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Dr Ben Carson

Benjamin Solomon Ben Carson, Sr., (born September 18, 1951) is an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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According to the left, Dr. Ben Carson is a white supremacist.
The United States is the best country in the world to be black. Dr. Ben Carson
Rev Franklin Graham & Dr Ben Carson in this pic shows that good men support our Potus! 🇺🇸…
Some of the effective African-American leaders of today are Dr. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain.
Ohh Dr. Ben Carson and all black American people work for Trump are also white supremacist! Including MLK!
Dr. Ben Carson would have been my vote if Trump did not get the nomination...both candidates did e…
I liked a video LIVE: House Negroes Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson Unite
Amen, Dr. Ben Carson. Every woman that has carried a baby for nine months in her womb knows that what is inside her is…
. Dr. Ben Carson body slams bigotry & hatred of the left. "With the help of God, most of us have left that fear & hatred…
2014 FLASHBACK: Dr. Ben Carson compares liberal censorship to Naziism and DESTROYS Democrats on CNN panel.
Great article-no surprise droopy eyed Dr Carson is useless-& eerily familiar & telling how his family is so involved
👋Just as Dr. Ben Carson says, NEVER trust a Muslim in government...Islam is above Constitution.
Listen, really listen to Dr Ben Carson's message and rise up above the garbage that plagues our news media and...
called Dr Ben Carson a white supremacists! This clown is the epitome of stupid. . PS. Maxine, James Brown wants his wig back!!!
Dr Ben Carson has ideas about HSA and catastrophic low cost insurance…
omg she is a Violent Lunatic who protects Dr Ben Carson ? Secret Service ? Capitol Police ? They need to visit violent Mad Maxine
This is NOT what CNN wanted. just what Dr Ben Carson said months ago,man right no CNN til they thoug…
I implore Dr Ben Carson to do a Free, Neurological Examine on Rachel Madcow!
VP Pence administers oath of office to Dr Ben Carson as 17th HUD Secretary. Granddaughter helps hold bible.
Senate votes 58-41 to confirm nomination of Dr Ben Carson as HUD Secretary.
I love Dr Ben Carson. He will do great things for our inner cities
Senator Kennedy just hit the nail on the head. Dr Ben Carson will eradicate waste and FRAUD!
I call on Dr Ben Carson to investigate Jill Stein's brain!
I guess Dr Ben Carson doesn't count he is just an Uncle Tom. Or maybe he is white. Breitbart
Dr Ben Carson is a brilliant man with a great work ethic and a deep desire to help his fellow Americans. an outstanding c…
good meeting w/ Obummer? Don't trust the jerk! Remember what he did to Dr Ben Carson & his taxes! Obama is evil!
Donld Trump, Mike Pence, and Dr Ben Carson. What a fabulous rally for the Movement. We can truely Make America Great Agai…
Now I see why Dr Ben Carson didn't do well on his presidential run. His own people could see he is a white African-American by a racist side
/ So good to see the brilliant Dr Ben Carson with President Trump !
Yes, its sad, How many future "Dr Ben Carson's' "Condalisa Rice's" are lost in victimization and low expectations?
I don't like the new Dr Ben Carson. Politics isn't beautiful.
"I hate political correctness because its antithetical to the Founding Principles of this Country.". ~ Dr Ben Carson
Remember, Trump heavily plagiarized an op-ed from Dr Ben Carson without permission or credit.
What if Donald Trump asked Dr Ben Carson to be his VP Running mate? Bring lots of substance to the Republican Party's Table ..
Am I missing something or has Dr Ben Carson melted quietly away?
Dr Ben Carson getting ready to take part in a town hall meeting on terrorism 7p CBS12 com
You're saying Dr Ben Carson is a racist because he supports Trump
Thanks Sheriff Clarke, Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Herman Cane, and Dr Ben Carson for supporting Donald Trump for the next great
He who thinks Rafael E. Cruz is not a lying cheating *** should go ask Dr Ben Carson.
Trevor Noah's ripping into Dr Ben Carson as Ken Carson is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Good sport by Dr Carson.
