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Dustin Diamond

Dustin Neil Diamond (born January 7, 1977) is an American actor, musician, director, and stand-up comedian best known for his role as Samuel Screech Powers in the television shows Saved by the Bell, Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Christmas Day Scott Baio Klay Thompson Lark Voorhies Wil Wheaton

I thought Dustin Diamond was with him
Parents these days should give their kids Bakulette not Dustin Diamond
but WHO will make a movie out of Dustin Diamond's next book?!?
No, no, Dustin Diamond is who the GOP will run in 2020, if Teflon Don gets primaried.
At first I thought you were referring to Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell. Given the climate, not too farfetched.
there's a real Dustin Diamond mental health issue in this country that we need to address, for sure!
Dustin Lynch is coming to Black Diamond Harley-Davidson on February 19th! Like, Comment, and Share for your...
I'm left handed, but my dad taught me to play guitar right-handed...
And this is BEFORE Dustin Diamond arrives to perform a "stand-up comedy set" tomorrow.
Baseball will retire Dustin Ackley's number later this month. Details:
Tickets on sale now for Dustin Lynch! Feb 19th , 6pm at Black Diamond presented by Pepsi! Buy your tickets online...
Our friends at Pepsi MidAmerica bringing Dustin Lynch in on Februrary 19th! Just $15 GA
All we are is Dustin Diamond in the wind...
i feel like this is how the Dustin Diamond conversion begins for Will.
I'm not a big radio guy, I don't listen to whatever is the hip new...
I'm the guy who will eat something that looks nice when I'm out, b...
GOD please don't curse the Human race with a Trump sex tape! After Dustin Diamond's sex tape civilization can't take the hit!
Studio should've kept their money. Joseph Fiennes looks more like Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell.
Will trump be the first president to have a Dustin diamond-esque sex tape
If Dustin Diamond can do it . then so can you!. Inspirational
I'm at Trump Tower, about to meet about a cabinet position. Sitting between Dustin Diamond and a guy that can swallow 50 e…
Donald Trump has that Scott Baio vote secured. . Let's hope Dustin Diamond comes through with his Hillary endorsement.
Can you imagine President Trump commuting sentences? Phil Spector, Bernie Madoff and Dustin Diamond would be in the Oval Office by Easter.
Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato jr., really RNC? Were Danny Bonaduce and Dustin Diamond not picking up their phones?
Her: diamonds are a girls best friend. Neil Diamond: heyya. Lou Diamond Phillips: sup girl. Dustin Diamond: how ya doi... Her…
'Saved by the Bell' actor Dustin Diamond back in jail over probation
Dustin Diamond is back in jail. Somewhere Lisa Turtle is rolling her eyes and continuing on with her life.
Dustin Diamond is back in jail: PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. — Former “Saved by...
Dustin Diamond arrested again, accused of violating probation: D...
Calling all Dustin Diamond lookalikes: This Chicago Craigslist ad is looking for you.
On set with Rick Bassman, our amazing trainer & Dustin Diamond..before he went to jail.
ALERT: Hillary Clinton can't They may implicate her in the disappearance of "Saved By The Bell" star Dustin Diamond.
(Reuters) - Dustin Diamond, who played nerdy Screech in the 1990s U.S. television sitcom "Saved by the Bell," was released from jail a
Andrea Barber and Dustin Diamond were/are a match made perfectly in Hollywood.
as long as it's not Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell. That guy has had some issues lately
Diamond Ranch baseball gets 2-1 win over Colton. Mason Pechy battled for 4 2/3 innings to get the W. Miguel …
Kids these days don't know as much about music as they think they do.
These periodicals need better editorship: that is a contemporary photograph of Dustin Diamond AKA 'The Screecher'.
Congratulations to local business owners Joslyn Brungardt, Paisley Pear and Dustin Roths, Diamond R Jewelry on...
There are a lot of girls that will try to hook up with you, then try to hav...
