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Drum Circle

A drum circle is any group of people playing (usually) hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance.

Community Drum Circle

Listening to "The Drum Circle: Seriously Free Saturday - LIVE on Drumbase.sp..." by
Charlestown's Pat Bettridge participates in on-site session taught by Nellie Hill, world-renowned drum circle facil…
5th grade students taking turns leading Q&A in a drum circle
Today I am pleased to be facilitating a drum circle at North Pond Manor in Torbay.
Does the whole drum circle on a full moon or whatever it was still happen lmao I guess you'll just have to have a indoor drum circle today :D
On Childrens Day, Pageone Restaurant & Hotel, Ahmedabad dedicated the day to the luxury of more than 80 marginalize…
Aren’t they too busy sitting in a drum circle endlessly debating minutiae to make such crass commercial appeals?
I did more circle drill in high school band than in drum corps lmaoo
Awesome halftime show at game. Love the fancy dancers and drum circle. A lot like Lakota pow wows!
You come and you drum! Fun drumming circle on Nov. 29th 7-8:30 pm at Blossom Yoga.
That'll *** you off, a drum circle in every elevator lobby.
I'm bringing my drums, we're not having this party without a drum circle at some point. Who wants to play?
I can’t tell the diff between lion dance and drum circle drums
Today Frame Drum Circle Song midweek Challenge. Inviting you to come share your frame drum song, chant or mantra...
Gorgeous Feedback is the name of my new Pop rock drum circle
Wait no, also excited about Ubuntu and drum circle this weekend. Maybe I can convince my son to play!
I'm sure you and the drum circle sit around and knee-jerkingly ascribe RACISM WHITE SUPREMAC…
Happy Wednesday! Today at 7:35pm join us for our drum and zill circle . All levels welcome and only $15 drop in.
I think these 'drum circle' people are my beach neighbors, I have seen them walking to the beach with their drums.
Jim will be hosting drum circle tonight at 7PM. It's only $10 to join!
Maestro Shawn leads the grade sevens in a rockin drum circle!
Wednesday Midnight Drum Circle 1403 Nance St. Can bring a drum to join in. Dancing and hoola hoop…
Today begins the Today Frame Drum Circle Song midweek Challenge. Come share your song or come visit to see the...
22 Downloads in the latest episode of DetroitRaver's - The Drum Circle! Don't miss t…
New show "The Drum Circle: Seriously Free Saturday - LIVE on (11..." up now at…
There's currently a drum circle in the cafe
Because we like to groove, we named our new UK garage drum circle Heavenly Stranger
Conservative is now obviously equated with authoritarian *** Maybe that makes you a lib...I'll…
Hurr durr. Somebody is in desperate need of a drum circle.
The only evidence of a drum circle lol 🥁 I’m catching up on emails and scheduling today, 2018 is…
One of my favorite things are the notes that come home with WD from school. These months at the School for the Blin…
There is no drumming tonight. Join us on the 23rd November instead. 7.30pm at The White House for the drum circle!
Because we like to roll, we named our new Minimal drum circle Ripe British
A book has an inner seal that has to be broken, like drum-tight circle of waxed paper inside lid of a jar of coffee
Because I like to dance, my new Eurobeat drum circle is called Laughable Knight
Drum circle remembers Jason Pero, Family calls for justice after officer involved shooting
has tickets left to their very first thanksgiving. Cuddle turkeys, eat delicious gentle foods, and pl…
Wonderful performance by Our Relations Métis Drum Circle in recognition of Louis Riel Day on November 16th
Update: so it’s not rlly a “drum circle”... it’s an actual class. I’m stealing education from Princeton University’…
We're open until 10 PM at First Friday At Railroad Square Art Park. Food Trucks will be by the Drum Circle.
Music is a universal language. Thanks to & Pinellas County Board of County Commisioners for making th…
My first drum circle was very memorable
Fran, Crystal, “Spirit Writing Class” and Drum Circle (Tomorrow). “Being deeply loved by someone gives you...
Klatchian Swamp law firm seeks golems who have consumed Dibbler's "Bes Pelargic drum circle Flavored Drink" or their next of kin
Sometimes I still stop to think about how frakking awesome Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel drum circle was
Mixing the sound of a soccer ball and a drum circle
Because we like to rock, we named our new C-pop drum circle Domineering Mass
Matty, rockin' with the kids in the drum circle!
