Duck Dynasty & Uncle Si

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. Uncle Silas is a Victorian Gothic mystery-thriller novel by the Irish writer J. Sheridan Le Fanu. It is notable as an early example of the locked room mystery subgenre. 5.0/5

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Uncle Si and Alan Robertson, the"beardless brother," from Duck Dynasty spoke at Abilene Christian University on Sunday night.
Uncle Si, Korie, Willie, and Jep Robertson from Duck Commander and "Duck Dynasty" visit the media center.
My guess is the boys from Duck Dynasty will give the "Start Your Engines" Wonder if Uncle Si will Drive the Pace Car!
The Capones came on and I hate most all reality T.V. and this show *** too BUT the old Uncle is a guito Si from Duck Dynasty and the...
Did you see the March 26th episode of Duck Dynasty? Uncle Si's daughter was on.
If you could choose from one of the following,,, ( A ) receive $250.14 ( B ) Have George Straight to make your bed every morning for a year, ( C ) or have Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty to cook you breakfast for a year, Which one would you choose,
Duck Dynasty. Used to be a good show just to watch for it's purpose "entertainment" now it's turn into "slap our face and name on this and raise the price by $6" it was ok to have the uncle si "Tupperware" glass. The "willie beard Halloween costume" and *** even the Willie Robertson bandana ... But not it's just rediculas, DD beef jerky, stuffed animals, "fake" duck calls and even "uncle si's sweet tea" they turned a "ENTERTAINING" show that has got to be "95% scripted" and turned it into some stupid *** money maker, bout freakin retarded.
I think I just passed Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty?!
The Robertson family from Duck Dynasty all have a strong Christian faith; it's so inspiring to see celebrities stay true to their beliefs. Listen to this interview with the funny and lovable Uncle Si. His faith will make you smile.
I love Uncle Si. If you haven't started watching Duck Dynasty, you should. Just tuning it in a little I never thought I would like it at all but if you watch a little more, you will laugh yourself to death. That Uncle Si is a hoot.
the funniest basket is a Duck Dynasty one. Has uncle Si scented candles...Duck fart and road kill!!=;) Camo stuff,beard, and stickers.=;)
"Extra" went down to Louisiana to hang out with "Duck Dynasty's" favorite Uncle Si Robertson, who gave us a tour of Duck Commander headquarters... and took ...
Sometimes I see far more similarities between Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and myself than I am comfortable with
Ok, I managed to cut my thumb while trimming my beard! I knew there was a reason I grew a beard. Think I'll let it grow like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.
highlight of my night. I just found a picture of my father looking like Uncle SI on Duck Dynasty... watch for pic
SUPPORT THE EFFORT TO CREATE A REGISTRY OF ANIMAL ABUSERS Excuse the roughness of this story, but those who want to stop animal abuse registries need to remember that Michalel Vick is nothing more than a cruel, inhumane thug. His attitude toward animals was also reflected in his attitude toward authority, as shown on the left. "That's a fact, Jack," as Uncle Si would day on Duck Dynasty. People who are cruel to animals have a high statistical likelihood of being cruel to humans, too. They are DEPRAVED! They need to be listed on a state and national registry. Let your legislators know to SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRIES!
Here's the truth about Uncle Si on from the show Duck Dynasty
Here is a Picture of my Fiancé ! Everyone says he looks like one of the Duck Dynasty Men. Mainly Uncle Si lol !
It's SHOWTIME tonight. At 8 p.m. CT, TMS unveils the world's largest HD video board with a FREE public event featuring Kyle Busch, Helio Castroneves and Willie & Korie Robertson. To top it off, we will show tonight's episode of "Duck Dynasty" on Big *** TV. All you need is a lawn chair and cooler. BTW-Uncle Si's beard is long at 12 stories high.
5-yr-old Dawsonville girl who’s battling leukemia had her dream come true meeting Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty today. http:/…
Back at work with the boys--it is officially Duck Dynasty Week here at the frat house, so everyone is happy, happy, happy! Today's menu is Uncle Si's Yardbird Sandwiches, waffle fries, and a fruit salad. Dinner will be Cajun pasta with andouille sausage and crayfish, garlic bread, tossed salad, and one of Miss Kay's desserts!
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty gives some of the most down-to-earth and practical advice... but it is hilarious, too! Listen to this awesome mashup of his advice, you'll LOL.
Watching The Rugrats Movie and finally figured out who Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty reminds me of.Grandpa Lu. For real
how about a good night hint, little? I LOVE Duck Dynasty! Uncle Si and Jace are my favorites!
Just figured out who would make the perfect boyfriend for my 69 year old mother... Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty 🚣
I'm a Duck Dynasty guy & Uncle Si throw out that phrase now.
Listen to Uncle Si! You dont want to miss Duck Dynasty club TONIGHT. 7:29 @ Area 316. Be there
Fundraiser for Lamar county 4-H sharpshooters. Browning Gold 3 1/2 " magnum Ducks Unlimited edition autographed by Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. $5 donation - drawing will be held at the Blessing of the Hunt. Money raised will go toward the advancement of the shooting range facilities.
Duck Dynasty is hilarious. I wish I had an Uncle Si
Duck Dynasty: middle east edition. Uncle Si was glad he brought his tea on TDY with my dad!
New Podcast::: Uncle Si Roberston talks about the success of Duck Dynasty
Little Giant Ladders
Overview You know him from the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty?now you can enjoy Uncle Si?s tall tales, crazy exploits, and quirky o
In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si gave some advices on marriage. According to Si, marriage is a union between two imperfect people who are destined to make mistakes. Take a look at some of his wonderful advice.
Duck Dynasty is a hilarious show. Uncle Si is nuts
Duck Dynasty, Some Ice Tea, and a Shotgun, Where is my Uncle Si at.
Sitting here chilling watching Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si is stupid lmao.
