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Dr James Dobson

James Clayton Jim Dobson, Jr. (born April 21, 1936) is an American evangelical Christian author, psychologist, and founder in 1977 of Focus on the Family (FOTF), which he led until 2003. In the 1980s he was ranked as one of the most influential spokesmen for conservative social positions in American public life.

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I want to grow up and be like these 2 Great men Dr Jack Graham and Dr James Dobson...what a Great Day @
Dare to discpline ~Dr James Dobson its a book every teen longing to have a family should read, discplining children with love nd control
Pastor Greg Laurie with Dr James Dobson... They didn't candy coat the message of Jesus
DR DOBSON had a sermon on the radio one night about apologies - he said that if someone merely says "IF I have ever said or done anything to offend / hurt you" that it is not a true apology - - they should address the actual issue they are apologizing for - - I would like to find that article / sermon , please - - thank you
my only public school experience was a Dr James Dobson audio lecture at the end of 6th grade - otherwise it was my parents
Nothing is so beautiful as a loving relationship that conforms to God's magnificent design. -Dr. James Dobson
"The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." -Dr.James Dobson
Miss the simulcast? You can still license Dr. James Dobson’s film ‘Your Legacy’ along with the other seven films in the series!
ah yes, Dr James Dobson, whose books have caused countless trauma to people raised through the 80s and 90s.
Next, on The Lillian McDermott Radio Show: Do you remember Dr. James Dobson? He is the founder of Focus on the...
I love Dr James Dobson and the ministry of Focus on the Family. I highly recommend their books on relationships...
There is still time to guarantee priority seating to hear Dr. James Dobson LIVE at Teach Them Diligently...
Question of the Day: Dr James Dobson: What does success look like to you?
"When moments of love and closeness happen between parents, kids are not as tempted to test the limits.". ~ Dr James Dobson
Have you read our latest blog? It's our interview with Dr. James Dobson, "the nation's most influential...
Don't miss out on your chance to hear Dr. James Dobson of Building A Family Legacy at Nashville 2015.
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we're so concerned about giving our children what we never had growing up, we neglect to give them what we did have... ~ Dr James C. Dobson
"When two people love each other deeply, they share countless private memories unknown to the rest of the world." - Dr. James Dobson "💘"
Did you hear the news? Dr. James Dobson will be speaking at TTD-Nashville! .
Via - and stopped by BreatheCast to discuss their film series:
to keynote Nashville 2015. Limited seating, so act soon!
"A legacy is not something you leave, it's something you build into somebody." - Dr James Dobson.
Remember this Sunday at TOCC Invite your friends & family for a powerful simulcast video by Dr James Dobson.
Thank you for endorsing my candidacy for U.S. Senate!
Dr. James Dobson interviews a panel of guests on homosexuality
Our interview with Dr James Dobson will air on Family Talk August 27,28 & 29th.
I believe in tough love. Love must be tough. Dr. James Dobson' Not the candy Andy love. Also self pity is poison to personal growth.
. Intimacy is difficult to describe but. You know it when you have it!. - Dr James Dobson
"...this assault on the sanctity of human life takes me where I cannot go." Dr. James Dobson
Depression in adults is difficult to diagnose—in children it's even harder. Know the facts! http:/…
Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without. ~ Dr. James C. Dobson
A is difficult enough, but some parents find their own doubt harder.
If you're a parent, it doesn't hurt to have a sense of humor while raising your children!
Broadcast of dr James Dobson on homosexuality | via
Every one of us human beings is known and loved by the Creator apart from every other human on earth. - Dr. James Dobson
Via Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson:. -4- Biblical Principles about Money
Via Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson:. "The Bible is clear that homosexual activity is sin and heterosexual...
One of the very best ways to show your children how to succeed may be to teach them how to fail.
Great beginnings are not as important as the way one finishes. - Dr. James Dobson
Via Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson:. View the video below and COMMENT with the broadcasts you are most looking...
Via Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson:. What do you find to be your biggest struggle in doing this?
Via Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson:. Homosexuality may be the most significant issue Christians face in our...
"It’s never too early to think about your legacy." -- Dr. James Dobson
Dr James Dobson from Focus on the Family live tonight at Harvest Church Orange County
Was awesome early morning at Harvest Pastor Greg interviewed Dr James Dobson (focus on the Family)
Wow the" National Day Of Prayer" from DC was so powerful this year with Rabbi Jonathan Kahn, Anne Graham Lotz, Judge Maurice Foley, Major General Joseph Ward, Chaplain Wayne Brittan, and worship by Don Moen, Dr James Dobson, Dino Kartsonakis & Cheryl Kartsonakis, Bishop Harry Jackson were also in attendance. Thank you Lord for all the truth that was brought forth by all of our speakers.