My drum circle is me and a box of donuts.
Get out of your bubble. You're so insulated inside your groupthink drum circle y…
So pleased to have been invited to host a Public Drum Circle at the 1st Mundy Pond Regatta. Jul. 9, 2 to 3 pm. See: http…
apart from the absolutely pointless drum circle, Metallica was worth every one of my 20,000 pennies last night. WHAT a show
The Longest Journey helped me warm to my youngest child's drum circle
that sounds like a drum circle at Sasquatch
Wish Pocahontas would join him for a drum circle
Uh oh, cancel the protest and drum circle...
Because I like to groove, my new Freestyle music drum circle is called Needless Adapter
Welcome back to San Francisco! Now, here is a drum circle just outside your house. I miss the peace and quiet of Bangkok already.
Friends/supporters of have drum circle at in for his release in charges…
Circle 'round and get to know each other in High On Humans. Play it here:
Popup drum circle in ocean grove. Great job jack and Manolo Teijelo. Alex Anlas and Sam Werk would love this.
This isn't what my peeps in my drum circle say.
Just joined in my first drum circle and I feel spiritually uplifted
A drum circle. To support a man responsible for 36 dead kids. Geez.
RIGHT NOW: Drum circle in support of Max Harris, arrested & facing 36 counts of manslaughter in connection w/…
Wednesday's downtown in JC = halfprice sushi at Label and a drum circle
My tinder date plays in this drum circle so we can go together and do recon on him
🍗Drumroll please! is tomorrow, and Ken is ready for his drum solo... let's form a drum cir…
We are excited to come back from vacation tomorrow! Opening at 10 AM, plus we have our free Community Drum Circle...
Check out the North Hollywood Drum Circle tomorrow night with Remo facilitators Chris Ramirez and Alan Bruni!...
Cristiane Machado oye and that's a drum circle !!! *** catraccha
Join us tomorrow for our monthly drum circle! 7-8 PM. 🥁
Join Jim Copeman for Feel the Rhythm Drum Circle tonight 7-9PM. Only $10 & drums will be provided, or bring your ow…
Drum circle this Friday on College Ave after the concert (7:30). Hope to see you there!
Would be in the drum circle that I wiffed the most peculiar stank
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I actually have a drum circle that likes to play when I want to record! 😩🥁
Frame Drum Circle Songs youtube channel dreaming to grow it.Check out the playlist...
Seriously, somebody has to take charge - because the far left are about as organized as a new age drum…
THIS IS DRUM HEAD RIGHT that's how. the big circle is called like
Please be advised the Adult Drum Circle hosted by Paul Reynolds Ctr., Jul. 7, 2017, is cancelled due to low registration.
Had a blast adding another thing to my resume last night by being a drummer for the chattahooligan drum circle
Groovy Spain is the name of my new Berlin school drum circle
Drum circle at sundown after hackey sack tourney. GOP will cont. 2 slaughter us tomo…
Oh, my friend, What time is this, to trade the handshake for the fist. · A perfect circle - Fiddle and the drum
For more details join Drum Circle group
It was a drum circle. But Allergic to Infested a test. Tickle of tom tom. Forced a parabola. Sincopation of. Not me/me too. Zest
MRW I was going to go to third beach to see the sunset earlier but didn't, and I just realized that Tuesday is drum…
Drum circle on the beach to celebrate Independence Day. My sister seems like she's done this before!
Because we like to dance, we named our new Techno-folk drum circle Ill Wholesaler
A new favorite: I should have taken the blue pill by Mr. Rize on
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I think it's time to have a drum circle in Mississauga or Halton
We all need to bang a drum right about now. Do it for FREE this Thursday at
I can't wait till I'm like 50 and be part of a drum circle group and wear tye dye all the time. What a nice life.
Donated my old high school drum set to charity today 🥁 Sad to see it go, but there an element of coming full circle…
Crank up the volume to experience closer from within their brass circle!
Welcome the Summer Solstice with a Paint Night & Drum Circle tomorrow evening! Space is filling up for this outdoor workshop…
Brush up on those rhythms this week with Martin "Wolf" Murphy for the next Drum Circle!
