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Drill Instructor

A drill instructor is a non-commissioned officer or Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in the armed forces or police forces with specific duties that vary by country.

Marine Drill Instructor Marine Corps Parris Island Senior Drill Instructor Korean War Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Well you look like one of you're not!!😂😂I am now in South Carolina working as an instructor, gettin…
Like unless you're an IDF drill instructor you don't know how to teach it. BJJ is th…
yes keb 😩 u were just my drill instructor we were just at clayton state for officer training !! U BETTER GL…
My Army brat cousin just graduated 5th in his class in Drill Instructor Training! Can he get a HOOAH?!!
Doug Bush didn't expect to find his career when he came to to pursue his master's degree in 2002. But he's alw…
Where does that USMC DI that put those recruits in an industrial dryer fall on the sc…
drill instructor works to choreograph performances and teaches in the Glenn Korff School…
Now I want to run with you. But I'm just gonna run behind you and yell at you like…
From December 17, 1945: Cecil Day Lewis' new protégé? Ex-soldier poet, Henry Reed. (Who, we are fo…
I'm accusing my Drill instructor of looking at my wee wee 43 years ago!
My PFC said I’d make a great Drill Instructor.. I laughed so hard 😂 yeah right
“Dirty Weapon!” said every Drill Instructor ever. Here’s to 13 weeks we’ll never forget
Family, that's what it's all about. The modern GUSM's first drill sergeant is out here chilling with it's second CS…
I have the same memories. Although when I hear an actor or reporter call a rifle a gun I immediately hea…
“If we are too mean, let us know and we’ll tone it down for you.”
7 things you’ll never hear a Marine Drill Instructor say
In other news, i got selected to be a drill instructor. My *** *** finna be yelling at ppl in boot camp. A concept.
7 things you'll never hear a Marine Drill Instructor say ~via We Are The Mighty
“I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your Senior Drill Instructor. From now on, you will speak only when spoken to, and…
The only thing I can say is I would rather be monkey stomped by a dril…
Did you know Ronald Lee Ermey, who played Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann in Full Metal Jacket, was a former United State…
A stern, drill instructor style, in your face one way conversation works on my kids better the spanking. M…
This happened in military school where the drill instr…
Originally click but Ive heard my boots say other things. Just look at your drill instructor and dont break your neck
Thanks to for sharing how S2S participant & fmr Marine Drill Instructor, Jeff Albritton, changed his life arou…
Yes you do. Senior Drill Instructor ssgt moreno. Nice😫
Marines, You're in recruit training your drill instructor:. Eyeballs:
Nothing scarring, but vividly remember mom picking me up from 1 at friend's house (my USMC…
But boy, he'll have then whipped into shape real quick. As close to drill instructor as you'll find. Old school mentality.
ICYMI: Former Marine Drill Instructor sentenced to 10 years for abuse of recruits.
I think I'm going to boss up and be a drill instructor .
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Me neither I usually get one once a week but just remember phase 2 they might hold the letters it all…
Two words to describe Trump, coined by my Marine Corps Drill Instructor 30 yrs ago..."Num-Nuts"
Had a dream I joined the reserves and Lt. Daniels from "The Wire" was my drill instructor. I gotta stop watching battle rap before bed.
Drill Instructor saved a recruit's life, this is how he did it
STOP lying now. That is an ORDER from your senior sales drill instructor.
A drill instructor saved my life too.
People are so convinced I'm going to end up at the DEPO as a drill instructor because I'm so mean.
Reenlist as drill instructor or work for Microsoft?
Stephen Miller looks like central casting's version of a Hitler Youth drill instructor.
I would love to tell my list of Dad's police encounter rules but tantrums make me angry. Dad was a drill instructor so he drilled.
I asked my drill instructor before I left do he think I would've made a good marine he told me "the type that would've been on a wall"
My uncle's a Marine Drill Instructor, and everyday he sends me a snap of him yelling at the marines in training. It makes my day every trip.
