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Dusty Baker

Johnnie B. Dusty Baker, Jr. (born June 15, 1949) is an American former player and current manager in Major League Baseball, currently the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

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At least Davis will be well rested after Joe pulled a Dusty Baker and made his arm almost fall off in Game 5 of NLDS.
Dusty Baker- "Nobody can mismanage a bullpen like I can". Joe Maddon- "Hold my beer"
So many beat reporters defending Dusty Baker because of errors by Joe Maddon. As if both managers can't be equally terrible right now.
Yasiel Puig joins Dusty Baker (1977) as the only Dodgers players w/ 3 multi-RBI games in the team's 1st 4 postseason gam…
New video by ESPN: Dusty Baker will probably be gone from Nationals | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN
Not sure why so many teams have given managers like Dusty Baker and Buck Showalter SO many chances! Their losing follows them everywhere!
Dusty Baker's goal is to blow leads for every National League team before he dies.
You really need to fire Dusty Baker and hire Buck Showalter.
Problem is Dusty Baker doesn’t know the rules of the game. Buck Showalter used this rule in June against Tam…
Beltway has 2 loaded baseball teams but they're both stuck with failed, washed up managers. Dusty Baker & Buck Showalter both need to go.
Dusty Baker other than Buck Showalter has the worst luck of any modern manager
No bullpen, dumbest 4 run inning of all-time, and getting past Daniel Murphy and freaking Dusty Baker. Feels like a loss but it ain't!
I'm really glad both Dusty Baker and Daniel Murphy are sad right now.
*** of a series to everyone on the Nationals except for Daniel Murphy and Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker = Buck Showalter. Good manager who always does just enough to lose
Nothing but respect for Dusty Baker and the on a hard-fought series.
I wouldn't mind seeing Dusty Baker choke on that toothpick like Pal in Uncle Buck..
Dusty Baker is spinning a toothpick in his mouth like Pal from Uncle Buck.
the real story though is how this so called "CF" Michael A. Taylor figured out how to avoid batting leadoff for Dusty Baker somehow some way
You know things are tense when Dusty Baker is flipping that toothpick like Pal from Uncle Buck.
What do Buck Showalter and Dusty Baker have in common? Their teams continue to implode when it counts the most.
In my best Jim Rome voice... "Er.whoever sent the email comparing Chester Bennington to Dusty Baker...don't do that." (Crumples paper)
I think Dusty Baker took the goat with him when he left Chicago as a Manager.
Dusty Baker and Buck Showalter should call it a career. Not in the cards. Both cats will never get it done in October.
Dusty Baker is the Bruce Arena of baseball.
Casual reminder that Dusty Baker told Michael A. Taylor 18 months ago: "Boy, you gonna be *** ".
That's exactly right about Taylor, bruh. Dusty Baker believed in him and now he's Michael A. Tater.
Again -- Michael A. Taylor doesn't hit that HR, too, without Dusty Baker as his manager
Michael A. Taylor joined a small, strange club last night. One of the only other members is Dusty Baker
Credit to Dusty Baker, he believed in Michael A. Taylor more than most managers would have.
Dusty Baker isn't sure if Tanner Roark or Gio Gonzalez will start Game 5 for the "Whoever it is, I hope...
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Gio Gonzalez and Tanner Roark are Nationals' candidates to start tomorrow, Dusty Baker says. "Both" may pitch.
Dusty Baker and Stephen Strasburg step up to the podium following tonight's win.
Strasburg tossed an absolute gem today. Imagine if Dusty Baker actually started Tanner Roark like he originally stated.
Dusty Baker's mind games get the W, Strasburg is 👌🏼, Michael A is 🔥 and we're going home to DC.
Talk about the genius of Dusty Baker, keeping Michael A. Taylor hitting in the 8th spot all year!.
Let's be real! Dusty Baker gets a lot of criticism. Most is fair. However, how many managers would have given up on Michael A Taylor?
