Duck Dynasty & Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty. 5.0/5

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A&E suspended Phil Robertson and this page was created to support him and America did! Now it's a celbratory page to Phil and the Duck Dynasty family!
This Kizzume guy looks like if Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty went to get a shave and the barber died halfway through.
A firestorm of criticism about the “narrow thinking” of Christians appeared in the media late last fall when the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, made a personal statement that he believes homosexuality is a sin. Phil’s comments were picked up by the mainstream media who then created the scenario for the most recent clash in the Culture War. Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality did not cause the Culture War to start; the War has been taking place for a long time and Phil’s comments were the catalyst that caused the clash to draw increased media attention. A link to my blog on "The Culture War" is below.
The Best of Phil Robertson: Life Lessons from the leader of Duck Dynasty and Owne...
Duck Dynastry Controversy I've stayed out of the Duck Dynasty bro-ha-ha so far, and I'm not planning on getting too involved in it, other than stating this... God loves all ***'s not qualified by something like this."God loves all *** but not their sin." Here is the reason why. all sin, for all of mankind was completely eradicated by the powerful, wonderful, life-giving blood of Jesus Christ! Two people within the last 5 minutes messaged me and stated something like this."Phil Robertson does not understand grace." Know what.I agree!
[Powerful Speech] A&E Kicks Phil Robertson off Duck Dynasty for Comparing Homosexuality to
Have you noticed that the Bundy fiasco is taking on a life of its own? Kind of like the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty controversy. What's next? What's Obumma doing? Ratcheting it up so there is so much turmoil he "has" to declare Martial Law as the Supreme Commander? Just watch, there will be something else as soon as this blows over.
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) was one of the first political figures to defend Phil Robertson, star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty," when he came under fire for making anti *** comments in an interview with GQ. In an interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Monday, Palin admitted she never even r...
"Duck Dynasty" star Miss Kay has chosen to go public about one of the most painful times in her life – the time she was accused by husband Phil Robertson of having an affair. That led Kay to seriously consider suicide, but by the grace of God, she was relieved of that thought and she and Phil have s...
And Joseph got out of line to meet this Duck Dynasty dad, Phil Robertson!! was attending Nascar in Fort Worth this last weekend.
Miss Kay Robertson, the wife of A&E hit series "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, is coming out with a brand new book titled 'The Women of Duck Commander' where she discusses multiple issues including some hardships she faced when she was younger.
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) was thrust into the spotlight after Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" made controversial comments. Jindal explains why he spoke out.
How would you like to be dunked in water by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson?
Well got my laptop set up on the sprint router and im all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY as Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty would say.
Yes I am a "Duck Dynasty" fanatic! But you have to admit. ... they don't use hardly any swear words especially the "F" word. Good job Phil Robertson, for raising some pretty good guys. And to top it off... Look what my Sis bought me. ☆☆BAM☆☆ Thank You much.
The beloved patriarch of A&E’s, Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson shares his "Phil"-osophy on life.
You know you've watched too much Duck Dynasty when. So the spring thaw always means picking up doggy doo. Every year, the same stinkin' job. It's Toddrick's dog, so that was his job for today. Holding the bag, while collecting, is not easy so I got this brilliant idea... Why not take the little lawn fertilizer spreader, put a bag in it, and use it as a 'bag carrier'? That was all good and wonderful, except one little detail. I had not accounted for the little spinning 'duhinky' at the bottom of the spreader. Next thing we know, there is Todd at the door yelling, "I need help!" I remind him that he can handle this job. More adamantly he says he needs help and then proceeds to explain that the bag got caught in the spinning thingy. At that moment I had a whole new appreciation for Duck Dynasty. (Enter Tim, as the 'ever wise and problem-solving Phil Robertson'...) Within minutes of Tim's involvement, the bag is free and a cardboard piece inserted to prevent any further poop hitting the 'fan'. The result? S . ...
Check out this entertaining interview with the Duck Commander! It's Phil Robertson from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty". Watch as he sits down with h ...
Rather be alone then deal with a childish , self centered , cry baby asstard! I look at some of these so called men these days & not many have Nads where is the real men? You know the 1s who opens doors & hunts & fish where are the Phil Robertson's (duck dynasty) at? Sorry softies you don't like it don't read it! Man up Men I know more manly women then men!
This is Getting More Stupid by the Day . Duck Dynasty leader Phil Robertson Made a Statement about his Belief system when he stated what he stated . the A&E removed him from the show than WHAM! ... the people Spoke and basically told A&E " We provide the Funds to the Companies that advertise on your Station . Wanna see them stop sending you money and advertising? Phil Returns or your Advertisers don't " . A week later he was returned to the show . Here is what I think *** s everyone of these omg a little man on the tv made me sad type of people . This show has no *** teenagers having Sex, Backstabbing Loonatics , Rich do nothing the world owes me , ... This is a Family , Practiceing Family Values ... with all the Fame, money .. They enforce Stability and Earning your Keep through Hard work and perseverance . They are able to gather there family every night at the Dinner table . Dam man these people never said they were perfect but they are trying . We dam the Parents that are crazy and we dam the Pare ...
‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Defended by Son: Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was publicly defended by ...
For Immediate Release: 3/28/2014 Add the 4 Words calls on Lawrence Denney and Duck Dynasty to “Use their words for Love” When former House Speaker and current Secretary of State Candidate Lawrence Denney arrives at the Idaho Center in Nampa on Saturday evening, he’ll be welcomed by a group holding paper hearts over their mouths with signs reminding him and his celebrity guests to use their words for love. The event, a fundraiser for Denny’s campaign, will feature cast members from TV’s Duck Dynasty. The show’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, drew controversy last winter when he compared *** people to drunks and prostitutes. The Reverend Debbie Graham of Boise says Robertson’s message is not only insensitive but is harmful to *** and transgender Idahoans. “Words like those tragically inspire hate and violence against good people simply trying to live in peace. In rural communities all across Idaho *** and transgender people live in fearful silence because of messages like Robertson’s. Too many ...
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was defended recently for his anti *** and racist remarks by his son Willie Robertson and Willie's wife Korie. The …
Walmart is selling out "Duck Dynasty" gear as fans flock to show their support of Phil Robertson and the show following the patriarch's recent comments about homosexuality, the Daily Mail reports. While Forbes estimates that the Robertson family's empire is worth about $400 million, Walmart sales ma...
It's time for our weekly recap of the biggest faith, religion and culture stories. Here you go: It was a big week for faith in Hollywood, with a viral video featuring "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson baptizing a fan at the reality star's Louisiana church -- and with...
A New Jersey man drove at least 20 hours earlier this month to see "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, arguably one of television's most popular reality stars. But that's not the story. The story is why he made the lengthy journey: to have the Robertson family member baptize him.
I posted this, to let people see that I am aware that this has some and I mean some! false things writen in the artical about the President and Congress, but school children were not permited to sing in an assemble by a judges orders. My point of all of this isOur county has become to politically correct. Just like Phil Robertson making a personal statement and then the network wants to through him off the show, will that bit them in the behind, for that Godly family stood behind their patrearch and said that if he wasn't on they would not go on with the show. I am greatful to God for all of the blessings that he has given to me, I am thankful for people like Diamond Rio and the people on Duck Dynasty ( the Robertson Family) for shareing their love of God and being proud to share it with the world, So I am standing up and saying I am proud to have the Lord Jesus Christ in my life and that I am thankful to God for all he has given me. So if I am being politicly incorrect, So be it.
