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Driving Range

A driving range is an area where golfers can practice their golf swing. It can also be a recreational activity itself for amateur golfers or when enough time for a full game is not available.

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When life throws you lemons, hit the driving range
Spurs on at 2:30. Plenty of time to hit the gym and driving range before tipoff. Catch ya'll later.
My man took me to the driving range yesterday and I never thought I would say this but I loved it.
Who is trying to hit the driving range?
Billy Beach Sushi Ballard, The Skillet Any Location, Jaks Grill near the UW Driving Range...need more let me know
casually driving past this pink Range Rover earlier 😯Was you in it?
you'll be driving a convertible Range Rover someday. Maybe even a convertible mini...
i did the same thing on a first date with a girl at the driving range. We're in an unfortunate club.
My favorite Golf Courses have inifinitely wide fairways and massive greens. Basically... my ideal course is a driving range.
All I wanna do today is grab my clubs and have a nice long trip at the driving range
I'm bout to go to the driving range w mi padre
Driving range to myself, singing on point 🎧😂
I'd like to go this driving range please! 😀
Oh-oh. Looks like someone pocketed a few golf balls from the PGA Pro-Am driving range.
I want to go to the driving range today!
Thought I was ready for a game of golf but nope still suck at hitting balls at the driving range.
I want to fast forward to driving my Range Rover home from work to my mountain side house and my hot husband and dogs
Traveling over the Coast Range today? Expect winter driving conditions again. Drive safe all.
A rich man driving his Range Rover will see you trekking and he will still horn to you and say 'Baba olowo how far'
Udders and Putters at Young's Jersey Dairy is open today 11am-7pm for miniature golf and driving range. Heated an…
2-26-17 The driving range is OPEN, Par 3 is OPEN. Putting Green is OPEN. The West Grass tees are CLOSED The East Grass tees are OPEN
Who wanna go hit some golfballs at the driving range?
Makeshift backyard driving range. If you can't make it to the range, make the range come to you.…
Off the driving range, get some practice in, can't watch these egg chasers
Wonder if will notice if I pop to the driving range ;)
Told lets go to a driving range today and she asked how big the cars were lmaooo it's golf june... not cars smh
23' TRY! Harry Kidd takes Parry's short pass from close range before driving his way over. All Golds 18 Crusaders 0
Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know > > Victims range in age from 40s to 3-yr-old
I want to go to the driving range so bad today but im😂
Help share the love and vote The Bay again this year! Big things coming to the bunkers, driving range and cart...
Driving range session with Finn all done ⛳️🏌️ @ George Washington…
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When I wrote the abandoned mall in the pilot of THE PLAYER execs asked me "how will we find one?" . There were 3 in driving ra…
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when she says it's an uber then you see a black range Rover driving away
I'm afraid the Driving Range at Sherwood Forest is now closed. Sorry about that.
JR Smith is at the Driving Range today and he is STILL SHIRTLESS 🐐
Join us Wednesday Evening on the Driving Range for our Movie Night. Contact the Clubhouse for more information...
Another great day in the creek! Make your tee times today Todays Course Rotation: Orange-Black. Driving Range: 8:00-5:30
Tomorrow will be my first time driving mid-range distance in KL. *** hum.
Yorkshire's Premier driving range and busiest golf store in Leeds, right on your doorstep Garforth!
The driving range has proper destressed me 😇
.works on her swing at Interbay Golf Center. (Ben Benschneider)
Watching this boy hit a few at the driving range this afternoon.
Who is trying to go to the driving range Friday morning???
Took Grace the driving range and I launched my dads 7 iron on the roof 😂😩
Maybe unloading some stress at the driving range will do me some good. ⛳️
I want to go to the driving range soon
Breathtaking acceleration and extreme driving thrills, that's the
Golf Courses have been open for like a month now and the most I've golfed so far has been at the driving range twice. Pathetic
Always get a bunch of choppers down the driving range😂
Think I've broke ma wrist trying to hit balls at the driving range👍🏼
I went to the driving range yesterday and I think it's fair to say my body has completely forgotten how to swing a driver. Send Help.
