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The Drudge Report is a news aggregation website.

Fox News Matt Drudge Bill Clinton

It doesn't matter what color you are - Trump is by far a better choice for President.
And they say that the Donald groped women? Wait 'til the Muslim onslaught! If your a woman or LGBT, bad news for you!
well we know what happened with Brexit!! 11/8 we will be judge and jury for this bog…
How does she honestly show her face? The jig is up. Selling out America to foreign governments!
🚨🚨🚨 Someone breaks into live national tv. Who did this!! Listen to the Country music…
Hillary's camp and its look of desperation leads to desperate acts like burning a church down to divide…
She's worried about What the FBI may find on HER this time that may STICK! her *** may be…
No, tear down and burn down the Clinton signs. They're pathetic criminals.
- millions you & you're family have stolen won't mean much when you, Bil…
Stonewalling by GOP has created a backlog of unfinished items.
This idiotic should be in jail as well... He and forever together in a cage...
Hillary should know when she's sitting on her glass throne she shouldn't throw stones as others can throw…
people in London have sex?! I can see why this is international news.
This independent has leaned so far that she's supporting Trump now, instead of just
Obama is such a buffoonish cartoon character. Can't wait till he's gone.
No one knows better how to defeat that man and his message than the people in this room." To Protect 💩
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wow. How stupid can you be and still breath.
MSM has treated these women terribly.
Check the alignment of the perps will you are they all Democrats as we suspect?
Social media websites are known to delete trends unfavorable to Clinton.
Obama is such a lying, no good rotten, cheating. race baiting con.
Clinton is DONE if this is true.. Wow!
How many Xs Obama acted on incomplete info? Accused police attempting to arrest friend…
Plenty of hot sauce on the side? She may need a double dose of Zantac.
they lie through their teeth or plead the 5th. Nothing will come of it
Hey Obama, a "Mistake" for 4 years straight screwing up the Middle-East with an "Open Email Server"?…
is not his business. His golf vacation is ending soon.
CORRECT. Fate of world getting on RIGHT TRACK! TRUMP TRAIN 2016
So Political stunt, pulling the Trump Rally live streaming channel for political reasons.
So evil that Obama told kids in NC that if they didn't vote Hil, they were destroying HIS LEGACY.What? So vo…
The fate of Obamas vision is at risk.
Fick Liar!! Most Americans hate him for being BIGGEST FRAUD PERPETUATED ON THEM!!!
The look when you find out your own U.S. Intelligence Agency is calling you out via WikiLeaks
Hillary doesn't care about anyone but herself & the elite that buy her!
25 guests who paid $100,000 each to attend and benefit the Hillary Victory Fund.
Loretta Lunch will beg Obama for a pardon, she could never survive on prison food alone.
American warriors must be helped or when called again they may not be able to come! GOD bless them!
let's put Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly's report on indictment coming barring obstruction on Clinton from 2 FBI agents!
he should be worried, he lost myself and my entire family! We're not slaves and we don't belong on Dem plantation!
This video,"The Hillary Clinton Takeover," was released at 12:00p, my site was down as of 12:20p https:/…
yep, primarily getting Clinton elected to protect him from prosecution
so tired of this WORLD talk and time we talk about America
He is guilty of collusion and he lied yet again. Can't wait till he pardons himself & leaves office!
Given the Drudge Report - someone needs to reopen the Mary Caitlin Mahoney murder.
VOX-"Drudge Report is spreading a conspiracy about Bill Clinton it debunked in 1999"- not debunked 1999 DNA test by tab…
Drudge Report mistakes Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for Huma Abedin in photo with Hillary Clinton
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.husband was part of team of lawyers that repped Paula Jones back in 90's & was a Drudge Report source.
In 2010, Drudge Report put photo at Detroit Metro Airport on home page with headline: "The Terrorists Have Won"
The conservative entertainment complex — from Fox News and the Drudge Report, which likened gun control to Nazi...
Donald Trump gets his news from Drudge Report - “Matt Drudge is an amazing guy. Politically, one of the legends,”
'thank you Matt for releasing the Drudge Report, God bless you brother'
Andrew Breitbart worked w/ Matt Drudge on Drudge Report. Broke off to start his own thing. He dropped dead because karma.
