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Dwight Howard

Dwight David Howard (born December 8, 1985) is an American basketball player for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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This ejection is Dwight Howard level of soft
Dwight Howard's armpit was legit in my face last night while shaking hands with fans. It was a highlight of my life
team with Dwight Howard, justin riley, jerry lucas, lawrence carnes, and James Harden
Some statistical takes on Dwight Howard this season
Not if Dwight Howard's got anything to say about it!.👀😂😂
On AmicoHoops: As he promised, Dwight Howard has been reborn with so far.
Hornets' Dwight Howard: Flirts with double-double in loss - CBS Sports
The Hornets are 19 points better on offense, 4.2 points better on defense with Dwight Howard on the floor this year per 1…
Dwight Howard, in 2011. . That was the last 40-point, 6-block game in the before did the same tonight.…
Some fan from the stands just provided the most Minnesotan bit of taunting ever:. "DWIGHT HOWARD YOU'RE VERY RUDE!"
Dwight Howard was so good Shaq felt threatened and started giving him ***
Dwight Howard blocked Towns so hard it looked like a flagrant.
Kristaps Porzingis is the 1st player with at least 40 pts, 8 rebounds, 6 blocks, 50% FG in a game since Dwight Howard on February 25, 2011
You're just prejudice against light skin people. Besides, Dwight Howard is a cancer lol
Dwight Howard's first shot comes outside the paint, a bank attempt over Pau Gasol. Far from ideal.
Magic: 5-2; their best 7-game start to a season since 2011-12 (Dwight Howard's last year in Orlando)
team with Garfield, ross teeter, James Harden, dakota thompson, and Dwight Howard
team with Stephen Curry, James Harden, jerry west, Paul George, and Dwight Howard
So we going to act like James Harden didn't get a triple-double for a win against Dwight Howard's ???. 27pts. 1 ***
Adidas matured man I remember when they had Dwight Howard and Eric Gordon as their go to and now they have Nick Young and James Harden
team with Nick Young, kobe bryant, John wall, Shaq O'Neal, and Dwight Howard
Ryan Anderson limping after a Dwight Howard rebound and put back. Black coming in for him. Anderson sits with 15.
This was the end of her rant to me about Dwight Howard after reading that months old SI article while waiting at the dr’s office smh lol
team with Dwight Howard, jerry west, Nick Young, Michael Jordan, and jason Voorhes
need to bring the Kobe memes back out cus now he's carrying Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.
If Andrew Bynum was better than Dwight Howard the lakers would be up 3-1 on San Antonio
team with Dwight Howard, lebron jordan, max burton, patrick, and Trey ebert
Does Evan Turner defending Dwight Howard hurt his candidacy for president or help because it shows he…
If Drazen Petrovic can get into the HOF, Dwight Howard should.
Dwight Howard said Malik Monk is Steve Francis with a better 3 point shot.
Dwight Howard said tonight that rookie Malik Monk reminds him of Steve Francis but "he's probably a better 3-pt shooter" featured in NBC s Science of Love
team with stewie, eminem, Bill russell, Dwight Howard, and Caleb Barnes
team with Dwight Howard, frank jones, Gavin young, chris bosh, and John wall
Dwight Howard is hoping a reunion with coach Steve Clifford in Charlotte will rejuvenate his NBA career.
team with blake griffin, dan barnes, Chris Paul, Garfield, and Dwight Howard
I can't wait to see Dwight Howard sitting till the last pick like Phil kessel
New Hornets center Dwight Howard lauded for basketball IQ
team with Trey ebert, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, damian lillard, and Anthony davis
team with Shaq O'Neal, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, lawrence carnes, and Damian Bates
team with Dwight Howard, batman, lebron jordan, eminem, and Gavin young
"Dwight Howard couldn't get along with Kobe. Michael Jordan is Kobe on steroids." — on why MJ won't be able…
On everything my boy lmao. search up "Can Michael Jordan resurrect Dwight Howard's career?" and skip to 6:40 , he…
Hornets news: Dwight Howard recalls time when the Magic asked him about firing Stan…
Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy had a rough ending to their relationship as members of the Magic.
Dwight Howard: Magic front office approached me about firing Stan Van Gundy.
Dwight Howard admits he blew it with the Magic(Orlando news)
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When you're hyped to see Kemba Walker this upcoming season but you remember the Hornets picked up Dwight Howard
Tracy McGrady left the Raptors the year before they went deep in the playoffs and left the Magic the year they got Dwight Howard.