While watching Duck Dynasty tonight Phil Robertson was teaching his grandchildren how to catch catfish. While one of the young girls was reeling one in I couldn't help but notice what Phil was saying to them,"keep the rod up, keep the rod up, step back, step back, keep the pressure on!" Think a few of my friends, children and other fishing buddies have heard those lines over and over. Lol Neil Cobern Jerald Cobern Malinda Creasie Kendrick Cole Elizabeth Cole Candace Cole Gerrie Kaui Lani Cole Rick Norris. Lol
Everyone met all these famous people on spring break...I mean we met Phil Robertson's first cousin from Duck Dynasty
Nothing sticks in a Man's ear like the words of his Father...Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty
Only good thing going for you is this yr is Duck Dynasty is sponsoring you, you should take advice from Phil Robertson & Man up
Bet yall didnt know Terry Bradshaw use to be backup for Phil Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) in college!
Part of the line for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to speak at the Tulsa Workshop.
Willie, Mrs. Kay and Phil Robertson at Kristopher's Duck Dynasty 10th birthday party.
Duck Dynasty's ratings are in a free fall, eh? Conservatives lost another avenue of their hate to the free market!
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson appeared on Good Morning America recently and gave an inspiring testimony about his faith in God for all of America to hear! It's inspiring to see a celebrity that's so dedicated to being a Christian. This is a must see.
Phil Robertson (3/21/14) from Duck Dynasty speaks to Tulsa, Oklahoma about politics, morality, religion and the Gospel.
I just found out someone deleted me from there friends because of My beliefs and my love for Duck Dynasty and my support for Phil Robertson. I am sorry your life is so hard for you. I didn't delete you when you post pics of you and your boyfriend, that's your life and I didn't judge you for being homosexual. I still loved you regardless of your choices. That's ok I still love you and I hope life treats you well. Sorry if this offends anyone else, delete me if you wish. Your life and choices are yours and I don't judge you for it/them, as I hope you would give me the same respect.
Update w/ Phil Robertson baptizing: John Macarthur on Duck Dynasty and Theology (Ht:
OK, this is crazy. You know the strip of "Similar to." where we post... well, under my post it had Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty who had 2 MILLION, 840, 519. Right next to him is...Charles Manson!! Charlie had 37, 988. OK..I thought the lions share of *** were in DC and the news people on MSNBC ...but 38 THOUSAND Voting FOR this Mass Murderer? We ARE Doomed!!
It seems that Jesse Jackson, the liberal activist who claims to be a "reverend," is not happy that Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is sticking to what he clearly
Just a Thought, Much of our problems, I believe, today stem from our propensity to war with one another. This is especially true among believers. I'm right and you are wrong! If you don't agree with me, you are my enemy. We stand far from the Mantra, they shall know you by your love. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. I read this statement from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: TWO BIG LIES "If you disagree with someone's opinion or life style, you hate them or fear them. To love someone, you must agree with everything they believe and do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate." Wasn't Jesus was known as a friend of sinners. He loved all men deeply but disagreed with all of them completely. We are to love our enemy He told us. Paul writes in Romans 12:10; 14; 16 & 18 "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another." "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse." "Be of the same mind tow ...
The NAACP has condemned Phil Robertson for "racist" remarks the "Duck Dynasty" star made in a controversial interview with GQ.
"Now that's what I'm talking about! all ya all." To quote Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty." Our family could function as well as his family does AND we are even crazier (at least more diverse). John
TV shows are going way to far with these reality shows. I just gotta shake my head in wonder. I must say the best out so far Support Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family it is a good and wholesome family show with God ever present, families that pray together stay together.
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) spoke out again in defense of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson at CPAC on Saturday, saying that his "fight" for free speech was a battle won by everyone. Back in December, Robertson faced b...
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According to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty "Lets be happy,happy,happy".Its not worth to be mad,sad,arguing,etc.In short lets enjoy and be thankful.My friend, See ya later.:)
This is Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, long before Duck Dynasty, in Summerton, SC giving a speech to a Men's Wild Game Supper. Filmed and produced by ...
I think Bob Costas is a *** bag. Not because I don't like him, it's because of his Duck Dynasty / Phil Robertson comment.
The Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, star of A&E's Duck Dynasty, talks about playing football in college, his NFL potential, and former teammate Terry ...
I wonder how many people out there in FB land have ever heard Phil Robertson preach? Now i am not taking little video clips but in person and sit and really listened. I have a few years back, before Duck Dynasty. When i heard him preach he preached the truth nothing sugar coated, nothing watered down but indisputable word of God. He done a great job, yes he was dressed just like you see him on the show and in the Duck Commander videos. The thing I've noticed though is sense the popularity of DD so many men growing beards and trying to look like Phil and some trying to sound like Si. To me it is kind of comical. As i look at these men some who have never had a beard before or held a shotgun or much less duck hunted and some would proably not know which end of a duck call to blow have what Phil has on the inside. You say what's that? My anwser is Jesus Christ. In order to be like Phil you must have that. In order to be a Christian and inherit the Kingdom of heaven you have to do more than dress the part and ...
“You never know when you get on a particular trail where that trail will lead you,” Phil Robertson said. “But a... http…
Duck Commander Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty spoke to the congregation of Saddleback church in July on why people need Jesus and why the founders ...
When the editors of Duck Dynasty asked the stars to stop saying "In Jesus Name" during prayers because it might offend Muslims, Phil Robertson had to stand his ground.
its a case of not wantin to "discriminate or judge", take Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, he spoke his mind
Saw advertising for new state lottery tickets today for the Duck Dynasty lottery. I wonder if Phil Robertson "The...
Anybody ever notice that Mr. Ziffle frpm Green Acres looks like Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty?
Duck Commander to become title sponsor of Independence Bowl By Jerry Hinnen | College Football Writer February 24, 2014 09:38 AM ET Like Terry Bradshaw, Phil Robertson is a proud former Louisiana Tech quarterback. (USATSI) On paper, it's a match made in bowl sponsorship heaven. The Shreveport Times reported Sunday that Duck Commander -- the duck call brand made famous by the A&E reality series Duck Dynasty -- has reached a six-year agreement to become the title sponsor of the Shreveport, La.-based Independence Bowl. “We can confirm that Independence Bowl Foundation officials are very excited about a partnership with Duck Commander," Independence Bowl executive director Missy Setters told the Times. An official announcement will be made Wednesday, the paper reported. Duck Commander will become the 38-year-old bowl game's sixth title sponsor, replacing 2009-2013 sponsor Advocare. The company was founded by former Louisiana Tech quarterback Phil Robertson and is based in nearby Monroe, La. (And Tech is loc ...
From the world of WTW to make y'all scratch ya heads! Did you know: Phil Robertson, the star father on Duck Dynasty, was the starting qb at Lousianna Tech in front of Terry Bradshaw & quit after his junior season!!! Dude also had a masters degree in education!!!
No more olympics, no more Bob Costas, no tv reruns while olympics are on, no more Nacy Kerrigan - Tonya Harding updates. To quote the great philosopher Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, "Happy, Happy, Happy!"
Ducks do not watch Duck Dynasty because ducks are not a fan of Phil Robertson's anti *** agenda.
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty found an alternate job at Sam's Club.
I'm sure you're looking at that headline and thinking, Wait, Phil Robertson was in a Senate race? What? Well, apparently, in a recent poll, the Duck Dynasty star tops incumbent Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu, but Robertson has no interest in getting into politics.
