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Duval County

Duval County is a county located in the U.S. state of Florida. As of 2010, the population was 864,263. Its county seat is Jacksonville, with which the Duval County government has been consolidated since 1968. Duval County was established in 1822, and is named for William Pope DuVal, Governor of Florida Territory from 1822 to 1834.

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Josiah drank from his spelling bee trophy. Russell, 1998 Duval County Spelling Bee Champion, has done the same.
I forgot how weird Duval County is lol
Looking for a 5th Grade Math tutor in Duval county... ?? 🤔
So, I'm watching this crime show, Duval County put a 12 year old in an Adult prison...A 12 YEAR OLD.this is awful!
Good afternoon, Duval County,. A few of our staff members are attending the Florida State Association of...
Shame on me for living in county and not knowing who tf lil duval was 😂
property could go Conventional FL Bond with NO DOWN PAYMENT or CLOSING COSTS. Duval county o
Interest is heating up on the 4COP Liquor License in Duval County that I have listed, -
Get by requesting a Duval County Emergency Management team member attend your event. Learn more:…
I'm at work yelling 954 , then my coworker like "don't nobody rep 954 , it's all about 904!" I'm like what the ***
Please RT! Summer programs help feed Duval County kids in need this summer
DISTURBING: Shell ripped from sea turtle washed ashore, important research clues now lost. FWC looking for men.…
the only people who've hear some of IsThisBeauty were the people back in Duval County when we bodied that show in Jacksonville with rage
there's a downed tree very close to the right lane on 95 North about 1/2 south of the rest area before Duval/St. Johns County line
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is no longer under consideration for a Homeland security position.
10 years old today! I think this dude will be his generation's Andrew Carnegie. @ Duval County,…
Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect in Duval County in FL until 530 PM
Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect in Duval County until 530 PM
caller said Detroit is "the ghetto." With wealthy parents going to St Johns County, is Duval County a victim of white flight?
Our Brewer Center in County hanging hands for
Keith Hnilicka is the AT at DuVal HS in PG County. Keith has been an AT for 42 years. "I have always...
posted with my brother from another mother, Bland in Duval County. Stankin Lincoln on 22s.…
Open House Directionals are illegal in Duval County. Click here, and register, to make your voice heard!
This time last year I knew I HAD to leave Duval county.. June will make it a year since I've left. Best decision I've made, learned so much.
Duval County Public Schools Students can come and enjoy at great time at the Highlands Library tonight at 4pm.
Duval County creates safety hotline to report school threats
Notice our double digit rainfall deficits since January of 2016 from Bryceville and Nassau County into Duval County…
It's official. Duval County is now in a drought. Short-term relief from the fire danger today but big concerns over…
Related School Board preps for possible Vitti departure, Decision from Detroit expected April 5
SHARE: Here is the hotline number for shelter information. Crews continue to battle the wildfire in Bryceville-
Good morning, Duval County, . On this date in 1897, American journalist Margaret Farrar was born. She was also the...
Duval County added more people last year than did 29 states. | via
Update from Chief Eddins: No timeline on when people will be allowed back home. 2 shelters open-
School Board preps for possible Vitti departure -
UPDATE: Fire is still 50% contained, crews will work until it's 100% contained, over 200 rescue personnel helping -
"Duval County GOP Chair Karyn Morton says she wasn’t fazed by the protesters. “We expected them to show up, but it didn’t sto…
Wonderful to have Pence in Duval County today w/ a message of promises kept & the commitment to ! Thank…
NEXT: School members are making plans in case the Duval County Superintendent heads to Detroit.
School board preps for possible Vitti departure.
Can tell it is spring break for Duval county! Get in the beach day today... not a beach day tomorrow!
UPDATED: Decision on whether Dr. Vitti will get the Detroit Superintendent job will come April 5th (
A special meeting was called at the Duval County Public Schools. will have the details at NOON on CB…
HAPPENING SOON: School Board meeting to discuss Dr. Nikolai Vitti's future. will be there
nothing but luv n respect from Duval county I salute my G
It’s Spring Break in Duval County, bring the kids to Kilwins for an Original Recipe Ice Cream treat! We have severa…
Duval County Public School board meeting this morning at 9am to discuss "next steps" if Vitti leaves the district…
don't take away healthcare or this duval county Fla indep voter willl ne…
5 finalists named for Duval County's top teacher
Duval County Anthem by Cuthroat ent jit via
Duval County Schools is turning Northwestern Middle School into a computer science academy.
