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Watch Dr Bill Winston's faith-filled messages on television this week! Take a look at the various TV time slots...
I liked a video Power of Supernatural Increase by DR BILL WINSTON
Bill Winston said "Never allow what you see determine what your heart believes. Keep walking BY FAITH " - refuse...
should see | Dr Bill Winston Developing Strong Faith sep 2017: über
Stop bringing God down to your level. Go to God's level ~ Dr. Bill Winston
"The blessing is designed to turn the worst conditions into the garden of eden." - Dr. Bill Winston
I liked a video Faith In Your Angels - Living on Top of the World | Dr. Bill Winston
You've got God inside of you, which means your value is so high that your net worth can't even be pronounced! - Dr. Bill…
Instagram post by Dr. Bill Winston • Aug 30, 2017 at 3:23pm UTC
I added a video to a playlist T. D. Jakes hosts Dr. Bill Winston, Cora Jakes Coleman and Drew
"You can't listen to human logic, because no where in the Bible did human logic produce miracles." ~Dr. BIll Winston
"We didn't come to take sides, we came to take over." Dr. Bill Winston
When you see an obstacle, think promotion! ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Nothing on this earth can stop you from having what you are seeing and saying ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Instagram post by Dr. Bill Winston • Aug 22, 2017 at 5:43pm UTC
"What you see or believe is what God delivers" ~ Dr. Bill Winston
The devil is not after you, he is after the anointing on you. With the anointing you can do anything undone. Dr. Bill Winston.
I dreamt the other night I moved to a place called 'Abilene' and had only $200 to move with. I was reminded of Dr Bill Winston moving pt 1
I added a video to a playlist Faith For Increase by Dr Bill Winston Sunday 13th August 2017
I added a video to a playlist Realeasing the Anointing by Dr Bill Winston at Living Word Christian
Can't wait for the 12th Sept Pretoria with Emeritus, TD Jakes, Bill Winston & our very own
I liked a video Word of the Kingdom | Believer's Walk of Faith - Dr. Bill Winston
I refer you to Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Ray McCauley from Randvurg in South Africa, Dr Bill Winston from America,
. "If God intended for you to wait on time he never would have given you faith!". Dr Bill Winston. I accept!
'The moment you tolerant your FEARS, you contaminate your FAITH' - Dr Bill Winston
'The devil's job is to keep you from manifesting the promises of God.' - Dr Bill Winston
"The best of God is a Perpetual State of PERFECT HEALTH.". Dr Bill Winston.
To order your copy of Dr Bill Winston's "Faith and the Marketplace" book call (toll free) 0800 212 642 or click her…
There's nothing in the word of God that supports shortage or just enough. Dr Bill Winston
I added a video to a playlist Possessing Your Mountain | Dr. Bill Winston Believer's Walk of Faith
Faith is no respecter of time. Once faith declares when something will be, time is suspended. - Dr. Bill Winston
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The Word of God has authority. Meditate the Word to take possession of His promises. - Dr Bill Winston
If God said it...He's going to bring it to pass - Speak it - Dr Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston preaching tonight in Phoenix at the GTS meetings with Andrew Wommack.
Dr. Bill Winston. Very deep scripture...on all levels!!!
Great word from Dr. Bill Winston at the GTS meetings this morning with Andrew Wommack in Phoenix. Powerful.
Todd helps at the GTS meetings with security. He is there beside Dr. Bill Winston. pastor Van and Regina Smith...
Worship was great today. This morning Dr. Bill Winston is teaching this morning and today at the GTS meetings...
Dr. Bill Winston is up next on at 11:30am EST on TWN
Get bold and get your self esteem up. You are an overcomer and a child of the King. - Dr Bill Winston
The Bible is a mirror. When you read the Bible every day you will be changed into the image of God. Dr Bill Winston
"Faith and the Marketplace", by Dr. Bill Winston. . Make this your first book for 2017!.