Very little chance of Dwight Howard re-signing with Lakers this summer, sources told ESPN's Chris Broussard.
The same bunch of people who automatically question Dwight Howard's eligibility for ***
Dwight Howard signing is up there. Chris Paul not so much, given his age.
team with Michael Jordan, James Harden, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and david west
Throwback to Chris Paul throwing it down on Dwight Howard
team with jackson wells, dan barnes, shrek, Dwight Howard, and jerry west
team with dakota thompson, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, blake griffin, and Deandre jordan
team with lebron james, Gavin young, Michael Jordan, Dwight Howard, and captin crunch
team with blake griffin, stewie, jackson wells, dan barnes, and Dwight Howard
team with Dwight Howard, dan barnes, david west, Carmelo Anthony, and Deandre jordan
team with justin riley, Damian Bates, Bill russell, Dwight Howard, and jerry lucas
team with Damian Bates, Tim duncan, chris bosh, Dwight Howard, and derrick rose
I added a video to a playlist Best of Stephen A Smith: Lakers Rants, Jim Buss *** Dwight Howard
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Dwight Howard aint making jack for me😂
team with stewie, Dwight Howard, Damian Bates, spider-man, and lebron jordan
team with Anthony davis, Damian Bates, Mario, Damian Bates, and Dwight Howard
team with jared west, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, klay thompson, and derrick rose
Can we get all times Magic TMac Shaq Penny Steve Francis young Dwight Howard
team with Damian Bates, Gavin young, stewie, Dwight Howard, and batman
team with chris bosh, Kevin love, Dwight Howard, Bill russell, and dan barnes
team with Dwight Howard, Anthony davis, Paul George, James Harden, and Dwight Howard
team with Chris Paul, david west, puss n boots, Stephen Curry, and Dwight Howard
team with jerry west, jackson wells, Dwight Howard, lawrence carnes, and Shaq O'Neal
team with blake griffin, Michael Jordan, Dwight Howard, Kevin love, and James Harden,tyson chandler
team with Garfield, justin riley, Dwight Howard, klay thompson, and Nick Young
Orlando use to be so *** cold.. Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu, Dwight Howard.
Dwight Howard will be a 81 in NBA 2K18. Nick Young will be rated 74 overall.
team with klay thompson, Dwight Howard, lawrence carnes, James Harden,tyson chandler, and captin crunch
Beat: Steve Clifford needs to find minutes for both Dwight Howard and Cody Zeller, Kemba Walker is fully recovered.
Dwight Howard wore a peculiar shirt to Hooters.
So wilt went from Greg Monroe to barely better than Dwight Howard to definitely better than Dwight Howar…
Jameer Nelson made Dwight Howard look good in Orlando in that pick n roll.
Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, and Dwight Howard sealed the deal this year 🥇💪🏽
The exact moment when Dwight Howard's career came to an end 😝
team with homer, Dwight Howard, kevin durant, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony
team with frank jones, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, homer, and Paul George
And my plug Dwight Howard cuz I'm waiting for the brick💀
team with Dwight Howard, jared west, Bill russell, Bill russell, and Paul George
team with Dwight Howard, Paul George, jared west, kyrie irving, and dakota thompson
team with Damian Bates, Paul George, lawrence carnes, Dwight Howard, and Michael Jordan
Jimmy Butler, Dwight Howard, D'Angelo Russell TRADE! 2017 NBA Draft, Lonzo Ball is gonna get COOKED thanks to...
This machine has been invited as a special guest to the Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan free throw tutorial camp.
team with klay thompson, Trey ebert, kevin garnett, Dwight Howard, and joakim noah
team with larry bird, Dwight Howard, klay thompson, jared west, and Bill russell
She also told me that Dwight Howard played for the Wizards. Did I miss that era?
Remember when we used to debate who was better between Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum? Yeah. Me neither.
team with John wall, Dwight Howard, Michael Jordan, frank jones, and puss n boots
team with Dwight Howard, kobe bryant, kevin durant, max burton, and frank jones
team with Vegeta, Russell westbrook, frank jones, Dwight Howard, and larry bird
team with lawrence carnes, Russell westbrook, Dwight Howard, Russell westbrook, and chris bosh
Still remember the SLAM magazine that had Shaun Livingston,Sebastian Telfair, & Dwight Howard! Awesome! 🔥🏀🏆💯
team with larry bird, stewie, Dwight Howard, dakota thompson, and puss n boots
.says Dwight Howard is what missed and Cody Zeller may now be best backup C in the 🎧…
Paul George to OKC... Chris Paul to Houston... Jimmy Butler to Minnesota... Dwight Howard to Charlotte...Free agency ain't started yet!
