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Marijuana smokers excited by Shoppers Drug Mart possible entry into distribution
Just for today – NO FEES on or tix, which start at $16!. 11/1: 11/7:
Disappointed with the customer service at one of your locations. I am discouraged and don't see it likel…
Shoppers Drug Mart sells vibrators I cannot
hate that feeling...especially when I hustled to get parked then pull out the binos and see "Shoppers Drug Mart". l…
what's so difficult about this? We are willing to pay, shouldn't be an issue.…
I just looked at the wings tix. Didn't even attem…
Police all over the place last night at Shoppers Drug Mart in handcuffed a guy and took him away!
hey friends! I entered a Shoppers Drug Mart employees NYX Canada contest on my insta (cierajewelmua)! Please go tag…
LOVE your new Shoppers Drug Mart ad. Fun fun fun!
Judy here in college street! with a raccoon. At Shoppers Drug Mart!
Get a $20 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card when you spend $75 or more on almost anything in the store. *October 22 https:/…
I was the raccoon at Shoppers Drug Mart
ladies, don't sleep on the Essence brand from Shoppers Drug Mart
In your nearest drug mart there should be a cream that you put on top of the ulcer, which will numb the…
Seniors at Shoppers Drug Mart are considered at 55 not 65 so seniors are getting younger all the time😏😏
Presto Cards now available at 10 Shopper’s Drug Mart locations in Toronto
The place where Bob Dylan met up with the Band and literally made rock history is a gonna be a Shopper's Drug Mart
someone needs to shut down Shoppers Drug Mart or I'm gonna be broke forever
Enter to win a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card from LifeBrand! via
I just ran a gauntlet of teens making out in the doorway of Shoppers Drug Mart I feel like actual Mr. Weatherbee.
Shoppers Drug Mart formally applies to distribute medical marijuana
Probably don't buy your laptop at Shoppers Drug Mart
Police are looking for help to sniff out this alleged thief .
I've come to heavily utilize my Shoppers Drug Mart, and also my Airmiles - but only at Shell for gas!
great session here in Vegas today for the Shoppers Drug Mart Conference at the 10 am session very relative and a lot…
City reaches tax settlement with Shoppers Drug Mart
Police probe city's third pharmacy robbery of the year
Great to see! Shoppers Drug Mart LeMarchant Road team stands for Daffodil Place
Get a head start on your spring wellness routine with Shoppers Drug Mart
Win a $100 beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card for Valentine’s Day -
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. (London ON): "human and financial resources of the store's Cosmetics department ·…
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. (Vaughan ON): "human, physical and financial resources of the front store and…
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. (Langley BC): "Customer Service. Clean image to the customers in…
If I had a successful business like Canadian tire or Shoppers Drug Mart . Giveaways galore . the law of the universe to donate like that !
if any Shoppers Drug Mart can fill a prescription, can be that hard to do the same across LPs
If the actual business like Shoppers Drug Mart or Canadian tire are follows etc. The company sends it not the blogger
Entered contest to win a $100.00 beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart gift card @
confirm an armed robbery at Shoppers Drug Mart on PondMills rd. Two suspect fled in stolen truck. Crashe…
KETTLE CORN-Come see Lindsey at Giant Eagle or the WG Swim Team at Farmer in the Deli, Drug Mart or Turneys! Til 5
Shopper's Drug Mart on Torbay Rd in St.John's wants to announce they now have the New Brunswick nutritional...
Lmfaoo just bumped into my grade 8 teacher at Shoppers Drug Mart 😂
Mr.Keller came into drug Mart today and of course had to come in my lane 😑
True life: the lady at Shoppers Drug Mart told me to take the next couple days off unless I wanted to die like "the guy from the muppets"
I bought a watch today I guess you could say I'm an adult now. But like it's from Shoppers Drug Mart for 10$ I guess that cancels the effect
Concord is getting a Starbucks, a drug mart and a Michael Symon restaurant. 😳
3 things in life are guaranteed:. 1. Death. 2. Taxes. 3. Josh Gordon failing a drug test. Smh
New players in Canadian medical marijuana sector looking to help patients
Everybody wants to prescribe will enter into business also ?
