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Dwight Clark

Dwight Edward Clark (born January 8, 1957 in Kinston, North Carolina) is a former American Pro Bowl wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 to 1987. He played college football at Clemson University before being drafted by the 49ers in the 10th round of the 1979 entry draft.

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I took this picture in Dabo's office. Dwight Clark diagramed the "The Catch" for him on a football. Does the route look fa…
since 1981. Dwight Clark, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice made me a fan!
Montana had the greatest wide receiver of all time playing with him - Jerry Rice, & Roger Craig, Dwight Clark
Wow. Danny White. Never thought I'd hear that name again. Guess you loved the Dwight Clark game!
Super excited about this signed picture of Dwight Clark! A huge thank you to my Niner sista…
I was a Niner fan. Met Joe Montana and Dwight Clark when I was 14, and that was it.
Halftime entertainment provided by University of Dwight Clark Marching Band...aka Clemson.
I've gotten that reaction a lot. 3 things. 1) he's a good guy. 2) been 15 years! 3) I'm sorry. Hey, I still hate Dwight Clark.
2-0:08 A breakdown on the Giants D! Marino hits Dwight Clark for a 46 yard TD pass to make it 17 all at the half.
Tom Brady was in the stands for Dwight Clark's catch.
Getting confused have Dwight Clarke RR ROUTE RUNNER and M. Harrison RR and only Clark gets boosts something wrong there...
A productive meeting with today on the need for an improved fed Urban Aboriginal Strategy & for a NHS:
Thinking Dwight Clark wishes he could have that one back. Morton too.
Hard to believe there isn't one yet between Jim Stuckey, Dwight Clark, Michael Dean Perry, Levon Kirkland, etc.
Spector nailed it. I feel for the baseball fans that have never gotten the chance to hear Vin Scully call a game.
A very good piece by on why Vin Scully's final broadcast should be heard nationally.
Get Vin Scully's last game on national TV.
America deserves to hear Vin Scully's last game, and MLB Network should make it happen.
R.C. Owens ... to Gene Washington ... to Dwight Clark ... to Jerry Rice ... to Terrell Owens ... to some guys?
I would put Craig, Bryant Young, & Dwight Clark above on your HOF list. Ricky Watters & Randy Cross, too.
comparable to a Browns super trio of Mike Holmgren, Dwight Clark, and Pat Shurmur
Nice of Prime Signatures with this Roger Craig/Dwight Clark dual auto
Dwight Clark, Roger Craig... Gronk has only played a few years and has missed a lot of games.
Everyone at Punctuate backed me up when I said the Dunkin on Wabash&Harrison is the Best and the one on Clark by the Dwight is the Worst
"The Catch" - Dwight Clark, San Francisco 49ers. Awesome play, but at the heart of why this Dallas f
Wide receiver Dwight Clark...back in the day there were soo many awesome 49ers.
Dwight Clark, the 49ers TE who made The Catch™ (from Joe Montana) is the only famous alum I know of.
They told Dwight to jump off the room like Mr. Clark did Sams.. Do it expeditiously
Charles Barkley just asked Dwight Howard why people don't like him. But won't let him answer the question.
Why is Barkley calling Dwight Howard "superman"? If I was Clark Kent, I would kick both their ***
I'm giving away something for you on Dwight Clark trading card. Get it here -
Joe Montana was called Joe Cool for a reason. Here with Dwight Clark (right).
Defoe picked up yet another MOTM award today. Ciaran Clark, Claudio Yacob, Dwight Gayle & Andre Ayew joined him.
Working on S4E09 (Local Ad) and realized Dwight's Half Life character sorta looks like Clark from Season 9
I'm team Vision & Black Panther, if you see the film and hear their combined reasoning you'll know why, 'nuff...
CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR WAS EXCELLENT!! . One of the most profound take aways from the film with out getting...
The Office: Dwight Convinces Clark To Pose: Dwight convinces Clark Clark to Pose as his son…
The Office: Suit Warehouse: Dwight and Clark pose as father and son to make a sale. Image…
By the way: Do you know what Dwight Clark was wearing when he made 'The Catch'?
I still hold a grudge against Dwight Clark, Derek Fisher, Scott Podsednik and the 1975 Arkansas Razorbacks.
The only catch I acknowledge is Dwight Clark.
DWIGHT AARON CLARK just got their posted to Durham County, NC Mugshots & Arrest Records -
I mean Dwight Clark only had one guy to beat and Joe freaking Montana throwing to him. Not like he had to work for it.
Dwight: Clark has no chance. I mean, he’s up against my buddy Rolf, for God’s sake. Guy goes fishing with hand grenades.
Due to Dwight Clark's drafting is why we are in this predicament now. He blew the expansion draft and college draft
I gotta poll idea for you...Worse Browns talent evaluators Magini/Kokinis or Ray Farmer or Dwight Clark
this is the hardest decision I've made in vacation. Kevin, Dwight, Darryl, Pam, Clark.
mine would be Michael, Dwight, Darryl, Clark and Pete. Matt hasn't met Clark and Pete yet tho
dwight, jim, Darryl, pam, and clark.
Michael, Dwight, Wallace, Robert California, Clark. Clark is the weak point but I thought he was a decent 5th at low cost
however, top 5 would be Michael, Dwight, Mose, Wallace, Clark
Michael Scott, Jan Levinson, Dwight Schrute, Darryl Philbin, and Clark Green (for lack of better option with remaining money)
The only thing I think of with The Catch involves Dwight Clark and Joe Montana in the '82 NFC championship w/Niners vs Cowboys.
he is 5th in recievers G yards in 49ers colorful history behind only Dwight Clark Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens
Dwight gives away jersey, Celtics kid dabs in return .
I would rather sell the Dwight Clark, or anyone her card. The Mariota and Langford are my favorites
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1982 TOPPS DWIGHT CLARK 49ers
Had a a great time in Dallas at the national convention! Great meeting Dwight Clark!
