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Dry January

Dry January is a custom of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practised in the United Kingdom.

I use it all the time when I need dry shampoo but not even sure it helps my hair. It has not too str
I have very dry hands so i can appreciate a good hand lotion
Dry January is a drag. Remember better times by getting your photos scanned.
What is life like when Dry January becomes a year without booze? tells us!
hearing about dry spots in the storm. Sputtering at 10 am. I'm feeling another January 2015.
For the month of January, enjoy a dry German Riesling by for only $89++ per bottle when you order our gri…
On a dry and windy day in January 2012, Cecile, Samir, Sofia and Vanessa walked out of the notary’s office in...
As you walk outside & curse upon realizing that it's raining... remember that we've been very dry since our late January deluge.
Celebrate the end of Dry January with one (or all) of these 10 simple prosecco cocktails
My 'Dry January' included three wins...perfect timing!
. Marmite cocktails are here - and you'll either love them or hate them
Compared to a very wet January and February, March has thus far been relatively dry.
my fiancée and I did a dry September and then January, easy to keep it going once you get past the first week or so 👍
Our family has no running water in January our well went dry. Please support my GoFundMe campaign:…
One reader started off with Dry January but she realized that a fizz free February was soon to follow!
Why was it NO NEWS when Obamas travel ban went into effect. Or in January 2017 when he ended wet foot dry foot?
Somewhat disingenuous to suggest there's conclusive science behind but not a bad little skit .
Did you know that an estimated 10 million people in the UK alone attempted to do Dry January…
oh yeah you'll definitely save quite a bit! When I did dry January before, it was so nice having the extra money at the end
Committed to my ''DRY JANUARY'' this weekend. Dry Gin. Dry Cider. Dry White Wine all topped off with a tint of . Dry Martin…
Newsflash: Obama eliminated the Cuban dry/foot policy in January, effectively a ban
Good work. I do dry January. Keep it up
Seconded. My reasonably smooth Dry January turned into CHOCOFRENZY.
Dry bulk fleet grew by 2.6% year-on-year in January 2017 exceeding 800 million dwt, according to BIMCO
Xmas time "obama care is bleeding our checks dry. No $!". January: new car!. February: vacay!. March: another new car
how no alcohol..did u do dry January?
Now this is saying do one dry january. Go big or go home 🍾
Urgh. I once bought a mixed case of 6 alcohol free wines for "dry January". Big mistake! Far too sweet. Vile!
same =_= I much prefer January's extreme cold. At least it's dry and doesn't permeate your clothes all the way to the bone like now
Of course I'd ruin my dry January on the 30th 👍 go me! Im the worst!! 🍻
This mattifies in a few minutes. I know the package doesn't say dry fast top coat, but that is exact
Feeling more like early January this weekend. At least it will be dry.
Dry January is turning into dry 2017..
Dry January provides an easy excuse for people who want a break from booze. But what if it could last all year?...
Congratulations - you've beat the previously most expensive lime and soda which was £4.50 in London.
Give yourself a pat on the back if you managed dry January!
Well, I think that just about ends dry january.
After being refused a dry loan for Inter centre-back Jeison Murillo (24) in January, Manchester City could try again in the…
dry January, sugar free February, what the *** happened to March
My phone bout to crack where it so dry.
"Rather than doing Dry January, it's much better to just try to lower your overall alcohol intake in general" sound…
GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Nobody cares about your 'dry January'.
it's lent so no alcohol here. Bit like dry January but more sensible cos they've had plenty time to finish off the Xmas booze!
Dry January and Flat February have finally passed and Spring is on its way. Daffs coming out and gorgeous little...
Thanks to James & Faye for taking part in dry January for our charity & raising £217.50 well done and thanks for th…
did they dry dock the glory? Good that boat *** & I should have gotten a full refund from January
"I don't need to do dry January to prove anything". Translation:. I'm a mild alcoholic
Dry January is a distant nightmare.
been wanting to do a since the end of January but the weather keeps playing games smh! My is dr…
Latest illustration work for Utah Adventure Journal - Dry January.
