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Drake Bell

Jared Drake Bell (born June 27, 1986), better known as Drake Bell, is an American actor, comedian, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional television director.

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2013: Kanye West had a baby named North West. 2014: Drake Bell now needs to knock someone up and name the kid Taco
lord, give us Paul Walker back. And we will give you Drake Bell.
Drake Bell look at your body now look at Justin Bieber's body now think!
apparently drake bell has nudes somebody find me them to compare to Zac Efron xoxo
hey Amber why do all beliebers hate drake bell
Ummm where did drake bell disappear to
Basically, I just like looking at Drake Bell
Drake Bell has such a perfect voice 😍
Why is Drake Bell having a concert on Zoey 101?
you are clearly a fan of Justin Bieber. Your last name on this is bieber, you hate drake bell; obvious reasons. Not dumb at all
I was obsessed with Drake Bell back in the days.
what does me hating Drake Bell have to do with Justin? HA dumB
“Quote this with a picture of the celebrity you hate the most” id quote with drake bell but he's not really famous
I just figured out that Drake Bell from Zoey 101, is the same Drake in Drake and Josh...
Taylor hits Bell for a wing trey and Drake calls timeout. Bradley leads 44-32, 16:14. Giacolettin upset by no call at other end.
drake bell has achieved more than Justin Bieber. Just by his intellect
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I remember I met Drake Bell at the mall near me and I'm not even that big of a fan and I froze up. Imagine if I met paramore!
Drake deflects Bell pass out of bounds. Bradley ball with 8 on shot clock after media timeout. Braves lead 29-20, 3:43 left 1st H.
when I was in the 3rd grade, my grandmother thought Drake Bell was ***
Once you leave, dont ever come back. We dont do refunds. 1D dont want you too. Try Drake Bell. He loves to do refunds.
What do you look like nacked. Can you send me a puicture
Had a dream I was friends with Drake Bell and Josh Peck from the show Drake and Josh. They we're cool people.
First i looked like JB then drake bell and now I am anthony padilla okey I like the last 2 the first one nah
Kanye West naming his baby North can only be topped if Drake Bell named his kid Taco
Drake Bell is bringing his new music directly to you - join him at to be a part of his dream album!
Oh, how hypocritical of you. Weren't it Beliebers who attacked Drake Bell's, Lady Gaga's and Selena's fans?
but I only like the "josh" in "drake AND Josh" because Drake Bell was being mean to people. No respect for him
Collin just said I remind him of drake bell. Die
*** Drake Bell's music is pretty frickin' good
If you really think Justin is retiring at 19 then I want you to leave this fandom and join Drake Bell's fandom and be t…
Because of Justin, Drake bell got noticed
Do I really look like drake bell. I don't see it
Like for real when drake bell got into that and car accident 7 years ago I cried for hours
I've really been enjoying the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Especially when it's serious, Drake Bell is pretty good as a Peter/Spider-Man
Gonna watch the drake and bell movie now! :)
On offense for the tide look out for McCarron, T.J Yeldon, Kenny Bell, Kenyon Drake, Amari Cooper, Christon Jones, and Kevin Norwood
listening to the Drake Bell classics
Remember when we all had crushes on Drake Bell?
dear drake bell, if you didn't get it yet no one cares about your opinion, thanks. Much love dude
What about you? Are you going to Pick your reward and make dream come true! http…
Drake Bell and Justin Bieber have something in common. :)
Music video by Daniella Monet & Drake Bell performing Lookin' Like Magic. (C) 2011 Viacom a unit of Nickelodeon.
Shout out to Drake Bell for not being a crazy, pregnant teen star
Anyone still listen to old Drake Bell songs?
Drake bell hates him so much like omg calm down bro
Karma has more fans than Drake Bell
Drake Bell - End It Good This is the best quality possible for You Tube. Thank Universal Motown for letting me put this up. Lyrics: I'm overenjoyed like Mild...
Hi all, this is the drake bell concert live in "La Alameda", Mexido D.F Please, remember visiting "The Site Is Under Construction" A ...
Amanda Bynes calls Rihanna ugly, hangs with Drake Bell and addresses NYPD harassment and weed arrest - claims she does not do drugs and will star in music vi...
Drake Bell: In honor of Kim and Kanye's baby 'North West' I will be naming my first son 'Taco'.
Drake Bell - What You Need (HQ Audio) This audio is the best quality possible for a Youtube Video. Hope you enjoy! Watch in HD for the best audio quality. Al...