You've got Corey Feldman doing his thing, and the problem is, they're tryin...
omg I forgot to mention earlier BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, i misread dustin lance black as "dustin diamond" at first and was extra ***
So you're saying Saved by the Bell (Dustin Diamond - AKA Screech, is due
.two things to make this idea sing and dance:. 1) This is 39 year old Dustin Diamond playing teenage Screech. 2) The CGI is awful
Convinced that Seth Rogen is really just Dustin Diamond with 150 extra pounds on him.
Sam smith looks like if JT and Dustin Diamond had a baby
I mean, he looks a little like Dustin Diamond right?
Sam Smith looks like a talented and likeable, non desperate, non stabby Dustin Diamond.
Dustin Diamond - 39. Screech. Currently in jail for 4 months for carrying a concealed weapon + stabbing in defence. http…
"In the middle of the night, I woke up to a screetch. And I'm not talking about Dustin Diamond." -Jillian
Dustin Diamond checked into a Wisconsin jail on Friday night. Check out the sentence...
Former 'Saved by the Bell' star Dustin Diamond to start prison sentence. .
Former "Saved by the Bell" actor Dustin Diamond will start serving his four-month jail sentence with work release in January for an
perfect as Kelly Kapowski was, her social media game is the equivalent of Dustin Diamond's career post Sbtb
Dustin Diamond among is one of the biggest local celebrities
Jon Niese looks like Dustin Diamond's mug shot.
Only one man (one crazy crazy man) can come to the rescue of Lark Voorhies and his name is Dustin Diamond.
wow jonas looks like Dustin diamond
Jury convicts 'Screech' of misdemeanors in stabbing case
Cheap halloween ideas for me: Bob Ross. Marv from Home Alone. Jim Henson. Young Jeremy Corbyn. Dustin Diamond. . Clearly I hate how I look.
I just remembered, Dustin Diamond is getting outta jail in a few weeks after being sent there in June. Wonder how that went. Weird 3 am idea
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I put a big down payment on that itty bitty diamond ring
Now I want to see Die Hard starring Dustin Diamond.
'Screech' testifies he didn't intend stabbing
Holy crap I just shook hands with Dustin Diamond!!!
am I suppose to eat getting arched up against Gold and Diamond players If I'm a Platinum 1?
Dustin Diamond should be released from jail and seek private emergency help from all doctors in the ER
Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here? (in my best Mr.Belding) Nuthin'... Just doin' a guest spot for Dustin Diamond.
all jokes aside, Dustin Diamond the person (not Screech), should always be subject to bamboo shoots up his fingernails
Dallas Green is City and Colour. Dustin Harder is PRAIRIE SOUL. On Tour Nov 5th Sk.Ab.Bc with Diamond Joe
Is the Dustin Diamond interview available via podcast? Can't find it in iTunes
Dustin Diamond of Saved by the Bell Fame Is Coming To The Baltimore Comedy Factory on November 6th-7th. Find Out...
Dustin Diamond takes a better punch than Kevin Garnett
Old Miss USA pageant is more meaningful. Nowadays Dustin Diamond is just drivel
of course it was.. You're the diamond to dustin.. 😂😂😂
obviously Dustin diamond was awkward on saved by the bell. He was so out of place with every1 He was legit 11, every1 Else was 14/15   10% Off
Supposedly, there's a sex tape for sale of the girl who played Lisa Turtle. In other news, Dustin Diamond has a new Kickstarter going
Today, Dustin Diamond is exactly as old as Lenny Bruce was the day he OD'd: 14,173 days.
Workin out at South Jordan is deader than Dustin Diamond's acting career. I'm guessin Walmart's the meat market in dis town? 😆
Who knew Dustin Diamond could sing like that?! Wow.