Look out for the Duck Commander 500 this April. The Texas Motor Speedway announced this week that it had picked up CEO Willie Robertson's company as its title sponsor for the April 6 Sprint Cup race. As part of the three-year deal, the Robertson family will also be highly visible at the race. According to Sporting News, Phil, Uncle Si, the "bearded brothers" and their wives and children could potentially serve as race grand marshals and will likely make appearances throughout the weekend. In addition to the in-person attendance of the cast, "Duck Dynasty" merchandise based off the A&E show will be available for sale and on display. The concession menu will also bear the reality television show's influence, selling Uncle Si's Tea and offering dining options from Duck Commander Family Foods. The Duck Commander company was founded by Willie's father, Phil Robertson in West Monroe, La., in 1972. The fifth season of "Duck Dynasty" plays on A&E on Wednesday nights.
My new found addictions. Uncle Si (duck dynasty), hersheys cookies n creme bars, and Kd's.
Good Morning Family and Friends, seen a commercial of Duck Dynasty this morning, Uncle Si reminded me of my younger bro Lavallee Pat. lol Crazy buggers !!!
Catching up on Duck Dynasty. I just seen uncle Si slamming pixie sticks! That just made my night! I'm not the only one in the world who is crazy enough to do it!
Come out tomorrow to Grace Church and find out which Duck Dynasty clip I'm showing. I'll give you a hint... Uncle Si is giving dating advice.
A&E ad happily proclaims "Duck Dynasty is coming back and Uncle Si is back too" - mark me down as "couldn't give less of a F**K"
Watching old reruns of Bam on MTV I realized that Duck Dynasty is a rip off of that show. You have Willie as Bam and the family then you have uncle si as uncle Vito. Same premise of pulling jokes on each other and laughing at the uncles. Everyone loves Kay and everyone used to love Amy, Bam's mom. I could go on and on. Bam did it with skateboards Willie with duck calls and religion. They all got rich, I need to start filming my family and friends
What a great day for Juju's birthday!!! She had a wonderful party with lots of friends and family. Thank you to my mom and my cousin Beth for all of the help. The night was topped off when Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty called and wished her a happy birthday! She was stunned! And her parents were as well. Great day
Thank you for all the birthday wishes...brought a smile to my face! Thank you to my sweetheart Kevin Roney for the Duck Dynasty shirt...Uncle Si, my favorite! Got lots of puppy kisses too from my Nita! God provided a very warm, beautiful day...
I'm a huge fan of Phil, crazy Uncle Si and the Duck Dynasty crew! I like the episode a season back where ur dad bought a vineyard
I'm starting to watch and like Duck Dynasty, Uncle Si said a cat has 9 lives what has more? Frogs they croak every night.
Duck Dynasty is hilarious, Uncle Si is a fool
Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty is the new co-owner of a Louisiana-bred filly with Texan Wes Melcher -
Got Google Fiber today. When the boys came to install it, I was very clear about making sure I did not miss my Duck Dynasty show show tonight! They did good!! Did you see Uncle Si's apron?
My new ringtone for text messages is Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty saying "Its on like Donkey Kong". Every time my phone rings I laugh, because it is just so ridiculously funny!
How's these pics? What a great family! These people adopted first Angel the little black chihuahua. Then they took a chance and adopted Humpty Dumpty (now Louie the beige Shih Tzu) and just recently adopted Boo (the black and white Shih Tzu). They took the dogs up to see the snow this weekend. What an awesome family. Boo is doing so well with them. Happy! Happy! Happy! (Channeling Uncle Si, for the Duck Dynasty fans!).
Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si with his glass of sweet tea.
Catching up on Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si is killing me right now, lol
Just saw Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty at the gas station.
Why Michael Douglas looking like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.not a good look man...!!!
Hypothesis: Football is a TEAM sport!!! Since his Tn days, it's been Peyton. Great athletes get you to the championships, but great teams win them. Peyton has always played, Peyton ball... John Fox - the real coach has even received less attention this week and didn't this man have a heart attack earlier in the season... Peyton is even talking to the offense on the sideline - where is the offensive coordinator... oh that's Peyton. Eli is not the quarterback Peyton is - not close, but going back to his Ole' Miss days, he has always relied on his team to be a winner. Hmmm - 2 Superbowl rings vs.1 Super Bowl ring - and though I am not a fan of Sherman - every time Peyton throughs the ball, I start looking for Willie, Jas, Phil, Jeb, Garvin, and Uncle Si. Duck Dynasty - cause Peyton is throwing some.
GPSA.People if you cooked chittlin poppers (chitterlings for you uppity folks), baked opossum feet and yams, and some fried chicken gizzards, they will not be considered official Super Bowl platters unless they are blessed off by Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! That is all!
Uncle Si of "Duck Dynasty" is present a key to the City of Minden by mayor Tommy Davis following his appearance at the Minden St. Jude Auction.
They should be though. I think Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty would like those words.
Those that 'really' know me, will understand why I can officially say I love "Duck Dynasty". Never watched an episode until last night and was intrigued immediately. It's the 2013-14 version of the Beverly Hillbillies except in Louisiana! Gotta love Uncle Si!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Duck Dynasty and Uncle SI 'Rule'. 'Hey, Uncle Si is a candid Copy of 'ME'. 'Hey, are you listening? 'Hey, G.A. RiverRat (aka: GuitarZan) Love y'all, Mean It'. Grade 'A'
I love the show Duck Dynasty. I find it humorous, especially Uncle Si, I do not however think they hold any credibility as "political" figures. They have a set of beliefs they follow and values they uphold. I'm fine with that. They may not be mine, but I have many friends who have a different belief system. I'm also fine with the TV company saying they don't want to air them or people on their show...I do not know why Willie would get an invite to the State of the union...So few invitations available with so many people who are not just "money" makers.if they wanted to show these people from the point that they were incredibly poor and a man (phil) had a good idea and they've gotten to this point...that would be one thing...but they invited them because of their personal value/belief system. Based on that, I think there are others who deserve that invite more.
Ok, so you heard it here first. Get your advanced tickets now for our 76 annual Field Day Festival. So many things to do and people to see. We are having alot of very special quest, Martin and Godwin from Duck Dynasty will be here Sat and then our very favorite Uncle Si will be here with us Sunday during field Day. So come join us for tons of fun Feb, 12,13,14,15 and16.
Uncle Si on duck dynasty is my new hero
Got to love Uncle Si off duck dynasty xx
You know we watch too many Duck Dynasty when we always says 'Hey' like Uncle Si.