Deitra Catalano with Dwight Clark . "Let's get this party started!"
Flashback to Monday, Alex Woltman & I with Dwight Clark . We just arrived and it was…
65. Pam and Jim learn Morse code so they can talk in front of Dwight   10% Off
66. Dwight spills coffee on himself
Has no one said Vin Scully? The call no-one remembers was Scully: the catch (Dwight Clark v Cowboys).
The Catch by former Clemson WR Dwight Clark is No. 33 in SI's 100 Greatest Moments in Sports History:.
Watch highlights of Steve Young, Dwight Clark and the team in the
"The Catch" - Dwight Clark. We met at our favorite Sushi Bar and he showed us true "5 Super Bowl Rings" - Go
Amy, Will there still be Schwartz on Sports tonight? Good guest spots...Like the Jennings talk. You see Dwight Clark yet? JC
Oh yeah, we also have Episode 50 of coming out tomorrow morning with Dwight Clark, and Tim Brown.
Wilson to Kearse certainly reminded me of Joe Montana to Dwight Clark.
"Shades of THE CATCH from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark vs The Cowboys in good old Candlestick Park back in the days" O
That was Joe Montana throwing to Dwight Clark deja vu
reminds me of when the 49ers beat my Cowboys with “The Catch” by Dwight Clark from Joe Montana… hard to lose but
That was a tougher pass & catch than The Catch. Joe Montana & Dwight Clark eat your heart out
Move over Joe Montana and Dwight Clark! That's the greatest play in playoff history!
Even Joe Montana would have had a hard time without Jerry Rice and Roger Craig, and Dwight Clark
Cal-Stanford in 1982: "the Play". Dwight Clark caught "the catch". We should call Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary vs Lions "the throw".
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Dwight Howard couldn't have been too happy with this fast break...
Call me old school but when I think of "The Catch" I think of Dwight Clark.
Thirty years after Joe Montana's famous touchdown pass to Dwight Clark known simply as "The Catch," the 2011 San...
So in what was surely Kobe's last game in Miami, the starters with him were Ron, Nash, Dwight and Earl Clark, backed by Jamison/Meeks/Blake.
Yea cuz he didn't have Jerry Rice, Rodger Craig, Dwight Clark, and his defense, seems logical
The 49ers need to add Jordan Taylor from the Denver practice squed. 6'5 reciver great hands and size another Dwight Clark.
What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight- it's the size of the fight in the dog. Dwight D.
Clark verses which Dwight will be victorious? My money is on the former niner
ESPN showing Levi's security making Dwight Clark show his credentials just to get on the field. Shouldn't they know who he is?
the guy at that actually asked Dwight Clark for his credentials to get on the field??
So who got a picture with 49ers Legend, Dwight Clark, before the game today? Me, that's who!
And a security officer will be fired..Know your personnel!! How disrespectful!! It's Dwight Clark!!
Levi's Stadium takes an L for making Dwight Clark show ID
security asked Dwight Clark for his credential. This is how he felt the moment after he realized who Dwight is... 😳
Does Dwight Clark have same hair as ?
security not knowing who Dwight Clark is, is the most York-era thing ever. Bozos and clowns.
Dwight Clark had to show a credential? Seriously?
Dwight Clark needed a credential to get on the field today. Awesome. Too funny.
just meet and shook hands with Dwight Clark
When you casually walk past Dwight freaking Clark when walking to your post. I died.
Incredibly honored to be able to shake hands and converse with Mr. Dwight Clark, aka "The Catch".…
I miss the days when the Colts had guys like Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Dwight Freeney playing for them.
Catch alum Dwight Clark for photos & autographs at Intel Plaza 11-12:15pm today!
Dwight Clark too. They all came and said hi to the fans. One of my best memories.
Dwight Clark will be there this week to sign!
I would give up my salary for the football thrown by Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the endzone for TD. "The Catch"
Great gift for football fan, check it out ...
Shawn Weatherly Ms Universe was married to Dwight Clark of "The Catch" fame - 49ers
in this century. The Dwight Clark one was for the 20th century.
what about the catch by Dwight Clark?
was wondering why Harrold lives there, then saw his father in law is Dwight Clark & from Kinston. Who knew?
meeting the man Dwight Clark San Francisco 49er
Ticket You WON an autographed Dwight Clark jersey. Come to our booth our DM us.
Super Bowl champ Dwight Clark at the Rubrik booth. Smiles all around!
Come see Super Bowl champ Dwight Clark at 3P. Footballs, jersey, Super Bowl trip.
Did you know that is a HUGE 49ers fan? Meet Dwight Clark at 3p today. Booth
Come to booth at 3:00 PM to chill with Super Bowl champ Dwight Clark and :-)
Dwight Clark is in the house today. Don't miss out on Super Bowl 2016 tickets!
Day 4 at & my feet are on strike. Just have to make it to 3pm and I get to hang with 49er legend Dwight Clark at Booth
With Phil Taylor being cut, Tom Heckert's drafting w/ the is as bas as Dwight Clark's was.
The 9ers went 18-1 winning the Super Bowl w/ Wendell Tyler as the running back & Dwight Clark the best receiver & a good, not great, defense
have to rate Dwight Clark's catch better due to the meaningfulness of the game.
idk maybe lott or Dwight clark, Willis idk it's hard to say
How did I miss this. Review of "Kindergarten Ninja" by starring former GM DWIGHT CLARK!!
And meet Dwight Clark recipient of the most famous catch in NFL history!
Freddie Solomon and Dwight Clark were Montana's WRs for first SB. Troy Brown and David Patten were Brady's.
Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Brent Jones, and Ronnie Lott were so much fun too watch. Great 🏈 ❤️💛
Joe Montana to Dwight Clark for "The Catch" vs the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. (1982)
Biggest Cowboys villain? Vote between Buddy Ryan, Gene Steratore, Dwight Clark and more
Mission Bay Alliance not going unchallenged. Joe Montana, Rick Barry, Barry Bonds, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice came out against it
he had Roger Craig, Freddie Solomon, Dwight Clark, Rice, Ricky Watters in the most innovative offense of that time
it looks like I'm meeting Allen Iverson, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Brad lidge next month!
I liked "the cacth" the most. Dwight Clark. You're too young to even know about that huh? Ha!
reminds me of Tim Couch pro day. Needed a 2nd workout to convince Chris Palmer and Dwight Clark. Bruce Arians still a Couch fan
Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, and Joe Montana were all playing together at one time.  That...
Jerry Rice is aware his 49ers cheated the salary cap in the 90s and were fined and lost a draft pick, right? Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark.
Team will be Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark and Brent Jones; with Harris Barton and Ronnie Lott as captains.
For context, Joe Montana had thre, and one of them was Roger Craig for one season. Otherwise, it was Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice.
love Marshawn, but Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, John Taylor etc weren't a good team?
But . . . Butch Davis did have GM power. He took over for Dwight Clark following the 2001 season. O_o
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I said my personal list. Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice had alot to do with the success of Montana and the 49ers.,
Brandon Carr's whole career will be defined by that Odell Beckham catch, a la Dwight Clark and Everson Walls...
Dwight Clark in : "Colin needs to work in the off-season hope Harbaugh is here to coach him" hope listened
Had a great time at the Boys and Girls Club Rise and Shine Breakfast! Pictured: Dwight Clark, former San...
uhm, John Taylor and Dwight Clark basically won three Super Bowl for him and Peyton had Wayne and demaryus
Dwight Clark had "The Catch" against the Cowboys. . Jared Cook had "The Drop" against the Cowboys.
Dwight Clark said Bill Walsh advised team to "work with media" and "be on time" during his playing days.
Then again those Cowboys teams had to deal with a hot 1980's Eagles team, Dwight Clark's catch and the 1982 version of John Riggins.
Great night for a great cause! Thanks for including m&m bling!! Love my picture with Johnny Weir and Dwight Clark!!
Why can't they sell a Candlestick Park seat autographed by Will Clark and Dwight Clark?
Joe Montana and Dwight Clark on the Wembley pitch prior to the 49ers game Vs Jaguars, last year.
I have an old black and white picture of Dwight Clark making the catch, and he signed it and drew out the sprint right option.
if it makes you feel any better, have me on to talk about Dwight Clark's catch. 9 year old me wept for days.
10 friends you're close with — Micheal, Clark, Eric, Raymond, Sym, Enrico, Asia, Dwight, Roland and Luc but ther...
Fact learned about the Dwight Clark statute recently: It's set up at same height Clark was when he made 'The Catch'
Somebody tell Lavar that it was Taylor who Montana hit in the Super Bowl to win the game in Miami against the Bengals, not Dwight Clark.
Me at Clark. "There is too many people on this earth, we need a new plague." -Dwight Schrute
Dan Clark looks like Dwight Clark while making a two-yard touchdown catch on the final play of the third quarter.
Dwight Clark, former wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers, has a special place in his heart for chiropractic care
Oh come on, Clyde Gates has HOF potential. Hayden Smith could have been the next Dwight Clark.
I will get to see Steve Young, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark & many more tonight
So excited to be at the final football game at Candlestick Park today 🌞 hello Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino 🏈
Very upset my dad gets to see Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino, and Ronny Lott at Candlestick today and he's not taking me.
Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and Jerry Rice. It doesn't get any better!!
So Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, and Joe Montana all had a restaurant back in the 90's and I found an old menu with Dwight Clark's signature on it.
Very nice for the collector... Mitchell and Ness size 50 San Fransisco 49ers number 16 red official NFL throwback jersey autographed by Joe Montana with certificate of authenticity and diamond hologram guarantee of autographs with San Francisco mini helmet (riddle nfl) signed by the Dwight Clark and another with number Jerry Rice authentic diamond hologram signature with case.FOR SALE contact me.I also have a bonus football cards i will throw in as bonus with purchase.extremely nice collection.for sale contact me
To All You Marino Fans.. Are you aware that Marino and Joe Montana will be playing a Flag Football Game at Candlestick Park on July 12th along with some others, Jerry Rice,Roger Craig and Dwight Clark. I know it's Flag Football but it should be pretty cool !! GO DOLPHINS !!!
Great program on NFL NETWORK! NINERS 1981 team with interviews of Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark ,Randy Cross And Bill Walsh. Good stuff on One of the NFL's greatest all time Teams ! THE WEST COAST OFFENSE! THE COWBOY KILLERS!
Giants tickets or watch Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark play Dan Marino and whoever at Candlestick?
Just a few highlights from our daily auction ending TONIGHT. Everything starts at $1 with no reserve. Bid here: 80 items today including autographed memorabilia from Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Pete Rose, John Elway, Michael Phelps, Dale Earnhardt Sr., Walter Payton, and more!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Montana to Dwight Clark with "the Catch" crumbled the Landry Cowboys & brought forth the genius of Bill Walsh
My favorite dynasty has to be the 49ers though. Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott. Wow thats a great group
Going through old keepsakes to get rid of stuff, stumbled across some Topps rookie cards for James Lofton, Lawrence Taylor, Rafael Paleiro, Bernie Williams, Chris Collinsworth, Ozzie Newsome, Steve Largent, Everson Walls and others. Not rookie cards, but also found Terry Bradshaw, Herman Edwards, Tom Jackson, Dwight Clark, and so many others. Now, how do I finance a new pair of skis with these?
