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Dudley Moore

Dudley Stuart John Moore, CBE (19 April 1935 - 27 March 2002) was an English actor, comedian, composer and musician.

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"I'm always looking for meaningful one-night stands." Dudley Moore.
Dentist, upon applying anaesthetic to my entire mouth, compared me to Dudley Moore in "10", which bodes well for the rest of my evening.
The Cavaliers' defense is so bad it should star Eddie Murphy & Dudley Moore
The enchantment Dudley Moore felt whilst playing Bach (that stopped the moment the music…
...It was re-released with English narration by Dudley Moore in 1989.
And while we're on Dudley Moore, here's Roger Whittaker's jumper giving Dudley a heart attack (right at the end)
I prefer the Dudley Moore version. I like his style. Some people say it's too pop but I like it
...can't believe Al just got described as 'looking like a young Dudley Moore'...I'll never see him as any…
Dudley Moore approves of recent show "wet mouth" issues
📷 the-cosmic-empire: John appearing in the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore satire, ‘Not Only…But Also’...
One-legged Dudley Moore applies for the role of Tarzan. Peter Cook tactfully mentions his deficiency for the role 😊.
I have an Idea Mr. Moore, Make a documentary out of Trump & shove it up your rectum? Dudley Moore was cooler than you big guy.
I'm far too young to remember Dudley Moore and Peter Cook 🤔😉
day out with the Rev. Dudley Moore talking about life, death and…
The original 1969 Bedazzled with Dudley Moore and Peter Cooke. Or The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (across the 8th…
Is it de regeur for comedians/comediennes to talk like that b/c it's not a bit funny. Boy do I mis…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Little girl, like a piece of a walk in the know how I love the park.Dudley Moore
if we're talking THE Derek as in Dudley Moore, I will gladly give you this
Her Peter Cook is astonishing ( as is Ruth Davidson's Dudley Moore )
Because Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are only some of the most influential comics to ever live...
Watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean and it's so funny. Johnny Depp sounds like Dudley Moore in Arthur 🤣
p.s. That's the late, great Dudley Moore playing the piano in the background 😊. Duds !
The last time I heard the word I was watching Dudley Moore in Arthur
And here is the Dudley Moore soundtrack to this situation:
And here's the Dudley Moore song that goes with it
No, Faust retelling with Peter Cook playing the Devil and Dudley Moore selling his soul.
We have loads in England that probably are not even known in the US, Peter Cook, Dudley M…
Even the Dudley Moore films are forgotten now. Even Arthur.
Tonight Chris Ingham Qt plays Dudley Moore 'gentle. harmonic guile...Dudley would have been delighted” Observer
Got to love Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - even advertising sherry!
I saw Dudley Moore on an old epi. of "The *** Cavett Show" early this morning with Peter Cook. Tuesday was married…
Arthur: (1981) Dudley Moore portrays the hilarious side of debilitating alcoholism alongside his enablers Sir John Gielgud and Liza Minnelli
Now Playing: Goodbye by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Listen at - Buy it
Only bits and pieces. I LOVE Dudley Moore. I read he based Arthur on Peter Cook. Also loved Peter Cook in Yellowbeard.
You ever watched the Dudley Moore and Peter Cook series from the 60s/70s? Hilarious - especially the Derek and Clive sketches.
Yep and Steve Coogan look more and more like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore with every series of
Milton Berle, Billy Wilder & Dudley Moore all died on the same day, March 27, 2002. Bettmann / Gjon…
Dudley Moore: "Die Flabbergast," shamelessly adapted from Schubert's "Erlkonig" (for more details see also:...
Great. Seeing the name Greta Garbo all I can see is the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch.
Dudley Moore attends his old school in 1966 (Copyright )
as an example of my humour , my favourite comedy is Arthur both with Dudley Moore and Russell Brand
"Vulva - They're Boxy, but they're good" (pun is intended for old Dudley Moore fans)...