I got em. And a close relative of Matt Drudge as in Drudge Report. Luv to talk w/him. Logic and facts, it works w/some.
Drudge Report has made its move (finally) and gone negative. Request: love her or hate her - please back her up...
why won't the media dig into Rubio and Cruz past? And there wives?
That'll get you kicked off the flight every time.
He needs to take it easy, God is in control.
I wonder if we will see the UNEDITED CONTENTS! Remember he who pay the piper says what tube will be played
There's also no way to verify the results.
Well if aids is real that's how you help stop the spread
which will absolutely signal the end of the republic. Sadly I must admit, most Americans aren't Americans!
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=> What surprises me is that no one asks what she does with the money. I believe the Clinton Found does good work
Hillarys message is I will do anything Bern claims to do without leaving 30 trillion dollor deficit wit…
Could it be that Mississippi is behind times & didn't get the memo from Obama's white house? Orders are to accept liberal sh
I do t see the difference between unencrypting a phone and running someone's DNA to get the bad guy!
most are done voting for the lesser of the clowns & will chose not to vote at all.Which means Hillary wins.
Am with him. Brits may be getting smarter as times goes on. Who needs the mess in Europe or their currency control.
even though the large majority of true conservatives do not support Trump and most are fed up.
People that break the law and are known terrorists should not have their privacy rights protected
which will give Trump the win. Which means America is done. Trump is a progressive and basically a ***
the top photo is from an Army hospital, not a VA one.
Trump is going to win the republican primary because Cruz and Rubio will continue to split 50-60%.
- Why do people think a fat *** and jiggling cellulite is sexy or looks good, I think it's kind of gross.
. If I ask for an appointment today I won't be seen til April
A bunch of liquored up gyrating scantily clad people at a public performance- Yep, I'd kinda nix it too.
well since the US population is 63% white, it only makes sense. I don't see white Americans calling for more equality in NFL
domain names
Bernie knows that Hillary immitation is the sincerest form of co-opting the discourse to paradigm the dominant subversion. :)
Well if you say so. If Poland is truly freer now, then that's great news. I hate communism. I'm originally Cuban.
the problem with unions. They should support Bernie because he's the only one for them. Dirty dirty. They deserve Koch.
Apollo 10 astronauts heard 'music' on the far side of the moon. Download Drudge Report
I think Apple should unscramble encryption! If bad ppl could scramble DNA they would!
It is clinton, what do you expect, originality?
OMG! Looks like the latest DRUDGE REPORT poll results! How can that be? 😘
. Old is a flippin antique that cannot get out of the way of the .
Drudge Report: REPORT: Ex-Guantanamo detainee now an al Qaeda leader in Yemen...
Do not know about Daily Kos. Best is the Drudge Report. Just takes you to sites. News channels not the best.
Ok. He will not see a state in his life time
You cannot be diagnosed with bipolar AND schizophrenia, as the article states. Once diagnosed schizophrenic, it trumps BPD.
The Dragon and Warrior may collide next month.
And they are wreaking havoc in almost every country that taken them in...ingrates or?
If the WH doesn't wake up ... A place to pee will be the last of their worries .
Honest mistake, they probably thought it was a pic of Hillary.
Make sure you being this to the MSM attention in upcoming interviews - they will need to be reminded.
do you think da us hands r clean of innocent blood? Who do you think has more blood on its hands
do they? So why cant crimea want russia there?
Don't forget that Sid sued AOL over the Drudge Report.
He takes the Lead alright but not sure it's against Terrorist
Russians won't a f...k about collateral damage, they'll just kill the *** roach isis cowards. Good!
POLL: FOXNEWS most trusted TV news source...
I think Home Depot has rope on sale. Especially useful on suspect in high speed car chases. Reckless Stupidity.
72% of all Fox News viewers say that the network isn't as conservative as it once was.
When you have a Bunch of Fool Running this Country what do you Expect
Yeah, but imagine what the % would be if Obama WEREN'T such an inspiration!
It didn't say just Rs. They polled all.
