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Dream High

Dream High is a South Korean television drama series broadcast by KBS in 2011. It features Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, Wooyoung, Ham Eun Jung and Kim Soo-hyun.

Kim Soo Hyun Bae Suzy Full House Princess Hours

‘Dream High 2’ Seo Joon the Next Kim Soo Hyun? wonder, his personality is kinda' similar to KSH. ayi!
[NEWS] 6 star property in the hands of nearly 80 commercials-the CF King/CF Queen of entertainment of South Korea in the first half by 2014 On television to watch the television and you see him appear! On the web and chat with friends and you see her smiling! Walking in Seoul and you thought were lost in their photo gallery for the promotional poster and a giant screen in downtown for broadcast replay CF of the stars! 6 star holds nearly 80 commercials, a utopian, so what are they? ♥ Suzy-young fresh image the vitality of "national first love" Suzy is currently 11 CF include: Domino's Pizza, Beanpole, Vita500, Sumichip, Ticket Monster, The Face Shop, Sprite, the Korea Post and On the Body ... and each contract has cost about 700 million won. After his debut with the film "Dream High" by KBS, Suzy appeared on the movie "Architecture 101" (2012) and conquered the entire males in South Korea because of the clarity of her lovely. The rest are: Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, G-Dragon (Big Bang), Jung Ji-Hyun, a ...
'Dream High' co-star Kim Soo Hyun revealed to have attended one of IU's concerts
"There are more important than friends. Is rival, they will make excited "- Dream High
I dreamed a dream in times gone by. When hope was high. And life worth living
Stay high like a flight, . Keep dreaming like its already night, . Try to fly your dream like a kite, . Trust yourself like you always right.
What would your dream house be like? — Ooh. Very modern. High ceilings, skylights, the works. A california moder...
had a dream I was nominated best body in high school and had to stand on stage with a bikini on. lol no thanks
Well even in 2012 when she was filming Dream High 2 she had that OST track with JB and high notes wow
Idk why but my junior high basketball court is the place that occurs the most in my dream
My bathroom is arranged in high stepped walls, like stadium seating built of old stone like an Incan temple. I sit high up in the tub
[bot]My dream’s really beautiful as a fantasy. I wanna achieve its & I’ve been so happy to realizing this dream.-dream high.
We are going to Europe together. Even though I'll go to Rotterdam and his destination is Helsinki (Espoo, to be exact), it's a wonderful feeling for us. I'm just so so so excited! Paris. Amsterdam. London. Berlin. Venice. Madrid. Europe is no longer out of our reach! Thank you a lot, my darling Maria Dang Hoa Than Rubee Tran Nancy Pham. You made me dream high, encouraged me to go for my desire, and finally, I got it. Thanks to Taleed Academy, I can go anywhere I want, do anything I like, and enjoy my interesting life. To all of my classmates who passed the exam successfully, congratulations! You guys can be proud of what you've done. A whole new life has just opened to you. Enjoy this moment, coz it's so amazing and unforgettable!
I dream of you riding unicorns, fighting evil and giving you a high five as you blaze a trail of colourful justice
love rain,naughty kiss,god of study,dream high 2, 49 days,you're my destiny,memories in bali "Drama korea FAV ?"
oh gad not him no I thought I was over him with Dream High and Moon Embracing the Sun but then asdjhfkaadfs
My lovee Do you ever dream of caandy coaated raain drops🎶 High five if youre a G & know this hit😂
“Memories are Memories. If you keep living in the past, there’s no future.” – Dream High [BOT]
Kim & Kanye setting high wedding expectations for every little girls dream 👰
My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high ?!
I had a dream that I was so high at work and had to be on the register. It was the scariest thing ever.
I had a dream that I was getting high, I'm getting Kush withdrawals.
What was your biggest dream growing up? — Is to graduate high school that was my dream to begin with
"Toes in the grass with our hands up high, dream as big as the midnight sky, so untamed and we're so alive tonight" ☀️🎵
Never give up on what you Fight for your And dream Happy Monday!
My dream is to fly . Over the rainbow. So high💜
Last night I had a dream I had to go on a roller coaster that went super high and I cried in front if everyone 🙈
Bae Suzy my love imma sleep na iloveyousomuch no.1 fan here mwa mwa loveyousomuch mwa mwa enjoy your day i'll watch dream high tomorrow :*
I had a dream, that I was drunk in high school, and Roose Bolton was my math teacher
Had a dream I enrolled back into high school.. Talk about a nightmare
I had a terrible dream last night that I was back in high school 😨😨
are vanishing species..they are loosing faith on its High Command..faster than ice cream out of fridge..
High jawbone forgery logistician bluetooth coaxial speaker is in effect remarkable and dream-built: OQPr
“Had a dream I was in CHS again ... *** I really miss high school sometimes”-lmao real life too hard?
it was J just a dream just a moment ago I was up so high , they say what goes up must come down but don't let me fall 💯
I put the DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles! in my most uncomfortable pair of heels and walking in them now is a DREAM!!
Strangely I had a dream of ALL my high school friends and the spring football game is today.
Had a dream I got a high five of last night. You can only imagine my disappointment when I woke up, face down, alone in bed 😂😭
I had a dream I was smoking and woke up feeling high
I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds 😛
Can't wait to get married! I have such high expectations after seeing Kim and Kanyes wedding, such a dream makes me emosh😪
I've been watching a lot of K dramas. I finished Dream High..hmm yesterday?? I'm excited to watch Spring Waltz...well the second episode cause I started watching it last night. I love k dramas.. :) Don't exactly know why I'm sharing this..but oh well:)
I'm starting to re-watch dream high s1 for 7th time. pero urgg~ di na nagana lahat ng links na alam ko. :3 Link juseyo~~
Had a busy weekend but a great one to start off Saturday my 18 year old step daughter Bryanna Bundy graduated with honors from Palm Bay high and got a job later that day she's an amazing girl turning in to a great woman u have worked ur *** to get where u are today and I hope that never stops. U have over come a lot and thru curve balls back at them when needed to keep ur dream high and go anywhere u want in life no one but ur kids should ever hold u back always respect ur self and others and u can have everything u ever wanted never say I'd wish I've done that just go out and do it live like there's no tomorrow !!! I love u girl
What's your favorite doll? 1 secret garden 2 boys over flowers 3 my name is Kim Sam soon 4 Princess Hours 5 dream high 6 playful kiss 7 you're beautiful Mine is you're beautiful: pigrabbit.
1. To play the spy-pretending-to-be-a-fool in "Secretly Greatly," he looked for inspiration in some unusual places. He read the comic, and liked it a lot, but modeled his character on a children's show. "I looked at the Teletubbies and copied their body language," he said. It's not an image that comes to mind when you think of Kim Soo Hyun. 2. He was the only non-idol cast in a "Dream High" leading role and it was scary at first. "Among that group of idols I felt like I didn't exist," he said. "I worried but there was no point. They all really opened up to me and I was accepted into the group." Still, he had to work harder than the others, never having danced before. "I trained in the JYP practice room for over three months," he said. I was surprised at how daunting it was to perform. Taecyeon and Woo Young really helped me a lot. They're friends that I'm really thankful for." 3. If he writes you a love letter, you may not be able to read it. "When I took my midterm, I had to write a report," he said. "I ...
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Kim Soo Hyun got his first big break being starred in "Dream High" with Bae Suzy as his leading lady.
Starring in hit drama after hit drama, Kim Soo Hyun took the nation by storm with his charismatic gaze and impressive acting skills in 'Dream High,' 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun,' and most recently
hmm.. You're beatiful, dream high, city hunter and many more!!
I have a lot lol but my favs are: you who came from the stars, the heirs, BBF, dream high, flower boy next door wbu??
My biggest dream is to rule the world, is that high enough for ya???!!! Lol😁
''the brightest path may also be the lonliest'' Hyemi,Dream High
Just like in high school, when I find a new cool band, I stick up their photo on my wall and dream of joining their grou…
I will now take my aviation high home and dream to the beat of Thanks today was perfect
If u ever wanted to ever be anything, they'll always be somebody that will shoot down any dream
Eats? (๏̯๏) "Those that eats in their dream tends to have high blood pressure - WHO"
you're welcome ^^ oh by the way I'm watching dream high I think I'm on ep 6
revealed the truth behind her dating rumors with 8’s broadcast of invited Orange Caramel and as special guests to represent ‘bizarre at first, addictive later’ groups. During the show, MC commented, “I heard Kim Soo Hyun has been meeting Nana these days,” and Nana said, “I heard the dating rumors with Kim Soo Hyun numerous times. I heard it through the staff members at shops and even through reporters.” Nana continued, “I’ve always named Kim Soo Hyun as my ideal type. I was a fan even before Dream High aired,” and explained, “The rumors probably spread because Kim Soo Hyun once named Orange Caramel as his favorite girl group.” When special MC suspiciously commented, “But there’s no smoke without fire,” and Nana said, “Sometimes there is, apparently.”
This drama is insanely good, plus Suzy makes a cameo as Go Hyemi- Her character in Dream High.
The End of Wisdom is to Dream High Enough.Not to Lose the Dream in the Seeking of it.Good Evening to Everyone.Muaaah
I dream high I dream a dream When it’s difficult I close my eyes And I wake up imagining the moment When my dream will come true I can fly high I believe Someday up in that sky I will spread my wings And fly freely, higher than anyone else I need the courage that will lift me up when I fall The courage that will allow me to wipe off the dust and run one more time I will believe in myself again Believe in my destiny And I will risk everything and jump over the wall that is higher than my height
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Can't wait for our first photoshoot this weekend as Dream High Models! ♡
One of my downlines post this. Naniwala kaya ayan kumikita na rin siya ngaun. hehehe Tnx po. Dream high but always keep your feet on the ground. Thanks be to God. For more info don't hesitate to pm us. We are most willing to guide you in this kind of business.