I always wonder if Shane Black took this moment of March rolling down the hill from Dudley Moore in 10.
and better defence than a Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy movie.
Dudley Moore LIVE - "Beethoven's Colonel Bogey" - stereo HQ via what a talent he was
Music for the soul – ♫I'll Be Around by Cleo Laine, Dudley Moore, from
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
As Peter Cooke said to Dudley Moore of his Tarzan audition "I've nothing against your left leg; trouble is, neither have you".
Dudley Moore - "Autumn Leaves" - YouTube. Amazing to hear this song on
Andreas Scholl? I thought it was Dudley Moore doing his "Goodbye" song from "Not only...but also..." at first!
Dudley Moore showing in the space of 10 seconds the difference between a musical genius and a blagger
Watching 6 Weeks with Dudley Moore and Mary Tyler Moore and thinking of talking about 1982 sheen and sentimental weepy scores
Michael Moore needs to be punctured to let that hot air out.
You look a bit like a young dudley moore.
Are you readying your football shirt for this year’s Register your interest right now!
I wonder why they put only Dudley Moore's star of fame here.. .
Is that Dudley Moore in the batter's box?
Quartet playing a wonderful Dudley Moore show to sold out tonight
she'd make a great Dudley Moore you're right!
Superb evening in the Elgar Room, Albert Hall, where pianist Chris Ingham and his trio played the music of Dudley M…
As Dudley Moore said: my uncle predicted weather couldn't be predicted years before that happened...
just listened to the Picklive podcast- we were like Dudley Moore and Peter Cook- we should get back on that.
attends his old school, County High, in 1966.
New Trailer. Jack Sparrow is a great character. Dudley Moore's 'Arthur' + Hornblower.
Welcome to Wednesday Supper Club, with the Dudley Moore Trio: this week, Just In Time (1965).
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as the scheming but bungling nephews. Murderous but hapless John Mills. And then there's the butler.
There's a dimension were Dudley Moore's character Aurther is real & watching a comedy about being
Still one of the finest performances of the old Ludwig van ever. Sort of. The cuddly one. Dudley Moore
I'm pretty sure that British caller on last night was a fusion of Austin Powers and Dudley Moore as Arthur.
Random Fact: Blake Edwards, Dudley Moore, and were responsible for getting me interested in Maurice Ravel.
The late Rick Parfitt - with Debee Ashby - doing his best Dudley Moore impression.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were friends and the last people I e...
Out now: the new starring Sally Field, Nicole Kidman, Betty White, Dudley Moore, Drew Barrymore, Rob…
So Amazing Vandross sounds like end credit song to non existent Steve Martin and Dudley Moore caper movie. With Margot Kidder
Get Rebel Wilson in the Dudley Moore role and I'm sold
Ocean's Eleven, starring Dudley Moore and Alan Alda. Directed by Sam Raimi, music by Refused. Budget: $5m
When I was younger, I used to get Margot Kidder & Karen Allen confused. Same with Gene Wilder and Dudley Moore.
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just watched Unfaithfully Yours again. Still so funny. Must have been great working with Dudley Moore
Good Christmas telly has consisted of David Brent, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Morecambe and Wise and Only Fools. Why is modern TV so crap?
Here's some rare footage of Dudley Moore corpsing. So let's cut to Josie Lawrence corpsing instead.
is vice versa the one with Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron? There have been so many body swap flicks...
Some guys are like work hard play hard I'm like Dudley Moore in Arthur
Watching Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. That point at 5:27, where he's clearly trying not to crack up, is amazing:
If you just need som silly laughs watch the movie arthur. I still prefer the original with Dudley Moore though.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Lost Tapes on telly on New Year's Eve. This excites me! ❤️ them. .
Movie *1848 - "Best Defence (1984)". Pretty bad but I do believe Dudley Moore made it a bit better. Ehh dont recommend it at all, rates a 5.
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Genius. . Some free and curative miracles might save the NHS though. well as Dudley Moore and David Huddleston giving nice performances. The colors and sets also look very nice.