Oh man this band *** Why is this Dustin Diamond lookin dude out here
Who is the Dustin "Screech" Diamond look alike singing on the pregame show. Someone kill his mic
"Saved by the Bell End." Thanks to Dustin Diamond for stopping by the studio today. Now off to a BDM…
Special extra episode with Dustin Diamond on soon!
The perfect man has Wil Wheaton's collar bone, Dustin Diamond's heart & PSY's dapper wrists
I never realized how much Sinbad and Dustin Diamond looked like each other.
(2/2) because they figure they're going to get all this money from you. - Dustin Diamond (Actor).
Halloween party at The Sinking Ship II . Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch and Iron Diamond will be playing music...
Playing a show in Black Diamond, AB at 8:00 PM today at The Black Diamond Hotel
'Saved by the Bell' Screech Actor Dustin Diamond to Perform StandUp Comedy Routine -
Dustin Diamond is in prison and I bet if he drops the soap there will be some Screeching.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Dustin Diamond and I nailing the awkward prom photo look. Geeky Freaky Action ftw.
Hey, Dunkleman got a prime spot on the Dustin Diamond season of Celebrity Fit Club. So he's doing ok
I can’t even with this Dustin Diamond applesauce.
Check out the interview James did for with Dustin from & Iron Diamond
I read that Screech Guy Dustin Diamond made a dirty movie & he smeared poo on some woman. Why would someone do that? Am…
... on both actor Dustin Diamond and his Screech Powers role in the original class, in the first place back in 1989, IMO.
Dustin Diamond to play Galvin screech from Saved by the Bell
7th inning Screech. Where Dustin Diamond just does karate before the 8th inning.
Saved By The Bell's Dustin Diamond (has been sentenced to 4 months' jail for stabbing a man in a bar fight http…
Dustin Diamond jailed for four months. He'll blend in just fine.
Admit it: you have this problem too, forever and ever. Joe Biden : “Diamond” Joe :: Dustin Diamond : Screech
That was who's easily confused with Dustin Diamond.
apparently this is a thing. Check out "Dustin Diamond" in the top right corner.
Dustin Diamond is coming to St. Louis! Info & Tickets:
Dustin Diamond is the grand Marshall at a Wisconsin prison rodeo
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Is that you next to Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell? Lol
my first thought when Dustin started singing was Neil Diamond also. He's my guilty pleasure along with a few others.
Dustin Christensen sounds a lot like Neil Diamond. He was excellent tonight!
Man the song from dustin wasnt neil diamond but rod stewart instead...downtown train remember...tu estas loco
Barrett new U were good Dustin... Goodluck to you , the new Neil Diamond :)
.u got a good one. Dustin does sound alot like Neil diamond :-)
This guy Dustin on The Voice sounds like Neil Diamond
The perfect man has Jon Lovitz's claws, Wil Wheaton's teleportation & Dustin Diamond's magical heart
Congrats to DKV forum mainstay and Bayside High Patron Saint of Nerds, Dustin Diamond! Er, Demon!
Not sure I find anyone that interesting. Who you thinking? Lincoln? Kennedy? Dustin Diamond?
actors playing out Dustin diamond's (screech) side of the story that he put into a book.
Oh, Saved By The Bell hands down. Dustin Diamond produced the movie, and it shows.
Good game, You almost lost to Dustin Diamond, but Zeke pulled away like Lisa from a Screech kiss attempt
Well I got six trophies yesterday - it's all gonna be downhill from here, Maybe Dustin diamond wants to hang out And drink …
Marked as did-not-finish: Behind the Bell by Dustin Diamond
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
He announced his engagement to boyfriend Dustin Lance Black on Thursday morning. And now Tom Daley has shared a...
Dustin Diamond would play Josh Pastner in a TV movie about Memphis Basketball.
Not to be outdone, Bobby Jindal's people are trying to get in touch with Dustin Diamond.
The perfect man has Dustin Diamond's hair, Nick Kroll's heart & Scott Bakula's prominent talent
Did you know Jim Harbaugh was Dustin Diamond's cousin in Saved By The Bell?