Dry January is OVER! 🍾Need our 'Never Drinking Again' dress? 😜 For a chance to tag your BFF and let us know which st…
Student has smashed to raise over £1000 for Keech to thank us for caring for his bro Dom: https…
I had a dry January, Dry Gin, Dry white wine, Dry sherry...I'll get me coat
Are you doing dry January and half of Feb or something? It is sugar this Month Tom.
Check out these awesome mocktail recipes I've created with soft drinks! Perfect for
Evette from our office is raising money for Cancer Research UK
Dry January is over come and grab one of our craft beers
Dry January must be over as Alexis is off up West for the second time this week!
Steve paid us a visit the other day... he'd successfully done 'Dry January'! Think he missed Aire Bar a little bit…
If you're feeling great, then why not donate?
Some of our delicious classics! What better way to celebrate the end of Dry January!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
We're attending several drinks today: with in and the Young Professionals' end of dry January drinks in
Now that Dry January is over it's time to enjoy a Gin or two! How about a Burleighs Bramble
Alright you lot, "Dry January" is well and truly over. Here is this year's updated See you in…
Ember Days predicted a cold, windy and dry January in northwest Iowa. Here's a look at how well forecast did:…
Going out with after she's just done dry January is going to be fun
Winter. The struggle is real. Four stealth signs of and how to fix them.
Who ends up like this after doing Dry January? 😂
Open the f**king door, Dry January people tell landlords
Dry January is over, say no to sober! Lots in store for Feb starting with DJs this weekend! Guest beers, awesome cocktail…
To all of you who took part in Dry January... Congratulations, you made it
Now dry january is over i am in desperate need of a night in brush soon 😭
Dry January officially ends today for me... - yeah
Did you taken part in dry January? please donate your beer money to East Lancs Hospice to help care for patients.
Dry January is over so I can start drinking alcohol again!. February is going to be no sweets for me - might actually find that harder!
Dry January gone so will sample some of these this weekend, any in Railway at Mansfield?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Pubs are going to be insufferable tonight with Dry January survivors.
Another month without sex, to go with the other 57. It was definitely Dry January for me. Keith
I see dry January has made you a new woman
Dry January is over. So this February why not get out in and check out some of the best and http…
Dry January is over, grab yourself a beer. You've earned it!
Roll on Saturday to celebrate dry January 🥂
: All About That Change. I hope you are all keeping your resolutions and dry January 😏😂👏🏽
Dry January it's over between us, I never want to see you again, it's not me it's you.
Ahh, pubs. has been hard at work finding the best ones. Thanks Gemma 😊🍻
(TAKE NOTE) 15 of the best boozy places in Cornwall to drink to the end of Dry January:
Looking forward to celebrating the end of "Dry January" with our members at our Wine Tasting at tonight 🍷 https…
After a very dry January we are finally back in stock online and in our shop! Order from
Waiting for the 'dry January' lot to phone to ask me out for a drink just so I can ask "Where were you when I needed you?". Nothing so far.
Tfw you have a Time covershoot the morning after you broke your Dry January.
Dry January is over, but you don't have to start again, keep up the featured in NBC s Science of Love
Excited because Dry January is almost over? Celebrate be treating yourself to tickets to our fair next month!
seal broken ice in glass red grapefruit sliced gin poured dash of tonic on top. Dry January finished. 👍
NEW: If you do one thing in London this week, say BYE to Dry January
Dry January is alot more refreshing with and tonic!.
Victoria Moore - "Spare me Dry January," and Hear Hear we say! Perhaps drink less, but drink a lot better:
Dry January has not got off to a good start. @ Mabel's Covent Garden
Remember you have until the 4th January to start your DRY JANUARY!! If you would like to kick start your new...
Dry January is off to a flying start!
gonna try and do dry January but instead of not drinking I'm gonna give up crying
My dry January starts tomorrow. A few small gins from the Christmas gifts received. Being 32 is great fragrance and gin for Christmas!