Santa Claus: The Movie. Starring David Huddleston as Santa Claus, Dudley Moore as Patch the Elf and John Lithgow as Donal…
The fantastic is back at the on the 19 Jan. Book now!...
Book now for the January Tickets on sale now!...
dude, showed Élan Santa Claus starring Lithgow and Dudley Moore. Talk about a bold and earnest flick. Want more like it.
On this day in 1966, John Lennon appeared as a men’s room attendant in Peter Cook’s and Dudley Moore’s BBC TV show ‘Not only… But also’
The great Robert Webber makes his first appearance in "Manon 70". Was very good alongside Dudley Moore in the under…
Today in 1966 John Lennon appeared on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's TV show Not Only...But Also
The Americans have their soul music. We have *** music. Dudley Moore.
"The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.". - Dudley Moore.
Seriously, spend 4:30 watching this piece of comedy genius. . Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - One Leg Too Few.
Recalled to mind The Critics by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
[Sunday Recap:] Missing sketches from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's "Not Only... But Also..." have been found:
I liked a video Episode 05 Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
ENTERTAINMENT | Channel 4 to air lost Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketches
I thought it was Dudley Moore. Thought why did someone post an irrelevant picture of Dudley Moore?
You look like a late seventies Dudley Moore
I think and would be absolutely smashing in an Arthur film remake.. in Dudley Moore & Liza Minelli roles. Donna xx
am I the only one who's favourite movie is Santa Claus 🎅🏻 The Movie with Dudley Moore as an elf?
Watching Stephen Fry with Hugh Laurie on Hollywood Boulevard reminds me of watching Peter Cook and Dudley Moore...
eeerm... Santa Claus the movie. broken toys, Dudley Moore and John Lithgow?!? Yes please!
where on earth is Santa Claus: The Movie with Dudley Moore & John Lithgow?
Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, and Bo Derek are all perfect '10's
That movie stars Dudley Moore and was directed by Julie Andrews' husband Blake Edwards. So cut the crap, Hillary you hypocrite.
I'd abuse the *** out of the software from the Hayley Atwell/Dom Gleeson Black Mirror. "Yes here is Dudley Moore's phone, thank you v much"
You remind me of Dudley Moore. I like both.
"Big Jerry" my Actor Dudley Moore's battle with PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) via
I am trapped in this body, and there is nothing I can do about it.
09:45 Book of the Week: Alan talks about hiding - or not hiding - under Dudley Moore's bed.
How many women are offended that some (many?) men rate women on a scale from 1 to 10? Remember the movie? Dudley Moore? Oh the horror?
Thank you Im now excited about next year's Halloween. Can't wait to wear my Dudley Moore costume from Arthur.
I'm listening to jerry and his coins and I'm imaging a conversation between Peter Cook and Dudley Moore 😀
reels off amazing cultural icons from Barking & Dag- Elizabeth fry, Dudley Moore, etc 32 boroughs have theirs
I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend, Dudley Moore. ~Liza Minnelli
Raquel Welch and a lucky Dudley Moore on the set of BEDAZZLED 1967
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It's suprabulbar palsy and not a bad thought it's what Dudley Moore had and made his seem more disi…
Im going as the alcoholic Dudley Moore played in "Arthur" so I dont have to dress up for
Watching 10 with Dudley Moore. He just popped an 8-track tape in his convertible Rolls-Royce.
Watching Dudley Moore in 1979's "10" / Scene when he falls down the hill in his backyard! Haven't seen this movie s…
"Whenever Ms. Kissel breaks wind, we beat the dog." - When Dudley Moore ruled Hollywood.
Santa Claus : The Movie! Such a classic, Dudley Moore at his best ❤️
Feel old. recently showed "10". Well, Dudley Moore character had an 8-track in his car, so I guess it is officially an old movie.
I certainly did feel inferior. Because of class. Because of strength. B...
I love Dudley Moore in that one movie where he was experiencing burnout in marketing: Volvos...boxy but good! LOL
Calling peeps towns a mess is like when Dudley Moore's butler (in ARTHUR) said "disgusting" about her Apt.!
