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Dream High

Dream High is a South Korean television drama series broadcast by KBS in 2011. It features Suzy, Taecyeon, IU, Wooyoung, Ham Eun Jung and Kim Soo-hyun.

Kim Soo Hyun Bae Suzy

Just had a super weird dream of reuniting with the high school crew that started with super drunk in a Walmart
Mmm I'm thinking about it. Getting high and watching Netflix sounds like the dream right now.
How foes of the specialized high school test insult the American Dream - New York Daily News
I had a dream I went to brighton and met alfie and he recognised me lmao dreams get your hopes up high 😪😪
Dream up how in transit to correct enduring high tax bracket online beside consistently series the apt graphing...
now that that your high on Blue, kick back on the grass, the few of you that know what GRASS IS, and Dream a little
Dream big and reach high! There's plenty of room at the top.
"I had a dream it was the zombie apocolypse, but like, my DAD was there" - High schooler sitting next to me at Starbucks
my goal by the end of the year is 10K followers, and i calum hood follow, just bc i like to dream high 💕
Arlene Dickinson Follow your dreams. They know the way. Dream big, aim high
I'm really lost for words... I think the coaches have been living on a sugar high.
fefe bby. Hope you doin good. I had a dream bout cha. Love you, and keep your head held high! 🍁🍁🌸💕
Slept for an hour, had a dream that Irving middle school was also Jeff high school, and North Star.
I dreamed a dream in time gone by. When hope were high and life worth living
so i can be in the first & study science in high school then to be a DOCTOR like this is my life dream after
My dream is to fly over the rainbow so high... \😃/
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Dream hard and shoot high, sometimes our fingers graze the sky
“It is just not the song you want to sing, but it is the song you want others to listen to.” — Dream High
when you're in my dreams, they're so real that I never know if it's just a dream or if it's reality.
hello my name is Ron Juncaj and I would like to put you in your dream home! Just remember, high square footage low prices!
My dream is to fly high like an eagle - Bubblews via
I had a dream that my SAT/ACT scores came back high so I started crying saying "I'm going to college". I was so sad when I woke up 😭
Drive for hours with a lot of gear, stay high, and live your dream.
"I was told that those who dream high the fall is great. Only they forgot to ask me if I'm afraid of falling. "
I had a dream I was back playing high school ball... Now I'm sad 😞
I had a dream so big & loud,. I jumped so high I touched the clouds
31) She broke the female high jump record at Dream Team 2 with SHINee’s Minho -ST
"All I have to Do is Dream" - I went to the same high school as Phil and Don. These girls really nail it! ht…
Local girls are invited to Aim High and dream big on November 1. Aim High will feature local women leaders and...
I feel like the intro to don't say a word is an amateur videographer's wet dream. Shoot with high fps + that song = gold
The United States of America is an epidemic's wet dream:. a) high mobility. b) just-in-time . c) no local agriculture. d) consumer based
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Don't let anyone kill your dream for no mountain is too high to climb, just keep trying
Epik High was reading off people's dreams and one person's dream was to take a selfie with Epik High! It happened! Luc…
Luhan is the determined 18 yrs old leaving his loved ones behind, having his goal aimed high on a certain dream. Determined and curious.
Had a dream I was high and it srsly messed me up this morning
Respect ma hustle. Respect ma team. Respect ma space. Respect ma dream. We on the scene. Respect ma high. Respect ma life. An roll the green.
My dream is to fly. Over the rainbow, so high!. Eh... eh...
I had a dream about being up really high and now I hate heights
A new favorite: Dream High OST English Version Lyrics on screen by madosemira on
the lyrics of Dream High the OST for Dream High really give me strength to fight for my dreams...
Somewhere over the rainbow. Way up high. And the dreams that you dream of. Once in a lullaby
Realisation of a dream and to see it unfold and celebrate it with others is such a high. Hats off to…
Fully had a dream that me and was preforming 'Gucci Gucci' in the most crazy kitty costumes... I thought I was high in my dream
Own your dream home to as low as P14,398.80/month. - Complete amenities with pre-elem and high school inside...
.riding high in the charts!! Keep the dream alive and go grab yourself a copy
“Emotions… aren’t something that can change by forcing it.” –Jin *** (Dream High)
I had a dream my high school football team was on the bus coming home from our game, one of my teammates had a 9 in his back pack
My dad got high and Bruce lee turned up in my dream last night
Ya bc we read abt grey, cavendish, ward, sinclair and carmichael thats why expections are so high, local boys like u can only dream of it
Real dream I just had: I am in a bathroom. Fully clothed, but wet from a recent shower. Hands cover my eyes. A high-pitched voice: "Hello."
Had the weirdest dream last night that I got very very high lol it was so real ✋
If I think about it... My dream's just too high nuo
Reach high for the stars lie hidden in your soul dream deep for every dream precedes the goal…
What on require an answer but selection high dream of merger heliport venue: TnWuopaoR
High school can be a tough place, as Mandy will find out as the new girl...MANDY'S DREAM BEAU >>>
[Ailee] She made her acting debut in KBS's drama "Dream High 2" as Ailee, member of K-pop group HershE
How on flutter loft high ocelot rivulet conjunction dream up yours by one head start: Lvw
Aditya Roy Kapoor is so sweet and he is a fun boy. Plus, he is so tall! I went all "Yaaay! High heels!" - Katrina Kaif o…
If you fall asleep wit yo TV on adult swim, you gone have a trippy *** dream like you high. If it's on IDTV, you gone have a nightmare
The dream is big the target is high..
Gah. Then may dream Ramirez swoop down from a high place to throw bombs at the spiders.
Tonight I'm up late fine tuning my application for my dream job. I ain't god fearin', so no prayers requested. But high fives are welcomed.
Free your mind and spread your wings fly high up. The sky is the limit. Dream big. Hold on to faith…
Never give up on your dream... because you never know what the Most High can bless you with.
