty to state murder charges to avoid a second death sentence
Dylann Roof will plead guilty to murder for Charleston church massacre, avoiding second death penalty trial
Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof to plead guilty in state murder case via
Cops bought Dylann Roof Burger King after his calm arrest
Yes, Dylann Roof, after killing nine people, was not only taken alive, but driven to Burger King by cops bcuz…
Did they dress up like Timothy McVeigh, or Dylann Roof?
we also don't have a holy war happening right now. Don't think that people like Dylann Roof didn't do what he did w/o religion.
John Allen Muhammad = Terrorist. Dylann Roof = Misunderstood kid . Both of these men are terrorists.
Google is your friend:. Robert Lewis Dear, Dylann Roof?? Also: you're welcome
This is also consistent with U.S. born domestic terrorists; such as Dylann Roof, Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, etc.
I could just as easily equate a White Supremacist or Timothy McVeigh or Dylann Roof to all white people.
Man accused of planning Dylann Roof-style attack indicted on federal gun charge
Dylann Roof is evil personified. He never would have got away with that at Muhammad Mosque. [VIDEO] SC man accused of plotting Dylann Roof-style attack indicted - Myrtle Beach Sun News
Dylann Roof. Adam Lanza. James Holmes. Jared Loughner. Timothy McVeigh. TJ Lane. But immigrants are who we should be afraid of
Timothy McVeigh. Jared Loughner. Dylann Roof. Wade Michael Page. I know you're a troll meant to spark outrage but you…
Pastor of second AME church police say Dylann Roof may have targeted after Mother Emanuel shooting says he cancelled bible study that night
Prosecutors: Dylann Roof drove toward a 2nd black church after killing 9 at Mother Emanuel in Charleston in 2015.…
.capital client Duane Buck just got a new sentencing hearing today thanks to a 6-2 SCOTUS decision
And you've just proven my point with the other part. Dylann Roof scares me. Maybe he doesn't scare you.
Dylann Roof reportedly planned to shoot up another Black church on the day of the Emmanuel AME massacre…
Convicted Charleston church shooter stopped at another AME church after the initial shooting, documents show.…
Two other individuals in the news with pro-Apartheid views? Dylann Roof and Thomas Mair.
i love her i love her . Denice Frohman - "The Hour Dylann Roof Sat in the Church".
Man accused of plotting attack like Dylann Roof"s will remain jailed
How about we institute a law banning white men from churches since Dylann Roof committed Charleston Massacre??
The black community catching Dylann Roof's ghost on his way to *** after he gets electrocuted to death.
Or the next Dylann Roof. Oh wait... he isn't Syrian. Neither was Mateen.
Dylann Roof stopped at second AME church after Charleston
If is all about law and order...let's see him push for quick punishment on hate crimes this egregious...
Dylann Roof drove toward second black church after Charleston shooting, prosecutors say https:/…
After Emanuel shooting, Dylann Roof stopped at another AME church in Jedburg
Dylann Roof stopped at 2nd AME church after shooting
Newly unsealed court documents reveal Dylann Roof drove toward a second black church after shooting up the first. https:…
Let's not forget that Dylann Roof sat in that church for two hours, watching these people pray, love together, laugh together.
GPS shows Dylann Roof drove to a second church after Charleston shooting, but was "too tired" to continue his plan: https…
I know that raised over $100K for Mother Emanuel Church after Dylann Roof shooting.
Ah, yes, in Red Bank. Now better known to most of the country as "where Dylann Roof lived before he went to Mother…
South Carolina man with white supremacy ties planned a shooting "in the spirit of Dylann Roof," complaint says
FBI has arrested a who allegedly planned to carry out a Dylann Roof-style massacre against a South Carolina synagogue...
South Carolina man who ranted about Jews arrested for planning shooting ‘in the spirit of Dylann Roof.'
Developing: FBI arrests man who planned to commit attack "in the spirit of Dylann Roof."
Dylann Roof's racist rants read in court
Dylann Roof is a fanatic Trump Supporter and M…
The 22yo was sentenced to die for killing nine black members of Charleston's Emanuel AME Church in June 2015.