Come and join us this Sunday, chill at one of our sundbath sessions or drum your stresses away at our Drum Circle a…
Tonight's Drum Circle starts at 7pm! 177 Mass Ave Arlington, MA $10.- We have drums if you don't.
Sound Check vid for today's Shape of Sound Drum Circle at Hardywood Park Brewery, it was a BLAST!!
"You might enjoy our Lilith Fair audio channel, and once we reach cruising altitude we'll be forming a drum circle."
At the end of vocal toning and drum circle, we had our goddess sing "Heer" for all of us. She…
Get ready to drum yourself into shape at our free Drums Alive demo next Thu!
Because I like to groove, my new Electronic rock drum circle is called Agonizing Picture
Why don't you go down to the drum circle at the pipeline protest with all the other lame white people ?
Get 6 Free VitaTops
drum circle concert, 7 pm at the ASU MU. come thru. you'll get to see me screw up a djembe solo
Just had a short chat w a friend. He wondered why I wasn't at drum circle last night. I'm sick, been sick, what...
No I do not want to go to your full moon drum circle.
Have some free time this THURSDAY??! Check out what our MRU Drum Circle is up to!. Come celebrate the LAST WEEK...
But I drove all this way in my VW bus to grace you with my presence! Don't like my drum-circle protest? Then go bac…
Launching our Community Drum Circle 17 December 3pm
Remember it's a Drum circle not a jerk circle. Or a circle jerk.
As someone who thinks therapy + spooky music is funny still not feeling great about menacing live drum circle sesh at psych hospital
you know they will. From the drum circle to the legislature. That's how they do it.
Mr. B's piano class enjoying a back from break drum circle today!!
not really. Just use a sharpie to trace a circle the size needed. Then cut. Use drum key to open heads and replace foam.
I can't wait to take Julia's little boy Noah to the drum circle on Wednesday, he's gonna be a trippy little boy starting young
Jill pack a bowl and Chill. Cyndi give the drum circle a break..
Chigamik Bring your drum and join in on our weekly peer-facilitated drumming circle 845 King St Midland Free 6-8pm
Still beating the drum. Full circle back to dump. First Comey, then
Marty Brennaman is hanging out at the Siesta Key Sunday drum circle. He also still used the hashtag. Neat 🤘
Lovely little drum circle with at Pilling. Noisy fun had by all.
No point to being in Oakland, unless you're a smash-and-grab artiste, or Minister of War for a transgender vegan drum circle.
Running a small drum circle with 12 people this morning.
A Caesarist has to start as a powerful general before starting a civil war... he's more like a campus drum circle gone wrong
Welcome to Lake Merritt, home of the sunset drum circle. 💯
Liberals suck at making memes. They excel at drum circle therapy sessions crying about oil companies.
Something tells me that Zach is more likely to die of a rage-induced heart attack at the local drum circle than AGW.
Trump inner circle really, really doesn't like Mitt Romney via
Drum circle is always the best way to end a week of shows!!
I'd totally donate to an armed militia in North Dakota all day but never wouldI sit in a drum circle of white fools with dr…
Sitting on a park bench looking at Christmas lights listening to the beat from the drum circle and enjoying the breeze
What diff does is make who Mitt voted for? Purity test? I thought that was Sarah's job!! Profs?via
Drum circle and March makes its way to Lincoln Memorial.
New on Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Drum Circle
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Join us for another Drum Circle this Thursday at Popup Park at Ballard Park - 6:00 pm.
I am obligated Saturday but was wondering if anyone has any interest in rallying at the drum circle at Malcolm-X...
Get in touch with the great outdoors through the power of music. A Drum Circle session will be held this August...
Probable Tin is the name of my new Ghetto house drum circle
This called as DRUM CIRCLE. Where everyone can participate with knowing how to play those…
Check out AN AMERICAN DRUM CIRCLE by Vanessa Shealy! Congrats on a great opening night!
The most happening event this afternoon however appears to be the Drum Circle, where everyone was invited to join in
Yes, maybe you should take your virtue signaling back to the liberal arts college drum circle it came from.
Rains making your weekend dull & gloomy? Come, join us with your little ones for a fun Drum Circle and Kids in...
