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Duncan Jones

Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones (born 30 May 1971), also known as Zowie Bowie, is an English film director best known for directing the science fiction films Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011).

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Thank you to Duncan Jones , Unkle Rupert and Clint Mansell. Happy new year guys , and look forward to Mute 😊.
Happy new year Duncan and family. You know this year will have at least 1 great thing happening, the arrival of baby Jones
I’m not Duncan, but I’m D Jones too so go on, have another like.
The tagline for Duncan Jones's MUTE is: "Berlin. Forty years from today." It could also be Netflix's release date for it.
team with frank jones, Mario, Tim duncan, Tim duncan, and lebron james
Life as a Hollywood location scout -
David Bowie still rocks. Happy new year everyone.
Our George Orwell's "Inside the Whale" is up! It's been a great year of reading and rambling. We're going to take…
David Bowie’s son is launching an online book club devoted to his father’s favorite reads
List of players with more receiving touchdowns than Julio Jones this season:. Cole Beasley. Ryan Grant. Melvin Gordon. David Njoku…
A David Bowie Book Club has been launched by his son Duncan Jones - NME
Duncan Jones and William Gibson discussing sci fi is how I want to end 2017, because that gives me hope for the fut…
Darren Aronofsky, Duncan Jones, Ben Affleck, Tony Scott and Jonathan Liebesman were considered to direct the movie
Maybe directors with a science fiction track record? Alex Garland or Duncan Jones would be interesti…
Just because Duncan Jones got Seth Rogen's back doesn't mean, uhm, that, er.…
And informs changes with HALs or the computer from Duncan Jones' Moon voice. 'Dave please move to the…
Duncan Jones, Bennett Miller and Joe Cornish were considered to this film
The Letter: Shared by Duncan Jones, from A Palliative Care Doctor; Who had great respect for Bowie~ via
Cinesite Reteams with Duncan Jones for VFX on Netflix’s “Mute”
It seems like 2017 will be one of the best years for movies. Duncan Jones, Darren Aronofsky and PTA are all making movies this year
Great group from Cornwall College this week with Duncan Jones of Marine Discovery and Seiche Training on Acoustic...
no I don't follow him. Usually Susan Calman and Wednesday night Duncan Jones on the brits
David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones collects British Album of the Year trophy for 'Blackstar'
Not gunna lie when they said Duncan Jones was accepting David Bowie's award I thought they meant Duncan James from Blue
Shld i change my header too?? adrian veidts "boys" folder would look real nice but my loyalty to Moon (2009) dir. Duncan Jones is unwavering
my votes for the HOF are:. Duncan Jones. Barrie Williams. Steve Williams. Chris Higgs. Chris Bridges
Confusion when I saw the Trending I thought Sam Rockwell, and Duncan Jones, NOT Sailer Moon
Sure hope this is as good as Jones' film Moon!
Glad all turned out well for you and your family Duncan Jones, safe in the very capable hands of the NHS ❤
Duncan Jones just pitched the best idea for a character he doesn't like. I love this man
Exclusive: Get your first look at Alexander Skarsgard in the sci-fi thriller
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’: first look at highly anticipated futuristic thriller introduces a brave new world
Duncan Jones offers his thoughts on WB's -
It's GERTY from Moon, directed by Duncan Jones (son of Bowie), starring Sam Rockwell (+ Kevin Spacey as the voice of GERTY).
Moon (2013) directed by Duncan Jones, stars Sam Rockwell & Kevin Spacey.Its abt a guy who's sent to the moon to mine rocks,…
I heard there could be more but Duncan Jones wasn't interested in directing other stories, e.g Lich King. But I could be wrong!
Bobby checks out the new Blu-ray release of Duncan Jones' fantasy blockbuster WARCRAFT!…
Moon by Duncan Jones. What a great film.
THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR grossed more domestically in 2016 than new films by Steven Spielberg, Todd Phillips, Michael Bay, and Duncan Jones.
Here's why you should get excited for Duncan Jones' Mute: James Cameron released his long-awaited film Avatar…
Here’s why you should get excited for Duncan Jones’ Mute - During the run-up to Warcraft, Duncan Jones revealed...
