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Dusty Baker

Johnnie B. Dusty Baker, Jr. (born June 15, 1949) is an American former player and current manager in Major League Baseball, currently the manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

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Dusty Baker candid on umpires and his bullpen, this hour on
.be curious to know how you'd grade Dusty Baker thus far. Criteria: in-ga…
Wanted: Reliable closer. Great pay & benefits. Must have skills and cajones. Apply to Dusty Baker, c/o
Blake Treinen might be out as Nationals’ closer: “This ain’t working.” - Dusty Baker via
[McCovey Chronicles](Have I mentioned Tsuyoshi Shinjo at DH and Kenny Lofton in center this …
It's nice to know they've been with us so long, since the Dusty Baker days IIRC.
Well, the Blake Treinen experiment ended quickly. Dusty Baker suggested a closer change tonight. Kelley should get the next shot
Dusty Baker continues to not use one of his best two RPs as the Closer...
Nationals manager Dusty Baker confirmed late Tuesday that there will likely be a change at closer.
Dusty Baker referring to his closer situation "this ain't working". Hear that front office? DO SOMETHING.
Dusty Baker called that game a mess all the way around. The still won 3-1, but that call was so weird.
.Dusty Baker asked about the night, it was a mess. Understatement of the day
Dusty Baker on the Nats' closing situation: "We gotta go back to the drawing board. This ain't working."
Dusty Baker should have played the rest of the game (which ended up being just one pitch) under protest. Just in case.
If I were Dusty Baker, I woulda been tossed from the city of Atlanta after that call
No worries. For some reason Dusty Baker decided to let his ace throw 116 pitches on a midweek game in April. Good ol' Dusty!
Barry Trotz and Dusty Baker should go drinking together.
Dusty Baker looking at his clipboard? . more like when is the trade gonna land me an average closer
I wish Dusty Baker could just walk out and remove Trump!
I wonder what Dusty Baker is like in real life? Does he cuss a lot? I bet he drinks his whiskey straight.
It's tough to dislike the too much because I've always liked former player Dusty Baker.
Some timely quotes from skipper Dusty Baker in the story we wrote on closer Blake Treinen today:
Dusty Baker special going right here
The one time Dusty Baker doesn't want to overwork a pitcher...
Blake Treinen walks Kurt Suzuki to force in a run. 3-1 over the Treinen up to 16P. Still 1 out. Dusty Baker out to the hill.
Man, when you have Dusty Baker managing and an iffy bullpen... Yikes. Not what you want lol. On any team.
This is the arrogance of Dusty Baker to run this guy out as the CLOSER
Michael K Taylor, because Dusty Baker loves him, he gets to play baseball
Dusty Baker: An old Brave comes home again via
Dusty Baker's old school. Scherzer will throw 120+ pitches and Russ Ortiz will keep the ball when he takes him out in the 7th inning.
This is Dusty Baker. You never know what he'll do.
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Has Dusty Baker managed every team in the league?
VIDEO - Dusty Baker says Trea Turner won't come off the disabled list when he's eligible tomorrow:
Lifetime .342 hitter vs the shift, .500 this year. Dusty Baker's smart.
Freddie Freeman hit .376 against the shift last year, .500 this year, .342 lifetime. Dusty Baker is smart.
I'm waiting for Dusty Baker to go all David Fizdale on CB Buckner after today's game.
If anyone has any connections; the only thing I REALLY want for my birthday is a hug from Grandpa Dusty Baker.
All's good with Trea Turner, but Dusty Baker said he won't be activated tomorrow. are looking to send him on a sho…
Joe Ross will start for tomorrow night. Dusty Baker: "It's about time."
hi from Hamilton ON Canada guys on the Iheart pick is Dusty Baker & this core of this Washington Nationals team
Dusty Baker says his bullpen is one of the best in baseball. What little league is he referring to
1. Dusty Baker visits mound to settle Cubs down after Bartman play. 2. Pacers beat Bulls in Game 7 of '98…
Nationals manager Dusty Baker said he's planning to meet with pitching coach Mike Maddux and GM Mike Rizzo on Monday night to discuss the c…
Shirley Smith. Too bad the Redskins don't have a Dusty Baker on their team.