Said earlier this year that Dusty Baker has done a great job getting Michael Taylor to hit to all fields -- there you go grand slam
Dusty Baker: hey Steven can you pitch tomorrow?. Strasburg:
Now imagine if Dusty Baker was smart and Daniel Murphy or Bryce Harper was batting here instead of Jayson Werth
I dont know how Dusty Baker bats Daniel Murphy and Anthony Rendon so low in the order. Murphy has nearly a .400 OBP…
Either a purposeful lie or Dusty Baker makes all his managerial decisions with the aid of a Magic 8…
Dusty Baker says a lot of his players are under the weather. Says AC In hotels & mold in Chicago."I think it's…
Stephen Strasburg will not start NLDS Game 4, and Dusty Baker blames mold in Chicago
I’ve been waiting 14 years for Dusty Baker to do something good for the in the playoffs!
Oh ya cuz Dusty Baker has done a great job managing the series!
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Even With Gift of NLDS Game 4 Rainout, Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals Can’t Catch a Break…
Dusty Baker just blamed how bad is team is on Mold
Dusty Baker. Always picks the wrong pitcher. 1993, 2002.
Dusty Baker sticking with Tanner Roark as illness, 'AC' and 'mold' affecting team
Dusty Baker says weather changes, air conditioning and mold are to blame for his players’ illnesses
Nja ändå inte. Nationals' manager Dusty Baker says he will stick with Tanner Roark to pitch Game 4 on Wedn…
Nationals going back to the lineup that has worked best
Dusty Baker was literally given a gift from above by a rainout that allows him to start Strasburg on normal rest-and is stic…
Dusty Baker now has another night to be haunted over his Game 3 Max Scherzer decision.
talk of Rizzo being Cubs' MVP will be erroneous as long as Dusty Baker is involved. Is DB giving C…
JUST IN: Bruce Arena fully backs Dusty Baker's decision to stick with Roark over Strasburg in postponed NLDS Game 4.
Why do all of Dusty Baker's Octobers have scary endings?
Buck Showalter: I can't pitch my best pitcher in an elimination game. Dusty Baker: hold my drink
Dusty Baker said a lot of his team is under the weather, not just Steven Strasburg.
skipper Dusty Baker on mixing lineup up in Game 4 vs + 2B Daniel Murphy on struggles
Why does Daniel Murphy and Anthony Rendon hit 5 and 6 in the lineup? . Dusty Baker, glad he's not on the Astros. . Al…
Playoff coverage!. -Tom Verducci on CLE's Game 4 flop: -on the cursed Dusty Baker. http…
Good morning to everyone but Dusty Baker, Trea Turner, Daniel Murphy, Jayson Werth, Sammy Solis, and Matt Wieters! Lets get it today.
Dusty Baker dared Anthony Rizzo to beat Nationals, and that's what he did
For some reason, Dusty Baker dared Cubs' slugger Anthony Rizzo to beat the Nationals -- and then he did. Column
Dusty Baker decided that SAMMY SOLIS was a better option than Max Scherzer, who was at 98 pitches and one hit allowed. Say…
Why did Dusty Baker let Oliver Perez pitch to Anthony Rizzo in that spot with first base open?
Dusty Baker will never lead the Nats to a ship
Dusty Baker again showing that he has that magic post season touch. National Leagues Buck
I love Dusty Baker but IDK about pulling Scherzer right there, he was in the groove; let it ride.
Dusty Baker is about to beat Joe Maddon who has had some of the most talented young teams between the Devil Rays and Cubs
The Nationals just reminded me how much I can't stand Dusty Baker. And Daniel Murphy. And Bryce Harper's beard. And Trump.
I used to go see the Braves as a girl to watch Dusty Baker- my favorite player!!
That was an incredible feature about Dusty Baker with As a new manager I aspire to be so much of what Dusty is within the game.
Cubs fallout still in mind, Dusty Baker believes Nationals' championship story 'already written' v…
Dusty Baker says Stephen Strasburg will start Game 1. No word on Games 2 and 3.
If u don't follow baseball: "[Dusty Baker] is one of MLB's two African American managers and served the country as a Marine Corps reservist"
skipper Dusty Baker on leaving Victor Robles in to face right-hander Jeurys Familia with 2 on, 2 out…
Kirk Gibson, Mike Scioscia and Dusty Baker taped video tributes to Tom Lasorda that have been shown between innings.
Listen to what Dusty Baker had to say after the 7-6 loss to the Mets.
