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Duck Dynasty Marathon

Uncle Si Phil Robertson

Unfair! Not every racist! Some stayed home, Duck Dynasty marathon was on cable.
You think round Earth is a hoax? Go back to your Duck Dynasty marathon bud
Glad your trailer finally got wifi. Now run along before you miss that duck dynasty maratho…
Duck Dynasty marathon in prep for the season premiere tonight. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my day procrastinating.
Duck Dynasty marathon before the new season tomorrow?
Hanging out with my cousin having a duck dynasty marathon.
Only thing that can stop a tea party gun-nut with a gun, is a TV marathon of Duck Dynasty
Late night Duck Dynasty marathon.. Because why not??😁
The SVU marathon is over but apparently there is a Duck Dynasty one going so this is officially a perfect night.
did me dirty by having a duck dynasty marathon on right now. I want to go to bed
there has been a duck dynasty marathon for the last couple days and I have been loving it
Yoo marathon of suits and now marathon of duck dynasty? Its been a productive day
Thank god for the duck dynasty marathonπŸ‘Œ
The duck dynasty marathon is perfect right now
Duck Dynasty marathon with my family.ξ€Ž
I might watch this duck dynasty marathon all night long !
Duck Dynasty marathon for the rest of the night.
Gonna be a long night. Hopefully this Duck Dynasty marathon doesn't end
I love watching Sunday marathon of Duck Dynasty, such a awesome family!
Duck Dynasty marathon on TV. Nothing else shall be getting done tonight.
Instead of watching the pageant, I'm definitely watching the duck dynasty marathon✌️
Duck Dynasty marathon with the pops.
Watching the Duck Dynasty Marathon is always the best way to relax on a Sunday night.
Miss USA Competition. Or. NBA Finals. Or. Duck Dynasty marathon. ...what to watch...what to watch...
While ya'll are watching the pageant I'm having myself a Duck Dynasty marathon.
Duck Dynasty marathon tonight means any hope of productivity has been lost. Somehow, I'm ok with that
It's always a good night when there's a duck dynasty marathon on.
Do I watch Duck Dynasty, or do I start an '80s movies marathon?
Duck Dynasty marathon! God-Night! The Goats are great, Never tired of watching the Goats poop
A Duck Dynasty marathon until 4am is why I love life.
Isn't everyday a Duck Dynasty marathon w/ you guys? Might as well rename your network DuckDynastyTV.
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Having a Duck Dynasty marathon since no one's home and Jasmin probably won't wake up until 2pm
My mom would start a Duck Dynasty marathon right before I have to go to work 😀
Got hooked on a Duck Dynasty marathon last night only to find out I'm 5 seasons behind...:(
What else would I do if not watch a duck dynasty marathon?
Duck dynasty marathon happening right now
I wanna sleep but there's a duck dynasty marathon on... the struggle is real.
I want to go to sleep but there is a Duck Dynasty marathon
Duck dynasty marathon!!! Lmao get this ten archers cut Wat 30minns lmao .. love this show .
Duck dynasty marathon for 3rd time this week
Duck dynasty marathon, I think yas 😍
Hey jack! there's a duck dynasty marathon on rn
Duck dynasty marathon to end the day. Stocked for the new season next week
Watching a Duck Dynasty . Marathon !. Love a man with facial hair . But their beards are a little . Too much !
I have no regrets on how excited I was to see that theres a Duck Dynasty marathon on
Duck dynasty marathon and Nicholas is coming over πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
TV Wednesday: Sit yerself down to a Duck Dynasty marathon (with video)
I can't wait for this duck Dynasty marathonπŸ™Œ
Duck Dynasty Marathon with my beautiful lady :)
Duck Dynasty Marathon will be the death of me. Literally. Lol
Duck Dynasty Marathon. Curtiss is in heaven. He even made himself a Chocolate Malt.
It's a Duck Dynasty Marathon kind of day.
So... A&E bans Phil Robertson, but them has a Duck Dynasty Marathon all day? ***
Its poor taste that A&E has a Duck Dynasty Marathon right now. It comes off as an ignorant move. Never seen an episode dont plan to
A&E has a Duck Dynasty Marathon on till 5:00am. Wonder why?
Everyone under this page, A&E tonight is looking to capitalize on Phil Robertson by airing Duck Dynasty Marathon. Now starts the revolt. Boycott A&E programming. Share with your wall and tell your friends. It's time Freedom of speech meant something.
Duck Dynasty Marathon...why not nothing better to do!!!
A Choose Your Own Adventure book where you either have to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party or watch a Duck Dynasty marathon.