Civilians just dont understand that this "conversation" between recruit and his Drill Instructor will keep America free fo…
Cadets from the Drill & Ceremonial Instructor Course put on an impressive performance at the this weekend…
Every recruit or marine straight out of boot camp says they're going to be a drill instructor
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The first line of the Drill Instructor's Pledge is: "These recruits are entrusted to my care." Sgt. Quaylain Brown takes this to…
1st Drill Instructor in Hazing Probe Acquitted on All Counts via
Developing our future leaders. Cadets on this year's Non Commissioned Officer Course undertaking Drill Instructor t…
There are 3 things a Marine wants to be when he or she is in. . A. Drill Instructor. B. Force Recon. C. In FAST Company
So... *** is me reliving the time I called my DI at Parris Island "Comrade Drill Instructor"? (Ross)
yeah it was at the chow hall, I was leaving and he was coming in. Wasn't able to say anything cuz of the drill instructor
I've never seen a drill instructor so I wouldn't know
He was a drill instructor and a sergeant. Forgive me for not using the correct jargon. Doesnt negate his worth
Anybody who's ever been even close to a USMC "drill instructor" knows that "drill sergeants" are in the army.
Back in those days intimidation was the greatest tool the drill instructor had. Without that ...
When you're a drill instructor in the military, but you uber on the side.
In my head I also believe she was a drill instructor but that's just me
"You do remind me of a USMC drill instructor" A co-worker of less than 3 months.
When your boyfriend tells you that you have the voice of a drill instructor 🙃
When ur barre instructor has u dribble while shaking out ur legs and u crossover dribble/have the urge to do a spider drill 🏀
When you see your drill instructor literally about to eat the soul of a recruit, you remember…
If you think I'm sarcastic you should have met my Drill Instructor. Sarcasm on steroids
Dear drill instructor sgt. Larter, I want to be just like you when I grow up.
The famous "Senior Drill Instructor Speech," given to all recruits on pickup day. . Not going to lie, I got goose...
Master Trooper Hinshaw greets the cadets. As the Senior Drill Instructor, he is their leader for the next 22 weeks.
The fact that one of my best friends is getting screamed at by a drill instructor while I'm at home in my bed makes me extremely angry
Can Spitfire sort it out? I mean I know she's Capitan/Drill Instructor of the Wonderbolts but, you know?
Glad to see Mayor Richard Miller from help turn me from a shy teenager to the Drill Instructor I am today
Well pick it up girl... You're a marine! One, two, one, two hi, hut-hut-hut (sing-a-long) I want to be your drill instructor🎵
Does the drill instructor polar bear have a name? She's probably my favorite BG character.
As a Drill Instructor at SSgt Oscar Puentes is tasked with shaping the future of the Marine Corps.
Me on the end. Struggling as Drill Instructor demands push-ups, mountain climbers and up-downs lol. Marine training.
from a female Drill Instructor, full vid:
Lolly is a part time drill team instructor and a full time self described "bad bytch" who's about to get picked up singing angsty punk R&B
My mother screamed at me harder than my drill instructor so I wasn't phased but apparently this new generation was raised by mimes
AYE MA'AM!. Drill Instructor Sgt. Michelle Vazquez brings boot camp to the future Marines of Albany and...
I was disappointed to learn that M.C. Hammer was not my drill instructor.
Thought this one was my drill instructor at first😨. Looked again though and it's not
Mentor, encourager, and of course Drill Instructor. Oohrah Staff Sgt.! and many thanks. you too!
Last night I had a dream I was a teacher's aide in a 4 hour gym class at an inner city middle school with a drill instructor for a teacher.
Think you have what it takes to handle the might of a drill instructor? We don't promise you a rose garden!
Since my posting to Lackland AFB as an MTI/Drill Instructor in the 1980s, bldg numbers/squadron have changed. Clueless to where 147 is.
regrann from us.marines - Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Limbo marches her platoon during…
Key and Peele: boot camp drill instructor demoralizes his recruits. via /r/funny
Full metal jacket was not entertaining at all besides the drill instructor that *** was funny af
Before joining military, leave your ego home :) Drill Instructor will CRUSH you & your ego in spectacular fashion :)
lol I'm finishing it now but that part was funny af. The drill instructor the only reason I was watching it for so long lol
Angry drill instructor forces his horny secretary to bend over and spanks her on her big ***
I ain't seen full metal jacket until yesterday Bruh the drill instructor was on that fat dude *** about everything he did 😂😂😂
Thinkin' about this guy I know in the military... I couldn't do that, I'd hit the drill instructor... it'd go downhill pretty fast from then
Little Giant Ladders
no there usually the nice ones called your Senior Drill Instructor. I want the Sgt
I am 100% here for all this Shadis the drill instructor guy backstory.
Hard *** dudes drill fitness instructor white *** and enjoys threesome
My Drill Instructor in Basic Training taught me that I should always have at least two edged implements on me
Had a dream that my mom was my Drill instructor and I've never dreamt a more accurate dream.
