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Turning Point New Earth Daily Devotional Old Testament

Why the Virgin Birth of Christ | Turning Point with Dr David Jeremiah -
Dr David Jeremiah. June 30 Twists & Turns. The Lord God said to the woman “What is this you have done? The serpent deceived me..". Genesis 3:13
Despite life’s twists and turns, we know that a life lived with God is second to none. Dr. David Jeremiah
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah - What is the Greatest Commandment? Part 2
- Convocation at Liberty University by Dr. David Jeremiah. Well worth watching!
Not doing bad things is commendable, but doing good things is even better. Doing both is to love as God loves. Dr. David Jeremiah
I was reading Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah this morning in my inbox. I loved the scripture this morning.
Turning Point with Dr David Jeremiah, The Beast from the Earth -
Agents of the Apocalypse : The Exile (Studies in the Book of Revelation). Speaker: Dr. David Jeremiah.
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah shared the following link and had this to say about it:. Jesus is coming...
Which of the 10 commandments is the most important one? Dr. David Jeremiah looks at Jesus' answer. 6/26 at 6:30pET.
God loved by giving sacrificially (John 3:16)—a good place for us to begin as well. Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah touches on the Evolution Vs. Creation argument on today's Turning Point with Dr. David...
Dr. David Jeremiah on faith; looks at incredible power/purpose it has in life of believer. THU 6/25 at 6:30pET.
Place your faith in the God you cannot see—believing is seeing. Dr. David Jeremiah
We cannot apprehend faith with our senses, but we can definitely see its evidence. Dr. David Jeremiah
If you want to amaze Jesus and commend yourself to Him, pray with great faith. Dr. David Jeremiah
Wednesday, June 24 Dr. David Jeremiah . Amazing! . When Jesus heard these things, He marveled at him, and turned...
What is the “unforgivable sin”? Dr. David Jeremiah considers this – what it is, and what it is not. 6/23 at 6:30pET.
Monday, June 22 Dr. David Jeremiah . Satan’s Subtle Strategy . [Satan] said to [Jesus], “If You are the Son of...
Have you done something you think God can't forgive? Dr. David Jeremiah offers clarity/comfort. MON 6/22 at 6:30pET.
If Satan can convince you that God doesn’t love you, forgive you, or care for you, he will have neutralized your faith. Dr. David Jeremiah
Just finished watching a lesson by Dr. David Jeremiah and I got to thinking...well realizing something. The past...
Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost, and as His followers, we are dutifully called to the same work. .- Dr. David Jeremiah
GBU! Yep there's a teaching by Dr. David Jeremiah on True Christianity. My mom taught me 2NEVER be phony. It is so pathetic :/
~ Dr. David Jeremiah . Friday, April 10. A Breath of Fresh Air . Be filled with the Spirit. . Ephesians 5:18...
The Spirit of God is the breath of God. In order to live spiritually, we need His breath—the Holy Spirit. Dr. David Jeremiah
Pastor Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah I man I have respected for years is NOW part of the problem... Very...
The Fourth Watch . By Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. Mark 6:48 . Now about the fourth watch of the night He...
Oh may the pastors in USA stand up for what is right(like Dr.David Jeremiah!
Another great devotional from Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah!
Dr David Jeremiah.knows how to teach!
FREE E BOOK - Hopeful Parenting: Encouragement for Raising Kids Who Love God by Dr. David Jeremiah (5.0 out of 5...
Dr. David Jeremiah studies book of Acts with focus on disciples and how they were united in prayer. 4/6 at 6:30pET.
This comes on at 9pm tonight. For 12 weeks. I didn't care for The Bible series but this has Dr David Jeremiah...
Turning Point - Dr. David Jeremiah - Watch the video about the A.D. TV Series starting Easter Sunday, April 5th.
playing on Gospel Impact Radio Dr. David Jeremiah - 032615_US on
If the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart, don’t wait any longer. Confess Christ as Lord now and find peace with God. Dr. David Jeremiah
Answer to question to Adversity. ..Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
playing on Gospel Impact Radio Dr. David Jeremiah - 032515_US on
Dr David Jeremiah 2015, Spiritual Warfare Identif…: Thank You for your message on Spiritual Warfare
Dear Friends, I recommend Dr. David Jeremiah and his new Book: "Answers to Questions About Adversity" Donations...
~ Dr. David Jeremiah . Tuesday, March 24. Kingdom Fairness . Surely God will never do wickedly, nor will the...
Dr. David Jeremiah takes us back to story of Job, a man with enormous faith in a truly immense God. 3/24 at 6:30pET.
God’s actions are a blend of justice, grace, and mercy, all balanced by His perfect purposes. Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr David Jeremiah 2015, Spiritual Warfare Identifying the Enemy II Listen at least by 20:10 for the 12 things
Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at four ways faith can help you defeat fear.
~ Dr. David Jeremiah . Monday, March 23. How Long? . Attend to my cry, for I am brought very low; deliver me from...
We get into trouble when we are tempted to elevate the approval of other people over the approval of God. - Dr. David Jeremiah
"A Night of Celebration in New York City With David Jeremiah and Friends, pt. 1" by Dr. Jeremiah at
We are ever surrounded by undeserved blessings. Even in His silence, He blesses us. Dr. David Jeremiah"
April 5th NBC Dr. David Jeremiah will be presenting the Biblical background
"When we get out of fellowship with God, we can do some really stupid things." - Dr. David Jeremiah
playing on Gospel Impact Radio Dr. David Jeremiah - 032015_US on
Don’t just praise the Lord for an hour on Sunday. Keep a song in your heart all the time. Dr. David Jeremiah
Stuck in traffic in downtown Fresno going to the Fresno Prayer Breakfast w/ Dr David Jeremiah. Good to see my City hungry for the Word
I added a video to a playlist Turning Point with Dr David Jeremiah, Spiritual Warfare Praying Always
"God is on the Throne, working out His strategies from the control room of Heaven." ~ Dr David Jeremiah
God doesn't want you to be in the comfort zone, He wants you in the end zone. Dr David Jeremiah
Are you just trying not to lose, or are you trying to Win? - Dr David Jeremiah
Dr David Jeremiah joins us now. Tonight at he wants us to leave having learned "not to settle."