The best 4 words I've heard today...Duck Dynasty marathon tomorrow!! Or the rumors I heard about me, either one..pretty funny if u ask me!
duck dynasty to golden girls Christmas marathon
Just got done watching the Duck Dynasty Christmas special another great one as always so ready for the marathon and the new season!!!
My parents send me a picture of my dad with a squirrel stuffed animal. They are having a 3 hour duck dynasty marathon with Amy and Tim.
I can't wait until after my final tomorrow because I'm gonna nap, have my own bones/the office marathon, and then duck dynasty marathonπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Duck Dynasty marathon on tomorrow! Starts at 6, I will be locked down all night😳
Duck Dynasty marathon tomorrow night??? *rolls over in happiness* meow ^_^
Duck dynasty marathon tomorrow PLUS a sneek peek of the new season? I think SO!
How am I suppose to study tomorrow when there's gonna be a Duck Dynasty Marathon!
It should be illegal to run a Duck Dynasty marathon during exams.
Duck Dynasty marathon. I know what I'm doing tomorrow.
Duck dynasty Christmas marathon is in effect! πŸ‘
all I did tonight was eat fudge edit my blog and watch part of the duck dynasty marathon that's on I kind of hate myself rn bc I did no hw
Love watching the Duck Dynasty Marathon with my wife! Can't wait for the new Christmas episode!
Duck Dynasty marathon.I coolin with my feet up
Quality time for my dad and I = watching the Duck Dynasty marathon πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
But there's a Duck Dynasty marathon on!!!
Duck Dynasty marathon is on point tonight
I'm pumped that I get to do homework while duck dynasty marathon is on
β€œbut there's a Duck Dynasty marathon on!!”- you need to be more pacific. πŸ˜‚
This duck dynasty marathon has my attentionπŸ“Ί
Watching Duck Dynasty marathon before their Christmas special
Hot chocolate & enjoying the Duck Dynasty marathon with the fiancΓ©
Just realized me and have been watching a Duck Dynasty Marathon for the past 3 hours... πŸ™ˆ
Nothing better then a duck dynasty marathon
I've been watching the duck dynasty marathon tonight and can't wait for the Christmas special!
Duck Dynasty marathon that's what my night will consist of
Duck dynasty has made me a very happy camper tonight w this marathon
you should watch duck dynasty right now there is a marathon plus their Christmas special!!
My dad brought me cyberia and jimmy johns tonight on top of a duck dynasty marathon. Christ. I'm loving life.
Duck dynasty day ever :')
I'm down for a Duck Dynasty marathon right now
Duck Dynasty Marathon leading to a New One! How can today not be a good day :)
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How does one go about studying when there is a Duck Dynasty marathon on?
Duck dynasty marathon and then Christmas special😍 yes!!
Two finals tomorrow that I need to be studying for and there is a duck dynasty marathon on
Home Alone marathon on AMC right now & new episode of Duck Dynasty @ 9pm
Sitten back. Driking hot chocolate. And watching the Duck Dynasty marathon!!
Duck Dynasty Marathon because who needs college? πŸ‘Œ
T-minus 2 hours to Duck Dynasty marathon followed by the Christmas special πŸ™†
Things better to do than watch Auburn in the BCSNCG. 1 Grow a Duck Dynasty Chia Pet. 2 Give an enema to a yak. 3 Watch a Gle…
Nathan and I are so ready for the Duck Dynasty marathon and Christmas special! ;)
When your niece keeps texting n each time it interrupts your Duck Dynasty Marathon!!
When he suprises me and tells me were going to have a Duck Dynasty marathon.
I just wanna curl up under my blankets and have a little Duck Dynasty marathon
I don't wanna go to work. I'd rather sit here and finish my duck dynasty marathon.
Having a Duck Dynasty marathon. Probably my new favorite show :)
Havin' myself a Duck Dynasty marathon!! should be on more episodes!!
Duck Dynasty marathon while I work on stuff for school. πŸ‘Œ
I'm feeling a duck dynasty marathon for this thundery day β˜”βš‘πŸ₯❀
crystal clear night in America, crossing the rockies on with 300 mile views and Duck Dynasty marathon on the TV. WHAT A COUNTRY!
No sorry i can't hang out i'm too busy watching a Duck Dynasty marathon
Is it sad that I will watch a Season 1 Duck Dynasty marathon until 1 am on a week night?
Duck Dynasty marathon before I go to bed ☺☺
Man there would be a duck dynasty marathon when I'm trying to sleep ):
Nothing beats staying up all night like watching a Duck Dynasty marathon
Damnit... Stuck in night shift mode, however there is a Duck Dynasty marathon on. Take the good with the bad .
