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Dr Faustus

Doctor Faustus (Johann Fennhoff) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics supervillain.

Christopher Marlowe Kit Harrington Doctor Faustus Richard Burton Wuthering Heights Arthur Darvill Kit Harington

Let’s be real for a second: Dr. Faustus was probably the best play I️ ever have, and ever will, see.
bloody killed it in my seminar today pulling out a Dr Faustus quote
I would say my fave is Hero and Leander, and if pressed on the plays, Dr. Faustus has wonderful scenes an…
Why the *** did you sell your soul ㅠ ㅠ You'll end up like Dr. Faustus. Tch tch.
23/ And talking of terrifying brilliance, you hv not lived till you've seen a bone-chilling performance of Marlowe's Dr Faustus.
do you have a recording of you singing please? I missed Dr Faustus - would LOVE to hear your version Ant
The devil is in the details of young Dr. Joan Faustus's road to damnation production. My review at
Memo to the spectral hunchback who maintains the library in the volcanic lair: procure a copy for Dr. Faustus
Nice production of Dr Faustus by The show is the show, but many beats land differently on female Faust, intensifying impact.
This is like an experimental version of Dr Faustus where Faustus is a barrister and the demons are all members of b…
“It is a comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery”. Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus
yeah no. Dr. Faustus took it a long time ago.
All I want in this world is to reprise his role of Mephistopheles with David Tennant as Dr. Faustus
Been listening to Dr. Faustus for weeks now, and it’s still musical nirvana to me. This might be my new des…
Listening to Trippin With Dr. Faustus for the first time. That right there is a darn good album!
*** hath no limits, nor is circumscribed in one self place; but where we are is *** and where *** is, there must we ever be. Dr. Faustus
When you bring up All Souls trilogy at uni in your class discussion of Marlowe and Dr Faustus.
"Why, this is *** Nor am I out of it." Teaching Dr. Faustus today. Happy Halloween!
Time management-listening to act 2 dr Faustus whilst driving 2 London to see clients
Interesting how the use of magic is used in Dr. Faustus and The tempest and how they differ.
Goethe tweaked Marlowe's Dr. Faustus. Shelley spun the story of Prometheus. So, why can't we adapt new characteristics in our Rp characters?
Reading Dr. Faustus and "Chastity isn't cold, it's quite cozy!"
"You're trying to live a life that does not belong to you. Like Dr. Faustus, my gynecologist who turned out to be Andy *** doing a prank."
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss!. Her lips suck forth my soul; see where it flies!. Come, Helen. Dr.Faustus, scene i, lines 91–94
Faustus: Come, I think *** s a fable. Mephistopheles: Ay, think so still, until experience change thy…
If Faustus had summoned a Balrog instead of Mephastophilis he would have been a crispy Dr.
The 1st/2nd Scholars in Dr Faustus are such interesting characters. Decent people who care about the doomed antihero.
It seems so fundamental; yet we do everything to oppose providential sense. Dr. Faustus s…
“Fools that will laugh on earth, most weep in *** ” . Christopher Marlowe, . Dr. Faustus
I leanersd in dr. Faustus to not to assume everything
Dude I finally figured out how to play the solo of Dr. Faustus ;)
Just wondering-as Merlin exists in the Harry Potter universe, can we also include Dr Faustus and Dr John Dee as well?
. to release new album Trippin' With Dr Faustus on June 16...
All beasts are happy. For when they die,. Their souls are soon be dissolv'd in elements ~dr. Faustus
Here's the world you and Steve Bannon created along with Dr. Faustus. Are you still "winning?"
More of golden & blonde Liz as Helen of Troy in Dr. Faustus
read Dr Faustus again and I can honestly say i hate that play and have no idea how imma remember quotes in my exam 😭😭
Dr Faustus is literally the lamest thing on earth rn
Don't miss you chance to see Dr. Faustus! Last weekend! Get your tickets online today!…
Faustizine 1 opening page. Comments are attributed to the actual Dr Faustus from historic German…
One of the most famous deals with the devil in Western literature. Read the annotated Dr. Faustus here:
💔need to start hanging around in Kensington more often just incase he pops up. I saw him in Dr Faustu…
We dont believe in "Long term".We believe in Dr Faustus philosphy.. get luxury and pleasure whatever available righ…
Emily has just pointed out that in today's political climate Dr Faustus wouldn't be dragged to *** by the devil but an…
We saw her playing Helen in Dr Faustus, Oxford Playhouse, 1966, opposite Richard Burton
If that is successful, then I want to do the same thing with Marlowe's "Dr. Faustus" replacing "brah" for Satan.
