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Dusty Rhodes

Virgil Riley Runnels, Jr., better known as The American Dream Dusty Rhodes (born October 12, 1945), is a semi-retired American professional wrestler currently working for WWE.

Ric Flair American Dream American Dream Dusty Rhodes Hulk Hogan Randy Savage Bobby Heenan Terry Funk Paul Bearer Tony Schiavone Dustin Rhodes Eric Bischoff Steve Austin Barry Windham Vince McMahon Chris Benoit Ivan Koloff Shawn Michaels

Ultimate Warrior Macho Man Randy Savage Rick rude Mr Perfect Paul Bearer and yeaterday passing of Dusty Rhodes have all passed away from WWE
Very sad to hear that Dusty Rhodes 'The American Dream' has passed away. Left behind a massive wrestling legacy.
Hope the Scotland fans show the same respect to the passing of Dusty Rhodes as the Motherwell fans did when Paul Bearer died.
Far too much sadness today. I just learned that country music legend Jim Ed Brown died today, same day as Dusty Rhodes. T…
Another legend leave us today. RIP WWE hall of famer, Dusty Rhodes.
Dusty Rhodes only died so he can come back alive and be managed by Paul Bearer.
Dusty Rhodes used to join on stage, as noted in this 5/5/1980 St. Petersburg concert review.
Words can't describe how sorry I am 2 hear Dusty Rhodes passed away. He was such an amazing man! Prayers go out 2 entire …
he was the ultimate entertainer. I can't ever remember a bad Dusty Rhodes match. Saturday afternoon watching NWA was awesome
Dusty Rhodes, an American Pop Icon || Never thought "The Dream" would go, condolences to the Runnels (Rhodes) family and friends ||
Sadly, Christopher Lee and Dusty Rhodes passed away, but warmongers & 1 Percenters Carly Fiorina and Lindsey Graham are still here.
The definition of "IT". Dusty Rhodes was special inside the ring and even more amazing outside, We will miss you Dream…
Dusty Rhodes and Jim Duggan Promo on Slaughter/Adnan (12-09-1990) via
RIP Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream, professional wrestling great, charter member of the White Man Perm Hall of...
In the Reagan 80s working people had their lives hammered. Dusty Rhodes, "just a common man", truly mattered to people st…
I'm British and had never heard of Dusty Rhodes but I just watched his 'Hard Times' monologue and I like him. A lot.
Hamilton Collection
Really hard to see my dad with this news of Dusty Rhodes death. RIP legend
Dusty Rhodes, the American Dream passes away. *** If you grew up watching wrestling like I did, this is sad news.
Paige, Lita, Jim Ross, Lana and more comment on Dusty Rhodes passing away
WWE is deeply saddened that Virgil Runnels, aka “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, passed away today at age 69.
RIP Dusty Rhodes. We send our condolences to Dusty's family, friends, & everyone in the wrestling community. This is a tr…
Two sad news arrived today. We lost two legends. Sir Christopher Lee and Dusty Rhodes. We will cherish your
Report: WWE legend Dusty Rhodes dies in Orlando at age 69(Orlando news)
Pat Quinn, Mae Young, Paul Bearer, and Dusty Rhodes. R.I.P to all these people I've watched on TV.
The radio is playing Old Time Rock and Roll. I can only assume it's in honor of Dusty Rhodes.
Dusty Rhodes is proof that pro wrestling is an important american folk art.
Legendary pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes dies - Houston Chronicle. Includes the "Hard Times" video. via
I think y'all should open the show today with a 10 Bell Salute in honor of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.
We at Busted Open would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Dusty Rhodes, who passed …
Remember seeing Dusty Rhodes as a 5 year old in the Miami Beach Convention Center. Loved him!!
I’ve barely processed Christopher Lee’s passing and I hear “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes is gone too. What a day :(
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so I made Dusty believe it was his idea and say "of course it'll work cause I'm Dusty Rhodes and I'm a super genius" - Paul Heyman
Oh my god this live show starts with the Dusty Rhodes' Hard Times promo playing. o_O
Your daily reminder that a real Randy Savage/Dusty Rhodes feud at WrestleMania VI would have stolen that show. Huge missed opportunity.
red...but he's wearing red AND yellow...for Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan...I'm Tony Schiavonne. Hulk can go to *** "
Maria Menounos. If you haven't seen her Hall of Fame red carpet Dusty Rhodes segment then you really should!
So is still doing Dusty Rhodes and Bob Backlund promos... in bed, on periscope! LOL! She's awesome!
John Cena saying Rusev is the American Dream has to be pissing Dusty Rhodes off. Plus, he's foreign.
Its the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes! What's the deal with Cody/Stardust?!
Forget Maria Menounos. Jason Moltov does the best Dusty Rhodes impression on the planet.
Maria Menounos does her best Dusty Rhodes impression: March 28, 2015 via Amazing!
I loved all of them however I only called BS with Triple H saying swarzeneger was American Dream we all know that's Dusty Rhodes
Dusty Rhodes is The American Dream too..just saying.
Dusty Rhodes name the American Dream represented no limits to what anyone can accomplish in this country
"Arnold Schwarzenegger is the American Dream" Hm. So Triple H managed to tick "bury Dusty Rhodes" off his bucket list.
Dusty Rhodes isnt happy with HHH calling Arnold the American Dream.
