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Duane Kuiper

Duane Eugene Kuiper (born June 19, 1950) is a former Major League Baseball second baseman, and is currently a five-time Emmy award-winning radio and television sportscaster for the San Francisco Giants.

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Duane Kuiper talking about the Giants ring ceremony making me so jealous.
Duane Kuiper gets father of the year for getting his toenails painted.
Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow are the best commentators in sports. Hands down.
The soothing sounds of Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper on a Saturday afternoon.
Larry opened up a can.JEEZE read the room,Fitzgerald is like the anti Duane Kuiper - nobody likes Bob
ICYMI this AM, Duane Kuiper told & Mac he'd like to see Brandon Crawford rest his sore shoulder
Coming up NEXT on the Morning Show.Duane Kuiper live from Scottsdale!
Guests joining the Morning Show today.David Forst, Duane Kuiper and
I'm listening to the Giants feed because I would rather listen to Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper than some old network guys.
4-time state Champs join me&TC postgame tonight!. Corona del Sol Coach Duane Jr & senior Dane Kuiper right after Suns/Magic on
Hearing Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper's voices calling a Giants game means only one thing..Baseball is back!
yesss "there's nothing like the dulcet tones of Duane Kuiper on the radio."
Some guy just drove by with Duane Kuiper blasting out of his convertible. It has begun.
Duane Kuiper just cracked open a beer in honor of David B. Flemming.
Oh, it's good to hear Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper again.
Hearing the voices of Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper for the first time this year is music to my ears
The voices of Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper are making the day just a little better on this Tuesday
The sweet sounds of Duane Kuiper & Jon Miller. Must mean Baseball is back. And that means it's the best time of year.
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper back on doing
OMG!! San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics on KNBR right now! So nice to hear John Miller's and Duane Kuiper's voices again.
In bed listening to Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper before class. ⚾️😍
Duane Kuiper & Jon Miller on the radio. Nothing better.
Duane Kuiper reading lineups for the first time in spring is scientifically proven to prevent terrorism. Enjoy people.
Duane Kuiper's on the radio, and all is right with the world.
Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller! So nice to hear these voices again!
Duane Kuiper reading a lineup. All is right with the world.
I will mentally survive cheering for Green Bay by thinking of Duane Kuiper's family 😬
Duane Kuiper compares hiring of to offseason
Duane Kuiper weighs in on our 49ers new head coach talk and more! Coming up NEXT on the Morning Show
Guests joining the Morning Show today.Jim Nantz, Duane Kuiper, and
Duane Kuiper joined & Mac this AM & said didn't want to give up 'prized possessions' for Zobrist
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We're talking the latest in baseball deals w/ Duane Kuiper NEXT on the Morning Show
Guests joining the Morning Show today.Duane Kuiper, Luke Walton and
We fans wouldn't care about if Greg Roman went to Buffalo or went the Rome. We're just happy he's outta here! (Duane Kuiper voice)
Pereira looks like a melting wax figure of Duane Kuiper.
What with the Indian helmet, George? Duane Kuiper fan???
Guests joining the Morning Show today.Mike Krukow, Joe Nedney, and Duane Kuiper
The year is 2046. The Giants have won the World Series every other year since 2010. Duane Kuiper still cannot pronounce…
Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper and the meaning of friendship
My "uncle-in-law" is a dead-ringer for Duane Kuiper. Weirds me out every time I see him.
Duane Kuiper (TV) is fantastic for the Giants. Also Jon Miller (radio) Both great.
is Duane Kuiper doing an autograph signing at your San Bruno store next Saturday? just trying to confirm thx.
If you don't know who Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, or John Miller then you are not a giants fan
Two great reasons to root for the Giants: Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.
What about a 4-man booth of Jon Miler, Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper & David B Fleming??
that's Duane Kuiper with the call on KNBR 680 not Dave Fleming!
"Blanco lays it down... Choate picks it up he will wing it down the right field line this game is over!!" -Duane Kuiper on the final play!
Thank you Duane Kuiper for admitting that you are not over 2002. I never will be.
First pitch of NLCS game 3 at 1:07pm today! vs. Duane Kuiper joins the Morning Show NEXT!
"Krukow and Kuiper: A Giant Friendship" via (A true Bromance in every sense of the word!)
just so he could make Duane Kuiper happy! !! what a guy!