If I do dry January can I still get drunk on Fridays?
Support your local pub you dry January wankers .
Don't forget to support your local hostelry during January!. None of this dry January malarkey 🍻😂🍻
decided to do dry January but tenner bets when Sal texts is next Saturday I'll be out and drunk within the hour
I've decided to do dry January. So far I'm succeeding.
Doing Dry January but I'm starting tomorrow as I still have Christmas booze left and it would be rude not too...
We would like to wish our families & friends a very Happy New Year! Don't forget about our dry run on January 7th!
Said to myself I'd do dry January. All I'm wanting is a cold glass of prosecco
Trying out a Dry January? This story about more millennials trying sobriety was one of our
Right that's it...dry January already broken, I'm heading out and getting back on it!
On the beers again, so much for dry January😅
The way I've felt today is going to make dry January ridiculously easy 😷
Debating doing dry january but i know i'll wanna celebrate when my exams are over 😅
Can I do dry January minus my birthday?
Well the dry January is going well so far.
thats the only dry January anybody should have
Dry January man bout time a pulled me finger out n shaped me life up agen
Monty said after his last bender "I'm doing dry Jan" it's now the 1st of January and his words are "I'm not doing dry Jan" so proud x
I'm on dry January too. Poor old Andy will probably go bust.
Think a dry January might be on the cards like 😷
Don't ever know whether to attempt dry January 🤔
Feel awful definitely giving dry January a go
I'm going dry for January. Don't support me, but do support the heroes of (who once saved my dad).
. If you go dry for January I will give you £5k
Mary is fundraising for Cancer Research UK to help beat cancer sooner.
1/2 Very good from on perils of drinking not to disfunction but more than enough--and unlikely to stop. h…
Dry January? Forget it - start 2017 with Ginuary! Celebrating a new year with 31 consecutive days of gin.
How long did my sister last doing Dry January?? 8 whole hours
Hope January stays as dry as my mouth right now 🤢😷😩
Let's see if I can do dry January then 🤔
No Dry January here. Mostly because I can exercise some self control in December and know how human livers work
Planning on Dry January? No worries - we've got a great selection of Mocktails for you to enjoy. Go booze free, not…
Dry January. . When excruciatingly dull people get even more dull, only this time it's with trendy hashtags & self promotion. .
Dry January cause can't afford my life just now 😁☝🏼️
Was gonna do dry January but my party is in 2 weeks and I just don't think I can stay away from the Sambuca
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I now face one of life's biggest dilemmas.Dry January or not
Oopps I'm on my 5 th Stella. Dry January starts in February. Happy New Year to you Larsie. Xx
Learn how alcohol affects your health (and wallet!) this -
Dry January will be a doddle, not going out until i have moved into new gaff ✌🏼
Are you taking part in Dry January? We applaud you! Here are 4 Tips To Enjoy The Month Alcohol Free
Dry January lasted all of 16hrs 52 mins
Dry January is sounding very appealing
Dry January. No alcohol OR sugar. Those who know me well know how hideous the latter is to me 🙈😫
Tempted to have a dry January but we all know there's absolutely no chance of that happening.
Genuinely looking forward to a dry January
Gary Barlow launches fitness boot camp and appears to join Dry January
Happy If today marks the start of your find out how your efforts can help those we support: https:…
17 hours into dry January and I'm gasping for a pint
u wod never do dry January or dry any other month brains x
Was supposed to be a dry January but what with the rain 'n all.
Dry January most definitely to prepare for the six nations
Keeping the powder dry until January where the powder will also vote to Remain in the vaults...
Pounds dropping quicker than from my stomach after dry January
What's the difference between Farage and Juncker. Farage actually completed his Dry January.
Mane head wasn't in the game after a failed move to United in January and his goals went dry don't call him inconsistent becos that
In January and warned that had collapsed. Here’s the story behind the alarm
Shout out to 💦swamp *** season here in FL. See ya in January, dry underwear.
Miss 6 is like dry tinder on 31 January.