Had a drill instructor spit in my eye at 7:30 am so my days going pretty good so far 🙃
The Senior Drill Instructor introduces his Marines to educators on the
A peaceful maths instructor is the cut maths drill: ExYIDt
Military personnel share the most memorable drill instructor lines they've ever heard via
An poorhouse maths private instructor is the bear the palm maths drill: ZYvGsR
Discipline: US Marine Drill Instructor Sgt Jonathan Reeves inspects and corrects a new recruit at Parris Island. https:/…
The 'papercut' comment cracked me up.
This Marine Drill Instructor will change many lives ...
For any of my walking dead / military peeps. Negan intro scene reminds me of when the Senior Drill Instructor makes his debut.
My Senior Drill Instructor that changed my whole life!
CHANGING LIVES FOR THE BETTER. From homeless to Marine to Senior Drill Instructor, the gave Adam Plambeck...
Think your teachers are scary? This Senior Drill Instructor will keep you in line.
Would love to see our President, head to MCRD Paris Island. How long under a Drill Instructor would he last?
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is like the nicest Drill Instructor ever, though. . I wish mine were as nice. They were much younger and angrier
Drill Instructor Sgt Nicholas Garcia enforces discipline with recruits during an incentive training session.
My father was a Marine Drill Instructor at Parris Island. I went out to the rifle range with him. Fun stuff!
I so understand that because of my former experience as a Sergeant Drill Instructor and having lived near the El Toro Base
I used to listen to marching cadence everyday back when I wanted to be a Drill Instructor
Best part of Gunny here is the Drill Instructor's Campaign Cover on the vein in his neck. (LOL)
Boxing class killed me. I swear the instructor was a drill sergeant in a previous life. Yet I signed up for next week's class. Why 😭😭
My chief drill instructor graduated OCS today and i got to talk to her. Brb gonna go submit my reenlistment package 🖕🏼
Pettine is a meat head, wanna-be drill instructor jack hole of the highest order. That was a terrible hire.
One of my Marine buddies (I served with her as a Drill Instructor) got to be reunited with her son last weekend...
"89, can we just be friends, let's just be friends and drill together again okay" . Drill Instructor Sgt Gower
fyi, Bob ross was a drill instructor in the military. He said in an interview he yelled enough doing that.
I'm a Marine so my Drill Instructor said this not my Drill Sergeant, but it works. When I was at boot camp I was...
Straight a retreat maths drill is the pride maths private instructor: oCzvwh
You’ll give up on yourself long before your Drill Instructor gives up on you.
I had a guy like that in my platoon but he wasn't cool. He was just funny whenever the Drill Instructor screamed at him
Whoever keeps singing that drill instructor marching cadence in the hallway bout to get all of this tan belt yo this ain't bootcamp fam tf
Sounds like a Marine Drill Instructor is over there now *** are these people doing
and to add to it my mother was a drill instructor for a 9 years in the 80's when I was just a child. Heard it all
being a jv drill instructor taught me a lot & I miss it so much. those girls mean the world to me.😭👯
an army drill instructor couldn't do better in the morning. Love this one, Jewel ;))
Lmfao, followed my drill instructor on Insta and he followed back.
Harvard University is hiring a Assistant in Chinese, apply now!
Every drill instructor ever calls me Padres cause they couldn't pronounce my name.
Roslita the finest drill instructor I've seen.
*** Rosita go a lil Drill instructor in her
Andre..know of any where I can find your book Drill To Win!!! I cnt find it anywhere & my instructor it is 1 of 2 books I'll need
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
About to get pushed by the best personal trainer money can buy, an ex drill instructor
I think Cam Newton missed his calling as an Army drill instructor calling out cadence.
The only reason I'm not tatted is because I don't want to jeopardize my chances of being a drill instructor. 😕
I liked a video Former Drill Instructor does Throwback Thursday
Talk back to a drill instructor I dare you 😂😂😂
I swear my boy woods needs to be a drill instructor 😂😂
same bro I'm thinking about going marine security guard or drill instructor😅
Harbaugh yells more than the Drill Instructor in "Full Metal Jacket"
When your mom wants you to be a Drill Instructor 🙄🙄
That's Benitez the drill instructor for you!