Loving me some Drake Then again, Josh did get pretty cute...
I was just saying Drake Bell has nice sideburns, but I accidentally said sidebrows
I'm so glad Drake Bell is my favorite actor. His birthday is the same day my parents got married!
Christina, I don't see how you think Drake Bell is cuter than Josh Peck.
Drake Bell - I Found a Way [Lyric] I never thought that it'd be so simple but I found a way, I found a way I always thought that it'd be too crazy but I foun...
Such a great time rockin with Drake Bell at the Dolby Theatre last Saturday!
Every president was assassinated by drake bell
Drake Bell canta End it good con Steve Ryan... Drake Bell sings End it good with Steve Ryan... DRAKE BELL FANS PERU Visiténos y forme de parte de ...
Singer: Drake Bell Song: Jingle Bells CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. I don't own this song.
You guys remember that time Drake Bell played Timmy Turner? Good times, good times.
Drake Bell needs to make a Come back , its been too long and we could all use some Good Freshly Created Music from scratch!
Is that Drake Bell playing a live action Timmy Turner? Christmas this is why you are the best.
Question: Why is Drake Bell playing Timmy Turner in a live action Fairly Odd Parents movie? Follow up question: Why am I watching it?
This one is for my piano students. Drake Bell is a sweetheart! @ Dolby Theatre
This is another reason why I love Drake Bell ❤️
I don't think Drake Bell could make me any happier.
Check out this promo video for TONIGHT's show in HOLLYWOOD!! I'll be slapping my BLAST CULT bass with Drake Bell at the Dolby Theatre. We are opening for Brian Setzer Orchestra. Come on down my Los Angeles rockabilly friends!
Behind-the-scenes with Drake Bell as he records his holiday single "Christmas Promise" at The Cave Studio, House of Blues Nashville. Get the new single 'Chri.
You in LA? Come to the studio and hear Drake Bell and us playing some rockin music! Details listed bellow.
Drake Bell actually makes good music! I never got around to it, but *** he's good. Keep it up, Drake.
Does Drake Bell have good taste in music? Click Here To Unlock Answer!!
Terrific by Drake Bell. Sorry for the first 20sec, had to keep bird calm
Drake Bell and Daniella Monet were here LIVE on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 to answer all of YOUR burning questions! Drake and Daniella are starring in ...
Jesse McCartney hits the stage at Elizabeth Stanton’s 18th Birthday Party Masquerade Ball and Concert benefiting the Marine’s Toys For Tots Foundation on Friday (December 13) in Los Angeles. The 26-year-old singer was joined at the event by Drake Bell, China Anne McClain, Beatrice Miller, Amber Mont
On December 21st, Djordje will be slapping his Blast Cult bass with Drake Bell (of Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh fame) at the legendary Dolby Theatre (formerly known as the Kodak Theatre) in the heart of Hollywood. Drake and his band (Andy Alt on guitar, Marc Slutsky on drums and Djordje on bass) will…
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Its the episode of the Spring Fling and they are trying to raise money to get Drake Bell to perform x
The band ...Jonas brothers and drake bell. :)
Can Drake Bell be my husband legally yet
you guys are obsessed with Drake Bell.
.reaction to finding out that we missed Drake Bell's show in Cleveland last year at the Grog Shop
"just said she'd choose Rick Ross over Drake...both physically and musically always
Fairly Odd Parents did a live action movie starring Drake Bell? news to me!
Kenny's hair is longer than Drake Bell career
Justin and Drake Bell have something in common. They both have their fans as their headers. Justin Bieber http:/…
That *** Drake Bell showed up at CVS. Didn't recognize him at first.
drake bell takes on the front flip. will he nail it, or will he simply...flop? this week on Splash
Drake Bell is in Dallas and I'm over here in Fort Worth just waisting away. 😣
Drake Bell is in Dallas, I repeat, Drake Bell is IN Dallas
Drake Bell keeps replying to himself
Hi I'm Drake Bell and this is the story of how Nickelodeon Magazine stopped me from killing myself
Did anyone else have a crush on Drake Bell when they were little? No? Just me? ...okay.
Drake bell is in Dallas. I must find him.
Best possible Colabs in the world Part one Casey crescenzo (the dear hunter) and drake bell Very similar musicians Jesse Hall (bear cub) and Andy hull (Manchester orchestra) So much alike it's crazy (voice wise) Anthony green (circa survive) and Tillian Pierson (dance Gavin dance) I think it'd be beautiful Jonny Craig (himself) vs drake (rapper) It could be cool? From Indian lakes and now now every children That'd be an excellent sound together I'm sure that's be intresting Ill think of more after work
Wish I could hang out with drake bell and Josh Peck day
I always kinda thought thats drake from drake and josh (drake bell) Looked like louis .
