Duck Dynasty & Miss Kay

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander. Marsha Kay Robertson (née Carroway) aka Miss Kay , is a TV star, Phil Robertson's wife, commonly in Duck Dynasty. 5.0/5

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'Duck Dynasty' hair: Miss Kay and Jessica Robertson score big via
I love how respectful the Robertson kids are on Duck Dynasty towards Phil and Miss Kay. More young people need to be like that
"Duck Dynasty's" Miss Kay reveals why she didn't leave Phil Robertson after he cheated. *** it could be any *** under that beard!"
Here Are the Actors Who Will Play Willie, Korie, Miss Kay and the Gang in the ...
Get your Duck Dynasty fix with Miss Kay or Si books @
So incredibly blessed tonight at Girls Night Out hosted by KSBJ! Kari Jobe leading worship, comedian Nazarene and message by Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. Tonight was a night of worship, singing, laughing, crying and receiving wisdom. God is Good!
Miss Kay, Alan and Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty are on Joni on Daystar. (389 Time Warner)
Shape magazine and now Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty has joined Plexus!!! This is the REAL DEAL people!
"Duck Dynasty" star Miss Kay has chosen to go public about one of the most painful times in her life – the time she was accused by husband Phil Robertson of having an affair. That led Kay to seriously consider suicide, but by the grace of God, she was relieved of that thought and she and Phil have s…
How great is it that we work in such a loving, supportive and giving community? We are a puzzle, no one piece can be complete by itself...but together we become whole as one! I am personally humble and honored to work with such an amazing group of people. As one...I am nothing. With you all...I am whole. To each of you thank you for allowing me to be a part of this extraordinary family. God Bless Cecil and Sheila Manning, our community, fellow realtor friends and our KW family. May his memory ... Please let all your friends and family know that there will be a silent auction including $300 diamond earrings, a $1,550 body package and a $600 face package from It's permanent, a night out at River and Rail and a private lunch with Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. There will also be many, many great items available for raffle.
I am a Southern Mama, like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
"Duck Dynasty" matriarch Miss Kay is happy to keep her whole duck-hunting family, including husband Phil Robertson, in check and well-fed on the...
There's more to the Duck Dynasty cast than just beards, bandanas and bird calls. In fact, the matriarch of the insanely popular TV family, Kay Robertson (aka Miss Kay), is well-known for her love of cooking. Recently, Jacob Slaton photographed Miss Kay for LouAna, a leading processor of cooking oils…
i want a marriage like Miss Kay x Phil on duck dynasty
Miss Kay, the matriarch of the Robertson family whose country cooking and southern charm brings her family together every Wednesday night for a prayer around the dinner table on the hit reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," has written three books recently, "Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen," "The Women…
Was looking threw my emails and saw this: At The FAIR Saturday, August 30, 7pm AT&T Concert Series at the Kendall Toyota Borealis Theatre Join us for an evening with the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, including the Duck Commander himself, Phil; revered matriarch, Miss Kay; blue-cup-holding, story-telling Uncle Si; and brothers Jep and Alan, as they share insights into their family life, booming business and the filming of A&E’s most-watched series.
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I want some of Miss Kay's cooking. She throwing down in the kitchen on every episode of Duck Dynasty.
My wife woke up possessed by Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.
Miss Kay Robertson, the wife of A&E hit series "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, is coming out with a brand new book titled 'The Women of Duck Commander' where she discusses multiple issues including some hardships she faced when she was younger.
I won't be there tomorrow, but I wanted to share this with all of you. I am at the Extraordinary Women's conference in Pensacola for the 3rd year in a row with my bestfriend. This year, it is Joyful Journey, about finding Joy in your life. Which to be honest with you, that's what the last several months have been about for me. Tomorrow, Karen Kingsbury, Miss Kay (from Duck Dynasty) and Lisa Welchell (Blair from Facts of Life) will be speaking. Tonight, I met Karen Kingsbury again AND we were five rows from Jeremy Camp and not only is he an amazing singer but ladies, he is very good looking! (With a wife and three kids). So, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and how SOS has been with me on my Joyful Journey. :))
Check out Brett Eastman directing Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty today.