Bobby Charlton compared him to Duncan Edwards. He's ended up as the new Phil Cool, gurning champion. . Phil Jones.
yeah, thats the communism 1. I think there is an employee of Infowars and Alex Jones.
New Blu-ray Featurettes For Duncan Jones' WARCRAFT: Warcraft may not have won over critics, but it sure seems to...
I wish to add Duncan Jones too, but seems like it only allow 4 choices. ^^
I liked a video Duncan Jones destroy a critic in a interview of WARCRAFT l Sad Affleck Version l
I love how Duncan Jones named his son David...
Two deeps are pretty interesting. Lot of young faces in there. Stanley, Jones, Welsh, Rugamba, Hooker, Lattimore, Duncan.
I remember getting crushed at foo fighters, Jarvis cocker was barefoot and Tom Jones appeared with stereophonics!
I vote Andrew Adamson, but I'll also accept Ridley Scott, Jon Favreau, Duncan Jones and James Wan to direct Narnia movies. :)
Duncan Jones used models and minatures extensively on "Moon" to great effect. Not THE same film with CGI.
on Duncan's pod I think Danny called this the best contract since lockout given climate of Lg. this is unreal incompetence.
PS see my mentions from Duncan Jones - a fan.
Duncan Jones directed Warcraft, but I'm not sure I saw anyone asking for it before it happened
David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones thanks supporters for...
Duncan "I sleep on a bed of money surrounded by beautiful women" Jones everyone
Duncan Jones destroys a critic in a interview - via is the MAN
After MOON and Source Code I had it in my head that Duncan Jones was the guy for a proper Swamp Thing. Oh well!
Duncan Jones welcomes baby son six months after David Bowie's death – and has given him a special name
David Bowie's son Duncan Jones welcomes a baby boy and his name is a tribute to the star: . https:/…
David Bowie's son Duncan Jones announces birth of son: 'His granddad made room for him'
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too late, he's gone home. Imagine, if you can, Duncan wearing a indiana jones-esque leather jacket
David Bowie's son Duncan Jones welcomes first son and pays tribute to late ...
Music News: : David Bowie's son Duncan Jones has shared news of the birth of his son, revealing his name and ...
David Bowie's grandson has been born - and it a beautiful tribute to him
David Bowie's grandchild is born six months after star's death
Duncan Jones has paid tribute to his dad David Bowie with a beautiful name for his new baby son
David Bowie's son Duncan welcomes a son of his own 6 months after his father's death:
I hope so. I did once hear that Duncan Jones's father was a Lodger with Timothy Taylor.
It's still sadly not the Bradley Cooper vs. Ben Foster blue collar sci-fi Flash film from Duncan Jones that I want though. Alas.
I liked a video Duncan Jones on Warcraft, David Bowie, & diversity - The Feed
Duncan Jones reveals what character made him proudest when directing 'Warcraft'
For director Duncan Jones, making 'Warcraft' is a film about ad -
Duncan Jones on Showing Dad David Bowie ‘Warcraft’: ‘He Was All Excited for Me and Happy’ via
Hiring great motion-capture actors who are NOT Andy Serkis was a great move by director Duncan Jones.
Nice interview with . Duncan Jones on Warcraft: 'If you get it wrong, people are going to be upset'
“My film started and ended with cancer,” said Duncan Jones, whose father is David Bowie.
What? The Warcraft series has a fantastic story and Moon was a solid movie, so I have faith in Duncan Jones.
I was hoping it would be good too especially given this is Duncan Jones first big film.
Duncan Jones on the Show for a chat about gaming and
I liked a video Duncan Jones, The Best of Star Wars Day, and Celebration Europe News | The Star Wars
Directed by Duncan Jones, though, which makes me wish I in any way cared about a Warcraft movie.
I think that if you look for "PAX Warcraft Duncan Jones" on YouTube you find it. Towards the half of the video he says that
With his 5,149th career point, LBJ passes Tim Duncan for 5th place in all-time playoff scoring.
