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Drury Lane

Drury Lane is a street on the eastern boundary of the Covent Garden area of London, running between Aldwych and High Holborn.

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Sad to hear Thomas Meehan has died. I worked on The Producers at Drury Lane and it was the best show I've ever been involved with.
Yes - I went to see War Horse in Drury Lane and it was equally moving. I couldn't hold back the tears...beautifully done.
The Theatre Royal Drury Lane is such a fascinating place - there's been 6 theatres on that site!
In this case, I know the Muffin Man. He does not live on Drury Lane. Or whatever lane.
Hello! I'm just watching the 'Live at Drury Lane' stuff and wondering if you'd tour League again?
So I'm on Drury Lane right by the but still can't find where that stupid Muffin Man lives can you help me out?
Hello I am now on Drury Lane by House of Fraser
This time a year ago I had just sung on Michael Mcintyres 'big show' at the Drury Lane Theatre in London's West End. 1/2
Loving the Drury Lane chorus girls posing as defenders
The new brochure is out - and our First Playhouse in Drury Lane day is selling! Book quick before the…
Asking people if they know who lives on Drury Lane.
Good to see Kean..assume the Drury Lane Theatre of his day 1820's
Really trying to find a song from Most Haunted S1. At.At Drury Lane Theatre when Derek gets possessed.can anyone help?its…
The Muffin Man is competing with the bakery in Drury lane
No but I would check on Drury lane next to the Muffin Man
Random: "I hear they get their muffins from the Muffin Man". Me: "The one on Drury Lane??"
Just because I live in Drury Lane doesn't make me the Muffin Man
yes this drury lane bakery no we dont have a Muffin Man. Nope gavin is allergic to ginger. Yes I am sure quit asking
Which way to the Muffin Man's House? Heard he lives on Drury Lane.
A406 / Brentfield Road (NW10) (Eastbound) at the junction of Drury Way and Brentfield Road - Lane res…
Cheap in Drury Lane. Book online and get online discount |
as a broad smile tugs his lips “No baby, I've enlisted a manager in my studio and have just bought a failing parlour in Drury Lane, (9/29)
Sorry to hear that. We're - 42 Drury Lane, Covent Garden. No Bruno today unfortunately ☺️ see you soon we hope 🤗
I'm just kinda living in a dream on Drury lane❤️
Ha! 'Rose ArrowSHIP DeCoux.'. See you in a week (my bday) for stories at Drury Lane Books.
Ginger Rogers, in her dressing room suite at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, wearing the legendary ‘Mame’ curtain…
down on tues for Mrs bday will need transport to Drury Lane Theatre will you be around want you to have the fare!
I know the Muffin Man, he lives down drury lane!
Went to Drury Lane and saw no Muffin Man. 😢
Not just for this symposium is for anyone interested in
A406 North Circular Road (NW10/HA9) (Eastbound) between Harrow Road and Drury Way - Lane one and two…
Yes, I know the Muffin Man, who lives on Drury Lane :p
Today in musical theatre history: 2013 - CHARLIE AND THE Chocolate Factory opens in London at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
Tonight with Addie Orfila at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane for...42nd Street. So excited about seeing those dancing feet!
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, haunted by a ghost who appears backstage
5/9/1767, The Public Advertiser (London) announces that Macbeth will be seen at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane on the 13th.
7 May 1663: The first Theatre Royal opened in Bridges Street. It would move to Drury Lane in 1674.
Theatre Royal in Drury Lane opened on 7 May in 1663
42nd Street, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane this today. Outstanding production! Well worth seeing again, and again, and…
Piece of New York in the heart of London! Astonishing!!! (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
Did you enjoy 42nd Street at Drury Lane? Come and sing with Paul Knight (Oscar) at our Somerset retreat.
James and The Giant Peach dates for your diary - Booking from April 18th Part of the Drury Lane season for youn...
I know of a ghost at Drury Lane, Dave. I don't know of one at Soho theatre. Write and ask! A former peer you think? Someone well known?
Today's the day, in 1848, when Berlioz was playing the Drury Lane Theatre, Victoria & Albert in the audience.…
As long as it goes back to the original version from Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The version I saw on tour oversexualised it.
.begins previews at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on 20 March - and from the dance numbers we've seen, what a show it'll be!
This is the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and someone has ordered a stripogram.