I've only been doing comedy a year, but I've opened for Bob Levy, Bonnie Mcfarlane, Don Jamieson, and Dustin Diamond.
Shooting the fantastic Roger Paul, agent to JJ Walker, Dustin Diamond, Michael Winslow among others. Love his passion for his clients.
Dustin Diamond's canceled, but Backroom Comedy Theatre has free shows at 9p Fri-Sat, with the improv-ed "Saved by the ."
Dustin Diamond wants bar stabbing sentence delayed: A hearing on the motion is set for Thursday.
Yo! Dustin Diamond, 'Saved by the Bell' actor, gets jail time
TV actor Dustin Diamond wants delay in bar stabbing sentence: Former "Saved by the Bell" actor Dustin Diamond is…
Bristol Palin pregnant again; Dustin Diamond gets four months jail time; more top celeb news
Dustin Diamond sentenced to 120 days work-release aka "Huber" time for disorderly conduct. Acquitted of felony charge.
Dustin Diamond, aka "Screech" from Saved by the Bell, sentenced to 120 days of work-release for Disorderly Conduct misdemeanor charge.
Dustin Diamond, aka Screech of 'Saved by the Bell,' gets 4 months in jail for stabbing.
Dustin Diamond looks like a portly version of Alex Smith. I bet Screech can also throw a ball further than 12 yards..
Dustin Diamond has been sent to prison following a bar fight. Details at
That's an awful name for a street. I'd be calling it Dustin Diamond Drive all the time. And screeching tires too.
ooh so you're about to Dustin Diamond your career. I for one can't wait. You were always my favorite problematic actress.
A jury has found actor Dustin Diamond not guilty of one felony charge in a Christmas Day bar stabbing last year.
Dustin Poirier to make it 2 out of 2 at 155lbs? is backing Diamond at >
Dustin cracks under pressure, Hes not a diamond yet.. hes the coal that WE CAN SQUEEZE into a diam
We had a great time shooting with Dustin Diamond! Remember him?
Dustin Diamond Net Worth: It’s been estimated the whole amount of Dustin Diamond net-worth is 500-thousand dol...
Yup, our own Guitartown artist Katie Musolff's sister tells it all...
Late night dinner (@ Diamond Restaurant in Charlotte, NC w/
nice Dustin diamond reference to go over jd's head.
Dustin Diamond's ex Beth Musolff tells how he ...
EXCLUSIVE: Dustin 'Screech' Diamond's ex-girlfriend says he threatened to throw her off balcony
Rumor has it that in a couple years Dustin Diamond might be starring in a new series called Saved By The Bell: The Prison Years.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Remember when Dustin Diamond refused to get on a plane because of something I wrote about him? I miss those innocent days.
Dustin Diamond found guilty of misdemeanor (not felony)
Yo! Dustin Diamond convicted of misdemeanors in Christ
Dustin Diamond is making a special appearance! Surprise!
A woman testified Thursday that she punched TV actor Dustin Diamond's girlfriend in the face during a bar fight in Wisconsin, just moments
(Reuters) - A Wisconsin jury late on Friday found actor Dustin Diamond, who played the nerdy Screech in the early '90s sitcom "Saved by
Dustin Diamond convicted of misdemeanors in stabbing
politico"This time, Screech was saved by RonBonjean instead of the bell | Getty
This time, Screech was saved by instead of the bell | Getty
Dustin Diamond's ex tells how he threatened to throw her off of the balcony.
BACKSTORY: Screech saved by the Bonjean Christmas party via
'His face was red as a beetroot, his eyes bulged out of their sockets.' Ex-girlfriend of Saved by the Bell sta...
yes and it was terrible/awesome. I love how the whole thing was about Dustin Diamond getting dumped on
you must be a d list Celebrity. I want to try to throw that Dustin Diamond clout around.
