Drew Scott & Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television series that is produced by Cineflix. It airs on W Network (Canada) and HGTV (US). Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television series that is produced by Cineflix and currently airs on W Network (Canada) and HGTV (US). 4.0/5

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Jonathan and Drew Scott on Bankruptcy and Divorce to Fame
Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott shout out to JT Ippolito
I would kill a man with my bear hands to have Jonathan and Drew Scott design my home. I may have been watching too much Property Brothers.
Nice of them to invite Drew Scott from Property Brothers, too
I liked a video Property Brothers: Jonathan and Drew Scott
today's post: the time we met the Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott (a Home and...
Check out the Property Brothers in Tarrytown last season: Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott have fun with some... http…
Twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as the ???Property Brothers,??? have turned their combined expertise in home
Drew Scott of Property Brothers is also an actor and is in one of my Hallmark Xmas rom-coms ??
when you see the FIRST episode of Property Brothers and Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott still have highlights lol
When my wife watches the Property Brothers... and Drew Scott
Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers attend the premiere of Dukale's Dream on June 4,
Jonathan and Drew Scott, The Property Brothers, on HGTV and earlier as choir boys.
lots of LOVE yesterday for Jonathan & Drew Scott, Property Brothers.
We had a great Valentine's day! There was a lot of LOVE for Jonathan & Drew Scott, Property Brothers
Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers are fine ☝️ [blank] period.
I liked a video from Drew Scott from Property Brothers Shares His Overall He…
Got to meet Drew and Jonathan Scott from the Property Brothers last night in OKC. These guys are not only funny...
Can someone let me know if Property Brothers is on? The remote is on the other side of the couch & I'm only moving for Jonathan & Drew Scott
I liked a video "Property Brothers" Drew and Jonathan Scott on sibling rivalry
Drew Scott. Jonathan Silver Scott has found our cutest Property Brothers fan
I'm just saying: Drew Scott from Property Brothers is pretty much perfect. 😍
Drew Scott from Property Brothers is so handsome 😍👔🏡
Jonathan and Drew Scott from Property Brothers at the NKPR IT Lounge for
Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott like this photo
Send in your support to Drew Scott of Property Brothers for Milan in the new food show!
Property Brothers. Can you believe spring is almost here?! Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott give some fresh...
It would be ideal if Property Brothers would mosey on over to the STL and help a sista out. Losing hope at an exponential rate with the homes available in this area! Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott?
Jonathan Silver Scott, Self: Property Brothers. Jonathan was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with his identical twin brother Drew Scott, and older brother J.D. Scott. His passion for entertaining started at the young age of 7 when he began performing in small theatre productions and on weekends...
Jonathan and Drew Scott of Property Brothers are hosting the parade on HGTV today! They are funny.
Rose Bowl Parade HGTV with the Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott hosting. This parade is always a visual treat.
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Jonathan and Drew Scott, HGTV's 'Property Brothers,' give their tips on creating a romantic date at home, outside, as well as spontaneous date ideas. For mor...
Property Brothers returns to W Network, Tuesdays at 8pm e/p. Watch as Drew Scott puts his real estate skills to the test, helping homeowners find a place tha...
Emmy® Award-winning entertainment journalist Nancy O’Dell will join HGTV’s popular Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, on the announcer’s platform for the network’s live and commercial-free coverage of the 125th Rose Parade® presented by Hon
Jonathan and Drew Scott - The Property Brothers never suggest you live on the property when they remodel. YIKES! 12 22 2013. but when it's done, you just know it's gonna be beautiful! ;)
We once again turned to you, the fans, to determine the best videos of the year! Top 50 Country Countdown, hosted by HGTV’s Property Brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, airs in a special five-night event Monday through Friday, December 23-Read More ...
“What do you get if you put a bunch of celebs like Property Brothers Jonathan & Drew Scott, Candice Olson and Jersey Shore’s Sammi & Ronnie all under one roof? Click here to find out and SHARE. It’s hilarious!
HGTV's Drew Scott from Property Brothers just sent ME a friend request!!! How cool is that? So of course I accepted and then asked me to suggest friends so a few of my friends will probably getting a friend request from him.
This sweet little starter home is about to hit the real estate market but could use some quick fixes to increase the resale value. Who better to ask for help than Jonathan and Drew Scott from W Network's "Property Brothers".
As much as I love watching Property Brothers and Buying & Selling, I never knew Jonathan and Drew Scott are identical twins…
I remember these two d.o.g. s' - they were standing in the doorway - they were discussing how they buried your hammer out in the wood pile. Jonathan and Drew Scott - The Property Brothers Jonathan Silver Scott - you should put microphones about 2.5 feet off the ground so you can catch their conversations.