The Surprising Relevance of the Baltic Dry Index - On January 11th of this year, online financial circles lit u...
As long as it's not a 'Dry January', then I'm game.
Newcastle the week before the longest payday drought! Christmas to jan!! Ergh!! No dry January for us 😂
wow and I am dry af. Haven't had a quality nude since January
Bro I was devasted back in January. And to make matters worse I was finding myself in Agbogba. Lonely dry wilderness.
but we are so dry that we no longer need wind to ignite fires. Just heat. In January, February, May, June.
I write 16 amazing non-alcoholic options in Manchester Mocktails too! htt…
I promised I wouldn't watch without him. I haven't felt this deprived since dry January.
How to give up booze for an entire month even though it's not dry January:
“January 17, 2016, Hyalite Canyon: Akio Joy on Bulldog World (M7 WI5). Joy struggled bolt to bolt on the dry...
And then it's Januworry after that. Volgens dry January
Emma Roberts in Jeans at a Dry Cleaners in West Hollywood - January 2015
brought in $O in January as well. Are these dry months why she was asked to step down?
I just ate a Graham *** that tasted like dry wall turns out they expired in January of 2013
my bae gotta be goofy, I can't be with no dry *** person 😌
Need some jawns to text, it's not right that my phone is dry like this
Going booze-free? The effects of a month without alcohol
Thousands take part in Dry January – but how much do charities involved actually benefit from the campaign?
Well! Dry January was a doddle. No idea what all fuss is about. I've done it for 20 years. Now going dry through to Easter Sunday. & beyond?
Dry January has been a great success ... Have now started Dry White Wine ,London Dry Gin ... Result
The department of health trying to stamp out fun I see. Just in time for Dry January.
Does using Canada Dry Ginger Ale in my Vodka - mean I'm still doing Dry January?
domain names
I'm into Dry January. I've had dry gin, dry white wine and whisky with Canada dry ginger ale.
Dry January? Here's Our Pretty in Pink Lychee and Rose Martini to set off that Friday Feeling...
Herald Diary: What Harry Styles tried to slip past the neighbours, and what Glasgow woman thought of Dry January.
Dry January? Forget it. Channel Oscar Wilde instead and moderate the moderation. I've written for here
Dry January will give me inspiration to cook more homemade goods! Getting this strange baking urge. Never felt it so strong.
Under the faint winter sun,. dry wind blows. Trees moan for the rain. (Original version). . from January 18, 2010
Legit dry heaving about the revival it January yet? I can't deal
Reporters should bring out a dry erase board and make him diagram how exhausting his players now helps them in January
Whatever weather, I don't care how much you rain. Just stay dry on January 9! 👰🏼
So we've got Dry January and Go Sober for October. Can we get a whole calendar of no-drinking events? What about Parched March?
Cruz is keeping his powder dry and waiting for January when you'll see a full court press.
COME TO THE NIMITZ! We're in dry docks rn & the stennis leaves on deployment in January
Russia is desperate to meet with OPEC because it knows Saudi will suck their economy dry like last January during Ukraine crisis😂
yup. we have that just cos it's dry heat! our summer is Dec-Feb, this January was the worst bushfires for my state in a while
Stoptober would mean doing dry January with it because with a drink always comes a tab or 10
Giving up alcohol for 'Sober October'? Here's why we weren't down with 'Dry January'
Proud to say sober October is going better than dry January ☺️
Never be sober in October just like I can't do dry January due to my B day!
ah, there's always a dry January to look forward to. *1st is bank holiday so doesn't count.
spot on. Even worse when they do dry January at a time when pub revenue already at lowest.
why do we have stoptober and dry January but nothing that encourages fat people to stop damaging their bodies
Isn't it dry January or something. Next month annoys the *** out of me too, being a year round moustache wearer
I do do dry January every year though!
we have dry January! Much Less March. Abstinence April. No I'm making it up now sorry...
Its okay if its a dry day,it indeed is a sad day. Party toh 30th January ko banti hai.
Sproutober !! I couldnt resist this. There are so many now stoptober for smoking and drinking, dry january and I...