So the rumors are true? You are replacing Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty? lol
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's controversial remarks over homosexuals haven't hurt him at home in Louisiana: The reality TV mainstay would top sitting Democratic senator Mary Landrieu in a hypothetical match-up, according to a new poll. Robertson would beat Landrieu 46 percent to 42 percent, a...
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the hit A&E reality series "Duck Dynasty," will appear on the cover of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's newest "Decision" magazine.
"Did you know James Robertson parkway is named after Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty?" -Linda Reid. What?
Look out for the Duck Commander 500 this April. The Texas Motor Speedway announced this week that it had picked up CEO Willie Robertson's company as its title sponsor for the April 6 Sprint Cup race. As part of the three-year deal, the Robertson family will also be highly visible at the race. According to Sporting News, Phil, Uncle Si, the "bearded brothers" and their wives and children could potentially serve as race grand marshals and will likely make appearances throughout the weekend. In addition to the in-person attendance of the cast, "Duck Dynasty" merchandise based off the A&E show will be available for sale and on display. The concession menu will also bear the reality television show's influence, selling Uncle Si's Tea and offering dining options from Duck Commander Family Foods. The Duck Commander company was founded by Willie's father, Phil Robertson in West Monroe, La., in 1972. The fifth season of "Duck Dynasty" plays on A&E on Wednesday nights.
TV still blocked from my TV because of duck dynasty and Phil Robertson
'Duck Dynasty': Can show be saved after Phil Robertson controversy? - AE's "Duck Dynasty" is not...
Or you could watch one of Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) Duck Commander Church services on Youtube.
Random Opening Ceremony thoughts; Heard the 5th ring didn't light up in the Opening Ceremony. This is what happens when you exclude *** from design and lighting. In the gayest moment of Opening Ceremonies thus far, uniformed policemen's all male chorus sings Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" The next gayest moment is when Putin comes out shirtless riding Victor Petrenko bareback. Playing 'Swan Lake' composed by *** Russian composer Tchaikovsky was clearly lost on Opening Ceremony organizers. Sarah Palin & family are on lawn chairs in the back yard watching Opening Ceremonies. She can see Putin from her house. Guess they couldn't get Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty to carry the torch. Breaking: Putin caught with a trunk load full of Liza Minnelli CDs. Tanya Harding just arrested for whacking Matt Lauer in the knee yelling "This is for Ann Curry"
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is on the Cover of Billy Graham's Decision Magazine
How many people who defended Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's racist & homophobic remarks as free speech are condemning Coca-Cola now?
Conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson says A & E should get rid of Phil Robertson but keep 'Duck Dynasty' on.
Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach, a conservative rabbi who ran for office as a Republican and was endorsed by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), on Tuesday blasted Duck Dynasty reality star Phil Robertson for doing “tremendous damage to religion” with his anti-LGBT comments.
I'm officially declaring Friday as 'DUCK DYNASTY APPRECIATION DAY." Let's show the Robertson Family that we support men and women of faith! A&E suspended Phil Robertson because he follows the teachings of the Bible. The network said they are strong supporters of the LGBT community. Apparently, they are not strong supporters of the Christian community. Maybe it's time for Duck Dynasty to indefinitely suspend A&E! Who's with me? Will you join me on Friday to support our friends at Duck Dynasty? If so, please share this message!
A&E lifts Phil Robertson's suspension - Little more than a week after it suspended "Duck Dynasty" star Phil...
Stand Up and Speak Out By Joe R. Price The Scriptures exhort Christians to “be ready to give a defense (answer, KJV) to everyone who asks you a reason (logos, a word, message) for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear” (1 Pet. 3:15). The “reason” or word we must give when asked about our faith is the word of God, not the opinions and wisdom of men (2 Tim. 3:16-17; Matt. 15:8-9). Fellow Christians, it is time for us to stand up and give an answer for our hope. The world hates the answers that are given to questions about faith when those answers come from God’s word. As a case in point, consider the present controversy swirling around Phil Robertson, star of the hit TV series Duck Dynasty who was temporarily suspended by the A&E Network that airs the program. Robertson has been charged with being hateful, bigoted, vile and with “creating an atmosphere that discriminates and hates *** as the result of an interview he gave to GQ Magazine. (This is not a wholesale endorsement of Duc . ...
Does anyone have a Duck Dynasty beard that Ry can borrow tomorrow? He is doing a project on Phil Robertson and needs to dress up like him.
Dear TLC, please keep the *** on 19 Kids and Counting (especially Josh Duggar) quite about *** RIGHTS! Did you not learn a lesson from the dropped viewership of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I stuck up for Mr. "diarrhea of the brain & mouth" Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", I can't possibly though for Josh & Anna Duggar! I have even stuck up for his family's right to their Christian views & Jim Bob Duggar 's right to use his wife as a brood mare & to beat his children.
Hey guys so the camo theme for tonight has been "changed." The new theme is cowboy/Duck Dynasty. Our stands should have so much camo, red, white, and blue it would make Phil Robertson cry. Everyone Get There, Get Loud, and Get Rowdy. -Salt
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was not found alongside his co-stars during Time Warner Cable's Super Bowl ad Sunday.
Sunday night's Super Bowl ad for Time Warner Cable's new online streaming service included a brief appearance by three-fourths of the Duck Dynasty cast: Willie Robertson, Si Robertson and Jase Robertson. Missing? Family patriarch Phil Robertson, who caused a firestorm last December with his controve...
BREAKING: Peyton Manning is being pursued by Duck Dynasty to replace Phil Robertson in the next season of the show
If Peyton retired, it's no big deal. His agent just called A&E and secured him as the new lead for Duck Dynasty to replace Phil Robertson.
Peyton Manning is officially replacing Phil Robertson as the star of Duck Dynasty
According to critics of the NDAA bill, America officially became a police state of December 29, 2013. There was no time for discussion or amendments as the bill was fast-tracked through the Senate during the time when most Americans were glued to the scandal surrounding “Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson. Out of 100 senators, a stunning 85 voted to renew Obama’s march toward Martial Law, giving him the power to seize US citizens, deny them due process and hold them as long as he wants in military facilities.. MLH
In the latest edition of “If They Melded” on Conan, host Conan O’Brien shows bizarre video mashups of celebrities like musical artist Demi Lovato and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Adele and...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, who was once the starting QB for Louisiana Tech, fielded offers from LSU, Ole Miss, Bay…
It's too bad Phil Robertson said what he said...cuz Duck Dynasty is HI-LARIOUS.
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Phil Robertson and FamilyThings do not look good for Duck Dynasty, you guys. Although A&E allowed Phil Robertson back to shooting just weeks after his inflammatory remarks about homosexuality, the storm has not yet settled. And the numbers are in to prove it. Everyone expected in light of the drama surrounding the show that when it returned this week, it would be to epic numbers. Unfortunately, it turned in ratings close to 30 percent lower than the last season's premiere, and everyone is getting concerned. If A&E thought that Phil's viral (and virulent) comments were a case of any publicity is good publicity, here's hoping they are starting to clue in to just how mistaken they were. If you ask me (and no one did), it's reassuring to know that we live in an age where ignorant hateful speech won't be tolerated.
Im standing up for Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. I Love the show and no matter what anyone says Im for the Robertsons.
NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw visits Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live and talks about his acting career. Plus, what was it like playing with "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson back in his college football days at Louisiana Tech?
