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Drum Corps

Drum and Bugle Corps is a name used to describe two forms of marching units.

Phantom Regiment Drum Corps International Bugle Corps Arlington National Cemetery Eric Whitacre Blue Devils Washington Monument Al Roker

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We hope that in the future, we'll be using promotions through other drum corps, DCI pages, and other possibly DCI.
We'll try and connect aspiring and current members. Our goal is to connect a community of people together through Drum Corps together.
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"So how would you describe drum corps?"
Marilyn Monroe Moment: Can you imagine!? asking tips--Love it!
"Each section of Drum Corps International plays as hard as an athlete on the field" you could just refer to us as athletes
The FuseTV insta account commented on my body by drum corps pic about how they've included me in their article & idk how to/should I respond
Drum corps: to those who know, no explanation is needed. To those who don't know, no explanation is possible.
Kinda just feel like going home after work and eating chocolate for dinner and watching drum corps shows until I fall asleep.
Had a drum corps nightmare last night. We were walking to the stadium for our performance & I was panicking because I d…
4th of July Parade in Pasco. Columbians Drum & Bugle Corps
May or may not be watching drum corps right now
My friends get annoyed when making plans with me bc after drum corps I need exact times, places, & instructions or else I ca…
5 Reasons Your Child Should Join Band (indoor colorguard/drumline, drum corps, or ANY of the pageantry arts!)
Love drum lines and this one is amazing
Breast Cancer Awareness
Real life is hard can I please go back to drum corps now
"That's so cool that you're in drum corps! How long have you played drums??"
The cure is to have an entire curio cabinet of drum corps miniatures. It works!
Parent organization is the Brigade of the American Revolution, which re-enacts Civil War times
This fife & drum corps played at the inauguration of President US Grant
Drum Corps rehearsals in MCPS on Monday. Spirit of Atlanta at CHS and Blue Knights at AHS. Go watch if you can!
you got this Lobster Pot! It's the Dog Days of Drum Corps, so it's ok to feel terrible
Photographing my first Drum Corps show tonight at Lucas Oil Stadium
The Fort Pitt Fife and Drum Corps will perform continuously throughout the day Saturday between noon and 4 p.m.
If you think you can't do drum corps, just know I'm being asked to fill a hole solely based on my marching and not my playing.
This goes to anyone that follows me and wants to do drum corps: talk to somebody that's already in it, it will help your process so much
So today i went running/played . soccer for 3 1/2 hrs. Havent been this sore since . the tootin my horn days. AKA drum corps . AKA prematureDeath
All my friends are moving in to their drum corps and I miss them already
Amazing birthday present for a talented drum corps member!
I hate when Drum Corps wait till like the beginning of the tour to present their show program. I know it's keeping me in suspense.
I want to march drum corps for charlie because he was the reason i wanted to be in the drumline in the first place.
Can't wait to see what becomes of this drum corps season
Not sure if I've just gotten really good at packing for drum corps or if I'm forgetting everything I need ??
For my 5th year of drum corps, I've noticed somethings never change.
Colorguard captain for my school and cocaptain for my drum corps. I'm on cloud 9
Getting ready for drum corps season with a little Cavaliers action 👌
Well... Earlier today I destroyed my left knee... Sadly because of this my 2016 season of drum corps is over...
Can't wait for Drum Corps to get into gear again. I'm ready for you Bloo.
Got the cadence sheet music for the pride parade today and now I can't stop watching drum corps videos.
Amazing birthday present for a new drum corps member!
I have got to start packing for drum corps today!
Thanks to and Asylum, I weigh under 200 pounds for the first time since 2014. I feel like I have my drum corps body back!
A2: BIG fan of Champs in June! Drum corps is a fantastic opportunity to learn/experience music!
The Columbians Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to present their 2016 program - Clash!
Swiss Secret Drum Corps - seen at the Queens 90th bday bash ...amazing!
I can't believe I'm going into my 4th year of drum corps what the heck I can barely count to 4
The Top Secret Drum Corps are my absolute goals 😍
One of the coolest things for me is when someone comes in and knows or has marched Drum Corps. Small world stuff!
This is the fastest I've ever packed for drum corps. It's also the least.
"I feel like I can't talk to you for more than 5 seconds without it somehow turning into drum corps but I'm 100% okay with that"
It's the movie that demystifies the drum corps activity & shows what it's like to be a marching member.
ANYWAYS someone said "do they have a national association?". LMAO have you seen DCI? Drum Corps International. debunked.
FREEPlayers Drum Corps made history as the first special needs group to ever perform at the WGI Sport of the Arts...
I'm packing for Drum Corps and can't find MY MUSIC 😑. HELP. ME.
I'm going to Drum Corps: An American Tradition 2016 - Clifton at Clifton Stadium.
It just hit me that I'm leaving to March drum corps in 3 days...
Many drum corps still have open spots. It's not too late. You'll thank us later 😊
when I tell people about drum corps and they ask me "oh cool, so do you get paid for all that?" I try really hard to not laug…
Dude just tryna March drum corps. Why did God have to make me a clarinet player.
I miss the simplicity of a drum corps day.
Hamilton Collection
ya omg I love marching band!! Does ur Highschool have a drum corps??