No child of God should ever be struggling to survive. The anointing is designed to give you sweatless victory! Dr. Bill Winston
"You can not operate in the Spirit, if you can not control the natural". ~ Dr. Bill Winston…
The anointing removes every burden and destroys every yoke. It is the most powerful force in the universe. - Dr Bill Winston
Your season of failure & frustration is over, your season of deliverance & success has begun -Dr Bill Winston
"You have to be sold out to stand out." - Dr Bill Winston
Praise is not a feeling. Sometimes you have to give a sacrifice of praise! Praise shifts the battle! - Dr Bill Winston
The Holy Spirit gives you revelation and revelation gives you restoration Dr Bill Winston
Tune into Dr Bill Winston's live stream tonight at 19h15:
Don't try to adjust the Word of God to fit your lifestyle. Change your lifestyle to fit God's Word - Dr Bill Winston
Thanks my leaders Dr Bill Winston and Pastor Creflo Dollar. Christians are my brothers and sisters. I love them and we share the
When you hear the Word of God you must receive it by and when He speaks you must act on what He says. Dr Bill Winston
No matter where you are in the world or in life you are in the hands of God. Fear Not!. Dr Bill Winston
God is faithful to that which He has promised you! Keep Standing Strong! - Dr Bill Winston
Check out what alumnus Dr. Bill Winston had to say to the spring Class of 2016. Watch here:
ONE NIGHT ONLY! Linked UP Church welcomes the Ministry Gift of Dr. Bill Winston on this Friday,…
You were never designed to bear the weight of your own provision. God will provide for you. Dr. Bill Winston
Alumnus and renowned businessman Dr. Bill Winston to deliver Baccalaureate Address at Tuskegee University:
If you lose love, faith doesn't work. Walk in love, walk by faith!. Dr. Bill Winston
You are part of a rich legacy and because of this, greatness is within you- Dr. Bill Winston to the Class of 2016
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Happy birthday Dr. Bill Winston. Thank you for being such a blessing.
drbillwinston - Happy Birthday to Dr. Bill Winston of Living Word Christian Center!…
Welcome home and many thanks to Tuskegee alumnus Dr. Bill Winston, our baccalaureate speaker!
Remember the courage, character, and the sacrifices of your Tuskegee forefathers- Dr. Bill Winston, 2016 Baccalaureate
I added a video to a playlist The Power of Love | Dr. Bill Winston
Still celebrating Dr Bill Winston, Senior Pastor of Living Word Christian Center. We love and celebrate you sir!
Join us in wishing our own Dr. Bill Winston an incredibly Blessed and Happy Birthday! - Team BWM
Happy Birthday Dr. Bill Winston. I wish you the best always
God will not let you face anything you can not overcome- Dr Bill Winston
The church is the most powerful institution in the world. We must be conscious of our superiority & wear it like a badge. - Dr Bill Winston
Plenty of money but no peace... Dr Bill Winston
The enemy is after your confidence - Dr Bill Winston
I liked a video Dr Bill Winston, The Force of Faith 4
"Faith is not common sense, Faith is the power of God." Dr. Bill Winston at Manpower
Dr Bill Winston teaching on "The Life Of Faith" on KLN TV today, showing at 11:00pm [GMT+1].
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The Blessing of the Lord by Dr Bill Winston at the Victorious Army: на
God loaded potential inside of you! It's the hidden ability loaded in you which is brought out by work. -Dr. Bill Winston
If your faith has no proof, it's a fake. -Dr Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston Just gave ManPower a HUGE overdose of Faith. This place is on FIRE. Who said MEN don't worship...
"If God has to rearrange the Earth to meet your needs then He will do just that!" - Dr. Bill Winston
Faith is the currency of the believer. - Dr. Bill Winston. ManPower .
Dr. Bill Winston preaching. Tells the fellas at they need to put effort in work. Work it out.
Dr. Bill Winston is in the building!! Faith about to be on FLEEK!
If you can get to S. Jersey there is more to more to come on the heels of awesome words by Dr. Bill Winston. Go to
Here at the last morning session for the IYWCC with Dr. Bill Winston during the 2015 convention. They are in praise and worship mode now.
Dr Bill Winston is loaded in the Word. He just messed me up.
I'm on the 3rd row today. I can reach out and touch Dr. Bill Winston. I'm excited! So instead of watching him on TV at 11:30 and (1/2)
When you get the right understanding of what love is, you'll use it the right way. Love is a person (God), not a feeling.-Dr.Bill Winston
Sitting under the anointing of Dr. Bill Winston. Bless the Lord!
Pastor Allen will minister at Dr. Bill Winston's ministry, Living Word Christian Center, in Chicago, for their...
Check out these 'Behind the Scenes' photos with Dr. Bill Winston.
Getting my daily dose of faith food with Dr.Bill Winston!