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Going to listen to Dr David Jeremiah then I'm going to get some Mustang Therapy. ;)...
"Counterfeit gods never die. They simply come up with new disguises and continue to lead us away from the only God." Dr David Jeremiah
"Prosperity is not a factor of circumstance, but a factor of character!" - Dr David Jeremiah on "The Life of Joseph". Good stuff!!
"The test of a man's character is what he would do if he were absolutely certain that no one would ever find out." - Dr David Jeremiah
listening to a lot of Dr David Jeremiah's sermons and I never even plan it.
What are You Afraid of? Facing Down Your Fears with Faith By (author) Dr David Jeremiah
I think Dr David Jeremiah was trying to rap during tonight's message on the radio.
Worry is taking tomorrow's fear, yesterday's regret and cluttering today's living- paraphrase of Dr David Jeremiah
I love hearing Dr David Jeremiah, but I can't watch him, he looks like a Vampire.. & that's weird 😇👼🙏
Even though we do not know what is around every bend in the road, God does. ~Dr David Jeremiah
I hear people all the time say, "That's hard," to something they have quit on before they succeeded. Or "I wouldn't want to do that. I heard of someone who failed at that thing." How did you learn that response? When you were a baby, you saw other people walking, so you tried, and tried, and tried. Eventually, You got to you feet, fell, and got up and finally got one foot in front of the other and the people around oo and ah. Then as you tried other things, some (moms or teacher) would say something irrational like, "don't climb that tree; you'll break your neck" or something like that, thus stifling your risk taking. So we carry it into adulthood and get stuck in our rut or cover it with drugs or alcohol, fearing moving ahead because we don't see every little aspect of the journey. That's Sad. Dr David Jeremiah said, "When you move forward on what you do know, the path becomes clearer. When you do not move forward, it paralyzes you." SO TRUE!
Dr David Jeremiah lays out the inevitable path of destruction that the country is heading. Have a listen and...
Dr David Jeremiah just told a story about a young girl who had a disease in which her brother had the same thing earlier was cured of it. He said the doctors told the family that the only way the girl would survive because hers had gone so far without treatment was for the boy to give her blood threw a blood transfusion. So they asked a boy if he would do it. The boys lower lip quivered for a moment and he responded yes for my sister I'll do it. As they started the treatment of the transfusion the boy and girl did not speak but when they looked at each other the boy smiled. During a transfusion the boy was watching the blood flow through the tube and towards the end of the procedure the boy looked up at the doctor and with his voice shaking asked "when am I going to die?" Nobody had apparently explained what was happening to the boy he thought he was getting his life for his sister and the only reason he hesitated because he knew he'd be getting his life for his sister. Now thats what you call love! And i ...
"If God asks you to do something and you feel incapable of accomplishing that mission, that's a sign that you must obey. You shouldn't count on your own capabilities but in God's ability to provide you the tools that you need to bring His Kingdom on Earth. He said in the Bible:"I'll be with you. ".God is not out there. He is here." Dr David Jeremiah. Jesus said "May your kingdom come to earth. May your will be done on earth like in Heaven. God's kingdom is paradise. You can start living paradise on earth by bringing His Kingdom in your life. May the Lord almighty bless you all with love, wisdom, joy and success. Receive His word and obey His commends and your life will be so fulfilled.
Traveling with my family! Listening to Dr David Jeremiah. Text is Daniel 4: .I like Ps 99:1, The LORD reigns, let the ppl trimble.
All purpose parts banner
What an amazing message from Dr David Jeremiah.
Wow...we saw Donald Trump sitting in church, raptly listening to Dr David Jeremiah, wonderfully preaching the Word of God..#
God's man doing God's will is immortal until he is finished. -Dr David Jeremiah
"God is far more willing to make things right for you than you think he is." -Dr. David Jeremiah
" Isaiah 40:28-31 CEVUS06 Don't you know? Haven't you heard? The Lord is the eternal God, Creator of the earth. He never gets weary or tired; his wisdom cannot be measured. The Lord gives strength to those who are weary. Even young people get tired, then stumble and fall. But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired." Know the God you worship. You may not comprehend Him. You CANNOT comprehend Him. But don't let that stop you from knowing Him.~ Dr David Jeremiah
God accomplishes His will on earth through TRUTH. Satan accomplishes his purposes on earth through LIES. Dr. David Jeremiah (emphasis mine).
"If we have a God that we can grasp, then he ceases to be our God". - Dr. David Jeremiah. Thank you
The King Eternal By Dr David Jeremiah Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. 1 Timothy 1:17 Recommended Reading Revelation 5:8-14 There are two eternities in 1 Timothy 1:17. There is a King who reigns eternally; and there is praise that greets Him forever and ever. Because God is eternal, His praise is everlasting. One of the reasons God promises us eternal life is so we can render everlasting praise. The Bible says, "Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God" (Psalm 90:2). The cry of the holy ones in heaven is: "Blessing and honor and glory and power be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!" (Revelation 5:13) If Christians only think in terms of time, our lives are miserable. The Bible says that without the reality of the resurrection and its ensuring eternal life, we are the most pitiful of people (1 Corinthians 15:19). But Christ has risen from the dead! The Day of the Lord is coming. Eternit ...
Remember, there are two strategies for facing the future: with fear or with faith. - Dr David Jeremiah "Lord, help me to do the latter!!!"
When our lives are filled with peace, faith and joy, people will want to know what we have. ~ Dr. David Jeremiah
"The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety." George Muller "If you find that you have done everything you know to do and the crisis is not yet solved, stand in faith. God is faithful and true. Confess your inability and His ability, and keep your eyes on Him." Dr David Jeremiah
"Only A Cat's Paw" - Dr David Jeremiah "If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us" - 1 John 5:14 When missionary J. Hudson Taylor was conducting services aboard a ship one Sunday, he noticed the captain looked troubled. A contrary wind was bearing the ship toward a dangerous reef. As the course grew more perilous, the captain said, "Well, we have done everything that can be done." - "No," said Taylor, "there is one thing we have not yet done. Four of us onboard are Christians. Let us each retire to his own cabin, and in agreed prayer ask the Lord to give us immediately a breeze." After a brief time in prayer, Taylor returned to the deck and told the first officer, a godless man, to let down the mainsail. With an oath the man did so, and a slight breeze caught it. "It's only a cat's paw," said the sailor, meaning a mere puff of wind. But it became a sustained breeze that pushed the ship back into its desired course. Our prayers are strengthened when we know God is listening and that He is faith ...