Somebody go to the driving range with me
IRONY is the chairman of an okada association driving a Range Rover Sports..(you go fear fear).
Trying to go to the driving range today if anyone is down.
The Newcastle forward admitted a tinted window on his Range Rover was too dark and to driving other than in accordance with…
Update on if the newfound driving range takes quarters: no, the newfound driving range isn't there anymore.
1/3 7 month old Ping G25 driver, shaft snapped at driving range rang you to sort now own you as you went bust
Driving 250 plus yards today you workout to look your best hit the driving range as...
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The Range Rover Sport. Designed for a truly intuitive and engaging driving experience.
three mile walk, quick jaunt at the driving range, fulfilled my civic duty by casting my ballot, and a Mello's sub as a reward. excellence.
Can you think of a better view at a driving range?
My bro and I failed up the driving range tonight. Ran out of credit and had no cash so we had to split 25 balls between us.
I went into work today to go to the driving range and go home. And I got paid for it. It's a beautiful day people 🤘🏻
Laughlin just built himself a "driving range", ten minutes later we now have a broken window and a "driving range"
What month of the year are you at the Driving Range the most? . Photos from Shanna Hopcus.
Was class on the driving range.. Get on the course tomorrow and it all will go *** up.. ⛳️
Anyone been to the driving range and seen someone holding a phone for a friend .. Please feel free to tell them...
I have some stuff to do maybe driving range but I'll let u know if not we can maybe do a tomorrow
The South Course and Driving Range are now open for the season! Come join us on this beautiful Tuesday.
The duck whisperer! (Duck trapped in the net around driving range)
problem is teams want their minor league affiliate in driving range; Boston gives dleague to Maine & ahl to providence
Taking advantage of this nice day by hitting up the driving range! @ Olde…
We have new driving range mats in all 16 bays. Open tonight until 8pm. Great swing
By the way, I gotta be the first guy at the driving range in Snake Boots!!
I'll go to the driving range with you! I'll make you look like a pro!
Thankful that always knows there's no better therapy than Starbucks drinks, driving range, and breakfast 💕
Been a lovely day for golf Looking good for our Driving Range Open Weekend http…
Women should have to pass an advanced driving test to drive anything the size of a Range Rover. Some scary drivers!
The grass is getting greener on the driving range at the Oshawa Golf & Curling Club - the home of golf ht…
People driving Range Rovers. You do know running over your flowerbed isn't really off roading, right?
This weather though 😍😍😍. I want to go to the driving range. I'm determined to get good at golf this summer!! 🏌🏌🏌🏌
Does anyone else feel like every driving range is on a downslope?
Driving range after school today. Have your cars off the range lot by 3:00 PM or they will be towed.
We are at Cox's Driving Range in Blacksburg and the smoke is rolling across Prices Fork Rd. Serving at10:45.
Come on come and hit some balls at our Driving Range. We are open to 9 p.m. tonight
I feel so left out with sunny 54 degrees, preparing to teach Sunday School, driving range?
Saw today while i was working at Fulham driving past in your range rover
Found an open driving range. Get to go play with my new bbys. 😍
Talking with her hands, on the phone, while driving...good luck staying alive white range rover!
Any one wanna go hit the black mountain driving range???
I checked in at Riverbend Driving Range and Miniature Golf on
Golf; a day at the driving range is $3.50 plus you can get lunch afterwards
Unfortunately due to the recent wet weather - the driving range will only be open at 9am tomorrow (instead of 8am) apologies everyone!!!
he rarely plays golf these days. Plays down at Dunaverty and goes to driving range on a Sunday but it's really for tea and cakes!
Driving to a gun range, in the snow, listening to country music. The true American experience 🇺🇸
Soccer to benefit at Fairfield, Hamilton parks
Who are these *** out driving? Just saw a guy block 3 plows on Conn. Ave. You're morons, take your Range Rovers & go home.
