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Drum Circle

A drum circle is any group of people playing (usually) hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance.

Community Drum Circle Full Moon Fort Lauderdale

New on Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Drum Circle
Join us for another Drum Circle this Thursday at Popup Park at Ballard Park - 6:00 pm.
I am obligated Saturday but was wondering if anyone has any interest in rallying at the drum circle at Malcolm-X...
Get in touch with the great outdoors through the power of music. A Drum Circle session will be held this August...
Probable Tin is the name of my new Ghetto house drum circle
This called as DRUM CIRCLE. Where everyone can participate with knowing how to play those…
Check out AN AMERICAN DRUM CIRCLE by Vanessa Shealy! Congrats on a great opening night!
The most happening event this afternoon however appears to be the Drum Circle, where everyone was invited to join in
Yes, maybe you should take your virtue signaling back to the liberal arts college drum circle it came from.
Rains making your weekend dull & gloomy? Come, join us with your little ones for a fun Drum Circle and Kids in...
Hey didn't you go to London to take part in an illegal drum-circle recently,
My dance class kicks off on the next Full Moon followed by a drum circle :)
"All he does is go to drum circle by himself and drop acid alone in his room"
Dapper Burst is the name of my new Free jazz drum circle
I'm so excited for drum circle later.
There's a new beat to dance to in Vegas. Have you heard about our drum circles?
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Rock to the rhythm at our every Friday at 6:30pm at YMCA One KX
Join our Drum Circle this Friday evening at DCMS!
Don't you have a drum circle to attend? That bong isn't going to smoke itself.
Came upon a little drum circle in the park yesterday. The man in the white asked me to take this…
Come in tonight for our monthly drum circle, where you're sure to meet new friends and feel a new rhythm! It's...
Join the Roots N’ Rhythms Community Drum Circle at iFarm Friday 7pm-9pm
Save the Date!. Community Drum Circle!. Join us next Thursday, August 25th from 9:30 - 10:30 AM . at the Palatine...
Community Drum Circle with Katy Gaughan will be at the festival this year on Saturday Noon til 1:30. . :...
"Hey look, those dudes in weird robes got a drum circle set up near that ruined blood altar.let's go say Hi!"
Drum circle was so beautiful. Great energy amazing people.
Clumsy Mist is the name of my new Jùjú drum circle
Taal Inc. is coming back this weekend for a Community Drum Circle to spread more smiles per beat. . Come.
The Rhythm Hut are part of the Wollombi family & they also happen to run the best drum circle in the land.
I'm staying in the drum circle suite
Our daily drum circle, so blessed to share the stage with my friends and every night! ♥️✌🏼️
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Hideous Tennis is the name of my new Keroncong drum circle
Not all of us are pothead drum circle losers. I don't instinctively feel the need to yell "no more war" at anyone in a uniform.
This is going to be a great year! You forgot to mention the amazing drum circle... 😉
The boys get a lesson from Great Spirit Circle Trail guide Craig Fox during our aboriginal drum…
I just played in a drum circle and I think now my chakras are all aligned
Bill why did the DRUM CIRCLE decide to meet at your place? Congressional Black Caucus is speaking:
Was just in a drum circle. Life is good people, life is good.
It's been too long since I've been to the Sunday evening drum circle in DC. I think I know where you will be able to find me Sunday evening
Andrew is proud to be part of the Remo family as an international endorsed drum circle facilitator. Thanks to...
This drum circle is beautiful, thank you and stick around for the free movie The Jungle Book!
As heard on ABC Wide Bay Disability drum circle opening new doors on
Drum circle getting the evening going at Rotary Carnival. Parade to come
Gonna be so upset if Klay or Draymond aren't photographed playing in a drum circle w/ ronaldinho somewhere in rio between 3-5am
.If Milo didn't take a pic with me I would've needed to join a therapeutic drum circle htt…
Amber Court Drum Circle facilitated by volunteer Raymond Hauck ! Awesome day!
I liked a video from STUCK IN DRUM CIRCLE!!!
Friends from home are coming tonight for drum circle! Can't say how excited I am.
Drum circle at sunset... Summer at Field 5!
Did you know that we have drum circle practice every Wednesday? . "We have drum circle to promote teamwork and to...
Because laughter strengthens social bonds. Much more than your SocJus drum circle and self flagellation
If Zhi in any way triggered Zhawesomeness, Zhi humbly beg forgiveness and extend an invitation to join Zhine drum circle...
Photo from "Welcome Spring" drum circle Retirement Residence yesterday. Thanks to all.
Hellish Alphabet is the name of my new Salsa drum circle
How the audience didn't get a circle pit going when Miles Teller goes on that final drum solo in Whiplash, I'll never know.
Getting ready for DrumsForCures :: drumSTRONG at a local Community Drum Circle with the fam ✌✨ Join us next...