Screech saved by the Bonjean Christmas party
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This team, this organization is a screenplay for Major League 5, Dustin Diamond can play Braun
- People RSS Feed: Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond convicted of two misdemeanors in bar fight stabbing tria
TV actor Dustin Diamond was convicted Friday of two misdemeanors stemming from a barroom fight, but a Wisconsin jury cleared the former
Breaking: Dustin Diamond who played Screech in 90s TV series 'Saved by the Bell' is still an annoying ***
This time, Screech was saved by a former Hill GOP spokesman instead of the bell | Getty
Dustin Diamond's stabbing trial is comedy gold. Oh, wait, no, it's not. Latest
Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on 'Saved By the Bell,' convicted in stabbing
TV star Dustin Diamond convicted of misdemeanors in Christmas Day stabbing:
Dustin Diamond's lawyer claims Screech "meant no harm" by "accidentally" stabbing some guy
Are there any events featuring Diamond Dave from Van Halen and Dustin Diamond? No?
yeah. Every now and again I'll be poopin' or thinkin, and it'll occur to me that my kids won't know who Dustin Diamond is
The reason why is that I want to know who created an idea of including Dustin Diamond and Screech in the original class in a hurry?
That original class is too difficult on both Screech and actor Dustin Diamond, who played him. Careless hurrying does NOT work!
Me & Dejuan Blake headed to Seattle to pick up some $$$. No luggage. Just my Diamond Hermes Hac 50 Ostrich Money Bag h…
dustin diamond is playing the wood banjo in front of black jim morrison AGAIN?
12 most shocking celebrity sex tapes of all time Dustin Diamond, had a hunch it would be a solo, Its funny/weird.
You just made me remember Saved By The Bell, ad by extension Dustin Diamond. Now I have to drink more.
Since when does a strong tattoo game consist of a diamond on your forearm lol
You could say Dustin Diamond had a lot of wood related problems.
I was just told I look like Dustin Diamond with my beard. So I guess I'm shaving tomorrow.
just looking out for the Common Man for the Common Good, "Diamond" Dustin Seabolt
Your self conscious because of a guy with Dustin Diamond's hairline?
Dustin Diamond has a sex tape. AMAZING
I hope this burns him. He is despised nearly everywhere and that will play into a jury decision.
3 nights of in July— "The Hope Division", "Diamond" and "Disobedient" in their entirety. Tix on sale tmrw. htt…
Last night in the groupchat we discussed what it means to be washed using Dustin Diamond and chino xl as case studies
Had a dream that Dustin Diamond and I were friends.
Dustin Diamond's case to head to jury trial
Dustin Diamond 'Screech' of 'Saved By The Bell' faces prison time for stabbing, I think his prison nickname will be the same,.
I remember seeing them when I was 15. Oh how I loved Mike D. Did you know he's related to dustin diamond who was screech?
Nick Coletti looks a lot like present day Dustin diamond
Mad love and respect to all the ones out there who have always seen me as a diamond in the rough. Thanks for...
Dustin Diamond (ok... Screech) back in court this week. His jury trail is scheduled for May 27. MW-002WE
Lol seeing Dustin Diamond at the comedy club last weekend was great😂
Forrmer "Saved by the Bell" star wants to call conceal carry expert at trial over Christmas stabbing at Port bar.
The best thing about living in Wisconsin is the thorough coverage of Dustin Diamond's trial by the local news
"Saved by the Bell" actor Dustin Diamond will not accept a plea deal that involves jail time
Dustin Diamond wants to call conceal carry expert at bar fight trial -
No plea deal. Instead, actor Dustin Diamond will stand trial in stabbing case. 9:29:
wants to call conceal expert at bar trial - May 19 @ 9:28 PM ET
Nah it’s cool. Yall just keep on acting like Klay Thompson doesn’t look like Dustin Diamond.
