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Drake Bell

Jared Drake Bell (born June 27, 1986), better known as Drake Bell, is an American actor, comedian, musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional television director.

Justin Bieber Josh Peck Timmy Turner Fairly Odd Parents Dolby Theatre Amanda Bynes Jim Carrey Lil Wayne Michael Jackson Los Angeles Johnny Knoxville Selena Gomez Iggy Azalea Lady Gaga Kanye West Fred Phelps Alex Turner

Hi drake: what do you think about old BMW cars like the e30 and the e34 designs? Are they better than the e36 and e39 cars?
A message to disney and marvel. Make drake bell live action spiderman. He's perfect for it. Very fit, very cool, has a fun wit to his performance, and people know who he is from drake and josh! Listen to fans dang it!
Rupert Grint, Reggie Bush and Drake Bell aren't getting many hookups today! Are you a fan?
Drake Bell net worth: Drake Bell is an American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and occasional television director who has a net worth of negative $600 thousand. Drake Bell
You were so clever, Kept it together today, By the way, I'll no longer ignore you, I wanted to show you again, I'm your friend, Sometimes we just pretend. And all I can say is you save me, Changes all the things that have made me, Entertaining thoughts are raining, Down We Fall, It's all ok, When I say, You and I, Take your time, I can’t wait, To see you fly…. Drake Bell
Aww..How I love cooking specially for Drake bell! I made this chocolate cake for u and I hope u like it!
"Drake Bell lost more than 7K followers on Instagram" . Justin be like:.
the first account I blocked was Drake Bell lmao
"She say I'm obsessed with Taco Bell and I agre." -
Lol is way too nice of a person. Just giving away hits like I mean can I have one bro lol?. That new flow is crucial ⚠⚠🔥🔥
I am the president of the fan club Drake bell in Argentina
Sholl wish I was in 3rd block waiting on the lunch bell to ring 😂
Drake and Wayne killed tht used too
Even TMZ is starting to become good, when will it be Drake Bell's turn?
First dubstep now Drake for the warning bell... school wanna be hood so bad smh
I'm digging the Rockabilly vibe the new Drake Bell album is sporting.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Josh Peck and Drake Bell need to work together again man they were born to
Still blocked by drake bell still crying
"is it just only me or Drake Bell and Louis Tomlinson are look a like?" Looks like I am definitely not the onl…
Lmao, guys which one of u hacked Drake Bell's account on Instagram?
Rebecca Black? Racist. Steve Martin? Racist. Jury is still out on Drake Bell though.
every time I think of Cali people I think of Drake Bell on the Amanda Show back in the day.
Drake Bell shattered his wrist and will never play guitar again. So sad! Who could have done thi- *MEAGAN!*
I remember when I loved Drake Bell and hated Josh Peck. Now I love Josh Peck and hate Drake Bell.
Thank the guy who hacked drake bell's acc and laughed millions of belieber 👏😂
legs has more fans than Drake Bell 💁
I just had a fight with a load of drake bell fans on instagram oops
If ur reading this u just agreed to suck drake bell's ***
Hi drake: heard of the hall/Oates song called mandated from 1982 as a kid? It discusses the dangers of woman using men for their twisted pleasures! Happy new year!
"is that Tom Hanks? What is this cast, I'm so flustered that is Tom Hanks! Why is this so long? Drake Bell? I'm so confused
Drake Bell should actually name his first son Taco😂
I think Drake Bell would be the perfect fit for a live action Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man. Say what you want about the series itself but "Ultimate Spider-Man" has the best Spider-Man we've had. Plus, just look at him in Superhero Movie. He essentially shows that he can do what Toby did and we know he can do what Andrew's done and we know he can make the character his own. So, if Marvel gets to use Spidey, Drake Bell would get my vote.
Might DM Drake Bell and talk to him about wrestling
Why does Drake Bell look like Charlie Sheen to me?
I'm sorry but can Drake Bell please shut up
I liked a video Daniella Monet Stars in A Fairly Odd Movie with Drake Bell!
