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Duane Jones

Duane L. Jones (February 2, 1937 – July 22, 1988) was an American actor, best known for his leading role as Ben in the 1968 horror film Night of the Living Dead.

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Thank you Stellar - "the fleet and ferocious guitar attack of Duane “DT” Jone…
Subscribed from day one, when's this video dropping
Duane Jones and Marlene Clark make a *** fine looking couple in Bill Gunn's 1973 GANJA & HESS.
Life won't wait for you to get ready
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My NFTR interview out now! Big up chamsface4music post.grmdaily Link in bio! Tag…
Rodriquez Kena won his Bantamweight Bout against Duane Jones via TKO in the second. LIVE action coming up on from 9…
RESULT: Oliver Lines advances to the second round after a 10-6 victory over Duane Jones - relegating the Welshman in the p…
Good day for Welsh snooker players at Scottish Open with wins for Matthew Stevens, Duane Jones, Daniel Wells, Mark Williams, Michael White.
“Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.” - Diane Duane h…
I attended the Grand Opening/Ribbon cutting ceremony today at the "little white church" in Duane! Proud community!
is that why one of his best friends was Van Jones
Games Vs Fashion: Fayetteville is finally up and running!! Presented by: Antoinne Duane Jones for Jones...
“😂 face during Posty and dispute on was 😂😂” Classic moment 😂 👉
Best. Line. Ever. "When u say my name put some respect on it"...LOLOL sounds like one of your specials
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need to do an interview with Birdman ALL 🌳 OF YALL😂😂
Sometimes I can sleep for 2 days straight because I have Duane Trello Trellis Sheldon Jones & Alana SterlingCrew...
We at Duane Jones Photography want to take a moment of silence to honor another great gone too soon! RIP Prince...
Check out debut music video by Scalez prod. By Slay Products [Music Video] 💣🔫🔥🎶
😂 face during Posty and dispute on was 😂😂
Marlene Clark and Duane Jones in the hauntingly beautiful metaphysical Vampire film "Ganga & Hess"
Is Not For The Radio heading to or nah 🤔 via
I love to see my people winning! Repost from Up to something renownedgroup.
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Duane Brown expected to land Marvin Jones (hamstring) has been hired by the Miami Herald, the Dolphins "the best attit...
Not a fan of remakes but if there were a remake of Night Of The Living Dead needs to play Duane L. Jones role. That would be sick🤘🏻
If Lolo Jones ever wants to win an Olympic medal in track & field, she's gotta stop bob...
So hey, anyone know why Jessica Jones doesn't pop into Duane Reade and buy some earplugs?
It's Coming - Jan. 23rd! . We're so Excited, NC It's Going Down! . to "Antoinne Duane Jones"...
Chandler Jones borderline invisible vs Duane Brown. Barely sniffed Brian Hoyer. Need more from him, esp with Easley done
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Lebron: "James Jones is the greatest teammate I ever had"
Yeah that's just me. Wasley and Duane Jones vs Murphy and Allen are big enough for me to invest looking at my notes.
RESULT: Michael Holt advances to the last 64 without too many difficulties after beating Welshman Duane Jones 4-1
Listen is the FUNNIEST person on you lot don't even know lol
Oi NOW you lot need to do a interview with
On set shooting for big up my bruda
Your new favorite Hanukkah song is by Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings:
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we need a NFTR interview from aswell🔥🔥
Me Sidney and Duane use to be jocing in jones tones 👼🏽👼🏽
Congrats to Devin Moore, Taylor Hill, Kaden Jones, Joy Leith and Duane Pike for texting their way into our Wes...
Special guest Ben Jones on the Duane Brown show tonight.
time of his death, Dr. Duane Jones was head of the Theater Department at the State University of New York at Old Westbury
*** Carrington lost and Duane Jones lost from 3-0 up
Respotted black in the decider at Duane Jones - Aditya Mehta!
Jus seen man like vis told him im gonna be on the show in the future. soon G
Cool article! I haven't been big in horror, but I did appreciate Night of the Living Dead for Duane Jones.
.is unlike any other place in the world. Delicate Arch by Duane Jurma
Hey Spread the word. portrayed Duane Jones, son of Morgan on Check it!
Roy Jones clowning opponents, unbelievable fighter back in the day. All time great! h…
Yep the party tonight was calm... S/O my bro & proper turn out 💯
Sometimes it's just the little things. A day of helping Erwin Duane Jones Jr. with a bed for his new...
This right here makes no sense! lol Antoinne Duane Jones was on FIRE!! Sydney Jay BAM!! Tina B KonTroversi ,...
Haven't seen Duane Jones in a while, would love to see you at Miracle LifeMinistries tomorrow 10:20am! 󾌬
Its finally here and worth the wait - Deliverance Album >
Morgan Jones and his son Duane had been staying in a random house for about a month after Morgan's wife, Jenny, passed--
Baird, Sam - Jones, Duane: Tuesday 02 June 19:00, the games Baird, Sam - Jones, Duane has Baird, Sam as its fa...