Krukow and Kuiper: A Giant Friendship -- amazing piece of long form story telling for the digital age
Bill Lasky, rod Beck, Mike Krukow, jie Morgan, Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller, shawn Estes are in Church of Philadelphia
My favourite piece from this week - Krukow and Kuiper: A Giant Friendship
Duane Kuiper hit just one home run in 3,379 career at-bats (off Steve Stone of the White Sox on August 29th, 1977)
Terrific story about two men so familiar to SF Giants fans. Krukow and Kuiper: A Giant Friendship
Late 2 party on this article; if u are an fan or fan of baseball/broadcasting in general, its MUST READ
Oh what I would give to hang out with Kruk & Kuip for a day!! I absolutely love this article
And: Everyone should be so lucky as to have a friend like Duane Kuiper.
This outstanding (and chill-inducing) profile of Krukow and Kuiper by is well worth a read:
We're getting closer to the NLCS vs. Cardinals match up! We talk about that and more NEXT w/ Duane Kuiper
Wow, I have a whole new perspective on the Giants now.
Oh you know, just hanging with Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper and Greg Papa after the Giants win in Willie…
Doc Emrick Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper need to be granted rights to immortality. Their commentating is that good
how about someone from the SF Giants for once? Duane Kuiper or Mike Krukow please!
For fans of baseball, the and Kruk and Kuip, this is a must-read. I always enjoy these two and their work. http:…
DUANE KUIPER. IDK why he never married me. I mean, I've only been asking since 1977.
Krukow has degenerative muscular disorder. really nice profile here:
Duane Kuiper hosts a sweet visitor before Game 3, granddaughter of Mike Krukow, Reagan.
there was a big article on espn's front page a couple of days ago. Good read.
Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow throw out the first pitch. Standing ovation from sellout crowd. Truly beloved figures within community
Looks like Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper will be throwing out the first pitch in a bit. There will be noise.
Kruk and Kuip are the absolute best and this article shows how very special they are.
Kruk and Kuip are big reason why I love so much.
Love this story of friendship in the broadcast booth from
[From FB] Krukow and Kuiper: A Giant Friendship - And sometimes, ESPN gets it right... worth a read, even if you...
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Absolute must-read on my baseball friends Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. The best - and better than we knew:
This is a fantastic article about Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper, the Giants’ TV broadcasters, and their long friendship:
Great stuff They're the best Tremendous ESPN story on SF Giants announcers, Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper. ht…
Loved this story by on the deep friendship between Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper.
Duane Kuiper, he of 1 Major League HR... and now the voice of the Cardinals John Rooney
Awww, Duane Kuiper all alone on the post-game wrap on :(
Sounds like how I used to watch it without paying for it on the old Cablevision network with Joe Morgan and Duane Kuiper.
Because there's a huge difference between Scully and the Captain of Puke, Mr. Duane Kuiper. I need to manage my expectations.
Jon Miller: "My name is Jon.. close personal friend of Duane Kuiper.." LoL!
Listening to Duane Kuiper on the radio makes me feel a tiny bit better about not watching the game. A little.
Selig calls Duane Kuiper, Mike. So nice of him to pay attention to who he's talking to.
According to Bud Selig the announcers are Mike Kuiper and Duane Krukow.
We have talk NEXT with Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Tom Thayer, Joe Nedney, Duane Kuiper and
You didn't know the moon was a Giants' fan, did you? ~Duane Kuiper
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Baby will be born craving ballpark food and soothed by the voice of Duane Kuiper...perfect :)
broadcaster Duane Kuiper: "I like the Newtons. I just don't like the Fig part."
start their series with the tonight and we talk about it NEXT with Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show
40 years ago today, Duane Kuiper, the bane of Steve Stone's existence, made his MLB debut.
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Duane Kuiper, Vic Fangio and
Look at Duane Kuiper's Cleveland stats. Heck, look at the 1976 Indians. Busted hit and runs!
Giants game on ESPN means we have to listen to announcers not named Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper. It's gonna be a long game
Me too! Not only is Mike Krukow & Duane Kuiper are the best broadcaster in baseball but in all of sports!
Duane Kuiper's 1st and only MLB homerun
Why watch vs on when u can LISTEN to Jon Miller & Duane Kuiper call at on
The Giants have Duane Kuiper and Hank Schulman. We Giants fans are so unbelievably lucky.
Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. The guys who do Giants games.
Duane Kuiper is currently reciting all of the players’ names in Who’s On First on the Giants broadcast, if anyone is interested.
I know the and rarely play each other BUT BOY, Duane Kuiper needs to work on his pronunciation for players...