Lmfao this girl dat met drake bell said he smells really bad. Justin Bieber
Miss my childhood, Kenan and Kel, Saved By The Bell, Drake and Josh, Ed Edd n Eddy, Tom and Jerry
Justin took a selfie with Drake Bell 🙀. JustinBieber
“Drake Bell slays all your idols...hands down.” So lost
Remember when Justin crashed Drake Bell's album release party and got all the attention. Justin Bieber http:/…
i remember i met miranda n salma at the mall when Drake Bell was there too lmao
no I think it's from the lil kanye vs drake bell show
Drake bell an Josh Peck here is your sign
Remember that time Drake jokingly made a hit?.
Okay I need that picture of Drake Bell saying I love this album more than my life with the picture of FOUR FOR REASON OKAY PLEASE HELP
“did u know josh Keaton got dubbed over by drake bell on Avengers earth's mightiest heroes” Yes.
And don't even get me started on Drake Bell!
The worker at Which Wich looks like a combination of Drake Bell and Chase Crawford.
"Drake Bell has more fans than Justin Bieber" .
Kanye West naming his baby North can only be topped off if Drake Bell names his baby taco.
“I wanted a picture with Drake Bell but I didn't get one... MEGAN”
If you weren't thirsty for Drake Bell while watching Drake and Josh, I don't understand you.
why can't Drake Bell come to our school I've had a crush on him since drake and josh first aired 😭
Drake Bell at my high school today. Sang the Drake and Josh theme song. Ah.
someone make a sign for the Drake Bell thing that says "Drake & Josh theme song or gtfo"
I cannot be the only one who thinks Alex Turner looks like the love child of Drake Bell and David Tennant
Can we just revive Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney, Raven, Shia Labeouf, Christy Carlson Romano, Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and all their friends?
Drake Bell is the biggest hypocrite and bigot since Fred Phelps.
Drake Bell is just like Fred Phelps, they're BOTH bullies, hypocritical bigots and are both losers.
"Justin Bieber has more tattoos than Drake Bell has fans.". Me:. Justin Bieber. Beliebers htt…
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Josh Peck is acting in big screen movies while Drake Bell is still stuck on Nickelodeon in The Fairly Odd Parents. 😂
The fact Drake Bell is still doing Fairy Odd Parents movies is disturbing. Someone must be desperate for money.
Drake Bell is going to be Timmy Turner in one of those real people/animated movies on nick and I just... why
Drake Bell is still such a heart throb. 😍
Why they got Drake Bell old behind playing Timmy Turner
Are they really making another Fairly Odd Parents movie with Drake Bell lol why
I didn't know Drake Bell was still a thing.
Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.
it reminds me of drake bell. Like the high note part. And the theme song from drake and josh..
Someone please tell me why Drake Bell is still on Nickelodeon playing Timmy Turner 😒 isn't he like 30? He's too old for that...
Josh Peck totes passed up Drake Bell on the hottie scale. Def didn't see that one coming
They made a movie about the Fairly Odd Parents...with real people...and Drake Bell is Timmy
Nickelodeon is coming out with a Fairly Odd Parents movie on Saturday and Drake Bell is Timmy.
In a week drake bell and soulja boy and Enrique and G.R.L have followed me omf x
Drake Bell it's time for you to quit playing as a 10 year old boy that wears a pink hat in movies
omg you are writing to drake bell I wish he could follow me
“I want drake bell to block me . Justin Bieber” samee
OMG does everyone want drake bell to block them? Lmao😂😂. Justin Bieber
Lets all discuss how drake bell is playing Timmy Turner in a fairy odd parents live-action film
Uuuum why is drake bell playing the part of Timmy Turner in a real life movie? Your like 30 something dude Timmy is like 9 ..
Yeah I hate Drake Bell but Drake and Josh still slays
It's really sad that all Drake Bell is doing now are live action Fairly Odd Parents movies on Nickelodeon.
Check out my review on Drake Bell's new album! Isn't he a dream.?
That awkward moment when some of Justin's hair was auctioned off for more money than 4066 copies of drake bell's album co…
Drake Bell's fan is blowing wind on me, thank you, but don't look at me u suck Justin Bieber
Even Drake Bell knows who the King of Pop is! Michael Jackson! is a
...Bobinator with Drake Bell, though, or air the Sega CD ep six months later... At least I've got that over DisneyXD...
The fact that someone thought I was drake bell is literally fantastic
Hi drake: think of listening to the easy going song called how long from ace straight from the year 1974?
