Dustin Brown & Mike Smith

Dustin Brown (born December 8, 1984 in Celle, West Germany) is a German-Jamaican professional tennis player. Michael Mike Cameron Smith (born September 16, 1967) is a Canadian decathlete from Kenora, Ontario. 5.0/5

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Dustin Brown suspended 2 games. Shane Doan and Mike Smith were unavailable for comment. SMH.
somehow, I forgot how big of an *** Mike Smith is. this is a good refresher.
Everyone’s reply is about Dustin Brown. Did everyone forget Mike Smith?
"Dustin Brown is getting an enormous amount of hate and it's quite shocking to me. At what point do you give the guy just a little bit of credit? Here's a player who was drafted and developed by the Kings' organization, who grew up with the team, who does a tremendous amount of charity work in the name of the team, who embodies the entire concept of "first on the ice, last off", who signed a shockingly cheap, long term deal to stay with the team, who probably took on the captaincy too early and takes the job very seriously. He has suffered through mismanagement and bad hockey teams for years with this franchise. He's Shane Doan, 10 years ago. But now he's dirty player; now he's just a diver. Now he's "just another Marchand." Meanwhile, Shane Doan, the Anointed One, Winner of Nothing, cries to the media about penalties he received in GAME TWO and is given a pat on the back for a hard fought series. Mike Smith throws his stick at a referee and advocates a lifetime suspension for a hit that didn't even warra ...
BTW. GK Mike Smith is a whiney Biatch. His take on Dustin Browns hit on Michal Rozsival was a dirty hit and should be banned forever is utterly ridonculous. Look in the mirror SMITH. You took a cheap shot at Dustin Brown with a baseball swing to the back of his un-protected legs and then on the game winner in game you also took a swing on Mike Richards after the play and game winner. If you rea...lly look at the play on D. Brown and Rozsival, you can see his shoulder impact him first and then the momentum carried him through his legs. Clean hit in my opinion. For those who say it came after the whistle.Look at it again, the whistle and hit were too close together and no room to stop the momentum. Head on a swivel when crossing the blue line or you will get "Trucked". Hockey 101 baby (Keep your head up). Note to Mike Smith.Your flop behind the net in the Nashville series was almost Oscar-esque. Soccer player thought that dive and over embellishment was weak! You went down on that fly by behind that net lik ...
No way Dustin Brown should get suspended, 1st point of contact was shoulder. Mike Smith should for swinging stick at Richards after ot goal.
“Coyotes' Mike Smith believes Dustin Brown should be 'done forever' for ... agreed!
Mike Smith says Dustin Brown should be ‘done forever’ for OT hit; full quotes slamming refs | Puck Daddy
Re: Coyotoes' fans demanding an execution to Dustin Brown for his questionable hit. Pot, meet kettle. Oh, and Mike Smith: I think an Oscar is in your future for your performance this year, ya ***
Mike Smith equating Dustin Brown hit to Raffi Torres on Marian Hossa? We'll chalk it up to frustration.
Dustin Brown you are turning into a dirty player who dives. Aside from Mike Smith slashing you, you are making yourself look bad. I hope you lose!
Martin Hanzal gets a game for boarding Dustin Brown. What about a suspension for Mike Smith on that nasty slash on Dustin Brown? Oh thats right Smith is a goalie and Shanahan hasnt got the balls to suspend him.
Coyotes goalie Mike Smith chops down Dustin Brown of the Kings.
New Backhand Shelf: A quick look at the fantastic-ness that was Mike Smith's slash on Dustin Brown last night.
The Kings are up in the Western Conference Finals against a seriously dirty Phoenix Coyotes team 2-0. I think that Mike Smith, their vicious little goalie should be suspended for a game for his ridiculous slash on Dustin Brown, WHILE Brown was facing away from him. Thursday night at Staples it is ON. Go Kings Go!!! 2 Games to the Stanley Cup Finals!
I just watched the LA/Phx highlights and the two hits on Dustin Brown... and i know its over with now, but if he played for the Red Wings im sure Shane Doan and Mike Smith would just get a $2500 fine... well see what happens.
Dustin Brown will go off for diving after Mike Smith whacks him in the back of the leg. That sounds crazy, right?
WOW! Mike Smith pulled a Billy Smith on Dustin Brown!! WHAMMO and the refs called a penalty on Brown for embellishment, really? Brown could hardly get up after being slashed in the back of the knee. I like what Milbury said, "What are these guys smoking to call that penalty on Brown?!" I think that was the best thing Mike Milbury said this whole season!
Shane Doan did board Trevor Lewis really hard *BLOCK*, but Mike Smith on Dustin Brown, what chinch of *** Nonetheless, it gives us a 3-0 edge on the yotes. 3rd period is coming up!
NHL referees just boggle my mind. They throw out Shane Doan for a questionable boarding call, that was probably just a minor, but then they don't throw out Mike Smith for whacking the back of Dustin Brown's leg with his goalie stick. And if that was embellishing, I'd like to see one of the referees take a whack like that to the back of THEIR leg. ***
Quick was the first star, Mike Smith the second and the captain, Dustin Brown the third.
seriously though, Mike Smith, Jonathan Quick, Dustin Brown, Henrik Lundqvist, and Ilya Kovalchuk. Holtby if Wsh makes it
Claude Giroux. Danny Briere, Mike Smith and Dustin Brown as honorable mentions.
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