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Downtown Abbey

Downton Abbey is a British/American television series, coproduced by Carnival Films in the UK and WGBH Boston in the U.S.

Downton Abbey Maggie Smith Lady Mary Sophie McShera

My stepmom was telling me to watch downtown abbey on Friday
Watching downtown abbey and eating junk food .. what a wonderful day
Downtown Abbey and Capitalist Class Escapism - Can the popularity of the PBS/ITV drama Downton Abbey be...
I know nothing about Downtown Abbey 😳. Hey, I recommend Black Sails 😁
Need proof how facial hair can turn someone from bland & boyish into devastatingly sexy? See post-Downtown Abbey Dan Stevens in "The Guest".
Ive watched all of the crown on so good. Starting downtown abbey
Just started watching downtown abbey...what a cass cass
Hm. Netflix seems to think that Downtown Abbey would be an…
why have i turned into a middle aged mum currently liVING for a chow mien and downtown abbey binge watching
What about Downtown Abbey, who of you Ladies saw it and can recommend this…
Downtown Abbey is essentially all costume drama, but on purpose, so is a very good shout.
Very true. Though, I haven't played all that much. Downtown Abbey is just too good.
Seinfeld, Downtown Abbey, 24, Malcolm in the Middle, X files, Breaking Bad, etc etc
I don't know why I've never watched downtown abbey cause the kind of show I'd love. And I was right it's amazing!!!
Offer not good enough? Okay hmmm. 10 crumpets, some tea, a back rub, downtown abbey boxset and a Buckin…
Crikey I just watched my 1st ever episode of Downtown Abbey. Shock horror I liked it " bloody *** .
Whatever it is, it feels like touchdown on a record and it comes out in Downtown Abbey.
So far I've spotted in a footman and maid from downtown abbey and the kiddie from a pot noodle advert πŸ‘
"I say come in and support us in our last few weeks," Misty Karmol says with items on sale prior to closing May...
β€˜Downton Abbey’ to present pro-life storyline as aristocrat flees illegal abortion facility | News | Lifesitenews
Zoom in...that's right.that's Downtown Abbey on the big screen tv! Can't wait for Stagecoach Inn to re-open.
Lording it up at Downtown Abbey aka
the betrayal i feel when i come to our living room and mum is watching downtown abbey WITHOUT ME
When it takes you a whole season to realise that it's in Downtown Abbey .
Okay as if Amy doesn't know what Downtown Abbey is that she tells DAN her fave char is "Abby".
What does Tim Kaine's family tree have in common with Downtown Abbey
Did you know after the success of Downtown Abbey British-style afternoon tea houses have sprouted all over metropol…
Thank you for quickly restoring our power in these dangerous storms. Now I can finish watching Downtown Abbey.
Quite laughable that can't even speak English. And his interpreter sounds like he is downtown abbey.
Y'all on is amazing. If you like history, or downtown abbey: watch! Less soapy, SO MUCH BETTER
"Sorry?" called the neighbour as I shouted "YAY GO TOM" at Downtown Abbey.
I don't trust the white people who watch downtown abbey
I can't wait for it to be summer so I can watch Downtown Abbey and Pride and prejudice
Why the *** am I only realizing how πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Downtown Abbey is now?? Maggie Smith invented Acting y'all 😍😍😍
The Lost City of Z has classic movie feel. Great blend of Downtown Abbey, Indiana Jones, End of the Spear and 12 Years A Slave.
Nick thought that number 10 Downing Street was called Downtown Abbey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"Like the time you made me watch Downtown Abbey." . "Downton Abbey! Who does Maggie Smith play?" . "She played Abbey."
Downtown Abbey mansion home of Lady Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) is up for sale for a staggering Β£3.95 million
New favorite show right now . Godfather meets The Wire with a sprinkle of Downtown Abbey. Cast is beyond amazing!
Downtown Abbey Season 1 Episode 1. Ok everyone see you never as I immerse myself in a new show.
Right?! I think what she means is that she likes Downtown Abbey and imagining that she's related to the Queen.
"Meerkat Manor: Downtown Abbey but with meerkats" - Gerry
My sister is watching Downtown Abbey... why oh why does she have such bad taste in tv?