Wish Jeter was in Washington so he can fire Dusty Baker: an awful mgr. Throws away games by playing…
Very sorry to say it, but, I see little chance in the playoffs for the Nats with the disgraceful laz…
And the "I said Rendon and Zim have the night off" approach by Dusty Baker.
Why did Dusty Baker not used Ryan Zimmerman pinch hit for Adam Lind once the Mets went to a lefty!
It will be interesting to see if Dusty Baker uses any of his regulars as pinch hitters with the Nationals trailing by a run in the ninth.
Dusty Baker dealing with an empty bullpen and an injured pitcher substitution. This should be delightful.
Dusty Baker is straight up trolling us right now
More specifically Dusty Baker always loses in the postseason
What r the chances Detroit will get Dusty Baker? since his contract will not be renewed.
From Dusty Baker, the manager: "I don't have team captains, because leaders are anointed, not appointed." That'll preach.
Here's what Dusty Baker had to say about playing the kids and how Victor Robles already has leadership qualities.
Nats rest their regulars, and the latest on Harper.
Nationals’ Dusty Baker rests his starters Friday against the Mets in New York
It's almost as if Dusty Baker is secretly managing that team too.
Dusty Baker on great leadoff hitters: "Rickey probably started out as Richard, ended up Rickey." Was amused to learn Rickey was born Rickey.
yeah Dusty Baker is never going to hit Bryce Harper second
Dusty Baker obviously doesn't know the fantasy baseball playoffs are this week.
Dusty Baker giving one big FU to the Mets here. And they may still win.
Since you're already annoyed can I remind you that Dusty Baker does not have a contract for next season.
lineup for series opener with skipper Dusty Baker’s youngsters start again...
Jon Jay : Joe Maddon :: Neifi Perez : Dusty Baker (yes, Jay is a better player than Neifi, especially 2017 Jay. Still, this is fun).
.skipper Dusty Baker is the 12th manager to win 90+ games 10 times. The other 11 are all Hall of Famers. h…
Here's another thought. It may serve Dusty Baker to let Murphy sit for the next week to heal. Swinging at bad pitches. KO's high.
Wait a minute...did you just pull the ol' Price is Right trick? 😂
Here's how Dusty Baker broke it down:
Nobody should ever bet on a Dusty Baker led sports team in Washington, DC. That's a disastrous combo
With the Dodgers collapse does that mean the NL Manager of the Year is more likely to be Torey Lovullo or Dusty Baker?
Dusty Baker pushed Gio Gonzalez to give a little more today. The lefty responded, as he has all season, impressively.htt…
With 1,981 hits, Joe Mauer is now tied with Dusty Baker and Cy Williams for 295th all-time. Next up: Jeff Conine (1,982).
You have something that is a curse. It is called Dusty Baker. Good luck with that!
Breaking: Dusty Baker nails down his own cooking show. Premiers right after they get KOd of first…
Back in the long, long ago, Dusty Baker didn't grasp the concept of the double switch, but made them a…
Dusty Baker on possibility of Washington Nationals winning 100 games...
Family fun night at the Greek Festival! @ Greek Food Festival…
I'm concerned about the knot on the back of Dusty Baker's neck.
That's awesome. That's why I love listening to Dusty Baker. He has stories about Willie Mays. Hank A…
I gotcha. I think Dusty Baker and Joe Maddon are the two most overrated managers in baseball. I love Joe though
Dusty said Solis wasn't supposed to hit ninth, but took the mound before Baker had put in his changes so had to. Then they had to scramble.
Dusty Baker trying to figure out his lineup card just now
Dusty Baker Screws up the Lineup in the 8th inning. People fall asleep waiting until he gets it right
I'm not sure, but I think Dusty Baker & the Nats just passed a health care bill at
Dusty Baker changed almost his entire lineup at once; it took them forever to sort out who was at what po…
Why did Max Scherzer throw 116 pitches in what many would call a meaningless game? He and Dusty Baker explain... https:/…
Why is Rich Hill still pitching? I didn't realize Dusty Baker managed the Dodgers
Sweet! I remember ~75% of my 1st pack. '79 Topps: Dusty Baker was biggest name. Got Sammy S…
Dusty Baker on Mark Lerner: "We certainly would like to win this for him"
UPDATE: manager Dusty Baker says Bryce Harper hyperextended his left knee and will have a MRI on Sunday. https…
"We just ask for prayers that it's not serious," Dusty Baker on Bryce Harper injury. Says he'll go for MRI and will kno…
"He had like a tightness in his forearm, it spasmed."- Dusty Baker on Enny Romero; who's likely headed to DL
Enny Romero has a forearm strain, will be placed on DL and Sammy Solis will be called back up, per Dusty Baker.