Online orders are coming in steady. . Tickets are available at both Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Campbell...
I can not drive past a Discount Drug Mart without thinking of
Thanks Peoples Drug Mart, Mackenzie for stopping by the Real Aloe Canada booth. Let us know what your customers...
Shoppers Drug Mart does not price match. Please be in touch if you have any additional questions. -RR
Shoppers Drug Mart is HIRING for over 1,000 jobs across CAN! Start your career off right. RT& Apply today!
Hi. In a rush, I dropped off my package in a collection box at Canada post office (in a Shoppers Drug Mart near queen) 1/2
Time to do that thing where I sell my soul to Shoppers Drug Mart for minimum wage
Hi, Can I price-match at my local Shoppers Drug Mart? Been looking online for a definitive answer for 5 minutes...
Please call your local Shoppers Drug Mart and speak to the pharmacist to find out if the information is available to you.Thanks-RR
You could win 1 of 5 grand prizes of 1 MILLION Optimum Points or 1 of 220 instant win prizes!
This is a regular monthly window washing job for us. This Shoppers Drug Mart services central Pickering.
Me: downloads Shoppers Drug Mart app. Me: is amazed at the wonders of technology
Win a gift package of the latest finds worth $200 from Shoppers Drug Mart
The lady who flipped me off from her car got frazzled when we made eye contact in the greeting card aisle of Shoppers Drug Mart just now.
There's a section at Shopper's Drug Mart for "Anti-Valentines Cards" and it's very funny...
Please contact the Front Store Manager at your local Shoppers Drug Mart to make the request for this product to be carried. NW
Our Jr Style Blogger is pretty excited about this news
I'm in Shoppers Drug Mart in the exact same clothes I went to bed with and my bed hair cause I need medical tape
never would I buy from Marc's Walmart drug mart or any of them stores 😂
Didn't know they sold woods at drug mart😂
It's usually carried in K-mart, Walmart, Target and some drug stores.
Thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart for their sponsorship of the Total Makeover Challenge!
Apply now to work for Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation as Manager in
Attention all makeup fans: NYX now available in Shoppers Drug Mart!!! 🚨
"Fun times in Cleveland again, it's CLEVELAND!!!". /David Blatt at Drug Mart with a handbasket full of ACE bandages
News | Halifax Regional Police are Investigating the Robbery of a Drug Mart in Dartmouth
: Shoppers Drug Mart : growth trends is seen as stable during Jun 2015.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is hiring a Expert, apply now!
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Upper James in Hamilton. Click to see why:
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is hiring a apply now!
yas I got one at my shopper's drug mart! Score! (I just wish I hadn't wasted money trying other things first ugh lol)
Stranded in the Drug Mart parking lot 💯
Currently waiting to take a drug test for Wal Mart employment. C'mon Urgent Care, my bladder's full and I'm ready to go.
Car crashes into Shoppers Drug Mart. A driver attempting to park in front of the Shoppers Drug Mart at Cherry Hill...
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is hiring a – Platform (Linux), apply now!
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is hiring! (2nd Year Rx Student) in apply now!
Shoppers Drug Mart, we do not live nearby a food bank and the closest on Ropewalk Lane told us we was just a little out of
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a - SHHC in apply now!
Kathy hall holds the drug mart record for the fastest 50 yard dash
I love it when my hoooman goes to Shoppers Drug Mart coz she...
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at 500 Coverdale Road in Riverview. Click to see why:
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is looking for a (PA) in apply now!
Benefit Cosmetics will be doing free product demos today at Shoppers Drug Mart, Yonge and Lawrence 1-7pm
The Screening Mammography Program of B.C. has its mobile van outside Shopper's Drug Mart in until noon.
- Murale needed in at Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. Apply now!
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is hiring a Store Manager (AFSM), apply now!
Now available at Shoppers Drug Mart, the new 2015 Contour Palette is available in two shades!
In honor of today's whatever is going on, I saw this in drug mart on Father's Day
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is hiring a (PA), apply now!
interior, Packard and East Stadium where Food and Drug Mart used to be
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is looking for a Cashier (C) in New Westminster
I am told, by a reliable source, that the medina drug mart has it. (Son works there)
I bought mine at Walmart actually. Or Shoppers Drug Mart. I've seen them at a lot of places.