Well go and see Ira's bronze at Drury Lane and a painting at Old Vic. Also a poster Penzance bar beside Georgian Th…
Drury Lane lobby, I certainly out of silk stockings and if he known to take place very glad to care to ask you with the others
🎭 (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in London, Greater London)
Now playing: "Nudge Nudge" by Monty Python from 'Monty Python Live at Drury Lane'
Theatre Royal Drury Lane - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -
Barney: Do you know the Muffin Man from Drury Lane?. Kid: No. But I enjoy man muffin. You know, muffin made from human meat.
Are you going to check out 'Crazy For You' at Drury Lane? Let me know how you liked the show to win tix:…
Drury Lane, 1876 . (Yes, the one The Muffin Man lives on.)
Yes I know the Muffin Man that lives on Drury Lane. I heard he's kind of a jerk from The Butcher, The Baker and The Candle-Stick Maker.
Annual tax return looms. However, I am looking forward to the joy of returning to Captain Lacey as a reward. A Disa…
42nd Street with Sheena Easton: Tickets from £20.00 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at drury Lane it was awesome .
We just signed up the Muffin Man on Drury Lane! Go Team Jeremy!
and I often get excellent takeaway salads from Kastner and Ovens in Drury Lane.
Finally seeing one of my favorite movies and books onstage! (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
Barton, indeed, going to engage the opposition, and attractive; and he would be gone back in Drury Lane lobby, I do without
Special dishes and special wines for today lunch ! @ Barrafina Drury Lane
Owning the stage | in ELIE SAAB Ready-to-Wear Autumn Winter 2016-17 while performing at the Theatre Royal Dr…
A great night at Drury Lane with . What a lovely, genuine man he is, full of humanity. Proud to be a fan. 😊…
when I saw Mike D at Drury Lane he said this was the film of his he wished had had more exposure
Barrafina (Drury Lane): where the third branch is a charm
GMSN 7th graders are ready to see A Christmas Carol at Drury Lane.
from 1 March 2017... Drury Lane, here we come
"42nd Street" coming to Drury Lane Theatre in 2017
On 1 March '17 - The Muffin Man will return to Drury Lane - follow for updates on the countdown to M Day...
TIL that Drury Lane, home of the famous "Muffin Man", was a real place in 1800s London dominated by prostitution and gin palaces.
Late notice gig at tonight at the Prince of Wales (Drury Lane). If you can make it for 8, you're in for a treat!
The elves are busy at work preparing for the Touch My Heart Christmas party! — feeling festive at Drury Lane Theatre
Come and meet those dancing feet! . taps into the Theatre Royal Drury Lane from March 2017.…
Beyond excited I will be joining the cast of 42nd street at West End's Theatre Royal in Drury Lane 💃🏼✨🎭
Hi Dawn! Saw the French & Saunders Titanic Special last night! So funny! Great to meet you at Drury Lane, 2008! Thanks! -James.
One of the paintings at Made In Greenwich is this one of Theatre Royal, Drury Lane where my parents met in 1939.
St Giles was a large parish what reached Lincolns Inn Fields. My old map walk goes just past Drury Lane into some hidden London.
Met her 1st through Parkinson's Disease Society when we did a concert for Terry-Thomas at Drury Lane
I saw this the last time it was at Drury Lane, with little known ingenue Catherine Zeta Jones! 💰🎶
42nd STREET to be revived at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - its original 1984 London home - from March 20, directed by book…
Entering a world of pure imagination!!! (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
Mary, Queen of Scots, a Tragedy; As Performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
And , create a brand new, lift-free, car- free piazza entrance at Great Queen Street & Drury Lane.
Soirée music hall !!! @ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory At Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane with alas not awaiting Mr Garrick but something far more frivolous...
Amazed to read that sprinkler systems were first introduced in 1812. At the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
MN's WCI PO box address is in the heart of theatre land,just off Drury Lane>
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, during his 'Boxer' tour, on February 26th, 1995 in London
According to the Daily Mail the producers are also looking at the New London Theatre on Drury Lane as a possible home for
Watching "Discovering Britain" on More4. There is an extraordinary theatre hidden inside Alexandra Palace; the same size as TR Drury Lane!
Always love seeing our produce being enjoyed and shared. Here's what the team at Drury Lane Eatery have been...
Just drove down Drury lane. Aka. Where the Muffin Man lives. 😎
who's a bloody millionaire now because he lives in Drury Lane (have you seen the price of housing in the Covent Garden area?!)