Just gave Samuel his first "living under my roof, my rules" speech. He stood his ground and is now living in an apartment d…
Downtown Abbey meets the . A peek inside .
now I am back to modern family, big bang and Goliath. Even downtown Abbey was good with its motley lot
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The Downtown Abbey experience? I think we're all going to need forms of escape right now!
This "American does servant's duties" reminds me very much of Matthew in Downtown Abbey
I want to go back to the innocence of when I thought it was Downtown Abbey
Some of you think Britain is all Downtown Abbey and Time Lords. Watch and learn.
after my medieval history exam I'm gonna marathon downtown abbey from the beginning
Im presuming because I like the crown so much, downtown abbey would be a natural progression?
no Howard, the Russians have compromising material of me enjoying Downtown Abbey
thought show Downton Abby was called Downtown Abbey. when he traveled to england he ask queen "where downtown abby"
Mood: ya me creo britanico por ver downtown abbey y the crown
I miss having coffee in downtown Austin with abbey Adkins :(
What's the best series to watch on Netflix or Amazon? NOT Downtown Abbey or stupid sitcoms where you see the jokes coming from last Tuesday.
My grandmother who was raised during Downtown Abbey times & insisted the chauffeur and Lady Sybil would never have…
Bloody he'll Iv gotten into downtown abbey
Deciding whether to watch one episode of Downtown Abbey or not... I don't wanna finish it just yet πŸ˜”
In fact, run a search for Sopranos or Downtown Abbey, and this is what it throws up. Dr Joseph Vijay saar and SalmaanGaan. http…
My chem teacher just went on a ten minute rant on how much he hates downtown abbey hbu
You must not have seen Downtown Abbey.
which I find more mind blowing: how many seasons it took me to realize it's downTON not downTOWN Abbey OR how many smoke πŸ’†
The Remains of the Day ... Oscar nominated film starring Anthony Hopkins & Emma Thompson on Sony Movie is like a prequel to Downtown Abbey !
Because they didn't sound like someone off downtown abbey
We have the cutest pins in stock from one of our new vendors, All $10. Come…
good day to you madam. *its like something out of Downtown Abbey*
scale of 1-10 (10 worst) how much do you hate Lady Edith on Downtown Abbey?
Watching Hugh Bonneville in Galavant after watching him in Downtown Abbey is shocking to say the least XD
and I totally feel like in an episode of Downtown Abbey XD;;
Death at Downtown Abbey! My first job with Murder on the Side!…
The stage is set at for our murder Death at Downtown Abbey. . Fantastic crowd.
James the butler from downtown abbey is such a snake
I'm cold and bitter and too sober to watch Downtown Abbey
's Dante Ramos- don't assume that autonomous vehicles will be like servants on Downtown Abbey; reality = unknown
Just witnessed a woman get up from a table of men and say 'I'll leave you men to talk business' am in downtown abbey theme cafe?
Five seconds in and everything in Downtown Abbey is so beautiful.
He just described southern Leeds students as 'dead midsummer murders and downtown abbey Tings from hertfordshire'
Lightning players pose as Beatles 'Abbey Road' cover in downtown Tampa
why do ppl like Downtown Abbey so much? It's a bunch of rich, white ppl with no real problems lmao
I can't stand when people call it Downtown Abbey omfg
Spent the entire day ill in bed watching Downtown Abbey 😷🎩
Wanna watch Downtown Abbey but one of the discs is stuck in the tv god sake
Maybe too much downtown Abbey Road. In a boat on a river with tangerine trees and...
Get Jared in the Downtown Abbey movie 2k16 πŸ™ŒπŸ»
I have been watching downtown Abbey lately and I am rather fond of that era I am afraid! :D . How have u been? :)
YesπŸ˜… I shudv suggested something more sedate like Downtown Abbey (Made my mother watch World War Z in the cinema though)
Basically this is what Lady Mary would wear to transition into fall if Downtown Abbey were…
Also, what would happen if the theme song from Game of Thrones and the theme song from Downtown Abbey had a baby
Ok I can officially say I get the hype of Downtown Abbey now
honestly, this Brexit crew have totally drank all the "Downtown Abbey" Kool-Aid.
Downtown Abbey. Games of throne. Gilmore girls. Hawking . Doctor House. Braking Bad. Agents of shield. Victoria
We could get rid of a quarter, or make quarters 5 mins long. Will that get you home in time to watch Downtown Abbey?