Discount Drug Mart saves you the run around. We got all the weed you need.
This eye shadow palette from Urban Decay is a must have and Shoppers Drug Mart has it!
Win tickets to the Home and Garden Show Feb 6-15 at plus a Discount prize pack:
Its Super Bowl XLIX weekend! If you've seen the fliers Officer Hurd placed around Drug Mart, you know our message...
Electronic Device Insurance
Tamara S.'s Review of Shoppers Drug Mart - Etobicoke (1/5) on Yelp Sponsored by:
I can't make it through a Shopper's Drug Mart without buying all the things.
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Erie Street South in Leamington. Click to see why:
I got it, not too long ago, at drug mart
missed Canadian tire and Shoppers Drug Mart when she lived in states
fyi Shoppers Drug Mart will not accept sure tap wallet. Even though I've used it there before they now have a policy
I have zero reason to be up this early but school and drug mart have made me an early bird 😒
on now as chats with Jennifer Desroches, cosmetics mgr at Wst Rylty Shoppers Drug Mart!
on at 830am today with jennifer DesRoches from W.R. Shoppers Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is looking for a Merchandiser/Receiver in Regina
continues w/ 8AM visit from Jennifer Desroches, Cosmetic Mgr at West Royalty Shoppers Drug Mart in studio to talk skin care!
Get the scoop on Skin Care and Cosmetics with W.R. Shoppers Drug Mart & Q93's Fresh Start 2015 at 830 this morning.
Check out this at Shoppers Drug Mart Inc in
Shoppers Drug Mart is looking for a Assistant manager - retail in Calgary
Wonder if drug mart sells elephant tranquillizers
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Grand Avenue West in Chatham, Click to see why
- Pharmacist (P) needed in at Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation. Apply now!
I purposely spray myself with cologne when I walk into Shoppers Drug Mart.
I LOVE my Shoppers Drug Mart at Broadway & Laurel in Vancouver. Pharmacists as friendly as bartenders.
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a Beauty Boutique Expert in Markham
no man, I picked it up at drug mart here in Willard!
oh well💁😂 and you can just buy it at the store. I got it at drug mart! They have multiple kinds so make sure you get the
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a in apply now!
Whatever. I still have cheese twists from drug mart. . I seem to recall that you don't have cheese twists from drug mart. I win
Lingering inside a Shoppers Drug Mart so I don't have to go out into the snow.
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a - Front Store Supervisor in
Spin for your chance to win with Shoppers Drug Mart, Play Now!
Shoppers Drug Mart this time of year just make me want to devour a box of chocolates.
She is the same class age as the young man from Shoppers Drug Mart Incident.
[DEAL] $2 for a box of Chips Ahoy Drug Mart. tooth foodie
Police are responding to Hornby St & W Pender St after a shoplifter stole a Prime Rib from Shopper Drug Mart
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc is looking for a Cosmetic Merchandiser in Cambridge
Heading to drug mart anyone need cocaine
last update, all the police are out front of Shoppers Drug Mart in Westmount
Our Health & Wellness Show is this weekend! Shoppers Drug Mart will be offering Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Checks
the cashier at Drug Mart called me "ma'am." *** do I look like an old lady
God knows these females got w.e you need in their purse.. Advil, vitamin C, halls.. Shoppers Drug Mart on the go
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a Entry Level - Pharmacy Assistant (PA) in Hamilton
Bout to buy all of Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy so that my nose doesn't play games with me anymore
Carlton birthday card from Shoppers Drug Mart made my mom cry
So tonight I think I will be doing what Tish Kachur says is A $30.00 ROLL. I got asked today if I qualify for the seniors discount at Shoppers Drug Mart. After I said no unless she wanted to give it to me, she then asked if I needed help out with my cart. Hmm Maybe I should have just said yes.. lol
Anybody going to Dryden in the next couple days. I need something picked up at Shoppers Drug Mart. Just give me a buzz if you are , and thank you!