Pretty hilarious that Dr Ben Carson (a Trump endorser), beat Ted Cruz on the New York ballot. ht…
Mark Levin can't hold a candle to Dr Ben Carson!
Dr Ben Carson sure is went from dirt poor and in a gang to head of neurology at John Hopkins hospital
I do not agree with Dr. Ben Carson.
Thank you Dr. great media appearances and support of for President
More notable Trump endorsements:. -Ben Carson. -Kiefer Sutherland in A Time To Kill. -Pumpkin spice . -the barracuda who ate…
I'm proud to endorse Col. for U.S. Senate in Louisiana. Read my full endorsement here:
Read my interview with an award-winning Bay Area publication by high school and college students. https…
Dr. Ben Carson, the first surgeon to separate conjoined twins joined at the head - said he descended from the Turkana p…
Do you guys remember the binder twins Patrick and Benjamin. Separated by Dr. Ben Carson in 1988! Look how...
we need someone who speaks the will of our Lord in the white house. Love Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson is a 7th Day Adventist, whether he is Christian is debatable, depending on many factors
Another Great Speaking by Dr. Ben Carson.. so much Truth to it !!! He really needs to be in the Trump Cabinet of PPL
I can't get enough of Dr Ben Carson. He's a hoot!
.Awe, it's Ben Carson... I miss Dr. Carson, he needs to be made Surgeon General. First, last & only SG country wil…
Ever believe him again? . "Intelligent people talk about the facts. They don't sit around and call each other names.". - Dr. Ben Carson
and of course Dr. Ben Carson who is acting as a surrogate or should I say a hired lapdog!😎
Dr. Ben Carson supporters, please check out the blog and comment:
Dr. Ben Carson explains why he is backing Donald Trump via
I agree with Dr. Carson. We need to get back to the real issues. Are you hearing me
Further evidence that presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson is a complete and utter moron.
. 'If our were a business, we'd be out of business within a week' -Dr. Ben Carson . htt…
Dr. Ben Carson on RNC contested convention rules: via
Carson's Advice to Trump: 'Read the Bible and Pray': Donald Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson says the Republican…
Had she spent less time trashing Dr Ben Carson & Mr Trump & more time tending her own business...
Hw cn Dr Ben Carson support a man like after Th lying stories & names Trump called him? Evry man hs a price?
Dr Ben Carson is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning, he's castrating Ted!
And now let's all welcome Dr Ben Carson, showing off his ignorance like it is one of Merv Griffin's suits...
Do U have a clue why Trump has men of character Chris Christie & Dr Ben Carson - Cruz has pro immigration Jeb Bush htt…
I agree! I'm not his biggest fan either.would've preferred Dr Ben Carson or Rick Perry but, u know:(
DeVon Franklin respectfully explained the Saturday being Sabbath to Oprah and she listened! Not every Seventh-Day Adventist is Dr Ben Carson
Interesting rumor floating around Republican-Land has it that Dr Ben Carson is being vetted for Donald Trump's...
Dr Ben Carson; The best president America may never have.
finishing the with Dr Ben Carson...presumably to send us to sleep
Dr Ben Carson still in Presidential Race. Nice man; can't win. My choice for
Dr Ben Carson tells Hannity: "I'm in here for a different reason than everybody else. I was petitioned by the people h…
I know. Dr Ben Carson should have stayed in bed yesterday, AmIright?
Thank you for having Dr Ben Carson on. He is a man of great integrity and would serve our country well.
Just catching up with the GOP Debate. Tears streaming down my face at the intros. Long live the great Dr Ben Carson.
In case you missed this Dr Ben Carson post-debate interview on Thursday night …
Was his name Dr. Ben Carson? Same profession, similar caliber of ***
Ted Turner's son Teddy and what he thinks about presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.
Dr. Ben Carson (Retired world renowned neurosurgeon, and Republican Presidential Aspirant) wrote this beautiful...
“Our diversity is not a problem it is a strength and we have to stop allowing ourselves to be divided" Dr.Ben Carson
TY Dr. Ben Carson - looking forward 2 something that works. ObamaCare took over 1/6 of U.S. economy & forced on us.