I think I'm just gonna double major in Drake Bell and Tom Felton with a minor in Orlando Bloom
I still wanna make out with Drake Bell.
If you dont RT, drake bell will take your virginity. Justin Bieber
I just noticed drake bell hasnt said anything about justin in a long time lol
I'm a Justin Bieber in a world full of Drake Bell's
(Drake Bell on Obama Win at Bootsy Bellows in LA at Celebr...) 10lilike
Watching The Superhero Movie. The last major movie Drake Bell was in (: it's still a funny parody movie!
Watching superhero from 2008 starring drake bell and kevin hart
I never realized how sexy drake bell was before
Just realized something. Since the Animated Series in the 90s, singers have been the ones to voice Spider-man. Christopher Barnes, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Keaton and Drake Bell. No wonder there's a Spider-Man musical lol
¿Que famoso no les gusta? NO insultos:c A mi no me gusta Drake Bell :DD -Danii.
Can we just talk about how Drake Bell is opening for The Brian Setzer Orchestra? Like I'm sure he's going to do a wonderful job and I would give anything to see that show but Jesus jumping Christ is that outta left field XD
"Half the fun of being a teenager is screwing stuff up." ~Drake Bell✌
Drake bell has grown uglier with age☺️
Drake Bell: 18 years of career, 9 nominations, 5 awards, | Justile and got ripped, Now you can do it too! - sp
Me without Justin Bieber is like Drake Bell without his 6 fans lol.
I thought my obsession with drake bell ended in 2005, guess that was just a break, started seeing his attractive face everywhere!
I haven't head anything from Drake Bell in a while I wonder why is that lol Justin Bieber
or you'll marry drake bell euww Justin Bieber
or drake bell will appear in your nightmares.. Justin Bieber
Don't stop or drake bell will rape u tonight. Justin Bieber
If you didn't have the slightest crush on Drake Bell as a child you're lying to yourself
Vote or I will tell Drake Bell to rape you Justin Bieber
Listening to Found a way by Drake Bell after a long time. "If you open up your mind.see what's inside"
Vote or I'll ship you with Drake Bell. Justin Bieber
are u accepting submissions for OVO, im an myself the equation wont be ruined lol
“justin has more tattoos than drake bell has fans . Justin Bieber
Acc's that pretend to be justin's . personal. can . suck . drake bell's. *** Justin Bieber
I have a friend named Zach and I think his future is kinda bleak. He should marry Drake Bell. That way his last name will be Bell. Zach Bell. In a few years people will come to appreciate that nostalgic reference.
I love Drake Bell so I'm not gonna hate him bc he doesn't like Justin, it's not my problem and it has nothing to do with me. If I meet him and he does something to ME then I might hate him, but it won't be bc of Justin it will be bc he did something to me and I won't want to deal with him. So all u Beliebers that hate Drake Bell bc he doesn't like Justin just stop cuz there is nothing u can do about it and he didn't do anything to disrespect u! So enough with the hate cuz it's annoying AF
Drake Bell was, still is and will always be the best.
plz like either Fans of drake bell Justin Bieber fans or Random Teens those pages are all mine plz like them Adriana Holguin-duarte Steph Whitaker sonya Zamora and all of my friends!
I'm watching Josh Peck and drake bell in drake n josh it's too bad their show was taken off the air so sad I'm very upset drake why did u do tht to me why you hurt me some stuck up for me who don't treat me well
I always wonder if this is the real Drake Bell. If it is, he's awesome.
I'll admit, with Drake Bell in The Ultimate Spiderman, and Josh Peck in the Mindy Project, it feels good to see those two still working.
If someone were to ask me what's on my bucket list I would have make a CD with my favorite artist on it and for the last song on the cd it would be The Weight by Levon Helm. artistes who I would want on the cd would be John Fogery, Drake Bell,Jack White,Hugh Laurie,Grace Potter, harry connick jr, Dr. John, Zack Brown, Brad Paisley, Conan O'Brien, Billy Ray Cyrus,Votaire and many others.