My uncle Winston and my family supporting me all the way from DR!! Usss GRACIASS
"The Church is not a place, but a Person!" Dr Bill Winston
This is your time to be blessed for Success & Prosperity. EOC's 2015 Prosperity Conference begins 2nite Speaker: Dr. Bill Winston.
You can speak words and the atmosphere will shift. What's been delayed and denied is coming your way. Dr. Bill Winston
" Don't allow what your eyes sees determine what your heart believes..." Bill Winston . What seems impossible to...
It's only gonna take you time to reach your goals if you think it is. ~Dr Bill Winston
When your words are right in line with God's Word, your life will be transformed in a supernatural way. . - Dr. Bill Winston
If you want your life to change, then you must change the words you speak. . - Dr. Bill Winston
"Every place God sends us, He expects us to rule it." Dr. Bill Winston
"The problem is when we make plans and ask God to bless them, instead of getting His plan that's already blessed." -Dr. Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston declaring you can and will prosper
"Jesus died so we never have to leave our mission to find provision." -Dr. Bill Winston.
The key of love will open every door.- Dr. Bill Winston
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Happy birthday Dr Bill Winston, we thank God for your ministry, we love you
"No company or job can pay you the way God intended for you to live!" Dr Bill Winston
I added a video to a playlist Resting in God | Dr. Bill Winston
Love God. Love your neighbor.Your neighbor is anyone in the world who needs your help.--Dr.Bill Winston
"Faith unlock a world of possibilities and connects you to the realm of the supernatural" -Dr Bill Winston
Excited to hear from the Prophet. Dr. Bill Winston is an amazing gift. @ Living Word Christian Center…
Dr.Bill Winston is a faith-based man of God,he knows &teaches God's word very well,I enjoy his msgs,blessed to hear from him
The problem with the world is the church not presenting the Kingdom of God but religion.Dr. Bill Winston just said it in Ft. Worth
You have to expect a miracle to see a miracle. -Dr. Bill Winston
Tune in to hear about the book I'm reading Miracles In The Marketplace by Dr. Bill Winston
I love Dr Bill Winston, I wish he could speak at her Masters Commencement, however is
If you can find it in the BOOK, it's yours. ~Dr Bill Winston!
Faith dictates to time, what time it is!- Dr Bill Winston starting off my day in a YUMY way! morning jog, then meditation.I smile!!!
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Bill Winston, The Power of Prayer and Praise (14)
Faith, is the holder of your destiny. Faith, is the language of the kingdom. It's already done. Dr. BILL WINSTON
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All lack is fear based. Dr Bill Winston .
Your spirit is a bag of words, everytime when you get attacked...words come out. - Dr Bill Winston
Faith is the original technology. God can. give you something from His warehouse in. heaven - Dr Bill Winston
Join me tomorrow in Detroit with for April 15-17
We head to Nigeria this week for the at http:/…
Stop toiling. You were not designed to carry the weight of providing for yourself. —Dr. Bill Winston
"The greatest challenge in organizations is not where you are going but in what you are willing to leave behind!" Dr Bill Winston
Honored to be teaching opening night with Bishop Jakes at Dr Bill Winston ht…
Dr Bill Winston "Christianity was never meant to be dictated, it was meant to be demonstrated."
I'm Listening to Bishop TD Jakes LIVE now!! Thank u Rev. Dr. Bill Winston for this amazing Missions &…
All HBDTMembers Must report to the HBLibrary for Dr.Bill Winston on "The Word Network" Study! Dr.Winston is on now. Thank U!
How exciting! All are welcomed to come out as we host live streaming of Dr. Bill Winston…
I added a video to a playlist The Law of Favor Part 2 | Dr. Bill Winston
The Word of God is so Powerful, so Real, So Alive! Dr Bill Winston breaking it down with so much clarity on
My man and woman of god, Pastor Ramson and Estrella Mumba with Dr Bill Winston. We really enjoyed the wisdom and teaching of this General of the Lord's Army. Many more blessed years I pray. Thank you Lord for your servants...
Dr Bill Winston: You didn’t produce yourself, the Father produced you. The Father is responsible for sustaining you."
He is my best preacher,he has inspired me more and more with the revelations he demonstrates.I am a preacher of the gospel but i try to spend my time listening to him every day at night.God bless Dr.Bill Winstone.
Truly inspired and blessed by the ministry of Dr Bill Winston. I had to wake up and stream into the conference.