.is focused on ensuring that America continues to be prominent global leader. .
Why we need Dr Ben Carson as President - he understands and supports the United States Constitution.
(97) Linda Arnett - Greg Johnson Here is what the founders thought...this is why to vote for Dr. Ben Carson!
Dr. Ben Carson. 7 hrs · . We need to stop being afraid of who we are and our identity. America is a nation founded...
Dr. Ben Carson: "Dr.King's sacrifice will not be in Vain" Visits the National Civil Rights Museum vi…
In a desperate act to get the Rep. Nom & prove he'd be Hilarys Best foe Dr Ben Carson changed his last name to Gazi https…
Dr. Ben Carson is a fan of Health Savings Accounts. If elected, he plans to fully repeal Obamacare!
Dr. Ben Carson is the one candidate who will heal and unite America! 2016
Dr Ben Carson: The President works for We, the People, not the other way around!
Get it right fox news...Dr. Ben Carson is on the mark!
You could write for a thousand years and never come up with a character as odd as Dr. Ben Carson.
Leadership is a god-given ability. Dr. Ben Carson lives it!
Please know the candidate you are supporting. This election is too important. I trust Dr. Ben Carson.
News Flash!! The one who can BEAT Hillary will win republican nominee. DR BEN CARSON! Even though you have written him off.
if you'd like to have more great quotes for future Republicans to look back on with pride, get Dr. Ben Carson elec…
we all know who the Millenials are backing. Our younger voters are shouting out for Dr. Ben Carson to be our next …
Dr. Ben Carson is different because he has the medicine to heal our country.
If you're the patriot you say you are, give Dr. Ben Carson more recognition! Get on the BenWagon, man, we need…
After the last few days, isn't it obvious that Dr. Ben Carson deserves to be heard? True patriots, rise up and…
Oh shoot, I had forgotten that a Dr. Ben Carson was running for president
We desperately need Dr. Ben Carson's faithful commitment to the ideals put forth by our founding fathers. https:…
Dr. Ben Carson embodies Dr. King's dream in character and accomplishment! I am with Ben!
No he is not. He is inspired by Dr King. Ben Carson is a unifier.
Another amazing event with Dr. Ben Carson who has real, genuine solutions to our nation's ills.…
Glad to see Dr. Ben Carson paying tribute where tribute is due.
Dr. Ben Carson has my full support. That is one brilliant man.
candidate Dr Ben Carson sitting down in SC to talk constitution & courts
Dr Ben Carson has just been telling jokes all night, this is like Comedy Central but better and they are all savages
I liked a video Dr Ben Carson on the RFID microchip The Mark of the Beast
Where Hillary Clinton Dr. Ben Carson have something in common...
Why on earth would Dr. Ben Carson send this a lithograph self-portrait?
I just saw a dr.Ben Carson sticker while I was backing out smh 😧
Computer Nerds are good gamers. "Black Ops? Is that a game about Dr. Ben Carson?".
Staffers on Dr. Ben Carson's campaign have gotten some terrible news for Christmas. This is bad to hear and...
Sorry I been stone lately. Is that Dr. Ben Carson ?.
After hearing Dr. Ben Carsons story and after the SNL sketch Adventures of Young Ben Carson I cannot get brain surgery with him anymore.
We still have to account for Dr Ben Carson, Dr Kent Brantly,Dr Francis S. Collins, Astronomer Guy Consolmagno, etc.
Has anyone counted the # of things Dr Ben Carson has said, or suggested, and then taken it back?
Dr =/= I need to quote some Dr Ben Carson
Celebrity scientists that are really dumb... Dr. Ben Carson? He's said some really dub stuff despite being a brain surgeon.
Here are five eye-opening things Dr Ben Carson believes: He made the comments in the wake of a sh...
Dr Ben Carson, candidate for the Rep nom for POTIS, is also a 7th Day Adventist, which must mean he is barking mad
Donald Trump's the only candidate with cahones to go on the Savage Nation EVEN after Mike Savage chastised him for roughing up Dr Ben Carson
We have 25 separate Doctor letters on Gilberti Water & Boston Bomb CRIMES from Florida Certified to Dr Ben Carson! Corner ALL US CANDIDATES!