Having a great time with my family my cousins Alexis Warren & Dwight Clark my Bbymama Jessica Gavula my sister Stacey Smith & my godson & my 2 nephews & my goddaughter Dominique
In 1979 I was living in San Francisco where the running joke was the 5 straight men living in the city would get together and play cards on weekends. many of us were watching the 49'ers and their new coach Bill Walsh and the new QB Joe Montana. I was working on a smut film where we off camera workers actually shut down the film til the end of the Dallas/SF gamed where the Immaculate Reception took place, Montana to Dwight Clark and SF wins, goes to SuperBowl where they win again. SF was a town where there was no sports, just a cellar dwelling football team and a so so baseball club, bad stadiums, no college ball. Real professional sports were across the bay in Oakland. Suddenly the 49'ers win the Superbowl and the city went Insane...the newspapers compared it to VJ day when WW2 ended. Electric buses were used disengaged, then used to block streets all over the city. In north beach where tons of fans gathered riot squads went up,and down Broadway trying to control the masses. SK is a drinking mans town and ...
USA vs. Russia in Olympic Hockey this morning takes me back 34 years when I was 12 years old living in West Texas having never seen a hockey game. Events in sports are etched in our memories so vividly that we can recall where we were what we were doing and how it moved us. Reggie's three home runs in the World Series, Jackie Smiths dropped touch down in the Super Bowl, Dwight Clarks "The Catch". Seattle Slew's triple crown and the time I finally beat Janet Knutson at tether ball in the 1st grade.c'mon you didn't think I was that sappy do ya!
I'll be there for you like Dwight Clark was there for Joe Montana 👌
Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers! Come have lunch on the deck, with a glass of wine and Dwight Clarke playing beautiful music on his trumpet. :)
Puppy training. 49ers Dwight Clark with his 2 pups. He is bent over.
“Dwight Clark puts my autographs to shame. love it gotta have one
Dwight Clark puts my autographs to shame.
In Memoriam - Freddie Solomon (January 11, 1953 – February 13, 2012) was a professional American football player who was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the 2nd round of the 1975 NFL Draft. A 5'11", 184-lb. wide receiver from the University of Tampa, Solomon played in 11 NFL seasons for the Dolphins and San Francisco 49ers from 1975 to 1985. On December 5, 1976, Solomon had a career game, with 5 catches for 114 yards and a touchdown, 1 rushing attempt for 59 yards and a touchdown, and a punt return for 79 yards and a touchdown. Solomon won two Super Bowls as a member of the 49ers. On "The Catch", Dwight Clark's famous leaping grab that helped the 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the 1982 NFC Playoffs, Solomon was the primary target on the play, but slipped coming out of his cut. Solomon made several key plays on the 49ers final drive of that game. Solomon died on February 13, 2012 after a nine-month battle with colon and liver cancer.
what if Dwight Clark would have dropped that pass from Joe Montana? he'd be dead right now let's just say
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Here is Dwight crashing Harden's post game interview yelling "Fear the beard baby."
Call and I Joe Montana and Dwight Clark cause we're clutch in these history debates for extra credit, 2 weeks ina row winning point
when is clark hall spots 1-20 going to be plowed? I have been unable to park in my spot for over a week
Memo to the N.F.L.-please don't do us any favors with front office suggestions for our team! Strike 1. Carmen Policy-Dwight Clark team! Mega disaster that set the franchise back 10 years,2. John Collins. Phil Savage couldn't get along. 3. Joe Banner!!! Hiring hated Mike Lombardi!!! Banners ego was so big that its a good thing the stadium didn't have a roof on it!!! The self proclaimed smartest man in the room had his bubble bursted in a big way! Please n.f.l. don't do us anymore favors!
Lakers should've tried to keep Ramon Sessions, released World Peace and signed Earl Clark back. Prior to the Dwight Howard deal.
I'm going to start selling off my sports collection in preparation for my move to Sacramento. How about I start with my Dwight Clark autograph. Just kidding. In all seriousness I'm probably going to start with a Fernando Venezuela Bobble head, Joe Montana 1990 sportsman of the year Sports Illustrated and the very first sport illustrated ever made from 1954 which I bought in not so good condition. I will post pictures later.
Im still heartbroken that they're tearing down candlestick to build luxury living. Like Joe Montana and Dwight Clark played there. *** 😭
Dwight: I got a couple of tickets to the Slayer concert ten months from now.. you interested? Clark: I think i'm busy that night. LOOOL 😂
Had a fun time chilling is was nice to see & talking to my cousin & da boys Goddad Dwight Clark pictures be up. Now shower cause my back is to much pain
Clark is the best office character looks like Dwight thinks like Jim acts like Pam
I would like to invite each of you to Morning Worship here at Douglas Tabernacle P.B. Church of Christ RIGHT! NOW! God is here and He is waiting to change your life and current situation. Song Service by the and Sermon by Elder Dwight Clark entitled "Stand Still" Exodus 14:10-14. Come one, Come ALL!
Well, survived another 15 hour day. And I got to see more celebs. Kenny G and Huey Lewis. Missed seeing Clint and Dwight Clark tho. Tomorrow maybe.
Got home to hear exactly what I needed to from my sweet Amber Kirk Delosantos now I'm here at my home away from home martial arts society texas! Thanks for the great rolls Daniel Paige Daniel Andrews Rick Hardwick Matthew Dwight Clark !! Bjj cures all!! Oss!
I met Dwight Clark today, again. Shockingly, he doesn't remember the first time we met. Growing up a 49ers fan, I stood in line at some meet and greet in the 1980s for the honor of getting his autograph and having a picture taken with him. Now that he's affiliated with Intero, I don't have to go through such great lengths.
Some of the action at the Charity shootout today, with teams from the SF 49ers and SF Giants. You could see the likes of Matt Cain and Alex Smith, Dwight Clark, JT Snow, Javier Lopez and more. They were playing for six charities and the nonprofit Monterey County Film Commission was one who benefited at Pebble Beach today.