I suggest you reading a Morality play, Dr Faustus by C Marlowe, specially last scene lines.
TOMORROW learn about Harlequin Dr. Faustus & the profound entanglement of theater and science in the enlightenment! http…
Here's the ex Sir Michael Stoute/Doug Watson trainee Dr Faustus, who is settling in to his new life as a pony.
Drag race just made a dr. Faustus reference with Helen of Troy and I understood it. Brenda would be proud
Ever notice just how many villains are educated & have advanced degrees: Dr. Doom, Doc Ock, Egghead, Moonst…
Right now have 2/100,for the big ones. His and her cir. & Patlabor Movie. Dr Faustus, Brave New World. Sheep& Fistful of $.
I’d really like to play Dr Faustus in Bill Sikes’ body. I also really want to play Hannibal Lecter & Sherlock Holme…
After I make this deal I'll be able to solve all the world's problems. --Dr Faustus.
A post on a fine forgotten fantasy novel about Dr Faustus, which is also a cheeky tribute to the murdered Marlowe.
"Dr Faustus during the witching hour, divinating with sacred geometry, wasn’t a mad scientist, he was the artist" http…
Looks like a mixture of reliable old favourites like Dr Faustus and brand new plays to get the punters in 😄
Dr.faustus thank you for making me crazy 😐😠
Repost for the 17th century urban myth of a production of Dr Faustus that summoned a real devil
Dr. Faustus got a better deal than the w/ Satan's terms were simple, the outcome known.
s/o to thug notes to catching one of the best quotes in Dr. Faustus
Mephistopheles:. Why this is *** nor am I out of it. Dr Faustus Sc3. CMarlowe. . Art: Erlend Mork https:…
Calling your mum more often is very good advice. :-)
‘The Devil & Dr. Faustus, The Life and Horrible Adventures of the Celebrated Dr. Faustus, 1825
I remember our music teacher reading from and recommending Dr.Faustus. To add: well, after your exams
Crazy moment leaving Dr Faustus in London by stage door & running into awaiting Kit Harington fans.
And I'm seeing Kit Harrington play Dr Faustus today wow what a good day it's turning out to be
On tomorrow to Dr Faustus - another Jamie Lloyd production and again thanks to a pricing policy which helps to widen access via £15 tickets.
Dr Faustus finished for the weekend. Tomorrow starting the 48 Hour Musical Challenge of Thoroughly Modern Millie' At the A…
fabulous shows tonight and last night Dr Faustus & Don Quixote rock
When you leave the cancelled Dr Faustus performance to later find out Kit Harrington came out to talk to and take pics with the crowd!
Latest form of procrastination is booking tickets to Dr Faustus but who cares if I fail my exams when I get to see Kit Harrington
Heading into the city for then the theatre this evening - Dr Faustus starring Kit Harrington. Hopefully cocktails in between
Kit Harington celebrates his Dr Faustus performance with girlfriend Rose Leslie in London https…
Delighted to announce that client BRIAN GILLIGAN join's Kit Harrington and Jenna Russell in Dr Faustus http…
At the start Sandy Grierson & Oliver Ryan select randomly who plays Dr Faustus & who Mephistopheles. Anyone counted how it's gone?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Y13: vital listening for Dr Faustus (more from the RSC):
"Swords, poison, halters, and envenomed steel are laid before me to dispatch myself"-Marlowe, Dr Faustus.
Curren .production of Dr Faustus is embarrassing, amateurish, risible rubbish. The play and Marlowe deserve better
Fabulous Dr Faustus wonderful cast and staging , imagine what music in *** would sound like
Incredible production of Dr Faustus today. Maria Aberg is my absolute favourite director!
I'm at the swan theatre for dr Faustus
I saw Dr.Faustus on Tuesday. Mephistopheles would never have won the souls of the MPs who voted for the 'coz they don't have any.
Heard this story before, even heard that Marlowe guy Dat wrote Dr. faustus was his ghost writer as well
I still think the six year old would love Dr Faustus.
hello Mr Fletcher, he looks really well and not aged! Dr Faustus was not one of my favourites though!
I have lost much respect for ... endorsing Trump? Making a deal with the devil never works out as intended. Ask Dr. Faustus.
Film promotes last tickets available for jt production of Dr Faustus:
A modern tragedy: Dr. Ben Carson is now Dr. Faustus.
This is so utterly pathetic. Thanks, Dr. Faustus.
''Had I as many souls as there be stars, I'd give them all for Mephistopheles!". -Dr. Faustus
My is a classic and that is Christopher Marlowe's The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus.
Breakfast then time to attack Dr faustus who am not enjoying just not my sort of book and it's not going to change.