Raymond was mine after my bad *** grandpa. WW2 and Korean War vet. My Drill Instructor gave me a hard time until I told em why
Worked so hard for that moment when my drill instructor handed me my EGA one emotional rollercoaster, gave it my all
Drill Instructor Sergeant John Trani presenting Class 408 to for their last inspection.
Always believe a drill instructor. They are anyone who has gone thru basic knows
I'm sure a brief talk with a nice Drill Instructor will make them feel better about their pain
Bam is a loudmouth know it all *** they spent their lives in woods they don't need 'drill in…
Heh, that's almost exactly what my AOCS drill instructor yelled at us! He meant it but he fixed us quick :)
Equality of opportunity. Any man CAN be a drill instructor. But only some WILL.
Join us Nov 24th to learn from former Marine Drill Instructor More Info:
Marine Corps Motivation. Check out these women Marines March to Drill Instructor's cadence.
And Marine Drill Instructor to ask about LGBT rights.
Anderson Cooper barks like my first-year Chinese language drill instructor.
My drill instructor posted on my wall on fb happy birthday
Jesse you were yelling at your friends like a drill instructor there helping you build your house and your yelling at them
Such a pleasure meeting Rich today Can't wait to meet the drill sergeant instructor tomorrow.
Wow.. Bet you did not know the Bambi voice was a Highly Decorated Marine Drill Instructor.. .
Honored to be the Drill Instructor for the FOI Jr's(MUI) in my city 😊😎
you could enter the army as well. Gina- the german hardcore instructor. Ready to drill your ***
"Drill Instructor, you sound like Bambi." Today's Wikipedia *** comes to you via
The voice of Bambi joined the Marines, became drill instructor, did 3 tours in Vietnam, was awarded 3 purple hearts
I'm dreading today. Day 1 of working out to prepare myself for bootcamp. And guess who my trainer is? A former Marine Drill Instructor 😅🔫
Donnie Dunagan - Drill instructor for the Marines and voice of Bambi (circa 1950s)
Try reaching sergeant in a year and a half and become a Drill Instructor
You forget anniversaries, birthdays, and ppls names but you NEVER forget the Day your Drill Instructor calls you
That awkward moment when you run into your drill instructor at the px
conversation. DonAdams in US Marines,wounded in Guadalcanal then served as drill instructor!. hard2imagine him bellowing!
Hey Emily, no one likes this little fellow in your gear as a BG instructor, you know the drill
Honestly I've been yelled at by our drill instructor more today than in the whole two months before break
Very good meeting with WO RTS and senior Drill & Cere instructor at RAF Halton. Ideas now bubbling in my head. Now back to work
An army boot camp where the drill instructor makes the recruits exfoliate before lights out
Throwback to Lopez getting blasted by drill instructor Sgt Morales. This man was the work of satan I swear lol😂
I think the only compilation that has had I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor on is Hits 7.
One not played that not currently available on a compilation album - I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor.
57 - number of training days in Drill Instructor School on
I hope that drill instructor became his dad after this
When your drill instructor says it is 100x worse.
R. Lee Ermey spent 11 years in the Marine Corps, Two of which were spent as being a Drill Instructor
Don Knotts was the most feared Drill Instructor on Paris Island until malaria got him.
lmfao that's real tight! Still embarrassing the Senior Drill Instructor!
are you running still dressed in your glam gear? Maybe singing a drill instructor song.
When she launches into tough talking mode-- which is often-- it's absurd. Like watching Curly Sue play a Drill Instructor.
I added a video to a playlist Top 8 Funny Drill Instructor Commands
I added a video to a playlist drill instructor chewing girl with an attitude at la games
Drill Instructor Reigns should pay me a visit.
"There's a special circle of *** for people who lie to yoga instructors." -perky drill instructor
Kilo Company drill instructors recite the Drill Instructor Creed before taking charge of t…
Got Rynos address today and a letter from his Drill instructor. So happy. If you would like to write him text me or Lyndsey. Or you can DM
Finished D1W4 of - will meet my drill instructor for my LISS unit :)
You're not my dad!. -last thing I remember saying to my drill instructor
I loved the drill instructor in this who was an actual Marine DI, I love all war movies.
It was fun watching Marine Boot Camp as a Father was a Chief Drill Instructor at PI.
can we get the drill instructor for advance warfare please, as I miss hearing him screaming in my ear
When I was: 18. I was Dating: Samantha^. I wanted to be: An Army Drill Instructor. Fav. Song: I never can say goodbye...