team with Dwight Howard, Tim duncan, blake griffin, klay thompson, and Mr.crabs
team with blake griffin, jerry west, frank jones, Dwight Howard, and Tim duncan
Do you wanna be remembered like Dwight Howard and KD? Or like Stockton Duncan and Reggie? The choice is yours
team with Dwight Howard, Trey ebert, Garfield, Tim duncan, and Trey ebert
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
team with Paul George, Dwight Howard, jerry lucas, lebron james, and max burton
hey Duncan, just had Dwight Howard's AA seats come available since he's no longer with the team. Would you be interested?
Yes they should be allowed. Sebastian Telfair, Martell Webster, Josh Smith, JR Smith, Dwight Howard, LeBron James.…
"I'd like to introduce Dwight Powell to the Hornets...I mean Dwight Howard" -Rich Cho😂
Dwight Howard zings Rich Cho for his "Dwyane Wade" gaff last week.
Dwight Howard clowns GM Rich Cho for introducing rookie Dwayne Bacon as Dwyane Wade in press conference
team with Dwight Howard, dakota thompson, puss n boots, jahlil okafor, and justin riley
Hey listen to and i talk about Dwight Howard and my mortal enemy Miles/Mason/Marshall Plumlee
I sure hope there's no Dwight Howard in him...
Bam Adebayo is actually Dwight Howard in disguise trying to get a fresh start through the draft
The most memorable moment for Dwight Howard as a Hawk. 🔥🔥
I like Dwight Howard off the court. Nice guy. But too nice/unmotivated/fun-loving to consistently dominate NBA games,…
I've often felt a little sorry for Dwight Howard. Always been expected to be great but wasn't born w that drive. Cant…
Tiago Splitter spent 3 years as an Atlanta Hawk , Dwight Howard one year 🙌🏾 vs👐🏻
Malik Monk and Kemba Walker plus Dwight Howard for defensive purposes Charlotte might be ok
Dwight Howard and Malik Monk in the same week? Congrats you deserve it!!!
Hard to take Jalen Rose seriously when he says Hornets improved by getting Dwight Howard.
Dwight Howard aint helpin Nan Basketball team...Shut up Jalen!!!
trade rumor expectations: Jimmy Butler to Cavs, Chris Paul to Spurs, Gordon Hayward to Celtics. reality so far: Dwight Howard to Hornets...
Dwight Howard might be the most disappointing big man in NBA history
Dwight Howard's sister trashes Hawks after trade to Hornets: "I just don't think that Atlanta is a loyal city"
Rick Kamla, and host, joins Kyle Bailey in 7 mins to talk Dwight Howard to the Hornets and more.
Hawks post laughable farewell video for Dwight Howard [Sporting News]
Never forget Dwight Howard telling reporter Olivia Harlan it's all about the D.
2 weeks after Dwight Howard said he wanted to start shooting 3s, the Hawks traded him to the Hornets:
I feel like it would be hard to talk basketball with you if you still think Dwight Howard isn't a future HOFer
Dwight Howard traded minutes after hosting an NBA draft Q&A
D'Angelo Russell, Dwight Howard highlight Tuesday's reported trades. MORE on the The Sideline pres. by
Dwight Howard's sister rips Hawks after trade to Hornets: Atlanta is not 'a loyal city'
Analysis: Not long ago Dwight Howard was a face of the NBA. Now he’s a salary dump.
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Dwight Howard has made eight All-NBA teams. Y'all are crazy if ya think he's not a Hall of Famer, easy. It's the bball HOF, everyone gets in
Dwight Howard gets passed around the NBA more than a Kardashian.
At this rate Dwight Howard is going to finish his career in the WNBA.
Dwight Howard went from 3x DPOY to journeyman real quick.
Dwight Howard really got traded for skittles and a Joell Ortiz mixtape.
2013: We should spend millions of $ on billboards to keep Dwight Howard on our team. 2017: Please take him we will even…
Dwight Howard face answering questions then scrolling up to see he got traded
Atlanta sending Dwight Howard and to Charlotte for Mike Plumlee, Marco Bellineli and source to The... https:/…
Dwight Howard Traded to Hornets for Miles Plumlee, Pick and More via
Eagerly awaiting word from the President of the United States on tonight's Dwight Howard news
The Dwight Howard hate is real if anything. He's been good more often than not in his 13 years in the league.
