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Drinking Water

Drinking water or potable water is water safe enough to be consumed by humans or used with low risk of immediate or long term harm.

Panchayati Raj Rural Dev New Delhi Rural Development Puerto Ricans

Yes more Puerto Ricans have died than officially reported. Yes Puerto Rican's are drinking water that is toxic. https:…
*Video*. "Water ATM", new initiative by VMC to provide safe & pure drinking water at minimal price.
He approved pipelines that he's invested in, despite studies showing that th…
Watch out: Wading in or drinking contaminated water can put you at risk for http…
But says everything in PR is great! Also, if your not drinking water that kills you, t…
Do not try to gain cotrol over a person, a nation, or country when they are in a suffering…
Puerto Ricans are drinking contaminated water with no other choice for survival. Several have died from water related illnesse…
Taking a hot *** bath and drinking ice cold water is the best 😍👌🏼
In Denmark, exposure to higher lithium levels in drinking water was associated w a lower incidence of dementia
As Puerto Rico struggles with drinking water shortages, residents have turned to hazardous waste sites
A little effort for Water conservation and safe drinking water in rural area by NGO's volunteers
I need to start drinking more water 😪
Millions without power. Many still without drinking water. This is not how we care for our fellow Americans in times of…
PR mayor estimates 5,000 people face starvation & death toll rising from leptospirosis from drinking untreated water. https…
Millions in Puerto Rico STILL have no electricity or drinking water. They're Americans. Americans! Americans! 🇵🇷🇺🇸 https:/…
And people are dying from drinking creek water, what choice do they have if there's no water…
Reports: Puerto Ricans are drinking water from hazardous waste sites
21 people dead in People are drinking contaminated water in Trump focuses on dismantli…
Every girl should have access to safe drinking water and sanitation services.
The Puerto Rican city where Trump tossed paper towels at people still has no electricity and little drinking water https:…
. - Chromium 'Erin Brockovich Carcinogen,' Now in the Drinking Water of 250m Americans, Report Reveals - |
Chromium 6, the 'Carcinogen,' Now in Drinking Water of 250m Americans, Report Reveals
Planning to submit a proposal for our Lead in Drinking Water grants? Don't forget the deadline is 8/15:
Drinking Water: A Crisis in Every State - Roundtable hosted by the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee:
I told myself I need to drink more water but here I am drinking soda! I can't help it I love soda!
Contaminated water in Delhi, where is Yugpurush and his team who made tall promises of free & safe drinking water.
been drinking only water for like a week n a half straight ...I don’t be have a taste for juice or soda noncore 😭😭
Metal–organic framework extracts from thin air: Physics Today
D23- Bias Drinking . LOL the second picture, how the *** did he get all that water on his shirt. TF 😂😂😂
Alright, all I'm drinking until Florida is water. Anticipating Disney World wasted 😎
People who wonder if drinking cold water or room temperature water burns more calories probably don’t need to worry about bur…
I really struggle drinking water that's not bottled
These rappers out here drinking more lean then water . Gotta do better
Drinking water: President Biya orders the launch of the process to terminate the concession contract with...
Exercising. Drinking water. Beating my meat to girl's avis. Man we living healthy out here
I'm not sure, I eat everything lol. Nothing spicy though. I think it might have to d…
Friday night consist of drinking water and watching a nine year old play Mario cart
Report: 15 million Americans' drinking water tainted by toxic chemical ➡️ by via
After more than a week of drinking water only, drinking coffee no longer feels a luxury, instead it gives head and stomach aches 😒
I been drinking so much water and my skin is thanking me😊
Looking to filter things out of your life? PUR faucet filters reduce 70+ contaminants in your drinking water, more than any…
When he looks so effortlessly hot just by drinking water. I died
NBC2 Investigators: Don't fall for drinking-water mailer
She bad and all but idk about drinking her bath water 😂
Meanwhile... the children of Flint Michigan still do not have clean drinking water.
