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Drew Bledsoe

Drew McQueen Bledsoe (born February 14, 1972) is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League, best known as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots from 1993-2001. During the 1990s, he was considered the face of the Patriots franchise.

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Drew bledsoe 1998 interstate card nm-mint; new LINK:.
What if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt? Chain of events leads to Eli with Gisele:
2 jerseys, I'm keeping Drew Bledsoe, but the Carmelo Anthony one is up for trade/sale. It's large but fits more likeM
Watching the on ESPN, and besides the great story of Tom Brady, I was impressed how classy Drew Bledsoe was the yr he lost his job.
But drew Bledsoe finished that steelers game tho
What if Drew Bledsoe never got injured and Tom Brady is still riding the bench today
Ted Wells thinks that Drew Bledsoe is a kid named Drew, who was bleeding, so.
3 QBs, all drafted in 1st round and threw for 30k+ yards in NFL were born on Valentine's Day:. -> Jim Kelly. -> Drew Bledsoe. …
Going to be sweet when Drew Bledsoe is the opening day starter for the Patriots. Peak Belichick.
Since 1994, only 4 QBs have started games for the Patriots -- Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, Drew Bledsoe and Scott Zolak.
I can't respect patriot fans they don't know them Curtis Martin, Terry Glenn and Drew Bledsoe days.
Watching Drew Bledsoe try to knock a hole in the wall by throwing a football pretty much summed up his career in Dallas.
All about Drew Bledsoe Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
Drew Bledsoe will serve as one of the hosts of The Home Ranches wine pairing Dinners this weekend. . Thanks for...
Girls play games for the bills they Drew Bledsoe
Holy cow. Just found an old pre-spygate Drew Bledsoe Pats jersey way back in my closet. If it fits I might have to spo…
R u kidding?!? I've been a fan of Patriots since Drew Bledsoe "sweetie"
Lemme find out this loser Drew Bledsoe is throwing shade at the God Brady
So thinks he is Drew Bledsoe and has arm strength to dent a wall. Oh and Ya, all the sudden he was a sought after college QB
Why is mr. matte still talking about Drew Bledsoe?
10 Quarterbacks on Deflategate - Breitbart via I'm with Drew Bledsoe on this
CuffsTheLegend thank you Mo Lewis for injuring Drew Bledsoe
I have no more respect for Drew Bledsoe
thank you Mo Lewis for injuring Drew Bledsoe
Became a fan back when I move to Maine in 2001. When Drew Bledsoe went down and assuring my friends this Brady would be alright...
Great article, but I would have included Mo Lewis/Drew Bledsoe as well. Brady doesn't play if Bledsoe doesn't nearly die.
Wanna hear a good one. Drew Bledsoe called Brady a system qb and said manning n elway more impressive . I'm trying to post link
can't believe drew said Tom is a system qb!!says manning n elway have been more impressive! Not joking.
here is the bledsoe piece calling Brady a SYSTEM QB. and what manning has done is more impressive.
Out of all people to say Manning and Elway are better than Brady all time, guess who said it... Drew Bledsoe! *** ! Jealous??
If you say he's only one place below Drew Bledsoe it doesn't sound so bad!
was so cool when he went to new england. i loved drew bledsoe so much but when brady took over and we won the
.tries to take out DP ManCave wall...
"Fairly early in my career, I had a passion for wine." -Drew Bledsoe
Drew Bledsoe on The Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview) 2/3/15 Fun catching up with
What do Woody Hayes, Jim Kelly, Drew Bledsoe, and Steve McNair have in common? They were all born on Valentine's Day.
Tony Eason busy? “Pats announcement at 2:30. Drew Bledsoe has been signed and will start against the Seahawks.
. Drew Bledsoe was on Adam Carolla podcast . Min 30-46. It will make you feel good.
Bledsoe: Under-inflated balls are a non-issue: Before Tom Brady there was Drew Bledsoe and now ...
I used to like New England Patriots! Back in 1996-1997 Super Bowl days!! Vs GREEN BAY PACKERS! When they had Drew Bledsoe @ Quarterback, and Curtis Martin @ running back, and Terry Glenn @ Wide receiver, and Ben Coates @ Tight end, and Pete Carroll @ head coach. Now days it's the Tom Brady Era! And Brady was a back up quarterback, behind Drew Bledsoe. Drew Bledsoe got injury, in 2001 and Tom Brady took over! while drew Bledsoe was injured. And Tom Brady took them to the Super Bowl, Vs ST. LOUIS RAMS! And won the Super Bowl, under head coach Bill Belichick! And send drew Bledsoe to the Buffalo Bills, to clear cap space to sign more players!! Now days I hate them. Because they are the favorite to win! And everybody team and their momma's! I was going to give them props for beating my Indianapolis Colts *** So bad. But they cheated, by deflating 11 out of 12 balls in the second half! And we was only down 10 points going into the second half. And they deflating the balls by 2 pounds, for easy to grab and c .. ...
Drew Bledsoe :Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll more alike than you'd think
Good guess. Those were mine too. But the answer is Drew Bledsoe and...Tony Eason.
Also had one good year as HC in Buffalo with Drew Bledsoe. Tom Clements (current GB OC) was his OC there.
I wonder what Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, and Drew Bledsoe are doing right now.
You're the type of guy who says Drew Bledsoe was better than Tom Brady
tell me all about Felix Jones, Marion Barber, Drew Bledsoe, and Terry Glenn.
Today, former QB Drew Bledsoe is exactly as old as Teddy Roosevelt was the day he became president: 15,662 days.
Question: is Matt Flynn to Aaron Rogers as Tom Brady is to Drew Bledsoe? Any congruence here?
Who knows how history was changed when Brady replace Drew Bledsoe in famous tuck rule game that made Bill a Super Bowl Coach Tom SB QB!
Tom Brady was a back up to Drew Bledsoe... Tom Brady turned Into great!!!
Tom Brady was Drew Bledsoe's backup until Drew got hurt.
.when talking about backups that become great, doesn't Tom Brady taking over for Drew Bledsoe automatically come to mind?