What a GREAT time w/ the women of "Duck Dynasty" right after Good Morning America! So much fun w/ "Miss Kay", Korie, Missy, Jessica and Lisa Robertson!
Those who know me know I have chronic insomnia. Well, last night I fell asleep at 8:30 and just now woke up at 8:00 AM after a full, amazing night's sleep, completely unmedicated! Weird. I did dream that David Marvin and I went on a road trip, and after seeing a road-side bacon stand, we decided that if we saw another one we would stop... and renew our vows. So we did, and Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty renewed our vows. Clearly, I don't need as much sleep as I got last night.
Who all is going to see Duck Dynasty on April 26 at JQH ?? Willie, Korie, Miss Kay and Si..
Back at work with the boys--it is officially Duck Dynasty Week here at the frat house, so everyone is happy, happy, happy! Today's menu is Uncle Si's Yardbird Sandwiches, waffle fries, and a fruit salad. Dinner will be Cajun pasta with andouille sausage and crayfish, garlic bread, tossed salad, and one of Miss Kay's desserts!
Read an excerpt from the book Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen by Kay Robertson, a cast member from the hit show Duck Dynasty. Stay up to date on this show & more of your favorites on A&E.
you know, Miss Kay is what the Robertson's call Phil's wife on Duck Dynasty.
Mandy Pourciau Landry, So tell me what you think about this. I was talking to KK about the dress attire for the Ball Saturday night. She tells me it is pink camo. So I tell her I guess I better go to Bass Pro Shop. A couple hours later I asked her what was she wearing, her answer is thigh high pink boots. So she is telling me to dress Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty while she is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Now what kind of friend is that?
'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson said his Louisiana Tech University classmates and even his beloved wife, 'Miss Kay,' were pensive about his entrepreneurial plan to build and sell duck calls in 1972.
Ideal women for the Republicans are Ann Romney and Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty; marry young, have 4 or more babies, obsess about cooking and grand babies & leave the heavy thinking to the exalted head of the household!
Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? Love the episode where Miss Kay goes bowling!
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Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty is a fan of Plexus!
THE world needs more Phil and miss Kay and less and Kanye loving Duck Dynasty addicted to it loll
... READY TO WIN? - If you watched the premiere of Season 5 of "Duck Dynasty" then this should be easy. The first four people with the correct answer will each win two passes to this weekend's Ag Expo at the Ike. The passes are good for EITHER Friday or Saturday - your choice. And the question is: What movie did Uncle Si want to watch while recovering at Phil and Miss Kay's? Good luck!
New episode of Duck Dynasty!!! So happy. Miss Kay looks so pretty with longer hair
Fans of Duck Dynasty will be familiar with the voice of Willie Robertson who does much of the show's narrating.  This big-bearded star is is the third son of Phil and Miss Kay, and has been happily married to wife Korie for 21 years.
Had the opp to interview Miss Kay & Korie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" to get a look at the women behind the hit show.
All I want is to have a love like Phil & Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty matriarch Miss Kay sits down with The 700 Club’s Michelle Wilson to share about the early years building the dynasty and how she held the Robertson family together with faith.
Wal-Mart gets flack every time you turn around but I'm going to give an A+ to Wal-Mart. This morning I had to go and get some medicine for W.C. and noticed people looking through Duck Dynasty items. I walked over to look too. 99% of the items were Duck Dynasty but I looked and saw "The Duck Commander Devotional" compiled by Alan Robertson. I bought it and took it to W.C. and told him it was one of his Christmas presents. You know every one keeps saying how ignorant Phil is on all these shows from NEW YORK but he not only went to college with Terry Bradshaw he also went to a 2 year program associated with a religious seminary as did Miss Kay. Well I got off track and chased a rabbit, but THANK YOU Wal-Mart for standing up for the people in Middle, Small town, God fearing America, you know who your customers are.
