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Dragon Age

Dragon Age is a dark fantasy role-playing video game series created by BioWare.

Dragon Age Origins Dragon Age Inquisition Mass Effect Grim Fandango Mass Effect 2 Dead Space 1 Xbox One

Dragon Age is the best video game series don't ever try and tell me any different
The game suffers from basically all the problems Dragon Age Inquisition suffered form and some new interface issues. That was disappointing.
GOG weekly sale includes $5 Crysis, Dragon Age: Origins, and more
is playing Dragon Age: Origins blind. Check her out!
Live with my first playthrough of Dragon Age Origins!
Yes, yes you are. Go play it. You like Dragon Age, right? Its that, but better and in space.
I'm sure you have been. Knee deep in Dragon Age atm will look in a while :P
Mass Effect: Andromeda is basically Dragon Age: Inquisition in space.
Rude man! The print stall at Rezzed is epic! I bought 2 Dragon Age prints from there!!! >:( What a ***
BIOSHOCK THO. I'm only ~2 hours in but such a good game. 👀👌🏼 Never played Dragon Age but I always hear great things about it.
have you ever played Dragon Age? Just finished 2 and it was amazing.
I just spend a lot of money to buy all Dragon Age 2 DLC on my PS3 but they are not working in the game. They just don't show up.
DnD, Dragon Age, Sherlock Holmes, assorted classics and Doc Brown on a hoverboard,…
Deluxe Knight Builder from Mythic Legions: Covenant of Shadow. He fits in rather well on my Dragon Age shelf.…
So tonight I'm on Binding of Isaac and Dragon Age and Hollywood Babble On and tons of ale. Get in!
Day 4: A shiny new Dragon Age: Inquisition mouse and keyboard.
Little Giant Ladders
Day 2: A limited edition signed copy of The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
I actually approve of that. That's how I started both Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
witches inspired by Rea of The Coos (Dark Tower), and Morrigan (both legends and Dragon Age), and Maleficent, and Baba Yaga...
Is it time for another instalment in the franchise? Who should we add next to our Dragon Age lineup?.
The sheer thought of having Dragon Age set in Tevinter made me Kreygasm.. All the magic. *gasps*
I already said fire emblem and Dragon age over an hour ago
Some Halloween/Dragon Age goodness all meshed together to get people in the autumnal spirit:
I was trying to figure out where "into darkness unafraid" comes from because I wanted it as a tattoo. . It's from dragon age. Go figure.
OOOh, any chance you'd be interested in a Pug of Dragon Age?
Going to Metatopia or AcadeCon? I’ll have pick-up game materials for Dragon Age, Golden Sky Stories, and THIS:
Evan & I began Dragon Age Inquisition together last night & he let me name our character so prepare yourselves for the Legends of DJ Roomba
Games on my to play list: Warframe, War Thunder, Dragon Age Inquisition, COD4 remastered, POKEMON!!!
Finally my power brick for Xbox One came in at Game Stop :D !!! I might stream Dragon Age or Fallout 4 -MEL
A Dragon Age game called DATE would be pretty accurate.
It took me three playthroughs of Dragon Age Inquisition to figure out Krem was trans
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
it's bc I love dragon age more than anything, it's at least 80% of my personality
When you over hear a group of guys your age talking about Dragon Ball Z.
I bought the GOTY edition of Dragon Age Inquisition for Xbox One and the code for dlc wasn't there. Can you fix this?
hey I'm still really struggling with connecting my PSN to my EA account (specifically for my Dragon Age Keep)
I need to study dragon age outfits more and draw everyone in them
love dragon age. Fantastic story telling and cut scenes.
;) I made a new dragon age character. Then dinner.
i have all my dragon age and bloodborne characters to do too though riP
So I gotta decide what comes next for me on my bucket list. I got choice between the Dragon Age trilogy, MGS IV + The Phantom Pain or
📷 Love Song for the Admiral By is hands down, one of my favorite Dragon age fics. If you...
Him: -makes this face-. Me: what. Me: babe what. Him: nothing. Me: WHAT. Him: it's a call for artists for the second dragon age zi…
Me: oh cool I have time for few minutes of Dragon Age before work!. Origin: NO THE HIVE MUST UPDATE
My weekend consisted of Dragon Age Inquisition what game did you play?
Bruh. We playing some Dragon Age tonight or...are we doing a clash tourney?