I got the 1. My favorite Disney movies are The Lion King and The Little Mermaid 2. I had six celebrity crushes growing up; Aaron Carter, Drake Bell, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, James Franco, and Luke Bryan 3. I started dying my hair in the 6th grade when I was in my "punk" phase, what color? Black of course. 4. I have a strong respect for the men and women in our armed forces. My bloodline has military men leading back to before the civil war including my dad and grandpas. 5. I check the mail as if I'm playing the lottery, I always hope for packages and letters from loved ones 6. I often feel as if I was born in the wrong era. Eras I would have liked to experience include the 1800s, the 40s and 50s, and the 80s. 7. When I get into a show or a book it becomes an alternate reality lol 8. I despise vegetables with a vengeance however I absolutely love fruit Like my status for a
Hold up, Kayla is working onset with Drake Bell.. Can I be there? 😂
You better be talkin about Drake Bell lol
"Drake Bell looks so weird lately. Tell me about it
i remember when me and met Drake Bell when we were 6!! those were the days lmao
I don't care how much I hate Drake Bell. Drake will always be my favorite brother on Drake And Josh
"Drake Bell looks so weird lately. yes
“thank you ♡ i'm trying to believe that” Don't try just believe it cuz u r Beyonce and they're Drake bell
Oct 23, 2013 - 4:04pmAre you looking for a brand new Christmas movie to get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season? ‘The Naughty List’ is about two mischievous elves Winter (Sean Astin) and Snowflake (Drake Bell) who wind up on the Naughty List after wrecking the North Pole’s official Chris...
North West. Next it's gonna be Alicia Keys naming her daughter Car Keys. And then Drake Bell naming his son Taco Bell.
New DVD from actor/singer Drake Bell: "Drake Bell In Concert"! In stores December 16. Order your copy today!
wishing I could be in a 3some with drake bell, and susan Boyle ;/
Well apparently i look like drake bell :D funny thing is i actually do !
I would be a better celebrity than Lindsy Lohan, Drake Bell, Robert Patterson, Amanda Bynes, Taylor Swift, Zac Efron, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj
Dancing with Corbin Blue! Saw him in person at the West Virginia State Fair loved him before that! And he was in concert with Drake Bell!
Kanye West named his kid North. Drake Bell says he'll name his first kid Taco. I think Jessica Biel should name her kid B…
Does anyone else think it's a little douchey how Drake Bell goes out of his way to mock Justin Beiber?
TIL Fairly Odd Parents have a live action movie starring Drake Bell
Kanye West naming his daughter North can only be beat by Drake Bell naming his kid Taco.
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I swear Drake Bell is the next Amanda Bynes
to shippando hard Drake Bell e Daniella Monet
Tightrope by AnnMarie Montade, Whatever My Love by Austin Butler I believe who, I Found A Way by Drake Bell
Used to fancy Drake Bell when I was little from the Amanda Show days then realised how much of a *** he is with all the Bieber stuff
Oh my god I just remembered that Drake Bell and Corbin Bleu opened up for them I'm crying
I love Drake Bell and Logan Henderson! Big time rush and and victoria justice inspire me! And I love them
Drake Bell, Amanda Bynes, Emma Roberts *** is wrong with all these former nick stars?! I hope stays sane. She's the babe!
"I had the weirdest dream last night." Drake Bell being crippled while working on the transcontinental railroad weird?
Remember that episode of Zoey 101 where they get Drake Bell to perform at the spring fling
Guys follow he makes good music and he hates drake bell oh and he is hot so follow him;)
I met drake bell one time and he was a *** I'm sorry
Yeah drake bell has a fan on the wall yeah that's weird well it makes sense for his dumbness
If you dont follow , drake bell will visit you tonight
If drake bell followed me I would complain to the drake bell fans aka the wall
My dog more famous than drake bell my dog is on a dog food tin
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Drake Bell: "I don't hate Justin Bieber I just hate his fans." . Me: i don't hate Drake Bell i hate his f- oh wait he doesn'…
*** I seriously saw Drake Bell tonight and don't even ask him bc he's a ***
I for one like drake bell! He's hella better looking than stupid Justin beiber! Hate girly Justin!!
Drake Bell is an immature attention seeker.
If you're a belieber and you're following drake bell, I'm judging you.
Pretty sure Josh Peck should teach Drake Bell how to vine ok
I would do meth with Amanda Bynes, then have hot meth sex with her to Drake Bell's music. ~D
The fact that Josh Peck does not follow Drake Bell on vine breaks my heart into like a million pieces 😭😭
Let's play a game. What should or shouldn't people name their children? ie, Kim K. and Kanye West naming their daughter North West or Drake Bell should name his son Taco, Taco Bell
So if Drake Bell and Alicia Keys are honoring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West first born kid North West, by naming them Taco Bell and Car Keys. Does that mean Kevin Bacon is gonna call his next kid Turkey Bacon??