LOL they knew what they were getting themselves into. They didn't want a spiritual leader. They wanted a drum circle leader.
Some awesome pics from the drum circle yesterday snapped by Carla Varisco!!...
I saw my first ever hippie drum circle in person and it was awful
Jaso's gonna be late for his drum circle unless this game speeds up.
birth. I'm a low key free spirit. I got to the beat of my own drum. I've always Ben the black sheep in my family and circle of friends. I'll
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
DrumsForCures has become a global initiative with > 70 cities holding drum circles simultaneously in May
Sunday I'm going to a drum circle for the Full Moon
Belly dancers dancing at our drum circle 01/02/2016 -
The same coworker who invited me to a drum circle brought homegrown catnip to the break room for everyone. Shout out Portlandia
students present a ceremonial Tie at the closing drum circle at Wonderful Whitby
There is one more weekend of An American Drum Circle I hope you can make it!!
Coming up this Saturday! We have 3 stages of music and visuals, a Community Drum Circle, and an art gallery...
Thanks to the Ceramics Dept. for putting together an awesome Drum Circle today in the commons during both lunches!
This is how you do accepted the invitation from elder to join drum circle
Come explore Mitchelville at our first ever Drum Circle & Fish Fry hosted by the Gullah Geechee Consortium of...
Wolverines- Don't miss the drum circle today during both lunches in the commons area!
Volunteers needed now to distribute posters and flyers around Charlotte and surrounding areas for
starts with Vic's day's parade, picnic, crafts, drum circle, dancing & bands! Check here for details:
It's not *** if it's someone from your Drum Circle, bro.
Past speaker, 12 hour drum circle is this Saturday! $25 admission
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
"I was at a drum circle the other day and..." said by your yoga teacher, or professor?
Acoustic Softball is the name of my new Rasin drum circle
Theres a Full Moon on Saturday...& i would have liked to go to the drum circle..but i cant. I`ll be at RU performing. :(
Special Thanks to Michael Teller and Brian Geraghty for hosting a drum circle for our N.E. Focal Point...
From zip lining to a drum circle, it was a Yom Haatzmaut to remember with the Chairman's Mission of
Bring your drum and join our weekly peer drumming circle Chigamik 845 King St Midland Free drop in 6-8pm Monday's
Asheville moving company loves the drum circle downtown - YouTube :
Welcoming prayer and drum circle. TCDSB and SNCDSB. Great people, excited teens and good thoughts. I love my job!
The Largest Drum Circle in the World (India Chapter) by Taal ... -
Up next You've been waiting for it. PAN AFRICAN DRUMFEST-MAY 21 Bring your drum n partake n the biggest Drum Circle in the history of Jersey
Join us for our Dance & Drum Circle every Sunday at a theatre near you!
It's Drum Circle tonight at the Hext Theatre, hosted by Nathan Shortridge! There will be a short instructional...
This is brilliant. "A Perfect Circle" Count Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the war Drum... via
Trynna go to drum circle today, lets go play hack sack or toss the football
At Common Hour in NAB 1100 tomorrow there will be an amazing drum circle preformed by your fellow HC students! Come jam out with us! 🎼😎
I really want to go to the drum circle today 😄💛
Drum circle today at 6 pm at Harambee gardens. 1801 n tryon st suite 517.
It's that time again!. How long will you spend at the drum circle this year?...
I would like to thank the edinburgh drum circle for resuming practice outside the library on the day before my essay is due
Everyone play hookie and go to drum circle tomorrow
😂😂😂😂 I need new friends and I'm way to shy to just go out and make new ones 😂😂😂 are you going to drum circle tomorrow
Why would you think it's appropriate to chant in the streets along with your drum circle at this ungodly hour, huh Berkeley?!
low key want to go to the Venice drum circle tomorrow if I don't have work.
I saw2Latino cops take over a drum circle at a Grateful Dead show.Hippies came running cuz the drums were on fire then
Check out the Sunday evening drum circle at Siesta Key Beach
Sorry about starting the nude drum circle in your back yard.
You're gonna, really, enjoy this. And, drum circle at Sunday at 7:00pm
Ashton's drum kit grows so much. One day its gonna be a circle and he's gonna have a spinney chair that he has to sit on to play them all.
I have this version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken in my head that's languid and driven by the kick drum. Can't think of who did it. Ideas?
It's all good love you guys,we can wait together drum circle..respect your opinion try
Con has turned the house into an African drum circle for the day 😀
I added a video to a playlist Some Asheville Drum Circle Action From 2015
What wonders a drum circle can do on awakening spiritual happiness!
Healing Group/Drum Circle is tomorrow--Sunday! From 2-4, receive healing, give healing, have fun, meet new...
A drum circle's about to go down in the park. Just an FYI in case you like being annoyed.
New Intention Drum Circle at Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills. Manifest your intention now!
wait till you're in downtown Asheville, especially if the drum circle is going on!