"Love is not defined by the emotional highs & lows, but is dependent upon a steady and unchanging commitment of the will." -Dr. James Dobson
Happy Birthday Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson! You have impacted not only the way I...
Never knew Dr James Dobson did a book on girls. Phenomenal. I recommend to any parent of girls under eighteen. Covers puberty, purity, technology, princess crazes, importance of dads, bullies and so much more. Tons of data and scientific studies. I learned so much about me and them.
"I believe, with everything within me, that husbands hold the keys to the preservation of the family" - Dr. James Dobson
on why so many highly educated and intelligent people are willing to pledge allegiance to a belief that is baseless and unsupportable ...: ... someone has said, "superstition is the worm that exudes from the grave of a dead faith." in other words, human beings MUST have something in which to believe, and in the absence of a meaningful faith in GOD, reliance is placed in superstitious nonsense. dr james dobson
Speding my Saturday afternoon reading: "Bringing up Girls" - by Dr James Dobson
Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day. Dr. James Dobson
Christian radio broadcaster James Dobson has won a temporary injunction preventing the federal government ...
Thinking about how much Dr. James Dobson's radio show shaped my parenting. Thinking also that I will be buying
Dr. wins reprieve over on Bigger battle ahead
he won an injunction. Excellent first step.
Awesome news! broadcaster Dr. Dobson of wins injunction
Dr.James Dobson has gone to be w/ the lord,his wife's name happens to be Shirley Dobson, his ministry continues to bless multitudes
From our friends at Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson
Court blocks enforcement of abortion pill mandate against ministry of Dr. James Dobson
Obamacare loses again! Prelim. inj. means Dr. James Dobson doesn't have to comply with abortion pill mandate.
BREAKING: Fed court grants prelim. injunction; Dr. James Dobson does not have to comply w/ Abortion Pill Mandate.
You can hardly become or when you are busily sharing what you have with others. Dr James Dobson
"Give children maximum reason to want to comply w/ your wishes. Your anger is the least effective alternative." -Dr. James Dobson
Dr. E.V. Hill On the Death of His Wife | Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk with Dr. Dobson
Listen to KCTA anytime you need some encouragement. Hear teachings from Dr. David Jeremiah, Chuck Swindoll, and Dr. James Dobson.
Mom just posted a Dr. James Dobson quote on her wall. At least it was bland and generically Christian.
Are you a Giver or a Taker? View Dr. James Dobson's perspective on giving and taking. -
Never assume God's silence or apparent inactivity is evidence of His disinterest. Let me say it again. Feelings about His inaccessibility mean nothing! Absolutely nothing! His word is infinitely more reliable than our spooky emotions. Dr James Dobson
Proud of my latest book: "How to Kiss the Ring, According to the Bible" (foreword by Dr James Dobson)
57 million souls never got their chance at life since Rowe VS Wade.. yesterday was the 41st anniversary.. ;( Check out snowflake babies.. the availability of adoption of any of over 600,000 frozen embryos in the US which are dying in cryogenics.. They only have so much time before being destroyed like unwanted pets. Conception has already occurred. They are ready for adoption. Many will not survive the thawing process.. hince snowflake babies.. google it or go here to Dr James Dobson at Family Talk, American family radio.. 91.1 or 91.5?
Looks like Dr Dobson is going to court.
Always loved listening to Dr James Dobson when he was on his radio show, focus on the family and he helped me with my raising my family and my faith. God Bless him.
Via Dr. James Dobson is suing over the contraception mandate
As we informed you yesterday, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk has joined dozens of other groups and has filed a...
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"Marriage succeeds only as a lifetime commitment with no escape clauses." -Dr. James Dobson
Dr. James Dobson, the longtime family values advocate who now reaches millions through his Family Talk ministry,...
Dr. JAMES DOBSON is suing Sebelius over ABORTION issues - Lord give us VICTORY in this battle for what is right!
I have long respected Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family and now his "Family Talk" program. How about you?...
Yet another lawsuit filed against the mandate. Will the Obama administration wise up?
To know someone well,you need 300 hours of face to face communication about each other Dr James Dobson..Wow Social/strangers media:-)
James Dobson sues Sebelius over abortion mandate via God bless you Dr. Dobson.
Good For Him...No Govt. has the power or authority to trample on our 1st Amendment RIGHTS...not suggestions!