Wow! Sterling Knight, Skylar Astin and Drake Bell are looking hot! Who is your fave?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Drake Bell, you're a cool guy, but stick to Ultimate Spider-Man and singing. This whole live-action FOP thing ain't gonna work out.
I feel sorry for the ones who got Drake Bell. But I'm happy I got Justin!!! -September-
Justin has more pairs of shoes than Drake Bell has fans
"Drake Bell has more talent than Justin Bieber"
We all know this is why Drake Bell hates Justin.
Drake Bell hated on Justin and Katy Perry unfollowed him, and Michael Jackson's daughter said Justin was better than Drak…
Justin's *** slays more than Drake Bell's career slays
Justin posing with his fans.. and then there's Drake Bell
Whoever hates Justin, but likes Drake Bell is such an *** Why the *** would someone like Drake Bell better than Justin?
Right now Germany is Justin Bieber and Brazil is Drake Bell.
TMZ BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber now has more tattoos than Drake Bell has fans.
also for Hannah it's Gretchen Wilson's birthday and Drake Bell, Michael Vick, Darren Williams, Jeanette McCurdy
Paul Castellano of Gambino Crime Family, *** Jones of The Clash, Drake Bell, and Patty Smith are all a year older as well 👌
My new movie "Birds of Paradise" staring Me, Drake Bell, Ashley Tisdale, Jayne Lynch, Ken Jeong, and Keith David, co… htt…
Justin sold out MSG in 30 seconds and over there you get Drake Bell singing to high school students that would rather die
Security wasn't the only one patting down Drake Bell at Pittsburgh airport today. 😏
The mall is jam packed because Drake Bell is here😳
“Calling Justin a racist is like calling Drake Bell handsome and successful.Bye :)” and that he has a fan base
Ultimate Spider-man has been on my to-watch list for a long time but I kept watching other things first. If I had realized this show featured Drake Bell, Clark Gregg, J. K. Simmons, Steve Blum and the most beautiful sass I've ever seen, I would've started this long ago.
Lil Wayne can suck Drake Bell's winnie for alI care..
Oh, I'm Twist and Lil Wayne are just tryna get their 15 minutes of fame like Drake Bell by using Justin's name. This is old
Lil Wayne should've made that video for Drake Bell omfg
I love him and i have for 20 years and i remember when he first starred in The Amanda Show in (1995) with Amanda Bynes,Josh Peck his sidekick and later on they reunited in Nickolodeon's Drake and Josh there hit (2004) and they both were so hilariously funny in both shows especially Drake and Josh and i love them both and my favorite episode was The Clubhouse when Josh wanted to build it and it became a disaster and it collapsed after a few days,and then he became a musician and i love all of his songs and even from Drake and Josh's soundtrack I Found A Way,Down We Fall,Highway To Nowhere,Drake Bell and Josh Peck Soul Man,Circles,Somehow,In The End,Don't Preach,Hollywood Girl,Golden Days,The Backhouse,Telegraph,Up Periscope,I Know,Do What You Want,It's Only Time,Found A Way (Acoustic),Makes Me Happy,Fool The World,Fallen For You,Rusted Silhouette,Break Me Down,End It Good and then Josh became Drake's stepbrother in real life and they're 2 very unseparable young men.
Drake bell is so ugly like what are u even wearing? How can u even begin to talk about justin? Flop
Drake Bell takes the red carpet at the (Good thing Justin Bieber's not here.)
I am making a personal video for drake bell to see and when I do.. I want all of you to try your hardest to make him see…
Drake Bell is such a joke that he has to interview people lmfao
Justin isn't gonna be happy that his boo is hanging with Drake Bell at the Billboard Awards
Justin isn't even at a *** award show and he looks better than drake bell who's at an award show.
yo on the real tho Drake Bell needs to stop aging
What even is drake bell he's seriously so ugly
And this is the reason why Drake Bell hates Justin lol
I'm so happy with Drake Bell right now! OHMEGERD!
What if Justin pulled up out of his Fisker Karma right in front of Drake Bell and gave him money to keep from getting bankrupt
lets not forget that day Drake Bell had his album release party and he heard fans outside and he went out the balcony expecting to see his 'fans' but instead he saw justin and beliebers lmao
Did my brother just get interviewed by drake bell
Who knew that drake bell is still making music
You know I love Drake Bell and all but when you go hating on Kingsley, that's where I draw the line. *** IT DRAKE!