Because Germany and S. Korea want us. there. You keep asking the same questions.
Oh I don't know blowing up apartment buildings full of innocent people maybe.
The government schools have done their job.
Check his other family members. It seems they all like to do this.
Is that precocious sister of his at it again?
imagine that, and we are not already bombarded with terrorist I our own country, and they want to bring in more refugees?
THAT'S NEGATIVE! POLL: 72% of Americans say country isn't as great as once was...
Putin just put the Queen on Obama and is running the cards. A little "Hearts" vernacular there.:-)
The Wolves of Obama's failed foreign policies are circling the land of the Lamb!.
Watching Ash Carter stumble through his presser this morning proves he isn't up to the job.
typical, just like Obummer and crew, rent a mob
We are eventually sending the refugees back to you.
First off you should say "is." Secondly, you are delusional. Israel is a diamond among pigs.
and the putz in the WH will always comply. We cannot continue 2do this. So much blood 4 nothing! Shame on Obama!
NOR IS ISRAEL BOUND BY ANY PACTS WITH THEM. "Ashkelon will see it and be afraid.Gaza too will writhe in great pain;" Zec 9:5
and America will do it, just because they were told to. This new America doesn't want to offend or upset anybod…
saw this coming when Russia moved in to Syria
how do ILLEGALS collect benefits without any id? How do they cash a check? Not disputing the just HOW?!?
Foreign language news outlets are a big reason immigrants are assimilating so slowly.
Man with siren song of going unplugged...
and where is wife? Isn't usually the wife who does the intros? So Ann is the pseudo wife?
Gotta hand it to for bringing attention to a tough, sad situation. Unsustainable for US
I think that is called political suicide.
why do you hate White & Black children Jorge ? Why do you hate all American children Jorge?
The real headline should read GOP Establishment collapsing in NH
He is the reason we need term limits!!! Libs are so scared right now!!
Bernie for bingo hall , 30 years in DC and he is now trying do something
Indeed she is. She didn't go sniveling and crying to the Media like
We know u hear this OBAMA, we also know u don't care! U gave animals a deal that puts Israel in harms way!
himself from brother, father on judicial nominations... Developing...
Crazies is what Obama calls those who don't like Iran nuk deal. He refers to Iranian funded terrorists as 'folks
Economists have said that deflation will kill incomes for all! Could it lead to a depression? One for economists.
to 'We are going to start with the gangs
EXACTLY! But this is still all 4 ratings 4 Trump/Kelly/Fox USA!
.I didnt hear or Roger Ailes apologize to viewers for reducing to Jerry…
Foreign language news outlets are a big part of our immigrant assimilation problem.
It's a very large shadowy group much of it spineless for our Republic.
does Trump get more and more awesome every day, or what!!!💕
MT: of sexual Women more likely to be bi than men...
Man for at drone hovering near his home...
is the government going to bail me out for my loss, not. Stop spending money foolishly.
sorry, but that is outright wrong. You don't contribute you get nothing
How abt the only President in history who had his held in contempt of congress?
.Fox and owe Cruz, Trump, Carson and Walker apologies. station
Trump's Drudge Report siren day marred by Donald's bad mouth in the Bible Belt via
I don't know why the Drudge Report is saying that Germany "blinked." From what I am reading, at the moment, it...
This was a headline even on the Drudge Report this morning. It shows that EVERYONE is taking notice!
I am so shocked by you, Joy Reid, one of my favorite ppl! So the Grio is now a counter balance for the Drudge Report?
Nice, Wired story prominent on Drudge Report about Belmont Stakes. Not so sure about the content.
Drudge Report top headline: Jenner photo with quote "I'm a Republican!"
Drudge Report number one source for referral traffic to the Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, Roll Call, Breitbart, The Ne…
After being forced to watch him worship at the altar of Rasmussen and the Drudge Report, and futile attempts to get him to listen to logic,
Alarmed woman calls 911 after drone crashes into home...
