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Dunk Tank

A dunk tank, also known as a dunking booth or dunking machine, is an attraction mainly used in funfairs, fundraisers, and personal parties.

Canada Day Fall Festival

AP can run, there's a lot in the tank but Stanton needs to dink and dun…
Navigating school politics & negativity is unpleasant...but essential. Pollyanna need not apply.
Put the entire group on a train and tour the country, people will pay to see Trump in a dunk tank. Humili…
Who the *** wants to play carnival dunk tank games WITH THEIR FOOD?! Are the tenders wearing CLOWN OUTFITS?!…
I want to start a petition.I want to see at the Rustafied Charity event this year.PLEASE GARRY LET US DUNK YOU IN THE DUNK TANK
shares "Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank" at the KAESP Fall Institute. TY, Rick!
you've got me all Wile E Coyote over the dunk tank waiting to fall
hey folks want to come back to register to "School leaders dunk tank" with the
Listening to Dr. Rick Jetter discuss his book The Dunk Tank at the Kentucky Elementary Principals Conference!…
What on earth is Forced Conversion? Few USA evang blokes can grab me and dunk in tank of water. Does it mean I am now Baptized??
When Abe is next in town, perhaps a Dunk Tank outing would be appropriate, filled with Japanese koi, with Abe on the seat.
If we can’t get impeachment I would settle for a dunk-tank.
Giannis' little brother Kostas Antetokounmpo (with the impressive spin and dunk.
Jalen Lecque (May have just had the dunk of the year 😱😱😱 . ...and the season hasn’t even started yet 😂😂
I feel like I want to dunk my head in the empty lobster tank
I know three cats who would beg to differ
Mrs. Compere is braving the dunk tank today. Congratulations to our No Stress Fundraiser winners!
Reminds me of Chapter 8 of the Dunk Tank!
The Dunk Tank is headed to beautiful Louisville! Ready to get deep?
He calls the fight in a dunk tank now, it's part of his new training. . Helps the lungs.
Jack's Shadow of The City festival is happening tomorrow! And yes, there will be a dunk tank. http…
Owen in the dunk tank at raising money for boys and…
Thank You very much! I like to throw a ball at you so you fall it onto a tub of water.…
LGA principal in the dunk tank at Fall Festival
another time, at medieval fair: dunk tank guy is all cavalier because NO ONE hits that stupid target. Slam. dunk.
Big shout out to great sport who supported as dunk tank target. . I invested a lot in balls on this cold fall day!
Paseo is having their harvest festival 2day and I'm in the dunk tank. Just throwing it out there for all my exes.
Hah he's going to dunk all over Frank the Tank
Me, antifa super soldier: can do 40 push up and knows how to say "please" in Arabic
The winner gets to live but they're imprisoned in a dunk tank full of c…
Ms. Rogerro and Mr. Long getting ready for the dunk tank at Fall Festival!
Only a matter of time before these fundraising campaigns turn into a month-long d…
How about Manu, at 40, with the euro AND dunk on Frank the Tank?
Today at a baptism I said to my cousin “you got 25¢ for the dunk tank” and the deacon’s wife heard me so brought me a bottle of holy water
Perhaps we could ask Hillary to sit a dunk tank and allocate the proceeds for the trea…
The amount of water that went up my nose in the dunk tank...and the amount of people that actually hit the target 🙃
Surprisingly the dunk tank wasn’t that bad. Definitely warmer under the water 💦
I was in the dunk tank last night at our Light The Night event, here’s a video of me being dunked
Join us tonight for Fall Carnival. Visit me at the dunk tank at 6:20!
The Lady Texans dominated the dunk tank!
So 2 weeks ago, the Alphas had a dunk tank at the block party and it was fun so here’s a recap! 😂🤙🏾 http…
What is more fun the a student hitting the bullseye on the dunk tank when a teacher 👨‍🏫 is the…
Can’t wait to talk about the Dunk Tank with some amazing Kentucky school leaders! Hitting the road on Sunday!…
PROPOSAL: Candidates must speak from a dunk tank with pointy crustaceans in dunk tank, something about a fact check
T: At my wedding, I'm going to have a dunk tank, bowing [sic] for apples, bags, and volleyball.