Tom Brady was a backup to Drew Bledsoe
Wow! I just won this for free, 1993 PACIFIC PRISM DREW BLEDSOE ROOKIE CARD NM
I'm giving away: DREW BLEDSOE PROMO 20 OF 30. Check it out -
my uncle called Drew Bledsoe the best QB ever
This is pretty much How Drew Bledsoe ended his career.
Please give proper credit to Drew Bledsoe. He led Dallas to a rare winning record in his only full season there
dude I swear if Drew Bledsoe misses one more tackle
Half the cowboy fans weren't around when Tony Romo was 2nd string to Drew Bledsoe
S/o to all the pats fans that been fans since Drew Bledsoe no bandwagons ppul seem to think we all are smh
I'm thankful for Tom Brady, Patriots QB, on the Patriots, Gisele's Husband, TB12, Pick 199 in 2000, Drew Bledsoe's former backup
This Thanksgiving, can we all come together to agree Matthew Stafford is basically Drew Bledsoe 2.0?
Also I think that comment is insulting to Drew Bledsoe
I was hyped for 10:30 football until I remembered it was that game. "Jeff George & the Raiders visit Drew Bledsoe & the Pats!"
Girls play games for bills, Drew Bledsoe
At Disney On Ice with Princess NEPD. The look on her face must be what I looked like watching Drew Bledsoe chuck footballs.
If Drew Bledsoe stays healthy, that Patriot dynasty starts. The decision was key though; the team is winning, status quo.
Drew Bledsoe came out the huddle, RG3 is not n the huddle... NEVA come out the Huddle. U may NEVA get back N.
For some reason you just reminded me of this, , the Drew Bledsoe blog
...the Bills may not mark the Super Bowl this year but things have turned a positive corner. Haven't felt this positive since Drew Bledsoe
Super Bowl 31 in 1997 Brett Favre and Drew Bledsoe were the QBs. This Sunday in 2014 the two guys who replaced them will be playing. Amazing
I'm giving away: 1993 Drew Bledsoe rc tiered lot. Check it out -
can you introduce me to Drew Bledsoe?
i have been a patriot fan since Drew Bledsoe, i don't care if we cheated apparently it didn't work ifwe lost to the giants2
Eli Nanning has thrown 250 TD passes. Is now 16th all-time and 1 behind Drew Bledsoe.
I hope gets a team and coach that design a offense for his talents instead of forcing him to be Drew Bledsoe. A Chip Kelly scheme?
that brady question wasnt a diss lol.. legit question.. drew bledsoe was their QB b4 brady right?
Terrell Suggs got his 100th sack last night. He sacked Vinny Testaverde and Gus Frerotte once and Drew Bledsoe twice.
Damon Huard and Drew Bledsoe should do the Apple Cup pregame. They are radio gold right now on
Remember with Drew Bledsoe complaining about Tony Romo and eating hamburgers?
by that standard Drew Bledsoe is the best to ever play the game
Is that Drew Brees or Drew Bledsoe out there?
Guy at the bar in a Bills Drew Bledsoe jersey is about as astute as you'd think ... "wait when did we go up 31-3"
I'm glad Drew Brees is on my team...
Brought back memories of that Drew Bledsoe TD scramble.
Wow Orton's foot speed rivals that of Drew Bledsoe.
This is really all you need to know about Fantasy Draft. Drew Brees, Jimmy Johnson, and Boomer are all on the...
what are Drew Bledsoe shot at the HOF?
Would anyone know Tom Brady if Drew Bledsoe didn't tear his ACL?
If I win that Drew Bledsoe hat I think I can die happy.
I asked my mom who her favorite wide receiver was in the NFL as of right now, she says Drew Bledsoe.
On the 14th anniversary of Drew Bledsoe's career ending injury.
The only Patriots I have ever really liked were Curtis Martin, Drew Bledsoe. & prolly Terry Glenn.
Fascinating passage about Parcells not loving Robert Kraft-Drew Bledsoe friendship. Easy to mirror with Snyd…
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning needs to throw five touchdown passes to surpass Drew Bledsoe for 15th place on the National Football League's all-time list for touchdown passes.
Drew bledsoe and it may just so that only necessary to sit on earth.
Brett Favre was third choice for ‘There’s Something About Mary’ role behind Drew Bledsoe and Steve Young
Drew my man you gotta send your boy a bottle of bledsoe wine for my 21st always remember here in Mass
Drew Bledsoe is the Larry Johnson of football
Same birthday as Jim (and Drew Bledsoe); thought I was pretty cool in third grade.
Drew Bledsoe says playing QB for the Jets is like a virgin sacrifice -
Brett Favre was the third NFL QB contacted for a cameo in "There's Something About Mary." Drew Bledsoe and Steve Young both declined.
Drew Bledsoe says playing quarterback for the Jets is like being a virgin sacrifice
Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski are now tied with Drew Bledsoe & Ben Coates for the 2nd-most QB-to-TE to…
I got two words for Tom Brady today "Drew Bledsoe" lol
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Brady definitely gonna have some Drew Bledsoe nightmares tonight.
that's true. He'll be too busy prepping for his next start. He'll be to Tom Brady what Brady was to Drew Bledsoe.
Drew Bledsoe makes really good wine (and LeBron James wants to drink it) via
So why didn't Drew Bledsoe win any ?
Just Saw! Awesome Story on Bledsoe, Always loved Drew & picked him as fantasy QB! Still a fan, now of his Respect! RPI
Let's go Kansas City let's beat these Patriots What's Up now Tom Brady.I think they need Drew Bledsoe Lol
Pats are getting worked lol defense looking like the Drew Bledsoe days smh
This wine thing is probably the best possible reason for Drew Bledsoe to be trending in 2014
I cant believe I'm saying this...but I would rather be watching Tony Romo rolling out of the pocket than Drew Bledsoe...i mean Tom Brady standing there like a statue!
LeBron James wants to try Drew Bledsoe's wine
Drew Bledsoe's 2011 Doubleback Cabernet Sauvignon is selling on the winery's website. $89 a bottle, minimum of 3.
Thought I couldn't hate Drew Bledsoe any more than I do now, Countdown did a story on him earlier. He's a wine maker now. *** status +1000.