Dr Ben Carson is famous brain surgeon, but also extremely religious and outside of brain cutting, he is a total goofball nutcase. for real
All I can say to poor Dr Ben Carson is "Cura te ipsum" Physician, heal thyself (Luke 4:23).
Mark it down. 11/5/15. Officially the day Dr Ben Carson was acknowledged to be a viable threat to HRC.
Dr Ben Carson speaking in the West Memphis School District tonight at Lehr Arena
True great leaders set examples and that's what Dr Ben Carson does & others are starting to follow and unite.
Dr Ben Carson: "The Hippocratic Oath requires me to recuse myself from the offer to separate Jeb from his brother's legacy"
: most young black people fail because they want to! America needs more black men & women like Dr Ben Carson, Allen West for exampl
'Jack Dempsey might have beaten Gene Tunney if he had been armed' -- Dr Ben Carson
ur attitude was showing in your interview w/Dr Ben Carson, u put ur words in his comments, was very disapointed
Dr Ben Carson just shot Megyn Kelly & media down in the nicest way possible, with a smile, but it was absolute honest criticism.
megyn Kelly and the bias media got their collective *** handed to them by Dr Ben Carson
Thanks for your interview of Dr Ben Carson. Americans with common sense see through the foolishness and like h…
Sharia law is consistently antithetical to Americanism - Dr Ben Carson
Shout Out to '...Dr Ben Carson is basically Hannibal Lecter, Brilliant, Polite and Totally Insane...' 😳😂😂💀
I wonder what Dr Ben Carson will say when he finds out how these "supporters" really feel about his race 😒
Good to see Brian Williams back from his 6 month trip riding on a unicorn to space to help Dr Ben Carson perform brain surgery on King Pluto
This is what I think of PC. I agree with Dr Ben Carson. Sharia Law is antithetical to Americanism.
Dr Ben Carson is the prime example of how European brainwashing can alter the mind state of a man from being a...
Newsweek reflects on Dr Ben Carson and his Adventist faith as he looks for the Republican nomination.
I'm no supporter of Dr Ben Carson, but glad he helped explode myth of vaccines causing autism-Trump apparently believes but tried to weasel.
Dr Rand Paul and Dr Ben Carson are stupid? OK then
Dr Ben Carson is a mild stutterer. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell all shared this speaking trait.
Great night in Anderson with Congressman Jeff Duncan, Dr Ben Carson and Gov Scott Walker hearing about USA's future
Looking forward to seeing Dr Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz at Faith & Freedom BBQ 2nite.
If I were American i would vote Dr Ben Carson for president
Dr Ben Carson making great points on O'Reilly re Planed Parenthood!
Great debate last night, impressed by Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Dr Ben Carson.
Dr Ben Carson, please go consider the position of Surgeon General of The United States Secretary for Health
Dr Ben Carson would make an excellent Surgeon General
A UNITED states of America represented by Stars and Stripes via Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson argument with an atheist concluding remarks: “You know what? You win.”. “I believe I came from...
PODCAST - Dr. Ben Carson discusses his Presidential priorities:
On line for popcorn waiting for Dr. Ben Carson's reaction to King.
Everyone follow Dr Ben Carson is running for president the only way to fix this country is kick the politicians to the curb.
The solution to our problems is to TY "Dr. Ben Carson Understands the Problem" http:/…
Justice Roberts head is so far up Obama's *** it may take Dr. Ben Carson to separate them.
If Trump spends $500 million or more of his own money…plus a $Billion in free media…he could be tough to beat. Who is 3rd? Dr Ben Carson.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
What if Dr Ben Carson were nominated as GOP Presidential Candidate .. I want to see how Black voters react.
Wishing you luck to continue with your success & to please consider Dr. Ben Carson as your running mate. A winning team!!
For those of you who may not know, Alan Keyes was Herman Cain, before Dr. Ben Carson showed up. He lost the...
I don't think Dr. Ben Carson is white.