Duck Dynasty : Saw an interview with Terry Bradshaw when he went to Collegeg guess who the STARTING QB was ?? Phil Robertson , Terry said he was GOOD but was much more interested in hunting /fishing than practice + football
Just saw a guy on campus who looked just like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty... Only, you know, with a smaller beard...
Father thank you for the son of man who rescued us from sin ... This is the prayer Phil Robertson prayed on Duck Dynasty.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Makes A Political Statement - MONROE, Louisiana Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame, says that he feels that he has now become as popular as Peyton Manning, Ryan Seacrest, George Clooney, and even Regis Philbin. He revealed to local rep...
I discovered that Terry Bradshaw played football with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson while in college. Bradshaw said he was a good player.
Just saw on Fox News, that Terry Bradshaw and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson played college football together at Louisiana Tech in the 70's.
Phil Robertson, patriarch of the hit A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty," said in a recent interview that when he first began what is now a successful, multimillion-dollar duck call business known as "Duck Commander" in the 1970s, his friends remained skeptical of him, first dubbing him an *** and y...
The point conservatives missed with Duck Dynasty: No one said Phil Robertson couldn't voice his prehistoric opinion about blacks and *** It's the hypocrisy, the same people who started the stand Phil with hashtag wanted Martin Bashir's head on a pike for having the nerve to explain to Sarah Palin the nasty treatment slaves suffer with.
The Duck Dynasty Debate - Everyone is talking about Phil Robertson. What is YOUR take? Join us Thursday February 6, 2014 in the CHSS Seminar room during lunch period to talk Duck Dynasty. Check out our BlogSpot on Duck Dynasty!
*** rights advocates want the A&E network to condemn comments 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson made about homosexuality.
Duck Dynasty parish's history of lynchings Does everyone know that the Duck Commander's home county (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana) has had 34 documented cases of lynchings of black people? But Phil Robertson thinks black folks were happy there before the civil rights movement.
To celebrate tonight's new episode of Duck Dynasty on A&E, I have a trivia question for all us DD fans: Who does Phil Robertson say is the "Ultimate Redneck?"
Phil Robertson was at the state of the union. I was Duck Dynasty meets Duck responsibility
The President has a section in the upper gallery where genuine heroes are seated during the State of the Union speech. Yet members of the House of Representatives of the United States of America left the floor, and went up to the balcony to have their picture taken with Phil Robertson, one of the stars of Duck Dynasty? Oh my God! What kind of the nation have we become? No wonder the rest of the civilized world is leaving us behind.
I got a subscription for GQ magazine, and the first magazine I got was the controversial one with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson talking about *** marriage. I'm not going to say that he isn't an *** for what he said, but I think people are forgetting something important in the magazine that no one seems to be talking about. There's an ad for Louis Vuitton that shows three women in blackface! Yeah, swear to god! So you tell me what's important.
Inviting Sean Hannity and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to the SOTU just shows how hateful the Republican Party is!
This week's paper for Global Citizenship. Interested in thoughts and comments regarding this controversial topic One of the most controversial topics regarding equal rights right now is the topic of same sex marriage. There are famous people such as the singer Macklemore who has shown his support with a song entitled same sex and his slogan “equal rights for all. *** right, I support it” There are other “famous” people such as Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty who are opponents to same sex marriage and feels homosexuality leads to bestiality. Right wing Christians claim that the same sex marriage will be a threat to the sanctity of traditional marriages. One of the main focuses with same sex marriage is so that a person’s partner, no matter their sexuality, has equal rights and protection under federal law as other married partners. America is behind on some countries which have already granted freedom for same sex couples to marry nationwide. Those countries that have granted this freedom are A ...
Terry Bradshaw was back-up QB to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson at Louisiana Tech Univ. Interesting!
January 1 - Host LaurelLee Loftsgard tells us which 'Duck Dynasty' members will talk about the Phil Robertson controversy, Tim Tebow gets a new job & Dwyane ...
Ducking the Real Issue on Duck Dynasty Written by Selwyn Duke This past December, the Duck Dynasty television show became “duck and cover,” with the forces of pinkness going nuclear on its patriarch, Phil Robertson, after he uttered some words about the most victimey of victim groups. For those who missed the story, the saga began when GQ interviewer Drew Magary asked Robertson what he considered sinful, prompting the bearded born-again Christian to say (as presented by GQ), “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers ¬ they won’t inherit the kingdom of God.” The response was quite predictable. While the Bill Clinton impersonators, W.C. Fields acolytes, gilded Gordon Gecko Wall . ...
Support Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family - My wife is watching and laughing her butt off and she was an Executive Secretary to the CEO - Dynasty, count my wife and I in as two new fans!!! Thanks A&E, if it hadn't been for you and your stupidity I would have never watched this.
Guess I shouldn't be surprised Southeast is having the Duck Dynasty guys in to speak even after Phil Robertson's nasty combative comments.
maybe Phil Robertson can join the Wyatts when Duck Dynasty gets cancelled
Dear Brad, God gave you and me a miracle. The A&E Television Network lifted the suspension of Phil Robertson from his family’s show Duck Dynasty. Thank you for dropping everything over the Christmas holiday and helping this man on very short notice. In just days, we collected and delivered your signed petition along with 87,080 other petitions protesting the network’s public attack on family values. Public Advocate was the first organization to write its national membership in the United States. And our email and online petition inspired other major national organizations to take action as well. Your efforts moved the country and crushed the Homosexual Lobby’s attempt to censor everyone who speaks out against their agenda. Phil Robertson spoke for himself and his beliefs -- but in doing so, he spoke to America's heart and to you and me directly as never before. The Homosexual Lobby had no idea what they were getting into when they called for Phil’s head. They believed they could attack Family valu ...
I just viewed I AM SECOND on Google. It is 26 minutes long. Phil Robertson and his family talk about JESUS and how they all got saved. IF you do not know who they are, Duck Dynasty is who they are. If you are lost, hurting,and looking for answer from people who turned their lives around and found JESUS is the answer. The 26 minutes should be put on TV, as to show how you can turn your life around when you can not find a way Jesus in the answer. I post this in Gods LOVE in hopes it will help anyone who needs to change for the better. GOD BLESS
Just reading GQ Magazine about Duck Dynasty. Here's a quote from Phil Robertson. "It seems like to me, a *** as a man-would be more desirable than a man's *** That's just me. I'm just thinking: there's more there! She's got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I'm saying? But hey, sin: it's not logical, my man. It's just not logical."
"Crawfish have ding dongs and *** " -Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame...
From Everlasting GOP Gobstoppers  (Veruca  By now, you’ve probably seen the wing nuts lose their minds over Subway partnering with Michelle Obama to fight childhood obesity.   It’s been ranging from people saying they’ll never go to Subway again (Fine. Don’t. Go eat something fried. I don’t care.) to more of the usual racist pictures posted in the usual places by the usual bigots.   These people suck. And they know it. Deep down, they wake up every morning and in their heart, they know they are terrible, terrible people.   What I haven’t seen is a knee-jerk “Defend Subway” reaction. And the reason – at least my reasoning for it – sort of makes me smile.   It’s not like Duck Dynasty. The views espoused by Phil Robertson were abhorrent, so people who believe those horrible views needed to quickly rally around him. And LOUDLY. Otherwise, there would be time for them to be painted as the small-minded homophobes they are.   It’s not like Chick Fil A. Again, as the views espou ...