Buddy Bell was the toughest 1 but taught me a lot!Dusty Baker was by far the coolest! Ozzi…
Dusty Baker reaches way back for the Jackie Robinson reference. Cuz he can. .
Grant Paulsen critiquing Dusty Baker's lineup is an absurd…
Grant Paulsen is acts like a child 90% of the time. The guy can't stand Dusty Baker and he can't admit it
AUDIO: Dusty Baker explains to why he has Anthony Rendon bat 6th, rather than higher in the lineup.
Dusty Baker expects Stephen Strasburg to make his next scheduled start.
Dusty Baker and team came in town and swept us. SMH @ Yard House
Aaron Judge can bunt more homers using Dusty Baker's toothpick to win the
For me this team is most potent since late 70s with Garvey, Cey, Reggie Smith, Dusty Baker all hit 30 homers.
Dusty Baker getting that Cubs lineup today with Miguel Montero in it
Dusty Baker explains how spoiling pitches has helped Anthony Rendon this year
Oooof. Dusty Baker looking his age. Was one of 4 dodgers to hit 30 hr in a yr. W garvey, reggie smith and I think the penguin. A record btw.
Gio Gonzalez told Dusty Baker in February he wanted to be an All-Star this year. He's building a strong case.
Enny Romero is developing into quite a weapon for Dusty Baker. His confidence is building by the appearance.
Dusty Baker. who must be all Danny Glover with this bullpen, pulls Blanton after Flores' one-out single.
Ryan Raburn hitting second in a stacked lineup is the most Dusty Baker thing ever
Dusty Baker's son Darren was drafted by the Nationals this week, but he's already got some World Series experience. https…
The Nationals drafted Dusty Baker's son, Darren, because you are old now.
Mike Rizzo says Dusty Baker's contract is 'not going be an issue'
Dusty Baker on his 1,800th win, plus pregame notes on Adam Lind, Bryce Harper and Chris Heisey.
domain names
Dusty Baker records his 1800th win in Washington Nationals' 13-3 victory over Oakland Athletics - Federal Baseball
Dusty Baker on Washington Nationals staying focused on tough road trip out west... - Federal Baseball
Washington Nationals' closer Koda Glover claims the role Dusty Baker wanted him to claim... - Federal Baseball
Right at the top imo w/ Mark Spitz, Debbie Meyer, Dusty Baker, Tony Lopez, Gary Ormsby, Bill Cartwrigh…
Dusty Baker's son Darren of Jesuit High has MLB prospects | The Sacramento Bee
Hang on. . Dusty Baker just pinch ran Trea Turner when he could have pinch hit him, but instead chose to let BRIAN GOODWIN hit?. Fire him
Dusty Baker looks like the cool dad who volunteers to help out his son's Boy Scout troop .
skipper Dusty Baker on that non-foul tip and the crazy end of last night's vs series open…
And it sounds like the Nationals will make a change at closer. "This ain't working."
Must be dusty in here. RIP warrior.
Gr... Darn you Dusty Baker! You make it so *** us fantasy GMs LOL. I kind of regret dropping Urias now, hard up for CL
That's the crazy thing about baseball, a starter could pitch well and then a bullpen can come in and ruin it easily.
imagine if the Democratic Party was run as well as Dusty Baker runs the Nats
You have a good coach in Dusty Baker ...
It's time to pass the baton to Shawn Kelley, Dusty.
Dusty Baker candid on umpires and his bullpen, this hour on
.be curious to know how you'd grade Dusty Baker thus far. Criteria: in-ga…
Wanted: Reliable closer. Great pay & benefits. Must have skills and cajones. Apply to Dusty Baker, c/o
Blake Treinen might be out as Nationals’ closer: “This ain’t working.” - Dusty Baker via
[McCovey Chronicles](Have I mentioned Tsuyoshi Shinjo at DH and Kenny Lofton in center this …
It's nice to know they've been with us so long, since the Dusty Baker days IIRC.