"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can ... .
If I was a pharmacologist (my dream in high school) at THIS place, I'd never quit smiling! in 2min
“Sold him some of my Blue Dream and this happened when you're high on the job
Dream big. Aim high. Stop putting limits to what you can do. 😄
🎶 dont stop never give up! Hold your head high and reach the top!... Dream of, falling in love... bring it all back to you! 🎶
You can have a dream. But not too high because you might fall.
Cuz we get so high that we just fall, don't need sleep tonight to dream this up.
My dream is to be a high ranking devil, and create a harem - issei hyoudou
Hang O mercury, do you cease to Hold O life, this is not a dream seen by the eyes feel a soul, you're high // np Bow Airpot
“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal” ― Rabindranath Tagore.
In high school his song made me dream and long for my return to the Bay.
Need to re-watch dream high sometime soon again
Dream High,The Moon that imbrance the sun, 49 day,dong yi dll."Drama korea fav ?"
The dream don’t come no closer by itself. We gotta run after it now.
I had a dream that one of my old high school teachers was a pedo 😐
It only matters what you see, let others think whatever they want. Dream high, but keep both feet on the ground.
The urge to turn my alarm clock off, and go back to dream land was at a all time high this morning.
Strategies since retirees up to dream up their voluntary resignation penetration conjunction high primogeniture...
dare a dream team, oh Christ, don't aim high or anything, surprised it wasn't dmg.
Reach high for the stars hidden in your soul. Dream big for every dream that proceeds the goal! ❤
To fly high you must come out of the nest and dream high.
。I Dream High, when its hard i close my eyes
I had this dream I got high with my mom. That's something that would never happen, but should happen.
Spirit of a Wild Dream. My art is available as high quality posters and prints. Please contact me for more details.
In Dream High 2, I'm most like Jin Yujin (Jinwoon 2AM) and Rian (T-Ara) couple coz they so cute 😍
hadda dream I ate like 4 weed brownies and was high af it felt so real 😂😂😂 woke up disappointed
On the contrary it attracts those in search of high wages – it attracts the worst. - A Midsummer Night's Dream
I had a pet Giraffe in my dream and The Giraffe could talk, I need to stop going to bed high
I had a dream I beat this kids *** Never liked him in high school. Pretty great dream.
Do you miss your high school years? Dream Bar does and announces Back to School Party! Charming wait...
So i stay faithful to who i am.i cant handle slacking people,delayers and dream killers. All i want is for my potential to be high!
I'll be sure to high five dream you when I see them next
IU has the same. stubbornness like Dream High's. Kim Pilsook
If you wanna jump, you jump high. Dare to dream, dare to jump. .
Why this hotel room partitions makes me remember Dream High ep in Japan? Erm...
Um so high I wouldn't B surprised if ain have a dream tonight.
I mighta been high up,but This Britt ❤️s that Brit for makin a dream real in STL. this was for you. ❤️
So reading the plot line i think it's kinda going to be like dream high 2 minus the school part
our standards are too high for guys of this generation but a girl can dream😪 lol one day! One day!
I love Dream High !! Because Jason sings his own 2PM songs ♡♡
Make your dream of moving to Canada with a high paying job opportunity come true. Just attend CanadaJobs2015...
Martin had a dream. Bob got high. I still do both
C.R. Walker Senior High School Class of 2014 “Climbing the Mountain: Pursuing the Dream” via ...
I still wish in high school people would break into a song when something happnens😭. A dream that will never come true😫
Im going out on a high :p probably dream about cian or matt tonight ha im good with that. Night :)
Our Academic Dream Scholarship Application will be open sure to tell ALL high school students to "like" our page!
Suzy said it was really awkward to have a kiss scene with 2PM’s . Taecyeon on Dream High, because they are already like brother and . sister.
Deseo algun dorama que me recomienden que no sean estos (baby and me, you who came from the stars, to the beautiful you , fated to love you , play full kiss, personal taste , boy over flowers , millionaire's firs love, dream high , dream high 2 , the heirs , city hunter , 49 days , ido ido , love rain ) please :D
This blue dream got me feeling a good high😁💨
It's funny, I haven't seen you since I left high school to chase my dream. You're the reason I don't wanna leave. Just tell me to stay
Football season is here. Our Dream 16 rollout continues with Aquinas' Ruben Garnett
Dream that escaped my mind thanks to the most high 🙏🌕
It was all a dream i use to read high times magazine's.
I woke up from a dream that i wish i can intepret. I was at somewhere high and i woke up instant.
"You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get." Dream high! Good morning! 😊
Praise be to jah and to Dream Chimney, most high, for their mix which cuts thru stress and bad news like a hot... http:…
Dream eating succubus gets caught in the act and high sexual content fun occurs
"An needs a quest to pursue and a dream to fulfill.”
I knew it was horrible, but it's almost hard to believe someone could do that to another human.
Cleaning house and dug up some old dream job notes. 1 from high school, 1 from college, 1 from now. Lol. They all say the same thing
Had a dream Shelb and I were on the football team and survived two-a-days at good ol' Carey High✌
'Tower'...To dream of seeing a tower, denotes that you will aspire to high eleva...
while making OST for DREAM HIGH park jinyoung (president of JYPent) gaves her the song 'someday'
I had a dream I got high with Mr Buddhu
There is a high cost to the limitations we put on ourselves...not living the life we dream of!
Last night I had a dream with my friend from high was weird
I have to sleep off a bad dream, it's like sleeping off a bad high.
I had a dream I was a ghost last night. Walking around my old suburb in my high school uniform.
Still coming down from the high of Did I really shoot with or was it just a dream? ;)
Data to answer if June high was a dream for housing market /via .
Canadian Real Estate Association to release homes sales data for July. Will the growth persist?