Pot Luck today! The first Saturday of each month at circle to follow. Going to raise the here!
Our drum circle was the talk of the campus Friday evening
Wish someone could have explained the difference between a drum circle and a circle jerk before I went off embarrassing …
Time for the sounds of strength. Drum Circle
Drum circle guys called. Let's just say they they declined. Something about rotting in ***
I'll be sure to get a drum circle started for them. Oh wait, the Bundy guys? I was just thinking OWS kids got beaten&arrested…
Just updated the drum circle finder website. Lots of new ones,
Sentai to Power Rangers Villain Comparison: Becoming a demon by way of mass murder, versus hippie-dippy drum-circle.
Drum circle tonight was awesome with old friends and new friends. Can't wait until next month!…
Crazy fun night with the drum circle at in Gainesville. It's on Friday nights and it's free to anyone who wants to come
.on Some of Thursdays in Suburbia and Minor Strut playing in a drum circle!!!
.great to finally meet you IRL at tonight! You were killing it in the drum circle!
Only at do I get to join the drum circle with the man himself
It's on like at the Let the drum circle commence...
Getting the full drum circle experience
This Sunday, I'm going to walk up to the drum circle in the park across the street from my apartment and scream "oah-ah-ah-ah "
Fun fact: Nero didn't actually have a fiddle - he was leading a drum circle.
(Knowing they would be totally accepting) and asked if I could join sometimes. They told be every wed they meet for a drum circle, hoop
are you guys down to be lame with me and go to drum circle next sunday? I havent gone in years lol
In the Meridian Hill drum circle, “the electricity is not really flowing.”
They were going to have a drum circle but the mallets were triggering.
Time for the Beach Party here at Attendees, join us for dinner, a bonfire & drum circle
Would enjoy connecting. Maybe tonight at the drum circle?
No Drum Circle to night but Jim will be back Nov 18th 7-9PM - $10 Drop-in!
Drum circle protest in the middle of Bay/Bloor intersection . @ Bay and…
Parsons Green station is one of the drums in Chandler's drum circle with explosives.
Was supposed to work on a project. Ended up leading a drum circle.
Love that we started with prayer and indigenous drum circle.
starting with Indigenous drum circle and prayer - recognize the lands we are on
From Has the magic been sapped from the Sunday drum circle at D.C.’s Malcolm X Park?
GP No. That's public property. Maybe if we formed a drum circle around our tax dollars and had free seminars in puppetry ...
Revolution never happened with a cheesy drum circle
The constitutional right to a campus drum circle shall not be abridged.
College haiku. woman drum circle. gender support seminar. they call this math class?.
Steel drum guy is jamming out on the Columbus Circle subway platform right now!
Starting today, our Wednesday Drum Circle has moved to 3:30. See you this afternoon!
The they wanted the videographer to leave was going to have a drum circle.
Rehearsing our drum circle today for Open House, because you can take the teacher outta' the desert hippie school, etc.   10% Off
Mommies in waiting, join Artis Moon Amarche this Saturday for meditation paired with birth and drum circles!
Hoping to see some new faces at our drum circle on Friday! 7-9pm, all welcome and no experience required!
CAMH: Drum Circle beats a rhythm of life for CAMH clients
No recess. Upstairs they have a drum circle, rainbow parachute, and choke costumes and toysets
Just got email abt how excited staff at TheBoy's school r for the drum circle planned at Harvest Fest next it's not
when hannah and I start a drum circle
Healing drum circle at Hillsides informed care roundtable
Park Drum circle used to go most sundays when I lived in not sure what to takeaway from this piece
And if all the construction workers had been philosophers, then we'd all be sitting around a drum circle in the woods. Better?
I love the drums but these rally people sound like a drum circle on steroids 😣😣😣😣
Reintroduced myself to drum circle tonight. . I feel exhilaration from my palms to my teeth. I'm sorry for staying away so long
Got invited to participate in a drum circle on Wednesday nights and I'm v excited.
Deeply honoured to be asked to participate in the drum circle. A very special moment for me. Thank you Onigaming FN htt…
Tonight!!! Amazing Sound Healing and Drum Circle at the Unity church pyramid
with jared. Clothescycling with Shannon. Mindfulness with Tomo xx keep drum circle xxx
Yes. That's the point, isn't it?. Some folks just need killin'. Or do you propose a drum circle & kind words?
Drum circle. Dress to express. See yall on the other side 🌱
I just watched V Drum Circle on iTunes and I'm in love
This holistic medicine girl asked me if I wanted to sit in a drum circle and interpret dreams together for a first date.
The hippie ukele / drum circle next door was fine until they started singing Wonderwall.
I think* if you're at a drum circle with a drum, it's fun. I know* that if you don't have drums at a drum circle, it really really ***
Drum circle. Thank you for this Divine experience .