Some Scouse Brit soul, a Beeb library record, plus more Nilsson, more Bacharach, World of Dudley Moore.
tell me that's a joke? Watch Dudley Moore and Peter Cook and see if you like them?
Mr Arch. Justin WellHard himself. And Dudley Moore. And Eddie Jordan. It’s little people, they can do one.
I'm always looking for meaningful one-night stands.
Yay love the famous Kilburn - time for plaque on her flat to Jonny Dankworth & Dudley Moore?
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Streisand fired Dudley Moore bcause he kept forgetting lines. Turns out he had degenerative brain disease.
here's a guess ... looks like Hillary Clinton might have progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) the disease that Dudley Moore died of
27 Oct 1962: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore open on in the comedic revue they wrote, Beyond the Fringe
Now he's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Can we say Hugh Laurie is the Dudley Moore to 's Peter Cook?
In the Line of Fire, starring Dudley Moore and Amanda Peet. Directed by Tommy Wiseau, music by White Town. Budget: $20m
but don't EVER forget besides the leads- She, Dudley Moore and Burgess Meredith stole that movie.
The one legged brings to mind a Peter Cooke & Dudley Moore skit,.
.The Wrong Box is on next. I love that movie and all the Finsburys including Peter Cooke & Dudley Moore.
Never understood the hate for this movie...although Eddie Murphy's appearance seems tacked on, Dudley Moore is a freaking riot!
"Like Father, Like Son" scrambled my brain as a kid. I didn't know who was hotter: Kirk Cameron with a mullet or Dudley Moore with a mullet.
Like Father, Like Son starring Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron is a classic.
Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore star in the male version of 'Freaky Friday' in 'Like Father, Like Son'
accidentally went into theater playing the movie "10" with Bo Derek & Dudley Moore. That was the 1st time I saw bare breasts 🙈
there's a Dudley Moore and Peter Cook film and a Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley film
Ali with Lucille Ball, Noel Coward and Dudley Moore on the Eamonn Andrews Show, 1966
TODAY IN '79. makes splash in movie "10" w/Dudley Moore;. Christopher Reeve thrills movie-goers in SUPERMAN!
Dennis Pennis asked Dudley Moore "if you were offered a part in Snow White would you be happy"
It is called "Micki & Maude." Dudley Moore beat both Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters" and Eddie Murphy in "Beverly Hills Cop" to win his award.
Is that Phil Spector?. No mate, pretty sure that's Dudley Moore.
Dudley Moore - comedian, actor and one of Britain’s finest jazz pianists, here are 10 of his best piano pieces
My mate Tony has helped re-release the Bedazzled soundtrack on vinyl (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore).
Victor Meldrew & Dudley Moore stare at the top of Dave Brailsford's shiny head.
I know the answers! Dudley Moore, Kate Hudson, and Tim Curry!! Winner!!!
OMG, OMG, O.M.G. Voodoo Ray is built using samples from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
Just found out that Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald samples Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, and my head's fallen off.
Derek & Clive (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) first ever official release for this slice…
Day 99 of an a day. Today Derek & Clive aka Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.
Beyond the Fringe on Oxford Philosophy via Alan Bennet and Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Was Ronnie Corbett even funny? He was the classic 70s straight man like Dudley Moore and Ernie Wise
It's a ghastly movie despite having Julie Andrews and Dudley Moore in it. C'est la guerre!
Can't say I liked this movie much, but I do adore Julie Andrews. "10" (1979) Dudley Moore / Bo Derek / Blake Edwards
Hal Cazalet's Song of the Day today is Dudley Moore performing Britten's "Little Miss Muffet" & "The Ballad of...
is now comparing John Reed to Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. No, really.
The giant window sticker on this doctor's office has a dude that totally looks like Dudley Moore
Didn't think so. *sigh* But what about a "10"/ Cloverfield Lane hybrid -- starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore?
anyone remember the movie MICKI AND MAUDE with Dudley Moore and Amy Irving? ...