Omg I leave for drum corps TOMORROW
Drum Corps International, look it up it's great 😌
Dynasty artists Shadow Drum and Bugle Corps are joining DCI's Open Class for 2016! Hit the link to learn more...
The Fife and Drum Corps just paid a visit to the Mobile Aquarium at the Annual Conference.
Daily_Press: Pictures: Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps through the years
Great visit today byThe Fort Ticonderoga Fife & Drum Corps. We turned the dimension woodshop into a pizza party
1st I've seen DS since Xmas. Marshall Fife and Drum Corps in Columbus for the St. Pats Day parade.
The John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps is practicing "The West Virginia Hills" right outside my office window. Beautiful!
Proud to have students this weekend at Auburn, Tenn Tech, Scholar's Bowl, District, Drum Corps camps, & Winter Guards at home!
I hear someone down the hall practicing drum corps music and I haven't been productive all day. I just want to cry
All these opportunities to be with a drum corps this summer. Please give me the answer I want!!
Wind ensemble has been transformed into the birth of a drum corps
I'm so thankful I got hooked on drum corps from on all the 2008 shows. It was such an awesome year.*
Few things are more satisfying than drumming along to Outkast with the sound of a drum corps.
When Heroes of the Dorm happens again but you have Drum Corps that weekend.
Me: woo! First indoor show!. Everybody else: you doing drum corps? . Me: what.
I feel like I'm going through some pretty unhealthy drum corps withdrawals here recently.
To march drum corps this summer or nah?
Yep. Seems like a drum corps relevant skill lol
I think that if likes brass instruments & drumming, he'll definitely like Drum Corps International 🎶
Working on my fitness but I'm also training for drum corps!
Sunrisers Drum & Bugle Corps . Sign with System Blue. participating in Drum Corps Associates.
Throwback Thursday --> Atlanta CV Drum and Bugle Corps' first lot from summer 2015!
so does the military which then pays for college to open your eyes even further. Or join a Drum & Bugle Corps
Connecticut fife and drum corps made up of youth age 8 to 18 Click on "Show Details" for more info.
Organized in 1951 as a school project Click on "Show Details" for more info.
1st Delaware Regiment Fife and Drum Corps Click on "Show Details" on right of photo for more info
Connecticut Valley Field Music fife and drum corps
Kentish Guards Corps at the 13th Olde Toga parade
Named for the 1800s village that later became Delmar, NY
My lifelong dream is to join a drum corps, preferably Carolina crown. But thts hard when u broke and u suck.
"Hey how was camp?" *pulls up PowerPoint, binder of notes, textbook on the history of drum corps, pictures from camp* "l…
CLASSIC HITS UK just played - Wing and a Prayer Fife and Drum Corps. - Baby Face
well the program I work for is going to start a drum corps so maybe we can be in it together AND GET OUR CHOPS UP!
Never do the math on costs of doing drum corps. It doesn't make you feel better
YOU can help make the drum corps dreams of some of our members come true! We've set up this ...
Mom: EMILY GO TO BED. Me: Its not me its the dog. Mom: I know its you because I keep hearing drum corps videos
Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through the *** of preparing myself for drum corps but then I watch this .
I haven't listened to Drum Corps in the longest.
I just signed up to be an Ambassador for Drum Corps International. Learn & become one here -
Also if you're a Drum Corps fan, Cabaret Voltaire (2012) by Blue Devils is on YouTube. Full finals run through. Hurry before it's taken down
If you're a Drum Corps fan, The Beat My Heart Skipped by Blue Devils is on Spotify. (2011 show).
The retirement ceremony for Gen Dempsey also included the Fife & Drum Corps, on the field at Fort Myer.
dcinewsnetwork:. Scores from the 2015 Drum Corps International Preliminaries! Congrats to all of these corps!!.
Little Giant Ladders
An Amazing Performance by the Drum Corps at the 2015 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (VIDEO)
sassy-synth: It *** being in such an under appreciated drum corps. Even though we were definitely not the...
It's never too early to jump ahead and start preparing for yet another incredible year of Drum Corps!
I need a friend to obsess over Drum Corps with me 😅 taking any volunteers 😂
injuries in drum corps... IT'S A CHOICE... (I've hurt myself and been hurt plenty of times I gotchu)
Forever coming home from band camp, showering, then throwing some drum corps shirt on for bed. Today's corps of choice is Carolina Crown.
After drum corps is done I'm done with summer. So the fall weather was totally welcome today. I just wish it would stay.
I want to have a girlfriend, but it's hard to find the right girl because she has to understand and like drum corps.
Drum corps action shots give me life.😍🎌
What it feels like to come home from drum corps.
You can't age out of a summer job, but you can age out of drum corps.
I liked a video Drum Corps for Dummies
Sometimes I think I talk about drum corps too much, then I think about how much it's consumed me and changed me for the better.
all the members come from some of the best drumline in all of the drum corps world! Very lucky to have the best of the best!
Please don't argue with me about drum corps because I will go on about it for hours if I have to
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Fall marching band weather for drum corps rehearsal?
If there is a weak spot in your body - or mind - drum corps will find it
This Corps is named after the river that flows through the town Click on "Show Detai…
I'm torn between the option of buying a car or marching drum corps with all of my dues paid from the get go.