How did we end up sitting near a drum circle?
For all my musician and drum circle friends . . .
Hey DFW free coffee and drum circle with fun gifts and funner people at Diggin it on Tennessee!
The drum circle extends to Boston in our tribute to great drummers and the hardworking music professionals they...
Miley's bear it is then. Probably headed to group therapy or the nearest drum circle. Which I guess are the same thing.
Join us for an interactive Community Drum Circle w/ at Stages in the Square on 10/17 10-3
Vegas Tribe let's unite for an amazing Drum Circle tonight ! I hope to see all your beautiful faces there 🙏🏼🔮
My across the hall neighbors are having a conga drum circle...
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Next Sacred Sound Circle Monday, Oct 19th! Starfire Woman will also be doing healings in the Salt Cave all day!
all that exists, like drum circle, plus game night ( Murder Case Game ), paintball.
Come join us for 2 interactive programs at 11am (tambourines) & 2pm Drum Circle! (@ Rhythm! Discovery Center)
Drum Circle in Meridian Hill Park Thanks to for telling me abou…
Just had to listen to a drum circle titled "The Music within Me" performed by ten year olds. Welcome to the beauty pageant.
Hey hippies I got your drum circle right here!. *runs them over with my truck
Taking it way back to when the drum circle in Venice beach was the coolest place to be.
Drum circle tomorrow, and all welcome! A perfect opportunity to express musical urges / repressed emotions. 5pm, $5!
Totally. Hey. Wanna see some pics of me with my drum circle? Jason took some killer pics.
Drum circle facilitation workshop this Sunday:
Join us at the drum circle tomorrow! 6pm at the Marquee!
Lafayette: 'Drum circle' helps bring out inner peace, better health
Canceling tonight's Drum Circle...Sorry guys! Next month we start it - March 19th!
There is an elderly drum circle happening right now and it's really great.
Huge drum circle in the pit at my school. Bout it!
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Come celebrate Black History Month at the FREE Drum & Dance Circle this Saturday!
Really cool drum circle happening outside of Come by and try it yourself!
Also all my past band teachers and I were in a drum circle
Have you downloaded our app yet? When you can get a discount on every pint of ale, why not? Get it now: http…
Dreamt I was in a tribal drum circle and my beats were off
Great day for a hike, then watching drum circle Liberty Park.
Time to go the woods, do a drum circle and chant. Apply some war paint too.
A Drum circle .. One of my favorite things we do at heals the…
Sunburnt and hungover . Some rad drum circle in the park last night . Need some sleep
We get all the bongos and we go straight to her house and play a loud drum circle in her yard to show her how much you want to be with her
Have you ever been in a drum circle before?
Drum circle during the O' Day march.
I liked a video from Stoney Creek Drum Circle, Seminole Tribal Fair and Pow Wow HD
Currently halfway through the drum circle hour of this conference. I could drink cyanide and die and my body would still feel the pain.
Join the Drum Circle at The 1/23/15 at 5:45 pm, Palm Terrace in between the Anaheim Convention Center & The Hilto…
Afew more pix from the Drum Circle organized by DanceCraft for The Residence At Timber Pines on Sunday. Thx for...
Had a great time at the Drum Circle/ Open Mike night at Terra Fermata. Spreading the preparedness word alright! Hope to see you next week!
The Cleveland County Arts Council's summer Drum Circle camp kids came up with the idea to have a flash mob to...
SCHEDULE for FIREBALL 2014: 1pm Blue Paradox - Warm up and welcome to the sacred land 2pm Plant Spirit Medicine talk and book signing with Eliot Cowan 3pm Drum Circle led by Emilio Portal all are welcome to participate 4pm River Offerings 4:30 Breath Collective - Acoustic pyschedelic rock from the Hudson Valley 5:30 Myra Melford - Solo piano morphing into devotional jamming with special guests leading into group Kirtan (chanting) 7pm Steve Gorn and Ray Speigal - Indian classical raga w/ flute and tabla 8pm Spirit Gate - Collaborative mystical trance dance improv 9pm Blue Paradox - Spontaneous combustion for wild dancing
WHAT TO WEAR WHAT TO WEAR?!! LOL FEELING HAPPY TO BE ATTENDING TONIGHT'S SPECIAL SCREENING Created and ProduceD BY: Randy Taran, Andrew Walworth, John Sorensen Featuring: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Richard Gere, George Lucas On Friday the 13th - Don't be Scared, Get HAPPY! Join Project Happiness and Dragonfly Healing Center for a FUNDRAISER to support Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning in Preschools in Underserved Communities right here in the Bay Area. All Donations will go towards supporting this program that is working to bring more peace, calm, and happiness to low-income families through the Family Connections non-profit, serving 80 families (over 400 individuals).$10 Minimum Donation (please pay the most you can afford to support this beneficial work) 7:30pm – Socializing 8:30pm – “Project Happiness” Documentary Film Showing 9:30pm – Acoustic Jam and Drum Circle around the Fire Until…… Happiness – I want more! Happiness is a universal quest. But what does it really mean? In ...