Convicted shooter Dylann Roof wants new federal trial
Charleston church killer Dylann Roof seeks NEW trial why do killers want to live? they don't deserve it!
The request for a new federal trial should be denied.
To *** with Dylann Roof and whatever the *** he wants!
Convicted shooter Dylann Roof wants new federal trial. .
actually not all terrorists are Muslim . . . Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Neo Nazis, the Klan, et cetera . . .
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"I don't regret what I did. I am not sorry. I have not shed a single tear for the innocent people I killed." - Dylann…
August 4, 2016: Dylann Roof was attacked by Dwayne Stafford in prison. He suffered brusises to his face and back. http…
Part of Roof's argument challenges the government's assertion that his crimes violated a federal commerce clause.
People were celebrating the death sentence of Dylann Roof. I expressed how I will never change my mind on this in extreme terms
One is Sam Harris. The other is mass murdering white supremacist terrorist, Dylann Roof. Spot the difference or nah? h/t…
Dylann Roof Wants New Trial How 'bout we give it to you after the sentence?
The Miseducation of Dylann Roof: How the Google search algorithm highlights racists and antsemites - SPLC.
White supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death. But for the families, the pain continues.
...Oh a Domestic Terrorist like Dylann Roof.and Timothy McVay.Yeah..Add your name the the list too...SMDH
5. But that’s just groups. There is ALSO the untracked world of white supremacist radicalization online—e.g., Dylann Roof…
Oh, so every Iranian hates America? So using your logic, you & every white person agrees with what Dylann Roof did, righ…
Jury sentences Dylann Roof to death for Charleston church slayings
Convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof asks for new federal trial.
Dylann Roof asks for new trial in Charleston shooting
"The immensity of the pain that Roof has inflicted upon Charleston is not contained by geography." via
Dylann Roof sentenced to death for church slayings
What is Dylann Roof trying to change in this federal re-trial he's asking for? He couldn't possibly have been surprised by his verdict.
How was Dylann Roof radicalized? The answer lies, at least in part, in the algorithms powering Google Search
EXCLUSIVE: Could SC prosecutor be rethinking death penalty trial for Dylann Roof? - The State
Stephen Miller is Dylann Roof in a cheap suit, David Duke with a receding hairline, and Lester Maddox without the accent. GOP racists suck!
"Hi, I'm Sean Duffy and I've come to defend the actions of "It was pop, pop, pop," Dylann Roof."
The list doesn't include white supremacist attacks like Dylann Roof or spree killings like Sandy Hook.
Dylann Roof, Alexandre Bissonnette, Michael Wade Page, Frazier Glenn Miller... 24 murders in the last few years
Former FBI profiler reveals the 2 personality traits that turned Dylann Roof into a murderer
Adam Lanza & James Holmes & Dylann Roof is like Santa Claus opening presents for , excusing 8x crime.
Dylann Roof, Adam Lanza,Ted Kaczynski,Timothy McVeigh,James Holmes just a few TERRORIST! Anyone is capable of being one
Ramadan Reflection Day 2: Juneteenth, Dylann Roof and the Continued Struggle for Equality: Imam Khalid Latif is…
By a fanatic Trump Supporter, a Trumpeteer. Word out of South Carolina is that Dylann Roof i…
"Syrian refugees combined over the last 14 years haven't killed more people than Dylann Roof did in 14 minutes" - Atlanta si…
Don't come into my mentions telling me Mike Brown was a "thug" but go quiet when I bring up Dylann Roof or Adam Lanzo.
All purpose parts banner
I just have no sympathy for murderers like Dylann Roof or Anders Behring Breivik or Adam Lanza and rapists in general
When ur sad because Obama is giving his farewell speech but u remember that Dylann Roof got the death penalty today https…
Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Dylann Roof's death penalty sentence: "No verdict can heal the wounds."
Judge formally sentences Charleston shooter Dylann Roof to death, a day after a jury recommended the death penalty.
BREAKING: Dylann Roof sentenced to death for killing 9 black church members; 1st to get death penalty for federal hate crimes.