Also like, we have Crossbones, Sharon Carter, and 90% certain Martin Freeman is playing Dr. Faustus :\
whoever's match burns out first plays Dr Faustus that night. It's random at the start of every show
*professor turns lights off & closes door to read Dr. Faustus (abt selling your soul)*. Uh, are we about to be sacrificed? He's reading Latin
All we're doing in English is watching Troy and we're studying Dr Faustus and I wonder why I'm failing lol
Dr Faustus at RSC, Stratford, breathtaking. Ensemble playing par excellence. Director Maria Aberg and her team work wonders. Go see it.
Marlowe's 'Dr Faustus'. Mephistopheles is telling our hero to abandon all hopes of attaining Salvation, & celestial joys.
this paper is just me ripping dr. faustus to pieces im sure my professor is gonna LUV that
sort of, in the comics she gets mind controlled into by Dr. Faustus who's only ever been mentioned on Agents of SHIELD
I will see Kit in April in Dr Faustus. I know that feeling. So excited for this. :)
Fave bit of Dr Faustus was the sassy transgender representing lust
Brilliant performances of Henna Night, Oedipus, Dr Faustus. One of my favourite evenings at BCS
Our English group have actually booked to see Dr Faustus
Royal Shakespeare Company for a performance of 'Dr. Faustus.,
Did Dr. Lippe or Dr. Faustus write that test cause it was from ***
Excited staff and year 11 students on the way to Dr Faustus in Stratford
IMDB should have a subsection for iniquitous distributor retitlings. 'Les yeux sans visage' to 'The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus', etc.
Upper Sixth English Stoics are going to to see Dr Faustus. Hope you all enjoy the performance
I'm going to sell my soul like Dr Faustus so that this train can actually move
I will never understand why 16 yr old me was obsessed with Dr Faustus and Crime and Punishment
OMG .is Dr. John all my peeps in better go see the genius of Faustus come alive.
Feeling slightly Satanic after that eerie production of Dr Faustus... 😈
But at least now we can say it's NEXT MONTH! 👍 I'm actually seeing Kit in Dr Faustus before the GoT premiere - exciting!
Looking forward to RSC Dr Faustus with year 13 tomorrow, who's match will go out first?
Follow me if you love and Dr. Faustus. Hope you'll all go see tickets are on sale now.
woah get in Dr Faustus tickets featuring Jon Snow aka Kit Harrington booked!!!
Discuss the view that in Dr Faustus, Marlowe manages to combine a sermon on the sun of pride with a celebration of aspiration.
I go out on my own loads. Liberating! Seeing Dr Faustus on my own nxt wkend
Still a bit groggy from last night, when we hosted visitors from Waseda University in Tokyo. Went to see v good Dr Faustus
All purpose parts banner
Tonight we are seeing Dr Faustus at the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre and I can confirm I have never felt so out of my depth.
Jade Croot has started rehearsals with The Royal Shakespeare company for their new production of 'Dr Faustus'
If you were wondering about Prof. Locatos (an ibis) & his husband (Dr. Aniel Faustus)... (Art by CBH, FinalFlight)
I'm terribly obsessed with Dr. Faustus and Paradise Lost. They are seriously my top two favorite reads!
" the stars move still ... the clock will strike ... the devil will come .. and Faustus must be damned " — reading Dr. Faustus
That was a long day but worth it, Dr Faustus then work!
Dr Faustus is on in Stratford-upon-Avon and I really want to go. Also made me fuzzy thinking about English lit
I want to see a live Dr. Faustus' theatre performance.
Dr Faustus by the Fall spinning in my noggin this morning. Altogether now, "BANANA!!"
Dr. Faustus (But the main character's name is just "The Doctor)
"Thou art too ugly to attend on me:" Dr Faustus showing he has no chill at all...
When I get excited that my University is going to be hosting a play of my favorite tragic play, Dr. Faustus.
so this is how you’re funding production of Dr Faustus: become international art thieves? Very Pink Panther 😆
I wanna know why Dr Faustus refers to himself as Faustus all the time, imagine if I referred to myself as Leroyer
Although "Into the Woods" has ended, we have another great production coming your way: Dr. Faustus! More info here:
Dr. Faustus is FAST APPROACHING! We are proud to release our very first show of the 2015-2016 season Dr. Faustus,...
they’ve been wittering about “Tripping With Dr Faustus” for a while now but no demos or solid dates out there yet
thank you stupid brain for allowing myself to compare a scene in Dr Faustus to the chuckle brothers, no wonder I failed the exam
I don't know why everyone in English is judging because Beth and I are laughing at Dr Faustus as the actual audience in the globe are too??