Watch Maria Menounos show off her awesome Dusty Rhodes impersonation to The American Dream himself v
See if you can hunt down Dusty Rhodes v Barry Windham you like that match and the v Ricksteamboat bouts
Grand Wizard, Superstar Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Bobby Heenan & others not mentioned make up this group.
Dusty Rhodes, JR, Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr Perfect, Wild Samoans, Mr Fuji and the original Shiek. Now THAT was a Hall of Fame class
He should do a biopic of Dusty Rhodes and get Jonah Hill to wear polka dots. Oscar time
Renee Young has the cutest little lisp. She sounds like a castrated Dusty Rhodes.
One thing is for certain... Dusty Rhodes is no Bruno Sammartino I terms of looks.
Dusty Rhodes-3rd in LD and Top Speaker. AHS won 1st place speech team and 2nd place overall academic sweepstakes!!
If you're ever down, just listen to a Dusty Rhodes promo as read by a Morgan Freeman impersonator
I loved those wild, bloody brawls Drew Carey and Dusty Rhodes had down in Florida.
The Legends of Wrestling with Tony Atlas, Teddy Long, JR, Dusty Rhodes, and Bill Watts on the right now is great stuff 👌
Tough question, but a top three would definitely be Jake Roberts, Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes. Probably in that order.
80s JJ Dillion and the 4 Horseman and Dusty Rhodes 90s flying brian and Steve Austin 00s CM punk
Dusty Rhodes and Michael Hayes witnessed Andre the Giant drinking 156 consecutive beers. That's no fact...but still.
Who would you say is the best wrestler(s) to come from Texas: The Funks, The Von Erichs, Dusty Rhodes, Steve Austin, other
Here is Herb Kuntz tid bits for 1/22/98 17 years ago today. This is another long read FYI. - The WWF had the Royal Rumble this past Sunday. Overall, it didn't come off as a strong show, really having only one strong performance (by Shawn Michaels). The finishes on the show were absolutely atrocious, bringing back memories of Dusty Rhodes at his creative worst. The show has to get a thumbs in a middle at best, once again bordering on down. Quick run-down: * Vader beat Goldust: Dustin Rhodes is starting to look so much like his father, it's become scarier than his gimmick. The match was a throwaway, disappointing since both guys used to be able to do so much more. The finish was cute: Vader went up for a Vader Bomb, Luna jumped on his back, and he hit the bomb anyhow, with Luna riding him down. The show could have gone either way from here. * Max Mini & Mosaic & Nova beat El Torito & Battalion & Tarantula in a Mexican minis trio match: Sunny refereed. The minis were way off their usual form, relying far too ...
The WCW tag team champions Dusty Rhodes and Rick "The Dragon" Steamboat - Hulkamaniac4life.
Cody's shoot account is the best. Breaks the kizzfizz. Says Bret is in his top 3 of all time and Dusty Rhodes' favorite today is Tyson Kidd.
Eric Bischoff on Booking in WCW, Ole Anderson, Dusty Rhodes & Ric Flair
Highlight of the match was a Dusty Rhodes elbow drop off the top of a (step)ladder.
Just watched Brian Lawler vs. Dusty Rhodes in a ladder match. 2003 TNA was way more fun.
Antonio Inoki vs. Dusty Rhodes for the NWA Championship - November 1st, 1979 in Sapporo, Japan.
Arn Anderson &Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes & Sting clash of the champions in Miami cant get much better.
Then again, Main Roster = booked by an insane old man and 35 writers. NXT = by Dusty Rhodes and skeleton crew.
I liked a video Dusty Rhodes drunk at WWE Show
does the world's best Dusty Rhodes impression.
Dean Ambrose recites Point Break as Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes: submitted by TJClayton [link] [1 comment]
I just realized that video of Dean Ambrose doing Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes impressions is him quoting Point Break.
I rarely listen to the radio these days. Not the same since Dusty Rhodes left!!
33 years ago when my dad was my age:. Bob Marley died 😵. Donkey Kong was released🙉 . MTV first premiered🎶. Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes 💪
forget Dusty Rhodes, is the real American Dream, Bubba.
I used to work with a Dusty Rhodes and a Lovey Dovey at the same location... Real names
Remember the time Dusty Rhodes hit the bionic elbow on Flair and tacks came flying out of his mouth?
Meng matches aren't the same without Dusty Rhodes obsessing about the loincloth thing on Meng's tights that he had with Faces of Fear.
jay brisco is wild. Cuttin promos like he wrestling in the mid south against dusty Rhodes or somethin
thanks bud -fist bump- I had to get rid of dusty Rhodes for you XD
The Isoms 2 by Dusty Rhodes, read by Gene Engene. Get both Isom audiobooks today! Many more audioboo
Dusty Rhodes And The River Band - Dear Honey: is this Marillion . Ha ha ha . Infact it is better
I've been doing my Hans Gruber all day now. Hans Gruber doing Dusty Rhodes' Hard Times promo. Hans Gruber as Capt Picard etc
Dusty Rhodes promos kill. Literally, his voice just killed a microphone
"Where is Dusty Rhodes?" What a question to ponder, considering he is The American Dream.
.'s tie looking like a blue dusty rhodes wwf outfit. Love it
VOLS vs. Notre Dame would be the biggest thing to hit Charlotte since Ric Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes
Y'know I never used to pay much attention to Dusty Rhodes, but digging through the Network he's become one of my favorites.