Best swing from today's 49ers vs Giants charity tournament at Pebble: 1. Matt Cain (the guy's a scratch golfer) 2. Alex Smith (once he gets it's goin) 3. Ryan Vogelsong (a little too much weight on back foot) 4. Dwight Clark (keeps his driver in the bag) 5. JT Snow (He saved a little girl from being hit by a tee shot)
Yuppers!!! Mom followed college ball & Joe at Notre Dame. When he went to San Fran.. so did I ..loved watching him play, so dam cute & of course, Dwight Clark..=}
JOE LULL of 92.3 The Fan Cleveland with his carefully reasoned thoughts as always:When the Browns named Mike Pettine their latest head coach on Thursday, his hiring was met by a collective yawn. Skepticism has become the default reaction for Browns fans to any decision made by this front office, and with good reason. In dismissing the coach they hand-picked last year a mere 353 days later, the Browns undermined their own credibility. They messed up the last hire, so why will this one be any different? Yet the crisis in confidence experienced by Browns fans is caused by more than the fractured trust they have in the Browns front office. As unpopular as Jimmy Haslam, Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi may be, had they landed a recognizable name with a resume of significance to be their next head coach, fans could have easily been won over. It has happened before. After two horrific seasons following the Browns return, Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark renewed the trust of the fans by hiring one of the most succes ...
give Peyton a team with Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott, and the rest of the 80s niners. 4+ SB WINS easy
Super Bowl at the Edison Hotel with Joe Montana and Dwight Clark! Our Super Bowl Package now available at Join us!
VIDEO: On today's date, 1982, Joe Montana found Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone for "The Catch."
Today is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day, National Cut your Energy Cost Day and National Peculiar People Day and This Day In History North Carolina governor calls on Loyalists to combat rebels Outlaw Frank James born in Missouri William Seward is named secretary of state Gusher signals start of U.S. oil industry League of Nations instituted Griffith elected president of Irish Free State Harding orders U.S. troops home from Germany FDR introduces the lend-lease program First meeting of the United Nations Dashiell Hammett dies Avalanche kills thousands in Peru Johnson asks for more funding for Vietnam War Hubert Humphrey criticizes President Nixon "Convoy," by C.W. McCall, is the song on the U.S. pop charts Dwight Clark makes The Catch Cuban troops begin withdrawal from Angola Green Beret indicted for murder AOL-Time Warner formed World's cheapest car debuts in India
Born on this date: Chris Snee, Bob Talamini, Dwight Clark, Darryl Williams... see more:
Kapernick you ain't Joe Montana sit yo *** down lol.. That was the play Dwight Clark caught against Dalkas!!
Last time Ohio State played Clemson, Woody Hayes hit Clemson LB Charlie Bauman and lost his job. Urban Meyer, keep your hands to yourself!! Oh, and BTW, that game also was the last collegiate game for a future 49er great: Dwight Clark. Sammy Watkins, we're watching you!
"It looked like Joe Montana to Dwight Clark!" - Brad Nessler a wee bit carried away on that call
"You taught me everything I know about exterior illumination." -Clark W. Grisswold Jr.
I kiks saw Clark duke in Arkansas at the airport aka Dwight Jr.this is pretty grand (:
Great Win by the 49ers what a way to say farewell Candlestick Park so many memories The Catch by Dwight Clark and the 1989 Earthquake Series Giants/As I was stationed at Mather AFB just 90 miles NE of San Francisco when that incident occurred!! Lets close out THe Stick with Ring It is BYE BYE BABY to the STICK!!
What an experience it was in sf. Saw Dwight Clark, Steve Young, eddie d, boys 2 men, fireworks, and a niner win!!!
Send and share holiday video messages from some of your favorite athletes including Dwight Clark.
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"The Best part was kicking the Cowboys in the *** "-Dwight Clark
Who were the best 5 Draft picks in the Dwight Clark front office era of Cleveland?
Dwight Clark's "The Catch"... Kind of a routine catch, no? Certainly not good enough to be called "The Catch"
Dwight Clark literally walked right past me and we were too busy taking selfies to take a picture -_-
What would have happened if gruel from Alcatraz blew into the ball as Dwight Clark tried to make the catch?!
"It was a dump. But it was our dump.". -Dwight Clark on San Francisco's Candlestick Park
Someone should check coach Harbaugh for a concussion if he wants to compare last night INT for a TD to Dwight Clark's catch. Really?
49ER HISTORY IS MADE! First it was "THE CATCH I" by Dwight Clark. Then years later "THE CATCH II" by Terrell Owens. December 23rd 2013 we witnessed NaVorro Bowman with "THE TIP" and a Trip to the end zone and playoffs !!!
in the pre game show on ESPN Chris Bergman relived The Catch with Dwight Clark
still odd to me to see Chris Bergman reliving the catch with Dwight Clark they didnot even mention him much
Ladies, Dwight Clark, still dreamy after all these years!
Vin Scully after "The Catch": "Dwight Clark is 6'4", he stands about 10-feet tall in this crowd's estimation."
It brought tears to my eyes last night when Dwight Clark said "my best memories her were when we would beat the Cowboys' *** .. 😂😂
wow! so many great stories, so many wonderful memories. we were there in '89 during the earthquake, saw 'the catch' with Dwight Clark, and 15 season's at Arthur's ...those were the days. Chuck is smiling!
“It was a dump, but it was our dump." Dwight Clark
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“Dwight Clark is 6’4” and he stands about 10 feet tall by this crowd’s estimation.” —Vin Scully the absolute GOAT.
Does Dwight Clark realize that he borrowed this retired line from fans? "It's a dump. But it's our dump."
Dwight Clark standing in the exact spot where was made. One of the most legendary moments in…
Great Candlestick Moments The Catch (Dwight Clark) against Dallas The Catch 2 (Terrell Owens) against Green bay The Catch 3 (Vernon Davis) against the Saints Now to close the stick out with a memory that rivals the great battles above we have the Pick At The Stick ( Navaro Bowman) against the Falcons!