LeBron has passed Tim Duncan for 5th place on the all-time postseason scoring list (5,151 Pts... and counting).
I would have preferred 100% CGI/Animation but I'll take what I can get. Plus Duncan Jones' enthusiasm has rubbed off on me.
team with Nick young, Carmelo Anthony, Tim duncan, Mr.crabs, and frank jones
'Moon' directed by Duncan Jones (aka Zowie Bowie) is a rather spiffing film. Highly recommend it 👍
I think Duncan Jones summed it up..."So clever, so missed". ❤️
Todd Haynes as a director makes some sense re: Dylan. I'd grab Tarsem or his v talented son Duncan Jones for a director.
David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones finds secret left in the back of on Blackstar vinyl -
Order Miche Bag Online!
David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones reveals secret left behind on Blackstar vinyl: HIS parting gift before his dea...
Black Star vinyl album has a magical secret
Kobby Jones needs to be serious. Their own David Duncan led Kotoko to beat Hearts at the Accra Sports Stadium?
Ok I have to admit some serious cognitive dissonance around Duncan Jones (of Moon & Source Code fame) directing the Warcraft movie..
The true measure of a man is how he behaves when death is close ! ✌🏼️😍
I'd like to believe in Duncan Jones but those effects are looking rough
Duncan Jones is a solid director whos not made a bad film. Could it be that Warcraft will be good?
yes it looks awesome from the director of - s son Duncan jones modern genius !!
Bomani, aside from Duncan & Parker, like 2 nominate Rick Fox 4 the "apathetic beard" club. Bein in RTP, just had 2 thro it out
Two new character teaser videos for Durotan and Lothar have been released for Duncan Jones' Warcraft...
Warcraft. I love me some epic fantasy battles, and Duncan Jones earned a lot of faith from me for Moon!
Just read a report claiming that Duncan Jones has confirmed it? Report seems a little vague tho
Fun Interview: Director Duncan Jones talks about making the
Poor Duncan Jones, having to see Warcraft's marketing bungled and the new COD trailer gatecrashed by the worst Bowie cover in history
(why do Charlie Brooker, Lil B and Duncan Jones follow Yahtzee?)
Nate you should go, Duncan Jones is there!!
it could absolutely be either. There are too many ways for it to go! I'd like Iain M Banks, but Duncan Jones doing it, actually
Christopher Nolan, Duncan Jones, Ben Wheatley, Alex Garland, Leo, Tom Hardy, loads more that have decades to offer
Imagine where we would be today if WB chose Duncan Jones over Zack Snyder to helm Man of Steel four years ago.
There’s an alternate universe out there where Duncan Jones got to direct Man of Steel and is now in charge of the DC Cinematic Universe.
Director Duncan Jones and Sam Rockwell on the set of 'Moon' (2009)
Wonderful Sam Rockwell & Kevin Spacey in Duncan Jones's 2009 debut. GERTY's emojis are an affecting touch, I think!
Duncan Jones was in the running for BvS? . He picked the better film to direct (Warcraft )
Miliband: "It sounded like a headline from The Onion - Iain Duncan Smith, the conscience of the Conservative Party".
First milestone reached ! Thank you everyone. Spread the word. …?
Boy it's a hormonal day so beware ! Tears seem to come with every sentimental song I hear, looked at Duncan's...
I'm wondering what could've Self/less looked like had Duncan Jones directed it & cast a leading actor who can act. had a good premise
I signed it, and you join! Together we make dreams come true. Just try.
funny- and yes...he was. super chill and went by Duncan Jones. His dad and wife, model Iman came for grad... :)
David Bowie's son thanks Brits for 'beautiful' tribute by Lorde
Update your maps at Navteq
Arsenal use a third party to approach Jose Mourinho as they take on Man United [Duncan Castles]
I just voted for to be in a movie and so should you! Let's make it happen
Duncan Jones : Petition for Marcella "Nysira" de Bie to have a role in a Warcraft Movie. - Sign the P...
Ah this is so sweet! Newmenace made a petition for my biggest dream.. 🙊😳
.Please look at this. Help make her dream come true :)
I blame for the technology that had Trump cloned. *** you Duncan Jones!!!