"The only way we are going to succeed is to begin to see ourselves as God sees us." -Dr. Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston of Living Word in Chicago. Here at his Faith Conference. It is seriously life changing
Walt Whitman & the Chicago Soul Children's Choir @ Faith Conference in Chicago, hosted by Dr Bill Winston
Bishop Tudor Bismark preached an incredible message last night at Dr Bill Winston's Faith Conference…
David and Nicole Binion leading worship tonight in Chicago @ Faith Conference hosted by Dr Bill Winston. …
The Words of God are faith containers. 100% word,100% results. Dr Bill Winston
Thank you Dr Bill Winston and Brother Kenneth Copeland, that was awesome!
Walt Whitman and the Soul Children Choir of Chicago @ Dr a Bill Winston’s Faith Conference last night in …
Believers walk of faith by dr bill winston,early morning tv
: ) thank you god for dr. Bill Winston and his wife and the team : ) LOVE TI: )
Dr. Walt DrWalter Whitman and SCC at the Bill Winston Supernatural Conference this evening! Won-der-ful awesome...
I added a video to a playlist The Supernatural Church - Dr. Bill Winston
Getting ready to Worship with our Bishop at Dr Bill Winston's International Faith…
"Without an ownership mentality you can't properly govern the earth. We are owners with stewardship responsibilities.". -Dr. Bill Winston
You cant manage the earth without an ownership mentality. . - Dr. Bill Winston.
"One day of Favor is worth a lifetime of labor" ~ Dr. Bill Winston.
"Faith is the way the Law of the Spirit of Life works. Fear will keep it from working." - Dr. Bill Winston
Faith is not a movement, its your life style ~ Dr Bill Winston
If you love Dr. Bill Winston like I do and can't make it to the FAITH CONFERENCE starting this week . If you...
I will speak at Dr Bill Winston's Conference one topic "Understanding the power of wellness in the temple"
Expect what you speak, speak what you expect! ( Dr Bill Winston)
Dr Bill Winston. "Where we live now.Faith is not a suggestion, it's a requirement". Tonight Dr Bill is...
Dr Bill Winston: There are 3 things you must know in order to prosper; It's God's Will, His Way and His Why.
Dr Bill Winston: God wants you to prosper because you are responsible for blessing the earth.
Dr Bill Winston: The Word of God is medicine that you can't overdose on. You can take it as much as you want.
Dr Bill Winston: Faith superimposes the Word over the fact and changes it to match the Truth of the Word of God.
Dr Bill Winston 2014 Messages: Only Believe: Man i needed this this morning n maybe u do too God bless
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Faith is the holder of our destiny. It is an international currency. - Dr. Bill Winston at
Words of wisdom from my pastor, Dr. Bill Winston...
"Pharoah couldn't touch Moses, Nebuchadnezzar couldn't touch Daniel, and the devil can't touch you." -Dr. Bill Winston
Hey all! World Changers Church NY Camp Meeting 4 day event starts tonight with Dr Bill Winston! 7pm right in the Bronx! See you there!
We have to plan for the supernatural; plan for more than enough. - Dr Bill Winston
The Gospel was never meant to be preached with all manner of revelations, but no proof. Dr Bill Winston
Real faith does not get embarrassed. Real faith is not timid. Real faith releases God's ability. - Dr Bill Winston
Redemption is not complete without divine provision. -- Dr. Bill Winston
Join us cotleorlando tonight at 7pm for our second night of Spring Conference with Dr. Bill Winston.
"The flesh is simply our house it doesn't suppose to conduct the affairs of our life, that's what the Holy Spirit is for. "- Dr Bill Winston
Did you miss We're replaying now at Download his sermons at
The quality of intake determines the strength of output. -- Dr. Bill Winston
Jesus told His disciples, “Have faith in God,” or you could say “have or receive God’s faith.” The God Kind of Faith is the same faith that God used to create the universe and every born-again believer has been given “the measure” of it (Romans 12:3).-Dr Bill Winston
. Happy birthday Dr. Bill Winston, you are a blessing in my life!
Even when you do not know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf according to the will of God. Dr Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston Preached on enlarging your territory tonight...
Tune in right now at to live stream our service with Dr. Bill Winston right now!
You don't want to miss tonight, as Dr. Bill Winston will be preaching live at 7 pm. Visit for details!
