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Drunk History

Drunk History is an American television comedy series produced by Comedy Central, based on the Funny or Die web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007. In each episode, an inebriated narrator struggles to recount an event from American history, while actors enact the narrator's anecdote, lip syncing any dialog.

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How are we not still talking about Bokeem Woodbine as General George Washington on Drunk History?
I'd enjoy Stoned History, in the vein of Drunk History. Recreationally legal altered states make for hilarious storytelling imho
Michelle Keegan stars as Mary Queen of Scots in Drunk History: melalui
Who do I have to mug to testify in a Drunk History ep on Warren G. Harding? 😤
Can't watch Drunk History because I get jealous that they're drunk and I'm not
+probably the greatest speeches in history.." they really weren't. The drunk rants he goes into on stage were+
I'm supposed to meet up with my eighth grade history teacher tomorrow morning and I'm drunk and don't know how I'm gonna get up
You're one of the reasons I started watching Chelsea Lately.And I love you in Drunk History.But Netflix don't work in China. =[
I still can't believe my friend drunk-emailed my ap us history teacher on New Year's Eve fjjdjd
When your girl's hella smart so its like drunk history during sessions
Tonight I was introduced to the TV show Drunk History and suddenly I know there will never be a sad moment that can't be fixed😂.
I have a new found love for Drunk History
I forgot how hilarious Drunk History is! I am laughing way to hard by myself
Thomas spots Zende getting drunk... history dictates they'll end up in bed together
Don't bother me. I'm watching recorded episodes of Drunk History.
that would make a great Drunk History episode
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I wish got big just so could do a drunk history of us.
Drunk history has to be one of my favorite shows
I advise everyone to watch drunk history
Maybe Drunk History's people can work on making this happen.
Y'all get the Dish info from dad so y'all can watch this.
Drunk History is the best concept in a while
I just realized that Drunk History is how I tell stories sober.
After that we can do Biscuit Pod, and History of Hockey Pod drunk episodes👍
when that happens but the news is HEAVILY delayed...They call it drunk history
Drunk broadcast in a spoof of drunk history, only TWIB style?
how could I get on Drunk History? I'm a Wisconsinite of Irish & German heritage making me very good at drinking & talking trash!
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Episode of “Drunk History” With Dave Grohl. Lin-Manuel Miranda was the star of last…
New life goals:. 1. Get famous enough to be on Drunk History as the storyteller. 2. Be Felicia Day's baby daddy.
Brendon Urie's Drunk History on how Fall Out Boy started just gave me life.
Me ha gustado un vídeo de (- the Fall Out Boy drunk history but everytime brendon laughs it gets
The new drunk history spinoff, Drunk With Friends
I think l just saw in an episode of drunk history? But I can't unsee her as Pike...
I liked a video from HISTORY MAKER (DRUNK RUSSIAN COVER w/ KatishTheOwl)
. Going to do your impression of Rain Man doing an episode of Drunk History?
I finally got to watch Drunk History and I've never connected with anything more in my life
i just looked to see if i drunk bought these things but its not in my order history so WHO SENT ME THIS STUFF
...and they all died horribly of the bloody flux. . (queue Drunk History theme)
i just started watching Drunk History, are you proud of me yet?
Liam Neeson in a movie about Watergate. This cast could make an amazing remake of the Drunk History episode.
Thx. I have more, but sadly I missed many ops to photo during punk days. Too drunk or didnt see the history potential.
Been twice for work in past year, real sense of maritime history & fabulous buildings. But I was drunk.
BTW, forgot to bring this up when we met up, but please tell me you saw the Alexander Hamilton "Drunk History"
Crazy in SK, you get a history Q wrong and you're slandered by the whole country but drive drunk or be a pervert and you're…
By far the best episode of drunk history
I, on the other hand, just finished watching his Drunk History ep. Also entertaining and informative
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I think I was drunk when I decided on Taking an accelerated winter history course cramming 16 weeks of work into 2 weeks of break..