Objectively, yes. Although for some reason Dusty Rhodes' "American Dream" really works on me. Something about that cowbell.
Blake Sims is the American Dream? Everyone knows that the American Dream is Dusty Rhodes
I'd pay $100 to watch Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson push Dusty Rhodes in a pool.
Dusty Rhodes is a prisoner of the state!
Dusty Rhodes, Kurt Angle, the Outsiders, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan as my team. Nothing but legends.
Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Guerrero, the Dudley's, and Kane. team is sick hah
"I’m not Dusty Rhodes sittin’ in the control room with a David Allan Coe truck drivin’ hat on! Ric Flair
Surprised that WWE allowed Dusty Rhodes to mention TNA in one of the Blu Ray exclusive stories on the Macho Man set.
Will y'all do another Legends House? I really enjoyed the 1st one. Maybe Dusty Rhodes &/or Terry Funk would do it?
Dealing two pair, As the great Dusty Rhodes said, deal with the dealer, that is dealt.
When "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes joined the nWo and Tony Schivonie cried.
Nothing will make me laugh harder than someone doing a Dusty Rhodes impression.
don't worry he will give you the same one he gave dusty Rhodes
I should be eligible for legal damages from Jim Herd for watching that. And Ted Turner. And Dusty Rhodes. And Van Hammer.
– On Monday night, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan will be participating in a “Midnight...
It just feels wrong to hear Dusty Rhodes speak out of character.
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Sounds like some Dusty Rhodes booking there.
I'm getting into...less Dusty Rhodes shape?
on TV Hart was like the inverse of Dusty Rhodes. White dude, sounded black, but wanting to hurt the people.
To paraphrase Dusty Rhodes, dere's three ladies in the men's bathroom.
Watching Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair on on Great seeing Bob Caudle. Love the Grew up w/this feud.
they are an odd team what the *** did dusty Rhodes do to them as kids lol
is it weird I lost to this guy and got Dusty Rhodes?
The forehead of Dusty Rhodes is one of the most complex topological spaces known to mathematics.
I liked a video Dusty Rhodes 2nd Entrance Theme
News and notes on Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Daniel Bryan and Dusty Rhodes.
yeah I had to pay for the Bonus pack for 2k14 because I didn't want to play is anyone the roster and I wanted to be Dusty Rhodes.
watching Ric Flair dusty Rhodes rivalries wwe network
Found UF game on sat radio. UF color commentator sounds like Dusty Rhodes
Ric Flair & Dusty Rhodes doc on the network goes B&W when there is blood yet they'll show *** Foley near death in HITC non-stop unedited.
If I was as incompetent at my job as Dusty Rhodes is at his, how long would I last? [3/97]
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but I'll go HBK, SCSA, The Rock, Taker, and the American Dream! Dusty Rhodes babeh
The Rivalries feature on Dusty Rhodes v. Ric Flair was amazing. I'm glad they're still capable of doing really good documentary work.
Todays fantasy matchup is the dibiase family ted sr ted jr and brett vs the rhodes family dusty, cody and dustin...
Todays old school wrestler of the day is dusty rhodes
“I'm a huge fan, meeting you was on honor. Meeting the son of dusty Rhodes was an honor”. TH…
and Dusty Rhodes from back in the day Flair may not have as much hair but he's still got his walk and his "wo" lol
The dusty rhodes/Ric Flair beef is one for the books
Dusty Rhodes voice: Hulk Hogan spreadin' the poison out daddy. WWE finna get the same dose TNA got n' aint no cure.
I love the idea of Dusty Rhodes having Paige cut promos on Seth Rollins breaking up with her and stealing her toaster.
Back when I met Shawn Michaels, Bam Bam Bigalo & Dusty Rhodes backstage of my first WWF event...Great…
Ric Flair on his matches with DUSTY RHODES:. "Dusty Rhodes versus Ric Flair was the greatest feud in wrestling.
Up next Steve Austin and Steve Williams take on Dusty Rhodes and Barry Windham
u know Virgil/Vincent were ways of making fun of Dusty Rhodes / Vinnie Mac? poor dude just used as a joke by his employers
Pulled these match results at random from a 1986 card: Arn & NWA TV Champion Ole Anderson defeated Hector Guerrero & Denny Brown Robert Gibson defeated NWA Tag Team Champion Dennis Condrey Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez defeated Pez Whatley & the Barbarian Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jimmy Garvin in an Indian Death Match NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Ron Garvin via count-out The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering defeated Krusher Kruschev, Ivan Koloff, & Baron Von Raschke Nikita Koloff defeated Magnum TA Dusty Rhodes & Baby Doll defeated Jim Cornette & NWA Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton NWA World Champion Ric Flair defeated Ricky Morton in a steel cage match As you look these over, a great majority of these matches could have main evented a card of action. Ric Flair as world heavyweight champion would have earned main event with all rights and privileges but had he not been on this show, there are many that could have been used in the main. On this card, Ric faced Ricky Morton and dur ...
This was stolen from the NWA, when Dusty Rhodes beat Tully Blanchard to win Baby Doll's services.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes in a first blood match for the World TV Title
From the top 150 of 869 names listed today: Happy October 12th birthday wishes go out to: Sam Moore, Hugh Jackman (46), Kirk Cameron (44), Deborah Foreman, Susan Anton, Adam Rich, *** Gregory, Dusty Rhodes, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, Neriah Davis, Bob Schneider and to the late Luciano Pavarotti Official.