They're killing U.S citizens left and right. 95 year old war veteran shot with 12-gauge shotgun . http:/…
Abortionist Carhart no showin' the love, threatens turn away clients
Respectfully disagree. The AMC Jeep CJ, esp the Scrambler, is clearly the Drudge Report of vehicles:
The petition to boycott has passed 100,000 signers:
"Raising Jesus" just released as EBook on Amazon. Find it here Maranatha House
one day in our lifetime the evedents that Obama is a fraud will surface and we better have the balls to get him
- I say we flood the hotline with bogus calls. Shut it down!
DEMOCRATS let history repeat. ISIS embedded in the US and has encircled Israel.
FCC Commish: Obama Taking Unprecedented Direct Control Over Internet Changes Drudge Report is sharing this too. Stop!
Drudge Report: links to make you feel like an angsty teenage conservative.
Judge Napolitano. Obama uses internet restrictions to intensify police state. Gone too far.
Ever seen Louisiana's version of The Drudge Report? Its been around for years.
Jan 17 1998- Lewinsky scandal: Matt Drudge breaks the story of the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair on his website The Drudge Report
After running the wannabe-Fox News circus into the ground, SNN's clowns aiming to launch their own Drudge Report.
New contact lenses will help people see with inbuilt telescope - Telegraph. Download Drudge Report(
Four reasons we lost our county from . is why we really lost it.
Chinese bureaucrats go on silent strike to protest the clampdown on their gravy train
Podesta's biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs...
Drudge Report. It's still very '90s in its design.
2 dead in shooting at New Orleans Mardi Gras parade...
Turkey rolls back secular education for 'pious generation'. Download Drudge Report(
Texas man sentenced to two life terms after 10th DWI. Download Drudge Report(
Snow 'hurricane' to lash New England this weekend. Download Drudge Report(from Google Play Store
Ginsburg: I Wasn't '100% Sober' at State of the Union: Now we know why Suprem... via
Obama bundlers slow to back Clinton super PACS...
PAPER: Twelve ways world could end...
WIRE: Is it OK for doctors to 'GOOGLE' patients?
Rare, undulating clouds enchant visitors in Grand Teton...
My new Man on the Street Monday video made it on Drudge Report and Infowars again today for the second week in a row!
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REVIEW OF THE MEDIA'S ELECTION COVERAGE • MSNBC refused to call the Florida gubernatorial race... even though the other networks had called it, and even after Charlie Crist conceded. • MSNBC also called a number of the Democrat losses late, including North Carolina. • Fox News called the New Hampshire loss for Republican Scott Brown later than the other media outlets. • The best place for results was on the Drudge Report. They posted the correct election calls long before the networks and other outlets did. • Nate Silver was somewhat off his game. He gave the Republicans a 44% chance of winning 52 or 53 seats in the Senate. It looks like they'll end up with 54 seats, which he'd given only a 15% chance of happening. • Pre-election poll numbers were biased in favor of Democrats by an average of 4 points in the Senate and 4 points in the elections for governor. • Fox's Brett Baier had the strongest election night performance. His co-anchor Megyn Kelly was somewhat shaky. Juan Williams was ...
Surprised it's that high "EXIT POLL: 1 in 5 voters trust govt to do what is right...
She is a woman that should never be let around children or schools. That is some disturbing sh-t she wrote about.
Book with the talking donkey, zombies, necromancer, flying horses, fiery sea serpent & 7-headed beast, right? =^/
It's not abuse if you use your open palm to spank a Democrat .
useless everywhere else. Why should Arkansas be any different?
Clinton is useless everywhere, not just in Arkansas!
Scott brown was a *** in high school. would not want him. per my mom.
Good. But I long for the day when Clinton will be seen as useless in the USA.
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o come on let's get through this election first B4 WE EVEN talk about 2016
Kiss my white *** racist Al Sharpton! Looks like Republicans are doing your job now.
“Clinton Useless in Arkansas... Clinton's are useless period!
The first two words were enough of a headline...
"Clinton Useless in Arkansas... . News flash. Clinton useless everywhere.
That sentence could have been completed with the first 2 words.
not bad. Good effort in a liberal cesspool.
"SCOTT BROWN FALLS SHORT have turned his back on the tea party when he first won in MA
“OBAMA AMNESTY BY XMAS president says who cares about unemployment
Drudge Report calls Vermont senate race for dem Shaheen
He's a carpet bagger what did they expect. Bad omen when a women who was laughed at by the crowd wins.