Happy Birthday Dr Bill Winston wishing you many many more to come thank you Jesus for letting him see another B-DAY
Happy Birthday Dr Winston!!! With all our love your Bill Winston Ministries Africa Family!! Xx
"There is no loss in the kingdom of God" Dr Bill Winston
"The devil cannot steal what is covered by faith" Dr Bill Winston
Faith obligates God to make His word good. -- Dr. Bill Winston
"People aren't in poverty for a lack of money, people are in poverty for a lack of knowledge." -Dr. Bill Winston
Sir, my name is Joshua Joseph King. I met you at Dr. Bill Winston's church here recently and gave you a copy of my book...
Keep Watching Dr Bill Winston on the Believers Walk of Faith, Monday- Friday at 7:00am & Sunday at 5:30pm on TBN...
"The foundation of every Christian endeavor is Prayer." Dr. Bill Winston
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, Dr. Bill Winston, and Pastor's Tony & Cynthia Brazelton will all be at our conference which starts this Sunday
If you walk away from fear, it will grow... if you walk towards fear it will diminish. Dr Bill Winston
God will give you favor, make your name great and make you a blessing. - Dr Bill Winston
Fast is nearing it's end. I'm looking forward to the fullness of Gods blessing. Today I hear a Dr Bill Winston word coming through
EXCITING NEWS!!. You will now be able to watch Dr Bill Winston's Believers Walk of Faith Broadcast 6 days a week...
John 8:36 36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. "The way you set a man Free, is to let him "Be" Free. Dr Bill Winston
You are only as organized as you are in the unsupervised areas of your life ~ Dr Bill Winston
the power of prayer and praise by Dr Bill Winston.,what a sermon.
As we continue in our intercessory prayers for the nations, especially Nigeria, please make Isaiah 54:15 one of your weapons of defence against kingdom of darkness and their cohorts. THE WORD OF GOD IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING THAT EXISTS- Dr Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston: Everybody that's with you is not with you. Don't look to people to validate what you are doing, you have to do it by faith.
My lord this conference up here in Chicago missions conference at Dr Bill Winston church amazing !!Pat Francis !! Wow listening to billionaires speak!! Wow!! 3 days of word!! word!! word!! Thank God for this opportunity me and wifey hanging!! It's just the beginning!! Kingdom living!! Year of the supernatural everybody and they Mama need to be here!! To learn more grow get a impartation!! Great investment!
When you pray righteously, you have the confidence that God is going to answer you. Amen. Dr Bill Winston
Angels are CEA, covenant enforcing agents. Dr Bill Winston. Listen to his preaching now
Kenneth Copeland and Dr Bill Winston in Believers' voice Victory in Love World channel.
"Gods wants u to take care of not only your needs but the needs of your community." Dr Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston starts to teach now. Join if you're interested at
On TBN, this Sunday at 17h30, Dr Bill Winston will be speaking on The Force of Faith . The Force of Faith is a 4...
Dr Bill Winston was tonight talk about wisdom and knowledge. My faith is NOW
When you cooperate w/faith you will see miracles. Copies of tonight's sermon w/Dr Bill Winston can be purchased following service.
A person will attract what they are, not what they desire to be. Dr Bill Winston
A person will always move in the direction of their thoughts. Dr Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston said, "In 2014 don't take no for an answer and don't negotiate either "
Giving honor to whom it is due. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014 to all my prayer partners around the world : FB friends and followers Dr kalu Oji of building memorial for God Bishop ken obanor of victory life church internatiinal Sister Ruth Boaz of 7in 1 Prophetese Irene manjeri Of bethel Healing ministry of Uganda Pharm iheanyi Uzoma intercessors for Nigeria Dr Mike Evans of Jerusalem prayer Team Pastor Benny Hinn of Benny hinn ministries Pastor Kenneth Copland of Pastor creflo dollar of creflo dollar ministries Dr Bill Winston of Bill Winston ministries Pastor Jesse Duplantis of JDM.Org Pastor Rod parsley of W World harvest church Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood church Dr Che of HIM outreach . Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free chapel church . Dr David Jeremiah of Turning point Dr Reinhard Bonnke of Reinhard Bonnke international evangelistic ministries David and Barbara cerullo of inspira tional ministries Sister Lara of Beyond veil prayer Team Bishop T.D Jakes of The potter's house of Da .. ...
Hey Siya, how do I get hold of the Series yefaith you just played ka Dr Bill Winston?
We are in revival at The Potters House with Dr Bill Winston. What a great time we had!! I can't sleep still on a high. Pray for me.