Soccer to benefit at Fairfield, Hamilton parks: Replacing a driving range and a maintenance b...
I just took a two-hour nap because I was wiped out by the time spent in African sun at driving range.
Destroying it this morning on the driving range ⛳️
⛳️ Golf Course & Driving Range remains closed. Your patience is appreciated. We hope to reopen as soon as...
British Imperialists will tell you that's a driving range for golfers lovingly provided to the workforce.
when I'm older i wanna be driving a range rover 😻
Travel safer with the and its wide range of assisted-driving equipment:
Life is easy when you're driving around in a Range
I'm watching on the driving range right now. I'd love to see him in contention on Sunday
Driving this evening? Our range of ‘mocktails’ offer great variety for you to enjoy
I used to go to the old driving range before they started construction there
Our two-tiered, undercover driving range is open until 8pm! So why not get down and work on your swing this winter?
Loving new driving range, great views!!
I gotta find that driving range from the yelp commercial
Covered & Heated Driving Range open today and Sunday 11am to 5pm - Udders & Putters
just about got blinded today by someone driving a range rover with full beam headlights around Finnieston at 3pm
The class benchmark for driving dynamics and driver engagement has been set.
okay why is Harry driving a cheap Range Rover.
The seven types of people you see at the driving range via
Due to the Cold Weather, Snow and Wet Conditions, The Par Tee Driving Range will remain closed all day on...
We need a two tier driving range! 6 people waiting for bays in January.
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19 Pavey with deft close-range header at far-post - Cheye started move with driving run, ball broke to Dan Walker & fine cross was nodded in
No one on the driving range this morning...
Meeting at the driving range. Let's see if he can beat my long ball
high of 76* in phx today. Will prob wear sweatpants to driving range.
Driving Range it is then today! Open until 6pm if we can find the balls...
Golf Course is closed but Driving Range is open, £10 range card 5 for 4 baskets, use anytime
driving range opening in VisitVaBch
Back in Medan again with my cousins. @ Lekker Urban Food House, Putri Hijau Driving Range
I'm at the convention and I just realized I desperately need a ride to my driving range class. Any angelic individuals offering a ride?
Listen to The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby & The Range. I heard this song while I was smoking & driving the coast line
Barlow pulling off that trick shot at the driving range.
Bramcote Golf Driving Range , Golf Soccer and 9 Hole Golf Course for 2016!. Lovely walk around the course today.
only R20. Plus a nice little restaurant, putt-putt, and driving range there too.
Despite the soggy conditions, Tanyard Creek Driving Range will be open today (mats only) 9:00am until 4:00pm.
Driving range. Gotta work on the form. Always getting better! Plus it's a great way to get some stress out!
That muddy water was a driving range 2 days ago. A dam is breached in Mt Grove. SW MO is flooding & still raining.
I must be out of shape because I've never had sore abs after going to a driving range.
The Vail Honeywagon has placed a dumpster in the Driving Range parking lot for residents and homeowners who wish...
Keeping a straight face while a pensioner talks seriously to me about playing golf with an 'extra stiff shaft' at the dr…
My sister once said the same thing but she has so much range when driving. So maybe you too heh… — Pfft!!! 😾😾😾😂
How do you get your swing right when it comes to customer email collection at your Golf Club or Driving Range?
Strong as steel? No, strong as Range Rover celebrated 45th bday by driving over bridge made of paper.
Bit of birthday driving range before a birthday game of pool and then to finish it off a birthday run...
first ever driving range experience with my very own coach ⛳️ @ Heatherton World…
I feel like going to a driving range
12/28/15 cart path only, driving range closed. Course is very wet.
Driving Style Analysis eDrive app helps you improve your range Aim for the stars
Well, there likely won't be many mini golfers or people hitting the driving range today! Stay warm today and don't blow away!