Nightmare getting into the 49er game last night. But it was well worth it. The atmosphere inside the 'Stick was off the charts. I don't think I have ever felt it quite like this. The game was everything a last game at the 'Stick should have been. The festivities after the game included many of the old 9ers (Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Steve Young, T.O., Eddie D.) who brought us so many fantastic memories. It was hard saying good bye to all the friends I had made in the section where I sat for the last 32 years. It is always hard at the end of each season but this time we knew we were probably never going to see each other again. No one wanted to leave. The 'Stick has been such a big part of my life during football season for the last 32 years of my life. It has given me so many great memories. I have been there for each and everyone of the historical and landmark moments. "The Catch". "The Catch II". Jerry's breaking the TD record. Jeff Garcia's and T.O.'s comeback in the playoff game. "Th ...
After some tough times, 49ers' great Dwight Clark has mounted a comeback.
My haul from tonight's game! Got my farewell pennant signed as well by Dwight Clark, Dennis Brown and Steve Wallace! Great hangin out w/ Gerard and Eddie!
You don't know who Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Steve Young, Deion Sanders, TO Or Ronnie Lott you are not a niner fan
Nice post game show at Candlestick. I'm not sure if it was shown on tv. They first brought out Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Steve Young, Terrell Owens and Eddie Debartolo Jr. Then Boyz II Men played. They finished it off by playing Lights with glow sticks with the lights out with a fireworks show. I'm still in the parking lot. Long night. It's time for a new stadium.
So many historic plays at "The Stick". Steve Young's run vs the Vikings, Vernon Davis' catch vs the Saints, Terrell Owens catch vs the Packers, Garrison Hearst's run vs the Jets, and of course the play of all time, Dwight Clark's catch vs the Cowboys. Now add Bowman's "Pick 6" against the Falcons!!
Dwight Clark started it with the catch and now Navarro Bowman ends it with an interception!!!
Good bye Candlestick Park you will be missed! Many many many baseball games, jumping over the rail to get a homeruns from Chilli Davis, Jack Clark or Kevin Mitchell in left field, watching double plays from Uribe to Thompson to Clark.or watching Joe Montana throw TDs to Freddy Soloman, Dwight Clark & of course Jerry Rice, watching Ronnie Lott crack some Rams WR, Eric Wright running a back an INT .I lived STRAIGHT across the street, in the last house on Gilman St. right.played many touch football games, having bike races & playing some strike out in the parking lot by pole V.RIP Candlestick.(NEVER 3 Com - NEVER Monster Park)
Two iconic moments in Candlestick Park history - "The Catch" by Dwight Clark and "The Catch 2" by Terrell Owens.
Great win in the final game at The Stick!! Dwight Clark started the legacy with "The catch" and Navarro Bowman ended it with "the ***
Another legendary moment added to the archive Navvoro Bowman "The Pick" will join Dwight Clark "The Catch" in the candlestick hall of fame
How ironic. Dwight Clark is in the stick and Navarro Bowman comes up with the catch part 2.
I m glad I got a chance to visit this Landmark they were some great games played In this stadium for example the great catch from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark and many more the 49ers will be playing they Last game here this week thanks for the Memories.Candlestick Park.
1) Who can name the band that played during half time at the January 10, 1982, NFC Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, the game where Joe Montana connected with Dwight Clark for "The Catch"? 2) What songs were performed?
Can you image the 49ers if we had Jerry Rice and Kaepernick and Dwight Clark? Come on Niners!! :-)
The Niners should be totally embarrassed losing at the half to the falcons at home on the final day at Candle Stick Park while Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark, Joe Montana, and other greats are there watching you? Really guys? Even the great Willie Mays showed up and this is what he gets? Wow..
Dwight Clark's historic "catch" was a play drawn up by coach Bill Walsh. At Bill's surprise 60th bday party, which I filmed, his wife Geri had Bill's drawing of the play on the cake
Will ESPN stop trying to romanticize Candlestick Park? that place was a dump. Dwight Clark said the only home field advantage that place had was that they knew where all the bad spots on the field were so they could avoid them.
Put Steve Young, Jerry Rice, and Dwight Clark out there in the second half!
Home for the Holidays...I never left.. watching Football last game at the stick .showing replays of "the Catch"...from the legend Joe Montana to Dwight Clark against the Cowboys...just saw interview with Clark...looks like he could still play ...who knew Vin Scully was the broadcaster for the Catch.years after the Catch I had the opportunity to meet Tom Laundry in Dallas at a national meeting for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where I served for 2 years as President of the Pasadena Adult Chapter ..Coach Laundry was one of the nicest must humble guys I ever met ...sitting next to Coach and to hear his story from playing in the greatest NFL game ever played to becoming Coach of Americas team was epic.
Can't BELIEVE it's the last game in Candlestick! Loved seeing Dwight Clark.
So I'm just curious... We are at Candlestick Park, I see Willie Mays, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, even the Atlanta falcons showed up. What I want to know is where are the 49ers??? Hopefully they get there by half time.
Omg lol I never knew that! They asked Dwight Clark what ever happened to the ball from "The Catch?" He said the ball boy kept it after Dwight spiked it! That's not right lol.
The childhood memories of the Bay Area and now seeing Dwight Clark. This was an amazing moment in time. Candlestick Park. What can I say? Thank you.
Lisa Salter just asked the dumbest question I've ever heard asked when she interviewed Dwight Clark. "what part of the play stands out to you the most?" If I were him I would have laughed in her face and walked away. It's called the catch for a reason, what part do you think stands out the most?
Watching the game...I might have said out loud "oh my gosh, Dwight Clark is still so hot", then Jim looked at me and I said, "I mean, Dwight Clark has not aged well". I don't think I made it very convincing.