Okay, here it is! Phil Robertson: EVANGELIST FIRST I have had all day to think on this. There are several aspects of this controversy. It is simple, but complicated. I'll try to be concise, but as is the case so many times, it'll probably be an exercise in futility. I read the GQ article which seemed to have a profound impact on Drew Magary, the interviewer. If you know nothing of Phil Robertson, know that he was a bonafide *** raiser in his youth. It had even gotten to a point where he left Miss Kay and his family. Then he found God, accepted Jesus, and turned his life around. He has taken his rebirth very seriously and has no problem expressing his opinions. From what I gather, that is the primary mission of himself and his family. And maybe if the rest of us had gone through the things his family had, we would understand the devotion and power of their belief system. And judging by the fact that "Duck Dynasty" is the most popular cable show of all time, maybe that power is picked up by the millions th ...
According to a United Nations report, there are currently over 200 million Christians in 60 countries who are being denied fundamental human rights solely based on their Christian faith. In a 10 year span, 603 Catholic missionaries were murdered for their faith...30 of them killed just last year.while Duck Dynasty was filming their 4th season and plastering their faces on every "Made In China" WalMart piece of junk that they could conceive of to bolster their multi-million dollar empire. Maybe everyone can settle down and not get so banged up about Phil Robertson not being able to film a couple episodes of his show. The American public might actually miss a week or two of him sitting in his recliner going on about how much he like's Miss Kay's full figure.Oh the humanity!!!
Ok, for what it is worth - I have read the entire GQ article. If it was correct online, Drew Magary asked Phil "what, In your mind, is sinful?" According to the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of these United States, those three little words "in your mind" give Phil the right to say anything he pleases. Being the same man that speaks of God, quotes scripture, and prays on every A&E episode of Duck Dynasty, Phil paraphrased 1 Corinthians 6:9. Almost every Bible translation if this verse includes the word "homosexual". If you ask any man his opinion of most anything, you will get some kind of answer. Phil simply answered the question put before him. Anyone who disagrees is free to do so. While A&E is WRONG to take such an action, I believe they will only strengthen Phil's cause. He and Miss Kay will be fine, with or without A&E. But watch and see how many people will take Phil's side in this. My thoughts - First - A&E knew the man Phil was long before this. Why are they acting so outraged? If the ...
"This is gonna set 'em straight or I'm gonna get the wooden spoon." -Miss Kay Robertson. I love Duck Dynasty's old school Miss Kay! - with Sonny Rivera, Samantha Crouch, and Jim Rivera
I want a relationship like Phil Robertson and Miss Kay off of Duck Dynasty!!
Yesterday Jim made his award winning chili and I baked the cornbread recipe from Miss Kay's Duck Dynasty cookbook.
The all new 30 min. special featuring stars of Duck Dynasty, Phil, Miss Kay, Jep, and Reed Robertson. Check it out:
Us Weekly: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Miss Kay are opening up abou... via
Today I'll have the fun privilege to direct some ad videos starring Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. Let's do this!
Wife Swap...the reality show.I would love to see Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty sawp places with Victoria Osteen wife of Joel Osteen. That would be a show!!
Have you figured out your Thanksgiving menu yet? If not Miss Kay is here to help!
NEW BOOK THURSDAY! 21 new books went on the new book table this morning, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Do you like Duck Dynasty? If so, Miss Kay's Duck Commander kitchen, faith, family is one of the new titles. Or how about Christmas ideas? Gooseberry Patch Farm Hometown Christmas is also one of the new titles. There are also new titles by Susan Mallery, Karen Kingsbury, Fannie Flagg, Ruth Rendell, Time Conway and Mark Halperin - just to name a few. Stop by and browse these new titles. Books will go into circulation next Thursday.
In today's society, many people focus on immoral aspects of life. However, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and his wife Miss Kay focus on family, love and GOD. They are an inspiration... just watch this tribute.
Just watched an episode of Duck Dynasty. The girls planned a surprise wedding for Phil & Miss Kay that they never had when they first were married. Even if it is a fake reality show it illustrates the importance of family and God. It makes you feel good and provides humor in a good way!