OK we have 15 winners and one draw of our first half of the Us tournament. Winners Nick bockwinkel, van Vader, Arn Anderson, bill Goldberg, ultimate warrior, Jeff Jarrett, Tazz, Barry Windham, Rick steamboat, Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Owen hart, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and sting. Bockwinkel gets a bye to the sweet sixteen BC of draw between Martel & Fernandez
Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb segment making Brie and Nikki segments look like Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair ones.
Dusty Rhodes beats Nikita Koloff in an arm wrestling match.
swear they did a TNA match against Nikita Koloff and maybe Dusty Rhodes in like 2003.
I remember this fondly back in the day on Dusty Rhodes elbows
. Trivia ?. Who was not apart of the NWO?. 1. Ted DiBiase. 2. Arn Anderson. 3. Ravishing Rick Rude. 4. Dusty Rhodes
[Bloguin: College Football Zealots] - Venric Mark to follow in footsteps of Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk ..
Dusty Rhodes got Teddy Long his first job.
WWE Then Now Forever Tournament. There are 4 Brackets (Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series), each bracket will have 16 superstars, and 4 wildcards. The Winner or the Wild Card Tournaments will be the 16 seed in Each Bracket. A few things first, The Superstars had to make major impact in WWE, that is why, there is no Dusty Rhodes, and Goldberg is a 13 seed, because he was there for 1 year and won 1 title, also Chris Benoit will never be in Post of mine. Finally the Wild Card is up and coming superstars. Therefore he is not in this tournament. Here are the brackets, and Voting will open soon! Wrestlemania: Wild Card: (WC1) Roman Reighns vs (WC4) Adam Rose (WC2) Dolph Zigler vs (WC3) Kenta Bracket: (1) Hulk Hogan vs (16) Wild Card (2) Bob Backlund vs (15) Daniel Bryan (3) CM Punk vs (14) The Godfather (4) Triple H vs (13) Goldberg (5) Brock Lesnar vs (12) Mr. Perfect (6) Kane vs (11) Booker T (7) Chris Jericho vs (10) Randy Orton (8) Owen Hart vs (9) *** Foley SummerSlam: Wild Card: . ...
superstar Billy Graham, the oddities, PMS from the attitude era, Spike Dudley, Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Fugi,
Now I know why I don't watch WWE.. The current batch is TERRIBLE.. They just don't make them like Ric Flair plus the FOUR Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and even Stone Cold and The Rock anymore...
- A Legends of Wrestling roundtable with Dusty Rhodes, Tony Atlas, Cowboy Bill Watts, Theodore Long and host Jim Ross discussing The Soul of Wrestling will premiere on the WWE Network feed this Friday night at 8pm EST.
Today in wrestling history: 23 years ago today, WCW held The Great American Bash from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. About 7,000 were in attendance, with about 145,000 homes purchasing the event on PPV. It's the first major show for WCW since the sudden departure of their world champion at the time, Ric Flair. Flair left and/or was fired from the promotion over a contract dispute and took the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt with him (the Big Gold belt) since he was owed his deposit on the belt. NWA, as it was a separate entity from WCW, still recognized Flair as their world champion until his WWF debut in September. WCW commissioned a new belt, but it was not ready in time for the show, so Dusty Rhodes used an old heavyweight title belt from Florida as a makeshift WCW world title belt. Performers could be seen given less than full effort on the show in protest of the Flair departure, and fans throughout the arena chanted "We want Flair!" during the night. The combination of elements m ...
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. American Dream. My story of Cowboy, Dusty Rhodes and the American Dream for :
Oh my god. Dusty Rhodes' commentary during DDP vs Savage at Halloween Havoc '97 is incredible.
I'm watching Dusty Rhodes call a tag match between Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers. My saturday is complete.
do you want to redact and go with Dusty Rhodes?
Most people like Dust Brothers the best. I guess my Dusty Rhodes joke bombed.
Deceptively eloquent former journalist Bruiser Brody had a way with words, in this case choice words for Dusty Rhodes
Easy question... DDP, Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, Dusty Rhodes, Bullet Bob Armstrong and family, etc. How about you?
Has there been another female in the wrestling business that have worked with big names like Sherri did? With names like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, The Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle & so many more.
- Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier has a new article up with singer Darius Rucker, talking about being a Ric Flair fan and watching wrestling growing up. Rucker said he bought one of Ric Flair's robes at a charity auction years ago and has one of his title belts on display in his home. Rucker talked about who is the greatest: "For me, the Mount Rushmore of greats would be Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino or Lou Thesz. You can do either one of them in that fourth spot. But I think Ric Flair is the greatest of all time. He's the greatest I've ever seen ... on the mic and in the ring. Hogan gets all the accolades because he was up in New York with (WWE owner Vince) McMahon. But when you talk about on the microphone or in the ring, he doesn't hold a candle to Ric Flair. When you watch Ric on TV, that's who he is. He's the Nature Boy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I just love him. He's the most personable guy. That argument over who is the greatest of all time is such a big thing. ...