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Yankee Valley in Airdrie. Click to see why:
Take us back to Drug Mart in Sooke, BC:
DO NOT TRUST DRUG MART with your prescriptions. I drop Zack's off there every 3 to 6 months Tuesday Zack ran out so I went to get them filled and they told me he was out, I said DO WHAT i have 2 more left. They said no you don't you used the last one. so today i called applewood to make sure how many they gave me the last time i was there. Applewood called Drug mart they they said they don't hold on to prescriptions like that. Applewood called me back and told me if i can't find them to file a police report. I go back to drug mart and told them a few things they said we don't have any more and a girl that waits on us a lot said i don't understand what happen and we do hold on to them. I said well I have to go file a report. and they just looked at me like i was 3 kinds of nuts.
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Southdale Square in Winnipeg. Click to see why:
I want to enter to win the Cold and Flu Prize Pack! - See more at:
I have just received very poor treatment and customer service at Shoppers Drug Mart at the Cornwall Square the Pharmacist needs to relearn a few things. For starters talking the people about medications he is rotten
Hey Johanne Reid, the Shoppers Drug Mart in Clarkson gives the Senior discount to people at 55! My new Thursday, Shoppers Drug Mart store!
You can find our Vanilla Mint at Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, Pharmaprix, Loblaws & Walmart!
I know a little girl who would love this toy for Christmas! Explore what Shoppers Drug Mart has online and shop...
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Teulon in . Click to see why:
Check out our Kate Spade diaper bag giveaway and special pricing at Discount Drug Mart now.
Check out this Clerk at Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation in
So excited for the new Shoppers Drug Mart to opennn
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is looking for a (6 Month Contract) in
Got my flu shot at Shoppers Drug Mart. Quick, easy, free way to reduce the chances of illness & passing virus on to someone more vulnerable.
Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is hiring! (PA) in apply now!
if someone buys it I will wear it on a date with drug mart ***
Flu clinic is all setup! Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists will be on site from 11am - 3pm today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Full selection of webber natural supplements at main drug mart 3265 Bayview Ave Toronto
Don't forget the blue bins have been moved from Shoppers Drug Mart to the parking lot at 12 Civic Dr, Quispamsis.
Shoppers Drug Mart has an online destination that helps you make your holiday shopping even easier... Filter...
Visit the friendly staff @ Savers Drug Mart 97 King St.E Oshawa until 5pm for a chance to win prizes and support ASDR
GIFTS MADE EASY for Cool Kids & Trendy Tots at Shoppers Drug Mart via
Walking to freaking drug Mart from Ashland... Cool. Doesn't help that I'm sick af and its a 20 minute walk.
Value Drug Mart, taking care of all your family needs. Whether you're looking to: - Quit smoking - Control blood pressure - Manage diabetes - Control asthma - Reduce the number of medications you're on - Receive injections for medications or vaccines - Or just feel better We now provide personalized health reviews specific to your needs and tailored to improving your health. Ask your pharmacist today.
I just entered to win a Quit Smoking Prize from Shoppers Drug Mart and
At Shoppers Drug Mart Whitby HRT MEDS pickup and of to results for Dr. Visit 😷😆
Great Deals at Shoppers Drug Mart. Stock up on Webber Naturals before September 25th
Come into Shoppers Drug Mart and purchase a leaf for $1 a butterfly for $5, an acorn for $10 or a cardinal for $50. All proceeds will be donated to the Aurora House. Last yr we raised just under $1500 our goal this yr is $1837!! Please help us reach our goal and help out a worthy cause!!
I'm convinced K-Mart is part of an underground drug operation because there is no way they make a profit off of their store
Share your story and you could win a $50 Shoppers Drug Mart giftcard!
Shoppers Drug Mart: $10 off your $50 or More Purchase via Simply Frugal - Save $10 off your ...
Why can't Shoppers Drug Mart open at 7 not 8😭😭😭
frustration at Scottish rejection of independence.
I want to with a $25 Shoppers Drug Mart GC and a Cold & Flu prize pack from
Busy today for this Daughter lots of stops Oshawa Dr. office 🏢, pick up pills at Shoppers Drug Mart Whitby, back to Wallmart Bowmanville
My drug dealer has better customer service than Wal-Mart.