Missing See this list of similar to watch now to mend your heart
We have Abbey Road shirts at Wildcat Store Downtown. $9.99 limited supply get them while you can.
Produces some of my favorite tv.. Downtown Abbey & Sherlock. Doesn't get much better.
They thought I was making a delivery :). If only ... @ Downtown Abbey, Highclere Castle
13 photos of the real Downtown Abbey
Downtown Abbey star Laura Carmichael looks back on trip to help Syrian refugees
WR S5 E9 (JLC Scenes 3) Jenna Coleman & Sophie McShera my Daisy servant maid in Downtown Abbey?! Must be one of mine
Food ideas from the NYT, including our Coronation Chicken Sandwich, as Downtown Abbey ends!
.can we get a "Downtown Abbey" about a small Catholic Church in the south where Designing Women argue over pew upholstery?
Just make sure to call it Downtown Abbey as much as possible.
Find the nerd on the room by constantly referring to it as "Downtown Abbey"
best ever quote about Cameron: "the kind of person who fast-forwards the servant bits of downtown abbey".
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Why am I just jumping on the Downtown Abbey bandwagon?!
pity Downtown Abbey has finished don't you know
talking about urbanization in Europe and an old lady asks "is this the time of downtown abbey" ?ΒΏ?ΒΏ?
I'll sing it about my favorite tv show downtown abbey, I love downtown abbey
Now that Lord Lucan has been declared dead, does this mean that Downtown Abbey will have a seventh season?
People from Roscommon watch Downtown Abbey to see what the future looks like.
The Downtown Abbey finale made me tear up. What a beautiful ending.
No it's not. She's on the set of downtown abbey and you can find the video online. πŸ™„
I could almost not believe my ears when I heard, but one of the most popular radio stations in my city called it "Downtown Abbey" in an ad.
These advertisements for Downtown Abbey are getting weird.
Downtown Abbey was the best television ever
omg. I just realised that it's Downton Abbey and not Downtown Abbey. I CAN'T DEAL.
All I ask is that downtown abbey gets put on Netflix
I didn't think I'd ever say this but I cried more at Downtown Abbey than any Greys Anatomy
I don't know where I'm going to be without Downtown Abbey in my life πŸ˜­πŸ˜”πŸ˜­
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Tea time in Dubuque: 'Downtown Abbey' brews interest. See more on Wednesday's current
right up your street isn't it? Downtown Abbey meets Zombie apocalypse.
I feel like I should watch Downtown Abbey since my name is Lady Grantham
Thanks to my sister, I have been pulled into the fandom of Downtown Abbey.
I think they filmed twelfth night at downtown abbey then kept the same cast for the show
Next week's OMO is me vs Downtown Abbey. Please tell me why this show is worth my time, because I'm not into it.
Absolutely, how to ruin a Downtown Abbey!
Half-time show is abandoned and Downtown Abbey airs in the stadium. Downton ends up being more exciting.
"β€œI know several couples who are perfectly happy who haven’t spoken in years.…" -- Violet Crawley, (Maggie Smith), "Downtown Abbey"
I still say that it's DownTOWN Abbey
Downtown abbey is easily one of the greatest tv shows to ever be on.
This guy on the radio just pronounced Downton Abbey "downtown" lmao. Not to be rude but it's downton bro...
Watching Downtown Abbey in Thailand. Watching Lady Mary on the screen with Lady Boy in the bed.
downtown abbey is 5 time award winning show. So I think I know good tv!!!
what's going on downtown that Abbey is always there?
All purpose parts banner
"Vulgarity is no replacement for wit." Yes...admittedly, I am a fan of Downtown Abbey.
Downtown Abbey is truly a masterpiece. READ:
. Unlikable, the butt of jokes, but the only one to hold down a job off Downtown Abbey?
Also enter Downtown Abby sweepstakes - now to March 15th & maybe you could win a trip to England!
How am I supposed to study for this Ap psychology test tomorrow if my laptop froze,but it continues playing downtown abbey!!!
Downtown Abbey is the only tv show where they make a christmas special episode and kill a main character at the end.
Be honest, who here thought all this time it was called "Downtown Abbey" and not "Dowton Abbey"???
I need episode 1 of Downtown Abbey. App doesn’t have it
Downtown Abbey Watchers don't miss this opportunity.
Downtown Abbey is going to hurt me when it ends..
There is a type of laughing and there is downtown abbey type of laughing.