Well, the Blake Treinen experiment ended quickly. Dusty Baker suggested a closer change tonight. Kelley should get the next shot
Dusty Baker continues to not use one of his best two RPs as the Closer...
Nationals manager Dusty Baker confirmed late Tuesday that there will likely be a change at closer.
Dusty Baker referring to his closer situation "this ain't working". Hear that front office? DO SOMETHING.
Dusty Baker called that game a mess all the way around. The still won 3-1, but that call was so weird.
.Dusty Baker asked about the night, it was a mess. Understatement of the day
Dusty Baker on the Nats' closing situation: "We gotta go back to the drawing board. This ain't working."
Dusty Baker should have played the rest of the game (which ended up being just one pitch) under protest. Just in case.
If I were Dusty Baker, I woulda been tossed from the city of Atlanta after that call
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No worries. For some reason Dusty Baker decided to let his ace throw 116 pitches on a midweek game in April. Good ol' Dusty!
Barry Trotz and Dusty Baker should go drinking together.
Dusty Baker looking at his clipboard? . more like when is the trade gonna land me an average closer
I wish Dusty Baker could just walk out and remove Trump!
I wonder what Dusty Baker is like in real life? Does he cuss a lot? I bet he drinks his whiskey straight.
It's tough to dislike the too much because I've always liked former player Dusty Baker.
Some timely quotes from skipper Dusty Baker in the story we wrote on closer Blake Treinen today:
Dusty Baker special going right here
The one time Dusty Baker doesn't want to overwork a pitcher...
Blake Treinen walks Kurt Suzuki to force in a run. 3-1 over the Treinen up to 16P. Still 1 out. Dusty Baker out to the hill.
Man, when you have Dusty Baker managing and an iffy bullpen... Yikes. Not what you want lol. On any team.
This is the arrogance of Dusty Baker to run this guy out as the CLOSER
Michael K Taylor, because Dusty Baker loves him, he gets to play baseball
Dusty Baker: An old Brave comes home again via
Dusty Baker's old school. Scherzer will throw 120+ pitches and Russ Ortiz will keep the ball when he takes him out in the 7th inning.
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This is Dusty Baker. You never know what he'll do.
Has Dusty Baker managed every team in the league?
VIDEO - Dusty Baker says Trea Turner won't come off the disabled list when he's eligible tomorrow:
Lifetime .342 hitter vs the shift, .500 this year. Dusty Baker's smart.
Freddie Freeman hit .376 against the shift last year, .500 this year, .342 lifetime. Dusty Baker is smart.
I'm waiting for Dusty Baker to go all David Fizdale on CB Buckner after today's game.
If anyone has any connections; the only thing I REALLY want for my birthday is a hug from Grandpa Dusty Baker.
All's good with Trea Turner, but Dusty Baker said he won't be activated tomorrow. are looking to send him on a sho…
Joe Ross will start for tomorrow night. Dusty Baker: "It's about time."
Dusty Baker on the Nationals' 4-2 loss to the Phillies; Tanner Roark's start, Chris Heisey's h...
hi from Hamilton ON Canada guys on the Iheart pick is Dusty Baker & this core of this Washington Nationals team
Dusty Baker says his bullpen is one of the best in baseball. What little league is he referring to
1. Dusty Baker visits mound to settle Cubs down after Bartman play. 2. Pacers beat Bulls in Game 7 of '98…
Nationals manager Dusty Baker said he's planning to meet with pitching coach Mike Maddux and GM Mike Rizzo on Monday night to discuss the c…
Shirley Smith. Too bad the Redskins don't have a Dusty Baker on their team.
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Dusty Baker checks in for Braxton. Hill to the Center position.
Halftime in Sacramento. Weber State 35, Sacramento St. 34. Both teams over 50 percent shooting. Dusty Baker with 12 to l…
The talented and prolific is back at it, writing about yet another amazing Dusty Baker story.
Ted Robinson points out that Bruce Bochy has 2 90 win seasons with the Giants. Dusty Baker had 5. They've both managed SF 10 years.
So glad the Nats have Dusty Baker now and not Davey Johnson.
Dave Roberts of the Dodgers is officially a finalist for NL Manager of the Year, with Joe Maddon (Cubs) and Dusty Baker (Natio…
The NL Manager of the Year finalists: . Joe Maddon, Dave Roberts & Dusty Baker.