Harvest time at the Potter's House and Dr Bill Winston was on point tonight. Thank you Jesus for devine teaching.
The word was awesome tonight at the potters house Dr Bill Winston from chicago preach and release blessings from God for the saints!
The law of sowing..Dr Bill 1 kings it talks about how elijah challenged the people to sow, that the power of getting blessings is in your sowing..if you sow you willl Never run out, god will replinish...never put your trust in a bank account. he wants u to trust him to be your source. WHAT HAVE U GIVEN TODAY??
God always dispatches the righteous among the wicked. Dr Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston has declared... Ive come to announce that Whatever has been tampering with your destiny has stopped tonight
Dr Bill Winston has just taken the pulpit at the Potters House of Dallas~!!!
Harvest Week continues tonight with Dr Bill Winston at 7pm at or streaming LIVE at !
Please come out tonight to The Potters House to here Dr Bill Winston at our Harvest Revival. I'm still marinating over a statement he said yesterday, "You don't need natural eyes to see clearly for your breakthru, but your mind. If you can see it with your mind, you can have it. Ask blind Bartemeaus, he didnt see Jesus but heard he was passing by and screamed, "Lord have mercy on me", you know the rest. we walk by faith and NOT by sight. HALLELUJAH!
Dr Bill Winston at the Victorious Army Ministries International ministering on the blessing which we, as christians, derive from God.
God works according to your prayers, not according to your tears, so pray! Dr Bill Winston
Once I show God the title deed, then He gets involved to evict Satan off my property. . Dr Bill Winston
When you can see something other people can't see, you go places other people can't go! Dr Bill Winston
Preachers that are close to my heart~. 1.Joyce Meyer. 2.Creflo Dollar. 3.Joseph Prince. 4.Dr Bill Winston. 5.Jankie Boesa II
Fear tolerated is faith contaminated - Dr Bill Winston
God told you to receive, not to figure out how He's going to do it. Just receive - Dr Bill Winston
start was awesome yesterday. Join us today @ with Dr Mark Chironna, Dr Mensa Otabil & Dr Bill Winston. Da X starts today.
"One encounter with favor is worth a lifetime of labour". Dr Bill Winston. Goodmorning!"
I am limitless in my potential that it can take eternity to get it all out - Dr Bill Winston, "Manifesting Your Potential"
Guest pastors from around the world will incl Dr Mensa Otabil, Bishop Tudor Bismark, Dr Bill Winston, Dr Mike Murdock & Pastor Paula White
My lady & I headed to see Dr. Bill Winston live in TnT...a General in the faith...a great way to end…
God deals with our faith according to our potential, not where we are right now. (Read Judges 6 - story of Gideon) -Dr. Bill Winston
Satan comes to blind the mind not the eyes. - Dr. Bill Winston
Favor is like Faith in the sense, that it also requires that GOD be your only source!# Dr. Bill Winston
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Your self-image has a lot to do with what God can do for you & where you can go in your life. ~Dr. Bill Winston
satan cannot invade what is covered by Faith. Dr Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston giving us good news TBN
As long as your faith has proof you will have the last laugh - Dr Bill Winston
DALIT NGOs MUST EMULATE THE AMBEDKAR EXAMPLE BY P.N.BENJAMIN After the Indian Constitution was enacted in 1950, its architect Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had felt slighted and sidelined by the Union cabinet. The Hindu Code Bill in which he had placed his faith was stalled in Parliament. Despite his PhD in Economics, he was left out of all cabinet discussions on national planning. In spite of his proven legal acumen, he was not consulted on critical issues such as Kashmir. In October 1951, he resigned from the Cabinet and revived his Scheduled Caste Federation (SCF). However, the SCF fared disastrously in the country's first general elections of 1952. Ambedkar contested a Lok Sabha seat in Bombay but was trounced by an obscure Congressman. He thus had good reason to be disenchanted with Indian politics but would not say anything harsh about India despite his personal disappointments, unlike the present-day Dalit politicians and Dalit NGOs, bank-rolled by foreign funding agencies. In June 1952, Ambedkar left for New ...
Until you can see it, you're not entitled to possess it. Dr. Bill Winston Ft W Convention Ctr. Happening this wk.
Dr. Bill Winston preached a powerful sermon about the Kingdom!
Your feet will never take you where your mind hasn't been. - Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston brought the word today. He is anointed!