Ben Revere passed Duane Kuiper on the all time list in career homers.
Duane Kuiper is like an expectant father with his disgust at this Rain Delay. lol SF Giants 6 Tigers 0 in the 4th; delay ongoing.
What about Duane Kuiper/ Mike Krukow? They were the best on MVP Baseball 2005
Duane Kuiper will return with a status update at 5:30pm. up 6-0 on in Top 4
On this date in baseball history, in 1977, Duane Kuiper hit the only homer of his career, in 3,379 at-bats.
Feels like we are watching the Duane Kuiper Show!
Anyone know who's broadcasting with Duane Kuiper today on ? What happened to Mike Krukow?
Brian Johnson doing the game with Duane Kuiper tonight. Last time I saw Johnson was his walk off homer in 1997. Time flies I guess.
is there anywhere that I could buy a duane kuiper bobble head? I've been looking for a while and I can't find one.
No one call a home run better than Duane Kuiper and Jon Miller
I wonder how tired Duane Kuiper is of having to say "on the ground" for every at bat at home
"Everything about that play was perfect": Duane Kuiper
I really really REALLY dislike Duane Kuiper's home run calls. I bet he practiced them in a mirror too.
One day, Duane Kuiper is going to bust a BALLSACK calling a Posey Home Run! Good Gracious!
Thata way to talk about the perfect game Duane Kuiper. Don't you know about unwritten rules???
I must admit, I really enjoy listening to Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow.
"It is getting excited here at the park!"- Duane Kuiper
please tell me you won't get mad if Duane Kuiper uses "those special words" to describe what's happening with bumgarner?
Nothing like comping Tyler Hilt to Alex Cole, Andy Allanson and Duane Kuiper.
Miller, Flemming and Duane Kuiper don't bother me. Just Krukow.
play by play man Duane Kuiper is the ***
16 years calling balls and strikes and as Duane Kuiper said, "doesn't have a clue." Hang it up Doug.
"You figure it out. Cause right now Doug Eddings does not have a clue." -Duane Kuiper
Sorry, I lowballed the length of the bottom of the 6th. Per Duane Kuiper, 33 maddog motherfather minutes.
That's brutal. I have an extra Duane Kuiper one if you want it.
Duane Kuiper should do the ALS challenge!
"The Giants started out great today and then ( Timmy pitched).". Duane Kuiper
nice game tonight... Keep grinding and congrats for tying Duane Kuiper in career homers.
there's something beautiful about Duane Kuiper talking about how many HR he thinks Panik can hit.
And Joe Panik matches Duane Kuiper on the all-time HR list.
"The Giants asked for a chance; they got their chance, and they fell short." -Duane Kuiper.
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I think that Jon Miller & Duane Kuiper do a fine job of announcing baseball all by themselves. Love them! Let's go
will finish up Tuesday's night game against the Cubs today at 2:05p PT. Duane Kuiper joins us NEXT to talk about it
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Joe Nedney, Duane Kuiper and
just tied Duane kuiper on the all time home run list
Andrew Susac ties Duane Kuiper on the all time career home run list with his first major league HR
Jose Ramirez ties Duane Kuiper on all-time Indians HR list.
Anyways, welcome to the club of Duane Kuiper and Ben Revere, Mr. Jose Ramirez.
If Duane Kuiper calls Morse Morris one more time...
"I walked into the clubhouse and saw Joaquin Arias batting sixth and I thought FOR SURE it was April Fools." - Duane Kuiper
Xander went fishing, and came up empty. (Duane Kuiper call)
And it's Blanco with the catch!!! Duane Kuiper, you make me laugh sometimes. It's Pagan in centerfield now!
Duane Kuiper said "There's old box head Lee".. engineering game for Lee Jones is the man!
I love Duane Kuiper, but I'm sorry, I can't get used to him calling Michael Morse "Morris."
Duane Kuiper's home run calls are the best
The only good thing about that home run was Duane Kuiper's call
Little Giant Ladders
Duane Kuiper was way too excited about that basehit
Man they are really milking this Duane Kuiper homer this year.
Javier Baez is tied with Duane Kuiper and Ben Revere on the all-time HR leaders list.
Duane kuiper would be happy to see him.
SFPanda blasts game-tying three-run homer ... Nothing I love more than a Duane Kuiper HR call.
