Duck Dynasty & Terry Bradshaw

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. Terry Paxton Bradshaw (born September 2, 1948) is a former American football quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL). 5.0/5

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Terry Bradshaw used to be backup QB for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson back in college. He became starting QB when Phil quit to go hunting.
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, was a starting QB in college, who's backup for 2 years was 4x Super Bowl Champ and HOF Terry Bradshaw.
You know Phil Robertson for Duck Dynasty. Did you know he was a star Quarterback at Louisiana Tech w/ Terry Bradshaw? htt…
Four-time Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty) backup at QB at Louisiana Tech. http…
There's supposed to be 7 billion people in this world, but somehow the Duck Dynasty guy had Terry Bradshaw as his backup in college.
I liked a video Terry Bradshaw and 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson reunited
Like football? Know someone who does? Check out the life of former NFL Redskins running back Bob Brunet. From playing with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to Terry Bradshaw, Vince Lombardi, and Super Bowl VII, Brunet's story has everything a fan of the sport could want. Like or share, and be sure to come out this Wednesday night on Flannery Rd for free food, a men's night, and the "rest of the story!"
Phil Robertson the family patriarch on Duck Dynasty and creator of the Duck Commander duck call was a standout quarterback at Louisiana Tech University. Terry Bradshaw was the backup. He was contacted by the Washington Redskins after his junior year but chose instead to quit football because it interfered with duck hunting season. He has a net worth of $15M and Bradshaw a net worth of $10M.
him, the guys of Duck Dynasty, Terry Bradshaw.. A lot of big things happen there and are going to continue to happen!
Bet yall didnt know Terry Bradshaw use to be backup for Phil Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) in college!
Duck Commander to become title sponsor of Independence Bowl By Jerry Hinnen | College Football Writer February 24, 2014 09:38 AM ET Like Terry Bradshaw, Phil Robertson is a proud former Louisiana Tech quarterback. (USATSI) On paper, it's a match made in bowl sponsorship heaven. The Shreveport Times reported Sunday that Duck Commander -- the duck call brand made famous by the A&E reality series Duck Dynasty -- has reached a six-year agreement to become the title sponsor of the Shreveport, La.-based Independence Bowl. “We can confirm that Independence Bowl Foundation officials are very excited about a partnership with Duck Commander," Independence Bowl executive director Missy Setters told the Times. An official announcement will be made Wednesday, the paper reported. Duck Commander will become the 38-year-old bowl game's sixth title sponsor, replacing 2009-2013 sponsor Advocare. The company was founded by former Louisiana Tech quarterback Phil Robertson and is based in nearby Monroe, La. (And Tech is loc ...
So Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was the starting QB for Louisiana Tech in the 60's and Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw was his backup
From the world of WTW to make y'all scratch ya heads! Did you know: Phil Robertson, the star father on Duck Dynasty, was the starting qb at Lousianna Tech in front of Terry Bradshaw & quit after his junior season!!! Dude also had a masters degree in education!!!
Duck Dynasty : Saw an interview with Terry Bradshaw when he went to Collegeg guess who the STARTING QB was ?? Phil Robertson , Terry said he was GOOD but was much more interested in hunting /fishing than practice + football
I discovered that Terry Bradshaw played football with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson while in college. Bradshaw said he was a good player.
Just saw on FOX News, that Terry Bradshaw and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson played College Football together at Louisiana Tech in the 70's.
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Terry Bradshaw was back-up QB to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson at Louisiana Tech Univ. Interesting!
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw's lives have long been intertwined.
Terry Bradshaw sat on the bench for 2 years because Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was a better QB than he was!!! True Story...
Is Phil Robertson Running For the United States Senate? By Louis A. DeFreitas, Sr. Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made some comments in a vulgar manner that offended many homosexuals and many Blacks in America. What I found most interesting about Phil Robertson is that he is pushing the image that he is some kind of back woodsman who is without a formal education. He is pushing the notion that he is a man who would rather be hurting hogs and other animals than enjoying his modern home and his very classy wife, who he has been married to for over fifty years. Education of Robertson The image that Phil Robertson is portraying is the opposite of who he is. Phil Robertson is a graduate of one of Louisiana’s elite Universities, Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech has a Tier 1 national university ranking in last year’s U.S. News & World Report. At Louisiana Tech, Phil “Roxie” Robertson was the star quarterback on the football team. Terry Bradshaw was the second string quarterback behind Phi ...