Revelation of Gods Word is gushing like a mighty river here in KCM Southwest Believers Convention. It is SO good.
"When you can see things that others can't see, you can go places that others can't go" ~Dr. Bill Winston
Jesus didn't die for payments, he died for Ownership! ~ Dr Bill Winston #
The Law of Favor, airing this week on the Believers Walk of Faith! Share if you'll be watching!
Blessings were trully received from Dr. Bill Winston on Monday night as he ministered to us from Almighty God. Dominion is to have authority over what God has purpoased for you. Owernership is owning that which does not have a lien on it. The divine power that is in the Believer. The Holy Spirit offers those who are believers love, protection and He assists us as we pray. He is the one who change us from sinship to Godship and gives us divine power that helps us to become like Jesus. Have you taken owership over your life? Do you have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit? What are you waiting for? Ownership is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Amen!!
You can only recover that which is revealed to you~Dr. Bill Winston
This is a must read, receive, and declare it daily. Published on May 29, 2013 These prophetic declarations speak to every area of life and need. Confess them daily and even several times per day to build your faith and infuse your atmosphere with the Potent and Powerful Word of God, fully expecting tangible manifestation not many days hence! PROPHETIC DECLARATION by DR. BILL WINSTON, December 16, 2012 I release the contents of this message into your spirit. I release it. I speak new inventions, witty ideas, promotions, new businesses. I speak new relationships. I speak honor coming into your life. I speak favor. I speak recompense coming into your life. And whatever's wrong with your body I speak health. I speak kidneys. I speak new eyes, new ear drums. I speak new hair. I speak new bones, joints and cartilages. Glory to God I speak the redemptive power of the Holy Ghost. I speak restoration in relationships. I speak new pancreas, new livers I speak new parts of your body such as parts that have been beca ...
Just received a life changing message from Dr. Bill Winston --tomorrow Bishop Tudor Bismarck.
Watching the Southwest Believer's Convention on the Daystar channel. Next best thing to being there! Kenneth Copeland is awesome!
"God is not running the world, God is running the church. The church should rule the world" - Dr. Bill Winston
Just witnessed Dr. Bill Winston drop $100 to someone for allowing him to use an amplified version of the Bible. Prosperity and faith at work.
Calling her "Baby!" Why she is Staying Young...Dr.Bill Winston "Outpouring of His BLESSING!"- Toye Ademola
We see with the mind but through the eyes - Dr Bill Winston
When you've got a REVELATION, it'll bring a REVOLUTION - Dr. Bill Winston @ DIC!
The devil uses 3 tools to trap people: Accusation, Temptation, and Deception. - Dr. Bill Winston Watch live now at: on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.
Pray in faith from the time you ask, until the time you receive.
Godly greetings beloved,What challenges are you facing today that you need God to help you with? He is able. Send in your prayer request today. "Pray for one another. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much."(James 5:16). via email: bill_winston
Speak over your life , your money , your situations , your problem that you are blessed and watch it change in your favor , for your good . When God speaks his word creates . He said let there be light and light came to existence .We are made in his image and in his likeness , we can call those things that be not as though they were , so speak to your storm it has to obey the greater is he lives on the inside !! Open your mouth and speak it different and watch it be different !! Love yall be blessed in Jesus name
Congratulations to Thabiso Mashape, Tarin Lee Cupido and Judith Augustina Aborhor on winning Dr Bill Winston's...
So glad my dad Marvin Edwards made it without me this weekend, I went out of town & he stayed @ home not @ er. So proud of him
Many valuable visions from international scholars for a change of Higher Education in Myanmar (29-30.06.2013, Nay Pyi Taw) but no vision for a role of Ethnic literature in HE. One of Kachin ethnic lady told about equity HE for ethnic. So that I just asked about the basic education, right to learn Ethnic Literature in Gov. School and situation of Ethnic Literature Currrculam to Dr. Chan Nyein(Chair, Education Development Comittee, Pyithu Hluttaw), Dr. Myo Myint (Deputy Union Minister of Education) and also told about Bamar text book translation to Daw Aung San Su Kyi. We could learn a lot as a participants, actually as an observer.
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Our mission at Bill Winston Ministries is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the world, and train Believers how to live independent of this world’s system and have dominion over it.
Keep speaking, over and over, the scripture that covers your need. Remember, God’s Word has creative power.