Drake & Josh. A main role in the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, alongside Drake Bell and Josh Peck. In the series, she portrayed Megan Parker, the mischievous younger sister of the title characters.
Drake & Josh. Nancy Sullivan Audrey Parker-Nichols Nancy was a cast member of The Amanda Show along with Drake Bell and Josh Peck.
Drake & Josh. Drake & Josh is an American television sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series follows the lives of two teenage boys with opposing personalities, Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck), who become step-brothers. Both actors had played previous roles in The Amanda Show along with Nancy Sullivan, who plays Audrey, Drake and Megan's mother of the series. Miranda Cosgrove plays Audrey's daughter, Megan, Drake's mischievous younger sister and Jonathan Goldstein plays Walter, Josh's father. The series' opening theme song I Found a Way is written by Drake Bell and Backhouse Mike and performed by Drake Bell. The series ran for four seasons and 57 episodes from January 11, 2004, to September 16, 2007. There were also three TV films: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood premiered on Friday, January 6, 2006; Really Big Shrimp premiered on Friday, August 3, 2007; and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh premiered on Friday, December 5, 2008. Reruns of the series currently air on Nickel ...
Drake & Josh. Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Miranda Cosgrove are present for all episodes. Nancy Sullivan is absent for five episodes. Jonathan Goldstein is absent for four episodes.
If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's first daughter is named "North West", then can Drake Bell's first son be named "Taco?" featured in NBC s Science of Love
If Kanye West has named his first born "North" West. I wonder what Drake Bell and Alicia Keys would name their kids: "Taco" Bell n "Car" Keys
So if Kim and Kayne named that poor baby North, Drake Bell should name his first kid Taco, Brad Pitt's next kid should be Arm, Alicia Keys should name her kid they not see how stupid this is! oh maybe my parents should have named me Dixie!
I had a dream I was hanging out with Drake Bell. This is weird since I barely even know who he is and can't remember what he looks like.
So.. out of all the celebrities I could share a birthday with... Drake Bell, Khloe Kardashian, Tobey Mcguire AND Helen Keller.. What a line up. Wow
THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013 THE LAST WORD IN ASTROLOGY BY EUGENIA LAST CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Ed Westwick, 26; Drake Bell, 27; Tobey Maguire, 38; J.J. Abrams, 47 Happy Birthday: Put more thought into what you can do to improve your personal and financial life this year. Scaling down or investing in something you feel will increase your earning potential or lifestyle should be your goal. Love is on the rise, and enhancing your personal life emotionally, physically and financially will result in peace of mind. Your numbers are 6, 15, 21, 23, 34, 39, 42. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Express your concern, but don't dictate what you want done. You will face opposition and must compromise in order to get the best results. A contract, settlement or even a change of residence are all possibilities. 4 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Give whatever you want to do your very best shot. Opportunity will present itself if you make a good impression. Your love life appears to be heading in a positive direction. Connecti ...
Famous birthdays for today, June 27th include: Helen Keller, Khloe Kardashian, Drake Bell,Tobey Maguire, Ross Perot, JJ Abrams and Vera Wang! Happy Birthday to all those celebrating today!!
Celebrity Male Birthdays 6/27: * Chandler Riggs-14- gained fame after performing on AMC's TV drama, "The Walking Dead ". * Matthew Lewis-24- played teen role of Neville Longbottom in the "Harry Potter" film series. * Ed Westwick-26- known as bad boy Chuck Bass on "Gossip Girl". * Drake Bell -27- Totally Kyle from the "Amanda Show". * Sam Clafin -27- known for his roles on "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Snow White and the Huntsman". * Tobey Maguire -38- rose to fame as the star of the 2002 film "Spiderman". Nominated for Golden Globe award for "Brothers". * Christian Kane -39- played Elliot Spencer in "Leverage" and appeared in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". * Yancey Arias -42- popular TV actor in both the NBC series "Kingpin" and on FX TV show "Thief". * Michael Ball -51- played the role of killer barber Sweeney Todd in " Sweeney Todd". * James Daughton -63- actor in "Animal House" and ''Spies Like Us". [...]