I down for splitting a bottle from Drew Bledsoe whenever your ready..
Drew Bledsoe returned to his roots to produce world-class wine. via Pretty darn good grape juice!
Drew Bledsoe and I live in the same state.
I had no idea it was so easy to get Drew Bledsoe to send me wine…
Hey Drew Bledsoe just saw your special with Rick Reilly. I wanna try your wine out as well. Looks great! Can u ship to Ohio?
just saw a good piece on espn featuring drew Bledsoe. very interesting, he got hurt one yr and Tom Brady spelled him and rest is history. bad blood between those 2 regarding circumstances. pats and chiefs right now on NEWSRADIO 1440 MNF always fun.
Drew Bledsoe scores with his own Walla Walla winery
Rick Reilly just did a nice piece about Drew Bledsoe on ESPN. I think Bledsoe is better looking than there.maybe it's the winery...;) still prefer Brady as QB though.
That was a nice piece about Drew Bledsoe on MNF Countdown. Didn't know he was a wine maker now. Evidently one of the best in the country. Good to see Drew.
I could really use some Drew Bledsoe wine after a day like today..
Learn something new everyday. Who knew Drew Bledsoe, former Patriots QB, now makes wine and is apparently very accomplished at it
Chillin with my woman ready for the Chiefs game,,, but I love the fact that they had a thing on Drew Bledsoe which is right here in my town right down the street, the field he coaches his team
Since Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe in 2001 the three other AFC East teams have combined to use 39 different starting…
Don't forget a bowl of Flutie Flakes, experience of Kelly Holcomb, reputation of Drew Bledsoe & flashes from Rob Johnson
Ron, today is the day Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe. Happy Mo Lewis day!
On September 23rd, 2001, Tom Brady took over Drew Bledsoe against the Jets, changing the course of NFL History.
A lot of fans are not going to like it, but I'm going out on a limb and say that if RGIII is out for an extended time, and it appears that may be the case, Kirk Cousins will keep the starting job especially if he continues to play well. It would not be unprecedented. New England's Tom Brady got his job after starter Drew Bledsoe was injured and eventually ended up in Dallas, and former 49er starting QB Alex Smith suffered a concussion and was replaced by Colin Kaepernick who took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Smith eventually ended up in Kansas City and is the starting QB there. If Cousins keeps playing well and the Redskins continue to win, I expect Cousins to keep the starting job.
, Andre Rison, or you're Mark Chmura, or you're commentating, or you're Drew Bledsoe, or you're, uh, like, Holmgren? You know how it goes.
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drew bledsoe I'm the quarterback, whatever cost the most imma order that.
Now that I have the idea that Jameis Winston is like Drew Bledsoe, I can't get it out of my head. Size, arm strength, wind up.
Jameis reminds me a lot of Drew Bledsoe.
Drew Bledsoe lost his job twice... Brady and Romo
for whatever reason, Drew Bledsoe was also at the legends game at candlestick.
was it an argument about Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady?
When Mac Miller said "Girls playin games for the bills They Drew Bledsoe"
they talk like we never had a good qb besides Brady did u all forget drew bledsoe he was really good
bro stop using them as examples. Johnny would have sat behind Drew Bledsoe and *** sure Brett Favre
I remember when Tom Brady came out of no where subbin in for Drew Bledsoe . Guarantee none of u "patriot" fans know who that is
What if Ryan Mallet do the same thing to Brady that Brady did to drew Bledsoe that would cool asf
Romo pisses me off too lmao. I thought the Drew Bledsoe Cowboys were fine. *** that Ware went to the Broncoes
Wow! I just won this for free, Drew Bledsoe Autographed 8x10 with authenticity
easy on Walla Walla classy Drew Bledsoe grew up there didn't he. ? It is in the middle of nowhere no question
*** don't let me catch you with this Drew Bledsoe ..
I was hoping 1057 would pull a Drew Bledsoe and keep you and replace Steve. Much better show you and Ed
he's fine, but for every Drew Bledsoe there are 20 icky Tom Bradys. Go giants
If the Lakers got Greg Monroe nd drew bledsoe I'd be more than happy. That's a chip. Bledsoe, Kobe, Julius Randle, boozer, nd Monroe. Beast.
number 1... that was dry... Number 2 I was born in mia and im a pats fan... Since Drew Bledsoe n dem...
The Buffalo Bills have training camp a minute down the road yet I still haven't been since drew bledsoe was the qb
Drew Bledsoe>Tom Brady ya he didn't win 3 Super Bowls but i still like him more
Lakers should go after Drew Bledsoe that would be excellent 👌👌👌
yeah we signed Monroe Bledsoe and o j
Might have to rock with Rory since Tiger Woods is Drew Bledsoe with the Cowboys now
Pretty cool article about Drew Bledsoe's life after football as a wine maker in country:
and the next best qb you guys had was Drew Bledsoe and before that it was Quincy Carter. If you know your qbs
Just added "Drew Bledsoe QB Club" plate to my eBay watch list. Successful weekend.
Were ppl clamoring for Drew Bledsoe, or was it 1a/1b?
Drew Bledsoe gotta be a QB guru or something
Football cards!! Collection of over 2,000 football cards, ranging from 1984 to 2007! The bulk of the cards are from 2000 to 2003, and are in great condition - Loaded with stars- Boomer Esiason (rookie card) Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Doug Flutie, Deuce McAllster, Chris Chambers, Curtis Martin, Marcus Allen, Chad Pennington, Peyton Manning, Drew Bledsoe, Javon Walker, Santana Moss, Randy Moss, Donovan McNabb, and many others!! Most cards are already in soft sleeves, some are in top loaders... Will contain multiple copies of some of the cards...Brands include Topps, Press Pass, Invincible, Dynagon, Leaf Limited, Donruss Elite, SP, Playoff Contenders, and many others!! However, this lot includes 90 -100 "numbered"cards (i.e 11/25. 064/100, 1267/2000) I've included photos of these in the listing- $50.00 OBO takes the lot - Thanks!!!