WWE will release their "OMG! Vol. 2 – The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History" DVD and Blu-ray on August 12th. This is the follow-up to the successful "OMG!" title that was released back in 2011. Below is the cover art and synopsis, courtesy of! Volume 2 counts down the Top 50 incidents in WCW. Volume 1 focused on the Top 50 Incidents in WWE history, but now we turn back the clock and look at WCW history. Relive iconic moments such as Hogan forms NWO with Outsiders at Bash at the Beach WCW Closes Shane Mr. McMahon appear on WCW TV Goldberg wins the Title from Hogan at Georgia Dome Dennis Rodman Joins the N.W.O. – and dozens of other exciting moments in this countdown. Hear stories from the Superstars and Legends who lived these moments, including Tony Schiavone, Booker T, Vince Russo, Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash and more."
Today is the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research event. A great event that raises money for research to fight this awful cancer. Every year my family and our wonderful friends which is pretty much family all gather at New Canaan High School to participate. We used to do it in hopes that a cure would be found in time for my brother but that dream did not come true. Now we do it in his memory and honor in hopes that a cure will be found and no more people will die for this disease. This year was our best fundraising year. We raised 9745.00! Together we walk or run with pride, with love and with heavy hearts. I miss you Dusty Rhodes! The money raised is to help others but this walk to me will always be for you. I love you my brother always!
the new episode of WWE Warehouse says Dusty Rhodes competed in 1st casket match do you know what year it was?
S/O the greatest chit talker of all time (Next 2 The American Dream Dusty Rhodes) He wuz…
I remember the first impact on Fox Sports Net. Dusty Rhodes era. Still in impact zone
Oh my god therES A BRIT CALLED DUSTY RHODES. best name ever.
Superstar Billy Graham defends the WWWF title against Dusty Rhodes at Madison Square Garden in a Texas Death match from October 1977.All rights owned by WWE ...
I miss his drunken ramblings like "I've never met a Rhodes that wasn't nicknamed Dusty" or Cubs spelled backwards is SBUC.
'Grade party ticket for sale, message dusty rhodes🐇'
Dusty Rhodes is exactly 4 times older than me today
Dusty Rhodes RT"These are 19 Superstars you had NO idea were related! WHO is uncle?!
After letting out one of the craziest (much needed) freakouts of my life. I'd like to thank dusty Dusty Rhodes and rob Rob Smith thru the good and bad. One.
Hey, remember when I almost physically bumped into Dusty Rhodes in a movie theater bathroom?. I miss you, NOLA.
As a child, I was more hurt when Dusty Rhodes joined the nWo than Hogan.
Well, when you're the son of Dusty Rhodes and are reduced to making friends with rats (the scurrying kind), there's not...
yeah that is stupid. U can see Corino fight Dusty Rhodes in a bullrope fight
"Russian Nightmare" was from "American Dream" as an insult to Dusty Rhodes. Nikita Koloff by is on eBay.
-and, most importantly, myself. I will most definitely be a huge star. I had no doubts ever since Dusty Rhodes and Triple H-
"We have witnessed the end of the shield. For Tony Schiavone, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Dusty Rhodes Seth Rollins you can go to *** "
Evan Bourne released, somewhere JTG is still holding pictures of Vince McMahon, Dusty Rhodes and Pat Patterson hostage
I can't believe it! On June 3, 2013 my dream came to fruition as I started my 1st day of employment with WWE. I was the 1st employee at the Performance Center, and one year later I'm pretty much the 1st one in the building, last one out. Just because "the dream" came true, doesn't mean the hard work stopped! And speaking of "the dream" I still can't believe I work side by side with "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes every day. His creative mind is incredible and he has become a tremendous mentor to me, helping me navigate the creative landscape of our company. I can't thank Bill DeMott enough for his guidance, support and friendship. He has made my experience here in this company incredible and he means the world to me, keeps me sane, and is an amazing workout partner and support system, lifting me when I'm down, keeping me motivated, and also excited to go go to work each and every day. A big thank you to my friend Brandon Horgeshimer who is incredible at what he does, and a creative force whom does ...
Dusty Rhodes and Safire vs macho king Randy Savage and sensational queen Sherri
Did you know? The first ever casket match (Coffin match back then) was between The American Dream Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff in 1980. -Big Vic-
Tony Atlas and Andre The Giant vs Cowboy Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes. You make the call!
(Dusty Rhodes voice) Imagine if you well an forward corps rolling 4 lines and backstopped by Jaroslav Halak.
Having trouble with a significant other? Your child? Have no fear, Dusty Rhodes is here to help! Just dial up the Dusty Rhodes Family Counseling Center!
Last night I dreamt that Dusty Rhodes scolded me for giving away the business. My subconscious amazes me.
Get your *** with Bionic elbows like dusty Rhodes
70 yrs ago my grandfather Dusty Rhodes landed at Normandy. Respect to all
Changed my profile pic in remembrance and love of a beautiful soul Ciarra Rhodes. Also to support two wonderful people in their fight against bullying and suicide prevention. Love you Tina and Joel Dusty Rhodes
Hello old friend. You're dusty like rhodes.
I had 3 brothers and have watched since Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes were in one league and Hulk, Andre the Giant, Savage were WWF
The Rhodes Brothers are fantastic. So adept at Southern Style tag matches, as you'd expect of Dusty's kids.
It's like when The Road Warriors spiked Dusty Rhodes..wait I popped for that. I was a a messed up kid.
is like Barry Windham turning on Lex Luger and Dusty Rhodes to join the 4 horsemen.