I know I am late to the show but gosh I love Duck Dynasty. I wish I had an uncle Si.
Gotta love dat Duck Dynasty and their Smooch Booth... who wants to kiss Uncle Si? Lmao!
“A little Duck Dynasty marathon on right now! you uncle Si
Duck Dynasty is awesome and go uncle Si. Go take a nap JACK!
FOR SALE: I have 2 tickets to see Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty in Hattiesburg for Feb 1 for sale. Bought them earlier and now can't go. Any takers? Inbox for price...
So, Southeast Christian announced Momentum Week in April tonight. The speakers include Dave Ramsey, the Robertson clan from Duck Dynasty including Willie and Uncle Si, and wait for it... Tim Tebow. How's that for an uplifting week??
My Saturday night ... Switching back and forth between watching "Modern Family" and "Duck Dynasty" reruns ... Love Cam and Uncle Si!!!
Uncle Si Robertson from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty" chats with Arthur Kade about his new book "Si-Cology".
Duck Dynasty - you gotta love Uncle Si! - Awesome series, just makes me smile. :)
I just realized something about John Luke on Duck Dynasty. He is a baby Uncle Si!
Am I the only one who thinks this season of Duck Dynasty is a little too "Uncle Si-centric?"
Duck Dynasty ratings lowest since 2012...I don't think it has anything to do with the recent controversy, people have just moved on. The network has now overproduced it with stupid "Uncle Si" sayings and forgot what the show was about. I used to like it but now it's just more "stupid talk" than it is a show.
**Duck Dynasty** Whooyah the Uncle Si :)... he's kinda outrageously creative, yup he's so country like funny ((lol)) in terms of doing his selfie = role play on the moves with go pro-cam! Of course, he's supported by his cool family ;) God Bless Y'All
We are such huge fans of Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, we decided to have an ENTIRE page dedicated to his awesomeness, "JACK!"
'Duck Dynasty' recap: What it's like to be Uncle Si, a ‘duck-umentary’: Move over Phil, it's Uncle Si's time i...
'Duck Dynasty' focuses on Si, - Sent via the Fox News Android App.
An interview with Uncle Si of 'Duck Dynasty'? Actress Stacey Dash is ready!
MetroNews Morning News Headlines: Snowfall is coming down at about an inch an hour this morning. West Virginia is under a winter storm warning through tomorrow. Snow will accumulate significantly and be followed by a blast of arctic air. The President of West Virginia American Water is trying to reassure customers the water is safe to drink in the nine counties which were under the water emergency. Jeff McIntyre says he and his family have resumed drinking their water, but realizes some are still leery. He admits in some cases the odor of MCHM is still present and cannot say for how long it will be there. A body found along Route 10 in Cabell County back on Friday is confirmed to be that of a woman missing since Christmas Eve. Deputies believe Diane Bess, 21, was murdered. A cause of death was not revealed. ...and six members of the cast from Duck Dynasty will appear February 22 at the Charleston Civic Center. They'll be on hand as fundraiser for a children's youth ministry organization. Due to att ...
I wanna chill with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! Dude
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is gonna be in Charleston next month 😝
He looks like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. kyle_jack
Uncle Si (Duck Dynasty) has a wife and daughter who didn't want to be in the show. Who doesn't want to be a TV star? Makes you kind of curious about them, doesn't it?
We want to know what you think. Is Duck Dynasty on A&E's Uncle Si's daughter HOT or NOT?
... READY TO WIN? - If you watched the premiere of Season 5 of "Duck Dynasty" then this should be easy. The first four people with the correct answer will each win two passes to this weekend's Ag Expo at the Ike. The passes are good for EITHER Friday or Saturday - your choice. And the question is: What movie did Uncle Si want to watch while recovering at Phil and Miss Kay's? Good luck!
Hamilton Collection
Uncle Si is hilarious.Duck Dynasty is the ish lol
My niece with a Duck Dynasty beard and an Uncle Si Iced Tea cup :D
Need a cozy up TV night? What's more romantic than Uncle Si??? Reply here for your chance to score Duck Dynasty season 4 and Shameless season 3 on DVD! Winner picked at 1030!
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty has the best chat up lines I've ever heard!!
Watching Duck Dynasty for the first time. Uncle Si is pretty funny.
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty always has priceless words of wisdom to share….and this might be his best yet!
Duck Dynasty will not survive with just Uncle Si, they need Phil...
Can't wait for the new Duck Dynasty guns! I want the Uncle Si model. It's rapid-fire, though you have no idea in what direction it'll shoot.
Leaving West Monroe, Louisiana now. It was a good day. We visited the Duck Commander warehouse & store where Duck Dynasty is filmed. Nathan even spotted Uncle Si. Girls got their first duck call and are happy, happy, happy!!
Watching Duck Dynasty when Uncle Si is obsessed with You toot! LOL!
Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty" has to be the funniest brother ever 󾌴󾌸
On this Duck Dynasty &&& THATS A FACT JACK in my Uncle Si voice
My fav Duck Dynasty character is Uncle Si because he is a Vietnam Veteran and served in the U.S. Army so many years after.
Duck Dynasty will have to roll on without Phil Robertson. The founder of the Duck Commander Co. was suspended Wednesday for anti *** comments he made in an interview with GQ. In the interview, which was released Wednesday, he likened homosexuality with bestiality as a form of deviant behavior. A&E Networks, which runs the show, said in a statement. "We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson's comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series Duck Dynasty. His personal views in no way reflect those of A&E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely." No word if Phil's comment will affect any of the Duck Dynasty gang's licensing deals, but those hoping for a Duck Dynasty Chia Pet can rest easy. Only Willie's and Uncle Si's likenesses are featured in Chia Pet's collection of planters with growing beards. Source: E! News So what do you think ...
Who's still watching Duck Dynasty is my big question? I'm sure if he felt that way his sons do as well. But in better news Uncle Si may not
The one thing I really wanna hear during all this Duck Dynasty drama is what Uncle Si thinks...😂
Son, Uncle Si and Willie from Duck Dynasty has their own chia now! I'm not doing something right cause they are making money for no reason
Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle by Si Robertson via
Uncle Si's the best part of Duck Dynasty anyways
Question about this Duck Dynasty nonsense? Is anyone really shocked that Uncle Si is a homophobe? Really?