NH deserves what they get. Good luck with that NH!
I thought they didn't like black people in the south.
2 of the original colonies down, 11 to go. Scott Brown to run for Senate in Virginia next, this just in! Go away Scott!
and yes, I understand I've effectively alienated probably over a million people in IL by saying that, but at this point IDGAS
In his defense, he still has 48 more states to try.
NC poll workers offer ballots to impostor -- TWENTY TIMES...
It's almost time to breath easy knowing help is on the horizon, goodbye liberals and your destructive desires
Troops, soldiers, warriors, anuthing but boots! Boots without people are useless!
Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming!
Remember this is going to take years and the Tea Party is here to stay.The Tea Party is a trend for next 100 yrs!
Sandra Fluke's race for CA state senate down to wire...
If you regularly read the Drudge Report, which by the way you should, then you ought to be aware of Doctors Without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox. This 33-year-old UTA grad penned a first-person piece for the Dallas Morning News in which she slammed the University Hospital in Newark, N.J., for not only…
FEC chair warns that conservative media like Drudge Report and Sean Hannity face regulation... like PACs -...
Monica Lewinsky spoke at the Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Summit and spoke about the affair that almost brought down the Bill Clinton administration. In her 2,500 word speech she blamed her humiliation on the Drudge Report, Internet, Ken Starr, the NY Post's Page Six, everybody except for the married…
If the news gets any worse, the home page of Drudge Report is just going to be a giant skull on fire.
My friends- *follows actors and YouTubers and vine stars*. Me- *follows the Drudge Report and Matt Walsh and Rush Limbaugh*. 😁🇺🇸
It's the same nonsense he's been entangled with his entire adult life! That's why we are in this quandary, he's an ideologue!
Love your website, It's like a regional eh?
12? Laughable, # much higher. Man was vomiting outside his apt uncontrollably.
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Her doctor needs to lessen the dose of her prescription.
Go on drudge report to look at one article. Ends up reading 15 + articles lol
Police: Arab man enters Okla. school, asks 'suspicious' questions...
Thanks Ebama. Airlines scramble to track down hundreds who came in contact...
Not sure why their not testing for ~ *** are they waiting for? "EBOLA SCARE IN HAWAII...
Looks like they haven't even checked the Patient for Ebola, just everything else. OR said if he traveled.
Baloney--Obama not gotten lazy just that more people incl Matthews finally seeing who he really is & don't like what they see
How does one test positive for "mystery" virus?Test postive for enterovirus? Again I ask have the vaccine lots been checked?
Hmm. He says travel s should be limited to the area. From that area,also? I would not allow any more planes in from Africa!!
Yeah, right! And how do you suggest they announce a martial law & a new dictatorship without these "circumstances"?
Well duh. When AIDS and Mountain Dew didn't work we had to come up with something...
the bigger issue is why Whites created freewill, allowing people to freely shoot each other.
. They keep getting closer! Just a matter of time . Then SHTF !! Ugh
Hopefully the voters who voted for Obama are the 1-4 not working, elections have consequences, new America
Old people tend to suffer arthritis affects more in cold climates so this seems somewhat suspicious! What about the ugenists?
.No, he was asking how to enroll his children. There is no story here, only shameless sensationalism.
Need more of these movies! Those were great movies Ben Hur ect.
I agree. Would gladly spend the years left to me in Bergen.
WH liars! For every person they screen, 100 slip past and into the general population!
“Norway Named Best Country To Grow Old... >>>Posting this as a tribute to my friend Tor Krosby
What would it cost to ship liberal Boomers there? Norway Named Best Country To Grow Old...
..Which is best, chicken pox, autism, or cancer? New vaccine:
HuffPo broke vaccine fraud story who wants ebola shot now?
FARRAKHAN: Whites Created Ebola to Kill Blacks... ]- Come on! Then who will pick our cotton?
As long as it doesn't interfere with his Tee time!
Always a MAN and an Indonesian Ice Cream BOY! And I do mean BOY in every f'ing sense of the word.