All Crosby Athlete's that will be attending Summer Workouts on Monday, You need to be drinking water RIGHT NOW! Get Hydr…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I just realized I haven't been drinking water today 😱
I am drinking water from a reused ginger ale bottle and constantly upset it's not actually ginger ale every time I…
WELLSFARGO,CITIBANK,CHASE& ING are. funding Dakota Pipeline that pollutes drinking water of Native Americans.Think you’re safe, think again
Water fam in 30 days of straight water drinking it should clear all the impurities
71 Indigenous communities have long-term drinking water warnings
my mom just brake checked me while I was drinking from a water bottle and I'm currently sitting in a puddle...thanks ur a jokester!!
I don't understand how people don't like water. My body instantly feels better after drinking a huge glass😋
Did i black out last night I 100% do not recall getting in bed, I 150% do not recall getting TWO FULL GLASSES OF WATER N NOT DRINKING ANY
This game has Waluigi drinking water as a steady stream goes down his chin but Waluigi is stubborn and keeps drinking.…
Cuz water may probably be better than what you were drinking... :feelsbadman:
We teamed up with MN Rural Water Assoc and to promote safe drinking water with
That reminds me, I have to finish drinking my water bottle
Drinking fluoridated tap water may also increase the risk of formation.
I used to drink malibu like water... after drinking asahis for a year, *** Malibu is nasty as *** :((
.threatens drinking water 50 miles from Mt. Rushmore. Act now: |
Sir, Can u help us to get drinking water in my Area(RK Nagar,Pedda amberpet)? We are struggling to get 6 Cans of wa…
The struggle of wanting to be healthy and drinking so much water but having to use the bathroom every 5 minutes
The 2 most important things to know about drinking water |
Drought Crisis: Water only for drinking, washing and cooking
I like strong tea, weak tea is like drinking water. I vote for for for Top Social Artist
are you telling me drinking water DOESNT solve all my problems???
My mom doesn't know I've been drinking water straight out of the jug please don't tell her
"I think drinking water is the best way out of dehydration," says Theresa to someone in the desert.
I'm drinking all water the rest of the week
Crazy how I'm ok with alone vs alone plus leechez it's refreshing not to be drinking stagnant water
If she just started drinking the water she probably wouldn't have been starting to drown.. dduuh
*** get a Lil juice and forget who they was drinking water with ...💯🗞
Anyone drinking that water is going to get Giardia
It's like there's a shortage of clean drinking water goin underaddressed
This is terrible,how villages in Biafra get drinking water,Nigeria is fantastically corrupt,suppo…
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update:we done got chunky ( I got thick) we coming up on year, we drinking lots water & working, we ain't perfect but we perfec…
It's been a week since I've just been drinking just water and attempting to eat better lol. And working out 💪🏽. Slowly but surely 👍🏽 lol.
Tell me why i look over @ Viv after drinking water & dis *** starin w. the creepiest look talking bout "yo throat hurt?"
Toilets help to keep women and girls safe in 🚽
"Are u drinking my water?? i backwashed" "yeah i don't really care i swallow ur ***
Do you know what drinking enough water can do for your skin ?
My grandma really just told me that drinking water will make me fat
Can drinking too much Arizona Green Tea kill you? Cause I honestly can't remember the last time I drank water...
Ginger ale going down like water. Single reason why i quit drinking
Thank you for the easy drinking Kefir Water -- a happy body...
Do you drink? — *** YEAh. I love drinking water and grape juice. G...
Ok. How about the lack of drinking water in our communities? How about the suicide crisis we face? Or are these not the Can…
lots of people in our country struggling to get water for drinking and other uses. Those getting it, please avoid wastage
Guys, drinking tons of water makes a difference
Sir please share your PNR and brand name of drinking water for taking needful action
Maybe chugging 2 bottles of water before bed wasn't a good's worse than drinking beer!
Drought crisis warning: Use water only for drinking, washing and cooking 2riy2Cm # CTNews...
No, just drinking water and iced tea and an occasional skim milk.
Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister of Panchayati Raj, Rural Dev. & Drinking Water and Sanitation at Assocham's 96th…
by Wilma Subra Lead in the Drinking Water of St. Joseph Governor John Bel Edwards issue a Public Health...
