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Dylan Moran

Dylan Moran (born 3 November 1971) is an Irish stand-up comedian, writer, actor and filmmaker.

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I know, right? Different Dylan Moran. mor-AN, not MOR-en. He plays Carlos on Night Vale. Also does other stuff.
I'm confused. Dylan Moran is the Irish comedian I based Ryland on.
I wonder about Dylan Moran. Hispanic, *** versatile performer. Haven't seen him do much screen acting, but he's photogenic.
Dylan Moran on quitting smoking, being about as sexy as the Pope and why comedy panel programmes are 'c*ck shows' …
not on Netflix, but Monster by Dylan Moran and anything by Dara O'Briain are all on YouTube in full
Genuinely I have the strangest crush on Dylan Moran.
Just after the election, we saw comedian Dylan Moran in San Francisco. He came out and simply asked, "has anything happened?"
that's a shame. It's about a grumpy misanthrope who runs a secondhand bookshop in London. Dylan Moran & Bill Bailey. Bliss!
once again i'm not gonna get sleep tonight b/c im too busy thinking about THE GOATS THAT CLIMB TREES GODDAM
English doctors didnt know what to make of it. Dylan Moran saying u can't tell if the English have just got married or just died reminded me
Dylan Moran on the English and the Irish. .
Dylan Moran as a medieval music executive ogre in BBC3’s Uncle might be the best minute of TV this year!
Watching reminded of Dylan Moran, describing Ann Widdecombe's voice as sounding like 'a stegosaurus with its *** on fire'
I LOVE Dylan Moran, I'm totally watching it now, thank you!
if you like Dylan Moran, "A Film with Me in it" is good. If you don't like him then maybe it's not so good..
Dylan Moran: Religion, Politics, Science, Technology and Consumerism in under 11 minutes
I would take a razor scooter to the ankle for it to be Friday
"Please don't let me die in a garden centre!" - Dylan Moran
People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like 'be realistic.' - Dylan Moran
My dream picks, in no order: Emma Thompson, Dylan Moran, Tamsin Grieg, Ben Wishaw...
Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig as great trio Bernard, Manny and Fran
Dylan Moran. Oct 15, Ottawa. Saw him last in Dublin. Brilliant. Digging out Black Books DVD's in preparation. And my Lea…
I don't go to different countries to criticise their political system and tell them what they s
What is universal can be surprising. Over time you find the kind of stuff which has people th
Remember how you wanted podcast recommendations a lil while ago? *** with Marc Maron" is rather good. The Dylan Moran one's great.
My drive to put myself on the line comes from boredom. From that feeling when you go to bed
Seriously?? On YouTube? Have you ever watched Black Books, the TV series with Bill and Dylan Moran?
The terror of failure can make you feel like a failure. So a bunch of people think you're no
I would never really analyse what I do. I leave that to other people - I'm not a critic. I j
A lot of the fiction I read growing up was post-war American, and not all of it centers on M
If you like black comedy, like me, I would suggest Dylan Moran. Plus he is Irish. Yes, I did positive racism. No regrets for that either.
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If only they were as witty as Dylan Moran 😔
I was lucky in the sense that I was never blessed with an overly reflective nature.
I'm fascinated by how you'll change your position so many times over a lifetime, but really wha
Had a really intense dream about Dylan Moran last night.
I'm Irish, yeah, but I don't need to get up on a soapbox about it.
You have to assume that you're talking to the most intelligent, tuned-in audience you could
As I get older I really begin to appreciate Dylan Moran's description of adulthood..
Dylan Moran should release a new special every night just before bedtime.
I enjoy performing, always, but when you're taping a gig, you've got to blank out this mass app
You’re not really an adult at all. You’re just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don’t understand. . Dylan Moran
I basically think I'm what would've happened if James Dean had lived, and discovered carbohydrates and orthopedic shoes. ―Dylan Moran
John Cusack looks just like Dylan Moran, and both of Irish ancestry, coincidence?
Top 6. Cook 2B to LF. Johnson runs for him. Oca 1B to CF. Beau Highhouse relieves Dylan Moran
Chris Addison is a babe. I saw a secret Dylan Moran show & it was just me, 10 other people & then all comics and celebs. So weird.
It's a really funny British comedy written by Graham Linehan and Dylan Moran (who also stars as Bernard Black).
Dylan Moran last night, great night had by all
A3) Dylan Moran as Bernard in Black Books. Wine lollies, bookshop. What's not to love?!