How could the same region of the country have produced both Duane Kuiper and the Rally Banana?
talk with Duane Kuiper NEXT on the Morning Show
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Vic Fangio and Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper: "High drive left field outta here into
Duane Kuiper and the have gotten a lot of mileage off that 1 home run. Don't blame them, I'd do the same *** things
Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper are the best Broadcasting team in all of baseball.
So Dyson's gotta be thinking I had the guy where I wanted him, then I hit him-lol Duane Kuiper!
Watch Kruk call Duane Kuiper's 1st HR. Submit your call now. Visit
Duane Kuiper leads San Francisco Giants in look back at history
Kind of funny hearing Dave Fleming and Mike Krukow calling Duane Kuiper's home run
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You love his Duane Kuiper's Home Run call. Now you have teh chance to record yo...: You love his Duane Kuiper...
just got a shout out by Duane Kuiper and John Miller
...I know it's not a good time (I mean WHEN do the Giants score 9 runs), but Stanton HR isn't "ownage," per Duane Kuiper, it's simply PED...
Mike Krukow calls Duane Kuiper only home run
Angel Pagan not back w/ Giants yet...however, they "need 2 learn how 2 start winning games w/o him" (Duane Kuiper)
are in Florida taking on the tonight and we talk to Duane Kuiper about it NEXT on the Morning Show
Would love to hear more about your partnership with Duane Kuiper!
We have Duane Kuiper coming up NEXT on the Morning Show
little...ok a lot before Chipper's time in ATL but I would lover to hear John Sterling and Duane Kuiper (Giants) call a derby
My favorite home run call has to be Duane Kuiper. Like seriously. "IT. IS. OUUUTTAAA HERE!"
Well, Duane Kuiper did say last week didn't come to this country to hit singles.
Would raise million dollar Kickstarter for Duane Kuiper to call the homerun derby.
Ran into Duane Kuiper, voice of the Giants in downtown Walnut Creek 😊⚫️🔶
Just heard Kuiper's call of the slams and Flemmimg's call of the slams. There is NO announcer as good as Duane Kuiper. HR call is legendary
Duane Kuiper's home run calls today made me happy to be alive
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Wow is horrible! Can't pronounce players names correctly called Duane Kuiper Jon Miller. Shouldn't you know your sports?
Take a watch: 1st starting battery to both hit grand slams, calls from w/Krukow & Duane Kuiper
Served Duane Kuiper some pizza and held his championship ring so you could say it's been a good day
Duane Kuiper is a national treasure.
Madison Bumgarner now has more career Grand Slams than Duane Kuiper has career homers.
Duane kuiper best announcer in baseball from the past Barry bonds home runs to todays grandslams cause goose bumps
Duane Kuiper just died on the radio on that call.
Duane Kuiper is very concerned about the vitality of the Round Table Grand Slam inning after Blanco got picked off.
New baseball term: the Interstate. Ex) Duane Kuiper: "Joaquin Arias is one at-bat away from getting off the Interstate. He's hitting .182."
Doubling down w/ broadcasters today w/ & Mac on Duane Kuiper at 7:30am, Mike Krukow at 8.
Guest joining the Morning Show today.Duane Kuiper, Bruce Bochy and
Dear Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, and Jon Miller: eat a bag of ***
If Duane Kuiper wasn't sick before he sure is now with the way the have been playing in this inning. :-/
Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow are the best baseball broadcaster in the Majors
Pablo Sandoval looked and sounded much, much better today. If only he hadn't breathed on Duane Kuiper, who's out sick.
Jon Miller is filling in for Duane Kuiper on CSN
2-year anniversary of Matt Cain's perfect game. Mike Krukow had the night off. Tonight, Duane Kuiper is out sick...foreshadow?
Duane Kuiper will hit another home run before you get as bad as George Will.
Also, immortalized by Duane Kuiper for missing that foul ball. Thanks Hector Sanchez.
Just saw almost break his career HR tie with Duane Kuiper (paging
Come Say Hey! First 500 people in line at Willie Mays Plaza get a free Duane Kuiper bobble head! Line opens at 5pm!
Anyone going to AT&T Park for Say Hey Tuesday? First 500 fans get a Duane Kuiper bobblehead.
Duane Kuiper recaps last night's Giants loss to the Nationals NEXT on the Morning Show
Goal for tomorrow: Get the Duane Kuiper bobblehead then hopefully try & get Stephen Strasburg, Matt Williams, and Jayson Werth's autograph,
Given the way the are improving faster than most expected, you think Duane Kuiper looks dumber than usual?
Did Duane Kuiper just call the Golden Gate Bridge the Bay Bridge?