I'd stick to bass drum and then if you don't March bluecoats I'm sure lots of corps would love to have you
Top Secret Drum Corps of Basel meets the Blue Devil Percussion Team of Concorde California -
Happy Birthday to Mr. Don Warren, founder of The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. 87 years young and may there be many more to come.
BD: so we're gonna go to a DCI show. me: IM ALWAYS A *** FOR DRUM CORPS
I don't know why I'm playing Trumpet in all my Drum Corps dreams that I have an instrument in. I haven't played a Trumpet in 8 years.
I don't know what it is with me and having dreams about Drum Corps but I had another one last night. I was in Phantom playing Trumpet
Regardless of tonight's scores, it will never, ever change the fact that , and are my favorite Drum Corps.
It's funny when people hate on The Blue Devils for winning. Like chill, it's Drum Corps. Enjoy their show and appreciate their hard work.
That moment when the mix Eric Whitacre and Drum Corps
And jerks the first tear of the night. Thanks Bones and Tom Blair for capturing the essence of finals week Drum Corps.
Forest City + Drum Corps = YES! “Festival of Brass this Saturday night at 7 PM in Forest City, IA.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Best of luck this season to all three of the Drum Corps that I trained with. Reading Buccaneers, Pioneer (96 Div...
The Pipe and Drum Corps(massed bands) playing the Marine Corps Hymn for the soldiers of Chattanooga. thank you.
The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps of the 3d Infantry Regiment since the 1960s ht…
One of THE best articles about drum corps I've read in 53 years! Well done, Randy!
We went to a laundry mat with 15 washers. I'm sorry but we are a drum corps. No.
Guys wow I have wanted to march drum corps since my sophomore year of high school. Back when I was a lesser form of musician (woodwind)
I'm not even a band kid and I wanna go to the Drum Corps thing at Golden Valley...
Tickets have gone on sale today for the DCUK : Drum Corps United Kingdom (Official) Championships. Get yours at... htt…
I forgot about the drum corps thing today crap
The Drum Corps season is heating up! Who do you think will come out on top?
Friday Night FB challenge:. Give the Peace, Love & Drum Corps page a "like" - there will be a prize involved!...
Drum corps day 55: Bluecoats have traveled out west! Today we're flexing in Wyoming
Incognito Drum and Bugle Corps has a show on 07/12/2015 at 04:00 PM @ Ron... in Bellflower, CA
Drum Corps Challenge: Drum corps fans from around the world have a chance to get in the game by...
On our way to Minnesota. It's time to drum corps 😈
There is a drum corps that is practicing across the street.
There are things other than drum corps. Wait...did I just say that out loud?
I'm in an actual house right now and feel so out of place. Drum corps has certainly changed me
This weekend we will be at the Drum Corps Grand Prix in Clifton NJ. Performance time scheduled for 9:03pm.
. Harper desperately banging the 'patriot' drum now US corps & govt. control Canada. Exhuming Franklin will be …
When you buy Gatorade, everyone in Drum Corps is your friend!.
Left around 11 this morning for 7th this weekend, it is now 6:06 and and im still an hour and 10 minutes away. Gosh, I love drum corps!
I'm so pumped for the drum corps show tonight in Casper! Back where it all began for me!
HBD to one of my favorite drum corps-ers, You're v old 🆘 😂🎉 Have fun. Hope to see you on the Bluecoats' sc …
Living the drum corps life in Bakersfield today
Great event! Tour of Champions Drum Corp returns to this Sunday with 7 of the World’s Top 12 Drum & Bugle Corps
Lol at the D&D one! 😂 And of course, they're missing the band/drum corps lines!
Lmfao there's a Drum Corps at Park Center and yall *** confused as *** . 😂😂💀
They are up in the monorail, the gates are being open. People from all over get welcomed by the NHS Drum Corps!
This takes me back... Pioneer Corps today on @ Pioneer Land, Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Our Minisink Drum Corps met Police Commissioner Bill Bratton today at the ticker-tape parade.
If you ever want inspiration to get fit, just watch some drum corps practice. Those people are RIPPED.
Link to donate for the Drum Corps Challenge: – Thank you for your continuous support!
are competing against other DCI Corps in the Drum Corps Challenge. Help win the race!
What an exciting day! The Minisink Drum Corps includes 18 young people – from 10- to 17-year-olds – from all five...
"That's one of many things I love about drum corps season: waking up with drum corps music in my head."
You can support the MHS band at Percussion on the Pearl on Sunday!
So, I wrote a thing about for You should read it.
Check out this great review of Corps Encore by
Why do I hate all the nostalgia in drum corps? Because it's being accompanied by extremely toxic and unwarranted elitism
Drum Corps makes you appreciate the little things
The good news is I dreamt about drum corps. The band news is it was the part when your on a bus for 12 hours. I didn't even have a bus buddy
Check out our review of the next best thing to actually being there! http:/…
*** hath no fury compared to Drum Corps.
Competitive drum, Bugle Corps shares beats in St. George; free last-minute show
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps members are goodwill ambassadors of U.S. Army:
The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps celebrated the 240th with Gen. Ray Odierno,...
The United States Army Drill Team and the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)'s Fife and Drum Corps are traveling to perform in the SouthEastern region...
