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Duane Kuiper

Duane Eugene Kuiper (born June 19, 1950) is a former Major League Baseball second baseman, and is currently a five-time Emmy award-winning radio and television sportscaster for the San Francisco Giants.

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These Bruins announcers may be the worst in sports. Other than Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow... God how I loathe them.
I was at that game. FRUSTRATING! As Duane Kuiper oft reminds us, that's why we watch; never know what we're going to see.
Best commentators are the Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow, they r ex Giants & MLB players too so they know the ins & outs.
Why vote for Well...he has more career home runs than Duane Kuiper (6-1) :)
He's got 5 more career home runs than Duane Kuiper!
I wish! I was talking about Duane Kuiper. He's there and still calling in and doing his show.
he's got more home career runs than Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper was one of them. Loved the glasses donned by Ernie Camacho and Jamie Easterly
And he hit 30 times as many homers as his former teammate, Duane Kuiper.
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Duane Kuiper and Dan Boyle
slightly better OPS than Duane Kuiper's best SOM card!
Just saw Duane Kuiper at the Oakland airport!
Yep, except the one during baseball season usually is the one with Duane Kuiper promoting it
Duane Kuiper just called into the game...wonder if he's in trouble
“awesome impromptu appearance on by Duane Kuiper. Great way to start New Year.”967? Lol
Great impromptu appearance by Duane Kuiper on earlier. Open-door policy for him on our show.
"That's why you wear shoulder pads to a baseball game." - Duane Kuiper
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper were good enough to join us for some cocktails.
Candlestick is remember going to SF Giants games with My Grandpa, Dad, and uncles Dan-Jeff-& Pat during my youth. Sitting right behind homeplate was an amazing perspective all those games. Jack Clark, Chili Davis, Will Clark, Vida Blue, Bob Brenley, Jeff Leonard, Dan Gladden, Atlee Hammaker, Kevin Mitchell, and even Duane Kuiper. Those were the days
We created a playlist of highlights from our 'Farewell to Candlestick' show. You can listen here: many great moments - Ronnie Lott recalling his teammates, Duane Kuiper joking about trying to catch a pop-up, KTVU Channel 2's Bill Martin explaining why Candlestick was so windy, and great stories from sportswriters Ann Killion and Ray Ratto.
San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper got a sandwich named after him at Ike's Place
Duane Kuiper gets sandwich named after him
Today Duane Kuiper walked through my job!!! Curse you client that didn't even buy anything!
Lunch with some of my favorite people. And we saw Duane Kuiper! I was star struck, not gonna lie.
What's Duane Kuiper's Christmas wish? Watch this clip to find out.
The Chiligods™ hang out with some of the San Francisco Giants Staff like Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Also get a glimpse of Buster Posey and Jeremy Affelt.
Just got my tickets to two games so far of the giants!!! April 26th orange Friday and Duane Kuiper Bobbehead night against the Cleveland Indiabs. Also, May 25th against the Minnesota Twins for giants BBQ apron day.
Am no A's fan, but nailed it by lamenting turning away Bill King. Shameful of to divert votes 2 Duane Kuiper.
Duane Kuiper of the Cleveland Indians hits a home run off Steve Stone after going homerless in over 1300 at bats!
We're talking player options next with Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show
"Swing and a miss! And that's it, for the first time in 52 years, the Giants are World Champions" -- Duane Kuiper
Yesterday Duane Kuiper stopped by his Alma Mater Case High School and gave my dad Giants Broadcaster…
Missed meeting Duane Kuiper by 10 mins at his Alma Mater my dads school Case!
We're talking game 5 of the 2013 with Duane Kuiper next on the Morning Show
I think they should use Dave Flemming and John Miller or Duane Kuiper!
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Greg Roman and Bob Myers
Reading about the Kuiper Belt for Astronomy makes me want to play MVP Baseball 2005. (Duane Kuiper is the announcer in that stellar game).