🤔 scored 2nd most points in history, but can't make the top 5 power rankings. Go home, you're…
New show idea: Drunk Science. Like a combination of Drunk History and Bill Nye. Fund this
Watching the latest episode of Drunk History and Bob Odenkirk is narrating! 🍻📚
Just watched Drunk History with Bob Odenkirk. He did the story about the Disco Demolition at Comisky. It was priceless, felt good to laugh.
I wanna do a drunk history show but instead of history, it's comics & I just summarize certain titles and tell you if it's good or not
I'm so excited for episode of drunk history. Y'all don't even know.
Hopping on this train real late, but DRUNK HISTORY IS HILARIOUS AND WONDERFUL
Personal Motto: Live life like you're going to be a segment on Drunk History.
!!! (I don't mean to cause any alarm but the Hamilton ep of Drunk History with Aubrey Plaza and Alia Shawka as Burr and A-Ham airs tonight)
Omg. Smh. Is he drunk or is he always like this? He's probably wearing his Che Guevara shirt right now. I tutor Spanish and history. $45 hr
LOL omg elizabeth olsen as one of the kopp sisters on drunk history is hilarious. honey i'm sorry mcu writing happened to you i rly like you
Is there anything better than drunk talking about the history & character of the human race? The ultimate democratic display of us all
watching Drunk History and I'm pretty sure you're my spirit animal.
This time tomorrow will narrate the Drunk History version of Hamilton
assume you're watching and/or taping Lin Manuel's Drunk History tomorrow night?
See Lin-Manuel Miranda slur, swear and giggle on 'Drunk History'
Art : on TV Tuesday: Lin-Manuel Miranda in Drunk History and Dolly Parton on …
Mike has an old ep of Drunk History on, & I’m just noticing how strained Derek Waters sometimes looks when people make NO sense. 😜
Did you guys see Billie Joe Armstrong as Charlie Chaplin on Drunk History? Hilarious!
What I learned tonight on Drunk History...Louie Anderson is still alive!!
ROFL at Louie Anderson as Churchill on Drunk History... That was pretty awesome.
Duncan Trussell favours Drunk History with insight into the debates around the free exchange of scholarly investiga…
I'm watching a Drunk History episode that has Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman this is my fave wes anderson film
I just realized I learned about Patty Hearst in an episode of Drunk History and not a movie
Can y'all do a Drunk History on Rosalind Franklin??
SO excited for season 4 of Drunk History
Drunk History is so fantastic but I would give anything for Drunk Mythology. Please and thanks in advance.
michelleBspeaks: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jenny Slate narrate Drunk History in new trailer EW …
Is that Elizabeth Olsen in the Drunk History trailer??
wait. As in like Phillipa Soo. In drunk history.
Season 4 of drunk history comes back September 27th. That's one month and ten days too *** long.
Watch as Tony Hale, Patton Oswalt, Alia Shawkat and many more will bring you drunk history S4:
So, during Drunk History, did you stop to take a break to, you know, throw up? Many have. Just prepping for your episode.
Watch the celebrity-filled 'Drunk History' trailer for season four via
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jenny Slate narrate 'Drunk History' in new trailer -
Guess who's playing Hamilton and Burr in the drunk history episode? & 💜💜
.and narrate 'Drunk History' in this new trailer:
History should get drunk more often. Check out the trailer for Season 4, premiering September 27. .
Me on Drunk History: today, we're going to talk about Elizabeth Woodville and why everything is possible if u stand under the right tree..
Derek Waters' 'Drunk History' looks at the past through a glass, drunkly
Drunk History is so funny like, I praise you, Derek Waters. Thank you for finally making history enjoyable to me.
Best celebrity sighting of the weekend: Derek Waters from Drunk History.
Lin-Manuel Miranda to talk about Hamilton inebriated for Drunk History
It's like watching an unedited taping of Drunk History, narrated by Roger Ailes.