I remember seeing Dr Faustus performed at so this should be good!
yeah instead of Macbeth, we're doing Dr Faustus😭 don't worry, if you need anything, I have unlimited boxes of tissues available
Time to stick my script in, the message on the front seemed oddly apropriate for Dr Faustus xxx
In my story that song is comically referenced by Helen and Thomas Nashe right before Dr. Faustus reunites with Helen of Troy.
I'm about to sell MY soul to the devil if I have to read one more word of Dr.Faustus.👿
.i'm reading Dr. Faustus and I'm realizing that I'm an intellectual sloth, comparable to Dr. Faustus.
Yup fringe production of Dr Faustus in Lpool. Played few parts including narrator. So dark, so scary
Buy tickets for Dr. Faustus today at Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and receive Kasperle.
Too true :( And then forced to make difficult decisions under traumatic circumstances.
So many folks don't talk about such things until it's too late. :-(
The History of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Dr. John Faustus Newly Pr
I like "The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus" though. Even though a lot people consider it a sort of morality play.
Photographic evidence that Dr. Faustus happened... (courtesy of the wonderful
Disaster of cultural heritage due lust for Power n Commission by Orange Train.Save City from Dr Faustus of PMLN
he's a character in Dr Faustus it's like a devil, fave character tho
Dr Faustus' last night at The Casa, Hope Street tonight before we move on to a *sold out* Unity 🎭
One week until show to meet our goal!. Here's our trailer for Dr. Faustus. Rehearsals have b...
Check it out! I donated to 3rd Act presents Dr. Faustus
ALSO omg maybe this isn't what you meant but if you've not read it, Dr Faustus. Faustus is my homeboy.
All that being said, idk if you've read dr faustus but there's some good stuff in there about the utility of notations...
Mother courage, Woyzeck and Dr Faustus back to haunt me at Uni 😭
I'm so excited! I won the class comp' for the Dr Faustus poster! http…
A version of Dr. Faustus illustrated by Oscar Zarate, this is. Exciting.
ok. I will check if there is a graphic version of Dr. Faustus.
duh. He is not a demon. Read further. Read the story of Dr. Faustus. Brilliant concept.
The Good Angel, Dr Faustus by Hutchinson Scott. This hangs in my home.
Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor starred in a 1966 production of Dr Faustus
Amazing paper by Rebecca Bushnell on Dr Faustus, time, tragedy & endings - or lack thereof - in print.
Bored with work this morning? Come have a coffee at Dr Faustus, will be there from 10.30am–12.30pm:
YEAR 13 Follow this for lots of Faustus ideas
Dr Faustus had been well and truly SMASHED! Oh how I love my and everyone at who is making my time here AMAZING! 👊🔥🎭
To my foundation actors . When r u all showing Dr Faustus this week ? Cymon
I'm never drinking again! Thankfully the Dr Faustus burger is here to save me @ Dr Faustus380
Wish I could have seen the globe production of Dr.Faustus live, Arthur Darvill makes a pretty sexy Mephastophilis
Who thinks Dr Faustus who's an enemy of should have his own figure? If you do Fav, RT
I could relate so many personal anecdotes to Dr Faustus.
Ticket for Dr Faustus can be booked from tomorrow with promo code GB18 for discounted price of $20! Check out
Well done to the M/Lights company for their highly enjoyable visual mashup! "Is it you Dr Faustus?" tomorr…
so true ... we call it Dr Faustus Syndrome ;) there is so much more to know--always
A good comment on the torrent for the 1967 film adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus
The Independent: 'So I'll just say that this is the best novel about classical music that I've read since Thomas Mann's Dr Faustus.'
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
In 'Forest Folk' on Monday 12th at 20:00, we feature two great new albums from Cara Dillon and from The Young 'uns and our Week in History marks the declaration of Napoleon as Emperor whilst our Folk Trip across England reaches Lincolnshire with tracks fom John Connelly & Pete Sumner and from Dr Faustus. We also have music from many of those appearing locally plus tracks from the likes of Merry *** Magpie Lane, Megson, Union Jill, Clannad and the Churchfitters. Do join me at 8.00 on 92.3FM or online at Peter Aston
May as well use the Dr Faustus one as well
Birthdays for February 26: 1. Christopher Marlow (1564-1593), the great Elizabethan playwright who was a contemporary of Shakespeare, and a major influence on him. His plays include several topics that are popular opera topics. Dido, Queen of Carthage (Les Troyens), The Jew of Malta (Merchant of Venice) and Dr Faustus were all his work first. Marlow was a shadowy character, may have been a spy, and was certainly murdered in a tavern brawl in Deptford. 2) Victor Hugo (1802-1885). A prodigiously productive French author. Yes, he wrote the huge Les Misérables, but also dozens of other books and stories that fed the opera libretto mill of the 19th century - Donizetti and Verdi were fans. He was also an active painter, though this was overshadowed by his huge number of drawings (about 4,000). 3) Levi Strauss (1829-1902) from Buttenheim in Bavaria moved to the US in 1848 to join the family clothing business in New York. In 1853 he went to San Francisco to open a clothing and dry goods store to serve the hordes ...