They're trying to get Duane Kuiper in HOF. Really?Next to Vin?“who's there announcer? Jon Miller?”
Tattoo the logo on Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow's *** I'll spare Jon Miller
those of us with or MlbTv should consider Voting for Duane Kuiper g
Duane Kuiper is on his way to Citi Field and we catch up with up next on the Morning Show!
Send Kuip to Cooperstown. Vote now to get Duane Kuiper on the 2014 Ford C. Frick Final Ballot
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Vote Duane Kuiper! - The Giants and its broadcast partners, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and KNBR Radio today...
"They're telling us in the truck the Mets are losing". -Duane Kuiper
There's nothing like looking away from the TV and hearing Duane Kuiper say "Posey goes ..."
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We're talking with Duane Kuiper next on the Morning Show
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Vic Fangio, Michael Johnson, and Bryant Young
my roomate's step-aunt makes $69 an hour on the computer. She has been out of a job for 10 months but last month...
I was watching Miss America pageant and was curious if Miss Wisconsin Pam Kuiper is related to Duane Kuiper?
Vote Duane Kuiper for the 2014 Ford C. Frick Final Ballot. Vote through 9/30, once per day
If Duane Kuiper made it into the Hall of Fame before Bill King, may The Baseball Gods have mercy on our souls.
KNBR has abandoned endorsing Bill King for Frick award because Duane Kuiper is eligible. Politics & all, it doesn't make them look too smart
Our man Duane Kuiper is up for the Hall of Fame and needs your VOTE Lets get him OUTTA HERE and in the hall!! Vote at http…
Duane Kuiper for the Ford C Frick Hall of Fame award! He hits it high, hits it deep, it is OUTTA HERE!"! :)
Love this call by Duane Kuiper on great play by --"Panda charges to get out ...
What's a Tweep doing running the account who doesn't know the voice of Duane Kuiper, or that he calls the
MUST WATCH: For those who missed it, here is the Pablo play with Duane Kuiper's most hilarious call ever:
Coors Light Call of the Game goes to Duane Kuiper. I’m not sure what he said, but Congrats Kuip!
Duane Kuiper with the Call of the Year on that play. Hilarious.
Duane Kuiper's only home run dot gif:
Duane Kuiper hit his first and only home run 36 years ago today.
On 8/29/77, Broadcaster Duane Kuiper hit his only career HR! He hit the fewest # of HR’s of any MLB player w/ 2,500 AB’s or more.
Today is the 36th anniversary of former 2B Duane Kuiper's only career HR, hit off Steve Stone of ChiSox. Happy anniversary, Kuip!
36 yrs ago Duane Kuiper hit his only career HR
John Miller and Duane Kuiper were my childhood.⚾
*Mind-blowing Facts of the Day. Our Duane Kuiper was a Second Basemen & Mike Krukow was a Starting pitcher, yet:...
Today in 1977, 2B Duane Kuiper hits his 1st MLB home run in 1,382 ABs. It will also be his last.
Today in 1977 Duane Kuiper hits his only career HR off Steve Stone.
Duane Kuiper just said that most fantastic thing I have ever heard about Hanley Ramirez
We recap the vs. Rockies series & the Giants next series against the D'backs next with Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show
On this date in Cleveland Indians history, Duane Kuiper hit his first (and last) career homerun against the Chicago White Sox.
It's always strange hearing Duane Kuiper be the color guy when Krukow is on vacation.
"Blanco throws the ball in to... Literally no one." Gotta love Duane Kuiper.
Memo to Duane Kuiper: You need to have actually hit home runs in your career to mock home run hitters in the booth.
"There's an area out there where you can buy burgers, and it went past the burger joint!" -Duane Kuiper on Hunter's Moonshot
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We continue our tallk with Duane Kuiper now on the Morning Show
Between Jon Miller, Dave Flemming, and Duane Kuiper, there is no lackin' in that Giants booth.