God's faithfulness is like a Hebrew words, you have to read it backwards. -dr. David Jeremiah
Learn to see beyond this world with Dr. David Jeremiah. This month's series: The Attributes of God
Faithfulness of God is focus as Dr. David Jeremiah continues series, Knowing the God You Worship. 4/8 at 6:30pET.
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Turning Point app with Dr. David Jeremiah is love.
Turning Point at Madison Square Garden, Part 1 by Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. via
"Let your standing in Christ reflect your conduct in Christ today." Dr. David Jeremiah
A visually stunning resource to help you in your studies of The Word by Dr. David Jeremiah
Getting ready to walk on stage here at in w/ Dr David Jeremiah, &
What on Earth Is the Millennium? by Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. via
The best place to learn about THE WILL OF GOD is in HIS PRECIOUS WORD. -- Dr. DAVID JEREMIAH
All good. I also love listening to Dr David Jeremiah
"How you live your life now is based upon your view of Heaven". Dr. David Jeremiah
Jesus is the Fourth Man in the furnace, but He's first in our hearts. - Dr. David Jeremiah
Truth is true whether anyone believes it or not. Truth is not touched by our emotions, opinions, or perceptions. ~ Dr. David Jeremiah
Knowing the God You Worship, Part 2 - Listen to Dr. David Jeremiah from Turning Point
“When Isaac Watts wrote ‘Joy to the World,’ he wasn't thinking of Christmas. He had been studying Psalm 98 and contemplating the millennial reign of Christ. When Jesus comes again, He will establish a thousand-year reign on earth, and heaven and nature will sing. Fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains will repeat the sounding joy. Only during the Millennium, which comes after the second advent of Christ, will the words to ‘Joy to the World’ really be fulfilled. The Millennium will be an earthly foretaste of the New Heavens and New Earth, which will be our eternal home. If you want to know what the Millennium will be like, read passages like Revelation 20 and Isaiah 11. This is earth's future. When you hear now of wars and rumors of war, and when you despair over the coarsening of society, and when you worry about global issues, remember: He will come to make His blessings flow as far as the curse is found -- a joy for earth and a foretaste of heaven.”—Dr David Jeremiah “Make a joyfu . ...
I watched Tuning Point on tv this evening, it was so GOOD, Dr David Jeremiah talked about HEAVEN and it was AWESOME!
Loving the world destroys our relationship with God, it denies our faith in God, and it discounts our future with God. Dr David Jeremiah
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Dr David Jeremiah has one of the BEST sermons I've ever heard on HEAVEN today! Everyone have a wonderful Sunday!
My mood is improving. Dr. David Jeremiah has some great hymns this morning!
"If you quote anything I say, then quote everything I have said lest you take it out of context" Chuck Swindol... So it is with the word of God, if you look at any segment, look at it in the background of the whole word or don't look at it. As Dr David Jeremiah puts it, "it is either the whole written word is inspired of God or none of it is of God. It is either all of the word is error-free or all of it is error"
I woke up to listen to dr david jeremiah. He said there was a missionary who board a ship to America after retiring and in the same ship was the president who was coming from a hunting expedition funny so many people were waiting to welcome him and no-one even noticed the missionary and his wife. Th missionary was angry with God he felt he was unfair that people are not welcoming him yet he was doing a great job in Africa. The wife told him to go pray and tell God his problem few minutes he was back and looking gloomy. The wife asked wat had happened and he answered. GOD said why do you complain wen u not home yet. Sometimes we complain why we don't have wat others are having we follow God's rules but sinners got all. We forget that in God's time we have no obstacles to hinder us from wat God wants us to have and to be
Dr. David Jeremiah. While we can’t approve of everyone’s actions, we can always be as pleasant as possible in any given set of circumstances.
You cannot impart . That which you do. Not posses. . Dr David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah: "Sometimes problems come into our lives to show us how dependent we really are upon the Lord."
Our Hope in Trials by Dr David Jeremiah In the day of my trouble I will call upon You, for You will answer me. Psalm 86:7 Recommended Reading Matthew 19:13-14 This past November, Typhoon Haiyan devastated coastal towns in the Philippines, killing thousands and making hundreds of thousands homeless as its storm surge raked its water across the numerous islands in the Philippines. The city of Tacloban was destroyed, creating communication, medical, and food and housing issues for the survivors. One young mother was found wandering -- alone and sad. A television interview revealed that she had lost her husband and all six of her daughters. She had found them in the debris and made a makeshift cover for their bodies. Numb with grief, she asked, "Where do I go?" Where do we go when we are heart-broken and in despair? We go to the One who loves us with an everlasting love. We do not comprehend fully why events like this storm occur, but we do know that it is not God's will that children perish (Matthew 18:14). ...
FRI 2/28 at 6:30pET on Turning Point: Dr. David Jeremiah offers 4 biblical assurances that children do go to Heaven.
But now he is dead; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me. The death of children is one of earth's greatest sorrows. Throughout much of history and in much of the world today, childhood mortality figures are astoundingly high. Some reading these words have lost a child or a grandchild, either through illness or accident. Some have lost preborn children through miscarriage or abortion. God loves children. He loves the preborn and He loves the newborn. He loves the infant and He loves the toddler. "Jesus loves the little children of the world -- red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight." He is not willing for children to be lost. Our few moments on earth are like the pop of a flashbulb compared to eternity. Be comforted: Our separation is short; our reunion is eternal. Those little children have not yet any understanding to desire His blessing; but when they are presented to Him, He gently and kindly receives them, and dedicate ...
I hope you find one soon fam! There must some good churches in your city! I want to go visit Dr. David Jeremiah's someday...
True dat Dr. Jeremiah - Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. God bless you and your ministry. Praying for you...
Everything we need for life, forever, God will provide - Dr. David Jeremiah
If you know who Dr. David Jeremiah is, this dude has a really good series called, "The Coming Economic Armageddon." Good teaching!