Dr James Dobson on focus on the family. How do you know if you ready for marriage Your parents marriage Your Childhood Your relationship with your mother And if all of the above not happy, you have lots of extra work to make your marriage work.
"Parenting is a marathon. Adapt to a pace you can maintain". - Dr James Dobson. Words of wisdom right there! Sensory Learning 4 Life
this POTUS talking about economic growth is like Dr James Dobson talking about "growth" of abortion clinics
Just heard Dr. James Dobson on radio say men's terrible behavior is the "fault" of girls who accept it. Excuse me, WHAT ?!?
Quote: Dr. James Dobson has called him one of the most evil men of the 20th century. . re. Kinsey
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson. Like This Page · 6 minutes ago. A Father's Confession. It never fails that when...
Happened to ride the elevator with Dr James Dobson. He's got a quick wit. . Cool moment.
Dr. James Dobson looking good Thanks for your leadership & example!
Still the best on the family, Dr. James Dobson at the D6 conference, don't lose your kids to the moral issues of today- PRAY FOR THEM DAILY!
Was just able to hear Dr. James Dobson at What a blessing!!
What a privilege to hear Dr. James Dobson this morning at D6.
notes posted -- session 2 w/ Dr. James Dobson, and my family's legacy:
The message I have always remembered from Dr. James Dobson: Be there.
"If you don't reach your children for Christ you will never see them again." Dr. James Dobson
Mom listening to her hero Dr. James Dobson!
"All of your accomplishments won't matter if you don't have time to pray for your kids." - Dr. James Dobson
Enjoying listening to Dr James Dobson at D6 a truly anointed storyteller and family champion.
Listening to Dr.James Dobson speak. He is a gracious sage for family ministry.
"It's a dangerous thing for a young man to become too successful too early." Dr. James Dobson
I can't really see the stage, but I can hear the unmistakable voice of Dr. James Dobson, as I have for many hours on the radio.
At 77 Dr James Dobson is still sharp. So cool to hear him in person at D6 Louisville today. .
"The LORD will allow you to disobey but the consequences are yours." Dr. James Dobson
Be careful about what you tell God you will or will not do! - Dr. James Dobson
Listening to one of my family ministry heroes right now at Dr. James Dobson.
Hearing Dr. James Dobson live at Thankful for who he is and what he has done.
I get the surprise blessing of hearing Dr. James Dobson today
The Legendary Dr. James Dobson is up speaking to us @
Dr. James Dobson is now on stage at
About to hear Dr James Dobson at D6. Getting a little excited.
Got to meet one of my heroes today at ... Dr James Dobson
See what Dr. James Dobson said to the 300 medical doctors who attended the Prescription for Renewal conference here: h…
Trying to analyse God's omnipotence is like an amoeba attempting to comprehend the behaviour of man.~ Dr James Dobson
Dr James Dobson's voice shall haunt me forever.
...Live for God, and give them a light they can steer by! Dr James Dobson
Adherence to a standard is an important element of discipline. . ~Dr. James Dobson
“what is wrong with that? Lol” all kinds of things according to christian psychologist dr james dobson
Our very survival as a people will depend on the presence or absence of masculine leadership in homes. Dr James Dobson
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"The parent who is too eager to bail his child out of difficult circumstances may be doing him a disservice." - Dr. James Dobson
Got Guilt (in Parenting)? Listen in as I discuss just that with Dr. James Dobson on
Here is a document that, when I last read about it, Dr James Dobson had refused to sign:
"Great beginnings aren’t nearly as important as great finishes." Dr James Dobson
Punishment is what we do to the child; discipline is what we do for the child, as Dr James Dobson reasons in his book
Absolutely love Dr James Dobson... For his books! Cause "Bringing Up Girls" in a Godly way ain't easy!
Just picked up 'Bringing Up Boys by Dr James Dobson'.. Sure promises to be an interesting read. Can't wait :)
Check out this great item: Dr James Dobson - A Father Looks Back (VHS, 1986) Series Turn Your Heart Home
TV shows are full of men that have what Dr. James Dobson termed, "Dumb Dads." Women do you find that attractive?...
it is very difficult or almost impossible to love another person romantically and pity him or her at the same time. ~Dr. James Dobson~
Another good book: Fatherless, by Dr. James Dobson. Life 2041. Breeders and transition (suicide) solve economic problems.