At the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for a night out with our VIP clients
Trip to TR Drury Lane to thank for doing carpentry for me - nice to see poster still up
Don't miss your chance to see which runs through March 13!
they have been handed back to the theatre so if you call them direct (New London, Drury Lane) they should still be available
Stricter parking enforcement on Drury Lane lights up a "Friendly Fire" among students. By
Have you seen the Muffin Man? . If not ... tomorrow is your opportunity ... He has left Drury Lane for the day to...
A bank King of a Bond-like Blatter black matter Rank syndicate of fat cat philosophy was in need of Drury lane freemasonry&bishop impunity.
is the day - Our 10th Annual is tonight at 6pm at Drury Lane. We are so grateful to have...
She'll be back to get your groove on Drury Lane
...'Love and a Bottle', was well received at Drury Lane, and all this before turning of 21
They have in And the newsagents on Drury Lane, nr the ITSU end.
It was disposed to use in Drury Lane lobby, assured Obama its propriety."
Have just added 10 tx to our sold-out tour of Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Easter Monday.
Found out are opening in Drury Lane soon. Still not come over to SE London though.
instead of the other way around like it was when I worked at Drury Lane Theatre.
Just seen a you know who turn left into Aldwych from drury lane with pob ffs
Drury Lane lobby, assured that road to my word," said his favourite child.
Sleigh ride plays year round at drury lane
A V-1 flying bomb lands in a street off Drury Lane London 1944
Bah. I would argue that it's from the Drury Lane performance, but as the creator you have the dibs on LoG terminology.
Just checked in at a suitably Drury Lane for tonight's Bill Mitchell talk at
WELCOME ! The brand new luxury childrenswear shop has opened today in Drury Lane! 🎉 🎊
Heavier than usual traffic on A38 North in Martin Hussingtree at the Drury Lane junction.
My son is upset because we don't live on Drury Lane
.one till serving at lunchtime. Queue is literally onto the street at Drury Lane branch.
A really important blog has just gone live - it’s all to do with BREAKFAST!
If it's anything like Opeth at Drury Lane Theatre I'm going to wet myself.
1650 Birth of Nell Gwynne, orange seller and actress at Drury Lane Theatre, and later mistress of Charles II, by whom she had two sons.
Usually, one way from Chessington to Waterloo is £3.80 offpeak on Oyster. Waterloo's ~15min walk from Drury Lane.
i am looking to go to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane on the 13th March would you be able to give me a price
A big thanks to all who joined us for the latest Bridal Expo Chicago shows at Drury Lane and the Chicago Marriott...
I'd always wondered why the Muffin Man would choose to set up shop on Drury Lane. Makes perfect sense now.
The rake carouses in a tavern in Drury Lane, full of 'common *** . Engraving by Thomas Bowles, 1735.
Arrest made by Traffic Homicide in fatal hit and run crash on Drury Lane that occurred Sunday. More info:
Drury Lane hires New York casting director, producer to bring in new musicals: For years, New York independent...
a pre-theatre meal at Sarastro in Drury Lane!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has just become my favorite London musical! 🍫 (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
I remember seeing you at the theatre Drury Lane in 1970s Rick Wakeman played piano and Linda Lewis on vocals your amazing
An 18th century dandy haunts The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane as does the of the famous clown Grimaldi!
Did you know that john James sainsbury was 24 when he opened his grocery store in Drury Lane in 1869. He and his...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I liked a video Barclay James Harvest - Mockingbird - Live at Drury Lane - 1974
My ancestry written above the bar at Drury Lane Theatre...great, great, great, great grandma…
Complete cast for "Bye Bye Birdie" announced at including Jason Michael Evans as Conrad Birdie
Drury Lane. He was leaving a tavern. Didn't look good... nor talked like he was... *Makes him a cup of strengthen coffee*
Forgot what an amazing safety curtain Theatre Royal Drury Lane has.
there's a comedy club in Drury Lane with £1 entry and it's REALLY GOOD. You interested??
The left lane is for drive-thru, the right lane is to be used as a thru-lane. That is difficult to understand, apparently.
Super excited for Check out some press photos from Hazel!
the house with George and Abigail. Mounts Tully, and rides fast towards the Drury Lane theater*
The last really good meal I had in London was at Great Queen Street off Drury Lane. Well worth a visit (and bookable).
Great review for THROUGH THE STAGE DOOR tour! Book your tkts HERE! .
Been ruining niece's singalong by pointing out that the Muffin Mans place on drury lane is probably a pret now
All happiness depends on a leisurely brunch & good workout with the bud. @ Drury Lane
Yes. She became an actress. She may still even be living in Drury Lane.