I hear this Duncan Jones guy is a pretty fantastic director. Hm...
Dave Hewitt. All Blacks tighthead. Played v Ospreys in the Gnoll. Duncan Jones put his own head up his ***
I call out as a nepotist, only bc he's a terrible filmmaker. I treat those like Duncan Jones with respect, bc he's earned it.
But still part of the Duncan Jones Extended Universe
Duncan Smith lied about speaking Italian, studying at Perugia Uni, he lied about business school. Compulsive liar. Don't …
Peter Doyle QC and Duncan Jones newly instructed by defeat £14m alleged benefit. Ruling of no hidden assets
Wonderful breakfast with treasured mentor Judge Edith Jones and former co-clerk Meredith Duncan…
Watch Lorde's Duncan Jones approved tribute to David Bowie at the Brits
'Gaga' for David Bowie? How easily we smear the ill and disenfranchised: As reviews go, Duncan Jones's critiqu...
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Duncan Jones: David Bowie's Son Slams Lady Gaga After Grammys Tribute It was certainly painful to watch. Not good.
David Bowie: Music icon's son Duncan Jones to become a father
I'm only interested because Duncan Jones is directing.
Based on these TV spots aired during the game, "Warcraft" looks... bad. But we shall see, I hope Duncan Jones surprises…
His son from his first marriage, Duncan Jones, was his best man. I have seen many men exclude their children
Amy the feature doc by Senna's Asif Kapadia 9pm. Duncan Jones's 'Moon' first though to get into a solitary mood.
lucky! That'd be hanging on my wall! My only claim to fame is that I went to the same college as his son, director Duncan Jones
New movies from the Coens, Mallick, Linklater, Jeremy Saulnier, Drake Doremus, Duncan Jones and Gareth Edwards next year. COOL.
Sam Rockwell takes direction from Duncan Jones (on the set of 'Moon' (2009).
Maybe not Duncan Jones or Neill Blomkamp better, but he's getting there. He's definitely progressed since Star Trek Into Darkness.
Lawsuit from Duncan Jones in five, four, three, two, one...
Boredom! Like Duncan Bannatyne. When will we see Peter Jones on Strictly?
Matt jones almost just made the dumbest play I have ever seen... Thank god we got it back
I'm not really sure Nolan could even make Star Wars work, to be honest! I'd have liked Duncan Jones to do one, personally 😊
Iain Duncan Smith's incompetence is costing the taxpayer a LOT of money:
Touchdown Red! Hamilton's Jonathan Robinson on an end around 81 yards to Kerrick Jones from the Haven. 6-0 lead. Great thro…
team with Tim duncan, patrick, spongebob, jahlil okafor, and frank jones
Rojo has done it before...Jones hasn't...and they reckoned he was the next Duncan Edwards!
Glenda Jackson's speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP smith u got annihilated there mate
RM should install Duncan Ferguson as his No2. Graeme Jones doesn't help RM. He sits there. A No2 should be there to assist & question
& Duncan Jones is genuinely talented, unlike Metzen who is the cutest racing driver, ok
Duncan Jones was offered the director's chair on this film, but turned it down -
This exchange between a film critic and Duncan 'directed Moon and am now doing Wacraft' Jones is great and succinct.
team with Tim duncan, kevin garnett, frank jones, jared west, and Nick young
Duncan. Kobe. Two all-time greats. How do they stack up against their fellow aging peers?
Sure, who wouldn't like to see Cuaron, del Toro, Tarsem, Duncan Jones take a crack at it.
No one ever complained that Fitz was a dirty blocker. That's why he is better. Tim Duncan of the
Ugly sweater party? From left: Ouimet, Duncan, Jones & Von Elm at the British Amateur in 1926 ⛳️
Over 100 @ event inequality what next- thanks to Catherine West MP Owen Jones Duncan Exley and all who came Gr8 time
Do you have to be a gamer to 'get' the first trailer for Duncan Jones' Warcraft?
Goals from K Duncan and C Jones(2) secured a brilliant 3-2 away victory for the U16 football team in the 5th round of the National Cup.