BREAKING: Hawks trade Dwight Howard to the Charlotte Hornets for half a can of Diet Coke and a used tampon
Dwight Howard's career is a fascinating experiment in self-sabotage
Did You Know: Dwight Howard has now played for 5 NBA teams, which is the same as the number of free throws he's made i…
The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to trade center Dwight Howard to the Charlotte Bobcats, source tell ESPN's The Undefeate…
Dwight Howard is off to his third team in three years. . Hawks get Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli in return.
Can’t believe this Steve Nash/Dwight Howard cover is less than five years old.
Dwight Howard will always be one of my favourite in the game. Nothing matters
Dwight Howard has been traded to the Charlotte Hornets
REPORTS: Atlanta Hawks agree to trade Dwight Howard to Charlotte Hornets. (via MORE:
Dwight Howard: "I'm gong to add 3 pointers to my game this year.". ATL Hawks:
D Lo got traded, Dwight Howard got traded, Deandre Jordan bouta get dealt for the 4th pick, Drake and Josh Beefing, *** is…
Sources: Charlotte is sending Miles Plumlee, Marco Belenelli and 41st pick to Atlanta for Dwight Howard and 31st pick.
Dwight Howard so washed, they traded him to 2014
If Dwight Howard is relocated any more, the government is obligated to give him a new identity...
.with the latest on the reported Dwight Howard trade to Charlotte for Miles Plumlee & Marco Belinelli. (via
Dwight Howard getting passed around the league like a blunt
Dwight Howard said he gonna start shooting 3s and the Hawks traded his *** for a Plumlee within 2 weeks. I cannot get ov…
Dwight Howard the saddest NBA story ever yo 😂
Maybe the should get Zach Randolph or Greg Monroe to replace Dwight Howard in free agency.🤔
Dwight Howard went from an star center that led his team to the finals to a journeyman smh 😪 should've never left Orlando
Dwight Howard is still one of the greatest big men of our generation. First ballot Hall of Fame candidate for sure.
Brook Lopez and Dwight Howard traded on the same day. Ironic.
Dwight Howard: "I'm gonna try to work on my 3 point shot.". Atlanta Hawks:
BREAKING: Atlanta Hawks trade Dwight Howard for half a bag of lays original potato chips and a coupon for a free ic…
The best part about the Dwight Howard trade is that it should rule out Zach Collins as the number 11 pick 👍🏻
Dwight Howard went from Houston to Atlanta to Charlotte. The *** city journey continues for that lad. More CIAA babies…
What r ur thoughts on the Dwight Howard trade?
Dwight Howard is the only athlete in history to get worse as he hits his athletic prime and gets in better shape
Dwight Howard is destined to end up a Sunderland Player
Hornets get Dwight Howard??!. I like it... Hornets are now less likely to go after Zach Collins in the draft. Could ZC fall in Miami's lap?
Dwight Howard averaged 13/13 last year, and he just got traded for two passes to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
Big one from The Undefeated's who reports that Atlanta is dealing Dwight Howard to Charlotte ...
"Happy Fathers Day" From all of Dwight Howard's and Shawn Kemp's kids
team with Mario, dakota thompson, lebron jordan, jerry west, and Dwight Howard
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Those boys have Dwight Howard jersey shirts on in that gif. Smh...
Allen Iverson made Dwight Howard look like a fool
Dwight Howard just said Lebron is this generations Michael Jordan on ESPN. Someone obviously torched him in his only chan…
team with scooby doo, Bill russell, Dwight Howard, lawrence carnes, and jackson wells
team with dan barnes, Dwight Howard, wade carnes, John wall, and Tim duncan
Your step dad's favorite player might be Roy Hibbert or Dwight Howard then.
The Chris Paul veto, Steve Nash injuries, Dwight Howard turning *** the Mike D hire over Phil all robbed Kobe of his second wind period
team with Stephen Curry, Anthony davis, Dwight Howard, kevin garnett, and patrick
Bill Russell is the same size than Dwight Howard.
Was kinda skeptical about Dwight Howard's ability on roller skates, but the Roller Derby GM wanted him.
team with captin crunch, Dwight Howard, dan barnes, batman, and captin crunch
team with Nick Young, James Harden,tyson chandler, eminem, Dwight Howard, and dan barnes
So. Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol...Let me just stop before I crush your championship dreams.