At Princeton Center for Yoga and Health: Drum & Dance Fire Circle With: Mark Wood Saturday, July 05, 2014 08:00PM to 10:30PM Free for PCYH Members Drum, slap, tap, dance, shake it up. Experience the healing vibrations created by group drumming. Drumming as a group can create states of euphoria, promote play, release anger, and promote feelings of community, unity and well-being. Drummers, dancers, hoopers and such, join us for one of our unique and fun Princeton Drum & Dance Fire Circle! Seating is limited so bring a chair. Other things you may want to bring; bug spray, light jacket. When you arrive PLEASE check in at the desk inside the studio. Need a drum to use? E-mail info@ to reserve one, by Friday! No experience necessary! All drums are provided (if you reserve a drum) or bring your own. See for yourself why New Jersey Life Magazine named our Circle the Drum Circle in Central NJ! Weather permitting – in case of inclement weather the Drum Circle will be held indoors. Costs: $15 Free ...
This is our Drum Circle at Siesta Key Beach.Every Sunday evening.
I am in Victoria doing a 5 day Drum Camp and having a blast with a great bunch of like minded new friends!! We are learning Balafone, Krin, Conga, Djembe, Dun Duns, Shekere, African Hip Hop, and lots more! I am bringing home a pair of Double shaker balls. Ladies your going to love these! Pretty tricky swinging them balls takes lots of practise for sure. Remember to mark May 3rd on your calendar. Uptown Clean up!! I will be hosting a Drum Circle to raise money with half the proceeds going towards Canal Beach Rejuvenation!! What a blessing to see the exciting change from the old Plywood mill where I used to work. Can't wait to fish off the end of the pier. Maybe we can even catch Crabs! So bring any percussion you would like to play ( Drums, Shakers, Bells,or Chimes, etc.) Or make your own!! A frying pan sounds great also! Anything that makes a sound!! Hope to see a great turn out! The more the Merrier!! Will post the time at a later date Happy Easter!! Feel free to share the news
At Gaia Fest we will be taking a few minutes to send healings and prayers to the students of Franklin Regional High School and the entire affected commmunity. It will just before Groove of Gaia, the 1 PM Drum Circle starts, outside on the lawn.
Community Wellness grantee Sierra Native Alliance is offering the Women’s Drum Circle project, which empowers women to create peer support networks and to heal from the effects of trauma through the use of traditional Native healing practices. These photos are from a recent womenhood ceremony.
A Music Lover's First Drum Lesson. Check out how Thriveology took a taste of Drum Circle to this man!
Hey Wakarusa Music Festival Here is the Drum Circle from last year to get ya pumped:)...
Sacred Fire Drums, DawnRaven and DJ will be doing a workshop on Drum Circles (5pm) and leading a Drum Circle (around 8pm) for the TradShare 2014 at the Westside Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville for Pagan Pride of East Tennessee and the East Tennessee Wyrdoes on Saturday. Bring your Drums, your Dancing Feet, and a willing heart...!
What a fantastic, 36 hours, Clare wanted me to see 'The Butler', so we all watched it on Friday, amazing film and highly recommended, Chess tournament on Saturday, where Seamus went 3 for 3, and both of them played WV State Adult champ in a simuli, Clare so excited about it she was 45 minutes late to her own birthday party !!! The wee lass is now 14, the wild time with friends saw one hospitalized with fractured arm from ice skating, the survivors partied on at Unami. Saw a fantastic FOOTMAD concert by Vishten, mixing up Acadian/celtic tunes, and then played some myself. Think I'll take the pup for a stroll and enjoy the bleakness of Spring Hill, and then try to closeout the 50 year kitchen renovation, feels like I've been tripping over toolboxes and paint can's for that long with painting the ceiling, before 'Water is Life', Drum Circle this afternoon.
We are glad to share that our Drum Circle is for a cause. It is to sensitize children about river pollution and educate them about the Mithi River. Shri Rajendra Singh, who is more popularly known as the 'Jal Purush' or the Waterman of India will be joining along with 50 NGO kids to Drum along with our young audiences and encourage their enthusiasm. The event will also house a pledge board where children can paste cutouts of fishes, crabs, etc. as a symbol of reviving the river. - Join us to beat the pots and pans and create noise albeit this time in a more rhythmic manner along with the members of Mumbai Drum Circle.
Drum Circle on Siesta Key, FL with Real Estate Agent Anja Buetergerds via Winter is rough here in Sarasota
Welcome all to join us for Peace! Experience the hundred + Drum Circle at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza A, right beside the Clock Tower. Let us use drum beats to pulsate positive energy to the world! A day of Peace with drum jamming, face painting, henna tattoo and arts and crafts.