Credits: KBS2 , Fe3reary21 pls don't remove: for Entertainment purposes only.. TNX.. DON'T 4get to support DREAM HIGH Season 2!! - I love this Drama So mu...
My Daily Quotes will help you, 'Never give up', 'Donate a smile', 'Dream high', 'Let go' and 'Celebrate life'
AMININ NYO TO.! TEENAGERS FACT. 1. Internet is a daily need. 2. Super hate waking up early. 3. Hate math but like to count a money. 4. Dislike being compared. 5. Sleeping is my hobby. 6. Can't go a day without phone. 7. Music is a bestfriend. 8. Want to treat like a kid but act like an adults. 9. For girls the hobby is fangirling. 10. Dream high 11. Can't see the refrigerator empty.
Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly! dream high but take an action. : )
Harvard it's my dream high since ago... And i hope... I'll study finished over there..
to change the bad habit we must study the habit from the good model~ Dream High 2
First meeting with the Dream High Models. Making it official.
Which of my Kdrama you like most? 'Dream High' or 'The love story of Kang Chi'
Thanks Certified Winner Team for the support yesterday..specially to upline weng..upline ren..upline myka and upline diane..power!!dream high!!aim high!!
It is good to dream high coz whn th dreamer stop dreaming th future disapear n those who look upon th dreamer get lost on th way so dreamer g on dream high fr u n those who are wth u Hv a gud nyt all
"I dreamt of you, and we kissed. Although, I now it wasn't real, I still wake up breathless." Lakas mka drama, dream high trada💔🔫
So proud of my academic machine. . ONCE AGAIN A HONOR ROLL in Cambridge. .. She amazes me daily. .. I ♥ you bugs... Keep it up and you will own the world! !! Dream high sister
Dream high but don't forget to less your expectation. XOXO :*
heyy !! I'm Eden I wached "Dream High" and I really liked your character in that TV series and I heard your song with JB "Bounce" ♥
Solo activities and Rise to Fame In October 2010, Suzy became the host for MBC Show! Music Core alongside Minho and Onew , both from SHINee, and Jiyeon , from T-ara .[4] Suzy later hosted other shows such as Inkigayo, M! Countdown, M! Countdown Hello Japan ,[5][6] the 21st Seoul Music Awards, 26th Golden Disk Awards with F.T. Island 's Hongki , and Mnet 20's Choice Awards alongside the actor Song Joong-ki [7] where she won an award under the category "hot new star of 2011". [8] Since then, Suzy continues to host many events from music shows up to major award ceremonies. Apart from her group activities, Suzy made her acting debut as the main female character Go Hye-mi with the drama Dream High, which aired on KBS2 from January 3 to February 28. [9][10] The drama proved to be a success maintaining first in its Mon-Tue drama time slot. It also gained popularity in other countries and won several international awards. [11][12] In October 2011, it was confirmed that Suzy became a cast member in KBS2 TV reality ...
Dream High couple Miss A's Suzy and actor Kim Soo Hyun meet in the shooting of SBS' hit drama "You Who Came From The Stars". Suzy becomes JiHyun's rival in the drama.
It's just not the song you wanna sing, but it's the song you want other to listen to (; Dream High ;)
Let's do our the best, live with energeticpower until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then (: - dream high
Eunjung-ah. I love you since Dream High. You are so cool and attract me so much. Take care of yourself.
If you ever meet Salvador Dalí you should greet him with a Fresh Prince high-five, or so I learnt in a dream.
A friend of mine used to say, If we can dream it, we can do it.
like Budda just told me in a dream 1. Cut your hair and 2. Get high ✨
"To me, you are my music. The Music is you. That's why I'm. here now. If you're not, then there is no music" -Dream. High
In this world there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. - Dream High
So thanks to my dream about me and my dad getting high and him putting Pink Floyd, I have started to listen to them.
if i hadn't watch dream high 2 i wouldn't have known JB & JR from onset...glad i did.
Joey Ramone came to me in a dream and basically told me to buy Ashton Rock n Roll High School
"I pray no tears in your dream, I know u fly high in your life" this really motivated me.
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I always dreamt high but i never achieve my own dream.
Underpriced. Tick. High ceiling. Tick. Unique. Tick. Read all about Brandon Ellis in the today!
I was just in a high speed chase and shot an AR in my dream that I was a CIA agent 🙋🚗💨
I had a dream I got high and made hallumi sandwiches. Maybe this is my body's way of telling me something?
Music is the most common language in the world.” – Dream High
Only thing I remember from my dream last night is I high fived a pig 🐷😅
Bumpin tunes gettin amped for a day at sea... Aspire to climb as high as you can dream.
Understated options against chance upon high dream being as how normal: hVFrXZ
SM want to try something like did with EXO, idl SM sinc DBSK, prefr the rookies of YG^^ JB acted n Dream High 2 n has good voice
Crack heads don't do nothing but get high, and hustle all day. Same thing you *** selling drugs do 😭
dream high ost and other. I forget the other but i know many of the song came from k-drama
Dream High Korean drama I love Jason&Pil Sook couple They're such a sweet and cutest couple!!
Curious. Question: I think here - Hand goes way up as far as your hand will go. And I end up here. Hand goes above your head. That's what I think. Dream high. My husband thinks: You should have no expectations. When you have no expectations, you are never disappointed. What do you think?
[K-ENTERTAINMENT] I love the necklace in Dream High! Do you think having a necklace like that would give you strength? [Kat]
Watching Boys Over Flowers and Dream High all over again!! :D
Be Independent, Dream High, Hustle Hard, Embrace Optimism, get your mind straight, Be Focus & Trust Nobody but GOD.
[Dream High] Hye Mi and Sam Dong singing in Japan & dance battle
Done watching Dream High, My GF is a Gumiho, Princess Hours, Full House and One liter of tears AGAIN .. Now what should I watch. OTL
The making of the dancing scene from ep 8 of Dream High. This is from the Dream High Japan Making DVD. [Dream High BTS] Suzy + Kim Soo Hyun - 'Boom Boom Pow ...
Why am I only watching Dream High now huhuhu go Suzy Kim Soo Hyun and IU!! =))) No need to cheer for Taecyeon and Wooyoung bec ILY already ♥
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, My Fair Lady, City Hunter, Rooftop Prince, Dream High, Dream High2, Gu Family Book - best KDrama's as of now
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Out of ordinary.. wake up by a dream this morning, I haven't heard anything from this person for a while now.. (we were in high spirits exchanging convrztion) was amaze.. in my dream this person sent me a messag..found out when i wake up and checked my mail there was a message coming from this person..
Here is some more information about crystals from "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall she writes, Crystals still have the same properties today but not all are as flamboyant as gemstones. There are quieter, less outwardly attractive crystals that are nonetheless extremely powerful. Gemstones themselves can easily be overlooked when in their natural, uncut state but their attributes remain the same, and an uncut Sapphire, for instance, which costs a fraction of the price of a faceted stone, is as effective as the most scintillating cut gem. Most people are familiar with the crystals that have been around for years such as Amethyst, Malachite, and Obsidian but nowadays new crystals such as Larimar, Petalite, and Phenacite are finding their way into stores. These are 'stones of the New Age'. They have made themselves known to facilitate the evolution of the earth and all those upon it. These crystals have extremely high vibration that raises consciousness and opens the higher chakras to communicate with ot ...
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My dream is 2 fly ova de rainbow so high rise up rise up we wil meet again i tried fly so high direction sky... Dj Ganyani rocks, dis was de last words from my friend before he can pass away on tuesday (rest in peace ambani bazel nefale) al always remember you.
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SACRIFIES is a foundation 4 being SUCCESFUL high dream big
God sake the world of football drives me insane, playing for Celtic is my dream and moving to a struggling EPL club is laughable. Good luck anyway Victor you were brilliant in Europe. -Doc
I really feel sad and embarrassed for some of the people I went to high school with... I mean first is people going on Jerry springer to make a few bucks. That's what ever. But now looking at this news paper "busted" seeing school mates mug shots.. Like what on earth. Do you have no shame?Do you really not care at all?How can you not be embarrassed? I mean I by far am not leading the dream... But stealing and Jerry springer is way out of sight for me. Seriously people, get it together!!
Arrayed in red, you sit By your castle of haystack all day. Why won’t you tell me your name? I heard your father call you By a name you answer to. Would it be the same? Would you turn around to look at me, If I call you by that name?   Moonshine, like a river Flows out of your eyes When you, for a moment, look up deep into the starry night. And the breeze drifts me along To the place where you dance, To the dreamy tune of the leaves fluttering in the wind With little fireflies who sing, A song that moves my world, breaks my heart. Why can’t you see, I stand by the meadow? Why won’t you sing with me?   How I long to cross this river Wider than a field, between us. If only you could turn around and smile; Give me your hand. Let your eyes tell me Of the worlds you want to see. Let your heart tell me Of the things you want to do. Sing to me the songs you’ve always wanted to sing. Your voice is a nightingale’s own symphony. How enchanting would it be, Oh pretty girl by the haystack, If we could cre ...
Annyeong Haseyo Yorubun !! Remember Me ? Btw ! ... Does anyone know what is the OST of DREAM HIGH 1 ? And the song that Ko Hyemi ( Suzy ) and Song Samdong ( Soo Hyun ) Sang at the FAKE SHOWCASE ? Please comment if you know ... I'll give Prs :) AngelsMelodies
Today on This Morning: Is technology taking over our lives?; Georgia May Foote and Sol Heras; Dirty divorce tricks; Over 60s beach babes; Cookery with John Whaite; Dara O'Briain; Robin Thicke performs, plus We welcome Stuart Scarborough, who is fulfilling his late wife Katie's dream by sitting on the This Morning sofa
"explore your questions... wear high heels, seek inspiration, be present, erase negative thoughts... play dress up, dream big... inhale LOVE... exhale hate..."