Uncle Si the funniest character on Duck Dynasty tho.
Phil Robertson suspended indefinitely from Duck Dynasty? *** is Uncle Si gonna do now.
Photos: The Men of Duck Dynasty - Phil Robertson, Uncle Si, and the rest of the cast of reality TV's most popular ...
Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty recommends Epsom salt for aches and pains. Will you take his advice the next time...
ACS just announced that Uncle Si Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, will visit Abilene on April 13 and speak at Moody Coliseum at
Duck Dynasty never gets old.. I love Uncle Si!!
Uncle Si is a straight fool. Duck Dynasty
Who kew that Jase Robertson could sing! And his wife Missy, that girl has got a beautiful voice. If you want to listen to some great xmas music, get the Duck Dynasty xmas cd! It freaking rocks and Uncle Si is hilarious! I know, I totally got sucked in and I'm digging it and yes, I'm crazy! Y'll should try it my way! It's awesome
Lol Uncle Si as an elf on Duck Dynasty!
In case you've missed our album, let me tell you what Southern Savvy Shoppe has to offer! Fun Duck Dynasty items like bracelets and a Uncle Si keychain plus a pretty pink flower pouch with wrist strap and cute silver earrings. If you need some great gift ideas for the kiddos check out the charm bracelets and owl by Precious Angels Boutique. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty explains his version of "The Night Before Christmas."...
I forgot about Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty, so that makes 62.
I love Duck Dynasty.. i can watch Uncle SI all day.. lol
Watching new episode of Duck Dynasty noticed willie's son is more like the Uncle Si Robertson
In honor of Duck Dynasty's Christmas Special, we've got a supercut of Uncle Si's best quotes! Watch:
Messing with the Bobble-Head of Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty that my girlfriend gave me lol
Lol man I can sit nd watch Duck Dynasty all *** day, Uncle Si be having me weak!!
Come on... that's Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty". Shaving not gonna happen. Great message, Uncle Si. Thanks. Merry CHRISTmas
I just want to meet Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is that too much to ask for?
Decided to get my mom a ch ch ch chia of Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty for Xmas. *** yes
Am I the only one who watches Duck Dynasty sometimes.. I swear Uncle Si hella funny
11/22/13 Grif.Net - Duck Dynasty Jedi Had some strange folks come to the door at Halloween. Dressed half in Star Wars and half in Duck Dynasty gear. Caused me to think . . You might be a DUCK DYNASTY JEDI if . . . -- Your Jedi robe is camouflage. -- You ever heard the phrase, "May the Force be with y'all." -- You have ever used your light saber to open a bag of moon pies. -- You can easily describe the taste of an Ewok. -- The worst part of spending time on Dagobah is the dad-gum skeeters. -- Wookies are offended by your body odor. -- You have ever used the Force in conjunction with your deer blind. -- You've programmed your R-2 unit to imitate eleven different duck calls. -- You have the Confederate flag painted on the hood of your land-speeder. -- Although you had to kill him, you thought Jabba the Hutt had a pretty good handle on how to treat his women. -- You have a cousin who bears a strong resemblance to Uncle Si or Chewbacca. -- You replace the beverages in the Cantina with a Tupperware container . ...
would like to thank a very special friend tonight who arranged to have Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty sign copies of...
If it wasn't for Uncle Si, I wouldn't watch Duck Dynasty.
So, I really like Duck Dynasty. And I wish Uncle Si was my uncle, too.
I am going to Monroe for the holiday. We will be taking the ( 40) year old boys to the Duck Dynasty store and film site. Any requests? Any ladies as hot for Uncle Si as I am?
If you read the word "NAH" in Uncle Si's voice you know you watch too much Duck Dynasty!
If you love Duck Dynasty--you'll love this. Don't be Uncle Si when you fry!!
Do YOU or someone you know look like Phil, Willie, Jase or Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty? If so, I need them. Top Secret project.
Robin stopped by WalMart and reports that Duck Dynasty has commandeered the store. There was an Uncle Si beach towel, for crying out loud!
I think my mom has a crush on Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty😅
Thanks Amanda Jo. I got the number 3 so here are 3 things about me you may not know: 1. I knew a Sergeant First Class Silas Robertson when I was in the Army. He was clean shaven, had short hair and was crazy as a switch engine. (You may know him as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty) 2. I hate crowds and having people standing behind me. I avoid both at all cost by either not going in, leaving the area, standing up and waking around when someone is behind me while I'm sitting, or waiting on a different table at a dinning establishment if the only one available has my back to the door or a crowd. 3. I am a horrible speller. I am so bad that spell checker has given up even trying before and sometimes I have to restructure sentences or use other alternate words in place of the one I can not spell (or get close enough to for spell checker to figure out).Case point example, dinning establishment in item 2. of this list.
Love the Duck Dynasty clan! Thanks to Uncle Si, my mantra for next election is, "It's on like Donkey Kong, Jack!".
Went and saw Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty tonight
Happy, happy: Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty" to make an appearance at Fred Meyer in Lacey tonight from 5-7 p.m.
My uncle looked like Si from Duck Dynasty. Just as funny too lmao
beginning a Duck Dynasty marathon with my babes. getting ready for wednesday BABY!! i have to remember to purchase a jug and a green cup for my tea. i wonder if Uncle Si would autograph them for me. :D
Watching the latest Veggietales Christmas Special feat. Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Finally, turnips are in the Veggietales universe
If you say Uncle Si I'm going to assume that you mean the one from Duck Dynasty not Simon Cowell
Just heard that uncle si from Duck Dynasty was in town the other day. So why didn't I get to meet him?! 😭
So I'm not on this Duck Dynasty bandwagon, but this is pretty good: Uncle Si..."Most people can tell you what (John 3) 16 says, OK. 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.' But they don't know nothin' about 17. It says Jesus didn't come to condemn us. If anybody had a right to condemn someone, it would be the son of God. If he didn't do it, then hey, we definitely are not qualified to do it."