Kim Kardashian thinks no one can top her baby's name. Wait til Drake Bell names his kid Taco lol
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named there baby North West, the only way anyone can too that name is if Drake Bell named his son Taco.
On another note, Kim Kardashian names her baby North I really hope Drake Bell names his kid Taco.
Kanye West calling his child North can only be topped if Drake Bell calls his child Taco!
So, I started watching the "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series. Honestly... It's not good, but it's not bad, either. Drake Bell is a pretty awesome Spider-Man, and I really like how Clark Gregg is back as Phil Coulson. But there's just some stuff about it that's somewhat aggravating. ~Thirteen.
Drake Bell doesn't haven any originality I mean he's so unoriginal
This is me everytime I see a new Drake Bell picture.
Lol albana my best fwen lyke drake bell..
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What's with all of Mexico being obsessed with Drake Bell?
Drake with future and miguel oct 21 bell centre , don,t sleep on tix
If you don't want to have a same stuff with your classmate/s. Buy Drake Bell's merchandise.
Love is like Drake Bell's *** You won't see it at first but i'm sure you'll find it somewhere.
Every living being that hates drake bell is welcome in this world
The relationship between beliebers & drake bell is the same as Jonas Fans & SOON.
I'm more relevant than drake bell. Js.
Pretty sure Drake Bell has the most attractive voice ever.
HI DRAKE: Try to sing the soothing MAZE song called: LOVELY INSPIRATION from the year 1979 when feeling SAD?
1. Name: Mariah Wilson 2. Nicknames: Missy, Mimi 3. Birthday: October, 28th 4. That makes you: 15 5. Where were you born: New York 6. Where do you live: New York 7. Shoe Size: 5 8. Have any piercings: Just Ears 9. Tattoos: No 10. When you wake you're: Tired 11. When you go to sleep you're: Not Tired 12. Zodiac sign: Scropio 13. Chinese sign: Ox 14. Righty or Lefty: Righty 15. Innie or Outie: None of your buisness 16. School: High School Section Two: Looks 17. Nationality: Jamican 18. Hair color you were born with: Black 19. Hair color you have now: Black with red high lights 20. Weight: Don't know 21. Height: 4'11 22. Braces: Nope 23. Glasses: Yes Section Three: Private Life 24. Do you have a boy/girlfriend: Yes , a boyfriend 25. If so, who: Daquire 26. If not, do you have a crush on someone: Nope 27. Who has ever had a crush on you: Peoples 28. Have you ever cheated: No 29. Who was your first kiss: My first boyfriend 30. Who was your last kiss: My current boyfriend 31. Are you a virgin: None of your busi ...
Singing to Drake Bell with my mom just like old times
I have more tattoos then Drake Bell has fans.
so my mom bought this Puerto Rican candy and It the nastiest thing I've ever Tasted. I'd rather die in a hole with drake bell than eat another piece of that nasty candy ~AliyaMarie
"You shouldn't listen to stoner metal if you aren't high :o" no
No show on nickelodeon will ever be as good as drake and josh󾬑
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.No Fakes. Let me tell u wat i h8. People who tlk behind yur back then smile in yur face. I h8 fakes. Those r the people who got me feeling sum type of way. Tell my mom i tried 2 behave. Im bout 2 blast these phonys wit my AK. Thats y i act like my homie drake. I can murk u. Then act like there nuthing 2 do. I can show up @ yur funeral. Give munaral. I can lie. Look yur parents in the eye and say its tragic. Wen on the inside Im excited. Now who wan that staic. I'm a rap addict. C my entire life Ive been real. Now its time 4 these fakes 2 feel. Wat its like 2 be put thru *** I kno this ain't a wrestling match but sum1 ring the bell. It aint hard 2 tell. That I dont fight I kill. Every1 makes mistakes. But ya'll seem 2 call me a hyprocrite wen ya'll the fakes. Right stay in yur lane. Be4 I viol8. U cant even begin 2 contempl8. The way I think. Since I'm not important. I wonda if I leave would it make a diffrence. Half time I'm there I'm sleeping. So should I take my abstance. I WONDA WOULD ANY1 CRY IF I .. ...