Dylan Moran: Like Totally has just made my Saturday night. My absolute favourite. ❤
Dylan Moran is like a madder version of Dave Allen.
Oh man I forgot how much I love Dylan Moran. All time favourite stand-up comedian. Absolutely hilarious. Would love to see him live again.
Wild Saturday spent watching Dylan Moran stand up and re-patching a jacket.
Dylan moran describes catholic irish like no. Other.. Im crying laughing. Drugs are an endless cycle of...
I was pampered with food and a moderate amount of merlot. I'm now on a Dylan Moran marathon. This makes me smile despite underlying eek
Saturday night a cup of tea watching Dylan Moran on TV at last I'm relaxing
You try various things when you're growing up. I was an attache in the Fore...
Comedy night in? Have a laugh with Dylan Moran: Like, Totally on from 11pm
I ran across this Irish standup comedian, Dylan Moran, and I find him quite hilarious. Check him out!
I just fell in love with Dylan Moran. Wish he would do a show here.
Hey here's an interview I did with Dylan Moran
That one time when I got a ticket and I used it to get Dylan Moran's autograph.
yess.comedy is usually top drawer as well.Seen Daniel Kitson Stewart Lee Adam Buxton Dylan Moran in the past.
Wow what a voice he has! Looks like scruffy young Dylan Moran
Like hearing Dylan Moran is remaking Black Books with Whitehall and Miranda.
When things are going well, I can't write fast enough to keep up with my mi...
I'm really not big on nationalism, to be honest with you. I really don't th...
I'm delighted to make as many people feel ashamed as possible. There's prob...
Dylan Moran face of the latest X White Mountaineering campaign Shot by Laurence Ellis & styled by Max Clarke h…
Tbh who doesn't love a dancing Dylan O'Brien
because it's David Tennant. I watched The Decoy Bride because he and Dylan Moran were in it.
On reflection, the islanders are surely envious of Tommy Tiernan, Pierce Brosnan, Dylan Moran and Francis Beaufort (and Hector!)
They remind me of a Dylan Moran joke about old russian robots repeating themselves over & over in lieu of an argument
Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty and Amy Huberman all star in tonight’s movie on ‘A Film With Me In It’ 11.40pm.
Dylan Moran: “There are some references that fly everywhere: Coldplay, McDonald’s and terrorism...”
Your mind is a hive of worms. And worms don't live in a hive, so it already feels unnatural. -- Dylan Moran
23 Times Dylan Moran Perfectly Summed Up Life: "Relationships, are you going to be sane? Or not lonely?"
I've turned into Dylan Moran. Not sure that's acceptable for a 26 year old female.
I know! Calvary has hilarious comedian Dylan Moran, it must be happy... oh wait, maybe not. ;-)
Also, listen to Dylan Moran stand up comedy on youtube. He's very Irish. Watch Black Books! :D
Dylan Moran: Unicorns, Mass and serious times - Warrington Guardian
Hope you enjoyed Dylan Moran. Travel week this week :D
Watched Dylan Moran, Alan Carr, Dara O'Briain & Noel Fielding DVDs.. then yours... in one day. Yours was the best! Marry me!
listening to Dylan Moran while I do work and dang I'm laughing in a room full of people who don't know what I'm listening to.
Had a stand up comedy dvd binge this morning - Dylan Moran, Stuart Francis and Jason Manford were on the bill
Demain le show off the Hook de Dylan Moran sera dispo en DVD :3
'There's only 4 ages of human being: child, failure, old and dead.' - Dylan Moran.
Dylan Moran in Spain. Black Books star brings standup show to Málaga, Madrid and Barcelona
Seen in my office: "Dylan Moran? Don't you want to hear about more soup?". ::lost it permanently here"
Somewhere between Dylan Moran and Neil Gaiman with an ounce of Terry Pratchett and Pat Rothfuss' beard - purely for its magical properties.
Dylan Moran: Unicorns, Mass and serious times via
Dylan Moran: Unicorns, Mass and serious times (
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dylan Moran: Unicorns, Mass and serious times: Dylan on religion: “Everybody knows in Ireland the phenomenon o...
miket2598: [Silvio Berlusconi] is so thoroughly corrupt, every time he smiles, an angel gets gonorrhea. ― Dylan Moran
Dylan Moran: a class act-“I have no particular interest in laughing at pain.”. And way funnier than the "edgy" types.
