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Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is an international doughnut and coffee retailer founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts; it is now headquartered in Canton.

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The state of Massachusetts in one picture - New England Patriots and Dunkin Donuts.
I'm so Charlotte I remember when Food Lion on Hickory Grove used to be A&P and my sis Phildra Swagger used to love that store, also Winn Dixie on milton rd instead of compare foods. It was Dunkin Donuts across the street
Bacon egg and cheese from Dunkin Donuts on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn is a failure. Do not go…
Peet's Coffee & Tea on I was very reluctant to try any coffee outside of Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks. But while…
Visit me anytime this week at the new west broad street Dunkin Donuts! I'll be working 7am-2pm
I live in a New England town so small that it doesn't have its own Dunkin Donuts.
just read this on a comment to a sharer and this is great. u wont believe some of these hidden deals. pass them on to ur family friends 50+ As I was waiting in line behind an older gentleman at Wendy's recently,I heard him ask for his senior discount. The girl at the register apologized and charged him less. When I asked the man what the discount was, he told me that seniors over age 55 ...get 10% off everything on the menu, every day. (But you need to ASK for your discount.) Being of 'that' age myself, I figured I might as well ask for the discount too. this incident prompted me to do some research, and I came across a list of restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, travel deals and other types of offers giving various discounts with different age requirements. I was actually surprised to see how many there are and howsome of them start at the young age of 50 . This list may not only be useful for you, but for your friends and family too. Dunkin Donuts gives free coffee to people over 55 . If you . ...
The Big Give is selling Dunkin Donuts at Brewed Awakenings! We're located in the gym on base. It's $12 for a dozen. Cash only. Come grab some donuts and coffee! While supplies last.
. sports comm pre-college has thrown me back to full on Dunkin Donuts habit. Nothing beats eager hard working students and caffeine
Bae took me to Taco Bell, then we went to the beach , Dairy Queen , for a little drive (and by little I mean a couple hours) , then he took me to Dunkin Donuts and got me an ice coffee. I love him .
Grand Opening for Dunkin Donuts, Crest Cleaners, Wren Insurance!. Join the Melbourne Regional Chamber and the...
I always say I'm gonna eat healthy, then end up getting Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?😂
Should I put down this Dunkin Donuts bagel & iced coffee to spare myself before I go to the beach and Daytona Lagoon?
And my dad just saw Sarah Silverman at Dunkin Donuts.
My friend just said, "hypothetical question - if you were to go to Dunkin Donuts, what would you get?" I'M SO HAPPY
Say what you want about Jim Hendry, but the Dunkin Donuts napkins he used to keep trade notes never got stolen.
By a margin of 7-1, with Dan Rego casting the lone no vote, the City of Fall River has a Municipal Budget, and in the words of School Superintendent Meg Mayo Brown, numbers that are "close enough" to meet Net School Spending for Fiscal Year 2015. WSAR has learned that a meeting at a Dunkin Donuts, which was attended by City Administrator Cathy Ann Viveiros and Council Members Mike Miozza and Ray Mitchell helped cobble together a deal that produced tonight's budget agreement. Using Mitchell's 70 suggested reductions as a template, reductions to the law department, police overtime--and Viveiros agreeing to reduce her salary by $5,000, according to Mitchell--sealed a deal that was approved tonight. The final Enterprise Budget was also approved, after three of the four were agreed to early Wednesday Morning.
donuts are my favorite! I look forward to Halloween every year so I can get the pumpkin spice from Dunkin Donuts 😂😂😂
It's sad when the most exciting thing I wanna do when I go home is go to Dunkin Donuts and Chick Fil A; just woke up from a dream about em 🍴
I found a new favorite food and it's called a Blueberry Cobbler Donut - thank you Dunkin Donuts - thank you.
at Someone made me crave for it... (Blueberry Cobbler Donut @ Dunkin Donuts)
Me in a retrogaming store is like Chris Christie or Nude Gingrich in Dunkin Donuts
Busy week ahead. Misters bday/he comes home, Prince bday/field trip, work and orientation for school. I'm going to need a lot of coffee this week. I take all donations of coffee from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. lbvs
Embiid = Sam Bowie, Wiggins = Wesley Johnson, Parker = Melo if he ate too much Dunkin Donuts, Exum= Devin Harris
Arnold Palmer Coolata from Dunkin Donuts just speaks to the soul 🙏
I don't know why it works so well, but the Dunkin Donuts / Baskin Robbins combo is one of man's greatest triumphs.
While most people from SI go to Brooklyn or Elizabeth for their "Kosher Fix" when they want something different, I'd like to put out there that the wonderful community of Highland Park, NJ has Kosher fare not to be missed. It's only about 1/2 hour away from SI! All restaurants mentioned are Kosher. 1. Sushiana - Sushi/Fish (Pareve) 2. Sweets to Nuts - Candy 3. Park Place - Burgers and the LIke - Meat 4. Hawaii Kosher - Kosher Chinese - Meat 5. Jerusalem Pizza - Kosher Pizza/Salads/Fish - Dairy 6. Dunkin Donuts - Dairy PLUS we have a great Kosher Market - Glatt 27 and 3 Kosher Ice Cream shops - Carvel, Baskin Robbins and Dairy Deluxe. All restaurants are under the supervision of the Va'ad of Raritan Valley.
and with our new Miamiluxgroup member @ Dunkin Donuts at West Sunrise Blvd
Steve Smith tells Ladaruis Webb to glaze up and offers Dunkin Donuts as your proverbial olive branch... Great technique would def work on me
FYI Dunkin Donuts in New Paltz is out of caramel! !! They said ALL of the stores are out )-;
Five seconds off the airplane and there's Dunkin Donuts and Orthodox Jews. Welcome to New York.