I wish Root Sports let Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper call this series. Grab some pine MEAT!
Two of the best. My idols Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. Giants broadcasting legends
I'm serious. Trying to watch the game in the background while I work...I'd rather listen to Duane Kuiper or the AZ guys.
Daylight is not kind to Duane Kuiper
Coming up next on the Morning Show.Duane Kuiper!
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Roger Craig, and
I swear I'd know Jon Miller & Duane Kuiper's voice anywhere from watching baseball with my grandpa
Hunter pence to duane you like my two out thunder...
When Duane Kuiper starts talking about how great the A's are, that's my cue to turn the game off
“Duane Kuiper: Sandoval hitting 264...if he was hitting 280, it would be about his weight.”
4 years ago Duane Kuiper handed Mo a ball for Musa while he was carrying 4 mo. old Luca- it became a…
don't get your hopes up. Duane Kuiper had more power.
listen to Fox Sports' Joe Buck & Tim McCarver or Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow. Learn how to broadcast baseball. 3 in the booth is stupid
Duane Kuiper just said: "These gals are leading the league in fun." And that is why Kruk and Kuip are the greatest.
"I don't know many people who write books- I'm going w/ this one." Duane Kuiper on Amy G's kids' book.
"Who just struck out?" Gotta love Duane Kuiper. He's my role model.
Duane Kuiper giving fans an exclusive sneak peak of new children’s book - available soon.
Duane Kuiper talking and weighs in on the PED suspensions next on the Morning Show!
My favorite part about the rap being televised is watching a disinterested Duane Kuiper eat chips and drink beer.
broadcaster Duane Kuiper, a Sturtevant native, our guest on radio pregame in minutes
Taking a jab at Ed Whitson .. anybody traded for Duane Kuiper doesn't not deserve your insults!
Krukow and Kuiper to the rescue!. San Francisco Giants announcers Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper step up to the... Duane Kuiper or Andre Thornton baseball cards on the back of Twinkies this year.
.Kruk and Kuip make theatre debut. Next up, replace Rizzuto on "Dashboard Light." cc:
Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper may be the most fun, energetic announcers in baseball. “RT
...Duane Kuiper: Hunter Pence is 5-5 tonight...Mike Krukow: Something is seriously wrong when you're 5-5 and you haven't scored even once...
I've come to the conclusion that Glen Kuiper and Ray Fosse > Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sportscaster sound more surprised than Duane Kuiper saying “…Sandoval goes” on that play.
"Posey just got into the dugout..actually that's Quiroz. Posey is on the steps getting ready to hit." Duane Kuiper
Baerga, Alomar, Julio Franco, Bob Avila, Joe Gordan and no sure on last one, maybe Duane Kuiper, but that's a guess
Ya girl just saw Duane Kuiper in the lobby
Duane Kuiper is gonna beat that kids ***
anyone know what Dallas Latos is talking about with Duane Kuiper?
Wait. What happened and how is it Duane Kuiper's fault? What can I say...some of my fellow fans are not great human beings. =/
Former 2B Duane Kuiper still tops all players with the most career PA (3,754) with exactly 1 career HR. |
"Well chivalry may not be dead let's look at, chivalry is dead." - Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukrow are the best announcers in baseball
"It is hard to stop 230" Duane Kuiper referring to Pablo rounding 2nd. LMAO! He was 230 in 7th grade.
fans know who he is, Kuip talks about family on air. This is an ugly stain for a much beloved Duane Kuiper.
“Y'all know is Duane Kuiper's daughter's boyfriend right? a *** then
Y'all know is Duane Kuiper's daughter's boyfriend right?
I love watching Giants game only for Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper
Stone also the answer to an trivia question. Who gave up Duane Kuiper's only career home run?
MT Duane Kuiper:"Stunning-Giants might be sellers if losing continues; Lincecum-about to be a free agent...might be traded.."