Hey didn't you go to London to take part in an illegal drum-circle recently,
My dance class kicks off on the next full moon followed by a drum circle :)
"All he does is go to drum circle by himself and drop acid alone in his room"
Dapper Burst is the name of my new Free jazz drum circle
I'm so excited for drum circle later.
There's a new beat to dance to in Vegas. Have you heard about our drum circles?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rock to the rhythm at our every Friday at 6:30pm at YMCA One KX
Join our Drum Circle this Friday evening at DCMS!
Don't you have a drum circle to attend? That bong isn't going to smoke itself.
Came upon a little drum circle in the park yesterday. The man in the white asked me to take this…
Come in tonight for our monthly drum circle, where you're sure to meet new friends and feel a new rhythm! It's...
Join the Roots N’ Rhythms Community Drum Circle at iFarm Friday 7pm-9pm
Save the Date!. Community Drum Circle!. Join us next Thursday, August 25th from 9:30 - 10:30 AM . at the Palatine...
Community Drum Circle with Katy Gaughan will be at the festival this year on Saturday Noon til 1:30. . :...
"Hey look, those dudes in weird robes got a drum circle set up near that ruined blood altar.let's go say Hi!"
Drum circle was so beautiful. Great energy amazing people.
Clumsy Mist is the name of my new Jùjú drum circle
Taal Inc. is coming back this weekend for a Community Drum Circle to spread more smiles per beat. . Come.
The Rhythm Hut are part of the Wollombi family & they also happen to run the best drum circle in the land.
I'm staying in the drum circle suite
Our daily drum circle, so blessed to share the stage with my friends and every night! ♥️✌🏼️
Hideous Tennis is the name of my new Keroncong drum circle
Not all of us are pothead drum circle losers. I don't instinctively feel the need to yell "no more war" at anyone in a uniform.
This is going to be a great year! You forgot to mention the amazing drum circle... 😉
The boys get a lesson from Great Spirit Circle Trail guide Craig Fox during our aboriginal drum…
I just played in a drum circle and I think now my chakras are all aligned
Bill why did the DRUM CIRCLE decide to meet at your place? Congressional Black Caucus is speaking:
Was just in a drum circle. Life is good people, life is good.
It's been too long since I've been to the Sunday evening drum circle in DC. I think I know where you will be able to find me Sunday evening
Andrew is proud to be part of the Remo family as an international endorsed drum circle facilitator. Thanks to...
This drum circle is beautiful, thank you and stick around for the free movie The Jungle Book!
As heard on ABC Wide Bay Disability drum circle opening new doors on
Drum circle getting the evening going at Rotary Carnival. Parade to come
Gonna be so upset if Klay or Draymond aren't photographed playing in a drum circle w/ ronaldinho somewhere in rio between 3-5am
.If Milo didn't take a pic with me I would've needed to join a therapeutic drum circle htt…
Amber Court Drum Circle facilitated by volunteer Raymond Hauck ! Awesome day!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I liked a video from STUCK IN DRUM CIRCLE!!!
Friends from home are coming tonight for drum circle! Can't say how excited I am.
Drum circle at sunset... Summer at Field 5!
Did you know that we have drum circle practice every Wednesday? . "We have drum circle to promote teamwork and to...
Because laughter strengthens social bonds. Much more than your SocJus drum circle and self flagellation
If Zhi in any way triggered Zhawesomeness, Zhi humbly beg forgiveness and extend an invitation to join Zhine drum circle...
Photo from "Welcome Spring" drum circle Retirement Residence yesterday. Thanks to all.
Hellish Alphabet is the name of my new Salsa drum circle
How the audience didn't get a circle pit going when Miles Teller goes on that final drum solo in Whiplash, I'll never know.
Getting ready for DrumsForCures :: drumSTRONG at a local Community Drum Circle with the fam ✌✨ Join us next...
LOL they knew what they were getting themselves into. They didn't want a spiritual leader. They wanted a drum circle leader.
Some awesome pics from the drum circle yesterday snapped by Carla Varisco!!...