There are only 2 months to go! Come join our friends from the Maine Public Safety Pipe & Drum Corps as they count down to Saint Patrick's Day next Saturday, January,17th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Byrnes Irish Pub Brunswick, 16 Station Avenue in Brunswick and from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Byrnes Irish Pub, 38 Centre Street in Bath.Sláinte!
Best of luck to all of our students that have been "out there" auditioning for Drum Corps, WGI groups, Symphonies, Music Major studios, Graduate Schools, and even the Marines "Commandant's Own" Drum & Bugle Corps in Washington, DC!! Love you guys, and DO WORK!!!
The Fort George Fife and Drum Corps at this year's Candlelight stroll!
New NOTL Lord Mayor Darte, council sworn in: The Fort George Fife and Drum Corps and more than 200 residents…
What I am Thankful For Today ! My Mother Carol Palmer and Step Father Brad Palmer who keep me grounded and have helped me more than I can say. My best friend Ray Albert who is there for me even if just to listen to my complaining :) And who has helped me in numerous ways over the years. That I have shelter and enough food to eat I am thankful for other friends , Nise Myers, Sarah Yen, and William C Schultz for also keeping me grounded, Letting me know when i was screwing up something and their great friendship and humor that lifts my spirit on a consistent basis including many other Drum Corps friends past and present who are also there for me. To my former departed teachers Neal Tidwell and Arnold Jacobs for their friendship and wonderful genius as performing artists and more importantly top notch people of great character. I am also thankful for my wonderful relatives who have passed but helped shape and mold me. It was my great honor to know all of them and be touched by their wonderful loving spirits ...
SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES: RECEPTION AND INSTALLATION OF BISHOP PARCON AUGUST 25, 2014, MONDAY Morning and afternoon-meeting of bishop-guests in different entry points, i.e., Tagbilaran airport and port areas (Tagbilaran, Tubigon, etc) 2:00 PM-Assembly of people in Talibon pier and streets. The port area must limit entry of vehicles except the ff that must be parked at the end of the port: police car, dangpanan with SJNHS Drum Corps, open pick up for Bp Parcon, buses for San Carlos Clergy, religious & laity & and cars of bishops & clergy joining motorcade. 3:00 PM-Arrival of Bishop Parcon and San Carlos Delegration (2 bishops, 67 priests and more or less 200 laity) on VG Lines -Formal welcome at the port by Vicar General, Municipal Mayor, priests and people -Motorcade from pier along main highway to Shell (Baviera’s Residence), then right turn, then back to Cathedral -Order of Motorcade: a.Police car b. Bishops, Clergy of Talibon c.Dangpanan with SJNHS Drum Corps d.Pick-up of Bishop Parcon e.Buses of San C ...
Awesome event today at the War Memorial. The heritage area presented the city with 15-stripe, 15-star flags to fly over city buildings downtown and over fire and police departments across Baltimore. Thanks to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Department of General Services, Baltimore City Fire Department, Baltimore City Police Department, and U.S. Representative John Sarbanes! And a special shout-out to the Patterson Park Public Charter School Fife and Drum Corps and the Army JROTC cadets from Carver Vocational High School!
Went to DCI Semi-Finals in Indy yesterday...awesome. They were all spectacular, but still a fan of The Big Green...go Cavies! (They came in 6th, but that's OK--still a treat to see them.) The field was loaded with talent and some seriously stiff competition--pretty amazing to see how Drum Corps has changed since we marched with the SK's; lots of props, voiceovers, and sound effects--seems like anything goes, which make for lots of creative license, and a rousing good good time.
Drum Corps show, competition at Bulldog Stadium tonight
The Fife and Drum Corps of York Town has two performances in the area tomorrow! 10:00 at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and 2:00 at James Madison's Montpelier
Sooo let's all be honest here. Everyone in a Drum Corps or band are all important! But the most important is the Horn line/actual band!
This is OLD SCHOOL Drum Corps, and what its all about: This past Sunday, after our DCA debut, the Bushwackers marched in the Barnum Festival Parade in Bridgeport, CT. After waiting over 45 minutes to board the shuttle bus from our housing site to the parade stepoff, the shuttle buses provided by the event WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! Holly Marino, Director of Fusion Core, offered to share their buses in order to get the Bushwackers to the parade start JUST IN TIME for step-off. WHEW! To show our thanks and love for their support, the Bushwackers Hornline and Battery lined up at the end of the parade and performed a standstill of parts of our show for the Fusion Core members. They, in turn, setup and did a standstill for us! It was a great moment, attracted many from around the campus, and both Corps cheered on each other! This is why this activity is not solely about the competition field, and we at the Bushwackers concentrate on the family component of Drum Corps. We are ALL Drum Corps brothers and ...
Happy Flag Day to the Fort McHenry Guard Fife and Drum Corps, 1st Maryland Infantry, longtime Parade participants...
About a year ago I started looking into starting a not for profit organization that would raise money and offer scholarships to help pay band fees for high school students, buy instruments for kids who can't afford them, or pay fees to march in Drum Corps. I sort of abandoned it because it isn't something that I can do by myself. It would take an entire team of people who are committed to furthering music education for high school students. But, more and more I am hearing about kids that are not able to participate in high school band programs because of how high the band fees and trip costs can be. I think I am going to revisit this idea and see if I can find other people who are willing to be involved. Every year, thousands of kids are given college scholarships based on the talent they develop in high school band. I think it's something worth supporting.