Drake Bell is trying to rock that Alex Turner quiff and its not working lmao
Miranda Cosgrove is reunited with her former Drake & Josh co-star Drake Bell at the Nautica Oceana Beach House Party held at the Annenberg Community Beach House on Friday (May 16) in Santa Monica, Calif. The duo was also joined by Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz at the event. PHOTOS: Check out the latest
I remember in 6th grade when everyone was talking about Drake, and I thought everyone was talking about Drake Bell.
Drake Bell came to my school to do a concert and this is the edit I made for him. Enjoy.
Ok. I saw a headline on my internet provider's web site which said "Drake Bell slams Justin Bieber." First, who is this "Drake Bell"? Second, the Bieber slamming train has long left the station.
Drake bell just needs to name his kid Taco.
I think drake bell needa grow up a little and act his age
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Drake Bell attends a concert at my school and then I get a reward from my track team. I think I like this day X3
To Seth Rogen; who lately has been calling people names in interviews... You're the *** So shut your gaping pie hole. Same goes for Drake Bell. Lol
Lmfao I feel bad for Drake Bell he's about to be bombarded by teenage girls waiting outside of his hotel
hotel do 1D com mais gente que no show do Drake Bell
Keegan Allen keeps it serious on the red carpet at the premiere of his new film Palo Alto held at Directors Guild Of America on Monday night (May 5) in Los Angeles. The 24-year-old actor was joined at the event by his co-star Zoe Levin, as well as Drake Bell. PHOTOS: Check out the latest [...]
Thanks Francesca Eastwood, Drake Bell, Sally Field, Johnny Knoxville, and Rose McGowan for signing and taking photo ops
We can't BELIEVE it's been 10 years since Mean Girls came out! And neither can these stars! While at the MTV Movie Awards, we asked Iggy Azalea, Pia Mia, Drake Bell and MORE about their love of the movie and they did not disappoint! Well, everyone but Gregg Sulkin! He only remembered Regina...
Justin Bieber and Drake Bell posing with fans. .
Drake Bell be like 'thank you so much for coming to my album release party'
Fun fact : Drake Bell, Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob), and Neil Patrick Harris have been voice actors for Spider-Man in video games/cartoons.
Drake Bell guy is an *** pls. don't even know what he's still doing alive. acting like some lizard
Drake Bell album release today. What year is it?
David, you do realize I am kidding w/ you re a buck or two? I like the looks of the Drake Bell series and buing ODIN now.
Drake Bell be like "is that what having fans looks like"
"Justin Bieber's sprinter van got more attention than Drake Bell's album release party"
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Justin after he crashed Drake Bell's album release party
Justin Beiber tries to crash Drake Bells record release party. It's at this point we know the Beibs needs some serious help. Dude, it's Drake Bell. You might as well have been caught trying to raid a William Hung record release party. Embarressing stuff kid.
Heard Justin Bieber showed up at Drake Bell's album party and took all attentions from Drake after Drake dissed Bieber. Ha…
Justin Bieber got revenge on Drake Bell when he crashed his album release party.What went down:
Drake Bell: I don't hate Justin Bieber I hate his fans. Me: I hate yours but you don't have any so I have to hate you htt…
Drake Bell was in the wrong studio. I've been waiting since December for Ultimate Spider-Man.
Drake Bell was disappointed bc the fans outside of his album release party were there for Justin Bieber not for him 😂😂 Saying it once again .. JUSTIN SLAYS!! 🙌😎
yesterday was an awesome experience tho ive been to an award show b4 it was great to have experienced the movie awards from the red carpet with my brother :D got to see Johnny Knoxville, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Channing Tatum, Debby Ryan, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, Carly Aquilino, The Andrew Schulz, Drake Bell, Bellator MMA, Iggy Azalea, Brandon T. Jackson, Dave Franco, Backstreet Boys, Ice Cube, Anthony Mackie, Jessica Alba, Jerry Ferrara, and Snooki
In a new BuzzFeed interview, Drake Bell... wait. WHO? Drake Bell, of Drake & Josh fame (of course) goes on the attack, lashing out at Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande for their aggres...