BREAKING: Dylann Roof who shot dead nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina has been sentenced to death https:/…
Dylann Roof was sentenced to death for killing nine black worshipers at a South Carolina church
Dylann Roof is sentenced to death for South Carolina church attack: qua
A jury has sentenced Dylann Roof to death
Jury condemns Dylann Roof to death for South Carolina church massacre
Dylann Roof sentenced to death for 2015 Charleston church shooting via
Dylann Roof, sentenced to death, showed no remorse for killing 9 at a black church in South Carolina
Dylann Roof gets death penalty for racially motivated killings of nine black people at a South Carolina church
BREAKING: Jury sentences Dylann Roof to death for the murder of 9 African Americans in a South Carolina church in 2015. https:/…
Dylann Roof has been convicted & sentenced to death however the White supremacist ideology that motivates him has yet to b…
It's annoying how Dylann Roof gets sentenced to death for having an extra N in his name, and Gregg Wallace gets away with it.
Dylann Roof sentenced to death for massacre of black church members
BREAKING: A jury sentenced white supremacist Dylann Roof to death for murdering 9 black Charleston church members in 2015
Dylann Roof: I have a right to ask forgiveness, 'but I'm not sure what good that will do' - Los Angeles Times…
😡 Rams vow to be motivated for season-ending matchup with Cardinals ⚡🌟➡️
Dylann Roof did not testify or call any witnesses during his sentencing hearing.
Fake news and the miseducation of Dylann Roof: Dylann Roof did not enter Emanuel AME and murder… |
Do you know how you can tell if an act like Dylann Roof's actually occurred?. They let you in on all the details of the court proceedings.
Dylann Roof, throughout his journal, somehow claims to be a Christian. . His Jesus is a blonde haired, blue-eyed European wh…
Wounds re-open as Dylann Roof's sentencing nears -
Dylann Roof calls no witness, offers no evidence in death penalty hearings
“Listen, humanity is in bad shape, and it’s not just an American problem but a world problem.”
Just last year Dylann Roof murdered nine people June 2015 at a Charleston Church. As he hasn't been found guilty yet, he's st…
Let us not forget Dylann Roof South Carolina Church massacre killing 9.
Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof puts up no defense against death penalty -
The Google search that launched Dylann Roof's journey from casual racist to mass murderer via
Kinda got a Dylann Roof vibe going on here..
Prosecutors rest in penalty phase of Dylann Roof trial
Sad! Reminds me of Black friend of Dylann Roof maintaining race wasn't factor in Mother Emmanuel massacre..
did you really compare the hate crime in Chicago to that of the racially motivated murders committed by Dylann Roof?
Wounds re-open as Dylann Roof's sentencing nears - Washingto..
Like Dylann Roof going into a church and murdering 9 Black worshipers just because he hated their blackness? And then showing no remorse?
Dylann Roof is Trumpian: "Not fair to allow that much testimony to be heard! The victim-impact evidence'll take over the s…
Wounds re-open as Dylann Roof's sentencing nears
Daily reminder Dylann Roof was most likely an opioid addict & his attempt at an offensive operation failed .
Dylann Roof trial: Closing arguments to follow chilling testimony
He presented no defense because he has no defense. Dylann Roof is an evil racist. May he rot in *** Forever.
Calling the actions of four black kids a is like calling the actions of Dylann Roof the
Calling a random criminal act because the thugs were black is like calling Dylann Roof's crime the
Micah Johnson, Dylann Roof, Chicago 4 wrong. Trump mocking reporter wrong. Being less wrong does not make one right.
domain names
A year and a half after the massacre, many struggle to define what justice would mean.
A whilppling is coming for them. Don't you believe that ? Y'all know what's coming for dylann roof. ByeBye.
White people: Dylann Roof doesn't represent us!!. Black people: yeah we know. *kidnapping of disabled man*. WP: BLACK PEOP…
KING: Dylann Roof’s journal shows danger in myth of white Jesus
Repulicans are so ugly & mean they will fry in the satan's house. Them & dylann roof will be there.