I been driving the Range for like a week I keep getting crazy stares like people never seen a chick push a nice car🙄
This is necessary following a food and music festival on the driving range
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Gym then off to driving range - only one thing can make this day better
The sun is shining, had a nice visit to the driving range in the morning and soon off to Arsenal. Who said they hated Mondays?
Citroën offer a range of cars ideally suited to the need of driving instructors. For further details please visit:.
Gonna go back to golf! Driving range every wednesday before nstp ❤️⛳️
Why is it whenever you get to the last few balls of your basket at the driving range you can't hit a one of them properly? 😡
My 10 y.o. son cracked this joke on the driving range today.
Nothing like the driving range to wear the kids out on holidays. Another bucket please. There you go kids
Counting down reasons 2 get a this holiday season: U can use it on a Golf Course, driving range & INDOORS, with/without clubs
Today is one of those days where I wouldn't mind driving a 4x4 Range Rover
Is the course and driving range open today, if so from what time?
The is available with fixed monthly payments spread over 4 years:
See the number of people driving range rover outhere bruhh!!... Na this same 9ja we all dey
Before, I thought that I was the best golfer. That was before Iearned that people at the driving range aren't the only golfers. ⛳😃
Tagged along to watch my nephews at the driving range. I don't know much about golf, but this…
At the driving range is the Heroes,but I don't want to told you about my golf game .Never give Up...
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Bashing my way to at the driving range. Thanks for destroying me .
I really wanted to make it to the driving range before it got awful, considering it's been summer for over 5 months now.
Is this the preferred divot pattern for the driving range? via
Kagitingan Driving Range in Fort Bonifacio has good mikibihon. They have bilao sizes. Fort dwellers' staple.
Home invasions are just an opportunity for target practice without all that hassle of driving to the range.
can i fast forward to the part where i'm 27 a wife and driving in a Range Rover???
Sweet steel string -- will relax your stress -- a range of styles from exotic melodies to driving blues.
Is it too late to go to the driving range?
11-8-2015 The driving range is OPEN, The putting green is OPEN .The Par 3 is OPEN. East grass tees are CLOSED West grass tees are OPEN.
It's FANS like me that are the reason U R living in that BIG, BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, DRIVING THAT NICE RANGE ROVER. UR WELCOME, …
No been to the driving range in ages 🏌
me at 18: by 25 I'd be driving at least a range sport, in my own apartment with at least 8-10m in the bank. Life:
Tuesday 6th October. The Course and Driving Range are open.
Eagle Ridge's Driving Range a while ago. Golf is life 💕
This is the fun week!. first time ever a concert on the Driving Range at Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club!!...
The other thing with the pro coaches, I was hitting 3 woods 250 yards on the Driving Range. That didn't stay with me. Still fun!
Doctors, Gym then go up to the driving range come back and watch some Pretty Little Liars plan for today!! 👍👍
Was that Geoff Linrlell spanking balls up the driving range on BBC One show last night?
- can arrest me if I make a restroom pitstop, while driving between my home & the gun-range
Beautiful isn't it? I play golf & nobody knows. FTR I hate the fairway, more of a driving range guy >>
You don't see many 18 year olds driving around in Range Rovers, is so lucky 😩😍
Wow! Check out these awesome Easter Specials at Mount Edgecombe Driving Range and Monica's in Durban, KZN!. Check...
Glad our April Fool amused you all. But actually, the story is 100% true, that was the joke...
You Preach "Look East" gospel but driving Range Rovers! Last time I had one, it was a British vehicle.
Outdoor business meeting at Top Golf. Perfect weather for the driving range... @ Top Golf Scottsdale
About to hit up the driving range tomorrow
Course open. Trolleys & buggies allowed.Driving range and short course open as usual
How selfish and stupid does one have to be to go "four wheel driving" on private land that's used as an army weapons range?