Check out this Amazon deal: When God Doesn't Make Sense by Dr James Dobson via
Poolside with a great book Dare to discipline Dr. James Dobson. I need all the help I can get
Dr. James Dobson appearing LIVE on The Glenn Beck Program right now discussing the …
"The other mans grass may be greener-but it still needs mowing" Dr James Dobson
Check out this thing from Dr James Dobson&Family Talk - "Religious Intolerance: It's a Two-Way Street"
beginnings aren’t nearly as important as finishes. -Dr James Dobson..
"Extreme independence is as destructive to a relationship as total dependence."...Dr James Dobson
Tune in to Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson today at 12:00 noon CST on Apostle Radio -
“Our prayers unleash the powers of God in the life of another individual.” Dr. James Dobson nothing is more important
Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic in new film on suffering: Featuring narration by Dr James Dobson, Hope for Hurting H...
Christians in the closet, time to come out ! listening to Zig Ziggler this morning from 1010am Dr. James Dobson , Family Talk
One certainty of this mortal experience is that we will all experience hardship and at some point. ~ Dr. James C. Dobson
"Make it a mission to tell people you're praying for them." -Dr. James Dobson
the most successful marriages are those where both husband and wife seek to build the self esteem of each other - Dr. James Dobson
The Lord will not settle for second place in your life. ~ Dr. James Dobson
Looking for a good read? Check out Fatherless, it will make you think!
Thought provoking novel Fatherless is a great read
Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner's new book Fatherless looks good.
When you let people put you up on a pedestal, you step one step in any direction, and you're going to go down. Dr. James Dobson
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"The emotional well-being of a wife is the specific responsibility of her man. It was his job to cheer her. It still is!” Dr. James Dobson
I believe the most valuable contribution a parent can make to his child is to instill in him a genuine faith in God.- Dr. James Dobson
Every day that goes by without spiritual training for our children is a day that cannot be recaptured. Dr.James Dobson
“There is no substitute for the biblical prescription for marriage, nor will its wisdom ever be replace.” - by Dr. James Dobson
A child who defies the leadership of his parents is reassured when they remain confident and firm under fire. - Dr. James Dobson
“The Scriptures command children to respect their parents. It says nothing about whether or not they are worthy of respect” Dr. James Dobson
Today, Dr. Tim speaks with James Dobson about the impact of fathers on their children - Life, Love, & Family Radio.
You always know its a monday morning when you here good old Dr James Dobson with Focus on the Family on ECR
V.Quote "With God, even when nothing is happening - something is happening." - Rev. Reubin Welch, "In the Arms of God" by Dr. James Dobson
"A girls sense of self-worth and personal dignity are directly linked to what she believes her father thinks of her" (Dr. James Dobson).
Parents who are afraid to say no to their children, often produce the very rebellion that they dread (Dr. James Dobson).
If you sound like a wimp... You will get treated like one (Dr. James Dobson).
You may be interested in know that Dr. James Dobson has written a fiction book (with Kurt Brunner). I discovered...
Blessed to have met with Dr James Dobson today. His ministry has impacted many.
Overcommitment (to $ and material gain) is main cause of marital conflicts. Downsize, say Dr James Dobson
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Check out this conversation from Dr James Dobson&Family Talk - "Today's Broadcast"
it fosters inappropriate connection between mom & child. My mom threw some quotes by Dr James Dobson a prominent pastor at me
"Never forget that girls are made out of the same stuff their mothers are. Put sweet little notes an cards in your daughter's coat pocket or in her shoe. Write a short prayer and put it underher pillow. Girls love flowers. It's in their DNA! They beam when you express pride to others about them. Look for anything that will bring your daughter into your world or you into hers. While you are at it, tell her you love her every time you are together. You will be her hero forever" - Dr James Dobson
"When a "blind" man steps on you, don't get angry." Dr James Dobson...spiritually speaking.
Dr James Dobson and Pastor John Hagee in the same room ... This conference has been awesome!!
This doctor has nerves of steel. Ted Bundy's Final Interview (by Dr James Dobson) Part 1 of 3: via
Dr James Dobson was the last person to talk to Pete Maravich on a church basketball court...Dobson asked "how are you feeling Pete?"."I feel Great Dr...absolutely Great".Boom he dropped dead right there...Pete had always had an deformed heart that was missing a valve...No doctor during a medical exam had ever picked that up.
Anyone want to go to SA on the 19th to see Dr James Dobson at Cornerstone Church?
I'm Disappointed with dr James dobson's comment about judgement. I believe your answer is Found in Romans 1 24-32.
James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, said Monday that he believes the Connecticut shooting is a result of God allowing judgment to fall on America because it has turned its back on him.