Wreck on I-95 NB near mile marker 353 in Duval County has stalled traffic. If you're in the area, beware potential…
What a beautiful Chamber of Commerce, Duval County day!! @ The Daily Planet
Duval County ranks near dead last in the country in mental health funding, but area hospitals have a plan .
I forgot duval county was also on spring break this week so everyone is at the beach today
Duval county does something like this?!
Applying for my son's passport. this summer. (@ Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, FL)
All DCMS spouses are invited to attend a Duval County Medical Society Alliance event on April 27! Learn more at…
In conservative Duval County, FL, the GOP was +3,000 in VBM ballots over two weeks of voting. In 4 hours of Early Vote, D…
YAY! Amazing Grace Crop Maze is open today and for just $8!!! With Clay County and Duval County schools out...
Polls officially closed in Duval County. Mayor Curry has a lot riding on whether citizens voted "yes"
Charges filed against Duval County circuit court judge for alleged racist and sexist comments
Another traveler sex sting for Duval County
Group wants to add vet who committed suicide after battle with PTSD to Duval County memori...
So many senseless killings in Duval county lately.way too many GREAT ppl losing their life for nothing...
In just one short week this beauty will represent Duval County in the state forestry pageant.…
If you are in Duval or Clay county at Hibernia Sunday!
U this sold her to someone in Mexico, then filed a claim!
Idk if Duval County is on the list of places getting attacked by but I think I need to go home.
Volunteers needed for our SOFL Duval County Swim competition coming up August 1st! See our SignUpGenius link...
Wilson Brown is a neighborhood located in the southernmost portion of Jacksonville, in Duval County, Florida, United States.
Had to share some of this Duval County Florida Heat my dude Pappy Mason sent me. How we Florida Boys get it
16-year-old Duval county disabled boy attacked by a faculty member at school. Follow the link for more info…
the roads not the important part it's what's at the end of it that counts and it ends on the Duval County Ranch
Let’s stand in solidarity with Orlando. Find postcards at locations in Duval County!
1:50pm: Heavy rain moving into western Duval county.
Atlantic Beach Police search for missing teen
keep doin ya thing Rock nothin but love for ya in duval county
Atlantic Beach Police search for missing teen.
Could the best use for some of the abandoned Duval County Public Schools be to convert into housing for Veterans?
Wow. Black infants in Duval County are 2.8 times more likely to die before their first birthdays than white infants:
I always forget how beautiful the north end of the county is.
St. Johns County SWAT team has blocked Duval St. and W. 8th St. - WJXT Jacksonville
St. Johns County SWAT team responding to Duval St. and W. 8th St.
There is now a 3rd case of in Duval County. We have the latest on efforts to prevent its spread next on FOX 30
New School Board. New Superintendent. Things needed with respect to Duval County public education.
I just saw St.Johns County SWAT in full actions guns firing scared the living s*** out of me on Duval Street...
Duval County Public Schools names 35 new principals for 2016-17 school year
DCC Delegates representing Duval County PTA at the National PTA Convention in Orlando!
35 Duval County schools get new principals -
3rd of ZIKA case confirm in Duval county Jax
Electronic Device Insurance
Third case of Zika reported in Duval County by state health officials
This is why Duval county jail does not have video cameras in the jail *** .. via
This is why Duval county does not allow cameras in court via
Jax City Councilman Aaron Bowman wants referendum this fall to allow slot machines in Duval County
Duval County in Dominican Republics smh 12 years old in shakles at an adult court house going to an adult prison...
Last night's state baseball scores from Duval County down to Lake County...
Georgia man struck and killed trying to cross Interstate 95 in Duval County - Florida Times-Union
Appeals court shakes up three Duval County cases. I'm breaking down new rulings filed today:
Presented the Champion of Service Award to future astronaut & current Duval County service leader Taylor Richardson! http…
Elections office says EVERY polling place in Duval County- all 199- are on paper ballots due to computer problems.
Outside Dunn's Creek Baptist Church, the largest polling location in Duval County! Serves the Oceanway area
Maybe went from Harris County to Duval County before Wayne County for the
Lonna Barton's hearing in Duval County court is beginning
Duval County and SDPBC share best practices in visits to Lakeshore MS and Glades Central
See our latest FL and click to apply: Care Manager II (RN) Field Based - Duval County -
Find out how infrared thermal imaging has helped homeowners in locate water intrusion locations.