Ew I hate Drake Bell, Because he's hating on ariana grande all because she's more FAMOUS, FABULOUS AND MAKES MORE MONEY THAN HIM!
you should guest star on sam & cat i would like to see you, Jerry Trainor, and Drake Bell on a sam and cat special.
Sad to wake up to news of tragedy at SXSW! Prayers for the victims and their families! Hope all of our High School Nation, Stamps the band, Ashley Allen, Drake Bell, Trevor Jackson & Taboo crew are safe and well! Cya soon xx
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John McEnroe, Jimmy Conners, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, and Drake Bell are all in Sacramento right now. OMFG 🙌
I can't decide who hates Bieber more, Drake Bell or Jared Padalecki
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Action/adventure novel by local author Dr. Travis Sharpe, Coded For Assassination. Available on Amazon or B&N, or message me for an autographed copy and no shipping fees! (Amazon link in comments) Blurb: When a close friend betrays Dr. Barrett Maples’ dedication to the Human Genome Project, Barrett, along with Dr. Drake Bell, are forced to shield their discovery of a previously unknown genetic marker unique to each individual on the planet and Dr. Maples’ is eventually driven from the field and abandons his work. Twenty years later, Special Agent Trent Foster barges back into Barrett’s life asking for his help. The CIA twisted Barrett’s work into a weapon that uses the codon he and Drake discovered as a guidance system to deliver the human form of mad cow disease to anyone they choose. The weapon enters the target through the victim’s nostril, causing only a sneeze. Over the next several months, the target slowly loses their mind, slips into a coma, and dies. Better yet, the weapon leaves no ...
‘Drake and Josh’ the Movie? Why It May (and May Not) Happen: Not too long ago, Drake Bell and Josh Peck were k...
Remember when Drake Bell was hotter then Josh Peck?
Josh Peck loves former co-star Drake Bell like a brother ... but Josh won't help his buddy crawl out of debt by making a "Drake & Josh" flick.Peck was…
Read about actor Drake Bell, former "Baywatch" babe Donna D'Errico and Betsey Johnson on The Broke and the Beautiful. ht…
Drake Bell looks like Jim Carrey... Just 67 times uglier 😊
Drake Bell were spotted on Justin Bieber's new music video
Drake Bell is the 27 year old version of Ty Burrell...
Should Justin Bieber be deported? Drake Bell and thousands of others apparently believe so.
Drake Bell will not rest until Justin Bieber is taken out of the equation entirely.
Beliebers don't like: . 1.TMZ . 2.Drake Bell . 3.Selena Gomez. 4.Stalker Sarah . 5.People who call us 12. . 6.Mariah Yea…
Adam Sandler, Drake Bell, Lucas from PLL, Paul Karmiryan from so you think you can dance, and mr chow were all at Disneyland today.😅
Who is Drake Bell to judge Justin's artwork? It's art, it's not so post to be judged. Personality is showing...
I think we know that 2014 is going to be a great year When Josh Peck and Drake Bell agreed to make a movie together.
Justin = 19 with 6 number one albums. Drake Bell = 28 with 0 number one albums.
"His art is almost as bad as music" . -Drake Bell,27 Years old,Canceled his concert because he sold 18 tickets.
Drake Bell's been kicking off about Justin Bieber's graffiti skills. Quick - someone hide the eggs
Drake Bell says Justin can't do art well if thats so lets see drakeb do some art if he's soo good
Drake Bell's feelin some type of way about JB's wall art 😂
The only way Drake Bell can make it in the headlines
I hate you Drake Bell.for insulting Bieber and his art.
Drake Bell doesn't see Justin Bieber as the next Picasso, then: "His art is almost as bad as his music"
More people recognize Sam, Johnson, Karma, Pac, Tuts then Drake Bell lol
Drake Bell really said Justin Bieber is talentless... Let's take a moment and review Drake Bells hit records
Guys, Drake Bell maybe just wanted to be One Less Lonely Girl :)
Drake Bell's obsession with Justin be like
Can Justin just create a celebrity boxing match for charity and invite Drake Bell and beat his *** on national television.
This is the only way Justin ever responded to Drake Bell's hate. So really, who's the immature one?