Fort George Fife and Drum Corps perform at Military Tattoo in at FOC this aft.
he acts like he knows about music omfg he tried to name the Drum Corps on a flyer Campbell got today
Great performance by the Fife and Drum Corps and Honor Guard Colors Team at the Washington Monument Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Announcing "Adopt a Drum & Bugle Corps" for the "North Iowa Festival of Brass" Help fund our competition - the funds will go to house the Corps, establish a new scholarship for North Iowa Drum Corps members, and produce the competition. Open to individuals, groups, community groups or businesses. Your name(s) will be in our program with 'your Corps' and you can have lunch on show day with your Corps. Adoption fee is $1,000 per Drum Corps. Contact maryannfor more details.
Reopening of the Washngton Monument The National Park Service will hold an opening ceremony today to celebrate the reopening of the Washington Monument after years of repairs. Al Roker, the TODAY show’s weather anchor, will serve as the master of ceremonies and will be joined by “American Idol” Season 12 winner Candice Glover. Also in attendance will be the Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps, the United States Navy Band, and the Boy and Girl Choristers of Washington National Cathedral Choir. The 555-foot monument honoring America’s first president is reopening for the first time since Aug. 23, 2011 after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake caused significant damage to the structure and forced its closure. The ceremony is open to the public and will take place at 10 a.m. today on the southwest grounds of the Washington Monument. Public tours of the monument begin at 1 p.m. after the ceremony and tickets will be first come first serve beginning at 8:30 a.m. Tickets are required for tours of the monument. Secretary ...
This day brings back wonderful memories of my dear departed mother, Mary Ellen Fields. She raised myself and my two great brothers, Jamie Fields and Larry Fields. She got us through those crazy years of Boy Scouts, Drum Corps and the break up of her marriage to my dear departed father Loren Fields. She taught us to be good boys, to keep out of trouble, and lots of life lessons that we have never forgotten. One lesson she taught us the hard way. As the years went on she became more disabled and ended up in a wheel chair. As a teenager she smoked and I guess my dad did for awhile. But I never saw her smoke when we were living there in the house with her. My dad moved Sacramento for his job and we stayed behind to finish school. They never did reconnect like most divorces. The one thing she taught us that none of us ever forgot: To never smoke. She was living all alone with the three of us spread all over the world. The firemen said it looked like she was sitting in her wheel chair smoking, she must have fal ...
Drum Corps event a 14-year triumph By Patricia Andrews Journal Times Staff (August 1977) When Kenneth Pias started Drum Corps Day in 1964, letters were ambitiously mailed to governors, representatives, senators - and President Lyndon Johnson. President Johnson didn't show, but he did send his best regards. Over the past 14 years, Pias has unfailingly invited the nation's highest dignitaries to the celebration given by drum corps groups in the city in appreciation of community support received the preceding year. True, not all of the dignitaries have made it. Not one president has taken time off from affairs of state to come to Racine. But, thinking BIG never hurt. When Richard Nixon was invited in 1972, some may have thought he would agree to come and thus also make Racine a campaign stop. He didn't, but Pias didn't mind. Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wisconsin, couldn't come to the first event in the summer of 1964. The Civil Rights Act was coming up for a vote that summer and Proxmire, known for his attenda ...
This is an Open Invitation: To attend a Brass Clinic with Ritchee Price (Master Musician and Corpsman) Sponsored by: The Pittsfield Red Knights Mini Corps Running Around Providence with Charles Pinning, Ritchee Price Plays his Trumpet has been a Featured Soloist with: Drum Corps’ The York White Roses The Reading Buccaneers The Rhode Island Matadors The Long Island Sunrisers The Empire Statesmen Inducted into The Buglers Hall of Fame 2005 DCA Soloist of The Year BHOF Garfield NJ Lionel Hampton Orchestra The Count Basie Orchestra He has also Played with several famous performers and performed at The White House. 1988 at The Newport Jazz Festival with Lionel Hampton (Solo Work starts at 5:00) has been involved in Marching Band and Jazz clinics across the country and been part of The 27th Lancers Brass Staff. This is a Great Opportunity for you to take part in a clinic with a Renowned Professional Brass Player who evolved from the world of Drum Corps. There will be NO CHARGE for this event. The Event will t ...
Today we had a great ANZAC Day service. Thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to Member for Gympie, David Gibson for a great ANZAC Day speech and also to Deputy Mayor, Tony Perrett for leading us through a time of reflection. Thanks to our Chapel Band, Drum Corps, Sound Team, Hannah and Grace (2014 RSL Youth Ambassadors), Nathan for playing "The Last Post" and "Reveille" and both the Secondary and Primary Leadership teams. Special thanks to both Mr Harris' for helping set everything up this morning. Well done to all!
The Monumental City Ancient Fife & Drum Corps pays tribute to Revolutionary War drummer John W. Hunter on Patriot's Day 2014 at the Congressional Cemetery in...