Most sports fans know NFL Hall Of Famer and current co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, Terry Bradshaw. Some avid fans may know that he attended Louisiana Tech where he was their starting quarterback in 1966 and 1967. However, very, very few fans know that the quarterback that preceded Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech was a man who would go on to become extremely famous and make millions of dollars...but not as a football player. The man in question is none other than Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Read Joey Warner's account of Robertson's football career below:
Apparently Terry Bradshaw began as a 2nd string QB in college. The starter? Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The more you know...
Phil "Roxie" Robertson. Gave up football while at Louisiana Tech and gave Terry Bradshaw, next in the depth chart, the opportunity to further the careers of both men. Bradshaw to the NFL and himself as the Duck Commander duck call inventor and the Duck Dynasty reality show on A & E.
Did you know Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) backup quarterback in college?
Interesting facts about Phil Robertson. Phil has a Masters degree in education and a Bachelors degree in Physical Education. He went to Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship where he was the starting quarterback, Terry Bradshaw was the back up quarterback. The Washington Redskins offered him a contract but he declined stating that football conflicted with his hunting. Phil was a teacher for 2 years and said all that time in the classroom that he concluded he would rather be in the woods hunting. In 1972 he produced his first duck call and received a patent the same year. In Phil's latest book he stated that A & E (Duck Dynasty network) asked him to not pray in Jesus name during the family prayer meal. He also said that a lot of spiritual things are cut out of the show. A & E bleeped out words that Willie said to make it appear that he had cursed, Phil fought the producers and the bleeping stopped. My personal thoughts: Does A&E not understand that a large reason of the shows great success is because of ...
Terry Bradshaw on 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson - more
Wal-Mart gets flack every time you turn around but I'm going to give an A+ to Wal-Mart. This morning I had to go and get some medicine for W.C. and noticed people looking through Duck Dynasty items. I walked over to look too. 99% of the items were Duck Dynasty but I looked and saw "The Duck Commander Devotional" compiled by Alan Robertson. I bought it and took it to W.C. and told him it was one of his Christmas presents. You know every one keeps saying how ignorant Phil is on all these shows from NEW YORK but he not only went to college with Terry Bradshaw he also went to a 2 year program associated with a religious seminary as did Miss Kay. Well I got off track and chased a rabbit, but THANK YOU Wal-Mart for standing up for the people in Middle, Small town, God fearing America, you know who your customers are.
Terry Bradshaw -- 'Duck Dynasty' Guy is WRONG ...Bible Also Preaches Love Hey Terry, Phil was asked his views on sin.
Phil Robertson was starting Qb at LTech Terry Bradshaw interview with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty via
NFL Hall Of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw on Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, "That guy with that beard kept me on the bench for two years”.
After reading so many post on on here about supporters and non supporters of Phil Robertson, I just have to post this. I have actually read some post where people are judging this man for what he said and have basically put him in a stereotype of an un educated backwards old man from Louisiana. The facts are he is very educated with a bachelors in Physical Education and a masters in education. He has spent several years teaching. He played first string quarterback 2 years in college ahead of Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. He is a very sucessful business man. All he has done is stand up for what he believes in. I occassionaly watch his program when I get a chance but can't really say I am a big Duck Dynasty fan. However, whether you like him or not, all the man did was answer some questions and gave his Christian belief. I have read and listened to all of his remarks and I believe it has been taken to the nth degree. All I can say and this is my opinion, there is a huge difference in hating the ...
Just read a tidbit Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was the quartet back for La Tech guess who was his back up ??? Terry Bradshaw
What you folks might not know is that even though Hall Of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw came out of Louisiana Tech University touted as the top football prospect in the country, he spent two years on the bench as the backup to another man currently in the news. The other guy, according to Terry, was really that good, but he chose to NOT pursue professional football. Any guesses who that guy might have been? Phil Robertson... Duck Dynasty. Yep.