So I got on a christian bookstore website because I am on the hunt for a cover for my newest bible and I saw them advertising a new veggie tales movie. At first I was shocked that they were still making veggie tales (heck new ones were coming out when I was REALLY little). Then I saw this cumber in the corner that looks like Larry with a beard. Then I realized the beard looked a lot like the Duck Dynasty beards. Then I noticed the writing above the cucumber that reads, "featuring the voice of Si Robertson." I could not believe that was who I though it was but I looked it up and it is Uncle Si. Apparently he is a preacher. I'm still processing this...
You should come visit our church tomorrow morning then head across the street to the new Field and Stream store to meet Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty...
Me and my bottle of Iced Tea. I'm like Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty, Jack. have fun at the Ranch.
Please see the link below to watch the great promo Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty did for Samaritan’s...
Today was "Duck Dynasty" day at school. I had two students dress like Willie! It was great! Thank goodness I didn't have any come in as Uncle Si...I'm not sure if I would have been able to get anything done!! Red Ribbon Week...just say NO to drugs people!!! :-)
Duck Dynasty has to be the best programme on TV! Uncle Si makes it with his madness!
Why, oh Why, do we like Si? Uncle Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty that is - News - Bubblews
'Duck Dynasty': Si's best wise-quacks - Any fan of Duck Dynasty knows that Uncle Si doesn’t like to watch...
Watch Uncle Si from "Duck Dynasty" dress up like a giant mutant beaver
Duck Dynasty on DVR. Uncle Si is killing me! 😂😂😂
my son evan wanted to be for halloween his fav character from Duck Dynasty "Uncle Si"
Evan got to dress up as his favorite character of Duck Dynasty "Uncle Si"
"Uncle Si" from Duck Dynasty says we don't need gun control... we need sin control. He's right:.
What's Up With BOB Today? •Duck Dynasty Scarecrow: Police in Ball Ground, Georgia nabbed the 16-year-old who allegedly stole a scarecrow that was made in the image of Duck Dynasty star Uncle Si. Charred remains of the replica were found in the teen’s backyard. •Bill Nye: The Science Guy joins Bob Newhart on the November 7th episode of The Big Bang Theory. •Jeff Garcia: The ex-quarterback says he was just kidding when he talked of an NFL comeback at age 43. •Fired waitress hair: 25-year-old Farryn Johnson filed a lawsuit saying she was wrongly fired from Hooters over “unnatural” hair color and an “improper image.”
Yes, I really have a Duck Dynasty pillow and a poster, both with Uncle Si on them lol.
Georgia teen arrested after stealing (and burning) life-sized scarecrow replica of Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si.
Duck Dynasty scarecrow of Uncle Si stolen and burned: A teenager steals and burns a hand-crafted...
Police say a 16-year-old confessed to stealing this scarecrow depicting Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty and burning it.
Love the Duck Dynasty family! Uncle Si reminds me of my Uncle Charles! A prankster and funny! Beard too!
Pretty sure I only watch Duck Dynasty cause of Uncle Si.
Sundays and Wednesdays its all Duck Dynasty, addicted and love me some Uncle Si
The funniest moment at Catalyst had to be the interview with Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. He is the real deal.
Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty is my favourite type of human being.
A&E editors shdn't blip anything from "Duck Dynasty" audio. No one shld want Phil or Uncle Si on an enemy list.
LAKE BOB, PHC -- Two grandchildren of Phil Robertson, famed patriarch of reality television show Duck Dynasty, will attend Patrick Henry College next fall, according to a reveal of this week's episode posted on   When asked for comment by this newspaper, Phil said he was “Happy, happy, happy.” Indeed, given the duck dynast’s public prayer and recent outspoken political statements, PHC seems a natural fit for his grandchildren. According to Phil's brother “Uncle Si,” PHC will "Keep ’em close to their natural habitat,” he declaimed while gesturing to the proximity of the college's dorms to Lake Bob on a Google Earth printout.   College leaders anticipate a smooth transition for the Robertson students into PHC's welcoming community. “We’re going to make sure the Dining Commons serves frog legs at least once a week, but other than that things won't change much around here,” said Dean of Student Life Sandra Corbitt. Founder and Supreme Chancellor Michael Farris spoke to the m ...
On the other hand, I'd be very impressed by any girl who dresses as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty for Halloween.
If we're Phil/Kay from Duck Dynasty at Hammer, we need Hillbilly Jack to be our Uncle Si!
'Duck Dynasty' recap: Uncle Si gets into a fender bender with Willie
Gotta love Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si's wisdom.. lol Hope all is well with you.
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Oh and one more thing I'm missing this weekend: Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty will be here on Sunday.
lol I'm thinking about being Uncle Si off of Duck Dynasty!
didn't know Duck Dynasty was in town. At least uncle Si is getting his nap in...
Does anyone else LOVE watching Duck Dynasty or is it just me? Uncle Si is my favorite!
Duck Dynasty day tomorrow! Uncle Si and camo, can't wait to see some awesome getups!
Check out Pitt HC Jamie Dixon dressed up as Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty during Pitt's Morning Madness.
I dreamt that me & Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty went on a crazy adventure in his truck 😂
Duck Dynasty has presence at the State Fair of Texas® . 3 chickens in the pot wins Uncle Si doll?
GET READY!! 1:20 I'll be looking for a "Si Synopsis"! I'll give you the episode of Duck Dynasty and YOU will need to give me the low-down on what Uncle Si said or did in that particular show! The first person to tell me, gets 2 tickets to see Si and Alan Robertson at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum Friday Oct 25th!
I've just discovered Duck Dynasty. Please let me be like uncle Si when I get old. That beard! Those beards. Where's me banjo?..
please get the members of Duck Dynasty to join for one episode. U could teach Uncle Si to jack leg. Then..bonfire party!