"Whenever I'm with you I feel like I'm dreaming. A dream that I can't ever dream again.." - Dream High 2
I have high expectations about meeting Cam and it *** because part of me knows that I wont but the other part is just caught up in a dream
I had a dream I went camping w/ friends & got so high that he forgot me at a rest stop for like 10 min & I never forgave him.
Looking for a new kitchen, our designers can provide you a dream kitchen - Laver
I want that velocity burning high when it launches. This extra time and focus has to pay off. Take it higher
When I reach my goal & live my dream, the first person I will thank is my junior high teacher who told me "You wont do anything w/your life"
‘Dream High 2’ Seo Joon the Next Kim Soo Hyun? wonder, his personality is kinda' similar to KSH. ayi!
[NEWS] 6 star property in the hands of nearly 80 commercials-the CF King/CF Queen of entertainment of South Korea in the first half by 2014 On television to watch the television and you see him appear! On the web and chat with friends and you see her smiling! Walking in Seoul and you thought were lost in their photo gallery for the promotional poster and a giant screen in downtown for broadcast replay CF of the stars! 6 star holds nearly 80 commercials, a utopian, so what are they? ♥ Suzy-young fresh image the vitality of "national first love" Suzy is currently 11 CF include: Domino's Pizza, Beanpole, Vita500, Sumichip, Ticket Monster, The Face Shop, Sprite, the Korea Post and On the Body ... and each contract has cost about 700 million won. After his debut with the film "Dream High" by KBS, Suzy appeared on the movie "Architecture 101" (2012) and conquered the entire males in South Korea because of the clarity of her lovely. The rest are: Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, G-Dragon (Big Bang), Jung Ji-Hyun, a ...
'Dream High' co-star Kim Soo Hyun revealed to have attended one of IU's concerts
"There are more important than friends. Is rival, they will make excited "- Dream High
I dreamed a dream in times gone by. When hope was high. And life worth living
Stay high like a flight, . Keep dreaming like its already night, . Try to fly your dream like a kite, . Trust yourself like you always right.
What would your dream house be like? — Ooh. Very modern. High ceilings, skylights, the works. A california moder...
had a dream I was nominated best body in high school and had to stand on stage with a bikini on. lol no thanks
Well even in 2012 when she was filming Dream High 2 she had that OST track with JB and high notes wow
Idk why but my junior high basketball court is the place that occurs the most in my dream
My bathroom is arranged in high stepped walls, like stadium seating built of old stone like an Incan temple. I sit high up in the tub
[bot]My dream’s really beautiful as a fantasy. I wanna achieve its & I’ve been so happy to realizing this dream.-dream high.
We are going to Europe together. Even though I'll go to Rotterdam and his destination is Helsinki (Espoo, to be exact), it's a wonderful feeling for us. I'm just so so so excited! Paris. Amsterdam. London. Berlin. Venice. Madrid. Europe is no longer out of our reach! Thank you a lot, my darling Maria Dang Hoa Than Rubee Tran Nancy Pham. You made me dream high, encouraged me to go for my desire, and finally, I got it. Thanks to Taleed Academy, I can go anywhere I want, do anything I like, and enjoy my interesting life. To all of my classmates who passed the exam successfully, congratulations! You guys can be proud of what you've done. A whole new life has just opened to you. Enjoy this moment, coz it's so amazing and unforgettable!
I dream of you riding unicorns, fighting evil and giving you a high five as you blaze a trail of colourful justice
love rain,naughty kiss,god of study,dream high 2, 49 days,you're my destiny,memories in bali "Drama korea FAV ?"
oh gad not him no I thought I was over him with Dream High and Moon Embracing the Sun but then asdjhfkaadfs
My lovee Do you ever dream of caandy coaated raain drops🎶 High five if youre a G & know this hit😂
“Memories are Memories. If you keep living in the past, there’s no future.” – Dream High [BOT]
Kim & Kanye setting high wedding expectations for every little girls dream 👰
I had a dream that I was so high at work and had to be on the register. It was the scariest thing ever.
I had a dream that I was getting high, I'm getting Kush withdrawals.
What was your biggest dream growing up? — Is to graduate high school that was my dream to begin with
"Toes in the grass with our hands up high, dream as big as the midnight sky, so untamed and we're so alive tonight" ☀️🎵
Never give up on what you Fight for your And dream Happy Monday!
My dream is to fly . Over the rainbow. So high💜
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Last night I had a dream I had to go on a roller coaster that went super high and I cried in front if everyone 🙈
Bae Suzy my love imma sleep na iloveyousomuch no.1 fan here mwa mwa loveyousomuch mwa mwa enjoy your day i'll watch dream high tomorrow :*
I had a dream, that I was drunk in high school, and Roose Bolton was my math teacher
Had a dream I enrolled back into high school.. Talk about a nightmare
I had a terrible dream last night that I was back in high school 😨😨
are vanishing species..they are loosing faith on its High Command..faster than ice cream out of fridge..
High jawbone forgery logistician bluetooth coaxial speaker is in effect remarkable and dream-built: OQPr
“Had a dream I was in CHS again ... *** I really miss high school sometimes”-lmao real life too hard?
it was J just a dream just a moment ago I was up so high , they say what goes up must come down but don't let me fall 💯
I put the DreamWalk™ High Heel Insoles! in my most uncomfortable pair of heels and walking in them now is a DREAM!!
Strangely I had a dream of ALL my high school friends and the spring football game is today.