Video: Dustin Diamond's case to head to jury trial
♥- i -♥ Diamond Wants to Call Concealed Carry Expert at Trial: Dustin Diamond wants to call conceal...
Dustin Diamond's heading to trial: The man known for his role as Screech on “Saved by the Bell” is headed to a jury…
. am new still the hashtag thing. To me it still means number and pound...That guy looks like Dustin Diamond...
Varsity game canceled for today vs Diamond Bar. Rescheduled for tomorrow at 2 pm.
arguably the worst casting in TV history. Like making Dustin Diamond a hitman on the Sopranos
Now that he's caught am I the only one that thinks this is Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell?? (Screech)
excuse me, I believe you left out my client, whose uncle's best friend is none other than Dustin Diamond himself
Next to Dustin Diamond in the rotating carousel. Tough draw.
Dustin Diamond could face 10 years in prison
Dustin Diamond is at the same Trader Joes I'm at & making eye contact with everyone. Trying really hard to get recognized. I glared.
I'm not going to keep pretending like I don't know that his name is Dustin Diamond.
As long as he keeps Dustin Diamond away...
Dustin Diamond is officially registered as a violent criminal . What ever happened to Freedom of Screech .
Brand new episode! Dustin & Chris go into corpse painted depth on King Diamond with special guest, Jake Cullison,...
If the Unauthorised Saved By The Bell Story taught me anything it's that NB is using Zayn the same way Eric used Dustin Diamond
Glendora Baseball continues with a five game winning streak after defeating Diamond Bar 2-0. Improved to 20-6 overall and 8…
is the cheapest ring at Zales called a Dustin Diamond cuz it should be
My friend Diamond, This is customized Tee and Hoodies with Ur name!BUY NOW:
SPECIAL EVENT: Fri & Sat July 17th & 18th. DUSTIN DIAMOND aka "Screech" from Saved by the Bell fame brings his...
Not only did Dustin Diamond aka Screech stab a guy on Christmas Day, he also has a Dirty Sanchez sex tape. *** I feel lazy.
Just spotted Dustin Diamond at the game
LMAOO I used to get every time Dustin diamond did something
It’s not even true. Dustin Diamond hit homers every time on national TV for almost 20 years.
I see you doing work on the diamond today! Let's go, boys! ⚾️
Almost hard to believe that the last I knew Dustin Diamond is behind bars.
Dustin Diamond threatened to stab a different man for refusing to
OK on diamond dynasty I can get Puig and Greinke and probably someone else for Dustin Pedroia, should I do it?
I met Dustin Diamond in person who played Screech in the TV show Saved By The Bell via
Anyone else think Klay Thompson looks a little like Dustin Diamond?
THANK YOU SO much got pink diamond durant... For the second time
Finally got to play some softball today. I've never been a homerun hitter but I got me one out today. Felt good to be back on the diamond.
By "Check out Dustin Lyon's new cover son "Keep Your Money" on YouTube.
Case in point, dustin "the diamond" poitier. Cause why not name yourself after screech
love watching leaf lunch, is it just me or does Jonas look like Dustin Diamond?
this is going to be very perplexing to Dustin Diamond
From the Archives: Uhm, Dustin Diamond is performing stand up in Idabel for Valentine's Day
What a lucky girl. He looks like Dustin Diamond.
When I'm walking around the house with a Swiffer, you can just call me Dustin' Diamond.
What the F U C K is this? Dustin Diamond is the first person I thought of.
Dustin Diamond hurtles through the universe. His icy stare & frozen features confirm what many fear. In space, no one can hear you Screech.
Dustin Diamond threatened to stab a man in a bar, Christmas Day, with his girlfriend, a professional party clown,…
right now - Dustin Diamond! He will be at the 80's party this Sat. Get your tix
morning - today we will talk to Screech from Saved by the Bell! Dustin Diamond at 8:15.
Lmao Screech (Dustin Diamond) from Saved by the Bell is in jail.