Happy Birthday to Dan Leno, Dame of Drury Lane born on this day in 1860
fun fact: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is playing at a theatre on Drury Lane. LIKE THE Muffin Man. 😂
Almost a weird amount of hot guys at this Drury Lane brunch
Brilliant show last night on Drury Lane - thank you and congrats to the cast. The horses were beautiful
Best Little Whorehouse opened in the West End on February 26th, 1981 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and ran for 204 performances.
Irene: A Tragedy. as It Is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. by Mr. Samu
Barbarossa. a Tragedy. as It Is Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. th
Do you know the Muffin Man that lives on Drury lane?
1833 Princess Victoria went to the Drury Lane Theatre. Here is her Journal entry following her visit...
Drury Lane is closed until Tuesday 29 December! (So don't go down there yet, but go to instead...)
Jane Lloyd lodged at 1 Drury Lane and her landlord wrote her a reference. She is listed as a spinster, aged only 23.
New foodservice concept imminent on Drury Lane. Described to me as Pret on steroids with wine.
Just finished watching Christmas show @ Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Had a good belly laugh! Thank you!!
I'm at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Jonathan Slinger is playi…
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Drury Lane!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - in London, Greater London)
Absolutely THUMPING live version of 'Joan of Arc - Maid of Orleans' by at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1981.
Gutted your November Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London gig's been postponed when's it going to be sir?
Today BrightStar Care supported the Brain Injury Association of Illinois at their educational conference held at Drury Lane.
182 Drury Lane, apparently, but Google Maps can't find it.
in Drury Lane. The the guy in there is an absolute *** sticking to Goodge Street tbh.
Only a month left to catch Drury Lane's Peter and the Starcatcher--a show the Chicago Tribune calls "wise,...
Relaxed performance of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane:
Seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a musical! (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
- Theatre Royal, Drury Lane is the oldest theatre in London. The original theatre was built in 1663.
Book now for Sondheim gala on October 25 at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
The leader of the band at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, arranged 'God Save The King' for performance after a play.
Lookin at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
This is very cool. "The performance, on January 19 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is aimed at families with...
Kid: Ms. Arlyn have you seen the Gingerbread Man?!. Me: no..but I've met the Muffin Man. He lives on Drury Lane. . Kid: *walks away*
*starts singing something about her being the most beautiful, the queen of Drury Lane!* hmm..we’re Covent Gardens now.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
It's alrigh' we ain' goin' ter a very posh coffee 'ouse. *kisses her cheek again as starts walking down Drury Lane*
Diamond of Drury Lane and others in Cat Royal series by Sally Gardner
We had a great Senior Lifestyle Expo at the Drury Lane Theater in Oakbrook Terrace. Looking forward to next year.
18th-century plays, reimagined for today: 'Johnson & Drury Lane' tomorrow, with usual admission:
thanks for the mention lovely Drury Lane! Details of my tour with can be found at x
Anyone interested in Drury Lane you can find more information here -
Drury Lane offers great tours of a fantastic theatre where the current building dates back to 1812.
Loved Torrijas with fresh cheese ice cream at Barrafina Drury lane last night.
*…/is/ a gent at heart. Lets her reach Drury Lane before him*
Taking Shape Store on Drury Lane are holding a Baking Party - Sat 29 to Mon 31 Aug.
it ‘ad better food *nods to her and takes her hand* c’mon. It’s in Drury Lane near the Black Lion.
What businesses are based around Drury Lane that attract such utter *** thinking they are 22 year old Gordon Geckos ?
Do you know the musket men who live in Drury Lane and disregard the 3rd Amendment?
Drury Lane sets off for Neverland with 'Peter and the Starcatcher' - Chicago Tribune
thrilled to see Zack do his thang! (@ Drury Lane Theatre And Conference Center -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
One of the highlights from dinner at Barrafina Drury lane tonight. Crab bun. Delicious.
Back via scenic detour down Drury Lane (no, not entirely intentional). Reached hotel with only one pair of tights plus one blister holed.
Green Lane New Eltham end approaching Five ways. Growing in a crack that has formed. Sorry I didn't get chance to photo.
😂😌 on Drury lane next to the Muffin Man bih!!
