Duke Basketball & Ohio State

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In case you didn't see Duke basketball redeem itself in a thrilling victory over Ohio State: via
Ohio State men's basketball: Craft's misses costly in defeat: No one took the loss at Duke harder than Aaron Cra...
Duke was sensational against Ohio State in the ACC/B1G Challenge, but its Triangle counterparts did not fare as well
Beat then Kentucky, check! Beat Louisville, check! Next up is current Ohio State. Duke Basketball is 5-0. Is it too early to fill in my 2013 bracket?
Duke Basketball-2 wins, State of Kentucky basketball teams- 0 wins! Not a bad start to the season! Now if they will just beat Ohio State on Wednesday!
i know peoples dislikes us hate us but Duke basketball we continue to win and beat the good teams so far we beat Kentucky Louisville Vcu we got Ohio State this week we dont play a cup cake schedule
Since this is rivalry week and I have nothing better to do, I present my top ten hated sports teams. And I really do hate them... Hate Hate Hate! 10: North Carolina basketball. 9: Anything Bethune Cookman. 8. Manchester United. 7: Miami Hurricanes. 6: Florida Gators. 5: Duke basketball. 4: Ohio State football. 3: Any team that LeBron James plays for. 2. New York Yankees. 1. Dallas Cowboys!
Will the NCAA go after Duke Basketball like other schools?? Lance Thomas According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Associated Press, Thomas put down $30,000 in cash for his purchase of a black diamond necklace, diamond-encrusted watch, diamond cross and diamond pendant in the shape of Jesus' head. He was expected to pay the remainder -- the unpaid $67,800 in question -- in 15 days. The first and most obvious question for NCAA investigators: Where did a college senior, the son of a single mother who is a manager at a Ford plant in New Jersey, according to Duke's website, come up with that sort of cash to drop on something as frivolous as jewelry? The second and more complicated question: Did Rafaello & Co., a jeweler with a website that touts its client list of rappers and pro athletes, extend an opportunity to Thomas to pay less than a third of the purchase in advance because of who he is? Because, in other words, he played for Duke? Part of Ohio State's football troubles, remember, stemmed from Terrelle ...
Duke and Ohio State are my favorite basketball teams, because of my dad and cousins, I ain't no bandwagon fan
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