The fate of Dylann Roof, the 22-year-old white supremacist who murdered nine people in a black church will be decided today
How to make a racist: takes a deep dive for into what drove Dylann Roof to mass murder
Is this the same peddling slate that compared Our president elect to dylann roof..
Federal judge rules Dylann Roof is mentally competent to represent himself at the sentencing phase of his trial.
.Dylann Roof’s journal once again shows the danger in the myth of white Jesus
Dylann Roof asks judge to stop prosecutors from saying words like "evil" or "pit of ***
Staring at the White Jesus in Dylann Roof’s Prison Journal
A tone poem on the Dylann Roof trial from inside the courtroom
Dylann Roof shouldn't get the death penalty. Maybe spend his life in a hut on a 20' x 20' island in hog waste lagoon.
...Put your Lutheran theology of grace to the test. Does it include Dylann Roof in the justified? What role do our sins play in our faith?
South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof poised to represent himself at sentencing hearing Wednesday
Why We Should Never Forget Susie Jackson (the Black Woman Shot 11 Times by Dylann Roof), or Any of…
Dylann Roof tells judge he will not call witnesses -
Hey Dylann Roof from North Carolina is one of your supporters. He never got a chance to vote. The one that got away :( SAD
Dylann Roof won't try to save his life in looming death penalty trial
Dylann Roof will not call witnesses as jury mulls death penalty - NY ... - New York Daily News
The Latest: Dylann Roof won't call witnesses or present evidence to try and spare his... by v…
Dylann Roof, the admitted white supremacist who could face the death penalty for killing nine black churchgoers,...
Dylann Roof will not call witnesses or present evidence during sentencing trial.
Church shooter Dylann Roof says he won\'t call witnesses, give evidence to spare life
Here's one of those proud racists who thinks Dylann Roof is a hero. 👉Hopes POS Trump will pardon him. Entire pag…
Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof says he won't be submitting evidence to try to spare his life. A look back:
I don't know why the court keeps providing Dylann Roof a chance to escape this. He's clearly not insane & he openly expresse…
Republican state Rep. Chris Corley, arrested on charges of domestic violence after punching his wife in the face:
⚡️ “Dylann Roof won't offer evidence to spare his life”.
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Dylann Roof won't work to spare his life in church massacre - WPRI 12 Eyewitness News
The death penalty is too good for Dylann Roof, deny him the thing he wants so bad.
I liked a video from Meet Dwayne Stafford, the guy who beat Dylann Roof in prison
Watching Dylann Roof's confession video once again.
Dylann Roof: Charleston shooter won't offer evidence to spare life
DT radicalizes ppl like Dylann Roof.Left:Roof's manifesto abt black on white crime.Right: Trump pushing fake stats on blac…
So religion also has every thing to do in the case of terrorists, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof's actions.
what evidence could he present? Dylann Roof didnt just kill them. He talked with them, attended the church service…
Doug Martin gets 4 game suspension for failing a drug test but Dylann Roof gets 0 game suspension for killing black peop…
"Dylann Roof" is sacrificing his life 2 the religion of White supremacy and pure evil. Will whites put his pic over their fireplaces? smh
Dylann Roof actually WANTS to get the death penalty because he understands that white supremacy is a RELIGION, & all reli…
Dylann Roof should die. Unlike Leftists, we make no excuses for this evil man's crimes. Roof, Trayvon, Mike Brown, all…
Are you sure you want to talk about shootings? Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Dylann Roof say hi. Is this the hill you…
Dylann Roof is convicted in church shooting; jurors deliberated less than two hours via
Dylann Roof's imaginative race war and the miscarriage of justice for black bodies
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Slate just equated the next President of the United States to mass murderer Dylann Roof. Yes, that really happened. https…
It's the job of the families of Dylann Roof's victims to forgive. It is the job of civil government to put him to death.
I need to share this again during peak hours. But my God is this hauntingly beautifully written
"At no point…did it look like Dylann Roof was in fear for his life.” on Roof and the *privilege* of ease. http…
Dylann Roof really said he did what he did because black people are violent and aggressive so he KILLED 9 ELDERLY PEOPLE I…
He is right! "Dylann Roof: Psychology is a Jewish invention"
Dylann Roof didn't think he shot 9 people either. Psycho people deny reality.