Give your home a New York loft vibe like our project at Drury Lane, which was recently featured
salon will move in mid New address: 170 Drury Lane, Covert Garden, WC2B 5AQ
I expect it would be something on this:
Went to a lovely place near Drury Lane earlier. The toilets were very drug friendly. Haven't found it that easy to rack up in a bar in years
A bomb explodes near Drury Lane in London - 1944
Which one you in, the new Drury Lane?
New dates added: Drury Lane Theatre Presents – Peter and the Starcatcher
Drury Lane and Russell Street completed. Just Bow Street and Long Acre to go!
You should have scooped him up and carried him to Drury Lane for a proper burial.
"last seen heading west toward Soho after spending night with friends in Drury Lane"
The pilgrim, a comedy: as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury-Lane. Writt
Zara, a Tragedy - Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane ., Hill, Aaron, G
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. AMAZING! 🍫🍭 (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
Back on the extraordinary paint frames at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Delighted to be welcoming Mark Howell to present 'Johnson & Drury Lane' on 29th August:
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.full of rickshaws now!!
Of course I'm only going to see this show because Drury Lane has a distinct 19C & tradition
under the New London Theatre on Drury Lane. Lovely vibe & a sweet little spot worth popping into!
Went to see War Horse tonight at the # Drury Lane Theatre, excellent cast :-)
The coolest thing about Calvert County is that we have Drury Lane, home of the Muffin Man
My daily commute to class on Drury Lane. Do you know the Muffin Man?
Broken down coach Drury Lane, forced right Parker st
Did you know the Cockpit Theatre was the first theatre in London's Drury Lane?
Well done and thanks everyone, we did i Raised £114,976 for Here's to Sun October 25th at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Apparently a theatre in Drury Lane was destroyed by hydrogen explosion - a byproduct of limelight
The bags are packed. Bring on Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, tomorrow for 163 of my personal students…
Spitalfields, Drury Lane, Covent Gardens, Compter and Fleet Street. Let every tavern and inn know, but -
Q5 When The Woman in Black opened at the Fortune Theatre, which comic was selling out across the road at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane?
Just saw Prince Andrew on Drury Lane. You know, like you do.
My Fair Lady opened in the West End at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on April 30th, 1958. It ran for 2,281 performances.
My Favourite Musical of all time!! Saw it 4 times at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, My Fair Lady.
Now Playing Steve Hackett - Ace of Wands (Live at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) on
Spaces still available on 'Boys will be Brilliant', with Gary Wilson at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, on May 19:
FACT Treves arranged for Merrick to attend a panto at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane concealed in a private box.
HELP! Left my birthday scarf in a taxi tonight from Drury Lane to Putney Bridge Rd! Has the nice driver found it please?
An electrifying “Billy Elliott” at Drury Lane probes deepest heart of Elton John musical
Playoffs tonight, Billy Elliott at Drury Lane tomorrow, and I get to see my puppy all weekend. Almost makes me forget it's dealine week 😅😅😅
really? Oh my god I might see you! We're currently around the Drury Lane Theatre/Covent Garden😁
Where can you buy Charlie Hebdo in the London? South Kensington, Drury Lane, Soho and Golders Green
Cinderella at the SECC Glasgow!!! Richard 2 at the Barbican, Charlie and the Choc factory at Drury Lane, all 5*
Just read a cracking paper on the Drury Lane body office receipts 1742-3, proving that David Garrick’s rise to fame really was incredible.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Gorilla Cheese will be at Nickel Brook Brewing Company in Burlington 864 Drury lane this Sat Nov 15 11:00-4:30
A fantastic review for Alan Souza's production of Camelot at Drury Lane in Chicago!
Bright and cheerful! Christmas decorations in on Drury Lane
In a pub in Drury Lane. The barmaid just pirouetted between the tables she was cleaning.
The reason why I'm getting fat and broke. 😂 @ Drury Lane
The northwest suburbs of London as they were c.1570 showing Drury Lane, Holborn & St Giles in the Fields (literally).
but really shawn all seriousness DO YOU KNOW THE Muffin Man WHO LIVES ON DRURY LANE?
Had the honour of reciting 'The Soldier' and 'For The Fallen' at the remembrance service at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane this morning.
Brave of the brakeless fixie rider crossing Drury Lane just now to ask 'what are you looking at?' while riding away
yes it is there was another lovely one yesterday a ghostly seen near Drury Lane
REVIEW: 'Camelot' at Drury Lane Theatre: Given its inexorable associations with the glamorous Kennedy White *** ..