Sporting my 49ers Alumni cap that I got as a personal gift from Dwight Clark (not to brag) while watching the last regular season game at Candlestick. So cool to relive all the memories.
It's a little weird that Lisa Salters asked Dwight Clark how Willie Mays should 'say goodbye' to Candlestick Park?
I have to say that Dwight Clark is one of the nicest men I have ever had the chance to meet. So in honor of his anniversary of "the catch" coming up I had to post some of the pictures he was gracious enough to take with us!
The 49ers say farewell to Candlestick Park tonight and a flood of memories.Joe Montana,Dwight Clark,Jerry Rice,Roger Craig,John Taylor,Steve Young,Rickey Watters,Ronnie Lott,Eric Wright(Mizzou).The great coaches,Bill Walsh,the choreographer of the West Coast offense,and George Siefert.And a once in a lifetime owner,Eddie DiBartolo.Glad the Giants are a part of the festivities.While the Niners won five Super Bowls,the Giants won pennants in 1962 and 1989,but could not bring home a World Championship to The Stick.They won it all at AT&T in 2010 and 2012.Delighted that the 49ers invited Willie McCovey,and the greatest ballplayer I've ever seen,Willie Mays.
Farewell Candlestick Park many greats played in this stadium!!! Joe Montana Steve Young Jerry Rice Dwight Clark Bryant Young Ronnie Lott and Fred Dean!!! Lets go out with a bang 49ers!!!:)
Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, Steve Young, Bill Walsh, Merton Hanks, Dwight Clark, "Prime Time", Charles Haley, etc. so many great prayers, (who most of my fb "friends" have never even heard of), played in historic Candlestick Park.
Watching the last game at Candlestick Park! From Joe Cool to Steve Young. Jerry Rice to John Taylor. Roger Craig to Frank Gore! Brent Jones, Merton Hanks, Ronnie Lott, Charles Haley, Dwight Clark, Terrell Owens, and all the great 49ers and the great Bill Walsh. They all made it fun to watch!
As much as I have loved the 9ers, (Bill Walsh, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, Dwight Clark, and my fave, Joe Montana) and as sad as I am to see Candlestick Park torn down I will have to pull for the *** Falcons tonight.
FAIRWELL Candlestick Park. I will never forget the Grates that were born there. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark. And don't for get all the Grates from the PRE STEROID ERA GIANTS like Batman Will Clark, Willie Mays, and everyone other than STEROID BONDS
For all who know Candlestick Park history.Watching the pre game programs and so remember Dwight Clark and TO's catches. And watching Jerry Rice throw a football around. Totally awesome. Living in the area during the Montana and Young eras was truly great! And this is just football! Baseball has sooo much history! How many remember the Eau de Candlestick, Kathleen Jennings White? And I was only there in the 80-90's
Getting ready to watch my beloved 49ers play their final home game at the Stick. Dwight Clark is supposed to walk into the north end zone where the catch happened. I will try not to tear up, but no promises.
My first ever game at Candlestick Park was the The Catch Joe Montana to Dwight Clark i was there i love Candlestick Park im in tears.
One of my earliest memories is of watching my 1st football game which was the famous "Catch" game at Candlestick Park when Joe Montana through it to Dwight Clark in the endzone to beat the cowboys by 1 and eventually go on to win the Superbowl in 1982. I remember the elation of my older brother and sister and have been a football and 9er fan ever since. Thanks for the memories Candlestick!
Are you a football fan? Fun going down Memory Row watching Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark on the field of Candlestick Park right now - grinning from ear to ear - as they throw and catch passes and re-enact big plays. Hope Joe Montana shows up for this last game played at this historic venue...:-)
So , how many times are they going to show that Montana to Dwight Clark pass tonight ?? C'mon Man !!
Boomer and the ESPN guys reenacted "The Catch" in honor of the last game at Candlestick tonight. I must say - Dwight Clark still looks pretty *** good. Go Tigers! (Even though the game ended in an "L" for my Cowboys)
All 49er legends are in the building. Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark, and my favorite 49er Ronnie Lott the man had his finger amputated so he wouldn't miss the playoffs.
Aww, just saw Dwight Clark re-enacting "The Catch" on ESPN. Got to do that last year at The 'Stick w/ Two kids in a candy store
Its like losing an old friend, Candlestick Park.. I watched the Giants & Niners play there in the 80's. The Giants, Will Clark, Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell. The rivalry games with the L.A.Dodgers. The bat promotion the turned into a huge brawl with Dodger fans. Niners, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott and Jerry Rice. I was there the night Jerry Rice set the all time TD record on a Monday Night against the Raiders. Goodbye old friend. I will always remember those games and the nights of freezing my *** off !!!
Farewell to Candlestick Park. The most famous and off the hook touchdown was 9er receiver Dwight Clark hauls in a six-yard touchdown pass from Joe Montana with 51 seconds left in the 1982 NFC Championship game against the Dallas Cowboys
tonight is most likely the last game at Candlestick Park. so many great memories growing up a 49er fan and watching great moments at the "stick." i was not even born when "the catch" happened, Joe Montana to dwight clark. but i witnessed "the catch II", Steve Young to Terrell Owens against the pack and "the catch III", Alex Smith to Vernon Davis against the saints. that great comeback against the giants in the 2002 playoffs. watching Steve Young do his victory lap after finally getting over the hump and beating those *** cowboys in the 94 nfc championship game. in the early 90's, cowboys vs. 49ers was the Super Bowl. and of course, the greatness of Jerry Rice at the stick. breaking the receiving touchdown record in 92 and then breaking the all time touchdown record on monday night football in 94. and having his best game in 95, once again on mnf, 289 yards and 3 td's against the vikings. colin kaepernick running down the packers throats last year in the playoffs. Candlestick Park was the home and playgro ...