If you're not watching the Duck Dynasty marathon rn, please reevaluate your life.
Duck dynasty marathon with my lovely mother
So now that I'm wide awake and I finished my duck dynasty marathon I feel as if I should finish reading
Duck Dynasty marathon with a new episode? Yes please
The duck dynasty marathon is over. 😟 I don't think I've ever been this sad.
How much do I love my kid? I'm hanging out at football practice instead of watching the Duck Dynasty marathon.
our youth day should be filled with a duck dynasty marathon. Don't you agree
Duck Dynasty marathon instead of homework? Sounds like a good plan to me
Holy hot boys upstairs. Feel free to come have a Duck Dynasty marathon with me! 😍
Duck Dynasty marathon with my parents. It's their first marathon. Yes! And they are dieing laughing. I love this
A duck dynasty marathon & online shopping will flip this frown upside down
If you're stressed, have a Duck Dynasty marathon. I promise it works every time.
Duck Dynasty marathon with my dad.. Why not.
Watching Duck Dynasty marathon now new episode! Awesome
there's also a Duck Dynasty marathon on!!
I was really into that duck dynasty marathon, but I guess the miller lite makes up for the separation of me and that bed.
Duck Dynasty marathon at CP 2nd floor lounge!
me too! There's a duck dynasty marathon that I was just watching πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
A glass of wine and a Duck Dynasty marathon can solve all of life's problems.
Wednesday night should forever be duck dynasty marathon night!
Duck Dynasty marathon then a new episode!! Great night in. *** that homework is attached.
A Duck Dynasty marathon after a long day at work...perfect!
Duck dynasty marathon and a box of goldfish πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜‹
Duck Dynasty marathon and paper writing (:
Duck dynasty marathon or write this paper.
This duck dynasty marathon has made my day
Watching a duck dynasty marathon right now. ❀😍😍
Back porch sittin' watching the Duck Dynasty marathon
Duck dynasty marathon and a new episode πŸ‘Œ
Duck Dynasty marathon and wearing the shirt repping for my fav show.
Duck Dynasty marathon before a new episode
Alright so someone have a Duck Dynasty Marathon with me so I can finally see this show everyone talks about
Omg there's a duck dynasty marathon on πŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Now watching Duck Dynasty Marathon on History Channel - high tech, comical, rich redneck family with generous amounts of sound, old school redneck wisdom.
My day home with London, Duck Dynasty Marathon! Her favorite!! Priceless times
Feeling a duck dynasty marathon today
Today i sit back and enjoy a marathon of golden girls and duck dynasty
I had the best plane ride home food and duck dynasty marathon the while plane ride
I wish duck dynasty would have a marathon this week since I'm on spring break
- You are the best ! I watch duck dynasty marathon last night thanks for being real !!!
NO last episode of the duck dynasty marathon 😭
After watching a marathon of duck dynasty, the thoughts in my head are in a southern accent. If this lasts I may kill myself.
Can't sleep but there's a duck dynasty marathon on.. and
duck dynasty marathon. the reason I can't sleep.. 3 in the morning and can't turn it off
Duck dynasty late night If only I had someone to watch it with me
Having a duck dynasty marathon before bed was not my best idea
This Duck Dynasty marathon will be the death of me
Dinner with the family, duck dynasty marathon and I got to talk to my man 😊😁😘 can't wait for shopping & the cubs game tomorrow!
Duck dynasty marathon on at 2:30am.. Hello another sleepless night!
Im about this duck dynasty marathon
There is a Duck Dynasty Marathon on tonight so I'm good.
Good thing a marathon of duck dynasty is on to calm my nerves
Having to choose whether to keep watching the duck dynasty marathon or watch pitch perfect instead. πŸ˜³πŸ‘Ž
This Duck Dynasty marathon on sundays will never get old
The fact that there is a duck dynasty marathon on during this over night makes it 1,000 times better
*** you duck dynasty marathon I need to sleep!!
can't sleep, guess I'll watch the duck dynasty marathon instead 😌
When calls you to tell you duck dynasty marathon is on!
I've been watching a duck dynasty marathon for a solid 3 and a half hours. This may be a sign I have a problem. 😳
Okay duck dynasty marathon looks like tonights an all nighter.
Went shopping, got my baby fix, had some Wendy's, and finished the day relaxing with the duck dynasty marathon πŸ‘Œ πŸ˜ŒπŸ’€πŸŒ™
If the world wanted me to sleep than there wouldn't be a duck dynasty marathon on
Who needs sleep when you can watch a duck dynasty marathon
My brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew (best friend) leave in the morning.. πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ so that means DUCK DYNASTY marathon all night. ❀
Still going strong on this duck dynasty Marathon
watch duck dynasty marathon or check 13.2 scores... Oh the choices.