Don't miss Chris Thorpe's new show 'Hannah' - Marlowe's Dr Faustus for modern times from 8 Feb:
element of atheism in play "Dr Faustus" by Christopher Marlowe,was Marlowe atheist or not? what is impact of this play on reader? if you have read this drama. give argue friends...
Oranges are not the only fruit, Streetcar named Desire, Tempest, Dr Faustus, Rossetti, Blake :-)
Best comeback ever?... "I charge thee to return and change thy shape, thou art too ugly to attend on me!"... Christopher Marlowe, Dr Faustus
we will be digi-tagging in public spaces this fall in the Digital Worlds Projection Design classes in addition to presenting an interactive theatre piece "dr. faustus", Hip Hop theatre2013 and another episode of AV Club and a eye-popping collaboration with Electronic Music Students from SOM because we are the dreamers of dreams [REVE] and we are NOT counting the days until we retire! —
we have to do pooey fancanstien and dr Faustus and you know what I can't even spell them I'm going to transfer
I know one character in the book Dr Faustus.. And that's Dr Faustus 👍
Working on a highly surrealist interpretive dance version of 'Dr Faustus'.
Getting worried that playing the Dr. Faustus audio book out loud in my room might conjure the devil :(
I've got hardly any notes on Dr.Faustus?!?
Aw I'm losing my mind on dr faustus quotes !
Listening to an audio book of Dr. Faustus whilst tidying my room
A list of feature films either released or scheduled for release in 2013. Excluding documentaries. *Please note; Have only selected movies with posters or art-work. This is an objective list in random order. Under constant construction, depending on availability of posters. *For applicable list orde...
Some notes for Lit people on Dr Faustus: Brown Grace Grantham Sophie Buckland Alexandra Libby Taylor :)
I've just seen the double of that dr Faustus actor in the train station!! It could of been him!
Dr faustus macbeth and frankenstein can suck a fat one after thursday
ok so i still know nothing about Dr Faustus but at least my folder is nicely decorated now
'O, what a world of profit and delight, Of power, of honour, of omnipotence...' - Dr Faustus
like dr Faustus stuff, I had notes for every thing except that and I still barely used them. Finished in a half hour
Couldn't possibly hate an english lit text as much as Dr Faustus. Why MUST IT EXIST
Think'st thou that I, who saw the face of God And tasted the eternal joys of heaven, Am not tormented with ten thousand *** In being deprived of everlasting bliss?” ― Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus: The A-Text
intergalactic rap battles: Dr. Octagon Vs. Dr. Faustus, DJ for this tournament is the severed head of Dr. Pepper playing the breaks
Does anyone from Marlowe's troupe know any sources for biblical references in Dr. Faustus?? Please help!!!
I found the whole of a Dr Faustus audio tape on YouTube and it's the worst thing in the world I hate life
It would be much easier to learn Dr Faustus quotes if half the play wasn't written in bloody Latin
death scene of the Frau Consul in Buddenbrooks--the matriarch's majestic gathering together of mortal tribe to witness her reception by ancestors ...
If only Pavarotti had songs about Frankenstein, Dr Faustus or Macbeth then maybe this english lit exam would go well :)
After Thursday, I can swap Frankenstein, Dr Faustus and Macbeth for this pile
just imagine if they asked a Dr Faustus question on pride, just imagine
I don't think i'll ever remember a Dr Faustus quote.
Finished The bloody chamber, will start on Dr Faustus later. Already read it with a fine comb ^.^
I have a love/hate relationship with 'Dr Faustus', as a play, I love it, as a text to learn and write about, I hate it.
awful. trying to remember Macbeth, Frankenstein and Dr Faustus quotes ***
reading Dr Faustus in the staffroom.. people at work must think I'm so weird uh oh
"settle thy studies, Faustus, and begin".Dr Faustus on revision
I need to finish The Tempest today & then watch the Romeo + Juliet movie. Maybe I'll reread Dr Faustus just to be safe as well. Then poems!
3D digital reconstruction of the C16th Rose Theatre (with a sparsely attended performance of Dr Faustus in progress)
If you missed the talk at the V &A yesterday this 3D video of what the Rose Theatre on Bankside looked like is a must
Doctor Faustus and the Rose Theatre: a virtual reality reconstruction
Torn between jokes! When you are bedeviled by allergy symptoms --OR -- Recommended by Dr. Faustus...
