Duval County & Angela Corey

Duval County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida. As of 2010, the population was 864,263. Its county seat is Jacksonville, with which the Duval County government has been consolidated since 1968. Duval County was established in 1822, and is named for William Pope DuVal, Governor of Florida Territory from 1822 to 1834. Angela B. Corey (born October 31, 1954) is an American attorney currently serving as the State Attorney in Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, which includes Duval, Nassau and Clay counties. 3.3/5

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Angela Corey and Duval County SAO is still breaking the law. They REFUSE to release the BRADY LIST. You know the one with the LYING COPS
Duval County SAO and Angela Corey are criminals and liars. They have been found guilty by a judge violating FL Statue 119 Public Records
Uh Oo Vinnie Politan, I'm "Smelling a Hung Jury"! I'm Shocked.Stand My Ground My *** ! Valentines Day in Duval County and a holiday on Monday, here we go again with Angela Corey and John Guy they did not learn a thing from Sanford!
Attention! I am a man that has been ABUSED by my ex-wife and now I am being ABUSED by the most corrupt judicial system in the State of Florida, Duval County, Jacksonville. The same system that allowed George Zimmerman to go free, is the same system that is trying to give me 20yrs to life. I have been caught between two State Attorney's Harry Shorstein and Angela Corey. My charges have been increased to the max, after almost 4yrs. I have been held hostage here over 6yrs with little or no help from anyone that was suppose to help me. I am facing the same system that failed to protect me when I was being attacked almost once a week for months by my ex-wife. I was attacked with a porcelain statue, breaking my arm, laceration, bruises and run over twice with a vehicle dislocating my shoulder, injuring my hip and cracking my ribs. I did all that was required of me by the court and the Judicial System failed me in many ways. I did everything that was required by the court for my protection. However, it was ignor ...
Zimmerman trials starts with the judge confiscating the jury's cell phones and they are already sequestered... Not one juror said they that they had not heard something about this case... can he get a fair trial? Special (appointed_ Prosecutor Angela Corey (from Duval County) Told Tryvon's family when this all started that she is seeking "justice for Treyvon" - um, isn't justice BLIND? Does "Justice" take sides? Seems like this verdict is already in...
this is for Angela Corey. you have hit a new low. first you came to Duval County use the state money. to pass and pass and pass and pass any and all cases that come through Duval County Court ultimately forcing the majority of the people to take a plea. because the person is no longer afford to take off work or pay a lawyer for any extended amount of time. which for some reason counts as a conviction for her. don't be fooled . her conviction rate is probably really low .and now you're trying to throw zimmmerman case.( first let me say none of us know what really happened I think zimmerman is a liar but something did happen at night that resulted in a man's death) with that said I don't feel that Zimmerman is getting a fair trial were any type of Justice can be served for the Martin Family or for the zimmerman family. I believe the Angela Corey has tried to throw is case from the beginning. so she could come home looking like a hero on both sides for the conservatives and liberals. She wants to look as if ...
Yes I have a chip on my shoulder with Duval County, Angela Corey, & Florida Dept of Corrections.
theGRIO REPORT - Duval County, Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey has something to say to those who have expressed outrage over the prosecution of Marissa Alexander are misguided, and missing the point...
"Generally, it's arrest the guy with the gun and sort it out later,” Teresa Sopp, a veteran criminal defense lawyer, told Reuters. “That's always been the way it works in Angela Corey's circuit.” A study this year by two University of North Florida criminologists found that Corey’s Duval County “had the highest incarceration rate of any jurisdiction over 500,000 in Florida” in 2010. “The single most important factor as to why the jail is so full in Duval County is . . . Angela Corey’s aggressive style as prosecutor,” Michael Hallet, one of the UNF criminologists on the study, told Reuters.
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