Tonight's episode of Duck Dynasty was really amazing. "I loved you when we were poor and you weren't so nice... now you're really nice and kind and I'm not going anywhere." ~Miss Kay "You are my best friend and I love you dearly. I'm going to be with you for the long haul... until they put me in the ground. I'm just sorry I didn't have this ring for you the first time." ~Phil
Ok so did Miss Kay off Duck Dynasty have some nip and tuck donen on the face?
I think that the Duck Dynasty show with Phil and Miss Kay getting married is one of the sweetest scenes ever! Wish more people in this world appreciated the simple truth that this show Highlights!
Every time I watch Miss Kay and Phil's wedding, I cry. My question... Why do I keep watching it?? Love me some Duck Dynasty!!!
I'm watching the Duck Dynasty episode where Phil and Miss Kay got married on their anniversary. Their vows are so genuine and loving, it makes one like me realize where I went wrong...
Miss Kay spills the beans on her cooking secrets! Find out how to make frog legs and squirrel brain dumplings:
Join me on the radio this afternoon 3-7. "Duck Dynasty" fans...I'll have a chance for you to score free tickets to see Miss Kay from "Duck Dynasty" this Sunday @ CVCC in Hickory. Listen for your cue to call on the Drive Home on KICKS 103.3.
A night of Duck Dynasty. Busy all weekend n this is a perfect ending enjoying some laughs w Willie, Si, Jase, Phil n Miss Kay.
Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty today at the Southern Women's Show today duckdynasty
What a great weekend at the Orlando southern women's show! Thank you Lancome and your wonderful team. I am happy to help! And I got to see Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty!
Miss Kay was and still is a beauty. How in the world could Phil not been anything but innocent with her. Well when the Good Lord came into his life some common sense came in also. Love Miss Kay and all the Duck Dynasty crew.
Been to the Southern Women Show in Orlando. Wonderful booths and displays for any interest a woman might have. Got to meet Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty and sit in on an interview with her. Very interesting and enjoyable!
Met Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty today! Feeling happy happy happy! 😁❤🐥
Miss Kay was awesome! She is just as personal, realistic, down to earth, and Jesus loving in person as she portrays herself on Duck Dynasty!
LUKE AND GEORGE WILL APPEAR ON DUCK THE HALLS Everybody's favorite bearded brethren, A&E's Duck Dynasty crew, are releasing their first Christmas album this year entitled Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. The album will hit store shelves on October 29 and will feature the Robertson family along with special guests George Strait, Luke Bryan, Josh Turner and Alison Krauss. Luke will team up with Willie, Phil, Si, Jase and Jep on the aptly named song "Hairy Christmas," while Strait will lend his voice to the song "Christmas Cookies," with Phil and Miss Kay. The album will also feature an original song called "Ragin' Cajun Redneck Christmas," which Willie wrote with famed Nashville songwriter Dallas Davidson. A sneak peak at the making of the new album has been released online and shows the Robertson clan in the studio with George and Luke. Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas Track Listing: 1. "Ragin' Cajun Redneck Christmas" (Willie Robertson) 2. "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (Missy Rober ...
As an alumni of WMHS, I found this article in the Rebel Dispatch very interesting. Thought those fans of Duck Dynasty might enjoy reading it, as well. HAVE YOU MET THEM? There’s a lot more happening in West Monroe than you might think! As the years have passed many changes have occurred in your home town. In this issue we hope to bring you up to date on some of the special features that make your home town an attractive place to visit. The most recent news is the phenomenal success of the Phil Robertson family and their Duck Dynasty television show which airs on Wednesday nights on A & E. The Commander warehouse, located on the corner of Thomas Road and King’s Lane, is one of the major sites for filming of the popular show. Willie Robertson graduated from West Monroe High School in 1990 and Alan Robertson graduated with the Class of 1982. Willie played basketball for the Rebels. The two younger Robertson’s attended the new West Ouachita High School since Phil and Miss Kay live in the southwest ...