Anyone trying to go to the driving range tomorrow
Derek's good at everything. *** Prob crush us on the driving range
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My usual meal at the driving range today went from RM9.80 to RM 10.30.and the best part.portion got smaller...TQ Najib !
yeah! So far I've been just going to the driving range but I want to eventually get better to go on the actual course
Going to the driving range is so relaxing...
Two nights in a row at the driving range. Officially hooked on golf. Ready to go back tomorrow.
When it comes to the future of driving, range anxiety is a thing of the past!
Had a productive day. Then went to the driving range. Then work. Time to call it a night.
“Hoping to hit the driving range tomorrow ⛳️” same
“Hoping to hit the driving range tomorrow ⛳️”
Hoping to hit the driving range tomorrow ⛳️
I went to a driving range type thing tonight and im AWFUL at golf
I'm first up today. Taking boss man to airport. I am driving a range rover! 😃😃😃
my game is only driving range worthy right now. Need to practice before I hit the course.
Waking up early to hit balls at the driving range
If you haven't played it yet, you should! Wickenburg Ranch GC is amazing! Even the driving range is pristine
The early arrival of spring in the Northern Rockies is good news for golfers.
Driving range with the future Frat Bros 👌
Today at Brookledge a twosome took 2 carts and 3 sets of clubs while another guy tried to hit balls standing IN the driving range.
I wish there was a driving range around here with lights
Beautiful day got a consultation done for my wisdom teeth, went for one *** of a walk and hit the driving range
The driving range today was much needed
This is what happens when I go to the driving range with my boyfriend 🙈 $225 driver gets snapped.. I felt so bad!
Oakton Driving Range will open for the season this Saturday better than ever with new Srixon golf balls!
Treating my hallway like a driving range cause I'm the only one here
I never doubted you Joe bob. Ty needs to get to the driving range more often though. 😂
Tomorrows agenda go to the driving range before the rain, then to the gym, then homework and possibly fast 7 I think it is now?
Awesome day at driving range T time 330 Friday for 18 holes and ice cold ones!
Can't wait until it's nice enough to hit the driving range ⛳️
I should thank the driving range for letting me hit away my problems ⛳️
This warm weather got me excited to hit the driving range!
I was at the driving range today and there was a man around 90 years old killing it. Truly amazing.
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Felt awesome hitting/driving balls on range this evening. Ready for golf season! Butch would be so proud of me. Miss him.
Prep is more than just hitting the driving range! …
Today was such an amazing day felt really good to hit a Golf Club again at the driving range.
From the upper level at the pine creek Driving Range @ Pennsylvania Golf Academy
Are you a regular user of our Driving Range?! Why not purchase yourself a range card to save money everytime you come and …
Tom Dixon has a show on 07/04/2014 at 06:30 PM @ Marty's Driving Range in Greenville, NH
Rob Randlett has just been added as a performer at this show! This is going to be a great lineup! Tom Dixon Alec MacGillivray (Alec Mac Music) Rob Randlett A great night of music, fireworks, tiki bar and fun for the whole family!! Get your tickets online at: you can stop by Marty's Driving Range and pick them up!! $7 ahead or $10 the day of the event
I will be on at 8:30 ET with Smokin Joe’s Driving Range talking about my experience
Looking for a full or part time job or know anyone who is Chichester Golf Club is looking for Full and Part Time retail and F & B staff email James Martin on james.martinfor a application form and job description collect one from the Pro Shop, Driving Range or Clubhouse
Unfortunately, due to heavy overnight rain the Golf Course is Closed Today. The Driving Range is open until 9pm tonigh…
Grass Tee on a Driving Range will be open for the season this Friday,also our new short game facility will be opening Fr…
Going on spring break? Make sure to stop by the Missing Links Golf Course & Driving Range to warm up your golfing skills before you go!
Buffalo Golfmaster's Driving Range is open today for the one good day since October. Time to get out the clubs. Who knows when it will be warm enough again. (temps need to be over 40 so the golf balls don't crack).
Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Club Course Update for 3/17/14: Status: Open, No Delays. Carts: Starting the day on the path, will release later today. Driving Range: Open, Mats Only. Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope you all have time to enjoy the parade today then come out and play some golf with us after! The Greenside Grill is running a special today for $5.00 Irish Car Bombs! Mother Nature is back in our favor today, with highs in the 60's and the rest of the week looks perfect! Make your tee times at or call the shop at (913) 897-3809.
To the south of the site lies a 30 bay Driving Range with teaching & Golf Superstore
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Good morning golfers. The Golf Course is OPEN today! For those of you who did not get an update, Wildwood Green has moved their Aerification to Monday March 10th (9-Holes open) and Tuesday March 11th (9-Holes open) due to the predicted weather report today! For any golfer wishing to play today, we will begin ON TIME with our first Tee Time at 9:00 AM. The Cart Rule will be 90* except Par 3's and the Driving Range will be hitting off of the Mats. Who watched the Oscars last night? Let us know if you watched and if you have seen any of the movies that have won!!
Two weeks from today we will be teeing off at the Golf Club at Cinco Ranch. We still have golf spots available along with tickets to the dinner. During the dinner we will be holding a raffle and silent auction. Below is an updated list of all of the wonderful friends, family, and businesses that have made donations. Friend of Ricky Farmers Insurance - Steve Host Holycross & Smith Families Competition Sponsors Katy Blinds & Shutters - Romer Austria Dr. Bright Orthodontics Beverage Station Sponsor Casey Rentals, LLC Driving Range & Putting Green Sponsor Casey Rentals, LLC Silent Auction - 1 Year City Wide Membership – Katy YMCA – Beth Strand - Brian Cushing signed jersey – Friend of Ricky - Arian Foster signed football – Friend of Ricky - Legal Service: Estate Planning – Serafini Smith Law Firm - Theme basket – Pat Cook & Family - Weekend getaway at ranch in Leakey – Steve Host - Chick-fil-a theme basket – Rusty Wylie -Day at the Lake–food/fishing/tubing, & jet skiing–Peggy Bain -Six ...
You’re Not Going to Believe What Tiger Woods Told Billy Horschel at the Driving Range
Happy New Year!! Lone Tree Golf Shop and Driving Range are open today till 3pm.
**WE ARE NOW OPEN ON BOXING DAY** A change from the advertised closing times over the Christmas period. The Sports Bar, Snooker and Driving Range will open on Boxing Day between 12.00 and 20.00. The golf shop will remain closed as advertised. We will be showing all televised football including... Hull City v Man Utd West Ham v Arsenal Man City v Liverpool
1 Year is round the bend... 10 months. I started work here at Horton Park just over 10 months ago, and it’s safe to say how drastically things have changed, all for the good! We had a wet, bland winter. Hail. Snow. Wind. Rain. Cold. Lightning. Thunder. BUT, I’m sat here today, writing this piece, after having a weekend of golfers flee onto the Millennium course to wrestle with Maple Island, all with beaming smiles on their faces. So, if you’re sat here reading this, I’d like to say thank you, to yourself. Horton Park Golf Club has evolved over the years, and if it wasn’t for you loyal members, game improving privilege card holders, and ball smacking Driving Range users, Horton Park may not be where it is today. So, from the whole team here - thank you... A number of you have popped in to the shop and mentioned my last piece in ’50 shades of green’ to me, something I do appreciate. A recurring theme in my pieces is positivity. By now I’m hoping that WE (including myself) are all looking at ...
Next time your on the Driving Range, don't forget your Driving Under The Influence.
Driving Range ...time to get my Tiger Woods/John Daly flow on
100 balls at the Driving Range last night and feels like I've took 36 body shot from Iron Mike Tyson
Working on the swing with @ Fox Creek Golf Course and Driving Range
Think ill head to the driving range here and possibly buy a new bushnell rangefinder aswel.
Equal time at the driving range and the bar are necessary to prepare for the BD Golf Outing.