100% win for and Duane Jones in their professional careers, good wins for existing pros
Think for a decent acca this afternoon I'd go with Duane Jones, Eden Sharav, Fraser Patrick and James Cahill, pays over 5/2.
It's so awesome to see Tony in the zombie genre again 25 years later! Duane Jones would be proud!
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The name of the actor who was the main character in night of the Living Dead was Duane Jones there was a character in TWD with the same name
First band is Duane Allman on guitar, Buddy Miles on drums, John Paul Jones on bass and Elvis Presley singing.
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Duane Jones (snooker player)". Help expand it!
you were a worthy successor to Duane Jones, Tony!
Epic interview w Duane Jones Guitarist&Founder of the group Swirl
think I should have asked James Murrey - another Microsoft guy. Ignore me Duane! See you next week in Seattle?
ok, meet Gloria she's super cool and writing a TV script which is very channel guys should have a ☕️☕️
Now Playing : Kiss by Art Of Noise & Tom Jones🎵 - Buy it
Congrats to my good friend Dave Van Cura who interviewed LIVE Duane Jones of the fabulous band Swirl 👏👍
Duane Jones does a outstanding live interview with my great friend Dave Van Cura, we only saw pics but they're 😘
My Creator's Corner Interview with Swirl Guitarist & Founder Duane "DT" Jones is up and it is Epic..
S/O to Post & Chams for Just watched it for the first time and I must say interview! 👍🏾👌🏾
Big up to Duane Jones on his1st match as a pro on Monday. We're all rooting for you
Haven't slept just been watching to live 📝💯📝
Yungen - Being kidnapped as a kid, why he is not on the Krept & Konan Album [NFTR]
Good vibes today with the creme of the music industry including - onwards & upwards in 2015
Duane Jones Number 115 on Pro Tour for new 2015/16 season. Good luck!
Antoinne Duane Jones being interviewed for "Jack of Art Trades" documentary shot by Reggie Denton...
WINNERS: Duane Jones wins 4-3 on the final black against Zhao Xintong at Q School. Gareth Allen and Jason Weston also ea…
Welshmen Duane Jones, Gareth Allen and Daniel Wells win places on World Snooker circuit
have you got your summer fashion sorted? We have a fine collection waiting for you to look at
"I thought it wasn't meant to be.". Duane Jones reflects on his dream Q School triumph >>
Can't believe Travis & Jamie Rhys Clarke lost already, expecting both to get through. Same for Duane Jones really.
Nah potter payper is too sick... I think he's best when he does freestyles that NFTR freestyle is just COLD!
I Stan for one of the best things out there for the UK culture 🇬🇧🇬🇧
NFTR is the truth! Look forward to every interview. Big up
Loving station it's just pure realness! Reminds me of the UK's Breakfast Club 👌
I like this show, I like the Glc interview and ovo Bizzle's my biggest inspiration
Good interview G tell it how it is 💯 - Relationship With Tulisa, X Factor Machine, Sex Tape ht…
Wish they would have drafted Byron Jones. They need secondary more than anything
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Mike Glc on the Tulisa saga, Court Case, relationship with Dappy. What's the full story? Tonight at 8pm
What a great interview given @ ALL will be revealed soon watch this space people... Something m…
Ws great conversing with a very intelligent man with a good spirit. Thank u for the hat. I wish U all the best in ur projects X
We r @ the studio get ready for a VERY good interview coming.
Na (Posty) & that is SO poor. First not knowing about that feature and then not even knowing the album name 😂
Great Show! So happy for you. Keep up the great work.
I am making it a life goal to obtain an authentic signature from Duane Jones aka Ben.
real talk on your platform. Good to see there's still people keeping it real 👊 keep up the good work guys.
After watching your NFTR the other day, jus wanted to say ...The real are not overlooking your accomplishments.
One of the best interviews I've heard in a while.
Potter payper NFTR freestyle is a madness 😳🔥
Dance. Credit: Duane Jones for HOLLA'! Cheer and Dance Magazine. See more from Worlds in…
pleasure meeting you! Let's line up a session w/ I wanna create the ultimate Runyon Canyon anthem 🙏
👈🏾 Best Radio Show in UK hands down and they've only had 5 interviews 😂💯
NFTR is killin it, knowledge is power
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course... the space between your ears. – Bobby Jones
Shouts my brother and the whole crew. Loving all these features. Very insightful and needed ... https:/…
Duane Jones passed away on this day in 1988. Known for his role as Ben in Night of the Living Dead.
"Don't you know what's going on out there? This is no Sunday School picnic!" - Ben (Duane Jones), NIGHT OF THE Living Dead
Caught "Night of the Living Dead" on TV last night. The movie is beyond classic & Duane Jones' stellar acting never disappoints.
"He's dead. That's another one for the fire." w/Duane Jones & Bill "Chilly Willy" Cardille
In interviews George Romero specifically stated when he wrote the script Ben wasnt black. Duane Jones just happened 2 win the role
Duane Jones was an underutilized national treasure. Good audio-only interview:
I know civilization hangs in the balance and all, but Duane Jones (Ben) is FINE.
let's give it up for Duane Jones, the first black man to have the leading role in a horror film -
The late Duane Jones. I have never seen an actor with so much character. He went on to do Ganja & Hess.