Listening to some Seger and man does this song feel right right now!! Turn it up and just close your eyes and listen and dream! Great tune for the soul!! Took a look down a westbound road, Right away I made my choice Headed out to my big two-wheeler, I was tired of my own voice Took a bead on the northern plains And just rolled that power on Twelve hours out of mackinaw city Stopped in a bar to have a brew Met a girl and we had a few drinks And I told her what I'd decided to do She looked out the window a long long moment Then she looked into my eyes She didn't have to say a thing, I knew what she was thinkin' Roll, roll me away, Won't you roll me away tonight I too am lost, I feel double-crossed And I'm sick of what's wrong and what's right We never even said a word, We just walked out and got on that bike And we rolled And we rolled clean out of sight We rolled across the high plains Deep into the mountains Felt so good to me Finally feelin' free Somewhere along a high road The air began to turn cold Sh ...
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DIRECTION OF KA'BAH FROM VARIOUS CITIES CHAPTER I `IBADAH The word 'Ibadah comes from the Arabic "Abd", which means slave or servant. Man is a born subject and servant of Allah. When he turns to Allah with humility and devotion, he performs an act of `Ibadah. `Ibadah is a means for purifying man's physical and spiritual life. In Islam, every good deed performed to seek the pleasure of Allah is an act of worship. The obligatory rituals of `Ibadah are prayers (Salah), fasting (Saum), Zakah, pilgrimage (Hajj), and struggling in the ways of Allah (Jehad). These along with Iman are often called the pillars of Islam. Islam is an integral whole. It covers all aspects of man's life. The pillars unite all human activities, spiritual and material, individual and collective. The obligatory rituals of `Ibadah make "faith" (Iman) to play a practical and effective role in the human life. `Ibadah is therefore something positive. It is the means by which the faithfuls can serve Allah as well as their fellow men. The Sala ...
HOW TO QUALIFY TO STUDY ABROAD. To qualify for study abroad depends on few things. A student must have completed high school, to study abroad. Most universities and colleges would want to admit a student who has attained grade C- plan and above, for those students who aspire to study at undergraduate (degree) level. For those students who already got their degree (undergraduate), universities and colleges abroad will give admission to those students who has attained PASS and above. For those students who wish to study at masters level (graduates study), will need to have cleared their first degree. Those who are willing to take doctorate or PhD must have completed their graduate studies and passed successful. For students willing to attend technical colleges, they need to have some knowledge on the relevant course they are to take abroad. For exchange students; they need to be enrolled in a college or university at the time of application. On few occasion a student might want to study at high school level ...
Okay Ophelia, this is not the one you want to hear, I will keep you hanging on that. This one I will call "Waiting at the Gate". Dunyasha has been to a place called Mule Creek in New Mexico three times. A little background on it, know for its amethystine scepters and in large quantities, its past is also rich in the history of "The People" (Native Americans). Pottery shards are everywhere, this must have been a very large camp. Something happened here in the past though, something that was not pretty, to put it lightly. It was a long drive from Sedona, eight hours at least, We left early. I think we made it there about noon and got camp set up. We then went about our mission "FINDING QUARTZ", We searched all the rest of the day and came up with very little. So We ate and went to bed and sleep, for tomorrow is another day. On our "Road Trips" Dunyasha sleeps in her tent and I sleep in the truck, as I get up very early. About 3 o'clock in the morning she wakes me, she is in a total panic, in her dream state ...
Only as high as i can reach can i grow Only as far as i seek can i go Only as deep as i look i can see Only as much as i dream i can be .
Ronnie Magsanoc wants to share PBA Hall of Fame honor with family, on and off court Retired PBA point guard Ronnie Magsanoc was humbled when he heard the news that he is part of the latest class of inductees into the league’s Hall of Fame. “It’s a huge blessing and a great honor,” Magsanoc told InterAKTV. But making the recognition sweeter is that he will join longtime running mate Benjie Paras, along with two other league pioneers. “To be voted and recognized together with my perpetual teammate and eternal friend Benjie Paras plus league pioneer Lim Eng Beng, and the legendary player and coach, the late Ed Ocampo, makes the selection even more special,” said Magsanoc. Earning the sobriquet “Point Laureate” for his brilliant court generalship, he put together a 15-year career, most notably with Shell with stops at Sta. Lucia and Purefoods. He hasn’t been shy about crediting the success of his career to his wife and three daughters, who have served as his rock during that span. So when he ...
A Living Nightmare -A. Begg   Genesis 41:4   Pharaoh's dream has too often been my waking experience. My days of laziness have ruinously destroyed all that I had achieved in times of zealous endeavor; my seasons of coldness have frozen all the genial glow of my periods of fervency and enthusiasm; and my fits of worldliness have thrown me back from my advances in the divine life. I had need to beware of lean prayers, lean praises, lean duties, and lean experiences, for these will eat up the fat of my comfort and peace.   If I neglect prayer for never so short a time, I lose all the spirituality to which I had attained; if I draw no fresh supplies from heaven, the old corn in my granary is soon consumed by the famine that rages in my soul. When the caterpillars of indifference, the worms of worldliness, and the snares of self-indulgence lay my heart completely desolate and make my soul languish, all my former fruitfulness and growth in grace avails me nothing whatever. How anxious should I be to have no ...
I can almost see it. That dream I'm dreaming, but There's a voice inside my head saying You'll never reach it Every step I'm takin' Every move I make Feels lost with no direction, My faith is shakin' But I, I gotta keep tryin' Gotta keep my head held high
Please take time to follow these wonderful links and resources for further information on pyramid energy .
Ever wanted to run over someone with a smart car? Harry
'You are beautiful,boys over flowers,dream high' - this are great drama!
Friends, please read this patiently and Feel God the Creator, see if you can actually describe Him.. Job 41-42, Acts 16:22-40 (The Message) Job 41-42 I Run This Universe 41 1-11 “Or can you pull in the sea beast, Leviathan, with a fly rod and stuff him in your creel? Can you lasso him with a rope, or snag him with an anchor? Will he beg you over and over for mercy, or flatter you with flowery speech? Will he apply for a job with you to run errands and serve you the rest of your life? Will you play with him as if he were a pet goldfish? Will you make him the mascot of the neighborhood children? Will you put him on display in the market and have shoppers haggle over the price? Could you shoot him full of arrows like a pin cushion, or drive harpoons into his huge head? If you so much as lay a hand on him, you won’t live to tell the story. What hope would you have with such a creature? Why, one look at him would do you in! If you can’t hold your own against his glowering visage, how, then, do you expec ...
No matter how far you go, the sky is too high to ever be caught. And my dream stay the same - I wish find person to travel all life long together, explore this world together.
BEWARE OF PERFECTIONIST! Are u expecting d impossible? It's gud to aim high, but ur goals for urself should be within reach. So go ahead and dream abt being a star athlete- but set ur sights on improving ur game in specific ways.
(Kr lee) Rovers interested in lance hohaia from.saints a player with past good form but never really done it for saints and to me not what rovers need
SONG FOR THE DAY (UB40) . "I got to tell someone, Can anyone hear me The girl of my dream just told me that she loves me She whispered and I was consumed so completely Lost in a love that feel whenever she's near me She's got em wishing for something that's missing Starring at the stars, getting high on her kissing Now I got my girl My girl got me We're making plans for a family" . If you know this song by UB40, then sing along. It's been on repeat in my car for days and I aint tired of it yet!!!
HELP! what am i suppose to write on a job application form when it says why did i apply for this job?
Self Publish: Think Quality Not Quantity @ a variety of reasons authors may decide to self-publish their books – be it to self-publish alone or with the aid of a publishing company engaged by the author. ‘Self-publish’ technically means doing all the work yourself, to include typesetting and distribution in either hard format or e-book. ‘Assisted Publishing’ can mean using an established company – often referred to by self-published authors as an ‘Indie Publisher’ – to do all the technical detail for you, and possibly include some marketing and distribution. Basically, whichever way you ‘self-publish’, if you pay towards having your book published then it is classed as an ‘Indie Book’, as opposed to one traditionally published where the publishing house absorbs all the costs. Believe me – whichever form of assisted or self-publishing you choose, writing your novel is the easy part! With thousands of traditionally published historical fiction novels out there, what chance does a ...
Chella: It all started when I was 6 years old. While I was playing outside on myfarm in Seoul, I met a boy. He was an average kind of boy who teased you andthen you chased them and beat them up(Donghae he’s the boy). After that firstmeeting in which I beat him up we kept on meeting and beating each other up atthe fence. That only lasted for a little while though. We would meet at thefence all the time and we were always together. I would tell him all my secrets.Donghae was quite very quiet he would just listen to what I had to say. I foundhim easy to talk to and I could talk to him about everything. In school we hadseparate friends but when we got home we would always talk about what happenedin school. One day I said to him that a guy I liked hurt me and broke my heart.Donghae just comforted me and said everything would be okay. He gave me wordsof encouragement and helped me get over him. I was happy and thought of him asa real friend. But I knew that there was something else about him that I liked.I th ...
The Shoe Shine & Piano will rise from the dead this season, the boys in yellow will be going into a war in this coming season! [[Sundowns.fc]] Halala Masandawana 2013/14 Champions [[Sundowns.fc]]
I can't tolerate any man who speaks down to a woman, who degrades her and puts his hands on her. Have had it done to me, and have seen it happen far to often to the women I love. So don't expect me to be friends with you, I always got my girls back xxx
The game will never be over, Because we`re keeping the dream alive. The hopes we had were much to high; Way out of reach, but we have to try. No need to hide, no need to run, `Cause all the answers come one by one
Uuughh! Best drama ever, Dream High♥♥ the last part, the kiss. I really want Sam Dong and Hye Mi in the end, so happy :">
Pro-pain's the beast is back the truth hurts
My cover of 'Let Her Go' by Passenger. My mum took a break so I recorded and filmed it all by myself. Hope you enjoy it! Happy Mother's Day xx Download link:...