Dusty Baker checks in for Braxton. Hill to the Center position.
Halftime in Sacramento. Weber State 35, Sacramento St. 34. Both teams over 50 percent shooting. Dusty Baker with 12 to l…
The talented and prolific is back at it, writing about yet another amazing Dusty Baker story.
Ted Robinson points out that Bruce Bochy has 2 90 win seasons with the Giants. Dusty Baker had 5. They've both managed SF 10 years.
So glad the Nats have Dusty Baker now and not Davey Johnson.
Dave Roberts of the Dodgers is officially a finalist for NL Manager of the Year, with Joe Maddon (Cubs) and Dusty Baker (Natio…
The NL Manager of the Year finalists: . Joe Maddon, Dave Roberts & Dusty Baker.
Joe Maddon managing the Cubs and Bill Murray celebrating with them makes it much harder to hate them. Why can't they still have Dusty Baker?
Do Kerry Wood and Mark Prior get rings for sacrificing their livelihoods for that franchise, or is Dusty Baker gonna take those away too?
The franchise/fanbase that watched Dusty Baker ruin Kerry Wood/Mark Prior's arms is having to watch Joe Maddon try to ruin Aroldis Chapman's
Dusty Baker and Bryan Price are shaking their heads at Maddon leaving Chapman in. will be lucky to get to extras.
3-2 count with 1 out and runner on 3rd.Madden channels his inner Bryan Price and Dusty Baker and calls for a bunt...WHAT?
Somewhere, Dusty Baker & Bryan Price are both passing out into piles of stale pizza crusts & hot tears.
Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Dusty Baker. They deserve honorary rings l too, if it the Cubs win.
Dusty Baker still has Mark Prior come over to his house and throw 120+ pitches to his grandkids every 3 days.
I hope Bryan Price and Dusty Baker are watching this game. To think what could have been...
Yes it is. What about Dusty Baker or Alex Gonzalez? They had way more to do with it than SB. Let Alex throw out a f…
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As long as Dusty Baker, Alex Gonzalez, or Kyle Farnsworth don't suddenly walk through that door, you have to feel pretty good right now.
showing anything Bartman is just pathetic. How about extending the narrative to Alex Gonzalez and Dusty Baker failing?
how about the next Alex Gonzalez or Dusty Baker?
...and Alex Gonzalez was slated to play shortstop and Dusty Baker was thinking about his late-game pitching plans.
Dusty Baker is officially the David Price of managers - 0-9 in games teams can finish off opponents. Why he keeps getting hired is mystery
What do you expect from the Dodgers with all hands on deck in Game 5?. Dusty Baker: "I know Kershaw ain't pitching. Thank G…
Dusty Baker and Marvin Lewis are basically the same people.
"Why does Dusty Baker keep bringing in Felix Rodriguez?" - what I asked my Dad as a kid when Dusty Baker managed the Giants.
Rick Monday, Davy Lopes, and Dusty Baker are all at the ballpark. (Maybe Fernando Valenzuela too?)
Hall of Famer Frank Robinson is proud of the Dave Roberts-Dusty Baker matchup:
Game 5 Preview: "We have Max and we have our home fans." - Dusty Baker on facing in Park
Nats manager Dusty Baker has lost 8 straight postseason games in which team would advance a round with win, longest streak in MLB…
Dusty Baker and David Roberts became the first Black managers to face each other in the playoffs tonight.
Soul Cages. Daniel Murphy under the watchful eye of Dusty Baker - BP here at Park.
Nationals have few decisions for NLDS roster: When manager Dusty Baker, general manager Mike Rizzo and the re...
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Dusty Baker on Dodgers manager Dave Roberts: "He's always a pleasant guy, he's a very bright young man, but he's in the way"
All-Star catcher Wilson Ramos has torn ACL, Dusty Baker just announces.
Danny Espinosa Ks swinging and skipper Dusty Baker is going for a pinch hitter. Tanner Roark not happy. Chris Heisey in a big spot...
Truly happy for Dusty Baker. A classy, classy guy. Congrats on the NL East title.
Love fact Dusty Baker just keeps winning in the bigs. First year with Nationals and they've clinched NL East.