Drake Bell is just mad because puberty dont like him like it like Justin and Josh
Shoutout to Drake Bell for calling out Justin when
Drake Bell is trying to call out Justin Bieber, and though I'm not a Bieber fan, Drake Bell hasn't done anything since Drake and Josh
Drake bell is in this film and he's playing a geek, ah I'm in heaven😍
If you're ever embarrassed because of your outfit remember Drake Bell played Timmy Turner in a non-animated movie
“WAIT YES I LOVE YOU (ft kid that jumped in) my sister just met drake bell byeee…
Who wants to go to Disneyland with me right now? Drake Bell is there!!
Lol Drake Bell is horrible at astro blasters
Out of all the times I go to disney Drake Bell is never their..
Ok next time I see Drake Bell at Disneyland I'm actually going to say hi because I've seen him 5 times but didn't want to bother him
Drake Bell has gone to Disneyland like 4 times this month.😂
Is it just me or is drake bell at disneyland like every single day of his life like i'm so jealous
Drake bell better be at Disneyland tomorrow too.
I rode Astro Blasters with drake bell
Drake Bell is at Disneyland everyday that im not there 
Drake Bell is always at Disneyland...meeting him is like meeting a face character...
Drake Bell can you go to Disneyland tomorrow too?
gonna cry bcs Drake Bell goes to disneyland everyday I don't go 😭
Just saw mark from blink 182 and drake bell at Disneyland 😍
Currently in line for the same ride as Drake Bell.😂
Drake Bell is at Disneyland once again! Just walked right past me! :O
just saw Drake Bell in tomorrow land near star tours!
Its crazy how one of my best friends from elementary school is dating drake bell.. mind blown
It's funny how beliebers are still verbally attacking Drake Bell when he just stood up for
2013: Kanye West had a baby named North West. 2014: Drake Bell now needs to knock someone up and name the kid Taco
lord, give us Paul Walker back. And we will give you Drake Bell.
I CAN cite people on fecebook rather i wanted to say first of all what star ,James maslow,Vicky'dawn justice-priv ,Nathan kress, Jennette McCurdy , Justin Bieber ,Selena Gomez , Drake Bell , roses Lynch ,kendal,schmidit ,logan handerson , Carlos pena Jr , there are other single
Drake Bell look at your body now look at Justin Bieber's body now think!
apparently drake bell has nudes somebody find me them to compare to Zac Efron xoxo
hey Amber why do all beliebers hate drake bell
Ummm where did drake bell disappear to
Basically, I just like looking at Drake Bell
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Drake Bell has such a perfect voice 😍
Why is Drake Bell having a concert on Zoey 101?
you are clearly a fan of Justin Bieber. Your last name on this is bieber, you hate drake bell; obvious reasons. Not dumb at all
I was obsessed with Drake Bell back in the days.
what does me hating Drake Bell have to do with Justin? HA dumB
“Quote this with a picture of the celebrity you hate the most” id quote with drake bell but he's not really famous
I just figured out that Drake Bell from Zoey 101, is the same Drake in Drake and Josh...
Taylor hits Bell for a wing trey and Drake calls timeout. Bradley leads 44-32, 16:14. Giacolettin upset by no call at other end.
drake bell has achieved more than Justin Bieber. Just by his intellect
I remember I met Drake Bell at the mall near me and I'm not even that big of a fan and I froze up. Imagine if I met paramore!
Drake deflects Bell pass out of bounds. Bradley ball with 8 on shot clock after media timeout. Braves lead 29-20, 3:43 left 1st H.
when I was in the 3rd grade, my grandmother thought Drake Bell was ***
Once you leave, dont ever come back. We dont do refunds. 1D dont want you too. Try Drake Bell. He loves to do refunds.
What do you look like nacked. Can you send me a puicture
Had a dream I was friends with Drake Bell and Josh Peck from the show Drake and Josh. They we're cool people.
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First i looked like JB then drake bell and now I am anthony padilla okey I like the last 2 the first one nah
Kanye West naming his baby North can only be topped if Drake Bell named his kid Taco
Drake Bell is bringing his new music directly to you - join him at to be a part of his dream album!