The Sir Walter Raleigh look really works for Jack Whitehall in 'Drunk History.'
i also watch you guys on Unique sweets. I loved you guy on Drunk History too. 😆
(Seriously please go read how Dolly knew she had to leave the Porter Wagoner Show, or at least watch the Drunk History ep.)
Why the *** is Rosa Parks on the $20? 'Drunk History' just taught me that Claudette Colvin should be on that thing!
Chris Parnell on the Fake Show Thursday! We'll discuss SNL, Drunk History and the final season of Archer.
HR has yet to approve our Drunk History production on Frederick Law Olmsted.
The lamentable state of history on TV. The less said of 'Drunk History' the better, Dan Snow's 'The Vikings Uncovered' with its continuous..
Drunk History of Chicago at Michigan Avenue from Oak Street to Wacker Drive | Metromix Chicago via
My current favorite thing is Paget Brewster's narration of Drunk History.
Drunk History is great. The guy in the episode about Nellie Bly is a relative, and it's hilarious!
"I would do anything for a Klondike bar except Wikipedia my dingus" — Rich Fulcher on Drunk History
I was telling the story of Ida B. Wells in this meeting and they said I gave the Drunk History version 😂😂😂. I really did though 😩
I liked a video Drunk History - Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders
I liked a video The story of Sir Walter Raleigh | Drunk History
I added a video to a playlist The story of Sir Walter Raleigh | Drunk History
If history is any indicator, I'm just going to get drunk and fall in love with you. Then I'll make you hate me.
Greatly enjoying and 's Drunk Metal Gear History series of videos right now
Me when I realize I am going to be reunited with & drunk history next weekend 😻🎉
Highlights of THE DEER and JOE CRONIN Drunk are on their way from last nights HISTORY Record watched Monetize this !!
Smh I wanted to watch drunk history but now if I watch it I'll just feel like I'm copying my sister why does this always happen
Come on, people. This is awesome. DRUNK HISTORY rules.
I was at the flea market and this drunk girl selling tampons was singing history,, same tbh
I was so drunk and the next day I went to school with a nasty hangover and the rest well like they say "the rest is history"
Gonna binge drunk history wish me luck x
omg I'm so proud to know you both, drunk history is a true inspiration and that's no joke
The First Ladies ep of Drunk History is some good ish
Gotta watch drunk history with a bottle of wine. Because.
Drunk history is probably the funniest programme ive ever watched
I also just remembered & episode on Drunk History re: Harriet Tubman !
id honestly do anything to get on Drunk History
Just about to watch my first Drunk History with the missus...
There's an episode of Drunk History that covers her contribution to the war in SC. No one talks about that either.
Wearing a dashiki...drunk off heem. Happy black history year.
the original fight would have been awesome because of the UFC history implications. But I'll get drunk & yell at the tv anyhow.
I've been marathoning drunk history the last few days and I gotta say this is one of my better decisions recently
Win Drunk History Season 3 DVD: enter once to win 1 of 3 copies of Drunk History Season 3 on DVD from seat 42f
'Drunk Piano' is the greatest comedy sketch in the history of mankind.
I watch that video and Fall Out Boy drunk history more than I would care to admit
I have to watch a clip from The Karate Kid for history and Miyagi is drunk and talking about his dead wife and son I'm sobbing
"It's like the stars of fannying had aligned...". - Chris Ramsey on the Titanic, Drunk History
Watching Drunk History and "wait a minute -- is that getting shot on San Juan Hill?"
are you listening to Whack history month, "Jeff the drunk" today and "Beatle-Pimp" tomorrow?
Why is there no drunk history but for memes?
Find out which historical figure is your Drunk History Spirit Animal.