"OK WESTBORO HAS PUT CONNECTICUT ON THEIR SCHEDULE, THIS MAKES IT OFFICIAL, IT'S NO LONGER A RUMOR" Below is their official statement concerning Sandy Hook. -Westboro Baptist Church Picket Schedule- Woodbury Funeral Home in Woodbury, CT December 19, 2012 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM WBC to picket the funeral of Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung. How many more of your children will you sacrifice to your filthy *** marriage?! You proved you hate your kids by making Connecticut one of the first states to institute *** marriage. You marry wives (divorce & remarriage) and give men in marriage (same-sex marriage), just as Christ said would happen just before the time that He returns in power and glory, taking vengeance on the disobedient (Luke 12; 2 Thes 1). The blood of the Newtown dead is on the hands of every preacher, teacher, parent and leader of Connecticut. The dead children of Sandy Hook Elementary are better off dead than to continue being raised for such great wrath and destruction as you ha ...
Dr. James Dobson may be the most perfect example of spending "political capital." And spending, and spending, and spending
Dr James Dobson's compassionate message to grieving parents: God wanted your kids dead as punishment for *** marriage.
Dr. J Dobson calld the Sandy Hook shootings "judgment" 4 turning "our back on the Scripture." narrow minded? I say yes!
Anyone stop to think that people dislike Christians because of comments made by people like Mike Huckabee and Dr James Dobson...disgusting!!
As a Christian, I have well-respected Dr. James Dobson for many years, but I have to say this position is not well thought out.
Dr James Dobson is a *** bag. He preaches bigotry and immoral ideology.
Please share this with anyone you know who listens to Dr. James Dobson, Mike Huckabee, or Bryan Fischer. They...
Classy move there, Dr. James Dobson, saying victims were demonstrations of God's Judgement.
James Dobson and Brian Fisher preach Christian hate on FCC licensed radio stations.
Hey Dr Dobson. You're wrong. God does not look at Connecticut with pride in the work He did in punishing America. Wrong
Dr. James Dobson is a doctor the same way Dr. Pepper is a doctor.
Dr. James Dobson called the Sandy Hook shootings "judgment" for turning "our back on the Scripture."
Looking back on Sunday's sermon, I would like to add Dr. James Dobson to the rogues gallery of crummy theologians.
Dr. James Dobson spoke out today on his radio show regarding the massacre of twenty small children and seven adults (including his own mother) last Friday.
Dr. James Dobson just echoed Mike Huckabee & doubled down for clarification. There is no missing context here, just missing brains.
On behalf of Dr. James Dobson and the entire Family Talk staff, we offer our sincere condolences to Gina Pastore, and the two Pastore children on the passing of their beloved husband and father, Frank Pastore on Monday afternoon, December 17th. When he saw his Savior, we are sure Frank heard those rousing words, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your salvation." Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pastore family.
Dr. Dobson has joined the ranks of others who are blaming the Sandy Hook massacre on social political issues.
This is from Dr James Dobson's Family Talk broadcast yesterday
Blog Update | Dr. James Dobson joins ranks of those who claim Connecticut massacre was God's judgment
After the comments made by Dr James Dobson I feel that you fall in line with ! is gods judgement? Really?
Commentary | James Dobson is the latest conservative Christian to link the Sandy Hook school shooting to a lack of God in our nation. Mike Huckabee already made a comment similar to Dobson’s when he attributed the mass shooting to a lack of God in schools, but Dobson added to those remarks during a ...
Mistakes are painful when they happen. But, years later, a collection of mistakes called Experience will lead us to Success. Thoughts ?
"Guard your family relationships against erosion as though you were defending your very lives." ~ Dr. James Dobson'
Dr James Dobson... Played his radio show for years as a dj. He's scum!
I think Dr.(?) Dobson (The Josef Goebbels of Christian Broadcasting) is ready for some *** electroshock...
Dr [sic] James Dobson claims *** and abortion" caused the Newtown massacre. Did he mean an *** aborted fetus survived, escaped Planned Parenthood, grabbed an assault weapon and starting murdering people? That's a bad *** rainbow t-shirt wearing fetus I will tell you what... Think about it.
Dr. Dobson, please focus on your _own family! Dobson links Newtown shooting to same sex marriage | The Raw Story
Self-promoter Dr. James Dobson is blaming atheism and *** rights for Newtown tragedy. He's a mediocre thinker and a jerk.
Some Christian leaders including Dr. James Dobson are saying that all the recent massacres are a result of God's judgement. Do you agree?
Dr. James Dobson's parenting is not for coward speaks very loud about parenting. It is for people with lots of God's grace.