CLLR Howard Jones questioned the transparency of like payoffs when Duncan Clark resigned.
I guessmaybe I could skip Warcraft, as I never played the game or watch a Duncan Jones film, but the trailer looks so good.
I wonder what it was that attracted her to multimillionaire Duncan Bannatyne?
Director Duncan Jones on why Warcraft film will not disappoint
Apparently the likes of Rooney, Schneiderlin, Herrera and Jones could be fit for Bournemouth game... Hopefully it's true, we…
team with jahlil okafor, larry bird, frank jones, batman, and Tim duncan
I can't believe Duncan Jones' next movie is World of Warcraft. ***
and Phil Jones is the reincarnation of Duncan Edwards
The coffee fairy will be visiting Jones, Brown, Martel, McM, Duncan, and Lovett tonight! Check your commons between 8-10pm!
"The Spurs would not be where they were without a pick named Tim Duncan" - . "Well they don't use analytics." -
I Wonder if Duncan Jones was ever asked "and your dad, what does he do?"
aw bring on the soothing music, it's the Iain Duncan-Smith segment
8. Former player Duncan Jones did his best to halt the the club's title charge with daft red cards.
I get confused cos Duncan Jones' name was Zowie Bowie & obv that's ZOW-iee
Trailer for Warcraft is out. It looks like Duncan Jones had more budget for special effects in this...
Film out next year. Directed by Duncan Jones (son of bowie) starring travis fimmel (from Vikings)
Us for me, Moon is the best scifi movie since Blade Runner... And directed by David Bowie's son (Zowie Bowie aka Duncan Jones) ;)
Amazed to know the awesome Duncan Jones has seen my artwork for the Hawk The Hunter kickstarter!
Hanging out, with, Chyna Parks, Trina Vega, Teddy Duncan, Rocky Blue, and CeCe Jones for the whole !
Linda Duncan brings up three points of clarity from MSA. Jones disagrees with three points but doesn't want to revisit at this time.
Alex Ferguson said that Phil Jones could be uniteds best signing since Duncan Edwards
Duncan Jones says he may be moving to Berlin next month, should invite him round for a coffee (butter him up for a part in 'mute')
I checked out Moon by Duncan Jones. I really enjoyed it
Hey can you play a Duncan Sheik or Cranberries or The Cure or Gavin Friday or Duran Duran or Portishead or REM or Jesus Jones pls
Iain Duncan Smith adviser being paid by thinktank lobbying his department
Duncan Jones, who directed Moon, is actually Zowie Bowie!
He had me at "It makes sense that director, Duncan Jones, is aiming for a Gladiator style since it makes sense.". lol whu?
Perhaps my biggest surprise cut so far for the is Joe Don Duncan.
Melting minds from beginning to end. Shout out to Duncan and his crew.
First teaser for Duncan Jones' movie has leaked online -
Leaked Russian teaser for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft surfaces online
James Casey and Joe Don Duncan are going to make Dom Jones and Marcel Jensen really work for their jobs. Either player can play FB or TE
Is it me or is Rupert Penry-Jones miscast as the older Duncan Grant?
CodeGen - making XML comments by Duncan Edwards Jones
James Norton as the younger & Rupert Penry-Jones as the older - can only assume the BBC want to convey that Duncan Grant was definitely hot.
I haven't been following closely, but I understand Duncan grew up and became a blonde? Who is Rupert Penry Jones?
"I'm grateful to have been part of it." Duncan Jones reflects on epic career
as Duncan Grant grows up to be Rupert Penry-Jones? Congrats on great series.
should have been desperate before Duncan Jones got injured again. At least he can't injure his teammates for a few weeks
Duncan Jones on what makes his world of 'Warcraft' unique in film f
Van Gaal praises Manchester United doctor for spotting blood clot in Phil Jones' calf
Jeff out here raging better watch out jones he said when he's mad he will body you
"I'd like to try out these bees, they look quite fun"- Duncan Jones 2013
Anyone gonna mention that Duncan Jones (Yogscast)is the lovechild of Kristoff from Frozen and MacGuffin from Brave?
only Peter Jones and are worthwhile Dragons. Needs Theo and Duncan back asap. Or how about ?