I like to dress hot when I go to the tire place so they flirtatiously show me the dunk tank. Everybody has their thing.
Breast Cancer Awareness
A dunk tank that lets you to throw rocks at a hobo. dressed as a clown.
How about a new holiday where the person with the dumbest idea goes in a dunk-tank to raise money for special education. 😂
Did she outwit the dunk tank or her dad?
Is this where the Mayor, who disregarded Homeland Security warnings and had cops stand down, sits in a dunk tank? Count me in.
◼️ Tailgate and dunk tank start at 5PM! Food and drinks available too! Get a chance to dunk some of your fav. teachers!…
Our HR Dept held our monthly employee appreciation day today. They outdid themselves! Who wouldn't want to "dunk ta…
Ms. Stock was a trooper in the dunk tank! Thank you Ms. Stock! Best Spirit Night ever!
VIDEO: Watch Trios Health executives take turns in the dunk tank "hot seat".
The next victim...I mean teacher! Thank you Ms. Sanders for being in the dunk tank. We love our Partners in Ed!…
the quality ladies from club Risque handled the dunk tank. And when they got wet.. oh boy!!
Is it an insult or a compliment if you are in a dunk tank & no one wants to dunk you?
Dunk tank for the loser. Money raised to try dunking the loser goes to Harvey relief
Carnival fun with conworkers and a dunk tank!
Looking forward to Fallfest! Wonder if I should take a shift in the dunk tank again? Think the students…
About to hop in the dunk tank so y'all better get your *** over here to dunk me
Order Miche Bag Online!
Sunlife's dunk tank raised over $500 to support the hurricane Harvey fund and help from
at FF conv. 2018, do charity dunk tank for 1 hour. People pay to throw.
Made $4.00 today betting on my skill at a dunk tank. Don't count me out.. ever.. even if I go 4/60 in try's
When is in a dunk tank, you dunk her at any means necessary!
How hard do you think it'd be to rent a dunk tank?
Come on out to the central quad and join us for the welcome BBQ. I'm in the dunk tank at 11:45. I'll be waiting.
this is like when somebody explained to me that guy should sit on the toilet backwards so you dont dunk ur junk *AND* the tank is a shelf
Is there a dunk tank involving this year?!
We have a dunk tank at work today and I'm going to dunk my boss. I don't even know if I've ever been more excited than I am right now.
Come out and see us! They have a dunk tank.need I say more?
Re loser 1 hour in dunk tank for charity
Loser to dress like a clown and preform at child birthday party of the winners and dunk tank a must!
Dean Herdlick is ready to grill for you at tonight's Multicultural Block Party! Go cart drag racing, dunk tank, carnival game…
UPDATE: Frame of dunk tank has small gap. Mansplaining engineer is designing replacement and will 3-D print on his home 3-D printer.
It's simple to raise money. For 8.88 3 balls against JJ Gotz in the dunk tank.
Update your maps at Navteq
Today at the dayjob: Coworkers assembling dunk tank for fundraiser. Mansplaining engineer now pouting on curb bc no one is listening to him.
Make her sit over dunk tank filled with same product for 24 hours. Bus driver throws first pitch.
This is what it's all about -- engaging with your community, giving back and spending some time in the dunk tank! I'm proud…
A show long dunk tank outside the studio
If your not should be!!! Wa Premier club night s underway. Dunk tank, bubble soccer, street pick up, live band,…
For The Kicks from 6-8PM!!! come get some free food, get dunked in the dunk tank, & sign up for IUDM!
FB tailgating starts 4:00 Friday with in a dunk tank, Kona Ice, face painting, and carnival games hoste…
Where's the dunk tank! Great to see jumping in to start the year.
We had such a great time at the today! Hope everyone enjoyed the dunk tank.