Feel free to post signs at Dunkin Donuts highland and New Paltz. Just tell the Jamie approved it.
Just tried the new Dunkin Donuts coffee creamer and it is pretty good! I bought the Extra Extra flavor. Price chopper has .75 cents off coupons attached to the bottles so it ends up under $3. Try it!!!
Today I got to work at a different Dunkin Donuts that had a double drive thru...way better than the Dunkin Donuts I work at for sure.
Is it just me, or does every Dunkin Donuts renovation feel like it must be done in a Bar Rescue-esque time span?
Congratulations to Mary Lowe of Houlton who was the right caller and won a pair of tickets to see Dierks Bentley at the Maine State Pier in Portland tomorrow night. Keep listening this morning as we'll have lots more prizes including more Dierks Bentley tickets, WWE tickets and Brad Paisley tickets, along with lots of stuff for tomorrows big Open House at the I-95 Dead River C Store Open house, from Shell hats to Dunkin Donuts products. Keep your radio on 100.1 FM this morning.
Dunkin Donuts at work, midol for my cramps, and to make it better, gorgeous flowers and a kit kat on my front seat❤️ perfect ending to my night
Somebody said its Free Doughnut day, I got all happy thinking Krispy Kreme and then they said Dunkin Donuts... DON'T NOBODY WANT THAT "Ess"!!!
Just watched super fan exit Dunkin Donuts just to make a trip across the street to Burger King 😂😂
Some quotes to think about. Democrats will say "Our Jim Crow, Triple K, Opposing Civil Rights, Opposing Women's Voting days are over". Today we are no longer bigots. . . "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent." - (Democrat) Senator Joe Biden "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," - (Democrat) Senator Joe Biden "a light-skinned African American with no N word dialect, unless he wanted to have one" – (Democrat) Senator Harry Reid Mahatma Gandhi "ran a gas station down in Saint Louis." - (Democrat) Hillary Clinton "A Few Years Ago, This Guy Would Have Been Getting Us Coffee" - (Democrat) Bill Clinton " That's all Hy..mie wants to talk about is Israel. Every time you go to Hy..mietown that's all they want to talk about." - (Democrat) Jessie Jackson 'It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.' - Barack ...
Today is Free Donut Day! You can pick up a FREE donut at participating Krispy Kreme stores (no purchase necessary) and Dunkin Donuts locations (free donut with purchase of any beverage).
Happy National Doughnut Day! Don't forget to get your FREE doughnut at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, or Shipley DoNuts.
Dunkin Donuts is promoting National Donut Day by giving customers a “free” donut at its various locations. But it’s not really free, so this holiday is basically worthless.
Friday is a holey holiday.Celebrate 2014 National Donut Day with free doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Cumberland Farms and Winn-Dixie.Dunkin' Donuts: Stop in at participating stores and...
Happy National Doughnut Day. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are offering free treats. Enjoy.
Thank you for making this year's Cop on Top fundraiser at the Dunkin Donuts at 1711 W. Main St. such a success. Your generosity helped the Police Department raise $3934.58! Take a look at Interim Chief Steve Huffman playing his guitar on top of the roof. (You can hear more when his band 1Sam10 headlines at Riverfest Sunday @ 7pm, with fellow ofc. Roger Anderson and firefighter John Kessler) More at
I need to go to Dunkin Donuts and get one of those frozen Arnold Palmers
Okay. Not a great start for the Kings and now I find out about frozen Arnold Palmers at Dunkin Donuts. A bad 10 min for the west coast.
EDDIE STONE and ROB WALKER will be playing from 7-10pm this Wed night (4 June 2014) at BARBARITO'S in Warner Robins! Great people, excellent food and LIVE music!! Located at: 3123 Watson Blvd Warner Robins, GA 31093 (478) 971-1138 (the Old WOW Cafe next to Dunkin Donuts)
Dunkin Donuts =) how I've missed you on the West Coast
Convicted murderer in Dunkin Donuts violent robberies: 'I enjoyed it' - Sun-Sentinel
Penalty phase begins for man convicted in Dunkin Donuts murder
What the *** is going on? My Shell station has turned into a Citgo & there's a Dunkin Donuts on center street. I've only been gone like 8 weeks.
Spoiled by Connie Smith & the Corner Bakery in Onancock Virginia...Dunkin Donuts chocolate iced doughnuts are not even close
Hi everyone! We hope you can join us this Sunday to march in the Dorchester Day Parade. The parade starts in Lower Mills at 1 p.m. and travels for 3.2 miles along Dorchester Ave and ends in Savin Hill at Columbia Rd, probably around 3 p.m. We are in the 1st Division this year! If you plan to march with us, please meet at the CVS in Lower Mills at 2235 Dorchester Ave at noon. We will gather in the parking lot to the right of CVS. We will be gathering at CVS and then walking as a group to the staging area on Washington St. We encourage you to take the T. To get there by T, take the Red Line to Ashmont Station, then take the Mattapan Trolley from Ashmont Station to Milton, which is the 3rd stop. Go up the stairs and turn right and walk along Adams St past the Baker Chocolate Factory buildings. Keep walking straight, continuing on Dorchester Ave past Dunkin Donuts and the Ice Creamsmith. CVS is one block up on the left. If you are driving, we recommend that you take Morton St or Washington St into Lower Mills ...