Ontario has a 12 point plan for blue-green algae. Read about it in the Minister’s Annual Report on Drinking Water http:/…
Erin Brockovich Chemical in Drinking Water of More than 200 Million Americans - Back & save our lives & planet
Almost every village of is well-connected by roads, having basic amenities of clean drinking water and electri…
isn't about spoiling anyone's business. Who should answer for this? The buyer or CWay Drinking Water? htt…
Flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water
Unlike smartphones, did you know there is no US gov agency that approves the safety of your drinking water pipes? http…
Why is this dangerous drug still in your drinking water?. This week is Fluoride Awareness Week; help fight water...
Drinking 2 cups of cold water on a empty stomach can boost metabolism by 30%.
Clean drinking water of 20,000,000 hangs in the balance.
Visiting the park soon?! Monday, 9/12. water is shut off at for season. No drinking water available.
I'm curled up in my bed drinking liters of water trying to live through this hangover
Trinamool leaders protest drinking water shortage in Siliguri -
I've peed 6 X since I woke up. I love drinking water but this is annoying🙄
No Clinton will ever personally be in jeopardy irrespective of any war, adverse trade deal or damage to our environment…
I hope my fellow American citizens arent out here giving oral to peole who admit to not drinking water. Fluids tasting l…
30,000 Crore spent for laying Sewerage,Safe drinking water in 12,000 Villages
From now on I'm drinking more water ..
Very focused while drinking water from the tap.
The first glass of water after drinking the night before is the most delicious glass of water Ever.
In fact Polluted drinking water kills more people than alcohol
Bit odd to write but I'd literally encourage everyone to quit smoking and start drinking water, I have not felt this good in years💪🏻
How can you not like drinking water?
US halts work on North Dakota oil pipeline opposed by Native Americans via
Australia recycles tap water too - wow, who knew birth defects are linked to drinking tap water in the west!!
They might as well not drink the water you know 😅 😅 drinking might Islamize them o.
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NTR Trust took a major role in 'HUD HUD Disaster' when hit the Vizag by providing Free Medical Camps, drinking water and Milk
160910 Official WEIBO update: daily life. is acting cool even just drinking water.
1 day to go! Keep drinking (water!) today, it could be a warm morning tomorrow. Sort out your best socks, and...
That tube is for peeing in space. And then gets turned into drinking water 😳
I think all the women in this bachelorette party are drinking vodka cranberry also with a glass of water.
Why you should be drinking a glass of each morning made with
News stories of people struggling for drinking water in villages & iPhone 7 with wireless head jack are published the same day.
Her kid was drinking from the water cooler and she just shouted at the kid for not brining her bottle. What the fek.
When we often drink with a meal.FRESH but so many drinking from slimy or not ht…
Have acne? Drinking a glass of lemon water each day helps to reduce blemishes!
Homeless people in Cork have no access to drinking water. Add your voice to change this
You know you haven't been drinking enough water for the heat when you gulp a nice tall glass of ice water and immediately start sweating.
Dangers of drinking too much water. .
Who doesn't love that typical fest mistake of drinking vodka when you first wake up thinking its water
This and so many reasons i won't be getting the flu shot
Is it just me or eating the spicy ramen without drinking water burns your mouth less? Like... what's the science behind this?
Having a cold pint of water after a night out of drinking has got to be the most refreshing thing going
People's of bangalore don't have drinking water, but S C ordered to release Kaveri water TN for agriculture purpose
Click here to support Provision of Clean and Safe Drinking Water by EBISINE AYIBA
10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water. 1. Your Urine is Dark Yellow. 2. Your Urine Output is Reduced to less...
Ooh, have you gone yet? I've found drinking a big glass of water as you're waiting to be called really helpful >
Important reasons why you should be drinking lemon water every morning — HealthRanger (HealthR…
My ferrets are drinking water loudly and I'm trying to sleep. is it wrong to make them stop?
preparing drinking water from snow/ice somewhere in Ladakh at 18000 feet.
Here's What You Need to Know About the Safety of Your Home's Drinking Water: Get your water tested, run your tap…
A welcome step by the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
RESOLVED: Taste and Odour in Greater Victoria’s Drinking Water – Water Remains Safe to Drink
I added a video to a playlist The Truth about Fluoride! (The Pineal Gland, Drinking Water, & How to
Im ready to start drinking ... some water lol
If you think all water tastes the same, you aren't drinking enough water.