Been in a foul mood all day so looking forward to Dylan Moran tonight
if still around tomorrow it's worth going to Vicar St for Dylan Moran 👌
ahoy! Aye, Galway for a few days - Dylan Moran gig then Fr John Misty in a pub (!) then Phill Jupitus and home. October hols
Dylan Moran & Nina Conti announced for Galway's' Vodafone Comedy Festival in October
Ha! 'Steer well clear of your potential; once you've reached it you have none.' - Dylan Moran
are all the Dylan Moran gigs sold out!?? Can't find any tickets
if me n dylan Moran lived in a bookshop and drank wine all day my life would be sorted
Death, God and the NSA: a friendly chat with
I don't have TV. I'm listening to Dylan Moran instead and answering emails :D x
stand up comedians sell well down here. Alan Davies just did two sold out nights, Dylan Moran in a few weeks, Jimmy Carr etc.
Louis Walsh, when he was Dylan Moran's auntie Brenda
I don't know what a Dylan Moran is, but I sure as *** don't want it on my lawn. I felt the same way about whatever an Arj Barker was.
HEAR AND SUPPORT Dylan Moran on Tame Impala: "You can't be serious?" by on
Its funny how everyone was scrambling for Dylan Moran tickets but didn't have the same excitement for local acts.
Seeing Dylan is the hardest i have ever laughed! Even though I have no idea what he said
Enjoy some of these Dylan Moran's jokes to make this Friday afternoon go by faster
She says "I was wondering if you want to go with me on Sunday to see Dylan Moran. My friend can't go and I have tix." Typical.
currently watching Dylan Moran but got me laughing tonight
Time to finish the working week with some laughs with Dylan Moran going off the hook.
Dylan Moran time. About to witness one of, if not the, best comedians in the world.
Back again to see if I can convince anyone to come with me on Sunday night to see Dylan Moran, Irish...
Congrats! You've won tix to Dylan Moran on Sunday night. Please DM for details to claim.
In the next hour, Dylan Moran chats with - his show's sold out so it's your best chance to hear him!
His Perth show is sold out tonight, but you can hear Dylan Moran on Drive with
Dylan Moran to play two Czech dates - PRAGUE POST | The Voice of Prague via
Dylan Moran's summary of life: “Child, failure, old and dead”. I'm definitely still at the 2nd stage.
Death, God and the a friendly chat with
No stream tonight, I'm seeing Dylan Moran perform while he's in Perth so YAY but also lame.
Only four more sleeps until at the Thebbie! Tuesday is sold-out, but tix for Wednesday still available
Still looking for a Dylan Moran buddy. The guy is hilarious. The only seats available seem to be on Sunday night...
‘We all are black belts in denial,’ says Dylan Moran on our inevitable death. |
Irish actor, writer and all-round funny man joins in the studio:
you're the one who doesn't know who Dylan Moran is!!
Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderfully entertaining interview with Dylan Moran. Off to have my cheese sandwich..
re-watching all the Dylan Moran stand ups just cause the guy is actually the funniest person ever
The wonderful on *** marriage and why the NSA is like God: 'On some level people want to be observed'.
I just accidentally bought tickets to See Dylan Moran.
I've got tickets to see Dylan Moran :3
Dylan Moran is gonna be in the oprea house someone please go with me?!?!?!?
I like the Dylan Moran quote about choosing a partner when drunk being normal, but that no-one would buy a toaster drunk.
Just booked tickets to see Dylan Moran in November with Yay!
still news about Dylan Moran's pilot for
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dylan Moran is my hair homie today. PS GIF QUEEN.
"If you're on the left-wing, you're boring and dull. Nobody wants to talk to you. You're the voice of conscience." - Dylan Moran
Dylan is not the only amazing member of the cast. I absolutely love all of them. I can't believe how lucky we got!!!
Here's what I'm mostly seeing: movie, Newt, prequel, Newt, movie, writing advice, Newt, Newt, Newt, Dylan, Newt.
switched to the first episode and all I can think about is that Dylan Moran is *29* here
Women say things like`` Ooh look at that tree.Isn`t it beautiful You could put a baby up there`, ` Dylan Moran
I want Dylan Moran as the next bond. It would be great!
Dylan moran is my favourite comedian
The cast of Black Books reads: Tamsin Greig, Bill Bailey and Dylan Moran
Funny how I've no problem with them messing up Dylan Moran's name but Kevin? I go mental at that.