A Message!! One day a woman named Louise fell asleep in her bed, and dreamed a very fitful dream. She dreamed that someone in *** wrote a letter to her, and it was to be delivered to her by a messenger. The messenger passed between the lakes of burning fire and brimstone that occupies *** and found his way to the door that would lead him to the outside world. Louise dreamed that the messenger walked to her house, came inside, and gently but firmly woke Louise up. He gave her the message, saying only that a friend had wrote it to her from *** Louise, in her dream, with trembling hands took the letter and read: My Friend, I stand in Judgment now, And feel that you're to blame somehow. On earth, I walked with you day by day, And never did you point the way. You knew the Lord in truth and glory, But never did you tell the story. My knowledge then was very dim; You could have led me safe to Him. Though we lived together on the earth, You never told me of the second birth, And now I stand this day condemne ...
They absolutely a great couple ever! :) This is fanmade . ENJOY!
I thought Innana's Dirk would hold him. Keep him caged like Vallhalla, Enzo, Uber, and Uber II had done. The weapons are here, bought and paid for, ready to succor him. But he got here first, and planted the seeds of Corruption. Nothing, and yet everything is about to change. It'll be felt more than seen, except by the most warding eye. I'm desperate for any Theurgy that might yet come to aid. Before the leaves begin to burn. It was so long ago, an age like no other. A beautiful mountaintop land of stone and moss. Stones that my father was a master of, and made glorious creations. A place of gathering and meet. Of roasting meat, sittin on stone tables and rejoicing. But something happened. After is happened, I had a nightmare, a sleeping nightmare that frightened me so badly, I still remember it to this day. Aunt Ruth even showed up in my dream. Tried to save me. It was the year of the metal Christmas Tree, with the color fan. Rebecca and Jim gave me a toy Fischer Price houseboat and the little people tha ...
The life of Sheikh Omar Faaruuq Haji Abdi Sultan Faafin: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 // Jawaabaha waa la xiray Sheikh Omar Faruuq Haji Abdi Sultan Haji Mohamud was born in 1939 in the village of Qooxley which is situated between the larger Qallaafe and Qabridahhare districts in Ethiopia whose popular name is ‘Armaale’. The village of Armaale was started by his own father, the late Haji Abdi Suldan who had a religious order that consisted of Tahfidh and a centre where all kinds of Islamic knowledge was taught. The Tahfidh was run by the late Mo’allim Osman Mo’allim Dhicis. The late Sheikh Omar Faaruuq hailed from an acclaimed religious family. His mother A’isha Sheikh Ahmed Guure died when he was three. His father followed after three years forcing his grand mother and his elder brothers to raise him. After his grand-mother took him in, his maternal uncle, the late Sheikh Hussien Sheikh Ahmed became his Quranic teacher. It was under the watchful eyes of his maternal uncle that he had ...
Growing up we all want to be this...&end up being that!!! What did you want to be,and what have you ended up doing??? Is it Better or Worse?
ONLINE PICTURE PRESSURE A new study has found four in ten women have enhanced pictures of themselves before posting them online. The study claims digital photos are making women more camera shy than ever. But what do you think? Does constantly being tagged in pictures online make you anxious about your looks? Are there any men that feel the same pressure? Let us know.
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my eternal dramas: Princess Hours, Full House, Brilliant Legacy, Dream High, and Nice Guy.
This track has reached the max download limit :) You can still download it from
Which Australian state has the best 4WDing?
Aim high dream high work hard for it
Toes on the Nose Young Men’s Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve T-Shirt,White,Small: 100% Cotton 100% Island Spun Cotton Toes on the Nose Dream Fit Machine wash cold Made in China The Famous Dawn Patrol Tee. 100% Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt with front and sleeve screenprints. Front shown, Toes on the Nose stacked logo on the left sleeve at wrist. Our high quality t-shirts are made of Island-spun [...]
Last night I killed two people with a gun in ma dream, broke into a house, cleaned all fingerprints, used tracking devices and had high speed car chase from the police. What the *** have I been eating? (Too much breaking bad.)
Random dream I actually imagined I was at the opening of all the new units on our site. Only not supporting, but telling all new business occupies just what they were gettin themselves into with crappy landlords who promise the earth and leave you high and dry without two sticks to rub together to make fire. Think I might have a few greivences.
Today was an AMAZING episode of DREAM HIGH again :3 Anywhere , waiting for next episode tomorrow :)
Oohh Hye Mi, you made the right choice! :"""> Sam Don and Hye Mi♥♥ watching Dream High final episode. :")
[Today 7/10] Dream High-Ep.8(07:10,KST): At an interview, Baekhui thanks Hyemi for having pushed her to get to where she is…
JULY 10, 2013 - I moved 59 times and 13 countries since 2003. Yes i need to change. Not keep doing the same thing over over again. That leads me to no success. Not what i know anymore. Its who i know. Im sure you be scared too. I Just need a plan. Yes a path. I go on a path to a destination and i see no signs upon arriving my destiny. Thats where i need you. I need help. Whether that's moving to another state in USA or migrating to another country like Europe, Australia and Brazil. I see no signs. The fact ill be coming to any country or moving to another state relying on the people i meet for help scares me especially if i don't have a backup plan. All i'm saying is 15 years i been asking for help from people - i want to know what difference will U.K, Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, Netherlands or even France - what difference will those places make? now everyone in USA just looks at me and ask me ''Why should i help you?'' I Wonder if any of these other countries attitude be the same? It would be a jou ...
It was just a dream... jus a moment ago, i was up so high, looking down at the sky. Dont let me fall.
Dreams Dies For Another Dream to take place or Occur check out when One man dream is been shut down for little substance, and Another Man's dreams comes trough to Life when he was electrified by high voltage...So brothers And Sister if we had dreams 5 years Ago erase it And make a new Dream Am working towards my dream Almighty ALLAH take these first Day with ALL my heart
DECODE ORACLE By Oracle Campus Blog on Jul 10, 2013 The countdown has begun; shortly we will again begin the hiring season to meet the young talented pool of 2014 graduates. I believe this is the right time for me to assist bright aspiring graduates like you to be a step closer while preparing for your dream job with Oracle. Whenever I visit campuses across India the obvious scenario is everyone knows about Oracle as a big brand. However, what students know about Oracle is “It’s a Database Company”. Is that it? Yes, Oracle is a database company and we are number 1, but we are also NUMBER 1 in 50 another product categories. Oracle is the only company who provides full End-to-End IT solutions to its customers. Oracle’s goal is to unleash innovation and simplify I.T. Oracle is simplifying I.T. by engineering hardware and software to work together, upending the longstanding industry practice of cobbling together different components, the traditional IT acquisition model. Oracle’s technology stack co ...
PSALMS 73 GNB God is indeed good to Israel, to those who have pure hearts. But I had nearly lost confidence; my faith was almost gone because I was jealous of the proud when I saw that things go well for the wicked. They do not suffer pain; they are strong and healthy. They do not suffer as other people do; they do not have the troubles that others have. And so they wear pride like a necklace and violence like a robe; their hearts pour out evil, and their minds are busy with wicked schemes. They laugh at other people and speak of evil things; they are proud and make plans to oppress others. They speak evil of God in heaven and give arrogant orders to everyone on earth, so that even God's people turn to them and eagerly believe whatever they say. They say, "God will not know; the Most High will not find out." That is what the wicked are like. They have plenty and are always getting more. Is it for nothing, then, that I have kept myself pure and have not committed sin? O God, you have made me suffer all day ...
I will watch dream high again for milky couple
Grrr I hate those dreams that seem real and they wake you up and have you so mad that you can go back to sleep. My blood pressure is probably sky high right now I'm so ticked off all over a dream and can't go back to sleep.
Lol I cannot watch dream high. All my favourites, and I'm screaming???
THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM On one brighten evening; I was writing notes on some topics for some of my classmates who missed the notes during lecture. As part of the discipline in Secondary School, our teachers often awarded marks for students that covered all topics in his/her respective notebooks. So, all students were mandatory to write notes during lecture. This was how “Notes Writer” came to be. Many of our colleagues usually patronized me due to two reasons: 1. my ability to finish the notes before deadline; 2. my good handwriting skills. Writing notes for colleagues was not free. We charged them for doing this. This was what I was doing when an aged neighbour walked straight to me. She said, “I always watched you whenever you were reading your books.” She thought anytime I sat down writing, I was reading not knowing that I was busy doing business. She then asked me to read out the notes. I knew she was an uneducated person; so, reading them out for her would not be a barrier. I smartly ...
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I will be going to a Marine recruitment office this week or the next. I will no longer let my family hold me back, I will however until I decide, pursue football and college. If I decide I have wasted too much of my life. I will move on and god willingly serve my country. It IS my calling.
THE IMPORTANCE OF TIME IN ISLAM There are among those who believe in the popular saying as "Time is Gold." Time in Islam is more than Gold or any precious material thing in this world. Of all religions, only Islam guides mankind not only to the importance of time but also how to value it. Allah the Almighty and His Messenger, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), very clearly tell us the value of time, why we must not waste it and how we can make use of our time wisely to increase our Eeman (Faith) and thus attain success, especially eternal success in the life hereafter. TimeThe following are some of the most important duties demanded of Muslims: Ensuring benefiting from time Utilizing leisure time Racing for good deeds Learning from the passage of time Seeking the superior times Planning and organizing time Fulfillment of time commitments Necessary awareness of time wasters Both the Qur'an and the Sunnah enjoin Muslims to be conscious of time. We are reminded that life in this world is nothing but temporary. We neve ...