I’ve brought you lots of stories about school officials terrified of the Second Amendment. But some aren’t so crazy about the First Amendment, either… That story next…Hunter Spain is a student at Dinwiddie High School in Virginia. He was ordered to change his T-shirt because school officials said it made an implied threat of violence. It was a “Duck Dynasty” T-shirt with Uncle Si on it, saying, “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically.” It was a gift from his grandmother. The superintendent claimed that if you didn’t know “Duck Dynasty,” you might think that was a real threat. Or if you couldn’t spot an obvious joke T-shirt at 20 paces. Hunter and his parents thought it was stupid, but he changed his T-shirt. Meanwhile, an interviewer asked Uncle Si why he thinks “Duck Dynasty” is so popular. He said he thinks it’s because they remind Americans of what this country was founded on: Bible-toting, God-fearing men and women. Now, THERE’S a quote that no public s ...
All that matters is that Duck Dynasty is coming to my church. I'm going to meet Uncle Si if it's the last thing I do.
Can never get enough of Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty may have Uncle Si, but we've got Uncle Ken. I'll take that every time.
I feel like Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty. I'm walking around everywhere with my cup of tea. 😁
Do you watch Duck Dynasty? I am addicted to that show! Uncle Si is the bomb and here is a polish dedicated to...
Good morning. Senator Ted Cruz is still speaking on the Senate floor! While you were sleeping Senator Mike Lee of Utah gave a speech in the form of a question to Senator Cruz in which he discussed every trick and scheme used to pass this healthcare law, up to and including the supreme court decision, everything that is illegal about that ruling, and the immoral and illegal acts of the president and congress to exempt themselves, and big business from this monstrosity, but continuing to screw over us, the American people. Senator Cruz quoted Uncle Si, Willie, Jase, Phil, and other members of the Robertson Clan of Duck Dynasty fame, and read Toby Keith lyrics using all in a way that is relevent to his argument against this horrible law. Anyone that can't get behind that probably hates baseball, football, mama, applepie, and America, and doesn't tear up at the end of the movie when Old Yeller dies. If your Senator claims he doesn't support communist healthcare, but is doing nothing to stop it while attacking ...
Arthur Kade chats with Uncle Si Robertson from A&E's hit show 'Duck Dynasty'. Uncle Si has a new book 'Si-cology' where 95 percent of his stories are truthful and you need to find out which ones are false. Watch Si and his family on 'Duck Dynasty' every W
Just watched another episode of Buck Commander. I have yet to make it thru one episode of Duck Dynasty. I guess I just don't like well rehearsed live action cartoons. Ya'all DD fans can keep the Robertson's being stupid all the way to the bank. I'll settle for the honest Robertson's, not being juvenile cartoons of themselves, but just being themselves. No 'actor' Uncle Si, no 'actor' Daddy Phil. Just the college educated boys doing what they really love to do and that's seriously hunt. Buck Commander is a well produced hunting show. The Robertson boys know it well.
Reasons I watch Duck Dynasty:. 5%- Uncle Si . 95%- Hoping to see John Luke because he's really attractive 😍😍
I absolutely love Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.he said "hey wearing this uniform makes me want to kick my own butt" referring to the uniform shirts Willie is trying to make them wear. So funny
Tlist, I'm dying. rotflmao Imagine the guys of Duck Dynasty hanging out with Korean celebs. Uncle Si... /dead
Hey Hey Hey My Boys "Duck Dynasty" Willie, Uncle Si & Jep were special guest on Fox News this Morning. If you haven't watched this show you need to Wednesday Nights @ 10pm on A&E Over 20 Million viewers each week. And always make sure you watch it to the end where the best part of the show happens!! There are still positive and funny shows to watch with the family that are some of life's lessons along the way. Send this to your friends. Take That Jack, Happy Happy Happy!!! You'll understand this if your a little bit of a RedNeck!! ;-)
I recently spoke with reality TV's favorite uncle—"Uncle Si" from Duck Dynasty. Si’s new book, “Si-cology 1” is a laugh-out-loud journey through his life. But along the way, Si highlights how crucial it is to build one's life around God's design f...
Funny man Si Robertson is perhaps the biggest breakout star of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty." When the show began, Uncle Si was only slated to appear occasionally, but that soon changed.
Go on an exclusive tour of the Duck Commander warehouse and meet Uncle Si's wife! via
Duck Dynasty is quite possibly the most entertaining show on television. Uncle Si for president.
if was anyone on Duck Dynasty she'd be Uncle Si forsure with all her corny sayings
Pickup lines by Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty: You're on fire, like donut grease!
Suzanne and I are both Willie Robertson and Duck Dynasty fans. We are more of the "Uncle Si" vintage.
'Duck Dynasty': Uncle Si's Advice For Impressing Women - On the latest episode of...
New Duck Dynasty Season is off to a great start! Who would of thought Uncle Si would be a "Best Man." Ready 4 NC Duck Season
**'Duck Dynasty's' Uncle Si: 'I Believe in the Resurrection of the Dead; I See It All the Time'** via
Sorry, I missed it last night My hubby usually watches Duck Dynasty he likes Uncle Si!! Lol
I don't know who I like better; Sheldon from Big Bang or Uncle SI from Duck Dynasty
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is my favorite person in world 😂
Really starting to like Duck Dynasty. No clue how anyone likes Uncle Si though.
"You can't worry about an inch of fabric, there are worse things to worry about." Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is so funny to me lol
Jase and Uncle Si are the real star of Duck Dynasty, not Willie.
I freakin love Duck Dynasty uncle si has to be the funniest guy ever can't stop laughing at his stories
Uncle Si in Duck Dynasty is hilarious. Every word that comes outta his mouth is straight jokes
My favorite part about Duck Dynasty is Uncle Si.
We gotta get the Duck Dynasty guys to Fayetteville for a home game. Uncle Si will the tea glass
Love watching Duck Dynasty with the hubby. Uncle Si is awesome (Jack)
I want the guys from Duck Dynasty to go to Manila! I need some life lessons from Uncle Si and maybe a hug too or smth yeah I'll stop talking
Geico meets Duck Dynasty:. I'm happier than Uncle Si in an arcade.
Duck Dynasty it is. Love this show uncle Si is hilarious!