This is so awesome for you Duck Dynasty Lovers it's just a matter of time too be shut off It looks like Duck Dynasty's relatively low premiere ratings following the Phil Robertson controversy that swept the nation at the end of last year were not a fluke. In the second episode of the show's fifth season, the show's ratings dropped even further to 6.6 million total viewers, the lowest the show has seen since December 2012. And of course O'Reilly has not reported it, he also did not report the ratings drop for the first show either. Because it shows he was wrong, he predicted the show would be fine and the ratings would go up because all the so-called real Americans would tune in to watch it, and he was wrong. So he just ignores it. There were high expectations for season premiere on January 15th after the weeks of free publicity the show received due to Robertson's comments about homosexuality and the subsequent, short-lived suspension he was given by A&E. But the notion that an even larger Christian conse ...
How does Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty know so much about *** anal sex?
Bradshaw on backing up Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson at QB
Nebraska’s Atheist Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Revoke Church Property Tax Exemption Legal Group Reports ‘Dramatic Increase’ in Hostility Toward Christian Students in Public Schools. Dr. Michael L. Brown, a foremost Messianic Jewish apologist, believes the gift of healing continues in a powerful way, while Dr. James White, a director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, says the gift was to establish the authority of the Apostles at the time. Their debate was streamed live Saturday. 'Gimme Shelter' Review: An Emotional, Pro-Life Story That Shows Christian Charity Peyton Manning, the Quietly Christian Quarterback. Islamic Extremists in Nigeria Attack Christians at Sunday Worship Every Week in January. Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part II Phil Robertson himself is certainly no lightweight. The Los Angeles Times has called him“a man of legendary individuality, who once passed up an opportunity to sign with the NFL because it might interfere with his hunting.” One of seven children raised in a l ...
The liberal cartoonist for the L.A. Times, David Horsey, recently used his contempt for the Bible, conservatives and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson as a ...
"Duck Dynasty" is back on TV, and so is "American Idol". Those two shows should do crossover episodes. So… you could find out… what Phil Robertson thinks of today's singers. And I want to see Ryan Seacrest kill a swamp snake and cut out its guts and eat it. And then use the guts for hair gel.
Now that the media has moved past the brief furor caused Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, it seems appropriate to examine that controversy in a less emotionally charged context. Some might complain that such a discussion is simply an attempt to revive the controversy, but I would argue that on
Ratings for the A&E show “Duck Dynasty” have fallen to their lowest point since 2012 in the wake of the scandal following racist and anti-LGBT remarks by family patriarch Phil Robertson. According to entertainment industry trade paper Variety, the show is hemorrhaging viewers, with audience numbers…
Ratings for Duck Dynasty have taken a turn for the worse in the weeks following the Phil Robertson interview controversy. According to Variety , 6.65 million viewers tuned in to watch Wednesday... US News Summaries. | Newser
‘Duck Dynasty’ to resume filming with Phil Robertson ~> Weighs In ~> Video
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw's lives have long been intertwined.
'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson said his Louisiana Tech University classmates and even his beloved wife, 'Miss Kay,' were pensive about his entrepreneurial plan to build and sell duck calls in 1972.
Source: Networks upset with A&E for 'caving' on Phil Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' via
OKAY, I have a ton of Duck Dynasty episodes I have been watching for weeks on the DVR. I am a fan, I have to say that if Phil Robertson is so very unhappy and disgusted with modern living, well my advice, go live in a cave and live like a pioneer. Or learn to live in current society or die off and meet your beloved maker.
Just finished watching the extremely unfunny, disgustingly offensive video by sarah silverman mocking and insulting every living person on the planet. While I was not surprised by this lowlife unemployable unfunny twit I was extremely disappointed, no disgusted by the appearance of Michael Weatherly who stars as Denozo on my formerly favorite TV program "NCIS". Needless to say I have watched my last "NCIS" program. With all the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson, "Duck Dynasty", because he is a Christian who took a principled stand there is hardly any blowback on this disgusting woman and her video. I can not remember seeing anything more disgustingly offensive.
Here's what Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty thinks about chewing tobacco.
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson isn't backing off from the anti *** comments...
*** Punks couldn't take down Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty so they doubled down on a Mother!
Why 'Duck Dynasty' is on TV and MSNBC's is not: One month ago Phil Robertson…
Barilla hurted himself by retracting. Learn from Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty!
A&E's hit series Duck Dynasty returned for its Season 5 premiere with two brand new episodes on January 15. Tonight has an all-new episode titled "Life of Si." In the new Life of Si episode, Phil Robertson's brother Si becomes a digital filmmaker.
ATTENTION: Tomorrow, January 21, 2014 is Chick-Phil-A supporting Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Let's go! Check your local Chick-fil-a.
Beloved Bachelor season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis is facing backlash for his beliefs on homosexuality expressed in an interview Friday night, reminding many of the outrage over similar comments from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.
Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure most of you heard about the "scandal" last month involving Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and his controversial comments about African-Americans and ...
Duck Dynasty returned the airwaves this week, the first time the show has aired since cast member Phil Robertson got into hot water for his [...]
Duck Dynasty returned to A&E last night for its fifth season, and the ratings are down following controversy over Phil Robertson's anti *** remarks, EW reports: Wednesday night's Duck Dynasty season 5 premiere had 8.5 ...
The A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty" returned to the air Wednesday night for the first time since the show's patriarch, Phil Robertson, became embroiled in a politically charged controversy over comments he made that offended *** people and African-Americans.
Many have heard about Duck Dynasty TV star Phil Robertson who, after he expressed anti *** comments in an interview with GQ, was suspended from cable's
Phil Robertson's racist and homophobic remarks this past December have caused irreparable harm to "Duck Dynasty"
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Ratings for this week's season five premiere of 'Duck Dynasty' were down almost 30% from last summer's season four premiere. Some experts had expected the controversy over patriarch Phil Robertson's remarks on homosexuality and racism would lead to even higher ratings for the first new episode on Wednesday night. Read more here: Do you think the show is losing fans over the scandal?
It looks like Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's anti *** sentiments and the flap surrounding it had a lingering and serious effect. The Season 5 ratings are down sharply.
Last night, "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson reminded his viewers he's still very much off his rocker
Duck Dynasty ratings plummet by 28%. Appears the homophobic/racist comments by Phil Robertson have affected the show
Isn't it a violation of Phil Robertson's First Amendment rights if people don't watch Duck Dynasty?
"Duck Dynasty" ratings have dropped after controversial comment:
Duck Dynasty ratings drop significantly after Phil Robertson's homophobic remarks. Tell me again that his suspension wasn't justified.
How did the recent quarrel over Phil Robertson's social views affect ratings for "Duck Dynasty"? It's hard to say
By: Juan Williams ( month ago Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" was not controversial.A little more than a month ago Martin Bashir had a show on TV.And weeks ago few
During the last few weeks of the year, when it seemed all anyone in the media was talking about was Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson?
(NEW YORK) -- After a storm of controversy over comments Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson made about homosexuality, the hit series returned Wednesday evening with a two-part, fifth season premiere. Both episodes were shot before the flap, of which there was no mention by A&E.When A&E suspended...
When A&E announced that it would be bringing millionaire preacher-duck hunter-reality star Phil Robertson back to Duck Dynasty, the assumption was that the audience backlash, the endless talk show
The Robertsons clan returned with new episodes of Duck Dynasty—the first since Phil Robertson's c...
A&E was quick to reinstate Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty following last month’s controversy over comments he made to GQ magazine about homosexuality.
More than 4 in 10 Americans think the First Amendment protects them from being fired for what they say, and more than 3 in 10 think it applies to situations like A&E's now-revoked suspension of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, according to a HuffPost/YouGov poll. But they're wrong.