They are forecasting the hottest day of the year for far fir Ireland. 30 Degrees in places.yes finally a summer
Are you watching anything right now? — dream high
And don't dare to change the actors and actresses, it'll be ruined. /Just take a look dream high 2 and Full House 2
the music that been plays in Dream high make me dance .
The positive one we can take from Hae Mi- Dream High: you always have changes to change yourself to be better before its too late. :)
[Today 7/10] Dream High-Ep.9(16:20,KST): Jinguk and Chairman Hyeon’s father-son relationship is made public by the paparazz…
What kind of movies do you most enjoy? — Dream High , To The Beautiful You , We Got Married and Running Man :)...
Im nervous like i got a couple pounds on me u pull me over u frown on me with your flashlight tell me wat do u see thug *** drugdealers its a trip Every *** in dis whip u got mf high school diploma den I holla..we strong so ima keep on over comin any obstacle my model it's dream on get my believe and won't stop till its time go baby ima go ima go because i kno any thing possbile baby ima go ima go over come any of these obstacles
Network Marketing Sales Motivational Quotes | Why Listen to Robert KiyosakiPosted on May 23, 2013 by Ms. Pinky Maniri — No Comments ↓ROBERT KIYOSAKI1) “Start small and dream big.” As they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.” You can aim high but take small and calculated…
Change your home's exterior color to reflect the season with the push of a button? "From the RE/MAX Blog, 'Dream No More: High-tech Makes Fantasy Homes a Reality."
10 likes I'll Answer All 200 Questions(: 1: Are you ready for 200 questions? 2: Was your last relationship a mistake? 3: Do you miss your last relationship? 4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? 5: Do you regret it? 6: Have you ever been depressed? 7: Are you a boy or girl? 8: Are you insecure? 9: What is your relationship status? 10: How do you want to die? 11: What did you last eat? 12: Have you played any sports? 13: Do you bite your nails? 14: When was your last physical fight? 15: Do you have an attitude? 16: Do you like someone? 17: What is your real name? 18: Have you ever read a book? 19: Are you gonna get high later? 20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? 21: Do you miss someone? 22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? 23: Do you tan a lot? 24: Have any pets? 25: How exactly are you feeling? 26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or you are driving? 27: Ever made out in a bathroom? 28: Would you take any of your exes back? 29: Are you scared of spiders? 30: Would you go back in time if you were gi ...
Okay when I watched the final episode of Dream High I was like *** is that it?
Scenes from a small town. A surrealistic conversation with a waitress at breakfast that moved from slightly scolding in tone to a huge boundary shattering moment of unprofessional TMI sharing. The high school aged checker at the local "big box" store who had been interviewed by my son for the paper and been in class taught by my daughter-in-law. Lunch in the local deli that proves the theory that one should also eat locally. A drive north with a HUGE dome of the sky covering the plains as we neared the Canadian border. A crumbling ghost town of houses that were built just before the air base closed down. Now a motley patchwork of crumbling houses and some inhabited houses in various states of care. Have to say that I admire my son's choice to live here for a year and half to get the experience to move on. Small town America. (Cue: Dream Academy- "Life in a Northern Town.")
"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul...Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Mother Theresa
I looked at an apartment today cant have a dog its old has a tub with a hose for shower, then looked at some homes for sale that the mortgage payment is 200 a month less and a helluva lot nicer looks like its time to buy a starter house pay off in two years then get my dream home. told you my life is exploding with opportunity saying no to drugs and less partying and being single i got the world by the balls, but the sadness of being told that i am such a nice guy, yet either i am the ugliest or stupidest person out there for not being able to get one single date is pathetic please dont tell me not to try so hard either
Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true. Someday I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops, High above the chimney tops, That's where you'll find me. Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly Birds fly over the rainbow Why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow Why, oh why can't I?
Internet Lifestyle Network Million Dollar Day Follow-Up After last nights webinar I was zonked. A good zonked though! Man that was...
I blame Deidre Terry fully for my terrible spider dream. This dream felt so real that I woke up screaming and jumping from my bed tearing the covers off. Normally when I have dreams so real my husband calms me and "takes care" of the imaginary spider. **sigh** totally your doing Deidre for posting that picture!
Beautiful drive through Hill Country Sunday night - driving straight toward the gorgeous moon hanging over treetops and hillsides. Quiet road, very little traffic - like a dream. Great weekend in OKC with high school buddies. Strange, some of them looked old :)
Monster High Draculaura Rising Muscle Tank Top | Black muscle tank top with
I think I'll go on a walkabout. And find out what it's all about - and that ain't hard. Just me and my own two feet. In the heat I've got myself to meet. A detective of perspective I. I need to try and get a bigger eye - open wide blood wood flowers in my gaze, walkabout in a sunny daze - do me now. On a walkabout. You could do it in the city. You could do it in a zone. You could do it in a desert. You could do the unknown. On a walkabout. High desert skies are what I spy. So fly - you've got to wonder why. The stingrays must be fat this year. Moving slow in my lowest gear. The didgeridoo original man with a dream. I believe the Aborigine. On a walkabout.
The website for NBC's Today Show reports that twelve year old Madison Baxter has been banned from the school football team. It is not because of misbehavior. It is not because of a lack of skill...
I may very well be possibly the only human on earth that never has nor ever will download anything off the internet. There is a reason for this. When I started my studies 14 years ago as The High Priestess I took it very seriously. When I had my dream Dec. 3, 1999, I told satan very clearly that I belong to Jesus Christ. It wasn't an understatement. God knew that when I entered the internet back in April 2008, I was willing to sacrifice all things material. Personal items, one of a kind items, items that meant the world to me. Just so I could prove to God that I was super serious in collecting satan's head. I am not afraid to lose anything or anyone, even my own life. I will never stop the hunt for satan until my last breath. So be it.
“To die, to sleep - To sleep, perchance to dream - ay, there's the rub, For in this sleep of death what dreams may come...” Not sure why this popped into my head all of a sudden. I remember memorizing Hamlet's soliloquy in high school. Love it!
Cameron Fenton I attended Lindblom Math and Science Academy located in West Englewood for high school. I played basketball and football during my time there, but football became my focus starting my junior year when Coach Frazier took over as head coach. Before him, we would go through coaches like pencils. It was a struggling program, but Coach Frazier came in with a vision and he wanted to take the football program to the next level, and that he did. I stuck around for the ride and it was the best decision I have ever made. I was molded into one of the top kick returners in the state and an ultimate leader of the team. I saw what I was doing on the field as more than just football. It was practice for life. You have to be disciplined, hardworking, and strategic to get ahead of the next man. My dream has been to become an orthopedic surgeon and repair athlete’s injuries. Coach Frazier asked me, “Why do you work so *** that field if you don’t plan on playing in college?” I said I do it for my ...
La selecao match on to Rio at the xpense of la celeste...Nice showin from the highly rated carvani buh paulinho had the goods on his forehead...spain looms,and a brazilian dream crash is not far fetched buh first,italy must ne put to the sword..The stakes re high,the world is waitn..The football fever matches on.
If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?... — Dream now and dream high
When I have kids, I'm going to buy a minivan, paint flames on it and call it the YOLO van. My objective: to be the coolest dad ever. IT WILL HAPPEN.
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MAY BABY Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Shy towards opposite sex. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves traveling. Dislike being at home. Restless. Not having many children. Hardworking. High-spirited. If you repost this in the next 5 minutes, you will become close to someone you do not speak too much in the next 4 days.
I spent all my money on a big ol' fancy car For these bright eyed honeys Oh yeah you know who you are Keep me up till the sun is high Till the birds stop calling my name I'm addicted and I don' know why Guess I've always been this way All these roads still be wrong But I still drive them all night long, all night long I get lost under these lights I get lost in the words I say Stop believing my own lies Like everything will be okay Oh I still dream of simple life Boy means girl makes it this wild But love don't exist when you live like this that much I know, yes, I know
On Air with KWame Scientific 'The Late Night Show'.who's on board?
Now watching Dream High Drama ,i'm never boring for watching this drama, cuz any my husband in there LOL :D
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Omg Dream High is playing on KBS now.
13 Super Onboard Splurges There's something about traveling by cruise ship that can make you feel like a million bucks. Even sharing a ship with 4,000 vacationers, it's easy to imagine that the ship is your own private yacht. Perhaps that's because you have hundreds of crewmembers driving you around, making your bed and cooking your food. Or maybe it's just the sheer romance and decadence of traveling by sea. If you really want to live large on your next cruise vacation, cruise lines offer plenty of ways for you to pamper yourself. (After all, the more you splurge, the more money they make.) From something as simple as a massage after a long day of sightseeing to something as extravagant as taking a shore tour by private plane, it's easy to throw fiscal responsibility to those ocean winds and treat yourself to a decadent day. Want some ideas? We've divided cruise ship splurges into three categories: affordable (pricy but doable on an average cruise), once in a lifetime (something to save for a special occ ...
being her maites cup-bearer, had no choice but to remaine and beholde rank forgot, and ye high holde converse wh ye low as uppon equal termes, a grete scandal did ye world heare thereof. In ye heat of ye talk it befel yt one did breake wind, yielding an exceding mightie and distresfull stink, whereat all did laugh full sore, and then— Ye Queene.—Verily in mine eight and sixty yeres have I not heard the fellow to this fart. Meseemeth, by ye grete sound and clamour of it, it was male; yet ye belly it did lurk behinde shoulde now fall lean and flat against ye spine of him yt hath bene delivered of so stately and so waste a bulk, where as ye guts of them yt doe quiff-splitters bear, stand comely still and rounde. Prithee let ye author confess ye offspring. Will my Lady Alice testify? Lady Alice.—Good your grace, an’ I had room for such a thunderbust within mine ancient bowels, ’tis not in reason I coulde discharge ye same and live to thank God for yt He did choose handmaid so humble whereby to shew ...