I saw my first ever hippie drum circle in person and it was awful
Jaso's gonna be late for his drum circle unless this game speeds up.
birth. I'm a low key free spirit. I got to the beat of my own drum. I've always Ben the black sheep in my family and circle of friends. I'll
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
DrumsForCures has become a global initiative with > 70 cities holding drum circles simultaneously in May
Sunday I'm going to a drum circle for the full moon
Belly dancers dancing at our drum circle 01/02/2016 -
The same coworker who invited me to a drum circle brought homegrown catnip to the break room for everyone. Shout out Portlandia
students present a ceremonial Tie at the closing drum circle at Wonderful Whitby
There is one more weekend of An American Drum Circle I hope you can make it!!
Coming up this Saturday! We have 3 stages of music and visuals, a Community Drum Circle, and an art gallery...
Thanks to the Ceramics Dept. for putting together an awesome Drum Circle today in the commons during both lunches!
This is how you do accepted the invitation from elder to join drum circle
Come explore Mitchelville at our first ever Drum Circle & Fish Fry hosted by the Gullah Geechee Consortium of...
Wolverines- Don't miss the drum circle today during both lunches in the commons area!
Volunteers needed now to distribute posters and flyers around Charlotte and surrounding areas for
starts with Vic's day's parade, picnic, crafts, drum circle, dancing & bands! Check here for details:
It's not *** if it's someone from your Drum Circle, bro.
Past speaker, 12 hour drum circle is this Saturday! $25 admission
"I was at a drum circle the other day and..." said by your yoga teacher, or professor?
Acoustic Softball is the name of my new Rasin drum circle
Theres a full moon on Saturday...& i would have liked to go to the drum circle..but i cant. I`ll be at RU performing. :(
Special Thanks to Michael Teller and Brian Geraghty for hosting a drum circle for our N.E. Focal Point...
From zip lining to a drum circle, it was a Yom Haatzmaut to remember with the Chairman's Mission of
Bring your drum and join our weekly peer drumming circle Chigamik 845 King St Midland Free drop in 6-8pm Monday's
Asheville moving company loves the drum circle downtown - YouTube :
Welcoming prayer and drum circle. TCDSB and SNCDSB. Great people, excited teens and good thoughts. I love my job!
The Largest Drum Circle in the World (India Chapter) by Taal ... -
Up next You've been waiting for it. PAN AFRICAN DRUMFEST-MAY 21 Bring your drum n partake n the biggest Drum Circle in the history of Jersey
Join us for our Dance & Drum Circle every Sunday at a theatre near you!
It's Drum Circle tonight at the Hext Theatre, hosted by Nathan Shortridge! There will be a short instructional...
This is brilliant. "A Perfect Circle" Count Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the war Drum... via
Trynna go to drum circle today, lets go play hack sack or toss the football
At Common Hour in NAB 1100 tomorrow there will be an amazing drum circle preformed by your fellow HC students! Come jam out with us! 🎼😎
I really want to go to the drum circle today 😄💛
Drum circle today at 6 pm at Harambee gardens. 1801 n tryon st suite 517.
It's that time again!. How long will you spend at the drum circle this year?...
I would like to thank the edinburgh drum circle for resuming practice outside the library on the day before my essay is due
Everyone play hookie and go to drum circle tomorrow
😂😂😂😂 I need new friends and I'm way to shy to just go out and make new ones 😂😂😂 are you going to drum circle tomorrow
Why would you think it's appropriate to chant in the streets along with your drum circle at this ungodly hour, huh Berkeley?!
low key want to go to the Venice drum circle tomorrow if I don't have work.
I saw2Latino cops take over a drum circle at a Grateful Dead show.Hippies came running cuz the drums were on fire then
Check out the Sunday evening drum circle at Siesta Key Beach
Sorry about starting the nude drum circle in your back yard.
You're gonna, really, enjoy this. And, drum circle at Sunday at 7:00pm
Ashton's drum kit grows so much. One day its gonna be a circle and he's gonna have a spinney chair that he has to sit on to play them all.
I have this version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken in my head that's languid and driven by the kick drum. Can't think of who did it. Ideas?
It's all good love you guys,we can wait together drum circle..respect your opinion try
Con has turned the house into an African drum circle for the day 😀
I added a video to a playlist Some Asheville Drum Circle Action From 2015
What wonders a drum circle can do on awakening spiritual happiness!
Healing Group/Drum Circle is tomorrow--Sunday! From 2-4, receive healing, give healing, have fun, meet new...