I read an article recently that said that Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, attended Louisiana Tech University with Terry Bradshaw. Phil actually played 1st string Qtr back ahead of Bradshaw. Interesting??? And also that all the men on Duck Dynasty used to be clean shaven but their women liked the beards : ) A&E give Phil back his part on Duck Dynasty!
Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburg Steelers Hall Of Fame quarterback, four times Superbowl champ and two times Superbowl MVP, was a backup at Louisiana Tech University to first string quarterback Phil Robertson. Oh, yeah, Phil Robertson, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty.” Who’da thunk it?
Duck Dynasty fans: did u kno tht Phil Robertson was an awesome quarterback, even being better then Terry Bradshaw. Phil was ahead of Bradshaw on Louisiana Tech depth chart. Was almost almost drafted to the NFL but gave up football with one year of eligibility remaining because the game nd any future in it interfered with his heart's dearest passion "duck-hunting season"
Any of yall watch Duck Dynasty? Did you know one of them were ahead of Terry Bradshaw at La. Tech as starting QB?
HOF QB Terry Bradshaw once backed up Phil Robertson, one of the bearded wonders from Duck Dynasty.
If you watch the TV show "Duck Dynasty" you will recognize Phil Robertson. Most people don't know he was a college quarterback at Louisiana Tech. His backup was an unknown named Terry Bradshaw.
Louisiana Tech honored former quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson, of A&E's Duck Dynasty fame, at halftime of the loss to Tulane.
This is epic man television. Terry Bradshaw reunites with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson
Fun Fact: Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) was 1st string Quarterback at Louisiana Tech in the 60s, Terry Bradshaw was 2nd string.
This was interesting to me. I just saw a clip on NFL great QB Terry Bradshaw. Did you know he backed up Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson in college at Lousianna Tech? Phil quit football thus making Bradshaw the starting QB which led to his NFL career. Additionaly, former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson was a defenive coach Louisiana Tech and recruited Bradshaw to La Tech. I don't know about you but I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing that.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was the starting QB over Super Bowl Champion quarterback Terry Bradshaw.
Just found out that Terry Bradshaw played football at Louisuana Yech behind Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Phil quit football and Terry took over . True story straight from Terry Bradshaw himself!
Ok on msn I just learned about Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty and the founder of Duck Commander Duck Calls. He got his degree from Louisianna Tech University in Physical Education, then went on and got a Masters Degree in education. He was a three sport varsity athlete in high school and earned a scholarship to Louisianna Tech University and was the starting quarterback, actually beating out Terry Bradshaw initially! Still lives on the same acreage he was a kid on and married his wife who is also starring on the show at 16. Got tired of teaching school and fished and hunted mostly for substinance but then invented and patented the Duck Call. Duck Commander and other related outdoor items they produce are sold in all 50 states and several companies around the world. He and his family are extremely self made successful people without Duck Dynasty and this just adds to the alure of the show, nothing fake these are real people who worked hard and are livin the dream! I love everything about them ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Wears fact , when Terry Bradshaw started as freshman quarterback for Louisiana Teck , Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was senior quarterback !
Phil from Duck Dynasty played QB at La. Tech back in the day. His backup was Terry Bradshaw! Watch more below:. BC
The old guy from Duck Dynasty played QB for La Tech ahead of Terry Bradshaw until he quit to "hunt ducks." Worked out well for both of them. True story.
I can't believe that Phil off Duck Dynasty was a starter in college over the legend Terry Bradshaw.. What a family man I wanna go hang out with Si and Phil lol I would never come back man !.!
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was honored during the La Tech game tonight. If you didn't know he started over Terry Bradshaw at Tech...
Former Louisiana Tech quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and the Duck Dynasty guy, honored at midfield:
Louisiana Tech honors former QBs Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson. Yes, the guy from Duck Dynasty:
read this: Terry Bradshaw decided to attend Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. He has much affinity for his alma mater. He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He was active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and spoke before many athletic banquets and other gatherings.[8] Initially, he was second on the depth chart at quarterback behind Phil "Roxie" Robertson, who would later become famous as the inventor of the Duck Commander duck call and television personality on the show Duck Dynasty.