Had a dream I got a high five of last night. You can only imagine my disappointment when I woke up, face down, alone in bed 😂😭
I had a dream I was smoking and woke up feeling high
Can't wait to get married! I have such high expectations after seeing Kim and Kanyes wedding, such a dream makes me emosh😪
I've been watching a lot of K dramas. I finished Dream High..hmm yesterday?? I'm excited to watch Spring Waltz...well the second episode cause I started watching it last night. I love k dramas.. :) Don't exactly know why I'm sharing this..but oh well:)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm starting to re-watch dream high s1 for 7th time. pero urgg~ di na nagana lahat ng links na alam ko. :3 Link juseyo~~
Had a busy weekend but a great one to start off Saturday my 18 year old step daughter Bryanna Bundy graduated with honors from Palm Bay high and got a job later that day she's an amazing girl turning in to a great woman u have worked ur *** to get where u are today and I hope that never stops. U have over come a lot and thru curve balls back at them when needed to keep ur dream high and go anywhere u want in life no one but ur kids should ever hold u back always respect ur self and others and u can have everything u ever wanted never say I'd wish I've done that just go out and do it live like there's no tomorrow !!! I love u girl
What's your favorite doll? 1 secret garden 2 boys over flowers 3 my name is Kim Sam soon 4 princess hours 5 dream high 6 playful kiss 7 you're beautiful Mine is you're beautiful: pigrabbit.
1. To play the spy-pretending-to-be-a-fool in "Secretly Greatly," he looked for inspiration in some unusual places. He read the comic, and liked it a lot, but modeled his character on a children's show. "I looked at the Teletubbies and copied their body language," he said. It's not an image that comes to mind when you think of Kim Soo Hyun. 2. He was the only non-idol cast in a "Dream High" leading role and it was scary at first. "Among that group of idols I felt like I didn't exist," he said. "I worried but there was no point. They all really opened up to me and I was accepted into the group." Still, he had to work harder than the others, never having danced before. "I trained in the JYP practice room for over three months," he said. I was surprised at how daunting it was to perform. Taecyeon and Woo Young really helped me a lot. They're friends that I'm really thankful for." 3. If he writes you a love letter, you may not be able to read it. "When I took my midterm, I had to write a report," he said. "I ...
Kim Soo Hyun got his first big break being starred in "Dream High" with Bae Suzy as his leading lady.
Starring in hit drama after hit drama, Kim Soo Hyun took the nation by storm with his charismatic gaze and impressive acting skills in 'Dream High,' 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun,' and most recently
hmm.. You're beatiful, dream high, city hunter and many more!!
I have a lot lol but my favs are: you who came from the stars, the heirs, BBF, dream high, flower boy next door wbu??
My biggest dream is to rule the world, is that high enough for ya???!!! Lol😁
''the brightest path may also be the lonliest'' Hyemi,Dream High
Just like in high school, when I find a new cool band, I stick up their photo on my wall and dream of joining their grou…
I will now take my aviation high home and dream to the beat of Thanks today was perfect
If u ever wanted to ever be anything, they'll always be somebody that will shoot down any dream
Eats? (๏̯๏) "Those that eats in their dream tends to have high blood pressure - WHO"
you're welcome ^^ oh by the way I'm watching dream high I think I'm on ep 6
revealed the truth behind her dating rumors with 8’s broadcast of invited Orange Caramel and as special guests to represent ‘bizarre at first, addictive later’ groups. During the show, MC commented, “I heard Kim Soo Hyun has been meeting Nana these days,” and Nana said, “I heard the dating rumors with Kim Soo Hyun numerous times. I heard it through the staff members at shops and even through reporters.” Nana continued, “I’ve always named Kim Soo Hyun as my ideal type. I was a fan even before Dream High aired,” and explained, “The rumors probably spread because Kim Soo Hyun once named Orange Caramel as his favorite girl group.” When special MC suspiciously commented, “But there’s no smoke without fire,” and Nana said, “Sometimes there is, apparently.”
This drama is insanely good, plus Suzy makes a cameo as Go Hyemi- Her character in Dream High.
The End of Wisdom is to Dream High Enough.Not to Lose the Dream in the Seeking of it.Good Evening to Everyone.Muaaah
I dream high I dream a dream When it’s difficult I close my eyes And I wake up imagining the moment When my dream will come true I can fly high I believe Someday up in that sky I will spread my wings And fly freely, higher than anyone else I need the courage that will lift me up when I fall The courage that will allow me to wipe off the dust and run one more time I will believe in myself again Believe in my destiny And I will risk everything and jump over the wall that is higher than my height
Can't wait for our first photoshoot this weekend as Dream High Models! ♡
One of my downlines post this. Naniwala kaya ayan kumikita na rin siya ngaun. hehehe Tnx po. Dream high but always keep your feet on the ground. Thanks be to God. For more info don't hesitate to pm us. We are most willing to guide you in this kind of business.
Credits: KBS2 , Fe3reary21 pls don't remove: for Entertainment purposes only.. TNX.. DON'T 4get to support DREAM HIGH Season 2!! - I love this Drama So mu...
My Daily Quotes will help you, 'Never give up', 'Donate a smile', 'Dream high', 'Let go' and 'Celebrate life'
AMININ NYO TO.! TEENAGERS FACT. 1. Internet is a daily need. 2. Super hate waking up early. 3. Hate math but like to count a money. 4. Dislike being compared. 5. Sleeping is my hobby. 6. Can't go a day without phone. 7. Music is a bestfriend. 8. Want to treat like a kid but act like an adults. 9. For girls the hobby is fangirling. 10. Dream high 11. Can't see the refrigerator empty.
Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly! dream high but take an action. : )
Harvard it's my dream high since ago... And i hope... I'll study finished over there..
to change the bad habit we must study the habit from the good model~ Dream High 2
First meeting with the Dream High Models. Making it official.
Which of my Kdrama you like most? 'Dream High' or 'The love story of Kang Chi'
Thanks Certified Winner Team for the support yesterday..specially to upline weng..upline ren..upline myka and upline diane..power!!dream high!!aim high!!