We're the orphans from the holy land, the tears of Jerusalem And in darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once again We are the sons of the blazing sun Sharing our faith through the barrel of a gun Walk on holy water yet we burn Brothers of the orient stand as one An ancient promise in an orphaned land A clenched fist becomes an open hand Armed forces spill their blood on holy sands Again and again we fail to see that all is one Words like venom through our veins they run Weaving a web of deception hope is gone Shall we re-live the pain of wars before? Or shall we be the light, the new folklore? Evil falls on each of us, there's nothing new Who cares if you're a Muslim or a Jew The awakened ones are nothing but a few And the one to make the difference now is you From the Middle Eastern lands we ride, all children of Abraham Our only sword, the light within, that burns as bright as sun Wer're the orphans from the Holy Land, the keepers of Or-Shalem So we bow to you our warriors for being simple men
1 Kings 3:1-5 NASB Then Solomon formed a marriage alliance with Pharaoh king of Egypt, and took Pharaoh's daughter and brought her to the city of David until he had finished building his own house and the house of the L ord and the wall around Jerusalem. The people were still sacrificing on the high places, because there was no house built for the name of the L ord until those days. Now Solomon loved the L ord , walking in the statutes of his father David, except he sacrificed and burned incense on the high places. The king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there, for that was the great high place; Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings on that altar. In Gibeon the L ord appeared to Solomon in a dream at night; and God said, "Ask what you wish Me to give you."
Yes, Jon will return for the final Pacific Rim video on TGS!! It will be amazing!!
Everyone has a so-called "comfort zone." You know what I'm talking about: that mental space you live in where there are boundaries and you feel a sense of emotional security with your work and your decision making. What distinguishes successful people from everyone else is what they do with their comfort zone. There are those who are perfectly happy staying warm and cozy in this safe box they've built; and then are those who constantly push and test the limits. You already know which person goes on to be a successful entrepreneur. Now I'm not suggesting that the comfort zone is a bad thing. It's there for a reason: to protect us. Otherwise we all may be jumping off cliffs and out of airplanes. It also protects us from taking on more stress and anxiety than we are equipped to deal with. But eventually the familiar routine of your comfort zone will keep you from learning, and experiencing new things that are potentially good for us. It is also likely to prevent you from building a thriving business. So how ...
I'd like to marry a man that can afford shopping at Cabela's... I can dream, can't I?
Facts about me (: 1. Been a belieber since 2010. 2. Beliebers and Justin are my life. 3. I'm 16 4. I graduate high school. 5. Never been to Justin concerts. 6. I'm super duper nice. 7. Selena is another one of my idols 8. Justin saved my life. 9.I'm in love with Adam sandler and Zayn. 10 . My dream is to become a recording artist (; ~Jasmine
“Turning up a surprising amount of hitherto hidden material and talkative survivors, Brown writes a vivid, often hair-raising history of the great plutonium factories and the privileged cities built around them… Readers will squirm to learn of the high radiation levels workers routinely experienced…
Thank you Ralph Routon for posting this article about my father in one of my recent posts. For those who knew him, this is a good reminder. For those who didn't, you can get a slight glimpse of our loss and what this wonderful man meant to a community. Boy, is his missed. He never even met one of his grandchildren. This year, Ellicott's wins, losses and dreams are secondary to reality Ralph Routon FORT COLLINS - They came in cars, vans and buses up Interstate 25. It wasn't an organized caravan. More like a migration. For Ellicott's boys and girls teams, along with several hundred cheering students, parents and families, the Class 2A state basketball tournaments provided a nice trip. Their dream was to come home with two state titles, but nobody bragged about it. "We didn't want to take anything for granted," said Robin Henderson, a senior for the Lady Hawks. "That would be cocky, and we're not that way." In the 2A quarterfinals Thursday at Moby Arena, Ellicott's teams took turns cheering for each other. T ...
Edward Snowden is not booked to fly out of Moscow over the next three days, and with no valid passport, the NSA whistleblower might be stuck in airport limbo indefinitely.
FIONA: Again another Wimbledon day where people are pulling out! 7 so far! Have you ever had to miss out of anything due to illness or injury? Xx
What's YOUR go to MOVE when Playing Basketball? Magic to Jordan, to Kobe and LeBron, here are the Greatest NBA Championship Teams Of All-Time
"Three times Randolph Carter dreamed of the marvellous city, and three times was he snatched away while still he paused on the high terrace above it. All golden and lovely it blazed in the sunset, with walls, temples, colonnades, and arched bridges of veined marble, silver-basined fountains of prismatic spray in broad squares and perfumed gardens, and wide streets marching between delicate trees and blossom-laden urns and ivory statues in gleaming rows; while on steep northward slopes climbed tiers of red roofs and old peaked gables harbouring little lanes of grassy cobbles. It was a fever of the gods; a fanfare of supernal trumpets and a clash of immortal cymbals." —The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by H.P. Lovecraft
Just remembered a dream from last night. I fell or maybe jumped off a very high tower above a U shaped pool and was plummeting towards the concrete between the two legs, somehow i made it into the water though. What a scare!
Either Symphony of Destruction or sweating bullets
Ok. I'm tired of all this, by the time my BD. gets here which is july 7th in case anybody cares. I want same sex marriages & medical marijuana here in fl !! So old hippy ralph will have his dream job, growing clean high potency marijuana 4 the clinics & getting another old van ! Then everybody's happy ! If U inject shroom spores into ur plant will u get magic pot ?
A newbie’s guide to getting the right rig. There it sits... your dream... parked in a vacant lot with a for sale sign taped to the window. You make a u-turn and head for the bank to empty your savings account, making a quick stop to return all those empties just in case the owner won’t deal.If you are wise to the ways of the Bronco world, you have hopefully learned a few things and can continue this headlong hurdle toward ownership of yet another. If this is your first Bronco, before you make that purchase and haul this hulk home, you should be aware of a few things.Firstly. Are you signed up to a good Bronco e-mail list? The wealth of information available from fellow list members is staggering. If you can imagine it, chances are, one of these guys has done it to his or someone else’s Bronco. If you aren’t signed up to the mail list here at Early Bronco Entertainment, take a minute and do it NOW. Go on... do it. we’ll still be here when you get back... Another good idea is joining a local clu ...
WE WERE SPOT ON: Lawrence Mulindwa Ducked Fearing Refunding Taxpayer's Money He Picked From Gov’t To Run ‘His’ FUFA Limited Company and we now Reveal Robert Kabushenga Has Engaged Lawyers To Amend FUFA Constitution Barring Him To Stand By Team Investigator 26th, June 2013 IN THE NEWS: Kabushenga goes to court When we reported that Lawrence Mulindwa resigned because his conscious was not clear after he registered FUFA as a Limited Company, like his predecessor Dennis Obua, we were spot on. But first, we are breaking hot news indicating that New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga has engaged lawyers after he found a roadblock within the FUFA Constitution, barring him from running for the FUFA Presidency. As such, we can reveal, Kabushenga has engaged city lawyer Oscar Kihika to have the clause in question amended so he can join the race without hindrance. The clause that is giving Kabushenga sleepless nights stops "a stranger" (read one who is not a FUFA delegate) from participating in the body's elections ...
Mandela - The Legend and the Legacy It is often said that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, however, this usually means that the other man has been less than fastidious in his choice of hero, or that the “freedom fighter” in question was on the crowd pleasing side. On the 27th of June, London's Hyde Park played host to a concert in honour of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday and as expected it received wall to wall coverage from a star struck and worshipping media, who continue to laud Mandela as one of the greatest, or indeed the greatest, heroes of our time. The beaming old man appeared on stage in one of his trademark multi-coloured shirts and cheerily acknowledge the cheers of the adoring crowd, most of whom have been taught to believe in his sainthood since their first days in primary school, which, for many of them, will have occurred around the same time their hero walked free from Robben Island. The unquestioning belief in Mandela's universally admired saintliness was again on ...
I know I have spouting, the MFP has to be stopped for the past year now. Surely all of the reasons are out there educating anyone who cares to know. This is a very bad Project. Again Poison waters, poison sea food in and around Lake Melville to Gross water Bay. 60% nutrient loss for species in this water which depend on these eight rivers. In fact within the next 15 years after this Project is complete, there will be fewer salmon and lesser cod return. Ok that's the environmental damage. Higher rates to all Nalcor users, with a monopoly guaranteeing no competition. Especially Quebec Hydro. that 3.2 cents a kilowatt hour power will look good along side of Nalcor's 9-12 cents per kilowatt hour stuff, that might be cheap, as time goes on and there are no markets found for the expensive Nalcor stuff. Higher taxes to pay for this fiasco and any other expenses as time goes on, and the cost plus factor goes up. However, in 50+ years this could get cheaper, especially if they shut the dam down. And they will have ...
So, the only thing World War Z has in common with the book other than the name is the core concept of zombies. Equal parts 'meh' and 'ooh'. As a stand alone zombie film it's okay, nice set pieces, zombies on a massive scale blah blah blah, but that's tempered with an almost complete lack of gore and a unsurprising absence of character development. Could have been so great if they had stuck with the source material . . .
Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi has opened the national team door to striker Osaze Odemwingie and skipper Joseph Yobo, but Taye Taiwo may not find it easy to get his way back into the team.
Very rare and sparingly will one ever find white in the created artwork of all known and made. With good reason. Question EVERYTHING!
guyman format online Dear One.. I am writing this message if it touches your heart to rescue a soul in distress, I am . 17 years of age God fearing person into Christ ministry with no background take cares(Parent/Families), also i have lived in Hope Land Orphanage Academy in Ghana with all my life but still things doesn't move smoothly for me until i forced to completed Junior High. For now its time for me to enter in to the collage but here i am with no one to help, I so i decided to send you an email if you can help me. Please i know how hard it is to help someone you don't know but I am for real and also sending you this email was a dream desire come true, well my dreams is to be a great person in future also i need someone who i can called as my family. Life get Good when having faith in God but gets more good when you have someone supports, Please hoping to hear from you. Please i am for real and i am ready to tell you more about me...please I will be happy to hear from you again please help me .G .. ...