Haven't you been down to Drury Lane
By winning finals at O2.Now having tea followed by at Theatre Royal Drury Lane! :-)
Eavesway coach outside the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for matinèe of CHARRR-LEH AN' T'CHOCLUTT FACTREH
ofc i did LMAO i just forgot what comes after the drury lane line
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hiya! Can I check where you guys are located - 175 High Holborn, is that by Travelodge Covent Garden, by Drury Lane?
The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, has two Royal Boxes, built to ensure the paths of George III and his son the Prince Regent need never cross
very atmospheric my OH first school was in Macklin St, just off Drury Lane. Ex pupil Barry Shhene, Cat Stevens, Danny La Rue..
Here's to a true West End legend officially 25 years today since world premiere at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane …
First game of the season and I've got a golden ticket to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Drury Lane instead.
We got a golden ticket for our 8th wedding Anniversary with Deena (@ Theatre Royal, Drury Lane -
I've been on the Drury Lane, ROH and National Theatre tours, that's really interesting. And I'm sure, you have a lot to tell
Today is the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Loretto Sisters) annual Gala at the Drury Lane. It starts at 2 pm and features a silent auction, dinner and much more. If you didn't book a seat for dinner, but still want to contribute, come on by Drury Lane in Oakbrook and ask to have someone come out and sell you some Donation Drawing tickets ($10 each or six for $50). You could win a cash prize. I personally will transact RIGHT there in the lobby in front of the whole world and his brother. See if I don't.
All I can say is, if you saw at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, you HAVEN'T seen Miss Saigon! The new prod is incredible!
Two Benet alums are in the Drury Lane production, “Putnam County Spelling Bee” The two alums are Joe Dempsey & Jordan DeLeon
My mom just randomly bought tickets to the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Drury Lane tonight. Suh-weet.
Super excited to be heading to opening of THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE at Drury Lane! Show us what...
just found out the Muffin Man stays on Drury Lane and not Gerry Lane 😒 my whole life is a lie
I kissed Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. once, in the wings of Drury Lane Theatre, he helped me put my shoes on.
Celebrated our birthdays today at Drury Lane seeing Les Miserables! It was awesome! Thank you Nonnie! We love you!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fielding Hotel WC2 - Broad Court. (SD Drury Lane, as Bow st has zig zags for zebra crossing)
Late stage at Drury Lane when Lord of the Rings the revolves were being installed...
Miss Saigon, which premiered at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 1989, returns to the West End's Prince Edward Theatre for its 25th anniversary in a new production, opening May 21. Here, we look at audition tapes from original star Lea Salonga and current star Eva Noblezada.
The BAFTAS are held in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Drury Lane is where I slept in a doorway for a week. Memories of Drury Lane!
I saw Shrek in Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Now watching trying to work out what celeb is in the seat I was in :)
I remember being at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London when I watched Shrek in the front row seats
Sunday May 18th David's TV Choice The British Academy Television Awards BBC1 from 8:00pm to 10:05pm Television awards ceremony from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London, hosted by Graham Norton who is also nominated for entertainment performance and comedy entertainment programme for The Graham Norton Show. The awards kick off with all the glamour from the red carpet as the stars arrive for the most prestigious TV awards ceremony of the year.
Graham Norton hosts the television awards ceremony from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
LONDON - Fans are still flocking the Prince Edward Theatre on the second week of the preview show of Miss Saigon in West End, 25 years after it premiered at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.
Northsiders also went to 95th to go to Drury Lane which just closed 10 years ago. Saw Keely Smith there once. Jackie saw Sammy Davis
Excited... Off on my little adventure today. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Regent Theatre, Drury Lane
Day 8. Lion King workshop, backstage at the Royal Theatre Drury Lane, Lion King show! All brilliant! The girls are making me prouder by the day :-)
At Drury lane 95/6 he asked fans to join him on stage. When they did, in an orderly, fashion he stormed off.
Is it the one that lives, down Drury Lane? ;-) xx
hi why not call into our cafe in drury lane 2morow for £1 a coffee day all coffee just £1. Try the b…
Since 1663 the Theatre Royal Drury Lane has provided entertainment for the masses and has been visited by every monarch since the Restoration. The theatre has not one, but two, royal boxes and it was here that the public first heard both the National…
Check out the brand new blog for info about what's been going on at Theatre Royal Drury Lane & elsewhere!
does anyone truly know the Muffin Man who lives on Drury Lane? Inquiring minds want to know.
Drury Lane offers fine dining with the freshest seasonal ingredients & a menu to impress.
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