.of course they're terrorists... and they're in every American city
Wow Matthews came up for air to say that dead middle of a bj on obama
"Hello runonname, just got here from the Drudge Report page. Seeing your snarky comment, I realized I…" — KevTuck
The entire right wing universe (including Drudge Report) is now screaming about this post by, yes, the Dumbest Man on the Internet again, claiming that anonymous sources told him officer Darren Wilson suffered an "orbital blowout fracture to the eye ...
Order Miche Bag Online!
And yet his dishonest racist posts often end up on Drudge Report and Fox News. Go figure.
Egad Hospital sends out 200 death notices for living patients...
Meanwhile Oblamer is tilting the US Constitution on its Head with Executive Orders (Phone & Pen) w/o a peep from Republicans.
I knew a sheet storm was heading his way after he called in the tx ntl guard after hussein refused to.
He was. No need for the question mark. “Texas' Perry indicted for coercion over veto threat?
I guess I don't understand. Isn't it common for a political figure to threaten a veto of an upcoming bill? Why is this diff?
If Impeaching Horny Clinton made him more Popular & will do the same for ObamaO, why can't the same be said for
. Arabic translators in Detroit lol there broke how pay
so Perry gets booked and illegal criminals get welfare.
tho I still can't understand Arianna--I think that's why she started Huffpo:)
Will they mandate suicide bombing classes?
*** Detroit is bankrupt and a complete mess so lets spend more tax dollars on illegals. Can't even take care of our own!
. Pot plants found in California public park. Really think this is going too far. Country more into pot than the world events
in the end, it was all about ratings and the Benjamins
which is why you shouldn't threaten people with it. If you're gonna make the call then make it.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Guess that National Guard deployment at the border made him some enemies within the Obama Administration.
what do you mean? If he had morals and integrity he wouldn't have made the threat. Just veto or don't
DG way too liberal for my liking. Obviously he didn't connect with viewers. DG does one helluva good imitation of T. Brokaw
wow how am I not surpised by the rampant racism and stupidity here. You hear Arab and imediatley think terrorist baby
.. Quick, destroy the hard drive and lie through your teeth.
because they don't want to be American. They want their welfare and wave their flags
So indict or impeach him already. What's stopping you then?
Amazing how much BS Democrats get away with...
“GOTCHA! //He had the power to veto, and he did.
Simmons should team up w/ Ted Nugent & run 4 the White House. Should they win, I'd be o.k. w/ our nuclear destruction.
You could do a dozen close readings of the Drudge Report in any given week. Here is one:
And where's Obama on this slaughter?
One of the biggest pains in my *** since waking up is News. I know the Corporate media has an agenda, mainly to pacify the Democrats and Republicans. Now I look at them all for what they are, Just propaganda channels. However I am now forced to Internet websites for any REAL news. Mainly places like Bretbairt and Drudge Report... Any deeper than that ya get half truths and crazy stories. It takes a lot of digging to see what's really going on behind the curtain. It's sad when Alex Jones reports more REAL news than FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC combined...
Thank God someone can say it. Speak English, or leave now.
I may not agree with Simmons on a lot, but I agree with him on the importance of learning English. Common ground is a start!
*** is happening to this country? Would Arabs do this for us living in Middle East? *** no!
So the drunk stays and the man with morals and integrity gets bent over.
Kill DROVES of Christians too, but must be Jews fault, RIGHT?WARNING: ISIS plotting attack on US soil.
I think thats what it will take to finally take control of the situation
My parents wanted to learn English to be an American,so why can't everyone else who wants to be an American learn English
.WARNING: ISIS plotting attack on US soil... | With this said..
It's not cool to threaten to use CONSTITUTIONAL power -- so says the Central Committee of Travis County, USSA.
If they can't speak English and follow our customs send em back where they came from. We don't need these Allah jihadis.
fully agree. If Siri can't understand you, you're lost.
REPORT: CDC scientist kept quiet about flu blunder...
DOJ forces Detroit-area schools to hire Arabic translators, interpreters and teachers to accomm...
Nice .. “Rocker Gene Simmons sounds off: 'Learn to speak *** English'...
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