Great night with great show, hilarious. Dustin Diamond was awesome.…
1) My confusion of Cisco Adler and Dustin Diamond prompted a dispute with my partner that ended in me googling "screech's giant balls."
Also, I guess Dustin Diamond is an official stand-up at this point, so I can see counting him out.
Yeah, well don't hold your breath waiting for me. Regards, Dustin Diamond.
Dustin (The Guy) Garcia. Not even a man yet but he will own you on the baseball diamond. . Number 5. SK Lobos.
Dustin Diamond serving up some comedy.
is Dustin ackley your favorite Dustin over Dustin diamond?
Dustin Diamond, aka Screech from Saved By the Bell, doing live comedy in Old Town on 192 tomorrow night.
Tonight's open mic, starring Dustin Diamond. As well as the rest of the cast.
Dustin Diamond is the only reason that Saved by the Bell: The New Class ran as long as it did.
I've honestly never seen it, but I hope if they ever base a character on me it's played by Dustin Diamond.
I need Dustin Johnson to come through tonight and join the others on the Dustin Mount Rushmore. . Hoffman. Diamond. . Gee.
TONIGHT Dustin Diamond "Screech" from Saved by the Bell will be performing live! Seating at 7pm, show 8pm. Walk...
Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer share some harsh words for Dustin Diamond
Lisa Turtle has issues with mental illness and Dustin Diamond has legal issues now
Dustin Diamond Saved by the Bell star arrested on weapon charges World Breaking News
Dustin Diamond pleads not guilty in stabbing case |
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Dustin Diamond
I hate to be picky but Dustin DIAMOND played Screech in Saved by the Bell, NOT Dustin HOFFMAN!!!
“Only could make this EPIC reunion happen:
Dustin Diamond says bar stabbing was an accident
Dustin Diamond's Wikipedia page notes he appeared as a host at the 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos. This says it all.
"have announced their "Saved by the Bell" night. . . Dustin Diamond is in jail - Screeching for Bubba to stop! LOL.
Dustin Diamond Saved By the Bell star charged in Wisconsin bar fight ILUV2RANTTV
Free beer if you survive Dustin Diamond stabbing. "Mets minor league team plans night
lmao I feel like they all hate dustin diamond bc of that thing he made about what really goes on within the cast
too bad Dustin Diamond is like in jail for stabbing someone
Saved by the Bell Cast Joins Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (Without Dustin Diamond and Lark Voohries)
We all know why Dustin Diamond wasn't on Jimmy Fallon, but where was Lark Voorhies?
it was okay none of the characters were as hot and Dustin diamond is kinda a *** so it wasn't accurate
I would argue Dustin Diamond cares.but I do not.
Why wasn't Dustin Diamond at the wait... Too soon?
ICYMI: Saved by the Bell cast re-creates scene on Will likely be the best 8 minutes of your day.
The skit was awesome. Sad no Lisa, happy no Dustin Diamond.
- Mark-Paul Gosselaar Slams 'Negative' Dustin Diamond 'Saved by the Bell' Book via
I'm curious to know. I guess we all know why Dustin Diamond wasn't there. (Unrelated: Mark Paul Gosselaar, still a babe.)
Perez Hilton and Dustin Diamond aka Screech, in a house together, Hopefully they would kill each other
Dustin Diamond has screeched out a not guilty plea in Ozaukee County Circuit Court on Thursday...
Dustin Diamond pleads not guilty, and I'm officially Team -
I don't see how the events in France this week have anything to do with Dustin Diamond
Former star Dustin Diamond will stand trial for allegedly stabbing a man
Dustin Diamond to stand trial in Christmas stabbing
... You seen that Dustin Diamond is up for murder??? Stabbed a guy in a bar over Christmas.
Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond charged over stabbing - BBC News
Dustin Diamond tells his side of the story in stabbing arrest - Entertainment Weekly
'Saved by the Bell' actor to stand trial over bar stabbing
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