Candlestick Park wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing stadium. But, to me, a diehard Giants and 49ers fan, it was a gem in my eyes. With the countless memories I so vividly keep in my mind and in pictures, I will miss the times I watched the Giants and 49ers played. Thank you for letting me enjoy my childhood, teenage and adult years in your cold but so inviting environment. My first Giants game in 1976, being at the Stick and watching Dwight Clark make “The Catch” in 1982, attending the game and seeing Will Clark’s bases loaded single in the eighth sending the Giants to the 1989 World Series, attending Joe Montana’s retirement ceremony in 1997 and watching the last game the Giants would ever play at home in 1999. I cherish those moments and will forever. . Goodbye old friend, thank you so much for the good times, the sad times and the cold time (I have countless Croix de Candlesticks” to prove). I am sad, but happy you’ve been around this long.
Tonight's MNF game features the 49ers and Atlanta game. As a long-time (and now former) season ticket holder, Candlestick Park (while a dump!) holds lots of fond memories of some wonderful games from the Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and too many others to mention era, and the opportunity with Colin Kaepernick and the current team, including Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Anquan Boldin, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Joe Staley, Phil Dawson, and Coach Jim Harbaugh for future success. When Jed York first took over the San Francisco 49ers, I admit, I didn't like him much. But he has proven himself to be a good owner and love that he gets advice from Eddie DeBartolo -- THE VERY BEST NFL Team owner. No matter how this season finishes, you all should be proud of what you have accomplished!
Thanks to Dwight Clark from SF 49ers for the great Christmas greeting today.
Jan 10, 1982: 3rd and 3 from DAL 6 yd line with 0:58 left Joe Montana "Red Right Tight Sprint Right Option" intended for Freddie Solomon hits Dwight Clark in the back of the endzone to propel the 49ers to their First Ever Superbowl. Final Score: SF 28 DAL 27 © America's game, NFL Films, NFL. Video has been placed for commemorative reasons. Video is property of the National Football Association
Candlestick memories? Here are mine: 1971- Going to my first Giants game at age 6 and seeing Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Bobby Bonds play. October 17, 1981 - Catching the Rolling Stones. January 10, 1982 - Sitting in the end zone when Dwight Clark made "The Catch" on a pass from Joe Montana to win the NFC Championship Game and send the 49ers to their first Super Bowl. Storming the field after and grabbing a piece of turf at the 50-yard-line with part of the logo on it. August 10, 1989 - Grabbing a bleacher seat to see Dave Dravecky's miracle comeback game. October 9, 1989 - Watching Will Clark hit a 2-run single in the bottom of the 8th off Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams to win the Giants first National League pennant since 1962. October 17, 1989, 5:04pm - Sitting in the upper deck, section 37 for Game 3 of the World Series when the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck. April 12, 1993 - Playing hooky to catch opening day and the beginning of the Barry Bonds era. Back then he was a fast, skinny base stealer and ...
Those of you that took part in our VIP photo experience with Dwight Clark yesterday, your photos are available at our store (next to Sports Chalet) at Eastridge Mall.
I guess if you live long enough, you begin to see the circles. Heading up to the last game at Candlestick tomorrow, December 23. On the ticket is the picture of the Dwight Clark, making the catch on January 10, 1982 which was my birthday. (I must've been about 17. LOL) On that birthday in Santa Barbara, my dear friend John H. Pascale was there mixing up the margaritas. And tomorrow, December 23 is his birthday. I'll be thinking of you, my brother and all the fun we had over the years, in Big Sur, Carmel, Morro Bay and Santa Barbara to say nothing of the Palomino Club. I've still got my US Festival bumper sticker that says "I partied at the US Festival, where were you?"
ICYMI: Check out what former San Francisco 49ers WR Dwight Clark told KNBR about his memories of Candlestick Park and some truth about "The Catch." Where does "The Catch" rank for you among the greatest moments in Candlestick history?
did u know? dwight clark was the third option on "The Catch."
Part of me is happy that Candlestick Park is finally seeing it's end because now I don't have to relive the memories of "The Catch" by Dwight Clark. I can now deny the existence of such an evil place. They beat the Cowboys that day and made it to the Super Bowl. I remember watching that as a kid and I remember the exact spot I was sitting in at my grandparent's house. I cried for days.
Thank you to all the die hard 49ers fans who attended our signing with Dwight Clark today at Eastridge Mall.
Dwight Clark - Signing today @ Eastridge Mall in San Jose, starting at 2pm.
I am on my way to have lunch and see Dwight Clark at Milo's Wide World of Sports Collectibles!
Dwight Clark had a fine NFL career, with 561 catches, all for the San Francisco 49ers. He'll always be remembered for just one of those catches. It's "The Catch." Of course that's the one. In the NFC championship game on … Continue reading →
After buying my 9er hat & starter jacket, Saw Dwight Clark, he liked my purchases ; )
Montana had more talent than Brady, too. He had Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, John Taylor, and a ferocious defense.
I do like Tony Romo, I do feel with the right tutelage and under the right coach as well as having a solid team around him like Aikman did.he could win a Super Bowl. Coaching DOES play a HUGE role and so does the team you are surrounded with on both sides of the ball. However sometimes I look at it and ask myself does Romo have "IT".and by IT I mean that intagible thing called leadership and that will to win. Dandy Don Meredith was a good QB.I do not believe he had IT.especially on that throw to Hayes in the endzone in the 1966 Championship game. The Ice Bowl was not Dandy's fault. He retired, along came Craig "More off than on" Morton.he did NOT have IT. Roger Staubach totally had IT.then came Danny championship games he did NOT have it, he put up some great Romo numbers and he had some solid teams around him. Everyone talks about "The Catch" by Dwight Clark.but does anyone remember that after that Danny White threw a pass to Drew Pearson that put the Cowboys only 15 yards away from field goal . ...
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