Joe Maddon managing the Cubs and Bill Murray celebrating with them makes it much harder to hate them. Why can't they still have Dusty Baker?
Do Kerry Wood and Mark Prior get rings for sacrificing their livelihoods for that franchise, or is Dusty Baker gonna take those away too?
The franchise/fanbase that watched Dusty Baker ruin Kerry Wood/Mark Prior's arms is having to watch Joe Maddon try to ruin Aroldis Chapman's
Dusty Baker and Bryan Price are shaking their heads at Maddon leaving Chapman in. will be lucky to get to extras.
3-2 count with 1 out and runner on 3rd.Madden channels his inner Bryan Price and Dusty Baker and calls for a bunt...WHAT?
Somewhere, Dusty Baker & Bryan Price are both passing out into piles of stale pizza crusts & hot tears.
Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Dusty Baker. They deserve honorary rings l too, if it the Cubs win.
Dusty Baker still has Mark Prior come over to his house and throw 120+ pitches to his grandkids every 3 days.
I hope Bryan Price and Dusty Baker are watching this game. To think what could have been...
Yes it is. What about Dusty Baker or Alex Gonzalez? They had way more to do with it than SB. Let Alex throw out a f…
As long as Dusty Baker, Alex Gonzalez, or Kyle Farnsworth don't suddenly walk through that door, you have to feel pretty good right now.
showing anything Bartman is just pathetic. How about extending the narrative to Alex Gonzalez and Dusty Baker failing?
how about the next Alex Gonzalez or Dusty Baker?
...and Alex Gonzalez was slated to play shortstop and Dusty Baker was thinking about his late-game pitching plans.
Dusty Baker is officially the David Price of managers - 0-9 in games teams can finish off opponents. Why he keeps getting hired is mystery
What do you expect from the Dodgers with all hands on deck in Game 5?. Dusty Baker: "I know Kershaw ain't pitching. Thank G…
Dusty Baker and Marvin Lewis are basically the same people.
"Why does Dusty Baker keep bringing in Felix Rodriguez?" - what I asked my Dad as a kid when Dusty Baker managed the Giants.
Rick Monday, Davy Lopes, and Dusty Baker are all at the ballpark. (Maybe Fernando Valenzuela too?)
Hall of Famer Frank Robinson is proud of the Dave Roberts-Dusty Baker matchup:
Game 5 Preview: "We have Max and we have our home fans." - Dusty Baker on facing in Park
Nats manager Dusty Baker has lost 8 straight postseason games in which team would advance a round with win, longest streak in MLB…
Dusty Baker and David Roberts became the first Black managers to face each other in the playoffs tonight.
Soul Cages. Daniel Murphy under the watchful eye of Dusty Baker - BP here at Park.
Nationals have few decisions for NLDS roster: When manager Dusty Baker, general manager Mike Rizzo and the re...
Dusty Baker on Dodgers manager Dave Roberts: "He's always a pleasant guy, he's a very bright young man, but he's in the way"
All-Star catcher Wilson Ramos has torn ACL, Dusty Baker just announces.
Danny Espinosa Ks swinging and skipper Dusty Baker is going for a pinch hitter. Tanner Roark not happy. Chris Heisey in a big spot...
Truly happy for Dusty Baker. A classy, classy guy. Congrats on the NL East title.
Love fact Dusty Baker just keeps winning in the bigs. First year with Nationals and they've clinched NL East.
JK, what no Roger Craig or Dusty Baker? LOL. And do you fans still hate Jim Harbergah .. you know like Pete Carroll…
While we wait for updates, here's what skipper Dusty Baker said about Stephen Strasburg last night: :
Dusty Baker on Stephen Strasburg: MRI tomorrow. "We're hoping that it's something minor." Back of the elbow.
Please not 50. Dusty Baker used 6 pitchers against 8 batters last night. He almost put his kid the bat boy in next.
Dusty Baker switching relievers every hitter like he's boy Joe Girardi. Looks like Conforto will get AB against lefty
What a wonderful night!!!!! A big thank you to Doug Glanville and Dusty Baker for putting this...
Dusty Baker never wins. Never bet on him.