God uses difficulty and disaster to get the attention of those He is pursuing. -Dr. David Jeremiah
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Only when Christ returns will there be lasting peace. ~ Dr. David Jeremiah (Turning Point)
"For many little girls, life with father is a dress rehearsal for love and marriage." Dr. David Jeremiah
"What are you afraid of?" Read an excerpt from Dr. David Jeremiah's latest →→→
Dr. David Jeremiah is beginning his lecture and there are only a few seats left in the audience! Join us live or via webcast!
Dr. David Jeremiah begins his interview in TEN minutes! Don't miss it! Tune into our live webcast!
Dont miss our interview with international evangelist Dr. David Jeremiah TODAY at 12:40. Or join us via live webcast!
A plug for the "Turning Point" app by SubSplash Consulting for both Android and Apple users. Dr. David Jeremiah study Bible is on there too!
Dr. David Jeremiah sheds light the Millennium, this thousand-year reign of Christ on earth. 2/25 at 6:30pET.
For those going through times of trials of any sort, I highly recommend Dr. David Jeremiah's book 'When Your...
Tuesday 10:00am - Ladies' Bible Study with Irene Stringfellow, Dr. David Jeremiah series "What are you Afraid of?" See you tomorrow!
"Every word Jesus spoke grouped by topic this book should be a constant companion to your Bible.”- Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah continues look at world in which we live, and world to which we’re going. MON 2/24 at 6:30pET.
5 Ways to Identify And Defeat Satan - free digital guidebook from Dr. David Jeremiah
The scripture was not only intended to inform us but to transform us...Dr. David Jeremiah
Enjoyed meeting Dr. David Jeremiah at Thanks to Doc for the invite.
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah: "Integrity is keeping your commitments after the circumstances under which...
Blessed to spend the evening with awesome friends and Dr David Jeremiah! What a great time at the Bon Secours Wellness Center Arena. Must have been over a thousand people there! God was in the house!
last night I got to do something that was on my bucket list ,I went to see Dr David Jeremiah at the Bon Secours Arena in Greenville SC, what a wonderful night of worship with Gordan Mote ,Marshall Hall an a wonderful praise an worship team, then a great message from Dr Jeremiah on what not to fear ,last night it was the fear of failing ,what an awesome time!
I was in a snow coma. Proof I turned the air on in the car. Proof I opened the kitchen window. Proof I kinda wanna worship the sun ;) thanking God for this beautiful feeling and thinking how awesome Heaven is. Heard snippets on the radio today from dr David Jeremiah describing it. Was encouraged and happy to be a Christian!
Heading out to NGU now... . So excited to hear Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. . Special thanks to my...
Dr. David Jeremiah is speaking tonight! He'll be speaking in Chapel tomorrow morning! Big things are happening!
Dr David Jeremiah will be in Greenville SC - a free event on how we can live fearlessly!. Get your free tickets at
This Thursday night join Dr David Jeremiah in Greenville SC as he speaks on how we can live fearlessly! This event is free but you must have tickets to reserve your seat - go to
Since heaven is a literal place, and since we'll have resurrection bodies, we'll all be capable of singing and rejoicing and praising. It's not that heaven is merely a never-ending church service. The New Heavens and New Earth are literal places with never-ceasing meaningful activities. Our joy there will be unending and unsinkable. - Dr David Jeremiah - finding comfort in missing my sis Jannell Robinson
Dr. David Jeremiah gave a ringing endorsement for for Lt Guv- a personal, heart-felt thumbs up.
Dr. David Jeremiah: Pat McKinney is a good, godly and gifted man.
Dr. David Jeremiah on what Heaven will be like, looking at book of Revelation. TUES 2/18 at 6:30pET on Turning Point.
"Knowing the Bible should lead to living the Bible, which leads to honoring the Author of the Bible". Dr David Jeremiah
The more we understand God and His precepts, the more we realize how much more we need to learn. .- Dr. David Jeremiah
FYI - Join us for this FREE event with Dr. David Jeremiah on Feb. 20 in Greenville, SC. For more info click on...
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Blessings Dana. Thanks for keeping our hearts uplifted. (friends with Mark Larson and radio producer for Dr. David Jeremiah)
If you listen to Dr. David Jeremiah speak and don't get anything out of it... You need to evaluate yourself.
Excited to be going to North Greenville University {NGU} tomorrow night to hear Dr. David Jeremiah!
3 verses of John Newton's Amazing Grace which were replaced by the one "when we've been there" by Othello Excell in 1852: The Lord has promised good to me, His word my hope secures; He will my shield & portion be As long as life endures. Yes when this flesh & heart shall fail, and mortal life shall cease; I shall possess, within the veil, a life of joy & peach. The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, the sun forbear to shine. but God who called me here below, will be forever mine. (from the book "Captured by Grace" by Dr David Jeremiah.
Excited to have Dr. David Jeremiah on campus tomorrow to speak at the Christian Ministry Scholarship Fund Dinner.
Just listening to dr david jeremiah teach thounht i would share some of it with y'all in reference heaven and the holy city the new jerusalem in physical terms it could have as many as 600 stories and each one roughly as big as all of the us east of the mississippi and its made of gold purer than any on earth and jewls like none on earth and we with our new and perfect bodies will live there with God and Jesus for eternity i think a lot of people when they think about heaven and the terms used to describe it as more of a spiritual place and les physical place while it is spiritual it is also a very physical place that if you are a christian you will live for ever what a wonderful thought that is to know that if you are born again one day you will get to live in a place more beautiful and perfect than you can ever imagen
Heard Dr David Jeremiah speak on the Holy City that John describes in the book of Revelations - it's more than 2.2 million square miles on the first floor with an estimate that it could have up to 600 stories . It is AWESOME to know what The Lord has planned for his children !!!
Marilyn and I got home last Saturday evening after two weeks in south Florida. One week of Gospel Music---two concerts a day and also excellent speakers including Dr David Jeremiah. Traveled with our good friends Ken and Sally Lundquist from Bloomington MN. We missed the St Olaf Choir Concert at Lee University . Sixty from our church went over to hear an excellent concert.
God uses difficulties to make us better if u don't let it make u bitter-Dr David Jeremiah
Thank you Dr. David Jeremiah for that much needed smack in the face!