Seriously can't even get enough of this duck dynasty marathon πŸ˜‚πŸΊ >>
HELP! I'm stuck in a Duck Dynasty Marathon! I've got to get a life! lol
Looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. Going over to spend the day with the Watkinsville kiddo's, and of course Brett and Carrie! Graham has his first Cub Scout Pinewood derby in the morning. Can't wait! Then I plan on watching a Duck Dynasty Marathon with Gracie! She likes that show, so we are going to watch a "few". Gonna try to catch McCoy and kiss his face off. I love to hear him giggle! Then crash when we get back home!
We finally switched to HD TV. I feel like I am in a new world! Chris and Ryan are watching a Duck Dynasty Marathon before the new episode tonight...the beards are even more gross in HD!
Duck Dynasty Marathon...get ready for some Duck Merlot at 11 the beards...
Duck Dynasty Marathon tonight on A&E. Starts at 1900hrs. OK I'll give it a go with an open mind, but how the rest of the world is looking at us is more and more embarrassing to me. ie; Gang Land, Deadly Woman, Teen Trouble, Amish Mafia, Moon Shiners. No wonder Russia says there stopping adoption in 2014.
CEO stands for Caveman with an Ego whose Obese ~ Jase Robertson! Had a Great time doing the Duck Dynasty Marathon with Awesome friends! :-)
You can't go wrong with a Duck Dynasty Marathon & a pumpkin roll.
Duck Dynasty Marathon until 3 AM i think yes!!! lol I love Uncle Si he is hilarious :))
Duck Dynasty Marathon, "it's called a brain sneeze, when your brain has to sneeze but it can't cause it's a brain, so it just hurts" Uncle Si
Cooking and Duck Dynasty Marathon. I wish I had a Uncle Si!
Duck Dynasty Marathon!!loving the one where Uncle Si and Grandpa Phil are taking care of the four grand-daughters!!
*** ya woke up to a Duck Dynasty Marathon.and am gonna contiue to watch it at work tonight."Beavers are like Ninjas" Ah I luv Uncle Si
Happy,Happy, Happy!!! Duck Dynasty Marathon!!! I LOVE this show almost as much as the Long Island Medium
Duck Dynasty Marathon... If I could find a man that looked like Willie Robertson with a Irish accent I'd be in heaven.
Duck Dynasty Marathon on A&E! Tune in & enjoy. The one in right now has Phil preparing a sermon for Duck Commander Sunday
Duck dynasty marathon
This duck dynasty marathon might change my plans tonight
Dad just texted me saying theres a duck dynasty marathon.
Duck dynasty marathon. Made my night.
Duck dynasty marathon has kept me up
all I will do today is have a duck dynasty marathon.
Spending my night watching a duck dynasty marathon and online shopping. 😳
Late night tack cleaning is a little bit better when there is a duck dynasty marathon on
What's making me really mad is that I'm missing the duck dynasty marathon. πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜­
Having my own duck dynasty marathon this morning.
I'm going to need there to be a duck dynasty marathon on when I'm home for thanksgiving because I'm so behind.
The worst part of a duck dynasty marathon before bed is the dreams of teaching the duck dynasty guys how a snow blower works
Can't believe I missed most of the duck dynasty marathon last night because I had to sleep for the meet.
oh my you will be hooked. We are huge duck dynasty fans! There's a marathon now !
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Oh *** Drinking and a marathon of duck dynasty gives one *** of a dream. I've never seen so many beards. O.o
Cant sleep, good thing there's a duck dynasty marathon on!!!
Duck dynasty marathon and its fri nite what could be better
Can't sleep maybe because there is a duck dynasty marathon on.
How in the world did I just now find out there has been a duck dynasty marathon on!?
Can't sleep why. There is a duck dynasty marathon on Quack
How I am supposed to sleep when there is a duck dynasty marathon on tv?
Why does there have to be a duck dynasty marathon on?! I need to go to sleep. Looks like I won't be for a while
I hate gettin off at 2 a.m. but on a brighter note duck dynasty marathon is on! Total score
Up watching Duck dynasty Marathon. Knowing I gotta be at work at 8!!! Smh had a good night with him
Had a great day:) now time for a duck dynasty marathon!:)
Thank you Duck Dynasty Marathon for keeping me company while I did my homework. That makes me happy, happy, happy.
Another Duck Dynasty marathon! Will I ever get tired of this show?? Um nope! :) "happy happy happy" :P
Duck dynasty marathon on love it. Like
I am up way too late. This Duck Dynasty marathon is owning me right now.