Fenris is best Dragon Age character don't argue you lose goodbye nope you have something to show for it
After a tie, I will be playing both Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space 1 during my marathon. New poll up.
Looks like the Dark Age of Dragon Quest has ended. I hereby dub this the Dragon Quest Reformation.
I won 3 trophies in Dragon Age: Inquisition for 78 pts -
I bought Mass Effect 2 and 3 and the Dragon Age trilogy just because of performance in ME1. Pay attn devs-
HELLO TRUE SECRET CONFESSION TIME. I've never beaten Dragon Age, so I've never played DA:2 or DA:I. Also I never beat ME:3
I was on hiatus from gaming in '97. Fast forward to 2009. Nearing the end Dragon Age: Origins. 1/3
That's a wrap on Dragon Age: Origins! Thank you guys for joining me! More Dragon Age goodness will start on Tuesday with Dragon Age II!
yes!! Dragon Age: Origins. they continue off each other. i have to admit that i haven't played inquisition (3rd game) yet
Almost no expansion to Dragon Age on March 1st about Casbah, Hammersmith 0.3 too.
I won 3 achievements in Dragon Age: Inquisition for 93 pts
It's no secret that the Ready Up team loves the Dragon Age series (even DA2)
New podcast! Team member can't stop talking about Dragon Age
Mark Ruffalo in a World War Hulk open world game, akin to Dragon Age!
So yeah, Dragon Age: Inquisition has been more interesting than all of of the Mass Effect trilogy. Hot take of the century
10$ on you glueing yourself to the computer so you can play more Dragon Age
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Well depending on how you play Dragon Age, $20 on you glueing yourself to yourself.
Dragon Age doesn't really interest me and I've played Red Dead and Mass Effect
The in book Davos Seaworth and Blackwall from Dragon Age have the same voice in my mind.
Black Wolves by Kate Elliott, b3 of The Dark Tower by Stephen King & Dragon Age: The Masked Empire by Patrick Weekes
Dragon Age updates: Josephine is delightful, and I finished iron bull's quest ;_;
Can you imagine if the next Dragon Age or Mass Effect had awesome modding tools?!
I don't know, I mean imagine "Local Sports Reporter Disapproves -10" ala Dragon Age messing up your stats.
Can you imagine getting a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins after SEVEN YEARS of waiting for one?
petition for an actual Dragon Age movie to come out in theaters or anything Bioware. like imagine all these nerds you'd see in the theater
Ffs right? That voice as well! His VO for The Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Inquisition... Man...
playing out the last will and testament of your previous character from inquisition sounds almost to Dragon Age
Trying not to think about why the male character I play in Dragon Age: Inquisition is more confident than my female character.
Just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition for the second time and I'm a m e s s
I liked a video from Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser DLC: How to Get the Secret Solas
really ME3 was great and so was Dragon Age Inquisition
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Gonna stream some Dragon Age: Inquisition over at
Like Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Trespasser. Can be working as a spy. When called on... "Nothing personal, bas" (turns to kill player)
New-to-me graphic novels, comics, and a Dragon Age book from the Half Priced Books sale
And bury me with a pack of Bmac plantain crisps as well as copies of Assassin's Creed: Revelations and all three instalments of Dragon Age.
"What game do you play on xbox?" Assassins Creed. Skyrim. Dragon Age. Game of Thrones. Star Wars. Dead Rising 3. Call of Duty Ghosts. GTA.
3 of 5 stars to Dragon Age by Greg Rucka
Yuri Lowenthal is the voice of Sandal in Dragon Age?
Get the new Dragon Age design by on
Dont really have a definitive title, here are candidates: Gothic 2, Mass Effect, POE, Dragon Age: Origins, Suikoden 2
If you tune into this stream you're either . 1) Like COD Zombies. 2) Wanna chat about Dragon Age. 3) Team Nosleep.
I'm really not sure which Dragon Age you're describing now. Origins, 2, and Inquisition all handle introductions so differently.
Nothing like some Dragon Age: Inquisition after nearly 2 hours of homework.
Before Harley I was on Dragon Age. Just put 2 new issues! Get yours before they're gone.
I won 2 achievements in Dragon Age: Inquisition for 38 points
When ur friend starts 2 get into Dragon Age
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
If you were more into Dragon Age or Mass Effect you could shop for hoodies in the same place I do! :D
I met my best friends through Sims 3, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. 👌
Other Games • Re: Dead Star: Yup - it was great timing to fill the gap between getting the Dragon Age platinum...