Dylann Roof was crazy. David Duke is hateful
this piece on whiteness & the ease of Dylann Roof throughout his trial is something to behold:
Dylann Roof doesn’t want jurors to consider his mental health when deciding whether he should face the death penalty
Dylann Roof seemed innocent when he walked into that church—yet he killed 9 people as they prayed.
Jury finds white supremacist Dylann Roof guilty on all 33 charges in Charleston massacre
EVIDENCE: Here are full church lists found in Dylann Roof's car & discussed in court yesterday. Court just uploaded these…
Terrific writing from on an awful topic: the Charleston church murderer, and the security of whiteness.
Dylann Roof is not a madman he's a RADICAL WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST. Say the words.
Be wary of those who will use the conviction of Dylann Roof as a way to legitimize the efficacy & fairness of the crimin…
Dylann Roof found guilty on all counts of a 33-count federal indictment.
What gave us Donald Trump is what gave us Dylann Roof:
Dylann Roof is the first person to face back-to-back federal and state death sentences since the U.S. reinstated the d…
If Dylann Roof is allowed to live he'll be an ICON to white supremacists everywhere. Isn't that why they said Bin Lade…
How fake news led Dylann Roof to murder nine people
The greatest tool in Dylann Roof's back pocket: whiteness
Dylann Roof found guilty of Charleston church slaughter
White media keeps trotting out house negroes to argue Dylann Roof should NOT be executed. Now it's Goldie Taylor. https…
White supremacist terrorist Dylann Roof was described as having been "self-radicalized." No. Normalization and legitimizati…
Dylann Roof is convicted of perpetrating the June 17, 2015 Charleston church shooting, also known as the Charleston church…
A requiem for Susie Jackson, the black woman shot 11 times by Dylann Roof
The NAACP continues to mourn for the nine victims of Charleston's Emanuel AME. Time to erase hatred and racism.
Dylann Roof will not call mental health experts because he believes 'psychology is a Jewish invention' 
We also should never forget Susie Jackson, Black woman shot 11 tmes by Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof found guilty in racially motivated killings of 9 black South Carolina church members.
Dylann Roof convicted of all counts in church slaughter via
Dylann Roof has been found guilty of the shooting of nine worshippers at a church in South Carolina
BREAKING: Charleston church gunman Dylann Roof found guilty of federal hate crimes
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Dylann Roof guilty of South Carolina church killings - of God.
BREAKING: Jury convicts Dylann Roof in racially motivated slayings of 9 black church members in South Carolina.
A jury in South Carolina has convicted Dylann Roof in the racially motivated killings of 9 black churchgoers in June 2015.
Dylann Roof guilty of South Carolina church killings
Dylann Roof thought he was just doing what Donald Trump wanted. South Carolina Republican governor Nikki Haley blam…
I guarantee you, justice for Dylann Roof doesn't look like letting him write Nazi books in prison the rest of his life like David Lane
All Americans are less safe when media refuses to use word terrorist to describe Dylann Roof. Terrorist come in all shade…
JUST IN: Jury finds Dylann Roof guilty in last year’s massacre at a Charleston, SC, church
Governor Nikki Haley on Dylann Roof trial: 'Justice has been served'
Jurors convict Dylann Roof on all counts in South Carolina church slayings
- Jurors find Dylann Roof guilty in hate crime shootings in South Carolina church…
Little Giant Ladders
JA & Victoria Moore promote empowerment: Responding to Dylann Roof is bigger than protests and boycotts…
The government has laid out its death penalty case against Dylann Roof reports
Today I learned about Denmark Vesey, who led a slave rebellion. Thanks, Dylann Roof!.
Dylann Roof is the first person in modern US history to face both a federal and state death penalty
on the innanet you see ppl that are convinced Dylann Roof is no different from ppl that support black nationalism.
"I did it" - Dylann Roof confesses to shooting dead nine black people in Charleston church massacre.