We are all still in shock trying to process the senseless shootings which occurred Friday. Dr. James Dobson responds on Family Talk at 5pm.
Dr. Dobson, not surprisingly, says something incredibly gross and appalling.
"You must realize the value of what you do (as parents)."- Dr. James Dobson
Dr. James Dobson responds to the tragedy. Listen here:
The myth of the complete separation of church and state is often used to intimidate believers right out of the public forum. Hear an inspiring call from Dr. Laurence White to awaken to this danger and commit to making a difference in our nation. Click "Share" below to spread this message!
Raising healthy children is not so much a science as it is a highly developed art." - Dr. James Dobson
"It is said a person that needs the other the least, will always be in control of the relationship. " -Dr. James Dobson
On the next edition of Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, author Ray Comfort makes a very logical and moral argument that abortion is America’s Holocaust. Don’t miss part two of this provocative discussion, Friday morning at 5 on K-Wave...
"When your child asks, 'Who's in charge?' tell him. When he mutters, 'Who loves me?' Take him in your arms and surround him with affection." - Dr. James Dobson, from The New Dare to Discipline
In an article, “Top 10 Prolife Warriors” the following was found about Father Frank Pavone: 9. Father Frank Pavone The role of the Roman Catholic Church in the battle over abortion cannot be overstated. The RCC was the first and remains the strongest advocate and defender of the unborn. Long before there was even such a thing as a social conservative, Catholics were speaking up for innocence in the womb. While there are countless liberal Catholics who are pro-choice (especially in politics), the Church itself remains staunchly pro-life. And in America, the Priest who leads the anti-abortion charge is Father Frank Pavone. Frank Pavone is the national director of Priests for Life. Priests for Life exists to inform the clergy and the people of the RCC how to fight the culture of death. The organization speaks out strongly against both abortion and euthanasia. Priests for Life supplies literature for activism and is also known for providing pictures of aborted babies as a way to show just how horr ...
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but the people who have learned to live with those things that are less than perfect.
Dr James Dobson draws from his experience as a child psychologist and family counselor, as well as the lates
Dr James Dobson (Focus on The Family) interviews Ted Bundy less than 12 hours before he was executed. Bundy wanted to tell the world that one of the contributing factors that led him into rapping and murdering woman, was his choice to expose himself
So Lisa Biron, this pedophile lawyer that transports children to Canada to film them having sex. She works for the ADF this is huge. Aliance Defense Fund receives donations from huge Christians Organizations like Dr James Dobson, Focus on The Family. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and The Bradley Foundation. All of these non-profit organizations donate money to ADF. This is going to get huge I think. Watch as each one of these companies cut off funding and distance themselves from the ADF.
while at the Jesus daily, access the radio talk by Dr James Dobson...theres alot of living here.
Dr James Dobson this is the focus on the family! There must always be healthy boundaries! Agreed! Bee el see bub! Don't let the flie get into the oitment that was meant to heal the nations!
Dr James Dobson/ Focus on the Family / 5:50am on ECR: I love this guy, he sounds so caring, his advice is straight from the heart , a mixture of life experience and professionalism. Today he touched on caring for elderly parents. He points out that if sibling live far away they should not abscond from responsibility and put in the time and financial effort of caring. Family meeting amongst siblings done periodically.
Rush new book belittle women Tod akin new book lady parts One politicians quest to discover what's inside his wife Dr James Dobson Horton fears a hoo - hoo Sean hannity book you can get pregnant from a toilet seat Sarah and Todd palin That's not my thumb That's not my belly button GOPs don't rush out to buy these its a joke
If you are like me, and Fed up with the so-called Moderators being so BLATANTLY Biased in favor of the current administration, and actually giving them MORE opportunities to respond, and MORE time to talk, actually covering FOR them, and Talking OVER the Conservative Challengers, Stacking the deck of questions AGAINST them. .I propose that we hound the networks the Party Leadership and the so-called Bi-Partisan, committee that is in charge of the debates, demanding they do the final debate as follows to make up for their rotten shoices thus far in favor of Dems: Pre-Debate Commentary & Prep by Frank Turek Dan Celia Steve Forbes Debate Moderator Sean Hannity with a Panel asking Questions: The Panel : Bryan Fisher Michael Reagan David Limbaugh Sandy Rios Tim Wildmon Buster Wilson Post Debate Analysis by Frank Turek Dr James Dobson
Hamilton Collection
"When you are defiantly challenged, win decisively. When the child asks, "Who's in charge?" tell him/her. When he/she mutters, "Who love me?" take him/her in your arms and surround him/her with affection. Treat him/her with respect and dignity, and expect the same from him/her. Then begin to enjoy the sweet benefits of competent parenthood." - Excerpt from Dr James Dobson, The New Dare To Discpline.