I enjoy Mel Kiper...but here are some things he has said in the past .. - "I think Ryan Leaf is more mature than Drew Bledsoe, he's very much a grown up 21 year old." He followed that up by saying Leaf's attitude would be an asset in the NFL and give him a mental edge over Peyton Manning. - "Wes Welker is not worth a second round pick. I don't care how much you like his work ethic ... he has done nothing to show a value that high" - Kiper had QBs Dan McGwire and Brett Favre rated evenly heading into the 1991 draft. - “JaMarcus Russell’s gonna immediately energize that Raider Nation, that fanbase, that football team- on the practice field, in that locker room- three years from now you could be looking at a guy that’s certainly one of the elite top five quarterbacks in this league. You’re talking about a 2-3 year period once he’s under center. Look out because skill level that he has is certainly John Elway like.” - "Ki-Jana (Carter) could be the next Bo Jackson" - Kiper rated LaDainian Tomlinso ...
Contracts should be done before McCarron/Murray ever play MT tell that to agents for Matt Flynn and Drew Bledsoe.
tell that to agents for Matt Flynn (Wilson 3rd, i know) and Drew Bledsoe.
Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe joins HuffPost Live to discuss losing his starting job to Tom Brady.
. . Mettenberger is on the scale somewhere between Ryan Mallett -- Byron Leftwich -- Derek Anderson -- Drew Bledsoe
Out here playing putt putt with a guy who thinks he is Tiger Woods and a cross dressing Drew Bledsoe
How dominate have the Patriots been? Brett Favre currently holds the NFL record in total passing yards at 71,838 during a 20 year career. Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady, in 20 years, 78,806. The most in any 20 year stretch.
Greatest Games in Patriots History- 11-12-94 In mid-November of 1994, the revival of the Patriots had hit a snag. Led by coach Bill Parcells and rookie qb Drew Bledsoe, the Pats had won their last four games in 93 to finish 5-11. The record was not great, but a vast improvement for a squad that had won a total of 8 games between 1990 and 1992. After starting 3-2 in 94, however, problems had developed. They fell in 4 consecutive weeks to the Raiders, Dolphins, Jets and Browns. The offense hadn't scored a TD in ten quarters and Bledsoe had not thrown for 200 yards in three weeks. Their opponents that afternoom were the 7-2 Minnesota Vikings, led by aging but still formidable qb Warren Moon. Though the visitors were favored by only 2 1/2, Ron Borges predicted a 24-10 Pats defeat. Late in the first half, Foxboro Stadium was silent. Not only did the Vikings lead 20-0, but the Pats had been held to 2 first downs and 41 yards of total offense. That was when Parcells, despite the Vikings' strong pass rush, decid ... is holding this "Greatest QB of all Time" bracket, and we're allowed to vote on it. If I were to go to court and try to prove that the average NFL fan is a moron, I would enter it as exhibit A. Listen to this: Brett Favre is losing to Rich Gannon. Tom Brady is losing to Eli Manning. Troy Aikman is losing to Drew Bledsoe. And Kurt Warner is losing to Donovan McNabb. NFL fans don't deserve a democracy.
Tom Brady autograph football with case $350 Drew Bledsoe autograph football with stand $100
As a Bills fan, I'm always reminded at free agency that we can't have nice of luck in New Orleans Jarius Byrd. May your jersey now join my hall of shame collection next to my Drew Bledsoe home and away, my Takeo Spikes and my Marshawn Lynch jersies.
Lot of 14 Baseball/Football/Basketball cards. There are a lot of big name stars, Hall Of Fame, and rookie players in this lot which include Carl Yastrzemski, Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan, Chris Webber, Julius Erving, Gene Upshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Rollie Fingers, Joe Montana, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, and Drew Bledsoe. I have priced this lot at $30.00 which is under their book value. Pick up is near South HamiIton Rd and Winchester Pike. I am also interested in buying silver coins if anyone is interested in selling. I am a local collector and I pay more than any Cash For Gold store. Those places are a scam and only pay a fraction of what the silver is worth, whereas I pay 100% of the spot price of silver. I will also show you what the value of silver content is and show you what I am paying which is 100% of the spot for silver. Thanks for looking.
Had a really nice time at the Tennessee PAT conference at Tennessee Tech. The folks there did a wonderful job organizing the conference and keeping things flowing smoothly. Had a chance to catch up with Minoa Uffelman and finally meet Drew Bledsoe in person. Met lots of great young graduate and undergraduate history students from across the state - ETSU, MTSU, Austin Peay, UT-Martin, Lee, Union U, TTU - and all of them working on really interesting projects. Our three MC students did a great a job with their papers and got very positive feedback from commentators and the audience. And then we finished it off with a spectacular drive home along US70 - the old Avery Trace and Walton Road over the Cumberland Plateau - with stops at Champ Ferguson's gravesite along the Calfkiller River, downtown Sparta, downtown Crossville and Ozone Falls. Not bad for a day's work!
Q CLOSED Happy birthday to both Drew Bledsoe, 42 and Jim Kelly, 54. Both were quarterbacks, who played in the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl and both also played for the Buffalo Bills. Kelly is the all time Bills career passing yards leader, Bledsoe ranks 5th from his 3 season stint in Buffalo. Who are the rest of the top 10? 1. Jim Kelly, 35,467 2. Joe Ferguson, 27,590 3. Jack Kemp, 15,134 4. Ryan Fitzpatrick 11,654 5. Drew Bledsoe, 10,151 6. Doug Flutie, 7,582 7. Dennis Shaw, 6,286 8. J.P. Losman, 6,211 9. Trent Edwards, 5,739 10. Rob Johnson, 4,798
Lol yall gin hate me but oh well suckaz: New England Patriots (2000–present) 2000 season Brady was selected with pick a compensatory pick, in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.[19] According to Michael Holley's book Patriot Reign, the Patriots were considering Brady and Tim Rattay, both of whom had received positive reviews from then-quarterbacks coach *** Rehbein.[20] Ultimately, the Patriots front office chose Brady. Considering his later achievements, many analysts have called Brady the best NFL draft pick of all time.[21][22][23][24] Brady started the season as the fourth string quarterback, behind starter Drew Bledsoe and backups John Friesz and Michael Bishop; by season's end, he was number two on the depth chart behind Bledsoe.[25] During his rookie season, he was 1-of-3 passing, for six yards.[26] 2001 season The Patriots opened the season with a 23–17 loss at Cincinnati, with Bledsoe as the starting quarterback.[26] Their second game, and home opener, on September 23, was against their A ...