I was like *** when they made King Pin Michael Clark Duncan (rip)
Iain Duncan Smith can barely write his name in sand with a stick - really jacks me off that a man so stupid can cause so…
out Duncan at this point. Jones also isn't near as versatile or athletic as Duncan.
This is part of why I think Duncan makes the roster. If they keep just four FB/TEs, Green Daniels Casey and Duncan. Hard to see Jones beatin
Duncan Jones: From Moon Dust To Gold Dust: . Duncan Jones’ Source Code has cemented his position as a daring an...
lots to 'enjoy' there but my favourite bit is the suggestion that 'The Snowman' was based on Aled Jones' actual life.
Aled Jones hard hitting interview with Duncan James from Blue this morning has left me reeling
Is anyone going to tell Duncan that the 2016 movie 'Warcraft' (wrcrft n wow) main actor is 'Duncan Jones'
in 2011, Blackburn defender Phil Jones agreed a five-year deal with >
Duncan's idea of a fun Friday night: cookies and Indiana Jones.
Duncan Jones is a very promising director. I liked Source Code but his best work is Moon. That film is fantastic.
I'd be down with Duncan Jones, Nolan, Tarantino and Bay being the creative talent behind the film
Wonder if Depay will be as good as Messi Januzaj, Pele Cleverley or Duncan Phil Jones Edwards?!
Moon Director Duncan Jones Lists His Favorite Documentaries: Duncan Jones is one of the more interesting and…
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The sherry I wanna make it fancy lol. duncan phat cat in the neck and a tv jones filtertron in the bridge
'secrets shared byDirector Duncan Jones;Moviestays real to game:
It'll serve them right when he changes his name to Gary or Bernard. Or Duncan Jones. ;-)
Note this man is a pedophile and actor his name is Jeffrey Duncan Jones
Jones sends one to the warning track in LF, but it's run down for out No. 1. Losekamp and Duncan to follow at plate.
Duncan Jones Already said there was no Trailer before JW. Whether he meant full or teaser is up for debate.
Over the always gracious tells us about his favorite documentaries:
'World of Warcraft' movie secrets shared by Director Duncan Jones; Movie stays ... - Venture Capital Post
Duncan Jones confirmed there won't be a trailer when cinemas roll -
As stated on the trailer page, projected dates are simply educated guesses. Duncan Jones has confirmed no trailer this week.
Not just Duncan. Duncan Jones. But you would, wouldn’t you.
Duncan Jones (Warcraft director) denies that the movie trailer is debuting along with Jurassic World
Director of upcoming WARCRAFT movie Duncan Jones loves non-fiction work.
Moon is the debut film from Duncan Jones starring Sam Rockwell & Kevin Spacey. It is divine. Prince Charles Cinema.
Also: David Bowie's real name being David Jones (see son Duncan) and having to change it to avoid Monkee-confusion
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This is why we need reform from Mr. Duncan Smith's initiatives.
Sounders 2 draw the OC Blues one all. Darwin Jones started the scoring off in the 31st minute off a Duncan...
his impressions kill me. I almost threw up laughing at his Alex Jones impression the day before yesterday on a JRE with Duncan.
David Bowie has a son named Zowie Bowie who now goes by Duncan Jones and directed the films Source Code and Moon
On your time- On-demand webinar- Listen as experts speak on complete source-to-pay process. Just register here:
Late but A to the great Duncan Jones! Ill put the box office money in A card :)
but ain't that Jones n Duncan too?? If Bobby goes n ain't good enough then neither r they??
orcs bear a resemblance to a favorite. Can you guess who it is? .
Warcraft's Duncan Jones opened up about the visual effects, Avengers influence and sequel process for the film.
Can't wait for Keith Jones to talk about how much ice time Duncan Keith has
Spot on Mr Jones re Duncan Fletcher and his methods. Enjoying hearing your thoughts on Sky.
Did you see Source Code? That's another Duncan Jones film that I think is well worth a watch.