JK, what no Roger Craig or Dusty Baker? LOL. And do you fans still hate Jim Harbergah .. you know like Pete Carroll…
While we wait for updates, here's what skipper Dusty Baker said about Stephen Strasburg last night: :
Dusty Baker on Stephen Strasburg: MRI tomorrow. "We're hoping that it's something minor." Back of the elbow.
Please not 50. Dusty Baker used 6 pitchers against 8 batters last night. He almost put his kid the bat boy in next.
Dusty Baker switching relievers every hitter like he's boy Joe Girardi. Looks like Conforto will get AB against lefty
What a wonderful night!!!!! A big thank you to Doug Glanville and Dusty Baker for putting this...
Dusty Baker never wins. Never bet on him.
How in the world did Dusty Baker give Bryce Harper a break that is over a week... and I don't see this reported on once!?
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 12:20: chats with Brian Snitker. Plus, hear from Markakis, Bryce Harper & Dusty Baker.
Who are you Manager's of the year right now? I'll give it to Terry Francona and Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker mentioned he might rest some players this series. He didn't give Daniel Murphy the day off and in return, he homers.
Stephen Strasburg struggles in Nationals' 8-5 loss to Braves: “It was too much Freddie Freeman.” - Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker: 'It was too much Freddie Freeman. I was told before that Freddie has had a tremendous amount of success in…
Dusty Baker thumping wacky Joe Maddon in the playoffs would be extremely good IMO
Dusty Baker gives epic response about grades to simple question on offense via
Joe Maddon, Bruce Bochy and Dusty Baker are the best NL managers in the game. Terry Francona and Buck Showalter in the AL.
One-time “Savior” Mark Prior: “Stop blaming Dusty Baker for what happened to me.” |
Mark Prior: 'I don't blame Dusty Baker': The thinking being that the former Cubs manager overw...
Mark Prior: 'I don't blame Dusty Baker': In a revealing career postmortem he wrote for Sports ...
If I had to put them in there they'd be 7th. I just think the Dusty Baker factor is present.
It's quite the mix. I've got Matt Williams, Rod Beck, Dusty Baker... Wendell Kim is my fav rando on there.
Here's that Braves program. Autographed by Dusty Baker. Was my father's. Important cover. Important year.
Bruce Bochy is one win shy of 800 as manager. He'd join only Dusty Baker, Bill Terry, and John McGraw having 800 wins with Giants
The guy who used to wash Dusty Baker's car now produces Brad P... via
Dusty Baker last night on Shawn Kelley's availability tonight, after Kelley earned save in last night's game:
Dusty Baker out here pulling his best Bobby Cox impression.
When I see Dusty Baker, all I think is how he ruined Mark Prior's career and severely shortened Kerry Woods as a SP.
And here's on how Dusty Baker will decide who closes while Jonathan Papelbon is out.
"learning the ropes" Dusty Baker said the same thing one World Series night...
Yeah . .and there's been the near misses of Lou Pinella and Dusty Baker. But, I think this year is finally the year.
Revenge will have to wait, as Dusty Baker's fall in his Cincinnati homecoming:
MLB managers who probably don't make optimal decisions because they ignore valuable data include Dusty Baker, Paul Molitor & Mike Matheny...
Why would Dusty Baker bat Michael Taylor 2nd. Makes no sense on any level.
Darrell Evans was on 1st base after walking when Hank Aaron hit On deck? Dusty Baker. Braves traded all three.
Nationals' lineup vs the Mets + Nats' skipper Dusty Baker on lineup construction
lineup vs the Mets + skipper Dusty Baker on lineup construction
Dusty baker is one of the best things to happen to the nats
the Cincinnati reds stinks the owner stinks that's what happens when you get rid of dusty baker
Remember when the Reds let Dusty Baker go because he couldn't win in the post season. Well at least he made it to the post season!
In you gotta be sh$&-in me dept; Mgr Dusty Baker brought in LHP Oliver Perez to face Dietrich; then took him out in 8-2 GM, 9th
Hamilton Collection
"Why are MLB games so long?". Well, Dusty Baker just used a LOOGY in a 6-run game.
Dusty Baker is making a pitching change in the 9th up 8-2 with 1 out and nobody on. Clearly he is in no hurry to leave Miami.