The things you put me through Downtown Abbey
Man, this week’s Downtown Abbey / The Walking Dead crossover episode was πŸ”₯.
"- So depressing, no Downtown Abbey. I wonder when Top Model begins... "
is watching Downtown Abbey again.I am mixing a small drink.
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Always an eventful night at downtown abbey .
How is everyone's evening? Getting ready to sit down to watch downtown Abbey our favorite :-)
The modules for my study abroad in Germany are so much better than here!! London crime writing, graphic novels & Dickens to downtown abbey πŸ˜‚
Since I can't take a kid to non child appropriate event tonight, I'll watch Downtown Abbey instead. Whatev.
Downtown Abbey I hate you for playing with my feelings like this. I really do!
If you haven't started downtown abbey and are avoiding spoilers at all cost, DO NOT GO ON SNAPCHAT.
Mom and I are binge watching Downtown Abbey. Yes I know we're late but it's our new favorite show.
Labor, under their current leadership, want to be the Downtown Abbey party when - Read full quote @
Mrs. Patmore on Downtown Abbey was pickling eggs on last weeks show. Hers didn't have beet juice. More like you Aunt's-
Out of all the characters on Downtown Abbey, Daisy's development has been my favorite. Sophie McShera plays the heck out of that role
Watching the season premiere of Downtown Abbey!
unrelated, Downtown Abbey has no boobs. Avoid.
idk how too spell it but downtown abbey I think
Where can I watch Downtown Abbey?? It's bad quality on couchtuner, no full episodes on PBS, not on Netflix or hulu
plz join me in remembering all the good times had at Downton Abbey
Well deserved glass of Beer after a long day of loungin and watching Downtown Abbey yep what a…
All this time I thought it was Downtown Abbey. I never got why people said it like until recently.
I'm just trying to pretend I'm somebody who enters through the front door at Downtown Abbey.
Don't be fooled by Downtown Abbey folks. This is what British people sound like today.
True. I'm relying on my other shows to keep me going until March. Lol Downtown Abbey, Blacklist, and Vikings (in Feb).
Anyone a Downtown Abbey fan? Still trying to decide if I need to watch it.
sounds like the saucy one one in Downtown Abbey. ; )
Oh, so it IS Downton Abbey? Here I thought everyone was just cool w/ mispronouncing DowntoWn Abbey. My bad.
Hettie wanted to join us in playing the downtown abbey board game.. 😍🐢
Why is my sim repeatedly watching downtown abbey?.. Mum is that u?
love downtown Abbey last show just wish they were more
Just imagine if the studio changed the show title Downton Abbey to Downtown Abbey. The world would be so much better.
Goodness, I hope you are ok? And all your books stayed on the shelves? Downtown Abbey is a wonderful post-earthquake treatment
Downtown Abbey has me falling in love and tearing my heart out all in one episode.
Downtown Abbey: The depiction of the life of a young girl who has just moved to the big city for her first year at university.
More black coffee, more Downtown Abbey, more gloomy days and more rendering for the thesis.
People love Downtown Abbey but don't realise they're all still here, they never went away, only the clothes are different
Aint seen Downtown Abbey but I assume in the finale the downstairs lot inherit the house & they employ the rich ones as servants somehow.
"are you from england?". us: no wales. "I watch downtown abbey and the accent is familiar". us: yeah we're from the valleys, not posh at all
Volunteers work on a replica of a Downtown Abbey float that will be part of the Tournament of Roses parade
Downtown Abbey is still in my top 10 favorite typos.
I thought it was 'downtown' abbey for so long lmao
How can Ripper Street and Downtown Abbey have more than 3+ seasons and Doctor Who only have 1 man?? πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
I have never seen downtown abbey either that's 2 lol
Are all of the seasons of Downtown Abbey on Hulu?
I must say, I never watched downtown abbey, but started watching today from beginning and find it good!!
Romance, surprises await in final season
New York's 'Downtown Abbey' on Market for $23.5M: If you are a fan the Briti...
Only thing more miserable than this weather was having to sit through downtown abbey on Christmas day
After I finish gossip girl. I'll start with Downtown Abbey 😁
ma put on downtown Abbey xmas special
lol I always think of downtown abbey when I'm doing laundry and wish I could have a man named Charles do it for me lol
The BBC news seems to be about promoting their own shows. BREAKING NEWS.. Downtown abbey repeats on BBC2
When some one asked : which one is Downtown Abbey
I heard some honking outside, see Hillary in Downtown Abbey commentary... it's quite very outrageous in itself, regardless...