'Having an ownership Mentality, causes you to think different'. (Dr Bill Winston)
Information without revelation is dark knowledge: Dr Bill Winston
"If you're not in favor of justice for all that are oppressed, then you will find yourself on the wrong side of God." -Dr. Bill Winston
Awesome word from Dr. Bill Winston last night in Virginia Beach, VA!!
"When you're not functioning by faith you're malfunctioning". ~ Dr. Bill Winston
Thankful for another day thanks again to rev wood house n my queen for a awesome conference yesterday dr bill Winston n the other speakers were awesome plant ur seed y'all it's real n it works I no God is about to send my harvest well getting ready for work have a bless day
Had a great time at rock church being taught by Dr. Bill Winston. It is true the body of Christ is the most powerful institution on the earth and must take owernship in this world. All things belong to us as we belong to Christ. We have power and authority to make a demand in this world. You can call things that be nit as though they were. We have ownership its time to duke and have dominion like our father wanted from the being and was one of the purposes of Christ coming to save souls and put mankind back in his rightful place as kings and priest. SN: MY WEALTH IS ON THE WAY
cwinzzz & I listening to Dr. Bill Winston preach
Waiting with great anticipation to hear Dr. Bill Winston in Virginia Beach tonight!
You have to choose to think what the Word says about healing no matter what your body says. As you think it and speak it, you’ll soon believe it and visualize it. Soon it will be manifested in your life.
The Interview: Anthony Leiserowitz is the Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, which "investigates the psychological, cultural, political, and geographic factors that drive public environmental perception and behavior." The Panel: Kristen Soltis has been described as "the Republican Party's leading millennial pollster" and serves as the Vice President of DC-based opinion research and political communications firm The Winston Group. Dan Neil is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author of The Wall Street Journal's "Rumble Seat" column, where he reviews everything from the Aston Martin Rapide S to John Deer's latest Gator. Horace Cooper is a writer and legal commentator who serves at the Co-Chairman of the National Advisory Board for Project 21: "an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility has not traditionally been ech ...
What is your favorite memory of Mercy College?
Dr Jakir Naik says that Mohammad Paigambar Sahab was the last incarnation of the Sanatan religion's God Vishnu with sufficient references of different Sanatan religions scriptures including Vedas.He believes on Vedas and lot of other religious books of Sanatan religion .So we sanatani should be highly obliged if he declares that all the Muslims Priests are Brahmins.They should be vegetarian.And they should regard Santan religion as they regard Islam.And Muslims may be orthodox,except for the people of Sanatan religion, since the Muslim religion is off-suit of Sanatan religion as well as it adds up it existence with sanatan Religion . No conversation from Santan religion people to Islam should be acceptable to him as both the religions are one and the same.Muslims must cooperate Sanatan religion's people as they cooperate with Muslim If it is done then ,we Sanatanies are ready to regard "Dr Zakir Naik" as the great saint of Sanatan religion also.I have not written here Hindu word because in India All are . ...
This weeks Winners to be announced for Dr Bill Winston's latest book Divine Favor. Don't miss your chance to win.
Catch our live stream of tonight's Keith Moore service and tomorrow night's Dr. Bill Winston service at...
HELP!!!,,Betty Rose Cheely Craven ,NEEDS OUR HELP,she is all alone and has no support system,,SO,,we have to be her support system,all of us in winston salem ,,,we know her and she needs our help,i am calling for a collection,to help,not to pay her way ,,but to help her get started,i went to visit her and she is distraught ,,and needs our help,i gave 100 dollars ,,,and i say the amount to inspire and encourage the rest of us help,i know if we all gave 10 or 20 dollars each,it would make the diffrence, she need RITE NOW,i know we wont let her sink,miss Betty Rose Cheely Craven has a face book page ,,,please contact her and talk to her ,,,and lets help her to push on
After my post to my family today, this encouraged my heart. Thanks Dr. Bill Winston.
2012 Believers Conference: Dr. Bill Winston Thursday Night/one of my favorites
Question for my fbook friends: Luke developed major allergies this summer and is miserable. We have tried Zyrtec D. Not working. Any other options or just learn to live with it? Is it worth spending the money to go to an allergist? And if so, who?
Are you interested in finding out how you can have your say on a proposed law progressing through Parliament?
So will the audience above the Senate floor cheer and scream for 10 more minutes and does it all end at midnight without a vote?
Special Prayer For Dr. Bill Winston and his entire family.
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. -Jeremiah 29:11-13
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