Ah we have 5 unseen poems and 5 questions for Blake, you have to pick one. Then The Tempest and Dr Faustus question.
Quite shockingly I think I know more dr Faustus quotes than Wuthering Heights.. 🙀
Website Builder 728x90
Saw Dr Faustus in Christ Church gardens last night - always did think it a patchy play veering from grate to great "Was this the face..."
Who is whispering in my ears that i am only a spirit without any will of mine.Even if i am a devil,GOD WILL show me pity.Yes, God will pity me if i repent of my wicked deeds. (Christopher Marlowes, Dr Faustus.
Dr Faustus audiobook?! I'm in desperate need of this, where did you get it from darl?!
Think I'm the only person not panicking for English. I've done so much revision I genuinely think I could quote Dr Faustus word for word now
Dr Faustus, Wuthering Heights and The Bloody Chamber, what's the exam focus? ours is 'gothic'
The Dr Faustus audiobook is so entertaining.
Dr.Faustus is one of my favourite stories ever. Everyday I Learn more from it. This story could be be based on reality after all.
I saw a student production of Dr Faustus last night. It was really good.
Caught Dr Faustus in final weekend. I may have weird dreams from their projections! (And that's a good thing) Thanks
All you armchair critics: Dr. Faustus at the Rep. Comments?
Performing a one man show of Dr Faustus to my dog in the garden
Been to middlesborough. Cut martins hair now watchiing dr faustus :D
Downloading the audio books and the movies of Dr Faustus and The tempest
not really, there's way too much to go over. I still have no idea what Dr Faustus is about! 😳🔫 have you?
Am watching a documentary on tv right now, where the scientists are trying to explain the 10 plagues of Egypt, despite the logical explanations the last plague proved too much for them!
So many gadgets to buy, too little organs to sell.
The tale of Dr Faustus. I'm in love with Mephistopheles. Utterly in love.
Coaching my Wits 2nd year Dr. Faustus group . Then burning up the planks with the other Jittery Citizens tonight at POP Art in Maboneng 8pm. Keeping the craft sharp! Comedy improv: An actor's form of abseiling down a dark and mysterious cliff.
Dr. Faustus at the is closing soon! Here's a Flashback Friday photo from tech!
Pride. Not admitting he had made a mistake, was what took Dr. Faustus to *** :)
thank you, you too! yeah :( I have a clash of two exams the day before as we'll :( Dr Faustus and good old Macbeth! you?
I take it back. I hate Dr Faustus. I love it as a book, but it *** to revise it :(
Ah, my sweet chamber-fellow, had I lived with thee, then had I lived still ! but now I die eternally. Look, comes he not ? comes he not ? .. .. .. .. (Dr. Faustus)
Just got the opera Italian take on the legend of Faust. The folk character Dr. Faustus captures the battle between a Medieval and Renaissance world view. How differently we fight our battles now...or do we? Looking forward to pondering that while enjoying a bone-stirring performance.
At some point I ought to look at Dr Faustus and The Bloody chamber again, but I'm enjoying Wuthering Heights too much
I have absolutely no understanding of The Tempest, Dr Faustus or The Wife of Bath
I hate Dr Faustus that much that I've decided I'm going to pretend its not in the exam
These days I'm studying pre-socratic Greek philosophy to understand dialectics and monism. And my god it is fascinating. If any of you have any interesting article/books/or website to recommend, I'd be very grateful.
almost fell asleep during the Tragical History of Dr Faustus w jc. 😭 I can't listen to Shakespearean style for that long & stay sane, man. 🙉
spot on. Saw her in Dr Faustus at the Citizens theatre. She was phenomenal! Cant wait for dunsinane in Autumn!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I found this in my dr Faustus. Sometimes I wonder for my soul
Christopher Marlowe’s most famous play, Doctor Faustus, sees the eponymous antihero sell his soul in a quest for power and knowledge. By the end of this performance I was almost willing to sell my ...
Trying to write down important quotes for Dr Faustus without the book will be fun!
Critical readings of Dr Faustus through time (AO4) (emagazine password required) -
If you don't see Dr Faustus as a homosexual love affair between Mephastophilis and Faustus you're not reading the same text as me
dr faustus is a biatch! Lol, still want to know the coursework grades
Re Marlowe's death. 'Cut is the branch that should have grown full straight.' (Dr Faustus, also on M's memorial)
In 1593 on this day, Christopher Marlowe is killed in a drunken tavern brawl. Marlowe was a brilliant playwright, known for 'Dr. Faustus' and 'The Jew of Malta,' and was a spy for Queen Elizabeth. His former roommate Thomas Kyd was arrested & tortured for treason, blaming Marlowe for 'heretical' papers found in his rooms. Marlowe was out on bail on this charge when he was murdered. Some scholars believe he was set up.