Cause for rejoicing.Luke 10:20,.rejoice because you names are written in heaven. Reservations are still being accepted and you can reserve your place today, John 14:6 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Put your trust in Him alone and accept him as your Lord and Savior. Msg by Dr David Jeremiah.
Here's the link to watch tonight at 6pm PST ... Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California with Dr. David Jeremiah...(1 of 2)
Four Seasons: A Season of Remembrance BY DR DAVID JEREMIAH And Moses said to the people: "Remember this day in which you went out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the LORD brought you out of this place.” Exodus 13:3a Recommended Reading Leviticus 26:42-45 The people of God are called to be "rememberers." The Jews were to "remember the Sabbath day" (Exodus 20:8), their forefathers (Exodus 32:13), "all the commandments of the LORD" (Numbers 15:39), their spiritual rebellion against God (Deuteronomy 9:7), and God's covenant and "marvelous works" (1 Chronicles 16:12, 15). Most of all, God's people in both Testaments are to remember His redemptive work: the Exodus in the Old Testament (Exodus 13:3) and Christ's crucifixion in the New (Luke 22:19). Memories are a foundation on which we build for the future. February is an excellent month in which to pull out your journal, diary, or day planner and review God's activity in your life during 2013. There was no doubt blessing, and th ...
Dr David Jeremiah says that we all have Spiritual body and when we go to Heaven. Jesus says touch my hands we are going to heaven .
Dr David Jeremiah is talking about the resurrection!!!
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Psychologists tell us to look within; optimists to look ahead; pessimists to "look out;" God says to look up! Dr David Jeremiah
Hidden Luciferians in Christianity (part 3 of ?) - Dr. Scott Johnson (David Jeremiah & Co.)
Reading a good book, What are you afraid of by Dr David Jeremiah. Very insightful book. Will give you a new view on God and tradegy.
Enjoy an evening with Dr David Jeremiah for FREE on Thursday Feb 20th!
"When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, deity invaded humanity, eternity invaded time, and royalty invaded poverty." -- Dr. David Jeremiah
"One day an Awards Ceremony will occur in heaven, where the true rewards will be distributed." Dr. David Jeremiah
Tune in today at 1:30 p.m. for Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. He will continue his topic "Heaven's Oscars."
NGU campus is excited to have Dr. David Jeremiah on campus next week for the Christian Ministry Scholarship Dinner and for chapel on...
Turning Point by Dr David Jeremiah airs at 9am, 5pm and 1am on CALEB Radio Today's program is entitled "Heaven's...
The Greatest Reward After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, "Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward." Genesis 15:1 Regardless of what other stature we may attain on earth or in heaven, gaining Christ will be our "exceedingly great reward." All other rewards pale in comparison. - Dr David Jeremiah "Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe." - Augustine
Listened to Dr David Jeremiah program Turning Point tonight. He truly delivered the Word of God.
Dr. David Jeremiah is in the middle of a series called "Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven". If you are...
video Dr David Jeremiah What on Earth is the Millennium Part 1
God is calling out a people for Himself to populate heaven. Make sure you have responded to His invitation. - Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah ~ "There are no signs for the rapture. The rapture could happen at anytime, BUT there are... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah is coming to Greenville, SC next week for a live event! Learn how to get...
Coming up at 5pm on Turning Point by Dr David Jeremiah:. The Ultimate Extreme Make-Over, Part 1. Tuesday, February...
A Pastor of the Truth, the way and the light. Places all things in life after Christ and encourages others to do the same. Plants the same seeds all over the
"We are unsatisfied by coming, hearing a and going home. We want to know and be known, not only by God..." — Dr. David Jeremiah
As you read the Word of God today, read it with expectancy and anticipation for the changes it will make in you. 'Dr David Jeremiah'
"Spiritual maturity is moving from a soft skin and a tough heart, to tough skin and a soft heart." -Dr. David Jeremiah
Living Words~ Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. "For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper...
We must get back to the Word of God, which is the absolute truth for our age and every age. God's revealed Word has sustained us through the old year; it will carry us through the new. It is clear and unchanging; and we can say with the psalmist: You are near, O LORD, and all Your commandments are truth. ..DR DAVID JEREMIAH
Check out this great study released by Dr. David Jeremiah to start off the new year.
EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL: Dr Charles Stanley, Dr Tony Evans, Dr David Jeremiah, Pastor Chuck Swindoll, Pastor Greg Laurie, Quiet Walk, Daily Light on the Daily Path, and Verse of the Day.feeds me spiritually and keeps me emotionally strong!
We have found Him of whom Moses in the law, and also the prophets, wrote -- Jesus of Nazareth John 1:45 Recommended Reading John 1:1-14 Every aspect of our Lord's birth, life, personality, character, ministry, arrest, trial, death, resurrection, and ascension were predicted hundreds of years in advance. The entire Old Testament is simply a preview of the life of Christ. Dr David Jeremiah
Giving honor to whom it is due. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014 to all my prayer partners around the world : FB friends and followers Dr kalu Oji of building memorial for God Bishop ken obanor of victory life church internatiinal Sister Ruth Boaz of 7in 1 Prophetese Irene manjeri Of bethel Healing ministry of Uganda Pharm iheanyi Uzoma intercessors for Nigeria Dr Mike Evans of Jerusalem prayer Team Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny hinn ministries Pastor Kenneth Copland of Pastor creflo dollar of creflo dollar ministries Dr Bill Winston of Bill Winston ministries Pastor Jesse Duplantis of JDM.Org Pastor Rod parsley of W World harvest church Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood church Dr Che of HIM outreach . Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free chapel church . Dr David Jeremiah of Turning Point Dr Reinhard Bonnke of Reinhard Bonnke international evangelistic ministries David and Barbara cerullo of inspira tional ministries Sister Lara of Beyond veil prayer Team Bishop T.D Jakes of The potter's house of Da .. ...
TODAY'S Turning Point WITH DR. DAVID JEREMIAH. Miracle and Mystery. "Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and...
The Bible teaches that angels are active today in the lives of God's children, transporting blessings to our lives, delivering us from judgment, protecting us in danger, guiding us in unseen ways, and watching over the events of our world. So in addition to all the carols you'll sing about angels this season, don't forget another song -- the old African-American spiritual that says, "All night, all day, angels watching over me!"..DR DAVID JEREMIAH
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. It’s not enough just to be students of the Bible. We have to be disciples of the Lord.