I swear yall if I go to Scarborough Fair and miraculously see someone dressed as Solas from Dragon Age: Inquisition I really am going to cry
Was reminded of how smexy Claudia Black's voice is. She voiced Morrigan in Dragon Age, Chloe in Uncharted and Admiral Xen in Mass Effect.
That moment when I sit here clapping like dumb seal because I see this prompt fill has Dragon Age and TAJ /and/ Being Human fics.
Awesome Anders by for all the Dragon Age fans ÖuÖ. Especially for ;3
Dragon Age: Inquisition Twitch stream (ps4) will be from 3-430est so follow for a chance to win steam keys of items and games
Hi ! Life is awesome in Boston, thanks! How are you? :) Playing The Witcher 3, Dragon Age, and Diablo III past few weeks.
Witcher 3 raised the stakes way too much imo. But even Dragon Age is better in world detail.
Played Fallout 4 (PC), Dragon Age: Origins (PC) and 3 other games in the last 24 hours.
Well, with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition finished, my Big White Whales of 2016 are done.
I really enjoy that in my Dragon Age continuity the world has been saved by an out *** man 3 times in a row.
About 3 hours late, but that's life. I'll be live soon with Dragon Age
3 of 5 stars to Dragon Age by Ben Gelinas
Will you be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition 3 times as well? With the history of your Origins and DA2 playthroughs?
sitting here watching . playing Dragon Age: Origins. on w come join us!
Because has me thinking about Dragon Age: Origins again, an anecdote:
Wanting to play The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins at the same time.
What kinda BS!! I just opened my Dragon Age game & it's Dragon Age Origins not Inquisition.
I feel like I'm just going to play Dragon Age: Origins all day now until Aaron gets back. Then it's SWTOR time.
Finally playing through Dragon Age: Origins as a dwarf, interested to see how different it is from the other types of people.
I won the Kinslayer achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 17 points
I added a video to a playlist Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Iron Bull gets his Redhead (Full Iron
one of the characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a trans man but some of the dialogue about it is an little... gross...
I'm now ranked Hardcore (top 20%) in Dragon Age: Inquisition on Raptr!
I was thinking of doing a Dragon Age: Inquisition of you, would you mind?
Dragon Age: Inquisition is an absolutely beautiful game. Graphics, music and all.
Finally killed all 10 high dragons in Dragon Age: Inquisition!! The last two were so difficult oh god!
Could just give up on choosing a game, and try and put some serious time into Dragon Age: Inquisition.
One day I'll finally have enough money to buy FE: awakening and Dragon Age Inquisition ; ;
Definitely. Mass Effect 2 especially. Great game, but they needed to let Dragon Age be its own great game.
Hoping to edit a bunch of Dragon Age photos this week! Trying out some new tools :3
Pffft. You're late to the party. Dragon Age, Mass Effect. Didn't.
Currently discussing the idea of an Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age tattoo with my artist... The excitement is real.
Just finished the final piece of Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC after hearing talk it up a bit. *** of a good ending.
or maybe Dragon Age... Looks like you got that free game bundle from SEGA, so you should absolutely play Binary Domain.
I kinda wanna bring some of my historical garb to a gaming con. "Are you cosplaying from the Witcher?" "Nope." "... Dragon Age?" "Nope. :P"
The DLC of 2015 Tour continues. 2 of 3 complete in Dragon Age. David Hayter as a dwarf is super weird.
DRAGON AGE co-creator working on new BALDUR'S GATE game via
Yo, for a Dragon Age there's really a great lack of dragons
Watch Immabr0ny with me on Twitch! ok I took my medicine and I'm ready to go come join me in Dragon age!!
Time for Dragon Age! Claiming keeps, punching bad guys and looting things, the Inquisitor way
To everyone that was watching the stream last night, sorry for quitting early I got sick half way through. But I'll be streaming Dragon age.
the hairstyles in Dragon Age Inquisition are SO ugly. And the modded hair is pretty ugly too. EA why do u hate pretty hair are y'all bald?
I am hoping Dragon Age 4 let's you scramble that egg.
ha! He looks like a ginger Dorian from the Dragon Age video game. Seriously.
did yoy know im obsessed with Dragon Age
📷 Meet my new Shep, Ellana.. Replaying Mass Effect for the first time since I fell into dragon age *** ..
YamiShepard played Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One) in the last 24 hours
For those who missed it last night, behold: my epic Dragon Age essay!