I personally love Celia Pacquola, Hari Kondabolu, Dylan Moran, Hannah Gadsby and Arj Barker, along with many others!
Some great comedy coming up in the next couple of months... Thursday - Dylan Moran. 4th June - Stewart Francis. 18th June - Reginald D Hunter
that looks like Dylan Moran's kind of dog to me
city hall in newcastle to see Dylan Moran
"The four ages of Man: Child, Failure, Old Age, Death." - the fantastic Dylan Moran at Leeds Town Hall last night.
I'm going to see Dylan Moran on Saturday :)
watch Dylan Moran's stand up about Obama aka.super Jesus. Impossible standard to reach.
off the antidepressants and back on Dylan Moran so pray for asia?
Thank you to for being so lovely when i fangirled him at Dylan Moran's amazing show! So much love!
dylan moran was sooo good tonight and yes I still love him age is just a number x
Dylan Moran was fab, let's get white gurl wasted
thank you for taking the time to meet me and the Mrs at the Dylan Moran show. That was too cool
If anyone would like to buy me something, make it a Dylan Moran ticket. PLEASE.
I'm seeing Dylan Moran at the Town Hall tonight so here's a pretty photo of the clock tower
4 ages of man 'child, failure, old age, death' according to Dylan Moran this evening
I think you're sat behind my sister at Dylan Moran's gig 😊
I'm going to miss tonight because I'm off to see Dylan Moran. My gf petit saucissons brioches recipe wi…
"It's pointless! She's got goodness running out of her ears." - Mr. Dylan Moran
Leeds Town Hall to see the eclectic Dylan Moran 😄
I'm at Leeds Town Hall for Dylan Moran in Leeds, West Yorkshire w/
Update your maps at Navteq
Going to to see Dylan Moran. Stuck in horrendous traffic in Leeds. Argh!!!
Brief moment with Dylan Moran then. Probably about as talkative as the last time...
Window is open, incense is burning, sun is shining, Dylan Moran is ranting, sushi is being eaten. . Tuesdays, done properly.
Got a spare ticket for Dylan Moran at Newcastle City Hall for Saturday. What I Paid - £27
Dylan Moran will ferrell bottle of wine and kitchen
Gin has been consumed and now time for Dylan Moran.
Dylan Moran is on tour and he's coming to Ipswich but it's in the middle of exam season ffs Dylan
I'm going to see Dylan Moran tonight! What is your favorite of his roles?
Highlight of the day? Serving Dylan Moran in a BOOKSHOP.
Listening to Dylan Moran on (interview = 35 mins in). He reckons he looks like a fight in the Beano. YES.
only if theres an audio version and you add Dylan Moran and Peter Seraflnowicz
Dylan Moran star of Black Books & Shaun of the Dead is back with his new stand up show this May! Info & tickets from
Dylan Moran last night at the Orchard with
Dylan Moran sighting! (in a movie of course, not in the wild)
Jokes, Dylan Moran isn’t coming to but you can win FREE TICKETS to his Perth show!
Jokes, Dylan Moran isn't coming to BUT you can win TWO FREE TICKETS to his Perth show!. His show is on...
all my life has been building up to this day. this is the day, the day I see Dylan Moran live. I might faint and die.
is quite tired now, but really enjoyed seeing Dylan Moran at the Orchard, then Fosters-fuelled drinking games at Frans :)
Did you go and see Dylan Moran tonight? No? We did 😁
Just got back from an amazing night. Dylan Moran was brilliant! Non stop laughter & front row…
Simon Munnery, Dylan Moran, Robin Ince, Foo Fighters and Dave Gorman. What a year I've got lined up.
At least I have Dylan Moran to look forward to though :D
When the internet is too slow to stream Netflix, we always end up watching Dylan Moran stand up DVDs. The best ❤️
Currently living life like Bernard Black (Dylan Moran) from Black Books.
is Taylor Caniff, Dylan Douzat, and Trevor Moran coming to LA?
Dylan Moran as a crappy bookshop owner, it's hilarious!
Cherry bakewell cocktails and Dylan Moran is all I ever need in life.
Shoutout from in Independent interview for +
Anyone want to give me money so I can get a Dylan Moran ticket?