Love doesn't make excuses,love makes sacrifices~Dr James Dobson.
When God doesn't make sense by Dr James Dobson.
If your a mom & need a good laugh listen to this podcast on Family Talk w/ Dr James Dobson "mother superior" Check out this great Podcast:
"We are not what we think we are, not even what others think we are; (but) we are what we think others think we are!" (Dr James Dobson)
It’s important for young people to remember that the purpose of dating is not just about “having a good time.” Learn how we have separated a pursuit of romance from a pursuit of commitment. Guest Joshua Harris, will give us a hea... Click "Share" bel...
"The family was divinely instituted and sanctioned in the beginning, when God created one man and one woman, brought them together, and commanded them to 'be fruitful and multiply.' This is where we begin and this is where we must stand." Dr. James Dobson
I'd love to hold several symposiums with Trace Adkins, Wayne LaPierre, Mike Huckabee, Dr. James Dobson, and the...
Unless somebody beleives in a Child's worth, the world can be a cold and lonely place "reading building confidence in ur chils by Dr James Dobson" we hve a great responsibility as parents make the best of it!
I'll like to read Dr James Dobson's "when God doesn't make sense"...has any1 on my TL read the book?
Sound biblical advice on Christian marriages, families, and parenting.
"Hardship does not determine our behavior, but it clearly influences it." Dr. James Dobson-- "The Heart of the Family"
Perseverance in times of adversity ...
The good name of a man does not comes from how wealth he is, but how he can keep and fulfill his promises.
According to Dr. James Dobson: the main cause of divorce is not an affair or financial problems, ...
In 2008, Focus on the Family penned (pdf) a “Letter From 2012 in Obama’s America.” Fred Clarke scores their predictions: Focus on the Family made 34 specific, detailed predictions about what would happen in “Obama’s America.” They came up 0-for-34.
I so admire this great man from the past...
"Our joy can be as stable as the sunrise, even when circumstances put us through enormous stress."- Dr. James Dobson
I am in the greatest danger before God when I know clearly what He wants me to do, but willfully and defiantly refuse to obey. - Dr James Dobson
"My concern is that many believers apparently feel God owes them smooth sailing or at least a full explanation. We must never forget that He, after all, is GOD. He is majestic and holy and Sovereign. He is accountable to no one. He is not an errand boy who chases the assignments we dole out. He is not a genie who pops out of the bottle to satisfy our whims. He is not our servant-we are His! And our reason for existence is to glorify Him. Even so, sometimes He performs mighty miracles on our behalf. Sometimes He chooses to explain His action in our lives. Sometimes His presence is as real as if we had encountered Him face to face. But at other times when nothing makes sense-when what we are going through is "not fair," when we feel all alone in God's waiting room- He simply says, "Trust Me!" -Dr. James Dobson
Reading Dr. James Dobson tonight and he writes, "You MUST keep your sense of humor between the twos and threes in order to keep your sanity." Such true words and I laugh every day with Mac; sometimes that's all I can do.
maybe men should teach all boy classes, not women? Dr. James Dobson has a great book called:Bringing up boys.
Rethinking how you use your tech savvy gadgets...on the next Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson at 5pm.
If human intelligence and perception are undependable in assessing everyday reality, which can be seen, touched, heard, tasted, and smelled, how much less capable are they of evaluating the unfathomable God of the universe? -Dr. James Dobson
Our bible study at church was on spare the rod spoil the child, I had to laugh because my generation had pick our own switches. My mom and dad had back up belts and I can remember my neighbor spanking me after calling my mom and telling her what I was doing wrong. DR. James Dobson wrote Dare to Discipline and then rewrote it as the world view changed and named it the New Dare to Discipline. People the bible did not change, do what the word says. My mom would say I brought you in this world and I will take you out or when it came to jail she would say if you get your self in you will get your self out so my and my brother never went. As I grow up it was the look. Mom had a look that could kill. If you got the look you stop what ever you was doing. Sorry just venting, lol...
Canada & US...well I finally gave in and watched the Dr James Dobson interview.lordy what a charmer and a manipulator..Then I watched a
News Flash 4 Hugh!!! The most famous USC grad u keep skipping is the founder of Focus of the Family...Dr. James Dobson!