Redeem this printable coupon at the Shoppers Drug Mart. to get $10 off on your $50 purchase or more
A customer just asked me if we had a pharmacy. At Shoppers Drug Mart. Please send me home
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Six Points Plaza in Etobicoke. Click to see why:
I'm in denial. I'm at Shoppers Drug Mart wearing flip flops.
One stop TIFF beauty at the beautyBOUTIQUE by Shopper Drug Mart and Sally Hershberger!.
There was an attempted robbery at Shoppers Drug Mart near Cabot I just witnessed.
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Port Colborne in Port Colborne. Click to see why:
Visited the beauty boutique Shoppers Drug Mart unbelievable service from Natalie
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Village Landing in St. Albert. Click to see why:
Discount Drug Mart gives me a migraine
If I was ever made manager of Drug Mart, the first thing I would do is fire my sister to strike fear into my subordinates.
Go to Shoppers Drug Mart’s 30 Days of Beauty website to find the hot beauty looks and get daily offers!
Yes, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Lawtons and others will have it in just a few weeks!
Reilly and I got some floaties from drug mart and got weird looks from the lady 😂
I am down town in the wal mart parking lot watching a drug deal take place. So there's that.
Counting down to the 2014 Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancers! Go walkers Go!
What would you do if you won a Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card Valued at $100? Two Readers will find out!!! ENDS...
Deal alert! $7.99 Essie nail enamel at Shopper's Drug Mart on Sept 7 & 8 only.
SEPTEMBER 6th - SEPTEMBER 7th!! We are looking forward to seeing everyone who registered for Shoppers Drug Mart...
I want to this Back-to-School Kit from You should enter, too:
I just checked in to donate to to help You can too:
I want to win a Prize Pack that includes a $100 GC! Enter here Canadians:
Live on Location at The TIFF Suite featuring Shoppers Drug Mart and Sally Hershburger who is here…
Inventory. Why else would I be this far south? (@ Shoppers Drug Mart) on
Yeah so I'm off to the 'Shopper's Drug Mart';.at like get some 'Lantus' for my son... UGH!
Would you buy fresh groceries at Shoppers Drug Mart? | Toronto Star
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Redeemed $200 of FREE stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart last night, this was $22 total. LOVE their rewards…
I was at drug mart today where were you
We may have missed Beyoncé at the VMAs but y'all missed and my performance of Crazy in Love at Shoppers Drug Mart
I tell Seth & Ben that I love Drug Mart & they look at me like I'm crazy. Like the only reason I like it is because I get to see them.
I want to beat ragweed allergies with and WIN a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card from
Hey Ravens! If anyone is still looking for a place to live this year look no further! I am looking for roommate for a two bedroom apartment. Utilities all included. Good location for Carleton students. Bus stop 1 min walk (bus 111), 20 min to Carleton. Pool and laundry facilities on site. Near by grocery store/ bank/ Shoppers Drug Mart. Available for September. PM me if you are interested! Thanks :)
I never fail to run into at Shoppers Drug Mart every time I go there.
The Home Health Care section at Drug Mart is the most depressing collection of old age you can find.
Fell into the Shoppers Drug Mart pit again. Went in for 1 thing and came out with 5.
Happy birthday, early, to me. Bought some raffle tickets at drug mart and won the movie basket..󾌳󾌧😎
Is it bad that I lost my shopping cart in Drug Mart? . I can't find it anywhere.
I'm going to take it as a compliment that some guy just looked at me and laughed hysterically while at Shoppers Drug Mart. Mmmk?
"(Flasher) pulled out much more than his Optimum card at a Shopper's Drug Mart cosmetics counter."
The Tiger Band did a great job today playing at Discount Drug Mart in Reminderville. Thanks to everyone who came out!
Did you know that you are allowed to share and transfer Shoppers Drug Mart's Optimum Points among your friends...
drug mart already has Halloween candy out.
Working at Shoppers Drug Mart is one of the best decisions I've ever made !
I entered 2 one of TWO $100 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Cards via WOOT!