Phil Robertson back on Duck Dynasty... This is going to be a good night
Oh Joy! Phil Robertson returns to 'Duck Dynasty' in 25 minutes. ;)
Phil Robertson returns to 'Duck Dynasty' in a half-hour:
Duck Dynasty starts its new season tonight. Will the controversies surrounding Phil Robertson impact your decision to watch the show? Why or why not? Read more:
Let's set some new records tonight! Invite all your friends to watch Duck Dynasty on A&E! Phil Robertson "The... http:/…
For the first time since Phil Robertson's controversial comments about race and homosexuality put A&E in a tough spot, "Duck Dynasty" is back on the air.
(Chris and LaRae) Wednesday night has season premiere's from Duck Dynasty and American Idol. Which will you be watching? Phil Robertson photo courtesy of
Conservative radio hosts Matt Barber (pictured) and Mat Staver reflected this week on the recent Duck Dynasty scandal and concluded that reality star Phil Robertson had taken the right course of action by not letting himself be “bullied” by the “Gaystapo.”
"You're just about as jittery as a sinner on Judgement Day"- Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty.
The controversy over comments by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson are still anger *** advocacy groups but for Sarah Palin is still in the family’s ...
This page is for discussion of the issues pertaining to Phil Robertson, it is in no way affiliated with Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, or A&E.
Bishop Joseph Mattera explains what we can learn from the recent Duck Dynasty controversy, in which A&E temporarily suspended Phil Robertson for...
This story first appeared in the Jan. 17 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Is all press good press for Duck Dynasty? The A&E reality hit enters its fifth season Jan. 15, less than a month after star Phil Robertson's remarks about *** people and the Jim Crow South prompted a brief suspension…
PASADENA, Calif.--Sarah Palin defended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, who was
First Amendment and ducks. by Jeremy Hooper I keep hearing people talk about who "won" or "lost" the whole Duck Dynasty fiasco. This is truly bizarre to me. I do not and never did see this as a game to "win" or "lose." A man came out and said things that offended many, then people responded to those comments. In a perfect world, the subsequent discussion would've been all about the words and the merit (or lack thereof) attached to them. Some would take issue with Phil Robertson's views about *** and African-Americans of the Jim Crow era, some would've defended his beliefs on either or both topics, and others would've fallen somewhere along the spectrum. The dividing lines would have no reason to follow any sort of partisan path; the debate would be about beliefs and tone and a paid TV contractor's press image. Honestly, I never even saw clear "win" or "loss" lines. With only one member among a cast of many involved in the controversy, there was no reason for people who were upset with Phil's words to see ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
UPDATED: The standoff is over: A&E announced today that it will resume production on its hit show Duck Dynasty with Phil Robertson. Production will resume...
Duck Dynasty fans await the return of the A&E hit reality series next week especially with the return of Phil Robertson after his ban was lifted for the forthcoming Season 5 episodes.
In case any of my friends or family wondered what type of deviant lifestyle I was living in light of Phil Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) recent characterization of *** people, I thought I’d shed a little light. Here is a snapshot of my exciting life. Feeding the dogs daily, sitting in traffic on the downtown connector, cooking, washing dishes, talking on the phone with friends and family, changing the furnace filter, folding clothes, folding clothes, folding clothes…Jesus, that never ends. Getting the oil changed, going to the grocery store, hanging with friends, planning a wedding, spending time with family, making Michael laugh…you get the picture. I’m a 36 year old man. I’m a small business owner. I own a home and sit on our neighborhood board. I’m involved with community service because I believe in leaving this place better than when I found it. I care about my family and friends. I know who I am – who God made me to be so I’m not personally bothered by what Phil Robertson thinks of me ...
Phil Robertson is back on Duck Dynasty! I'll bet GLAAD is pretty MAAD about now.
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is a Racist read people of color before you support him
How I am feeling today...put on Phil Robertson's voice from Duck Dynasty before reading: "Happy, happy, happy!" My mom is home from the hospital...she looks great! Love you mom! -Donna
Guy Fieri replaces Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty and they change the title to Duck Guynasty.
Terry Bradshaw sat on the bench for 2 years because Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was a better QB than he was!!! True Story...
Steyn I-Told-You-So Moment January 7, 2014 Notwithstanding the distaste of my editor, National Review did at least publish my column on "Duck Dynasty". Apparently, The Orange County Register chose not to - presumably because a piece on the narrowing bounds of acceptable public discourse was deemed to be beyond the bounds of acceptable public discourse. But perhaps Orange County readers didn't need to see it. After all, my August column for the paper prefigured all the issues that came into play in the Phil Robertson showdown: But, putting aside arguments over the nature of marital union, the legalization of *** marriage will empower a lot more "vigilance" from all the right-thinking people over everybody else. Mr. Mutchnick's comparison of the word "homosexual" with *** gives the game away: Just as everything any conservative says about anything is racist, so, now, it will also be homophobic. And so it has proved. GLAAD's spokesgay grasped as much. When the backlash against the GLAADhanding began, he ...
The *** bullying and intimidation deployed against Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson is nothing new to the ex *** community.
The National Enquirer claims that in the contentious relationship between A&E and once-dismissed "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, not all has been forgiven... “A&E messed with the wrong redneck,” a source close to the show told The ENQUIRER. “Phil has agreed to return, but he’s already working...
Coming up on Sean Hannity - A classic Hannity debate with guests Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and Jehmu Greene, a Fox News Contributor. Topics include: Hillary’s possible 2016 run, another MSNBC host involved in controversy, the return of Phil Robertson to Duck Dynasty, and Al Sharpton’s comments about Fox News and “global warming.”
Duck Dynasty = "White Supremacist Hatred" "Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty is part of a majority white supremacist culture that either consciously or unconsciously incubates hatred toward those who are different." — MSNBC contributor and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson on Now with Alex Wagner, December 27.
England needed a reality teevee star to bash the *** but Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was too busy, so England has to settle for Evander Holyfield.
'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson to 43,000 People at SoCal Harvest: Hearing Gospel Was Best Thing to Happen to Me
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The Same Audience that Hated the Dixie Chicks Loves Duck Dynasty.: Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson.  Why no...
Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson suspended for comments about *** (via
Before they were famous: See where Duck Dynasty on A&E Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" came from [
A movie that has been celebrated and raved about by critics, 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' contains the "F" word a record 506 times. And there are Christians out there who, 2 weeks ago publicly (or through social media) derided and chastised other Christians for defending truth as they (we) spoke out on the Phil Robertson / Duck Dynasty issue. It is becoming more clear and obvious that there is a full and complete assault on Biblical Christianity and Biblical values, and as James Robison says, there are far too many MARSHMALLOW CHRISTIANS afraid to stand up for truth, morality, and conviction. Speak the truth in love, instead of using the word 'love' to disguise your fear of man, and stop hiding the light under a 'bushel' or behind that fear of man! LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE BEFORE ALL MEN THAT THEY MAY SEE YOUR GOOD WORKS AND GLORIFY YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. LIGHT doesn't hide ILLUMINATES IT. FEAR does the opposite.
Phil Robertson is no stranger to controversy. Just days after his anti *** and racially insensitive comments appeared in GQ magazine, he was temporarily suspended from his popular A&E show "Duck Dynasty." When fans complained, the network reinstated him.