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Let me make one thing clear to all giants fans I know. And there are a lot of you. Hi I'm Joe I'm a New England Patriots fan since Drew Bledsoe and Troy a Brown Played. I in no way do not like the giants fans or individual players I respect the *** outta them. That being said there is nothing you can say that would ever make me say nice things about the Giants. 2 reasons Super Bowls XLII and XXXIX. free country you can still post your responses however know this because of my "bitterness" over losing a second year to the same team in the span of only a few years. I will never change my stance on the New York Giants. I will sit here and wait for a giants fan to start defending Brady, as the normal after I make a negative comment towards NYG is to defend their team so with me being so forthcoming the opposite may happen.
Fingers crossed that the following win squares for me. Dan Marino, Don Shula, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Bledsoe.
I attended the next-to-last game of the Pete Carroll era in NE, at Veterans Stadium in Philly. Drew Bledsoe threw four picks and they lost 21-3. It was disgraceful. If you told me that afternoon he would someday get to a Super Bowl as a head coach, you could have made a lot of money that I don't have.
If we never injure Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady would still b a backup b lol
A beautiful film on dedicated people in wine - Cartograph, Scott Paul, Erath, Brooks, Drew Bledsoe + others along...
Just read this little gem of a factoid in an article bashing Cowboy fandom. The article was tongue in cheek (I hope) but this jumped off the page at me. Holy crappy drafting Batman, what has jerry been doing all these years?! " This is the actual list of Cowboy starters since Troy Aikman retired : Randall Cunningham, Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, and finally Drew Bledsoe. Having read that list, how can Cowboy fans ever complain about Tony Romo again? "
One of these talented young men is about to have his bright, exciting, promising career snuffed out by the Cleveland Browns!1. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M: Until someone tosses him off his perch, he is the best in the game right now. As long as his off-field activities do not affect him, the Aggies will soar. 2. AJ McCarron, Alabama: A surprise pick, I am sure. But when you are the quarterback of the best team in the nation three years running and all you do is win, you get noticed. 3. Tajh Boyd, Clemson: He should be considered for a Heisman and won’t get an invite. There is so much he can do with his arm and his legs. A next-level performer. 4. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville: He and head coach Charlie Strong are a pretty good combination. Best quarterback to play at Louisville since Johnny Unitas. 5. Bryn Renner, North Carolina: Another surprise. This kid is that good and could be a Drew Bledsoe-like player. The Tar Heels will rely on him more now that Giovani Bernard is in the NFL. 6. David Fales, San J ...
To all the Eagles fans calling me and razzing me it's cool. (Most of my friends are excluded from this list, They are good natured fans) Please remember, I still go to work in the morning the same as I did the week before. I look back and say we are used to this since Aikman. Just look at the QB's we have had since him. Kyle Orton, Tony Romo, John Kitna, Stephen McGee, Brad Johnson,Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, Qunicy Carter, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoener All Good though, knowing that we have 5 Superbowl's and I know how it feels to see my team win 3. WHAT DO YOU HAVE? You barely beat a second string QB that got beat out by Tebow. I understand that Eagles fans really do get their happiness from their team and have NOTHING ELSE. So enjoy the week, I guess YOU earned it. Even though you had nothing to do with the win.
Romo didn't even play and he still getting blasted on fb...I don't know about y'all but I'd rather have Romo than go through those Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, Ryan Leaf lol, Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe years!!! We didn't have a shot then but at least Romo keeps it interesting!
Kurt Warner shines as Trent Green replacement. Tom Brady ousts Drew Bledsoe. Matt Cassel subs for Brady. Is Chase Daniels the next new name?
Andy Dalton is the most inconsistent QB I've ever seen, and I watched Drew Bledsoe for 8 years.
only guy I ever saw who did fairly well without handling pressure was Drew Bledsoe, but he had a fast release.
"Hey kids, I'll be your substitute teacher this week. Mr. Kitna had to go play NFL quarterback." Pretty cool. — Drew Bledsoe (
they should've gotten Drew Bledsoe imho
Instead of Kyle Orton how about we bring Drew Bledsoe back? Am I right?!
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sadly tho, Drew Bledsoe was one of the Patriots all-time QBs but now he's an after thought to Brady
Never knew drew Bledsoe lived in Bend. I bet his house is so sick.
Drew Bledsoe thinks kids go to school the week of Christmas?
Why would the cowboys sign Jon Kitna.They might as well sign Bonny testaverde and Drew Bledsoe too.
if anybody gets hurt in practice, then we're bringing back Drew Bledsoe.
Why haven't we signed Drew Bledsoe yet.
Dallas has just signed Jon Kitna and they are looking for Quincy Carter, Danny white and drew Bledsoe .
Drew Bledsoe apparently played in the thousands of years before it existed (pic via
I hear that Drew Bledsoe's coming out of retirement, too.
lol drew Bledsoe didn't answer his phone man
Hm Jon Kitna, I take it Drew Bledsoe wasn't interested, what's Testeverde up to? What's Jeff George up to
reportedly signing Jon Kitna to back up Orton. Evidently Drew Bledsoe, Gary Hogeboom and Chad Hutchinson unavailable.
Drew Bledsoe gon come in and compete against him for the job?
Jon Kitna? That's your choice for backup QB DAL? What, was Drew Bledsoe not available? Couldn't get Ryan Leaf or Quincy Carter outta jail?
“Cowboys are expected to sign Jon Kitna as third qb. A blast from the past” drew Bledsoe out of town???
Drew Henson or Drew Bledsoe apparently weren't available.
What if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt in 2001?
this is so lulzy I don't know. Is Drew Bledsoe still available while we are at it?
we all know the mystery is Brett Favre or Drew Bledsoe, i mean come on guys.