Miss Kay shares about the dark days before Duck Dynasty
I'm interviewing Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.what do you want to know? Mary M.
"Miss Kay, you wanna know somethin'? You are my best buddy." Awh awh awh they've been married for 48 years, I love Duck Dynasty.
Stephen's mamaw looks, acts, and cooks like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.
Watching the new Duck Dynasty again b/c I am in love with Miss Kay's little ceremony wedding outside💍❤
“Duck Dynasty” recap: Phil and Miss Kay make it official, 50 years later | Fox News via
Hamilton Collection
Spending this Sunday with family? Try out some of these delicious Miss Kay family friendly recipes!
Me: Dad, Duck Dynasty is back this month. Dad: Ya that's what I should do next week, go to Louisiana, visit Miss Kay!
Miss Glenda is like a much milder version of Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty.
Alan Robertson?? The eldest son of Phil and Miss Kay... Everyone will get to see the beardless brother in season four of Duck Dynasty... Hm.
Nashville: Absolutely loved shooting with Phil and Miss Kay, Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty (my favorite show on TV ) at the KLOVE radio network Listners Choice Awards in Nashville! Tons of "Likes" to Chuck Pryor for making that dream come true! Hey Jack, lets get Willie and Korie and especially Uncle Si out there too! Happy, Happy, Happy!
Kay Robertson, know affectionately as "Miss Kay" to Duck Dynasty fans, will speak at AtlantaFest 2013 on Saturday, June 15. Kay will take the stage just before her…
Duck Dynasty season finale is so good watching it again. Miss Kay: Phil! Look look look look look look. Phil: Jason Bourne, Jason Bourne is hard to catch. SI: This is where the Mayans came from, I don't care what you say. & Magnum PSI Willie: (In a Sarong) Ok lets go over the Itinerary. Jase: The itinerary must die! I have just fallen in love with the Robertson family♥ Looking forward to reading Phils book Happy Happy Happy.
The largest crowd in the history of Lipscomb University gathered over two days in Allen Arena at three separate shows to see Miss Kay, Phil and Si Robertson from A&E’s Duck Dynasty for the 2013 Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. Over 14,000 people attended the Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening shows. The trio from the hit reality series came as this year’s headliners for the fifth annual Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. Past headliners include NFL star Tim Tebow, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and Butler basketball coach Brad Stevens. During the Saturday night show, the masses packed into Allen Arena to be greeted by Lipscomb trivia scrolling on the gigantic screens above the Duck Dynasty-themed stage, which had four large recliners at the center. After a welcome from university President Randy Lowery and Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson, a brief video about Coach Don Meyer was shown. Coach Meyer came to the stage shortly after to introduce the group from Duck Dynasty, whom ...
The following article appeared in today's local paper. Tuesday we meet with Si and his wife, Christine, to pick out their new Clayton Home which allows them to publicly endorse our product. Submitted Miss Kay and Phil Robertson, stars of the A&E reality television program “Duck Dynasty,” talk about the virtues of Clayton Homes in a commercial they recently did for the company. Kevin Clayton Phil and Miss Kay Robertson, the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” sliced some Sweet Potato Pie and filled their audience in about Clayton Homes. “What do I know about Clayton Homes?” Phil Robertson asked. “I know they’re built right here in America.” “And they know the difference between a house and a home,” Miss Kay added. So starts the first of what Clayton Homes President and CEO Kevin Clayton said will likely be many commercials that the popular reality TV stars will do for the Maryville-based manufactured home company. “The kind of people who build our homes and who are our customers are exact ...
FAQ for Don Meyer Evening of Excellence featuring Phil, Si and Miss Kay of 'Duck Dynasty' -
spending the day with the Robertson Family ... talking Duck Dynasty, Third Day, God, Miss Kay's cooking and whatever else comes up.
Am I the only one who thinks Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty looks like Darla from the Little Rascals?
Watching reruns of Duck Dynasty... Miss Kay reminds me of Clint's aunt Susan Bymaster & Sadie Robertson looks like she could be Sadie Mason but best of all Jace really really reminds me of my brother in law Shay Snodgrass. Maybe that's why I love this show so much!!