DHS Tailgate THIS FRIDAY from 3-6pm! Dunk tank, food, and games!! ⚫️⚪️🔴 (Get your wristbands at all lunches throughout…
Coach Kevin Skinner up next on the dunk tank
Dunk Tank lineup is looking fun for next Friday! We have Police, Fire, Rondeau Park Superintendent and even…
BREAKING NEWS Head Coaches Art Daniels & Larry Mosely will face Demon Nation from the Dunk Tank at The Spirit Rally! Who…
FYI: if you try the dunk tank, there's a chance the dunkee will both encourage and distract you. 🎯💦
1/2: Alta Vista Coun. 1st up in the dunk tank at Canterbury's Canada Day birthday bash…
How to Produce survival shows, like"Small Business: Alone in Illinois" & political dunk tank w leeches https:/…
What if we had a COSI dunk tank but instead of buying tickets you had to answer science questions. 🤔🤔🤔
I'll be in the dunk tank tomorrow at 1:30pm.
Mt. Sterling Community days 4:00-5:00 my mom will be in the dunk tank!!
Good luck getting me in that dunk tank.
Joined at Alta Vista Retirement Community to kick off Canada Day celebrations now we r off to the dunk tank
We're ready for Saturday and hope you are too!. Carnival games, dunk tank, bouncy castles, and…
can't wait to see you in the Dunk Tank at Central Park at 4:00 pm.
Canada Day in Tecumseh Park, another round in the dunk tank, and fireworks in Erieau tonight!
Charity food drive, dunk tank, food truck and live music today. Tasting room opens at 12, action starts at 2pm.…
Food trucks, performers, a dunk tank - join us this weekend!
Lot is full today! Lots going on here at Peru HD!! Kids workshop, dunk tank, car wash, face painting, and great bu…
If you wear a holister tank to the gym you've been judged
It's a beautiful day in Hyde Park! Come on by for a shot at the dunk tank
Who wants to try the dunk tank? Just one of the many fun things at the car show today.
Thought I'd seen every money making angle but today I saw a man on the sidewalk in a dunk tank with a sign that said "$.50 per throw"
Everyone make your way to Brightstar grill in Mount Holly for their annual fundraiser! Free food, dunk tank, zombie shoot, ski ball!
I would like to see coach, Matthew Gaumer, in the dunk tank
We will be at the fairgrounds on July 10 from 530-900. With a dunk tank. Who do you want to see in the tank? DM me.
Hope to see you at Green Bench Brewing Co. today then on to Mastry's Brewing Co for the dunk tank!!
Hold onto the passion for the things that realty matter- even when others try to steal it from you (or…
Come hang with us at Riverfest on the 4th of July!! We will have a cool off station, video games, giveaways, a dunk…
Finished the dunk tank getting read2 read shift this whole enj…
Doesn't get more American than our FREE Family Fun Day at Lowell Park! Dunk Tank, Face Painting, Bouncy House & mor…
Attending Strawberry Festival this weekend? Have fun and be safe! Stop by the dunk tank and visit
Come on down to Kent Fest today I'll be in the dunk tank from 3-3:30 🙆🏼
I've read Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank so far this summer. Working on Self Reg
Now that's town spirit! The Department of Public Works is preparing the dunk tank.
DPW has finished prepping 💦NEW dunk tank💦for 🇺🇸Come dunk DPW new Dir. Rob McNeil. @ 10am on Main St.
Dunk tank, water balloon toss, doggie pool, and kiddie bouncy house, oh my! Join us on Tuesday, July 4th from...
which should have happened to Seb Gorka, but here we are.