Don't you ever wish that Drake Bell would just unblock you yeah same
Christopher Bell drew 70 and starts 8 in heat 3
Who watching Drake and Josh when they were younger? ~Sachi
Well, I have an obsession. It might just be watching Ultimate Spiderman repeatedly. Ugh, I just love Spiderman so much! It might partially just be from how well everyone is voiced, such as Drake Bell and Tara Strong, but it could also be from how hilarious they made Spiderman, like he is in the comics, and just how I like him. ;)
this album is better than live it's self Drake Bell ! \m/
What I've "learned" from my youtube comments: -marijuana cures everything -I'll be taken out by big pharma -my lifestyle is a sin -I look like fred or drake and josh -either I didn't come up with the idea, god came up with the idea, or some random person from Indiana came up with it XD that stroll down memory lane was... Interesting
I don't care what anyone says, Drake Bell has a couple decent songs. And "Drake & Josh" still kicks so much *** You all can go to ***
Music video by Big Time Rush performing 24/seven. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment
Forever Friendless. Create your own memes at MemeCenter.
I won't get into who I think are the worst bands of all time... I probably worked with a bunch of them too. but I WILL tell you the worst band name of all time? .. In my mind it has to be Toad the Wet Sprocket. They were an amazingly talented bunch of guys who crafted great pop songs... But their name made it so hard to market them.. It was a struggle all the time... They would get my vote for worst name.. ( great band though!... and still had hits ).
I finally caved & I now have an iphone...Send me your numbers!
Clearly Amanda Bynes can't get along with other celebs . except Drake Bell
Drake Bell's 12 fans call Justin *** But they are the ones who have an "Idol" lookin' like this
We're 1D and our fandom enjoys long walks on the beach, stalking us, and pad/tampons convos. Wbu Justin? Oh! They send kn…
Decided that the very fist song I will play when I get my car is Highway to Nowhere - Drake Bell. I owe it to my nickelodeon days.
Maddie likes Austin. Oh yeah and I like drake bell.
Drake bell and Amanda Bynes are perfect omg
in germany nobody says 'drake bell' . The german beliebers say "dreck ball" thats like dirty lump in english. lm…
“Drake Bell makeup. How to be ugly as Drake Bell. Check it out! LMAOOO STAHP
I typed in drake bell fans, and look what popped up .
Drake bell y big time Rush son los mejores
What celebrity irritates you the most? — Drake bell or Amanda Bynes.
WHOA nice! Drake Bell voices spider-man/peter parker on the ultimate spider-man!
WOHO last night i won 2 tickets from: the BEAT 92.5 to go see DRAKE ,MIGUEL at the Bell Center so excited cant wait Taking Neomie Edery with me get ready girl! :)
to go away the new cd of soul man that I am ... drake bell and Josh Peck
J Cole Kanye West or Mac Miller who's album was the best out of yesterday's releases ?
As Tim & I get ready to spend the next 2 days with Katie at Orientation for ISU it hits me that in reality I only have 8 weeks left with my baby at home. I started remembering all the hours spent at a Gym, a Softball diamond, the sleep overs, the malls, the bonfires, singing, acting goofy, "Mom.I have an idea", the laughs and the tears and just the time in general spent with good friends that have helped to shape her into who she has become. I am definitely a lucky mom to have the relationship with her that I have had. I try not to dwell on how little time I have left, instead fill these last few weeks with some of the best memories yet. Sad. a little, excited for what her future holds. definitely! And before you all go your separate always remember your roots they will forever keep you grounded and humble. Katie Madden, Megan Davis, Hanna Claywell, Justin Tyler Brown, Michael Bear, Jessica Hughes, Kristen Boyd, Jamie Lee Hall, Douglas Drake Bell, Jonathan Newby And so many others that I know I'm not tagg ...
Here it goess! The chapter 3 you've all been waiting for! Sorry it took so long. It took time to write, and I was very busy for past of days. Isabella’s POV. First day of school after the summer, first day at a new school, perfect. I hate the fact I’ll be the ‘new girl’, everyone is going to take one look and me and judge my appearance, before they even get to know me, it’s how society works. My shy personality isn’t going to help me make any friends so I can look forward to lonely times in the cafeteria, early morning in the music room and break times in the library. I don’t like reading but there I can stay out of sight and out of anyone’s way. I hopped out of bed with a little less enthusiasm than I really should have. I headed straight for the shower where I washed my hair with scented soaps. After my shower I changed into some red jeans and a Love shirt. Luckily this school didn’t seem to have a uniform unlike most British schools. I looked my outfit in the mirror before I dragged m ...
Preview and download A Reminder - EP on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
No copyright infringement intended. This is just something I felt was needed on the internet. Yeah it's not perfect but it's close for something made on Wind...