Hello Phil, Miss Kay, Si, Willie, Jace, Jep, Mountain Man, Godwin, John Luke, Sadie, and the rest of you Duck Dynasty folk. Just passin on through your state. Stay cool.
Holy crap! Miss Kay, Willie, and Korie from Duck Dynasty was at the race :) as well as Ray Lewis, 50 Cent, and James Franco!
Update your maps at Navteq
I need a Pioneer Woman like Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty. She is really woman. If I could find a woman like her id be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
I'll be going for a dip on Saturday. A quick dip. Through a hole cut through the ice of Leech Lake. But it's for a good cause! The Cass County Assessor's office has a team of seven jumping in the 10th annual Polar 'Pout Plunge to raise money for the Walker Area Community Center. It's during the 34th Annual International Eelpout Festival. Our team is jumping as the Duck Dynasty family with a northern Minnesota twist. I'll be portraying "Miss Kay" Robertson.
Miss Kay from Duck Dynasty reminds me of Darla from Little Rascals.
Summaries of reality TV shows so you don't have to watch them. "Amish Mafia" Premise: The borderline mentally disabled shake down quilt makers and get tough by pushing people out of barns. Party like it's 1949 in towns like Intercourse. Dinner with? Levi, because his eyes are the most in focus. Girls? The Amish girls hate the "English" girls. Watch or not? Like watching midget wrestling; entertaining and funny, but you know that it's wrong. "Duck Dynasty" Premise: Educated rednecks wane philosophical about life in the deep South. While pretending to work in the family multimillion-dollar business, they act in staged, super fun scenarios. Dinner with? Sy or Jace. Really, any of the bearded rednecks as long as Miss Kay is cooking. Girls? Housewives of the Bayou – in a good way. Watch or not? Awesome. Three thumbs up. Really fun. "Storage Wars" Premise: Coifed, clean thrift store owners play with Monopoly money to bid on junky storage lockers. Dinner with? Barry! I mean, dinner is a start, but who doesn't ...
Duck Dynasty, The Story Behind the Story Duck Dynasty is not just about a TV show, or duck calls, or even hunting ducks. Rather, the Robertson clan's first priority is to reach as many people as possible with the good news about Jesus. Duck Dynasty features the Robertson family with Phil Robertson the father, his wife Miss Kay, their three sons, Willie, Jase and Jep and Uncle Si. The Robertson's, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle. Ask anyone in Louisiana and they'll tell you that the bayou state's favorite first family doesn't live in the governor's mansion but in the backwoods, where the Robertsons' rags-to-riches story is still unfolding. A homegrown mom-and-pop operation, Duck Commander has become a sporting empire by fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood. This newly minted multimillionaire family is kept in line by business-savvy Willie, who runs Duck Comm ...
Well it's like Miss Kay of Duck Dynasty says " I wanted a Pioneer Man and I got one. The way to a Robertson mans heart is through his belly!". I wanted a Mountain Man and I got one! Baking bread, cookies, muffins for my Mountain Man.
** Christmas on TV - Tue 01/15 thru Sun 01/21 ** (all times Eastern USA) Duck Dynasty - I'm Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas Today, 12:01 AM / A&E 48 As the family gets ready for Christmas, Miss Kay prepares her signature "Pirducken," which is made with chicken, duck, turkey and pig, Willie plays Santa at a church event, Jase and boys put up Christmas lights, and Kay and Phil look for a tree. The Office - Secret Santa Today, 12:30 AM / TBS 23 Michael becomes outraged after Jim decides to let Phyllis take on the role of Santa at the office Christmas party; Jim and Dwight try to get the holiday spirit going, despite some doubts from everyone; Oscar has a secret crush. MAD - Kitchen Nightmare Before Christmas; How I Met Your Mummy Today, 4:00 PM / TOON-E 58 Viewers are presented with a poignant parody that seeks to lampoon the likes of the television reality hit 'Kitchen Nightmares,' in addition to a satirically driven sketch that is based upon the popular network sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother.' Joseph ...