He put everything in it though. "For Bobby Heenan...and Dusty Rhodes...Hulk Hogan you can go to ***
All right. We have seen the end of The Shield. For Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, for Dusty Rhodes, For "Mean" Gene Okerlund,
agree, would even take Dusty Rhodes
The only perfect partner for Goldust is his dad "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes... all it takes 'is a hug and kiss to seal the deal!'
The son of Haku didn't work out for him. The son of Dusty Rhodes didn't work out for him. Will Sin Cara dig up Akeem's kid next?
I'd rather see Dusty Rhodes come out or even Marlena
Cody Rhodes has as much taste in tag team partners as Dusty had in valets.
I would hope for Dusty Rhodes but I don't think that will happen.
Dusty Rhodes is Goldusts new tag team partner! :-)
Dusty Rhodes looks like he's finally ready to eat the big one.
I have a feeling that Dusty Rhodes has been booking tonight's episode
this reminds of you reffing with Dusty Rhodes
Does anyone have any information on Dusty Rhodes title defenses from his 3 month NWA title run in 1981?
Is it me or is WWE really missing the boat on not making a greatest match DVD for Hogan, Flair or Dusty Rhodes and ect?
Edition 7 of WWWF Happenings WWWF @ Philadelphia, PA - Arena - October 18, 1977 Championship Wrestling taping: Dark match: Andre the Giant defeated Stan Stasiak 10/22/77 - hosted by Vince McMahon; featured a repeat of the Ken Patera vs. Juan Lopez and aftermath from the 10/1/77 Championship Wrestling; following the footage, Vince McMahon conducted a live interview with WWWF President Willie Gilzenberg & Capt. Lou Albano, where Gilzenberg announced that Ken Patera would now be reinstated after he and Albano each pay a $5,000 fine, which Albano said would be paid tomorrow: Mil Mascaras pinned Jose Estrada at 4:13 with a flying tackle Peter Maivia fought Baron Mikel Scicluna to a no contest when WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham attacked Maivia before the bout began, bloodied him, and broke his ukelele; Graham had been introuced to the crowd by ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta prior to the bout beginning, and while he claimed he was the greatest champion of all time on the overheard microphone, ...
Video: alcoholicgifts: Dusty Rhodes “The View Never Changes” promo omg this is so sweet and the way Dusty...
Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, CM punk, Jake "the snake" Roberts and Bray Wyatt.
Apropos of nothing, impersonations of Steve Austin and Vince McMahon are hilarious. As is Austin's of Dusty Rhodes.
I think Dusty Rhodes looks a little like Angry Grandpa without any hair
You say polka dots and I think of Dusty Rhodes.
Lightning struck. My *** cat got scared and cut my forehead. I bled like Dusty Rhodes in a cage match.
Not many know this but the Popeyes lady teamed up with Dusty Rhodes at Wrestlemania 6!
from my understanding, Dusty Rhodes does the booking for NXT. Triple H will have to conform to the investors VKM bought in.
u do homie but now I'm bout to fry yo turkey neck azz up ... Ole dusty Rhodes lookin azz
Can we talk about how Dean has the best Dusty Rhodes impression ever?
doing a Dusty Rhodes impersonation, which means Amanda wants to kill me, if you wel
and Dusty Rhodes to face the shield. If the Rhodes family won, Cody would get his job back.
Well, he's apparently a Dusty Rhodes guy or something.
Dusty Rhodes needs to come in and bring them back together.
I just want this Rhodes family feud to end up in a place where Dusty is on TV again
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Maybe Cody Rhodes would fair better with Dusty's old poka dot tights lol
Chicago loves the Rhodes . didnt realise dusty was a big deal in Chicago
Rhodes vs. Rhodes with a crying and conflucted Dusty as referee at Summerslam please
Dusty Rhodes theme plays, new partner alert.
Dusty Rhodes may roll over in his buffet chair. The Brotherhood lost to
"I TOLD you not to release the Kraken, but did you listen to me? No." Worst plan in any game you've ever run or played in? I've got a zillion of 'em, but the grand champion is NOT the party that accepted gifts (i.e., a ten-pound sack of cocaine) from Axis Tanshell, the Drugged Dragon, but the dark troll. The one that Hal played, basing the character on The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. (Had an elbow pad. He fought a scorpion man once, couldn't touch the thing with his poleaxe, so he said Heck With It and dropped a bionic elbow on its back, and of course rolled a critical hit and killed it in one shot, and that elbow was his weapon of choice the rest of the campaign.) Anyway, that troll went up to a perfectly ordinary bison in a perfectly ordinary trade caravan that was intended as FRICKIN' STAGE DRESSING in the very first session of the campaign, we're literally STARTING, and he went up to it and bellowed "BOO-GAH!" right in its face. For fun. Spooked it so bad it went nuts, starting a Rube Goldbergian ch ...