Thank you AMSEA!! Excellent Drill Instructor course today. This picture was taken during the fire…
Getting it from a drill instructor at mini boot camp for the marines this weekend! With my brother
Thinking of becoming a drill instructor later on in my career
Earl_Breon: Learn these 8 lessons from drill instructors.
Just watched a vid of a drill instructor drilling recruits . I can't wait to get yelled at and doing things over and over. I'm bein forreal
Learn these 8 lessons from drill instructors.
Just pulled up at stoplight and a Drill Instructor pulls up next to us😳😅
I wanna be your drill instructor, I wanna cut off all of my hair
that's was my knowledge hat Sgt.Arias about the best drill instructor ever. RAHH!!
"Screaming" Steve Chadson did not anticipate the challenges of managing a library after a long career as a drill instructor.
that free health care costs hours waiting in the lobby being forgotten by you Drs . My Dr. Thinks he is a drill instructor
s/o to Sgt Jackson the best drill instructor I've had 🙆
I already miss being up at 6:00 am everyday, being yelled at by the drill instructor,marching in formation while we shout candinces!
No. I'm a drill instructor at sea cadet boot camp. Yelling at recruits all day
wish i was there. But I'm in Iowa, as a drill instructor 😂😂😂
I just want to pick up Sergeant so I can become a Drill Instructor 😩😩😩😩
Reminds me of Point Loma; I was a drill instructor at MCRD San Diego.
Full Metal Jacket Soundtrack - I wanna be a Drill Instructor with Lyrics
They are like children. You have to set the example flawlessly, like a drill instructor teaching a new recruit.
Indoctrination drill instructor training has begun!
"Gunny" R. Lee Ermey back in the day when he actually was a USMC Drill Instructor. -
Good luck to Sgt(ATC) Jennings for his Drill Instructor course this week at RAF Cranwell
“I became a Drill Instructor to give back to the Marine Corps and leave my mark on new Marines.” —Sgt Adam Ramirez http:…
he was the drill instructor in The OUTSIDER, slapped by a fish in EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE.
Had my first MRE in the presence of the Chief Drill Instructor 💀
So-- in the middle of a drill today, I furiously came down from the track and told the instructor…
I would use only hands aha... and idk man it all depends I just want to be a drill instructor and after that I mite as well stay
New Recruits With Drill Instructor pose for camera before graduation
Lmao I read this in a drill instructor voice... Only a few would understand.
hmmm don't know. We have to find ourselfes a nice drill instructor first. 😉😁
We just bought our house down in SC and the guy who owns it right now is a drill instructor at Parris Island 😳
She must've been a drill instructor in her former life. (And she's even doing it wrong.)
My best friend, my drill instructor, my tutor, my day 1 my husband.
lol, I had a little drill instructor from Haiti. Nobody could understand him when he yelled.
smoking these guys like a Marine Corps drill instructor
Yeah when's there's an Ex Drill Instructor on your Floor you know not to open your dorm room and keep the door locked ha
What is the funniest thing your Drill Instructor said to you in training?
My drill instructor calls me and tells me if I'm ready to take my cdcr test .. Yas .
New with Drill Fitness instructor: on our YouTube…
Colin meets his Senior Drill Instructor today!
This girl sitting next to us had the nerve to say 10am is an early start to a day...try getting harassed by a drill instructor at 4:30😒
I'll go to school today but I'm not gonna do or say anything and I don't know how my drill instructor is gonna like that
Captain Jack - Drill Instructor is playing now on
Man when I first saw that drill instructor walk out with knofe hands and a death stare, I dont think I've ever been more pumped in my life.
Had a great time at USMC family night eating MREs & getting screamed at by a drill instructor got me pumped to experience the Corps
I am Gunnery Sergeant Sisyo, your Drill Instructor. F... — Sergeant!What is how to work the mouth to the senior ...
This job makes me so sick, man. I wish I could go Drill Instructor on these ***
Gonna meet my first drill instructor tomorrow
Met my first drill instructor, I can't wait for bootcamp
Marine Corps fact: Part of Drill Instructor training involves being an alcoholic father.