Duane Kuiper-KNBR..."Bad Giants seasons by virtue by injuries at top of the batting order"
Next up...Duane Kuiper-KNBR-1 of Giants Voices joins us next on Mighty 1090
Duane Kuiper packed his thong on trip to San Diego!
Duane Kuiper has packed his thong and is ready to go to Cabo.
Tune in now to hear Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show!
LOL... a demotivated Duane Kuiper didn't scream and puke out the scoring plays in the 9th inning of a 7-2 loss.
i was watching a little of it, on the Giants feed, Duane Kuiper is good to listen to..
"I always say if you get a little on your nose, it's been good." Duane Kuiper.
"Are you still paying those high electric bills? That's a swing and a miss" - Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper on Candlestick Park: "If I start missing it, I'll drive by and throw sand in my eyes."
juan pierre. Scott posednik. Duane kuiper. Jerry remy. balls would be flying out. Have the polo grounds host.
Duane Kuiper, 3754 PA's, 1 HR ... Surely this guy must be due, right?
"And Belt scorches one to center field" -- Duane Kuiper, 7/8/13
Duane Kuiper said that at the beginning of the game, Brian Wilson called him and said that Pablo will hit a walkoff
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waiting for to come up with a sweet metric to measure the growing desperation in Duane Kuiper's voice
"Buster Posey, four hours ago, did this:". -Duane Kuiper . *highlights of Buster Posey's 1st inning HR are shown
What does Duane Kuiper say when he gets oil changed anywhere else but Speedy Oil Change?
I haven't heard so much emotion from Duane Kuiper since Belt's game tying home run earlier in the year. That was amazing.
If the Giants lose this game, Duane Kuiper will actually eat the microphone on the post-game wrap.
MLB: NYM 3 SFG 3 (Btm 10th In SF) "Giants Need A Run to go home" Duane Kuiper ... Almost like watching Nightline
"Belt just missed his, Buster Posey DID NOT." -Duane Kuiper. GIANTS LEAD 2-0!
“you tell em! "too soon to anoint Puig the next big thing"”. Duane Kuiper had a hotter start to his career
Quick side note: I am biased, but I don't think the announcers:Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper get enough ntl attention
I will take you up on that. Anyway I can meet Duane Kuiper, Horace Speed, Tom Veryzer, or Andre Thornton. My old heroes!
just like Duane Kuiper Etc are paid giants homers. Lol enjoy last place whipping boy!
"You can't hit the ball without swinging the bat, meat" by Duane Kuiper in MVP baseball is actually sound life advice
Kruk: I think I'm gonna get a Duane Kuiper tattoo. Kuip: Just don't tell me where
Kruk: I think I'm going to get a duane kuiper tattoo. Kuip: Just dont tell me where you put it.
Derrick Dietrich butchered that Posey ground ball. I respectfully disagree with Duane Kuiper and the Giants official scorer.
Update your maps at Navteq
Duane Kuiper said that the Giants basically lost the last two games in the 8th inning. Santiago Casilla is missed.
Duane kuiper gave wrong catcher as Pagan rather than Lopez. Yikes!
Can someone please kindly remind Duane Kuiper that Pagan is not in fact in center field? It's just rubbing in the injury more...
is so fun to watch, Duane Kuiper thought he was Angel Pagan.
Omg! Just saw Duane Kuiper in Burlingame! It's already starting off as a good day! Go Giants!
Duane Kuiper SF might be the best former player/play by play guy in MLB. Also Alan Ashby, Buck Martinez
Tonight after the game, Giants fans will ask that Bochy and Sabean b fired; trade Posey and Duane Kuiper will eat the microphone on pg wrap.
If you see the San Francisco Giants Broadcast Team you may want to have them sign their Bobblehead
Duane Kuiper turning 63 this week makes me feel old.
For the record, I know how hold Duane Kuiper is. He looks 79 walking down a flight of stairs.