It is good to dream high coz whn th dreamer stop dreaming th future disapear n those who look upon th dreamer get lost on th way so dreamer g on dream high fr u n those who are wth u Hv a gud nyt all
"I dreamt of you, and we kissed. Although, I now it wasn't real, I still wake up breathless." Lakas mka drama, dream high trada💔🔫
So proud of my academic machine. . ONCE AGAIN A HONOR ROLL in Cambridge. .. She amazes me daily. .. I ♥ you bugs... Keep it up and you will own the world! !! Dream high sister
Dream high but don't forget to less your expectation. XOXO :*
heyy !! I'm Eden I wached "Dream High" and I really liked your character in that TV series and I heard your song with JB "Bounce" ♥
Solo activities and Rise to Fame In October 2010, Suzy became the host for MBC Show! Music Core alongside Minho and Onew , both from SHINee, and Jiyeon , from T-ara .[4] Suzy later hosted other shows such as Inkigayo, M! Countdown, M! Countdown Hello Japan ,[5][6] the 21st Seoul Music Awards, 26th Golden Disk Awards with F.T. Island 's Hongki , and Mnet 20's Choice Awards alongside the actor Song Joong-ki [7] where she won an award under the category "hot new star of 2011". [8] Since then, Suzy continues to host many events from music shows up to major award ceremonies. Apart from her group activities, Suzy made her acting debut as the main female character Go Hye-mi with the drama Dream High, which aired on KBS2 from January 3 to February 28. [9][10] The drama proved to be a success maintaining first in its Mon-Tue drama time slot. It also gained popularity in other countries and won several international awards. [11][12] In October 2011, it was confirmed that Suzy became a cast member in KBS2 TV reality ...
Dream High couple Miss A's Suzy and actor Kim Soo Hyun meet in the shooting of SBS' hit drama "You Who Came From The Stars". Suzy becomes JiHyun's rival in the drama.
It's just not the song you wanna sing, but it's the song you want other to listen to (; Dream High ;)
Let's do our the best, live with energeticpower until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then (: - dream high
Eunjung-ah. I love you since Dream High. You are so cool and attract me so much. Take care of yourself.
If you ever meet Salvador Dalí you should greet him with a Fresh Prince high-five, or so I learnt in a dream.
A friend of mine used to say, If we can dream it, we can do it.
like Budda just told me in a dream 1. Cut your hair and 2. Get high ✨
"To me, you are my music. The Music is you. That's why I'm. here now. If you're not, then there is no music" -Dream. High
In this world there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. - Dream High
So thanks to my dream about me and my dad getting high and him putting Pink Floyd, I have started to listen to them.
if i hadn't watch dream high 2 i wouldn't have known JB & JR from onset...glad i did.
Joey Ramone came to me in a dream and basically told me to buy Ashton Rock n Roll High School
"I pray no tears in your dream, I know u fly high in your life" this really motivated me.
I always dreamt high but i never achieve my own dream.
Underpriced. Tick. High ceiling. Tick. Unique. Tick. Read all about Brandon Ellis in the today!
I was just in a high speed chase and shot an AR in my dream that I was a CIA agent 🙋🚗💨
I had a dream I got high and made hallumi sandwiches. Maybe this is my body's way of telling me something?
Music is the most common language in the world.” – Dream High
Only thing I remember from my dream last night is I high fived a pig 🐷😅
Bumpin tunes gettin amped for a day at sea... Aspire to climb as high as you can dream.
Understated options against chance upon high dream being as how normal: hVFrXZ
SM want to try something like did with EXO, idl SM sinc DBSK, prefr the rookies of YG^^ JB acted n Dream High 2 n has good voice
Crack heads don't do nothing but get high, and hustle all day. Same thing you *** selling drugs do 😭
dream high ost and other. I forget the other but i know many of the song came from k-drama
Dream High Korean drama I love Jason&Pil Sook couple They're such a sweet and cutest couple!!
Curious. Question: I think here - Hand goes way up as far as your hand will go. And I end up here. Hand goes above your head. That's what I think. Dream high. My husband thinks: You should have no expectations. When you have no expectations, you are never disappointed. What do you think?
[K-ENTERTAINMENT] I love the necklace in Dream High! Do you think having a necklace like that would give you strength? [Kat]
Watching Boys Over Flowers and Dream High all over again!! :D
Be Independent, Dream High, Hustle Hard, Embrace Optimism, get your mind straight, Be Focus & Trust Nobody but GOD.
[Dream High] Hye Mi and Sam Dong singing in Japan & dance battle
Done watching Dream High, My GF is a Gumiho, Princess Hours, Full House and One liter of tears AGAIN .. Now what should I watch. OTL
The making of the dancing scene from ep 8 of Dream High. This is from the Dream High Japan Making DVD. [Dream High BTS] Suzy + Kim Soo Hyun - 'Boom Boom Pow ...
Why am I only watching Dream High now huhuhu go Suzy Kim Soo Hyun and IU!! =))) No need to cheer for Taecyeon and Wooyoung bec ILY already ♥
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, My Fair Lady, City Hunter, Rooftop Prince, Dream High, Dream High2, Gu Family Book - best KDrama's as of now
Sales Manager - Forum Shops ( Las Vegas, NV) Tiffany & Co. the name instills images of Beauty, Romance and the iconic Blue Box. It is a Symbol of Excellence. For 175 years, Tiffany has created a legacy of exquisite designs and romantic ideals. Tiffany & Co.'s rich heritage of celebrated artists, historic milestones and magnificent jewelry creates the foundation from which our employees build upon each day. Tiffany employees are passionate, kind and professionally committed. We hold ourselves and our co-workers to very high standards. We continually educate ourselves about new merchandise collections, cultures and the evolving luxury market. Our respect and love for the brand creates a workplace like no other. Tiffany employees honor every special moment in our customer's lives and every unique gift that commemorates their milestones. This differentiating factor, known as the Tiffany Experience (Creating Connections, Providing Personalized Experiences and Honoring the Tiffany Legacy) is never compromised. ...