10 DAYS AND COUNTING... October 19th World Wide Drum Circle- Full Moon For people down under in Austrailia and New Zealand drumming begins on the 18th (check and mark your calenders when the Full Moon happens in your area of the world) There are 24 Times zones around the World,The Drum Circle occurs during each months Full Moon. It originates in Austraila/New Zealand becuase thats where the Full Moon first appears (a day later than the northern hemisphere) and circles through the times zones. When you drum solo or use any instrument or Meditate in a group or solo during the Sunset in your local time zone on the Full Moon it domino effects into the next time zone, Syncronizing the World Wide Drum Circle, Unifiying the drum circles to work together as one with the intention of world peace and Unity, essentially you are following the sun and creating a wave of Love peace and unity, creating a Circle around the world, A Drum Circle. If you are busy during this time, are at work or driving, Take a moment as yo ...
Hemp Farmers Freedom Festival Current event: October 11-13, 2013 @ Trail Head Community ( aka THC or Trailhead BnB ) in Trout Lake, WA. Benefit for WA I-584. Fundraising event for WA I-584 at Trail Head Community (AKA Trailhead BnB), 260 Jennings RD, Trout Lake, WA. October 11-13, 2013. Raising awareness of cannabis and hemp legalization efforts through out the Northwest USA, and supporting real legalization in states, the nation, and globally!!! Don Skakie for WA I-584 is scheduled to speak on behalf of . As this is a fundraising event we are asking for contributions of $20 for weekend or $10 per day. The activities will include Speakers, Music, Bartering, Camping onsite, Drum Circle, Fire Dancers, UFO Watching, Mushroom picking, Bigfoot Tracking, Hiking, and sharing of information and ideas to promote true legalization throughout the nation. The venue is located at the end of Jennings RD about 2.5 miles south of Trout Lake, WA in its own val ...
Drum Circle and Class yesterday, at Carter park, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. with Randy "Atu" Robinson, international drum circle instructor.
This Week at the Burning Bush The Burning Bush Gallery is proud to announce our latest show: Glimpse into Africa. This show features Chaz Nieponski’s private collection of primitive and historic art from Africa spanning over three decades. A Nok piece, estimated to be from a lost civilization that existed in Northern Nigeria between 500 B.C. and 600 A.D., will be on display along with other works of art from different parts of the continent. Show hours are Sundays 10 to 2pm, Thursdays 4 to 8pm, Mon - Fri 9 to 4, or by appointment. Artist Reception with a Drum Circle with Master Atibba, Friday, June 21st at 6pm Inner Christianity: The Burning Bush will delve into the contemplative and introspective traditions of Christianity. Through discussion andpracticing some important meditation techniques, such as Retrospection, Breath Control and Visualization, we will delve into the more reflective approaches in our faith. Led by Carlos Garcia, a local philosopher, theologian, and physicist. Sunday, June 23rd a . ...
And more, today's, Drum Circle and Class, at Carter Park, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
We are proud to announce the schedule for this year's Rootenanny 2013 festival! Huge thanks to all the awesome bands that submitted. We truly enjoyed everyone's music and energy. If your band didn't get into this year's festival, please know we truly love the energy and positive contribution that all of us make to the scene. Keep it up Michigan! We hope to see you all at the festival anyway, relaxing and being part of the family! Rootenanny Band Schedule 2013 Thursday August 1st (Gates open at 4pm) Rootstand Soundcheck Jam 8pm Covert Soundcheck Jam 10pm (and Jerry Garcia’s Birthday!) Early entry is 20$ with purchase or possession of a weekend pass Friday August 2nd (Gates open at noon for Day passes and Standard Weekend passes) 4pm Medicinal Groove 5pm Galactic Sherpas 6pm Jake Allen Band 7pm Soul Patch 8pm Kung Fu Rodeo 9pm Dragon Wagon 10pm UV Hippo 12am Rootstand wsg Joe Smith 2-3am DJs TBA 3-4am Drum Circle 4am ALL CAMP QUIET Saturday August 3rd 12pm Michael Lee Seilers and Jack Elliott 1pm Gran ...
Let's share with the people who hang out at the plaza tonight 7pm Drum Circle with Rainbow Joe Drumming for everyone Tuesday, June 4th, 7pm Twilight Tuesdays Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm Veterans Plaza Downtown Silver Spring FREE & Everyone Welcome!
Couldn't sleep last night bc my neighbors were having a drum circle. Can't say anything because they're meditating outside...
I loved going to coco walk at night & theY would have a drum circle going on. I felt so happy dancing with my Jamaican babes.
FYI Drum Circle today + every Sunday in June waterfront Hudson,NY Starts 4pm by Amtrak stn.