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Seriously the duck dynasty marathon is seriously entertaining me tonight
Duck dynasty marathon gonna be long night lol
duck dynasty marathon with Alyssa Stoltzfus while texting Dennis Hull about the episode and our future moose calls.and having dad say hes proud and thankful to have a daughter like me! (: on cloud nine (:
I have to get up at 4! But i cant stop watching duck dynasty marathon. Curse you si!
Duck Dynasty Marathon if you dont know what I am talking about you need to do some research cause its the greatest show.EVER
Duck dynasty marathon with the boy, can feel my beard getting stronger! Ha!
Oo what a night! Some grilled pork chops, baked potato, and salad followed by some of the duck dynasty marathon and chair sleeping and snoring in unison. We re a power couple! Don t forget the souper supper tomorrow
Duck Dynasty MARATHON! :)) this is what I consider a great Friday night...especially since I'm sick and can't do anything else!
Duck dynasty marathon, dinner being bought, brought and cleaned up, snugglin down. Besides the broken foot, this is one of the best Fridays I've had in a year.
Nothing like a Duck Dynasty Marathon to make a Friday night better!!! "Hey beavers, hide your wives, hide your husbands, both of ya hide ya kids." Uncle Si! LOL too funny!!! Sister I love you and am praying for ya and hoping you get better real soon!
Hide your kids and hide your wives because the beaver intruder is comin.
Have so much dvr'd crap to watch but I can't stop watching the duck dynasty marathon...these guys crack me up. What a Friday life is so exciting lol
Duck dynasty marathon is my friday night lol
don't have to work this weekend and Duck dynasty Marathon.I think so!! The only thing that could make this night even better is having the love of my life beside me! Can't wait till. Tomorrow!!
Ok is anyone else having trouble getting the A&E channel right now? Im not getting the Duck Dynasty Marathon and its really ticking me off bad!
Cuddled up on the couch all alone but that's okay because I'm watching the duck dynasty Marathon!!!
Duck Dynasty Marathon on again, heck yeah! Uncle Si cracks me up!
ALL I CAN SAY IS DUCK DYNASTY MARATHON.i dont care how many times i have seen an episode, still makes me laugh.MY FAVORITE SHOW...
Duck dynasty marathon till 3am.yeah it's a good night. :)
After a bad week was able to end it with a nice meatloaf dinner and homemade chocolate chip and sugar cookies all while watching duck dynasty Marathon...makes me happy happy happy..
Only good thing about being sick is falling asleep and waking up to a duck dynasty marathon!
Duck Dynasty Marathon! words cannot describe my love for the Robertsons!
Great nite at home with my boys! Great Gonzaga ball game now duck dynasty marathon on A&E. Could it get much better!
Duck dynasty marathon what a Good Friday night!
I'm so upset with my self iv been sucked into a duck dynasty marathon on a&e never seen the show before tonight but its funny as can be
Duck dynasty marathon and my wonderful fiance...I couldn't ask for a better night :)
Watching Duck Dynasty marathon!! Love this show, they crack me up.
Duck Dynasty Marathon on A&E who would have ever thought one could be a millionare making duck calls. Oh only certain people can be so lucky. But also so dumb.
So Duck Dynasty marathon is on i ask the boys who is their favotite blaze says mr jase shane says the commander so i say mr phil shane says duh hes awesome heh love my kids thanks Robertson family!
Duck dynasty marathon with the lady and my battle
best Friday night a girl could ask for. Duck Dynasty Marathon!!!
Sweet Tea in hand, nice and cozy watching a Duck Dynasty Marathon!!! Love that show!
Oh My God, I am dyin' over here. Its 1:17am late Friday night and at the end of a long week I get tired and am so weak that I can't stop crying when I laugh. So I have no business watching a Duck Dynasty Marathon. For those of you who haven't seen it, its the perfect unwinding show. Its Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Just Be a Redneck" dramatized. Now I really can't fall asleep cause my stomach and cheeks hurt so much from laugh-crying. I better quiet down or Denise is going to come out here and think somebody died.
Duck Dynasty Marathon...because The Walking Dead isn't on right now and Si Robertson's hilarious!
Perfect Friday, bottle of wine, and a Duck Dynasty Marathon!!! Life is good!
Duck Dynasty Marathon!! Yes!! And the best episode yet is on right now (where John Luke wants to take his girlfriend fishing). Phil is going to take them and give them an education!!
29 minutes till Duck Dynasty Marathon. The Duck Commander is back Jack
Criminal Minds Marathon now Duck Dynasty Marathon. It just keeps getting better. Good Job A&E
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