4/21/14: Members of the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps perform the national anthem at Fenway Park in honor of Patriots Day
I have been blessed with so many mentors in my Drum Corps life. Gene Laus, my first trumpet teacher, Bookie Bridge, the first man who taught me not to take a suckers bet, Buzzy Schultz who instilled the Brotherhood of Corps, when he fixed my parents furnace on a very cold Christmas Eve because "Ya gotta take care of family regardless of the day on the calendar", Frank Hamilton who taught me hockey rules, Carmen Capone my dad's best friend. And all the many fabulous corps folks from my days in Florida. I well not call *** Filkins a mentor, he was closer to a father. The one person, who was the most influential to me was by far a French horn player in the Rockets named Denny Smith. This man taught me more about being a person than anyone in my life. A gentle giant, with a heart of gold!
Top Secret Drum Corps was cool but the secret is Drum Corps is in UK. Like us here in Stafford
IMO, DCI's biggest problem is their branding. What is a "Drum Corps International?" "Is it a bunch of drums in formation?" "How many countries are involved?" "If it's a Drum Corps, why are there brass players and colorguard?" Please change the name to reflect the activity. Tie into BOA. "The Bands of America Summer Music Games." Add woodwinds and sell it as the best marching bands you've ever seen. Right now, we're stuck with a brass, drum, and guard band that angers the old fans, but doesn't seem to attract enough new fans to make it a viable business model. I don't see the ultimate direction and goal of this business. Strong Corporations can show a 10 year timeline for their organization. What is DCI's 10 year goal? Maybe Dan Acheson told the Board at the recent meeting about his plans, and I don't know about it. How does this recent change make our summer marching band activity viable and sustainable for students?
Why the Colonial Fife and Drum Corps picture? Because one of our featured wines this week is the S.P. Drummer Cab Sauv/Cab Franc 2008. Joining it is C. Beck Cabernet Sauvignon 2010. Reminders on Sauv Blanc Thursday and Sake Friday included. Rat a tat tat...spend a minute with our weekly newsletter please!
Does anyone remember the Bethpage Colonial Fife and Drum Corps? My sister and I were members. Marched in all local parades and in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
The Blue Saints drum major auditions are now complete and after several excellent candidates the Blue Saints have selected for the 2014 season George Martinez. George comes to the corps with many years of musical experience, getting into music at an early age of 5 years. Starting off with the piano, George quickly advanced. In Grade 7 George picked up the trumpet and from then he knew that his passion was for music. In 2010 George had his first opportunity in the Drum Corps world with the Kingston Grenadiers. He then went on to becoming a member/visual tech of the McMaster University Marching Band throughout the 2011/2012 season while still in school. George then joined the Empire Statesmen from Rochester, NY for the 2012&2013 seasons. In December 2012 George became a Brass instructor for the Hamilton Firefighter Alumni Corps. George also was a guest member of the Preston Scout House in 2013. George enjoys playing with various organizations from NY state and Ontario. He is currently the Lead Trumpet with ...
If I get into Western Carolina and somehow make it on there snareline then it's possible I could make it in a Drum Corps. There that good!
Must rise early to fix everything. Sangay NHS Glockenspiel and Drum Corps will be transported to Barangay Poblacion to participate for the Araw ng Kalamansig Opening Salvo parade on December 27, 2013.
Members of the 3d US Infantry Regiment's Fife and Drum Corps and United States Army Drill Team performed for the Children's National Medical Center in Washin...
Eric Whitacre, Drum Corps, and Hans Zimmer in, world out.
Ok so Donna gave me 12 a long time ago so here are 12 things you may not know about me! 1. I am half Puerto Rican or a Hungarican 2. I was a music major in college first 3. I was a Med Lab Tech before a nurse 4. I worked at Jersey Shore 23 yrs 5. I LOVE Bruce Springsteen 6. I marched in Drum Corps from the age of 12 till I was 34. 7. I have 3 close friends that span 25 yrs and over 8. I used to do musical theater 9. Lenny and I met online...9 wonderful yrs together 10. I met Bill my hubby in a hospital 11. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren but no kids ;) 12. I am deathly afraid of bridges!
I got 16, like this and I'll give you a number. 1) Music is my life. 2) My main instrument is tuba, but I can also play trumpet, trombone, euphonium, and piano. 3) Once I finish my undergrad as a Music major (BA) I want to go to grad school and get my masters in tuba performance and hopefully go on to get my doctorate. 4) Classical is my favorite genre of music, hands down. 5) A lot of people say I'm quiet, but once you get to know me, I'm actually a very talkative person. 6) The one thing I look for in a woman is personality. I'm not much of a stickler on appearance. I'll take personality over appearance ANY day. 7) Now there is one thing I love about appearances on women, and that's glasses. I LOVE glasses. 8) My favorite Drum Corps is Phantom Regiment (if you don't know what drum corps is, go look it up, and NO, it's NOTHING like the movie drumline!) 9) I don't have a voice like bing crosby, frank sinatra,scott hoying, etc. But I LOVE singing 10) If I could play a woodwind instrument, it would be a tie ...
Awesome! We were there when had it's first street at Drum Corps Int in Indy. !
but you're a wonderful performer! And plus, drum corps is a great experience. Gotta do it while you can!
"Drum Corps International is proud to present..."
Idk... Id rather to a super regional than go to see drum corps..