Out of ordinary.. wake up by a dream this morning, I haven't heard anything from this person for a while now.. (we were in high spirits exchanging convrztion) was amaze.. in my dream this person sent me a messag..found out when i wake up and checked my mail there was a message coming from this person..
Here is some more information about crystals from "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall she writes, Crystals still have the same properties today but not all are as flamboyant as gemstones. There are quieter, less outwardly attractive crystals that are nonetheless extremely powerful. Gemstones themselves can easily be overlooked when in their natural, uncut state but their attributes remain the same, and an uncut Sapphire, for instance, which costs a fraction of the price of a faceted stone, is as effective as the most scintillating cut gem. Most people are familiar with the crystals that have been around for years such as Amethyst, Malachite, and Obsidian but nowadays new crystals such as Larimar, Petalite, and Phenacite are finding their way into stores. These are 'stones of the New Age'. They have made themselves known to facilitate the evolution of the earth and all those upon it. These crystals have extremely high vibration that raises consciousness and opens the higher chakras to communicate with ot ...
Newhaven Chamber of Commerce has been awarded £10,000 to spend on revitalising and enlarging the weekly High Street market. The money has come from the Mary Portas scheme to revitalise ailing high streets. Newhaven took part in the scheme last year - it was not selected as one of the 12 towns in the Pilot Bid, but all towns that took part but not selected were awarded £10,000 to help to revitalise their town centres. The funding has been awarded to the Newhaven Chamber of Commerce by The Town Team of which Lewes District Council is the Lead Member. The current street market runs twice a week but over the years it has declined in size to just a handful of stalls, but the Chamber of Commerce plans to expand and enliven the market with a full range of stalls selling everything from local home-made produce, organic goods, crafts, fruit & veg, clothing, household goods and many more. Some of this money will also be used to make the town centre visually more appealing. Newhaven Chamber of Commerce President, ...
NO ONE ON PLANET EARTH CAN CHANGE FOR YOU... Willingness to learn anything starts with you. You have to maintain a high attitude to learn. If you stop learning, then you will stop growing in your life. You must constantly be learning and changing as you go forward-to fulfill your dream or vision. Many people do not like to change. Willingness to learn to change also must be done by you. “No one on planet earth can change for you!” I can tell you from personal experience that when you learn something-you must apply it in your life. When you apply what you have learned in your life situations-usually you have to make changes in your life for things to change.
WEDNESDAY'S WISH: It's 4:04 a.m. and I've been writing for an hour now, after reviewing my mountain of notes and thousands of images from my 2013 ESCAPESEEKER GLOBAL ODYSSEY which began on January 9th in Papeete, Tahiti and ended in Venice, Italy on July 8th, and covered the South Pacific, Asia, South America, North America, and Europe. In the next remaining months of 2013, my film crew and I will take the scripts I have written and retrace my steps, recapturing these stunning destinations in high-definition cinematography, reliving the breathtaking experiences, but most of all, retelling the stories of the most inspiring, engaging people I have met all along the way. Sometimes, when you're in the thick of the journey, it is easy to forget that behind these incredible DREAM ESCAPES is an extraordinary VISIONARY who paid the price to turn it into our REALITY! My Wednesday's Wish is that after reading my stories or watching ESCAPESEEKER that you, too, will be inspired to explore our magnificent planet. I .. ...
My dream is 2 fly ova de rainbow so high rise up rise up we wil meet again i tried fly so high direction sky... Dj Ganyani rocks, dis was de last words from my friend before he can pass away on tuesday (rest in peace ambani bazel nefale) al always remember you.
EVENING PRAYER Today is Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Wednesday after Trinity VI The Season is TRINITY The liturgical color of the day is GREEN The Minister shall begin the Evening Prayer by reading one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture; and then he shall say that which is written after them. But he may, at his discretion, pass at once from the Sentences to the Lord's Prayer. And NOTE, that when the Confession and Absolution are omitted, the Minister may, after the Sentences, pass to the Versicles, O Lord, open thou our lips, etc., in which case the Lord's Prayer shall be said with the other prayers, immediately after The Lord be with you, etc., and before the Versicles and Responses which follow. THE LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. Hab. ii. 20. LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Psalm xxvi. 8. Let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incense; and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacri ...
Not everyone comes into work with the same level of engagement, motivation, and passion each day. But if more than a few of your employees are making a habit out of being tired, stressed, and unmotivated, you might have a problem on your hands. A recent study by Dale Carnegie Training showed that nearly three-quarters of employees aren’t fully engaged at their jobs. A lack of engagement could be a sign pointing to poor job satisfaction--and dissatisfied employees could be costing you more than you think. Aside from the high price of employee turnover, you could also be losing money due to their carelessness or lack of engagement. It’s best to spot the signs of unhappy employees early and do your best to get them back on track to being happier, more engaged, and profitable. Here are the top 10 reasons your employee’s full-time job may be hating their job: 10. They think the grass is greener someplace else. If your employee’s friends are having an amazing experience at another company, why wouldn’ ...
SACRIFIES is a foundation 4 being SUCCESFUL high dream big
God sake the world of football drives me insane, playing for Celtic is my dream and moving to a struggling EPL club is laughable. Good luck anyway Victor you were brilliant in Europe. -Doc
I really feel sad and embarrassed for some of the people I went to high school with... I mean first is people going on Jerry springer to make a few bucks. That's what ever. But now looking at this news paper "busted" seeing school mates mug shots.. Like what on earth. Do you have no shame?Do you really not care at all?How can you not be embarrassed? I mean I by far am not leading the dream... But stealing and Jerry springer is way out of sight for me. Seriously people, get it together!!