Been watching "Duck Dynasty" and laughing myself silly. Ladies, did you know the way to a man's heart is Sweet Potato Pie?.lol funny stuff.I love Miss Kay and Phil
Lubbock Christian School announces Phil and Kay Robertson (Duck Commander and Miss Kay) from Duck Dynasty will speak at annual event.
Phil and Kay Robertson (aka the Duck Commander and Miss Kay) from the hit A&E series "Duck Dynasty" will appear at...
So disappointed in Duck Dynasty tonight- I really wanted them to show Miss Kay's Banana Pudding so all my northern relatives could see what Banana Pudding is SUPPOSED to look like :-)
Does anyone else think Miss Kay of Duck Dynasty reminds them of Darla from Little Rascals?
Just made two pecan pies for Thanksgiving Day. The first is a new one, Miss Kay's (Duck Dynasty) Honey Pecan and the second is my Mom's tried and true pecan pie recipe! They both look really good!
"Too Close for Comfort" Sports, Reality, Hunting. (2012) Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson. Jase plans to build his own office when Willie refuses to give him a new one; a visit to a petting zoo brings out the farmer in Miss Kay. Series.
Been spending the evening watching Duck Dynasty. Love it! I really like all the guys but Phil has gotten to be my favorite. Wonder if we could get Phil to run for President. He would be such an improvement over the the brain-dead moron currently occupying the White House. And Miss Kay would definitely be an upgrade in terms of First Lady. Michelle Obama doesn't have the foggiest idea of what a real "lady" is.
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Over 800 tickets sold in first 24 hrs for Don Meyer Evening of Excellence featuring Duck Dynasty's Phil, Miss Kay & Si.
But why is Darla from the Little Rascals REALLY Miss Kay the mom from Duck Dynasty??
Duck Dynasty tonight. Phil Robertson for president, Willie for vice pres. Miss Kay for secretary of state fried frog legs and squirrel brains for everyone. and MR. Si Robertson secretary or defense. Problems solved.
The highlight of my day at the races.getting to see Si, Miss Kay, John Luke from duck dynasty, Squirrel from duck dynasty came to my window he autographed his business card and invited us to his shop in Louisiana, then HBK, yes the Heart Break Kid himself Shawn Michaels from WWE came to our window. I'm so glad I volunteered to work the races!
Watching one of my favorite shows, Duck Dynasty. I hope when I am older, I am referred to as Miss Becky, just like Miss Kay or Miss Ellie on Dallas or Miss Daisy...all classy ladies!
Has anyone that watches Duck Dynasty noticed how Miss Kay and Darla from Little Rascals look alike??
"It never hurts to have a pan of good cornbread, either". Kay Robertson, Duck Dynasty. Amen, Miss Kay !
This idea came to me this evening as I mindlessly watched some TV. I wonder what reality shows could be blended for our amusement. I mean, imagine Honey Boo and her Mom sharing dinner with Miss Kay and Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. I would love to hear Phil's "no nonsense" take on kiddy pageants and couponing moms. Others that come to mind: Chopped and the Bachelor (put some skin in the game); The Hills and Dirtiest Jobs (Like...eww); American Idol and Top Shot (Elvis Week with automatic weapons); Deadliest Catch and Project Runway (Fashions for when the ice descends upon the crabbing grounds). Ideas?
Biscuits – Southern Style – from Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty - These delicious Southern Biscuits are crunchy on the out...
Rumor has it there was a Miss Kay, from Duck Dynasty, sighting yesterday in Gulf Shores. Something tells me it's...
Miss Kay from duck dynasty reminds me of Darla from Little Rascals
watching Duck Dynasty on A&E. If you want some good laughs this is definitely the show to watch. lol Right now there's a gator at Miss Kay's, Willie's mom's house & she wants him to remove it but he's no Steve Irwin.
Does any one else think that Miss Kay off of Duck Dynasty look like the older version of Darlla in the movie Little Rascals?
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