A drum circle's about to go down in the park. Just an FYI in case you like being annoyed.
New Intention Drum Circle at Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills. Manifest your intention now!
wait till you're in downtown Asheville, especially if the drum circle is going on!
Pot Luck today! The first Saturday of each month at circle to follow. Going to raise the here!
Our drum circle was the talk of the campus Friday evening
Wish someone could have explained the difference between a drum circle and a circle jerk before I went off embarrassing …
Time for the sounds of strength. Drum Circle
Drum circle guys called. Let's just say they they declined. Something about rotting in ***
I'll be sure to get a drum circle started for them. Oh wait, the Bundy guys? I was just thinking OWS kids got beaten&arrested…
Just updated the drum circle finder website. Lots of new ones,
Sentai to Power Rangers Villain Comparison: Becoming a demon by way of mass murder, versus hippie-dippy drum-circle.
Drum circle tonight was awesome with old friends and new friends. Can't wait until next month!…
Crazy fun night with the drum circle at in Gainesville. It's on Friday nights and it's free to anyone who wants to come
.on Some of Thursdays in Suburbia and Minor Strut playing in a drum circle!!!
.great to finally meet you IRL at tonight! You were killing it in the drum circle!
Only at do I get to join the drum circle with the man himself
It's on like at the Let the drum circle commence...
Getting the full drum circle experience
This Sunday, I'm going to walk up to the drum circle in the park across the street from my apartment and scream "oah-ah-ah-ah "
Fun fact: Nero didn't actually have a fiddle - he was leading a drum circle.
(Knowing they would be totally accepting) and asked if I could join sometimes. They told be every wed they meet for a drum circle, hoop
are you guys down to be lame with me and go to drum circle next sunday? I havent gone in years lol
In the Meridian Hill drum circle, “the electricity is not really flowing.”
They were going to have a drum circle but the mallets were triggering.
Time for the Beach Party here at Attendees, join us for dinner, a bonfire & drum circle
Would enjoy connecting. Maybe tonight at the drum circle?
No Drum Circle to night but Jim will be back Nov 18th 7-9PM - $10 Drop-in!
Drum circle protest in the middle of Bay/Bloor intersection . @ Bay and…
Parsons Green station is one of the drums in Chandler's drum circle with explosives.
Was supposed to work on a project. Ended up leading a drum circle.
Love that we started with prayer and indigenous drum circle.
starting with Indigenous drum circle and prayer - recognize the lands we are on
From Has the magic been sapped from the Sunday drum circle at D.C.’s Malcolm X Park?
GP No. That's public property. Maybe if we formed a drum circle around our tax dollars and had free seminars in puppetry ...
Revolution never happened with a cheesy drum circle
The constitutional right to a campus drum circle shall not be abridged.
College haiku. woman drum circle. gender support seminar. they call this math class?.
Steel drum guy is jamming out on the Columbus Circle subway platform right now!
Starting today, our Wednesday Drum Circle has moved to 3:30. See you this afternoon!
The they wanted the videographer to leave was going to have a drum circle.
Rehearsing our drum circle today for Open House, because you can take the teacher outta' the desert hippie school, etc.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Mommies in waiting, join Artis Moon Amarche this Saturday for meditation paired with birth and drum circles!
Hoping to see some new faces at our drum circle on Friday! 7-9pm, all welcome and no experience required!
CAMH: Drum Circle beats a rhythm of life for CAMH clients
No recess. Upstairs they have a drum circle, rainbow parachute, and choke costumes and toysets
Just got email abt how excited staff at TheBoy's school r for the drum circle planned at Harvest Fest next it's not
when hannah and I start a drum circle
Healing drum circle at Hillsides informed care roundtable
Park Drum circle used to go most sundays when I lived in not sure what to takeaway from this piece
And if all the construction workers had been philosophers, then we'd all be sitting around a drum circle in the woods. Better?
I love the drums but these rally people sound like a drum circle on steroids 😣😣😣😣
Reintroduced myself to drum circle tonight. . I feel exhilaration from my palms to my teeth. I'm sorry for staying away so long
Got invited to participate in a drum circle on Wednesday nights and I'm v excited.
Deeply honoured to be asked to participate in the drum circle. A very special moment for me. Thank you Onigaming FN htt…
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