Dwight Howard is reaching Nicolas Cage levels of being unfairly and inappropriately maligned.
team with Trey ebert, blake griffin, Anthony davis, Dwight Howard, and Vegeta
Chris Paul shocks the world and dunks on Dwight Howard! I don't think anyone saw this coming.
Dwight Howard, the best defensive Big of an era was trash...But you're gassing Chris Bosh and Kevin Love? Lmao
Still mad that the league blocked the Chris Paul and Dwight Howard move to the Lakers.
team with dan barnes, Tim duncan, Dwight Howard, kevin durant, and spongebob
Nah Kyrie 1 pick too. John Wall Blake Griffin and Anthony Davis was 1 pick? Dwight Howard?
team with Dwight Howard, Garfield, dan barnes, dakota thompson, and jared west
team with stewie, James Harden, jerry west, dan barnes, and Dwight Howard
Think about how expensive Mother's Day is for Dwight Howard.
team with jackson wells, dan barnes, Dwight Howard, Goku, and lawrence carnes
team with Dwight Howard, batman, dan barnes, batman, and joakim noah
team with stewie, dakota thompson, lebron jordan, patrick, and Dwight Howard
This will inspire Phil to go after Dwight Howard
I feel like if Tracy McGrady is a hall of famer, so is Dwight Howard.
team with jerry west, Dwight Howard, jackson wells, dakota thompson, and jason Voorhes
Would you like to see the make a move for Dwight Howard this offseason?
Supposedly the Hawks will be putting Dwight Howard on the trading block this offseason. Could he be a decent fit on the
team with batman, Mario, Dwight Howard, jackson wells, and jerry west
You may hate what Dwight Howard has become but before he went to the he was great. Similar career as Tracy McGrady. Bound
team with Garfield, jackson wells, jahlil okafor, Dwight Howard, and Kevin love
team with Caleb Barnes, Shaq O'Neal, Dwight Howard, dan barnes, and jackson wells
The Basketball Hall of Fame easy to get in... if Tracy McGrady got in Dwight Howard is too
team with Dwight Howard, jackson wells, John wall, Mr.crabs, and larry bird
team with Dwight Howard, stewie, Anthony davis, Anthony davis, and jackson wells
team with david west, jackson wells, jared west, Dwight Howard, and batman
Dwight Howard to the Hawks is almost like Steven Jackson on the Falcons !! All the muscle and good for nothing when it counts
The mirage of CP3 can now flutter away w/his brothers Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade th…
Dwight Howard is unhappy with his role in Atlanta (AJ). Honestly at this point, I don't think anyone cares about his complaints.
No MT, I've been looking at trying to sell wilt and getting diamond Dwight Howard. I replaced Stev…
Dennis Schröder's reaction is essentially every NBA fan who's had to root for/endure Dwight Howard on their team since…
Stone Cold Steve Austin just told me the athlete he would most like to hit with the Stunner is Dwight Howard. Oh. My. Go…
Dwight Howard: real talk, man, wyd bro?
team with Tim duncan, Chris Paul, jahlil okafor, Dwight Howard, and Russell westbrook
f?$k you for giving us Dwight Howard, James Dolan and Stephen A.
Paul George ain't no star , been telling y'all , plays blame game too much like '11 Dwight Howard
team with homer, max burton, Dwight Howard, ross teeter, and Paul George
Dwight Howard passed Bob McAdoo for 86th all-time in playoff points.
hey Dom can you make a video about "where Dwight Howard's career is heading?" Because he is clearly a joke right now being paid 23m
Joe Johnson passed Dwight Howard and Bob McAdoo for 85th all-time in playoff points.
He played against the boston big 3, jkidd and Vince Carter, Dwight Howard etc. Also played against mu…
“Aaron Gray starting for the Raptors today to defend Dwight good luck.” Dwight had 5 Pts, 2…
Former home of Dwight Howard hits market(Orlando news)
Man. what happened to Dwight Howard over the years?
team with max burton, Bill russell, spongebob, joakim noah, and Dwight Howard
team with frank jones, Dwight Howard, kyrie irving, Michael Jordan, and spider-man
team with lawrence carnes, Dwight Howard, jackson wells, Garfield, and Carmelo Anthony
team with jahlil okafor, Dwight Howard, James Harden, Tim duncan, and kyrie irving
can i on Dwight Howard,LeBron James,Giannis Antetokounmpo,James Harden & Russel Westbrook all to post a double double
This all falls back on Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Thanks also to Jim buss and Mitch Kupchak 👍
team with derrick rose, Dwight Howard, Anthony davis, spider-man, and kyrie irving
for myteam u guys gotta fix that never ever ever should Dwight Howard b rated higher the Kareem Abdul jabar EVER…
team with Tim duncan, Dwight Howard, shrek, jerry west, and Deandre jordan
team with justin riley, Chris Paul, wade carnes, Damian Bates, and Dwight Howard
team with kyrie irving, Dwight Howard, blake griffin, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul
Dwight Howard could probably shoulder press an elephant
NBA - Dwight Howard used to eat around 24 chocolate bars' worth of sugar per day 😧.