Well the dunk tank is all ready to rock in North Rustico. All proceeds going to 60 SQD air cadets
Inside Reboot Brings New Blood, an Upgraded Dunk Tank and a Hulk With Something to Prove
I guess a dunk tank is too much to ask for... . Sorry, you guys — feeling heartbroken
Would you pay $1 for a ball to throw if i were to be in a dunk tank lol
Onion ring Tom Arnold = a pedophile sympathizer. No surprise. Time for another dunk in the tank, Pillsbu…
actually we're all doing an open carry Trump tailgate party. we need an *** liberal for th…
Remember that one episode of That's So Raven when Raven gave Ben Sturky a bath in the dunk tank? Well that's how I feel when I see Kehlani
guys in 1 hour I'm 18 y.o and I'm celebrating by sitting in the dunk tank at 9-9:15 am, taylor co courthouse yard. come annihilate me plz
check this: Pauly coordinates his neighborhood block parties and "volunteers" to sit in the dunk tank.
Kurt Russell ran the third leg for ABC. Wasn't he almost a professional baseball player? Where was he during the dunk tank?
Yes!! And a dunk tank for Pelosi or Schumer!!
Howard Cosell just dunked Bruce Jenner in the dunk tank in one throw. It was the most 1977 thing that has ever been filmed.
Had a blast celebrating our 1000th DI team at the luau today! Every celebration should have a dunk ta…
I'd rather dunk my head in a tank full of hungry piranhas
Fun at the dunk tank! Proceeds go towards a playground for the Midwest Outreach Centre for kids staying at the Interval Home…
Aston Lawn Splash Bash today from 1 - 3PM feat. RA Dunk Tank, slip and slides, water balloons, dart board, food, and perf. by Phi Mu Alpha.
I'll be in the dunk tank @ Mon.'s ice cream social (4:30-4:50pm). Sure to see some former students there!
Awesome SFPD community outreach: $5 police officer dunk tank, all proceeds to charity.
Come dunk Coach Connor and I in the dunk tank tonight at the fair from 6-8 to support the football team.
come dunk Damron in the dunk tank. I'm workin.
14 yrs ago was a great sport in the dunk tank & still comes to fest every yr - thank u Congressman!
Entertained by dunk tank outside window
My dad into the dunk tank this morning😂. Raising $ for who deliver at thanksgiving to families in need🦃💧
17 minutes til I go in the CHARITY DUNK TANK for at the Block Party!!
The School Leader's Dunk Tank book is catching on even as a manuscript awaiting a metamorphosis.
Kids love the dunk tank with their teachers. Eliz Peabody House.
So happy we could witness Elise in Jesus' dunk tank today! Congrats…
Come dunk your favorite bartender in the dunk tank for the west 6th festival today from noon…
Get your chance to dunk Helen Price-Johnson in the tank!
Tim Duncan gotta be the most least feared big man to dunk on. Dude done got more nuts to the face than Supahead.
The Dunk Tank returns to Mustang Mania this year! Last year's favorite dunkee was Coach Torres. Tell us who you want t…
Some dunk tank action caught on video at the City of Chattanooga's United Way campaign kickoff.
Dave Castro and the Demo Team are heading to the Dunk Tank at Vendor Village:
Yesterday we were slimed. Today, we're in the dunk tank Block party Noon-1.
I'll be in the Dunk Tank! Raising money for the Interfaith Food Shuttle. I'm doing my part, you do yours.
Jocelyn - Grand Mira is hosting a family picnic at St. Margaret Community Hall. Kids are LOVING the dunk tank,... https:/…
I thought I broke my elbow today hitting it so many times on the dunk tank
Dunk Tank Dave thanks for following us.
Spent some time in the dunk tank tonight to benefit the Adams County Search and Rescue.
We had a great time tonight with Christian Family Care and, of course, the dunk tank!
Hard to tell which ones Kirk or how the dunk tank fits in, but I guess it wouldn't be a Chris Noland teaser w/o his famous Box of Surprises!
Today at work I had to sit in a dunk tank for an hour and I wouldn't recommend ever doing that.
I sure am happy I passed out in the drunk tank instead of the dunk tank!
Less than 16 votes away from Jonah in a dunk tank at a future GBB event. Let's make this happen.
go ahead throw the ball and dunk me. Oh drunk tank. Never mind.