Is Duane Kuiper married to the He's got his ring on his wedding ring finger
"that's a leadoff walk, just been one of those games folks" - Duane kuiper on CSN right now.
Nice article on Racine, Wis. native and current SF Giants broadcaster, Duane Kuiper -
Yesterday was Kuip's 63rd...what better way to celebrate...Duane Kuiper Home Run with Duane Kuiper Home Run Call
Duane Kuiper home run calls... am I right
Very Important Theatre, Vol. XII -- Duane Kuiper calling his only only home run
Funky bday to Duane Kuiper, who hit exactly one HR (off Steve Stone) in 12 MLB seasons.
Lotsa videos in this recap, including "no comment" from Bumgarner/Posey & b-day present to Duane Kuiper
This is Duane Kuiper's birthday! He may only have 1 career HR, but his HR calls are all Giants! Happy Birthd…
Happy Birthday Duane Kuiper ! May he call many more for the Enjoy Kuiper's home run called by himself!
Is it just me, or is Duane Kuiper is the most dour birthday boy anyone's ever seen?
Potential new hash tag from birthday boy Duane Kuiper...
I've spent more ballgames with Duane Kuiper than with anyone, and have loved every minute of it. Happy Birthday, Smoothy!!
Giants play-by-play voice Kuiper calls it fun: Here is my Wednesday column on Duane Kuiper. SAN FRANCISCO – Yo...
Happy Gemini Birthday to Duane Kuiper. Gemini's are the communicators of the zodiac:)
Birthday greetings to SF Giants' play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper!
Way to go Bringing home the win for Duane Kuiper!
Happy Birthday to the one they call Smoothie - Duane Kuiper
Happy Birthday to broadcaster, the 1/2 of "Kruk & Kuip", the very funny Duane Kuiper! 😃🎉🎂⚾
Still have some Duane Kuiper Homerun shirts left. Get yours here
Duane Kuiper's overbearing, puked up, fake announcer voice is 10x worse than Eric Collins.
Duane Kuiper coming up next on the Morning Show
"Yesterday made everybody want to barf. Seriously. We all thought we had stomach flu. It was those two games." - Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper is my favorite entertainer in history.
Duane kuiper is a clown. If a giant would have gotten tossed like that he would have pulled a hawk harrelson.
Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller have the two best baseball voices and they're working together today on CSNBA.
Duane Kuiper is terrified that Ben Revere may pass his career PA and AB totals without hitting a HR. He's about a third of the way there.
Hey Duane Kuiper, let it go. Cain got rocked, and the are losing to my No perfect game talk!
"What does it mean when Duane Kuiper says Mike Krukow is on assignment?"
Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller doing the game together for TV today? Man, this is baseball. Love it.
It looks like Duane Kuiper is usually eating during post game wrap. Yes or no...
Duane Kuiper looking hot tonight. Seriously. Clearly a man who knows how to dress. on-screen staff, take note.
Tribe moved the Hammer out of town after '75 to make way for Duane Kuiper and the youth movement that never paid off, sadly
Mike Krukow always wears his shades during post game wrap and Duane Kuiper is always tipping off into the mic , my role models stay baked
Duane Kuiper's HR calls are so good, you wonder how the nauseating Harrelson, Shannon and Uecker have jobs.
I can't wait to hear Duane Kuiper say "Swing.and a MISS!"
only the best announcer in baseball. And Duane kuiper said the same thing also.
"Lincecum doesn't need to throw his fastball at 95-96. If he can command it at 91, that'd be fine." -- Duane Kuiper just now, unironically
Turned to TV channel for a moment. Duane Kuiper talking about wieners on spindles. Turned back to A's TV channel.
Kuiper is a pile of excrement and Krukow likes his "hotdog" with ketchup and Kuiper.
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Bruce Jenkins, Duane Kuiper and
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Bruce Jenkins and
"And the cardinals take the lead" ,Duane Kuiper.. dude were playing the Dodgers!