Screaming Happy birthday to my Lil sister from duval to Dade county. This is the first girl I learned…
If you live in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, or Nassau County we will deliver these cars white glove to your residence for…
Skrrrttt. Baby won't you come my way @ Jacksonville - Duval County
If Florida scores here I'll be out in Duval County early tonight. defense ain't gonna give up 28
I need to get back to Duval mf county. Like December hurry tf up
Congrats to Victoria for becoming a Duval County Global Messenger!
Lets hope you watching from inside Everbank doesn't count as being in Duval county.
3pm local temperatures across county. Warm for at 3:30 pm on CBS47.
Drivin the foreign like a Chevy on the way to Duval County
Duval County Bound!! Florida_Georgia weekend Baby. I will be reporting live on Periscope. .
A bus contractor's goal is making money. They are always going to cut corners. Duval County would save to do their own. Ridiculous!
Court proceedings return to Duval County jail after flooding
thanks for the follow bruh I ducks wit ya music especially slim jesus diss
Straight out of duval county Jacksonville,FL
Little Giant Ladders
that midget ain't even Duval man...he clay county 😒
Trying to figure out how to tell my wife that we have to go to St. Johns County tomorrow because UF is 0-3 when I watch the game in Duval...
Jail courthouse to reopen after plumbing fix: The courthouse at the Duval County Jail was set to reopen Saturday…
Nocatee's developer has agreed to donate land to Duval County School District, but it is up to them to decide if/when to build.
Time to renew the tag! (@ Duval County Tax Collector's Office-Commonwealth Branch -
ah yeah (though TECHNICALLY I live in Clay county. I will still rep Duval since I was at least born there.)
This vote/election only pertains to St. Johns County Schools [not Duval County zoned students].
Touring the duval county jail today for my crime in America class. It was nice knowing y'all
From Lake County to Duval County, here are last night's high school football results and records...
"We are devoted to reducing and preventing childhood obesity in Duval County."
Here's the & Duval County foreclosure auction calendar for November:
Out here with this early morning foolishness. @ Duval County Courthouse
If you from Duval County then you otta know about that Cardinal Red and Grey..the best show in the…
No school for students in Duval County Public Schools today. Don't even think of dropping them off and running away.. LOL.. Wm jackson
Gotta love Duval County School Board. Planning day on FL/GA - Halloween weekend...
Coming up... Duval County has made some changes to its sex offender ordinance for Halloween. explains
there is no on Friday.. Teacher planning day for Duval County Public Schools.
FDOC: Inmate captured less than 24 hours after escape from Duval County transition house
Putnam, Duval, St.Johns ,Volusia, Bradford, Alachua, and Flagler County tomorrow night its Phat Friday at...
Great group at Duval County's first Republican Leadership Initiative class.
Duval relay team and Orange County relay team hugging and celebrating together- Duval got gold!...
Pete's, the oldest bar in Duval County, was featured in the John Grisham novel The Brethren.
The Duval County ARES Simulated Emergency Test exercise will begin at 0900 on 146.70/127.3 Please be prepared to...
Week football scores, match-ups & records from Lake County to Duval County...
According to Health Department records:. 2,574 people are living with HIV in Duval County. 3,348 are living with...
I won't let you besmirch my friends in Duval county.
Soo someone stole an AR-15 out of an unmarked Duval County public school police car. Way to go
Duval County in 'beginning' stage of Let's do this
Charter schools have not proved to be a successful alternative in Duval County, and John Burr.
There are approx 20% more 65+ workers in Duval county than 2 years ago and it is going up more every yr.
"Superintendents and school boards across the state have asked that grades not be issued based on the first year...
FLASHBACK FRIDAY to one of our first Young Athlete's Programs here in Duval County. Did you know that YAP has...
Coming up on Jacksonville's Morning News, the sobering look at domestic violence here in Duval County.
Duval county have yet to learn that shii.. They rather be the hottest in the city instead of being the hottest in the state...
Tonight from 10-12pm and Tomorrow (Saturday) from 10-12 pm EST, come check out Duval County Hottest DJ - DJ...
Send weak *** Scobee back to Duval County, hire a high school kicker for gods sake to do the job.
1st look at state's new standardized tests scores show large number of Duval ... - WJXT Jacksonville
Congrats to on construction of facility in Duval County. .
The kids at Duval County Public Schools Martin Luther King Jr. FAME Academy had a great visit today with our...