Little Giant Ladders
54. When ur drinking water and ur crush looks
Drinking a lot of water right now cuz tonight's bout to be lit
Cheers to the weekend! What will you be doing tonight? girls will be drinking... tea and water that is😂😂 https:…
I literally spit out my water I was drinking when he did that
sounds awesome. I'll post some pics of me drinking water / doing stuff in my yard.
they think its a good alternate.. But should be drinking water
thanks! I'm taking meds to prevent getting sick and drinking lots of water! Gotta keep up with these youngsters!
Flint to Gov. Snyder on drinking the poisoned tap water: "You first"
He has no shame.Put him in jail & throw away the key. Snyder to Flint:Drink the water! Flint to Gov. Snyder:You 1st
Beer is nasty asf but ince you get you use to it its like drinking water🍺🍻
made some big steps today admitting he has a drinking problem. It's harder for him because he can turn water into wine.
Collective Evolution -. currently about 20 million people living in rural Bangladesh who are drinking water...
I don't like drinking water it makes me gain weight for like 2 hours
Guv asks residents to start drinking tap water. They tell him: You first!. http…
It's been awhile since I asked but is everyone okay? Is everyone eating and drinking enough water? Are y'all sleeping well?
All purpose parts banner
Drinking water everyday is a major 🔑
Governor says he wants Flint residents to drink more filtered tap water, rather than bottled. Flint says: You first. ht…
Just don't understand why some people don't like drinking water
Kumamoto people reaching out for basic necessities - this message asks for drinking water!
Me drinking water in 40 second: via
That's all I be drinking Gatorade and Water 😌
Rural environments and the drinking of well water may be risks as they are indirect measures of exposure to pesticides.
...and the 5th train of drinking water reach affected Latur. In all,25 lakh lit water reach Latur by train. http…
. Facilitate clean drinking water in public places!!
Every single person on this planet deserves clean drinking water. Period.
Drinking water scarcity looms large in Mysuru
Always says Bismillah before drinking water. There are three jinns in your cup. Two hydrojinn and one oxyjinn. 😏
Day 9 of my response to dairy intensification. Great of debate about water: https:/…
More Lead Found in Drinking Water at Newark Schools - via
EPA’s Science Advisory Board Reviews the Agency’s Assessment of Impact on Drinking Water -
National Review of Rural Sanitation and Drinking Water held in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on 3/Feb/16.
When you gotta go soo bad but you're still drinking water...
I picked up a random bottle of water in my car and when I started drinking it a chewed up piece of gum fell out of it and …
Lead and Copper in drinking water supplies is a concern in Flint, MI. Read about water quality in Henderson, KY.
"If you’re not drinking treated sewer water, you soon will be"
I need to start drinking more water.
I just want everyone to know that drinking water is definitely the most important thing but please also wear sunscreen every day
FBI joins investigation into Flint drinking water crisis
Alongside awesome ongoing series, has more stories and data about drinking water in Wisconsin. https:/…
The only time I get the recommended servings of water is the morning after heavy drinking.
Drinking a glass of cold water right after. eating ice cream
PHOTO: Drinking water the right way VIA
Fracking in your area? Check out these helpful tips to ensure safe drinking water:
💦💦 outta this world . OAN why is there no emoji for drinking 😤🤔
"I'm gunna find another you" drinking a glass of water like its whiskey/whisky both are accepted.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
FBI joins investigation of Flint drinking water crisis {nydailynews}
FBI joins Flint drinking water investigation via /r/news
I think i'm addicted to drinking water
- How drinking pure can help you perceive messages from
Drinking Filtration System NSF Certified for over 67 of Concern ht…
Our students talking about what it means to them to have access to clean and safe drinking water. Please listen.
Plumbers from UA 370, 300 Michigan plumbers w help from assist the people of Flint! via
| State Police goes round giving you a bottle of water for your kids health. The Devil would do better!!.
FBI joins investigation of Flint water contamination
Read about how drinking more water can help you rock your lifestyle: …
Drinking cold water will help you lose weight naturally and speeds up your metabolism.
I'm bouta start drinking Alkaline Water, y'all can have the fluoride.