Homeland security officer w/4 page driving record, history of multiple OUI acquitted of driving drunk on
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
James made me watch the History video last night when I was drunk and I cried my eyes out 😂
Just caught up with Drunk hammered was !! So funny! 😂
Jeff the drunk on this wack history month is hilarious !! Great way to start my weekend lol
Best ish, buddies now!If you go might be drunk if you threw your web history; results just the cuddliest.
drunk history is so bloody funny I can't
Drunk History of Fall Out Boy will always be my favorite video😂
listening to wack history month features Jeff the drunk, should have waited for a vacation this is great compulation
Chai! Ayaf suffered... Dis drunk ex-england based man will finish me here with english and Arsenal history. Now I'm feeling VERY young 🙈👀
Taking peppermint schnapps shots to Sia has got to be be most unmanly way to get drunk in the history of the world
You didn't know Harriet Tubman had a potty mouth? Watch this clip of Drunk History:
Plan to drink up season three of 'Drunk History' and plan laugh intoxication via
Drunk History is hilarious! Why didn't I start watching this earlier!!?
US comedians can't drink like British comedians. Still pretty bloody funny — watching Drunk History
one can only assume you were both drunk and high at the time? Must be the worst accent attempted in T…
moments that should be in the history books. 1 Leo winning an oscar. 2 miley wuz good. 3 drunk rami. 4 my and sara's messages bout each other
Yeah, I barely got through one episode and Drunk History is one of my great loves. How can you ruin such an easy concept?
Iain Stirling on Drunk History is my most favourite thing ever
Tremendous song. You seen the Drunk History episode about her and Porter Wagoner?
creased up at Iain Stirling on Drunk History
Iain Stirling explaining the story of Scott of the Antarctic on Drunk History has made me wee a little bit
Final spaces left for Tues: CD Nicky Bligh (Ballot Monkeys, Drunk History, Bad Education) joins us for a workshop:
3 and a half pints of lager and 5 double vodka lemonades. Hic... The story of Sir Walter Raleigh | Drunk History
Jack Whitehall on Drunk History tonight on is going to kill me 😂.
I can't even handle as Maid Marion on 'Drunk History' right now. What is HAPPENING?
Someone should do a version of Drunk History, but for the Bible. I volunteer to tell the tale of David and Bathsheba.
I keep re watching the Drunk History episode with Jenny Johnson.
Happy New Year, and also your Meyer Lansky on Drunk History is hilarious and perfect. Shine on.
Tony and I are watching a Drunk History on William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies and it's like AWH tbt to The Cat's Meow :(
got me CRINE watching this Harriett Tubman story on Drunk History.
I recently discovered The Lone Ranger was based on a black man (Bass Reeves) while watching Drunk History.
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If, like me, you've been wondering where the heck Josh Hartnett is, he's in the Miami episode of Drunk History. You're welcome.
'Drunk History' is great, but 'History According to Ben Carson' would be far more entertaining.
Drunk History - New Orleans episode starring my boyfriend Jason Momoa as pirate Jean Lafitte I thought would be awesome, but disappointing
Dr. Drew guest stars on "Drunk History." Does this mean we'll see Derek Waters on "Celebrity Rehab?".
. Comedy Central has ordered a 2nd series of Drunk History:
First scene in this week's Drunk History involves Derek Waters getting shot in the face with a stream from a bidet.
Still waiting for the day Jacob Pitts is a narrator on Drunk History. Like yeah? Am I right?
Here's the Drunk History episode on Alan Freed, the DJ who rebranded "Rock & Roll" for white audience:
Drunk educated my roommates about Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and William Henry Harrison. Told you guys, Drunk History is my future 🙌🏼
Everyone needs to watch Drunk History of Fall Out Boy by Brendon Urie
I love that Urkel played Bass Reeves on Drunk History.
Watching this Drunk History episode with Jason Momoa because I know I won't be able to find it again lol.
I wish I was friends with so I could be a guest on Drunk History lol
you should do Drunk History if they ever go over the history of EDM/raves
just said something I leaned watching drunk history in class and it worked wow what is life
Watch discuss the catchy history of “Drunk on Your Love”
okay I did text you last night trying to tell you the new episode of drunk history has a talking dog
You need to start doing live Drunk History reenactments at historic landmarks. Let some storyteller yak all over Mt. Rushmore!