That's the one thing about Dusty Baker that worries me. He allows our pitchers to go well over 100 pitches.
Dusty Baker, James Selario, Jose Bautista.. Oh wait he already got blasted in the face
Dusty Baker thinks he should have held off on this change for a few more days.
Nice manufacturing of a run dusty baker , well done
wonder if dusty baker is available? Guess not!! This guy already cost the team5 games
Washington News: Dusty Baker making right calls on and off the ...
SHOUT OUTS to Jacob Sawyers, Joe Fulcher, and Dusty Baker for earning a spot on the West Tennessee All Star team in baseball!
The fundamentals of baseball haven't changed, but how we can teach tho...
Could've been better off with Dusty Baker. Look what he is doing with the Nationals! But the FO wanted a "YES" man in Roberts!
Sears is where you get Craftsman tools. Did you know Dusty Baker's dad used to sell appliances @ Sears on Florin?
Nationals' lineup vs Marlins + Dusty Baker on Anthony Rendon heating up... - Over his la...
WAS Homepage News ° Double play dashes Nationals' hopes in 9th: Nationals manager Dusty Baker was as aggressi...
Dusty Baker sees 'renewed life' in Jayson Werth, the Nationals' oldest player
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"Jayson Werth, the eldest Nationals player, generally thoughtful about such things, wondered how many more rule...
Dusty Baker is about ready to choke on that toothpick after that double play.
Dusty Baker getting his money's worth from the bench tonight.
Jayson Werth, the Nationals oldest player, plays like a younger man on his 37th birthday
Dusty Baker just pulled my pitcher after 5.2 innings. I'm down by 1 quality start in my matchup that ends tomorrow 😭
the problem began when Price couldn't manage 1 run games with the same lineup Dusty Baker kept in the playoffs.
Dusty Baker just managed that to perfection.
What does think about an automatic inte...
Shoutout to dusty baker for that hit.
Dusty Baker would still pitch him 200 more
What does Dusty Baker think about an automatic intentional walk rule?
Rule changes are probably coming. Dusty Baker has thoughts about that. MIAMI - competition
Federal Baseball ° Nationals' lineup vs the Marlins + Dusty Baker on the offensive upswing...: Dusty Baker ta...
Connie Mack managed more games than Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter and Joe Maddon combined.
he probably learned it from Dusty Baker.
David Ortiz: 20th career walk-off hit. The last player with more walk-off hits than Ortiz was Dusty Baker (21), whose ca…
Dusty Baker had to finally bat Daniel Murphy clean up for this game..
Dusty Baker explains why he chose tonight to swap Daniel Murphy and Ryan Zimmerman in his lineup, via
When is Dusty Baker gonna bat Daniel Murphy cleanup?
Cal Ripken Jr. on Bryce Harper, Dusty Baker and making baseball fun again
Zimmerman still in 4 hole instead of Daniel Murphy protecting the 3 guy? This is why Dusty Baker gets fired a lot
On another note: what is it going to take for Dusty Baker to bat Daniel Murphy right behind Harper ?
How the *** has Dusty Baker not moved Daniel Murphy up right behind Harper yet?
When is that *** Dusty Baker going to wake up and put Daniel Murphy behind Harper instead of that washed up has been Ryan Zimmerman!!?
Dusty Baker is an *** Why wouldn't you put Daniel Murphy behind Bryce Harper? The guy is hitting right around .400. Zimmerman is at .227
Dusty Baker has to put Daniel Murphy 4th in the order behind Harper. Ryan Zimmerman isn't getting it done. Teams will keep IBB Harper
i have no idea why Dusty Baker is hitting Ryan Zimmerman behind Harper when Daniel Murphy is literally hitting over .400 right now.
Daniel Murphy should definitely be the cleanup hitter over Ryan Zimmermann. What is Dusty Baker waiting on??
Meanwhile, Ryan Zimmerman does Dusty Baker for keeping Daniel Murphy (184 wRC+) behind Zimmerman.
The irony of this 'old school baseball' argument is Dusty Baker literally bats Daniel Murphy 2nd because he plays second base.