I was strictly drinking alkaline water for bout a month. It balances your body and helps recovery a ton
all he did was drinking water & walking. aND I ALREADY CANT BREATHE
FBI joins Flint drinking water investigation. List of agencies on case that investigate criminal wrongdoing grows. https:…
FBI joins probe of Flint drinking water crisis
This is Why Everyone's Drinking Lemon Water on an Empty Stomach First Thing in the Morning - via
The FBI has joined the federal probe into the
Great to see this conference is back! Great opportunity for policy & research forum on Canada’s Drinking Water
Clean Up the Drinking Water of the Impoverished Community of St. Joseph, Louisiana
Our Testimony to the Scientific Advisory Board on Its Assessment of Impacts on Drinking Water:
JE, Delhi Jal Board informed that there will be short supply of Drinking Water on 2nd/3rd of December, 2015 in...
📷 leolattefairy: I never thought drinking water would be so attractive
housing authority official says unaware of WHO guidelines on lead in drinking water
INTERVIEW with Mr Léo Heller We talked about govs. budget to WASH, SDG 6 & more!
Delhi government starts 'toilet to tap' project to turn sewage into clean drinking water -
Kissing is like drinking salted water,you drink and your thirst increases💏.
A deep conditioning treatment ,drinking plenty of water ,avocado ,greeny leafy veggies are key in healthy hair and skin.
Close that tap and save some water madhirs! Also start drinking neat.
See our latest GA and click to apply: Watershed Plant Operator Class I (Drinking Water) -
Can you recommend anyone for this Watershed Plant Operator Class II (Drinking Water) - GA
Because having a doc appt at 8:30p ain't already sus enough, my doc calls me & tells me to start drinking 50fl.oz of water ever 1/2 hour. 😖
Drinking a gallon of water a day is probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do in life
Fun drinking game:. Take a shot of water every couple of hours to make sure you're healthy and hydrated.
Drinking Eight Glasses of Water and Other Health Tips That Are Just WRONG - via
Why do Ramona and Sonja look bloated? Ladies, I hate to admit this, but we are all drinking too much Pinot Grigio. We need water.
yesterday my best friend got engaged and today another good friend got engaged.. what is in this manitoba water,and should I be drinking it?
Sunnah's of Drinking Water. .Say Bismillah. .Sit down. .See the water. .Drink with your Right Hand. .Drink it in Three Breaths. .Say Alhamdulillah
Drinking water can actually improve our state of mind. Even mild dehydration has been shown to negatively impact moods. Drink up. Be happy.
I have seen ppl drinking water with a few blueberries and sprigs of rosemary stuffed in it. Whole Foods, Ann Arbor MI.
Accidentally drinking paint water is a serious problem for me I need to stop
I've been drinking two gallons of water daily. ☺
Getting to drink room temperature water sure is nice. Considering I've been drinking hot for the past days.😐
I'm turning into with all the water I've been drinking
If you're concerned about the quality of your drinking water, Skip is the person to call!
Cons of drinking so much water: you have to get up every five minutes to pee
I just wanna know why people squeeze the water bottle when they're drinking it?
Demi could be pictured drinking water and get dragged bc not everyone has access to clean water
BAT Bangladesh’s safe drinking water project “PROBAHO” recognised as one of the best projects in Asia this year http…
I've been drinking nothing but water for over a week I'm so proud
Lol 😍😘😍😍 I'm working on it now. . Drinking mad water
I have a drinking problem. . But like, with water instead of alcohol. . I have to pee constantly.
Drinking water before bed was the worst idea ever now im back and forth to the bathroom
Drinking two cups of water before each meal helps you lose an average of an extra 4.5 lbs in 12 weeks than if you don't.
Drinking more water is a challenge but I know I can do it!
nah I dont drink like a nut, I get drunk then start drinking water so I sober up mostly by bed time
I love drinking water but I pee 50x a day. It's annoying!
Over here drinking flavorless water like some sort of refugee.
Junhong has a habit of putting things in his mouth but,. Is he eating vitamins?. Drinking enough water? . 3 meals a day? . Junhong Im Worried
"Still wondering why GL hasn't fixed their drinking fountain problem. Is all water suppose to taste like blood and iron
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Although surface water is used more to supply drinking water and to irrigate crops,
Blaize always trying to call me fast, if I'm drinking water I'm fast ... *** let me live.