Fred Savage, Jon Lovitz, Dudley Moore and Gary Busey are just a few of the random cameo's in this.
Mary Tyler Alan Dudley Roger is the name of our next quote-tastic category. Which Moore was it?
Before there was "hello" by there was "The Hello Song" in the Crazy People film with Dudley Moore.
What a cool shot of me and my piano playing friend. Dudley Moore !! Great friend and very funny man! He is missed https…
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Cordially Invite You to Go to *** via
"Dudley Moore" Definition: Home to the legendary Hound of the West Midlands!
Dudley Moore: Arthur and a dying Hobson (1981) via
Anyone who isn't as old as me and doesn't know Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, turn to UK Gold now. You won't regret it
DUDLEY MOORE 30 is a dangerous age press clipping approx 10x20cm (5/10/68)
was meant to be in reference to Dudley Moore, lead in the movie "10".
It is a deep history. From Saint-Saëns to Victor Borge to Liberace to Dudley Moore, etc etc. I wouldn't call any of them 'samey'!
Have had 'celebrity dreams' 3 nights in a row: Chris Martin, Dudley Moore, Naomi Campbell. There's a motley crew if ever there was one.
I've been looking at Art all day, so im going to watch a Dudley Moore comedy where he's in a mental institution. Makes sense.
I'm like Dudley Moore in Arthur but a stoner version
I loved Heath. First Tank I knew...after that crappy Eddie Murphy/Dudley Moore movie...
ooh, almost forgot - the Derek & Clive recordings! (Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, also in the 70s)
Post dentist to cashier in shop 'I feel like Dudley Moore in Arthur' *blank stare back* 'you're too young to know what I'm on about'
Do all the "Christmas hover board" explosions remind anyone else of Santa Clause: The Movie? Should we look at or Dudley Moore?
Should I be hearing Fox's voice as Dudley Moore as "Arthur?"
Do you remember Dudley Moore as Arthur? What do you remember? Memory sent in by Bill Castle.
Where's the most romantic place I can go tonight and slosh drinks on loving couples like Dudley Moore
Just saw "The Voices" & later watched some Dudley Moore movie & an orange cat appeared on screen. Movie then seemed darker
I'm going to watch the Arthur movies again. Classics. I miss Dudley Moore. What a loss...
Arthur sure did know how to party 😄 it's hard to believe Dudley Moore isn't actually drunk (for real) in the mo…
In case you missed it, Arthur with Dudley Moore is a great movie.
"where have you been?". Apparently a TV actor but I'm guessing his latest role is a remake of Dudley moore…
Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in 1961 as photographed by Bill Brandt.
I'm so very looking forward to bringing script to life, and showing what a truly great man Dudley Moore rea…
'Dudley', a biopic by Gene Fallaize about actor & musician Dudley Moore will be coming to screens in 2017.
I just heard this week's episode of I get bleeped 6 TIMES. Thank you, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. (Love Matt Day's Highgate story)
Megan on tonight, the amount of time she said the 'C' word reminded me of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook's 'Derek and Clive' act.
1965, John Lennon appeared on the UK TV Peter Cook and Dudley Moore show, 'Not Only But Also.'.
"I sometimes just think funny things!" Arthur Bach (played by The late, great Dudley Moore)
I got this original program for £1. Beyond The Fringe: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller
You have to!! Awesome cast. John Lithgow, Burgess Meredith, Dudley Moore. Makes me feel like a kid again 😊
At the top of their comedic powers I would loved to have seen what Peter Cooke & Dudley Moore made of "My churn rate is too high"
One of the best movies of all time is on Netflix: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in the original Bedazzled. Julie Andrews!
Finally, Dudley Moore as a renegade elf (the role he was born to play!) in Santa Claus: THE MOVIE- John Lithgow working heel here
Exposed unsuspecting Millennials to vintage Dudley Moore & Peter Cook this afternoon; IIRC that's definition of "Fri. class well spent"
But then we have Dudley Moore and John Lithgow to lighten up the mood.