At the driving range with . It's absolutely sweltering. . Time for a cold one me thinks
"Loch Palm Golf Course - Phuket, Driving Range. RT, if you would like to hit balls here >>>we would
Right, you crossed the line there, boys lets go the driving range and put our *** blocking skills to the test!!
Practicing a few chips before the driving range today
Wee trip to the driving range with the bro
Free driving range practice for kids 5-15 all summer at Wentworth Golf Club in Tarpon Springs. Pass it on.
I haven't been to the driving range all summer.
Bit of golf down the driving range with and Elliot
Driving range in this weather is peng
It's the start of the weekend, think golf and head over to Essex Golf Driving Range!
Even too warm for the driving range today :(
I'm going to the driving range today (is that seriously what it's called?) for the first time...this should be interesting. 😏
If anyone would like to join me at the driving range, you are more than welcome
At Sandfield driving range. Gonna be a long day at Prenton on 26 July
a round of golf or the driving range looks like the only salvation I have left
At the driving range trying to hit this thing !
Life has changed when you get excited about going to a driving range on Saturday night
Down the driving range with the big man
Love a bit of driving range action in the sun. Perfect chance the practice some imagery!
Someone come to the driving range with me today please
Fancy going up the driving range or something
BOGEY TRAIN- A series of consecutive bogies. For professional golfers, the bogey train is a one-way ride to a job at a driving range.
Saturday golfin... (with Andreas, Putu, and 3 others at Pringgondani Driving Range) [pic] —
Think it's time to go the driving range.
Breakfast in the sun, driving range, lunch in the sun, bit of shopping, then London for a stag party...not a bad little Saturday!!!
Morning driving range session. 24 degrees at 10am!
Di jual dijual 😁 (with gemmy and Mahendra at Kobangdikal Driving Range) [pic] —
At the driving range playing like Ben Hogan. Never seen ball striking like it.
The Driving Range shall be closed tomorrow from 12.30pm and will reopen as normal Monday morning 14/07/13 9am. . Many thanks
Just got back from the Hat Yai driving range. I really need to work on my swing! A little kid was putting me to shame!
If there was a driving range open right now, I'd be soo down to go and just hit with my driver. Hittin' bombs! ⛳💣💣💣
Fancy a cheeky round of golf or driving range today!
3 generations of golfers course and driving range. Oil on canvas.
All purpose parts banner
Driving range for a bit just to kill time plus I need to sweat abit~
hard as I can which is why I only ever go to the driving range and don't actually go on the green or anything
Photo taken 6.30 AM Thursday morning on my way to the driving range at Swiss Challenge!
Teaching me some tekkers at the driving range
Going down the driving range with to hit balls, have a drink then get a curry on the way back, because that'…
⛳⛳✌ (with Fajrul, Ahmad, and 4 others at Lantamal driving range) —
⛳⛳✌ (with Amhar, Ahmad, and 3 others at Lantamal driving range) —
Driving range time!!! I found something last night!! But who knows what today brings this is Golf! One of the most hardest sports iv played!
Money Hill Residents--Be on alert!! I have had a report from Beth and Wendell on my street that they saw a Lone "Rogue" coyote headed toward the driving range a few days ago that was "so big, we thought it was a grown German Shepard!! Turned our car around to alert Duffy (another puppy on our street) and his Dad!" This happened late afternoon around dusk. By itself walking toward the Driving Range. Please pass the word. One puppy dead in May, Tallulah in June, we are now into July with a Rogue Lone coyote strolling our streets looking for it's next victum. This one huge Rogue coyote needs to be killed as it is walking our neighborhood in the day now. I am taking your advise and contacting WWL to see if they will do a Public Interest Story.
Had a good little practice session at the Driving Range with
I had a dream I went to the driving range in the rain and then went to my high school graduation.
Someone come with me to the driving range ⛳😊
So, batting cages and driving range anyone?? Need a break from my car..😒
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