Duck Dynasty Season 4 Premiere Date Set For August 14th Season 4 of Duck Dynasty is just 6 weeks away! Sadie Robertson shared the exciting news last night – Duck Dynasty is set to return for a fourth season on August 14th! Along with Jase, Willie, Phil, Jep, and Uncle Si and their families, we will get to meet the "other" Robertson brother, Alan – aka the "beardless one"! CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON UNCLE SI IS RELEASING A BOOK Season 3 of the smash hit series helped it become one of the most watched reality TV shows of 2013. Even their reruns draw in more viewers than a lot of the Bravo shows' brand new episodes. Discovery knows they've got a runaway hit and are cranking out the seasons pretty close together, which is great for those of us who hate waiting a year or more in between! TAKE A CRUISE WITH THE ROBERTSON FAMILY TELL US – ARE YOU PSYCHED TO HAVE THE QUACK PACK BACK SO SOON? Photo Credit: Instagram
Nashville: Absolutely loved shooting with Phil and Miss Kay, Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty (my favorite show on TV ) at the KLOVE radio network Listners Choice Awards in Nashville! Tons of "Likes" to Chuck Pryor for making that dream come true! Hey Jack, lets get Willie and Korie and especially Uncle Si out there too! Happy, Happy, Happy!
The only reason why I want to visit West Monroe, Louisiana is because I want to meet Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty :)
Ok, Tyson, here is my thoughts, but some of you may be getting the wrong idea. I am a veteran, but a veteran of the Vietnam War, not World War II. Yes, me and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. But today was a significant day in history. Today we celebrated the Normandy Invasion of World War II or D-Day. I, too, have seen the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, “The Longest Day”, and the HBO mini series “A Band of Brothers”. Although the battle scenes in those depictions were pretty intense, I am sure they did not even come close to the terror of the actual invasion. I will be like Cliff from cheers and give you a “little know fact” about D-Day….. This story starts pretty much like all my stories….. When I was a kid, I used to listen to an AM radio station that broadcast from Chicago, Illinois. Each evening, Paul Harvey would tell a story of interest and he would always finish the story with, “And now you know the rest of the story.” There were many nights I listened with interest but one story ...
You have to get Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty on. Outside of Uncle Si, he is the funniest.
David Crowder (looking like Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty) singing "Because He Lives" at Catalyst. Bill Gaither would be so proud...
The fact that Uncle Si and Duck Dynasty are in the Wagon Wheel music video make me love that song 100x more 😍
"Duck Dynasty" wife Jessica Robertson dishes on Uncle Si, beards and what you don't see on the show.
Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty is like an old Jack Barakat
'Duck Dynasty' season finale preview: Willie Robertson and Uncle Si go surfing
"We're making duck calls while our senile uncle threatens everyone with a taser," Jase Robertson on Uncle Si, "Duck Dynasty"
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Real Life questions brought on by watching Duck Dynasty... Will I be an Uncle Si when I get old?!
Super stoked Uncle Si and the rest of Duck Dynasty are in Darius Rucker new video
First it was Ryan Dunn from *** ..then it was Shain Gandee from is gonna be Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.
Anybody else catching the new George Kell commercials with Jase & Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty on KAIT? Too funny!!
Since they had Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty play King Saul, I can't wait to see who they gone have play Jesus.
if i didn't have a bad knee I'd be in the nba right now - Duck Dynasty - Uncle Si | Meme Generator via
I am not sure why I find this Finding Bigfoot show so funny and entertaining, but today I had a revelation. Maybe instead of the 4 people that go out searching at night, they should send Phil, Willie, Jase, and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty out hunting for Bigfoot. Now that would be entertaining.
My lady wanted me to grow a beard like Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E. I tried, but all of my old whiskers are gray, and all of the new ones are white... I would end up looking more like Uncle Si.
Jerry Carden, my children's father, and my old boyfriend, from years gone by said to let everyone know who he saw last night. He has to travel a lot and he has a routine stop over place when he goes to Arkansas or Texas. Oh, I forgot to mention that his routine spot is West Munroe, LA, each time. He was on his way home last night and had stopped at the Buffalo Wings place to eat, and Duck Dynasty was on all the numerous TV'S in the place and the new show was on. Everyone was laughing and talking and the guy sitting next to him said you know they are out on the patio watching the show together right now. Jerry was lik, are you kidding me? He said no take a look and he walked over to the enclosed patio and there was the whole Robinson Clan eating and watching the snow together. He made a picture and sent to me but I don't know how to put it on there Uncle Si, and Phil were sitting at the head of the table, and Ms Kay was not far from him. One of my girls said he called and told her and he was beside himself ...
Faith, family and ducks: Behind the scenes of 'Duck Dynasty' BOBBY ROSS JR. | The Christian Chronicle ShareThis Print This Respond to Article PHOTO PROVIDED BY AL ROBERTSON Jacob and Esaus - Al Robertson, third from left, dares to be different. He's pictured with his brothers Willie and Jase, father Phil, uncle Si, brother Jeptha and duck call makers Justin Martin and John Godwin. FOR THESE REALITY TV STARS, ‘holding Hollywood's hand’ presents a challenge as they endeavor to share Jesus. West Monroe, La. — Hollywood, meet the real Robertsons. A&E’s hit reality series “Duck Dynasty” has made celebrities out of Duck Commander Phil Robertson, his wife Kay and their bearded, camo-clad sons Willie, Jase and Jeptha, not to mention “Uncle Si,” Phil’s younger brother. As the network portrays it, the series — whose Season 1 finale drew 2.6 million viewers — follows a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving duck call and decoy business while staying true to ...
Aye Jack! *Uncle Si voice* New Season of Duck Dynasty tonight at 10pm
I love a good hoodwinking. I think we as a nation fell hook line and sinker for some lovable hairy rednecks who to all appearances just fell into a wad of money through a little homemade business. And yes they are all out funny, they have great families and they squabble like there is no tomorrow. Yes, Duck Dynasty.they are like somebody from Four Mile running a mega business and loving it. There isthe crazy Vietnam vet Uncle Si, whom most of us know...everybody has an uncle like him! But then I started noticing that every single one of these people enunciate their worlds clearly. Nobody drops their G's. not runnin but running. not doin but doing. And they show a true love of family, a hard work ethic and grandpa and grandma are truly king and queen of the clan. So I start to investigate. Mr. Phil has his Master's degree in education and is a minister. He was an outstanding athlete in college and was ranked number one quarterback but gave the position to Terry Bradshaw who was number two. All of the boys ...