This for my friends: I did get the table cleared yesterday. Dinner was good, not great. Made cookies for the Falls Cancer Club annual bake sale and hot dog extravaganza on Saturday at the Drug Mart on Portage Trail, and the table while not covered is cluttered. Wow is me!
Are you a photographer or know one? Great gift! $5 brand new. Pick up at DRUG MART on the eastside of Lorain.
Shoppers Drug Mart -Contest. There will be 2 grand prizes available to be won . . .
So much for that seasonal application...
nothing like blasting some DMX at a Shoppers Drug Mart sitting in my dodge caravan
Shoppers Drug Mart Canada’s LAST Weekly Giveaway: Enter before June 13th to Win Free Make-up from Quo, Essence...
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Vedder & Promontory in Chilliwack.
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Morgan's Grant in Kanata. Click to see why:
This Shoppers Drug Mart offer is not SPECIAL JUST FOR ME
Heads up: Royal Canoe and Earthless tickets are now both sold out online! Lukes Drug Mart and Sloth Records have very limited quantities left in stock. Act fast or get a Discovery Pass and see it all!
Shoppers Drug Mart is having another great giveaway!
Nature's Pickin's Ltd. in Abbotsford is re stocked in soap including face wash bars:) So is The Preserved Seed next to The Yellow Deli in Chilliwack ( no facewash bars here but a few salves and lotsof soap!), Find A Treasure on Mill st in Chilliwack, and Shoppers Drug Mart on Vedder and Stevenson! If your out and about today and in the mood for a nice natural hand crafted soap stop by one of these locations:)
Join us for 3 Peoples Drug Mart Walks for ALS this Sat, June 14. Surrey, Abbotsford & Kelowna.
Join us for three Peoples Drug Mart Walks for ALS this Saturday, June 14. Walks in Surrey, Abbotsford & Kelowna.
We received this FABULOUS testimonial today. " I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your products for 2 years now and I will never ever switch to anything else. Prior to discovering your line I was struggling with my skin. I worked as a cosmetician at Shoppers Drug Mart and couldn't find anything to calm my rosacea. I was around 19-20 at the time and so embarrassed by my skin & my inability to find anything that "worked." I literally tried everything but nothing worked. Little bumps, tight, dry flaky skin, discoloration, breakouts, burning sensations were all "normal". I finally found your line in 2012 and instantly was in love. I was post partum at the time so also experiencing hormonal skin changes, but it was still so much better compared to my life before Cocoon Apothecary. Fast forward 2 years and another pregnancy/post partum and I am SO happy with my skin. Part of my journey has also been realizing what real skin looks like vs what we're told skin looks like but part of it has also be ...
Why can't I ever have a set schedule drug mart 😡
Shout out to one of our top chain store accounts!
You can get discount tickets to visit the Museum Come and so much more.
CMHA Vancouver-Burnaby staff promoting at the Shoppers Drug Mart on West Pender Street. Have you...
Spend get 18,500 points when you spend $75 and present this Shopper's Drug Mart coupon:...
Villager arrested on drug charges in parking lot of Wal-Mart on 466
The flavours are: Mint Chocolate Cookie at Shoppers Drug Mart, Rockin' Blondies at Target and Peanut Butter Cup at Walmart :)
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Eastown Centre in Scarborough. Click to see why:
What are you doing this Thursday, June 12th? It's Senior's Day at Shoppers Drug Mart (810 - 3025 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam) and Home Instead will be there from 9am - 12pm. Come stop by our table and hear about our services, or enjoy the discounts available at Shoppers. Visit our website to learn more about this and our other great events!
ANOTHER chance to WIN a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart GIFT CARD! Head over to Wee Little Things and GET entered! Good...
Set of 2 black floor lamps One shade isn't in the best condition but can be hid if turned right. $15 for both Pick up at DRUG MART on eastside of Lorain.
woohoo FREE optimum points ...thx Shoppers Drug Mart be sure to click on update profile for the promo code tab to...