Oh, how hypocritical of you. Weren't it Beliebers who attacked Drake Bell's, Lady Gaga's and Selena's fans?
but I only like the "josh" in "drake AND Josh" because Drake Bell was being mean to people. No respect for him
Collin just said I remind him of drake bell. Die
*** Drake Bell's music is pretty frickin' good
If you really think Justin is retiring at 19 then I want you to leave this fandom and join Drake Bell's fandom and be t…
Because of Justin, Drake bell got noticed
Do I really look like drake bell. I don't see it
Like for real when drake bell got into that and car accident 7 years ago I cried for hours
I've really been enjoying the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Especially when it's serious, Drake Bell is pretty good as a Peter/Spider-Man
Gonna watch the drake and bell movie now! :)
On offense for the tide look out for McCarron, T.J Yeldon, Kenny Bell, Kenyon Drake, Amari Cooper, Christon Jones, and Kevin Norwood
listening to the Drake Bell classics
Remember when we all had crushes on Drake Bell?
dear drake bell, if you didn't get it yet no one cares about your opinion, thanks. Much love dude
What about you? Are you going to Pick your reward and make dream come true! http…
Drake Bell and Justin Bieber have something in common. :)
Music video by Daniella Monet & Drake Bell performing Lookin' Like Magic. (C) 2011 Viacom a unit of Nickelodeon.
Shout out to Drake Bell for not being a crazy, pregnant teen star
Anyone still listen to old Drake Bell songs?
Drake bell hates him so much like omg calm down bro
Karma has more fans than Drake Bell
Drake Bell - End It Good This is the best quality possible for You Tube. Thank Universal Motown for letting me put this up. Lyrics: I'm overenjoyed like Mild...
Hi all, this is the drake bell concert live in "La Alameda", Mexido D.F Please, remember visiting "The Site Is Under Construction" A ...
Amanda Bynes calls Rihanna ugly, hangs with Drake Bell and addresses NYPD harassment and weed arrest - claims she does not do drugs and will star in music vi...
Drake Bell: In honor of Kim and Kanye's baby 'North West' I will be naming my first son 'Taco'.
Drake Bell - What You Need (HQ Audio) This audio is the best quality possible for a Youtube Video. Hope you enjoy! Watch in HD for the best audio quality. Al...
Loving me some Drake Then again, Josh did get pretty cute...
I was just saying Drake Bell has nice sideburns, but I accidentally said sidebrows
I'm so glad Drake Bell is my favorite actor. His birthday is the same day my parents got married!
Christina, I don't see how you think Drake Bell is cuter than Josh Peck.
Drake Bell - I Found a Way [Lyric] I never thought that it'd be so simple but I found a way, I found a way I always thought that it'd be too crazy but I foun...
Such a great time rockin with Drake Bell at the Dolby Theatre last Saturday!
Every president was assassinated by drake bell
Drake Bell canta End it good con Steve Ryan... Drake Bell sings End it good with Steve Ryan... DRAKE BELL FANS PERU Visiténos y forme de parte de ...
Singer: Drake Bell Song: Jingle Bells CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. I don't own this song.
You guys remember that time Drake Bell played Timmy Turner? Good times, good times.
Drake Bell needs to make a Come back , its been too long and we could all use some Good Freshly Created Music from scratch!
Is that Drake Bell playing a live action Timmy Turner? Christmas this is why you are the best.
Question: Why is Drake Bell playing Timmy Turner in a live action Fairly Odd Parents movie? Follow up question: Why am I watching it?
This one is for my piano students. Drake Bell is a sweetheart! @ Dolby Theatre
This is another reason why I love Drake Bell ❤️
I don't think Drake Bell could make me any happier.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Check out this promo video for TONIGHT's show in HOLLYWOOD!! I'll be slapping my BLAST CULT bass with Drake Bell at the Dolby Theatre. We are opening for Brian Setzer Orchestra. Come on down my Los Angeles rockabilly friends!
Behind-the-scenes with Drake Bell as he records his holiday single "Christmas Promise" at The Cave Studio, House of Blues Nashville. Get the new single 'Chri.
You in LA? Come to the studio and hear Drake Bell and us playing some rockin music! Details listed bellow.
Drake Bell actually makes good music! I never got around to it, but *** he's good. Keep it up, Drake.
Does Drake Bell have good taste in music? Click Here To Unlock Answer!!
Terrific by Drake Bell. Sorry for the first 20sec, had to keep bird calm
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