Drake Bell will return with a new album in 2013 on Surfdog Records (Brian Setzer, Stray Cats, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart,
Today my baby boy turns 13! Happy birthday Trez Bell. May God continue to move in your life, show you favor, and mold you into the young man He had called you too be! Love you and I'm so I'm so,proud of you! (In my Drake voice)
Come on spurs... gone win this game!! Get the lead back!!!
Estudiando :O hasta yo me sorprendo ;3
Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Jackson, Selena Gomez and Josh Peck all unfollowed Drake Bell for hat…
remember when Paris Jackson defended Justin Bieber to Drake Bell and then deleted it. Oh my god.
-El lo-lo-lo-lo-lo... de As long as you love me, dura mas que la carrera de Drake Bell
But Butch is talking about would we like to see a live action danny phantom movie and there is only a few questions i have about that 1. Who would play danny phantom and 2. How would they make that work but anyway guys what would you like to see out of a danny phantom live action move i would be very interested to know. ~Tucker
My sister: Justinès Beaver's such a *** Like ewh. Why do you like him, He sounds like a 7 year old girl. Drake Bell is SOOO much better then him! Me: Okay, I hope you liked your life(:
im even more in love with Drake Bell our ladies man.
Drake Bell - Up Periscope LIVE: Please come back to Mexico!
Drake Bell is like internet Explorer. Nobody likes him.
Drake Bell calls Amanda Bynes the "Carol Burnett" of his generation. Somewhere, is seething with rage.
okay now Drake Bell has gone crazy.Amanda Bynes will never be anywhere near Carol Burnett.Carol should be...
Drake Bell: Amanda Bynes is 'closest to Carol Burnett in our generation'
Drake Bell hosted The Pool After Dark and chatted with about his good friend Amanda Bynes as well as his new rock and roll album.
Amanda Bynes' close friend gives lengthy interview about what's "really" going on with her
Drake Bell I think he loves Justin more than us beliebers
Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, and Josh Peck grew up to be badasses
This is the small little Drarry fic I promised! It's my first fic so please be nice! There was a man that often walked down Shelby Street. At 8 o’clock very morning, this man with platinum blonde hair and mercury eyes would go into the coffee shop at the end of the road and order a double espresso macchiato with extra foam and a scone, then enter the exceptionally old book store located just left of the café. He had a bit of an accent and a rather peculiar tattoo of a snake and a skull on his left forearm. When one asked for his name, he simply told them to call him Drake. Drake was a native of England, but moved to America “for a fresh start,” as he liked to put it. From afar, Drake seemed to hold himself with an air of aloofness. Up close, it was simple to see his true genial nature. One day, as Drake was sitting down behind the counter of the bookstore, wearing the large garish nametag with DRAKE written on it in overly large letters that he was required to wear, the bell over the door ra ...
Stop with the Jelena pics. They're over just like Drake Bell's career.
Lms If you think Corbin Wesley looks like Drake Bell
of course, I remember him from the new Red Dawn!! I'm also inviting Josh Peck and Drake Bell.
Saying that Justin is untalented, is like saying Drake Bell is good looking
Saying that Justin isn't talented, is like saying that Drake Bell is good-looking.
Saw an old guy wearing a shirt that said, "Keep Calm And Ask Your Mom." . And i'm pretty Drake Bell was standing right next to him.
How are Josh Peck and Drake Bell not best friends?! They spent their entire childhood together and basically made mine.
Okay.wait, you don't know Drake Bell? DRAKE from Drake and Josh!
8-cante musicas do the wanted na fila do show da where we are e musicas do drake bell na fila da believe tour. ISSU É MUITA OZADIA
Drake Bell and Hanson in a concert together on Oct 19th in Cleveland, Ohio? Yes Please!:D .
What does TMZ and Drake Bell have in common? They're both thirsty.
in response to you're drake Bell question, I cant say that I have
Drake Bell : Started from the bottom,now still in the bottom
If you like drake bell I don't even know what to do with you.
Amanda Bynes definitely had to have hooked up with Drake Bell on the set of "The Amanda Show" at least 200 times.
IMPORTANT! What are ur thoughts on Drake Bell and The Mortal Instruments?
Just got done playing softball, and now eating Taco Bell with my *** Kane Zajac, Jackson Baker, and Drake Hall
Taking another toll please state where you are from and what breed you have! I am chris from Michigan :) play along even if you have before want to see how far we are reaching!
It is shameful that kids today think that B.O.B. and Lil Wayne are hip hop - from BBD to Big Pun to Pac and Biggie the 90's were the pinnacle...
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