The first NFL touchdown pass Tony Romo ever threw came in a 34-6 Cowboys win over the Houston Texans on October 15, 2006. He came on at the end of the game in relief of Drew Bledsoe and threw a two yarder in the fourth quarter to Terrell Owens.
I never like another player as much as I liked Drew Bledsoe until Julian Edelman came along. Fitting that they both wore 11
I was so in love with Drew Bledsoe as a kid. I remember how happy I was that he got a chance to play in the playoffs.
I straight up admit it. I wanted Drew Bledsoe to start in the Superbowl not Brady. And that wasn't even an unpopular opinion.
Maybe Santa will bring you Drew Bledsoe's $10 million house
this ornament hangs front and center every year on my tree. Thank you Drew Bledsoe! Merry Christmas
Remember when Drew Bledsoe got injured and Tom Brady led the patriots to the Super Bowl?
It only takes one game ala Drew Bledsoe and Romo
Plenty of these ppl have forgot about the Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, Vinny Test, and Drew Bledsoe era.
In the PATS 13-3 win over the Bears on 12/24/94 Drew Bledsoe finished the season with NFL Record 691 passing attempts
Romo out for season and possibly the end of his career. For all you anti-Romo Fans you got what you wanted. Welcome slacker Kyle Orton and a Horrible David Carr. Once again, get a taste of has-been quarterbacks and experimental QBS. May I remind you; Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Drew Bledsoe, Bernie Kosar, Brad Johnson, and even major bust Ryan Leaf...Just to name a few ! Let the revolving QB door begin!!
Drew Henson. Chad Hutchinson. Quncy Carter. Vinny Testaverde,. Drew Bledsoe. Took alot before Romo finally got his sh…
Now all the romo haters can finally get their wish. Now the cowboys can finally play a quarterback who makes no mistakes. There are so many out there to choose from. Wonder how many teams would take a quarterback with 4000 yards 31 tds and 10 ints. He ain't perfect by any means but some people are just clueless when it comes to football. Maybe we can get Drew Henson or Chad Hutchinson or Quincy Carter or Drew Bledsoe to play this all important game Sunday.
Exactly like that. Or John Kita, Brad Johnson, Drew Henson, Drew Bledsoe or any other stop-gap we've used before.
When I think of the Buffalo Bills from my era. This is what I remember most. Tom Brady. Surely not Todd Collins, Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, Kelly Holcomb(started 8 games in 05) JP Losman, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, & all the other Bills greats I forgot... Not ready to add Manuel to this list just yet.
Football fan poll: Which quarterback would you want in the fourth quarter, 10 minutes left and down by 20? A. Vinny Testaverde B. Drew Bledsoe C. Jeff Garcia D. Jake Plummer
The Pats are a pretty humble team and Bill he's Always gonna be a Great just that Tom ugh he reminds me so much of Drew bledsoe but I guess every team has one of those
Tony Romo gets a bad rap ! that being said here is a list of quarterbacks since Troy Aikman retired and since we finally got a real quarterback in Tony Romo. yeah he might throw some bad interceptions in the 4th quarter but I'll take him as my team's quarterback. here's the list Drew Bledsoe, Chad Hutchinson, Anthony right, Vinny Testaverde, Randall Cunningham, Drew Henson, Ryan Leaf, and Clinton Stoerner. NUF SAID ! oh and let me not forget Jerry Jones great pick in the second round taking Quincy Carter who would have been an undrafted quarterback by most GMs. LOL !
Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Ryan Leaf, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, Randall Cunningham, Jon Kitna, Anthony Wright, Clint Stoerner, Brad Johnson. These are all the guys that have started for the Cowboys since Troy Aikman retired. No wonder why I like Tony Romo so much. He's better than all of these guys combined.
...Quincy Carter, and washed up versions of Drew Bledsoe and Vinny Testaverde... Then we'll see if you complain about Tony Romo's career smh
Can we say cursed?...but why? Who did what to curse this team, it can't be the Landry firing because we won 3 titles after that...cant be Drew Bledsoe because Tom Brady did him the same way Romo did and he won titles after thinking that Quincy Carter has some type of voodoo black magic going against us lololol
i dono man..we had a great show..Alex Smith, Drew Bledsoe, Frank Barbuti?? theres a common denominator..
Alex Smith benched for Colin Kaepernick & Drew Bledsoe benched for Tom Brady is not comparable to McCown v. Cutler. McCown is 3…
Tom Brady 》Drew Bledsoe is arguably the best coaching decidion of all time.
I've been a fan for 20+ years through Quincy Carter, Drew Bledsoe, Wade Phillips 4 win season's all of it so it is with great pain i say this. I hope we tank the rest of the season, fire Garret and Kiffin, trade our high priced nonproductive players for picks and draft players we need!!
. I was a Patriots fan when we had Terry Glenn , Curtis Martin & Drew Bledsoe in the 1990s
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Listening to the NE-CLE game, NE radio broadcast. Scott Zolak, former clipboard holder for Drew Bledsoe, is the color guy. This guy needs to be shown the door immediately. Wow, he is awful, arrogant, and terrible. Actually makes me want to listen to Suzyn Waldman.
Romo and Rivers are very good players, and so was Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms and Drew Bledsoe but they aren't HOF's.
The Broncos lawst cuz John Elway having a off year & throwing too many picks. How you lose to a Drew Bledsoe led team
All fans agree.. Jim Kelly: 1st ballot HOFer.. But what if I told you Drew Bledsoe has more career: TD passes, yards &completions...
Jason Witten has only caught passes from Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo, Brad Johnson, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee, and Kyle Orton.
Thank you Jeanette Helmbrecht Freeman I have been given I tend to think I am an open book, so not sure how many of these will be surprises :) 1. I have attended the Grammy's. Won tickets in 2001 and took my mom to the show. 2. I have met a few "celebrities" including Perez Hilton, Dwight Yoakam, Hillary Clinton, Eric McCormack, Joey McIntyre, and Joey Fatone. 3. Although I played with dolls and barbies as a kid, I also loved (and still enjoy) He-Man, GI Joe, and Super Friends. (My main squeeze was Aquaman) 4. I have an unhealthy crush on Storm Troopers. 5. My favorite football player for MANY years was Drew Bledsoe. 6. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood)
Drew Bledsoe vs Chad Pennington? Which of them do you want leading your team?