How have I never watched drunk history?
Ive learned more about history watching drunk history then I have all 12 years of history class in school, only if there was drunk math
the candy talk isn't helping at the gym Chive Ep41 - Drunk History's Derek Waters => via
I think we watched ur drunk history ep. in my racism in schools class today, but idk cuz I skipped it. Shout out to u tho
I almost feel like I learn more watching "Drunk History" than sitting in history class
I love drunk history!! I seriously want to be on that show
Why have I been sleeping on Drunk History all this time lol
Watch extremely drunk people and explain early LA history for
This drunken walk down memory lane is much better than your average wedding speech Definitely worth watching these 2
Remember when I watched a whole season of drunk history in one day
Drunk history in my history class YAS 🙂🙃🙂🙃
This just might be the best history book ever! Thanks
Fob drunk history is my favorite video because brendon Keeps baby vomiting and pouring beer on himself and dragging his own ***
Dude, I saw you on Drunk History. I love your attitude towards LA!
Tried to describe a painting to my professor and she compared me to an episode of drunk history 🙃
Drunk History, but instead of drunk people it's Jaden Smith
Another day, another conversation about popular kids getting drunk at parties overheard in history class
We have drunk history but I think high science should be what this country needs next
AKA no I didn't make it up its through Baltimore Ghost Tours. Though I still wanna do drunk history around Baltimore.
I DID READ THIS. Yes let's video this!!! Like drunk history style!
Drunk History soberly reminds us that Los Angeles has always had water problems via
- Another Killer Drunk History! Are you the only one to both orate and reenact?
hey it's the guy who creeps on all the hot drunk girls on Drunk History! Love that show!
can't wait you are too funny love u on the Mindy project and drunk history is hilarious
My Drunk History episode actually airs on Tuesday Nov 3rd! Not the 2nd.
just-shower-thoughts: I want to see a show like Drunk History, but High Science. Neil deGrasse Tyson and...
Just watched an excellent Drunk History ep on Oklahoma. About Kentucky Daisy, Gordon Cooper, and Bass Reeves.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dude David Wain is on the Cleveland episode of Drunk History. Five stars, guys. Five stars.
Drunk History is reenacting the true story behind Newsies with Michael Cera and Haley Joel Osment. Geeking out so much rn.
Okay, so Octavia Spencer pops up on Drunk History and its 5,133 reasons why I love this show.
I'm still cracking up over Drunk History with Octavia Spencer & 😂
Drunk History covers Roger Sharpe's battle to make pinball legal again in the 70's!.
Harriet Tubman is 'dope as *** in this hilarious 'Drunk History' reenactment via
I changed my mind about my Drunk History topic: it would be about Mustafa Kemal and how LIT Turkey became after his reign.
I just discovered Comedy Central's Drunk History and I think I found my calling in life.
Derek Waters should do a Drunk History episode about San Diego. i need some drunk nerds talkin about the first Comic Con.
Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable on Drunk History brings together four of my favorite things.
Josh Hartnett as Clark Gable on Drunk History can get it.
The only shows that I can put on and Quinn will stop what she's doing to watch are The Mindy Project and Drunk History.
Get ready as I play Louis Armstrong in tonight's "Drunk History" on Comedy Central.
Jenny Slate and Dan Harmon on Drunk History are pretty perfect.
Fotoset: i-peed-so-hard-i-laughed: timhulsizer: Jenny Slate, Drunk History s03e01 me
domain names
Photoset: timhulsizer: Jenny Slate, Drunk History s03e01 this show is gold
just watched a repeat of "Drunk History" Nellie Bly were SO funny.thanks!