From our Advisory Board Member Sam L Sullins Resolution for Duck Dynasty December 31, 2013 Senator Jerry Fielding Vice-chairperson Senate Judiciary Committee 1300B Talladega Hwy. Sylacauga, AL 35150 Dear Senator Fielding, A couple of weeks ago, the Huntsville Times published an article written by Kim Chandler referring to your support for "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson. In the article, Chandler quoted you as saying, "Phil Robertson’s family values are shared by the vast majority of Alabamians, who are rightfully concerned by the vitriol aimed at his Christian stance." To support Robertson and the "Ducks," you indicated that you will bring a resolution to the upcoming 2014 legislative session to support of Robertson. Let me see if I understand this, you are going to spend some of the legislature’s limited time requesting them to support an actor who probably violated his contract with A&E? We have big economic issues to solve, pending education issues, bills addressing capital punishment issues and ...
Controversial A&E Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson partnered with Mossberg for a new line of guns likely to attract a lot of attention
Just in, more religious bigotry: Evander Holyfield says *** is a "choice" and it can be fixed! I wonder if he can also fix the fact that he laid down with multiple women and had children by them. I'm not sure that is good in god's eyes, to be a horny man and get a plethora of women pregnant. Is that natural or a choice? As long as you're not committing that certain sin then its ok to judge and bash others who do, because at the end of the day it takes the spotlight off the sins you commit and make them look like peanuts to other sins. "Don't judge me because I sin differently" ... and BTW, for all you lunatic tea baggers who think Phil Robertson got a victory for getting back on his show just remember shows like Duck Dynasty and Honey Booboo and people like Larry the Cable Guy are ONLY on television so we can make fun of hillbillies. Remember, we're not laughing with you we're laughing AT YOU! Now, go to the dentist you toothless inbreds!
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was the starting quarterback of Louisiana Tech, who was the back up quarterback???
Image by SWalker from It’s been a week since Phil Robertson was suspended for standing up for his beliefs. Now A&E has lifted the suspension and Phil will resume filming the season of Duck Dynasty. Read the official statement A&E made to the Hollywood Reporter below: As a...
“Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty he was hot
As Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty might say, "Tomorrow lots of kids and teachers will be happy, happy, happy!"
From Ross Kaminsky: A video recently surfaced of Phil Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) advising men to marry girls of age 15 or 16. Does this make you think of him differently? And what do you think is the best age to get married? How did getting married particularly early or particularly late in life work for you?
Reported Via AWR Hawkins at Breitbart News: When MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts announced the new line of Duck Commander guns on January 3rd, he was joined by Len Everett of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Everett claimed Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made his controversial comments to sell guns...
The Squeaky Wheel Of Liberal Rage Becky Kress Why is it that every time someone of a conservative nature expresses their beliefs, the liberal left goes into a ravenous rage and instigates a witch hunt? Aren’t they the ones who speak of tolerance? Aren’t they the compassionate ones who want us all to sing Kumbaya in a group hug around the campfire? As much as they want to portray themselves as the peaceful protesters who just want a better America, what they really want is an amoral America where conservatives and Christians cannot make them feel the burden of their sins. There is no right or wrong. Only you can set your moral compass. Phil Robertson, the long bearded matriarch of the Robertson clan on Duck Dynasty, has enraged the left by expressing his Christian beliefs regarding homosexuality and other perversions. According to the left, this is vile hate speech that cannot be tolerated. As a result, A&E has suspended Phil indefinitely. As the saying goes, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. They are ...
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More Americans signed a petition supporting Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in 12 hours, than have signed up for Obamacare …
Phil Robertson will be back for Duck Dynasty season 5, because A&E gotta make that bank:
Start your New Year off well by joining us at GracePointe in the morning, 9:00 or 10:45. It might be the last good chance for a couple of days to get out of the house with the weather moving in. Tomorrow's focus will be Lessons Learned From Duck Dynasty. With the recent flap stirred by DD patriarch, Phil Robertson's GQ interview, a good conversation has ensued about everything from freedom of speech to "family values." I look forward to furthering the conversation in a profitable way. Our society desperately needs intense yet civil moral discourse. Intense because there are crucial issues at hand. Civil because anything less is ineffectual. And moral because we were created in the image of God with the intent to share space and consciousness with the Divine. I hope to see you in the morning.
Son of 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson to speak at Naperville church —
Things couldn’t get any better for the “Duck Dynasty” clan in 2014. Days after A&E reinstated Phil Robertson following a short suspension for making anti *** comments, Duck Commander, the company Robertson started 40 years ago, has launched a new gun line. Mossberg, a gun maker headquartered in...
It's only been a few days since A&E lifted the ban on Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson over racist and homophobic comments made in GQ magazine earlier this month, but the blog released footage of the reality star claiming that it's best to marry a girl who is 15 or...
Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family have got to be enjoying themselves right now.
Rep. Steve King is using the controversy over the A&E show “Duck Dynasty” in a fundraising pitch, comparing himself to family patriarch Phil Robertson. The outspoken Iowa Republican cited the uproar and short-lived suspension of Robertson for controversial anti *** comments to illust...
In an interview with sports spectrum magazine Willie & Phil Robertson, stars of Duck Dynasty, talk about fake bleeps, praying in Jesus' name, and getting fla...
Adorable real-life girlfriends Bria and Chrissy take on Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty in a way only they can.
What comes out of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's mouth should come as no surprise to those who have watched him preach over the last several years. The self-proclaimed Bible-thumper is not shy when it comes to his feelings on a number of hot-button issues from abortion to homosexuality.
WARNING: THE FOLLOWING STATUS MAY BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE Living in a society dominated by the homosexual agenda: That's us, folks. We now have our first U.S. President who supports *** marriage. Every month it seems there is another person coming out of the closet. States continue to battle over allowing *** marriage. Courts continue to overrule the people on this issue. The comments of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty about homosexuality led to A&E's suspension of his tv time. Then the outcry of the sensible public caused a reversal of that suspension. The Boy Scouts have lost their minds about the meaning of "do my duty to God" ... and "keep myself morally straight" (taken from the Boy Scout oath), by allowing openly homosexual boys to become scouts. Several denominations are now allowing *** priests and condoning *** marriage. I love homosexuals just as much as anyone else, so this isn't a topic about hating people in any way. I mentioned these things to get to this point. DOES THE CHURCH TRULY ...
Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' has a new controversy: A video has surfaced in which he counsels men to marry young teen brides. While that's legal, it's not necessarily sage advice, data show.
Now that most of the uproar over once-suspended, now-reinstated “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has subsided, it looks like one more issue Gov. Bobby Jindal can mark in …
Recently uncovered video indicates that Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson may have fringe views — other than those on homosexuality and civil rights — that mo...
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Last week A&E announced Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty's suspension was lifted and a new season would be filmed this Spring. It seems the controversy paid off because the Robertson family is launching a new line of guns! Get the info here!
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson: Marry 15 or 16-year-old girls
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's suggestion to find a 15 year-old bride is more than just gross to think about.
Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson revealed that they are "ready to move on" with their A&E series after Phil Robertson's controversial suspension last month
The controversy over Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's anti *** comments doesn't appear to be slowing down the family's business. "Duck...
Phil Robertson is the new GOP Jesus. Robertson made it clear that he believes 15 and 16-year-old girls are better to marry than those 20 year-old hags. Arizona resident Rob Kinnison defended the Duck Dynasty star so vehemently that one almost forgets he’s talking about a friggin’ reality show actor.