Drop by the museum on June 12 to take part in a drum circle run by Trea Jensen! Drumming will start at 6:30, you don't wanna miss it!
.I was in a drum circle once. Dressed as an elf. In line for the midnight showing of Return of the King.
I have a drum circle! It's coming up in ROMAN HOLIDAY. No one can resist a good drum circle.
I would have loved to have been apart of the drum circle for Man of Steel... Here's my addition!
I always wanted to go to a drum circle at Vince beach
Contemporary Colors. 6.3.13 Hula Hooping at a Drum Circle by the fire.
Everyone at drum circle last night told me I was magical and mystical like a unicorn. I'll take it like a compliment ✌
Mia danced in the African drum circle.
Leaving soon to run the drum circle at Harmony Clinic.
I had a guy stop me at drum circle last night with "you're that weed girl!" if anyone knows who he is please let me know.
“I've still never been to Drum Circle. :/”
Had the best time at drum circle last night most turnt up I ever seen this town get
I wish we had drum circle in Kansas.
Tonight is Free Community Drum Circle for Special Needs at Bongo Boy Music School. It sounds like lots of fun
A TWO-HOUR DRUM CIRCLE. = Reason my neighbors kept me awake in the middle of the night that you wouldn't even believe if I told you.
Festival Welcome and Sharing Circle with the Wiijii Numgumook Kwe women's drum group. This Sunday at 7:30 - Royal City Park
Full Moon Drum Circle: 06-23-2013 to 06-23-2013 - Bring a drum or percussion instrument and participate in a...
A drum circle? this makes me jealous on so many levels, auckland is such a snoozefest nothing interesting ever happens here.
That drum circle in Venice earlier was chil. All different types of people just vibin' and dancin'. The way it should be.
Drum circle... Not what I expected lol
Yo we got a drum circle goin on the congos and the blunts in rotation
I was down for the drum circle but tempted skate not really
No body wanted to come to the drum circle with me smh I could of got laid
Smh police just had to stop that drum circle before we decided to go to it lol
I had a lot of fun at the drum circle today. :)
Haley transitions 'Walk this Way" w/ 'The People' into a Drum Circle for Drummer Jersey to Break it…
From all the photos I've seen today, the Venice drum circle looked super packed today lol aw. I wanna go
Strolling Denver and found a drum circle/light show by a river.
by all means! The drum circle may have surpassed as my favourite part of the show.
Drum circle, it was like a reunion (:
Starbucks gossip sesh, pool, beach, drum circle, fav restaurant with pops, mermaid documentaries&wine with my girlz... Such a perfect day 😍☀
and I leave drum circle to make sand markings on the beach
I can't wait to go to another drum circle!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm happy for you & i don't even know you that well. I just know drum circle in the park has been 1 of your dreams & u did it :D
Lets invite the Muslim Brotherhood to a drum circle and solve that pesky Israel problem once and for all.
The Obama is lord drum circle will meet next to the rape tent @ 10am
Cutie cousins at the drum circle lwimberlyt emilyannjohnston
Drum circle last week - this week went off even more - what are you up to next week Cairns?
I wish I was camping right next to that drum circle... said no one ever ;)
I've still never been to Drum Circle. :/
So many crazy people at this drum circle. I feel like I'm going to get raped and murdered 😱
I heard their was a pretty big drum circle today out at Venice.
At least I get out Friday cause we already took our drum circle exam 😎
Food! Shopping! Music! Workshops! Rituals! Drum Circle! Kids activities! And it's all at the 2013 Nashville Pagan Pride Day! The date: Saturday, October 12, 2013 The times: 10 am to 5 pm The location: First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, 1808 Woodmont Blvd Nashville. Nashville Pagan Pride Day is a family friendly event - bring the kids! This year we will have a ritual designed especially for children. We will have most of the yummy, reasonably priced foods from last year's PPD plus a few surprise treats for 2013. Broom pen swag will be back this year plus other PPD swag for your enjoyment. Check out this page and the website (for regular updates starting Monday.
WOW! We can't thank you enough, Crown Heights. The Kingston Ave Festival was such a success. Pie eating, drum circle, stilt walkers, HUGE chess, Arts To End Violence, Stencils, Button making, Prize give-aways, the list could go on! The BEST part was so many people enjoying their neighborhood and now we're celebrating 83 days without a shooting! We love Crown Heights
Unfortunately the Family Drum Circle session for this evening has had to be cancelled. We hope to host the next family session on July 16th.
Extra Crumbs "A new song" Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. (Luke 6) It is so easy to judge someone that is different from us. We can easily look down our noses at somebody who is different from us. It could be the way they dress, what kind of car they drive, what part of town they live in, it could be the color of their skin, or that they just beat to a different drum socially, spiritually or economically. Maybe it is somebody in our own family who just happens to see things differently then we do, has a different way of dealing with life, makes different life decisions and lives radically different than we do. How is our acceptance of others today who live differently than we do? One thing I love about the truth of scripture is it doesn't play games, it does not sugar coat or it doesn't expect you to have to over analyse to understand it. Jesus said, " do not judge or you will be judge. ...