Just watched the last episode of downtown abbey --- cried my eyes out 󾌹󾌺 Bravo Julian Fellowes!
Any one got full series of downtown Abbey??
Literally just realized that the show is called not Downtown Abbey. πŸ˜‘
So, what's the deal with Downtown Abbey β€” Is it good?. It's a cop procedural, right?
"What is a weekend?" remains my favorite Downtown Abbey line.
Real talk why did I just cry at the downtown abbey final episode I wasn't even huge in to the show
Will it be okay to spend my holidays watching downtown abbey or do I have to wait to be a Middle Aged wife
discovering that P. Diddy is a diehard Downtown Abbey fan has made. my. night.
Downtown Abbey and the final season
finally catching up on Downtown Abbey season 5. Are you ready for season 6???
My peeps loves Downtown Abbey. She know who she is.
Downtown Abbey is that show that's nonstop drama and yet I can't stop watching. I love it.
if you ever wanted to annoy my sister all you have to ask is "so what's happening in DOWNTOWN abbey?" LOOOL
Abbey can rap the whole song Downtown and I am high key jealous.
Getting ready for the NYC Downtown Abbey event! is at the premiere with the cast!
Can you wait until after the Downtown Abbey finale. I want to know how Thomas gets on. The lad needs a boyfriend.
"Meow..." "Yes, you may have tuna for dinner and I agree, Downtown Abbey is a great show."
Ok but why did the screenwriter of Downtown Abbey write the book for School of Rock the Musical
stars name their favorite scandals from seasons past. Watch the video:
They are here! The Lincoln Family - Abbey Road T-shirts to commemorate the 1st Creative Crosswalk in downtown...
Ok so for the longest time I thought "Downton Abbey" was "downtown abbey" and was really confused when I heard people say the actual words
. Downtown Abbey is my favorite TV show! Look forward to any future endeavors. Must wait until 2016 for season 6!
Not sure if we're trying to recreate Downtown Abbey shot, evolution of man or scale of nutrition πŸ˜‚
.over the next five years, once they have put us back in our place. Like at the start of Downtown Abbey.
you thought Downton Abbey was a show about some chick named Abbey who lives downtown
Have you ever seen "You Rang, M'Lord"? Xerox copy of Downtown Abbey in parts.
We are people now which means... We are watching season 5 of Downtown Abbey.
Community, Parks and Rec, the Office (this is what I just watched/am watching), Downtown Abbey!
Thank you My grandaughter loves Tea and Downtown Abbey
A1 sad, but that means it's time for a marathon watch of Downtown Abbey
Kenjon Barner tips his hat like he's on Downtown Abbey after picking up the first down. Hard to call "gentlemanly taunting."
Pauline's just asked me if I want supper. SUPPER. She's been watching too much downtown abbey
...Gilnean, too. Cata was released in December 2010. Just after Downtown Abbey started, unfortunately.
I watched downtown abbey once and I fell asleep
Someone get me the entire box set of downtown abbey for Christmas and I will literally love you forever πŸ’•
It's about time Downtown Abbey came to an end. Absolute pile
Also finished Master of None and Jessica Jones, still have The Leftovers S02, Fargo S02 and Downtown Abbey S06.
Sunday nights aren't the same without downtown abbey😟
Lady Mary has travelled back in time from Downtown Abbey to be the wife of Prince Hiddleston's antagonist.
Don't even watch downtown Abbey but the fact it's ending is making me emotional
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I'm heading downtown...cruising through the abbey
Downtown Abbey marathon, wine and chocolate chip cookies :)
an old lady just pronounced Downtown Abbey as DownTOWN Abbey & I cringed
Pfff, you'd watch Richard Branson in a low cut top reacting to past episodes of Downtown Abbey! Lmao
Gym. Then you can watch Downtown Abbey without any guilt 😌
Downtown Abbey so that I feel less guilty πŸ˜‚ Love ❀❀
It's Sunday. I vote for Downtown Abbey with pizza and ice cream
are you just starting Downtown Abbey? If yes, then yes!