Duane Jones gave such a good performance here but he only made one other film, a trippy vampire film called Ganja and Hess.
Newcomers Judith O'Dea and Duane Jones. Never to be heard of again.
Good to see my bro today good peoples.
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A Duane Jones, Originally from Youngstown, Ohio now living in North Carolina is a concept photographer that first started in model photography. Jones
Only just got the reference of Duane Jones in the Walking Dead. It is the name of the actor who played Ben in Night Of The Living Dead.
Won Pro-am today. Really enjoyed playing good players like Duane Jones and old dog Phil williams. Nice to have a bit of match practice.
What would your mother rate you on a scale of one to ten? Duane Jones got ate. Er, I mean eight.
The third season of The Walking Dead premiered on Tuesday, 16, Brazil, closed channel Fox, and what we saw in the first episode was an investment in the production of heavier action scenes, over those of greater dramatic appeal shown in the two previous seasons, when somehow, the characters of the plot were still being presented and their fears and motivations exposed to the public. Although this season promises a whole nucleus of new characters, with the appearance of the warrior Michonne and the Governor, and the return of other characters who made only a brief appearance in the first season, as Morgan and Duane Jones, the debut scenes focused on the core of survivors led by police officer Rick Grimes former and the group's arrival at the prison. Even by the need to achieve a safe territory, the first episode focused on a war between humans led by Rick and zombies that populate the site. What we saw was a desperate and ruthless hunt, a real struggle for survival, with the group Rick eliminating one by o ...
Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 black-and-white American independent horror film directed by George A. Romero, starring Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea and Karl...
To know the truth calms the soul. To apply the truth liberates your life. -Duane Jones
what do you think ever happened to Morgan and Duane Jones, the family that helped Rick in Season 1?
What I want to know is, will we see Morgan & Duane Jones ever meet up w/Rick again?
Not sure I 100% agree w Duane Jones' comments about McCain below . but would love to hear the media treat Vice President Biden's on Going Gaffs and Public Blunders with even the slightest Similarity to their treatment of Palin! He is a baffoon in so many ways. "McCain brought Palin being a mealy mouthed quasi liberal RINO...during the McCain / Obama debates, it was pretty clear to me that he left more than he ever dreamed in Vietnam...Palin was THE rising star, and the Liberal media wanted NOTHING to do with a powerful, attractive, articulate, CONSERVATIVE female in contention for the top spot. Especially one so outspoken against them. I believe Sarah Palin may have been deliberately set up in an attempt to silence her. Now if I am wrong, somebody is going to have to prove me wrong."
Directed by George A. Romero. With Duane Jones, Judith O'Dea, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman. A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse.
I did something today I had never done before: I went to a horror convention! My nephew and I attended the Scare-A-Cuse event at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, not far from Syracuse. And we had a great time. At one point, I had to reel Brandon in with a lasso! Brandon picked up autographs from horror movie stars Michael Berryman (of The Hills Have Eyes fame) and Derek Mears (who played Jason from Friday the 13th). Both are great guys, very friendly, and more than happy to talk to Brandon and ask him about his interests. I had the pleasure of watching a celebrity panel that featured Judith O'Dea, one of the stars of the 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. Judith was the standout of the panel (which was very good overall) and later spent several minutes talking with us. Just a very delightful and humble person, she took time to credit her co-star from the movie, the late and underrated Duane Jones. Jones was one of the first African Americans to be cast in a lead role of a horror film (in fact, he migh ...
I love everyone but Mr. Jones is not stupid. My degree is in Business Administration with a concentration in MARKETING and MANAGEMENT. For that reason, I'm always in marketing mode. Lets get one thing straight, said to say but racism does still exist. Hence, the name A Duane Jones, lol!! My first name is Antoinne (pronounced An' twan). I go by Duane in business because if you are going to be racist, you are going to have to do it too my face. Not just all fingers pushing buttons here, I actually use the brain God gave me too. ijs
The classic zombie horror movie by George Romero starring Duane Jones. This version is in high definition 1080p.
Which horror classic do MARTIN's director (George Romero) and GANJA & HESS' star (Duane Jones) have in common?
The list of people going on the bus trip keeps increasing. Thus far noted photographers; Eddie Harris, Tori Mckoy, TaRhonda Harper Lay, A Duane Jones, Tasha Prescott-Wilson as well as Styists: Alicia Griffith, Shahidah Green and models: Tiena Samone, Lisa Harrington, Crystal Elizabeth Byrd, Nicole, Bloyd, @ Samantha Mcknight, Cooper and more to come!!! We are going to take the Queen City but storm!!!
Which Ben you like better on The 1968 one (the late Duane Jones) or the 1990 one (Tony Todd)?
Four players from Q School ranking list topping up the Wuxi Classic qualifiers: Fraser Patrick, Duane Jones, Adrian Gunnell and Michael Wild
Directed by Bill Gunn. With Marlene Clark, Duane Jones, Bill Gunn, Sam Waymon. After being stabbed with an ancient, germ-infested knife, a doctor's assistant finds himself with an insatiable desire for blood.
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