From Collaboration to place certified athletic trainers in Duval County high schools via
OMG! Are they from Western Duval County? . Duval County, Florida: Parents Petition for Removal of Children's...
Flood advisory in effect for Duval County due to severe thunderstorms in the area. MORE:
We are pleased to inform you that Duval County has been awarded Federal Funds under the Emergency Food and...
Duval County: The Jacksonville Beach PD is accepting applications for part time police officers.
My Jojo, handsome runs in his genes🌟 @ Jacksonville - Duval County
The office of 229th Judicial District Attorney Omar Escobar in Duval County announced that Jerry Lee Trigo, 23,
Orange County is about 10 degrees warmer than Duval County, but Florida winter is so changeable that I don't remember what 75F means anymore
They don't know about Duval county up this way
Duval County schools have no idea what a student section is
Your boy will be an official resident of the county of Duval on May the 23rd year 2015.
From Lake County to Duval County, here's tonight's girls' soccer pairings...
Found out my license is suspended by St. John's and DuVal county. I owe $280 for careless driving, to reinstate my license, & parking.
Dr. Vitti will host an informational discussion on at Nocatee on Feb. 26th!
Friday court is not cool. (@ Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, FL)
Update: SR 23 in Clay and Duval County is now open for traffic. The overpass on Plantation Oaks Blvd is still closed.
Duval delegation talks mental health problems and solutions: Members of the Duval County Legislative Delegation…
take him to the clay or duval county safe shelter. They are a no kill place.
Father and Son Arrested in Drug Raid on Home in San Diego.
Boys' soccer results in the playoffs from Lake to Duval County...
Jacksonville grand jury indicts man in 2012 strangulation: The Duval County grand jury has indicted a 46-year-old…
Yes duval county a k a jacksonville fla , he is one of mine! u hurd me
Monument and McCormick in duval county.
and you can earn a $100 Walmart Gift Card! Offer is only for and County locations.
or Duval County Florida will hold all of us
heard git flipped the bricks fr that day 😩 Duval County for yo ***
I live in duval county I hate what the court house has done.
If it ain't dade, tally, Duval.. Then it's consider Orlando 😂“She's in Lake County but that's still Orlando
Dozens of demonstrators cheering at Duval County Courthouse - excited about likely release of
Back in the county and kickin it with tonight and
Duval County teachers, paras, and UOPDs: please contact the school board and let them know it's time for a contract!
is expected to be released from Duval County jail tomorrow (image by http:/…
Jacksonville, FL – Activists, some coming from as far away as California, converged on the Duval County...
NEHCR is looking for a Nurse Practitioners for Home Health Assessments (PRN) Duval County in Jacksonville
Man I need to get back to Florida.. Duval County to be exact.
In Duval County FL they prosecute domestic violence victims for being abused.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Marissa Alexander walked away from the Duval County Courthouse Tuesday after a…
Aerial shots of Duval County Courthouse - front lawn adorned with quilts in support of
"Duval: In terms of stark differences, few places jump out like Duval County. In the two Bush wins, the GOP...
A lil known Duval County fact about Czar Black Shortly after featuring,and co producing along side Boogie...
will hopefully be released from Duval County jail in 19 days. Please consider donating to her fund: ht…
Less proud of Duval County than I was yesterday.
Same-sex marriages boost wedding industry in Duval County: .
Lawsuit possible over Duval County stopping courthouse weddings...
'Cause if we can't be bigots, we just won't be anything.' Duval County clerk asked to reconsider courthouse weddings
Lawsuit possible over Duval County stopping courthouse weddings: Building on a wave of frustration over Duval…
Lawsuit possible over Duval County stopping courthouse weddings
Lawsuit possible over Duval County stopping courthouse weddings via
Same sex couples can now get marriage licenses in Duval County. tells us why they can't get married in the courthouse at 6am.
Saddened that Duval County has the distinction of being one of three counties in Florida to discontinue weddings in the cour…
Marriage equality for all. Courthouse weddings for none. Duval County *** cc
Tea Party extremist and former Chairman wants to run Duval County elections.
Just finished praying for the future Sheriff of Duval County, Candidate Ken Jefferson during an ecumenical service.
A new study shows lifetime earnings for Duval County Public School teachers rank among the lowest of the nation’s largest school districts. According to
- FL school district allows students to choose a school with a higher "grade" rating.