Matt Schaub taking a page out of Drew Bledsoe book!
Tony Romo & Drew Bledsoe with Rick Santorum at "The Christmas Candle" premiere last night in Dallas. Romo: "I love Christmas, I love movies & I love Jesus."
Breaking: Rams reach out to Drew Bledsoe, Randall Cunningham, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Kurt Warner. They also called Joe Theismann to see if his leg is healed.
Tony Romo, Drew Bledsoe, Rick Santorum and Matt Crouch at the pre-screening for A Christmas Candle in…
imagine if Mo Lewis never hit Drew Bledsoe
I felt so sorry for all the a Bills fans who spent more than $75 for an authentic jersey of a Bills QB in recent years. (Disclosure: I have a Jim Kelly jersey) for the past dozen or so years the Bills have had more than a dozen potential Next Great QBs. Today at the Fish game I saw people sporting Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and even Trent Edwards jerseys. It was a sad pageant of failure. I do think we have finally turned a corner because of great defense. But I would hold off on a new QB jersey for a while.
nah your boy Mo Lewis launched the dynasty by almost murdering Drew Bledsoe
New England (5-1) at N.Y. Jets (3-3) (ET) You can't blame New York Jets fans for feeling like they created a monster. Twelve years ago last month, when the teams met in a Week 2 game rescheduled by the 9/11 terror attacks, the Jets visited the Patriots in Foxborough and pulled out a 10-3 victory thanks to a John Hall field goal and an eight-yard touchdown run from Curtis Martin. What was more noteworthy about the game, however, was the quarterbacking situation on the other side of the field. New England started veteran Drew Bledsoe, but lost his services when he was the target of a hard sideline hit from Jets linebacker Mo Lewis. In stepped an unknown passer who'd been taken with the 199th pick of the previous year's draft and had completed precisely one throw prior to that afternoon. Nineteen weeks later, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. And suffice to say what had been a competitive rivalry between the team has turned into, well ... something else. That anonymous replacement named Tom Brady has since wo ...
Todd Collins, Billy Joe Hobart, Alex VanPelt, Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Trent Edwards, Kelly Holcomb, Brian Brohm, Ryan Fitzpatrick, EJ Manuel, Jeff Tuel. Bills fans if you thought we had hit rock bottom before now you are wrong. Sunday we will be presented with starting quarterback Thaddeus Lewis!! Ouch. It's hard to even imagine that the Bills can be considered an NFL franchise anymore.
Jack Kemp, Joe Ferguson, Jim Kelly, Doug Flutie, Drew, one can add Thad Lewis to the list of Bills starting QBs. Who the *** is Thad Lewis? Oh, he's that journeyman that's been cut by 4 teams in 4 years hailing from that powerhouse Duke program known for producing QBs...not! Thad Lewis? Really...Thad frickin' Lewis? The only way the Bills win this week is if The Legend of Kiko reaches Chuck Norris status.
...You are an awesome quaterback! Last Bengal Quarterback to beat New England? Jon Kitna v. Drew Bledsoe!
the haven't been held to 6 points since Drew Bledsoe and Bill Parcells were running things
S/O to the guys wearing Drew Bledsoe and Jon Kitna jerseys. They're the real fans.
Murphy reminds me of Tom Brady. If Drew Bledsoe would've never gotten hurt Tom Brady would have never played that goes the same for Jeff Driskel if he would've never gotten hurt Murp would've never played
Double Coverage: Cowboys at Chargers By Eric D. Williams and Todd Archer Sunday's game between DeMarco Murray's Cowboys and Philip Rivers' Chargers could show which team is a real contender. The Dallas Cowboys travel to Qualcomm Stadium to take on the San Diego Chargers for the first time since 2005, when Drew Bledsoe served as the team’s starting quarterback. The Cowboys hold a 6-3 edge in the series, but haven’t defeated the Chargers in San Diego since 1995. Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is fourth in the NFL with 286 rushing yards through three games. Is this the year he finally stays healthy and provides some balance to that Tony Romo-led offense? Football Outsiders After DeMarco Murray's breakout, can a revitalized run game carry the Cowboys to an NFC East title. Todd Archer: Like everything in the NFL, it's week to week. When Murray sees the Rams, he's very good. He has 253 and 175 yards against St. Louis in two games. He's kind of pedestrian against everybody else. The biggest difference l ...
12 years ago today. Drew Bledsoe was injuried and Tom Brady took over.
FIVE BEST MOMENTS 1. Speaking out, fall of '93: "The time I complained in the paper about us not blitzing enough. Ray (Rhodes) called me into his office. I wasn't being bad, I just thought we needed to be more aggressive. The next game was one of my best. I blitzed and had a sack and forced a fumble." (Tie) 2a. Coming of age, Jan. 6, 1996: Packers 27, 49ers 17. "Everybody was saying we were going to get beat by so many points and us beating them pretty good." 2b. Super Bowl sack, Jan. 26, 1997: Packers 35, Patriots 21. (Pulling down Drew Bledsoe with one hand): "It was a situation where they thought they had the blitz picked up. But I was real relentless on the play and didn't give up." 3. The last hurrah, Dec. 21, 1991: Packers 27, Vikings 7. "We beat Minnesota in the final game. It was Lindy's (Infante) last game and the last time we beat them up there." 4. Out of nowhere, Dec. 12, 1993: Packers 20, Chargers 13. "We went to San Diego and won that game. We were in a zone defense and Tony Martin ran a hit ...
126 Nominees for the class of 2014 HOF. 14 with ties to the Cowboys. Nine spent a majority or important part of their career here. Nate Newton, Ed Jones, Everson Walls, Darren Woodson, Hershel Walker, Charles Haley, Jimmy Johnson, Gil Brandt and wait for it... . . it's coming. ... hold on ... Jerry Jones. Six others spent some time down here, Drew Bledsoe, Randall Cunningham, Eddie George, Keyshawn Johnson, Jimmy Smith, and finally Zach Thomas. Thoughts? - Vishal
Drew Bledsoe can add high school offensive coordinator to his resume
Former pro QB Drew Bledsoe is now the offensive coordinator at an Oregon high school.