Aw man I thought you said dunk tank can
so sad that our media spends so much time focused on negative stories.More dunk tank reports,maybe that will helpsociety :)
I so enjoyed dunking in the dunk tank several times and Katie too 😎
Rabbits R Us club runs a dunk tank at to raise funds for community service projects ht…
Important poll inspired by Would you wanna dunk me in a tank?
hey ... When y'all goin' to put me in the dunk tank?
Langley Mayor Tim Callison takes his turn in the dunk tank
Imagine the amount of money that could be raised if George Zimmerman volunteered to be the guy sitting on the dunk tank.
Any moment now, i'm going to wet myself. Oh! I thought it said DUNK TANK.
Local news story order we just watched: murder, murder, murder, fundraiser for murder, murder, kickball, dunk tank.
I thought that cop said he was taking me to the Dunk Tank
In honor of the match, here's trying to drop James in a dunk tank!
this is yhe funniest thing i have ever read Put him into the dunk tank
The "Rock the Block" water carnival is set to start at 10 a.m. North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman will sit in a dunk tank.
The dunk tank has arrived! Neal, Mike, and Weedy will each be in the dunk tank for 30 minutes! Who will you dunk?
Dunk Tank at Nothing can be better than this on a hot day.
Hit up the new beer garden, there's a dunk tank featuring yours truly on the seat (@ Lucilles) on
Hope to see everyone at the dunk tank at Southern States!!
Lucilles on View from the dunk tank
They're setting up a dunk tank outside the apartment complex next door :o
Please meet at the dunk tank 5 minutes prior to your start time. Location: FRONT STREET CANTINA
What a nice surprise! OOB365 brought their dunk tank to our Activity Field and The Surge players are going to...
Come out to Greenfield Summerfest this weekend on Main Street, featuring the infamous dunk tank…
To destroy whatever dignity remains to Christie, at the RNC Trump will force him to sit in a dunk tank. Wavering delegates get free throws.
Come on out to Shaker IGA Chief Vanyo is in the dunk tank from 9 to 10. Funds go to Christian In Action
Any models available over the next week to 10 days for a shoot with our Dunk Tank ? Pls RT
Will also be offering Customs if anybody would like a custom with the Dunk Tank.
"dank dunk tank"-Contestants sit atop a dunk tank and hope to god the dont fall in.
Cold water on a hot day feels so good! How my boobs didn't fall out in the dunk tank is beyond me 😈ht…
Fri Night Dunk Tank. 4 for $12 Bud Fam. Sink Mitch or Am and win Bud Gear.
Mitch and Am on deck for the Dunk tank. Time to get em wet. purchase bud products and get three throws per ticket.
Caught in Frank's mental health dunk tank at Midnight madness
"I literally will go run and hit the the girl in dunk tank if someone buys me a pineapple whip"
Join us July 16th and 17th at Safford RV for games, food, and fun! Dunk someone in the dunk tank, and you could...
Last night during Facebreakers, what color was the balloon in the reverse dunk tank?
Noon, Saturday, I'm in the tank. The dunk-tank, in Herkimer. You really don't to miss this chance, DO YOU?!
Need a dunk tank for the San Lorenzo Valley River Road Clean-up day Saturday Sept 17th. Matt Harris, Director of...
Deputies will join MCPD and MCFD in the dunk tank. Proceeds benefit the Louisiana Chapter for Multiple Sclerosis.
Dunk tank tomorrow at 11AM to help support Stop by at Mariners Field, 270 Huttleston Ave. https…
Help us make a splash at Relay! Stop by the Dunk Tank for a chance to take a few good people down!. Thank you to...
Yo Sailor Nation...Come dunk me at the dunk tank...if you can at the fish fest. Supporting VHS Prom to Dawn
The charity dunk tank schedule is here! All proceeds will go to LGBTQ shelters in the Orlando area. 🎯
Check out Town & Country Days in Burlington Jct. Sheriff White & Sgt. Vicker will be in the dunk tank!