Hint that I may be playing too much dragon age: driving past a lumber yard and thinking 'wow, look at all those logging stands'
I completed the game Dragon Age: Origins -
Reinstalling Dragon Age: Origins, there are now four different fantasy games I'm playing right now.
Dragon Age Inquisition reminds of the only thing always putting me off in RPGs.
Game is called Dragon Age, so I created a Daenerys lookalike character D: (yep,I'm late to the party)
You guys... Thanks for coming and checking out Dragon Age. Those hosts / hanging out was great!
My senior quote is a quote from Flemeth (Dragon Age)
'i don't even LIKE Dragon Age Origins' i say as i start another playthrough, trying to hide my 126 hours on steam from your view
Last Dragon Age stream. Finishing Trespasser for Dragon Age: Inquisition at Will we get answer from Egg?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
like Dragon Age would need more changing 😑
We are sorry to hear this is happening Carly. What platform are you playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on?
Dragon Age 3 is so boring I fell asleep in combat, bringing my death total to one.
They already made all the women in Dragon age Inq. look like men, making them Dragons is the next logical step.
Now I am thinking of a Dragon Age TV series. Can you just imagine the sexual tension between Cullen and Alastair?
I'm still not over the fact that da2 was supposed to be called Dragon Age: Exodus and the devs gave up on that great title
If im lucky (im probably not) thalia will have dragon age books in english so im gonna spend lots of $$$ today
now I want a Dragon Age style TV series.
It's probably gonna be responsible adulting and playing dragon age tbh
Why do people pretend The Witcher games are anymore a "real" RPG than the Dragon Age games?. In Dragon Age when it…
don't get me wrong I love dragon age and DA:I is still a great game but if anyone asks I will always say Mass Effect is better
David Gaider, lead writer on Dragon Age series, lands at Beamdog
Gonna be streaming Dragon Age Inquisition - come join me?
Preview: Dragon Age: Magekiller Cornered by demons and assassins, mercenaries Tessa and Marius are...
I just so that Dragon Age game !!! That caracter in it wares my name !!! LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Dordrecht Holland Brandon Bruce lee !!!
📷 bubonickitten: Dragon Age: Inquisition + text posts I haven’t done one of these in awhile, so… More...
Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here I come. Far too late, but there's no time like the present.
you should be watching and play Dragon Age: Inquisition!
My Fallout 4 Deacon print AND my Dragon Age: Inquisition beanie arrived today, fabulous!
Been playing the *** out of Dragon Age: Inquisition this week (thought of you that Im now going through Destiny withdrawal 😕
Dr Mauz played Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) and RESOGUN (PS4) in the last 24 hours
We are happy to hear from our players. What did you enjoy about Dragon Age: Inquisition?
Like for example, I don't like Sera in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She comes across too rude, crude and mean to me in a lot of cases.
Save serious money on Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Helldivers DLC and many more...
I liked a video from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Now that I've finished Dragon Age: Inquisition, I can't decide on what game to play next.
Ok let's try not to play a lot of Dragon Age : Inquisition, anyways i did'nt wanted to sleep
Already put 8 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition and I'm pretty sure I've barely done any of the main quests
I wish I could make Dragon Age: Inquisition my full time job.
I need to play Dragon Age Inquisition. Its the only one of the Dragon Age series I haven’t played yet…Oh...
Just finished Dragon Age: Origins and the Witch Hunt DLC... I NEED inquisition now! Dont care how boring it will be, I NEED too know the end
Oh, and the last two games I bought were Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Mass Effect trilogy.
Friend: *proudly* I can tell the difference between Mass Effect and Dragon Age now!. Girlfriend: How --. Me: Don't. This is big for her.
We aren't announcing future games in the Dragon Age world at this time, sorry.
I started up a new game of the first Dragon Age a while back, then got bogged down in sidequests as I often do.
Picked up Dragon Age: Origins, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Grim Fandango for Vita/PS4 with my PS+. Wouldn't have bought any of these-
Time to play Dragon Age but that one is not that high on the Nintendo Direct?
10 favorite video games? (not necessarily top 10 or any… — KotOR2. Gauntlet Legends. Pokemon Snap. Dragon Age franchi…
I understand that. I'm playing Dragon Age: Origins right now & I'm saving everytime I'm given a choice so I can go back later!
Karen is up to no good with her maid army in Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition.