Drew Bledsoe enjoying his time as offensive coordinator at Summit (Ore.) High School
aye, i had to go through Quincy Carter & a washed Brad Johnson and Drew Bledsoe.
But I still have my Ryan Braun, Jay Bruce, Brian Bosworth, Troy Aikman, Drew Bledsoe, Michael Irvin, and Bo Jackson rookie cards so it's ok
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Everything change on that moment when Drew Bledsoe got hurt severly injury ... suddnely 2nd string QB Tom Brady came in & shine for New England offense !!!
Psyched for the Cowboys season to start already, I decided to read about just how Tony Romo made it into the league. He wowed some scouts at the NFL Combine, but went undrafted. Mike Shanahan (Broncos) showed alot of interest in Romo, but Sean Payton (Cowboys) ultimately pushed to sign him as an undrafted free agent. He was A 3rd string back up behind Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchison. Hutchison gets released, and they pick up 2 QBs and Romo ALMOST gets released and wouldve been released if Quincy Carter didnt act up and get released. he also ALMOST got traded for a 3rd round pick, but Jerry Jones refuses to trade him for nothing less than a 2nd round pick. Drew Bledsoe gets signed, he gets benched at Halftime against the Giants, Romo starts the 2nd half and from then, the rest is History
Tommy Riles and Art Eddy talk about wine, sports, and parenting, which is a great fit for this week's guest. The Life of Dad Show is proud to welcome Drew Bledsoe to this week's show. Drew is a former NFL quarterback and now he founded a vineyard and has four children. Drew Bledsoe is known for his…, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually starting to like the Pats again (for the first time since the Curtis Martin/Drew Bledsoe days). All Hernandez jerseys can be exchanged! Tebow anyone?
For any Cowboys fan who hates Tony Romo Here is a list of all the Cowboys starting QB's after Aikman but before Romo Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf (dead serious), Clint Stoener, ... Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe (way past his prime) and Drew Henson THANK GOD EVERY DAY FOR Tony Romo!!! LOL
Found some football cards, which I'm assuming is still some cards for Brett Favre, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Emmitt Smith, Drew Bledsoe, Jerome Bettis, Marshall Faulk, and a couple others.
The PAC 12 has produced some elite NFL QB's such as Dan Fouts, John Elway, Warren Moon, Drew Bledsoe, Mark Brunnell, Andrew Luck. Who is the best QB to ever play in the PAC 12?
Drew Bledsoe's Patriots had an identity and was playoff bound before Tom terrific.
I've lived through the Ryan Leaf, Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde,Drew Bledsoe era... I'll defend Romo to my death!
Most overrated NFL player of all time is Tom Brady. He is a product of the system just like college football players who have all this yardage and success until they get out of the college system and they are a bust in the pros. 1st thing is he got his job by default when Drew Bledsoe got hurt. The Patriots had already made previous Superbowl appearances before he took over. 2nd when Tom Brady got hurt, Matt Cassel took over and led to an 11-5 season(didnt make the playoffs though, I find this fishy). Until Tom Brady leaves and does what Payton Manning did, where you take a NFL team with hardly any big name players but a hand full of them and take them to the playoffs instead of having all of these Athletes/weapons to throw to come holla at me. Not knocking his game at all because he is a good *** QB but I feel he is not the best in the league by far but atleast top 3 or 4. All im saying put him on another team and lets see how successful he will be, I bet he won't have the success like Jake Delhomme or P ...
How funny would it be if Curt Schilling sold Drew Bledsoe's house to Tim Tebow?.
In 2002, Drew Bledsoe threw for 4,359 yards, Travis Henry ran for 1,438 yards, Eric Moulds had 1,292 receiving yards and Peerless Price had 1,252 receiving yards. The Bills went 8-8 that season and finished last in the AFC East, as the three other teams finished 9-7. The Bills are the only team in NFL history to have a 4,000-yard passer, 1,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers while finishing in last place in their division.
Growing up in Massachusetts, I was raised a diehard sports fan.While some families sat around watching the Cosbys, we sat around watching Drew Bledsoe. Fast forward two decades: I am now the owner of, a site dedicated to helping desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes get healthy. is counting down the 20 greatest coaches in NFL history, and a familiar face appears on the list at No. 11: former Patriots head coach Bill Parcells. Parcells held the post for four seasons (1993-1996) and led the Patriots to their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history (Super Bowl XXXI). He finished his tenure with an even 34-34 record, reaching the playoffs on two occasions and capturing the AFC East crown in 1996. Parcells is credited with building the franchise back up, as the season prior to his arrival the Patriots finished with the worst record in football, landing them the top draft choice in 1993. That turned into quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who rose to a Pro Bowl level during his time as a Patriot.
Through 97 Total Starts: Let’s start with identifying that Tony Romo, while he’s been in the league for much longer (having sat behind Vinny Testeverde , Drew Bledsoe, and even a guy named Drew Henson), he’s actually only started 97 games (playing in only two games before becoming the starter) in his career. When you consider that you only gain experience by actually doing it in real life, that’s important. Those 97 include the four post-season games he’s started. So, let’s compare his first 97 starts to the first 97 starts of two quarterbacks that nobody has an issue with labeling as “elite”, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees: Through his first 97 starts, Romo has won a total of 56 of those games. That’s more than either Manning (53) or Brees (50). I keep hearing that “winning is what’s important”, but it gets ignored as it applies to Romo. Romo completed 2177 of 3375 pass attempts for a 64.5% completion factor. Manning completed 2140 of 3427 pass attempts for a 62.4% and Brees comple ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Drew Bledsoe's voice amplified in a microphone is incredibly similar to Jeffrey Tambor's voice
Alex that was Brady's starting yr too he replaced drew Bledsoe so he didn't have more experience
Saw a blonde girl in Maine wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey so I asked her to marry me
You could do that with pats fans and drew Bledsoe, Lakers fans and elgin Baylor, it's common for good teams to have a bandwagon
Btw Rumz the 100 mil contract was in 01 by Drew Bledsoe
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