Wow, the daddy on Duck Dynasty started ahead of Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech...
actually, the dad on Duck Dynasty use to back Terry Bradshaw in College
Did you know that Phil from Duck Dynasty played on the same Louisiana Tech team as Terry Bradshaw?
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson talks about his high school teammate, Terry Bradshaw.
Did you Know Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty started over NFL legend Terry Bradshaw at QB at Louisiana Tech.
Fun Fact: Phil Robertson (Inventor of Duck Dynasty) was starting QB @ Louisiana Tech for 2 seasons over Terry Bradshaw.
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty beat out Hall Of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw to start at Louisiana Tech when they were in college
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was a quarterback for Louisiana Tech. He had NFL talent and started over Terry Bradshaw in college but quit
Papa on 'Duck Dynasty', Phil, once started for Louisiana Tech in front of Terry Bradshaw but walked away. Did he make the right decision?
FYI Terry Bradshaw was 2nd string to Phil.Robertson star of Duck Dynasty at Louisiana Tech.
Anyone watch Duck Dynasty? Phil Robertson, was starting QB for Louisiana Tech ahead of NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.
Phil from Duck Dynasty started over Terry Bradshaw at quarterback for 2 years at Louisiana Tech.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was supposed to start over Super Bowl Champ Terry Bradshaw in college before he left to pursue duck hunting
Crazy fact, Phil from the show Duck Dynasty, started at QB in college over Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech University
Duck Dynasty fans: Phil Robertson turned down the NFL. He started at Louisiana Tech ahead of Terry Bradshaw, to focus on duck hunting.
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty talks to Larry King about playing College Football with Terry Bradshaw, and how he was almost drafted into the NFL.
Phil Robertson,(Willies Dad on Duck Dynasty) played College ball at Louisiana Tech with Terry Bradshaw, was drafted to the NFL, and passed it up because football season interfered . . . with duck hunting.
Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" turned down a promising career as an NFL quarterback to pursue what made him HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY; hunting and fishing. *** he made Terry Bradshaw ride the bench at Louisiana Tech. Read more here:
A little Duck Dynasty trivia! So what do these multimillionaire duck-call makers have to do with football? As it turns out, family patriarch Phil Robertson may have changed the course of Pittsburgh Steelers history. Tall, wiry and athletic, Robertson started at quarterback ahead of Hall Of Fame r Terry Bradshaw for two years at Louisiana Tech before ducks and squirrels lured him into the forests and swamps and away from the gridiron during his final college season. There's little question that Robertson had the talent to play in the NFL. None other than Alabama legend Bear Bryant called him one of the best prospects he had seen. "Sure, at the time Phil was there (he was better than Bradshaw)," former Louisiana Tech tackle Butch Williams said, via . "Of course, Terry was several years younger." In his 2001 book, "It's Only a Game ," Bradshaw recounted stories of Robertson coming to practice directly from the woods, "squirrel tails hanging out of his pockets, duck feathers on his clothes." "I promi ...
Terry Bradshaw was the backup at La Tech to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.
I really love the TV show Duck Dynasty! Check out info on Phil Robertson (the father)...he was quite the college quarterback, as in the one Terry Bradshaw followed in the footsteps of at Louisiana Tech.
just a tidbit of information most of you might not know that i just read. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty played College Football for Louisiana Tech and Started over the Pittsburgh Steeler great Terry Bradshaw ... he was projected to be in the NFL but gave it up for the woods. WOW   10% Off
Just read that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, kept Terry Bradshaw on the bench at Louisiana Tech.
Ok all you Duck Dynasty fans. Just read this and couldnt believe it. Phil Robertson turned down a pro football career. In the late 60's he was a quarterback ahead of the great Pittsburgh Steeler, Terry Bradshaw. Cool story.
Ha! Phil from Duck Dynasty played ahead Terry Bradshaw at La Tech
I didn't know Terry Bradshaw backed up Phil from Duck Dynasty at Louisiana Tech.