My friend of 50 years, Mike loved BBI. Traveled here many time over the years and owned 15 acres just west of Point Aux Pins. He will be missed. Vet., D.I. Michael Joseph Ciganick, Sgt., USMC Michael Joseph Ciganick, 65, of Pensacola, Florida joined his Lord Jesus on January 7th, 2015. Mike was born September 22, 1949, and raised in Lyons/Muir, Michigan, the son of Joseph and Lois Ciganick. Mike was strong and very healthy, taking his beloved dog, Ivan, on an 8 mile bike run every morning. It was a shock to all, when he suddenly passed away in his sleep. Mike was a Graduate of Ionia High School where he was very active in band and music, he was so talented that he was Sponsored by President Ford and accepted into the United States Marine Corps Band, he served with the Marines during the Vietnam War, upon coming stateside he became a USMC Drill Instructor and “Made Marines” at Paris Island, S.C. after two terms Michael was discharged as Sergeant Mike was preceded in death by his father Joseph Ciganick ...
Sgt Fran Rosabal, Drill Instructor, motivates his recruits to earn the title Marine.
Before I left one of my drill instructors asked if I wanted to be a Drill Instructor one day
Drill Instructor (DI)... When you hear Drill Instructor, who is the first person (DI) that comes to your mind? The epitome of being a DI in your eyes? This weekend, I was @ MCRD San Diego for the 2014 Boot Camp Challenge, which is a 3 mile obstacle course where DI's "motivate" you through the course. After the event, I was compelled to stop in front of DI School and take the picture you see attached. I can't believe it has been 14 years ago next month (Class 1-01) that I checked into DI School...Wow! When I think about DI School, I think about a place where DI's train other Marines to become leaders, not followers! Up to this point in my journey as a Marine, I was a pretty good Marine but my fellow DI's that trained me helped me to become an even better Marine! One who would lead by example, set the bar high, and demand greatness from others. It would be the beginning of an opportunity that gave me the chance to make a difference in so many people's (recruits) lives. A opportunity that has lead you to r . ...
im gonna be a Drill Instructor one day
36 years ago today I left Dorchester in Dorset as a very young 16 year old to my destination of the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion in Shornecliffe Kent to join the Coldstream Guards in No2 Platoon Waterloo Company. Sgt Ian Beaumont our Platoon Sergeant guided us through our training and gave us the structure, discipline and standards that we live by now. Alongside Ian shaping us were Regimental Sergeant Major Ray Watson, DSgt Jack Blood, CQMS Alan (bandy) Mitchell, Sgt *** Grant, Captain Jeremy Turner Bridger, Trained Soldiers Dave Griffiths and Nigel Gradige, all good and fine Coldstreamers…. Our Drill Instructor *** Keene IG, Sgt Gill Cochrane Scots Guards, LCpl Paddy Whelan IG and finally Platoon Commander Johny Stewart Scots Guards….. not forgetting Company Sergeant Major Maurice (the dog) Joyce Grenadier Guards... Nulli Secundus!!
Semper Fi! Thank you 3rd Recruit Training Battalion drill instructors. May God continue to Bless you and your families.
Hamilton Collection
When 9/11 happened, I was in my graduation week in Marine Corps bootcamp. I did not find out anything happened until right before we went to sleep that night, our Senior Drill Instructor told us we had already bombed some of Bin Laden's spots. No one knew what he was talking about. No one had told us anything. By the time I got to Houston, they stopped showing the planes hit, or any more images on the news. I never took the time to see it. I never wanted to. I don't like to deal with bad things. I just watched everything unfold for the first time in my life on the History channel. No news, just a collection of videos taken that day. Because I didn't see the news, i researched what happened, and saw immediate stories and alternate explanations. I didn't research for being a conspiracy theorists, I missed the event entirely. I was not impacted like you were. Things people are saying now, I was saying years ago, getting more negative feedback than most people termed conspiracy theorists do, today. From ever ...
Buddy of mine said that looks like me and my Senior Drill Instructor lol
A boy needs a strong influence and discipline. My husband was a SSGT in the Marines, & guided my son like a Drill Instructor
In class with my rotc instructor while everybody outside doing drill
The last relationship I was in, he was 6'3 and 230lbs, and a drill instructor in the Marine Corps. He could have crushed me, but nope.
I would love to relive the day that my drill instructor handed me my Eagle, globe and anchor and called me Marine
Once in the fire academy I messed up something and as a punishment the drill instructor made me stare at a wall containing ——
they need a drill instructor to straighten them up. LOL!
My baby girl made it. Same drill instructor. She is not only ny best friend but sister in arms. I…
Congratulations to all who have passed out from the 8th Unit Drill Instructor course. 😁 and to my…
Master your putt with this golf drill using a putting gate, demonstrated by our Senior Golf Instructor, Kevin Merry
Jack Webb former drill instructor in marines. Very few are bubbly. Except Lee Irmy.