Duane kuiper home run bobblehead, so did they only make the 1?
It's sad, the own Duane Kuiper doesn't know how to pronounce "Morse"
that *** Duane Kuiper has got to be the coolest cat in MLB, effortlessly cool I mean look at him.
I was watching the Giants, on my PC, at the time. It was VERY impressive. Duane Kuiper called him a "massive show off" :)
Tight how Glen Kuiper announces for the A's and Duane Kuiper announces for the Giants
I'm a happy girl! Got a Duane bobblehead, an win, a seat on the San Carlos express, & did not leave early!
.does Duane Kuiper handle your social media?
Is anyone a Giant's fan? I have a Duane Kuiper bobble head sitting in my room, that I got like, 5 weeks ago omg
Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper played for the San Francisco Giants, and now they are the team's television voices. As SN's Jesse Spector writes, they might just be the best broadcasting team in baseball.
Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper answers questions from fans in the Chatting Cage
There's a special on CSN about Duane Kuiper's lone home run.
Have a question for or Duane Kuiper? Join the tomorrow:
Legendary Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper answered your questions in the Edward... -
Legendary broadcaster Duane Kuiper answered your questions in the
"If you're going to ask a girl out on a date, do it over the phone" Best advice Duane Kuiper ever received.
Watch as Duane Kuiper joins the NOW! Send in Qs via hashtag or get in line to video chat.
Have your questions ready for Duane Kuiper and step into the now:
Ben Revere stepped in to the Chatting Cage earlier today... Duane Kuiper is coming up at 7:45 ET
awesome. Ordering today. You guys should totally do a Duane Kuiper "One Home Run" shirt.
Ask or Duane Kuiper a question LIVE in today’s
Have a question for Ben Revere or Duane Kuiper? Join the Edward Jones -
Post WWII, Duane Kuiper has the most career PA by a guy with just 1 HR, and Ben Revere the most with 0.
Duane Kuiper will be in the Edward Jones at 4:45pm. Comment with q...: Duane Kuiper will be in t...
Seroiously considering going to that shop on Haight to get an "Official Duane Kuiper Homerun T-shirt" made
Do you know? Giants celebrate Duane Kuiper's homer
"Hit it high, hit it deep, outta here!". The San Francisco Giants and CSN Bay Area will celebrate Duane Kuiper's...
Giants giveaway bobblehead of Duane Kuiper – 3,754 ABs, 1 homer. DK: "If I hit 2, would there be a bobblehead?" Deep.
For my Cleveland family. Ted Sevastos Mike Sevastos Jane Paras Sevastos Dino Peris Rose Marie Morris. Remember Duane Kuiper. Played for the Indians 1978-1982. He came to San Francisco Giants when I moved here! And I became a giants fan. This weekend the Indians play the giants. Tomorrow night is DK bobble head night! He is one of our announcers. He is my favorite!! He was one of ten nominations for hall of fame this year!! He will get in some day!! In my opinion he is the announcer in all of baseball! And is Tom Hamilton.
should have the "Official Duane Kuiper Homerun T-Shirt" in the dugout stores. I'll definitely buy one!
In advance of Duane Kuiper bobblehead night, hits it high, hits it deep, hits it ...
Duane Kuiper HR bobblehead is tomorrow. Compliment your bobblhead with this shirt
There is also a strong likelihood that I will go on eBay later this week and bid on a Duane Kuiper bobblehead.
There is a strong possibility that I've seen the replay of Duane Kuiper's one home run more often than any other HR in MLB history.
The Duane Kuiper Belt would only have one body.
"If I would have hit two, would there be a bobblehead?" Duane Kuiper tells the story behind his only big league HR:
Giants celebrate Duane Kuiper's homer: For San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper, his home run in 1977...
If you guessed Duane Kuiper, then this baby is OUTTA HERE If you guessed Duane Kuiper, then th...
The San Francisco Giants have played their first 22 games, and there are some very interesting trends developing. The Giants have played 12 one-run games and have been involved in several other very close, exciting contests. A few years ago, Giants' announcer Duane Kuiper used the word "torture"...
One assumes that Duane Kuiper was just distracted or maybe stoned during today's Giants game, and that he doesn't really believe that the first game of baseball was played 100 years ago today at Wrigley Field.