Lets get it. Im calling all Ribault Trojans class of 2006 & Alumni, Duval County, Camden County.
As A Black man, They don't Wanna See Us Prevail Because they Know We are Wiser and Stronger, Our minds are Built to Protect our Families and Children no matter what. They Try to Make Us Into Somethin We are not Just Because of the The Way We Dress, The Nappy Hair the Dreads, Gold teeth, Even the Way We Make Money but That's What We come From! Product of the environment . Do u know Where I live? Duval County! Not the Beverly Hills!
Sorry but I never wrote that in my article. See here:
Barely beat the entire Camden County fire department AND sheriff's department into Firehouse. *** son, lol.
Teachers in Duval County earn less than those in 97 other school districts around the country.
FCCI's Outreach team greeted area physicians at the Duval County Medical Society Annual Dinner!…
Duval St. Parking garage under control. View from the Duval county EOC at 1045 by Mo Braren.
Duval County, Florida, which includes Jacksonville, gives out more death sentences per capita than any other...
My latest in the attempt to educate the secretary of the Duval County GOP after she recently...
Duval County Commissioners Court hold their first meeting on Dec. 4, 1876.
PG coaches release their 4A and 3A/2A/1A all-county football teams. Region champs are well represented.
56% of US death sentences come from 2 % of counties: Violent crime in DP leader Duval County hasn't decreased though!
new single chec me out bruh just one of many. Im from muck city palm beach county in duval now
Kim Crenier is the Republican party secretary in Duval county, and she recommended spraying Ferguson protesters with hoses. V…
Our President speaking at the Duval County Medical Society meeting this evening.
DUVAL COUNTY STATES ATTORNEY OFFICE are criminals. They are REFUSING to COMPLY with the Brady Rule. They say they have no list of LYING COPS
Angela Corey and Duval County SAO is still breaking the law. They REFUSE to release the BRADY LIST. You know the one with the LYING COPS
Duval County SAO and Angela Corey are criminals and liars. They have been found guilty by a judge violating FL Statue 119 Public Records
even though you back home deep inside you miss it a little playing back in ol Duval county.
One of cheapest plans for Affordable Care Act in Duval County will rise by 19 percent in 2015
Duval and St. Johns County Home Owners Do you want to know the REAL HONEST TRUTH about the current VALUE of your...
Honored to present 2014-2015 State Legislative Positions to the Duval County State Delegation.
2% of U.S. counties account for more than half the country's death sentences (Duval County, Florida, has the most)
Join us at the Duval County Annual Meeting tonight at the Downtown Hyatt Jacksonville. The Exhibitor Hall portion...
Lowest paid teachers. is looking into why Duval County teachers have one the lowest salaries.
Here is lovely Kim Crenier, Duval County, FL Republican Party Secretary (MaYbe a bit of in her?) http…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
1 out of every 14,000 people in Duval County "has been condemned to die by lethal injection" —>
“Just you know casually watching UFO videos in class duval county huh boy
Has your child been arrested in Duval County? Was your teenager taken into police custody in…
Really interesting brief by on in Duval County. Thanks for the info!
Duval County GOP staffer: Use firehose on Ferguson protestors
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Marissa Alexander swapped out her heels for jail-appropriate shoes today before she headed back behind bars at the Duval County
Black Friday trips to Duval County is an Apopka tradition nowadays...
Neptune Beach 1-vote race Duval County's only cliffhanger while runoff set for Fernandina race: A one-vote…
- Charlie Crist has no plans on conceding because of voting issues in Broward County, Miami and Duval County - live @ 11
Florida. St. Louis Encephalitis case confirmed in Duval County | News - Home
All members of the 5th District Family are invited to attend the "re-dedication" of the Flame of Freedom that was donated by the American Legion Posts of Duval County to the City of Jacksonville July 4, 1969. The flame was located at the now closed old Duval County Courthouse all these past 45 years and it was moved with American Legion concurrence to Evergreen Cemetery on Main Street in Jacksonville. The ceremony will be Monday, November 10, 2014 at 1 P.M. at Evergreen Cemetery on Main Street (across from the Fire Station). We expect dignitaries from the City of Jacksonville and the Post 137 Honor Guard will present the colors. There will also be a social gathering after the ceremony hosted American Legion Post 88, located at 3622 Spring Park Road. (Suggest you could bring a folding lawn chair).
I had no idea Khandi Alexander was from county
The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a growing problem in Duval County, hit hardest are African Americans.