Oh my baby girl abbie last day at primary school today that her going high school after summer holiday wow growing up fast
-Zahra ツ Dedicate a Song To The person Who Commented above you ! Should be thora sa Decent ! :p you know what i mean ! ;) Do mention Names To avoid confusion !!
As many as heard me say this. You ain't gotta go home, you just can't stay here. I love you all. It's been a blast. Can't help but tear up a little writing this. To Adam Ingle. Follow your heart bro. Screw the rest. Tell Becky Ingle we love her. Tommy Lawrence your my boy blue. Ill never forget you and Kristen Kaiser Allen. Cindy Mahoney I love you sweetie and tell Brian ill miss my big ol teddy bear. Daniel Walker ill miss the kick *** karaoke. With that being said Are Bee your the best when it comes to keeping them singing. Jason Lewis you my dog!! "In constant sorrow". Cheryl Roberts Anderson, Sheryl Murtha, ill miss them weekly talks with you guys. Mrs Anderson tell dr a I finally fixed his light. Mrs Murtha tell bob ill miss the smoke on the patio with him. Kevin fowler sorry I never got y'all's stamp made. And mrs Campbell I'm going to give you my shrimp boil recipt. My staff...Amy, Wendi, Wes, John, Sonya, Wayne, and deena...I love you guys like family and to my family homie, Mykilah, Brent a ...
So I had a pretty intense dream last night and I'm turning it into a book. Or at least starting it. I used my name and actual names of people I know because that's how the dream went. Here's chapter one Chapter one: Josh’s first connection “Josh! Breakfast is ready! Come down stairs!” A very motherly voice rang through the house. Then came clambering down the stairs a messy haired boy wearing jeans that were slightly too big for him. The hem had worn away from the miles walked on them. He wore a dark blue button up type shirt. It was nothing fancy, just something casual a high school kid would wear. His sneakers were in good enough condition, but you could tell the dirt brown color they were had over powered the once whiteness of the shoe. He sat down at the table next to his brother. Now his brother was a year younger than he was but about a foot and a half taller than he was. He was also the top of his class. He wore clothes that were clean and stylish. Their father sat at the end of the table wea ...
It's about to be I. The high 90's low 100's all week, probably gonna get hotter.. oh well, at least I get to shoot guns in the process.. MURICA
He also says that these countries are supporting such dangerous groups as Al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria and fight the Syrian army at the expense of the lives of innocent Syrian citizens whose only crime is supporting their government.
Feels like you're beatin' Beatin' the drumbeats into my heart Feels like there's nothin' Nothin' around to make me stop You are a motion that makes me high You are a dream that burns inside A magic potion, that's my soul Come fly with me
Wouldn't it be great to have a squirrel as a pet?? He could give you little squirrel high fives whenever you did something awesome! *sigh*
If you won a bazillion $, what's the first luxurious thing you'd do for yourself--after helping loved ones, feeding the hungry, etc.?
It's not hw u high u build ur dream dat makes a differnce,but hw high ur faith can's not how much u accomplish but hw many lives u touch gud nite !
Fab day with the mums of mount Vernon primary, what a hoot. left home at 1.40pm after a quiet morning to arrive home 5 minutes ago, Thanks to the Black Bear Restaurant, bottomless drinks for the kids and bottomless chips, bottomless wine for the mums - I wish! Thanks ladies, with Leigh McMillan, Emma Mcmillan, Gail Tobin, Janet, Julie Sannachan, Julie Lung, Debbie Pearson, MariAnne, Lorna Ormiston, Catherine and lots and lots of kids - kids were amazing and so well behaved - wish I could say the same for the mothers.
congrats to Arman Usman, all the best i really hope your dream comes true. another westmount high student who dared to dream, and never stopped dreaming when ppl said it was impossible. go cricket
Joshua 24:2-3 (2) And Joshua said to all the people, "Thus says the LORD God of Israel: "Your fathers, including Terah, the father of Abraham and the father of Nahor, dwelt on the other side of the River in old times; and they served other gods. (3) Then I took your father Abraham from the other side of the River, led him throughout all the land of Canaan, and multiplied his descendants and gave him Isaac. When Abraham was called, he was literally living in Babylon on the plain of Shinar in the city of Ur. He did not come from a God-fearing family, and there is no evidence that he was converted at the time of Genesis 12:1. Every indication is that he, too, was a heathen. As we shall see, every called person begins in idolatry. God had in all likelihood begun to work with him, preparing him for his calling by guiding his thinking to begin to question areas of life he had previously accepted without question. Historical traditions indicate that his family was of a priestly caste, and perhaps he was already ...
If only I had known how this thing would have gone; My soul no longer dwells in a zinful space; my heart no longer overflows with life's joy; when in actuality it was not in my minds eye to give it away but I search for it through you everyday; life is not as sweet; my dreams are no longer of everlasting peace because my mind is to busy to sleep; my common sense is all gone and the knowledge that remains is only used to scheme to come up on that thing; my tambourine man has my soul and it is this reason that I must speak in code; Once u experience the first taste you can only chase that unnatural high! I hear people speaking of that sweet sweet thing that at first was only dream; can u guess that of which I Speak? LIFE, LOVE and RELATIONSHIP IS OF WHAT I SPEAK! ( Dedicated to all the couples experiencing true love)
A rag tag bunch of individuals who look GREAT in their RED uniforms and who are putting aside individual goals to create a championship team!
I should probably learn how to cook now. Oh man. it's not even next year and i'm already getting nervous. But it's a good nervous :)
CONGRATULATIONS to Shawana Yates, a 2013 High School Graduate of Summerville High School who is SERIOUS about changing her future and getting into her dream career or cosmetology here Miller-Motte Technical College!! I am excited for you to start classes in July!
If I could have one thing that would help a lot it would be ten thousand dollars.I don't need millions or billions just enough to rid my five grand in medical bills.and the rest to get my own place instead of renting a room get a vehicle instead of walking everywhere then among other things in life I could wish for...I don't dream of being high class and rich beyond my wildest dreams.just to be able to get myself out of this rut in life and start over anew.
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) on Wednesday worried the defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act could lead to the legalization of human-animal marriages.
Being a model has always been my dream , Since I was 4 I use to wear my mom's High heels , && Take hella pictures , And pose like a model . I was so close to being one when I was 7 , But That's when I lost my Grandpa , He was everything to me , I was too depress to even model . They called , & called , They Just gave up & so Did I . But this time I aint letting it go , Im doing this for you Grandpa , I hope everything goes just right.
So sweet.I had a dream that I got to hug my dog that I had from when I was in high school...she was my best girl friend...we did everything together. She passed away just before my son was born.that hug was beyond amazing, I can still feel her in my arms.. sigh.
My dream before waking this morning: I watched a very tall high rise building, it seemed to be more residential than commercial, topple over in 2 seconds. In the foreground a pageant was taking place with people in red and black costumes. I alerted the organizer to the fact that there was a major event behind them, but they refused to stop the pageant, and the show went on.
"Just got home from acting workshop ;)" dream high bro
Gov. Rick Perry has announced another special session to begin in Austin Monday, July 1st. It will likely focus on the controversial abortion bill, as well as transportation and juvenile justice measures.
Will be posting pictures of horses for sale in the week to come. All pictures will be current and without conditioning (not sure they will be body clipped they may be all natural) or photo shopping. So no they won't be professional but will be real so that even someone who has a tendency to try to talk trash about us and our horses can finally see what she is talking about considering they have not been to our farm or seen our horses in person. And she is free to bash them all she chooses that's her choice. All our horses are fed Stradgy GX 2 times a day with good quality hay along with daily wormer once a day. They are kept on dry lots with sheds and some are stalled with turn out time. None are being bred back for next year except the 2 exposed but not confirmed. We plan on most leaving here. And will be keeping a few for our enjoyment and showing. We are tired of raising them only to have people that are so small minded and jealous try to keep people from buying them. I would never treat another farm t ...
Song of the Sanyasin: Wake up the note! the song that had its birth Far off, where worldly taint could never reach, In mountain caves and glades of forest deep, Whose calm no sigh for lust or wealth or fame Could ever dare to break; where rolled the stream Of knowledge, truth, and bliss that follows both. Sing high that note. Strike off thy fetters! Bonds that bind thee down, Of shining gold, or darker, baser ore; Love, hate -- good, bad -- and all the dual throng, Know, slave is slave, caressed or whipped, not free; For fetters, though of gold, are not less strong to bind; Then off with them. Let darkness go; the will-o'-the-wisp that leads With blinking light to pile more gloom on gloom. This thirst for life, for ever quench; it drags From birth to death, and death to birth, the soul. He conquers all who conquers self. Know this. "Who sows must reap," they say, "and cause must bring The sure effect; good, good; bad, bad; and none Escape the law. But whoso wears a form Must wear the chain." Too true; bu ...
via Allen Leibee This is something everyone in America should read. VIETNAMESE IMMIGRANT It looks like we did some good after all! On Sat, July 24, 2010 the town of Prescott Valley, AZ, hosted a Freedom Rally. Quang Nguyen was asked to speak on his experience of coming to America & what it means. He spoke the following in dedication to all Vietnam Veterans. Thought you might enjoy hearing what he had to say: "35 yrs ago, if you were to tell me that I am going to stand up here speaking to a couple thousand patriots, in English, I'd laugh at you. Man, every morning I wake up thanking God for putting me & my family in the greatest country on earth. I just want you all to know that the American dream does exist & I am living the American dream. I was asked to speak to you about my experience as a 1st generation Vietnamese- American, but I'd rather speak to you as an American. If you hadn't noticed, I am not white & I feel pretty comfortable with my people. I am a proud US citizen & here is my proof. It took m ...