I love this! Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Nell Gwynn, Amy Johnson, (young) Prince Rupert, Jesus. Who would you choose?
Do you recall performing w GNash at an NPR fundraiser in Venice CA in the '80s? (Sid Caesar LRonstadt Dudley Moore)
Just got commissioned by the BBC Four/Two to make definite doc with Lin Cook. Companion to our Dudley Moore film. A…
The winner for major collections is...Jet Set. by Dudley Moore, ASFD, Lenny Chapman, ASFD, Laura…
Arthur was the first comedy I ever saw and Dudley Moore was so talented. RIP LAR…
Happy Friday! Have fun in the network Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - @ The Pub... via I thought it was funny too.
Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, and Jonathan Miller - for Beyond the Fringe and everything else.
so, is he Dudley Moore or Bo Derrick
The movie, 10, was released in the movie theaters in 1979, starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.
when phoebe gives Monica the Dudley Moore hair cut instead of the Demi Moore I'm crying
Robert 'Three Sheets' Craft is the Dudley Moore of our time.
According to '70s films, all you need to do attract cute women is hassle them and look like Joe Don Baker or Walter Matthau or Dudley Moore.
The great Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their priceless satire based on Jerry Anderson's puppet series. c. 1966...
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Unfaithfully Yours one 1 sheet movie poster DUDLEY MOORE NASTASSJA KINSKI ORIGIN
via this shows why it was Dudley Moore not Peter Cook who got the girls
Cilla Black attempts to duet with comic genius pianist Dudley Moore
's thoughts on Dudley Moore's masterpiece Arthur: "I wish you had $750m. I'd take that. Even with inflation."
I am, and loved Cilla singing the Beatles "If I Fell" with the help of Dudley Moore
I don't hate the Arthur remake - which I assumed I would - because Brand's impressions of Dudley Moore seem affectionate.
Watching the Dudley Moore classic 'Unfaithfully Yours' and the unbelievably gorgeous Nastassja Kinski.
Cilla Black and Dudley Moore corpsing whilst singing If I Fell is my jam.
Fascinating Cilla doc over on BBC4 Just watched Cilla being accompanied by Dudley Moore on piano
So lovely to see the clip of Cilla Black with Dudley Moore on BBC 4's 'Cilla at the BBC'.
Dudley Moore and Cilla Black pissing themselves laughing during a sentimental Beatles cover. This is why I adore black and white TV.
Cilla singing a Beatles song with a distressed-looking, insane Dudley Moore is the most genius thing I've seen in a while.
Cilla and Dudley Moore sing The Beatles on now ...
So they filmed this entire Dudley Moore movie and it was so bad they went back and shot a bunch of scenes with Eddie Murphy in a tank
When someone tells me that something can't be done I look at them sternly and say two words "Dudley Moore"
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Wait, why didn't anyone tell me that Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy made a movie together?
My thoughts too! . Unless you can find another massive Peter Cook and Dudley Moore fan who looks like me.
In my humble opinion. Same class as Dudley Moore & Peter Cook.
Some great cameos in Dudley Moore's Arthur: Lawrence Tierney, Paul Gleeson and the cross-dresser in Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex
Then there was that Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews film Tena
no way. Like Father Like Son with Dudley Moore and Kirk Cameron.
My target physique is Dudley Moore in this pic.
A small note I'm writing has prompted me back to Dudley Moore's brilliant Little Miss Muffet
Not everyone who drinks is a poet ... Some of us drink because we're not poets ~Dudley Moore :)
You would be brilliant in a Jack Dee sort of a way. Or, even better, Peter Cook to John's Dudley Moore.
Please review Best Defense starring Eddie Murphy and Dudley Moore. It's one of the most F'ed up production stories you will ever do
Nah, it's a sequel to the Dudley Moore movie. Really well thought out to be honest.
Or that they don't love Dudley Moore.