How about Tanner Roark tell Dusty Baker to hit Daniel Murphy in the 4 spot instead of Ryan Zimmerman. Murphy is hitting almost .400
Why Daniel Murphy doesn't hit directly behind him can only be described as "Dusty Baker."
Dusty Baker batting Daniel Murphy 5th is so idiotic that only he could do it
You’d think by game 4 of this series, Dusty Baker would have learned to put Daniel Murphy behind Harper but Dusty is an incompetent fool.
Dusty Baker always carries that look of the cool WalMart guy that checks for your receipts at the exit door near the shopping carts.
Joe Maddon & Dusty Baker "both believe that confidence, relaxation and fun are almost as important as talent."
Michael Taylor has a .221 OBP and is batting leadoff. Guess Brandon Phillips made an impression on Dusty Baker...
How soon until Dusty Baker forces the Nationals to sign Neifi Perez to a major league contract and makes him the main man off the bench?
I wonder if Lemonade is actually about Dusty Baker's wife and not Jay-Z?
I think Tejada must've heard Ricky Horton say that he admires Dusty Baker.
Bryce Harper says Dee Gordon's PED suspension is 'not good for baseball': Max Scherzer and Dusty Baker also reacted…
Nationals Journal ° Michael A. Taylor, Anthony Rendon out of the lineup Thursday: . Dusty Baker jok...
What do Bryce Harper and Jesse James have in common?: Dusty Baker compares his young star to an American outlaw.…
Didn't Jacques Jones, LaTroy Hawkins, Dusty Baker, and Derrek Lee all say the same things too
Federal Baseball ° If Max Scherzer does not like high-fives, Dusty Baker can find alternative ways.: Dusty ...
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Dusty Baker on getting to know Nationals' ace Max Scherzer: No high-fives, please - Federal Baseball
Week's Top10 sports quotes include Kobe Bryant, Dusty Baker on Bryce Harper and Sean Payton on gun violence in NOLA.
You can keep the Dusty Baker bobble head, just give me my Chris Sabo Reds jersey!!
1) I love Dusty Baker sending Stephen Strasburg out for the 8th. 2) I love the Mike Maddux effect w/ pitching staff.
.speaks to Dusty Baker about legacy of Jackie Robinson before premiere of
Dusty Baker gave the only appropriate answer to Jordan's Bull vs. Steph's Warriors: "I'm not going to touch that one. I like both of them."
The high five was made famous by Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker of the 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers.
Dusty Baker: MRI confirms Ben Revere's right oblique strain; no timetable for return
Dusty Baker said tests confirmed what they thought on Ben Revere (rt oblique strain); no timetable for return, "treating aggressively"
Dusty Baker pulling Russ Ortiz in 2002 World Series... Felix Rodriguez giving up homer to Scott Speizio
Dusty Baker got some heat for leaving Max Scherzer in for the seventh inning yesterday, but the move made sense.
Dusty Baker will never win the WS. His late inning decisions are head scratchers. His atrocious managing lost the WS in 2002.
Nationals manager Dusty Baker says the team will start...
Fun facts about a few new faces in the Nationals’ clubhouse: Manager Dusty Baker isn’t the only fresh face in ...
will soon find Dusty Baker as manager is better than Plan B, writes:
Bud Black is Whitey Herzog, Dusty Baker is Terry Bevington. Nats will do better in spite of him.
>> LOVERRO: Nationals will soon find Dusty Baker is better than Plan B
>> Culture Club: New vibe under Dusty Baker could lead to new ending for Nationals
Reading this article reminds me that, hey, we get to see Dusty Baker destroy another young rotation this year!.
The Nationals will be good. They have enough talent to overcome many Dusty Baker mistakes. Not all though!
I HATE the Orioles. Nats I am OK with, but I dislike Dusty "the lizard" Baker
"Leaders are anointed, not appointed. Leaders are like a magnet: Other people gravitate to you." -Dusty Baker
Baker ready to return to Atlanta, where his MLB career began
Dusty Baker on returning to Atlanta, where his MLB career began. Plus, how he used to hate Bill Buckner
at least I don't have Dusty Baker managing my team
actually I was going to say it's more like of dusty baker was Filipino.