To all Duck Dynasty fans who are looking forward to the new season: thanks to my cousin, Lisa Johnson Spigner, I have some neat information. Phil and Si graduated from VIVIAN HIGH SCHOOL which is no bigger than Dwight. It is in Louisiana and is where my grandmother lived in her later years.. Phil went to Louisiana Tech Univ where he played quarterback and the famous Terry Bradshaw was his backup quarterback! Phil quit the team after his jr year to have more time for hunting. In Terry Bradshaw's autobiography he mentions that he got his big shot in college when the starting QB Phil Robertson quit the team. Bradshaw played for the Steelers, quarter backed and helped win multiple Super Bowls, is now an announcer, and is in the football Hall Of Fame. Can you imagine how good Phil must have been? Phil went on to get a bachelors and masters degrees from La Tech and taught school for a while. He is both talented and smart.
I love a good hoodwinking. I think we as a nation fell hook line and sinker for some lovable hairy rednecks who to all appearances just fell into a wad of money through a little homemade business. And yes they are all out funny, they have great families and they squabble like there is no tomorrow. Yes, Duck Dynasty.they are like somebody from Four Mile running a mega business and loving it. There isthe crazy Vietnam vet Uncle Si, whom most of us know...everybody has an uncle like him! But then I started noticing that every single one of these people enunciate their worlds clearly. Nobody drops their G's. not runnin but running. not doin but doing. And they show a true love of family, a hard work ethic and grandpa and grandma are truly king and queen of the clan. So I start to investigate. Mr. Phil has his Master's degree in education and is a minister. He was an outstanding athlete in college and was ranked number one quarterback but gave the position to Terry Bradshaw who was number two. All of the boys ...
Turns out Phil off Duck Dynasty played QB for Louisiana Tech.. And started over Terry Bradshaw 😳
FACT: Terry Bradshaw started his career at Louisiana Tech on the depth chart behind Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.
Okay, all you Duck Dynasty fans: DD will be in a casino in Oklahoma on February 1! To think for 40 plus years I thought Terry Bradshaw was the most famous La Tech quarterback. Way to go Phil Robertson!
needed some cheering up.looked up "Duck Dynasty" to see when new episodes were coming many of you knew that Phil "dad Robertson" used to be a quarterback for Louisiana Tech??? Terry Bradshaw was his backup!! How cool is that! Now look at him.who needed football!
Phil from Duck Dynasty played quarterback at Louisiana Tech and his backup qb was Terry Bradshaw.
Phil from Duck Dynasty was ahead of Terry Bradshaw on Louisiana Tech's depth chart in college before quitting so he could hunt
So fellow Duck Dynasty fans- Did you know the guy that started AHEAD of Terry Bradshaw at La Tech was. Phil Robertson!
IIRC, Terry Bradshaw played at La Tech, as did Phil Robertson of Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty. Happy happy happy.
did you know that Phil Robertson the dad on Duck Dynasty in his prime/pre beard was a first string QB over Terry Bradshaw for Louisiana Tech
Phil Robinson from Duck Dynasty was a better college QB then Terry Bradshaw..
Wow little fun celebrity fact, Phil Robertson was the starting QB FOR San Francisco 49ers back in 1968 with Terry Bradshaw as his back up QB. Terry went on to become the next starting QB and Phil now has the show called Duck Dynasty! There was a reason I loved that show! Way cool
Here is an interesting factoid: The great Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw (winner of 4 Super Bowls AND called all his own plays) went to Louisiana Tech University. He sat the bench until in his Junior Year. Then the starting quarterback, Phil Robertson, got hurt. According to Terry, Phil loved hunting more than football and started making his own duck calls (that's right..) and turned it into a multimilllion dollar business. Yep, Phil (happy, happy, happy) from Duck Dynasty played AHEAD of Terry Bradshaw at quarterback in college until he got hurt. Small world.
Here is a Fun Fact. Phil the dad on A&E Duck Dynasty was first string QB at Louisiana Tech. He apparently was pretty good, he started over the famous NFL QB Terry Bradshaw...
Chris Terry Bradshaw attended the same College as Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty and played College Football with him!
Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's of Duck Dynasty's back up QB at Louisiana Tech. One chased the NFL and one chased ducks
Phil Robinson from duck dynasty played ahead of Terry Bradshaw in college. Phil quit to keep hunting and it gave Bradshaw the starting spot.
Terry Bradshaw played backup quarterback to Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) at Louisiana Tech!
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