Tonight! 7-9 pm at CraftWorks - A meeting to see if there is enough interest to start a Drum Circle - all ages - any skill level. Newbies welcome. This is a musical jam session where the focus is on fun, recreation and community - as well as relieving some of your stress and aggravation! Come join us.
Looking forward to guest facilitating this wonderful community event! You bring the fam - I'll bring lot's of drums/percussion to share! See you there!
I'm smilin' so big.9 more sleeps till Florida - 13 more sleeps till California - 28 more sleeps till Vegas. JUNE is going to kick *** :)
Arts Martially maneuvered keeps the confused on their swerve for cures, you don't get it and can not until you let go of ego's control! On a whole there is a great difference between being and acting. Made to play is on display always, so I say neigh to trusting in anything but theatrics coming from that a way! Talking is for building and walking is for the silly just trying to be appealing to justify their over sensitive insecure feelings! Regurgitating broken down tracks are only just a rewrite and plagiarized receives the award of rubbish, yet another set of pages to clutter published! What's this? Tough love? Never heard of it!?! Compliments expected to be given in a circle jerk don't work for me, I won't even begin to complete any nefarious connecting for vicarious sports, sorted were those long ago as a general rule!-Rolling this road can be rough, trying to square up may bring about an abrupt edge, which might poke a hole and flatten a tire to be ejected-
The drum circle is amazing! Photos to come, more performances today!
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead, Put crepe bows round the white neck
These are both Caribou hides that are ready for drummaking. The smaller one seems to be from a baby, but its like the same proportions as the adult so maybe its just half a hide, who knows...
2064: Once upon a tme when we was in standard 10 of hlss we snapped photo of one of da girl of standard 8.her friend complained about dis 2 head madam. As we were going 2 have lunch on lunch break our bedding had been thrown from the dormitory .we had been called 2 head madam office and had signed a bond ,and dat was our 3rd bond frm happyland hstle. Next day we was called infront of assembly.etc etc.
In looking at the upcoming Full Moon alongside the Lunar Eclipse that will fall on the same day, it is in Sagittarius, and if I am calculating it correctly visible from San Juan, PR at 00:24:55 am as the UTC time is 03:53 am, being at the Greatest point at 01:54 am. This Eclipse is of the duration of 33:34 sec in time. This particular one will be visible in all of North America, Central to Eastern Canada, Southern Greenland, Western Africa, South America, and the Hawaiian Islands. It is a large area of visibility. I will be doing my readings as usual and enjoying the Drum Circle in Ocean Park on this Full Moon. With it in Sagittarius it can show some pleasant events to come but remember an Eclipse is also seen due to darkness as events that affect according the this sign and their conditions. Sagittarius is what is considered a Human Sign and the affects will affect humanity. With the Moon being with Antares this will add to the effects as well. More on my website at in the next few days under Eclipses.
AWESOME TUNES ALL WEEK! Click "see more" to see the whole schedule! Starting tomorrow at 5pm When I'll be performing Sitar for people who want a great curry dinner, it will be a A veritable festival of music! WEDNESDAY at 5pm Sitar Concert by Richie Kindler and curry special for dinner. 6-7pm OPEN MIC with Joe Rodak 7-8pm Drum Circle with Greg Rice, all are welcome! 8-10pm OPEN MIC resumes with Joe Rodak come out and jam! Free admission all night long... THURSDAY 6-9pm Tom Smith will perform excellent instrumentals...also Bruce Fergason to perform Dinner Music...A great night of mellow music! Free Admission. FRIDAY 6-8pm ART OPENING for Vito Weeda, whose wonderful abstract works are full of color and movement...Refreshments will be available. Free Admission. 8pm: Cinder Bones, an acoustic guitar and cello duo (yup i said cello), Ohio Weather Band (great singer-songwriter three piece band), and Donkey Engine (uptempo bluegrass, new grass and indie folk)will perform. Three terrific bands. Just $5 all night. ...
Were so excited to be back at DrumsForCures :: drumSTRONG this year! Drumstrong will always be special for us because they were the first festival to give us an opportunity to introduce Carolina Arepas to the world. If you live near Charlotte or even remotely close, trust me this is a special event and you need to try and make it out. Don't miss the 24 hour non stop Drum Circle starting at 12:00 PM on Saturday! Toubab Krewe headline Friday night and Sam Bush headlines Saturday Night.
Enjoyed the drum circle at 1st Friday in Hastings. Dinner of Neb-made sausage in a homemade pretzel at the Back Alley Bakery was also tasty.
Rad Pow-Wow at the North Central Community Association Youth Week event. Love the drum/singing circle!
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