Arrayed in red, you sit By your castle of haystack all day. Why won’t you tell me your name? I heard your father call you By a name you answer to. Would it be the same? Would you turn around to look at me, If I call you by that name?   Moonshine, like a river Flows out of your eyes When you, for a moment, look up deep into the starry night. And the breeze drifts me along To the place where you dance, To the dreamy tune of the leaves fluttering in the wind With little fireflies who sing, A song that moves my world, breaks my heart. Why can’t you see, I stand by the meadow? Why won’t you sing with me?   How I long to cross this river Wider than a field, between us. If only you could turn around and smile; Give me your hand. Let your eyes tell me Of the worlds you want to see. Let your heart tell me Of the things you want to do. Sing to me the songs you’ve always wanted to sing. Your voice is a nightingale’s own symphony. How enchanting would it be, Oh pretty girl by the haystack, If we could cre ...
Annyeong Haseyo Yorubun !! Remember Me ? Btw ! ... Does anyone know what is the OST of DREAM HIGH 1 ? And the song that Ko Hyemi ( Suzy ) and Song Samdong ( Soo Hyun ) Sang at the FAKE SHOWCASE ? Please comment if you know ... I'll give Prs :) AngelsMelodies
Today on This Morning: Is technology taking over our lives?; Georgia May Foote and Sol Heras; Dirty divorce tricks; Over 60s beach babes; Cookery with John Whaite; Dara O'Briain; Robin Thicke performs, plus We welcome Stuart Scarborough, who is fulfilling his late wife Katie's dream by sitting on the This Morning sofa
"explore your questions... wear high heels, seek inspiration, be present, erase negative thoughts... play dress up, dream big... inhale LOVE... exhale hate..."
Listening to some Seger and man does this song feel right right now!! Turn it up and just close your eyes and listen and dream! Great tune for the soul!! Took a look down a westbound road, Right away I made my choice Headed out to my big two-wheeler, I was tired of my own voice Took a bead on the northern plains And just rolled that power on Twelve hours out of mackinaw city Stopped in a bar to have a brew Met a girl and we had a few drinks And I told her what I'd decided to do She looked out the window a long long moment Then she looked into my eyes She didn't have to say a thing, I knew what she was thinkin' Roll, roll me away, Won't you roll me away tonight I too am lost, I feel double-crossed And I'm sick of what's wrong and what's right We never even said a word, We just walked out and got on that bike And we rolled And we rolled clean out of sight We rolled across the high plains Deep into the mountains Felt so good to me Finally feelin' free Somewhere along a high road The air began to turn cold Sh ...
Love in the Coffin Chapter Twenty Two Tengku had come to Uttara, from Savar to Uttara to upgrade his begging mind. He started walking along the road and looked at the sophisticated modern building on both sides curiously to shape his mind. Perverted artificial mind. That was only when he was out of his room. The day he came to Uttara, he started to shut up in his room like a cave man; he plunged into the ocean of natural mind, his very, very personal. Oku was supposed to share the room with him, but he had changed his mind on the pretext that Rumel Vai would mind. Rumel Vai had two houses in Uttara, and was going to buy another. So he could not help staying there. Rumel vai had to change his mind after talking with Tengku.Yes, Tengku had won his heart. After one hour’s talking he did not smell any beggar’s smell in Tengku’s body. He offered him to stay in his green house - a two storey corrugated tin house covered with creepers, a winding iron stair way to reach the room, and very attractive and fa ...
around the cosplay in the world [AMPLE!] Simple & Stylish New Cosplay Photo Sharing Site!
DIRECTION OF KA'BAH FROM VARIOUS CITIES CHAPTER I `IBADAH The word 'Ibadah comes from the Arabic "Abd", which means slave or servant. Man is a born subject and servant of Allah. When he turns to Allah with humility and devotion, he performs an act of `Ibadah. `Ibadah is a means for purifying man's physical and spiritual life. In Islam, every good deed performed to seek the pleasure of Allah is an act of worship. The obligatory rituals of `Ibadah are prayers (Salah), fasting (Saum), Zakah, pilgrimage (Hajj), and struggling in the ways of Allah (Jehad). These along with Iman are often called the pillars of Islam. Islam is an integral whole. It covers all aspects of man's life. The pillars unite all human activities, spiritual and material, individual and collective. The obligatory rituals of `Ibadah make "faith" (Iman) to play a practical and effective role in the human life. `Ibadah is therefore something positive. It is the means by which the faithfuls can serve Allah as well as their fellow men. The Sala ...
HOW TO QUALIFY TO STUDY ABROAD. To qualify for study abroad depends on few things. A student must have completed high school, to study abroad. Most universities and colleges would want to admit a student who has attained grade C- plan and above, for those students who aspire to study at undergraduate (degree) level. For those students who already got their degree (undergraduate), universities and colleges abroad will give admission to those students who has attained PASS and above. For those students who wish to study at masters level (graduates study), will need to have cleared their first degree. Those who are willing to take doctorate or PhD must have completed their graduate studies and passed successful. For students willing to attend technical colleges, they need to have some knowledge on the relevant course they are to take abroad. For exchange students; they need to be enrolled in a college or university at the time of application. On few occasion a student might want to study at high school level ...
Okay Ophelia, this is not the one you want to hear, I will keep you hanging on that. This one I will call "Waiting at the Gate". Dunyasha has been to a place called Mule Creek in New Mexico three times. A little background on it, know for its amethystine scepters and in large quantities, its past is also rich in the history of "The People" (Native Americans). Pottery shards are everywhere, this must have been a very large camp. Something happened here in the past though, something that was not pretty, to put it lightly. It was a long drive from Sedona, eight hours at least, We left early. I think we made it there about noon and got camp set up. We then went about our mission "FINDING QUARTZ", We searched all the rest of the day and came up with very little. So We ate and went to bed and sleep, for tomorrow is another day. On our "Road Trips" Dunyasha sleeps in her tent and I sleep in the truck, as I get up very early. About 3 o'clock in the morning she wakes me, she is in a total panic, in her dream state ...