Plan for my wild Friday night out - double fisted Dunkin Donuts iced coffee drinking and painting Star Wars themed pottery for the downstairs bathroom.
Take a moment and head to the Dunkin Donuts on Gary and North Ave. Carol Stream Police Officers are doing a cool fundraiser for Special Olympics. Every dollar counts.
Today is Fabulous Friday, join us today at any of our three Dunkin Donuts for the Cop on Top! Help us raise money for Special Olympics of Illinois. On this date in History... 1997 - Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, set on fire by 12-year old grandson. 1991 - Supreme Court rules prosecutors can be sued for legal advice they give police & can be held accountable. 1980 - 1st papal visit to France since 1814. 1971 - US Mariner 9 1st satellite to orbit Mars launched. Famous Birthdays on this date... John F. Kennedy, (1917-1963), One of the most popular presidents in U.S. history, JFK's assassination in November 1963 was a national tragedy and led to many conspiracy theories. Bob Hope, (1903-2003), Legendary vaudeville comedian, radio personality, and actor who entertained military personnel in 57 USO tours between 1942 and 1988. He pioneered a form of self-deprecating humor, performed hundreds of acts per year during the height of his career, hosted The Academy Awards fourteen times, and appeared in over 70 ...
OH BOY !! today's the day..I am getting ready to pack up the equipment and head out to Dunkin Donuts for Cop on the Rooftop to help the Illinois State Police raise money for Special Olympics. Karen Rhodes here and for the "Second Cup" on this Friday morning we will be broadcasting live from the roof at Dunkin Donuts. Come by and see us and leave a few dollars for the Special Olympics. I don't really like heights but I will do this for Special Olympics, if you hear me crying never fear the cops will be there. Kevin Chalfant, Walt Willey and Jonny Freeburg will be there too. We will see which man is brave enough to climb up to the roof with me.
and I was so excited when Fort Smith got a Dunkin Donuts
So, this morning the lady behind the counter at Dunkin Donuts asked me how my weekend was. All I could think of was this final battle, smiled and said "great and yours?" Thank you John Dresser, Simon Stevens and the entire crew for the most memorable experience I've ever had on a paintball field. See you next year!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
It’s back! National Doughnut Day is June 6th! And you can get a FREE Doughnut from Krispy Kreme. My location will give you a free doughnut anytime you go in and ask when the Hot and Ready Light is on but on National Doughnut Day you can get ANY Doughnut for FREE! So even more of an excuse to get out and grab one! Plus, At Dunkin Donuts, you can get a Free Donut with any drink purchase. So if you don’t have a Krispy Kreme close by you can still run to Dunkin Donuts. (Thanks Cuckoo For Coupon Deals)
Started my day at 5:00 AM - shower -Dunkin Donuts -Off to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend w/my Boys -stand in fast pass line For signatures -get in to park -go on rides and shop - meet Michele,Paige,Anna and William -have Wonderful Day -return home to crock pot dinner -put together Radio Flyer wagon -do dishes with my daughter -do laundry - clean Anna's room w/her What a Wonderfull Day
The real question is:. Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme? .
Wow, I feel old. Heard Spice Girls "Wannabe" going down the road today and couldn't believe that it was blasting all over the radio at the end of my senior year 17 years ago. Then inside Dunkin Donuts, Paula Abdul "Straight Up" was on the loud speaker over head. That was so 3rd or 4th grade way back in 1988
Questioning why I'm laying in bed with Matt and Grant rn as they talk about morning wood, nudes, and Dunkin Donuts
A room is available on a shared basis for a female roommate in a 2 bedroom apartment at Colonial Village from June to August. Apartment is furnished. Rent is $237.5(utilities can be covered by me.). The bus stop is a 1 min walk away and 15 mins to reach the university by bus. Cumberland Farms, Indian Food Market, Subway, Dunkin Donuts and many other essential stores are very very near. Message me on FB or leave a comment here. I can also be reached @ sinthumurali
I don't understand why we as American citizens can't prosper through businesses established through government grants like foreigners do. 7/11, Blimpies, Subway's, Gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, smoke shops etc. Actually, I understand totally how. Foreigners stick together, map out America along with any beneficial attributes, save up, arrive here, open up businesses that eventually flourish, all while sending funds back to their country to help their families do the same thing. It's brilliant. Can't believe we haven't caught on yet. Smdh
☕️remember tomorrow (Wed. 5/21) $1 from every ICED COFFEE sold at Dunkin Donuts will be donated to Upstate Golisano Children's hospital!🍩
Single ladies please meet my friend Rob Piazza Jr. he is single and ready to mingle. He works at Dunkin Donuts and also fixes computers like me. So if you go to see him make sure your car is legit cause well all the cops go there for their fresh donuts. He is ready to date a nice single girl without a crazy ex cause hes a lover not a fighter. He also likes pina colada and getting caught in the rain. Now please don't fill up my news feed send him a private message. If you are only looking for a one night stand this is not your guy good luck Rob
I bought Folger's Gourmet coffee yesterday--Caramel Drizzle. OMG--this coffee is so delicious! Seriously, this is my new favorite coffee--and I drink a lot of coffee--all day, every day! It is smoother than Dunkin Donuts coffee--and that was always my favorite. Anyone else try any of the other Gourmet flavors by Folgers?