Okay Dylan Moran is doing shows in London at the end of May and I'm going to have to go aren't I
.has only 1 date left! 28th May has SOLD OUT. Tickets for 27th here:
"glass of red wine in one hand, the other flailing around mid-rant" DYLAN MORAN|LIVE REVIEW
Dylan Moran: 'I'm as sexy as the Pope'
Don't miss out on seeing Dylan Moran here on May 10. More info on our news pages at
Good to read a sensible showbiz article.
Dylan Moran on quitting smoking and being as sexy as the Pope
Calvary - I could watch Brendan Gleeson all day long. Kelly Reilly, Aiden Gillen Chris O'Dowd, Dylan Moran, and the list goes on...
Sitting in Manchester Opera House with the 2 loves of my life - & Dylan Moran. Cackling endlessly :-) So happy!
If has on Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr and Graham Norton tonight I'd care about St. Patrick's Day. Also should have all 3 on.
Dylan Moran is playing Cork Opera House in October. Will finally get to see him (hopefully)
Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Dylan Moran, the controversial Stewart Lee and the sold-out Kevin Bridges. Perth Film S...
More tickets now on sale to see Dylan Moran in Oxford on 12th March! On sale here:
George carlin, Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Dylan Moran and probably a few more I can't recall right now
Like comedy? You'll love the comics we have in the new year - Dylan Moran, Rich Hall & Simon Evans to name but a few!
One who's preferably the genetic byproduct of Tom Hiddleston's charismatic presence and Dylan Moran's cynical intelligence.
***NEW RELEASES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2014*** CALVARY - STARRING: Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd, Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd, Dylan Moran, M. Emmet Walsh, Kelly Reilly RATING: R (for sexual references, language, brief strong violence and some drug use) GENRE: Drama/Romance RUN TIME: 100 min In a small Irish town, Father James Lavelle, takes confession from a man who claims he was sexually abused by another priest as a child. Since that man is now dead, the confessor states he's going to kill James, but is giving him seven days to get his affairs in order. That includes dealing with his adult, suicidal daughter, Fiona, who's arrived in town for a visit. At the same time, fellow priest Father Leary is concerned that local butcher Jack Brennan might be beating his wife, Veronica, especially since that man seems to know she's having an affair with Simon, the local mechanic. Then there's uber wealthy Michael Fitzgerald who has anything and everything money can buy except for happiness, and he's wanting to .. ...
and Richard Ayoade, and Dylan Moran and everyone.
Calvary was beautiful. Fantastic performances from Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd and Dylan Moran.
Jim Jefferies is slowly making his way up my list of favorite comedians. Almost on par with Dylan Moran.
.is testing my 6 degrees ability. So far I've got from Eminem to Jade Goody. Joey Essex to Obama & now Paul hogan/Dylan Moran
Sat down to study, an hour later I find myself watching YouTube clips of Dylan Moran's standup👌
Anyone up for going to see the godlike man that is Dylan Moran in Glasgow on March 18th?
Got tickets to see Dylan Moran in March haven't I. Front row seats so I can be as close to ma man as possible
'Gin isn't really a drink it's more a mascara thinner.' Dylan Moran. Genius.
No lie I would love to see Dylan Moran in Ghostbusters but I don't think it would happen
Dylan Moran- Like Totally 😁 If I possibly have a bit of an accent later... Grin and bear it for a few minutes 💪
Had a bizarre dream that I went on holiday with Dylan Moran & mum and that I went outside and got shot in the thumb and in the shoulder 😶
A 13-pound, 960-page book of every Bob Dylan lyric ever written is on its way:
Dylan Moran has a great sketch about this.
Is this actually Dylan Moran ? If so,would you let me do a portrait painting of you? I live near Morningside, Edinburgh.
about to read this found in one of the bargain book stores the kind Bill Bailey & Dylan Moran run 👍👍
Love Black Books...can't wait to see Dylan Moran next May 😂😂😂
I do like a bit of Evans. Dylan Moran is my number one. I'm seeing him for the 4th time next year!
Tom just bumps into famous people like it's no big deal. Warwick Davis last week, Dylan Moran this week. It's selfish of him, if you ask me
Just met Dylan Moran and shook his hand. Best day ever.
Another year today. I'll let the great a Dylan Moran describe it.
Good old Dylan Moran having the perfect quote lined up for that
Buzzfeed has now been reduced to stealing ideas from Dylan Moran =>
Went to see Dylan Moran again. He's swapped his drunk shtick for fat jokes. Not amazing.
Check out this dark techy number from my broseph .
Only got tickets to see Dylan Moran next year! Yay! Now, do I tell my bf or save as a surprise for Xmas??