How in the world did Dusty Baker give Bryce Harper a break that is over a week... and I don't see this reported on once!?
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 12:20: chats with Brian Snitker. Plus, hear from Markakis, Bryce Harper & Dusty Baker.
Who are you Manager's of the year right now? I'll give it to Terry Francona and Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker mentioned he might rest some players this series. He didn't give Daniel Murphy the day off and in return, he homers.
Stephen Strasburg struggles in Nationals' 8-5 loss to Braves: “It was too much Freddie Freeman.” - Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker: 'It was too much Freddie Freeman. I was told before that Freddie has had a tremendous amount of success in…
Dusty Baker thumping wacky Joe Maddon in the playoffs would be extremely good IMO
Dusty Baker gives epic response about grades to simple question on offense via
Joe Maddon, Bruce Bochy and Dusty Baker are the best NL managers in the game. Terry Francona and Buck Showalter in the AL.
One-time “Savior” Mark Prior: “Stop blaming Dusty Baker for what happened to me.” |
Mark Prior: 'I don't blame Dusty Baker': The thinking being that the former Cubs manager overw...
Mark Prior: 'I don't blame Dusty Baker': In a revealing career postmortem he wrote for Sports ...
If I had to put them in there they'd be 7th. I just think the Dusty Baker factor is present.
It's quite the mix. I've got Matt Williams, Rod Beck, Dusty Baker... Wendell Kim is my fav rando on there.
Here's that Braves program. Autographed by Dusty Baker. Was my father's. Important cover. Important year.
Bruce Bochy is one win shy of 800 as manager. He'd join only Dusty Baker, Bill Terry, and John McGraw having 800 wins with Giants
The guy who used to wash Dusty Baker's car now produces Brad P... via
Dusty Baker last night on Shawn Kelley's availability tonight, after Kelley earned save in last night's game:
Dusty Baker out here pulling his best Bobby Cox impression.
When I see Dusty Baker, all I think is how he ruined Mark Prior's career and severely shortened Kerry Woods as a SP.
And here's on how Dusty Baker will decide who closes while Jonathan Papelbon is out.
"learning the ropes" Dusty Baker said the same thing one World Series night...
Yeah . .and there's been the near misses of Lou Pinella and Dusty Baker. But, I think this year is finally the year.
Revenge will have to wait, as Dusty Baker's fall in his Cincinnati homecoming:
MLB managers who probably don't make optimal decisions because they ignore valuable data include Dusty Baker, Paul Molitor & Mike Matheny...
Why would Dusty Baker bat Michael Taylor 2nd. Makes no sense on any level.
Darrell Evans was on 1st base after walking when Hank Aaron hit On deck? Dusty Baker. Braves traded all three.
Nationals' lineup vs the Mets + Nats' skipper Dusty Baker on lineup construction
lineup vs the Mets + skipper Dusty Baker on lineup construction
Dusty baker is one of the best things to happen to the nats
the Cincinnati reds stinks the owner stinks that's what happens when you get rid of dusty baker
Remember when the Reds let Dusty Baker go because he couldn't win in the post season. Well at least he made it to the post season!
In you gotta be sh$&-in me dept; Mgr Dusty Baker brought in LHP Oliver Perez to face Dietrich; then took him out in 8-2 GM, 9th
"Why are MLB games so long?". Well, Dusty Baker just used a LOOGY in a 6-run game.
Dusty Baker is making a pitching change in the 9th up 8-2 with 1 out and nobody on. Clearly he is in no hurry to leave Miami.
That's the one thing about Dusty Baker that worries me. He allows our pitchers to go well over 100 pitches.
Dusty Baker, James Selario, Jose Bautista.. Oh wait he already got blasted in the face
Dusty Baker thinks he should have held off on this change for a few more days.
Nice manufacturing of a run dusty baker , well done
wonder if dusty baker is available? Guess not!! This guy already cost the team5 games
Washington News: Dusty Baker making right calls on and off the ...
SHOUT OUTS to Jacob Sawyers, Joe Fulcher, and Dusty Baker for earning a spot on the West Tennessee All Star team in baseball!
The fundamentals of baseball haven't changed, but how we can teach tho...
Could've been better off with Dusty Baker. Look what he is doing with the Nationals! But the FO wanted a "YES" man in Roberts!
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