Bracket with the best names in March madness. Jackson Bax with a tough loss to dusty baker in the round of 32.
The Nats pitching is still good and Dusty Baker even with his flaws is still a better manager then Terry Collins.
Dusty baker is about to save one of Harper's prime years
Dusty Baker is going to save from themselves I’m told. Ha. It is to laugh. He’s awful -
Early season prediction: Dusty Baker will win Comeback Manager of the Year
This deep read on Dusty Baker makes me feel optimistic about the coming season. Might be what the team needs.
.baseball snobbery has made Dusty Baker a sympathetic figure. He's actually had a nice little career for himself as a skipper.
The spiteful side of me wants to see the Cubs lose to Dusty Baker's Nationals in the NLCS because.
In the NL look for the Nationals to finally be a team under Dusty Baker and challenge the Mets, look for the Padres to win at least 10 more
In today's paper: a deeper look at Dusty Baker, how he's been received by Nats players & goals for this season:
Baseball is back. Bat flips to follow. Here's our 2016 Washington Season Preview: h…
Dusty confident Nats will be in the thick of things in NL East: Nationals manager Dusty Baker is optimistic hi...
MLB Opening Day 2016: Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker still has difficult decisions to make - Federal Baseball
Well they have Dusty Baker and he has a spotless reputation of teams imploding- . Wait...
Michael Taylor closes strong spring, hopes to carry momentum into season in bench role
i'll never forgive Dusty Baker for overusing Kerry Wood and Mark Prior and destroying their arms :( elite elite pitchers
After 2nd home run, pitching coach Mike Maddux turned to Dusty Baker and asked, "We get to watc…
On Bryce Harper's 2-homer day in Lakeland, which left Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Mike Maddux and Dusty Baker raving:
It's day here at Space Coast. John Smoltz and Heidi Watney interviewing manager Dusty Baker.
Walter Wright took full responsibility for Dusty Baker's layup. Said plan was to switch all screens and he just lost Baker
Washington Nationals' shortstop battle: Mike Rizzo and Dusty Baker on Trea..
Nationals' Dusty Baker demands good D? Then why sign Daniel Murphy?...
Dusty Baker already gets Daniel Murphy more than most Mets fans ever did.
Another good one from and peep that quote from Dusty Baker on Daniel Murphy...
Dusty Baker hopes Ryan Zimmerman will play in games in "the next couple weeks," says he's fine though:
Nationals last 5 years have not reached preseason expectations. However Dusty Baker may add new energy to the clubhouse
You probably don't know who Chase De Jong is, but read this for the story about the baseball he got from Dusty Baker
Dusty Baker called Bryce Harper 'Royce,' and he responded by calling him 'Rusty'
WAS Post: Nats Journal: Tanner Roark to start Grapefruit League opener; Dusty Baker plans to ease in regulars
Roark is scheduled to start the Washington Nationals' Grapefruit League opener Wednesday against the Rays in Port
I'm 76% sure and climbing that Dusty Baker will be a fiasco for the Nats.
‘Royce’ Harper fired back at Nationals manager ‘Rusty’ Baker
"That was some nasty stuff". - Dusty Baker on seeing curve for 1st time: https…
'Royce' Harper gets revenge on 'Rusty' Baker for butchering his name | FOX Sports
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‘Royce’ Harper is now calling his manager ‘Rusty’ Baker
Espinosa, Turner aim for consistency in shortstop competition
Dusty Baker on calling Bryce Harper "Royce": "I'm not good with first names." Says Harper calls him "Rusty."
Dusty Baker believes Bronson Arroyo "has some miles left in him:"
Spring Training 2016: Dusty Baker on Trea Turner, position battle at short...
Dusty Baker thinks Bronson Arroyo 'has some miles left in him'
Dusty baker told in an interview this morning he sold Gremlins and Pinto's while a player. Podcast at https:/…
Dusty Baker's expertise is baseball, not remembering Bryce Harper's first name
Come out to CBP and watch Dusty Baker mismanage the Nationals bullpen! .