Now, I'm not a mean person, truly. But I just got my Dunkin Donuts order filled by someone who had once called me a worthless teen mom who was going nowhere...while wearing my new Banana Republic dress and after just getting my hair done. Oh, and Ed Sheeran's "You Need Me, I Dont Need You" was on my radio. God has a sense of humor.
Come to Dunkin Donuts today (Saturday) from 12p-2pm on Las Vegas Blvd South at the Outlet Mall and buy some donuts. I'm working there during that time! All proceeds go to Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation.
Hulu gave me the option of ads for Dunkin Donuts, The Lion King on Broadway, or Hebrew National hot dogs. HOW DO YOU KNOW ME SO WELL HULU??
Just pulled into a Shell Gas Station with Dunkin Donuts in Wisconsin. Had to get that PICK Me Up Coffee! On my way to get Jeremy from Madison and bring him home for Summer. Although he will barley be home, he has a lot of Exciting Ventures Going on and Internship for Evan Scholars! So Very Proud of Him:-)
Here's another Main St postcard and present day photo to ponder. Postcard is from early 1900's and shows view of Main St in the low 100's house numbers looking towards "downtown". Looks like only a couple of these big old houses remain.the rest turned into the liquor store and Dunkin Donuts (well I guess those 2 places are very necessary to some people LOL) Interesting to see how narrow Main St was in the postcard and how those houses had big beautiful front lawns at one time.
Flower Mound: where it takes months to build a black box theatre that can't even stand rain, but you blink and a Dunkin Donuts goes up.
Hi FB Friends!! Kellie is selling calendars for the TRHS Girls Tennis Team, the are $10.00 a piece. Prizes include, a signed puck by Boston Bruins Milan Lucic!! a baseball signed by John Farrell !! a total of $225.00 in cash prizes, and Many GC to local Salons, Bleu Tangerine,Epic, Allure, Precision Hair.. Dunkin Donuts, I tunes, many Local Business's including Granite State Pet Food Delivery, St Julien Macaroons... Lets us know if you would like to support the girls!! and Thanks
Conversation I just witnessed at Dunkin Donuts: Cashier: Morning Beth, how's it going? 300 pound woman: good morning Jamie, I just left the gym. Busy day Cashier: what would you like? 300 pounder: two cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese, a large caramel coolatta with cool whip. And one of those bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwiches, I went an extra 20 on the elliptical. Cashier: will that be all? 300 pounder: yea, wait no, a Boston creme donut too. After woman gets her food she sits down and starts eating it alone. Does this seem like a conflict in interest to anyone else?
Nonbar Friendly match PERSIB vs Ajax Amsterdam | kick off 20:00 | Venue: Dunkin Donuts| HTM: Beli soft Drink masing". Come on join us!!
Dunkin Donuts is actually just the result of Duncan Doughnuts' mid-life crisis.
Dunkin' Donuts on I think if you have lived on the east coast for any portion of your life, Dunkin Donuts mea…
Everyday I get an iced turbo at Dunkin Donuts with extra mocha, skim milk and regular sugar.. I do not want coffee in it, instead I want extra ice in my cup after you add the espresso... after about a year of doing this I have trained this one group of workers to make my coffee perfect.. Even cooler after about two years of going there one worker adjusted the price of my coffee and informed other they were over charging me. This is because I do not want coffee in my ice turbo, so now they only charge me for a turbo shot ($1.05) instead of the ice coffee with turbo shot ($3.35).. In case you were wondering: that is a $2.30 discount everyday and a whopping $839.50 saved every year..I was amazed to see how much that one girl saved me by adjusting the price to match the product.. I will miss my coffee girls being right down the street when I move...but I think with those savings I can afford that extra gas to come two towns over to get my coffee.. :)
In Cherokee for the meeting? In the Casino floor you can find Dunkin Donuts, pizza place, Boar's Head Deli with soups and salads, and Johnny Rockets.
I have the best daughter! She took me to Dunkin Donuts for my wrap, donut 🍩 & coffee ☕️. She even paid for it! I was greeted with flowers 💐.Got to read my Sunday paper 📰 & enjoy mother/daughter time!
I wish I had 24hr Dunkin Donuts next to me I need a Large Ice Coffee .. This is just not okay.
She is! She was walking back from Dunkin Donuts before going to the stage door and I waved and she waved back and I asked if
PSA for the day -- For anyone that likes Dunkin Donuts coffee and/or free stuff, put the Dunkin Donuts app on your phone. If the Atlanta Braves win a game everyone gets a free coffee at Dunkin Donuts the next day! I don't follow baseball but I love coffee so... GO BRAVES!