Only as high as i can reach can i grow Only as far as i seek can i go Only as deep as i look i can see Only as much as i dream i can be .
Ronnie Magsanoc wants to share PBA Hall of Fame honor with family, on and off court Retired PBA point guard Ronnie Magsanoc was humbled when he heard the news that he is part of the latest class of inductees into the league’s Hall of Fame. “It’s a huge blessing and a great honor,” Magsanoc told InterAKTV. But making the recognition sweeter is that he will join longtime running mate Benjie Paras, along with two other league pioneers. “To be voted and recognized together with my perpetual teammate and eternal friend Benjie Paras plus league pioneer Lim Eng Beng, and the legendary player and coach, the late Ed Ocampo, makes the selection even more special,” said Magsanoc. Earning the sobriquet “Point Laureate” for his brilliant court generalship, he put together a 15-year career, most notably with Shell with stops at Sta. Lucia and Purefoods. He hasn’t been shy about crediting the success of his career to his wife and three daughters, who have served as his rock during that span. So when he ...
A Living Nightmare -A. Begg   Genesis 41:4   Pharaoh's dream has too often been my waking experience. My days of laziness have ruinously destroyed all that I had achieved in times of zealous endeavor; my seasons of coldness have frozen all the genial glow of my periods of fervency and enthusiasm; and my fits of worldliness have thrown me back from my advances in the divine life. I had need to beware of lean prayers, lean praises, lean duties, and lean experiences, for these will eat up the fat of my comfort and peace.   If I neglect prayer for never so short a time, I lose all the spirituality to which I had attained; if I draw no fresh supplies from heaven, the old corn in my granary is soon consumed by the famine that rages in my soul. When the caterpillars of indifference, the worms of worldliness, and the snares of self-indulgence lay my heart completely desolate and make my soul languish, all my former fruitfulness and growth in grace avails me nothing whatever. How anxious should I be to have no ...
I can almost see it. That dream I'm dreaming, but There's a voice inside my head saying You'll never reach it Every step I'm takin' Every move I make Feels lost with no direction, My faith is shakin' But I, I gotta keep tryin' Gotta keep my head held high
Please take time to follow these wonderful links and resources for further information on pyramid energy .
Ever wanted to run over someone with a smart car? Harry
'You are beautiful,boys over flowers,dream high' - this are great drama!
Friends, please read this patiently and Feel God the Creator, see if you can actually describe Him.. Job 41-42, Acts 16:22-40 (The Message) Job 41-42 I Run This Universe 41 1-11 “Or can you pull in the sea beast, Leviathan, with a fly rod and stuff him in your creel? Can you lasso him with a rope, or snag him with an anchor? Will he beg you over and over for mercy, or flatter you with flowery speech? Will he apply for a job with you to run errands and serve you the rest of your life? Will you play with him as if he were a pet goldfish? Will you make him the mascot of the neighborhood children? Will you put him on display in the market and have shoppers haggle over the price? Could you shoot him full of arrows like a pin cushion, or drive harpoons into his huge head? If you so much as lay a hand on him, you won’t live to tell the story. What hope would you have with such a creature? Why, one look at him would do you in! If you can’t hold your own against his glowering visage, how, then, do you expec ...
No matter how far you go, the sky is too high to ever be caught. And my dream stay the same - I wish find person to travel all life long together, explore this world together.
BEWARE OF PERFECTIONIST! Are u expecting d impossible? It's gud to aim high, but ur goals for urself should be within reach. So go ahead and dream abt being a star athlete- but set ur sights on improving ur game in specific ways.
(Kr lee) Rovers interested in lance hohaia from.saints a player with past good form but never really done it for saints and to me not what rovers need
SONG FOR THE DAY (UB40) . "I got to tell someone, Can anyone hear me The girl of my dream just told me that she loves me She whispered and I was consumed so completely Lost in a love that feel whenever she's near me She's got em wishing for something that's missing Starring at the stars, getting high on her kissing Now I got my girl My girl got me We're making plans for a family" . If you know this song by UB40, then sing along. It's been on repeat in my car for days and I aint tired of it yet!!!
World Series Madison Bumgarner Sri Lanka Islamic State White House David Cameron San Francisco Giants Pope Francis West Africa Jeb Bush Apple Pay President Obama San Francisco Mercury Prize League Cup Daniel Radcliffe Amy Poehler Suge Knight Federal Reserve Ed Miliband Taylor Swift South Korea Capital One Cup Rio Ferdinand Jennifer Lopez Jim Carrey Las Vegas Supreme Court Internet Explorer 8 Red Cross Katie Holmes Katt Williams New Zealand John Lowe North Korea Oscar Pistorius Manchester City Maureen Lipman Duck Dynasty South Korean World Series Game Daily News Pulitzer Prize Hong Kong Malala Yousafzai Mama June Mike Tyson Chris Christie New Jersey Sierra Leone Breaking Bad Orson Welles Amelia Earhart Jim Murphy South Park National Cat Day Muhammad Ali Lady Gaga Lord Hill Middle East Milton Hall Neil Patrick Harris De Blasio Stuart Lancaster Pat Quinn Pau Gasol Hawaii County Craig Spencer Jeff Daniels Long Island Black Panther Civil War North Korean Sistine Chapel Katniss Everdeen World Cup Derrick Rose Ben Bradlee Jose Canseco Kate Olsen Manchester City 0 Bruce Jenner Tom Brady Todd Gurley Kim Kardashian Joe Maddon Heathrow Airport World Series Champions Mutual Fund Elton John Hurricane Sandy Matthew Mcconaughey Wall Street David Silva Serious Fraud Office Michael Sata North Carolina Hillary Clinton Doctor Strange Big Bang

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