>> Nationals' Spring Training 2016: Dusty Baker on Bronson Arroyo - "He's got some
Dusty Baker said when he was a young player Hank Aaron helped mold him similar to the way Bryce Harper looks up to Jayson Wer…
Royce? Dusty Baker still trying to learn Bryce Harper's name
New skipper Dusty Baker didn't know Bryce Harper's name. Calls him "Royce" at camp.
Dusty Baker reportedly doesn’t know Bryce Harper’s name. . Royce is close enough, right?
Dusty Baker making his last stand with Nationals - via Great piece by Howard Bryant App
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Dusty Baker said Zimmerman came into his office to explain PED accusations this morning. Baker: "He didn't have to...he'll be exonerated."
Nationals: Dusty Baker making his last stand as he begins his 21st season as a major league manager - Howard Bryan…
322 votes in, FBB readers think hiring Dusty Baker was best move of the winter:
Dusty Baker says 'the best is yet to come' in MLB Network documentary:
>> MLB Network to air Dusty Baker documentary on Feb. 9 - Nationals Buzz
Kent believes Baker will bring out best in Nats: Former Major Leaguer Jeff Kent expects Dusty Baker to ha...
Former Jeff Kent expressing confidence in new manager Dusty Baker.
Just think about the Dusty Baker years, the Felipe Alou years.
Did You Know: Winning 5-0 in the bottom of the 7th in game 6 of the 2002 World Series, Giants manager Dusty Baker...
Which was tougher to stomach?: OCTOBER 11: Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Reds looks on against the San Fra...
You see, the Dodgers hire Dusty Baker doing?
Rock-N-Roll weekend couldn't have gone any better 😎👊🎧
Great to meet in Biloxi, MS this weekend. Awesome show and great book!
I love my daughter, but she had me on couscous and fixed me pastas and made me e...
Manny Acta and Dusty Baker are interviewing for managerial job, both are strong candidates. Per
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Today's District Daily has more on Danny Espinosa and Dusty Baker's thoughts on Revere and Murphy:
in 1977, L.A. Dodgers Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke invented the High-Five. (Thanks, !)
Best baseball story ever. The invention of the high five. Makes ya miss Dusty Baker. 30 for 30 short
I'm a strong man, and usually I get over hurts and it makes me stronger when I come back. -
Frank is becoming the new dusty baker. Not hitting any shots. Lets put you in the starting lineup? CJ miles??
I'm not sure where my career is going here in Cincinnati. -
Dusty Baker calling Wash to see if he pitches Opening Day.
I'll take Davis. I feel like Dusty Baker could be great for him like he was for Votto
We have turned into Dusty Baker and the Reds. Accept mediocrity year after year after year and continue to fail.
another Dusty Baker move by you, thanks but no thanks!
got my Dusty Baker special Cubs winter jacket ready that I never get to wear in Florida...also, alcohol.
Marvin has MAXED OUT HIS ABILITIES?I remember the same thing said about Dusty Baker and bringing in Brian Price. ENOUGH SAID
Funny, i kinda of remember Lance saying the same thing about Brian Price as opposed to Dusty Baker. How did that work out
Ben Revere says Dusty Baker has been interested in him since 2012. being remade in the new skipper's image?
Ben Revere tells Dusty Baker has wanted him since 2012. Nats being remade in Baker's image?
Dusty Baker on the additions of Daniel Murphy & Ben Revere.
Dusty Baker. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) About a month ago at the Winter Meetings in Nashville, Dusty Baker was...
argument. This is how we do things in sports bruh. Dusty Baker, David Shaw, Jim Harbaugh, Charles Barkley, Stockton & Malone.
Two things that prevented the 2002 Giants from winning the World Series: 1. Dusty Baker handing Russ Ortiz the game ball up 5-0...
Trea Turner thinks he'll fit well with Dusty Baker's need for speed
Brandon Phillips, Jonathan Papelbon, Bryce Harper & Dusty Baker in the same clubhouse. Nothing could go wrong there.
Dusty Baker gets his first managerial job, Today in Baseball History
Luckily you don't pitch, so Dusty Baker can't prematurely end your career like he did to Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.
What on earth is this from Dusty Baker,?
Dee Gordon, a black, the point is white players can be fast, just making a point to disrespectful dusty racist baker
I think Dusty Baker proved African Americans are faster... it took him almost no time to get foot from ground to mouth
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