Playwright Christopher Marlowe, 29, is killed in a brawl over a bar tab on this day. Marlowe, born two months before William Shakespeare, was the son of a Canterbury shoemaker. A bright student, he won scholarships to prestigious schools and earned his B.A. from Cambridge in 1584. He was nearly denied his master's degree in 1587, until advisers to Queen Elizabeth intervened, recommending he receive the degree, referring obliquely to his services for the state. Marlowe's activities as a spy for Queen Elizabeth were later documented by historians. While still in school, Marlowe wrote his play Tamburlaine the Great, about a 14th century shepherd who became an emperor. The blank verse drama caught on with the public, and Marlowe wrote five more plays before his death in 1593, including The Jew of Malta and Dr. Faustus. He also published a translation of Ovid's Elegies. In May of 1593, Marlowe's former roommate, playwright Thomas Kyd, was arrested and tortured for treason. He told authorities that "heretical" ...
you not forgot how the my fiery passion holds you in utmost adoration, How by your side I remain in admiration of your elegance Your jovial constitution brings the sun to the impenetrable heart of darkness, a eupeptic disposition that would even make Mr. Kurtz smile. A raging tempest ceases to bask in your own glamor, Mephistopheles renounces Faust’s soul for the key to your fairness. Your beauty is a mystery made strong by time and fate, and that not even the strength that binds Earth and Heaven can resist. Odysseus undertakes an odyssey to discover you, and even Romeo prefers you to his rose that is Juliet. But no rose or flower is as beautiful as you my beloved, and no natural phenomena of the earth, sky, and water can rival your pulchritude. It is an error not to love you, and that is why I gave you my heart, you are the Mephistopheles to my Dr. Faustus. And now Old Marlowe can chronicle a tale to rival the scene of Shakespeare’s in Verona. My dear my love for you is in strength akin to that of th ...
a tragical history if Dr play of MarlOwe...
Looking for something to do this summer? Go see some Shakespeare! Or, some Marlowe!
The Devil talks to me. I see things like demons. I dont think that's normal ._.
Love is not about how much you Say 'I love you,' but how much you can Prove that it's True.
Have you too supp’d full with horrors? Does the breaking news, break you? Why do they call it breaking news? Is it news that breaks you Because it is true? Does your heart break when Your eyes meet images of innocents slaughtered By hardened men or young aspirant murderers With the brutal machines of the State The bitter fruits of military-industrial Battlefields sown, blood-fruit harvested Or when the generous providence of nature Comes as the destroyer And we remember, now, Our fragile mortality? Is this mirror-cracked when we See our own face in the unjust Suffering of a child— A mirror-cracked-mortality The breaking news? Do we need to see her face, Or just rubble and bloody shoes? Or is it because of the lies? Are we now a society where each Individual is Dr. Faustus Betrayed in the devil’s seductive bargain New forms of the old Mephistophelian Inventions and miraculous corporate dajjalic ties? Shouldn’t be breaking news break Open the hard heart? Shouldn’t compassion be our society’s Hig ...
Director Kirsten Brandt's sprawling, inventive adaptation of the Christopher Marlowe classic rarely succeeds in making us feel invested in anyone's fate. If Brandt's adaptation doesn't solve the script's age-old problems - and at times compounds them - her direction often succeeds. "Faustus,&qu...
Buy your tickets to Dr Faustus at it will be performed in an intimate setting (see below) and rehearsals have been going great.
... which is pretty scary after reading a bunch of Aleister Crowley and playing Dr. Faustus and all of that stuff. Just sayin'.
Now I feel that I love your foolishness and greedy Nature , Dr. faustus. and I do appreciate you, Christopher Marlowe,
In love with Dr Faustus these days... handy to resist the sizzling summer time--- had there been no Marlowe i would have half-boiled in Lahore :D
Wat kind of Trial is dis..even more intensed dan 'THE TRIAL OF DEDAN KUMATI'
"Dr Faustus: The A-Text", Christopher Marlowe will make by a nice read...?