"And the Cardinals take lead" -Duane Kuiper. Hey Duane, your team is playing the Dodgers...
Duane Kuiper just told me that the Cardinals took the lead.
"Pablo Sandoval has a magic wand, folks." Duane Kuiper / oh and 5 1 in the 4th
Best Line This Month: Duane Kuiper: Sandoval hits like he played alot games growing up without a catcher.
Lol Duane kuiper just picked cuz "the bullpen was all really good but his name just popped up." LOL took Kuip by surprise
"The dodgers are like what happened " Duane kuiper
Did I hear "if I was inclined to learn about this game I wouldn't" from Duane Kuiper?   10% Off
If you're a Giants fan and a true baseball fan, you know how great Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper are behind the mics for KNBR and the San Francisco Giants. Kruk & Kuip are the best play-by-play guys in...3,495 members
Duane Kuiper is gonna need some hot tea w/ lemon after Homerun call !!
In the immortal words of your compatriot Duane Kuiper: "Are you kidding me?"
Great call by Duane Kuiper on 's HR.
Feels good to be watching the Giants game at home and hearing Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper announcing it
used to pretend to be Ozzie Newsome and Duane Kuiper in the backyard.
"And Sandoval looking mighty thin rounding the bases." - Duane Kuiper, an obvious member of
You'd think so but maybe Hosmer thinks Duane Kuiper was on to something.
put an end to their losing streak and we talk to Duane Kuiper about it next on the Morning Show
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper, 61 and 61yrs old respectively, yes they are old farts
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper, forget the other person, it's a solid group.
Duane Kuiper on Yonder Alonso's third double: "...reminds you of Todd Helton..." I agree.
I agree with Duane Kuiper. I'm sick and tired if the NFL Draft.
"You know what I'm tired of? The NFL draft." Duane Kuiper is the only one who understands me.
Duane Kuiper clearly has a cold, but I couldn't ask for anything more! Love the broadcasters
Listening to Duane Kuiper on the radio. He has a code in his nodse.
"You say awkward but all that really means is they just get it done in a different way." - Duane Kuiper
Listening to my with and Duane Kuiper on THE sports leader
Small tidbit for fans: Duane Kuiper's wife is from Watertown.
Duane Kuiper joins the Morning Show next! Would you like to dine with Kruk & Kuip? Go to now!
"How good is he at finding that hole?" - Duane Kuiper out of context
Duane Kuiper's pronunciation of "Segura" seems to include phonemes not normally heard in English
former Indians 2nd baseman Duane Kuiper just got some to kudos from Brewers announcers for his work for SF broadcasts.
Mann just called Duane kuiper and roger goodell
Options are very limited. Only ones of note: Summerall, Bob Uecker, Duane Kuiper and Hawk Harrelson
I remember Charlie doing the Rox with Duane Kuiper. I wish I got to hear Charlie call a ball game. He was great on NBC.
I love watching Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow commentate and seeing a big fat Championship ring on each of their fingers
Never say Duane Kuiper doesn't take care of the beat guys.
Duane Kuiper enters Miller Park w a special delivery - 10 Kringles fresh from the bakery in Racine
So here it is. I am so in awe. Thank you Duane Kuiper for letting me hold it. Crazy.
In fact, Duane Kuiper might jump Al Michaels for my number five spot. Duane has amazing pipes, a biting humor, and great report with Krukow
Oh, and of course Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller. That shows how many greats there are in the industry. Too many to even make a top 10 list.
Duane Kuiper ~ "In my entire life I have never seen that"
"Maybe it's just a soft, styrofoam lock." Duane Kuiper, on a lock in the outfield.
Photo: We saw Duane Kuiper at the Home & Garden Show. He told us that our electric bills were “Going, Going,...