Watching Jonathan and Drew Scott... Major crush!!! Woo property brothers (super cuteness) lol
Our photo shoot was so much fun with Drew Scott and Jonathon Scott from the Property Brothers. Check it out! youtu.be/M0JvJ57Hrmo
Awesome day today! Got the opportunity to color Drew Scott's hair from Property Brothers!
Who's ready for the premiere on Thursday night? Looks like the Property Brothers, Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott, have an idea for a plot twist! Farm Kings Season 3 premieres Thursday at 9/8c!
Don't forget to send Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott photos of your best "ugly" Christmas sweaters by Sunday, 12/22 at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win their sweaters, plus some cool autographed Property Brothers posters!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
HGTV Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott (Property Brothers) One of my favorite shows. Great Weekend. Extremely Cold!
All I want for Christmas is Drew Scott from HGTV property brothers.
I only want one thing for Christmas.I need the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott to come and re-do my whole house! that's all I want!!! :-)
Property Brothers make themselves at home - Do it yourself! Jonathan and Drew Scott elaborate on their home improvement experiences.
Need a Property Brothers fix? Tune in to HGTV tomorrow starting at 1pm ET and spend the day with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!
Drew Scott with Property Brothers on HGTV doing a Take 5 video.
We're excited to meet Jonathan and Drew Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers @ Friday, Aug. 16.
lol. Drew Scott from the Property Brothers! LOVE the show.
the Property Brothers of course. Jonathan and Drew Scott, hottest twins on TV!
"Property Brothers" with Jonathan and Drew Scott is such a great show...
Scotiabank and Jonathan and Drew Scott of W Network's Property Brothers are partnering to help Canadians make their hou…
Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott from Property Brothers and Buying and Selling were featured in the Vacouver...
Want a little bit of late afternoon Property Brothers? Tune into HGTV today at 4pm ET for 4 hours of Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!
i have the biggest crush on Jonathan and Drew Scott. LET ME LOVE YOU PROPERTY BROTHERS
Do you have questions that you would like to ask the Property Brothers? Head over to their pages Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott and ask them!
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Drew Scott from the Property Brothers talked to me on the plane! Good start to the trip 😍✈🎵
Have you seen the property brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott around Vancouver or filming yet?
, have the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott been on ET? When? vedio?
guest idea: the HGTV twins, Jonathan & Drew Scott from the amazing & popular show "The Property Brothers"
Are you looking for a wonderful way to spend your weekend? Jonathan & Drew Scott, HGTV's Property Brothers will...
Yorkdale- $5,000 draw and autograph, photo session with Jonathan and Drew Scott of The Property Brothers!
Watching the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott help couples find , buy, remodel and ...
Nothing like waking up to Property Brothers. I do love some Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott. I can't help myself, they mesmerize me. Maybe it's the magician in JSS. :-)
Luv the Property Brothers, Jonathan & Drew Scott. I watch all the time!
Should I create a stan account for Jonathan and Drew Scott aka the property brothers?
Tip to sell your home fast: Welcome home: Present a clean, inviting space reminiscent of a hotel suite, one that would-be buyers want to stay in -- permanently. Worn-out hardwood floors should be refinished to a glossy sheen, or if still in good shape, they should be clean and gleaming, says Farr. "They're the biggest area in your home and they're the first thing that strike you when you walk in the front door." Beds should look as if nobody has slept in them the night before, so a crisply made bed with plumped up pillows and shams are de rigueur, she says. Jonathan and Drew Scott, the Property Brothers, recommend hiring a home stager to make your house stand out from other listings in the neighbourhood. "Staging is such a crucial part of it," says Drew, a realtor who finds potential properties for clients, which twin Jonathan then renovates for the show. "It's just as important as any sort of renovation, because if a buyer can't walk into a space and picture themselves living there, they're not going to ...
Join the Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott for Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers, the all-new realty series where they help homeowners take their next step up the property ladder. Featuring two pivotal real estate moments, double the stress, and twice the manpower, first Jon renova...
Meet HGTV's 'Property Brothers' - Jonathan and Drew Scott have two real estate shows on HGTV. Jonathan and Drew Sc...
Johnathan and Drew Scott from the property brothers are really attractive.. Just putting that out there.
HGTV stars, Jonathan and Drew Scott, are bringing their charm and real estate expertise to the HGTV Holiday House at Mall of America! Enter for a chance to meet them in person.