I aint smiling we lost some soldiers off in duval county
If you live in Duval county you can start voting early, Monday Oct 20th. Vote for and yes on 2!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
“21. Whats yo Nationality. N if you American what State/County/City you rep?”black and filippino, duval county baby
Lost a young Duval County legend today..
Severe T-storm Warning now in effect for Duval County.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Clay, Duval, and Nassau County in FL until 4:00pm EDT.
The Severe Thunderstorm Watch now extends east all the way to our coast. This watch now includes Duval County.
I liked a video from Ed Hardee Spits In Duval County
If you would like me to show up at your child's school, just message me and tell me where and when. That's if you live in Duval county, FL
This why you should pray everyday in every situation. Appreciate everything and everyone. This tough not only on the family but Duval County
I just received confirmation of my absentee ballot received by Duval County. That's another vote for from a Navy veteran.
One isolated downpour is moving through Duval county. More is on the way
Blessed, only a court cost no convictions... You lose Satan — at Duval County Court House
“Trying to figure out if I want to go to Atlanta, GA or Jacksonville, Fl for my birthday!” Duval county BABYY!!
Fresh Access Bucks is changing lives in Duval county...check out the 2014 CHIP report card
Tracy Milligan says that Florida has a high teen pregnancy rate, with Duval county being higher than the state.
Florida has a higher pregnant rate than the U.S average and Duval county has a higher pregnancy rate than florida's average.
Update your maps at Navteq
Duval County has a higher teen pregnancy rate than the state of Florida, according to CCI.
There are nine sites where the 4Me! Program is offered, six along being in Duval County, says Tracy Milligan.
Tracy Mulligan: "historically, Florida has high teen rates...Duval county has been high in state as well" on the need for
Take a look at Duval's most valuable homes.
Duval County the 401 is second. Nassau County is where Derrick is from.
Full house at the DCDEC August meeting this evening! Great things ahead for Duval County!
Councilwoman Glorious Johnson & Gov.Charlie Crist at the Opening of the Charlie Crist Campaign office in Duval County
Watch the new film Koch Brothers Exposed: '14' for free Duval County, FL ARDEN, NC Buncombe County, NC
I'm so Duval County (Jax) I remember Ashley Street which was the sister of Leon County's French Town, Leroy Leon and A Hightower homes were The Bid Whiz Club Crab party's every weekend in the 70's The Pig BBQ The Gateway Mall Helicopters flying over our house everyday in the 70's The spooky fogged graveyard that covered three Blocks that was the only shortcut for the six mile walk to and from Northwestern Jr High School (Moncrief). The Cabs that had the stool that spun around in the backseat and I knew every driver because my mother couldn't drive and Jay Walking after she was hit by the car and realized she couldn't sue after she got a jay walking ticket. (Newspaper evening addition) The drive thru funeral homes. Sulphur Water I'm so Duval county I remember every girl having on my PLEATED SKIRT Easter dress in every color from LERNERS IM Done FB this has made my week and it was wholesome and fun! I think I'm done
Learning about how the school board functions in county forum
lmao all the way from Duval county ?!
.cand for HD15, is General Counsel to the Duval County Republican Executive Committee.
Guy: "where you from you look like you from a different country?". Me: "Duval county" *go jags*
It's this party I really want to go to on saturday but then I remembered going out in duval county is a no go for me :(
That's great to see county boys stand up !! by side
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Duval County July 12. GET your tickets at all Ticket Master locations for more info
I wanna move back to Florida, just nowhere near Jacksonville or Duval county.
Come meet your Lieutenant Governor!. Tuesday (7-1) from 4:30 - 5:30pm at the Duval County GOP headquarters- 3730...
Tryna hold off on smokin for work.but if I don't smoke soon I'm goin back 2 Duval County jail
Just entered Duval County. What? Oh yeah, I still live in Jacksonville.
"Mrs. Frizzle took the kids to the South Side *NORTH SIDE Duval County .
“lol duval county”HANNNH! fck wit me since u n Taydon loafed bike week smh only u bruh
that's why I moved Duval county had nothing for me.
Retired RN Looking for a live-in/caregiver position (Nassau, St. Johns, and Duval County): ...
Severe weather over next hour or so, Duval county be ready
"Stealing beats, where they do that at?"Duval County Bruh Lol
WEATHER ALERT: A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Central Duval County through 7:30 PM
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Duval County in FL until 7:30pm EDT.
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