I'm drinking iced water smh then I eat all the ice n my cup
One time I tried to twerk while drinking water. I can't twerk. I almost choked myself to death.
Only two days of detoxing, eating healthier smaller portions, exercising, and drinking lots of water and my stomach has already flattened 💪🏽
Yall need to stop drinking alcohol and start drinking some holy water
Drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours, helping you burn off a few more calories.
I'm not in the mood to be in the fandom rn , literally so much is happening & I'm just sitting in my room drinking water
Find myself drinking water so often 💦
Might buy some expensive *** Fiji Water to encourage more water drinking
I need more electrolytes. I ran out of official sports drink stuff and have been drinking lemony salt water. Blech.
How to overcome drinking water shortage with ATM machine?
3.Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage.
Why slang *** While drinking a glass of water, I just found myself thinking "So many thirsties."
Only Cuz I been drinking water and green tea as a beverage the last two weeks
I constantly drink water...but in order to get my juice fix without drinking bottled juice with high amounts of...
All of this water I'm drinking has my blatter on full
is a premium, drinking water with 8.0 pH!
I have been trying to open this mango juice for the last 15 min I put it back in the fridge and now I'm drinking water...I'm so weak 😩 lmfao
My latest thing.drinking boiled water with honey. Feel it's good for me... need to google on benefits of eating honey
I stopped drinking soda regularly a long time ago. I’m surprised so many people drink it like water.
I'm watching Spartacus with the volume on my laptop all the way up. Still worried my dogs drinking water will wake R bc baby logic.
I've stopped drinking alcohol and now soft drink as well so after the funeral tomorrow i'll be drowning my sorrows in lemon water.
Via Erin Brockovich. This is benzene... in Drinking Water... it kills. YESTERDAY, the federal Environmental...
"Traces of Montana Oil Spill Are Found in Drinking Water" by ERIC KILLELEA and JACK HEALY via NYT
The Right to Water and Chemical Pollution - The Politics of Drinking Water
I have been shifted from MOS (Rural Dev.,Panchayati Raj,Sanitation & Drinking Water) to MOS (Human Resource Development). Thanx 2 Everyone.
Chaudhary Birender Singh to be in charge of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking Water and Sanitation
UG ASCI PMO India Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation, Government of India Ministry of Human Resource...
Public Health Notice - Nitrates in Drinking Water: It has come to the attention of Park County Environmental H...
The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi being welcomed by the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways and Shipping, Shri Nitin Gadkari and the Minister of State for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Drinking Water and Sanitation, Shri Upendra Kushwaha at the launch of “Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana”, in New Delhi on October 11, 2014. Courtesy: Photo Division,
The Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation today rushed two lac Litres of water bottles for the flood...
I haven't eaten anything in the past two days, and I'm full just drinking water 😕
I'm not exactly drinking water for the taste
With no federal standards for drinking algae-tainted water & no guidelines for treating or testing either...
A key Fact: 3.78 crore people are connected in Gujarat with statewide drinking water grid
Drinking bud water and eating Pringles . Yupp
I'm drinking Ice cold water from Starbucks after eating a cake pop 😊
Back to drinking only water and juices
The Most Natural Organic Pool You Can Build Yourself are many reasons to avoid chlorinated pools, most of all due to your health and the environment. Natural Pools allow nature to provide hygienic water for swimming. The vibrant ecology of plants and animals condition the water so there is no need for any chemical disinfectants. These pools are healthy for people and wildlife. In fact the water quality in a natural pool is so good, many are well within drinking water standards.
Yes, because all of America is clamoring for dirtier drinking water.
Filled my Fiji bottle with kiwi strawberry vitamin water, still looks like I'm drinking Fiji water..
Ugh!! This cat!! 😖😖😖 She's drinking my WATER right out of my cup!! And I didn't even know.…
Good job Germany. And they've fully endorsed solar power energy as well. I wish i lived in a country that cared about its citizens drinking water and right to free solar energy. Matter a fact, I have a passport,, think I'll go apply for a work visa and then dual citizenship. Thatd be sweet. Deuces ya backwards *** country ran by corrupt politicians.
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