It's not how high you build your dream that makes a difference, but how high your faith can climb. It's not how much you accomplish but how many lives you touch.
Mitch Kupchak says Dwight Howard is the Future. Lakers have signs outside the walls of Staples Center with Dwight's picture with a huge word that says, "STAY Lakers want him to stay, Lakers know exactly what they are doing. Howard can't shoot free throws. Has poor foot work. Has no offensive moves. Has brick for hands. As much as people complain about him, and as deficient as he is on offense, he averaged 17 points and 12 rebounds. And that's when he's still not at 100%. His potential is sky high. He's been getting away with just pure athleticism, but as he ages and incurs injury, he needs to develop his game ASAP. He is the future because he hasn't peaked yet, still not in his prime. Lakers management is smart and knows this-LFLH
Suzy’s first kiss was 2PM Taecyeon on Dream High drama
Dad was a bit more reluctant to share about his upbringing.he was from Missouri.his family had a large farm and raised hogs and beef cows and chickens.there were 5 brothers and they all had to work on the never graduated from high school..though he did go for awhile.he hated the farm I in the Ozark hills wasn't his dream.He loved Gramma and Gramps.Gramps couldn't read or write.he could only's all he knew.during world war 1 he was chosen to be a private messenger for Gen. Jack Pershing.he was tall and lean and could run like the wind!.he could carry messages between enemy lines, he couldn't read, so they knew he couldn't tell anyone any thing.he took the messages and ran his *** off! He was told to eat the paper if caught.he was lucky, he never was.pop left Mo. on an old Indian Motorcycle around 1942 and headed for California.he was named after Gen Jack Pershing.
What show is your favorite classic? When I say classic, I mean 50's and 60's type shows? (Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy etc) For me, comedy would be The Honeymooners and well for western The Rifleman! :)
Teachers: My Mum is a Teacher so I have personal Interest on this matter and I will avoid it, BUT i will ask a few questions...1. What exactly did Moi promise Teachers in 1997? 2. Why is that Teachers left KNUT for Kuppet? 3. Is it true KNUT officials are paid up to 1.2m per month? after teachers are deducted 1% of their salaries? 4. Can the economy afford a raise for teachers, without compromising anything else that is planned? 5. Is there a pending KNUT Election? 6. Since 1997 have teacher's gotten any increase? How Much? how does the raise compare with the demand in 1997? - I ask because I think for both Government and Teachers the solution lies in sincerely answering this questions... This is where I ask can a journalist whose parent or immediate relative is a teacher have an objective approach on this matter?
If you give me narratives, I will read them in full seriousness.
The Search for the Necronomicon And so it soon came to pass that Hector was summoned to the underground temple of Tiamat and charged with the rediscovery of an ancient text -- the origins of which hearken back to the very foundations of Unther -- known as the Necronomicon. Only through the power of this text could the full glory of Tiamat once again be made manifest upon the mortal plane. Of the ancient tome, Bryth had the following to share, "Virtually nothing is known of this ancient tome, not even it's existence, outside of the private histories of a handful of individuals and power groups. The Necronomicon is an ancient tome that is bound in unicorn skin, written upon the dried flesh of several virgins and in the blood of new born babies. It was compiled by a mage of old, remembered only as "the Lost", over a span of some 300 years; from the fall of the Raurin Empire in -2488 DR, through the westward migrations of it's intensely religious slave class, and to the foundation of the ancient Untheric city ...
Fake eyes Fake eye lashes Fake eye brows make up galore and tons of hair extension None of the above qualify you to be a dime, that deal, a ten or fine you are a barbie doll walking accessory! If you can't step out looking like your natural self then you already know like the rest of us know YOU AINT NO DIME YOU IS PENNY!!
Some thoughts run through my mind while watching Brazil Vs Uruguay. When I look at the players playing on the field, Ghana has a high quality players, only if the right players are selected. My dream is that, in the near future, Ghana will task itself like Brazil took football (Soccer), as a national interest and developed it to this capacity. The country makes a lot of money from these players and these players help develop their own communities. Secondly, as we the youth growing up, we should remember that, a good job done, always pay. The Brazilian coach has always cropped the best of players for anything he does. If you want to eat today ( Corruption and pay before you play) and forget tomorrow (GFA)..remember, you will never have value and you will never be noticed with any good and great achievement.. Good evening Ghana.
Test your knowledge about Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
Blessed! I am living the dream! Today makes it 8 years of being married to the best wife in the world. As I reflect over the past 8 years it makes me appreciate the life I am living. It's only b/c of his grace and mercy. To have a wonderful wife, 4 kids, to be surrounded by other marriages and families that live on principles and high standards that stretches us, for me to be around Men of character that have a backbone and stands up for what is right, for us to be around dreamers that teaches prosperity thinking, to be apart of business team where me and my wife can pursue our dreams together and to be apart of a church family that is really a family, it makes me realize that I am living the dream. Even though we dont have the lifestyle yet and the materials things yet, to have a vacation once a month, to have several houses across the country, to be financial independent and to be control of time and money, even though we dont have these yet and other dreams we are chasing but the foundational dreams .. ...
Madi is reading different books foe her honor classes. She just finished To Kill A Mockingbird and did not like it. She is now reading Fahrenheit 451 and loves it! I don't get it?
Just woke up from a beautiful dream where my mum was telling me all the things I will need to know in life, imparting to me all her wisdom that a great mother & wife possesses. I now realise I need to figure all this crap out for myself & feel deeply saddened by that :(
Four Legends Of Rock ‘n’ Roll - 1-CD DigiPak (4-plated) with comprehensive booklet, 30 tracks. Playing time approx. 79 mns. • One of the most amazing Rockabilly and Rock n Roll shows of all times It a
ok sorry im about to vent - if you do not have something nice to say about a picture I may post on my page, please just don't say anything. I work very *** all my cakes. Some of these cakes take hours and hours of hard work.if you are not satisfied with what you see, find another baker, or just don't look on my page, NO ONE IS MAKING YOU LOOK AT MY PICTURES .and to the rest of you that are so kind and appreciative of my work - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
A comical quickie to numb the midweek monotony.   Dear Mr. Chill-E Will-E:   I recently received a letter from your company stating I would no longer be considered in the application process due to “problematic driving history.” I believe I received this letter in error and your company should reconsider my candidacy for the position of Full-Time Ice Cream Truck Driver – Metro Area.   The problem with these motor vehicle reports is that they are black and white. They don’t allow us to be human. You’re a human, right? You have human children I’m sure of it. That’s probably what inspired you to go into the ice cream truck business, putting big smiles on chubby cheeks.   I don’t want kids. But those who don’t do, teach. Those who don’t birth children serve ice cream to them, is what I always say. You stripped me of my dream. The best hot fudge in the world couldn’t take that flavor out of your mouth.   I remember how giddy I would get as a kid when heard the ice cream truck’s j ...
2 likes hehe 1. Who was the last person you held hands with? 2. Are you outgoing or shy? 3. Who are you looking forward to seeing? 4. Are you easy to get alone with? 5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you? 6. What kind of people are you attracted to? 7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now? 8. Who from the opposite gender is on your mind? 9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? 10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with? 11. What does the most recent text that you sent say? 12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now? 13. Do you like it when people play with your hair? 14. Do you believe in luck and miracles? 15. What good thing happened this summer? 16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? 17. Do you think there is life on other planets? 18. Do you still talk to your first crush? 19. Do you like bubble baths? 20. Do you like your neighbors? 21. What are you bad habits? 22. Where would you like to travel? 23. Do yo ...
Just got told a long time friend from high school died wow shocking even more scary she was in my dream last girl youll never be sad.,.
GOAL! Paulinho heads Brazil into the lead from a corner kick in the 86th minute. Brazil 2-1 Uruguay
Ugandan Wins Top Shell Award 26 June 2013 , By Daniel Ogwang, Source: Observer Josephine Namatovu, a retailer at the Shell Mukono service station, has won the award for the best retailer in a licensee market at the 2013 Shell Smiling Stars gala event held in Barcelona, Spain. The gala is part of Shell's "People Make the Difference Real (PMTDR)" reward and recognition programme, which recognises the best retailers in each country around the world. Namatovu was recognised for the way she manages and inspires her staff, and impeccably maintains the site's standards at all times. Namatovu admits that the award was a surprise. "Never in my mind did I think or even dream that my name would be called. I couldn't wait to call my site staff, retail sales manager and the trainer at home to inform them of the good news. This has been an unforgettable experience," she is quoted to have said in a statement from Vivo Energy, the company that bought Shell's retail line in Africa. Namatovu's journey has been remarkable; ...
*LARRY IMAGINE* (because of the 7500 likes) (based on a true dream I had :p ) A/N: I'm NOT a Larry shipper and I think it's not true.. But I had this daydream about their come out in the movie so I decided to write the whole story... Enjoy! I don't know what kind of POV it is or the time... I just wrote it like I saw it in my head so I'm sorry if it makes no sense. - The movie was great! Just as everyone expected: there were a lot of funny moments but also a lot of emotional and touching moments. You could hear some directioners crying. They just showed the part of the boys and their girlfriends. Even Haylor had a little part of attention. The next shot was quiet simple, Louis and Harry were sitting in a red couch. It was the same setting were they filmed the boys opinions and reactions on things. They looked quiet nervous. Louis was smiling like an *** trying to hide how nervous he was. Harry was frowning. He had wrinkles on his forehead and his lips were in one, thin line. Emotionless. They were sitt .. ...
“The brightest path may also be the loneliest” - Hye Mi (Dream High)
Sorry? It's the version in Dream High. With IU, Kim Soohyun, Taecyeon, and Suzy.
Probably won't play tennis today due to rain. Oh well, that just means I can watch some more Dream High
Truth is it doesn't matter where you come from or who your family is you can make whatever you want of your life ! So dream high
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