I love how Kristen Wiig's character in DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL heartily defends Patty Hearst (who Wiig sublimely embodies in Drunk History)
'Drunk History' creator says he aims to inform, but thanks for the laughs - Los Angeles Times by via DailyOpE…
LLF TALK SHOW NEWS The Sober Reality of 'Drunk History' - A behind-the-scenes look at how the drunkest show on tel...
Our story on how one of my favorite shows, Drunk History, gets made. (by
A sober look at 'Drunk History.'. Here's how the drunkest show on TV gets made:
Forgot it's the Montgomery ep of Drunk History where hits in the business.
The episode of Drunk History with Charlie Day and Paget Brewster is the reason why I voted them for an Emmy
Ah, the Drunk History with and ... wonderful stuff.
current mood: Ron Funches in Drunk History hearing Rapper's Delight for the first time
You'd think a winery would be T Watson's sponsor. He kept 8 of them in biz. A horrible mean drunk. Revisionist history makes him seem nice
Get you drunk, Get you high, Get you wet, the rest is history.
I just read the entire drunk history of Fall Out Boy thing to Emma and Abby
So last night I got drunk and ended up researching witch history 😂😂😂 what
Breast Cancer Awareness
all i remember is the drunk history of fob and Brendon Urie talking about the d-pic
'Drunk driver who killed four women has fatal accident history' via
Thanks for watching my attempt at drunk history. Don't remember any of it, but they got it all on video: http:…
This weekend goes down in history! Hello shots, bottels, rave in the woods, wheeling, drunk, so much fun!!!
"All because one man was weak and another one greedy." Ugh history repeating itself.
People should get lessons from drunk history.
The drunk history of Fall Out Boy is still like my favorite video on the Internet
History channel lol bored no kids no clubs just a lame
Tony has been sitting here for an hour lecturing me on history, & telling me I need to pay more attention in school. Like your drunk toad.😂😂
After watching Ant-Man I've decided I'd love to see an episode of Drunk History with
It's ironic how educational these are -- Drunk History - The Reagans' Rise to Power via
Drunk History where, after a bottle of Laphroaigh, I hold forth abt failed colony of Scottish Panama
And I shall go down in history as "that drunk American who fell down the stairs at the club and got blood everywhere"
i hope im making u proud by downloading all episodes of another period and drunk history to watch on my way to LA lol :)
Rather than 'drunk history' why not 'stoned history' but my advice is write the script first and attempt to stay on it.
I wish I was 21 so I could go on drunk history and talk about the badassery of Anne Bonny and Mary Read because THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW
I was part of history "Garage Project's 1st ever cans & so the first time they were drunk out of NZ & it was in a dry country!"
So Drunk History is so funny yet secretly educational. It combines my love of history & know. Might be my new fav show.
Missed the live version again but caught the archived and a drunk history sounds awesome. Maybe drunk history/question vid?
Drunk history might be the best thing that's ever happened to this planet
Thoughts on Ant Man pt. 3: somebody who helped make the movie is clearly a fan of Drunk History. You are my favorite, person I do not know!
I miss watching Drunk History with iveyy
Thoughts on Whitworth by "I just prefer art with some history - not this abstract 'here's a picture I drew when I was drunk' stuff"
Officially my fav drunk picture in the history of drunk pictures 😂
I want to tell the story of the superbowl though on this Janet version of Drunk History. Also, & It will be a trilogy.
I think we should have a series called "Drunk History ~ The Janet Jackson edition" produced by
Fob drunk history bot is attacking me for liking onision halp
I just (finally) started watching Drunk History. One of my new favorites! So stupid-funny. My kind of humor!
ever watch the drunk history about the KKK? It's gold
Lol at giving me and JT a history lesson, while being drunk. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I want an Ant-Man spin-off show about Luis telling increasingly convoluted stories every episode. Like Drunk History. get on this.
Said every single drunk person in the history of alcohols existence
I'd like to take the show 'Drunk History' to another level and actually teach history to a class of 2nd or 3rd graders whil…
Drunk History: Fall Out Boy ft. Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco) (Probably one of the best things on the internet)
Drunk History is ridiculous I love it.