"Is it gonna be a double? Yes it's a double. And Panda with the double." -Captain Redundant, aka our beloved Duane Kuiper :D
When will the two doofuses who call games for the SF Giants (Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow) retire? They are terrible and have always been terrible... I can't even watch highlights (like Posey's homerun last night) because listening to Kuiper's contrived "He hits it high, he hits it dep" makes me want to kill things... the worst.
These Bruins announcers may be the worst in sports. Other than Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow... God how I loathe them.
I was at that game. FRUSTRATING! As Duane Kuiper oft reminds us, that's why we watch; never know what we're going to see.
Best commentators are the Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow, they r ex Giants & MLB players too so they know the ins & outs.
Why vote for Well...he has more career home runs than Duane Kuiper (6-1) :)
He's got 5 more career home runs than Duane Kuiper!
I wish! I was talking about Duane Kuiper. He's there and still calling in and doing his show.
he's got more home career runs than Duane Kuiper
Duane Kuiper was one of them. Loved the glasses donned by Ernie Camacho and Jamie Easterly
And he hit 30 times as many homers as his former teammate, Duane Kuiper.
slightly better OPS than Duane Kuiper's best SOM card!
Just saw Duane Kuiper at the Oakland airport!
Yep, except the one during baseball season usually is the one with Duane Kuiper promoting it
Duane Kuiper just called into the game...wonder if he's in trouble
“awesome impromptu appearance on by Duane Kuiper. Great way to start New Year.”967? Lol
Great impromptu appearance by Duane Kuiper on earlier. Open-door policy for him on our show.
"That's why you wear shoulder pads to a baseball game." - Duane Kuiper
Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper were good enough to join us for some cocktails.
Candlestick is remember going to SF Giants games with My Grandpa, Dad, and uncles Dan-Jeff-& Pat during my youth. Sitting right behind homeplate was an amazing perspective all those games. Jack Clark, Chili Davis, Will Clark, Vida Blue, Bob Brenley, Jeff Leonard, Dan Gladden, Atlee Hammaker, Kevin Mitchell, and even Duane Kuiper. Those were the days
We created a playlist of highlights from our 'Farewell to Candlestick' show. You can listen here: many great moments - Ronnie Lott recalling his teammates, Duane Kuiper joking about trying to catch a pop-up, KTVU Channel 2's Bill Martin explaining why Candlestick was so windy, and great stories from sportswriters Ann Killion and Ray Ratto.
San Francisco Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper got a sandwich named after him at Ike's Place
Duane Kuiper gets sandwich named after him
Today Duane Kuiper walked through my job!!! Curse you client that didn't even buy anything!
Lunch with some of my favorite people. And we saw Duane Kuiper! I was star struck, not gonna lie.
What's Duane Kuiper's Christmas wish? Watch this clip to find out.
The Chiligods™ hang out with some of the San Francisco Giants Staff like Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Also get a glimpse of Buster Posey and Jeremy Affelt.
Just got my tickets to two games so far of the giants!!! April 26th orange Friday and Duane Kuiper Bobbehead night against the Cleveland Indiabs. Also, May 25th against the Minnesota Twins for giants BBQ apron day.
Am no A's fan, but nailed it by lamenting turning away Bill King. Shameful of to divert votes 2 Duane Kuiper.
Duane Kuiper of the Cleveland Indians hits a home run off Steve Stone after going homerless in over 1300 at bats!
We're talking player options next with Duane Kuiper on the Morning Show
"Swing and a miss! And that's it, for the first time in 52 years, the Giants are World Champions" -- Duane Kuiper
Yesterday Duane Kuiper stopped by his Alma Mater Case High School and gave my dad Giants Broadcaster…
Missed meeting Duane Kuiper by 10 mins at his Alma Mater my dads school Case!
We're talking game 5 of the 2013 with Duane Kuiper next on the Morning Show
I think they should use Dave Flemming and John Miller or Duane Kuiper!
Guest joining the Morning Show today. Duane Kuiper, Greg Roman and Bob Myers
Reading about the Kuiper Belt for Astronomy makes me want to play MVP Baseball 2005. (Duane Kuiper is the announcer in that stellar game).
They're trying to get Duane Kuiper in HOF. Really?Next to Vin?“who's there announcer? Jon Miller?”
Tattoo the logo on Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow's *** I'll spare Jon Miller featured in NBC s Science of Love
those of us with or MlbTv should consider Voting for Duane Kuiper g
Duane Kuiper is on his way to Citi Field and we catch up with up next on the Morning Show!
Send Kuip to Cooperstown. Vote now to get Duane Kuiper on the 2014 Ford C. Frick Final Ballot
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