I just found out when the Braves win, Dunkin Donuts gives ya a free med coffee!!! Those of you that know me, know I am not a sports person. But this golden nugget of information could make me a fan real quick!! GO BRAVES! ! 😆😆😆
I am REALLY liking this free Dunkin Donuts coffee when the Braves win. Let's go Braves! I need my coffee! LOL
Just because all of my high school friends are returning how from college I'm just letting you know all the things I did this year while you guys were away-Starred in a Broadway show, multiple lunches with the president, discovered the first albino horse, turned down a marriage proposal from Harry Styles while he left Kendall Jenner for me, became the first female pope for a second, got a type of jeans that flatters the butt named after myself, had a Hallmark movie made about my sophmore year of high school, touched the moon with my bare hands and got a job at Dunkin Donuts.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I'm on some kind of streak. After being given lottery tickets -- twice -- by a stranger last week, one of my diner friends bought my breakfast on Monday. And now, the Dunkin Donuts guy gave me a wink and slipped a free munchkin in my bag. Did I forget to wear a bra or something?
Dunkin Donuts on Center Square Road in Logan is hiring, seen the sign there today
I just realized on May 6, 1986, 2 days after I graduated from college - 28 years ago-I started working officially for Verizon. What a ride it has been- sometimes a roller coaster, sometimes a sinking ship, sometimes a race car, sometimes a fire engine. sometimes an ambulance, sometimes a junkyard car full of crap, sometimes a paddle boat, many times around a mulberry bush but truth is I AM SO FREAKIN LUCKY! I love what I do most of the time and really- I have met some of my best and life long friends and colleagues through this journey that I plan to continue to have. So I am moving from my Dunkin Donuts coffee from this am to a Bottle of Champagne tonight!
A woman in front of me at Dunkin Donuts drive-thru bought my coffee. *** now I have to pay it forward. Who wants a coffee?
God Bless the 9 Barnum & Bailey Circus acrobatic performers who fell 30 feet to the floor during their performance earlier this afternoon at the Dunkin Donuts' Center in Providence, RI. My question is: WHY WASN'T THERE A LARGE INFLATABLE CUSHIONED-MAT UNDERNEATH THEM? I certainly hope that all 9 of them fully recover soon.
The new Oreo vanilla bean coolatta from Dunkin Donuts 🙌
I want a coolatta from Dunkin Donuts, please Blue Raspberry or Oreo Vanilla Bean.
."Because I'm Happy..." Can't get the darn song out of my head but I guess that's okay because I like it and I am happy! The increase in Trix's lasix (just 1/2 pill) has made such a difference! Trixie is actually breathing so much better and is back to being herself - no sign of discomfort like before. She is eating like a champ and happy, happy!!! So grateful for every day she is here with us as I am with all my furry/feathered kids. Enjoy the day!!! Lots to do around here, but that's okay - all the hard work will pay off in the end and then, the summer will be all that more better to enjoy. Big thank you to Tracy and Steve for helping out yesterday. Tracy helped me clean up the pig sty tenant's yard - cigarette butts everywhere, cigarette packages, Cumby's Dunkin Donuts coffee/drink cups..and water bottles everywhere. Disgusting.
Having some breakfast before having Church at L.S. Revival Center! (Checked in at Dunkin Donuts)
PITTSFIELD -- Pittsfield police are investigating a break-in at Dunkin Donuts on First Street sometime overnight on Friday, and a burglary at Baba Louie’s on Depot Street sometime overnight on Thursday.
With less than 48 hours to go before the 2014 Best Buddies Friendship Walk we wanted to give you some helpful details. The walk will be held at the Southeast section of Lake Eola on the corner of Central Blvd and Osceola Ave. There will be free marked parking in the Lowndes, Drosdick lot: 215 N Eola Dr Orlando, FL 32801 (first come first serve) Also there is street parking on Eola Dr and Pine St. RAIN OR SHINE IT IS WALK TIME!!! Registration/ Check In: Starts at 8am Walk : 9am Followed by our Party in the Park until noon! Please stop by registration to check in and if you raised $50 you will receive your t-shirt. You can also turn in donations at registration. If you have raised $250 by Friday, you can enjoy the VIF Area at the Walk! Look for the VIF Check In signs * Catered Breakfast Buffet * Expedited Registration * Massages * And More! Breakfast is being donated by Einstein's Bagels, Dunkin Donuts and Publix. For lunch there will be Sonny's BBQ and Pita Pit along with many fun activities, games, dancin ...
I arrived in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT this morning. I was a very long and tiring bus ride, but the snow peaked mountains are very nice. I walked around Temple Square, walked sround the Mormon Temple, went inside the Tabernacle, walked through the gardens. Very lovely, even though I'm not a Mormon the Temple grounds are free and open to the public. Oh, after several years of trying to find Moxie Soda, they had a Soda Fizz store in Denver. Every kind of soda pop ever made, and retro candy. Despite my happiness to find Moxie, which is a sode that started even before Coca Cola, I found that Gentian Root Extractive doesn't sound like a pleasant ingredient, and I overcame the urge to try a Moxie Cola, and was even in Denver when the Wild defeated the Avalanche in Game 7. It must have been because I was in town. The recovery program at the mission is full right now, but I can still stay there and attend the classes, and should have a spot open on Sunday. Best news ever, there's a Dunkin Donuts in Salt Lake C ...