I really hope dr.ben carson does run for president , just so i can say i have a picture with the president 😂😊
Dr. Ben Carson shares story of how his neighbor posted the confederate flag after he moved to Maryland, to try...
Inside the super PACs putting Dr. Ben Carson on top via
Dr. Ben Carson ATTACKED by Angry Atheist, But in Just 7 Seconds he Sets them Straight! (WATCH) | via
“So often as a society we deal with the symptoms without dealing with the disease and we think we’ve done something,” Dr. Ben Carson
WELL worth 20 minutes of your time.
God fixes problems on the inside, not with a paint job. by htt…
I'm a resident of Louisiana & we cannot stand Jindal. I agree with you for the most part but I do like Dr. Ben Carson
Why does wrongly that says we Evolved from a
this is what Dr Ben Carson compared to Obamacare
Once, when an atheist called him a “moron” for believing in God, Dr. Ben Carson responded with one brilliant line...
Find out Neurosurgeon turned Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s thoughts on, “what will strengthen us as a...
“I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey. . And you’ve convinced me you’re right.” Dr. Ben Car…
If Bruce Jenner can become Caitlyn why can't a white woman self identify as black Dr Ben Carson thinks like a white racist
I don't think Dr Ben Carson is... just the left black leaders
Dr Ben Carson will be at Congressman "Faith and Freedom" rally at WNC Ag Center in Fletcher on 6/30 ht…
Texas Liberals would dance in celebration if the GOP nominates Dr Ben Carson for President. Or Ted Cruz or Scott Walker
Oh dear Lord. Armstrong Williams, the guy who GWB paid 240k to go on TV and hawk "No Child Left Behind" is Dr Ben Carson's media guru.
blacks will not turn out unless their is another black on the ticket ,Dr Ben Carson an Rubio .will get the black an hispaic vote
Detroit native Dr Ben Carson withdraws from speaking at Southern Baptist conf after objections he's 7th-day Adventist
Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon who grew up in Detroit, is set to launch his Presidential campaign May 4 in Detroit.
but if you dont vote for dr. Ben Carson youre a racist
Don't go to sleep on Dr. Ben Carson.
Honored to host Dr. Ben Carson at Cornell on Tuesday:
I have appreciation for Dr.Ben Carson in may ways, but I believe it is a totally insane idea to invite him to speak at the SBC Pastor's Conf
America’s Judeo-Christian values are what made this country exceptional in such a short period of time, said Dr.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Invitation of Dr. Ben Carson to the Southern Baptist Convention's Pastor's conference should embarass us.
to a copy of Dr. Ben Carson's America the Beautiful over at
Our executive editor shares concerns about Ben Carson speaking at the SBC Pastor's Conference.
B21's concerns ab Carson invitation: // One more reason for young guys to not attend the SBC
SBC can keep a prophetic voice if we stop inviting politicians to our gatherings. B21s concerns ab Carson invitation:
Politicians & legislation won't change America; only the Gospel can. B21's concerns ab Carson invitation:
I'm glad that all the people who celebrate as the first black AG will support Dr Ben Carson should he choose to run.
spoke to a black audience at NAN, and they loved him
RTB21 shares its concerns about Dr. Carson's invitation to the SBC Pastor's Conference:
Dr. Carson's invitation to the Pastor's Conf continues the perception SBC is in bed w/Republican Party:
. Waiting for Dr Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee maybe even Allen West or Trey from the Great state of South Carolina
The left: Let's hate on Justice Clarence Thomas & Dr Ben Carson, because we love the black folks of this country. - James Lewis
Even when he apologized for *** choice/prisons comments, Dr Ben Carson ignored disorders of sex development
Help me people is it just me or did I miss the point with Dr Ben Carson's interview on CNN? I welcome all...
Dr Carson says Obama could be guilty of treason.
Hamilton Collection
“God cares about every area of our lives, and God wants us to ask for help.” ~ Dr. Ben Carson | tr.… http…
Dr. Ben Carson claims that our war with ISIS shouldn't have any laws, because rules of war are "politically correct." But does he realize
encourage you to look into Dr. Ben Carson. Definitely worth the time.