"Always remember, if your life seems dull & dreary, it is." - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.
article best read in the voices of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Excellent.
"Can you teach me Beethoven's 5th Symphony by Tuesday week?" Peter Cook to Dudley Moore in the Piano Sketch
A Hoot,Absolutely:. Arthur (1981), Dudley Moore. Susan: A real woman could stop you from drinking. . Arthur: It'd have to be a real BIG woman.
When I was a child I wanted to marry Dudley Moore. As I got a bit older, Davey Jones. They've both cleverly managed to dodge me.
Robin, Billy Crystal, Dudley Moore & John Larroquette on OPRAH at the Improv, Nov. 1987 -
Coming up later: Goodbyeee - Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, no. 18 this week in 1965
More tomorrow from 1965. Tracks by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore and Dusty Springfield.
I'll be the Dudley Moore to Craig Steel's Peter Cook at tonight's quiz. Kick off 7.45
Bo Derek: Tarzan, the Ape Man / "10": Comedy and the happiness of pursuit rate a 10 when Dudley Moore plays a hormona
More pics from The 55th Academy Awards. Jessica Lange onstage with Meryl Streep, Dudley Moore and Carol Burnett :) http…
Dudley Moore and John Gielgud were brilliant, remake could not hold a candle to the original
Ok one of my fave Friends jokes is when Monica wants a haircut from phoebe and she gives her a "Dudley Moore" instead of a "Demi Moore"
Since he mentioned Dudley Moore it reminded me of this .
How out-of-control were the 80's?? Dudley Moore & Liza Minelli were a top-grossing romantic movie couple. Was the whole country coked up?
punk rock started in Oxford, search "Dudley Moore"
Yep, Jeff is smashed. He's like Dudley Moore in Arthur.
Referenced the "Jaguar" ad Dudley Moore proposes in "Crazy People" - I don't think my colleagues believe such a movie existed
Always wondered if you and Dudley Moore were friends during the making of 10?
still haven't seen the Dudley Moore original tbh (which i've heard is better) but liked Bedazzled q a bit
I seem to remember that.. Wasn't it narrated by Dudley Moore?
NSFW. ...and you thought Dudley Moore was such a nice boy too, here he is at vespers.
Demi Moore, or "Half-Moore," was born after Dudley Moore visited Alcmene, in the form of a bull
My relationship with my cat is basically me scream singing "Love me!" like I'm Dudley Moore, & my cat is like "You fill me with inertia."
TY James.PSP is a horrible disease. Dudley Moore & Nigel Dempster had it. Has no cure. Needs publicity. TY xx
The playlist: jazz – Billie Holiday, Stan Tracey, Dudley Moore and more
I watched Bedazzled (1967) last night starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. These two were SO good together. I think it would work on stage.
a HOOKAH? (In my best Dudley Moore as Arthur voice)
mate your gear you sell is like all the wooden stuff that Dudley Moore sold on Santa Clause the movie
Watching Dudley Moore in ARTHUR.. . A film they should of left alone... Only 1 ARTHUR sorry Russell Brand
Blimey. First thought was 'That's not Dudley Moore. That's Matt Berry' (aka )
Not Only But Also - Peter Cook as Greta Garbo and Dudley Moore as John Barrymore.
Nissa and her friend are on a magical *** adventure with friendship and songs and a magical guide possibly voiced by Dudley Moore
Simon Day is one of the worst corpsers in comedy. He rivals Dudley Moore.
This morning is devoted to some fine, during-breakfast pianism from the inimitable
Channel surfing paid off! Like Father, Like Son is on with a young & the late Dudley Moore. 👍
all my unfinished biz almost cleared up, e.g. 'Beyond the Fringe' w Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
. Bo Derek, obviously. Like that documentary she did with Dudley Moore.
Bo Derek on the 10 and Dudley Moore on the 2.
how about from 1979's 10 with Bo Derek & Dudley Moore
This 80s rom com with Dudley Moore sax music that AT&T is using for hold music on their support line is inspiring a bowel movement.
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