. Go follow ! Drum corps auditions are starting, perfect time to go follow this wonderful account!
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WHY MUST THEY DO THIS TO US??? I would die without music. And they're just like. Eric who? Drum corps what?
Drum corps memories from the drives home every night❤😁💖
he's an amazing percussionist! Hes actually doing drum corps this summer. Can't wait to see him with y'all!
Congratulations to Isaac V & Michael H for being selected to participate in the 2013 Guardian's Drum & Bugle Corps. ht…
I love that my xbox avatar is dressed for drum corps 😂
The lions roar again. After a year of absence, Wölper Löwen Drum & Bugle Corps want to give it their all again in...
congrats, and if you don't like it Reading has mountains, a drum corps, and all that, PSU BK is a somewhat wooded campus
But seriously, being a photographer for marching band and drum corps would be such an awesome job..
A Michael kors bag is on my Christmas list this year along with the matching shoes, and drum corps fees 👌 simple gift this time
yes hello can I pay for a drum corps dvd with my TEARS?
Although we did have a nice long talk about drum corps.
When you shop Amazon will make a donation to Music City Drum and Bugle Corps.
But hey...whatever will get me ready for drum corps.
How am I supposed to pay for drum corps with my hours cut in half
and! The swiss army drum corps do that every year!
Forever watching drum corps in Mr Burton's class
Crush were the cop in the poverty simulation. We need to continue that Phantom Regiment conversation because I don't think you fully realize that they're the greatest Drum Corps ever."
Oh. My. Goodness. Stop talking about drum corps. You're wrong anyways.
For the drum corps...Bang me hard with pride.
Just a little Drum Corps to get me pumped for today's show.
I've always wanted to march drum corps…this would be my last chance to do it...
All these drum corps enthusiast, but where's the talent
The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to announce the 2014 Percussion Educational Team under the direction...
The Drum and Bugle Corps will practice in your living room tonight from 6 to midnight. Please have refreshments available.
If you pronounce "Drum Corps" like "Drum Corpse", then consider yourself a corpse because you're dead to me.
Thank you Valley Christian HS for that surprise! A 'drum corps-ish' show, with an average size band, electronic...
I'm playing with Street Drum Corps at Vinyl in Las Vegas , NOV 16, Saturday night
so I have drum corps and praise team on the same day 😐😑
So are there drum corps rivalries or does everybody just hate the BD?
Even if tomorrow is weekend :(( still i cant rest.. We still have a drum corps practice
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Drum and Bugle Corps playing christmas songs in our street and asking donations for the victims of Yolanda. 👏🎄
Drum corps like motivational speakers, right? Maybe someone can hire this *** for a pre-show hype speech.
If a girl watches drum corps shows with you, wife that girl
Would it be weird if I, like, gave up on doing real things this summer and marched drum corps instead?
Been neglecting Bring on the Stats, but I'll have some content next week after drum corps camp. Keep checking
If every one of my followers donated $0.50, I'd be in the running to pay for my last year in Drum Corps. (Please refer…
The best part about the Troopers is the fact that it's not just a drum corps.
Knowing that my last marching season really is over makes me want to go for Drum Corps
Gold Drum & Bugle Corps is excited to announce its’ California audition dates for the…
I cannot fit drum corps into a 1 page personal history...
I have officially decided that I will be trying out for a Drum corps next year!
The next few days are going to be huge in my life... I'm registering for my 1st drum corps camp, applying for college, and turning eighteen!
Looking up videos of different Drum Corps playing Malaguena.
I see a note concerning the "damnable din " of the Bugle and Drum Corps of the Hebrew Orphans Asylum.Wish ther…
"So if you're a white guy who marched drum corps, why are you tan?" "Oh my gosh, Karen. You can't just ask someone why th…
November camp is quickly approaching! I will soon be on my way towards the 2014 Drum Corps season. Help me march with the Phantom Regiment by donat...
( - An organization that serves British and American soldiers and its families was told by Union Station security in Washington, D.C., Saturday that it could not play its bagpipes, because it did not have a permit. The Allied Forces Foundation (AFF), which helps wounded soldiers and their families in the United Kingdom as well as the United States, had a luncheon at Pizzeria Uno’s on Saturday for their families and supporters in the buildup to the Marine Corps Marathon, held the following day. As part of the event, a couple members of the AFF’s Pipe and Drum Corps played a couple of tunes on bagpipes to entertain their group, as well as the general public. The pipers played on the balcony which faces the main promenade, but several members of Union Station’s security team stopped them, because they did not have a permit to play. Maj. Steven Cain, MBE, one of the founders of the AFF who served for 20 years in the British Special Forces, explained that the entire incident was “ridiculous ...
I miss Drum Corps season. :-( Saving up to audition for Phantom Regiment in the fall! :D
What a great lineup of Drum Corps! Blessed Sacrament, Golden Knights, Crusader Senior Drum & Bugle Corps & more!
2 more days of work and I am off until July 22! Friday's weather looks perfect for a 4 hour trip across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin on the S.S. Badger! Will be at the Mall of America that night in time to take a look around. Then heading to a prelim show with the top Drum Corps in the U.S. on Saturday in Minneapolis. Dekalb, IL on Sunday afternoon - Scott and Josh will continue on home, and Jared and I will be left there to begin our "volunteering / touring with the Bluecoats through Thursday the 18th (Justin's B'day) - flight home from Little Rock, Arkansas that night.. sleep (after a shower!) on Friday, enjoy the weekend and then back to work on the 22nd :-) I am so excited!