Let the people know who you think should be nominated for President of the USA .I'm behind Dr. Ben Carson and...
Dr. Ben Carson is a phenomenal neurosurgeon. Read his books to learn more
Dr. Ben Carson on how he would address ISIS threat Sometimes it takes a brother to set a brother straight!
How's about a good word on Dr Ben Carson?
No leeches of society come in all colors. BO is a terrible leader in any color.Dr.Ben Carson. There you go!
my question remains the same. Why doesn't infowars talk about Dr. Ben Carson. Jones is a genius, he knows bias.
Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson need to go on a National speaking tour together, both brilliant, patriotic, and brave
I added a video to a playlist Obama's Isis plan aims to SUSPEND 2016 ELECTION Dr Ben Carson
Dr Ben Carson is the calmest, most decent person in America- shows how ridiculous that list is.
What ever presidential candidate that puts Dr Ben Carson as his Vice President almost automatically wins the presidency.
Can't go wrong with: Dr. Ben Carson, Ted (loves Israel) Cruz, or Bobby (gutsy) Jindal.
My choice for president in 2016 Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, or Bobby Jindal.
And now started Dr Ben Carson's book "America the beautiful"
Dr. Ben Carson's rise in GOP politics has been fueled by email solicitations.
Who is "RB DESTROY" and how does he own Dr. Ben Carson?
- how about Anyone BUT Huckabee, Cruz, Santorum, Graham, Jindal or the creepy Dr. Ben Carson
dr ben carson I believe is the President Regan we need now
Those who control health, control you.~Dr. Ben Carson
Excuse me? You're the one segregating "black" race from other Americans. BRW I support Dr Ben Carson as a great American.
"Dr. Ben Carson says revelations should get Congress to vote again on
Ever wonder why Al Sharpton & Nancy Pelosi are National voices but Trey Gowdy & Dr. Ben Carson are not ? SMH
No, there are a lot of black accomplishments Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Sen Tim Scott, Frederick Douglas.
If I could take study tips from anyone, it would have to be Dr Ben Carson!
.hosts on April 7 at the largest banquet in the country!
Dr. Ben Carson has my vote for President in 2016! Dr. Alan Keyes for VP?, that would be an awesome ticket! Real men, MLK jr would be proud!
Ben Carson is pro Common-Core and anti 2nd amendment rights? If so, Dr Ben can kiss my support goodbye...
‘‘ AMEN!' Dr. Ben Carson accomplishes with easy bottom line on MLK Day -
Why Ben Carson ticks me off: Mother Jones went through the previously published works of Dr. Ben ...
I just pre-ordered the soon to be released "You have a Brain" by Dr. Ben Carson. Looking forward to reading it with my teenage child.
“Dr. Ben Carson speaks. Read it & then join the U.S. FREEDOM ARMY at
eg InJustice Clarence Thomas can have on SCOTUS robes, Dr. Ben Carson clad in surgeon gear, neither refer to themselves as n-words... and?
"People like to tell u what u can't do, they never seem to tell u what u can do. America was built by the CAN DO attitude…
Of all the GOP, I think Dr. Ben Carson has the best resume. Neuroseurgeon, Chief of Surgery, Johns Hopkins, Kellogg board member.
That's a great idea. Also check out Dr. Ben Carson. Another great man of integrity
"That's the thing about God - you don't need a PhD to talk to him; you just need faith.". Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson, 2016 Presidential run and Liberals’ obsession with race.
Endorse Dr Ben Carson and get a free bumper sticker! Join me!
hay Dr.Ben Carson my last name is Carson to and i read your book
Awesome night listening to Dr. Ben Carson, truly an inspirational story and man.
A rag-tag group came together and defeated the most powerful military in the world. Determination. - Dr. Ben Carson
I like where Dr. Ben Carson stands at this point.