Mark O'Mara condemns Dylann Roof's lack of remorse, calls it "frightening" and "a new breed." Miss photo of slovenly Zimmerman luxuriating?
No mistrial for Dylann Roof after church shooting survivor calls him 'evil'
The trial of Dylann Roof, who is accused of killing 9 people in a church in Charleston, S.C., is set to begin
South Carolina is all in the media right now. Walter Scott, Dylann Roof, Kodak Black, Charlamagne, Gullah Geechee. Our voic…
"Evil, evil, evil as can be." A survivor faces down Mother Emanuel killer Dylann Roof. My story from Charleston:
I just want Dylann Roof to get his *** whooped and life in solitary.
U.S. Media's double standard is on parade this week. Dylann Roof and Pizzagate gunman should be called terrorists but won…
Prosecutor: Accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof stood over victims "and he kept shooting and shooting."…
Prosecutors say Dylann Roof stood over his victims in South Carolina church shooting, shooting them repeatedly.
So Dylann Roof kills 9 Black churchgoers who were nice to him & the onus is place on their families to forgive that scumbag…
The trial of Dylann Roof for the Charleston church shooting, explained - Vox
A jury has been seated in the trial of Dylann Roof, who is charged in the Charleston church shootings.
“I just thought he was somebody coming in to seek the Lord.” Read to end of story on
Emanuel survivor recounts selfless acts of the dying in Dylann Roof's federal trial
A jury was seated Wednesday morning for the trial of Dylann Roof, the man accused of killing nine people in June...
Vote Dylann Roof Not Guilty 2016. He was a good kid going to church
The murder trial of Dylann Roof opened in a South Carolina federal courtroom on Wednesday. Roof allegedly killed...
Dylann Roof will go on trial on Wednesday after rulings
Chilling. | 'Evil, evil, evil as can be': Emotional testimony as Dylann Roof trial begins
Dylan Roof emptied an entire magazine into an 87-year-old church matriarch and grandmother.
Been missing your music. So caught up in the trials of Ray Tensing, Michael Slager & Dylann Roof. Feeling so discouraged.
and also Dylann Roof... the columbine high school shooting, rapist Brock Turner, the guy that shot up the movie the…
Dylann Roof, accused of killing 9 black people at a South Carolina church, allowed to represent himself, judge rules https…
Judge rules Dylann Roof is competent to stand trial in South Carolina church massacre
NEWS : Accused church gunman Dylann Roof to represent himself at trial
31% of black residents and 64% of whites wanted the death penalty to Dylann Roof, acc. SC survey last spring.
Judge: Dylann Roof competent to stand trial
Judge rules Dylann Roof is competent to be tried for hate crimes in Emanuel 9 massacre
Dylann Roof competent to stand trial, judge rules - CNN
After psychiatric evaluation, Dylann Roof has been ruled competent to stand trial for the shootings. https:…
Dylann Roof has been declared competent to stand trial. Now, what about the cop who took him to Burger King? What's his…
I was not aware that Dylann Roof was “accused” of killing 9 people, I thought he definitely confessed to doing that, com…
This is in Dylann Roof's federal hate crimes trial. He'll also have a state murder trial. In both cases, he faces a possibl…
"All terrorists are Muslims" bc media doesnt use word terrorism for people like white supremacist Dylann Roof
Competent or NOT, Dylann Roof should face trial. He intentionally targeted this church & should be terminated. Like ALL oth…
Judge rules Dylann Roof, accused of killing 9 at a Charleston church, is competent to face death penalty trial
Roof, 22, has been federally indicted on 33 counts related to nine murders in the June 2015 killings, some of...
Judge: Dylan Roof competent to stand trial for church slayings
In other news, Dylann Roof could get the death penalty for the Charleston Shooting. So today starts off pretty good
Dylann Roof found competent to stand trial in church shootings. Another step closer to justice! v…
Dylann Roof competent to stand trial, judge rules
Judge rules Dylann Roof competent to stand trial for killing of nine worshipers... by via
Notified Previously Fact checker was probably an illiterate WORKER?
BREAKING: Man charged with murders of 9 African-Americans at South Carolina church declared competent.
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