People like Lebron James and DWIGHT HOWARD are people that turn it up during the postseason. Playoff Dwight is here 😈
I'd love if Anderson took out Dwight Howard rn
Tyler Ulis one footed runner over Dwight Howard off glass.
Dwight Howard is no longer good enough to deserve those calls. Join the new decade guys
Is Dwight Howard still in the league?
Two terrible calls by these refs in a row. Very weak technical and then clear charge on Dwight Howard.
Brett Brown practically stormed the court after very shaky foul call on Shawn Long. Dwight Howard appeared to run over Long. T on Brown.
Dwight Howard in our Lockerroom today to challenge us to leave it all on the floor! 💪🏾🐝see you tomorrow at 7!
Dwight Howard up to 17 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 assists
Richaun Holmes doesn't have a prayer of guarding a washed up Dwight Howard either.
Dwight Howard has 15 points and 14 rebounds??? Which Dwight is this?!?!
Dwight Howard is now the 15th player in with 16K PTS & 12K REB. .
Very quietly this year Dwight Howard has managed to stay healthy
Stephen Curry has more 30-pt, 10-reb games over the last two seasons than Dwight Howard or Kevin Love
Dwight Howard has eight straight double-doubles. .
Dwight Howard goes to work in the post by spinning by the defender for the layup and drawing the foul.
Dwight Howard has eight straight double-doubles.
Dwight Howard is an easy Hall of Famer. You don't have to like him to see that.
Dwight Howard with his 50th double-double already in the first half today. Hawks up 11
Dwight Howard with a monster 1st half. 13 pts 10 reb. Hawks lead 49-41 with 20 secs left
Rookie Saric not gonna get the call when going against Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard has 3 dunks in 3:35 in the second half.
1st half double double for Dwight Howard. He's been looking Elite tonight on both sides of the ball. No flex.
Dwight Howard nearly hitting value in the first half. One of our 🔒s tonight at
Dwight Howard has 13 points and 10 rebounds. Hawks have made 6 of 10 threes in 1st half.
Dwight Howard just got his 10th rebound for a double-double with a minute left in the first half
Dwight Howard has a first half double double. . Playoff Dwight is real and he's here. .
Dwight Howard with 13 and 10 sa far in first half. Hawks up 10 with 42.7 seconds remaining.
Dwight Howard with another first half double double
Dwight Howard with some clean jump shots. showin more confidence & that he's working on improving his game. I give him 2 respect points.
Dwight Howard gets his 50th double-double of the season. Tonight it comes in the first half.
Dwight Howard and Ersan Ilyasova have 27 points. The rest of their team has 16.
Hawks' starting big men (Ersan Ilyasova & Dwight Howard) have 27 of team's 41 points so far.
Warmups: Mahinmi's works on his FT stroke, Dwight Howard hangs with a fan and Gortat catches up with Ersa…
My favorite Orlando Magic players of all time are Shaquille O'Neal, Penny Hardaway, Tracy McGrady, JJ Redick, Dwight Howard and Aaron Gordon
CBS Sports: Dwight Howard wants to play 20 seasons, believes he deserves to make Hall of Fame. I think so to
team with david west, Stephen Curry, Dwight Howard, kobe bryant, and Dwyane Wade
Dennis Schroeder, Yi Jianlian, and Dwight Howard bring me down on bout to leave the for the LA lights
team with lawrence carnes, david west, Dwight Howard, Damian Bates, and Dwyane Wade
team with blake griffin, Trey ebert, Paul George, Dwight Howard, and James Harden
Off a great pass by Paul Millsap, Dwight Howard rises up and posterizes Serge Ibaka. Video - via App.
\"Just get outta the way, Serge!\" - Hawks' Dwight Howard goes over Raptors' Serge Ibaka for powerful one-handed s…
Dwight Howard's first-half post-ups coming into play now because Serge Ibaka seems to have 6 fouls. Refs discussing to make sure.
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