Please join us and buy tickets to our Saturday, December 19th FUNRAISER at The Abbey in downtown Orlando go to
These are the times where downtown abbey marathon sounds good
Yes. The only one which I still don't like that much is Downtown Abbey. :)
I used to say Downton Abbey as Downtown abbey im such a disgrace
En realidad he salido de Downtown Abbey.
Watching season 6 of downtown abbey
I'm watching an episode of downtown abbey and they said it doesn't roll
Downtown Abbey premiere screening at the Currier Dec. 12. a month before it airs! Tickets:
I still haven’t watched Downtown Abbey. I suppose I should check it out at some point.
For my Downtown Abbey watching friends...even if you've only seen 1-2 seasons, this is hilarious..
Your ladyship is watching downtown abbey.
and if you're gonna quote it use the correct name "Downtown abbey"
Doing biz at Ealing Studios, which I've been told (repeatedly and breathlessly) is home to Downtown Abbey.
Downtown Abbey i think will end this year and is that at 10pm? bc that is the only schedule i see, although i think
I'm so used to typing downton (as in Abbey) that I now type it even when I mean downtown.
yes they seems tone related! I'm yet to watch Downtown Abbey though.. ugh life keep dragging me away from fun stuff πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚. -A
I'm now seriously worried about what impact the end of Downtown Abbey is having on the disaffected.
"Before going to Europe on business, a man drove his Rolls-Royce to a downtown NY City bank and went in to ask"
I'll take peep show over downtown abbey any time. My Butler agrees.
Begins watching Downtown Abbey because it's cold outside
Remembered that bunny ear antennas were a thing. Got the Bulls game AND downtown Abbey for $10
Who else thought it was called Downtown Abbey?
Website Builder 728x90
Your solution should operate like a Downtown Abbey butler
I couldn't believe I'd be working with the Downtown Abbey actor Ali Beg
Friend: I had a Downtown Abbey marathon yesterday. Me: oh yes I like Downton Abbey too. Friend: Downtown Abbey is so great. Me: πŸ‘Ώ
Be honest, at one point you thought it was β€œDowntown” Abbey, too.
That is the face of a man who fast-forwards during the servant parts of Downtown Abbey.
The Americans called it DOWNTOWN ABBEY during the first press tour of the U.S...
Trying to watch Downtown Abbey with my hot water bottle but my mam is blaring Rhythm is a Dancer on the record player.. I feel old ..
Just sobbed my way through the last episode of Downtown Abbey. I'm such a hopeless romantic 😏
Is it a compliment when someone compares you to Lady Mary from Downtown Abbey? I don't watch it πŸ™ˆ
Awk! Sam Smith goes too hard for the royal family. It all started with 'Downtown Abbey.'.
I hate the world today more importantly I hate Mary Crowley (downtown abbey )
Girls behind me in this lecture talking about their love for "grime" music with accents that sound straight outta downtown abbey. Kill me 😊
I dont watch Downtown Abbey. So I didn't know that Theo was in it.
We have 2 tickets available to the Downtown Abbey event on Sunday December 6th at the Lincoln Theatre. We have...
Visiting Downtown Abbey:here's 5 great movie & TV tours to see .
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
That moment when you're watching Downtown Abbey and realize you're Edith...
Downtown Abbey is going to end soon em this is the last season tho πŸ˜ͺ
Visiting Downtown Abbey: five great movie & TV tours to take .
I reckon I could catch up with the last 4 episodes of Downtown Abbey now that m only behind 1 1\2 seasons plus Xmas Special
I've not watched an episode of downtown abbey and I adore dame Maggie Smith. Don't associate her with just that when reviewing
Yes I am writing a script for historical TV series similar to Downtown Abbey, well, based on real facts, for one British TV channel.Secret!
Evelyn Waugh isn't Downtown Abbey you fraud, he was a satarist!
house of cards is very Dale. That and downtown abbey
The scariest scene in The Walking Dead this season was actually in Downtown Abbey btw
George Clooney in the downtown abbey advert gets me 😍😍😍😍
the same person I heard use this word is now talking about how they want to see the show "Downtown Abbey"
Were you sad to see the last of Downtown Abbey? 😒 Here's a little fun from last Christmas to cheer you up! 😜 ✳ 🍸
downtown abbey final season could of been viewed on aired last week in the UK..not here til Jan.
I'm watching the last Downtown Abbey's episode and all I want to do is cry, cry a lot 😒
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