I would absolutely love to be a drill instructor for one of those juvenile boot camp centers. I enjoy yelling 👮
That was because they didnt have the prussian drill instructor teaching them how too be a soldier daniela
I have a question everyone and you can comment on it or not. American . African . Mexican . I had a drill instructor...
Im goin to scream at people tommrow like a drill instructor for not standing durring the pledge.
She quacked like a drill instructor to get the little birdies across safely.
My drill instructor told us in the first week of boot camp, the fastest way out is to graduate. Seems Obama had a similar epiphany re: MENA.
"If one of my Drill Instructor's catch you doing something you are not supposed to be doing... You are going to get corrected like a man."
A perfect face of a drill instructor I say
I think we have it tho, I walked in on Moose and our drum instructor looking at drill sheets 😮
When I saw my drill instructor mark my answer wrong because I didn't put my units.
Ever wonder what a Marine Drill Instructor does, watch this!
Kids if your instructor cannot effectively communicate WHY you are doing a specific drill you should be asking THEM why
My drill instructor & hated ex cadets.Think the scene from officer & a gentleman was modelled on him! Shopkeeper, seriously..
Song of the week: We'll give you 1 guess as to which instructor's signature drill this is... ("Hover, jump, holla.")
The planks were killing me. Which one did crazy drill instructor E send?
Our second day on the 9mm range at the school of hard Knox, my 9mm jammed on the range. My drill instructor...
Marine Drill Instructor about to wake up a platoon of fresh recruits
WOW! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Because of your participation "Marine Corps Boot Camp Quick Guide to Drill Instructor...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Thanks.. I was trained by the best Marine Corp in the world. Hoorah! I remain in Drill Instructor mode with the lurking.
Visited Parris Island today to see the place before Family day tomorrow and graduation Friday. We see several platoons marching in formation and decided to watch. The second platoon we saw Nelson. He saw us and smiled and when his Drill Instructor wasn't looking, turned around and waved hi.
Matthew Edward Greene III was born in Far Rockaway, Long Island New York on February 14, 1939. At the age of 17 he joined the United States Army, and served during the post Korean War in the capacity of Sgt. Drill Instructor and a Distinguished Marksman, during his time in the Army, he converted to Islam, taking the name Atheem Al-Asaad. After an honorable discharge, he met and married Brenette Spiller on October 2, 1959 to which five daughters were born Tanya, Toni, Traci, Terrie and Tamara. In the late sixties Matt and Brenette moved from Kansas City to Wichita, Kansas in order to raise their children. It was during this time that Mr. Greene devoted himself to the Civil Rights movement as well as equality for everyone of color. A published author of non-fiction and poetry some of his works include The New .44 Special & .430 Magnum published in 1987. He was the publisher/editor for the African American News and a reporter, writer & salesman for the News Hawk of Wichita Kansas, Mr. Greene also was a photo ...
A Sgt Major at Parris Island has forgotten his OATH, on what his duty is. Not only he scolded with insults a US Marine (ret) Drill Instructor who has served ...
OMG! Hey James Neal-Bey I am watching the The Andy Griffith Show where Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. kicks off. I have never seen this one before. (TV-G) Gomer has decided to enlist in the Marines and Andy escorts him to the Marine boot camp in order to have a talk with the Drill Instructor. Wow!
This is a great opportunity that is currently open now, applicants can apply online at (see job description via link or text content below). Juvenile Supervision Officer: Academy Drill Instructor (Primarily working in the Academy Female Unit): Date/Time: Continuous Salary: $16.40 Hourly Job Type: Full-Time Location: Georgetown: 200 Wilco Way, Texas Department: Juvenile Services JOB SUMMARY Benefits Supplemental Questions .Responsible for the supervision of juveniles in the Williamson County Juvenile Justice Center. .Juvenile Supervision Officers, as dictated by the population needs in the Center, may be assigned to supervise juveniles in any program in the facility: the Secure Pre-Adjudication Juvenile Detention Center, Secure Post Adjudication Facility (TRIAD) Program, Academy and/or the JJAEP Students. ESSENTIAL DUTIES: .Supervises and closely monitors residents at all times, maintaining a safe, clean, living environment in the Secure Pre-Adjudication Juvenile Detention Center, Secure P .. ...
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