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty has made his way to Bud Walton Arena this afternoon:
Punxsutawney Phil pops out of his hole. Uncle Si shoots him to make stew. On the new Duck Dynasty!!!
In line at Winter Jam...guy walked by looks like a cross between Jesus and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
Update your maps at Navteq
sorry to say my dad and I couldn't get into your fav movie with George Bailey. Instead, it's Uncle Si and Duck Dynasty.
Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty is Billy Bob Thornton in 5 years.
To those who are amazed by the people on Duck Dynasty: go to Southern Illinois sometime. I guarantee you'll find an Uncle Si.
I now have another dream to add to my dream life list... I want to speak for Brother Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander of the infamous Duck Dynasty, at his church in West Monroe, Louisiana. And then I want to meet his whole family and sit down at their big table and eat with them. Oh, and I want to sit next to Uncle Si and fellowship with him...JACK!!
Things I'm thankful for over the past week: Eric Church, the guy laughing with me through the new Twilight movie, Fantasty Sports, Crown Royal, and Family who will laugh at Duck Dynasty, Jase and Uncle Si.Not in that order
-- just like a true Louisianian.. Back in the hotel room for an early wake up tomorrow and watching Duck Dynasty! Love me some Uncle Si and impersonating Mountain Man whenever he comes around!
Ok I've heard it all. Uncle Si from the Duck Dynasty singing the Humpty Dance
Nothing like a good dose of Duck Dynasty to help in the healing process. After 5 days of no shaving, I have my own "Uncle Si"! Oh my I am on big trouble. I can't thank my friends and family enough for your prayers and love . Happy Thanksgiving. Di Di Ann Perkins
The dad from the show "Duck Dynasty" Phil is so laid back~ The show is growing on me!! & Uncle Si is the the Chris Tucker of the bunch he provides the comedy!! If these Country Boyz can get a show, I know the world would LOVE MY FAMILY: We need a show...
Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty said that taking care of little girls is like being in a fire fight in Viet Nam. Boy did he hit the nail on the head!
I'm watching one of my fave tv series show--Duck Dynasty, right now. "Hey, Jack!" Remember the movie, "Good Morning Vietnam"; "Hey, I was a "Good Afternoon Vietnam"; It was partly my ideal that made him famous, Ok, He's right on my back." Uncle Si said. LOL! And also i'm gonna try to put a 1000 piece deer puzzle together in a little bit, in memory of my dad. Peace Out, Ashley C.
So I'm watching Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si busts out with in Living Color. Then this is how we do it! Let me find out about Uncle Si!
Josh Parrish has Messed Me Up-I am watching Duck Dynasty,almost Addicted! I may even have to visit Uncle Si & Toby Frost in West Monroe !!!
"Duck Dynasty"-great show. Just read the new book by "Willie & Korie Robertson"-thanks for sharing. We wanna play cornhole with Uncle Si!:-)
LOL...Ryan just informed me that he is Uncle Si today from Duck Dynasty on A&E...he has him some Iced Tea, LOL
I am almost ashamed to say I actually watched Duck Dynasty last night. That is the funniest show I have ever seen. It's like Beverly Hillbillies go redneck. Everyone needs an Uncle Si.
So im lookin at Duck Dynasty n the older fellow named Uncle Si ( i think) startin singin " stop what u doin cuz im bout to ruin the image n style dat u used too.. *** Digital Underground. dont get any better then that n i Love it.
Watching late nite TV Duck Dynasty on Demand- just heard one of the best lines ever: Willie gets interviewed on Mountain Man's radio show and has to take Si with him. Si's experience on the radio during the Vietnam War makes him an expert, and he decides to spice things up because he finds this particular show to be boring. Uncle Si: "it's radio! It's like Nascar or figure skating. You only watch it to see the crash!" Hilarious!
anybody ever watch Duck Dynasty with crazy Uncle Si ? Watching these poll results reminds me of what he says "It's on like Donkey Kong"...LOL
To write in Troy Landry from Swamp People or Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty for President? Tough choice but better than the alternatives...
I just found out Duck Dynasty is coming to Alabama!! Hot Dog!! I wanna sip some tea with Uncle Si!!
Third Place Winners from EP, the Duck Commanders (Duck Dynasty) Phil (Heather Sanders), Uncle Si (me), Willie (My Aunt Becky), and Jayce (Nicole Brown). Love working at the East Prairie focus bank!!
Why was Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty just singing a song by Digital Underground, i done heard it all now..
I'm growing my beard out til next Halloween so i can go out as Willie Robertson. Anybody want to help complete the Duck Dynasty cast and go with me? Btw I'm only going as Willie because i don't plan on losing enough weight to go as Uncle Si. HEY!
Lol. Just left Bass Pro.they have Uncle Si's plastic tea cup for 7.99!!! It's a green, skinny plastic cup! I love Duck Dynasty, but I could buy 20 of the exact same thing from Walmart for that price.
I'm at a bar today, and there is a lady here who seems a tad crazy. And by a tad crazy, I mean that she is just a full beard away from being Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Hey, it's on like Donkey Kong, Jack!!
So weak Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty just just qouted Humpty Hump song im so weak!
Instead of rebuilding Big Tex, I think they should build a forty foot Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty! I can hear em now " Hey, Your at the State Fair of Texas Jack" ! That would be awesome!!!
Pretty sure Jim Leyland and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty would get along just fine.
Duck Dynasty and President Obama - I think we need to apply Uncle Si and Phil Roberts words to the White House - "All you have working for you are Scrubs", and after Nov 6th it will be "Scrubs Out"
Ok college football fans all I can say is LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE.. because in the immortal words of Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty " it is on like Donkey Kong, jack" OU.. Texas weekend is here and there are going to be sparks flying in the Cotton Bowl!!
You got to love these guys!! Uncle Si just busted out with the Humpty Dance!! Duck Dynasty
Today's sign of the Apocalypse... Watching "Duck Dynasty" and Uncle Si is quoting lyrics from Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance".
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