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There is no greater source of inspiration than the Word of God and prayer. - Dr. David Jeremiah
Received my new Bible by Dr. David Jeremiah (NKJV) Loving it.
This Christmas, remember the marvel and mystery, the wonder and wonderment of God coming to earth as Man -- and doing it for you! 'Dr David Jeremiah'
At church now with awesome music and message from Dr David Jeremiah ...Watch live here
"Yes, the digital age has many benefits. But it is still up to us to put God's Word in the one place where it is always available: in our mind." Dr David Jeremiah
short but important sharing from Dr David Jeremiah- On that first Christmas night in the fields outside Bethlehem, the silence was almost deafening.The occasional solf bleating of a sheep...the muted murmuring of the shepherds...perhaps a distant voice in the village. The first Christmas night was a silent night, allowing the shepherds to give full attention to the message of the angel- the announcement of the birth of the Savior. Be sure to set aside some quiet time this Christmas to reflect on the Savior ,who was born Christ the Lord-and thank Him for bringing heavenly peace to your life. Without CHRIST- there is no Christmas. Have a Blessed day
The American Heritage Dictionary says relief is "a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress." Relief is what Simeon felt when he first saw the eight-day-old baby Jesus. What was the "anxiety or distress" Simeon felt? It was the stress of waiting and watching for God's Messiah to appear (Luke 2:25). Simeon was apparently an aged man. The Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he would not die before seeing the Messiah (Luke 2:26), and now he said to the Lord: "You are letting Your servant depart in peace." Simeon was like Abraham. God had promised Abraham a son through whom a great nation would grow, but Abraham was one hundred years old and Sarah was ninety (Genesis 17:17-18) — they waited and God answered. God had promised Simeon he would see the Messiah but … and then it happened! He didn't need to wait to see the Messiah's kingdom — he only needed to know that the Messiah had come. He could depart this world "in peace." For the same reason, we can celebrate C ...
We sing with joy and tears at Christmas for good reason -- salvation came to earth 2,000 years ago and opened the door of eternal life for all who believe. Nothing could be more emotional and worth singing about.DR DAVID JEREMIAH
"The Unopened Gift(Dr David Jeremiah) For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Romans 15:4 Recommended Reading Proverbs 3:5-6 We expect a lot from December: Christmas songs, yummy Christmas cookies, decorations, good food, and time with those we love. As we rush to buy last-minute gifts, we try to remain calm amidst the crowds and busyness. It shouldn't surprise us that we tend to overlook the one gift that can help us keep perspective during the month of December: God's Word. When we open the Bible, we find encouragement for those times when our expectations remain unmet. The birth of Jesus lacked most of the comforts we now associate with Christmas. Mary did not expect to give birth to her first child in a barn. Joseph did not expect Mary to become pregnant before they wed. They were alone and far from family. Despite their difficult circumstances, Mary and Joseph trusted God. They had received the ...
I think i would prefer Seattle Mars Hill..but for now i will be going to Salvation Army in aberdeen..where there is not age discrimination..or appearance discrimination..and there are big churches in olympia..God is good..i suppose i should start researching big churches in olympia now..time to get coffee..its ok to be crazy and work for microsoft..i hear a language that is Not dr david God..that Jesus's Love for me is real ..Unconditional..and nothing like dr davids uppity..rejection of is not all in my mind..yes..we interpret information or way..what do we read into it?..i read into it dr david has standards..and everything..and i mean everything is wrong bad rude and wicked in his eyes..i do apologize but Jesus loves me..that man is a Snob who lives in snobsville preacher.the way dr david interprets information.."that woman is unacceptable... needs to be chemically altered..this celibacy gag she puts on for her hyper one can marry a thing that !Gross!"!
This story made me laugh AND cry at the same time.- Dr David Jeremiah- Every Christmas my wife’s family get gag gifts for all the adults, as each gift is opened mocking soon ensues. One year with all the kids eagerly sitting around the Christmas tree, we started opening presents. One by one the presents were opened. When it Got to my turn, my little daughter Lisa ”who was only 5 at the time”, sat at my feet, with her big bright eyes she eagerly watched as I opened each present, she seemed to almost fight the urge to help me open each gift. Finally it had gotten down to my last gift. So, in my Sherlock Holmes way I deduced that THIS must be my gag gift …and as I opened it I saw a small 4 inch airplane. With a smirk on my face I looked around at every one and in a sarcastic tone said ; A little air plane, Really guys!? …It was at this time my wife “in her usual way” gave me a look that indicated I had JUST put my foot in my mouth and was about to swallow. As I looked down at my little girl he ...
Our hearts ache for those who miss Christmas because of distance; but it's far worse to miss Christmas because of disinterest. Make this the merriest Christmas you can remember. Be thankful for every little thing about the holiday this year, and praise God each day of the season. Dr David Jeremiah
sharing from Dr David Jeremiah- David(in Scriptures) experienced much grief and suffering in his life,some caused by his own sin and some undeserved.He reminded himself that God was well aware of his misery, with an image of God collecting his tears in a bottle as though they were something of value(and so are your tears) Whenever we hurt, God sees it-and he uses it for our good(that's Doing the most Good) If we suffer for God's sake, he'll reward us someday. When our foolish actions cause us grief,he'll use it to help us mature spiritually . As long as we trust God, suffering will refine and strengthen our faith and make us more compassionate towards others. God doesn't ignore a single tear we shed, and he never let it go to waste. Psalms 56:8 You have kept a record of my wandering. Put my tears in your bottle. They are already in your book. Praying for those this morning who are shedding tears, either due to a loss of a loved one, health issues, heartaches for yourself or a child or for other reasons .. ...