Then you carry on drinking as stoptober is for people who want to stop smoking. Dry January is not far away, mate.
that's what dry January is for, stoptober is for smokers no?
I'm meat free so far today. Possibly have a dry run day of veganism before starting a month in January! Will be so difficult!
my mom picked up my quinceanera dress from the dry cleaners today ... it's been there since January 😐
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I done dry January and couldn't stop thinking about booze
the med dry is already bottled and the blackberry should be ready for Christmas or early January
Thought about the "Go Sober for October" challenge. . Then remembered dry January 😱😥. Let's give that one a miss shall we.
What's this go sober for October thing? Are you serious in month? Are we supposed to do dry January as well?
if my attempt at Dry January is anything to go by, I'll have already been drinking 4 times by the 3rd day. I don't know how it happened.
Great to see outback snaps. A very dry year only 41 mm of rain, mostly in January
Love it let's try a new beer everyday 🍻 getting really sick of dry January/July and stoptober
With Go Sober for October being just around the corner, we think back to the time we did Dry January.
Only 2 days left before sober October, let's see if I can cope a bit better than dry January.
Go sober for October? What happened to stoptober and dry January?
"Promise you'll drink on my birthday January 6th" yo Kelly I'm on a dry run till Halloween not a dry life 😂
Bugger off. Dry January and Stoptober in the same year?!
I did Dry January and February, and now my beloved local pub is up for sale. That can't be a coincidence...
Dry January's over! Mrs Luxury is going to celebrate with a chilled glass of sparkling wine
Me and the Dry January is nearly over! Please sponsor us to help raise money for cancer research.
As we draw close to the end of Dry January don't forget to try our mocktails inspired by The Boardwalk Empire:. Big 7 Break & Empty Gun!
Dry January is tough when you could really do with a pain numbing Scotch.
Coolest boozy belated xmas present, right in the middle of dry January.
Phew. No go into one (or three) of them to warm up ... Dry January will be the death of 'em 😕
Dry January and I'm laughing in the face of temptation.
I didn't initially set out to do it, but it appears I've made it half way through Dry January 👍
Coming up on 90 days being clean and sober; got the sparkling cider all chilled and ready! Dry January is for wimps.
Well sorry to say I blown dry January by 3 pints on 4 pints so far lol x
Find out more about dependency in and the support available for those suffering from
I'm thinking dry January might have to now!! 😫
Looking forward to a few drinks tonight not cut out for this dry January crap 🍷🍹🍸
So around the 4th i decided to do Dry January! I Can hear people screaming what the *** are you doing! But you know what, its my body, my choice, simple as that. The last few weeks of not drinking have been eye opening to say the least to be honest. Im finding myself more organised and generally together by the day. This is leading me to think this could be a really good idea. So I'm going to see how the next few weeks go and then if i feel up to it i may well abstain until my 23rd birthday. I still go out, i still see people and if anything I'm more confident as a result :)
This dry january crack is eaasy like! Not missing dirty, stinking hangovers one bit..💃😼👌
nice to see you not doing dry January with chocolate
So much for dry January!!! Off for a few prematch pints with my amigo, El *** Miller!!! Could do with a Toon victory!!!
You're in big trouble! Where is my Lindt Father Christmas? Might be dry January but you're making up for it in chocolate!
I am having a bone dry January and February but come March I am all over this!
Dry January doesn't have to be Sad January! St Clement's or Virgin Mojito anyone?
Well sod dry january after all the excitement go karting getting my fave wine tonight to chill out with My one!! The diets going dnt feel guilty(well deserved!!!)
Set the house alarm off and fell asleep on the toilet last night. Dry January going well.
Hope to see you all at the Manchester Beer & Cider Festival next week, we're very excited to celebrate the end of Dry January!!
BLOG UPDATED. DMD25: A very dry January. Musings on Moment of Clarity, Tyneside Rain and the brilliant initiative...
Are you doing dry january? Too cold to go out? Or maybe your trying to save a bit of cash?. Then why not book in...