Drunk college nights go down in HISTORY and no one ever knows besides you and whoever was around ‼️
Last night I pretended to be drunk Pete doing "Drunk History of Panic! At The Disco" for Ciana but she was actually drunk and it was amazing
If I was a history teacher I would show my class Drunk History all the time 🍻
Craig Cackowski (Community, Drunk History) played a bunch of sets this weekend at The Torch.
Drunk History - Daniel Inouye's Heroic MomentI'm drinking now and laughing so hard .
Photo: comedycentral: Pour one out for the Founding Fathers. Our Drunk History 4th of July marathon starts...
Alcohol and History Merge to Make 'Drunk History' 4th of July Marathon a Must
I might be traditional and stick with the Twilight Zone marathon….or Jaws…Buffy….and record the Drunk History marathon on Comedy Central
Someone put me on an episode of Drunk History and let me talk about Jean Lafitte or Marie Laveau.
If you don't know about Dolly Madison, you should do some research. Like, watch Drunk History on or something. 'Cause she's 😎
You have played Dolly Parton and Dolly Madison. What famous Dolly will you be in Season Three of Drunk History?
Broad City, Kroll Show, Daily Show, Nightly Show, Workaholics, Key & Peele and Drunk History *** Comedy Central is great right now.
Vote for my hilarious John Wilkes Booth video and help me get featured on Drunk History!
Drunk History. The concept, pioneered on Funny Or Die before creator Derek Waters hopped it over to Comedy Central for full half-hour episodes, is simple: a cult celebrity of some sort gets highly inebriated with Waters. These people include the likes of director David Wain, Breaking Bad‘s Matt Jones, Paget Brewster, and Jenny Slate. After this, the celebrity then recounts, to the best of her abilities, a historical event. Often filled with only mostly-correct information and countless casual swears, these slurred narrations are used as the audio for high-grade reenactments, often featuring well-known actors embodying historical figures and lip-synching along to the slurred, repeated, and vulgarity-peppered dialogue. Even with all of the stars and sets the show features, sometimes a well-placed sight gag adds the most to the charm of the sketches. For an example, check the perspective-bent shot of a toy helicopter standing in for a real one when Kris Kristofferson (Jon Daly) lands in Johnny Cash’s (Jo ...
'Because reheated worse than incest...'. Rob Beckett, Drunk History, 2015
I added a video to a playlist Drunk History - John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson
Drunk History: Fall Out Boy featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco I love BRENDON so much
Drunk History 😂 it's horrible histories for grown ups
New favorite show. 'Drunk History' on Comedy Central... It's like a really intellectual Drink o'clock with comediens. Brilliant!!
Famous Marines Friday! Rob Riggle Daily Show Correspondent Rob Riggle served in Kosovo, Liberia and Afghanistan Rob Riggle is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve. He's a public affairs officer with the NYC unit, and has received the Combat Action ribbon. Right now, he's an active comedian, he's been in multiple comedies, and he remains a correspondent for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Rob Riggle served as a correspondent from 2006 to 2009. Most notably, he dressed as a hippie on assignment in Berkeley, California, and adopted an avatar that featured a dolphin with breasts for a report about Second Life. Prior to pursuing comedy as a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and later as a featured player on "Saturday Night Live," Riggle served in the United States Marine Corps. His film and television credits include "Children’s Hospital," "21 Jump Street" (2012), "Wilfred," and Comedy Central's "Drunk History." 1st photo: Rob Riggle 2nd photo: Rob Riggle: Lieutenant Colon ...
kickstarter for Luis Guzman to star in a 3hr "Drunk History" special
we present to you, Drunk History: Fall Out Boy edition as told by of m…
This season, I am thankful for Drunk History, Funny or Die, & Ryan Gosling. Drunk History Christmas with...:
Paul F. Tompkins on Drunk History is going to be fantastic.
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