Brand new childs PET stamp set in a tin. Still sealed in plastic $5 Pick up DRUG MART on the eastside of Lorain. Cross posted
Set of cake decorating tips & 1 bag $5 pick up DRUG MART on the eastside of Lorain. (I listed 2 different sets) Cross posted
The closest blister bandages are at Shoppers Drug Mart at the corner of Pender & Bute. Map:
What’s in your bag when you go day tripping with the family? How about when you’re pregnant? These are questions we recently answered for Shoppers Drug Mart. Take a peek at our thoughts, then head over and read the full articles. Plus, read on for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Shoppers …
I want to be ready for Summer! I've entered to win a Gift Card via
I recommend the Shoppers Drug Mart at Downtown Kingston in Kingston. Click to see why:
Shoppers Drug Mart has a FLASH Giveaway going on right now.. Head over and see their post and ENTER for YOUR...
Super yay! The National Air Show returns to Burke Lakefront Airport this year
S/O to drug mart for having this zippo stuff😈🙌
Win a $100 gift card for Shoppers Drug Mart and get Summer Ready! via (CAN only)
What happened to cafe behind Donelson Drug Mart?
Have you heard about Haute Hair's referral program?? Refer 1 client for fusion or tape in extensions and receive a $25 gift card to Shoppers Drug Mart! Refer a second and receive a $50 gift card! I truly appreciate all referrals and I want to show it! Share this post with your family and friends to let them know about this great program!
Happy 4th Birthday Shoppers Drug Mart 312, Bailas Drugs and many more!!
ANOTHER Shopper's Drug Mart profile update bonus code! Enter 2 upon updating your account and get 2000 bonus points added by June 27! Log in here:
Collect Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points? Get 2,000 bonus points before June 23rd - USE CODE 9878 - Login to your Shopper's Optimum account, click on "update profile" and enter the code in the Promo Code box. You will receive a confirmation email and your points will be awarded by July 8th :)
I would like to thank the staff at Shoppers Drug Mart for coming over saturday night,my staff said you's had a blast...Je voudrais remercier le personnel du Shoppers Drug Mart pour etre venus samedi soir,
Field Trip was DOPE! rockin Lukes Drug Mart in calgary at 4pm today for Sled Island festival kick-off party... parking lot. free... reaaach!
Just had an unpleasant experience. I stopped at Drug Mart to find a sympathy card, and heard a beep as I entered the store. Was called over to the counter, where I was asked if I had on something new. No. No new shoes, sweater, nothing. "Let me see your credit cards." Nope, nothing there. Purse was new a few weeks back, but no reason for it to cause alarm. Go back to the door (leaving purse behind) and reenter. Beep. "Take off your sweater" which I purchased out in PA about a year ago. Yes, there's a sensor tag at the neck! Snip! "There, now you don't need to worry about it any more." I guess my unhappiness with the episode was the rather demanding way she spoke to me, as though I was trying to steal something. As I came INTO the store! I'm not in a hurry to return to that store.
Sled Island pre-party today at Luke's Drug Mart in Bridgeland! 12pm-5pm. Free all ages event open to the public! Featuring lots of sweet bands including Shad!
Who spend $100 at drug mart? This guy lol. Gonna be a do as little as possible kind of day.
What a beautiful Sunday! Today we're at the World Partnership Walk, the Dog Jog and the Sled Island launch party Lukes Drug Mart! So much ☀️
Anyone from the Willard area hear anything about Drug Mart being robbed last night? Or is it just a rumor?
Well, the day is here. Today is the 9th annual People's Drug Mart Walk for ALS in Parksvile. As being the Walk Coordinator for this year, 6 months of planning, organizing, & fundraising comes to an end today. So glad I had a few people on my committee that worked their butts off to make today happen & happy I have a husband who helped with promoting, fundraising, & support! Thanks baby! Registration opens at 9am & I hope to see you there.
Was a good nite until we left the fuze night club had a boot on the car Shoppers Drug Mart parking lot 100 bucks to get it removed don't think i will ever shop there 130 am not to busy down town makes you really want to go to sudbury first time I've Been there for a evening out in years don't think I'll be going out anytime soon again
Just home from the Cancer Relay with my co workers from Shoppers Drug Mart great evening raised $2300.00 for cancer .Thanks every one who sponsored me for the relay they raised thirty seven thousand dollars tonight .Thanks again .Sure to have sore feet tomorrow walked a lot but for a good cause.