Is Phil Robertson Running For the United States Senate? By Louis A. DeFreitas, Sr. Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made some comments in a vulgar manner that offended many homosexuals and many Blacks in America. What I found most interesting about Phil Robertson is that he is pushing the image that he is some kind of back woodsman who is without a formal education. He is pushing the notion that he is a man who would rather be hurting hogs and other animals than enjoying his modern home and his very classy wife, who he has been married to for over fifty years. Education of Robertson The image that Phil Robertson is portraying is the opposite of who he is. Phil Robertson is a graduate of one of Louisiana’s elite Universities, Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech has a Tier 1 national university ranking in last year’s U.S. News & World Report. At Louisiana Tech, Phil “Roxie” Robertson was the star quarterback on the football team. Terry Bradshaw was the second string quarterback behind Phi ...
REPORT: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson planning to jump ship on A&E and move to a new network?
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is ruffling feathers again, this time for comments he made years ago about how girls should marry when they're still teenagers.
Duck Dynasty on A&E is back in the news, well Phil Robertson is. In this video he talks about why men should marry young girls.
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson: "You got to marry these girls when they [are] about 15 or 16..."
The son of legendary Christian Televangelist Bill Graham, Franklin sternly reprimanded his fellow Christian community for inadequately displaying support for Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and for not defending Robertson's values expressed in comments that brought about in his short-term suspensio...
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is in hot water again, this time for advising men to marry women as young as 15.
The cast of ‘Duck Dynasty’ say they are ready to get back to work after the controversy over remarks by the father, Phil Robertson, about homosexuals and black people.
Not good! Duck Dynasty on A&E star Phil Robertson is under fire yet again:
With the threat of suspension behind them and more free publicity than they know what to with following Phil Robertson's controversial interview with GQ magazine, the Duck Dynasty family is cashing in by launching a brand new line of firearms.
Comments "Duck Dynasty" star, Phil Robertson, made in 2009 about marrying girls when they are 15 or 16, have resurfaced.
Most sports fans know NFL Hall of Famer and current co-host of Fox NFL Sunday, Terry Bradshaw. Some avid fans may know that he attended Louisiana Tech where he was their starting quarterback in 1966 and 1967. However, very, very few fans know that the quarterback that preceded Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech was a man who would go on to become extremely famous and make millions of dollars...but not as a football player. The man in question is none other than Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Read Joey Warner's account of Robertson's football career below:
Absolutely disturbing. The idea Of my Obamas, I mean Muslims taking over. HB The Islamic takeover of the US is gaining ground. America is going Muslim, and with the current policies in place, the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating top government positions and with the influx of immigration from Muslim countries, Islam will be taking over quicker than Phil Robertson can get suspended from Duck Dynasty for expressing his Christian views. It may sound far-fetched, but the rug is being pulled out from under us, and before anyone takes notice, the transformation will be complete. There is nothing like demographic data to illustrate a point. Immigration is changing the face of the nation, and there are irrefutable statistics which prove this very point. There is US Census data which is part of the picture, but then there is the 2010 US Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study, analyzed by the Washington Post’s Niraj Chokshi in an article earlier this month. This is the type of data that is oft ...
Apparently Terry Bradshaw began as a 2nd string QB in college. The starter? Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The more you know...
Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty spoke out on Fox News Tuesday night during the network's program "All-American New Year" with Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. After a tremendous amount of controversy and publicity, the family members finally gave their input on Phil Robertson's anti-...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson- marry a 16yr old before she knows better | Ana Marie Cox.
Marry girls when they're '15 or 16,' said 'Duck Dynasty' star
It's nice to know that Phil Robertson & his Duck Dynasty family own guns & may eventually shoot themselves in the ***
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is everything that is wrong with conservatives | Ana Marie Cox via
The folks from "Duck Dynasty" have made their first public statements about the suspension and reinstatement of their patriarch Phil Robertson in a Fox News int
The 'Duck Dynasty' family has spoken to reporters for the first time since the controversy over Phil Robertson's comments on homosexuality and race relations in a magazine interview. Phil's son Willie told Fox News there's no bad blood between the family and A&E. Read more about what he said at you think the show will be as popular when it returns with new episodes?
After being welcomed back to A&E from getting suspended for making anti *** remarks, looks like the Duck Dynasty leader, Phil Robertson may be caught up in a new controversy thanks to a video in which he encourages men to marry girls underage such as 15-years-old.
Culture Warriors on the right spent the bulk of the holiday season establishing Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty as a martyr because the millionaire was suspended from his television show after making grossly homophobic and racist statements to a GQ reporter. The strategy worked, and A&E reinstalled R...
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty says u should marry little girls when their 15 years old! What an ***
Breaking News: The Republican National Committee announced today it was firing Reince Priebus as Chairman and will replace him with Phil Robertson of the A & E reality show, Duck Dynasty. "Although this will hurt us with virtually every demographic except conservative white men, this is the direction the party is going, so we think this is a good move," said David Duke, former KKK leader and new head of the minority outreach program for the Republican Party. "And his outreach to young voters, particularly unmarried 15 year old girls, is particularly noteworthy."
Kate Hudson got her workout in on New Year's Eve, so she could indulge last night! Check out what's happening around the web! 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson recommends guys date women under the age of 20. (D Listed) Here's a trailer for the movie 'Journey to the West.' (Moe Jackson) Madison Murr...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson shows what's wrong with conservatives
He called it ridiculous to be arguing about Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson's comments, when *** people are being brutalized in Russia.
‘Duck Dynasty' couple speaks out on Phil Robertson controversy and future plans via
A video of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson advising young men to marry 15-year-old girls...
Thinking that Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) should be the guy heading up the Rose Bowl parade.
It's a question for our greatest philosophers. Because of the times we live in it's a question for "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson, 67, and the A&E Channel too.
Less than two weeks after Phil Robertson's anti *** controversy got him temporarily suspended from his A&E reality series, the 67-year-old "Duck Dynasty" star is making headlines once again.
Happy New year Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty on A&E
Michael Eric Dyson: Well, as you brilliantly articulated Ed, what they are saying is that black people and *** people don’t count. They don’t matter to the bottom line. They don’t figure in our calculations about what we think is offensive. And as a result of the *** Barrel crowd, that crowd that said, ‘Look, we are disgusted with you for removing the items of Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty, we are moreover disgusted with the fact African-American and Latino and other ethnic minorities, along with *** *** transgender and bisexual people have come together to say this is an outrage. And as a result of that, they have turned this into a matter of free speech. The irony, of course, they don’t want more speech to counteract their negative, vicious, offensive and vitriolic speech. So they’re mad at the fact we are challenging what they’re saying and we don’t ...
'Duck Dynasty' clan members to appear on Fox News special to discuss Phil Robertson suspension
Wishing Phil Robertson and family a very HAPPY,HAPPY,Happy New Year and am very happy that you will be back on Duck Dynasty.
As Phil Robertson would say on Duck Dynasty have a happy, Happy New Year and be safe.
--Phil Robertson is back on Duck Dynasty after a bogus apology --On the Bonus Show: Suicide bombing attack in Russia, Plus size Barbie, Toby...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
(KTVI) - The Duck Dynasty star who was caught up in controversy two weeks ago for anti *** remarks is in hot water again. Video of Phil Robertson suggesting that men marry 15-year-old girls has sur...
BREAKING NEWS: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is a person who is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.
Phil Robertson is back in the news... 'Duck Dynasty' Star Advises Men to Marry Teenage Girls.
Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, wants Christians to rise up in support of Phil Robertson, the reality show star from Duck Dynasty, according to a statement he released.
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