My two-part interview with Dr. James Dobson will air Oct. 1-2. You can find a list of local stations, as well as st…
Raising children’s like baking a cake – you don’t realise you have a disaster in your hands until it’s too late! - Dr James Dobson
Drawing a line in the sand today: You either stand with "Dr." James Dobson, or with Me. I've also declared war on homeschooling. You Choose.
"Christ remains with us to comfort & protect us when we go through our fiery trials. He NEVER leaves." Dr. James Dobson Psalm 125:2
Check out National Day of Prayer and celebrate the 59th Annual Observance on May 6th, 2010! -
You all have to check your theaters and see "Last ounce of Courage" a great flick this is what Dr James Dobson said about it. Dear Friends, Shirley and I would like to make you aware of a wonderful new movie called Last Ounce of Courage. We were privileged to host a premier showing last weekend in Colorado Springs, and the response from the crowd was outstanding and very emotional. The film depicts a patriotic story about a family that lost a son in Iraq, and the impact his heroic death had upon a small American town. Jesus Christ is honored like we have rarely seen Him in a movie, and its message of freedom and religious liberty will long be remembered. We hope hundreds of thousands of God-fearing citizens will come out to see it NOW. Last Ounce will open this weekend in 1,400 theaters, which is a very large premier. This is why we are writing to recommend that you see this movie in the next few days. As you may know, films that begin with a splash usually go on to make a significant impact on the cultur ...
Anything that takes you up will also bring you down. (Dr. James Dobson)
"Many martyrs, political prisoners, and war heroes have gone to their graves willingly and confidently. They understood the sacrifice they were making and accepted its meaning in their lives. One is reminded of Nathan Hale moments before he was hanged. He said to his English executioners 'I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.' REAL PATRIOTISM." - DR. James Dobson
Are you looking for a positive and encouraging movie to take the whole family to? As you will hear, Dr. Dobson shares the news about an exciting new movie release called "Last Ounce of Courage." Hear how to honor and support the brave men and wome... Click "Share" below to spread...
I'm on WTLN right after Dr. James Dobson each Sunday night at 8:30 ET at by clicking "listen live" there then! So, just click it!
Listen to me, Ishah, in a few minutes after Dr. James Dobson at WTLN . com at 8:30PM ET by clicking listen
Families worldwide seek the godly guidance of respected counselor and internationally recognized radio host Dr. James Dobson. Now in this helpful collection, families young and old have quick access ...
Being able to bow down in prayer as the day begins or ends, not only on Sunday's ~but everyday, gives expression to the frustrations and concerns that might not otherwise be ventilated. On the other end of that prayer line is a loving heavenly Father who has promised to hear and to answere our petitions.(Dr. James Dobson)
Track 7 from the 1994 album, Sore LYRICS: (Lyrics will be added as soon as I can find them.)
Watching the last interview of Ted Bundy, psycho serial killer, with Dr James Dobson.
Dr James Dobson, Bringing up Girls ... Actually learning more about ME!
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson wrote: Friends are God's gift! Comment with the name of the friends you are thankful for!
Just finished reading FAMILY MAN: biography of James Dobson by Dale Buss. This book is recommended for all EMERGING THIRD WORLD LEADERS.
Update your maps at Navteq
Words of Hope “In his word I put my hope.” Psalm 130:5 Like anyone else, I have days when discouragement seems to get the better of me. At such times I try to remember that the Lord has provided me with a source of continuing inspiration and hope. To tap into that source I need simply to open the pages of my Bible, God’s letter of hope to me. I’m reminded of a story about an elderly woman who had lost her husband, George, some years earlier in an automobile accident. Theirs had been a long and happy marriage, and she missed him terribly. When she suffered a broken leg, she felt more confined and alone than ever. One particularly blue day, she found herself longing once again for her husband’s company. She sat in her living room and began to weep. “Dear God,” she prayed, “please give me the strength to get through this hour.” Get your Bible, a quiet voice inside her said. But her Bible was in the bedroom, and, with her leg in a cast, she thought it would be too hard to retrieve. Then she ...
Good parenting involves frequent application of the Cobra Clutch.
Teach achild the way should go,when old,won't forget it.
“Everything we do affects other people; and there is no such thing as a completely independent act.” – Dr. James Dobson
Hear how God transforms the lives of children (and moms!) through prayer on today's Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.
Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson wrote: A couple that depends on Scripture for solution to the stresses of living has a distinct advantage over the family with no faith.
The AFA Retreat at the Cove is September 11-13 in Ashville NC. Featured speakers include Dr. James Dobson, Dr.
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