The Rockford Corps marched in the July 4th parade in Rockford, playing G bugles. I continue to be amazed how young people, as young as the age of 6, respond to the concept of Drum Corps. If every child would have this opportunity, things would be a lot different in music. The people after WWI knew what they were doing, in terms of establishing patriotism for their country. It's interesting that the only thing that will ever precede the Rockford Corps is the American flag.
Robert Davis narrating the history of Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Why do I get so nervous when performing at Drum Corps shows? I have done this how many times? Wicked nervous about Friday.
Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July, have fun and stay safe. We're hosting a 4th of July cookout tomorrow for some friends with fun lawn games included. At 7:00 PM going downtown to listen to the Stars and Stripes Annual Holiday Concert (Purdue Summer Jazz Band, Tippecanoe Ancient Fife & Drum Corps, Lafayette Citizens Band, The Freedom Singers and Indiana All-Star High School Show Choir) and at 10:00 the spectacular Lafayette fireworks! On Saturday we are going to another cookout (we're guests this time) to have a belated 4th celebration. Good times ahead!
We will be helping with technical support at the annual Stars and Stripes Celebration on July 4th. that will include the Purdue Jazz Band, Citizen's Band, Fife and Drum Corps, and the Freedom Singers will begin at 7 pm. Fireworks will be fired from the lookout point at the end of Brown Street in West Lafayette at dark (around 10 pm).
Greetings Raider Band members. Congratulations and thank you to those students who represented us at the TAMU/Commerce Leadership Camp and to Sheryl and Joseph this past week at the UT/Arlington Drum Major Camp. We are putting together a volunteer band to ride on a trailor and play a few tunes for the 4th of July parade. The parade is at 4 pm on the 4th. Dress is VERY casual and cool. The parade is just under one mile and will take about one hour from the time we leave the band hall until we return. We will have 1 rehearsal on Tuesday, July 2nd at 6 pm in the band hall. This is a volunteer band, so come if you are in town and can do so. Feel free to invite former Raider Band members who are in town on College breaks, friends from other schools, as well as any adult who still plays well. I have tickets for the July 18th DCI Drum Corps show at UNT in Denton. The tickets are $40 each and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. There are currently about 15 tickets left. I will be in the band hal ...
Anybody know the housing sights for the Drum Corps. for the show on July 8th? Thanks!
For you Drum Corps fans & band geeks in the area, Phantom Regiment is at Burlington City High School practicing. I imagine they'll be there part of tomorrow too as they have a show in Jackson tomorrow night. I stopped and watched their show. Great horn line! Check them out if you get the chance.
What are you doing SUNDAY evening? Have you ever been to a Drum Corps show? If not, you should! Music on the Border presented by the Phantom Regiment and Central High School Music Program Music on the Border will bring 6 of the best drum & Bugle Corps in the world to the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Join us for a wonderful night of family entertainment in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin - also known as Salem, WI. This show is presented by the Phantom Regiment and the Central High School Music program. So bring the family and enjoy a great night in an intimate venue that puts you in the middle of the action. Central High School's football stadium is a brand new turf stadium which will be the perfect place to enjoy all of the corps. F E A T U R I N G... 7:10p Racine Scouts - Racine, WI (exhibition) 7:27p Kilties - Racine, WI 7:44p Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA 8:01p Legends - Kalamazoo, MI 8:18p Intermission 8:48p Pioneer - Milwaukee, WI 9:05p Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 9:22p The Cavaliers ...
How many people on will be attending a Drum Corps show of some kind this season? Share, comment!
Two Age-outs give their thoughts as they head into their final week of Drum Corps ever.
Just got back from watching a Drum Corps show at the movies. The Cadets, Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment and Spirit of Atlanta looked great.
There are some things I miss dearly: Swamp, church, CSU, Mill Creek, and my dog, Molly. But I am glad I took this summer off to do Drum Corps. Phantom Regiment has a way of making people whole.
Yipe off to eat a burger at Red Robin and then to the movies to see the 2013 DCI Movie . Drum Corps fans are you ready to be amazed YESSS. And Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Cadets, THE CAVALIERS, Phantom Regiment and Spirit of Atlanta are your bands Ready. You may take the field Gonna be an AWESOME AWESOME MOVIE
Scores from the June 22 Innovations in Brass event in Akron, will not be released to the corps or the public until the Drum Corps at the Cinema: DCI Tour Premiere, coming to more than 450 movie theaters nationwide on Monday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m. local time.
Drum Corps show at Merrillville, IN tonight. My three favourite corps of the night, Madison, Crossmen, and the Troopers. Madison was wonderful. Well designed and well executed for the 2nd show of the year. Gonna be really something when it is cleaned up a bit. Crossmen are great until the last minute of the show, hope that is worked out. Look forward to seeing them again. The Troopers had me from start to finish. Musically pleasing while maintaining an edge in arrangement. Some ensemble issues in the brass voice but a lovely sound anyway. Wishing them all the best in the weeks to follow.
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