I didn't even complete my university education" - Bill Gates "In my child hood days, I stitched shoes" -Abraham Lincoln "I struggled academically throughout elementary school" - Dr Ben Carson "I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training" - Lionel Messi "I used to sleep on the floor in friends'rooms,returning Coke bottles for food money,and getting weekly free meals at a local temple" - Steve Jobs "My teachers used to call me a failure"- PM Tony Blair Life is not about what you couldn't do so far,it's about what you can still do after all what matters most is not the first chapter but the last chapter which shows how best we've run the race. SO NEVER GIVE UP!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Astounded & profoundly disappointed that even one American judges Dr Ben Carson with vitriole because of skin color
The powers that be are trying relentlessly to push Dr Ben Carson out of the presidential candidatecy
Everytin is risky.. even life itself is a big risk# Dr Ben Carson#
"Do your best and God will do the rest" Dr Ben Carson
The GOP's great black hope-Dr. Ben Carson is actually a snakeoil salesman!
Dr. Ben Carson is coming to Danville and will speak at the Norton Center.
Be Inspired - Dr. Ben Carson. “Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your. life, while many people in this world are...
Can't wait to see Dr. Ben Carson in Danville, KY!!!
Dr. Ben Carson might want to clear this problem up before he decides to announce a run for president.
How come Dr. Ben Carson isn't being pushed to run for President? He's the smartest American I know...
The PERSON, flesh and blood, who has the most to do with you, is you. Dr. Ben Carson
If you're thinking about running for President, you probably shouldn't work for companies like this, Dr. Ben Carson:
An announcement from the writer who supposedly was plagiarized. Dr Carson missed 2 out of 16 quotes.
Dr. Carson restates his goals for major concerns in 2016 in this WSJ interview. He hints again that not being a...
I wrote on Dr. Ben Carson shilling scam cancer cures for
Republican Paul Ryan is out of the race. But, what about top GOP contenders, Mitt Romney and Dr. Ben Carson?
Ben Carson | Before he was a prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson was just another disaff…
Opinion Journal: Dr. Ben Carson for President?: A new report by former FBI director Robert Muel...
Dr. Ben Carson, a voice of reason and common sense.
.And for the love of God, don't vote for Ben Carson!
More vetting on my wall of Dr Ben Carson. Via Isabel Matos
When you don't have a moral center you can disrespect Valdosta teen Kendrick Johnson's family AND Dr. Ben Carson:
I guess that means that Dr. Ben Carson is not actually a neurosurgeon. Darn. He seems so smart.
I'm going to keep this simple. Dr Ben Carson will never be POTUS. Just ask Congressman Scalise.
anyone that throws ppl like Oprah & Dr Ben Carson under the bus may shoo
Dr Ben Carson has opposed all the programs that have helped him get where he is. Hypocrisy.
Is that Dr Ben Carson for real? I'm 3000 miles away in UK and even I know better.
If you have an average brain you can do almost everything - Dr Ben Carson
We will soon learn Dr Ben Carson has an inoperable Brain Tumor sitting on intelligent thought
Dr Ben Carson is not only an embarrassment to black people he is also an embarrassment to white people...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
So, it's legacy of racist laws that held back Dr Ben Carson, Gen Colin Powell & CEO Kenneth Chenault?
Texas Republican Delegates did poll on Bush & he came in last Ted Cruz came in first & Dr Ben Carson
I plan on supporting Dr Ben Carson for President in 2016.The more I read about him, the more I can see the right man for the job of healing the Nation and bring back Constitutional Law.Join Me...
Dr Ben Carson, Clearence Thomas, Herman Cain, Stacey Dash, , Bobby Jindal & Condoleezza Rice make me sick to my stomach
The NAACP doesn't just hate but seeks to destroy Dr Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Herman Cain, and Justice Clarence Thomas. - Lloyd Marcus
Problem with Dr Ben Carson 4 President N 2016: He has NO RECORD 2 verify his Positions Against -- He should run 4 Mayor 1st
Dr. Ben Carson in 30 minutes I expect to be challenged and inspired.
Dr. Ben Carson's domestic policies are in America’s best interests! Speak for those who can't
Dr. Ben Carson for President, believer in personal responsibility! Speak for those who can't
"Go on Ben. Attack Rangel all you want. He will never be unseated." — shaggles
Dr. Ben Carson received so much government assistance as a child that he's giving back by making sure no one else gets any.
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