Just picked up the dunk tank! We are very excited for tomorrows dogfest! Come by the shelter from 10-5pm for...
Hamilton Collection
TCR PE team in the dunk tank team Reilly
Everyone come out and help us celebrate! 🐶🐱 I'll be in the dunk tank😜 there will be games, food and much more.
Ace & the gang are enjoying a dip in the ATC dunk tank.
Mr. Kemnitzer heading to the dunk tank! Photo bomb by Fuchs😳
Come dunk & I at the dunk tank tonight from 7:15-8:30 & support the dance team. 🤑
Every come try and dunk my dad in a dunk tank at relay for life in eureka at 10:30 pm
Principal is in the DUNK TANK! RMS 8th Grade Farewell Party off to a great start!
If LeBron pulls this off he should get to toss Skip Bayless in a dunk tank full of chum.
TCR principal Mr.P is in the dunk tank
Fun times playday. The dunk tank made a real "splash" with our students
Getting dunk tank ready- who's going to be the first to dunk our commissioners ???fun underway
He thought he was at the fair grounds and was trying to dunk the clown..n that tank
Ted, are you going to get in that dunk tank for
DUNK A CHIEF - Chief Scott Brooker was one of three Chief's to take his turn in the American Legion dunk tank...
I wanna rent a dunk tank for my birthday
and there was the time I said I was going to be in a dunk tank and came and dunked me
lol I was gonna go, but my gas tank said *** naw 😂
ps I know you're the special guest for the dunk tank. 💦🐶
We're getting a dunk tank at my brothers grad party I'm so excited lol
VBS Kick Off is Friday, June 24th! From 4:30-7:30pm, we’ll have waterslides, a dunk tank, snow cones, and more.
Representative Stephan Hay is all set for the Dunk Tank Saturday night 6:30 - 7:00 at Coolidge Park. Come on down...
would you ever sit in a dunking booth — Like a dunk tank? I have before my best friend had one At her bday party a…
Rachel, Jack, Lena, Rick, + Special Guest. . Get ready for the dunk tank, y’all. . .
VBS 2016 Day 4...check! The kids voted and this guy will be going in the dunk tank tomorrow night if we reach our...
Thank you to Mr. Savoia, Mr. Paul, Mr. Sheehan, and Mrs. Borusewicz for sharing the dunk tank duty with me. No sun made it rather chilly!
A fan in a dunk tank. I've sat in one in a jersey & would do it again. Bring it!
here it is -- the charity dunk tank schedule for shadow of the city!! ALL proceeds will go to…
I just ordered a 350 gallon dunk tank for the office.
Im excited for our annual crab feast w/ games & *new* partner dunk tank!
if you want me in the dunk tank tomorrow it's $1 for 3 throws. No cheating. Proceeds to breakfast program.…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Hey Graduating Raiders! Get ready for a fun filled afternoon of games, a slip n' slide and a dunk tank! Don't miss out t…
Councilwoman Trish Bergin-Weichbrodt Thanks for volunteering dunk tank
Having fun with our Sailor Jerry sponsored Dunk Tank!! Splish SPLASH girls!!!
Does anyone have photos from last years Dunk Tank? :) I'm looking for a good one of Pastor John! :) Roger Eckley...
& Al Horford just put Kevin Love in the dunk tank. 😳
//i was at a carnival and i was in the dunk tank for 10 min. It was great. I hugged a bunch of people
We start with the bounce arounds, the dunk tank and then the concert stage and all the food and festivities to...
Successfully soaked my college president in the dunk tank!! Thanks dad for teaching how me to throw a baseball
my question is what time do you get back to RDU? Rumor is you're starring in a dunk tank tomorrow!
Mr G in the dunk tank at Spaghetti Supper!!!
Dunk Tank schedule for tomorrow! Everyone come out to the Archer Day Carnival it'll be fun!