Uhm...did I go too far??? I always want to rock your world on FRIDAYS between 10-3 on ClassX Radio... but maybe I have TOO MUCH lined up for one show, this Friday?!?!?! We are talking with; Dusty Rhodes about The Beatles memories and this SATURDAYS The Sweet Beats BEATLES TRIBUTE BAND show at Madison Theater! Its a Battle for the Ages as the Tumbling Dice and The Beats go head to head! Jeff Pilson of Foreigner talks about the HUGE Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati show on 6-5-14! Don Felder calls in, he is part of that show!!! He reveals the TRUE words and meaning of HEAVY METAL! Lawrence Gowan of Styx, calling in, they are also part of that show too! Van Mclain, founding member of Shooting Star calls in to talk about their show on 6-14 at the Blue Note Yacht Club!! Taylor Shannon calling in to discuss his new CD and we'll chat about the Taylor Shannon Band's SOLD OUT show at Bocca Billiards this weekend!! oh and YES; I HAVE TICKETS and MEET and GREET PASSES for these! We'll also work in tracks from my fave act ...
Bobby Heenan and Dusty Rhodes announcing is great lol
19 YEARS AGO TODAY: WCW @ Charlotte, NC - Intersection of Trade and Tryon streets - May 27, 1995 WCW Saturday Night - shown live; featured Eric Bischoff & Dusty Rhodes on commentary; included Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary for the pre-taped portion from Center Stage Theatre; featured a segment highlighting Slamboree 95 and the countdown show held immediately prior to the pay-per-view; included a Great American Bash Control Center where it was announced Randy Savage would face Ric Flair in the main event and Brian Pillman would wrestle Alex Wright; during the segment, Okerlund said a number of teams were vying for a tag team title shot at the show and also discussed the growing issue between Dave Sullivan and the Diamond Doll; featured a Randy Savage vignette in which he promoted the new Slim Jim NASCAR as well as the upcoming 4-man tournament to be held later in the show; included the Arn Anderson vs. Tim Horner and Ric Flair vs. Alex Wright matches taped 5/10/95 and the Randy Savage vs. Stev ...
Probably one of the greatest quotes in Wrestling history...LMAO!!! "Dusty Rhodes wouldn't win a body building contest for best abs, McMahon, he'd win for MOST abs." ~Jesse Ventura~
27 YEARS AGO TODAY: JCP @ Greenwood, SC - May 26, 1987 TV taping: Pro - 5/30/87 - - featured Johnny Weaver & Bob Caudle on commentary; included Weaver & Caudle conducting an opening ringside interview with Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson regarding their quest for the NWA Tag Team Championship and Paul Jones replacing Rick Rude with Ivan Koloff on the championship team; featured Tony Schiavone conducting an interview with Chris Champion & Sean Royal regarding Jimmy Valiant & NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Lazortron, during which they made fun of Dusty Rhodes; included Schiavone conducting an interview with NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard, alongside Dark Journey, regarding his $100,000 match against Rhodes June 6 at the Greensboro Coliseum; featured Schiavone conducting an interview with Lex Luger & JJ Dillon regarding NWA US Champion Nikita Koloff, during which Luger said Koloff had become soft and was a shadow of his former self; included a Dusty Rhodes music video to the tune of Bo Diddley's "You Can't Judge ...
my son asked me who was my top wrestlers...I said Rhodes(funky like a monkey), Flair(Whooo!), you smell what the roc is cooking), and Cold Steve Austin(and that's the bottom line cause stone cold said so).he asked who was Dusty Rhodes and Sting im showing him some good ole wrestling.
lucky I'm prayed up in this heat... Cuz I almost went Dusty Rhodes real quick..😭😂
Dusty Rhodes. What y'all know about him?
I think I've listened to Dusty Rhodes' theme song over 8 times in a row now.
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Ring Rust Radio's long-running fantasy draft series is back again, and this time the RRR panelists focused on the Pre-WrestleMania Era from 1980 through 1984. Although it may be difficult for some current fans to fathom professional wrestling without WrestleMania, the business had plenty of success when territories ruled the roost, but popularity certainly started to increase in the early-to-mid 1980s with 'Mania on the horizon. The particular draft lasted 25 rounds and was serpentine in nature. Only wrestlers who competed from 1980 through 1984 were available to be selected, and the RRR panelists have now put together the best possible fantasy cards with the rosters they drafted. As a reader, your job is to vote on who put together the best overall card. When voting, remember that these cards would have taken place between 1980 and 1984, so nothing that the wrestlers accomplished after that time period in real life should be taken into consideration. Don't forget to cast your vote and tune in to Ring Rus ...
If the American Dream Dusty Rhodes isn't on the card, I'll pass
I'm going to spend the day talking like Dusty Rhodes.
Macho King & Queen Sherri lose to Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire at WrestleMania VI. This was WWF’s first inter-gender match
Listening to Dusty Rhodes' theme song while power-walking in my silver-surfer t-shirt.
Sgt. Slaughter, IRS, & Dusty Rhodes accompanying them. They all ended up fighting & dancing after the match. It was ridiculous
Would anyone know what year this took place? I never even knew that Blackjack Mulligan and Dusty Rhodes had a feud in the Mid-Atlantic region and the card even featured the father of The Macho Man and Lanny Poffo.
Detroit World tag team champions Dusty Rhodes and *** Murdoch as The Outlaws
This was the first time I ever saw Dusty Rhodes.