"Gratitude is not a silent game it must be expressed."_ Dr David Jeremiah
sharing from Dr David Jeremiah- We have our own set of hardships in life whenever you face any sorrow, you become a member of a fraternity. Parents of prodigals for example, or cancer sufferers, or those who struggle with addictions, or those who have buried a child. Your hurt isn't wasted; it can provide "balm " for someone else's healing 2 Corinthinans 1:4 We... comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. Praying this morning for those who need to sense "God's comfort" surrounding them and lifting them up to bring strength and to get you through another day.Remember "healing" is a process, and so if "grief" its one day at a time. Have a Blessed day
Psalm 119:116---Uphold me according to Your word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope...Cracked or broken mirrors distort images, but the Word of God reflects with clarity God's love and purpose.Dr David Jeremiah.and so grateful we all are for that truth...He will always love us and has our plan all set up...mj
"When we turn our eyes heavenward and celebrate what we see, our hearts will overflow with joy." -Dr. David Jeremiah
"No matter what our circumstance, we can find a reason to be thankful." ~ Dr David Jeremiah
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah referenced this book by our common friend, Nancy Leigh. His personal friend...
I was blessed to listen to a sermon about heaven by Dr. David Jeremiah on the way to church, then listened to Dr.
Spiritually pumped this morning by Dr Charles Stanley and Dr David Jeremiah, then pumped up and worked abs and cardio. Now for a football afternoon.
So thankful this morning for having televised worship services.. Dr David Jeremiah and Charles Stanley. Thankful that I have such a supportive, understanding family that know somedays it just isn't possible for me to do anything but be caregiver... I feel blessed.
Learning to Live Thankfully by Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. via giving thanks to GOD...
Terrific sermon by Dr David Jeremiah this a.m. . all points made were great ~ but 2 were "super great"! 1) we can't be "thankful" w/out being "thinkful" 2) gratitude is a choice ~ not a silent game... SPEAK your appreciation ~ to God and mankind. HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK, everyone!
Today I am thankful for TV pastors like Dr David Jeremiah. I was blessed by his message!
Heard Dr David Jeremiah say this morning: "A thankful person becomes a joyful person" How true! We have so much to be thankful for!!
Spent time with Dr David Jeremiah what should Thanksgiving really mean it was awesome
"We are healthier people when we understand and enjoy God above us, God beside us, and God within us.". Dr. David Jeremiah
Upcoming Read: Searching for Heaven on Earth by David Jeremiah - “Searching for Heaven on Earth” by Dr.
In the life that you have...your goal ought to be: Lord help me know how I can spread your Word... - Dr. David Jeremiah
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Amazing message by Dr. David Jeremiah today called Warfare of Worship. If you are in a hard battle, try it.
"When people are filled with themselves, they cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit". (DR. DAVID JEREMIAH)
Sign up here for your chance to win Dr. David Jeremiah's new book!
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah is next on IBN.
Dr. David Jeremiah explains his high tech Study Bible to me -- - Jeremiah Study Bible
Worshipping the Lamb, Part 1: In Revelation, Jesus is known by several mysterious names. Dr. David Jeremiah turns...
God loves you. He always has--He always will. Dr. David Jeremiah.
Dr David Jeremiah has a new book out on fear called "What are you afraid of?". I talks about fear from a biblical point of view.
I really enjoy Dr David Jeremiah's messages. I really want to buy his new book What are you afraid of?
Dr David Jeremiah is a solid preacher please watch him you will be blessed
"Our common experiences in life teach us that we must earn love. We must meet certain standards or conditions that will cause others to love us because of our good actions, attributes, or attractiveness. This is a weight we were not created to carry, a burden that leads to addictions and despair." Taken from God Loves You by Dr David Jeremiah
When you learn how to fear God, you'll never fear anything else. . Dr David Jeremiah
What a blessing last night in Dallas, with Dr David Jeremiah.
Next to Pastor Ken, 1 of my fav Bible teachers, Dr David Jeremiah. Thanks for a great evening, WORD 100.7.
"God's commandments are God's enablements to fulfill your purpose" Dr David Jeremiah
You had a sermon that I only caught part of: it was about God's promises and I think you were in the book of Genesis. You mentioned during that sermon, a person who spent a year and a half researching the promises of God (perhaps he wrote a book) Anyway, I would like a link to the sermon itself, especially if it I download it as a pfd or word doc and had all the anecdotes. Thank you in advance. Bill (wluebbert
The Ministry Market - NEW! Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World - Dr. David Jeremiah
Tonight at 8pm MT: Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah - whose mission is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.
Now we travel to San Diego, hear more from Dr. David Jeremiah about ordinary people with strong...
Faith employs all kind of strategies Dr. David Jeremiah
*The vision of Faith*The value of Faith*The victory of Faith* describes the life of Moses... Dr David Jeremiah.
"Today, we make a lot of demands on others when we could be making something more of ourselves." - Dr. David Jeremiah
"Grace is the delivery of a jewel that nobody ordered, a burst of light in a room where everyone forgot it was dark!" Dr. David Jeremiah
"No matter how low you have been, there is no limit to how high you can go." ~Dr. David Jeremiah. John 3:16-17 -...
"We do not work to get saved but once we are saved, we've got some work to do..." Dr. David Jeremiah-L♥VE this quote!
Working tonight, as I listen to Dr David Jeremiah.
Expecting over 500 pastor's at Pastor's Appreciation Lunch with Dr. David Jeremiah. Big event: 8 sponsorships left.
Having our confidence in God makes all the difference as we face the challenges of daily life.- Dr. David Jeremiah
Dr. David Jeremiah - 04-07-13: You're not what you think you are; but what you think, you are. via
Dr. David Jeremiah believes that everything that happens in life can either make us better, or make us bitter. The choic…
Jesus has invited you to spend eternity in the New Jerusalem. Have you made your reservation? Dr David Jeremiah
Heard a good word last night from Dr. David Jeremiah about "Be Constructive.". I. Edification Is Not About You -...
When Your World Falls Apart: See Past the Pain of the Present book download. Dr. David Jeremiah. Download he
"Genuine advice shows that a person really cares." - Dr. David Jeremiah
Encouragers see potential where others see problems". Dr. David Jeremiah, The Power of Encouragement
Well, we're sitting here abt to watch Dr David Jeremiah, Turning Point on TV & Catfish is sharpening his knife. NoHurricanes!
Dr. David Jeremiah's book on angel's will make you think more about your future...Heaven!
Discipline demonstrates our love for our children. Discipline promptly, do not wait til there's no hope. -Dr. David Jeremiah
"You cannot impart what you do not possess." - Dr. David Jeremiah
Never forget what God has done for you in the past. Those victories will fuel your faith in victories yet to come. Dr. David Jeremiah.