🚨Attn: Current & former students. I'm in the dunk tank at 6:15 tomorrow, Archer Day Carnival. Dunk me if you can. 😜
PTA FUN NIGHT TONIGHT!!! 5:30-8:00! Games, jazzy jars, silent auctions, a chance to dunk in the dunk tank, and much more fun!
Put him in a dunk tank over the Paterson falls.
The teacher dunk tank is reserved and ready for dunking at the cookout! . Monday May 16 4:30-6pm, free food! Bring your household donations
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
View from the dunk tank. What an awesome day on our campus!
My dad is currently in the dunk tank at Wayland Bonds for Dunk a Police Officer 😂😂
Come to the dunk tank and dunk some University of Montana athletes!
The weather has been great today. Even had the Dunk Tank out.
Brynlee knocked the teacher in the dunk tank on her 2nd throw!
Ready for the Spring Fling dunk tank.
3 Bands, Beard Challenge, Car/Truck Show, Corn Hole, Wrestling, Dunk Tank... it's an all day event for the whole...
Blink twice if you are being held in a dunk-tank against your will!
PSA NEVER volunteer to go in a dunk tank when it's 50 degrees
Dunk tank just delivered! Weather going to be warmer and maybe even sunny!
did I mention EVERYTHING IS FREE?!? . Plus watch for ya boy Tyler in the dunk tank 😎
Middle School field day today. Dunk tank, egg race, tug-o-war and more. Nice, sunny day!..
Do you have a dunk tank available for rental?
Thank you and for coming to De-Stress Fest, dunking me in the dunk tank, and donating to
Friday is Field Day. I get to be the dude sitting on the ledge of the dunk tank. *** freaking yes.
Proud to provide a Dunk Tank to this event! Show your support for
Today is the day!!! Noon-2:30am! Dunk Tank, cash prizes, live music, and so much more! Cornhole Tournament starts...
Can't score tix for Marvel's Civil War?Come see my grossly inaccurate civil war reenactment,complete with ATVs,a tractor pull and dunk tank!
Not just baseball at this charity event. We also have a dunk tank
Principal for the day. Fred Asaf in the dunk tank! @ Pace Academy
swear bro best days the Dunk tank with the ballon was so fun and tug of war good ol days
Who's coming? Rumor has it that Mr. Curl is first in the dunk tank...
Make sure you bring your towels for the Dunk Tank tomorrow! Nearly time for the Family Fair Sat 2-5pm
Too bad the weather wasn't like this yesterday when I was in the dunk tank at Cinco de Miami 😒
Thank goodness I went first in the dunk tank. You must of been freezing . Sorry I had to dunk you
I am listening to weei right now. It sounds like Tanguay is sitting in a dunk tank that keeps getting hit
I'm not sure where my night went wrong to find myself in a dunk tank at 3 in the morning but we'll just roll from it
junior awards and family fun day this Sunday 2:30, we are hitting the dunk tank first!
Kicking off this season with team photos & fun! There will be inflatables, games, prizes, 50/50 raffle, food, dunk-tank & more. 9-2 tomorrow
Who wants the chance to dunk in a tank? Come to tonight for that once in a lifetime opportunity
BELGIQUE GAMES NIGHT THIS EVENING at the CAFE!. Hall Chair will be in the dunk tank!!!.
Gonna be in the dunk tank for the pow wow. Everybody come make me wet 💦
Imagineers engineer hinges to build a dunk tank
You heard right! There will be a DUNK TANK at our TONIGHT! Don't miss your chance to dunk
Feb. 5 if you are a Capricorn and you are reading this try to get at least 700ft above sea level
dunk tank. During dunk,Trump and Cruz both have "nip" slips and are forced to withdraw from the campaign
Pearl restrained spends time in the dunk tank:
So my housemate suggested putting Snyder in a dunk tank of and charging $5 a ball to pay to fix the
The jerk store called. *removes hat* I'm afraid there's been an accident.
Does the book fair have a dunk tank?
Seems that pedestal you were put on was the seat of a dunk tank.
Get a dunk tank or bean bag throw.. You cant miss the dumb, fat
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