Dunkin Donuts has Arnold Palmer coolatas everyone! And they're amazing
I don't even drink coffee & I'm on day 4 of Dunkin Donuts chocolate chip cookie dough iced coffee .. It's just so yummy 😆☕️
Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5th-9th this year. Each year the teachers receive a small gift. This year we are collecting gift cards in the amount of $5 each to Panera, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts as one of their gifts this year. Cash donations are also accepted. Let me know if you have any questions. Stay tuned for information on the Teacher Luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Week. We will need lots of food items donated as well. Thanks for all of your support!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Wednesday, April 2, at 2 p.m.: Mounts Botanical Gardens. There is a $5 suggested donation to view the park, but all are welcome to join regardless. Wednesday, April 9, at 11:30 a.m.: Boynton Beach Diner, where the burgers are to die for! Wednesday, April 16: Our monthly trip to the Dollar Store, Big Apple. You can, of course, also go to Ross Dress for Less -- a favorite for the ladies. Wednesday, April 23, at 11:30 a.m.: Arrabiatas, an Italian Restaurant recommended by you! Monday, April 21, at 10 a.m.: Trip to Dunkin Donuts -- Who would want to pass up on their coffee and donuts? Wednesday, April 30, at 2 p.m.: Ice cream outing at the beach! Come join us for our outing to the Lake Worth Beach and get some great ice cream at Kilwins!
Our SUPER important all-student meeting for ROOTS middle school & DISPATCH high school starts at 10:00am in the youth room. Prepare for Dunkin Donuts, people!!!
I love birthday freebies! a free medium beverage at Dunkin beverage at AMC.$10 gift card for Tanger Outlets The Walk.a free beverage or food item at Starbucks...a free dessert at Bertucci's.$10 off $20 purchase of Stash Teas...$5 off item at Yes To Carrots and 1 free automatic investment from Sharebuilder.I'm gonna be busy :)
Thank you to the Emerson Police and Fire departments and PSE&G for making sure my Shop Rite, Espositos, Dunkin Donuts, and Weight Watchers were all safe this AM. Gas smell in Shop Rite was met with SWAT-like response! All is well!
Join us today from 10 'til Noon at the Dunkin Donuts on Grand Central Avenue for their Grand Opening Celebration! Spin to win with the prize wheel, & register to win tickets for 4 to see the Cincinnati Reds!
Ocean Street across from the Dunkin Donuts. My parents live in Marshfield. I grew up there. Great great town.
Lovin my Dunkin! Found a full service store in South Carolina (they still have pumpkin k cups). Now on to the honeymoon!
Hi we are looking for someone to take over our house in May when we move out. The house is in a prime location on route 9, with a bus stop right in front of the house. The bus makes stops at Amherst center and Umass Amherst. There is also a driveway along the side of the house for parking. Campus is only a 5 to 7 minute drive away. In addition to this Dunkin Donuts, Stop & Shop, and Big Y are all near by. The house is very spacious with 5 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, basement, kitchen, living room, dinning room, and 2 porches. Rent is $3,100. Please contact me if you're interested.
I like how Derek Ramsay is the endorser of both Dunkin Donuts and Century Tuna.
Hi To All Of You Wonderful People, Had A Very Busy Day! Picked up my Love, Paul Gerrish and went to Dunkin Donuts and went to the First Presbyterian Church of Homewood to do Pre-Easter Prep. Helped set up for our Continental Breakfast, Got all the Communion Prep done! Finished helping for the Breakfast, then the Flowers arrived from Maday's Wholesale Greenhouses, Inc. in Crete, Il. Needless to say I was overjoyed at how Beautiful they all are. And so enjoyed arranging them by the cross in front of the Sanctuary. I did a cascading effect, and wow, can't wait for all to see tomorrow. The colors really are very pleasing to the eye, and yes I will have Paul take pictures. Ran errands, went to Our Storage Units and got gas for the car and back to the church to eat. took Paul home and I back to Midlothian. Had Laundry to do, and now am tired. I did all this even though am still having major health issues! You know me I never stop. Faith is on my side! Want to Wish you all a Very Happy & Blessed Easter! Our Eas ...
I've reached the point in the epic layover where, after 2 pints of Miller Lite, I slowly eat Dunkin Donuts whilst gazing at the tarmac.
Shoutout to Massachusetts: Home of the first fig newton, Dunkin Donuts, and subway system (goatees are illegal here) ht…
Normally I go into Dunkin Donuts for my morning coffee and they're playing Katy Perry, or some other crap, that gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Today it was Prince's 1999. Today should be a pretty funky day.
Thus is all I hav sofar:Kevin Allan is carpenter, who's a pol activist.Talks 2ppl @ Dunkin Donuts,St corners, etc. Interesting
Today I picked Tyrus and Bo up from 1/2 day of school and we had a little time before piano lessons so we got Dunkin Donuts. After piano we see ZoYos' and stop for frozen yogurt---time with Gma' is GOD!
Gotta be honest...the new Dunkin Donuts on S Dale Mabry at Britton is WAY too classy looking for S Dale Mabry and Britton.
The original Dunkin Donuts in Quincy MA. How many do we have in Perth Amboy today? Which one do you think is the busiest?
Eagle Cleaning's Trivia Question of the Week: What is the date of the latest snowfall ever recorded in Boston, Massachusetts. (Hint: the answer is NOT today's date). First person to answer correctly receives a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card.
Dunkin Donuts in HOMER GLEN is HIRING! (Homer Glen): We are hiring! We are on the search for en...
A miracle just occurred. I got Dunkin Donuts hot cocoa and I waited just the right amount of time for it to cool off! Not too hot or cold!