Hawk Harrelson Bob Carpenter Gary Thorne and Duane Kuiper have the best home run calls. They are now my fantasy team name in hope for homers
Giants announcer Duane Kuiper keeps calling the middle of the lineup "the beef." Seems inappropriate for SF. Maybe "the protein?"
"I would do the whole Bloody Mary meal." - Duane Kuiper
ZITO, WHO CAN gonna put on the breaks! --Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper is like Do you know who I am Gary? Ill talk as long as I want to! Biotch
Lovin' the Duane Kuiper voice over/impression. "He hits it high...he hits it deep..IT IS OUTTA HERE!!
The call by Duane Kuiper still gives me chills. Blanco diving catch to save Perfection
fans, I give you: Courtesy of Duane Kuiper's son, Cole.
In 12 big league seasons, pitcher CC Sabathia (3) has more career homers than 2B Duane Kuiper (1).
Call of the night: "It's amazing how thin Pablo Sandoval looks while he's rounding the bases." - Giants PBP man Duane Kuiper after Panda HR.
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Michael Weaver, Duane Kuiper, and
Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow sound like they have orgys every night lol
That blonde milf with the big *** in the solar commercial with Duane Kuiper >>>
"There's probably not even a Wikipedia page for pepper, other than the spice."—Duane Kuiper
Giants tv guys Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow use it every now and then as well.
It's only an exhibition game but it's the Battle of the Bay! Are you ready? We talk to Duane Kuiper next on the Morning Show.
I've really missed listening to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper.
Duane Kuiper just said fans are still piling into Dodger Stadium. Uh yea that's gonna happen until the fourth inning
I think only Duane Kuiper's home run call ranks ahead of Gary Thorne's for me. Active broadcasters at least.
Sure Clayton Kershaw is now tied with Duane Kuiper in career homers. But lets see CK play 2nd base. Kuiper > Kershaw.
We continue to recap Giants opening day game with Duane Kuiper now on the Morning Show!
My Grandpa watches all Giants/Dodgers games on mute because he hates Duane Kuiper.
I missed hearing Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper's voice during the Giants games
I love Duane Kuiper as much as the next guy, but you mean to tell me he didn't have a better tie than that in the closet?
I can't wait to hear Duane Kuiper say "Got Him" every time there's a strikeout.
" making lots headlines on the field dodgers making lots of headlines off the field". Duane Kuiper
The moment when you get to hear Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow's voice after a LONG offseason!
Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, and Jon Miller will all be listening to between innings. Dave Fleming will be listening to DMX
Jon Miller for sure. I’ll throw a bone to Duane Kuiper and Gary Thorne too.
Bob Costas is incomparable, but it feels like Duane Kuiper should be calling this game.
Duane Kuiper takes 3 pm naps. That is so adorable old person thing to do.
We're talking to Duane Kuiper NOW on Coming up in the 8 o'clock hour, Ryan Vogelsong &
Guest joining the Morning Show today... Duane Kuiper, Don MacLean, and Ryan Vogelsong
We're talking with Duane Kuiper. Tune in now!
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper signed my glove!!!
I spy Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller, and chilling in the press box. Ah, baseball season, I've missed you
Glen kuiper , the immortal Duane kuiper's brother, is commentating the warriors game tonight. The most boring announcer ever.
Wonder how Duane Kuiper would call a Warriors game.
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper on the radio (on my phone). Spring! Baseball! Giants!
No better way to start the weekend that listening to the on with Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller. This is the life
Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller talking baseball on my radio.
I would like the announcers (john miller, Dave Flemming, duane kuiper, and Mike Krukow) to
I've known for a while that Duane Kuiper is the voice of the Giants. What I just learned is that his brother, Glen, is voice of the A's.
"No one wants to see a drunk weenie."-Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper gives us the latest news in the cactus league next on the Morning Show
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Madison Bumgarner, and
you can put it on the board YES! gotta be 2nd best HR call next to Duane kuiper aka
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