You know that your a 90's kid when you walk into Shoppers Drug Mart and spot L'Oreal Kids Shampoo in those cute fish designed bottles with scales and that one eye with a bright cap. Then you have flashbacks of the commercials, how it smelt like cherries or watermelon, how it made your hair feel silky, how it didn't sting your eyes if you got it in them and trying to use it as bubble solution when you ran out of bubbles. I almost bought some for old times sake.
Stopped in at Shopper's Drug Mart as it was on my way home from a BD Open house just to get yogurt and milk, once inside I realized it was double points day, so I bought a lot including three outdoor small tables, my total bill was $122.92 but I only had to pay $6.92.
I just met Joanie Mitchell outside Shoppers Drug Mart. What a nice lady! If I'd have been thinking, I'd have invited her for dinner!! Stupid Lyme brain!!
Cool fireworks from Captains Stadium. I can see them from Drug Mart!
Spent all my money at Shoppers Drug Mart.. Gotta cab home cuz my arms are so full of bags..
Ok so had a lil scare last night .. went to take my insulin at 9:30 pm and it was empty cartridge so tried to change it to new one and low n behold it was a disposable pen the hospital sent me home with and i didnt have another pen to put cartridge in , so had to call the emergency nurse i have on call and have her tell me what to do but she called n said she would run to Shoppers Drug Mart n grab some needles n come give me a shot , this was going on 11 pm be4 she got here i was panicing cause i am new diabetic , but when she went to drug store they gave her a pen for free to put my needle tips on i believe she said the pens were free there , i was never so glad n relieved to see her cause i was scared ... when she got here she told me not to be worried as it didnt matter on the time i had it , after she left i went to bed n slept liked a baby again ... and have had another pretty good day today also .:)
That moment you realize you are trapped with nowhere to run in the checkout line at Shoppers Drug Mart while Celine belts out "The Power of LOVE!" grand finale bit...what's worse is realizing you know ALL the lyrics by heart
A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the Melfort Saskatchewan Blue Cross MS Walk today. It was a great afternoon! We had a great group of walkers of all ages. Thank you for your fabulous fundraising! As of today we raised over $10, 170 in the fight to end MS! Walkers still have 2 weeks to get their final pledges in. After that I will announce the final total Melfort raised!! Thank you to our sponsors: 105 CJVR and CK750 Classic Hits of the 60s and 70s, The Melfort Journal, Access Communications, TM Rentals, E&A Meats, Magnetsigns, Golden Grain Bakery, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Pharmasave, Your Dollar Store with More, Trent Rogers, Melody Motors, Melfort Chamber of Commerce, Prairie North CO-OP, Extra Foods and Tim Horton’s. We appreciate your donations and support. Thank you to the following groups and individuals who volunteer their time at the Walk and fundraising events: Melfort Pathfinders and Rangers, Melfort Air Cadets, Melfort Amateur Radio Club, Sasktel Pioneers, Melfort Evangelical Covenant Ch ...
I wonder if he knows that the post office is controlled by the government and not Shoppers Drug Mart so we have no control over the hours
Made a big scene today in Shoppers Drug Mart when I smelt that moment for the first time ASAHGDLAKACQK
Does anybody actually read the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer? Why is it sooo huge? How many things could they possibly have?
Kids/Adult Sunglasses & Reading Glasses for Sale -- ALL NEW!! - Kids Sunglasses $5-, Adult Sunglasses & Reading glasses please give an offer. ___ All brand new sunglasses donated from Shoppers Drug Mart GTA. In Store prices range from $5.99 - $34.99 + TAX. My family is doing a mini missions trip this summer and is bringing down packages to new mothers in Holguin, Cuba - these glasses were generously donated from Shoppers for us to sell and fund-raise for our mission. 100% of proceeds will go to pregnant mother packages with We aren't able to bring the sunglasses down in bulk like this to distribute, so we are selling them to bring the $$ instead. Please message me for close up photos or any questions. Laura
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