Resident on Lehigh St. concerned about hours at proposed Dunkin Donuts in an existing shopping center in an existing restaurant
Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream & sugar & butter pecan flavoring--it tastes like Betty Boop sounds.
I stopped by Dunkin Donuts at Park street to grab a coffee before heading to my work in Brighton. I was so depressed, worried about tons of things that have to be done before their deadlines but when I saw Boston Commons park, all of a sudden all the worries have gone away. Fresh start for the day :) good morning ppl
Watching a replay of Liverpool v Man City and I still think the best part of FSG owning Liverpool are the Dunkin Donuts banner ads at Anfield.
Bahama bucks right by the subway on TPC across from target & Dunkin Donuts in the little center Dickeys used to be in!!
Enjoying a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee courtesy of my Aunt Norma :)
FBCG Family.don't forget to come eat and fellowship tonight at Painturo's (over in the Publix shopping center next to Dunkin Donuts in Goodlettsville). You can come in anytime from 4:00 -8:00 and they're giving back 10% of ALL proceeds towards our LA Mission Trip...see ya tonight!
Why is Dunkin Donuts on campus??? 😫 they just built the Wellness Center
14.Monday Wine Basket Along with a 25 dollar Gift Certificate. Men & Women Gift baskets along with Dunkin Donuts and Coffee all morning. 15 Tuesday Joe's Grill Gift Card along with subway sandwiches in the afternoon until 4p.m 16. Wednesday Senor Salsa will be over in the afternoon with food samples. 17.Thursday Mike Abate Ex -Pro Baseball Player/Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy 1 Week Clinic along with an one on one session with him 18.Friday Planet Pizza Samples along with 1 large Pie House Salad and a 2 liter Drink. 19. Saturday Ex Pro Baseball Player Glen Katz Of I.S.T Integrated Sports Training 2 free Sessions Along with Face painting and clown, Donuts, Starting at
When I went grocery shopping this morning I was going to go to Marsh and decided to change my mind and just go to Big Lots something said no you need to Marsh. So I did as walking through and looking at the groceries Amman that wasn't walking to good and had room for speech could barely make out his words of me if I like Dunkin Donuts coffee and if so he had a $5 off coupon I said yes Dunkin Donuts has good coffee. Then he said if you pray for me I will give you the coupon other said I see God on your shoulders he's walking with you. Then right there not because of the coupon for the coffee I put my hands on his and I pray for him in the middle of marsh. I then got my Dunkin Donuts coffee checked out I cried the whole way to my dentist appointment knowing that God used me to help this man. Yhank you God you are wonderful and amazing I give you all the glory amen
The kosher Dunkin Donuts is mamesh like a Mikvah on erev Yom Kippur but co-ed and rowdy! I love Yidden!!
We respectfully acknowledge the death of Hull native John Vafides. His obituary follows: John Vafides died Friday, April 11 at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. He was 92. Mr. Vafides was born in Hull and was a lifelong resident of the town. He served with the Army during World War II as a paratrooper in the 17th Airborne Division and was a prisoner of war. He was a graduate of Citadel College in South Carolina and for many years was a teacher for the Hanover Public School System. He was an active member of POW and VFW organizations. Mr. Vafides was an avid boxer and Golden Gloves coach. He especially enjoyed spending time with his friends at parties and Dunkin Donuts in Hull and sitting in his gazebo at home smoking cigars. He was the husband of the late Elizabeth [Jacobs] Vafides and the father of Irene Vafides of Hull; brother of Henry Vafides of Florida, Robert W. Vafides of Hingham, and the late Dorothy Stetson, and Alexander, Nicholas, Helen, and Charles Vafides. He is also survived by his special a ...
I did that in a cab on the way to the con center. Accidentally. After mentioning I was tired of Dunkin Donuts.
Micro Center in Cambridge to Kenmore is like a black hole free of any Dunkin Donuts whatsoever.
“If there was a Dunkin Donuts in the town center I would cry of happiness” I would die of happiness.
Went to Erie today with Amanda to The Mall, Dunkin Donuts, SNS Super Buffet, Then saw the movie "NFL Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner at Tinseltown, Good Movie, I liked it, Go Brown's! Then some shopping with her. Then Dad dropped us back home, Thanks, Dad!
So, I work at the Pentagon. The Pentagon is the center of the military power of the most powerful nation in the world. There are some potent men that walk the 17.5 miles worth of the Pentagon hallways, men who have at their disposal hundreds of thousands armed men, the latest military technology, and awesome firepower. Yet, even those men are helpless against the vastitude of Dunkin Donut’s tyranny. I am certain that although the official motto of this evil corporation is “America Runs on Dunkin”, every one of their employee of secretly thinks “Dunkin Runs America.” *** I suspect that they probably even say it, with their thick Indian accents, when no one is listening. You see, the Dunkin Donuts is the only place to get bagels at the Pentagon. Every morning the line to get bagels and coffee is just tremendous. High ranking civilian officials, field grade and flag officers humbly await their turns to get their morning Dunkin fix. They meekly accept whatever Dunkin employees give them, ...
A free Medium Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and a $1 burrito from Moes. This Hump Day is the best day.
When you get practically free coffee from the sexy tattooed guy at Dunkin Donuts !
you know they have a donut burger at Dunkin Donuts right? :O catch two *** with one donut
“Donuts are always a go from Shipleys or Dunkin Donuts or a bakery”how about holy moly donut shop?