"Generosity in giving is often a response to gratitude in receiving". Dr. David Jeremiah
Thanks to Dr. David Jeremiah, I just realized the word "gospel" is literally hidden in John 3:16
Our actions are the signature to our beliefs. Actions tell us more about our beliefs than our words do ~ Dr. David Jeremiah
Proverbs For Partners, Part 2: In his series, Powerful Principles from Proverbs, Dr. David Jeremiah has focused a...
"Passionate people have a positive attitude in the face of defeat and failure". Dr. David Jeremiah, Life Wide Open
"Nothing can quench the fires of hatred like the healing waters of love". Dr. David Jeremiah
It’s possible to focus so intensely on gaining the knowledge ABOUT God that we miss the knowledge OF God.- Dr. David Jeremiah
"It is not what u think u are, it's what u think, u are". Dr. David Jeremiah
Would doubt that anyone has the interest or patience to read about a bunch of coincidences in Obama's life that when taken together are quite a series of coincidences. Those who support him don't care about the facts as they have all been known for sometime, most before he was elected president, and those who don't support him are singing to the choir as they are the only ones who care. So in your mind add some music as I am sure if you read this you are probably the choir: Any one of these 'coincidences' when taken singularly appear to not mean much, but when taken as a whole, a computer would blow a main circuit if you asked it to calculate the odds that they have occurred by chance alone. Sit back, get a favorite beverage, and then read and ponder the Obama-related 'coincidences' ... then super-impose the bigger picture of most recent events i.e. Fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the NSA revelations ... then pray for our country. Obama just happened to know 60's far-left radical revol ...
"Gigi Graham said this about her mother, Ruth Bell Graham; Her bible was always open in a convenient place---the kitchen counter, her bedside table, beside the sofa, even on the ironing board, so she could quickly glean a promise or memorize a verse as she continued her work". "Pastor, Dr. David Jeremiah".
July 7 was the Youth Day and the Archdiocesan Youth Day celebrations along with "THEOS" Bible Film festival was inaugurated by H.B. Cardinal George Alanchery at Subhodhana Regional Pastoral Center, Angamaly. Cardinal asked the young people to be the evangelists of the modern Era. The Catholic Church always wants to feel its youthfulness and hence Young people should feel and consider themselves as Part of the Church. Cardinal also spoke about the three different types of Belief that the Young people should have; Belief in GOD, Belief in Church and Belief in themselves. His beatitude also affirmed His love and concern for the young people. He went an to say that the young people are the face of GOD and should be so. KCYM Archdiocesan President Benny Antony presided over the Function. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kallarackal, ( Rector, Basilica Angamaly), Director Rev. Fr. Shinu Uthuppan, Rev. Dr. Joice Kaithakkottil, Fr. Jerin Palathingal, General Secretary Saji Vadassery, Tijo John Padayattil, Sherin Wilson, Ritty Va ...
SIERRY’S 58th BIRTHDAY REFLECTION - July 8, 2013 “ He spoke a parable to them to this end, that men ought always to pray and not to faint.” Luke 18:1 “The Lord has heard my supplication.The Lord will receive my prayer” Psalm 6:9 For three years now, I have dedicated my birthday for the KBCF Building Project, HY? I want to see and experience the Lord’s answer to our prayers on how He will miraculously provide for its construction. I long to see that this old building will be replaced by a beautiful one that will radiates the glory and honor of the Lord as we continue to be a “SHINING LIGHT” in this place. I admit, many times I was tempted to faint in my prayers and ask God, How long will YOU hear us. But the parable of the “unjust judge” in Luke 18 teaches me to never quit praying and trusting. If the unjust judge hear th pleading of the widow how much more will the loving God of heaven, who delights to care for the needs of His children, hear and answer prayers? He may delay, for H ...
*Joni & Friends w/ Joni Eareckson Tada @ 11:30 -Praying with Scripture Need a booster for your prayer? How about praying with scripture. Listen to Joni as she gives tips on how to pray using God’s Word. on the Family w/ Jim Daly at 12:26 - Living Joyously Hear an inspiring message from David Ring — a man who leaves an unforgettable impression! Born with cerebral palsy, he suffered through many devastating circumstances — including the loss of his parents by age 14. Kids made fun of him and most of his family rejected him. He was pretty sure that God hated him too. Hear how he beat the odds to become a joy-filled ministry leader — on the next “Focus on the Family!” Connection @ 1 - Discovering Your Spiritual Identity, Part 12  One practice that contributes powerfully to a vibrant life of faith is witnessing, and Trevor Hudson joins us to say that it’s not an optional extra. It should be a natural and normal part of our everyday discipleship as Christ followers. We’ll look at witnessing w . ...
Getting ready to feed my soul by watch Turning Point Ministries with Dr. David Jeremiah on TBN...
Okay all done with FB for tonight. Going to watch Dr. David Jeremiah in a few minutes. Then it will be snack and bed for me.Had a nice visit with Etta today. she came to church then over for lunch. we all got to see baby Harper Louise.So cute!!! Night everyone and God bless
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah There is one reliable source of information about the future; one that has an astounding record of accuracy. The Bible!
I threw this together this afternoon while watching a program on tv. I felt it was very interesting and wanted to share. It made a lot of sense to me. Satan exists to 1) Deceive 2) Divide and 3) Destroy, Never forget it. Look at what he does to marriages, churches and the like. It is his desire. How does he do it: 1) Strategy of Indifference- He wants us to believe he is insignificant! There is no doubt that he exists and it only takes few scriptures to see that: 1 John 5:19 19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. Job 2:2 2 And the Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the Lord, “From roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.” 2) Strategy of Ignorance- He wants us to be ignorant of how he works. If he can accomplish that then he has a strong tactical advantage. 3) Strategy of infiltration- Satan LOVES to infiltrate our lives. Ephesians 4:27 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. All ...
When Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948, it set into motion all the biblical prophecies associated with the end times. Dr. David Jeremiah begins a study of those prophecies in a series titled, What in the World is Going On? As we'll find, the Promised Land is still at the heart of God's plans for mankind. Turning Point Monday at 8:30am on K-Wave Las Vegas.
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