I second the rec on Moon. Sam Rockwell is a gift to humanity, and so are Duncan Jones' ideas.
Ferguson summer 2012 - Phil Jones will be the next Duncan Edwards
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1971, Duncan Jones was born on this date in Bromley, London, England, UK
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Are you by any chance the same Duncan Jones who acted in the "Tinker Tailor" series as young Bill Roach?
LOL. I loved a Nora Jones lyric “my half heart is waiting for a new tune”.. she was actually sayin my “HiFi is..”
Duncan Jones, writer/director, 44. Has only made two films so far, but they ar…
Happy birthday to Duncan Jones, , who makes the films I like.
In 1971, David and Angie Bowie become parents of a son "Zowie" Bowie, who grows up to become the successful movie director Duncan Jones.
And another quick birthday mention to the brilliant (aka Duncan Jones).
Happy Birthday, filmmaker Duncan Jones. I can't wait to watch movie, sir!
A very to - Director of Moon, Source Code and the Upcoming Movie... Duncan Jones!
Today's belongs to Duncan Jones (44) director of Moon and next year's Cheers Dunc!
Director of the acclaimed science fiction films Moon and Source Code. Get more at
ILM; we gathered a roomful of hacks and then invited David Fincher, Duncan Jones, GDT, & JJ Abrams to cover the smell.
BB end 1: Luray 2, 0. Generals strand two after 2-out singles by Brett Jones and Duncan Schroeder
Theure doing a sequel to Source Code and Duncan Jones isn't directing?! Fail.
Got an email from a Duncan Jones today, sadly it was from someone regarding work compliance rather than movies
Ospreys hail Duncan Jones following his retirement announcement .
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Terrance Jones has the Tim Duncan stoic look.
it’s a little like fantasy casting. Fun but I wouldn’t make an article about it. Still want Duncan Jones for a Star Wars though.
boring. But remember when Owen Jones totally owned Iain Duncan Smith-this is why I'd love him as Labour leader.
I'd take Duncan Jones and Alex Garland over Joss Whedon any day of the week concerning Star Wars..they get sci-fi folks big time!
I need to know... Is Duncan Jones going to get the opportunity to direct a Star Wars film?
Love being compared to Duncan jones
'Stop thinking people enter your site via the homepage' -great talk from Duncan Edwards... Loved the GIFs too!
When do we see a glimpse of Warcraft? Duncan jones is quite talented. Didn't even play the game and I'm excited for that movie
and nick Powell and phil new Duncan Edwards jones
im making an all spurs lineup so it will be slow pace offense so which duncan should I get i still need gervin and manu
onyx duncan is a beast,but I wouldn't spent more than 80k on him
C Attuquayefio reluctant to talk his achievements BUT rather offered his support 4
I got one off David Bowies son and film director Duncan Jones plus Rowdy Roddy piper daughter
Directors I'd love to see do a Marvel: Marjane Satrapi, Ava DuVernay, Mary Harron, John Singleton, Ben Stiller, Justin Lin, Duncan Jones...
I was kidding :) Duncan Jones? Hmmm... loved Moon. Let's see how he does with the movie. That's a challenge!   10% Off
I quite like the fantastical elements of the new look BVS, Nolan would have batman in body armour again. Duncan Jones for me
Jones brothers rivals on field, but family united at AFC title game SInow
Somehow, Belichick and Brady must play Popovich and Duncan. We have to know.
Tom Brady has officially passed Tim Duncan as the athlete who whines the most!! Roughing the passer? Really?
Spurs all the way. Tim Duncan do ur usual
Selling my prop helmet visor from Duncan Jones' Moon. Authentic movie prop..interested?
BBC Question Time on Housing Benefit - with Iain Duncan Smith and Owen Jones
First time watching Bridget Jones and am balling my eyes out.. This is not a cool Saturday night 😖🙈
Remember when Phil Jones was the next Duncan Edwards? Good times.
Not sure why Phil Jones was taking the corners in the first half.oh I forgot he could be the next Duncan Edwards
I fear for Jones evans and smalling. Won't be surprised one bit if all them are sold and 2 solid CBs are brought in to re…
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