Dunkin Donuts is now offering a pastel frosting covered donut with a Peep on top. You know, as a low cal alternative.
Fell in love with the man at Dunkin Donuts bc he read us their donut selection out loud.
When you say Dunkin Donuts to me I never think about a donut. Gimme all the bagels.
I want a chocolate sprinkled donut from Dunkin Donuts & a gingerbread latte right now 😩
I got taste for something with cinnamon. Like a donut or pretzel. Dunkin Donuts or Auntie Annies would hit the spot right now.
Dunkin Donuts donut with a peep on it, yes please!.
Shame on my local Dunkin Donuts this AM who forced me to ask for my free donut for National Donut Day instead of offering…
Red Wing Shoes Next door to Dunkin Donuts on Airport Blvd Mobile Al will open in mid May. Watch this space.
I bet I know more locations of Chipotles and Dunkin Donuts than does Adam Scott.
Just when you thought Dunkin Donuts couldn't get any better. Good Morning Peeps
Does anyone know what's going on, on Wade Hampton around Dunkin Donuts. Looks like a big accident cars are backed up posted the school. Be careful out there
Just wanted to give a shout out to Dunkin Donuts on King St In Bristol YOU GUYS SUCK!!! I mean seriously how hard is it to read the label on the bottles of flavors you're using not once but twice ***
Happy Birthday D.D. from the entire staff of Art Made Easely. ..No not Dunkin Donuts, I'm talking about Doris Day on her 90th birthday.
Mason is selling camp cards for cub scouts,they are $5 each he gets 50% profit for his summer camp they have really good discouts this year. $10 off $50 purchase at *** s Sporting Goods, $20 off *** s $100 purchase, $5 off $25 @ Buffalo Wild Wings, free 6in at subway with 6in and drink,1 free admit to African Safari wild life park with one paid admit, b1g1 @ McDonald sandwich, Burger King Bogo, Domino's Bogo,40% off One item at JoAnn Fabrics, $5 off $50 @ GFS, $5 off Dunham's $25 purchase, free weekend day at Hertz, 99 cent drink at Dunkin Donuts, 20% off Children's Places,bogo classic roast beef at Arby's, $10 off oil change at Monro, at Harry&David $10 off, also discouts at, and
First World Problems: Missing free iced coffee day at Dunkin Donuts because your boss had you come in early for no real reason.
BP / Dunkin Donuts (970 W. Pershing Rd.) is looking for energetic people with great personalities to join their staff as crew members and shift leaders (cashiers, baristas, cooks...etc). Applicants must be able to multi-task in a fast-paced, customer-first environment and have excellent communication skills and an upbeat personality. Experience is not necessary, but cash-handling, cash register and customer service experience is a plus. Apply Monday – Friday, 11am – 2pm at 970 W Pershing Rd Chicago, IL
My sister tells me Dunkin Donuts is the only drive-thru place in South Hadley, and my mind is blown.
It's sad when you FINALLY have that French vanilla coolata from Dunkin Donuts you have been craving for months, and it gives you a sugar hang over. My head is pounding. :/
Camden, Magnolia and Dover Friends - Bri and Tyler are selling Camden Wyoming Little League Discount Cards. The cards are $10 each and include discounts at 22 local places like Dairy Queen, Dunkin Donuts, Jiffy Lube, Jake's Wayback Burgers, Halls Restaurant, Pizza Delight, Concord Pet, Papa John's and many more!! I'm collecting preorders and payment until Friday, April 11th. I'll pick up the cards April 12th and I'll deliver them ASAP. Let me know if you're interested. They are good through March 2015!! Thanks!!
Little Giant Ladders
My day thus far: Patrick drop off, Dunkin Donuts run for my little guy, dropped the dog off at the groomer, post office, TJ Maxx, Party City, Chick-fil-A for lunch pick up and back to Patrick's school for lunch. Sounds awesome right? It was until.Collin projectile vomited EVERYWHERE (including my jeans,shoes, purse) as we finished lunch. Great! So...he is napping now, seems absolutely fine, praying that was a crazy fluke and we aren't being hit (again) with the stomach virus! Yikes!
Both of our boys are selling Dunkin Donuts coupon books. It's a really good deal and best part supports Millinocket Little League. $60 worth of coupons for only $10. Please let me know if you want one. Thanks for your support. (Books are good in Maine and New Hampshire)
Friday! Best news today after Wisconsin making the elite eight? Green Bay is getting a Dunkin Donuts.!
- Man United sign Juan Mata in Jan & they're still kak. Liverpool signed "Dunkin Donuts" but we're 1 point from top spot
A huge thank you to Roma, Paleramos, Ritas,Hong Kong Buffet, Fast Freddy's and Dunkin Donuts for donating gift cards to help us raise money
Wow just found a new 7-11 opened up in South Orange NJ.. No more Diner or Dunkin Donuts coffee in the am! Now summer time slurpees. Sometime it's the little things!
Mom & I are chillin' @ Dunkin Donuts! In Lee County from 2-4pm they have happy hour everyday, where all the drinks are 1/2 price! Too hot & very humid to be outside so we decided to hang out in the AC & get some lattes & donuts & use our I-pads! Having fun & relaxing!
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