Sad tourists really love Dylan Moran, but are en route to their hotel with huge cases & can't stop. Ahh their sad little f…
GAME REVIEW: takes a look at Forza Horizon 2 -
Dylan Moran is a better role model than Jesus...
oh hey is that Dylan Moran fiddling with the jukebox? I love that guy.
Ten good reasons to watch Black Books:
I just membered I'm going to see Dylan Moran
Dylan Moran is there for all your chocolate cake eating, nakedity needs. Er, or something like that.
Whenever people praise Beetle's I channel Dylan Moran and all I hear is "Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler".
Got tickets to see Dylan Moran next year. Third row. I hope he picks on me.
Though I presume Dylan Moran's chat shows will just be surreal *** Do YouTube search Moran and Craig Ferguson.
I am extremely grateful that Tim Minchin and Dylan Moran don't have chat shows yet. I guess over dosage and over satire kills it.
My life is a Dylan Moran sketch: "I feel pretty ropey this morning. It must have been a dodgy pint last night. Or that sandwich."
I forgot about Dylan Moran. I don't deserve nice things.
Quelle surprise tonight's benefit with Dylan Moran has sold out returns on the door at 8.15pm
Surprise set by Dylan Moran last night at ...not bad for £2
reminds me of Dylan Moran's joke about wanking being like tickling a kitten's chin until it's sick.
Children are the most honest critics. They will say 'You're funny', but also 'You're pathetic - go away.' Dylan Moran
Gorgeous parents loving singing Disney songs to each other while driving. Nothing brings out the Dylan Moran in me faster.
I saw Dylan Moran. He was quite good.
Eggs are just farts in an eatable form. -Dylan Moran
I am about to watch Dylan Moran. I don't mean in a stalkery way. He is doing a comedy "gig".
"Sharks, jellyfish, swimming knives, they're all in there." - Dylan Moran on Australian marine life. Harsh but fair
"children are really just midget drunks". (Dylan Moran)
Saw Dylan Moran at the station can't believe it
Tickets are selling fast for Dylan Moran's new stand-up show here 9 May! Don't miss out!
U11 stars Dylan Moran and Emma Dineen, who cam runner up in the U11 Welsh Junior Open (boys and girls event, respectively).
Hi, is the booking confirmation email I received my ticket to the show? It's Dylan Moran. I have paid.
If Dylan Moran and Nick Cave dates clash I'm gonna cry. It'll be like picking between my children.
Don't DIY "get a man to do it" (Dylan Moran). If you need a handyman get in contact now. RT
Stand-up shows booked for the first half of next year: Simon Amstell, Dylan Moran & Stewart Lee. That's not bad!
"I love Dylan Moran. He's an antidote to Paolo Coelho quotes, Thought Catalog's 23 things only self absorbed (cont)
New show alert! Tickets for Dylan Moran in Perth Concert Hall on Sat 7 March on sale now!
The good news of the day: Dylan Moran | Eventim Apollo Hammersmith | Time Out London:
no worries bb! I'm mostly familiar with British comedians. Do you like Bill Bailey or Dylan Moran at all? :D
Dara O'Brien, Dylan Moran, Tommy Teirnan, (a yank but I'm claiming him for credibility here)
Hey, Dylan Moran fans! Series 1 & 2 of Black Books is now available for FREE online at TubiTV!
I'm excited for this movie simply because I'm an unabashed Dylan Moran fan
'Im an impulsive person, but I'm also an indecisive person. I don't know what I want, but I want it, Now.' -Dylan Moran has nailed it
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen? — Dylan Moran's What It Is stand up.
Three London dates for in May 2015. On sale 9am this Friday.
Why would anybody want to go skiing? You can just comfortably sit in the kinchen and break your knees with a hammer. © Dylan Moran
Ahh a nice journey home from listening to Dylan Moran!
I wish Dylan Moran would come round for a brew and a cuddle
Just announced: returns to for 2 nights! Find out more here:
Trending all day thanks to you - Black looks: Dylan Moran's bleakly comic worldview via
I would pay to see you make a video with Dylan Moran. The amount of hate and brilliance per 1 m^2 would be outstanding :D
Trivia on Dylan Moran. "After leaving school, it has been said that Moran spent four years unemployed "drinking and writing bad poetry".
Dylan Moran is life, Dylan Moran is humanity :)
Dylan Moran, my Irish comedian love affair, on white people getting older problems. xD
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