Per Jonathan and Drew Scott "The Property Brothers": BUYING: • Educate yourself. Know the basics: the area, comparable selling prices and the cost of special features. • Prep money matters. Before heading to an open house, get your finances in order. Write down your income, assets, debt and any other pertinent information. Figure out what you can realistically afford. • Get pre-approved. Pre-approve for your financing by speaking to your lender or mortgage broker to figure out the best product for you. Bi-weekly payments, lump sum or regular increases to your payments can help you pay off that mortgage sooner and save you a lot in interest. • Dream big. Write down absolutely everything you could want in a home, from location to size; features to amenities close by. Mark the must haves and what you can realistically live without. • Don't settle. Many buyer's ignore that a house is next to a train just because they like a feature in the home. Don't overlook anything that could affect resale valu . ...
SmartMtg is proud to bring Jonathon and Drew Scott, The Property Brothers, to The Ritz Carlton on January 24th!!...
The Property Brothers - Jonathan and Drew Scott - answer your buying and selling questions.
We met Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott for a Fast Forward moment: - Enjoy!
I have a major crush on Drew Scott, one of the Property Brothers, from Buying and Selling on HGTV. 😍
I love your show! I'de love you to have Jonathan & Drew Scott from HGTVs Property Brothers & Buying & Selling on your show. ->
Janet talks with Jonathan and Drew Scott, stars of HGTV's "Property Brothers" on how to rebuild post-Sandy, and their efforts to help cure childhood cancer.
Jonathan and Drew Scott are young, good looking and as genuine as they appear on their W Network television show,Property Brothers. And they’re successful to boot. So what Realtor wouldn’t want to follow in their Gucci loafers/construction boots to find clients fixer-uppers to transform into dream h...
Official count for jack o' lanterns in downtown Keene: 29,381. Didn't win back our Guinness record from BOSTON(!) but it was a valiant try, and it looked gorgeous tonight! Still balmy and warm. The crowds were well behaved and happy. Drew Scott from the Property Brothers was great and totally into it. Don't know if we beat Highwood, Illinois in our head to head competition, as they are an hour behind us. Was going to retrieve my pumpkin and take it home after the count but apparently someone else liked it before I got there! :)
Doing sound at the Main Stage again at Pumpkinfest this year... HGTV is here and Drew Scott from Property Brothers was on the mic making announcements -
Just seen Drew Scott from Property Brothers, seen Billy Ray Cyrus last night… awesome!
Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott chat about their New Show on HGTV "Property Brothers" that was in the USA for HGTV network. Samantha Gutstadt, RealTVfilms, TIFF11
Your pumpkin counts! In its 22nd year, with its magical pumpkin tower, the Keene Pumpkin Festival is the gold standard in community events. Last year, a city in Illinois copied us and topped the world record. HGTV heard about the dual festivals dueling and created a Halloween special called "Pumpkin Wars" starring the popular Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. On October 20, Jonathan is going to Highwood, Illinois, and Drew is coming to Keene to meet people, carve pumpkins and spur us on. We are up to our necks in a TV battle of jack-o-lanterns! There are other exciting things going on this year: A 45-foot ferris wheel, a Haunted Alley, the new Basketball Alley on Eagle Court, and a 1-mile race past the Pumpkin Tower at 8:30am. Pumpkin bowling returns. And don't forget the Costume Parade. Eight welcome centers will make pumpkin log-in easier than ever. If everyone brings one or more pumpkins, we will top the 32,000 jack-o'-lantern world record and we'll do it on national television. The nation is ...
Property Brothers discuss some of the best and worst basement upgrades. Watch The Marilyn Denis Show live and on-demand online at CTV.
Drew Scott from the Property Brothers just laying on the couch & letting Jonathan to all the work. Shame on u Drew. ;)
Little Giant Ladders
Fri, Sep 21: Contractor Jonathan Scott and real estate agent Drew Scott, better known as the Property Brothers, are on to answer your home renovation and real estate questions.
"Commute to Compromise" Home Repair, House/Garden. (2011) Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott. A couple must be open-minded in their search for a concept home. Series.
Just got to meet and help dress Drew Scott of Property Brothers! WOW 😍
Lol just seen Drew Scott from Property Brothers at Wal Mart.
Very amazing night yesterday. I saw Drew Scott if Property Brothers again! Didn't get to chat but that's okay, he's easy on the eyes!
Best day ever! I met Drew Scott from Property Brothers and talked to him! So exciting! He's so cute. Girlfriend was with him but still fun!
Falling in love with Drew Scott from Property Brothers.
Twinsy is proud to announce our interview with twins Jonathan and Drew Scott. Not only are they the new hosts of the W Network’s, Property Brothers, they are also personal friends of ours and two o...
'Property Brothers' Jonathan and Drew Scott entertain and inform Home Expo crowd in Portage
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