For someone who "doesn't drink" I think we put enough away for all of dry January 🎂🍸🙈
so healthy. Thought I'd try this dry January that everyone's going on about so I've given up alcohol for today.
Can see dry January becoming awfully wet today
So true, yet my dry January is going very well so I'll stick to the coffee dxx
Thanks D go you and mention wine when I'm doing Dry January 🙉😟
Why wud u do dry january, what is the point when you gna start drinkin again?
did you read that on blog too? I couldn't bring myself to try. But then there's no dry January for me!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I predict that most people will break the dry January situation tonight
Thank god I abandoned Dry January after nine days
An online calendar to highlight the different ways that alcohol can affect the mouth, teeth and gums.
Denplan has launched a special online dental tips calendar this month in support of Alcohol Concern’s Dry January campaign.
3 hours to go. I reckon dry January might end tonight.
WET SATURDAY . and Rift opens in just under 4 hours ... great Cocktails at 'Buy 1 get another for only £1' .. plus our 2 great DJ's .. Phill S. in the main area from 7.30pm and DJ Reality? in the CLUB from 9pm . is Dry January wearing off? as we are ,most definitely Happy and WET . we love you all xx
Afternoon. 2-4-1 on Rum n Ting or Strawberry Bellini 6 till 8 tonight! Laughing in the face of dry January. TEAM MILL Xx
So dry January has turned in to reducing drinking January. Have not missed a hangover 😷
new wee post about some January films and oh so serious
I'm starting dry January again... from today!!!
Quit Smoking for the New Year? Given up the Red wine for dry January? Want to revive your smile and get brighter,...
"Donald Trump is another teetotaler, as is Robert Mugabe, and so too was Hitler."
So'long dry January!! I'd like to say it's been nice knowing you but I'd be lying!!!
Off to the match with me lush wife & dry January went out the window last weekend so we might get a wee bit drunk :)))
Dry january has taken it's toll Diane Whiteley
Website Builder 728x90
I don't have to have any drink I'm on dry January.
it's my birthday I laugh in the face of dry January!
I've decided to make dry January end on the feb 21st when my bro next fights!! 🙈
Liver fat fell by 15 - 20 % in people who gave up alcohol during study shows:
I'm doing dry January. Finding it really hard. Getting so sick of dry white wine and dry Martini.
Poland in three weeks. Dry January you are not so bad
interestingly there were none on half price. Capitalising on dry January maybe?
Not struggling with dry January at all. Really enjoying myself actually.
I wrote a song about doing Dry January..
Too funny, mates convincing a mate who's doing Dry January he can drink on my birthday as long as he drinks Dry Martinis or wears a Dry Suit
Hitting the pause button on Dry January for birthday tonight! You're allowed for birthdays right?? 😏
Will I cave in and ruin my dry January tonight. Either way I'm pretty buzzin with myself, it is the 17th😁
Dry January is about to get soaking wet 😜
Have a feeling my dry January will be broken tonight
New on today - beer battered seafood sandwich with tartare sauce. I'm doing dry January, does this count??
Forget Dry January, I'm at a rugby match!!
So dry January was fun while it lasted, 16 days in and I cracked
Modern tribes: the January non-drinker | Life and style | The Guardian This made me chuckle this morning.
Try January has a much better ring to it than dry january...
Well I was doing dry January but that's gone out the window for today! You reds ❤❤
Dry January is going so well so far but now I'm craving red wine 🍷
Dry January can pipe is off 17days is longest I've went since I was 14
done enough dry January's and as no money had come in treated myself as soon as Cardiff went back to blue
Well that's two weeks of dry January done. Don't think I wanna carry on. Not that I am an alcoholic
So my Dry January lasted 16 days. I think I did quite well 😄
“Mate this shift is so dead got another 6 1/2 hours to go :/” work rn cause Dry January!
I always miss you! Going well apart from my annual dry January endeavour
Are you a January Saint or Sinner. If you're taking this month dry or wet we've got you covered.
Perhaps I should have considered dry january
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