East Coast CAW Wrestling New Millennium (unaired show) THE LAST STOP BEFORE PROM NIGHT!!! Official Results 1) The mystery opponent turned out to be--- McCool herself. Mai was NOT amused in the slightest and the same could be said for Sam and Kaoruko. In fact, Mai was so angry that her aunt came back that she left before the Battle Royal started AND EVEN LEFT THE BUILDING (or so we thought...) Turns out Mom (April Valentine) MADE HER go back into the ring before Mai was even able to start the car. Order of Elimination: Vella Briefs (2:45) Melody with a nasty Super Kick eliminated Vella Kaoruko Himekoji (3:19) Michelle McCool gave a Big Boot so hard that she kicked Kaoruko straight into the table. Kaoruko barely escaped a concussion, but bit her tounge on impact and is reported to have a swollen tounge and bled for some time. Sam (5:00) After a Trickpony (Standing Corkscrew Shooting Star Press) went horribly wrong, Mai delivered a Chokeslam and eliminated Sam. Mai (6:15) After Mai hit a Whippersnapper on Mi ...
Jericho did drop the "too sweet to be sour" line on his way out. Dusty Rhodes and Randy Savage would be proud.
Check it out, they even had Dusty Rhodes on the label for this record.
I just hear saying "serious business" in his Dusty Rhodes voice when I see that. Lol.
Who remembers the Midnight Rider AKA Dusty Rhodes. Why did he have to take on that character?
I had the Dusty Rhodes and Undertaker figures. ***
to quote Dusty Rhodes, mosquitoes these days must be going "through Hard Times" if I'm getting attacked in the shower...
Dusty Rhodes giving the "bionic elbow" to Harley Race during their NWA wrestling match - Key West, Florida.
CNN: "CNN anchor calls out Bill O'Reilly" Ratings are bad on both sides but cut a Dusty Rhodes style Hard Times promo or I still wont watch
a strange promo by its nature as we see Dusty Rhodes and Gordon Solie and we assume this is an NWA promo, but wait, Dusty is freestylin with gordon on Bob Ba...
I wonder if Vince McMahon ever tried to convince John Cena to get Dusty Rhodes fat?
There is a Dusty Rhodes Park in San Diego, but unfortunately, it is not named after the wrestler.
I was on the Show last nite talking WWE, TNA, GFW, a Dusty Rhodes/Sapphire sex tape & more
lmao I cant go all Dusty Rhodes elll naw
I'm nearly positive I just drove by Dusty Rhodes on a highway in Kentucky
Evolution of Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose's Dusty Rhodes Impression via for all Dean Ambrose fans
Happy Birthday Dusty Rhodes, have a great day!
Happy Birthday Dusty Rhodes from me and Steve!!! Hope it is a great one!!!
Yo only Dusty Rhodes. Ask all who played for him.
For so long, I've been watching the first episodes of NWA/TNA. I'm now up to featuring Dusty Rhodes and Paul Bearer.
OK.. Who remembers this guy slapping car hoods and Dusty Rhodes hawking for him?
domain names
Dusty Rhodes is an icon of body positivity, daddy.
"In lieu of the State of the Union, President Obama has sent out Dusty Rhodes to pump up the American people"
as part of your wrestling chat, can you talk about how awesome it would be to own a Dusty Rhodes/Sapphire sex tape?
Who remembers atlanta 1980 at the omni when ole anderson plotted a year, To attack dusty rhodes in the steel cage and Ivan Koloff the referre.. Wow I was there at 16 years old!!!
With wrestling in his veins, metaphorically, the son of The American Dream Dusty Rhodes had allowed his cocky demeanor to get the better-
And who can forget the Junkyard Dog,The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes,The Iron Sheikh, Jim "The Hacksaw"Duggan and Ric Flair?
any chance you can get Dusty Rhodes to take a pic with a Kill Cliff can? Kill Cliff owner is a huge Dream fan
Finished watching an old Bob Backlund vs Dusty Rhodes in NJPW match.
That would be my favourite promo of his. Did you ever see him impersonateing Dusty Rhodes?? It's on youtube also.
Not all the time add a Rhodes on a track. Sometimes use an old dusty grand. You know one of them where a couple of the keys don't work
I remember Dusty Rhodes saying some regulator asked if he was using "Hollywood" barb wire. He said he got it from the same place as farmers
“and who is ur favorite wrestler?” Depends on what decade. Kevin Nash, Dusty Rhodes, Chris Benoit, the Rock, Rey
I like his impersonation of Point Break when he does dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk! Lol
I like to see Sid Vicious, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk all in the same house with a few more
What did Dusty Rhodes Black and Yellow polka dotted swim suit mean?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dusty Rhodes do you think you're what our forefathers were thinking about when they thought up the American Dream?
Photo: “Dean Ambrose’s impression of Dusty Rhodes is hilarious”
We will do competing Dusty Rhodes impressions
the only True Rhodes is Dusty Rhodes (and ok his boys Dustin & Cody too they are cool in my book)
Now watching: Dustin and Dusty Rhodes vs. Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair
has Austin and Dusty Rhodes in a ladder match. WWE Network airs Austin vs. Dustin Rhodes.
smh this never would've happened if they'd just elected Dusty Rhodes supreme pontiff
Last man standing match between Cena/Bray yawn, too many gimmicks, creative could just have Bray beat Cena clean, and i bet Cena wouldnt have an issue with it, you can tell Dusty Rhodes has too much influence in creative
how can I cut off Dusty Rhodes aka the best wrestler ever :) I agree it's long-- sounds like an opportunity to improve! Thanks!
Dusty Rhodes has to the worst human physical specimen in the history of athletics.
I would've marked out for a Dusty Finish to the Rhodes-Sandow match.
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