Some people were complaining that I don't give out magickal techniques now a days ... So here is one simple one -: Get up early in the morning (depending upon your climate ) ... Instead of coffee and an apple (or if not available ..then apple juice is great ) .. Go out for a stroll and look at the sky ...and then see your thoughts(while walking) and if you can notice then notice that YOU are apart from your thoughts (Thats why you can see them ) .as soon as you notice your thoughts and yourself apart from them ...then you'll find that your eyes are staring at a distance ... And at that moment can possibly find the fool of the tarot ..who has the potential to become the Magician and The World ! Love -Yuvraaj Satan Raizada
SO MUCH GOING ON! Overdue reviews coming tonight for San Jose Repertory Theatre's Dr. Faustus and an AMAZING production of Eurydice at Douglas Morrisson Theatre. On deck this week Hanging Georgia at The Pear Avenue Theatre if there are preview tickets left (they are selling out very quick for this show), Funny Girl (for real this time) at South Bay Musical Theatre, Spreading it Around at Santa Clara Players.
With its inspiration coming from samurai and kung fu films as well as manga, “Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armageddon!” delivers dancelike fight sequences.
You can have power, wealth, an attractive mate and virtually anything else you ever dreamed of – by selling your soul to Satan! But how? You must know what you’re doing when you make the deal or Satan will cheat you blind. That’s the word from Dr. Rex Touth, expert on satanic rituals and author of How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts. Dr. Touth cites cases dating all the way back to the 16th century in which humans have agreed to spend eternity in *** when they die in exchange for earthly pleasures while they’re alive. “Human history and world literature are teeming with stories like that of Germany’s Dr. Faustus who sold his soul,” says Dr. Touth. “Our own American statesman Daniel Webster once debated Satan in a landmark soul-selling case in which he renegotiated the contract and had it overturned. “Thousands have gained riches and fulfilled their fantasies.” Here are some tips from Dr. Touth on how you can take advantage of the same opportunity: 1.SET THE DEAL UP PROPERLY. There’s a ...
Oops! Late with the Theatre History Question of the Week: Was marlowe's Dr. Faustus more Medieval or Renaissance in its philosophy?
If someone thinks that their dream is just going to be handed to them without initiative, hard work, and sacrifice, they may be living more of a fantasy than a reality. I don't know of too many people who went from dream to destiny without doing something...
Very much looking forward to making a pact with the devil this eve - Dr Faustus on til 16 March -
new version of Dr Faustus opens at the West Yorkshire Playhouse this week:
Racing News: UAE: Jawhar gives Watson one-two at Meydan - DOUG WATSON supplied the one-two in the feature 1m2f turf handicap at Meydan on Saturday with Jawhar, ridden by Paul Hanagan, denying fast finishing stablemate Dr Faustus (Pat Dobbs), by a short head.
Last time I went to globe I saw Arthur Darvill in Dr Faustus can't believe I will see Colin there too mep! tell me your going
On this day 6th February in History, In 1140, Thurstan, archbishop of York, dies. In 1189, Riots of Lynn in Norfolk spread to Norwich England. In 1564, The Birth of Christopher Marlowe, English poet/dramatist (Dr Faustus). In 1577, King Henri de Bourbon of Navarra becomes leader of Huguenots. In 1626, Huguenot rebels & French sign Peace of La Rochelle. In 1649, Prince of Wales becomes king Charles II. Although the Parliament of Scotland proclaimed Charles II King of Great Britain and Ireland in Edinburgh on 6 February 1649, the English Parliament instead passed a statute that made any such proclamation unlawful. England entered the period known as the English Interregnum or the English Commonwealth, and the country was a de facto republic, led by Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell defeated Charles at the Battle of Worcester on 3 September 1651, and Charles fled to mainland Europe. Cromwell became virtual dictator of England, Scotland and Ireland. Charles spent the next nine years in exile in France, the Unit ...
Just looked at Dr Faustus on Amazon need to read this for OU course. Didn't understand a word of it lol
Oscar Wilde's ..."Dorian Gray"...a book that has to be read more than once. The same also applies to Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus.
:: it say find another tragic hero. He said we can use Dr Faustus... I think that's how Yu spell it
Elizabethan plays-Shakesspeare, Twelfth Night, The Merry Wives of Windsor, As you like it. Christopher Marlowe- play Dr Faustus
Ex-Dr Who sidekick is on at on Wed in 'Dr Faustus' from
Ex-Dr Who sidekick Arthur Darvill is on at Showcase Cinemas on Wed in 'Dr Faustus' from
Dr Faustus, Hamlet, & Martin Luther walk into a bar-Marcus can tell you the rest: he's in Wittenberg at
Lots coming up at EP this week - tomorrow night Lenny Henry brings his 'Pop Life' show; Weds evening is Globe Theatre's screening of Dr Faustus; Friday evening Toyah Willcox stops by as part of her Changeling Resurrection tour and Saturday evening is a night of 3 blues bands fundraising for EDP. Whew!
Dr Faustus @ the pour house be there or be quadrilateral
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