I liked a video Dragon Age: Origins - How to get full Juggernaut Armor Set
The face of a girl who knows she's gonna play hella Dragon Age: Origins when she gets home.
'Grim Fandango,' 'Dragon Age: Origins' lead the New Year's free PS Plus lineup
So the conclusion I've come to so far is Dragon Age: Origins > Mass Effect
PlayStation Plus kicks off 2016 with free Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins
Plus games for January Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins are cool. Everything else subpar.
Coming to PS Plus on 5/1: Hardware Rivals, Grim Fandango, Dragon Age: Origins, more. Details htt…
Re- playing Dragon Age: Origins and. I still love Zevran. more than anything
Also the use of magic in Witcher 3 is so much better than in Dragon Age. I mean you can see all kind of spells in TW3.
Happy from the Dragon Age team. Good luck!
My regular play is Borderlands 2. I do a lot of Co op with people but I've been doing TTG Stuff, Dragon Age and indies.
16: Some all-time fav games: Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, Saints Row IV, Tales of Symphonia, Pokemon.
I'm at the piercing place to get my ear pierced like Varric from Dragon Age 2 AH I'm nervous
I loved your performance in both Uncharted 2 and Dragon Age! I wholeheartedly hope you can be in the final version of UC4 :)
Dragon Age 2+Inquisition and Catalyst are Origin only though
No Oblivion or Skyrim, no Mass Effect or Dragon Age past the originals, no Fallout past 2 - this is really damned good
There was a lady at my wife's company holiday party with the raddest haircut. She looked like my Inquisitor from Dragon Age.
Dragon Age: Inquisition is the game that Peter Molyneux promised us Fable would be. Just sayin'
Okay challenge to self time! Let's see if I can totally finish Dragon Age: Inquisition before Xenoblade Chronicles X hits on Saturday
And if least it wasn't your money!. *glares at Evolve and Dragon Age:Inquisiton*
It never fails, I get emotional every time Duncan dies in Dragon Age: Origins.
replaying the dragon age series and i just have to say how much i love your work in it! Especially sandal:)
Dragon *** , Dragon Dong, Dragon Rolls, Dragon Age and the list goes on and on.
Temporary Dragon age stream until psn is back online
if I'm up on an E3 demo to get back into regular production rhythm, and Dragon Age (still)
I imagine Dragon Age has got to win. The Witcher's great in many respects but LGBT representation isn't one. And I can't...
Okay but like its been 2 days since I played dragon age plz family let me play my game.
Literally did basically nothing today except sleep and get coffee and play Dragon Age ...>_> oops
Surprised at Dragon Age. I have a love-hate thing with that game. Somehow it tied Half Life. Truth: I haven't played most of the 128.
Playing Dragon Age Inquisition for the first time in months and I can never look at Solas the same way again.
((Im very sorry but I have fallen in the hole that is Dragon Age and I cannot get out))
I saved the world and my bisexual girlfriend gave me a curtsy and a hug I LOVE DRAGON AGE
I still haven't started dragon age because I obsessively played infamous and now I'm doing the same w/ shovel knight
Fantasy Age is the base system from the same creators of the Dragon Age RPG and is customizable
"Why haven't you played dragon age yet?". Bokuaka and Tobio Cousland
Dragon Age is not something that really interested me at all tbh. it doesn't look bad though, nothing against it o:
Would people be interested in watching me stream dragon age over my winter break? I kinda wanna go through the whole series
Black Friday almost over and the only thing I bought was Dragon Age Inquisition
Wait. So can it still be called a Dragon Age?
Soha is killing the last dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition & i'm like
Hey Dragon Age fans, is it worth it to get all 3 expansions, or should I just get Trespasser?
Someone buy me all the dragon age things on sanshee. I spent too much this weekend to rationalize doing it myself. :c
I can watch my husband play 1000 hours of dragon age and I will never understand it :(
I bought dragon age: inquisition last night because it was $20 but I have no idea if it's any good...
Anyway, time to get some food and go back to my empty apartment to play Dragon Age or maybe write some trashy fanfic.
// 😂😂 if you knew about Dragon Age, babe, I would make an SL with you omg.
Late night crafting calls for tea in my favorite travel mug. Dragon Age shirt, Dragon Age hoodie,…
please tell me this a prelude for "dragon age 5: literally a dragon dating sim, I don't know what you expected"
really? I know there's a dragon age one, I feel like bioware would cover all their bases
Got dragon age, hope its dope like the ratings say ☺☺☺
I hate how the only thing I ever really play now is dragon age no matter how many times I have to pass the same *** thing
I can't wait to start playin dragon age
I miss Dragon Age. I need to play soon.
This is just as annoying as the Dragon Age & Mass Effect merch being so awful for the most part.
I just want a Star Wars RPG by BioWare with a similar formula to Dragon Age Inquisition. Is that too much to ask for?
6,168 words done today. Feeling mighty accomplished and happily playing Dragon Age: Inquisition now.
[DAI Spoilers]Is there a way to undo a decision through Dragon Age Keep?
Talyn played Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) in the last 24 hours
Oh, right, I didn't buy Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, and it's on sale. Should I buy just the standard game or the more expensive GOTY?
why else one of the most popular mods for Dragon Age is "skip fade"
It's nearly four am and I'm just pissing about on Dragon Age Inquisition as per. Go to sleep James
Day late, but i'm thankful for all the friends I made online this year thru either CAH, streams, puns, memes, or Dragon Age.
I think it's Dragon Age where you have Claudia, Kate Mulgrew & Marina Sirtis all in the same game.
Mass Effect & Dragon Age data mining - commanderlurker: Have you ever wondered if people choose similar...
Going to try to stay off of social media today. Need to focus on studying, and then Dragon Age.
I only really started gaming around Oblivion, Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins before that I was just a handheld kinda guy
Every time I'm about to replay Dragon Age: Origins I remember the magic tower and I don't want to do it anymore.
Dragon Age: Origins is pretty good. Diggin it so far.
I won the Master Warden achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 38 pts -
I won the The Ultimate Sacrifice achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 85 pts -
I won the Defender achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 29 pts -
I enjoyed the world of Dragon Age: Origins--it's characters, story, etc. DA II just makes me feel.. indifferent.
I won the Rabble-Rouser achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 28 pts -
I liked a video [Elvish Cover :D]- Lelianna's Song from Dragon Age: Origins by ucanshine89
Dragon Age: Origins is much more fun when I'm not almost dying every other battle.
Dragon Age: Origins was out today in 2009. A critically acclaimed spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate.
PC games similar to Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dragon Age: Origins?. Not sure how to describe the style of game these two are but I'm looking…
Played Fifa 15 (PC), Dragon Age: Origins (PC) and 1 other game in the last 24 hours.
I need to stop myself from playing too many games at the same time. gonna focus on Bravely Default first then continue with Dragon Age
[Spoilers All] GDC: The Art & Inspiration of Dragon Age: Inquisition by Neil Thompson, Director of Art & Animation…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
/read most of it like Cole from Dragon Age Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition uses the male anim about half the time for the female lead, it is so jarring and unnatural.
Russia returns next! This time it's Leliana from Dragon Age: Inquisition.
I wasted my weekend crushing my soul doing nothing but playing Dragon Age. What have I missed.
Of COURSE David Hayter voices this dwarf guy in this quest *literally about metal gears*. Thanks, Dragon Age.
Dragon Age. You have no hope of completing TW3 in time, Uncharted warrants a replay closer to the newest one. DAI is the bees knees
I just finished playing Dragon Age Inquisition.Low key it's a great game! And it's cheap now
Someone give me like $100 so I can buy the rest of the Dragon Age series pls I'm just replaying Origins again
Roughly 3 more hours until my Dragon Age: Origins stream. Can't wait to see yuh guys!
I won the First Knight achievement in Dragon Age: Origins for 21 points -
Photo: seongune: asked: Merrill, from Dragon Age? I literally just finished origins and awakening,...
I liked a video from MY FAVOURITE GAME! | Dragon Age: Origins
It seems like Dragon Age: Origins was trying to be a fancier version of ESIV: Oblivion. I think I like the latter better.
I love Dragon Age but it is EXTREMELY Bioware with the Jedi/Spectre/Grey Warden distant menace thing.
Stream is live tonight with a fresh start through Dragon Age: Origins. Count on 11:30-Midnight EST start. Let's try this.
I'm currently playing Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2, and just started Dragon Age: Origins (even though I own all the DA games) :P
It's monday! And to ease your pain I'm streaming my blind playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. Now live @
Winner of Dragon Age: Origins has been announced @
About to draw the winer of Dragon Age: Origins!
well, 90 hours later, i am done with Dragon Age: Origins
I think Dragon Age: Origins would benefit from a remake.
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